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Author Topic: anakpanti's OS Collection - Last fic: Regret (SaeYuki - COMPLETED)  (Read 149298 times)

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Re: [anakpanti fanfic] [OS] WMatsui- Hi #12
« Reply #180 on: July 17, 2014, 01:22:14 AM »
third, she was Mayuyu’s girlfriend.

 :shock: :frustrated:

But the end is very sweet (*/w\*)

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Re: [anakpanti fanfic] [OS] WMatsui- Hi #12
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They so cute kyaaa~

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Re: [anakpanti fanfic] [OS] SayaJuri - Our Dreams #13
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Hi guys… here we go, a crack pairing. XD
Someone requested this pairing from me and fortunately… I love them both too. :D

I accidentally read Jurina’s magazine interview after the grand shuffle happened. She said that she’s become very competitive toward Sayaka in team K… that’s why I find the idea in writing this fic. :)

The story isn’t about AKB, however, I choose the korean agencies system when all trainees have to be trained before they get their (uncertainty) debut.

Words: 4,4 K


#13 SayaJuri - Our Dreams

Sayaka stood up on the outdoor terrace of her flat. She sighed a lot… over and over again. She looked down at the Japan’s night traffic from her 14th floor flat. Jurina… She let out a sigh again.


Jurina stood up while clenching her fist. “It’s easy for you to say that because you had already got what’s you want!!” She yelled at Sayaka.

Sayaka stepped closer toward Jurina. “Jurina… it’s not what I mean-”

“Don’t come here again!!” Jurina pointed her finger at Sayaka.

Sayaka stopped. “O-okay… okay… I won’t touch you, but please calm down.”

“That’s not what I mean.” Jurina looked away. “I mean… don’t come to see me again… EVER AGAIN!”

Sayaka flinched as she heard those words came out from her beloved girl’s lips. “Is it means… you want to…” She bit her own lips before she said it… said the words that she was afraid the most. “…break up with me?”


Sayaka rubbed her forehead. Damn it, Jurina! Slowly… the tears appeared from her eyes and then it rolled down on her cheeks. She closed her eyes and let her sadness out of her hearts.

=============================== **** ===============================

Jurina sat near the window. She sat on a chair while holding her legs near to her chest and she rested her chin onto her knee. I’m doomed. I will never win against her… and I also… lost her.

*FLASHBACK – 6 years ago*

No one had ever expecting that two ikemen in their high school could become a couple. A cool and charismatic senpai could be defeated by a cute little puppy yet a wild tomboy kohai.

It all started when Jurina sneaked out from a boring history class and went to the rooftop to get her extra time for napping. When she opened the rooftop door, she could hear the melodious voice and the guitar sound came from outside. She stepped out and then she looked around to look for the owner of the beautiful voice. She found the girl who was singing… it was Sayaka.

Sayaka stopped as she heard footsteps came from her back side. She quickly turned her head to see who it was. The moment she saw Jurina stood there… her heart was immediately beating fast. She saw how beautiful Jurina with her black-silky hair that covered some part of the cute face because of the strong wind. “H-hi.” She smiled while her heart was pounding loudly. “Are you sneaking out from your class too?”

Jurina showed her wide grin, revealing her teeth. “Yes! History class becomes so boring lately.”

Sayaka let out a soft giggle because of the younger’s bold answer. “Same here.”

Jurina walked toward Sayaka and then she sat beside her senpai. “Your voice is not a joke, senpai. Wow!”

“Ah, you hear it.” Sayaka looked at her guitar again because she couldn’t control her heartbeat if she kept looking at the younger’s cute smile.

“Please sing more~”

“U-uh?” Sayaka turned her head toward Jurina and then she saw the cute puppy showed the super cute pleading eyes at her. It was the moment when she realized that Jurina won her heart already. “Okay.” She knew that it was happened too fast, so she wanted to hide it until the day she would really sure about her feelings. What song do you like?”

Jurina looked so excited and then she enjoyed Sayaka’s voice after she uttered a title of her favorite song. Beautiful… She closed her eyes while enjoying the wind and the song.

====================== **** ======================

Some months had passed and entire school already knew that the two famous girls became best friends. They often saw the two spent their free time together, like… playing basketball together, having lunch in the cafeteria together, joking around, or walking home together.

“Oi, Sayaka-chan.” Jurina patted Sayaka’s shoulder gently.

Sayaka flinched. “Y-yeah?”

“Daydreaming, huh?” Jurina laughed. “I said that… we have to cancel our plan to go karaoke together because Rena-chan asked me out this Saturday.”

“Oh. Is she the 3rd year student who gave you a chocolate last time?”

“Yeah.” Jurina simply nodded while her hands were busy taking off her jacket.

Sayaka sat and watched Jurina began to dance, following the beats of the hip-hop song. “You’re quite popular among our senpai, huh? Such a flirty freshman.”

“You sound like a lonely sophomore student.” Jurina grinned while kept showing her energetic dance.

Sayaka rested her back onto the wall without taking off her eyes from Jurina. “I’d better alone rather than being called as a kissing monster.” She started to mock Jurina.

“Uh-huh.” Jurina shook her head. “Not now, Sayaka-chan. Don’t pick a fight while I’m dancing, it’ll ruin my concentration.”

Sayaka shrugged and then she didn’t say anything again. She just sat and glued her eyes on Jurina, enjoying all Jurina’s dance moves. Her heart almost burst out when she saw Jurina began to do the sexy dance moves. I always defeated by this. Jurina’s sexy moves in a full of sweat body… it sent shivers up her spine. Damn it! She took a bottle and then she drank all water in it.

“Hey! You drink my water!” Jurina put her hands on her slender waist. “I’m tired because I’m dancing for almost an hour, but you spent all my water even though you just sit there all the time?!” She glared at Sayaka.

Sayaka rolled her eyes. “Do you love dance THAT much?”

“Yes. I love dance more than everything in this world!”

Sayaka stood up while holding the empty bottle. She walked toward Jurina and then she gave a quick kiss on Jurina’s lips. “But I love you more than singing.”

“…” Jurina dumbfounded.

“What? You have a heart attack because of a kiss, kissing monster? How ironic it is.” Sayaka laughed. “I will re-fill the water for you.” She walked out from the empty classroom.

Jurina touched her lips while watching Sayaka’s back figure. She began to panic when Sayaka stepped out from the classroom. “Wait-wait-wait!” She felt her cheeks became hotter than before, not because she was tired but because of Sayaka’s words. As far as I know, my love for dance is in the same level with her love for sing… she put all of her strong determination in to it. But… if she said that she love me more than singing, it means… She gasped.

“What are you thinking, baka?”

Jurina flinched as Sayaka showed up from nowhere. Her heartbeat was in incredible speed.

“Here your water.” Sayaka threw the bottle toward Jurina and Jurina managed to catch it. “I have to go home first. See you on Monday.” She took her bag from the floor. “Have a nice date tomorrow, Jurina.” She smiled and then she walked out. Indeed it was a fake smile from her lips. She felt so jealous, nervous, and uneasy every time she remembered that Jurina was going to go on date with someone else. Ahh! I’m going to be crazy! She smacked her head.

====================== **** ======================

“Oh, Jurina?!” Sayaka was surprised as she saw Jurina stood in front of her house at night. “What are you doing here?” She saw Jurina was panting. “Are you running from someone?” She looked around but she didn’t see anyone chase after Jurina. “Where’s Rena? Didn’t you have a date with h-” She stopped bombarding Jurina with dozens questions because her lips already sealed by Jurina’s lips. She was taken aback.

Jurina slowly pulled back her lips and looked at Sayaka’s dumbfounded face. “I love you too.” She smiled.

Sayaka’s shocked face slowly changed out into a cheeky grin. “So… you love me more than dance?”

Jurina felt irritated as she saw Sayaka let out a tease smile. “Tch. I won’t say twice! I only say that kind of words one time in my life!!”

Sayaka couldn’t hold herself but to tease Jurina again. “Wow! So you just say ‘I love you’ one time in your life at someone and that person was me???” She laughed. “Well… I’m so lucky.”

“Ah…. t-that’s not what I mean.” Jurina hate the fact that Sayaka could easily defeated her using her own words.

“Wow… what should I do then? I feel so honored. I think you really like me.” Sayaka showed a wide grin.

Shit. Jurina clenched her teeth. “You’re a weird girl… really weird.”

Sayaka suddenly pulled Jurina into her arms as she already satisfied in teasing Jurina. “I love you. Thank you for coming because since yesterday my brain almost damaged because I was always thinking about your date with Rena.”

Jurina hugged back her senpai. “Are you jealous?”

Sayaka nodded. “I’m jealous and afraid… but not anymore since you’re here now.” She stroked Jurina’s head gently.


Jurina cried when those sweet memories came to her mind again. She remembered how she made a mistake because she didn’t notice Sayaka’s feelings at first. Did I… make a mistake again? She was referring to a moment when she broke up with Sayaka a week ago.

=============================== **** ===============================

Sayaka couldn’t concentrate at anything she did that time because her mind was full of Jurina. What should I do? She’s so stubborn! I was always under her selfishness and I couldn’t do much about it. I’ve done everything to fulfill our dreams… I’m working my butt off to fulfill my promise with her, but why…

*FLASHBACK – 5 years ago*

It was the last day Sayaka as a high school student. Jurina and Sayaka sat together in the park behind their school.

“Tomorrow is your graduation day, huh?” Jurina reached Sayaka’s hand and then their fingers were intertwined together.

Sayaka nodded. “It’s like everything was happened in a blink of eye.” She looked at Jurina’s sad face. “Hey, don’t be sad about it.” She cupped Jurina’s cheek. “Next year you will surely get your graduation ceremony as well.” She smiled. “I won’t leave this town, so yeah… we still can meet whenever you want.”

Jurina sighed. “What do you want to do after you graduate?”

Sayaka looked at the blue sky. “Umm… I wonder what I should do.”

“When I graduate I think I will go to some agencies and do some auditions… I want to be a great dancer and a singer.” Jurina grinned.

“Oh!” Sayaka looked at Jurina with full of enthusiasm. “Then… I will become a singer too!”

Jurina widened her eyes as she seemed became very excited. “Yeah! We can make our albums together and sing our love song together!”

Sayaka kissed Jurina’s forehead. She couldn’t hold herself to not give a kiss to a cute face like that. “We’ll do it together?”

“Yeah, together!” Without a second thought, she captured her girlfriend’s lips. “I promise…”

“Thank you for giving me a dream… a dream where we can walk together in our path.” Sayaka gave Jurina a warm smile. “You have to graduate next year, okay?” She grinned after she saw Jurina’s firmly nod.


“Sayaka, let’s begin our filming again.”

Sayaka woke up from her own memory. She turned her head at the director and gave him a nod. “Hai!” She was in the middle of the making of her PV. Lately, she was so busy because her schedules were always full every day. At the hard time like that, she really needed Jurina’s support but… Jurina already left her, so… she was all alone.

=============================== **** ===============================

“I’ve decided to resign from this agency today.” Jurina bowed at the CEO. “Thank you for helping me in these past 4 years.”

The CEO looked at Jurina. “You’re really going to give up?”


“….” The CEO rested his back onto the chair. “You’ll regret it, Matsui-san.”

“I don’t care anymore.” Jurina simply uttered the answer. “I don’t have a reason to keep stay here.” She stopped bowing at then she turned around. I’m wasting my 4 years in this place and gaining nothing. She walked slowly toward the door after refused the CEO’s offer to stay. Everything has changed since then… since Sayaka won the new comer award of solo singer last year. Nothing is the same.


After Jurina graduated from high school, she went to Sayaka’s agency and took an audition. She was passed the audition in one try and then she became a trainee. At that time, Sayaka was still a trainee too.

Usually, they went to the different classes because Sayaka entered the agency first. But one day, there was a day when kohai and senpai were studied in a same dance class.

As soon as Sayaka passed the door, she saw all kohai were sat on the floor. She felt so happy when her eyes met with Jurina’s. “Hi, babe.” She smiled at Jurina.

“Hi. I miss you.” Jurina grinned. “Even though we’ve just met this morning. Hahaha.”

Sayaka chuckled. “I miss you too.” She patted Jurina’s head gently. “You feel excited, aren’t you? Dance is your favorite after all.”

Jurina nodded. Just like she was expected before that her girlfriend could understand her the most.

“Do you know her?” One of Jurina’s friends walked toward her after Sayaka went to the senpai’s row.

“Yeah, why?” Jurina frowned.

“I heard from my friend, she was really popular here. Her talent is not a joke.”

Jurina was proud at her lover after she heard that. “Yeah, I know.”

“But I heard that she rejected the debut offer that came to her a few weeks ago.”

Jurina’s eyes widened as she didn’t know that one. “Why?”

Jurina’s friend rolled her eyes. “Are you sure that you know her? It became big news here, I wonder you didn’t know. She rejected the offer because she said that she wanted to wait her girlfriend entering this agency too. She wants to get a debut together with her girlfriend.”

At first, Jurina was happy because Sayaka still remembered the promise that they made together. But then…

“I wonder what in her girlfriend’s head. Why did she prevent Yamamoto-san to get her debut?! In here, to get a debut date is really hard but Yamamoto-san has to refuse it because of her selfish girlfriend.”

Jurina clenched her fist. It was like there was a lightning struck her head. She really wanted to argue with her friend but she resisted it because her friend didn’t know the fact that she was actually the girlfriend that they’ve just talked about.

====================== **** ======================

A few weeks later, the kohai and the senpai were studied in the same dance class again. For some reason, Jurina didn’t tell anything to Sayaka regarding the talk with her friend before.

At that day, each trainee would dance one by one in front of the class and they were free to choose the song. After that, they would be divided into some groups to try the group dance.

Jurina looked straight to the front as she heard that her girlfriend was being called by the sensei. She looked at Sayaka who walked slowly but sure to the front of the class. The moment music played, she felt as if she didn’t know her girlfriend anymore. S-she’s so…. great. She didn’t know before that Sayaka could dance like that.

Sayaka’s moves were perfectly synchronized with the beats of the song. She was strong yet so sexy at the same time. Her expressions were also perfect in describing the song and the dance moves. Her body moved along really well with the rhythm of the music. Her beautiful face also made everything became more perfect. After the music was finished, everybody in the class gave applause to her. She bowed at them while smiling.

“You’re so great Yamamoto-an. Too bad… you refused your debut last time.”

Sayaka flinched as she heard what the sensei said to her. She quickly looked at Jurina, but unfortunately her girlfriend was looked at another direction. I hope she won’t hear that.

Jurina looked down onto the floor to avoid Sayaka’s eyes. Of course she heard what the sensei said and it made her, somehow, felt guilty and angry. She clenched her fist for some reason. I… I’ve never know that she can dance THAT good. It’s like she’s a natural dancer. I never see her dancing back then. When we’re in high school, I’m the only one who always practiced every day. She didn’t want Sayaka passes her dance level.

====================== **** ======================

A year had passed and that time… they were in the same vocal class. Jurina knew since the very beginning that Sayaka was an awesome singer. She already knew that Sayaka had a unique voice and able to catch the high notes. Sayaka also knew how to play the guitar and it became a really great value for Sayaka. I can’t defeat her with my voice… she’s too great.

Since that moment, without Jurina realized it… her support for Sayaka has turned into a lie. She became totally competitive with Sayaka, especially in the dance class.

“Oh, there you are! I’ve searched you everywhere. Let’s go home.” Sayaka stepped into the dance training room.

Jurina ignored her girlfriend and kept dancing until she almost ran out of breath.

“Hey, honey… take a break.” Sayaka saw Jurina was panting on the floor. “You shouldn’t force your body too hard.”

Jurina remained silent.

“I’m hungry, Jurina. Let’s go home. You also look tired already.” When Sayaka was about to caress Jurina’s head, she was shocked because her girlfriend suddenly tilted her head to avoid her hand. “Jurina?”

“I heard that you get another offer today.” Jurina looked away. “It will be great if you just receive it.”

“No. Of course I will refuse it. We’ve promised that we will make an album together!” Sayaka touched Jurina’s cheeks and made Jurina looked at her again. “I love you more than singing, remember?”

 Jurina showed a fake smile. “Even if we have a different debut time… doesn’t mean that we can’t make an album together, right? We will make it someday. If you refuse it again, I will be mad at you.”

“Are you sure?” Sayaka frowned. “You know… I don’t mind if I have to wait-”

“I don’t mind. Just take that chance.” Jurina cut Sayaka’s words.

Sayaka sighed. “Okay. I love you.” She kissed Jurina’s cheek.

“I love you too.” Jurina tried to hold back her tears. She already practiced every single day, so her agency could let her have a debut time as soon as possible. But unfortunately, no matter how hard her tried, she felt that she couldn’t catch up Sayaka’s level. Her girlfriend already refused the debut 3 times because of her, and it really made her felt so suck. I don’t want to be her burden anymore. She makes me look like a bad girlfriend in front of everyone.

====================== **** ======================

3 years had passed but Jurina still didn’t get her debut. She didn’t have the right to complain at the company since all of her trainings fees were free. She hardly to believe that she was still lacking in something and it made her agency didn’t let her to reach her dream… not yet.

Jurina sat on the couch while reading a magazine. She saw her girlfriend’s photo there. She caressed Sayaka’s photo a little. She becomes more and more awesome lately, a super celebrity… a top singer. Now, we lived in the very different worlds, all that binds us together is only an old dream and love…

It was almost a month since the last time Jurina met Sayaka because Sayaka’s schedules became so tight after she won an awesome award last year. She often met Sayaka in the middle of the night when Sayaka sacrificed her own bedtime just to meet her girlfriend, to meet Jurina.

“I’m baaaaccckkkk!!!!” Sayaka opened the door with a grin on her face. “Oh my God, Jurina… I missed you all month!” She walked fast toward her girlfriend and then she gave a deep kiss to Jurina.

“Same here.” Jurina said it after their lips parted. “Are you tired?”

“No. I’m so excited because I’m finally have a time to meet you.” Sayaka hugged her girlfriend tightly.

“Really?” Jurina smiled after she saw a nod from Sayaka. After that, her hand sneaked onto Sayaka’s neck and pulled Sayaka into a deep kiss again. She felt that Sayaka’s hands were also grabbing her waist tightly.

*On the Next Morning*

Sayaka let out a sigh, showing her frustration. “I have to go in 2 hours, but I still miss you.”

Jurina looked at the small garden through the window. Our worlds are just too different now.

“Hey, how’s the dance trainer? Is she still as fierce as 3 years ago?” Sayaka giggled. “I missed her. Do you have a class today?”

Jurina stared at the floor. “Actually… I won’t be entering any class.”

Sayaka was taken aback. “Huh?” She tilted her head.

“…I’m never going to enter again.”

Sayaka placed the bowl that full of soup onto the table. “What?! What’s going on?”

“Nothing happened. It just… it’s time for me to stop.” Jurina sighed. I’m going to give up on our old dreams, little by little. “I’m 22 now, so… it’s time for me to try enter the university or maybe looking for a job. I’m a bit too late to enter my real life. Hehe.” She let out an awkward giggle.

Sayaka clenched her fist. She punched the table and then she stood up. “But we promised that we will make our albums together!!! We promised that we will sing our love song together!!!” She felt her blood was boiling up.

Jurina laughed. “You still remember it? Hahaha. Oh, about that. We only talked it once and it was our old dreams, so yeah…”

Sayaka couldn’t believe what Jurina said. “Listen, Jurina. You don’t have to worry, we’re still young. Let’s keep working towards it, okay? It’s okay to take the slow steps, but sure-”

“Stop it!” Jurina raised her voice. “You know… it gets on my nerves. It just sounds like you’re looking down on me with pity.”


Jurina stood up while clenching her fist and then she slowly walked toward her bedroom. She held the door knob and then she opened the door. “It’s easy for you to say that because you had already got what’s you want!!” She yelled at Sayaka.

Sayaka stepped closer toward Jurina. “Jurina… it’s not what I mean-”

“Don’t come here again!!” Jurina pointed her finger at Sayaka.

Sayaka stopped. “O-okay… okay… I won’t touch you, but please calm down.”

“That’s not what I mean.” Jurina looked away. “I mean… don’t come to see me again… EVER AGAIN!”

Sayaka flinched as she heard those words came out from her beloved girl’s lips. “Is it means… you want to…” She bit her own lips before she said it… said the words that she was afraid the most. “…break up with me?”

“Don’t come here anymore.” Jurina entered the bedroom and then she locked the door.

“J-jurina!!!” Sayaka ran toward the door. She knocked the door over and over again, but there was still no answer came from her beloved.

*2 hours later*

“Jurina… I’m leaving now….” Sayaka was holding her bag. She waited in front of the door, hoping that Jurina would prevent her to go. “…..” There was no answer. She sighed. “Okay, I’m going now… I love you.”

On the other hand, Jurina lay down on her bed. She gripped the pillow tightly… she was crying… sobbing hard.


“When Sayaka rejected my offers 3 times, I called her. I talked to her.”

Jurina stopped as the CEO was talking again.

“I was confused because that was the first time for me to see a trainee rejected the debut offer. When I asked her what the reason was, she said… she’s been working hard all this time to fulfill the promise that she made with you, wasn’t she? She practiced and until this time… she’s still working hard to achieve your dreams and you’re just going to run away like this?”

Jurina stunned. Her tears rolled down on her beautiful cheeks. I love you more than singing, Jurina. The words came to her head again. She chooses this path because of me… because of our dreams… our promise. How can I- She burst out… she cried out loud. After some minutes, she turned around and faced the CEO. “Sensei… I… won’t give up.” I can’t give up on our dreams.

The CEO smiled when he heard it from the crying girl.

=============================== **** ===============================

*2 Months Later*

“Jurina… congratulation!!!!”

Jurina got a lot of hug from her friends. “Thank you so much.” Her eyes were teary. “I’m so happy!” She was relieved because her hard work for over 4 years didn’t become useless at all.


Jurina and all trainees were surprised because the door was being opened harshly.

“S-sayaka….” Jurina couldn’t believe at what she had just seen. “I-is that you????”

“Yeah… it’s me. I’m rushing out go here after I got a news that you get your debut date.” Sayaka grinned.

Jurina walked toward Sayaka. She hugged Sayaka tightly. “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.” She cried out loud. “I miss you so much.”

Sayaka smiled and then she hugged back. “It’s okay… It’s okay.” She caressed Jurina’s hair intended to make Jurina calmed down. “I know that you won’t give up. You will never give up on us.”

Jurina buried her face onto Sayaka’s shoulder. “Let’s walk on this path together… again.”

All trainees were confused at first but then they gasped as they realized that Sayaka’s girlfriend was actually Jurina. They felt bad as they always badmouthing Sayaka’s girlfriend, and actually it was Jurina. They were surprised, felt sorry, and felt ashamed.

*2 Years Later*

There was a DVD that placed with a care inside the beautiful white frame. ‘Jurina & Sayaka Collaboration Single’ it was what written on the DVD.

Jurina looked at the frame with a smile on her face, and her smile became wider as she felt that there were two hands sneaked on her waist from back.

“Do you like it that much?” Sayaka kissed Jurina’s shoulder and rested her chin on it. She back-hugged Jurina.

“Yep, I love it so much. The song that you write for us is really beautiful.” Jurina stroked Sayaka’s hair before she turned around. “I love you.” She said it while staring at Sayaka’s eyes.

“I love you too, Jurina.” Sayaka kissed Jurina gently yet full of passion.

The dream that we reached together… I’m going to carve all of it on my heart with eternal love. Jurina smiled while letting her lips was assaulted by her beloved one.

============================ THE END ============================

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Re: [anakpanti fanfic] [OS] SayaJuri - Our Dreams #13
« Reply #183 on: July 27, 2014, 04:43:49 PM »
Even it's weird to imagine sayanee and jurina together but... Thanks for the sweet story, great as always :)

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Re: [anakpanti fanfic] [OS] SayaJuri - Our Dreams #13
« Reply #184 on: July 28, 2014, 01:34:44 AM »
Lol it sound weird to see Jurina and Sayanee being a couple XD

But the strog was so sweet and cute

Thx for the OS

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Re: [anakpanti fanfic] [OS] SayaJuri - Our Dreams #13
« Reply #185 on: July 28, 2014, 08:03:26 AM »
Hellooooo ur new fanfic makes me wanna ask for a request..
Can u please do a sayanee and yukirin fanfic?? I dunno if it would be called  "sayayuki" haha? And add in a jealous mayu haha? I'm a total mayuki shipper but this sayayuki crack pairing has got me interested nowadays since yukirin is on team N with her and if you see their interactions it's kinda starting to peak my interest wahahaha. Thanku for reading my long request and hope u will consider it hehe :)

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Re: [anakpanti fanfic] [3 Shots] SaeYuki - Regret (PART 2) #4
« Reply #186 on: August 26, 2014, 09:10:22 AM »
Ugh! I'm so sorry for delaying this fic for about 7 months.  :bow:
I just can't find the right time and right mood to write SaeYuki.

Before, I wanted to finish this fic in this chapter... but I can't do that because it's too long.  :P
I will post the last chapter as soon as possible (I promise it'll be in this week). Please trust me for this one.  XD


Words: 5,5 K

Prologue - Part 1




“Hi, pal.” Sae threw her body onto the chair that placed next to Yuki. “It’s been 3 days. Do you have any idea about our project? Or… you didn’t have it AT ALL. You know, we only have a week.”

“Urgh!” Yuki groaned. “Don’t even think to make me start my day with shitty mood, Miyazawa-san. You’ve ruined my morning, you know?!” She didn’t understand it by herself, why did every word that came from Sae’s mouth always made her pissed off.

Sae chuckled. “Oh, man.” She patted Yuki’s shoulder. “Relax, okay? I’m just asking!”

Yuki glared at Sae, she gave Sae a sharp glare. “Don’t-EVER-touch-me-AGAIN.”

“Whoaa!! Here you come… ‘HotBitchYuki’ in action!” Sae quickly pulled back her hand.

“Huh?! Say it again!” Yuki clenched her fist.

“Ah, nothing.” Sae shrugged. She stood up before Yuki decided to punch her super cool face. “Listen, I’ve had a BRILLIAN idea about our project and I will start to sketch it on this evening. Well… if you, somehow, lack of idea… you can just sit and watch my incredible talent in designing. But don’t worry, because I will put your name in the project report too… I’m a nice ikemen, right?”

WHAT?! Yuki stood up as well and then she pointed Sae’s face. “You—-!!! Ugghh!”

“If you, magically, find an idea for our project too… you can ask any random girl in this college about my address, every girl in this place know my house. Come to my house at 7PM and let’s do the project together. And ummm….” Sae walked closer toward Yuki and whispered. “We can have some fun after that.” She winked at Yuki.

Yuki lifted her hand to slap Sae but Sae could dodge it easily. “I won’t come to your house!!”

“See you at 7PM.” Sae walked away after she waved her hand at Yuki. I’m sure that she will come. I have a strong feeling that she doesn’t want to get ‘free’ grades without doing something, especially from her strongest rival… me. A slight smirk appeared on Sae’s lips.

========================== **** ==========================

Yuki let out a loud sigh in front of a brown door. She was about to press the bell but then she pulled back her index finger. She brought her hand onto her forehead and then she facepalmed. Why do I have to come to THIS MORON’s house?! I shouldn’t come here! She turned her body and was about to take a step away. Wait… where’s my pride if I get good grades from this moron? Miyazawa would think that I’m a stupid girl who didn’t have any single idea for our project. She turned her body and faced the door again. She lifted her hand to press the bell.

“Hello there!” Sae showed up with her cheeky smile on her face.

Yuki surprised because Sae already opened the door even before she pressed the bell.

Sae opened the door wider while laughing. “Hahaha. Your reaction is no joke… so funny! HAHAHA!” She couldn’t hold back her laugh since it was the first time she saw THAT kind of reaction from the cold girl.

“S-shut up!” Yuki pushed Sae and then she walked inside the fancy flat without Sae’s permission. SHIT! This moron caught me off guard.

Sae closed the door. “Why did you take so long to press the bell? You stood in front of my door for about 20 minutes.” She laughed again.

Yuki flinched and then she turned her body. “How did you kn-”

Sae shrugged. “I’ve been watching you from my own CCTV.” She pointed at the TV.

Yuki turned her head and then she gasped as she saw the big TV on the living room. Crap! “Then why did you not open the fucking door when you knew I was arrived?!”

“It was fun to watch you nervously wanted to press the bell over and over again.” Sae smirked. “I know that I’m handsome and cool… yeah, every girl in campus said it to me, but you don’t have to overly nervous to meet me.”

“I’m not NERVOUS!! I’m just preparing myself before I meet a disgusting creature like you.” Yuki sat on the couch. “Hurry up! Let’s finish our project, so I can go home as soon as possible before I puke on your face.”

Sae snorted. “Pfft! I know it’s hard for you to handle my handsomeness.” She pointed at another room. “There. That’s my workspace. I put the design on the table inside that room. The upper side of the dress is already done, so now you can work with the bottom side. Make sure to make it beautiful. I don’t want a creepy girl ruin my masterpiece. We will do the coloring process later, well… in case you are SLOW in working.” She let out a sarcastic laugh.

Yuki glared at Sae. “I will kill you someday… I promise.” She stood up and the she walked toward the room that was pointed by Sae before. “You’ll die in my hand for sure.” She opened the door.

Sae laughed out loud.

Yuki felt so irritated by the laugh. She really wanted to smack Sae’s head with her handbag, but she tried to hold back her anger since she wanted to finish the job quickly. She closed the door so she couldn’t hear Sae’s laugh anymore. She looked around and then… she couldn’t close her mouth. Hell wow….

Yuki saw a laptop and a computer on the table near the door. She looked at the screens and she saw the unfinished design of a beautiful yellow dress. She swept her sight at the corner of the room, and she saw many beautiful dresses hung there. She walked toward those dresses and she looked at it one by one. There were also 3 mannequins that were wrapped by 3 gorgeous dresses. Then on another corner she saw fabrics in many different materials, colors, and patterns. The fabrics were rolled neatly near the wall.

Yuki finally noticed the big table in the center of the room. She saw a stack of empty paper, the pencils, a ruler, and the scissors are scattered on the table. Well… I don’t know this moron working so hard in this field. Does Miyazawa love fashion design THIS much? She put her hand on the top of a white A3 paper. She looked at it while narrowing her eyes. Is this… our group project?

Yuki saw the sketch of a dress on that white paper, even though it was still the upper side but she found that it was beautiful already. Miyazawa is a talented moron. Without she realized it… she smiled a little.

“Hey. Here the pencil sharpener, I forget to-”

Yuki flinched a bit because Sae suddenly entered the room.

Sae stopped talking while holding the pencil sharpener. “What did you do in the past 10 minutes?! You even haven’t put you bag and haven’t touch the pencil!! Ugh!” She stepped inside and put the pencil sharpener onto the table. “As I expected before, you’re a non-efficient girl and a slow worker. You’re wasting our time here.” Then she closed the door, leaving Yuki in the room by herself.

Yuki clenched her fist. Yeah… Miyazawa is talented but still… a moron.

========================== **** ==========================

“Look. I want this dress have a light blue as the color, like… aquamarine.” Yuki pointed at the drawing pad.

“What?!” Sae looked at Yuki’s face while frowning. “Do you want my masterpiece have a kind of cheap-looking like that?! It is the worst color for my dress.”

“STOP saying that this is only YOUR dress and only YOUR masterpiece!! This is also MY design and of course I also have the right to choose any color that I want!!” Yuki put her hands on the waist.

“Listen to me, creepy girl.” Sae stood and then she glared at Yuki. “Based on my intellectual and my intuition as a SENIOR, I prefer to make ultramarine blue as the dominant color.”

“You don’t have to remind me of the super silly fact that you’re my senior. It won’t works to me.” Yuki rolled her eyes. “Your color will surely make the dress become too gloomy.”

Sae raised one of her eyebrows. “It’s not gloomy, but… elegant.” She looked at the ceilings and smiled by herself while imagining how gorgeous the dress would be. “Besides…” She stared at Yuki. “Ultramarine is not a gloomy color, you are! Black is really suit for you, gloomy…dark… cold… and creepy.” She smirked.

“You’re weird Miyazawa-san, totally weird.” Yuki took a really deep breath to calm her mind. “I wish next semester we won’t have a same class.”

They wasted 2 hours only to debate about the color. They were smart, but it was not easy for them to put their heads together to understand each other perspective or idea.

“Okay. We don’t have much time left for this silly debate. We have to submit this project by tomorrow.” Sae took something from her pocket… a coin. “Let’s settle this thing with an old-simple way…. head or tail?”

Yuki smirked. “Head.”

======================= Next Day =======================

“Sae-san~ congratulation. Your project becomes the best dress design in this class, as usual.” The cute girl was clinging on Sae’s arm.

Sae smiled at her without said anything.

Another girl came and then sat on Sae’s table. “I love your dress. The color is really suit to the dress, just like our sensei said before.”

“Yeah.” Another girl came and agreed with the color thing. In a few minutes later, Sae already surrounded by 5 girls that praised the dress and how fit the color was.

Usually, Sae would enjoy her fame and felt happy if there was someone who praised her works… but not on that day. She glared at Yuki who looked at her from the front row table. She was so irritated when she saw a mock smile from Yuki’s lips.

Yuki moved her lips without let out her voice, so only Sae who would notice her. “You-are-welcome, weirdo.” She smirked.

Sae clenched her teeth, ignoring a bunch of cute girl around her. Ugh! Fucking shit! Stupid coin!

Yes, the dress color was aquamarine. Yuki won as the coin showed the ‘head’ side last night. Sae was so annoyed when Yuki punched the air while enjoying the victory after the winner had been decided. Last night, Sae grumbled by herself while coloring the dress on her drawing pad. ‘Just wait until tomorrow… our design will become the worst. If our design not becomes the best in the class, it’s totally your fault!!!’ It was what Sae said last night.

But unfortunately… everything that happened was beyond Sae’s expectation, she was totally wrong. It seemed the sensei had a same taste with Yuki. The sensei said that chose the bright color was the RIGHT choice. She wanted to vomit every time she was praised because of the color.

Sae showed her irritated face when Yuki looked at her with a mocking smile, but then when Yuki turned her head toward the whiteboard… she smiled without Yuki noticed it. Although it’s not a sincere smile, but still… she’s beautiful when she smiles.

========================== **** ==========================

"Hi. How’s your day?"

“Hi. My day is nice, well… really nice actually.” Yuki giggled when she remembered Sae’s dumb face after the sensei announced that their project was the best in the class.

“Wow. Lately, you’ve been having fun in your new place. Wait. Is this about… Miyazawa-san again?”

“Exactly!” Yuki laughed. “How do you know, Mayu?”

“……… Just guessing. It’s because lately you always tell me about this specific friend of you.”

“This moron is not my friend! Absolutely not!” Yuki pouted even though her girlfriend couldn’t see her. “Oh. Remember when I told you about my group project with this moron?” She seemed so excited.

“Hm-hm. Why?”

Yuki laughed again. She told Mayu about her and Sae had an intense fight to pick the color of the dress. She also told her girlfriend that… her project unexpectedly got the first place in the class. “You know Mayu, I didn’t expect that we would get a perfect score! If you saw how dumb Miyazawa’s face was, I’m sure that you’ll laugh out loud too.” She giggled again. “That moron makes me annoyed almost every day, but yeah… I have to admit that Miyazawa can be funny sometimes. Miyazawa-“

“You know, Yuki…” Mayu cut Yuki’s words. “I think I will come to see you, maybe in near future.”

Yuki frowned because Mayu changed the topic all of a sudden, but she just went along with it. “Really?!” She was surprised. “Do you miss me that much?” She grinned.

“Of course I missed you, honey. It’s been almost 6 months we’re apart like this.”

Yuki was happy as she knew that her girlfriend also felt the same thing. “I can’t wait to see you here, Mayu.” She started to imagine that one day Mayu would sleep on her arms again and she could watch Mayu’s sleeping face again after some months.

“Yeah, me too. Oh, sorry… but I want to go shopping with my sister in a half hour. I need to take a shower now.”

“Oh right, Tokyo is 7 hours ahead of Paris. I need to go to sleep as well… I have a class in the morning. Ugh!” Yuki smacked her head as she saw the clock, 10PM.

“Bye, have a nice dream. I love you. I will call you again tomorrow.” Mayu was about to end the call but Yuki spoke again.

“Sorry, we can’t have a call tomorrow. I have a final project for this semester. The sensei asked me and Miyazawa to make the dress based on the design of our previous project. So I will go to Miyazawa’s house tomorrow, that moron will angry at me if I take a call from someone while working.” Yuki sighed.

“Again?!” Mayu protested. “You already went to Miyazawa’s house three times in a week.”

“Yeah I know I’m so sorry, but I think this time I will go there every night since we only have 2 weeks to make a dress. It’s hard. I hope next semester I won’t this busy.”


“Mayu?” Yuki called the name as she didn’t hear Mayu’s answer. “Please don’t be angry at me.”

“I’m not angry. I’m just… a bit jealous, I guess. Miyazawa can see you everyday but your own girlfriend can’t see you for 6 months.”

Yuki gasped. “No-no-no! Don’t be. That moron is a guy. G-U-Y! You know me well, right Mayu? I can’t go for a guy? Even though Miyazawa is a girl, I absolutely will keep staying with you. I love you so much.” She tried to convince the other girl. “Trust me.”

“I trust you. Bye.” Mayu ended the call.

After Mayu hung up the phone, Yuki was dumbfounded while looking at her phone screen. No, you didn’t.

========================== **** ==========================

Just like what Yuki said to Mayu before, she went to Sae’s flat every night to do the final project. Why they didn’t do it in the afternoon after college hour? Because Sae had many date schedules with her friends, girl friends actually… so, she had to give up in facing Sae because she didn’t want to always have a fight.

Yuki sighed while cutting the small ‘flower’ for the dress; it was made from white fabric. I missed Mayu. 10 days had passed since she talked to Mayu by phone. They only sent some emails to each other since both of them were very busy. She looked at her watch. 9PM… it means it’s still 2PM in Paris. She sighed again. I can’t call her and disturb her while working just because I miss her… too childish if I do that.

Mayu worked at her family company as a marketing manager, so Yuki could guess that her girlfriend wouldn’t be able to talk with her during office hours. She took her phone and typed an email for Mayu. ‘I miss you so bad. I love you.’ After she sent the message, she put her phone back to her handbag.

Yuki glanced at Sae who was busy with their half-finished dress on the mannequin. Sometimes she felt something different when she saw Sae in her ‘working mode’. Is that moron always THIS serious when working? We even didn’t talk to each other since 2 hours ago… working in silence.

“Did you have just realized how handsome I am? We can go on date if you want.” Sae said it when she noticed that Yuki stared at her.

Yuki flinched. Shit! Moron is still a moron. She noticed Sae’s smirk. “It’s only happen in your dream!” She looked back at the flower in her hand and then continued her job before.

Sae laughed. “Is ‘angry at me’ has become your hobby now? You did it every day since the day we met at the parking lot.” She walked toward Yuki while laughing.

Yuki looked at Sae who walked closer toward her. “W-what do you want?” She felt insecure all of a sudden. “H-hey!” Sae grabbed the flower from her hand. “I will kill you if you ruin it! It spends a half hour to make it until this state!!!”

“I know. I know. I’m a designer too, you know?!” Sae took a key from the table and threw it to Yuki. “You’re tired, right? Since you had many classes today, obviously you’re sleepy now. That’s a key of the guest bedroom, you can sleep there.” She put the flower on the table. “I will finish it by myself. Don’t worry.”

Yuki dumbfounded. She didn’t move at all.

“Don’t worry. I can’t enter the room since I gave you the only key of that room.” Sae said it without looked at Yuki. “It’s too dangerous if you drive like that and I’m too busy with our final project so I can’t drive you home. You better stay here for tonight.”

“W-well…” Yuki stood up slowly. “If you insist, I’ll take a rest now. Just wake me up if you need my help or something.” She turned around after she saw a slight nod from Sae. Did he just… kinda… worry about me? She turned her head toward Sae one more time before she walked out from the room.

Yuki looked around and then she found a room that she guessed as a guest room because it was what written on the door. She locked the door before she threw her body onto the bed. What a hectic day! She grabbed the bolster and hugged it tightly. That moron… he is not as bad as I thought. The slight smile appeared on her beautiful face.

*Next Morning*

“Hoooaaammm….” Yuki yawned while rubbing her eyes. She opened her eyes slowly and then she saw the clock that hanging on the wall. “10AM?!” She groaned. “Sleepyhead!” She smacked her own head and then she stood up. She unlocked the door while letting out a cute yawn.

Yuki walked toward the room where they always did their project. After she opened the door, she saw Sae who fell asleep there. She looked at another direction, to the mannequin that placed near the wall. Whoa! He’s really did it by himself. She walked toward the aquamarine dress that had been 95% finished. Pretty. She trailed her fingers on the dress and noticed that there was something different with the dress. It looks a bit different from our sketch… did he tried to change the concept of the dress?

Yuki flinched a bit because she heard something fell. She turned her head at Sae direction and she saw a pencil rolled on the floor and stopped in front of her foot, it fell from Sae’s hand. She took the pencil from the floor and then she put it on the table. When she placed the pencil, she looked at Sae’s sleeping face. Without she realized it, she reached Sae’s face. Her delicate hand met Sae’s cheek for the first time. He looks so peaceful while sleeping, maybe it’s because he has been worked really hard last night.

Yuki caressed Sae’s cheek while smiling. I don’t know that he looks cute yet handsome at the same time while he sleeping. She let out a soft chuckle.

“Ngh.” Sae tilted her head a bit.

Yuki pulled her hand quickly as she felt there was a little movement from Sae. W-what was that?! She turned her body and then she walked toward the door. What happen to my brain?! I must be crazy.

“Oh. Are you awake already?” Sae rubbed her eyes.

“Uh?” Yuki turned her body again and she acted like nothing happened. “Y-yeah. I want to go home now.”

Sae frowned. “No need to hurry. Today is Saturday, you know? No class.” She stood up. “I will order our breakfast, so stay a bit longer.”


Sae was surprised because Yuki raised her voice all of a sudden. “Okay-okay, fine. Oh man, you don’t have to snap at me just because I ask you to have breakfast before you leave.” She rolled her eyes. “Creepy girl.”

“Moron!” Yuki glared at Sae. She hate it when the other girl started to mock her.

“Ugh! You’re really cold toward people… no wonder why you didn’t have friends. Tch.” Sae shrugged. “Okay… I will finish the dress by myself so you don’t have to come here again… you looks terribly tired.  See you on Monday and take some rest.”

Yuki didn’t know what to say because she was too lost in Sae’s kindness. She just bowed her head a little at Sae and then she grabbed her handbag near the table. She walked out without said anything.

Sae dumbfounded. Am I mistaken? I think she has just… bowed her head at me!!! I’ve known her for 1 semester… for 6 months!! But this is the first time she didn’t yell at me before we separated, and especially… this is the first time she bowed at me. She laughed. Great! Finally, she realized that I’m her senpai. She admits my seniority.

========================== **** ==========================

Yuki walked back and forth inside her apartment. Tomorrow is Wednesday… Wednesday!!! She rubbed her fingers together. We will submit our final project tomorrow. Should I come to Miyazawa’s place to check out the dress? Ugh! She threw her body on the couch.

Yesterday, on Monday, Yuki asked Sae if Sae needed her help or not in finishing the dress… but Sae said that Sae didn’t need any help from her. How come he asks me to take a rest though tomorrow is an important day! I can’t sleep peacefully for the rest of my whole life if tomorrow I don’t get an ‘A’ or ‘A+’. She took a deep breath. Okay, I will come to his place now. I don’t trust him. She took her car key and went without a second thought.

Yuki was a type of student who was very greedy about grades. It made her couldn’t hold herself to not visit Sae’s flat even though she not yet to ask Sae’s permission before she went there. In about 40 minutes, she arrived at Sae’s flat… in front of her enemy’s flat.

Yuki sighed. So… here I am again. She was about to press the bell but then she stopped as she remembered something. Wait! The scene when she caressed Sae’s cheek played in her head and it made her face blushed. Fuck! Why do I have to think about it now?! She slapped her own face to make herself relax. She stopped as she saw the door in front of her opened.

“Kashiwagi Yuki-san? You’re from fashion design class, right?” A girl smiled at her. “I’m Suzuki Mariya from modeling class.”

Yuki frowned. What is she doing in this place? “Is Miyazawa in there?”

“Yes.” The girl simply answered. “I came all the way from my home but Miyazawa-san throws me out right away just because a stupid dress is not fit on my body! Tch.” She walked away without closed the door and left Yuki alone in front of the door.

Dress? What dress? Yuki entered Sae’s flat and then she closed the door. She walked toward the living room and then she saw Sae sat on the couch with a bottle of whiskey in Sae’s hand. She also saw there were 3 half-naked girls stood in front of Sae.

“Both of you can get out now.” Sae shoo the girls away. “Okay, your turn.” She pointed at one of the girls. “Put the dress on you. You’re the last, so if it fits on you…” She gulped the whiskey. “… I’m totally yours tonight.” She showed a mischievous smile.

Yuki felt her cheeks became hotter and redder. She clenched her fist as she saw a lewd scene in front of her eyes. “WHAT ARE YOU DOING??!!” She yelled at Sae. “How can you do this to girls??!! You’re a fucking shit damn man, Miyazawa!!”

Sae looked a bit surprised because there was a girl who yelled at her all of a sudden. She turned her head, following the voice. She laughed when she saw who it was. “I’ve told you to not come tonight because our dress has been finished.”

“I will call the police!” Yuki took her phone from her handbag.

“W-wait! It’s not like what you t-” One of the 3 girls wanted to explain something, but Sae cut her words.

“It’s enough for tonight. All of you can go home now. I will settle the things out with Kashiwagi by myself.” Sae stood up and then she walked fast toward Yuki. She grabbed the phone from Yuki’s hand and then she pinned Yuki onto the wall.

“Ouch!” Yuki’s back bumped onto the wall. “Let go of me!” She tried to escape but obviously Sae was stronger than her. “H-help!!” She tried to ask a help from the other girls, but the 3 of them ignored her. The 3 girls just walked away after they wore their clothes back. WHAT THE F-

Sae smirked. “Now, it’s only both of us here.” She whispered.

Yuki felt so insecure at that time, so she pushed Sae’s body with all of her might. “Fuck you!”

Sae almost fell backward, but she succeeded to stand perfectly after her left leg could prop her body well. “Wow. You’re stronger than you look.” She stepped back quickly because Yuki wanted to slap her face. “Whoa! Easy girl. Easy. Fiuhh…” She acted like she swept her sweat from her forehead.

Yuki used the small chance to run away. She ran toward the door but the door was locked. WHAT?!

Sae laughed out loud. “It seems the door was locked from outside. Those girls did a good job!” She walked toward the door to approach Yuki.

"S-stop… stop there!"

Sae laughed evilly. “No, I won’t.”

Yuki couldn’t step backwards anymore because her back already touched the wall. “You’re drunk.”

"I’m not." Sae kept walked towards Yuki… slowly….. "You’re the one who sneaked into my place."

Yuki stunned. D-dd-damn!!!

Sae stopped and the she crossed her arms. In a moment later, she laughed again. “Hahahaha. Look at your face, Kashiwagi. You look terribly ugly now.” She was holding her stomach while laughing. “Oh God, my stomach hurt because I laugh too much.”

“I’m sorry?” Yuki dumbfounded.

Sae turned around and then she walked toward the couch. She sat on the couch and she pointed at another couch. “Come here and take a sit.”

Yuki felt a bit relieved but she couldn’t trust Sae just like that. “I won’t sit until you tell me what you did with the girls before!!” She still felt insecure.

Sae frowned. “Like seriously… do you think I’m THAT bad?” She rolled her eyes. “It’s not like what you think.” She took the bottle and enjoyed the whiskey again. “You come here to look our dress, right? It’s in the usual room, you can take a look. You can change anything if you want.” She sighed. “I’ve told you to not come here. Now, I can’t work with my other project properly.”

Yuki frowned. “What do you mean?” She walked slowly toward Sae. Somehow, her fear was gone. “Do you have another college project?”

“Yeah…” Sae shrugged. “I have 2 final projects for tomorrow. First, our project and the other one is the individual project for other courses. You’ll know how I feel when you become a final year student later… busy life.” She rubbed her eyes while yawning. “I have to make a wedding dress as an individual project. Can you believe it?!”

“Wait… wait a minute. Hold on.” Yuki sat on the couch. “Do you think I’m stupid? What is the relation between a wedding dress and the half-naked girls?!!!”

Sae groaned. “I’m looking for a model, stupid! I have to find someone who can wear my dress!! They were naked because they tried to wear the dress.” She lost her patience. “As you may know, I didn’t pay too much attention in the class. So, I have just known YESTERDAY from my classmate that the final year students’ individual projects will be judged on stage TOMORROW!!!”

Yuki gasped. “Don’t tell me that tomorrow fashion show in our college is for-”

“YES!!! THAT’S WHY I NEED A MODEL!!” Sae grabbed her own hair. “If I can’t find a girl who fit enough with on my dress, I will lose many points. My 3 months in doing that dress will come to nothing.”

“Oh my God! How do you can be so reckless, Miyazawa?!” Yuki began to panic without she realized it.

“Yes-yes… I know. If I pay more attention to my class when the sensei announced the project 3 months ago, I could find a model first before making the dress. Now, it’s much harder because I have to find a model after the dress finished! Ugh! I think I’m going to be crazy now.”

“…” Yuki remained silent. She tried to find a way to save Miyazawa. “Can I know the detail size of the dress?”

Sae was too lazy to say the size, so she pointed at the pink dress on the table instead. “That dress has a similar size with the wedding dress. You can take a look.” She gulped the whiskey again. “I wrote the detail of the size on the paper there.”

Yuki grabbed the dress and then she spread it on the table so she could see it better. She also took the paper beside the dress… she read it carefully. However, her concentration was distracted because Sae kept drinking beside her. “Hey! Stop drinking it!! I won’t help you if you drink that again.”

Sae stopped and she raised one of her eyebrows. “Am I misheard something? You want to help me???”

Yuki looked at Sae. She surprised by herself because she acted like that without she even realized it. She forgot about their aquamarine dress, the only one reason why she came to her enemy nest, and she focused on Sae’s individual project. She wanted to say ‘no’, but somehow she didn’t have a heart after she saw how desperate Sae was. “Yes.”

“Pfft.” Sae snorted. “How? Do you know someone with that size?” She pointed at the pink dress.

“Yes.” Yuki stared at the dress on the table.

Sae’s eyes widened. “Oh really????!!!! Can I meet her now???!!” She stood up. “I will pay her. Well… I will pay more if she’s pretty. It will be fun if we can go on date after the fashion show tomorrow.” Sae punched the air. “Don’t worry. I will pay you too.” She grinned at Yuki.

“Such a player.” Yuki sighed. “Will you pay me with a huge amount of money?”

“What?! Don’t try to rob me! We both are still students. I have to pay for the model and I have to pay you too?! God!” Sae smacked her forehead. “Don’t be overpriced.”

“No. You only have to pay me.” Yuki looked at Sae.


“This is my size. I’m sure the wedding dress will perfectly fit on me.”

“HUH?!” Sae shocked to death. “You’ve got to be kidding me.”

“I’ll try this pink dress first before I try the actual dress.” Yuki stood up.

Sae was still dumbfounded, but she gained her consciousness when she saw Yuki walked away. “Where are you going? Just wear it here, so we can make a quick decision!”

Yuki glared at Sae. “I’m not like those STUPID GIRLS!!! I can’t just get naked in front of a man!”

“Sorry?” Sae frowned.

“How can a girl take off her clothes in front of a creepy guy like you?” Yuki rolled her eyes and then she walked into a room to change her clothes.

Sae couldn’t say anything. She thinks I’m a guy? In these 6 months she thinks I’m a guy??!! She laughed out loud. She’s too silly… She stopped laughing when she saw Yuki opened the door while wearing the pink dress. Silly… but cute. Sae smiled.

======================== TO BE CONTINUED ========================

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Re: [anakpanti fanfic] [3 Shots] SaeYuki - Regret (PART 2) #4
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Finally..... The Update.....  :onioncheer:
as usual, u always surprised me with the storyline...

Sae is really are the player... I can imagine how ikemen she is as a designer...  :luvluv1:
and Yuki?? no one's better than her as a cold hearted greedy model-like girl...  :mon determined:

Mayu will appear in the next chapter, right??
hmmm... Interesting...  :mon thumb:
too bad it's only 3-shoot...  :mon hanky:

but still, thanks for the update...  :kneelbow:

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Re: [anakpanti fanfic] [3 Shots] SaeYuki - Regret (PART 2) #4
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Wow I can't believe that I missed so many chapters :shocked
I had my computer broken so there is so many thing I have to look at. :smhid
But it feels so good to read your stories as always. XD

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Re: [anakpanti fanfic] [OS] WMatsui - Not Real #14
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Well… I kind of too lazy to write HUNT and REGRET, so yeah… I write this WMatsui OS. I hope you like it.

Words: 3,2 K


#14 WMatsui - Not Real

Rena-chan has just announced her graduation in public yesterday… but it’s not surprised me because I’ve known it beforehand.

*FLASHBACK – 3 Months ago*

“Rena-chan~” I called her just a moment before she grabbed the knob. “Akimoto-sensei is not in his office, I’ve just saw him walked toward the parking lot.”

“Oh.” Rena-chan let go of the knob and then she walks toward me.

I frown when I get a simple ‘oh’ from her lips. “What? Is there anything bothering you?” I grasp her hand and I hold it gently. “Why do you want to meet Akimoto-sensei?” I have a bad feeling about this when I see her expression.

Rena-chan smile at me while holding both of my hands. She looks at me deeply and seriously. “Jurina… I’m not going to be your rival in SKE anymore. I’ve planned to leave… soon.” She squeezed my hand a little when she said ‘leave’ word.

My heart sank when I get what she means. In a moment later, I brushed off her hands harshly. “WHAT?!” I clench my fist. “Then… I’m going to leave as well! Let’s graduate together!!!” Fuck this shit! I can’t imagine myself without her in SKE and AKB!

Rena-chan only shows me a warm smile as if she understands what I feel. I hate when she smiles like that because it makes me look like a childish and stubborn kid. “We both know you don’t want it. I know exactly that you still want to reach many things in 48G.” She reaches my hand again. “You still want to beat Sashi and Mayuyu, right? Your aim is to be the no.1 in 48G!”

Fuck! I hate when she is right. My tears come out little by a little and then it flows so hard… the tears rolling down on my cheeks. “I hate you, Rena… for leaving me like this.”

Rena-chan pulls me into a hug and then she pats my head gently. “Sshh… sshhh… don’t cry, honey.” The pats turned into caresses. “I’m not leaving you. It’s just… we walk through the different paths for now. We’re still walking toward the same direction, you know?”

I wrap my arms on Rena-chan’s waist and hug her tightly. “Yeah…” I said it even though in my head… I have a different meaning of graduation. For me, graduation means-


“What’s wrong with this long face~”

I flinch as I feel someone pinch my nose. “Aw! Rena!” Of course it’s Rena-chan, who else would it be? She’s the only one who has a spare key of my room. “Stop startling me all the time!” I pout.

Rena-chan giggling and then she hug me from behind. “I do not intend to startle you. You are the one who always daydreaming every time I come here.” She kisses my cheek from behind and then she puts her chin on the top of my head. “Are you thinking about me?”

I hold her hands that wrap my shoulders. “No. You have toooooooo much confidence.”

“Liar!” Rena-chan bites my ear.

“Aww!!!” I grimace in pain. “Like seriously… you have to fix your habit.” She has a really bad habit, she always bite me every time she feels that I’m hiding something.

Rena-chan let out a very cute laugh. “I don’t want to!!”

“Why?! You’re hurting me, you know?”

“I know… but you look tasty and I can’t hold myself to not bite you.” Rena-chan whispered it to my ear.

I roll my eyes, twice. “Wow. It sounds erotic all of a sudden.” Right after I said it, I hear her laugh again. I turn around to see her face. “Rena-chan…” I called her name.

My serious expression makes her stop laughing. “What is it?” She puts her palm on my cheek and she caresses it gently.

I want to say something… something that always bothering me lately. But I guess I can’t say it in front of her, especially when she show her worry expression like this to me. I sigh. “Nothing.”

Rena-chan pouts. This is bad, she will bite me aga- “Aww!!!” See? I’m right. She bites my nose. “Rena! Why do you always bite me? Huh?! It’s hurt.” I rub my nose.

“Then why do you always hide something from me?!”

I look at her face and I see her sad face. I don’t like it! I hate when Rena-chan showing me this face! I pull her into my hug. I don’t want to hurt her, but…

“I love you, Jurina.”

I’m stunned. Those magic words… I hear it many times from her lips in these past 4 years, but until now… I’m still shy when I hear- *CLICK!* I hear the sound of camera shutter. Huh?

Rena-chan sticks out her tongue. “You look cute when you’re blushing.” She shows her phone screen to me, then… I saw the picture of me… bright red.

What?! I didn’t realize that Rena-chan took a picture of me. “H-hey! Delete it!” I try to grab her phone, but Rena-chan quickly locks her phone before I manage to grab it.

“No!!” Rena-chan grins. “I will save it and I won’t show it to anyone.”

I try many characters to guess Rena-chan’s lock code, but I can’t get it true. “Ugh! I fell for your trap? NO! I jumped right into it.”

Rena-chan giggles. “I’m the only one who can see that kind of expression of yours, promise me okay?” She gives a quick kiss on my lips and then she smiles brightly.

I sigh. Oh great! I’m defeated by her charm again. Why did God have to make her too cute like this? “You laugh and smile a lot today.”

Rena-chan crosses her arms. “And you’re pouting a lot today! Tell me what is in your mind NOW!”

I remain silent as I don’t know how to start it.

“Are you thinking about my graduation? Does my graduation announcement yesterday bother you a lot?”

Ugh. She hits the right spot. Why I’m always too easy to be read? It’s like… everything is written on my face!

Rena-chan walks toward me and then she wraps her arms on my body. “Don’t mind about it too much, okay? I will wait you… I will wait until your day comes as well. Someday, you will graduate too and when that time comes… we will live together, forever. I can’t wait until that day comes… we will sleep together every night, we will hang out together every day, and we will live happily ever after. The person who will always beside me is you. I love you, Jurina.”

Love? The love between us does never exist in the first place. Our relationship is… not real.


A month after that, I tried to act normal in front of Rena-chan. We laughed together and had fun together as usual. But I guess… I couldn’t hold it any longer, in the second month… I took some distance from Rena-chan. I ignored her when she called me, I refused her when she asked me to go somewhere together, I pretended to be asleep every time I heard footsteps toward my room because I knew it was Rena-chan, and I also hang out with other younger members more often.

At first, Rena-chan didn’t say anything about it as if she tried to understand how stubborn I could be sometimes. Maybe she just took it as a ‘graduation syndrome’, but she lost her patience when the day she knew that I changed the key to enter my room.

“Can you tell me EXACTLY what the reason is?!”

Rena-chan yelled at me as soon as I opened the door. Well… I didn’t have any choice except to open the door because she has been pressed the bell for one hour. “Reason?”

“Don’t act dumb, Jurina!!” Rena-chan slams the door.

I gulp. I never see Rena-chan so angry like this before. Well… I’m still thankful because she seems does not intend to bite me because it surely would be hurt. “I… I’m just… preparing myself for your graduation.”

Rena-chan frowns. “HUH?! WHAT THE F-”

“I’m learning to get used to life without you, Rena.”

“What?! Don’t be too dramatic, Jurina. It’s still on the next month!!”

“Yes… your graduation will be held in one month. When you graduate, your relation with 48G will be ended there….” I take a deep breath before I say something that I always want to say. “…it’s all also going to end between us soon. Our relationship will be ended there.”

Rena-chan is taken aback. “W-wait… w-what do you mean?”

I look away to avoid her eyes. I’m not going to see that kind of sad expression from her gorgeous face. “Our relationship is not real, just like Atsuko-san and Takamina-san relationship.”

“Eh? B-but… I love you!” Rena-chan yelled at me.

“I love you too, Rena… but don’t be mistaken. This is just our delusion and it’s always happen in girl groups. We are not allowed to have a date with someone in the opposite gender, and because of that… without we realize it, we make an intimate relationship with one another. So… because we don’t have any experience about dating, we start to feel it as if we’re really in love.”

“W-wait a minute, Jurina. Slow down a bit… I-”

I hear Rena-chan’s voice cracked but I ignore it. I have to say it! “When we’re no longer together in SKE, this kind of love will disappear like it never existed because it doesn’t real from the beginning.”

“Stop… s-stop it….”

I want to keep talking. “Just look at how AtsuMina relationship ended. Atsuko-san was dating with a man right after her graduation and Takamina-san looks totally okay with it. Oh, and also… Ohori-san, she got married and now she’s having a child. Accept the reality Rena… we’re going to be like that someday.”

“STOOOOPPP!!!” Rena-chan screams. “Please stop it, Jurina. It’s not delusion… we love each other and our love is different with theirs!!”

I hear Rena-chan cries, but I keep looking away. I’m afraid that I will be weakened if I see her tears. “Let’s simply end it here before we hurt each other more in the future, Matsui Rena.”

Rena-chan snorts in the middle of her tears. “Yeah, it’s only my delusion after all. There is no reason for us to be together, right?” She opens the door and walks away without say anything to me.

I’m hurt… yes, I’m hurt… but, I don’t want to be like Takamina-san. Only me who know exactly how Takamina-san’s feelings when she knew that Atsuko-san had a boyfriend out there. Takamina-san acted like it was nothing in front of people, but in front of me… she showed her true feelings. I saw how desperate and sad she was, I saw how hard she moved on from her own delusion because she thought that Atsuko-san was really in love with her too. I’m afraid to be too hurt like that.


Ahhh…. this rehearsal is too tiring. I sweep my sweat. Two days from now, we will have a graduation concert, Rena-chan’s graduation concert. It’s a big concert, indeed, because Rena-chan is a popular member. I wonder if my graduation concert later will be amazing like this too.

“Are you okay?”

I see someone give me some tissue papers, it’s Riho. “I’m a bit tired, but… I’m okay. I’m strong, you know?” I grin.

“It’s not your physical condition that I mean. Look.” Riho pointed her finger at someone, Rena-chan. “She always glances at you every 5 minutes.”

“Pfftt.” I snorted. “It was only because we’re double centers. She just wants to make sure about her dance position.”

Riho glare at me. “And you glanced at her EVERY 2 MINUTES! I saw it!!”

I gulp. Oh shit. “I just-” I want to talk but our sensei has been asked us to start practice again.

Like seriously… I want a big hole come to eat me at this time because now… me and Rena-chan will do the ‘Two Roses’ rehearsal. Damn! I hate this song so badly because I have to make eye contact with Rena-chan many times.

As the song played, my body dances by itself while my mind fly away. I remember that… after I decided to tell her to end our fake relationship, we were completely ignoring each other. I tried so hard to make my heart believes that I’m not losing anything since there was nothing real from the start. We just have to move on from our delusion, that’s all.

====================== 4 Months Later ======================

I sit in front of my TV while drinking my chocolate milk, but I almost throw up everything when I watch the entertainment news.

Title: Matsui Rena and xxx Reported to be Dating

It was revealed that former SKE48 member, Matsui Rena, have been dating for 2 months now with xxx in the utmost secrecy. Xxx headed towards Matsui’s house and picked her up at a discreet location. The reporters also spotted the two on several dates.

If Matsui is happy then we should be happy since she is not a SKE48 member anymore. Looks like he is the reason why Matsui is becoming more beautiful.


I put my empty cup onto the table harshly. See???!!! I made the right decision!! She’s dating with a guy!!! I don’t know how to express myself at this time. I thought that I’ve been completely moved on from my old delusion, but no… my chest is still hurt.

Half of me feel really thankful because I ‘broke up’ with Rena-chan 5 months ago, if not… I can’t imagine how miserable my life now. But… the other half of me feel regret about my decision… if I do not break up with her, maybe I still have a reason now to tell her to not dating with that guy because she’s still mine.

Ugh! I’m so pathetic. I feel the tears rolling down on my cheeks. I roll over into the couch like a kitten. Maybe a short nap would make me feel better.

When I’m about to turn off the TV, there is someone who press the bell. Who is it?! Why do they come in the early morning like this?! I walk slowly toward the door and then I open it slowly.

“Hi, Jurina. It’s been a while.”

My eyes grow bigger in shock. W-wait… Rena?! What is she doing here?! Bragging out about her new relationship?! I don’t want to know about her happy life out there! “Yes, it’s been a while.” I try to play it cool.

“Oh, you watch the news?” Rena took a glance on my TV.

I shrug it off. “I can’t help it. Your dating news is airing in all national channels. I think I have to buy a DVD player, I’m tired of watching TV.” I see Rena-chan enter my room without my permission, but I let her do what she wants. I want to act like… her dating news is nothing. “Congratulation about your date anyway. You should tell me earlier.” I let out a dry laugh, too awkward.

Rena-chan sits on my couch. “It’s a fake rumor. Xxx-san and I are not dating. Both of us are just become the main characters in my upcoming movie, that’s why we often go to filming location together. But since the movie is not yet to be announced in public, the reporters thinks that both of us dating because we often spotted together.”

Honestly… I want to jump around because I’m happy to hear that, but again… I play it cool. I cough a little. “You came here in this early morning only to tell me about it?? It’s not even my problem.” I roll my eyes.

Rena-chan sighs. “Stop it, Jurina. I know you’re hurt. I know that you’ve just cried some minutes ago. I know you too well, Jurina.” She said it really calmly.

Crap! I hate this. I’m too easy to be read!!

“Listen, Jurina. I can’t do this anymore. I want to stay with you.” Rena said it firmly. She looks calm but I can see through her eyes that she’s hurt.

I remain silent. I’m staring at the ground.

“Don’t you fucking understand that I’m serious about you, Jurina?!” Rena-chan raises her voice. “It’s not our delusion, it is love!!! It’s not only the way I feel in a short moment. I’m so in love with you! In these past months I’m trying to prove you that I’m not like Atsuko-san! I want to make you believe that our relationship is not same with them, stupid! Why you’re too afraid to love me, Jurina? Doesn’t it make you hurt all this time? If you’re hurt, why you didn’t come to me?!”

I raise my head a little, so I can see Rena’s flawless face. “Of course it makes me hurt!” The tears are rolling down on my cheeks in an instant. Rena looks shock, and then she quickly pulls me into her warm hug. “I’m afraid to be too sad, Rena. I’m sorry for hurting you all this time.” I feel Rena’s hand patted my head and her other hand rubs my back to make me calm down.

I close my eyes. I miss Rena, I miss her hug, I miss her sweet scent, I miss her voice, I miss her warm hug, and I miss all about her! But suddenly, I feel the pain on my shoulder. She bites me.“Awww!!!! Why??” Ugh!

“I’m mad at you, got it?” Rena-chan let go of my body. “You hid many things in your mind. You should tell me right away if something bothering you, stupid!”

I smile. Well… if she already bites me, then… everything already back to normal again, right? I wipe my tears. “Don’t be angry, please~” I roll over into her lap. I put my head on her lap and she didn’t refuse it. I lift up my hands and then I pulled her neck down. She struggles but I quickly capture her lips when her face is already close to mine.  BINGO! I give her a sudden kiss. I grin when I see her reddish face. “I’m sorry for ruining our wonderful relationship. I promise that I won’t hide anything from you anymore. I love you, Rena.” BINGO! Her face becomes redder now. Cute~

Rena touches her lips. She looks too surprised and shy. “T-tell me your other secret! I won’t forgive you if you still have one. If you tell me now, I won’t be angry.”

“Hmm… I think I don’t have any secret.” Oh! Suddenly, I remember something. “I have one.”

“What is it?” Rena-chan smile while caressing my hair.

“I’ve never told you before but actually… Mayuyu is my ex.”


“Aw-aw-aw-aww!!!” Rena-chan grabbed my hair strongly. “You said that you won’t be angry! Aww!!!”

“All this time, I let you clinging with her freely because I didn’t know about it!!”

I laugh out loud. It’s been a long time since I saw Rena’s jealous face. I can’t resist the cute face, so… I pull her into other kisses. “You know… I think Mayuyu have been kind of checking me out every day lately, she is kind of clinging on me a lot after you graduate. I wonder if she wants to come back to me.” I whispered it in the middle of our kiss. “Awww!!!” She bites my lips.

========================== THE END ==========================
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Re: [anakpanti fanfic] [OS] WMatsui - Not Real #14
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Yay happy ending for Wmatsui

Thx for the OS

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Re: [anakpanti fanfic] [OS] WMatsui - Not Real #14
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What are you rena-chan? A tiger? LOL, what a cute biting scenes XD

Cute OS, please continue HUNT and REGRET too (╥﹏╥)

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Re: [anakpanti fanfic] [OS] WMatsui - ex #15
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Well… here we go again… wmatsui and a tiny part of Mayu and Yuki. :3

It’s only a slice of life, okay? :p

Words: 1,9K


#15 WMatsui - ex

Have you ever seen your ex lover live happier than they did when they were with you? Have you ever felt angry when you saw your ex was doing fine (even better) without you? Have you ever felt a bit annoyed when you saw your ex smile a lot when they were with their current lover? Well… I did. It happened to me a lot of time.

Jurina. That little brat! I want to smack her head every time she shows her lovey-dovey things with Mayuyu in front of me. I don’t know if she intentionally did it or not, but… I hate it. I’m not sure either why do I hate it. Well… maybe because I’m still single but the other hand… she already has someone to cling with.

Don’t get me wrong… I’m not jealous at her. But… maybe ‘envy’ is the most suitable word.

I broke up with her in about 7 months ago. The reason was… she often made me angry because she was always kissed and hugged many girls!! I always saw her clinging with many cute girls! I always said to her to not do that but she was ignored me… completely ignored me. She kept doing that and then I lost my temper… I slapped her face and we broke up on that night, on my birthday. That was really sucks.

Now, Jurina has been changed. I’m happy because of it, but the only thing that makes me annoyed is… she didn’t change because of me. I’m sad because she changed because of someone else, Mayuyu. It’s lucky for Mayuyu because she didn’t have to experience any bad things like I had in the past. Nowadays, Jurina only sticks with Mayuyu.

“Let’s go home.”

I snapped. Oh, it’s Yukirin. “Yeah.” I smile at her and then she helps me to stand up. Actually, I’m really tired now because we’ve been practiced our new AKB’s single for 3 hours straight. “But I want to go to the toilet first.”

“Okay, I’ll wait you in the car.” Yukirin gives a quick kiss on my cheek and after that she walks away.

I smile while seeing her slender body from behind. Well… I was saying that I’m still single, but it doesn’t mean I don’t have someone that close to me now. Yukirin and I became closer since a month ago. From the way she acts and the way she looks at me… I know that she likes me. It’s only a matter of time we will become couple, sooner or later she will come to me and ask me to be her girlfriend. I’m happy… Yukirin is a mature girl and she’s totally my type. She’s extremely gorgeous, but she’s not like Jurina… Jurina use her charm a lot to flirt other girls, but Yukirin… she’s only gluing her eyes on me.

I turn around and walk toward the door. When I’m about to open the door, I look at Jurina and Mayuyu because their voice distracting me. I have an eye contact with Jurina for a moment before I’m completely stepping out from the dressing room.

I walk slowly toward the toilet. I opened the door and no one in there. It’s great because I don’t have to queue. When I’m about to close the door… Jurina come from nowhere and her strong hand hold the door. I put all my strength to close the door but I can’t. Fuck. “What-do-you-want?”

Jurina smile at me like a puppy and I hate it because she looks extremely cute if she smiles like this. “It’s been a long time but you’re still cold toward me. Are you still angry at me?”

Yes, I’m still angry at her. Every time she showed her face in front of me… my blood boiled. But I won’t tell it to her because it only would bring a misunderstanding. “No. It’s simply because I don’t want to talk with you anymore, except for our job. Now, get out because Yurikin is waiting for me at the parking lot.” I try to push the door again but it doesn’t move at all because Jurina still gripped the door tightly.

Jurina’s cute smile is fading away and changing into a mischievous smirk. She pushes me inside the toilet room and then she steps into the toilet room. I gulp as I see her lock the door from inside. She quickly pinning me onto the wall near the sink. This is crazy. In a moment later, her face is approaching mine, slowly but sure.

“Rena, are you jealous?”

Oh God. I can feel her warm breath on my face… she’s too close. “Jealous? Pfft. Quit dreaming, Jurina. How many times I have to tell you that all the things between us are already over? Do I have to slap you once again to make you sure about it?”

Jurina glares at me and it makes me scared. She is staring at me for a few seconds. “Stay away from Yuki.” After she said it, she let go of my body and then she walks away without say anything again. She leaves me alone and dumbfounded inside the toilet room.

What exactly does she want?!


Jurina and I are in our way back to Nagoya after we stayed in Tokyo for a week. We had a hectic schedule since AKB and SKE released the new singles almost in the same time. As the aces of SKE and as the part of senbatsu member in AKB, we have to go back and forth from Nagoya to Tokyo.

I take a little glance at Jurina who sits beside me. She’s awake. It’s a bit strange because Jurina usually would always sleep in the train. ”Can you explain why you were asked me to stay away from Yuki?” I use this chance to ask her because it’s been bothering me a lot. “Are Yuki a bad girl or something?” I asked it without looked at her.

Jurina remains silent for a few seconds, but then she opens her lips. “No, she’s a really nice girl. Just forget what I said.”

“Okay.” I’m simply answered it. Actually, I feel relieved because Jurina said that Yuki is a nice girl… it would be bad if she told me that Yukirin is actually a player or something.

“Do you love her?” Jurina asked it out of the blue.

I look at her direction to see what face that she is wearing. Thankfully, Jurina’s expression looks okay. Well… it would be a different story if your ex asked to you whether you loved someone else in a sad face, isn’t it? “Yes.”

“I see.” Jurina nodded while saying it. “I love Mayuyu as well. So… the story between us is really over.” She looks at me in a serious expression and it makes me feel uneasy for some reason. “Listen, I want to say this since a long time ago, but I didn’t have a right time since you always wearing a hatred face every time you saw me. But now, I think I can talk freely since you are the first who start this conversation.” She stares at me… deep into my eyes. ”Don’t misunderstand me.”

I frown. “Sorry?”

She sighs and then she looks away. She rests her back comfortably on the seat while staring at the train’s ceilings. “When we were still a lover, I-”

“Here you go again.” I roll my eyes. “I’ve told you… it’s over. Please don’t dig our old story again, it’s already worn out.”

“Worn out.” Jurina snorted. “See? You always see me in a negative way. Don’t you hear what I said? Don’t misunderstand me. I really want to talk about something, so please don’t cut my words again, okay?”

I’m a bit surprised because the way Jurina speaks seems… more gentle and mature, it’s totally different from Jurina that I know. “Okay.”

“Good.” Jurina take a deep breath. “When we were still a lover, I did love you… I was deeply in love with you. You were always misunderstanding at me because I was so playful outside. Even though in the past I was always clinging with other young members, but my heart was still yours. I did it just because I want our kohai feels comfortable around me. No more and no less.”

Honestly, I really want to cut her words but I hold it back.

“You were always angry at me when I did a mistake, even if it was just a silly mistakes. I tried to understand you, so I was always smiling even when you raging on me, but later I found out that you thought that I ignored you when you were angry at me. Rena, even though I was smiling when you yell at me… I listened to your words carefully.” She smiles. “You were the one who had never listened to my explanation. You were always mad at me over and over again even though I already explained everything.”

Suddenly, I remember the moment she was late to pick me up for an hour because she had to buy lunch first. She didn’t have a time to have a lunch before because her schedule was quite hectic on that day… but yeah… I kept sulking and mad at her although she already explained everything.

“You know Rena… on the day you said that we should just be friends, somehow… I felt my whole world shined. When you said goodbye, did you hear me complain anything even though I did love you so much? No. It’s because I felt glad. You’ve made me felt caged before, but after that day I felt I could fly freely.”

I clench my fist but I keep trying to keep my mouth shut.

“Maybe you’ve been noticed that I’m not fooling around girls anymore. If you think it’s because of Mayuyu, you’re wrong… it’s because of you. I want to prove it to you that if only you didn’t break up with me 7 months ago, I could change and be a better girlfriend for you but… you were too impatient and full of anger. You always forgot the fact that I was so young and childish back then… we’re 6 years apart, Rena… yet you always forced me to grow up and mature like you at that time.”

I-it’s because of me? What?

“So… what I want to say here is… let’s stop being an enemy. In these past months, I always come to you… I’m not intending to bother you but I want us to be friends again. Even though we’re not a lover anymore, but I still care about you. We’ve been together since the very beginning of our career, so… let’s take care of each other more from now on. You are still the most important person in my life and it will never change, forever.”

I feel my knees become weak all of a sudden. Her long explanation makes me realize that I never listen to her, not even once. Suddenly, I feel guilt and… full of regret. “Jurina, I-” I want to say something but the loud voice of train operator cut my words, it tells us that we already arrived at our destination.

Jurina stands up. “I think that’s all. Thank you for listening me. See you tomorrow, Rena.”

I see her walking away and leaving me alone on the train. I touch my chest and I can feel my heartbeat is beating very fast. Did I… make a mistake? Did… break up with her was the worst decision that I’ve ever made in my life?


I feel my tears rolling down as I realize that all hatred that I have for her is a actually… love. I still love her.

It’s too late… regret always comes too late.

================================= THE END =================================
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Re: [anakpanti fanfic] [OS] WMatsui - ex #15
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Regret always comes too late... Lucky mayuyu, poor rena LOL
What about Regret? When will you update the last part?
Well done as always...

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Re: [anakpanti fanfic] [OS] WMatsui - ex #15
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This last OS, is.... extraordinary

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Re: [anakpanti fanfic] [OS] WMatsui - It’s (Not) Love at The First Sight #16
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Okay… here I go again…. drama. LOL.

Words: 5 K


#16 WMatsui - It’s (Not) Love at The First Sight

Jurina POV

It happened too fast… everything. Have you ever met someone for the first time and then you just knew that she will be your soul mate? 10 years ago… yeah, 10 years… I met her for the very first time. Our eyes met and then in the next 3 seconds I felt like… ‘click’. Love.

10 years has passed but I even not yet to know her name, I don’t know how beautiful she was when she’s smiling, and even though she’s right in front of me now… I can’t hear her voice. I don’t know how long I would be able to hold my tears.

I really want to ask her whether she felt the same thing 10 years ago. I really want to hear her answer for my ‘Do you love me?’

I feel the tears rolling down on my cheeks. Crap. I quickly let go of her hands and I put it back gently beside her body. After I fix her blanket, I stand up from the chair. I walk toward the window and then I look outside through the window while slowly wiping my tears. God, please…

* FLASHBACK – 10 years ago *

I’m 17. I’m a high school student.

I’m from a rich family so usually I’m not allowed to go around by myself, my father always ask our family driver to take me wherever I want to go. But somehow this Saturday, I’m able to walk alone in the peaceful morning while hearing the music from my earphone.

I love music, I really do. I always make the music really loud in my ears so I won’t be able to hear anything else. For some reason, I like to be alone and music in my ears can make me feel alone, yet happy. Every time I put on my earphone, I’ll enter my own world and nobody can distract me. I won’t care about anything else out there if music already playing on my ears.

I wipe the sweat on my forehead. Well… It’s a summer, so I’m obviously feel hot and my body become full of sweat after walk randomly for about 2 hours. When I see there is a convenience store in a few meters away, I decide to buy an ice cream. I enter the store and then I pay my favorite chocolate ice cream. I want to eat the ice cream right away, but suddenly I remember something… I’ve been sneaking out for over 2 hours, it will be bad if my dad find out I’m not in my room.

I walk out from the convenience store while holding the small plastic bag. I put the earphone back to my ears and I can hear the rock music played. I walk quite fast because I’m afraid my ice cream inside the plastic bag will be melt. I want to eat it right away after I reach my home.

Unexpectedly, after about 5 minutes… I see a beautiful girl, I mean… a really beautiful girl. She walks from the opposite direction… our distance decreased in each second. As we walk closer toward each other, I can see her angelic face… but I’m not quite satisfied because she only looks at the ground. I feel the time become much slower as we passed each other and I can feel her hair scent. Such a sweet scent. The rock song from my phone suddenly turn into a really romantic song, actually it’s still a rock song but my ears hear it as a romantic song… yes, it’s silly.

I stop and then I turn around. I see her slender, a bit too thin actually, body from behind… her raven hair looks so smooth and beautiful from afar. I want to call her but I don’t know her name… I want to say ‘HEY!’ loudly but my crazy heartbeats make me barely can open my lips… I can’t even take another step to reach her because my knees become too weak for some reason.

I only can smile a little. If she’s really my soul mate or something, God will make us meet each other again. I turn my body and walk again toward my house. I keep grinning by myself, maybe people around me start to think that I’m crazy. I cross the street while looking at the ground… the song still playing in my ears and the smile still attached on my lips.

In a few moments later, I feel my body is being pushed by someone. I fall onto the ground and I can see both of my knees start to bleed. I grimaced in pain. My phone and my earphone are also scattered on the street. I clench my fist because I’m very angry and then I wake up quickly, after that… I turn around to see the person who dares to push me down so hard. “HEY!!!! WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING TO ME??!!” I clench my teeth, but then… I’m dumfounded.

I see a taxi escape from the crowd by breaking through the red light. Wait… why- There are many people that run toward my direction. I can’t see what happen in front of me because many people are standing in front of me and blocking my view. What happen? I try hard to break through the crowd and then I see a girl lying on the street… full of blood.

I feel the horror when I see how much blood that flows from her head. I see the girl’s clothes… a white floral summer dress. SHIT!!! No-no-no…. it can’t be- I squat in front of her body and then I see her face. My tears are flowing so hard in an instant. “CALL THE FUCKING AMBULANCE!!!!” I reach her right hand. “HURRY UP!!!!” I yell once again as I begin to panic. H-how???!!!!


The tears that have been wiped before… flows again, it flows harder than before. I bit my lips so my voice won’t come out. I sob quietly in front of the hospital window for the umpteenth time. I feel so pathetic.

The girl who is lying on the hospital bed, the one who saved my life, is still unconscious since that accident. It’s been 10 years but I still can’t say ‘thank you’ properly to her. It’s been 10 years but I still don’t know about her identity. I tried to send her picture into the newspaper and TV but until now… no one come to visit her. I’m so lucky that I come from a wealthy family so my father didn’t need to think twice to help this poor girl after he knew that she saved my life from the hit-and-run accident.

My father paid her hospital fee for about 8 years, but after I got my master degrees and got a really good job, I asked him to hand over the hospital bill to me. In these 2 years, I’m in charge to take care of her.

I see how she grows older… in the hospital bed. Every time I contemplate how she spends these 10 years, I cry. Her eyes are always closed, however her angelic face is never change even though I can see that she gets older.

Since I was still a high school student until now, I always come to the hospital everyday to talk about my day. I keep talking even though I know she won’t say anything, but I always pretend that she can hear me.

After I manage to stop my tears, I walk toward the bed and sit on the chair again. I grab her hand gently and then I hold it tight. My other hand found its way to stroke her hair. I see her face and whispering. “Please wake up. I’m still waiting for you.” I don’t know how many times I’ve been saying it but… I will keep saying it until God take one of our lives.


Rena POV

My body feels so light, I only wear white clothes, I feel so lonely, and no one can notice me. I don’t know how long I’ve been like this… not alive but not dead either.

I’ve been in this room for so long and it makes me feel so bored. I want to fly away but I can’t, because I have to stay close to my physical body and I have no idea why.

Matsui Jurina… is the name of a girl I like. She always visits me every day and tells me many things about her silly experiences out there. She always tries to hide her tears but she doesn’t know that I actually can see it clearly, even though she always stood far from my physical body every time she cried.

She never speaks what’s truly in her mind, she only says the happy things, but actually… in this long time I’ve been trying to learn her expression. Now, I can guess whether she has a hard time in school or in work only by looking at her face. Sometimes, she faked her smile and it made me feel upset. My physical body is just… lying there, so why she doesn’t just tell me everything?! I won’t judge her… and even if I want, I can’t!

I’ve been seeing her grow up… from a cute-lively high school girl until she becomes a mature-captivating lady like this. Watching her like this every day make me want to touch her, make me want to say ‘I’m right here, so don’t worry’ to her, but obviously… I can’t. This feelings torture me so much… the feelings of someone who can’t reach the person they love.

Please wake up. I’m still waiting for you.’ I always relieved every time she whispered it to me… it feels so warm. I want to wake up but I don’t know how. God, please…


Time has passed again. Days? Weeks? Months? Or even years? I don’t know exactly how long because the time in my world feels much slower.

Usually, I can bear it… but not now. There is a new girl who comes with Jurina. She looks gorgeous. Well… I don’t care about her looks, the only one that distracting me is… she always holds Jurina’s hand even since they entered the room. Who is she?

I sit beside my physical body and wait until one of them open their lips.

“It’s been 11 years, Jurina.” The new girl began to speak.

“I know. You don’t have to remind me of that, Mayuyu.” Jurina responded the other girl without taking off her eyes on my physical body. So… her name is Mayuyu. What’s her relationship with Jurina?

Mayuyu sigh and then she sits beside Jurina. “Jurina, please… get a life. You can’t make yourself keep suffering like this.” She wraps one of her arms onto Jurina’s shoulder… she hug Jurina. “You’re not alone… you have me, okay?”

Jurina give a light nod. “Thank you for always taking care of me. I owe you much.”

“I love you and of course I’ll always by your side, you know?” Mayuyu is caressing Jurina’s head gently.


Jurina also wrapped her arms on Mayuyu’s body. “I know. Thank you so much.”

I try to read Jurina’s expression and then I surprised. She begins to doubt me… maybe she starts to believe that I’m never going to wake up again. I feel so… betrayed.

Mayuyu let go of Jurina’s body and then she stands up. “I will buy dinner for us.” She walks out from the room after she gets a nod from Jurina.

Now… it’s only me and Jurina in this room.

“Hi.” Jurina smiled. “I’m sorry for not introducing her to you earlier. She’s Watanabe Mayu, my childhood friend.” After give me some caresses on my cheek, she looks at the ground. “I’m sorry.” She cries. “Just like she said before, I… I have to get a life.” She doesn’t try to wipe her tears nor hide as usual. She keeps talking. “Without you knowing it, I’ve been rejecting her for dozen times but… I… I’m not going to do it again. I can’t keep hurting her like this.”

I’m fucking have a bad feeling about this one.

“What I want to say here is… I’m going to start a relationship with her.” Jurina is sobbing. “But don’t worry… I won’t abandon you, not even once. You’re still the most precious person in my life.”


“I still have a tiny hope that you will wake up someday.” Jurina breathe heavily as her tears fall harder. “CAN’T YOU JUST WAKE UP??!!! LIKE… NOW??!! PLEASE WAKE UP! WE STILL CAN FIX EVERYTHING NOW!!”

I’m so shock. I never see her so desperate like this before.

“CAN’T YOU JUST WAKE UP TO SAY YOUR NAME??!!” Jurina’s face gets redder because she cries too hard. She covers her face with both of her hands.”It’s been 11 years but I never hear your voice… I even don’t know your name.” Suddenly, she starts laughing. “See? You never answer me!!!”

“Jurina? What happen? Why are you yelling?” Mayuyu enter the room while holding 2 boxes of their meals. She looks shocked as she sees the heavy tears on Jurina’s eyes.

Jurina wipe her tears. “Nothing.” She stands up. “Let’s just have a dinner in my house. I’m tired.” She grabs Mayuyu’s hand and then she drags Mayuyu go outside.

NO!!! N-NO…. Don’t leave me…. DON’T! JURINA!!

I try to reach Jurina’s hand but it’s always failed. I try to scream but there’s no voice come out. I can’t reach Jurina… they leave me alone in this quiet room. I want to cry but there’s no tears come out. I don’t know what to do.

After they left me, I just sit on the bed… beside my physical body. Why can’t I just wake up?! I don’t want to lose Jurina!!! I stare the closed eyes of my physical body beside me. WAKE UP, STUPID!! Well… it feels weird to talk to myself in the beginning but I kind of get used to it now.

I see the heart rate monitor… my heartbeat looks good. So maybe… my head is the problem? I touch the forehead of my physical body and then I close my eyes. God, it’s been too long… please just let me back. After I said that, I feel so sleepy all of a sudden. I can’t open my eyes again and everything becomes totally dark and quiet.


Normal POV

Jurina confused because there are many doctors and nurses in front of the room. It’s been 3 days since the last time she visited the hospital with Mayuyu, so she has no idea about these entire crowd. She gasps. D-did she… die?! No way! She quickly runs toward the room. “What happen???!!” She yelled it while grabbing the doctor’s collar.

Instead of angry, the doctor gives a smile to Jurina. “In about half hour ago, your friend showed a little movement with her toe and then in 15 minutes ago, she was moving her index finger three times. I’m sure that soon… your friend will be able to smile again, Matsui-san.”

Hearing those words from the doctor makes Jurina lose her mind for a moment. “S-she will… awake?” She closes her mouth as she gets a firm nod from the doctor. I can’t believe this.

“Please come in, Matsui-san.” The doctor opens the door.

Jurina looks doubt for a moment but then she goes inside. As soon as she enters the room, her eyes meet with the weak body that still lying on the hospital bed. But now, it looks different… because she has gained her hope again. “Hi.” She said it when she already stood close enough to the unconscious girl. A smile appeared on her lips… as well as the tears that rolling down on her cheeks.

Apparently, the other girl didn’t wake up as fast as Jurina thought. The other girl wouldn’t suddenly wake up, it was actually a slow progress. She saw the other girl movements increased little by little, from moving the eyebrows, moving more than 2 fingers, moving the toes, etc.

It’s been a week and Jurina had never left the hospital, she watched the other girl carefully and reported every progress to the doctor, even if it was only a little movement. Then finally…

Jurina lift her head slowly as she feels some gently pats on her head. She yawns and then she rubs her eyes. Her brain still hasn’t work properly since she has just wake up and tired as well. But then she gasp, almost choked. W-wait…

“G-ggood… m-mor-morning.”

Jurina’s heart is almost jumping out from her chest after she heard the unfamiliar voice. She rubs her eyes and then her eyes meet with a pair of beautiful eyes. The girl with a pair of black orbs eyes is gazing her while showing a weak smile. She stands up so quickly and she even makes the chair fall. “DOCTOOOORRR!!!!!!”

“H-heyy… c-calm d-ddown.”

Jurina heard the girl was stammering, maybe it’s because the lips are still stiff. “You are the one who need to calm down.” She is still looking at the other girl in disbelief way. “Wait here, I will call the doctor.” She wants to walk out but…


Jurina stop. Dumbfounded. It was the first time for her to hear her name was being called by the other girl. How did she know my name?

“D-don’t worry. I… I’ve met the doctor an hour ago. T-they wanted to wake you but I prevented t-them… S-sorr-sorry… Ju-jurina.”

“How do you know my name?” Jurina tilt her head. “I mean… I don’t even know you-”

“Matsui Rena. Now you know.” Rena smile but still so weak.

Without Jurina knowing it, her tears are already rolled down. Finally… I can hear her voice, I can see her smile, and I know her name… She sits on the floor while crying. …after more than 11 years.

There are many things she wanted to talk about, but she tries to hold back because she notices that Rena hasn’t fully recovered. Thanks God.


“Are you good?” Jurina sit beside the hospital bed.

Rena smile. “I don’t know. Are you?” She sits on the bed while resting her back onto the pillow behind her.

“Pfft.” Jurina let out a small chuckle. “I’m fine and I guess you’re totally good.”

Rena stretches her hands. “Not really. I feel my body is so stiff like a board. My legs are still weak. I even can barely feel my back. I feel dizzy too but I can bear it.”

Jurina roll her eyes. “Obviously. You’ve been lying on this bed for over 11 years… well, I don’t want to mention about your age but-”

“Stop!” Rena glares at Jurina. “From now on, ‘age’ word is forbidden. Okay?!”

Jurina laugh for a few seconds and then her laugh decreased gradually. She looks at Rena’s eyes in a serious way. “I want to ask you about many things but…”

“Don’t worry. Go ahead.” Rena tries to wipe Jurina’s hesitance away. “It’s been 2 weeks since my consciousness back, so… I’m strong enough to answ-”

“Do you love me?”

Rena is taken aback. She is too shock and it makes her can’t move her lips to answer the question.

“On that day, I saw you walked to another direction… but how did you save me? Did you turn around and followed me? You know… I’m the one who was supposed to be dying in this hospital, NOT YOU!”

Rena is confused. She doesn’t know how to start nor from where she should start. She’s shy and afraid.

Jurina gulped. “Please answer my question. I’ve been waiting the answer of that question for years. I know it’s silly… we’ve never talked before and I just…” She stops for a while. “I just… falling for you right on the day you saved my life.”The tears come out. “Could you imagine how it feels… fall in love with someone at the first sight and then losing them on the same day?! It’s fucking hurt!”

Rena remains silent.

Jurina snorts. “S-sorry… I know it’s silly.” She wipes her tears. “Sorry for my sudden statement. Just… forget it.”

Rena bites her below lips, seeing Jurina cries make her want to cry as well. “I won’t forget it because…” She reaches Jurina’s hand and then she holds it tightly. “…I’ve been falling in love with you long before that accident… I just didn’t realize it at that time. But I’m sure it was not at the first sight.”

Jurina tilts her head. “Sorry? Did we ever meet before that day?”

* FLASHBACK – 12 years ago *

Rena POV

It has become my routine to come here, the music store. I’ve been working here for 3 months as a cashier. Since I’m an orphan, I need some extra money to pay my rent and pay college. My parents died 6 months ago because of car accident, and now I have to survive alone in this cruel world.

I always start to work from 8 AM to 5 PM and then I will go to college at 6 PM… after that, I will go home at 10 PM. That’s my boring lifecycle in 6 days/week, I get holiday once a week.

“I want to buy this one.”

I see a CD placed beside the cashier machine. I take the CD without looking at the buyer, actually… I never look at the customer’s face because I think it’s wasting my time. I enter the CD code into the machine and then the price show up. “1,600 yen.” I simply said it.


The buyer placed the credit card onto the table. I take a little glance at the buyer clothes and then I’m a bit surprised because I see the uniform. Wait… a high school student using the credit card?! Wow. Well… I don’t care as long as the card is active. I quickly continue the payment process and then I wrap the CD neatly into the plastic bag. “Thank you and please come back again. Have a nice day.”

The high school girl walks out from the queue and the next buyer come to my counter.


“I want to buy this.” A girl put the CD and the credit card on my counter.

Right… this girl again. It’s easy to recognize her since she’s the only high school student that always using the credit card to pay the CD, besides that… she always comes to this store every 2 weeks. Yeah, I’ve been counting. Lately, I even can recognize her by her voice and her perfume.

I do the payment process as usual. “Thank you and please come back again. Have a nice day.” Just right before she walk away, I unintentionally see her nametag… Matsui Jurina.



I almost fell backward as I shocked because a bunch of high school students entered the store and talked really loud. I lift my head and I want to gently shoo them away from the store, it would be bad if the other customers feel uncomfortable here. But I stop as soon as I see the nametag of the birthday girl… Matsui Jurina.

It’s the first time for me to see her face. It’s also the first time I see her smile, such a bright and cute smile. So… it’s her birthday. I decide to let it go, but not because she’s pretty, it’s because she’s my regular customer.

Today, she didn’t buy anything because her friends are immediately dragging her outside.


After that day, I begin to secretly watch her from afar.

She always come her twice a week after school hours over. She loves ice cream because I always see her throw the empty wrappers onto the trashcan in front of this store. She never take off the white earphone from her ears, she even never take it off when she goes to the counter. She never looks at me because she is always busy with her CD player. I guess she likes hip-hop and rock because she often buys that kind of CDs.

She’s always surrounded by her friends, but she politely shoo them when she wants to enter this store. A man in the black suit always waits her outside the store; maybe he’s her driver or something. She’s a first year student because I’ve seen her book once; she placed it on the table when she was looking for her wallet.

That’s all that I know about her. I know those things about her after watched her for about 6 months. Yeah, I know… I’m such a creepy pedobear. I let out a sigh.


Oh God. I’m facepalming. I have to go to the store.

Actually, this is my holiday but I just got a phone call from my co-worker that her stomach is hurt so I have to take over her job. I look at the clock. 10 AM, I should hurry because she has to go see the doctor.

I randomly take the clothes from wardrobe and then I wear it. I see my reflection on the mirror. Umm… this white floral summer dress isn’t bad. After that, I quickly lock the door and go to the store as soon as possible.

I get off the bus and then I walk fast on the sidewalk. But in the midway, from afar, I see someone familiar. Matsui Jurina.

My heartbeat goes crazy and I’m hardly breathing. Shit! Why do I have to be nervous like this?! She even didn’t know me!! I keep walking but I don’t lift up my head. I just… walking and passing her while looking at the damn ground. I sigh as I pass her without any problem. I can breathe freely again.

I keep walking, but this time slower, toward the store while thinking many things. She looks so cool in her training suit. It’s my first time seeing her without her uniform. But wait… why is she alone? Where’s the usual driver-man that always with her?

For some reason, I turn around. I don’t care about my friend anymore at that time. I walk fast toward Jurina. I almost lose her but after some seconds I find her. I follow her from behind like a creepy pedobear, again.

I can see her slender yet strong body that has been full of sweat from behind. I see the plastic bag in her hand. Is it an ice cream? I chuckle. Well… as usual, she never put off her earphone.

I don’t know what the reason, maybe because of the curiosity or because of the admiration, my feet keep following her steps. Now, I’ve been standing right behind her. I look at her back and her neck. She’s so sweaty and it makes me feel like… want to wipe her sweat with my handkerchief. Her wet hair also makes her looks sexy.

I notice the other walkers stop walking all of a sudden because the red light is on, and then I stop as well. However, Jurina keep walking. What?! I’m panic. I want to grab her hand but she is already walking too far from me. “Matsui Jurinaaaa!!!!” I called her name out loud but there are no signs Jurina will stop. That damn earphone!!!!!

I see a taxi come really fast toward Jurina. I clench my fist. Fuck! Without the second thought, I run toward Jurina as fast as I can and then I push her with all my might. I see her fall onto the street and then in a blink of eye…. *BRAAK!!*

She’s safe.


Jurina can’t close her mouth after she heard it. “Wait a minute.” She snorts. “Are you fucking kidding me?! You were the cashier of the music store near my school??!!!” She stands up and then she walks back and forth. “I can’t believe it! How could I do not recognize you before?”

Rena smile. “There are many things that you don’t know, Jurina. You won’t believe it even I tell it to you.”

Jurina frowns. “Tell me.” She said it firmly.

Rena takes a deep breath. “You said that I’ve been here for 11 years… unconscious, but actually… it’s only my physical body. During these years, I can hear you… I can see you.”

“What do you mean?” Jurina gasp. “Wait! Are you trying to say that your spirit or ghost or something… was lived in this room?! So… you saw everything and heard everything I said to you??!!!”

“Yeah, kind of. I remember that one day you told me that you forgot to do your homework, so you did prank to your math teacher by smearing her chair with red ink. Well… you succeeded in making her went home earlier because of that.” Rena let out a soft giggle. “Bad kid.”

Jurina is totally surprised. “How did you do that?”

Rena shrugged. “I don’t know… ” She looks at the ground to avoid Jurina’s eyes. “Well… you said something about Mayuyu too.” She exhales. “Umm… actually, you didn’t have to tell me when you’re going to have a relationship with someone.” She hears that Jurina want to cut her words but she keep talking. “But thanks to you, because of that… I have a really strong will to wake up. I… I don’t want to lose you… I don’t want you to leave me.”

“Hey… hey.” Jurina grabs Rena’s hands gently. “I said it because I was too frustrated and hopeless. I was not really wanted to leave you because-” She kisses Rena’s forehead. “-I love you.” She caresses Rena’s cheek. “I’m sure that you already knew about it since you said that your so-called spirit was stalking me for years.” She shows a big grin.

“I can’t wait to have our first date.”Rena smiles as well. “Thank you for your love all this time.”

“I’m the one who supposed to say thank you… for everything. From now on, I want to know you better.”

Seeing Jurina up close like that… make her heart fluttered. She pulls Jurina’s collar and then she captures the other girl’s lips. “You’re mine.

Jurina was surprised but then she smiles while receiving such a sudden kiss. “I promise that I will replace the 11 years of your suffering into a really happy life.” She kisses Rena back.

============================== THE END ==============================

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Re: [anakpanti fanfic] [OS] WMatsui - It’s (Not) Love at The First Sight #16
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Whoa, another great story.  :hehehe:

Lucky Rena woke up in the right time  :glasses:

Well they live happily ever after  :omamori:

Great OS and see ya soon  :on GJ:
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