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Author Topic: Konoe's OS: Mayuki AU Reboot 11/28/21  (Read 52001 times)

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Re: Konoe's OS: Back To Me Part 2 (Mayuki) 11/15/13
« Reply #40 on: November 14, 2013, 07:55:11 PM »
Yuki is so cheesy~~
Yuki was lucky like Tii said if someone liked Mayu that time ! It would be a problem for Yuki :D
well I like the story *thumbs up* good job Konoe-chan :D

Jurina is my oshi forever!! (>w<)/
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Re: Konoe's OS: Back To Me Part 2 (Mayuki) 11/15/13
« Reply #41 on: November 14, 2013, 09:14:29 PM »
finally I read this 2 SHOT!!! (I was waiting for it to be finished ~)
and ndsjkakjas I liked it a lot!!
specially the end ~~so sweeeeeeeeeeeeet~~

and omg see yuki acting like "the guy" it's really something  XD

I'm waiting for other works of you! :heart:
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Re: Konoe's OS: Back To Me Part 2 (Mayuki) 11/15/13
« Reply #42 on: November 14, 2013, 10:11:42 PM »
Mayuki is so sweet

Mayu u make a good choice there  :thumbup

Yuki is so bold :shy1: :shy1: :shy1: :shy1:

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Re: Konoe's OS: Back To Me Part 2 (Mayuki) 11/15/13
« Reply #43 on: November 14, 2013, 10:26:27 PM »
o god..... i love that was so cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute      :heart:

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Re: Konoe's OS: Back To Me Part 2 (Mayuki) 11/15/13
« Reply #44 on: November 15, 2013, 07:55:52 AM »
Hi. Konoe-san.

I'm surprised that it's 2 shots. I thought it'll be more longer.  I wanna see Mayuyu's jealousy more. XD
I love your fanfics.  XD

This scene, make me remembered my own story. It was happened to me as well.  :cry:
“Do you like or love someone at the moment?”

I didn't expect that. “I love someone.” ‘It's you.’

There goes her over reaction face. I guess I am not obvious that I love her. “Eh?! Who is it? A boy or a girl?”

“A girl and it's...” What should I do? Should I tell her that it's her or tell her it's a secret?

“It's? Who is it Mayuyu?!” She held my shoulders and started to shake it. Why is she so eager to know?

“I'm noot tellin you un..less you st-stop sha..king me.” With that she stopped shaking my shoulders but she didn't remove her

“It's.. Promise first that you won't stop being my friend.”
I got teary.  XD
It's always complicated when we fall in love with our own best friend.

Yuki's confession... it's so romantic. I totally fell for it.
I love it.

I need to learn new words! I repeated a lot of words especially verbs! Need to study more :on study:
It's happened to me as well.  :lol:
Let's study together.  8)

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Re: Konoe's OS: Back To Me Part 2 (Mayuki) 11/15/13
« Reply #45 on: November 17, 2013, 05:34:19 PM »
that kind of things actually happen a lot...


it was cute...but i was really sad for mayuyu...


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Re: Konoe's OS: Back To Me Part 2 (Mayuki) 11/15/13
« Reply #46 on: November 18, 2013, 12:16:48 PM »
i think you put a bomb in my heart now!

this is so damn good mother fucker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

shit this damn fucking story is shitting me out

hahaha first time to say this words bexause this fucking story is fucking good xD
mayuyu and rena is <3

mayuki and mayurena is my fav <3

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Re: Konoe's OS: New Year OS (Mayuki + YuiParu) 01/01/14
« Reply #47 on: January 01, 2014, 09:37:14 AM »

@imteedee: Mayu trolling Yuki huh.. Yeah, that would made things interesting unfortunately my brain wasn't able to thought about that. :banghead:

@mayuki_daisuki: Yuki has at least got to do something sweet to Mayu to prove she really loves her. :inlove: I'm glad I made you laugh. XD

@mo-chan: I made things easy for Yuki because I couldn't think of another option that time. :nervous

@Koneki: Let Yuki do some manly stuff from time to time. :P

@Kirozoro: Hehe. I'm trying my best to make it as sweet as I can. :D

@mikaellitsa: Kyaa~ Thanks. :inlove:

@anakpanti: Sorry if it's only 2 shots. :nervous It will always be complicated if you fell in love with your bestie. Things will never be the same once you broke up. :cry: Although I have zero experience in those relationships. :nervous Lol I had always never took those english subjects seriously back then and now I'm paying 100% full attention on it. XD

@Archer1992: That's right. :yep: Don't be sad. At least it's a happy end. :)

@MayuxMatsuixMusic: Calm down! :lol:

New Year OS (Mayuki + YuiParu)

Tonight is the last night of December. My roommate, Shimazaki Haruka, and I decided to visit the shrine tonight because Paruru wants someone to accompany her in watching the fireworks later at 12 am. I'm not supposed to be the one who should be with her but unfortunately Paruru and her girlfriend got into a fight before Christmas break began so I became her girlfriend's substitute.

“The sky looks very beautiful tonight Mayuyu. Perfect for fireworks. I'm glad I invited you to come here with me ALONE.” Paruru said while clinging to my right arm. I can totally feel the depress aura behind me got worse. I really feel sorry for Yui.

“Paruru, why don't you just forgive her?” I whispered to Paruru.

“Hmph. What she did was cheating and I won't forgive that easily.” She said it loud enough for Yui, who was hiding in a tree without any effort, to hear.

“But I'm the one who got caught up in between the two of you.” I said to myself.

“What was that?” Paruru asked. Good thing she didn't hear it or else I will suffer tonight. I remember just this Christmas Eve I had a hard time taking care of her. Paruru dragged me to a far hot spring to avoid Yui. She got drunk, whined a lot, and caused a ruckus in the hot spring. We got reprimanded by the management in front of other customers. It was really embarrassing.

“It's nothing. Let's line up to wish.” Paruru agreed and we joined the long line.

Paruru told me that she caught Yui being lovey-dovey with their Sempai. Her Yui wasn't even trying to push the Sempai away and the Sempai was also strangely breathing heavily at Yui. What made Paruru more worried is that Sempai is popular for her Ojou-sama chara and many asked her out but rejected them smoothly. I also heard that she is very hard to convince to go out even just one date. For that Sempai to suddenly flirt with someone, who never dated anyone, is something very rare and is quite intimidating.

I don't know that Sempai because I am from a different department from YuiParu and Paruru is too disgusted to say the name of that Sempai. Our buildings are too far and I have a hectic schedule because I aim to become a doctor. Whoever she is, she has to pay because she is the sole reason why I became the number 1 victim of YuiParu's fight. But for now, I have to make a way for Yui to talk to Paruru.

While thinking I noticed that snow has started to fall down when we reached in the middle of the line. Snow... Yuki... I wonder where she is right now. I haven't seen her for 4 years and she didn't even left a contact number when her family moved away. Also, she left me hanging.

*4 Years Ago*

Yuki led me to the park where we had always play during we were kids. I don't exactly remember how long we have known each other because since I started to be aware of my surroundings I already knew Yuki.

“Yukirin, good luck in your college.” I, an incoming 1st year high school student, said to Yuki.

“Thank you Mayuyu.” Yuki smiled but somehow I can sense sadness from it.

“Mayu... I.. Umm.. I-There is something that I have always wanted to tell you. The truth is... I never thought of you as my daughter.”


“It annoys me whenever you call me as your mother. I dislike it a lot. It became a very big obstacle for me to do what I really want to do.” My heart felt that it was pierced by a sharp spear. Is all the time we spent together a lie? Does she secretly hate me that's why she said that?

“But it's the only way for me to spoil you without getting suspicious. I also never see you as a friend. I see you more than that.” I don't understand what she is trying to say. Her intense stare at me didn't help either.

I waited for her to continue talking but instead she held my shoulders tight and came closer to me. Electricity spread throughout my body when our lips came in contact. My eyes were widely open while Yuki was kissing me. I froze in my position and didn't have the chance to move my lips to respond to her kiss because I was too shocked. Yuki broke the kiss and her face was flushing heavily.

“I love you Mayu.”

Yuki had always said that to me but this is different from those. It was very sincere and has more love in it unlike the past ones that has little sadness. Her words made my heart beat faster and I felt my cheeks warmer than it already is.

“Goodbye.” With that Yuki ran away and I didn't run after her. I can't move. I was still shocked. Everything happened so fast.

Finally when everything has completely processed by my brain I immediately ran to Yuki's house. Sadly, I wasn't able to catch up. They already made their trip to Tokyo where they will start to live a new life.

*End of Flashback*

I never thought Yuki loves me that way. I had always seen her as my mother and best friend. She completely destroyed that image. I began to remember our fun and sweet moments keeping in mind that she loves me. Everything started to make sense why whenever I caught her staring at me, her eyes are always filled with longing and sadness. Not long before her confession I started to love her the way she loves me.

“Yuyu? Mayuyu?” I snapped out from my train of thoughts as Paruru gently pinched the arm she was clinging to.


“Are you alright? You have been spacing out for a while. We are almost there.” Paruru asked worriedly.

“Ah, I'm fine. I was just thinking what to wish.” Paruru didn't seem to buy what I said but she shrugged it off.

It was finally our turn to make our wish. Together, Paruru and I rang the bell; threw a yen and clapped 3 times.

‘Kami-sama please give me strength to endure the hardships I will face this year and please let me finally meet Yuki. I have been asking this to you for 3 years straight and this is the 4th year. Please please please let me see Yuki.’

“Let's draw our fortune now.” Paruru said. I flinched when I heard that. It seems that she noticed it and dragged me away.

“Can we do it later? I haven't prepared myself to draw my fortune.” I put my hands together and bowed a little.

“Why are you so worked up on that? It's just a paper.”

“I just need to prepare my heart. I might get another uncertain fortune or worst another great misfortune.” I dreaded for this time to come, drawing my fortune for the rest of the year.

“You got a great misfortune before?! You're amazing Mayuyu!” Paruru laughed at the new information she got.

“Yeah, I did! And that's not amazing at all! I really had a bad year when I got that!” Can’t she at least sympathize for her kind friend and not laugh at her?

“I’ll just go there alone. I might get a great misfortune if I draw it with you. Hahaha.” Paruru took her steps going to the place where the shrine sells fortunes. She turned her back. “And mail me when you finally draw your fortune.”

“Yeah yeah. Mou, what a great friend I have.” I whispered the last sentence and rolled my eyes. Did Paruru forget the sole reason why she invited me out today? I was supposed to be by her side this whole night yet she left me. Why am I even dissatisfied? I should be happy. This is Yui's chance to talk to her alone.

I noticed that Yui was hesitating to walk closer to Paruru so I sent her an encouragement mail. They have to settle this sooner or else I will continue as Paruru's receiving bag.

It seems that my encouragement was effective as I saw Yui's eyes on fire. Yui gave me an 'I will do my best.' pose. Looks like I'm not needed anymore so I went to the place where the shrine gives amazake.

Ever since I went for a New Year visit at the shrine without Yuki I had always get a bad fortune. The year Yuki left I got uncertain fortune. Following those are 2 straight misfortunes; a great misfortune; and for this closing year was another uncertain fortune.

The line for amazake was not that long. The hot drink made me feel warm and gave me a little courage to start walking towards my fortune.

From afar I can see YuiParu's figures. Did they cause trouble or the person in charge of the fortune is also trying to resolve their problem?

“What happened?” I asked behind their back. I still can't see the face of the person selling fortunes.

“?!” YuiParu were both shocked that I was already there.

“Mayuyu don't sneak up on us like that!” Paruru said.

I sweat dropped. “Sorry. So, what happened?”

Paruru pointed harshly to the fortune seller. “She is that Sempai who flirted with my Yui!”

My gaze turned toward the person Paruru was pointing at. Kami-sama has finally granted my wish. The Sempai I heard about all this time was Yuki.

Yuki was wearing a hakama. She looked so innocent in that uniform that I can't believe it was her that disrupted YuiParu. She really looks beautiful in ponytail and her exposed neck is stunning. I stare at her just to make sure it's really Yuki. She was also staring at me until she began talking.

“I-I don't love Yui! I never looked at her that way. It was ju-just a dare! Believe me!” Yuki said in a panic tone while waving her hands in denial. Her eyes were on me while she said that.

“Sempai, you were so calm when you said that to Paruru a while ago. Why are you suddenly panicking now?” Yui asked.

“That's right. How come you started sweating in explaining when Mayuyu arrived? Also, the way you explain to Mayuyu sounds like you were the one caught cheating by your girlfriend.” Paruru asked.

Yuki's face was coated with red. “I-It's not because I lo-love Mayuyu or something.” She looked very mature before she started denying. Right now she is too adorable for her own good.

“That sounds like something a tsundere would say.” Yui said. Yuki's face got even redder. Yuki bowed a little in embarrassment and placed a hand near her mouth. I can't help but smile at her cuteness. Her reaction confirms that she is still in love with me.

“Do you know each other?” Paruru asked but I didn't answer and instead took a few steps forward.

“I would like to draw my fortune.” I smiled at Yuki.

She didn't look at me and said “Its 100 yen.”

I took a 100 yen from my purse. “Hai.” I placed it on Yuki's hand together with my hand. I let our hands attach together for a while.


“When does your shift ends?” I asked Yuki who was slightly fidgeting... In nervousness?

“In 15 minutes.”

“I will wait for you at the biggest Sakura tree in this shrine.” I said while smiling.

Yuki was shocked but then smiled with relief. “Un.”

Yuki passed to me a hexagonal wooden box and I shook it. “16.” I told Yuki. She opened a drawer and gave me a paper where my fortune for the whole year is written.

I took a deep breath before reading the paper.

“Yatta! I got great fortune this year!” I knew it! Yuki is my lucky charm.

“No way!” Paruru said in disbelief and snatched my paper to confirm it herself. Yui sneak at glance from Paruru's back.

“Honmayan! It's really great fortune written here.” Yui said.

I gave them a peace sign. “Hehe. Looks like Kami-sama is giving my reward for being strong against my misfortunes.”

“Sugoi.” YuiParu said.

I moved closer to YuiParu and whispered. “Yuki is mine so don't worry about your Yui being taken away from you.” Paruru's face instantly turned red.

“I was not worrying about that at all!”

“Sure you're not.” I said with sarcasm.

Yui held Paruru's hand and looked at her seriously. “You are truly the only one I love Haruka. Please believe me.”

The flustered Paruru looked away from Yui. “Th-then why didn't you push Kashiwagi-sempai away?”

“You do know Sempai never does something like that. I was too shocked that I can't move and I felt that I will bring more amusement to the other Sempai if I reacted. I'm sorry Paruru. I will do anything you want just don't break up with me.”


“Anything.” Yui kissed Paruru's hands. Paruru blushed at Yui's action.

“Okay! Now that settles everything. You two may now go to your original plan.” I tapped their backs and pushed them away.

“Thanks Mayu.” Yui said to me before dragging Paruru away for some lone time.

I looked back at Yuki and she was smiling warmly at me. Our eye contact broke when a group of friends asked her that they want to draw their fortune.

“I guess I should buy her something to eat. She must have had a hectic day.” I said to myself and went to the nearest convenience store.

After buying hot meat buns and drinks I proceeded to our meeting place. While waiting for Yuki I pondered what I should say to her. Should I bring up her confession right away or talk about something else before doing so? I'm starting to get nervous. What should I-

“?!” I was suddenly hugged from my back. I got stiff from the shock.

“I miss you very very very much Mayu.” I relaxed knowing it was Yuki.

“You wouldn't miss me this much if only you left your new contact number.”

“Hm. What's this?” Yuki poked the plastic bag I'm carrying and didn't respond to what I said.

“Meat buns and drinks.”

Yuki broke the hug. “How nostalgic. We always eat those when we visit the shrine.”

“That right. I thought that tradition of us should not be stopped.” I turned around to face her. “Oh, you're wearing your casual clothes.”

“You want to see me in a hakama?”

“I guess. It's quite rare to see you dressed like that since you never worked in the shrine back then.”

“The hakama belongs to the shrine so I have to return it back after my shift.” Yuki blushed and connected her two index fingers while her eyes were avoiding mine. “H-how do I... look in that?”

“Beautiful.” It was just one word but I said it with much seriousness that made Yuki flustered. I used to tell her that she's beautiful but it was more like a kid telling her friend the truth.

“You have always been beautiful, whatever you wear.” I added. Yuki was fidgeting in embarrassment. I really want to kiss her right now. She's too cute.

“You're having fun watching me like this are you? You are grinning too much.” Yuki said.

“I can't help it. You are just too cute.”

“Mou, stop it. You're making my face redder than it already is.” Yuki touched her red cheeks.

“It's your fault you know. Anyway, let's eat the meat buns.” We looked for a place to sit and ate the meat buns in peace.

“You have been smiling to yourself for a while. What's amusing you?” I asked.

“This is just too surreal for me. I thought that you would ignore me after... that.” Yuki's tone got sadder when she said the last sentence. “I'm happy even if we continue being friends as long as you won't ignore and hate me.”

“I actually didn't like what you did.” I said to Yuki who became down. “You confess at a time when you can run away easily and you changed your contact number. You left me confused.”

“I'm sorry.” Yuki said guiltily without looking at me.

“If only you confess a little earlier then we will surely be still in contact no matter how far we are and...” I reached for her hand and squeeze it gently. “We could have been celebrating our anniversary as lovers.”

“Mayu..” Yuki whispered.

I slowly moved my face closer to her. Yuki must have known what I want at moment because she moved closer too. Our noses were touching and our lips were just an inch apart. I closed our gap after whispering an ‘I love you Yuki.’

The kiss was simple until Yuki began sucking my lower lip. I open my mouth a little and she used this chance to invade my mouth. This kiss was getting hotter until we heard a scream.

“Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!” It was a high pitch voice that I know very well.

“?!!!” Yuki and I immediately broke apart and looked at the direction where the scream came from.

“Paruru calm down! It's only a bee!” I saw YuiParu behind a bush just a meter away from us.

“I know! Hahhahhahhah.” Paruru was really breathing heavily.

“Hey you two! Since when were you spying on us?!” I shouted.


“We were n-not sp-spying because we are curious about your relationship.” Yui said. Yuki and I glared at them. “Um... Eto... We were just.... Ano.. !!!  We're looking for a nice place to watch the fireworks! Right Paruru?” Yui said with an unstable voice.

“U-un! Yuihan this place doesn't seem good. Too ma-many tall trees. Let's find another place!” Paruru said with a salty expression. Yui nodded eagerly and the two dashed away from us.

“Wait!” I was about to run to catch those two but Yuki pulled me to her lap.

“Yuki?” She hugged me tightly.

“Just leave them be.”


“I want to spend time with you no matter what.” I feel Yuki's breath on my neck as she lean on me.

“You're not mad at them?”

“A little because they disturbed our kiss but I'm too happy right now that I can't stay mad for long.”

“If you put it that way...”

“And can we please stay like this for a while?” Yuki asked like a pleading child.

“Sure.” I said while patting her head.

“I love you too Mayu.” It's been a long time since I heard those words from her. I think I should be thankful for YuiParu's fight. Without it I might not find Yuki because I am a very diligent student. When it's school time I don't wander around instead I go to the library to study.

“You are so warm.” Yuki said.

“You're warm too.” I said and kissed her cheeks. My lips slowly found its way to her lips. It was just peck and when I pulled away I saw Yuki pouting.

“Want more?” Yuki nodded and kissed me aggressively. We made-out for, I guess, 10 minutes. When we pulled away our faces were red and we were gasping for air.

“You're a great kisser Mayuyu. When did you learn that?” Yuki said while still catching her breath.

“I never kissed anyone aside from you. It's just my love for you acting up.”

Yuki giggled and gave me a peck on the lips. “That's nice to hear.”

“Let's watch the fireworks. It will start soon.” I stood up from Yuki's lap and offered my hand. She gladly too it and we went to a place where we can get a good view of the fireworks.

We reached our destination and there were quite many people: families; friends; and lovers. We all started counting as the last moments of 2013 is about to end.






Yuki instantly pulled me for a surprising kiss as the fireworks made its way to sky and spread its colors. I closed my eyes to treasure the first kiss I received this year.

Yuki broke the kiss with a smile. “Happy New Year Mayuyu.”

“Happy New Year too Yukirin.” This year is going to be the best ever.


Extra YuiParu

“That was close.” Yui said while panting a little. They had just ran away from being caught spying by MaYuki. “Good thing they didn't bother to come after us.” Yui added. Yui didn't have much trouble running away but her girlfriend wasn't.

“Hahhahhah.” Paruru was still gasping very hard for air.

“Paruru are you alright?” Yui asked Paruru worriedly.

“U-un. Hahhahhahhah.” Haruka gave thumbs up which means she's going to be alright. After a few minutes, Haruka's breathing started to be stable.

“Yuihan you ran too fast!”

“I'm sorry. I forgot that you are bad at running because of panic. I will treat you anything you like later.” Yui patted Haruka's head.

“I'm tired. Yui, let me lean on you.” Yui nodded. Haruka encircled her arms at Yui's neck and her weight was supported by Yui's body.

“It seems that they really love each other. Are your doubts gone now?” Yui asked.


“Then can I get my kiss now?”  Yui asked excitedly. Haruka's head, which was resting on Yui's shoulder, faced Yui's. Yui thought this is a sign so she ducked to reach Haruka's lips while her closing eyes.

Instead of lips colliding, it was foreheads colliding. Haruka gave Yui a head-butt.

“OW!!” Yui's hands which were once on Haruka's waist are now rubbing her swelling forehead.

Haruka stepped back and folded her arms. “Hmph! You're not getting any kiss from me until you have properly reflected your actions.”

“I had reflected on it. I promise I will push anyone who will flirt with me except you, my lovely Haruka!” Yui said.

Despite Yui's promise, Haruka was still stubborn in giving Yui a kiss. Unfortunately for Haruka, Yui will do everything just to get what she wants. Yui hasn't kissed Haruka for almost two weeks and she is now at her limit.

‘I don't have a choice. I need to create a little drama.’ Yui thought and she slowly crouched down the land covered with snow.

“Haruka, don't you love me anymore?”


“You don't want to kiss me. People can't kiss the ones they hate. Is our relationship beginning to end?”


Yui interrupted Haruka. “What I did was that bad? Is our relationship that fragile to be broken so easi-“

Yui's mouth was shut by Haruka's mouth. Yui smirked at kiss because she was successful. Haruka broke it first and looked at Yui's eyes intently.

“I love you and I will always love you Yui. I just want to punish you a little so that you won't do it again, you understand?” Haruka's face was super red as she said those words to Yui. She had never been that direct to tell Yui her feelings so she is embarrassed.

Yui hugged her girlfriend for saying something that tugged her heart. “Mou, you are the only one who can make me this happy Haruka.” Yui whispered.

Haruka smiled and hugged Yui tighter; cherishing the warmth her girlfriend is giving her. Haruka promised to herself that she will trust Yui more.


Happy New Year!
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Re: Konoe's OS: New Year OS (Mayuki + YuiParu) 01/01/14
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@New Year OS: Konoe: Awestruck! I'm surely going to have a good slumber regardless whether it's a nightmare.

B.t.w Happy New Years' Konoe, Hope this year shines your path and may you be blessed heftily.

Signing off,
Once upon a time, There lived two beautiful girls.
One named Watanabe Mayu.
Another named Kashiwagi Yuki.
They fell in love with each other and married.
The end.

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Re: Konoe's OS: New Year OS (Mayuki + YuiParu) 01/01/14
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Happy New Year Konoe-san~   :)
this OS is cute!! :cathappy:
mou Yuki you left Mayu confused :catglare:
kawaii~ Yuki is Mayu's lucky charm~ so cute :cathappy:
Lol YuiParu is funny spying on MaYuki, I would do the same actually~  :P
damn! Paruru's scream disturbed MaYuki's kiss *sigh*  :sweatdrop:
but still it was so sweet!~ :deco:
and I love YuiParu's kiss  :inlove: Lol! Yui trolled Paruru into kissing her~ :twisted:
thanx for the update :cow: :bow:
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Re: Konoe's OS: New Year OS (Mayuki + YuiParu) 01/01/14
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Ur OS is so sweet

So happy that Mayu and Yuki met each other again

 YuiParu is so cute

Please update soon

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Re: Konoe's OS: New Year OS (Mayuki + YuiParu) 01/01/14
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haha cute mayuki~~~ :inlove: :inlove:

too bad its only a one shot i  :banghead: :banghead: :banghead: :heart: :heart: :heart: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :bow: :bow: want more!!
mayuyu and rena is <3

mayuki and mayurena is my fav <3

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Re: Konoe's OS: Muchuu ni Sasechau Zo (Mayuki) 03/30/14
« Reply #52 on: March 30, 2014, 09:26:38 AM »

@ZorxCemoon: Lol. Thanks as always for commenting. :D

@mayuki_daisuki: Hehe. Yuki can shoo away the bad fortune that goes to Mayu. :D

@Kirozoro: YuiParu has been growing on me lately.

@MayuxMatsuixMusic: Sorry but I can't seem to think of a continuation of that but instead new stories pops up in my little brain.

AN: It's been months since the last OS so I thought I should make another one. As usual it's MaYuki. :P This is for Mayuyu's birthday which was 4 days ago and I got more fired up knowing she's the center for Labrador Retriever. Enjoy reading. :hee:

Muchuu ni Sasechau Zo (MaYuki)

“Mayuyu happy birthday.” I said while hugging the person that I love the most. I relaxed from her warm embrace as I felt that my hug is being returned back with the same amount of love that I gave. It's been quite a while since I got the chance to talk to her alone since both of us were too busy.

“Thanks Yukirin.” Mayuyu giggled and broke the hug which made me disappointed. I wanted to stay in her arms a little longer.

“Hey don’t pout.” I was pouting? I guess I unconsciously did. Mayuyu softly pinched my cheeks. “Why are you so cute?” I blushed with what she had said. No matter how many times I heard her compliments to me it never fails to make my heart skip a beat.

“Mayuyu~” I whined because I don't want my cheeks to be pinched. I want them to be caressed. Mayuyu got the message I was trying to say as I felt my cheeks got released from the pinching but got touched tenderly in exchange. This feels really nice. But argh! I can't take it anymore! I want to kiss her! I was able to steal a peck from her lips the other day but that was definitely not enough. I want more.

I touched the hand that has been caressing my face and made sure it stayed on my cheeks. I stared at those beautiful black orbs with desire. “Mayu.” I whispered seductively and slowly closed the gap between us.

The kiss was sensual and addicting. I felt that I was in heaven. No. I always felt that I am in heaven whenever we did something like this. But not kissing her this way for more than a week makes kissing her more pleasurable and makes me want to do more. I let my desires control me as I let my hands roam around Mayuyu's body while Mayuyu pulled me closer for a deeper kiss. The kiss was getting wilder and the need to feel more of her skin made me take off that jacket that she has been wearing. I slipped my hands under her shirt to feel her more, to touch her more. I just miss her so much.

Our kiss lasted for too long that our lungs screamed for oxygen. Having no choice, both of us pulled away. With just one respiration I started to kiss Mayuyu's neck. Devouring it as much as I can but I refrained myself from marking her. Both of us have other jobs that day and if a kiss mark was noticed then it would be the end of our career.

“Ah. Yu-yuki.” Mayuyu moaned. It was music to my ears. The urge got higher to hear her moaning my name more often and louder but I know I shouldn't make her do that. We are alone in the dressing room very early in the morning but who knows who might drop by and caught us doing such things.

My lips were back at Mayuyu's but this time it was a gentle kiss that ended sooner. I needed to cool down a little bit since my lust was acting up in full power.

“Yukirin?” Mayuyu called my name in confusion and those eyes asked me why I stopped.

“That’s enough for now or else I might not be able to control myself from eating you.” I connected our foreheads and hands together.

“Ne, you really don't have a vacant time today?” Mayuyu asked.

I sighed. “I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay. I understand but of course I wanted to spend the rest of my free time today only with you.” Mayuyu was smiling but I can see the disappointment in her eyes. If only I can decline or reschedule my jobs today then I would do.

“I'm really so-.” Mayuyu silenced me with a quick kiss.

“Don't apologize. Nobody knows we're dating so our managers assumed we have no plans.”

“That’s true but even I wanted to be with you the whole especially it’s your birthday.”

“Speaking of which, where is my present?” A childish Mayuyu asked. She's so adorable.

I patted her head softly. “Let me get it.” I went to the table where I placed my things and get Mayuyu's present. “Once again, happy birthday Mayuyu.” I gave to her the gift that I wrapped with all my heart.

“Thank you Yukirin. Oooh I wonder what’s inside.” Mayuyu unwrapped the present and her eyes glowed as she saw my present to her. “Th-this is! Yukirin I love you!” Mayuyu attacked me with her smooches, kissing me all over my face.

“Hehe. I love you too.” I'm glad she loves my gift and in return she gave me lots of love in form of smooches. Her last smooch was on my lips.

“How did you know that I want this and how in the world got a copy? I went to all the shops and even online but all of them are sold out with this DVD.” My present was a takarazuka DVD, a collector’s item for a takarazuka fans.

“I was able make your takarazuka friend spill the beans. And how did I have a copy? That’s a secret.” I mischievously said and winked.

“Mou, tell me where you get this. It might help me the future.” Mayuyu pleaded but I'm not planning on telling her anything.

My 3rd solo live DVD was released last week but I didn't get any praise from her yet. She definitely haven't watched it and she wasn't able to attend my live too because of a work that she can't escape so as my girlfriend she should at least find an effort to watch my solo live even with just buying the DVD. I should have given her a copy of my solo live instead of that takarazuka for a gift! But what if she's not interested. Nooo!

“No way.” I said roughly. I didn't mean to make my tone sound that way but she made great effort in trying to find this takarazuka DVD yet she didn't buy her girlfriend's solo live DVD made me jealous.

“Yukirin? Okay fine I won't force you but really. Thank you.” Mayuyu's smile washed away all the jealousy that I felt. If she's happy then I should just bury this insecurity of mine.

“You’re welcome.” I smiled back.

“Kashiwagi are you there?” A voice behind the door asked.


“We need get going now.” My manager said.

“Okay. Give me a few minutes.”

“Make it quick. I don’t want us to be late. I will prepare the car outside” My manager said before walking away from the dressing room.

“Another busy day for you. Oh, take this chocolate. It will make you feel energize once you eat it. Take care.” Mayuyu said and handed me a chocolate bar.
“Thank you.” I said and I head out with my things.

“See you tomorrow.” Mayu waved.

“See you tomorrow.” I can't wait for this day to end because tomorrow will be our concert rehearsal at the National Olympic Stadium and that means I will get to see Mayuyu the whole day.


I was now taking a break from a shooting, a variety show which was my last work that day that was scheduled to end very late at night. I browsed my Google plus and found some post of the members greeting Mayuyu a happy birthday mostly accompanied by a two shot pic with Mayuyu. Mayuyu is being adored by her kohais. Mayuyu is amazing after all. It's no surprise that she's being looked upon. Even I, who has always been standing beside her on stage for years, always get mesmerized by her aura. I continued browsing and found Miichan's post with a picture that pissed me off.

“Miichan you know that Mayuyu is mine yet why did you let this happen?” I mumbled. Looking at the picture where my Mayuyu was kissed by two lolis raises my temper. Mayuyu's happy face didn't make me feel any better all! Bakamayuyu flirting with other girls when I'm not around.

“Aaah! Fire! Somebody get a fire extinguisher!” A staff yelled. I almost let go of my phone from his sudden yell.

A part of the background of the variety show was caught on fire. The fire was immediately put off but the damage was too big.

“Um guests. I'm sorry for the trouble that happened. Since a big part of the background was burnt we can't continue the show and make the viewers worry. We also need to recheck for anything that can cause fire. So this ends the shooting and this episode's shooting will be rescheduled. We are very sorry. You may now go.” A staff said to us.

“Kashiwagi.” My manager went to my side.


“I will take you home now.”

“Thanks.” Finally I can get out from here. “Um Manager-san.” I called her out. “Can you take me to Mayuyu's house instead?”


I smirked. Mayuyu will be punished tonight for flirting with other girls.


My manager and I were staring at the dark house in front of us.

“Kashiwagi are you sure Watanabe-san is home?”

“She said she only has one shooting today that won’t last until late in the afternoon.”

“Well do you want to go to your house instead? It’s too quiet here that I doubt there is someone inside.”

“No, I will go inside. I will wait for Mayuyu if ever she’s not there yet.” I said and showed the spare keys of the house in front of us.

“Are those the keys of the house?”

“Yes. Mayuyu gave it to me in case she forgot to bring hers. I will be going inside now. And you don’t need to fetch me tomorrow. I will be going together with
Mayuyu at the venue. See you tomorrow Manager-san.”

I made my way to the door and unlocked it. Entering the house I can see that it's too dark. Where are the people occupying this place? And Mayuyu, don't tell me she went out with some girls.

Irritated with the thought, I went to her room to search for something that I can use against her. Expecting the door to her room locked I prepared the spare keys. I held the knob but surprisingly the door was unlocked. I slowly opened the door making sure I'm not making any unnecessary noise because Mayuyu might be sleeping inside.

But no, instead of seeing her in bed I saw her sitting with her back facing me. She is watching something in her laptop with her headphones in maximum volume. The music was awfully familiar to my ears. I closed the door making sure it's lock before walking closer to Mayuyu to see what she's watching. The room was dark with her laptop as the only source of light. My eyes widen upon seeing what she was watching. It was me during my 3rd solo live. So she has a copy after all. I'm so happy.

“So beautiful and sexy.” Mayuyu commented on the part during Romance Kenjuu when I took off my heart-shaped American flag design sunglasses and winked at the audience. "Yukirin world is the best!" Mayuyu added.

My face heated upon hearing her comments and opinions. Maybe I should let her know of my presence. I place my bag down on Mayuyu's bed and my eyes widen once again. Her bed had lot magazines that featured me. Even my calendar was there and all the types of my singles. There were also AKB singles too but almost all of it had a bonus picture of me. My monthly theater pics were there too. What is Mayuyu planning to do with these? I'll her later about that. For now I need to think of a unique way to let her know I'm here.

Hm... What should I do? Maybe I'll just wait for her to finish watching my solo live. But she had just reached 1/4 of the show I can't wait for 2 hours for her to finish! There are still many songs upcoming! I want to kiss her already!

"Yukirin stop pointing your gun and shot our hearts or else we will die from your overload cuteness." Mayuyu said and panted a little.

Never mind, Mayuyu is having too much fun watching my solo live. I can't disturb such fun. I lie on her bed. I should just sleep. I closed my eyes to attempt to sleep but I can't sleep... I was surrounded by Mayuyu's scent and her face pops up whenever I close my eyes.

“It's no use.” I said as I sat up. Think of something else to do Yuki. I know! I should just remember my set list during my 3rd solo live. Yeah, that's fun. After Romance Kenjuu was... Uh.. What was that again?.. Ah! Kuchi Utsushi no Chocolate!


I quickly get the half eaten chocolate Mayuyu gave to me this morning and took a bite. Standing behind her, I waited for Romance Kenjuu to finish.

“Few seconds left..” I muttered.

The music ended when I sat on Mayuyu's lap and attacked her lips. Surprised with the event she resisted from my kiss and attempted to push me away but I got hold of her arms fast. I stopped kissing her to let her see who her attacker was.

“Yu-” I interrupted her and continued to kiss her. This time she didn't resist. I let go of her arms and she wrapped her arms on my waist while I wrapped mine on her neck. Her tongue licked every part of my mouth completely getting all the chocolate left. Controlled by the song playing and the pleasure Mayuyu is giving me I unintentionally moaned.

Mayuyu broke the kiss and asked. “Did you just moan?” Admitting the truth I nodded shyly. “I didn’t hear it.” Mayuyu said and put her headphones away but I stopped her.

“I want to listen to the song.”

“That's not a problem.” Mayuyu unplugged the headphones and the music started playing loudly from her laptop.

As soon as Mayuyu took away her headphones she took a bite of the chocolate I placed on the desk and we went back to kissing. We had a battle on who can eat more chocolate through kissing. The temperature was getting hotter despite the air con set in low temperature and the clothes became troublesome. I lower my hands in attempt to take off the shirt Mayuyu was wearing.

“Ow!” I looked at Mayuyu confusedly who in return looked at me with anger. She didn't want us to do it now? But it's been months since we had sex! “Why did you bite me?”

“Kashiwagi Yuki you’re giving your fans too much fan service!”

Not getting what Mayuyu was saying I asked “What do you mean?”

Mayuyu pointed at her laptop and rewind a part of the video. “Look carefully.” Mayuyu said in a stern voice. It was the scene where I was throwing balls to the fans but there was this ball that I kissed before throwing it.

Credits to mochichan00 for the gif

“Here’s another one.” Mayuyu fast forward and another scene played with me throwing another ball that was kissed by me.

“Why are giving your fans an opportunity to kiss you?” A mad Mayuyu said.

“But it’s only an indirect kiss.” I can't believe she managed to kiss me wildly while watching my solo live. I can't even look at other things when we're kissing. I can only focus on her.

“Still. Only Watanabe Mayu can taste these lips indirect or not.” Mayuyu traced my lips with her fingers.

“Which reminds.” I started.

“Hm?” Mayuyu's attention was now on me and not on my lips.

“I saw Miichan's gugutatsu post regarding your birthday.”

“Oh, she did? I haven't browsed my gugutatsu yet even though I posted something a while ago. I was too busy.” Mayuyu said.

“Let me show to you her post.” I took out my phone and showed to her Miichan's post.

Mayuyu's rosy face turned into pale. “Th-that is...” That's right Mayuyu. You should be scared.

“Care to explain yourself you lolicon playgirl.”

“I can't just refuse a gift on my birthday that's why...” Mayuyu trembled. A scared Mayuyu looks so cute.

“Mine was just indirect kiss while yours. It has a skin contact and two little girls. I should remind you that you only belong to me.” I said darkly that made Mayuyu gulp hard. I kissed her again but I didn't give her any chance to dominate me. Mayuyu gave up in trying to lead the kiss and let me devour her mouth. I didn't break apart until we badly need oxygen.

Panting heavily, I said. “Move to the bed now.” Mayuyu nodded weakly and I stand up from her lap.

Remembering that her bed was filled with items that featured me she said “Can you wait a bit? I need to put my treasures in its rightful place.” Mayuyu lit the lamp that was near to the other side of her bed.

“Make it fast.” I said impatiently while Mayuyu closed her laptop.

“Yes master.” I watched Mayuyu placed her things neatly in a closet which I presumed to be where another batch of my merchandise is.

“Why are they out?” I asked.


“What was your real plan tonight?” I just need to ask. Seeing things that has me in it made me curious.

“I was planning to indulge myself to Yukirin World without sleeping.”

“I love that plan. As a reward I will let you dominate just once tonight.”

“Heh. How many rounds exactly are you planning?” Mayuyu asked as she placed the last item to a closet.

“Until I got tired.”

“Wow. That's around 7.” Mayuyu muttered. “Then I will make use of that chance to make you plead for me to lead.”

“Not a chance. I will make sure you get punished tonight for not being able to say no to the two little girls.” I grabbed Mayuyu and threw her at her bed with me sitting on top of her.

“Oh gosh.” Mayuyu said before I started my punishment.


“Nngh. Yukirin your phone is ringing.” Mayuyu said.

“Leave it be.” I hugged my naked Mayuyu tighter. How dare that caller called while I'm in a very comfortable sleeping position.

“Yukirin it has been ringing for quite a while now. It’s very noisy.”

“Fine.” I unwillingly sat up from Mayuyu's arms. “Takamina-san?” I answered the call groggily.

“Kashiwagi Yuki do you know what time it is?” The smaller leader asked in an unpleasant tone.


“That's right. Its 10:37 and you and Mayuyu are still not here.”

“Hm? Were we supposed to go somewhere today?”

“The rehearsal! The rehearsal for our concert at National Olympic Stadium starts today! You two are supposed to be here 8 am sharp!” That seriously woke me up.

“I’m sorry! Mayuyu and I will be there as fast as we can.”

“You two better be because both of you had a lot of units in this concert!”

“Yes Takamina-san.” Takamina hanged up.

“That was Takamina-san?” Mayuyu asked.

“Yeah and we’re dead. Come on. Get out there Mayuyu we’re very late.”

“This is your fault Yukirin. We ended up sleeping at 4 am and I’m still tired.”

“Hey don’t start it. It was you who kept on begging me for more.”

“Hmph. I don't want to hear that from you. You asked the same thing when I leaded.”




“Next time let’s try not to make the gap too long or else things will end up like this again. The sexual frustration piles up.” Mayuyu said.

“That’s a great idea. Now let’s take a bath already. We are needed there.” I pulled Mayuyu to her bathroom. God knows what would happen to us when we reached the stadium.


Arriving at the venue we were greeted by the uneasy faces of the members.

“Get ready Mayu.”

“I know.”

Just in time an irritated voice called us.

 “Mayuki! What took you two so long? Did you guys forget that this concert is very important?” Takamina said.

“We’re sorry Takamina-san!” Mayuyu and I bowed at the same time.

“Tsk. Right now the Kohais are doing the blocking. While you two are waiting for your turn this will serve as a punishment.” Takamina gave the both of us a notebook and a pen.

“What are we going to do with this?” Mayuyu asked.

“Write ‘I will not be late anymore no matter what happens.’ 20 times in each page. I want 5 pages of those.” Takamina said and left us.

“That punishment old school and that’s too many. We will write it 100 times!” I said.

“We might as well start Yukirin or else Takamina-san will be more irritated.” Both of us started to write the sentence.

“Yo Mayuki!” A plain looking girl greeted us.

“Sasshi…” I said.

“Hey what’s with that tone? You guys make me feel that I’m unwanted here.” Sasshi said in a fake hurt voice.

“You are and you’re disturbing us. We had a lot of writing to do” Mayuyu said.

“You two.. Anyway!” Sasshi clapped her hands. “Belated happy birthday Mayuyu!” Sasshi said cheerfully.

“Thanks.” Mayuyu flashed a small smile.

“Guys I hope you understand Takamina.” Sasshi’s voice suddenly became serious which made Mayuyu and I listen to her. “She just wants this concert to be perfect for Yuko-chan.”

“We know that’s why we’re not exactly mad. It’s our fault too.” I said.

“Good because even Kojiharu hasn’t took a nap today yet and she kept on practicing her dance. Also, she was one of the earliest who arrived.”

“Seriously? That’s a miracle.”

“For Yuko-chan.” Mayuyu chimed in.

“Now that I’m assured you guys are not mad I will be going now. I don’t want to stay as third wheel between the two of you forever.” With that Sasshi left us while we continued writing.

*After more than half an hour*

“My hands are tired.” I whined. After writing 100 of those sentences my hands gave up just in time.

Mayuyu gently held my right hand. “Let me massage it.”

“Really? You’re not tired yet?”

“I used to draw for long hours so this is nothing to me.”

“You’re amazing Mayuyu you can do whatever you want easily.” Her massage was starting to feel good. The pressure always hit the right spot. “You’re good at massaging too.” I added.

“Heh. I work too hard Yukirin and I never give up unless it was really not for me.”

“I can’t argue with that.” I closed my eyes feeling relaxed from Mayuyu’s massage. “Ne Mayuyu.”


“I know you only saw around ¼ of my 3rd solo live but can you tell me what you think of it?”

“1/4? I saw the whole show Yukirin when you arrived that was my 12th time watching it.”

“Eh?! How come you never mention it?”

“You want to get praised?” That hit a nerve. Of course I want to be praised by Mayuyu but she said that too bluntly that I don’t want to admit it.

“N-no. I just wa-wanted to know what other th-things I can improve on…”


“Eh? Tell me. There’s got to be a flaw right?”

“Hm… There is one!” What?! She took the nothing back.


“Your actions are too breathtaking. What are you going to do if a fan died because of that?” Mayuyu scolded me and stopped massaging my hand.

“But nobody died.”

“I’m sure there are those who almost died.”

“Mayuyu I’m asking a serious question here.” She’s definitely playing around.

“I am serious. Even though I had watched it a lot of times I never seem to get used to your surprise winks and I still got caught up with your energy no matter
what. I never get tired seeing you perform. My eyes almost never blink just so that I won’t miss anything from you.” Mayuyu said with so much seriousness that I felt I’m melting already. “Overall the concert was perfect.”

My face was heating up. I can feel it. “Thank you Mayu.”

“Nah. I’m just telling the truth. By the way Yukirin, you should serenade me once in a while.”


“Your Rainy Day was beautiful. I want you to perform that in front of me. I now want to know why Milky is always in daze whenever Sayaka sings only to her. That’s why you should perform it now since I to know it now but we need a guitar.” Mayuyu stand up and took my arm to stand too.

“But I haven’t practice that for a long time.”

“It’s only me who’s listening. You don’t need to be so cautious about that. Let’s find Sayaka.” Mayuyu dragged me around the stadium looking for the Sayaka. Good grief, my day has only started yet a lot of things are happening.


AN: Yukirin's 3rd solo live was really great. I had a lot of fun. If you haven't watch it then you should! It is a must see whether you're a Yukirin oshi or not. But one thing's for sure you will get sucked into her world.


P.S. I personally love the set list.

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Re: Konoe's OS: Muchuu ni Sasechau Zo (Mayuki) 03/30/14
« Reply #53 on: March 30, 2014, 12:05:38 PM »
 waaaa~ it's been awhile since I read an OS~ and totally agree.. Yukirin's 3rd solo live was awesome  :twothumbs

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Re: Konoe's OS: Muchuu ni Sasechau Zo (Mayuki) 03/30/14
« Reply #54 on: March 30, 2014, 12:50:35 PM »
Kashiwagi is too strong!!!! I watched the whole live~ Being the pervert fan that I am watched it 10 times over~ Agreeing with Mayuyu ofc~

ty for the OS Konoe


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Re: Konoe's OS: Muchuu ni Sasechau Zo (Mayuki) 03/30/14
« Reply #55 on: March 30, 2014, 03:25:29 PM »
Mayu was right watching Yuki Solo live is breathtaking

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Re: Konoe's OS: Muchuu ni Sasechau Zo (Mayuki) 03/30/14
« Reply #56 on: March 31, 2014, 02:28:44 PM »
I agree with you konoe-san !!
the solo concert really make us wanted more and more !

and about the fanfic,its great !!
hope you will make another great mayuki fanfic~~

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Re: Konoe's OS: Muchuu ni Sasechau Zo (Mayuki) 03/30/14
« Reply #57 on: April 02, 2014, 05:57:35 AM »
you make me want to watch Yukirin solo live now.

Mayu is a little yukirin Ota here. that cute !

i love this ,Thank for you great work  XD

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Re: Konoe's OS: Muchuu ni Sasechau Zo (Mayuki) 03/30/14
« Reply #58 on: April 02, 2014, 10:09:45 PM »
im dying....
mayuyu and rena is <3

mayuki and mayurena is my fav <3

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Konoe's OS: Who Is My True Love? Prologue (Mayuki) 05/13/14
« Reply #59 on: May 13, 2014, 06:57:35 AM »

@Ceej!~, MayukiIsLife, Kirozoro, and chocolate: I know right. After watching Yuki's 3rd solo started to download her earlier solo lives. They were great too. Her solo lives keeps on getting better. :twothumbs

@kcard: You should watch. It's very much worth of your time. :D

@MayuxMatsuixMusic: What happened?! :shock:

Who Is My True Love? Prologue (Mayuki)

Do you know your true love? How would you know that he or she is the right person for you? When will I meet the right person for me? Why can't just God tell us who is at the other end of our string of fate? Those are just some of the questions a person who seeks for true love.

We humans are not capable of knowing the future. Nobody knows what exactly would happen except God. But I am different. For some unknown reason I was given an ability to see the future but it's not exactly as powerful as you see in the movies. I can only see a specific part of your life in the future, your happiest moment with your true love.

I learned about this ability of mine when I was still 9. I saw a woman crying loudly at the park in the middle of the afternoon. She was weeping over her boyfriend that dumped her for another girl that day at the same area. I felt sorry for her so I tried to cheer her up by giving her an origami flower. Our hands accidentally touched and I saw a vision of her with another woman. She was very happy when the woman arrived. I didn't tell her exactly what I saw since I was confused why I saw such scene. Instead I told her that she will find her happiness someday and just forget about the guy that dumped her. Before leaving her I gave two descriptions of the woman I saw her with in my vision: short and ribbon.

Starting then on I tried to understand how this ability of mine work. I realized that the vision will only show if I got to touch their hand and ask to myself who is their happiness.

I even tested if the person I see on the vision is the true love through my relatives. I shook hands with my relatives who were around their 20s and saw their future partners. After a few years I personally saw the people who I saw in my vision long time ago and they are happily married now.

I kept this ability of mine to myself until I graduated in high school. I tried to get used to this ability of mine and used it properly to help other people. There are some people who stick to the wrong person whom they thought they will be with together in the end and endure the pain inflicted to them either physically or mentally. That's when I came in, to bring enlightenment to those who are blind. Thus, I joined The Peers in our Guidance Office, an extracurricular activity. I used that membership to help other people without exposing my ability.

I'm popular because of that. I helped a lot of the love problems of the students during my high school years. Sadly, I have a hater too. She's the only one as far as I know. She was one of the people who asked for my help but I failed. My vision to her future was different from the others. I always see the vision from my point of view where I am actually standing a few meters away from the couple. Hers on the other hand, she was like in front of me smiling, less than a meter closer to me.

Since it was the first time I saw something like that that I accidentally voiced out my thoughts and what I said pissed her off. Starting then she hated me and would use the opportunity to annoy me when she had the chance. We graduated in high school and too bad we are both on the same university and on the same department so we both see each other every day.

Enough about my hater. Let's go back to my story about my ability. Actually until now I am still helping people the same way but without the membership as a Peer. I only help if I happen to cross with them. I'm a medical student so I'm pretty busy. You guys might wonder why I'm taking a medical course when I have this ability which is more suited to be a matchmaker or guidance counselor.

I have always idolized doctors since I was young. They help people using their knowledge and skills. They look so calm and neat in their heart racing difficult work. And I have this favorite doctor whom I wanted to work with. He is my first love, Dr. Watanabe. It's funny because he has the same surname as my hater. But I know they are not related. They don't have a single resemblance in attitude at all.

Dr. Watanabe is very kind, handsome, cool, caring, gentle, generous, patient, talented in piano, and most of all he is very very smart while the other Watanabe I knew is a big brat, easily gets irritated, a sucker for love, mischievous, harsh, impatient, selfish, and very very very very annoying. Although she is cute, pretty, and smart her bad attitude ruins everything.

I got sidetracked again. How did I end up talking about the two Watanabes in my life when I was trying to talk about my ability and me helping people using it? I feel that I might talk about something else later so the prologue ends here. But before that let me share two questions that has always bothered me even if I have this special ability.

Why can't I see my own future? Who is my true love?


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