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Author Topic: anakpanti's OS Collection - Last fic: Regret (SaeYuki - COMPLETED)  (Read 149287 times)

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List of my fanfics:


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Hi all...  XD
Like other authors, I think I will make this thread to post my fics..
More efficient in this way.
Thanks you for reading.
Thanks for your support. :D


#1 Spotlight - WMatsui

Jurina POV

I missed the day…

The day when I was the only one who debuted outside my original group…

The day when I was the only one who became the center..long before my original group started their debut..

The day when I was the youngest member in whole 48 family

The day when I was the only one who became SKE’s center..

The day when I was the absolute center for SKE.

The day when I was the only one who stood under the spotlight.


I’m a stubborn child.. yes, I am.
I’m greedy and I hate lose to someone. I always preparing myself to become the number one and the only one.

But, I didn’t even realize… since when Matsui Rena always standing beside me… share my center position with her.

Why this’s even happening? I never thought before that she’ll become my biggest rival. Never-ever.

Everything started when she took one of main roles in Majisuka Gakuen 1..
Gekikara…. a fiction character that made her sped away, boost her popularity..

That……. the senbatsu sousenkyo…. 2010.
She’s only 1 number behind me.
But climbed up from 29th to 11th?! Such a great number!
Even my ‘19th to 10th’ didn’t worth to be compared with her ‘rocket-ranking’.
She’s too awesome

And…. everything that I was afraid of happened in that whole year, finally comes.
I’ll never forget the senbatsu sousenkyo…. 2011. My nightmare.
Rena took my 10th position. And I? Dropped to 14th.
Since that day, I never really spoke to Rena-chan anymore.
It’s been 2 years.

Of course the citizen didn’t realize it, in front of our fans and the camera… we’re perfectly fine. WMatsui, huh?
But when it comes to the backstage, we’re automatically split up… like the water and the oil.
We have our own world and our own friends.
We never really looked into each other eyes, except during the song and photoshoot.

I was really thankful that in Majisuka Gakuen 2… I wasn’t paired with her.. If that’s happened, I’m not sure that we’ll be okay.

It’s not because I hate her or something… maybe that’s called as jealous.


Rena POV

I missed the day…

The day when I saw Jurina for the first time.. an elementary school student..

The day when I saw Jurina sang and dance for the first time… At that day, I had thought that Jurina will become a big star.. I adore her..
Well, I think that I’m her first fan… but she didn’t know about that.

The day when I heard Jurina called me ‘Rena-chan’ for the fist time… she was really cute, I couldn’t take off my eyes from her..

The day when I always dancing behind her….
I wasn’t really felt disappointed at my position, 2nd row? 3rd row? It’s okay…
as long as I still could see her dancing….
as long as I could see her back….

The day when she called my name, hugged me, and clinging to me..

The day when….. we laughed together.


As the days passed, everything changes.

I didn’t have any feeling about Gekikara… I didn’t know that a bloody-scary-creepy girl character can make me standing like today..
Standing in the front… with Jurina.

I’m not an (too) ambitious girl…
I’m the type of person who goes with the flow.
If something works, then I’d go with it.
If something doesn’t work, then…oh well.

But… what can I say? The flow brings me here… on the top, with Jurina.

Why when I’m on the top with her, I can’t even reach her?
She seems far away even though she’s always beside me… dancing… singing.. photoshoot… variety shows… MC.

Somehow…. there’s a ‘unseen territorial lines’ that separated us. We can’t touch each other anymore.

If in the past I knew everything will turned like this, maybe I won’t tried so hard to be able to stand beside her…
Actually… it’s good enough for me if I can standing behind her again because I can watching her back more closer again.

Jurina… why?


I shed my tears. “……. Me, Matsui Rena, will graduate from SKE48…….” I bowed to the fans.

I can hear everyone shout my name, but…. this is my decision. I’ve decided to watch Jurina from another side.

======================== **** ======================

Jurina POV

Re..R-rena chaann??? Wh-why??! Why she didn’t tell us before?? 1st generation!! Me…. Why she didn’t tell anything to me?!

I burst into tears. I still can’t believe about Rena’s graduation announcement.

So…th-this is really happening?? She will leave me alone? She’ll leave me alone… in the front.


Rena-chan didn’t have much time left.
Her activity in our group decreased as well… Lately, I rarely saw her.
She may busy with her solo activities.

It’s been 2 months since she announced her graduation.
But… I never had a chance to talk with her…
She’s always surrounded by many people..


I’m here… alone… in our empty teater.

The stage…. it’s kinda nostalgic for me.
There’s a day when we’re practiced alone… Just me and Rena-chan.
At that time, there was no one who knows us… not yet.

Young Jurina and young Rena tied their little fingers. The pinky swear.
"Let’s grow up together!
Let’s touch our dream together!
Let’s stand in the front together!
Let’s reach the star… together!”

I gasped.

I… I forgot about our promise….
I’m too selfish, arrogant, stubborn, and blinded by the glamorous spotlight.
Rena-chan reach all of these because of our promise!
She wanna stands with me, together…

Next week…. next week. It’s only a week left.

I get up and then I run away from our teater.
I run as fast as I can….. to Rena’s house…
I don’t care about my identity as Matsui Jurina

I’ll say sorry to her.
I’ll tell her everything.. about my feelings for her.

I arrive at her house… I take a deep breath… I press the bell.

The door opened. She looks surprised, but I can see her happiness in her eyes. “Ju-Jurina… welcome back…. to me.” She shed her tears.

Sh-she is my light… "Rena… I-"

Rena kissed my lips.

This is the time when the words are not necessary at all.

===================== THE END ======================

Hi… sorry for this short fanfic.. I’m doing this only because of my free time.

Sorry if my story is messy or something. :P

I’m just miss myself writing WMatsui fanfic.  :nervous

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Re: [anakpanti OS/SS] Spotlight - WMatsui #1
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This is good! :)
I really like your story :D

Rena graduating :cry: Noo~
I'm glad that in the end Jurina coming to Rena, and Rena just kiss her, that's sweet! :wub: XD

Eh, but, somehow, this OS reminds me of the reality now..
WMatsui is rarely seen together again, moreover they are in different team now..
Oh, I miss seeing them together XD

Thanks for making this! :)

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Re: [anakpanti OS/SS] Spotlight - WMatsui #1
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this is sad yet beautiful OS  :cry:

but kissing scene at the end was epic...  :twothumbs

sweet..  :wub:

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Re: [anakpanti OS/SS] Spotlight - WMatsui #1
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 :bath: I feel better after a hard day.

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Re: [anakpanti OS/SS] Spotlight - WMatsui #1
« Reply #4 on: November 06, 2013, 07:18:44 PM »
wow nice fanfic n great story.... :twothumbs :twothumbs
rena gratuation....that's make me sad.....

but in the end rena kiss jurina..... :thumbup :heart: :heart:

arigato anakpanti...

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Re: [anakpanti OS/SS] Spotlight - WMatsui #1
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I demand more wmatsui from YOU !!!!!!!! XD  :wriggly: :wriggly:
I'm sorry. I know. I'm a silent reader.  :barf:

---kind of BUSY---

Hi, Im new here. Nice to meet you :D

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Re: [anakpanti OS/SS] Spotlight - WMatsui #1
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aaaaa i want my Wmatsui again...



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[anakpanti OS/SS] [2 Shots] WMatsui , JuriMayu - Aren't you mine? (PART 1) #2
« Reply #7 on: November 10, 2013, 01:42:52 PM »
#2 Aren't you mine? - JuriMayu


My name is Matsui Jurina.

I came from Nagoya, but 4 years ago…. I moved to Tokyo because of my job.
I’m a photographer at one of the biggest fashion company in Japan.

4 years ago I was really felt lonely… I had to left my parents, my hometown, and my best friend….. Matsui Rena.
Me and Rena-chan already knew each other since high school.

Rena-chan was worked as a young lecturers in Nagoya University, but 3 years ago she moved to Tokyo too because she accepted as a lecturers in Tokyo University of Science. I have to admit that she has a really bright brain.

Since 3 years ago, we lived in a same house….

After a year I lived with her, I felt something different towards her… I fell in love with her. And thank God, she accepted my feeling! I was so happy back then.

But it wasn’t last long……


"Rena-chan, " I knelt in front of her.

Rena seemed confused. “Wh-what is it? Please stand up! I’m embarassed, everyone look at us.”

"We already knew each other for 9 years.
In these 9 years, we already dated for 2 years. I think it’s more than enough for me to convince my heart that you’re the only one for me.”

I took a ring from my pocket. “Please be mine. I wanna be with you until God take my life, only the death that can separate us in this world.”

She gasped. “B-but… we both girls. I…. I can’t. I’m sorry.”

Rena-chan just walked away and left me alone in the restaurant.

Rena-chan didn’t go home for 3 days since my ‘fail confession’. I’m really worried about her.

*On the 4th day*

I heard our bell rang, I ran towards the door. I really hope that it’s Rena-chan.

I opened the door quickly.

Yes…. It was Rena-chan, but she was not alone. She came with a man, they were holding hands.

"Hi, Jurina-san." He bowed at me and I bowed back. He’s Yamada… as far as I know, he’s a lecturer in Tokyo University too. I knew him because he often drove Rena-chan home.

Rena-chan walked in, she passed me without said anything.

"Jurina-san… please take care of my Rena." He smiled at me. "See you later. Good night." He walked away from our house.

M-my… My Rena?


1 year has passed, I’m really glad that even though me and Rena-chan aren’t ‘together’ anymore.. well, at least we still living in a same house and we’re still friends.

At first, it was really hard for me to accepted the reality about Rena-chan wasn’t mine anymore. I can’t even understand why Rena accepted my feeling if she didn’t wanna make a serious commitment with me.

But after some months… I can accepted it. I realized that Rena’s happiness is more important than my happiness. If Yamada can give her more happiness than I had ever gave to her, then….. it’s okay.


"Rena-chan!!" I carried 2 big suitcases.

"Ne Juritan?" She came out from her room. She looked surprised. "Where are you going?"

"I will go to Italy for 2 weeks. I have some photo sessions there." I grinned at her.

Her eyes wide opened. “Italy?!! Sugoi!!”

"Yeah…" I scratched my head. "Ummm… take care." I turned away and walked to the door

Honestly… I don’t have anything to say again. Even though we’re still friends, but awkward situation still existing between us. I opened the door.


I turned back. I saw Rena go to her room and then she come out again. She held a scarf.

She walks closer towards me. “I’m sure that you didn’t have any scarf.” She wrapped it on my neck. “It’s winter there.”

I don’t know whether my cheeks blushed or not, I just say.. “Thank you.”

I turned away and then I walked outside. The taxi driver was waiting for me. The driver helped me to lift my suitcases to the luggage.

I got in to the taxi. I saw Rena-chan stood in front of our house, she waved her hand. Take care, Rena-chan.

======================= ITALY ======================

"Ohayou gozaimasu minna!!" A staff greeted us. "How was your night? Is the hotel fine enough for you, Matsui-san?"

"I have no problem with the hotel, thank your for your help." I bowed at him. "Where’s my model?"

"She’s in the make-up room, you can go ahead to the studio, Matsui-san."

I nodded and I followed a staff who showed me where the studio was.

I prepared my camera and other stuff that needed. I gave some instruction to the staff about the brightness of the light.

"Matsui-san. Your model is here."

I turned back. I was a little surprised. She’s beautiful.

"Nice to meet you Matsui-san. I’m Watanabe Mayu, please take care of me." She bowed at me.

"Nice to meet you too, Watanabe-san." I shook her hand. "Then… let’s start."


Rena is right, it’s winter here. I sat on the couch and I saw the snow fell beautifully outside the window. I slurped my coffee.

A message came, I read it.

From : Rena-chan

How’s your first day? ^‿^

I was so happy. I didn’t expect before that Rena will asked about my day.

To : Rena-chan

Everything works well.
And… you’re right, it’s winter here.
Thank you for the scarf.


I waited for her reply but…. nothing. So, I just put my phone on the table and I went to sleep.


"Watanabe-san, look at the camera." *click*

"Okay, great.. now, show me your smile." *click*

"Okay….. show me a smirk." *click* "Nice! You have 5 minutes break, Watanabe-san."

I sat on a chair and then I looked at my camera… sliding the pictures one by one. Wow… in each photo, she looks so gorgeous.

I copied the pictures into my laptop. I re-checked the pictures. Looks good.

"Guys, please rearrange the studio.. we move to the next theme!
Please decrease the light brightness and change the background with the black one.
Watanabe-san, you can change your dress now. Tell the make-up team to thicken your eyeliner, I think ‘smokey eye’ will be good.”

She nodded and then she went into the changing room.

"5 minutes again… please be ready."

"Hai, Matsui-san!!" The staff answered me.

While the staff prepared the studio, I kept checking my camera and took some samples. “Okay, that’s enough. Please call Watanabe-san.”

One of the staff entered the changing room to call my model. But… “Matsui-san… she’s calling you.”

"What happen?"

The staff just shrugged. So, I decided to entered the changing room. “What’s wrong?” She wrapped her body with a cloth.

"I…. I’m embarrassed. This is the sexiest costume that I’ve ever used." She took off a cloth that covered her body and showed me her dress.

I was confused. She’s right that the dress looks so sexy, a black-red lingerie.
But actually…. it’s not a big deal for me because last year… I’ve even took some photos of the nude models for a magazine.
They only covered the model’s body with some colorful paint, I don’t get it but they called it as artistic.

She blushed. “W-well… it’s okay. I will keep doing the photo shoot. I’m sorry for my unprofessional attitude.”

She was about to open the door but I held her arm. “Wait a minute, okay?” I smiled at her because I didn’t want her to felt guilty. I went out from the changing room and I closed the door.

*5 minutes later*

I knocked the door. “Watanabe-san, you can come out now. Don’t worry.”

She opened the door. She seemed surprised. “Where are the others??”

I grinned at her. “This is our last photo session, so.. I asked them to go back to the hotel and take some rest.” I giggled. “No need to worry again, okay? It’s just us right now.” I offered my hand to help her walking.

She held my hand and walked slowly. “Thank you.”

"Okay, now…. show me your best shot." I lifted my camera.

Watanabe started to pose in front of me. *click*

"Show me your sexy smile." *click*

"Please put one of your hand to your head." *click* "Nice! Now, please sit on the couch and show me your pose." I pointed a couch behind her.

Watanabe did as I said. *click*

"Do you live here?" I decided to do some chit-chat with her while taking the pictures.

"No, I lived in Tokyo.. just like you. "

"But… I never saw you before. Are you a newbie?"

Somehow… she was offended. “Are ‘my pose’ looks like a newbie for you?!”

I chuckled. “No, please don’t angry at me. I’m just asking because I never saw you.”

"Well… after we go back to Japan, we can see each other more often then." She smiled at me.

I shrugged. “I don’t mind as long as it’s your treat.” I grinned.

She laughed. *click* *click* *click* I kept taking her pictures until she stop laughing.

"Hey! You took too many pictures."

"It’s my job to take any amazing pictures." *click* "And you’re amazing." *click*

I checked the pictures in my camera. “We’re done. I have no problem with your pictures. You’re a wonderful model.”

She rolled her eyes. “You flattering me too much. You’re a talented photographer… it’s the first time I feel so comfortable while I’m doing a photo shoot.”

"Thank you, ojou-sama." I bowed at her.

She chuckled.

I never think that Watanabe is a playful girl. I mean… she looks so elegan and her appearance is like an ojou-sama.

=================== BACK TO JAPAN ==================

I pressed the bell. Urgh.. I’m really tired. I think I had jet lag.

Rena-chan opened the door. She looked surprised. “Hi, Juritan.” She hugged me. “I thought you will come back at Sunday.” She helped me to bring my bag inside our house.

It’s nice to see her again. I kinda missed her.

"Well… it was lucky for me, I got an expert model. I didn’t need too much time to guide her. Oh, she’s outs-"

"Hi, Jurina-san… nice to meet you again."

Ya-yamada?! Even though I was so angry, sad, and jealous.. I kept trying to smile. “Nice to meet you too, Yamada-san. Are you planned to stay overnight?”

He shook his head. “No.. No. You’re back, so… I think I’ll just go home. I already accompanied her while you’re in Italy.” He smiled.

Wait a minute…. he stayed here for 10 days???!!

Rena smiled. “Yeahh… I was afraid to stay here alone. I’m glad that Yamada-kun accompanied me here.”

There’re too many feelings that mixed in my heart. “Ohh… yup. You’re so kind Yamada-san, thanks for taking care of her while I was in Italy.” I smiled. “So, why don’t you stay here for one more night?”

Rena looked surprised. “Jurina?”

I grinned. “I have a friend too. She’ll stay overnight, It’s too late for her to go home.” I pointed at the door. “She’s my model.”

Watanabe walked in. “Hi. I’m Watanabe Mayu, sorry for bothering you. I’ll go home as soon as possible tomorrow. I promise.” She smiled.

Yamada greeted her. “Hi Watanabe-san, nice to meet you.” They shook hands. “But I’m so sorry, I need to go home.” He pecked Rena’s forehead. “See you tomorrow. Bye guys.” He walked out.

I looked at Watanabe. “Watanabe-san, she’s my older sister… Matsui Rena.” I pointed at Rena.

Rena seemed shocked, but…. I don’t care.

Watanabe bowed. “Nice to meet you, Matsui Rena-san.”

Rena smiled.

=================== 4 Months Later ===================

Thanks to Mayuyu (Watanabe told me to called her like that), she makes my days more brighter than before.

In these 4 months, she often became my model. Maybe… my company already realized that ‘the chemistry’ between the photographer and the model could affected the result too.

Umm… it wasn’t only because of our ‘chemistry’, Mayuyu is an amazing model. Honestly, she still looked gorgeous even if she worked with other photographers.

Thankfully, Mayu keep making me as her top priority. She said that I’m still the only one who can make her feel comfortable while doing a photo shoot. I’m glad to hear that.


The more closer I’m with Mayuyu, the more often I see Yamada-san hanging around in our house too.

I guess… Rena-chan and Yamada-san already planned a commitment that I won’t ever can give it to Rena…. the wedding.

One day, I asked Mayuyu to come to our house too. Somehow…. Slowly, I feel Mayuyu can cure my wound that Rena gave to me.

"Mayuyu…" I can’t looked at her because I was driving my car.


"Wanna come to my house?"

She seemed surprised, but she nodded. “I want to.” She smiled.

Am I starting to falling in love again? But… I’m afraid that I will hurt again. I still can’t forget how painful that I felt when Rena left me.

"Ohayou." Mayuyu greeted Rena and Yamada who sat on the couch.

I only smiled at them and then I held Mayuyu’s hand. “Let’s go upstairs.”

I could see Rena kept staring us while me and Mayuyu went in to my room. I closed the door.

I sat on my bed. Why do I still feel hurt when I see them together?

Mayuyu stood in front of me “Is there something bad happened between you and your sister?” She held my face.

"No, nothing happened." I held Mayu’s hand on my face.

"You aren’t a good liar, Jurina." She ruffled my hair with another hand.

I pulled Mayu closer, I hugged her waist. I buried my face on her stomach. I can smell her sweet scent. “I’m afraid.”

Mayu put her hands around my neck. “What are you afraid of?”

"I’m afraid of losing you, I’ve been too comfortable to be around you." I let go of her waist. I lay on my bed.

Mayuyu followed me, she lay on my bed too. She hugged me. “I won’t go anywhere, Jurina. I will never leave you. Just like you said, we feel comfortable when we are together.”

I didn’t know how it was started, but… we were cuddling on my bed. I wrapped my legs around hers, we were holding hands, and we shared our kiss too.

Mayuyu fell asleep in my arms. I chuckled. I kissed her forehead. “Thank you.

My bad habit, I forgot to lock my room. Rena opened the door, she shocked.

Ssshhh." I put my index finger onto my lips. "I don’t want to wake her." I made my voice as soft as I can.

I swear that I saw Rena’s jealous expression before she closed my door again. I already knew her for years, that was definitely the jealousy.

==================== NEXT DAY =====================

"I didn’t get it, Rena. Why are you so angry at Mayu? She didn’t do something bad to you. She even rarely talked to you. She’s totally nice towards you."

We argued in our living room.

"I’m angry because of what you guys did yesterday!!"

I rolled my eyes. “About HUGGED her in my room? It was just a hug! You’re the one who entered my room without knocked the door. It wasn’t my fault.”

"You had changed, Jurina. You never yelled at me before. Lately, we never talked to each other anymore… we’re live in a same house but we even never greet at each other! Aren’t you my best friend?"

"You… you are the one who changes me, Rena! Don’t blame Mayu.
Of course we never talked to each other… you’re too busy with your boyfriend!!” I shed my tears, I can’t endure it anymore.

I pointed her face, “You!! You aren’t my best friend!! You’ve played with my heart!!
2 years, Rena… 2 years!! You made me believe that you’re really love me.
When you dumped me, you even didn’t turned back to help me stand up again. You left me alone for days, here!! Where are you when I was broken heart?!

And the day when you came back, you held his hand right in front of my eyes!!!
Until yesterday, you kept showing your lovey-dovey in front of my eyes!
For a year, I felt the pain in whole year… but you’re angry at me just because of I hugged Mayu in some hours?!
I even didn’t know what you guys did when I was in Italy!!
Don’t you even have a heart, Rena?!!”

"Jurina……." Rena tried to hug me, but I stepped back.

"You aren’t worthy to become my friend." I looked away. "You’d better leave this house as soon as possible. I don’t wanna see your face again."

I walked to the door, when I was about to open it….

"Yesterday…. Yamada-kun asked me to marry him….." Rena cried.

"As if I care about your wedding." My chest felt burned. I held the knob and open the door.

"I refused him!!!" Rena sobbed.

================= TO BE CONTINUED ==================

Okay… Jurina x Mayu or Jurina x Rena….
kyaaa!!! I’m confused. :P

Read the Part 2 here --> Part 2

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Kyaaaaaa..... I LOVE ALL OF YOUR FIC !!!

I think Rena refused Jurina because they both girls...

Rena still afraid of what society thinks about 2 girls being together.

I think that's why she went and got herself a boyfriend, but when Jurina become closer to Mayuyu, she must have realized that she love Jurina, but still afraid of being together with Jurina, that's why she asked that Yamada guy to hanging around in the house a lot.

But, when she saw Jurina and Mayuyu hugged each other, she finally realized she has to do something or she'll lose Jurina forever... chapter, please... :bow:

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    • kibouteki48
Rena rejected Jurina's proposal and is now dating a guy! :OMG:

Poor Jurina :cry:

Okay… Jurina x Mayu or Jurina x Rena….
kyaaa!!! I’m confused. :P

You are still hesitating? Whichever pairing will make Jurina truly happy the most. But I'm sure this will end with Wmatsui. Just look at Rena. Jealousy has started to take over her, overreacting on seeing JuriMayu cuddling in bed. 

As for me, I will enjoy JuriMayu as much as I can. XD

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  • WMatsui, Atsumina, Mayuki couple forever!!
Your story is so beautiful  :jphip:

I cant hold back my tears while reading this beautiful story  :panic:  :(

Please update soon :bow: :bow:

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  • 松井玲奈 looooooooooooooove~
wmatsui forever

mayu is yuki's forever

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I always failed in write OS.
At first, I planned to make this as OS, and then... in the middle of the story, I became too emotional and make it more longer and longer.  :lol:


Reply for Spotlight:

@White Hawk : About Rena and Jurina... yeahh... lately,  I rarely see them together.  My WMatsui feeling.... :cry:

@edogawa4869 :
this is sad yet beautiful OS  :cry:
I don't now why but.... I like to write an emotional fanfic.  :lol:

@Zita : I'm glad that my story can made you felt better.  :D

@sopiyah : Rena graduation... I always have a bad feeling about it, that's why I put it in my fanfic.

@leipyon and @Archer1992 : I'm just posting it. I love WMatsui too.


@olive29 : Olive-san, you summarizing my fanfic.  XD
You wrote all the contents of my head.  :lol:
That's all true.

@konoe : Yup, I'm still hesitate. But, I will choose it wisely.  :P
Silly reason: In my fanfic 'Wanted!' I already made Mayu suffered too much, how can I let myself make her suffer in this fanfic too?  :lol:

@Kirozoro : I got teary too..  :cry:

@msst28 : I'll choose it wisely between them. I want Jurina happy.  :)

@gek geki :
wmatsui forever
mayu is yuki's forever
It's the first time I wrote JuriMayu pairing.

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even thought it was your first time making jurmayu piring doesn't mean they end up togrther in the end right?







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Silly reason: In my fanfic 'Wanted!' I already made Mayu suffered too much, how can I let myself make her suffer in this fanfic too?  :lol:

Well if this really ends with Wmatsui then add Yuki if are still guilty of the pain you caused Mayu in "Wanted". Just a brief scene is fine. :P

I always ended up agreeing with what gek geki says. Always nodding at my seat while reading his/her(?) comments. XD

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  • All I wanna hear her say is, "Are you mine?"
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Here comes the major drama bomb. *shakes my head*

Anakpanti, we meet again! :D

This is a very well done fanfic. I was very amazed by Jurina's anger, I never saw such power and fire in her dialogue. Nicely done! :)

When will you update this? I'm so eager to read it again~ ^^

And I'm sorry if I can't send you the *cough* smut chapter for your other fanfic via email. I'm currently in Japan now, and will be facing lots of work in school when I get back to Jakarta. I'll try to write it on my free time. Gomen ne~ :'(

Again, a very good fanfic. Update it fast if you can~! :)

I'm just a guy who likes writing fanfictions, makes music and has a healthy obsession for melonpan | Matsui Rena is my Oshimen! ^^


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Here comes the major drama bomb. *shakes my head*

Anakpanti, we meet again! :D

This is a very well done fanfic. I was very amazed by Jurina's anger, I never saw such power and fire in her dialogue. Nicely done! :)

When will you update this? I'm so eager to read it again~ ^^

And I'm sorry if I can't send you the *cough* smut chapter for your other fanfic via email. I'm currently in Japan now, and will be facing lots of work in school when I get back to Jakarta. I'll try to write it on my free time. Gomen ne~ :'(

Again, a very good fanfic. Update it fast if you can~! :)

Hi. Arya. You're here!!  XD

Don't worry, I'll keep waiting for your email.  XD

Y-you're in Japan?! Titip salam buat WMatsui yaaaa...!  :lol:

I will update it tomorrow. Thanks for reading.  :D

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 :imdead: My heart is bleeding.

Why Rena refused Jurina?

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i'm not against jurimayu

but mayuki these day really hurt me a lot especially seigus-san abyss of memory...the most desperated mayuki fic for me,make me even scared to comment

 putri-san If you have not read it I suggest you to read it. soo if you had any complaint about the end of mayuki pair you could just put the blame to seigus-san LOL
psttt don't let seigus-san read this or he will kick me out from this tread LOL...moderator sama was scary~~~ :cathappy: :cathappy: :cathappy:


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