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Author Topic: The 3 Classes - COMPLETED  (Read 43206 times)

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Re: The 3 Classes - Chapter 15 (Completed!)
« Reply #140 on: July 01, 2014, 08:49:56 AM »
Nooo you can't do thissssss. How could youuuu :bleed eyes:
Lol. This is so greaat. Thank youu :twothumbs

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Re: The 3 Classes - Chapter 15 (Completed!)
« Reply #141 on: July 01, 2014, 11:19:46 PM »
you've finished this! BIG CONGRATS!!!  :on cny2: :mon firecrack:
awesome ending! honestly i shed a tear when Mayu told Yuko about what would happen with those four at the switch place.. and Yuko-sama just able to save Yuki alone in 5 seconds..  :cry:
but it turned to be a happy in the end~ AtsuMina got together again  :D (even it was tough for takamina)
thankyou for finished this story  :yep: goodluck for the others, i'll be waiting~

I saw you update an OS about Atsuko and yuko... I definitely went nowhere near that because I don't like that kind of ship,
i believe you misunderstood something, lezperv-san.. that oKei-san's OS is about Atsuko & Yuko as main chara, let's say their adventure, but the pairing is still AtsuMina & KojiYuu indeed.. well it's a pure comedy story, not a love-centered story.. sorry for my blabbering, just saying  :nervous i'm alike with you actually, as for me, i love KojiYuu so i'm not gonna read MariHaru >_< hehehehe i said too much  :panic:

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Re: The 3 Classes - Chapter 15 (Completed!)
« Reply #142 on: July 01, 2014, 11:47:20 PM »
hwaaaaaaa i can feel how takamina feeling how she stressed over that ..  :mon cry:
that's why i confused what these team switch do when they finished their mission, so that's the reason huh ..
but fortunately takamina could be patient with her love to atsuko .. it's the same with her speech in sousenkyo "the efforts that we trust, will definitely be rewarded" eventhough she got to confessed 9x lol
Thank you so much oKei-san for made this story from the start to the end .. I love this story so much, besides it's in takamina's POV, and very funny indeed  XD
i hope you will make another story about Atsumina and the others  :twothumbs

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The 3 Classes (Completed) - Replies & maybe a little something
« Reply #143 on: July 13, 2014, 05:48:49 AM »
I should have replied sooner, better now than never. If i hadn't tonight, i probably never would have gotten around to it heheh. :nervous

If anyone was waiting, gomen ne!

I didn't reply to everyone, but thank you to everyone who commented! Here, it's just some replies and i guess mainly explanations. One particular explanation might be a bit extra tho lol.



Ah.. Wow.. Thank you so much. I never thought i was that good. I honestly hate writing, but if it's for AKB then i'm up for anything! Especially atsumina~ and all my otp's XD Writing T3C really changed my view of writing though. I've come to like it more, which makes it sooo much easier for me to write essays and the like lol...or more fics

I wanted to make it easier to imagine them so i made them more like themselves :) yeeaaahh you're right, i could have wrote the courting but i felt like it might take too long and hadn't planned for it. Best to leave it to everyone's imagination~
Oh yeah, why did i write all the way to the 9th confession lol. That might of been a bit much, but since it shows Takamina's love for Atsuko then it's fine—i mean perfect XD

YESSSSSHHHH, i just came up with a new atsumina fic that i'm going to write after i have camp this week. I REALLY need to update on my other fic too, thanks for the reminder. Currently, with no school I have no motivation to write it. It's funny, i can only write at school. It's hard to write here at home, too many distractions~ I'm sorry, just like you, I also can't wait for the update. I'm excited to write what's in store for that fic, so many great things planned for it. I should just get my sister to constantly nag me to write it lol, i'll just do that so it'll be done faster. You might have to wait a bit longer for it, gomen ne. Just know i'm not going to abandon it. I really love writing that one.

I can understand, i used to like just atsumina lol. But everyone has their preferences so its alright.

Wheww, i wrote alot too. Thank you for waiting ^_^

@Terragen, gek geki
Let's see~ a short explanation of what happened? Yes? No? Okay, maybe yes right? I won't write too much though, because I'm done lol.

It was a simple white lie, or so she thought. One day, Mayu found out that Yuki and Rena had once dated. Big shocker to her, since she honestly had never known. She respects Rena as her senpai a lot, so she says she doesn't care when Yuki mentions that they once had dated. It was in the past. Although in reality, Mayu did care and she herself didn't even know it. She was denying it when deep inside, she started to hate Rena. A few days later as hate builds up, Mayu is hanging out with Yuki. Yuki asks Mayu if she's seen her missing underwear. Mayu simply says no, not blushing which makes Yuki suspicious of her. She questions her again, to which Mayu still replies no. Yuki explains that she had them all the previous day, and then all just disappeared that morning. She assumes Mayu had something to do with it. Of course, she's right but she doesn't know that. Mayu tells Yuki that she'll help her look for them. Yuki blushes saying it's okay, she's embarrassed if Mayu sees them. Mayu shrugs and tells her she has to go. After a quick kiss, Mayu runs to her room to hide the underwear she stole from Yuki. She puts them in a bag and rushes out of the room with them to take them elsewhere where Yuki won't find them. While running, Mayu bumps into Rena. Mayu sees this as her chance, and in Rena's confusion, puts the underwear in Rena's bag. She mutters a quick apology for bumping into her before rushing away from a clueless Rena.
Later on, Jurina and Rena are spending time together in Jurina's room. Rena has come to help the younger girl study. As Rena checks Jurina's paper, she asks Jurina for a red pen in her bag. Jurina happily does as she says, and digs through the bag. *GASP* what happened? She finds Yuki's underwear! Dun dun DUN! Continuing, Jurina demands an explanation from Rena who has no idea how they got there. Jurina knows Rena used to date Yuki so assumes it's hers. It would be more understandable somewhat if she had found them i don't know, in Rena's room, questionably. But that's not the case. Jurina questions if Rena really loves her, and demands to know if Rena is cheating on her. Rena denies it, she loves Jurina very much. She tells Jurina that, but Jurina doesn't believe her and threatens to break up with her. She storms out of the room to find and destroy Yuki.
Meanwhile, Yuki is scowering her now messy room for her underwear. She's certainly taking her time, she could just use her speed to try and find them in an instant, but she doesn't just in case she might miss them. A sudden banging on her door stops Yuki. Before she could open it, the door melted before her and Jurina was standing in its place glowing bright red from furious anger. She was on fire. Yuki yells at Jurina saying she's going to burn down the place if she doesn't cool herself. Jurina yells at Yuki words she can't understand. Seeing as the floor was getting scorched, Yuki speeds Jurina outside the dorm. She asks Jurina what's the matter, and Jurina says like she doesn't know. Yuki becomes confused. This causes Jurina to get even angrier thinking that Yuki was playing innocent. She rushes her and punches her in the face. Yuki's face gets burned and she's shocked. She asks what did she do to deserve this. Jurina doesn't answer and fights Yuki making her fight back. Yuki has no choice but to cool down Jurina on her own. She speeds around her creating a vortex and blocking the flames. Without oxygen, the flames and Jurina start to cool down. When Jurina stops glowing, Yuki stops to let the girl breath and demands an actual explanation for trying to kill her. Jurina spits at her feet, and explains about Rena. Yuki forgets about Jurina for a moment, more concerned about Rena. She took her underwear? Why would Rena do that?? Is what Yuki's thinking. Does she want Jurina to actually kill her? Maybe Rena actually hasn't forgived Yuki for breaking up with her, and wants to see her dead. She probably hates her. Yuki's thoughts trail a spiral of negativity and endless situations. She comes to a decision. Well if Rena wants Jurina to fight her, then she'll fight back if she has to. Once defeating Jurina, she'll go to Rena and demand an explanation from her too. *fast forward* Yuki beats up Jurina. Fire cannot beat speed and lack of oxygen. **
All this time, Mayu is enjoying a slice of strawberry cake.
Yuki goes to Rena to find her crying and her underwear on the floor in front of Rena. Jurina had dumped them on the floor before she left and Rena happened to be near them. Yuki misunderstands thinking that Rena was crying over them and tells Rena that she can't believe that Rena is still not over her. She thought that Rena really loved Jurina, but was starting to think otherwise. Yuki starts thinking that maybe it really is impossible to be friends after breaking up. She should just cut ties with her and almost everyone else again. She momentarily forgets about Mayu. Her head is going crazy. It's unbelievable.
Rena shakes her head at Yuki and tries to explain the exact same thing she said to Jurina. She never took them in the first place. She didn't know how they got there. This causes Yuki to stop and think again. Did she really not take them? Why should I believe her though? I already got punched in the face because of her. Forget her, i never should of got in a relationship with her in the first place. None of this would have happened.' Yuki's not thinking straight anymore. Everyone is all confused. What's really going on?
Meanwhile, Mayu is just walking out of the garden and heading for the dorm. She skips her way there, thinking she's going to see Yuki. She was excited to see her even if hadn't been that long since the last time she saw her. As Mayu enters the dorm, she feels a sudden tension. Her instincts kick in to use her ability as her eyes change color to blue as she scans the dorm through various rooms. She sees Rena and Yuki in a room and it looks like Jurina was also running down the hall towards them. But Jurina's aura seemed different. It was like she was about to attack someone. Yuki! Mayu panics and sprints to Yuki's room as fast as she could. When she got there she widens her eyes as Jurina was just about throw a fireball at Yuki and perhaps at Rena too by the looks of it, and Yuki was glaring down at Rena with fists tightened. Rena was about to stand up as Jurina came into the room with her fists on fire. Before anything could happen, Mayu opens her arm and holds a new gun pointing in 3 different directions, aiming at the three figures now frozen in the room upon seeing her. Mayu had also quickly shot at Jurina narrowingly missing the girl's hand as a warning to stop before she hurt someone. Well too late, Jurina hurt Yuki earlier. Mayu notices Yuki's burnt cheek and demands what the hell was going on in here. If she didn't get an explanation she sweared she'd shoot all of them unconscious. Yuki, Rena, and Jurina all start going off at once trying to tell what happened, but Mayu can hardly understand. She tells them all to shut up and asks one by one, starting with Jurina who seems like she needs to talk things out rather than take action and burn. Jurina tells Mayu that Yuki is cheating on her with Rena. Mayu demands why. Jurina says because there's evidence and says that Rena had Yuki's underwear. Inside, Mayu gasps. Warning bells are going of in her head. Like shit Mayu, what are you going to do about this?! She talks to herself in her head.
Rena tries to explain that she wasn't cheating, but Mayu holds her hand up to stop her. The three are silent waiting for Mayu to speak. Mayu takes a step back, scratching her cheek. She mumbles softly, looking away from the three. They can't hear her. She says it louder but they still can't hear her. She starts yelling, "OK, I DID IT. I stole Yuki's underwear and I might have put it in Rena's bag. I'M SO SORRY. Ok, bye!" Mayu quickly runs for her life out the door. She leaves the other three shocked, but they recover quickly turning their anger and frustrations to the little mouse who ran out the door.
At the end of they day, when the mouse was put down, (They locked Mayu in an underground room with no bed, bathroom or food. She's to stay for rest of the day and until the next morning) Yuki apologized for what Mayu did as she was her girlfriend. She was a bit embarrassed that Mayu was so troublesome often. Jurina and Rena also apologized, especially Jurina since she also hurt her bad. They tell Yuki to watch herself around Mayu, and that she should know better than to believe a word she says. Yuki says she knows now, and she tells them that there are some words that she can believe from Mayu. Jurina and Rena ask her what's that. Yuki replies that it's when Mayu says she loves her.

~ok, so maybe i lied and it became something....too long. I hadn't meant to write all this, but the words just flowed and i couldn't stop. Gah! Oh well~ i hope you enjoyed. I guess it's like a bonus of some sort who knows

I was practically holding my breath writing about Mayu and Yuko. I'm glad i could make everything turn out alright in the end. When i finished, i felt so lost though haha. Like what am i supposed to do now? Oh, well i could write another fic duh xD
Thanks again :)
Btw, besides that kinda atsuyuu 3-shot, i actually did write an atsuyuu OS. That one was more serious and love-centered with a bit of comedy that was hard to write in. Just saying..

Haha thanks! And just saying, if you havent read it, i am writing another story about atsumina and others somewhat. It's called What Can't Be...Is, though i haven't updated that one in a while. I'm meaning to though! Soon.. Hopefully... But yeah.


That should be all there needs to know, like loose ends, from T3C. If you need to know anything, just pm me. :)

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Re: The 3 Classes (Completed) - Replies & maybe a little something
« Reply #144 on: July 13, 2014, 07:50:38 AM »
Arigatou okei sama!!!! I love it!!!!

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Re: The 3 Classes (Completed) - Replies & maybe a little something
« Reply #145 on: July 13, 2014, 11:50:31 AM »
All the problems an underwear can do XD Thanks for the explanation! X)

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Re: The 3 Classes - COMPLETED
« Reply #146 on: April 15, 2018, 04:54:45 PM »
Wow! Im 4 years late for this fic but I really love it! At the beginning I sensed Sky High vibes and then some references of Howl's Moving Castle because of the dial XD I thought when Takamina was getting her powers shes gonna have like OP af once but would ya look at that, she gets small but is super strong nice  :twothumbs we never really shed some light (get it? haha kms) on Yuko's second power like she used it two times xd but im not complaining tho it was a good story and ending (tho the ending did leave me hanging cuz Atsuko never got all her memories back and I wanted a scene where she just looks at Takaboy for a few minutes and burst into tears or something *shrugs*) but all in all Why was i not aware of this story :'x loved it
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