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Author Topic: Konoe's OS: Mayuki AU Reboot 11/28/21  (Read 52003 times)

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Re: Konoe's OS: Who Is My True Love? Prologue (Mayuki) 05/13/14
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Waaaaa~ @^@
I like the prologue very much.  It reminds me of Mielino Kashiwagi when Yuki was talking about her ability.  Now you made me want to re-watch the series again.
Thank you for your new story so far.

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Re: Konoe's OS: Who Is My True Love? Prologue (Mayuki) 05/13/14
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uwahh~~ can't wait for the next update :inlove: :inlove:

wait are those two watanabe by coincidence is one person??
mayuyu and rena is <3

mayuki and mayurena is my fav <3

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Re: Konoe's OS: Who Is My True Love? Prologue (Mayuki) 05/13/14
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Please update soon

I want to know who is Yuki true love

I hope it orginal one

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Re: Konoe's OS: Who Is My True Love? Prologue (Mayuki) 05/13/14
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Wowww !!!
The prologue is so interesting !!!
I wonder how the MaYuki will end up... sine they errr dont like each other ?

Anyway, waiting for the update though, thx :)

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Re: Konoe's OS: Who Is My True Love? Part I (Mayuki) 07/29/14
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Hey guys, thanks for the comments risshu, MayuxMatsuixMusic, Kirozoro, pattinium and for those who thanked. :twothumbs

Who is My True Love Part I

“My head hurts! We’ve been here for 2 and a half hour. It’s already 6 pm.” Jurina whined as she held her head with her hands.

“Take a break. It's bad to over use your brain and lower your voice. We're at the library, remember?” I advised to my friend.

“I would love to do that but I want to finish this freaking hard report right now. I have a date tomorrow so the only time to finish this is today!”

I rolled my eyes from my friend's stupid reason to finish her report immediately. “Aren't you going out with other girls lately too much?” As soon as I said that Jurina suddenly looked like she saw something scary at my back. I was about to turn my head around but Jurina's strong denial made me halt from my action.

“Wh-what!? NO! I was going out with one person the whole time! I swear!”

I looked at her suspiciously. I truly didn't believe what she said but if I said that she might shout more if I said otherwise. Jurina is a very friendly and flirtatious girl. “Okay... I got it. You don't have to shout you know.”

“Oi Kashiwagi.” A familiar annoying voice from my back said.

“What Watanabe?” I said without turning my head at her. There's only one person who calls my name with such tone.

Watanabe stood near between me and Jurina. “Can you put a leash on that puppy friend of yours? This is the library. Don't make unnecessary noise that will disturb other people.”

“I know that already it's just that somebody here is being too defensive when she doesn't really need to.” I said back without much care to Watanabe.

“What!? I'm telling the truth! I only went out with one person in the past few weeks!” Jurina strongly defensed.

“Matsui-san kindly lower your voice. Can't you understand that we are in the library and we must obey its golden rule?” A sharp voice scolded Jurina. It's
Watanabe's friend and another Matsui, Matsui Rena.

“Ah! Um! I was-! OW! OI YUKI!” With Jurina being irritating I threw my notebook at her face because she totally needs it. I don't want to mess around with this other Matsui since she is just being rightful while Watanabe is just annoying me.

“Jurina apologize then shut up.” I used my 'Black' voice. Jurina only follows me if I used that scary tone, she knows it's awful when I get mad.

“Ok.” Jurina stood from her seat and bowed to the other Matsui while ignoring Watanabe. “I'm sorry. I will be quiet now.” Jurina then sat back and it agitated Watanabe.

“What the!? You only apologized to Rena when you also disturbed me!” Before Watanabe started to heat up Matsui managed to cool her down right away.

“Mayu you need to go to your family dinner, right? You rarely get the chance to be with them. You should start going now and don't waste your time on them.” That ticked me off a little but I'll let that pass since Matsui usually stops Watanabe from teasing or annoying me when she feels to.

“Tch. You're lucky that I have to go somewhere. I'll get back at you two idiots.” Watanabe gave me a glare before walking out with Rena.

“?” Before completely disappearing from my sight Watanabe looked back at me.

“By the way Kashiwagi, I heard that you slipped at the cafeteria yesterday and rose up pretending to fly like Superman and ran away with the same pose. Nice going baka~” I blushed in embarrassment even though it's not true. Watanabe said it loud enough for other students to hear and they all give me weird faces. Watanabe let out a winning smirk before getting out in the library.

“Yuki... Why Superman?” Jurina uttered my name in disappointment. “It should have been Spiderman! Sssshk! Ssshk! Sssshk!” Jurina imitated Spiderman like there were also spider strings coming out from her hand aiming it everywhere. “Sssshk! Ssssshk! Spiderman is awesome!”

“Mou! Watanabe was lying! I didn't slip at all so stop that already! And you were with me the whole day! You should know it didn't happen!”


“?!!” Both Jurina and I were alerted with the lady who slammed the table we were using.

“You two, get out now!” The scary librarian ordered us with her deadly aura.

“H-hai!” Jurina and I immediately packed our things and head out.

“How nice. We were kicked out from the library. That small sneaky mouse!” My blood is really boiling right now! Arrrgh! Watanabe!! You'll pay for this!

“But really Yuki, why do you and Watanabe hate each other so much?” Jurina suddenly threw the question.

“Why are you curious about it just now?”

“Nothing. I thought it's about time to know your story. I know your secret ability anyway. Spill it.”

As you have heard Jurina knew about this ability of mine accidentally and surprisingly blackmailed me to be her friend. I honestly do not know why she wants to be my friend when she has too many friends and yet she prefers to hang out with me more than the others.

“I don't get your pace sometimes. Anyway, she was one of my ‘clients’ during my first year high school.”

“I see.”

*6 years ago*

It was another productive day for me. I helped some girls once again and it feels nice that you have done well to other people.

“If nobody comes anymore in 10 minutes, then I'm going home.” Just when I told that to myself I heard a knock from the door and it opened. “She's the last for today.” I whispered to myself.

“Excuse me.” A cute twin-tailed girl appeared before my eyes.

“Yes? How may I help you?” I flashed my accommodating smile to the cute girl.

“Uh.. Is Kashiwagi-san around?” The cute girl asked.

“That would be me.”

“Ah! I'm Watanabe Mayu.” The cute girl immediately came closer to me and introduced herself. Wow, she's insanely pretty up close. I know another Watanabe who is good looking too, a very handsome young doctor. Are all Watanabe people like this?

“I'm Kashiwagi Yuki.” I offered my hand but Watanabe-san seems to be reluctant about it. Of course this is Japan, shaking hands is not accustomed here.

I actually always offer my hand to my clients before we start so that I can give them a more accurate advice but just like Watanabe-san there are those who are reluctant in shaking hands. I don't force them but it will make my job easier if I see their future beforehand.

“Um...” Watanabe-san gave me an awkward smile. I don't want her to feel uncomfortable anymore so I lower my hand.

“Please sit Watanabe-san.”


“I'll brew tea for us.” I stood up from my seat but the cute- I mean, Watanabe-san stopped me.

“No it's alright! This won't take long.... Probably.”

“Okay then, how can I help you?”

“Can you give me an advice?” Oh God, she is super cute! Her pleading eyes were big and mesmerizing. Her voice was extremely cute and I can tell it's natural. It's giving you a feeling of wanting to help with all your powers, the ‘You don't want to disappoint her’ feeling. She's not even trying hard to be cute. Can a person like this truly exist!?

I'm pretty unstable mentally but I need to maintain my composure in front of her. “Sure. Can I hear your story?” I tried to get myself back from admiring her looks but really, she is the cutest girl I have ever seen.

“There is this person that I love ever since I was young. The thing is we can't be together, we are forbidden to be together... And also, he only thinks of me nothing more but a little sister.”

“Hm...” An unrequited love. I encountered a lot of people with this problem and 90% of these people are just wasting their time and effort on the wrong person. I need to touch her to see if her efforts are also wasted. But how? Ah! Her hand is just lying on the table. I'll just grab it and make it look like a way of mine to support her. That's it!

“I don't want to give up on him. I love him so much!” Watanabe-san strongly affirmed her feelings. That guy is stupid for ignoring such a cute and pretty girl. But maybe there is also a problem with Watanabe-san.

“Watana!” I managed to grab her hand and I got a vision. Watanabe-san was standing somewhere a bit far from my view of perspective but then she looked at my direction and smiled before coming closer.

“This is weird..” I whispered.

“What is weird?” Oh great, she heard it.

“Nothing...” I stared at our hands. In my vision there was no guy or even a girl who went to Watanabe-san. She remained standing in front of me with that beautiful smile of hers. This is very new. Could this be the kind of vision that means..

“Watanabe-san will be alone forever....”

“!?” My hands were slapped away by the owner of the hand that I'm holding.

“Alone? Stop screwing with me! I came to for help not to get myself mad!” The cute girl suddenly transformed into a scary one. “What the hell are they saying? ‘Kashiwagi-san is great adviser. You should try to ask her with your problems too Mayu-san.’ What a bunch of liars.” I could only look in disbelief as I watch this cute girl show her real attitude.

“You are a fraud.”

“!!! F-fraud?”

“Yeah. You said those nice words to the girls to make yourself popular and make them believe that you're right. And here I come whom I presume you're jealous with. Well who wouldn't be? I'm cute, pretty, and good at sports, rich, and most of all the top 1 of last term's exams! Now you told me I would be alone forever so that I will become depress and work inefficiently as a student. I'm sorry to tell you this but your cheap style won't work on me!"

“Wh-what?” The hell this girl talks too much and did she just seriously praised herself. But there's no way I would let her pass with that speculation she made about me. “I'm not a fraud! I'm just giving advices honestly! And if you don't believe me then don't! Your endless effort to be loved romantically will go to waste!”

“Now you keep on getting on my nerves. I'm getting out of here. Talking to a fraud is bad and you even held my hand. Gosh I feel so dirty.” Watanabe gave me a glare before she went out and slammed the door closed. Seriously, nobody has ever pissed me off that bad.

*End of Flashback*

I told Jurina what really happened emitting out the thoughts I had before that Watanabe is really cute. “Ever since then I always get pranked by her and later on our verbal fights, which contained anything that we can't agree on,  began to become almost a daily basis. At our last year in high school we had our first cat fight and got suspended.”


“After that our verbal fights started to mellow out and became just like the conversation you just saw.” I quickly summarized everything that had happened between me and Watanabe to Jurina.

“But at least your relationship with her got a little.. better?” Jurina hesitantly said.

“If only she doesn't have that awful attitude then she could be my friend.”

“Woah there! I never expected that you actually think you two can be friends!”

“’If only’ okay? I'm just getting tired with this kind of meeting with her. It's exhausting to be always angry. I want ignore her but she just can't ignore me and says something that provokes me making it hard for me to ignore her.”

“You know what Yuki, sometimes you guys look like an old married couple-OW! Hey!” I smacked Jurina's head for being such an idiot. Seriously! Me and that Watanabe as a couple? No way! Even if she's the last girl existing on Earth I will never allow us to be together that way.

“Don't be ridiculous. Besides, I have someone else I love.”

Jurina gave me a hopeless look. “The doctor who is 10 years older than you? The one with same surname as your eternal enemy?  Yuki don't get your hopes up on him. I'm sure such a great guy like him has a girlfriend already.”

“No he doesn't!... Or at least I haven't seen him with anyone yet..” Jurina might be right. What if he hooked up with one of his patients! Or one of the nurses or worst another doctor that I can't compete with!

“You're giving off such a desperate look. Worried that he's actually taken?” Jurina smiled slyly.

“Why are you smiling? As a friend you're supposed to encourage me. Not to trample my feelings on him.”

“You're definitely out of his league. And as a friend it's my responsibility to wake you up from your dreams.”

“It's not a dream!”

“Oh yeah? Then why don't try to look at his future partner? You never checked his future, right?”


“Are you afraid?”

“N-no, I'm not. I just want to live my life fair by not knowing who I'll end with.” I tried to fight back but my voice was shaky.

“Eeeh. How sure are you that that doctor is meant for you?”


“I dare you Yuki. Look at his future and you'll see. You will realize that you are also wasting your feelings on someone just like the girls you have helped before.”
“I'm not wasting my feelings! Fine! I will look at his future today!” I rushed away from Jurina completely irritated of what she made me feel. I'm sure that Watanabe-sensei will be mine. He is one of the reasons why I choose the path to become a doctor.

I ran and ran and ran until I arrived at the hospital he is working at. I took out my phone to call him. My hands were cold and shaking as I look for his number and pressed the call button.

“Hello? Yuki-chan?” That manly voice soothed my heart as I felt the uneasiness inside me goes away.

“Sensei, can I see you?”

“Right now?” He sounded a little troubled. Oh great Yuki, you called at a wrong time.

“Ah, it's fine if not now I understand that you are busy but ano.. I just really-“

He chuckled on the other side and said, “Why do you sound so nervous? Anyway, my family and I will have a dinner tonight so maybe you can see me after that.”

“Eh? Um is it really okay? Don't you want to be with your family more?”

“It's not like that. They have something else to do and besides, there is someone whom I want you to meet.”

“Someone?” My heart began to feel uneasy again.

“Yes, a very important person to me. I'll tell you the details later Yuki-chan. See you soon.”

*Beep beep beep*

“He sounds very happy.... Someone.. Very important to him..”

“Yuki don't get your hopes up on him. I'm sure such a great guy like him has a girlfriend already.” Jurina's words echoed back at my head.

I shook my head in disbelief. “No, he must be talking about his sister. Yeah! His sister is very important to him and he told me before he would introduce her to me. He can't possibly have a girlfriend yet since he is coward when it comes to that. Hahaha.”

“Mail~ mail~” My phone vibrated at the same time and caught my attention. I stared at the name of the messenger.

“Sensei..” He sent me the mail about the detail of where we will meet. Even though it's still an hour for us to meet I started to make my way there. It took me 40 minutes to get there as I took all the time to walk there slowly.

“He will introduce his sister. He will introduce his sister. His sister. His sister. His sister. His sis-Ah!” I suddenly felt another body collided with me and made me lose my balance causing me to fall down but thankfully someone grabbed my arm and pulled me up right away. Unfortunately, the person who grabbed me pulled me too much and now our bodies are close especially our face making me see clear the face of that person.

“!!!?? Watanabe!?” My savior was the same person who bullied me hours ago wearing the same uniform.

“Tch. You of all people. Today is such a bad day.” The supposedly my savior said while averting her head away from me and surprisingly pushed me gently.

“........” I want retort back but looking at her expression I can't help but get curious why is her eyes so mad and sad at the same time.



“I'll go ahead."”

“!?” Watanabe hurriedly went pass through me but she somehow stopped.

“What?” Watanabe said with annoyance.

“Eh?” Confused with what she said she gave me a glare and turn her eyes downward. There I saw my own hand grabbing her arm. Wait. When did I grab her!?

“I'm sorry.” I quickly let go of her arm as she continued to glare at me while I gave myself a mental smack for grabbing Watanabe unconsciously.

“If you have something to say, say it now.” Watanabe said harshly.

“T-thank you and sorry again.” Weird. I normally would fight back at her and would never express any gratitude to her or apologize but somehow I can't do it now. Only those words came out.

“... Wha... Both of us were not looking where we're going so you don't need to say it.” Watanabe said with a hint of awkwardness. I can't believe she just indirectly said we're both at fault. She would normally blame me for not looking even if it's clearly her fault.




“... Here.” Watanabe gave me a pink checkered handkerchief. I often see her bringing this and if I'm not mistaken this is her favorite one. Or not! Even though Watanabe is being weird I don't think she would give any of her favorite things to me.


“I knew this would happen and prepared myself beforehand so now the pain is not as big as it would be if I didn't prepare myself. You, on the other hand, would be..”


“In other words, you need this more than I do.” Watanabe took my hand and place her handkerchief in before walking away. What's up with her and what is she talking about?

“What is she doing here anyway? Didn't she have a family dinner tonight?” I wondered to myself as I sat at the nearby bench and waited for Sensei to mail me back.

I watched the people enter and leave the said restaurant while waiting. I tried to distract myself and forget Watanabe's eyes moments ago. Those eyes looked like she has heartbreak. If she had only listened to me years ago then she wouldn't feel such pain right now. But I can't blame her. Everyone wants to experience love after all.

"Mail~ mail~"

“It must be Sensei.” And I was right. He told me that I can come in whenever I want.

I went inside the restaurant and told the waiter I'm looking for Watanabe-sensei and guided me to him. As I was getting closer to the table a sight of a cute beautiful woman, who was sitting beside Sensei, came to my view.

“Ah! Yuki-chan!” And there is Watanabe-sensei. Handsome as always but today his smile is shinier than usual. I can see his happiness from his eyes clearly.

“Sensei, good evening.” I diverted my attention towards the new woman and greeted her as she greeted me back.

“Good evening too. Sit down Yuki-chan.”

“Hai.” I took my seat feeling nervous and my heart beating fast achingly.

“Yuki-chan let me introduce to you Ota Aika, my fiancée.”


“Aika, this is Kashiwagi Yuki. Maa.. I'm her mentor in medicine.”

“Ah, you are Yuma's student. It's nice to meet you.”

Watanabe-sensei's fiancée... She is pretty.. And looks kind..

“Yuki-chan?” I snapped from my thoughts and saw the worried faces of the couple.

“Ah! Best wishes to your marriage!”

Both of them smiled and intertwined their hands. They look so happy but my heart is screaming in pain.

“Thank you. I'm happy that you approve of us Yuki-chan.”

What? No, I'm not.

*Hashiritai Go! Go! Go!*

Ota-san's phone was ringing and excused herself to go out and answered the call which only leaves me and Sensei alone.

“All of the people we know were happy but..” Sensei started.

“But?” Someone other than me doesn't want them to be together? Who is this person? I need to meet him or her!

“My little sister. She said she's happy for me but I know deep inside she is hurt. I know that she loves me more than a brother.” A brocon!?

“Yuki-chan, can you be Mayu's friend and help her move on?”



*Ring Ring Ring Ring!*

The noisy alarm clock woke me up from reality. I opened my swelling eyes and turned off the alarm. “Ughh.... Morning already?..”

“I don't want to go to school..” I covered my face with my pillow to shield myself from the blinding sun.

Yesterday, before I separated from Sensei I was able to shake hands with them and saw that they are meant for each other. Yabai.. I feel like crying. “Don't cry Yuki. Didn't you cry enough yesterday?”

I abruptly sat up and slapped my cheeks. “Ugh! Don't cry! Or else Watanabe will find another reason to tease me.”

Speaking of that Watanabe, I was surprised to find out that she and Watanabe-sensei are really related. I can understand the face and the smartness but the attitude is totally different. How come I never asked if they knew each other? Stupid me.

It seems that Watanabe knew that Sensei and I are acquainted for years already. And another thing that shocked me is that Watanabe is a brocon! Now I wouldn't wonder why she hates me so much. She must have known that I love her brother that's why she annoys me too much. I wonder who among the two of us loves Sensei more. I have no idea of how young Watanabe was when she fell in love with Sensei.

“There is this person that I love ever since I was young. The thing is we can't be together, we are forbidden to be together... And also, he only thinks of me nothing more but a little sister.”

That doesn't matter anymore. Even if the two if us would fight of who loves Sensei more it wouldn't change his mind to marry Ota-san. The length of how long we loved him won’t matter too.

“I still need to wash Watanabe's handkerchief.” I never intended to use it but as I walked away from Sensei my tears started to fall down and I don't always bring any handkerchief with me so I had no choice but to use it. If I think clearly Watanabe was actually kind yesterday then maybe I can help her... but knowing Watanabe..

“Yuki-chan, can you be Mayu's friend and help her move on?”

Why did I agree on that? There is no way that I can help her when I can't help myself too. Maybe I should tell Sensei that I can't do it after all but I don't want to disappoint him either.

Aaahh! What should I do!?


I haven't updated my ongoing fics for more than a month already and I don't know when I can update either. School made me very busy and I only managed to finish this chapter in the whole month of July.. Sooo I'll be on a semi-hiatus for awhile. I'll try to find time to update others too when I can. Hope you guys understand. :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow:
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Re: Konoe's OS: Who Is My True Love? Part I (Mayuki) 07/29/14
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Poor Mayu and Yuki

Now is time for Mayuki to know each other more

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Re: Konoe's OS: Who Is My True Love? Part I (Mayuki) 07/29/14
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Love/hate relationship, ah... my fav ♥♥♥
Yuki... please help Mayu to move on
You two are meant to be together

Thank you for this fic Konoe-san. I'm looking forward to your next update :)
Kaze no you na sonzai sa~
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Re: Konoe's OS: Who Is My True Love? Part I (Mayuki) 07/29/14
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i miss your update  :roll:

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Re: Konoe's OS: Who Is My True Love? Part I (Mayuki) 07/29/14
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oi update this bro~ <3

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Konoe's OS: Sick (Mayuki) 10/31/14
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Smiling and acting cute has always been very easy for Yuki to do because of her line of work but somehow tonight she can't seem to do it naturally. Yuki mustered everything she can just to produce a smile. She needs to do it because that's what the script tells her to.

“Akira-kun.” Yuki moved beside closer to the crush of the character she's playing and her lips curved into a (forced) smile as she linked her arm to the guy lightly and carefully making sure the guy will not feel her bosom that much. Yuki was wearing another of those hostess dresses of hers that has a very long V-neck line that clearly shows off a dangerously good amount of her cleavage and as much as possible Yuki doesn't want anyone to feel her bosom. There's only one person in the world who she'll allow to feel her assets and it's her dear ace. “Let's go on another date next time I'm free, ne?” Yuki tilted her head to appear cute in the eyes of the main protagonist.

The other hostess inside the dressing room except the actress Sasaki Nozomi playing as Kyoko gasped in amusement as to what Miki, Yuki's character, revealed. The guy sweated not wanting the apple of his eyes know that he did hang out with another hostess.

“U-um.. S-sure.” The guy acted uncertain and panicked as his crush stood up from her seat.

“Otsukare-sama.” Kyoko said and passed by Miki and Akira with an emotionless face towards the door. Miki smirked upon seeing her rival running away from the scene. Akira then separated himself from Miki and ran towards Kyoko's direction. Akira's action totally turned Miki's expression to a frown which for the first time that day was the most natural face Yuki managed to pull off. Of course it was not because of Akira but because Yuki was thinking of the condition of her beloved Team B partner.

“Okay, cut! Everyone, thank you for the hard work. You may go now except for Nakajima-san and Sasaki-san.” The director declared.

Yuki sighed in relieved because her shooting for the day is over. She can now go to the place where she's been dying to go ever since she heard the bad news that made her worried throughout the night. Yuki bowed to her workmates and said her farewell. It was very evident that Yuki was in a rush so no one dared to hinder the idol from going out of the set-up. As soon as Yuki was out from the dressing room one of the cast asked the youngest of what was up with Yuki.

“Iriyama-chan, Kashiwagi-chan has that worried face ever since she talked to her manager. Did something bad happen?”

“Yukirin-san's close friend, Mayuyu-san, got acute tonsillitis and it's so bad that Mayuyu-san is advised to rest for more than a week.” Anna answered. “And as usual, Yukirin-san is just worriedly sick for our absolute ace.” Anna added.

Meanwhile with Yuki, she asked for her manager to drive her to Mayu's place. “Are you serious? It's almost 11 o'clock.” The manager said in disbelief to his talent's request.

“I know it's very late but I need to see Mayu.” Yuki pleaded. “I'll ring the doorbell once and if no one responds then I'll go home.”

The manager was very hesitant since he doesn't want to disturb the Watanabe residence late at night. “Please! I can't concentrate unless I see Mayuyu's condition personally.” Yuki pleaded more. She wasn't able to see Mayu the whole month because both are busy and when they both finally had an AKB work together Yuki just had to get sick missing seeing Mayu at the handshake event last week.

The manager gave it a thought. Indeed, Yuki's performance that night was not her best. Clearly something was bothering her and she has another shooting early in the morning. If Yuki is still not doing well and worried about Mayu then he might as well risk disturbing the household. The manager sighed in defeat earning a hopeful smile from his talent.

Yuki immediately rushed out from the car when it reached their destination. Without any hesitation Yuki pressed the doorbell. No one answered after 15 seconds. Somehow, it just crossed Yuki that what if the people inside are all sleeping. What if she'll receive a cold treatment from anyone who’s awake that time or maybe no one is inside because Mayu was transferred to a hospital. Yuki hoped the last one not happening.

Yuki grew more anxious as the seconds passed by. Fortunately, a familiar mature voice was out from the intercom. “Watanabe Residence. Who is this?”

“Um, this is Kashiwagi Yuki. Watanabe-san I'm really sorry for disturbing you late at night but I want to hear personally from you how's Mayu doing. If you'll allow can I see her? I won't disturb her if she's already sleeping I promise. I'm totally free right now maybe I help you in taking care of her-“ Yuki rattled in talking. The older Watanabe understood how the girl was worried about her daughter. How can she possibly not let Yuki get inside?

“It's okay Yuki-chan. Calm down. Wait for me there and I will open the gate.” The older Watanabe said.

The gate was opened and Yuki was greeted by Mayu's mom. “Good evening Watanabe-san.” Yuki politely greeted and gave a bow.

“Ara Yuki-chan, you came straight from work?” Watanabe-san asked as she looked the dressed Yuki from head to toe.

“Um, yes.” Yuki admitted embarrassingly. She was still wearing her hostess dress and she hoped she didn't look too seducing for the older Watanabe to think slightly ill of her.

“It's great to know there are many people who care about Mayu. Well, come in Yuki-chan.” Watanabe-san said and smiled at Yuki's manager before guiding the girl inside. The older Watanabe led Yuki to the living room to talk.

“Do you want tea?” Watanabe-san asked.

“Thank you but I'm fine.” Yuki refused the offer gently. “How's Mayu?”

Watanabe-san sighed heavily making Yuki more worried. “Her condition got worse. She couldn't talk anymore. She doesn't have an appetite too and she said it hurts when she swallows so she eats too little. And she's running a fever right now.”

The frown on Yuki's face got bigger the more she learned of what has been happening to her ace. The mother noticed this and tried to make Yuki feel a little better. “But don't worry Yuki-chan. Mayu is taking her medications regularly so she'll be fine soon.”

“I just hoped she learned something from this including the management.” Yuki said. “They are overworking her.”

Watanabe-san nodded in agreement. “Do you want to see her? She's probably already sleeping though.”

“Please let me see her.” Watanabe-san smiled at Yuki's response. The girl really cares a lot about her daughter and it's been like that ever since Mayu and Yuki met on the auditions for the 3rd generation. Watanabe-san knows that Yuki likes her daughter a lot.

“Alright but be cautious too. Tonsillitis is a contagious disease. Mayu would not want you to caught hers and be sick again. It's not good if both the top 2 of Team B is sick.” Watanabe-san reminded.


“Okay, you know where to go Yuki-chan.”

“Thank you Watanabe-san.” Yuki left the older Watanabe and went upstairs where Mayu is. Yuki opened the door to Mayu's room without knocking in order not to disturb Mayu. She walked slowly and quietly. Pity and sadness filled her heart as she saw her ace having an uncomfortable expression in her sleep. Yuki sat beside Mayu and gently caressed her cheeks. She could feel Mayu burning because of her fever.

“Didn't I told not to overwork.. Like I'm the one to talk.” Yuki whispered to herself remembering that she was sick just a week ago that made her miss the handshake event.

Yuki sat closer to Mayu in a more comfortable position to pat the head of the younger continuously. “Nngh..” Mayu started to stir in her position and woke up being patted by the person she hasn't seen for almost a month. “Y-yu-“ Mayu's voice was very hoarse. Yuki was remembered that Mayu is having a hard time to talk so she interrupted the younger one by placing her index finger on Mayu's lips.

“Don't force yourself to talk Mayu. I understand.” Yuki smiled gently at Mayu.

Mayu reached out something from her small cabinet desk just right beside her bed which was at the opposite side of Yuki. It was a sketch book and a pen. The younger girl wrote something and showed it to her guest.

“I'm sorry I made you worry about me.”

Yuki smile sadly and pinched lightly Mayu's nose. “Silly, no matter what you do I will always worry about you because I love you.” Yuki dove in for a kiss but instead of meeting those soft lips she hasn't tasted for almost a month she was met by a hard object, Mayu's pen. Yuki frowned in disappointment. Mayu then wrote once again in her sketch book.

“I love you too Yukirin and I want to kiss you too, badly, but I can't afford getting you sick so just wait until I recover to get my kiss.”

“You caring cyborg.” Yuki can't resist herself. She needs to kiss Mayu for being like this. Yuki captured Mayu's wrist tight enough and aimed at her victim’s cheek for a kiss. It left Mayu blushing for this is actually the first kiss she got from Yuki this month and she misses it so much.

“Rest well and be back soon, alright? My work in the coming weeks are almost all AKB related so you got to be there and make up for the time we didn't meet.” Mayu nodded eagerly excited for what's waiting for her after she recovered. Although she's going to be busy again it doesn't matter if Yuki is by her side.

“Good girl.” Yuki embraced Mayu for a warm hug. Yuki has been wearing the dress that was keeping her cold. Because of Mayu she forgot to even wear a coat to make herself a little warmer. Yuki didn't like the fact that Mayu has a fever but nevertheless took advantage of Mayu's fever to keep her warm.

Unfortunately for Mayu, Yuki chose to be naive at such time. Yuki didn't notice that she plunged Mayu's head right into her cleavage. Mayu could totally feel the softness of Yuki's asset as she is exposed to it directly, skin to skin. Yuki's perfume didn't help Mayu's situation either and her mind was blown away from the fantasies that were created by her mind which knocked her out for good from the real world.

Mayu's idleness to Yuki's hug and a warm liquid that Yuki felt on her chest made the taller girl wonder what was Mayu doing. She pulled herself from Mayu whose eyes were closed, her lips curved into a big smile and what made Yuki nervous was that Mayu's nose was bleeding.

Yuki immediately shouted for Mayu's mother. Her shout was responded right away as Mayu's father got into the room first followed by Mayu's mother. Both parents sweat dropped upon hearing of what happened before their daughter got the nosebleed. Yuki on the other hand didn't seem to notice yet why Mayu was having a nosebleed with such a big smile.

“Mayu...” The father face palmed and left the problem to explain the situation to his wife.

“Um Yuki-chan?” Mayu's mother called the attention of a panicking Yuki.

“Shouldn't we send her to the hospital? This might be bad!” Yuki said completely convinced that Mayu's tonsillitis is the cause.

“It's alright. It's just Mayu being... Mayu.” The mother ended lamely.

“Eh? But-!”

Yuki was immediately cut off by Mayu's mother with her eyebrows scrunching. “Yuki-chan I hope you didn't forget that you're wearing something very attracting and somewhat seducing right now.”


“Anyone would get a nosebleed especially when yo-you.. W-well...” The father couldn't dare to finish his embarrassing sentence.

It finally clicked to Yuki's mind as to why Mayu was knocked out still having a happy yet slightly perverted face with a nosebleed despite her sickness. A very big contrast to how she found Mayu sleeping when she entered the room awhile ago.

“Mou, baka Mayuyu!” The red-faced Yuki dashed out from the household in embarrassment without any farewell to Mayu's parents and went inside to her clueless manager's car with a demanding tone. “I want to go home!”

Yuki passed the day with another embarrassing story to tell.

The End

My kami-oshi got sick. :( Too bad but she was very busy and this is the result of over fatigue. Poor thing. Rest a lot Mayuyu.
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Re: Konoe's OS: Sick (Mayuki) 10/31/14
« Reply #70 on: October 31, 2014, 01:32:59 PM »
Hahahaha  poor mayu XD!!!, Yukirin always there for cute.

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Re: Konoe's OS: Sick (Mayuki) 10/31/14
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Mayu's idleness to Yuki's hug and a warm liquid that Yuki felt on her chest made the taller girl wonder what was Mayu doing. She pulled herself from Mayu whose eyes were closed, her lips curved into a big smile and what made Yuki nervous was that Mayu's nose was bleeding.

Oh god XD Mayuyu no hentai XD welp it can't be helped when Yukirin is so smexy~  :heart:

Yuki on the other hand didn't seem to notice yet why Mayu was having a nosebleed with such a big smile.

Yukirin look at her before you act XD

“Yuki-chan I hope you didn't forget that you're wearing something very attracting and somewhat seducing right now.”


It finally clicked to Yuki's mind as to why Mayu was knocked out still having a happy yet slightly perverted face with a nosebleed despite her sickness. A very big contrast to how she found Mayu sleeping when she entered the room awhile ago.

Welp.... Yeah~

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Re: Konoe's OS: Sick (Mayuki) 10/31/14
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I hope Mayuyu gets better soon  :cry:
LOL Mayuyu no matter what situation she'll Yukirin's oppai~ :lol:
thanx for this Konoe-san~ :cow: :bow:
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Re: Konoe's OS: Sick (Mayuki) 10/31/14
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Oh gosh! Yuki almost killed Mayu! But then it's such a blessed way to be knocked out!  :inlove:
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Re: Konoe's OS: Sick (Mayuki) 10/31/14
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Hoped Mayu will get well soon

Hahaha...pervert Mayu

And lol Yuki forgot that she is wear the dangerous dress

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Re: Konoe's OS: Sick (Mayuki) 10/31/14
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Poor mayu but get well soon.

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Re: Konoe's OS: Losing Isn't So Bad (Mayuki) 04/13/15
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Hey readers! A Mayuki OS after a long time. lol. XD

This has been resting on my phone for months already and when I read it again this morning I realized that it only needs a little more sentences to complete. :lol: It has been sleeping so long with only a few additions. :nervous

And the first page of AKB48 Fanfics is full of Atsumina and Wmatsui! Where are the Mayuki writers?!(Myself not included) :dizzy:

The forum needs more love from Mayuki so here ya go! :deco:

Losing Isn’t So Bad

The breeze was cold and smells fresh. The sun is covered by the clouds just perfectly. It's not too bright but definitely not too dark. It's not too hot but not too cold. Just rightly cold. That's the favorite weather of the school's infamous otaku, Watanabe Mayu. Having nothing to do, Mayu decided to stay at the rooftop after eating her lunch. Knowing that she will be left alone there in peace and the noise pollution from students is far, Mayu would never ask for more. The weather is in her liking too so it's a big plus for her today.

“Such a beauti-” Mayu was cut shortly by the violent opening of the rooftop's door followed by a loud panting. Mayu sighed heavily upon seeing the face of the person that disturbed her peaceful afternoon. Surely Mayu will have another troublesome conversation with the newcomer.

“Watanabe Mayu!” The raven haired girl shouted after taking enough deep breaths.

“What? Are you going to challenge me again?” Mayu asked with an obvious tired voice.

“Of course! I have no other reason to talk to you but that!” The newcomer said angrily as she walked closer to the otaku.

“Don't you get tired of losing? I've won 148 times already and you never won, not even once.”

“I will not stop until I win! I will take my number 1 spot back from you even in quizzes that's why in tomorrow's Math quiz I challenge you to score higher than me Watanabe Mayu!” The girl strongly pointed at Mayu's direction with her eyes fired up for the next test.

The newcomer is Kashiwagi Yuki. Mayu's classmate and was the former Overall Top 1 of their year. Ever since Mayu attended their school Yuki was always second place next to Mayu. It irritated Yuki to no end and she studied even more only to be reward as Top 2. Yuki is a hard worker and studies all night to be Top 1. Her anger on Mayu got bad when she found out that Mayu only crams an hour before the exam and does not study every day. Surely a hard worker and top 1 achiever like Yuki would get pissed off with a half-hearted performance but still gets the top 1 like Mayu. It's just unfair!

“Good grief. Fine. I accept it BUT!”


“Let's wage something this time because doing this for almost a year just comparing scores is getting boring.”

“Bring it on! I'm not afraid to lose!” Mayu smirked triumphantly that the raven girl agreed. ‘I should have done this a long time ago. Maa, I was satisfied with her reactions back then but now I need more from her and it's time to move forward.’

The smirking otaku stepped closer to the raven girl just enough for her to make the other get uncomfortable with the closure. “If I win, let's go on a date this Sunday.”


“Date? This is a date? I'm nothing but her baggage holder!” Yuki complained to herself as she watches the emotionless girl look for another merchandise to purchase from the outside of the store. As you readers can uh.. read, our dear Yuki-chan lost against Mayu once again so she had no choice but to go on a date with Mayu because that’s what they had agreed.

Two hours had passed since their date started and the store in front of Yuki has been the 20th one they went to and Yuki's hands were full with paper bags bought by Mayu from the different stores they went off to and her legs were awfully exhausted from all the walking and standing they did. At least Mayu was not cold enough to let Yuki stand for too long. Mayu decided to let Yuki rest at the bench outside.

Today happens to be a big sale to all the stores in Akihabara although Yuki doubted that this is a coincidence. For sure the cunning otaku already calculated all of this and used her to help in carrying the ridiculous amount of games, books, and figurines that the otaku planned to buy.

“I should have expected this by an otaku..” Yuki sighed inwardly and looked sadly at her dress. “She didn't even compliment my hair or dress.. My dress that doesn't suit here in Akihabara.”

Even if her date is the infamous otaku in their school, it is still a date. Yuki wanted to be pretty. Just like any other girl going on a date, Yuki had a very hard time deciding what to wear and took more than an hour to decide. She even tried to make her hair wavy than the usual straight and it took longer time than choosing the mint green dress with long sleeves. To her dismay her effort was ignored by her ‘date’, who just wore some anime t-shirt with a thick jacket, jeans and pink sneakers, and took her somewhere unromantic or a date-like setting. Well it's not like they are truthfully dating and that fact somehow irritated Yuki.

“Hey, you alright?” Mayu was standing right in front her without notice bringing another paper bag for Yuki to bring.

“Uh.. Yeah.” Yuki answered without much energy.

“You're quite weak for getting tired already from shopping.” Mayu commented that earned a glare from the taller raven. “Let's rest first before going somewhere else.” Mayu continued.

“Eh? Let's just go home now.” Yuki whined. She was too exhausted to walk and she badly wants to go home.

“Nope. The train is still very crowded at this time.” Mayu said but there was still hesitance in Yuki's eyes. “Trust me. I swear you'll get more tired if you go now. You don't want to get squeeze in between older men right?”


“Come on.”

“Fine.” Having no more energy to talk Mayu out of going home Yuki decided to just rest for now. She then stood up from her seat and followed Mayu to wherever they would go.

The longer they walk the lesser the crowd and it made Yuki wonder why since the whole Akihabara is on sale. In a short while Mayu suddenly went inside a building. The surrounding was too quiet making the inattentive Yuki, who was trailing behind Mayu, miss the suspicious sign board of the building.

“A hotel?” Yuki asked as they went in but was ignored by Mayu.

“Good afternoon, a room for two?” The receptionist asked.

“Yes please.” Mayu said and talked to receptionist for what kind of room size they’ll take. Yuki was busy observing the peculiar interior design of the building and didn’t heed any attention to the conversation between the receptionist and Mayu.

The receptionist registered Mayu's name and gave her a key. “Here's your key Miss. Have a splendid moment with your girlfriend.” The receptionist said with a big smile.

“Wait, I'm no-!” Mayu immediately covered Yuki's mouth and said to the receptionist, “Thank you and sorry about her. She's still shy about our relationship.”

“!?” Yuki instantly blushed heavily after hearing that from Mayu.

“That's alright. We understand and do not discriminate.” The receptionist replied back and looked at Yuki. “Please be confident with the decision you made. Your partner is suffering too.”


“You guys are wonderful. I'm glad I chose to stay here.” Mayu said and removed her hand from covering Yuki's mouth as the girl stopped resisting.

“Thank you very much and have fun.” The receptionist said finally but earned a confuse look from Yuki. ‘This is a resting place. Why would she say have fun?’ Yuki thought. And the ‘couple’ made their way to their room. Yuki, on the other hand, never stopped blushing as the conversation kept on circulating on her mind particularly Mayu's words.

‘She didn't deny that I'm her girlfriend even though I'm truthfully not.’ Yuki thought feeling weirdly happy and it was halted as Mayu unlocked their room.

“What the?!” Yuki's eyes widen upon seeing the red heart-shaped bed with rose petals scattered around when they went inside.

“Wow. This is actually their cheapest. The bed is cute~ As expected from a love hotel.” Mayu said admiring the bed after she had placed the things she had been bringing to the table nearest to her.

Yuki instantly dropped the paper bags she was carrying to the floor. “Wa-watanabe Mayu! What do you mean by l-lo-love h-hotel?!”

“Hey! Don't drop my precious goods!” Mayu protectively transferred the paper bags to the table.

“Oh my gosh! The re-receptionist! She must be thinking we're doing ‘it’ right now!”

“What do you expect?” Mayu said sarcastically as if it was not the obvious.

“How can you be so calm about this!?”

“In her mind she definitely thought that we are in that relationship but..” Mayu sat in the bed and continued. “We know the truth and that's more important than a silly opinion from someone we do not know and do not know us.”

“But still. It's embarrassing. She thinks we k-kiss and stuff and yeah.” Yuki said.

“You're just tired. Come and join me here.” Mayu patted the space beside on the bed.

“Eh?! Same bed!? Seriously!?” Yuki's eyes widen once again and it made Mayu chuckle.

“Yes. We're just going to sleep anyway. Nothing naughty.” Yuki didn't move in her place feeling so nervous sharing a bed with Mayu. Getting impatient with Yuki's idleness Mayu reached out and dragged Yuki to the bed with her.

“W-wait! *Omph* Eh!?” Yuki blushed. She was as of the moment had her head on Mayu's chest while being hugged tightly.

“Resist and I'll hug you tighter.” Mayu said.

“.......” Yuki froze her position finding it hard to believe that she was so close to Mayu to the point that she can hear the calm beating of Mayu's heart.

“What a waste.” Mayu said randomly that it confused Yuki.

“What is?” Yuki asked back for being curious.

Mayu took strands of Yuki's hair and said in a gentle voice, “You're prettier than usual today and your outfit doesn't suit for shopping especially in a bustling city like Akihabara. We should have gone to a park or something.”

‘Prettier than usual? Does that mean she finds me pretty in norm?!’ Yuki thought and buried her head on Mayu's chest after uttering ‘Baka’ to her.

“Next time for sure.” Mayu whispered and kissed Yuki's head.


‘N-next time she said and did she just kissed me?!’ Yuki thought blushing crazily to the weird actions of the otaku.

After a while the two dozed off to dreamland together with the same position, Mayu holding Yuki in her arms and Yuki listening to Mayu's heartbeat.


When the two were about to check out from the hotel Yuki hurriedly went outside making Mayu laugh at the embarrassment of her company and paid the bills to the same receptionist. The receptionist added ‘She's a real cutie. Keep her.’ to Mayu before giving the change. Mayu nodded with a big smile and followed Yuki outside the building. The two took their time in going to the train station knowing that the next rush hour is still a long way.

The travel in the train was smooth and was not packed. The two arrived back to their neighborhood safely but upon exiting the train station Yuki stared in awe and shock at the shining car in front of her. Yuki didn't expect such glamorous car waiting for Mayu just outside the train station and there was also a man in a butler suit standing beside it.

“Good evening Mayu-sama.” The man greeted with a polite smile.

“Good evening. Here are my things. Place them carefully at my room, okay?” Mayu handed the paper bags to the man. Mayu elbowed Yuki into doing the same thing too.

“Thank you.” Yuki said in a small voice to the man who in return gave a smile. Yuki gave the paper bags to the man.

“Thanks and I'll be going home by myself so take it easy later.” Mayu told the man.

“I understand Mayu-sama.” The man placed his right palm on his chest and bowed to his master.

“Take care.” Mayu said with a kind smile and the man returned it back. “Take care of yourself too Mayu-sama.” The butler said and went inside the car. The two watched the car disappear in their eyes before Mayu made the next move.

“Now that the bags are out of the way.” Mayu said and grabbed the hand of her date which totally caught Yuki off guard. “W-why are you holding my hand!?”
Mayu frown in confusion to Yuki and bluntly said, “We're on a date, remember? Holding hands is normal on a date.”

“W-well.. I-it's not a rule. You don't n-need to do it.” The flustered Yuki embarrassedly said. The taller girl avoided Mayu's gaze and glanced shortly shyly at their holding hands before looking away from the person that made her heart beat so hard. But nothing can get pass through the otaku's eyes as she saw the flushing of Yuki's face when she glanced at their holding hands. Mayu smiled at Yuki's cuteness and continued to gently drag the taller girl towards their next destination.

“Here we are!” Mayu announced while her date's eyes widen once again with the sight of the poster plastered outside the building. “I noticed that you like photography so I got us tickets in this exhibit. Have you been here?” Mayu asked the wide-eyed Yuki.

“No, I haven't! And didn't this just started yesterday!?” Yuki excitedly answered.

Mayu giggled at Yuki's excitement that looked like a kid that flew a kite for the first time. “Yup, let's go in.” Mayu led Yuki inside and Yuki's eyes sparkled brightly with the sight of the remarkable animal and nature photos taken by professional photographers. This time it was Mayu who was being dragged around as Yuki admired the photos closely one by one and yes, they were holding hands the whole time. Yuki was too happy to forget her shyness with her physical contact with Mayu.

Mayu smiled lightly while watching Yuki being too engrossed with the pictures happily. Mayu is not into photography but she felt light and relaxed after looking at the photos that explored the beauty of nature.

It took an hour for Yuki to finish staring at the photos in the exhibit when a normal fan can take just half an hour. Finally the two were out from the exhibit.
“Did you have fun?” Mayu asked and Yuki answered with a big smile. “I did!”

But then Yuki wondered. How did the otaku knew her love for photography? Has Mayu been observing her?

Mayu squeezed Yuki's hand lightly and smiled at her sincerely. “Great, I had fun too.”

By then Yuki realized that they were still holding hands but did nothing anymore to separate them. Although she got awkward and embarrassed again when she saw Mayu's captivating smile.

“I'll walk you home.” Mayu said and Yuki agreed silently. Her shyness was getting into her again and it made her hard to speak against Mayu.

The walked was slower and hands were still intertwined. Mayu sometimes hums songs which are all unrecognizable to Yuki. ‘Probably an anime song.’ Yuki thought. As the time goes by Yuki slowly relaxed at the contact and listens carefully Mayu's humming.

The two finally arrived at Yuki's door and the two had to separate their hands. Yuki felt weirdly sad but didn't let it slip to her lips. There's no way she would tell the otaku to keep holding her hand. That will hurt her pride.

But if the otaku is being pushy about it then it can't be helped. She'll let the otaku to hold her hand a little longer then.

“By the way Yuki, starting now for every time you lose to me from a test you owe me a date.”

“E-eh!? W-why?”

Mayu smiled cheekily and placed a kiss on Yuki's cheek. “Being with you is fun.” Mayu whispered to Yuki's blushing ears. “See you at school. I'm looking forward on beating you again. Bye Yuki.” Mayu said before leaving Yuki's gate.

“Looking forward on beating you again.” Those words that would piss Yuki off were surprisingly not making her feel angry. Instead she felt her heart racing so bad.

‘Come on Yuki. It's not like she was trying to say that she can't wait for the next date. It's Watanabe Mayu we're talking about here! And why is your heart beating so fast in the first place!’ Yuki thought with a deep blush.

“The date didn’t start good for me but…” Those moments that Yuki felt her chest being weird flashed in her head. Seeing Mayu smiling at her, being held by her to sleep, holding her warm hands in the windy weather, getting a free ticket on an exhibit that would pertain to her interest that she never knew that Mayu knows, and getting kissed on the cheek.

“T-those weren't so bad. I guess it isn't so bad to lose again.” Yuki said to herself shyly. “Aaaahh!!! Mou!!!!What is this feeling!!!!???”

The End

AN: I'm still busy at school so don't expect an update sooner from me. Bye.  :cool1:

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Re: Konoe's OS: Losing Isn't So Bad (Mayuki) 04/13/15
« Reply #77 on: April 14, 2015, 02:43:22 AM »
Ahhh you are really an oasis in a deadly desert !!!
Ive been long to Mayuki fic for quite awhile !!!
Thx for your consideration T////T

BTW, I like how Mayu know what Yuki likes and notice her unusual beauty !!!! Yuki is so cute in this story too !!!
If its possible please write another OS in this same universe please !!
I just love reading Mayu teasing Yuki >////<

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Re: Konoe's OS: Losing Isn't So Bad (Mayuki) 04/13/15
« Reply #78 on: April 14, 2015, 05:31:14 PM »

Mayuki is so cute!!!!

Aww Mayu knows about that Yuki like photography

Pls write more Mayuki

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Re: Konoe's OS: I'll Do My Best (Mayuki) 05/02/15
« Reply #79 on: May 01, 2015, 06:29:01 PM »
@pattinium: Haha. :D Thanks for reading. And for the second part, I'll think about that but I won't make promises. :shakeit:

@Kirozoro: Heh. MaYuki is my Kami-OTP.  :cool1:

I'll drop another short MaYuki OS before disappearing again. Enjoy! :hip smile:

I'll Do My Best (MaYuki)

A twin-tailed girl wearing her school gym clothes walked confidently along the hallway. Her eyes were fired up. Much more fired up than the people around. Today is the first day of the Annual Sports Festival where passionate feelings from last year's cheers and frustrations are revived ready to defend the title or avenge themselves.

“This time. This time for sure!” The twin-tailed girl named Watanabe Mayu said to herself and clenched her fist tightly. “I'll get the first place and kiss Yuki!” Mayu said feeling more fueled to the Sports Festival.

Actually, our protagonist here has a girlfriend named Kashiwagi Yuki, a classmate. She is the cutest, loveliest, sweetest girl Mayu has ever seen and thus, Mayu fell for her fast. It was the same with other students. A lot of people instantly fell in love with Yuki and became the school’s idol. Until now Mayu finds it hard to believe to be dating the school's idol. Mayu sees herself as an ordinary plain girl. There was nothing she can boast about herself but her favorite anime characters. Her grades are average, her looks is average (in her opinion), and she has poor motor skills. Definitely the type of person who wouldn't stand out yet the famous Kashiwagi Yuki said yes to her confession.

Until now Mayu wonders why.

But that is not the focus of this story!

The two has been dating already for 3 months yet they haven't kissed. Heck, they haven't even held hands! Because of this Mayu is in a dilemma. She had many chances to hold or even kiss Yuki but she let it slip by. Blame her shyness to it.

She also felt that she doesn't deserve to kiss Yuki because of her plainness. She’s dating someone who seemed to be far from her grasp and could have dated someone much better than her. But Mayu had enough of thinking negatively. She wanted to kiss Yuki badly so she made a bet to herself. If she wins the first place in the 100m dash in the school festival she will man up and get Yuki's kiss.

Mayu prepared herself for the competition for weeks. She is not a fast runner and rather a slow runner but for Yuki she will try her best to test her limits and make her girlfriend proud of her. Her odds of winning are very low but she will change that. She will win it. That's how determined Mayu is to deserve a kiss from Yuki and the day has come for her to show what she has been training hard.

The hour finally came for the 100m dash. Mayu did some stretching before the announcer introduces the match. Her rivals for this event are top notched. Last year's champion Oshima Yuko is still around and so was the second placer Yamamoto Sayaka. It will be very tough to win the match.

Mayu, who starting to get discouraged, searched for her girlfriend in the crowd and found her looking back at her. “Mayuyu good luck!” Yuki shouted and Mayu's determination to win came back. She'll show to the previous winners that she can beat them for Yuki.

“Alright! On your marks!” The announcer started and all the runners positioned themselves.

“Ready! Set!”

“Go!!!!” The sound of the air gun signaled the runners to start dashing towards the goal. It wasn't even halfway but the runners are already giving their best. It was a tight competition. They were very close to one another.

“The contestants are already halfway to the finish line but no clear winner is sighted! Who will win this year's 100m dash!?” The announcer enthusiastically commented.

The finish line was getting nearer and nearer and the competition got fiercer. Mayu's rivals were speeding up more making her seemingly behind.

‘Run faster Mayu! This is for Yuki and most especially for yourself!’ Mayu encouraged herself and dashed with all her might. Just when she was back on the same pace with the others, an unfortunate thing happened.

The next thing she knew she tripped, fell down and felt a sharp pain in her head. Darkness soon followed along a familiar scream.


“Nnnghh..” Mayu moaned in pain. Her body felt heavy and in pain most especially her head.

“Mayu! Thank goodness you're awake!” A worried voiced said. Mayu opened her eyes finding Yuki's worried expression. She slowly rose up with Yuki’s help.

“I'm last, aren't I?” Mayu weakly asked and her head hurts. Her fall must have been so bad.

Yuki hesitantly nodded not wanting to see Mayu more in pain.

‘I'm such a loser. All that hard work went away with me being clumsy. I guess no kiss for me then.’ Mayu thought bitterly and unconsciously sighed.

Yuki saw the disappointment in Mayu's eyes and felt sorry. “You did your best.” Yuki said.

“Yeah." Mayu fell on a daze and thought of how bad her luck is. ‘Seriously. Is Kami-sama against me?’

Yuki sat on the bed beside Mayu and looked a bit hesitant before calling Mayu's attention back. “Ne Mayuyu?”

Mayu turned her attention back to Yuki. “Yes?”

“The relay is starting in a few minutes.”

“Ah, it's the event you'll be participating.” Mayu remembered. “Good luck Yukirin. I'm sure our team will win because you are there!” Mayu tried her best to encouraged Yuki despite wanting to hiss in pain since her head still hurts from the fall.

“I have a favor to ask Mayuyu.” Yuki's cheeks started to become rosy. “If we win, can I get a kiss from you?”

Mayu figuratively choked her own saliva. ‘What!? Did I heard that right?’ Mayu looked at Yuki with surprise but her girlfriend tilted her head and asked again cutely. “What do you think?”

‘She proposed it with ease while here I am struggling for weeks to tell her I want to kiss her.’ Mayu thought. “But Yukirin you will certainly win.”

‘Idiot! What are you saying!? Yukirin is giving me a chance yet I'm being like this!!’

“A reward like a kiss is--!!!” Mayu was silenced by a pair of lips lingering to hers. ‘Eeeeehhh!!! Yukirin is!!!!’

The kiss was short and simple. A smack.

When Yuki pulled away with a flustered face Mayu immediately reacted. “E-Eh? I thought it was supposed to be a reward?”

Yuki smiled shyly. “With this I will definitely win.”

‘She's an angel! Seriously.’ Mayu thought as she stare at Yuki's beautiful smile.

Yuki stood up from the bed and stretched her arms. “If you're feeling better please come and watch me.”

“Of course!” All of a sudden Mayu's headache was gone like a wind. ‘She's my medicine!’ Mayu thought with her realization.

Yuki giggled at Mayu's energetic response. “It's my time to do my best. I'll be doing some warm ups first so, later Mayuyu.”

“Later Yukirin.” The two waved each other a little goodbye.

Mayu fell back to the bed reminiscing the incredible taste of Yuki's lips.

“I'm glad I tripped today!”

The End

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