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Author Topic: Different Chapter 16 - LAST CHAPTER UPDATE  (Read 40764 times)

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Different Chapter 16 - LAST CHAPTER UPDATE
« on: February 04, 2014, 12:02:19 PM »
hey !! I'm a newbie here,so.. yoroshiku !  :)
it's my first fanfic so sorry if there's any mistakes,beside its my first fanfic,my english is not really good,im sorry again for it

enjoy !!  :cow:

Behind The Snow
    Winter has arrived. The snow began to fall with a beautiful view. I'm looking at it while simpered. Playing above the expanse of snow. This reminds me of an incident that brought you.

December 24, 5 years ago

' Krek '

    "I'm sorry I took your photos without talking first, it is very difficult to resist my feelings to photograph you. You're very sweet! "
"Ahh, Kashiwagi Yuki! Your Name?? "

   "Ano ... Watanabe Mayu "

   Our introduction are so short. Starting from you who took my picture silently, we accidentally met. As the time passed, we became best friends and friendship that turns into a felling that I don’t understand, love.

   "Mayu-chan!! Take A Look!! Beautiful butterflies!! " Yuki yelled to me while showing a butterfly that is very beautiful
"Sugooii!! Quickly take her picture!! " I get excited after seeing the butterfly

   "Ahh, mayu-chan, I think the butterflies liked you, take a look at it.. It’s always near you "I was trying to catch it. And Yes, with calm the butterfly is resting in the Palm of my hand

' Krek '

    "Kawaii!" Yuki just smiling while saw the picture that he took
"Ehh?? Yuki can you stop taking my picture silently?? "

    "It’s very hard to resist the feeling to want to photograph you mayu-chan" Yuki smile

Sometimes, a love is not forever be decorated by happiness. The separation will always come. At any time, even when we're enjoying it.
    "Yuki!! Stop away from me!! Yuki!! " I screamed at my hardest, looking for him that not seen since the morning comes

    "I'm sorry, mayu .."

    ' Stop nostalgic, mayu ' I thought. Yes .this 5 years, every winter my brain never stop repeat the good times with you. This feeling is too deep to return forgotten. I just noticed it, too sluggish. Sometimes it is true if it is said that love often comes too late.

    I continued my journey in this expanse of snow.

     ‘Photo exhibition??’ My eyes fixed on a photo exhibition that seemed to have opened. The crowd always seems to fill that spot. I tried to come to the exhibition. ' The photos that made me remember the past.. with you' I thought again.

     A corner of the photos draw my attention. Instantly my feelings changed dramatically. Unexpectedly, my tears start to flow. That photo. The first time I met him, when he took a picture of me in silence, as he was always there for me.

     Besides the photographs, there’s a word written with beautiful.The word that he always said after photographing me

     ' It is very difficult to resist my feelings that I must take your picture. '

     "The past is  really  wonderful, Mayu-chan."
"Yyuki .."

      Immediately I held him tightly. He return my hug. I started crying in his embrace.As strong as I hold my tears, this just makes these tears flow more.

     "Yyou 're.."
"I'm back. For you, only for you "he kissed my forehead, rubbing my hair gently.

     "Ne, stop crying.You should smile, I miss Mayu who always smiling whenever she seeing me. " He kept rubbing my hair gently

    "I miss you .."

     "Mayu-chan." He release my hug and then kneeling in front of me. Immediately he took out a box and show it in front of my eyes

     "Marry me."
"Yes .."

Every story has a happy ending, isn't it??
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Re: Behind The Snow (oneshot)
« Reply #1 on: February 04, 2014, 12:50:48 PM »
Is a cute story.  :two thumbs
Continue to write more.   :cow: 

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Re: Behind The Snow (oneshot)
« Reply #2 on: February 04, 2014, 02:33:47 PM »
Is a cute story.  :two thumbs
Continue to write more.   :cow: 

thank you for supporting me  :D

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Re: Behind The Snow (oneshot)
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Please update soon

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Different prologue (MaYuki Genderbend)
« Reply #4 on: February 08, 2014, 01:36:21 PM »
hey all !! I just look at my data at my computer and find this,I abandoned it for a long time  XD

Sorry if its really a short prologue. For sure I will post the 1st chapter as soon as possible. I'm sorry again if you all dont like a genderbend  :bow:
hehe sometimes I felt just wanna write some genderbend

enjoy !!

  It's my first love story,my first feeling towards someone who being a badboy like you. even I know badboy is not my tipe,you just showing me a different side of them. it just.. I know you're different. I know that you're more than anyone that I ever seein' in my life beside my parents and my bestfriend. Knowing that you're hold on for me,that's make me feel bad. Just,go on..


  There's a feeling that people called it love. I think I dont know it for sure. But when I'm see you,I just felt like there's something different in you. Your face,your smile,you're lips.. everyting in you make me want you. But,I know that I can't felt wonderful to be with you forever. I know there's something in me that make us can't be together forever. I'm sorry...

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Different ch.1 (MaYuki Genderbend)
« Reply #5 on: February 13, 2014, 11:29:37 AM »
Long time no update.. I just finished the 1st chapter so enjoy ! :cow:

"mayu, I love you !"

It's been 4 months after Yuki reveals his feelings to me. It's not just surprise me, but the rest of the school. Yuki who is best known as the Chairman of a club the Yankees suddenly declares his feelings on someone like me, a Chairman of the Club of artistic and one of the school's  queen. Absolutely not to be trusted.

Ahh, I forgot to introduce myself. My Name, Watanabe Mayu. Student AKB Gakuen in grade 2. Now I hold the position of Chairman at the Artistic Club. you can say that I'm great at drawing, I took part to the 2D images are usually seen in the comics. Yes, like manga. Maybe it's because I did an otaku.

"ne, Mayu-chan. .. are you really capable of with him?" one of my friend, Jurina instantly speak to me
"eh?? of course. Although at times he looked cold even cruel, in fact he is very good, "I reply Jurina

"Yuki who’s his gaze can kill people being nice to you ?? He even scare the teachers! " Jurina looked at me with wonder
"you’re gaze scare me, if you really want to know, he even bought me a teddy bear who is very funny to me during our first date" I replied  Jurina while imagining the face of Yuki as he gave a teddy bear  to me, his face turns into like a red tomato !

"and. How about you?? is Ren-sempai still busy with his duties? I guess being a Vice President of the Student Council are very busy. " this time it was me who asked Jurina. Ren is her boyfriend since Jurina and I are in grade 1. While Ren is in grade 2, same as Yuki.

"ahh, its sucks if he should be always busy with his work. But he's always send me 1 or 2 mails if there is free time, even tomorrow we will hold a date. Ren-kun is very romantic. " Say her to me while smiling in embarrassment.

The bell sign first hour begins already rang. Jurina  sat into her seat. Yes, we indeed are in one class. No wonder we did close.

After hours to 2 and 3 also completed, the time off has arrived. This time it was Yuki because some were not. Maybe she was going along with the members of his club, as usual. It has been 1 month I didn't see him, he is. .. disappear.

"Mayu-chan, I can't join you today, Ren-kun took me home with him. I guess he is no activity in the Organization of the school. " Jurina approached me with an exited smile
"ahh, haiii.. It doesn't matter to me! "I reply to her words with a smile. To be honest I'm not wanting to be alone like it.

"Really?? I really can’t join you, you know that Ren-kun rarely got home very early  time like this?? "said Jurina. Well, I understand

     "I completely understand Jurina. Now, go to Ren-Sempai "I moved towards her and tried to encourage her. Jurina was grateful and went to Ren-Sempai. Ahh, I feel do not have anyone by my side ..

Because this time I have to go home alone, I would have to choose the shorter path. Seen from a distance some man running towards me. Well, this scares me ..

    "Hey, new targets .." one of them said it was then pointed at me.
"Heii, come with me .." aihh, alcohol .. I think he was drunk

    "Ano .. I have to go "
"Do not hesitate, I'm not going to do anything to you, just a little thing and .." ehh, he's holding my hand! why is he being to forcing?!

The man was approaching me, oh no. He's too close!!

"anyone, keep him away from me!!!"
"there will be no one listens to you, sweet girl. stop shouting, and then follow with us, hahaha "one of the man friend who holds my hand laughing out loud while holding a bottle of alcohol in his hand.

"no one could get close to him." eh, that voice.
"Yyuki ..."

"haha, you challenged us?? well, you’re done! "
"nothing can beat black ..."

Their fight continued. I've never seen this kind of situation with Yuki. he looks ... cool ...

I think the fight is over. 5vs1 and Yuki who win it. he did great. But, in some parts of his face and his body there are numerous bruises and wounds. Especially in his face. He was battered.

"are you okay?" Yuki clutching his hands come near me while injured
"I should have asked that very thing, baka!" I immediately ran to him and hugged him tight and cry in his arms. He may be aware of my cries and then immediately returned my hug

"baka baka, yuki."
"hey, I'm fine. Look, you don't have to worry about me. " Yuki was rubbing my head gently
"baka, bakaa!! how I'm not worrying about you?? I am your girlfriend and I completely do not know where are you during this month and all of a sudden you come back ... you're absolutely not think about me!! baka yuki!! "I tried to escape from his arms, but yuki refused. I think yuki didn't want to release the hug.

"I miss you. Really,really miss you .. "yuki hugged me tight. He's never been this honest to me. Usually he's just being cold although I know he is very concerned about me. In fact, he just says the word ' love ' when he revealed his feelings to me 4 months ago.

"come on, I'll clean your wound." I was wiping my tears and then grinned at him. He just nodded in agreement. because my house is not too far from here, I guess it doesn't matter for him. he is strong, as bad as any of his condition, he is still a yankee.

Upon arrival at home, immediately I told him to remain in my room while I take the first aid box, and he continued to obey my words. When I came back into the room, he's not using his clothes. Seen many wounds all over his body in, I guess he really battered even though he looks very strong as before.  There’s  also some of the cuts that have already seen healed, maybe he also participated in several other fights in this few days.

"sit, if you stand like that, how can I clean your wound?"
"nee ... I know you are very short and I understand it. "he said while laughing. he does love to make fun of me-__-

Yuki soon sit beside me, sitting facing me. Honestly, this is the first time I saw him with such predicament.

I quickly cleaned his wounds, gently of course. I know the wounds it must be painful, but I really don't see the look on the faces of pain Yuki. Maybe he is familiar with this pain.

"Yuki-kun .." I call him
"haii..??" his reply
"is your wound really hurts?" his gaze directly leads me

The atmosphere back into silence until I finished cleaning the wound. A few moments later, yuki went home.
The next day, always the same with yesterday. Jurina and Ren-sempai is definitely being shared. And I, even though I was with Yuki sometimes, but maybe I'm just a couple of times with him. He preferred alone.

' tok ...tok ...tok.. '

Several times heard a knock to the door. Immediately, I headed to the front door and open it.

"Yyuki ...??" I was suprised after seeing who is behind that door. It’s Yuki that was look neat.
"want to going somewhere together?? I was bored ... "yuki said while his head just face the ground. I think his face is flushed
"eh ..??"
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Different ch.2
« Reply #6 on: February 21, 2014, 05:26:58 PM »
I'm back.. I'm sorry if its really short

Several times heard a knock to the door. Immediately, I headed to the front door and open it.

"Yyuki ...??" I was suprised after seeing who is behind that door. It’s Yuki that was look neat.
"want to going somewhere together?? I was bored ... "yuki said while his head just face the ground. I think his face is flushed
"eh ..??"

"I'll be waiting for you, so hurry up.." uh, what is the meaning of his word ?? I haven't even say yes or not. He is strange.

Because I guess I have no choice, I guess I did have to come with it. Furthermore, it is also very boring day so go along with Yuki is not a big deal.

"Yuki ... your cars ..." I'm quite surprised after seeing that yuki was not this time using his car. However,it was a bike
"I'm not in mood to use my car, so it looks like I was indeed being interested with this bike." Yuki replies to me while smiling.

"alright! come on .. " Yuki pulled my hand and smiled at me

Yuki was pedaling the bike immediately after I ride on the back. This time I just enjoy the ride while I hug him from behind. Very warm.
A few minutes later, Mayu unwittingly fell asleep. Yuki is aware of it too could only smile

"I'm sorry. mayu "
"uhh .." I guess I fell asleep. And it seems to be true. Yuki seems already step aside
"ahh, finally. We've been here.. hmm,I think from 1 hour ago " Yuki stared at me while smiling

"eh?? You should  woke me "I said to her
"you're too sweet, so I think it's not a matter " murmured yuki, but I guess I misheard

"Yuki, are you talking  about something earlier?" I said make sure the word above
"ahh, ano ... I guess you heard wrong, I didn't say anything. "he said. Instantly his face turn red turns off. he's strange
"well ..."

"now, what the game wants you to play it first??" eh?? I just realized that it turns out we're on the amusement park
"hey, what's up?" Yuki make me stop to daydreaming

"ahh, no. Let's play roller coaster!! "I said
"Ok,If you insist. "Yuki just smile


It has been a while since the last time I took to the road with Mayu. Maybe it. .. 2 months ago?? I dunno, I've been unable to remember the last time I asked her.

This time I asked her to go. But I haven’t  told her  that I would take her to the amusement park. I think this is the best place to be the most place I will missed

"Yuki!! come play the carousel!! "said mayu while showing her best smile to me
"eh?? I thought you're already 17 years old ... "I said while laughing because her behavior is like a child
"mou ... It's not funny. "
"hehe, alright, come on .." I said


"Yuki .."
"hmm ..."
"it looks like dating ...." I said

"I guess it's a date" yuki smile
"it feels like a first date." I reply to his words

"Yes, our first date" yuki returned a smile while you say it to me
"yatta!! come ride the Ferris wheel!! "I say change the topic of conversation
"eh?? well, I guess that is the last one"

I rushed towards the direction of the Ferris wheel. Yuki was just following me from behind, I guess he's still smiling. It is very rare to be able to see his smile like that. Usually he just being really emotionless.

Soon we climbed the Ferris wheel. I promptly sat upon it and Yuki to follow me behind and sat down in front of me. Minute by minute passed and we were doing just a mutual silence without words.

"hey, look at it" yuki called me while pointing at my left side. It's looks like the Sun is began to set, giving its position on the moon.
"gorgeous" I said mesmerized, it is indeed very pretty

"mayu" calling yuki
"Yes ..??" I replied

He gently kissed me right on the lips. Our first kiss, and my first kiss. He's my first kiss!! A few second after it, I reply his kiss. it's just a sweet kiss,not really passionnate,but sweet,yes..

"I'm sorry, mayu. It's just, no. I just ... "
"thanks, yuki." I said. Yuki was just speechless to hear my words, captured on what I say.

"ahh, it's been done, let's go." I smile at yuki who until now still speechless. He just followed my words
"ahh, haii"

its really short right ?? .-.

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Re: my OS list [different ch.2]
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It is really good but it seems Yuki have a secret :catglare:

Mayuki = Cutest couple

Married?!-Mayuki fanfic (maybe it will have another pair)

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Re: my OS list [different ch.2]
« Reply #8 on: February 22, 2014, 01:57:02 AM »
It is really good but it seems Yuki have a secret :catglare:

you're right hehe,I think I will show the secret in the next or the next chapter hehe

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Re: my OS list [different ch.2]
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nice.  :w00t:
I can't wait to know what is the secret that yuki been hiding. Not something bad right?  :cry:
PLs update soon.  :bow:

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Re: my OS list [different ch.2]
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im not sure I can update soon because I've got many homework from school and I'm preparing to join some competition. but I'll try to update ass soon as possible. sorry for it :bow:

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Re: my OS list [different ch.2]
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haha. is alrite. I understand.  :)
coz thats what happen to me too. :A; have no time to write fanfic.  :err: :badluck:
no worry. no need to rush, take ur time  :hee:
GAMBATTE  :tama-music: at your competition.  :cow:

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Re: my OS list [different ch.2]
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hehe,yeah thanks  :D

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Different ch.3
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Hey !! thought I said that maybe this chapter will have a long time to be finished,I think I get my passion again after the shuffle,Mayuki are back !! before it,I'm sorry if I make mistakes in my word,so,here's chapter 3 !!

After ‘that’ incident, I just bring Mayu back home. Well, it's already night and of course I'll take her home. I'm her boyfriend! Don't judge me here, I'm still love her even I know that I don't show it directly. Even I know I'm not like her, she's human and me?? a Demon. What can she proud to some kind of things like me?? but, she doesn't know it, now. No, I mean not yet know it. Yeah, I think I will say it to her, immediately.

I traced the path of the night. Enjoy the beautiful full moon on Earth. Why do almost all things on the Earth looks very beautiful. Maybe because all my life, I only see darkness. Yes. .. What can be expected if you're living in hell?? even I'm a demon any more here than at home feel reassured me.

Knowing that I am a succession of my father's not a surprising thing. Koichi Kashiwagi, holder of the highest authority in hell. The God Of Death. Yes, maybe in a couple of years later I hold that position. Like it or not like it, it's already a tradition here.

"You  will marry her. This is my command!! "

The words were still ringing in my head. How can I marry someone who is not at all I love. This is not fair. Creatures like me being like I will never get justice. I'm the worst thing that God ever created, right?? I'm a demon. And a demon is bad. I know it. Just, why is this never fair for me?? I just want to have usual teenage life. Have a girlfriend that always loving me, not because our family has made a deal. Just, we're loving each other without being in any of the pressure.

' krekk..krekk '

Sound is heard from the bushes. I think I know who it is. ..

“Rino,I know you were there. Stop hiding from me” I said to Rino,my best friend and also one of my guard while kicking a can in front of me to the bushes
“Ouch! How can you.. ?!! Eh,I can explain it to you.! I’m not a stalker,Your father told me to following you.. Yes !! its your father !!” Said Rino who instantly out from the bushes and walking towards me,while his hand rubbing his head which seems hurt because of the can.
“you’re stalk me,for sure. And I know him more than you. I'm still confused about how can sakuratan accepted you "I replied to him. Sakuratan, is my cousin. Rino and her. .. We can say that they are couples like me and Mayu.

"well, I'm just a little curious about you, you’re more often in earth than in your home "says Rino
"and, it looks like I already know what is the reason." He said while looking at the night sky

"What do you mean?!"
"you're with that girl, going to amusement park,right?? you look very happy with her, and then you and her ... "say Rino while smirk to me
"eh?! It just ... I just want to feel my first kiss with her. .. no, arghh "now I think my face already flushed

"you kiss her?!! I even don't know it!! How's that feel? great?? "eh? I think he's know it!!!
"you ... You don't know it?? arghh why I told it to you!! stupid me "I said to Rino while face palmed my self. Baka me!!!
"so. .. is she's kiss you back?? I'm getting exited! " Rino stand in front of me with his face was making some kind of exited one. I think its fine to told him about it because he is already know it, right??
"she ... She's reply it. .. okay, stop it why are you being so exited like that, its not your business at all "I said while smirk to him
"geezz, black please go out from Yuki's body!!" Rino act like he was praying

' BUK '

"hey, it's hurts, black!" rino said while rubbing his head which I hit.
"stop calling me black if you still love sakuratan" I said
"sorry sorry, why you must bring sakuratan into this. I'm just joking, "said Rino


Ah, its my mobile. Yeah, the demon still have a mobile phone. It's a modern world afterall.

"Kashiwagi-same?? sorry to bother you but the King has been waiting for you since 1 hour ago. I’m worry if he will doing something again" it’s my another guard who called me
"well, the say to Kora-san for pick me up here."
"ahh, haii"

"come with me or go alone, I have called Kora-san to pick me up" I said on Rino
"nahh, I can take it by myself" just in time, Kora-san already arrived at my place now. He opened me the door then let me to get in.

"so, see you, and then ... I trust sakuratan to you. Since she's my little sister, so if you dare to hurt her, wait for my revenge "I said to Rino. He just give me a nod, telling that he's know what I mean


"The Prince already come, my lord"
"told him to go in."

I followed my father word to walked into the room. He look along with some people, and a girl. Is she ..??

"Yuki, she is Kojima Haruna,your fiancee. Haruna-san ... "
"Kojima Haruna-desu." Said her then bowed in front of me
"Kashiwagi Yuki" I answer her then bowed too

"Yuki,bring Haruna-san to tour the palace. And Haruna-san, enjoy your time here. " Mom, the Queen said to me and haruna


Along the way, none of us try to speak. I feel bored and tried to start a conversation.

“just Haruna,its fine”
“so,if I just called you Haruna,then you must called me Yuki”

“so.. Haruna-san,about the engagement.. are you already..”
“boyfriend ?? yes,he’s from the Oshima’s. Oshima Yuu” she said,thougt that I’m the same like her
“I see..”

“then,what about you,Yuki-kun ?? I think you’re already have a girlfriend since you really don’t accept the engagement” Haruna said
“so who is the lucky girl ??” while talking with me,she looks like holding something in her

“well,she… she’s human” I said
“human ?? interesting.. I’m sure she’s really adorable” she said while smilling to me
“yeah.. she’s took my heart for sure. Then,how is his reaction about the engagement ?” I asked to Haruna
“well,at first he’s really angry about it. But at last,he just said that nothing can separate the real love. Sometimes he is can be really romantic” Haruna said while chuckle,then her smile just missing again. Maybe she is really love him
“I felt sorry about it..”

“I’m fine. How about you ?? did you told her already ??”
“not yet,it just.. I just can’t tell to her,I don’t wanna hurt her”
“tell to her about it,if you make it longer,she can be more hurt.. think about it,yuki”

please coment about it !!

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Different Announcement !!
« Reply #14 on: March 05, 2014, 03:19:32 PM »
hello everyone :3 its been a while since my last update,i'm sorry about it  :bow: :on cny2:

for the next update,I'm not sure I can update the next chapter immediately,because I'm in preparation for some competition that maybe carried out on this week  :panic:

sorry for it  :bow:

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Different Special Chapter : Wmatsui
« Reply #15 on: March 26, 2014, 12:53:53 PM »
Really a long time without update. Sorry if it's not good and bad grammar everywhere .-.,so please enjoy !
Matsui Ren. He’s the one who can melt my heart,the one who can be my love. The only one,just him.

Today,we’re will going on date !! I don’t know what to say but its really rare to see that Ren-kun have a day off. I understand it,he’s a great leader. He’s always put his job in his top priority. It hurt me for sure,yeah.. I’m just his 2nd priority. Even know that I understand about his job in Student Council,I think sometimes I felt jealous to his job. When I want to spend time with him and I tried to call him,almost every time he would say “sorry,Jurina. I can’t,I still in my office room to finish my work. I promise we will go somewhere after I finish it okay ?? Gotta go now so,Bye. I love you”  and,call ended. And you know what,his work never ended !

“Jurina-chan !! Ren already waiting for you here !” mom called me from downstairs. She know Ren because I’ve already talked about him before.
“I’m coming mom !” I go to downstairs and I saw Ren-kun already there with casual clothes.

“Hey..” Ren-kun greet me with his smile still locked in his face

“Ready for go ??” asked him
“sure.. Mom,I’m going with Ren-kun !” I answer Ren-kun while put my shoes and then talked to mom
“Okay,Ren.. please take care of her”


“So.. where we go now ??” asked Ren
“You’re the one who suggest me to go,so you’re the one who choose the place,wherever it is,no problem to me” answer me with my best smile
“okay my sweetest puppy in the world..” said Ren while pinch my cheek
“hey its hurt ! stop it !” I said

“hehe,sorry.. so how about going to park?? I miss the scenery in there” Ren took down his hand and rubbing my cheek. I pout
“well,let’s go then~”

Ren hold my hand while walking to the park. I feel heat coming to my face,maybe its already as red as the red tomato. Ren-kun watching me then smiled,almost laughing maybe. I just pout seeing him like that.

So here we are,in the most memoriable place in my life. This is the place where Ren-kun confess to me. Well,that time Ren-kun still with his glasses,and to be honest.. He’s cool with that glasses. Maybe some people will say glasses boy looks like a geek. But for me,he’s cool. And.. ehem.. sexy.

“Hey,it’s still morning and you already daydreaming.. Did something bothering you ??” said Ren-kun,broke my imagination. Then he stoke my hair gently
“It’s nothing,this place just made me remember when Ren-kun confess to me,your glasses.. I love it,wonder why you don’t use it anymore..” I said
“eh,you love it ?? I thougt no one like it when I use that glasses,I just use it when work on Student Council office” he starch his head,wondered something
“I love it of course! I love everything about you” I said with my lower voice at the end of my talk
“well.. how about I’ll use it now ?? I think you really want to see it” said Ren-kun

“Eh?? You bring it ??” I asked him while make my body faces his’s
“Of course I bring it. Its always in my pocket,how can I left my important thing??” Ren-kun smiled and then messing my hair while his another hand reach his pocket and taked his glasses,putting it to my face

“cotto,why you put it to me ??” I said with my hand trying to took off the glasses,but Ren-kun stop my hand
“Don’t took of it! It just,I wan’t to see you with that glasses,still cute thougt..” again,he made me blushed.
“well,I already see it then.. can you put it to me ??” Ren-kun said while put his head aligned with mine. The more that glasses approach him,the more closer his face to me. Then,when the glasses lay well on his face,he kissed me,right on top my lips. It just a sweet kiss,but eventually it become more passionate. He put his hand on my neck,pulling me for a deeper kiss. I often heard about “a glasses guy is a great kisser” and now,I think its true. After a few minutes kissing,we pulled off it,taking some air.

“Hey,let’s go somewhere. I think I’ve remember a great place around here” said Ren-kun,I just nod then he hold my hand again,bringing me to the place.

After walked for a few minutes,Ren-kun asked me to close my eyes. I just follow his request.
“okay,now you can open your eyes. We’re already here” Ren-kun said

In front of me there’s a Momiji tree (maple tree in japan) stand beautifully. The red leaf falling down to ground,make it full of the leaf. A little bit messy,but its really beautiful.

“I don’t know you like it or not,but..”
“I like it,really.. its beautiful”
“yeah.. I always go to this place when I feel bored or if something bothering me. This place calmed me”

Ren-kun hold my hand then we sit under the tree. I put my head on his lap,then he stroke my hair gently

“why we always can’t be like this,Ren ??”
“why you always busy with your work ?? I miss you..” I continued the word that I said to him before. My eyes getting heavy because of my tears,at last I can hold it anymore and crying in front of him. Ren-kun lift up my body then gently wiped my tears.

“Jurina..” Ren-kun called my name but I still face the ground
“Jurina.. listen to me” this time,I built my strength then face him
“I’m sorry,okay ?? I know I always busy,I.. I miss you too,I miss the day when we spend my day with you. But it’s my concequences to always put my job as the Student Council as my priority. But I never forget about you,even in my work I never stop thinking about you. I’m stupid,yeah I know I’m stupid people who can’t understand his beloved girlfriend who suffered without him. I love you,no wonder how much I’ve already told you that,I still can’t stop to say you that I love you,and everyday,it become more and more.” Ren said while hugging me tight. Again,stoke my hair. I always love his gentle stoke.

“I love you too..”

“Jurina ??” asked Ren-kun
“hmm ??” I said while still ih his warm embrace
“I want to say something to you..”
“Its already almost 1 years we’ve been together. And everyday,I never stop to loving you more. And today,from the bottom of my heart. Will you be my partner,until the end of my life,until my last breath. Matsui Jurina,will you marry me ??” Ren took out a box from his pocket. Then I saw 2 rings in that box,one with a word ‘Ren’ and another one with a word ‘Jurina’. I can’t hold my tears anymore. Tears of happiness. I just continued flowing

“Hey.. don’t cry” Ren wipe my tears then smiling
“Stop smiling,you silly..” I said while pouted
“So what is your answer then ??” silly question,why must he asked that,while laughing !
“of course I would say yes,don’t laughing..!” Ren-kun took my right hand,put the ring to my ring finger. The ring with ‘Ren’ named there.

“So,can you help me with mine ??” I took the ring and then his right hand,put the ring to his ring finger.
“Thank you,Jurina. For everything..” he said. Then we kissed,it just a sweet kiss. A sweet kiss for a sweet day.

Matsui Ren,the one who will be my beloved partner in this world. From now,and forever.

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Re: Different Special Chapter : WMatsui !
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continue??? :panic:

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Different Chapter 4 ! (back to original story!)
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RenshuChan : here is it !!

sorry if there's some wrong spelling and gramar,or I put a wrong word in to it.

Uwahh, I’m tired!! Today my cousin come to my home because his parents going out for some business with my parents. So now just me and him, and he’s really tiring me, he just like Jurina in a little boy form.

“Mayu Nee-Chan, I’m boring. Let’s play something..” said Kaoru, my little cousin
“But I’m tired Kao-chan. You can play your PSP” I said while try to sit to the sofa in front of me, but Kaoru still holding my legs
“I don’t like that thing..” he said while pulling my legs down
“How about.. Watch some anime?? I think I have some GUNDAM CD’s here..” I pull my legs from Kaoru, then going to the shelves then searching for that GUNDAM CD’s
“Nooo.. I don’t like that anime now” he said with his hand in his pocket
“Ahh, how about POKEMON??” I show him the CD
“So what thing you want now?? ahh, I really don’t know what you guys really need”

“I want to play with my friends..” he said pouted
“that’s a silly answer. Now you’re in Tokyo and your friends in Kyoto. You can’t play with them of course” I answer him then sitting to the sofa

“But I want to play with them…” he shake my body
“No, you can’t”
“You’re boring Mayu Nee-Chan” he said, pouted again
“I don’t care”

“Hmm, Mayu Ne-chan..” he called me
“What ?” I said while turn around the seeing him holding my phone. How can he take that ?!
“Who is this ??” Kaoru showed me the call log with Yuki named there
“How can you take that phone ?! and he’s..”

“so it’s a boy..” Kaoru then doing something to my phone. Hmm, he push the dialing button. Is he calling Yuki ?!

“Moshi-Moshi.. is it Yuki Nii-chan ?? it’s Kaoru, Mayu Onee-chan’s cousin. She need you now. ASAP. Yeah she’s in her place. Then okay, see you here Onii-chan !” He closed my phone. What the heck is he doing ?!

“hey ! why you calling him ?! and why you bring my name ?!! I never tell you that I need him. You never know if he was in really busy day now” I said while take my phone and pull his ear
“stop it, stop it ! sorry I’m just boring” I took down my hand from his ear
“you don’t need to called him, silly boy”


“Now open it..” I said, Kaoru looks happy when heard that knock
“Mayu ! what’s wrong with you ?! are you sick or.. eh ?? you look fine” Yuki going in with his worried face and he looks really sweaty
“I’m fine, this little boy called you just because he felt bored” I said then point toward Kaoru
“I’m almost hit someone and I break through the traffic line and then I left my motorcycle somewhere because that thing suddenly can’t turn on just because I’m worrying about your Nee-chan! You should not do that again.. hmm, what’s your name little boy ??” Yuki said while panting, he’s worrying about me ??
“It’s Kaoru ! Watanabe Kaoru !” said Kaoru happily
“Well.. is there something you wanna tell me since you’re the one who called me ???” Yuki said
“I just felt bored, Mayu Nee-chan is a bored people..” Kaoru said while pouting and folding his arms across his chest

“ahh, you’re right. She’s really a bored people. Never showed her expressions, cyborg.” Yuki said while came near Kaoru
“yeah !”

Then Yuki crouched in front of Kaoru, making his height as same as Kaoru

“well, because your Mayu Nee-chan is a bored people and this place is bored too. How about we go to the park ?” Yuki said
“seriously?! We’re going to park!! Come on Mayu Nee-chan let’s go to the park !!”

“You two can go, I’ll be here. Felt bored to go somewhere..”  I said then go to upstairs
“no, you must go..” Yuki hold my hand
“Nee-chan, we will have some fun ! come on !” Kaoru showed me his best smile.
“Well.. okay then..?”

“Yey ! Mayu Nee-chan will go too !!” Kaoru said while jumped happily
“okay.. So, let’s go then ?”
“let’s go..”


So we all go to the park. Yuki took back his motorcycle that actually he drop about 6-7 house from my house. Then he tried to turn on his motorcycle, and.. That works!! So we go to the park by his motorcycle.

“Here we are..” said Yuki then take off his helmet
“Yayy !! Park !!”
“Hey, can you be calm for a while Kao-chan ?? gosh..” Yuki get off from his motorcycle then running to Kaoru. I tried to find a bench for me, and there.. I found it. While sitting, I observe them playing while laughing together. Somehow, it make me feel warm. Seeing Yuki smiling and laughing with Kaoru. Well, Kaoru is an active boy, then about Yuki.. he’s kind of cold hearted, never rarely talked with anyone in the school except me or Jurina and Ren. And then his gaze to people around him, his black orbs, it makes people afraid of him. And now, there just the Yuki that his black orbs just.. Really beautiful.

They really took a long time just for playing, It’s already 2 hours since we arrived here.

“Ano.. is that man your husband ??” there’s woman beside me, looks old,but not really looks like that,maybe around 30
“No, he’s my boyfriend, I’m still in high school” I said while smiling to her
“Birth before married ??”
“No! of course no, the boy with him is my cousin..” I said a little bit loud for her to heard, I think my face already red now
“Ah, sorry.. you and them just look like a family.” She said. My face redder as she said that

“okaa-san !! let’s go home” little girl approach her while smiling
“alright, let’s go home” the woman beside me stand up then look at me
“he will be a great husband..” she said then going to her little girl

“Mayu-chan??” without realizing it, Yuki already in front of me. Look in to my face anxiously
“ah, yes ?? Yuki,what happen to your clothes??” I said to him while clapped my hands to his shirts that looks dirty
“Kao-chan asked me to be his horse, so I’m doing that. After that, he’s jump to me that make me fall down” he said with his smile on his face

“No, don’t… It’s fine. I’m enjoying it, really.. he’s a kid after all” Yuki stroke my hair gently then he sit beside me


Today I’m going with Mayu and her cousin, Kaoru. It’s fun!! Well, Kaoru sometimes make me feel angry to him but he can make me feel happy again somehow. Now, I’m going to Mayu, it’s kind of… I can’t see her lonely.

“hey..” I said to Mayu,she didn’t answer me
“Mayu-chan??” I called her name
“ah, yes ?? Yuki,what happen to your clothes??” she reply me while seeing my clothes then clean the dust from it
“Kao-chan asked me to be his horse, so I’m doing that. After that, he’s jump to me that make me fall down” I said then smiling to her

“No, don’t… It’s fine. I’m enjoying it, really.. he’s a kid after all” I stroke her hair gently then I sit beside her
“tell to her about it,if you make it longer,she can be more hurt.. think about it,yuki”

Suddenly Haruna’s words flash in my mind. I think.. it’s the best time to said this to Mayu
“My parents engaged me with someone else..”


“My parents engaged me with someone else..”

I shoked to heard his words. I don’t know but I think it’s hard to breath now. It’s just.. to much for me. Can I just loving someone without somebody else ruining it??

“Y-Yuki I’m okay..” I said then fake a smile
“No, Mayu… I’m sorry. It’s just so.. Suddenly. I love you but you and me, We’re different”
He said. I don’t know what to say anymore. My tears already falls down to my cheek. I can’t hold it to long

“Why.. Why you must leave me when I’m already deeply fall in love with you, Yuki??” I said while looking at him with my smile,a hurt smile
“M-Mayu… Argh! I can’t doing it!!!” Yuki then hug me tightly

“I will be in your side, It’s not over Mayu. There always ‘Us’, I will protect you no matter how. I will fighting for you,even it’s my parents. Nothing can separating us” Yuki stroke my hair while I’m crying on his embrace
“Now.. don’t waste your tears. Let’s go home” Yuki release his hug then stand up

“Kao-chan! Let’s go home!!”


We arrived at home, I say to Kaoru to just go inside first, so outside there just me and Yuki

“So.. Bye ??”
“H-hai..” Yuki took some step to go to his motorcycle but stop when I called his name

“Y-Yuki-kun !”
“Nani ??” he turn his body
“Could you.. since you already engaged with someone, and maybe you can’t.. Could you…” my face getting down and down. I heard the footsteps that coming at me. Yuki make me facing him,and kissed me gently. It’s a little long, and somehow my tears coming out again. We pulled out, then Yuki wipe off my tears,smiling again to me

“I love you,Mayu..”
“I love you too,Yuki..”

“Ja ne,Mayu-chan..” again, he took some step to go to his motorcycle. But, now I won’t called him again. Even know it’s hard, I know that the one who suffering because of it not just me, Yuki is the one who most suffering in this state.
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Re: Different Chapter 4 ! (back to original story!)
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Ah mayuki~~~

So sweet~~!!

Pls update
mayuyu and rena is <3

mayuki and mayurena is my fav <3

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Re: Different Chapter 4 ! (back to original story!)
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Mayuki is so sweet


I hope they can find a way about the engage

Update soon

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