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Author Topic: It started with a "Hi..." (YuiParu, SayaMilky, FuuKei)[Update:CH. 14 12/13/15]  (Read 32122 times)

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This is my first fanfic. This idea just came to me tonight. I do NOT know where I am going with this. Only time will tell. Okay, without further ado, I present you my very horrible and lets face it LAME story. I am sorry for all my mistakes and typos. Thank you to those you stop by and read this prologue.


Alone outside of the café, I closed my eyes and just listened. I listened to the sound of the heavy rain as it echoed throughout the night. My body was getting colder as I am soaked from head to toe. I clearly was not prepared for the sudden rain as the sun was out earlier in the day. But, in all honesty, the rain did not bother me at all. In fact, I love the refreshing and calming feeling I get from just hearing the natural repetitive raindrops.

In just a few seconds later, I no longer felt the raindrops beating against my face. Therefore, I opened my eyes and a white umbrella was in my eyesight. As I turned to my left, I could not believe my eyes. There stood the owner of the umbrella, who was a very beautiful girl. The iris of her eyes was very hard to see that it made her eyes so dark and mysterious. She had a frown expression on her face. I wonder why. My thought was never answered as we both just stood there, looking at each other eyes. Words were not spoken. The only thing that can be heard was the rapid beating of the raindrops as it hits the surface of the Earth.

After what seems to be hours, but really just a couple minutes. The both of us opened our mouth at the same time and said, “Hi…”
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Re: It started with a "Hi..."
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Forever AtsuMina/TakAcchan/TakAtsuko <3 . Follow me ^_^ .
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Re: It started with a "Hi..."
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たのとむ ? ( ̄▽ ̄)♡
I just guess and hope about it.... hehe

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Re: It started with a "Hi..."
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SaeYuki pleeeeaaaasssseeeee....  :kneelbow:

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Re: It started with a "Hi..." [Chapter 1]
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@lezperv, edogawa4869: Gomennasai! But Atsumina and SaeYuki will not be the pairing of this story  :kneelbow: Thank you for taking the time and reading my prologue!
@fuu_kun: Thank you for reading my prologue! I hope I don't disappoint you with the pairing!

I thank all of the silent readers out there that read my prologue or took a glance of it! I hope I will not disappoint any one of you! I am new to writing a fanfic, so please excuse my mistakes and typos! Here is the first chapter of my story!

Chapter 1

“So that it? That is all the both of you said to each other? You are kidding me right? Milky and I set you up with a great opportunity for the both of you to be alone and talk. Yet all you said was HI?!?!” said a good looking girl with short haired.

The girl sitting opposite of the short haired girl frowns and said sarcastically, “Oh yeah, leaving me alone outside in the COLD rain was such a GREAT opportunity! Also, would you calm down?! You are making a scene!”

The short haired girl quickly glances around the café and indeed she found multiple eyes looking directly at her. She bought up her hand as a sign of saying sorry to the other customers for being so loud.
Lowering her voice a little this time, Yamamoto Sayaka continued, “Calm down? How do you expect me to calm down when you totally wasted an opportunity with Milky’s cousin?”

The latter shakes her head and  sighs, “First, I did not waste any opportunity. Second, I did not ask you to set me up with anyone!”

“But…” Sayaka tried to cut her off, but could not say anymore as the waitress, Yagura Fuuko, placed their order on their table.

“Hai. Your coffee, Sayaka-chan and your tea, Yui-han” said Fuuko with a cute smile on her face.

“Arigato, Fuu-chan!” Sayaka-chan and Yui-han politely said.

“Do you both need anything else before I go back to the other customers?” kindly asked Fuuko.
Sayaka points at Yui-han and remarks, “Yes, can you knock some sense into this girl? She wasted an opportunity with Milky’s cousin!?! Ahhh, all my hard work just went down the drain!”

Fuuko chuckled, “Mou, Sayaka-chan, leave Yui-han alone. I am sure Yui-han can take care of herself. You worry too much!”
Before Fuu-chan can say anymore, the doorbell rings, indicating a new customer have arrived. Fuu-chan kindly excused herself from the two girls to greet the new customer.

After Fuu-chan left to serve the new customer,  a very energetic girl barge into the cafe and proclaim, “Sayanee!!! Yui-han!!!” can be heard throughout the cafe. Both of the girls turn their head towards the commotion and the voice belongs to no other than Sayaka's girlfriend, Watanabe Miyuki!

The moment Miyuki sat down on her seat, she begin to interrogate Yui-han for details of last night with her cousin. “So, how did it go with my cousin!?! Did you both talked a lot and fell in love with each other?!? Can we finally have a DOUBLE date!?!?” Miyuki excitely questioned.

Sayaka have to calm Miyuki down and explain that people do not just fall in love so rapidly. “I mean there is such thing as love at first sight, but we are talking about the oblivious, unromantic and who has never dated someone before Yokoyama Yui here, so in conclusion it is impossible for her to fall so quicky!”

“Mou…Sayanee! A girl can hope, you know!” Miyuki hits Sayaka on the shoulder!

Sayaka winces and rubs the spot that she just got hit from her girlfriend.

Sayaka and Miyuki keeps going back and forth with the conversation. Yui can only rub her forehead lightly as she feels a headache is soon coming forth. She knows she has to put an end to this conversation or else she will not be able to make it out of this cafe alive.

Yui stops the two of them, “Are you both done bickering with each other!?! I do not have all day!”

The two girls immediately apologize and divert their attention to Yui.

Seeing that Sayaka and Miyuki will not be opening their mouth anytime soon, she continued.

“As I was saying, I did not need you guys to set me up with someone. I am fine being alone. If you both did not wanted me to be the third wheel between the both of you, then stop inviting me to hang out with you guys! Third, I never said that was the end of conversation. You just assumed it was the end.” Yui paused for a moment and tried to recall her conversation she had with the beautiful white umbrella owner.

Unable to contain their curiosity any further, Sayaka and Miyuki quickly asked, “Then hurry up and split the details!”

Yui sighs for the umpteenth time today and started, "Well..."

I am sorry for the cliffhanger everyone! I am still working on the conversation between Yui and the beautiful girl (who will be revealed in the next chapter, but I am sure many of you can guess who it is  :) )
To clarify to my readers, the girl that Yui was with, owns a white umbrella. She is not an owner of an umbrella shop. Just to make that clear, because I try re-wording multiple times and to me, I felt it might confuse others, so just clarifying that point to all of you! I will update soon! Thank you for reading! I hope I don't disappoint!

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Re: It started with a "Hi..." Updated [Chapter 1]
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Update soon

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Re: It started with a "Hi..." Updated [Chapter 2]
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Hi everyone, thanks for reading this! I thought about giving you all a longer update.  :on drink: To the silent readers, thank you all for reading or taking a glance at the story. I appreciate it, but I hope you all can comment so I know how I am doing.
If this story is lame, then I am deeply sorry from the bottom of my heart.  :kneelbow:
Lastly, I apologize for all the mistakes and typos.

Chapter 2

After what seems to be hours, but really just a couple minutes. The both of us opened our mouth at the same time and said, “Hi…”

“I was told that you were pretty and quite handsome looking, but it was never mentioned you were a baka.” The umbrella girl said nonchalantly.

Yui blushed and became a bit shy when she heard those compliment words. But, her expression turned 360 degrees when she felt insulted for being called a baka! “Who are you to say that I am a baka?! You do not even know me!?” retorted Yui. Yui was never the type to lose her cool in front of people, but somehow this girl unknowingly got on her nerves.

The umbrella girl did not think much about the remark. She just shrugged and said, “Are you not a baka for standing outside in the cold rain without seeking shelter? You are risking your health from getting sick the next day.”

“Earlier this morning, the weather was still nice and clear! I did not expect it to rain! So, I did not bring an umbrella with me. This does not make me a baka! You should take back your words!” Yui was definitely frustrated! At first, she felt appreciative that this girl shared her umbrella. Now she is about to change her mind about this girl. How dare she call me a baka!

The umbrella girl expression never changed at all. It is as if whatever Yui say to her will not phase her one bit. “You know smart people will always check the weather beforehand. The percentage of it raining tonight was 90%. Only people who are a baka will bargain with the 10% chance of not raining.”

Yui did not want to deal with this girl anymore. She took out her phone and sent a text to Sayaka to see where she is and what is taking her so long. Within a minute, Yui’s phone vibrated and she opened to read the message.

“Gomen, Yui! I already left with Miyuki! Have fun with Miyuki’s cousin! She is a wonderful girl, so be nice!” messaged Sayaka.

Yui could not fathom what she just read. Sayaka stood her up! Not only that, Sayaka set her up with this girl without telling her beforehand! When I get my hands on Sayaka, I am going to kill her!  Yui sighed and remembered the umbrella girl is still in front of her. She took a quick glance at the girl who has been standing there without saying a word.

“I am going to leave now. You should head home too.” After saying that to Miyuki’s cousin, Yui walked away from her. Yui was expecting for the rain to hit against her body once again, but it did not happen as the umbrella girl followed her.

“What are you doing? You can go home now. I do not need you to shelter me from the rain” Yui said
The girl shook her head and determinedly replied, “I am under instructions to bring you home safely. Therefore, I have to keep my words! You do not have to talk to me at all. Just pretend I do not exist and keep walking. Arguing back with me is futile as I will just continue to walk beside you.”

Yui felt defeated and tired. She, herself, did not want to bicker any further because her drench clothes were starting to feel uncomfortable that she wants to quickly get out of them. Without saying a word, Yui continued walking the path as the latter followed.

Due to the wet clothes and slight wind, Yui cannot help it but sneeze and shiver because of the cold. The umbrella girl noticed the slight gesture and immediately stopped walking. Yui also stopped and was puzzled to what made her halt.

“Hold the umbrella!” the girl commanded.

Yui just took the umbrella and thought that perhaps the latter got tired of holding it. When she was about to continue walking, she suddenly felt warmth. The girl apparently took off her own jacket and draped on Yui. Before Yui can say anything, the girl took back her own umbrella and began walking again. Noticing that Yui must have spaced out, so she called out to her, “Hey, come on, I don’t have all day.” Yui snapped out of it and caught up with the girl. She got under the umbrella and they started walking in silence again. 

After moments later, they finally arrived at Yui’s house. They both were awkwardly standing in front of the house, not knowing what to say to each other. Wanting to get out of her drench clothes already, Yui decided to break the ice by thanking the girl.

Yui started to slightly rub against her neck and shyly said, “Thanks for walking me home even though you did not have to. Also, here is your jacket back, thanks for lending it to me.” The girl casually took her jacket back and nodded at her.

Not knowing what else to say, Yui just bid her goodbye. As Yui was walking towards her front door, she suddenly felt someone grasping on her hand. She turned back and felt quick warmth on her cheek. Before she realized, the girl just peck her. Yui was definitely blushing now.

The girl explained,” That was for calling you a baka. Gomennasai. I will see you soon, Yokoyama Yui.”

Yui was definitely surprised that the girl knew her name all along. She was still dazzled by the peck to answer the girl. When she finally pulls herself together, the girl was already gone. Yui went back inside her house and went upstairs to her room. She got rid of her drench clothes and went to take a warm bath. After the bath, she puts on her fluffy pajamas and went to bed. Before sleep can overtake her body, she suddenly sat up and realized something.

“I DO NOT KNOW HER NAME!!!” thought Yui.

As if the universe heard her prayers, her phone chimed. A new text message was written on the screen. Yui was curious as to who would text her late at night. She opened it and was dumbfounded with who the sender was.

To: Yokoyama Yui
From: unknown
Message: Shimazaki Haruka also known as Paruru (the umbrella girl)

Yui felt a bit weird and freaked out how this is such a coincidence. Can this girl read her mind?!? Her phone chimed again and another new message came in.

To: Yokoyama Yui
From: unknown
Message: I cannot read your mind. I just thought you might want to know my name. Also, Miyuki mentioned your name before I met you. Good night, Yui-san.

Yui set Haruka’s number into her phone and sent a quick reply back to her before going to sleep.

To: Shimazaki Haruka
From: Baka Yui
Good night, Haruka-san!

“Yeah, that was what happened last night.”

Sayaka and Miyuki are amazed about how this whole thing turned out.

“AWWW!!! She kissed you!!!” Miyuki excitedly said. “Sayanee, isn’t that just cute!!! I knew they will make a cute couple!”

“Well, at least our effort did not go to waste. But, I did not expect Paruru to be the initiative type. You are really something special, Yui-han.” Sayaka casually said.

Miyuki added, “Yui-han, I forgot to tell you. Paruru tend to be blunt sometimes, so please excuse her. She does not mean to offend or insult you in any way.”

“I understand. I am okay. Now, Sayaka, I am going to count to three.” Yui had a mischievous smile on her face when she said that to Sayaka.

Sayaka was puzzled. “Why are you counting to three and what does this have to do with me?”


“Wait, Yui-han, I do not understand! Are you mad that I set you up on a date or made you stand outside in the rain!?!”

“Yui-han, it turned out for the better right! Miyuki help me here!”

Miyuki shrugged, “Gomennasai, Sayanee! Looks like you are on your own!”

Two and a half

“Wait, this was your idea, Miyuki!!!”


Sayaka quickly ran for her life as Yui gave chase.

One of the waitress witness the scene in front of her and went over to Miyuki and asked what happened.

“Miyuki-chan, what did Sayaka do this time?” Jonishi Kei asked.

“Nothing really, just gave Yui-han a little push on her love life.” Miyuki said with a smile.

Kei-chan looks up one more time before returning to the customers and saw Yui-han head locking Sayaka. She could only shake her head at their playful moment.

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Re: It started with a "Hi..." Updated [Chapter 2] YuiParu, SayaMilky
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Paru definitely know how to read people's mind!

Poor sayaka.

Update soon kay.  = ̄ω ̄=
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Re: It started with a "Hi..." Updated [Chapter 2] YuiParu, SayaMilky
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wait what.. paru..GIVES a KISS!! ... wow... love it!

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Re: It started with a "Hi..." Updated [Chapter 2] YuiParu, SayaMilky
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Interesting. Really!!
Yuihan you should thanks Sayanee for the set up! Ckck
just love to read alot of fiction story

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Re: It started with a "Hi..." Updated [Chapter 2] YuiParu, SayaMilky
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omg! this is cute! CX ... looking forward for more! ^ w ^
hallo ... ds is ket

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Re: It started with a "Hi..." Updated [Chapter 2] YuiParu, SayaMilky
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at last a YuiParu fic! thank you hahaha

please update soon! D ♥

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Re: It started with a "Hi..." Updated [Chapter 3] YuiParu, SayaMilky
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@ShipEveryone: maybe Paruru can read minds..who knows haha. Thanks for reading!
@Haruko: It was more of a peck than a kiss, but I put kiss haha. I made Paruru the more initiative one rather than Yui at the moment.
@deguchi: Thank you for taking interest of this story. Yui will thank Sayaka in the future chapters for setting her up.
@mitsuhara_itsuko: Thank you for your comment. I am glad you are liking it so far.
@millca: I am a fan of YuiParu and there wasn't much on this forum, so I decide to write one myself to spread YuiParu love around!

Once again, I will keep saying this! I thank you all for reading this story!  :kneelbow:
I hope you all will like it and will not be disappointed.  :sweat:
Here is another update! Enjoy!  :on gay:

Chapter 3

Yui and Sayaka went back inside the café to sit with Miyuki after Yui thought it was enough tormenting for Sayaka. Sayaka is thoroughly exhausted from being head locked. She laid her head on the table and her arms were placed limply beside her head. Miyuki felt bad for Sayanee, so she decided to be a good girlfriend and started massaging Sayanee’s neck and shoulders.

Sayaka tiredly turns her head towards her girlfriend and smiles at her while mouthing the words “arigato” to her. Miyuki welcomes her with a kiss on the cheek. Although being together for so long, Sayaka still blushes when Milky kisses her. Milky can only smile brightly at the sight before her.

Yui looks away when she saw the affectionate gestures between the two. She slowly sips on her tea and looks out through the window. Thoughts start to overflow her mind. She will be lying to herself if she said she did not envy the couple. Sayaka has always been very protective of Milky while Milky is the energetic and affectionate one. The pair is so sweet to each other that many people refer them as the SayaMilky couple. Seeing other couples being sweet and affectionate with each other does make Yui feel lonely sometimes. She has always wondered if she can ever have a relationship similar to the SayaMilky couple.

“Yui-han…Earth to Yui…BAKA!” yelled Sayaka!

Yui rapidly shot a glare at Sayaka and threateningly said, “Do NOT call me a BAKA again or else you will receive much more pain than you did a few minutes ago!”
Sayaka gulped and looks at Miyuki like a sad puppy. Miyuki can only awed at the pout expression and lightly pat her head.

“It isn’t my fault to call you a baka. You are the one who wouldn’t answer to your own name. Who has gotten to your nerves? You never react like that when I called you baka before!” Sayaka defended.

Miyuki joined the conversation, “Sayanee, I think because Paruru called her a baka, so she reminded of last night!”

Then, Sayaka begin to tease Yui. “Aww, how sweet! One single word and you’re reminded of your lover!”

“Yah! She is not my lover! We only met last night! We don’t even know anything about each other!” remarked Yui.

Sayaka and Miyuki both looked at each other and smiled. When Yui saw this, she had a bad feeling that these two are going to come up with a terrible idea. Her thought was answered when the SayaMilky couple opened their mouth.

Sayaka and Milky both said at the same time,” GO ASK HER OUT!!!”

Yui almost spit out her tea when she heard what they said. Yui extremely shakes her head and said, “No way! That’s crazy! I am not asking her out! I wouldn’t know what to say and she will think I am weird if I just suddenly call her!”

Sayaka and Milky were actually laughing to themselves. They have never seen Yui-han panic like this before. It was amusing for them to watch.

While Yui-han is panicking, Miyuki whispers into Sayaka’s ear telling her to distract and stall her for a while. Sayaka is confused as in why she should; when Miyuki lifts up her phone indicating that she will be texting someone really quickly. The light bulb turns on and Sayaka nods her head as she understood what Miyuki is about to do.

“Yui-han, I don’t know if you realize it or not, but I believe Paruru can be that someone special to you. With the other numerous set ups I sent towards your way, you have never react so frantic before. Like you mentioned, you only met her once and you are already panicking about the thought of asking her out. I think you might have already had some feelings for her. If not feelings, then some interests in her,” explained Sayaka.

Miyuki agreed,” Yui-han, I think Sayanee is right. You should give it a try! You never know when you don’t try. Just ask her out and wait and see what she says.”

Yui-han was silent for a while. She is thinking about what she should do. I mean taking SayaMilky’s suggestion into consideration; she realized that they both do have valid points. She has never paid any attention to the other set-ups that SayaMilky have put her through. Moments passed, Yui said, “I will try, but I do not guarantee anything.”

SayaMilky both cheered at the decision!

“BUT! I do not know what to say to her. I mean what is my excuse or reason for calling her out?” asked Yui.

Milky laughed, “Mou, Yui-han, you do not technically need any excuse to call someone. For your information, you are calling her to ASK HER OUT! That is already a reason to call! Yui-han, you can be kind of slow when it comes to love.”

Yui-han does not know if she should be grateful for what she said or offended for being called dense. But, she cannot argue with them. She is quite dense when it comes to love. She never even realized for a long time that a girl from her past used to like her for the longest time. But, that is another story.

“Well, “love experts” tell me what I should say to her.” Yui-han asked as she takes out her phone, getting ready to make the call.

Sayaka grasps Yui’s arm, stopping her from calling. Yui-han is confused with the action.

“Nothing, you do not need to do call her.” SayaMilky replied.

Yui is surprised yet bewildered by their comment. Just a second ago, they were encouraging her to ask Paruru out and make the call.

Yui stated, “Would you both make up your mind as to what I should do? You both just told me to call her a second ago, now I should not.” Yui just sighed as she is confusing with what these two are playing.

From where Sayaka and Milky are sitting, they both are facing the entrance of the café so they are able to see new customers coming in. They both have a pretty smile on their face when they see the person they both have been waiting for to arrive.

“Yui-han, I am going to count to three,” announced Sayaka.

“Wait, what!?!”


“Tell me why you are counting down!”


“Sayaka, this isn’t funny. If you set me up again, I will make you pay tenfold.”


The cafe doorbell chimes as it opens and the new customer steps into the café.  She sees the people who were waiting for her. Well excluding, Yui, as she does not know about her arrival.

The newcomer walks over to the table and greets Sayaka and Milky.

Yui cannot believe who was standing in front of her. The newcomer turns her attention towards Yui and they both look at each other eyes.

Just like how they both first met, once again, at the same time, they both said, “Hi…”

Sorry for another cliffhanger! I know there is a lot of SayaMilky moments going on and not much YuiParu! I promise next chapter will be filled with YuiParu! I am taking their relationship a bit slow! I don't want to rush into it. But, let me know if you all think this is too slow haha! Thanks everyone, please comment so I know how I am doing. Silent readers are always welcomed!

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Re: It started with a "Hi..." Updated [Chapter 3] YuiParu, SayaMilky
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i love both so its ok for me! :3

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Re: It started with a "Hi..." Updated [Chapter 3] YuiParu, SayaMilky
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Finally a YuiParu for me to read!!!  :mon star:
And with SayaMilky too omg this is just perfect!!!

Thankyou author-san, promise you'll finish this story, please?  :mon pray2:
Too many good fic in hiatus mode, makes me desperate  :on cloudeye:

Waiting for next update~

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Re: It started with a "Hi..." Updated [Chapter 4] YuiParu, SayaMilky
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Italic = thoughts
Thanks for the support that I have been getting from everyone! Whether you comment or a silent reader, I still appreciate it!  :kneelbow:
@Haruko: glad you are liking it so far! I like both pairs too!   :whistle:
@atsukojiyuu_C: I am happy that you like the pairing!  :mon thumb: Please do not worry! I might be busy with school and work, but I will finish this story  :cool1:

Also, I have read some YuiParu fanfics and most of them shows that Paruru is the shy one and Yui is the dominant one, but for this story, I made them the opposite way! But, Yui will eventually get more bold. Once again, I hope I do not disappoint!  :mon sweat:
Please excuse any mistakes and typos! Everyone, please enjoy!  :on drink:

Chapter 4

Miyuki elbows Sayaka signaling her that they should leave the two of them alone.

“Well, look at the time! Miyuki and I have a movie to catch! See you guys later!” Sayaka quickly drags Miyuki with her and literally ran out of the door for she fears that Yui will really kill her right then and there.

Haruka just waves goodbye to them and sits across from Yui. Kei comes over to ask if Haruka wants anything to drink or eat, but Haruka just politely shakes her head. After Kei left their table, Haruka turns to face Yui.

Thoughts are running through Yui’s mind in a speed of light. She still cannot believe Haruka is currently in front of her. She does not know what she should be saying to her right now. Yui’s eyes were shifting around the café and not meeting Haruka’s eyes at all.

Haruka places her elbow on the table and leans her face against her palm. She just observes Yui’s behavior at the moment and find it amusing how nervous and unease she is making Yui feels. Smiling to herself, she thought she should help the poor girl with her nervousness right now.

“So… do you want to go take a walk with me?” started Haruka.

“Huh?” Yui was clearly still in her own world to comprehend what Haruka just requested. Haruka can only giggle at Yui’s response. Yui feels embarrassed and is definitely sure that she is blushing as she feels her face is getting warmer against her palm.

“I’m sorry. I spaced out. What did you ask?” Yui apologized.

Haruka chuckled, “Yui-san, anata wa houtoni kawaii desu! (you’re very cute.) I asked if you want to go take a walk with me.”

Yui does not know if her face can get any redder than it already is. She cannot handle anymore compliments for she fears she might just explode. Yui doesn’t want to make a fool out of herself by saying anything stupid so she can only nod.

After Yui paid for her order, they both left the café and started walking.

As they both are walking beside each other, words were not spoken. Haruka did not mind the silence as she is simply enjoying the fresh air. Yui, on the other hand, is fiddling with her fingers and trying to think of something to say.

After a while, Haruka sees a park nearby and gestures Yui that they should rest there for a while. Yui just follows Haruka like a puppy without saying anything. As they both sit on a bench, they can hear laughter from the children running around the playground and birds chirping.

Noticing Yui fiddling with her fingers, Haruka just places her hand on top of them and it immediately stops moving. Yui looks up at Haruka with a puzzled expression.

“Don’t be nervous. I don’t bite,” assured Haruka. “Just say what is on your mind. I don’t get offended easily unlike someone.”

“It is hard not to get offend after being called a baka out of nowhere. Normally, people do not say that to someone right when they first meet,” countered Yui.

“Haha. Gomennasai, Yui-san. I did not mean to insult you. I am just quite blunt.”

“You are not forgiven.”

Haruka did not say anything after that. Instead, she just simply kissed Yui on the cheek.

Yui was caught off guard by that sudden action from Haruka.

“Yah, do you go around and kiss every girl you know out of nowhere like that?!?” Yui was blushing again, but she cannot deny that her heart was beating rapidly when Haruka kissed her.

“No, not to every girl I know, just this one cute girl I know.” Haruka simply replied.

Yui does not know why but she did not like to know the fact that Haruka does this gesture to another girl that isn’t her. Wait, what am I saying? I am not jealous, am I? No way, I barely know her. Calm down, Yui!

Haruka can see that Yui is frowning and she is smiling on the inside, knowing that Yui is secretly jealous for what she said. But, Haruka is going to reassure Yui in just a second.

“Then, you should stop kissing me out of nowhere. You do not want that cute girl to get jealous and kill me for getting your affection.” Yui stated.

“I do not think she will mind,” said Haruka.

Yui retorted,” How would you know that? You are not her?”

“You are right, I am not her. But, she did not slap me or told me not to do it again. So, I think I am on the safe side.” Haruka replied.

“Wait, she isn’t here. Why are talking like you just kissed her?” asked Yui with a slight confusion in her tone.

Haruka looks Yui in the eyes and simply said, “Because I am looking right at her.”

Yui was speechless. She didn’t think Haruka was talking about her the whole time. Ehhh!!! She was the cute girl! Wait! She said she only does this to one cute girl…if I am that one cute girl than I am the ONLY one she gives random kisses to!! OMG, calm down, Yui! You sound like a fan girl going all crazy for an idol! Keep your cool posture!

Easy said than done, as Yui couldn’t keep a cool posture, yet ended up stuttering “Ahem, I …uh… I…” Yui was clearly lost of words as she cannot think of a good comeback.

Haruka scoots a bit closer towards Yui and whispered, “That kiss was to ask for forgiveness. Am I forgiven now?”

Yui solely nod her head as words will not come out of her mouth. She does not know what it is about Shimazaki Haruka that keeps making her speechless and nervous.

Haruka smiles and feels satisfy with Yui’s answer. She stands up and reaches her hands out for Yui to grab onto it. Yui places her hand on top of Haruka's and lets Haruka pull her up.

Haruka told Yui that she will be taking her home now.

As they were walking, Yui notices that they were still holding hand. Feeling a bit uncomfortable with the loose hold, she was going to retract her hand away. When she was going to do that, Haruka holds on to her hand more tightly. Even going a step further, Haruka intertwines their hands together. Once again, Yui can only blush and comply.

“Yui-san, we arrive at your house,” said Haruka.

Yui didn’t even notice that they were already at her house as she was focusing on the fact that they were holding hands.

“Ah, we are here.” Yui does not know why, but she feels disappointed knowing that she has to separate with Haruka. She looks down on their intertwine hands, not wanting to let go at all.

Yui finally looks up at Haruka when she felt a squeeze from her hand. A beautiful smile greets her as she faces Haruka.

“Yui-san, I do not want to let go of your hands either. But, I promise you that we will see each other soon. VERY soon actually,” Haruka confidently said.

Yui did not understand what Haruka meant by very soon. When she was about to ask, Haruka just raise her hand to stop her.

“You will see. Don’t worry, okay. I will see you soon.” Haruka said one last time.

Yui just let it go and trust Haruka on her words. Before Haruka left, she didn’t forget to leave a peck on Yui’s cheek. Once again, Haruka enjoys the sight of a blush on the girl in front of her.

The Next Day at School

Sayaka, Miyuki and Yui are in the same class with each other. Sayaka and Yui sit against the window in the far back of the room. Sayaka sits behind Yui while Miyuki sits on the right side of Sayaka.

The classroom was full of girls talking loudly and gossiping about who knows what. All the way in the far back left corner, there are two girls interrogating their friend.

“So, how did it go with my cousin?” Miyuki excitedly asked while shaking Yui’s arm vigorously, if she keeps doing that Yui’s arm is bound to fall off.

Sayaka joins in, “Mou, Miyuki, stop that. Her arm might fall off if you keep shaking it like that. Let her speak.”

Miyuki pout at Sayaka. “I cannot help it. I have been dying to know since we left them alone yesterday!”

Sayaka kissed the pout away and pat Miyuki down to calm her down. Miyuki was going to kiss her back, but Yui intercepted it before things get out of hand.

“Okay, stop! If you guys are going to start making out, then please go get a room!” Yui commanded.

Sayaka and Miyuki blushed and just gesture Yui to tell them how it went with Haruka.

Yui just briefly filled them in, leaving out the kissing and holding hands part because she didn’t want to get tease by the SayaMilky couple. “We left the café and took a walk, stop at a nearby park and talked a little, and then she took me home. That was all.”

The pair just nodded their head and Miyuki asked, “Well, did she say anything to you before she left your house?”

“She just said that I will see her VERY soon apparently.” Yui replied. “But, I do not know what that means at all. Do you know anything, Miyuki?”

Miyuki just smiled and said, “Maybe…you’ll see in a second, Yui-han.”

“Mou, just tell me already!” Yui demanded.

Before anymore can be said, the professor came into the class and everyone instantly went back to their seats and was quiet. The professor, Shinoda Mariko, told the class that there will be a new transfer student today. Majority of the students went “Ehh” and looked among each other. Students started whispering to each other. But, Sayaka, Miyuki and Yui didn’t react much to the news.

Mariko-sensei clapped, signaling for the class to be quiet and called out to the new student, “Please come inside.”

The door slides open and in walk a beautiful girl in an nonchalant manner. Students were commenting how beautiful and cute she is. Yui wasn't paying attention at all and just looked at the window.

The new student wrote her name on the board and bowed, “Shimazaki Haruka, yoroshiku onegaishimasu.”

Right when Yui heard her name, she turned her head so fast that she could have gotten a whiplash.

Sayaka and Miyuki laughed softly at Yui's reaction.

Mariko-sensei announced, “Hai, Everyone, please take care of Shimazaki-san! Now, Yokoyama Yui, please raise your hand as she will be seating next to you.”

Although they both knew each other, Yui still comply with the request. As Haruka walks to her seat and sat down, the class resumes to its normal session.

Sayaka elbows Miyuki and points toward the pair in front of them. Sayaka whispers to Miyuki, "I bet you a kiss on the lips that it will only take them three seconds to say something to each other." Miyuki looks at Sayaka in disbelief, not believing it will happen. Sayaka started to countdown softly to Miyuki. This is happening as Sayaka is counting down:


Haruka and Yui turns to face each other.


Smiles were displayed on both of their faces.


“Hi…” they both said.
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@atsukojiyuu_C: I am happy that you like the pairing!  :mon thumb: Please do not worry! I might be busy with school and work, but I will finish this story  :cool1:

Also, I have read some YuiParu fanfics and most of them shows that Paruru is the shy one and Yui is the dominant one, but for this story, I made them the opposite way! But, Yui will eventually get more bold. Once again, I hope I do not disappoint!  :mon sweat:

Yeah YuiParu and SayaMilky are on my fave pairing list  :mon innocent: (but my beloved kojiyuu on the top of course) XD lol
It's okay, what matters is you'll finish this story, and i'll waiting for each of your updates  :on GJ:
I wanna read more yuiparu but dunno where to find it  :cry:

So far i like the story development, paruru is such a sweet~ exciting!

Oh and i love the count-to-three part in the end of every chapters  :love:
Would you use it again for your next upcoming chapters?  :mon dance:

Update soon~
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*cue the background music*
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This is awesome~
Ah~ such a Paruru~
Such a Yuihan~
And... SayaMilky XD

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I'm loving this! XD  SayaMilky and YuiParu = double win CX XD
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Kyaaa! YuiParu!!!

So fluffy. :inlove: I love it. :heart:

Yui is too cute while Paruru, I think my heart will go crazy with her actions!

This is nice. :twothumbs

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