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Author Topic: Unknown || Chapter 5!  (Read 16425 times)

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Unknown || Chapter 5!
« on: May 06, 2014, 07:11:24 AM »
   hello everyone ! .-.
   I'm kinda get some idea to make this story, but I can't think about the title .-. and well... gahh I know I haven't update Different, but yeah.. I'm kinda stuck .-.  :depressed: :frustrated:
   so, here it is, the prologue ! 

   When I woke up, everything just felt weird. All of my body feel pain, from the top until my toe.
   “The patient already woke up! Call the doctor!” I heard somebody shutting. All I can see is just somebody came to me with his white coat,  I believe he’s the doctor.
   “She’s really awake...”

    I am, Kashiwagi Yuki. For the 4 years, finally awake from her long sleep.
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Re: Unknown || Prologue
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yeaaaa please the doctor is Dr.Watanabe sama  :bow:

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Re: Unknown || Prologue
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I want to see Dr. Watanabe in action!!!

Lame Story ahead!

A Certain Love Story of a Cyborg Girl | Same Ground(Hiatus) | The Last Stand (On-Going)

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Re: Unknown || Prologue
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Let the great Dr.Watanabe on action

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Re: Unknown || Prologue
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OwO) ... I wonder what happened to Yuki for her to have slept that long~

interesting! ... please update soon, Author-san~ :DD
hallo ... ds is ket

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Unknown || Chapter 1 !
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Well, hello  :wigglypanda:

I had the first chapter now, sorry for the bad grammars  :kneelbow:


“She’s really awake…” finally I can see clearly his face, he looks like Mayu
“What are you feeling now, Kashiwagi-san??” asked him
“I-I don’t know, it just feel weird. A while ago I felt pain all over my body. But now I think I just felt headache” I said. He put on his stethoscope then put it to my chest. He took out a flashlight then examined my eyes

 “You got a big accident back there, and now you’re just awaken from you 4 years sleep. Nothing seems wrong with your body. So maybe the pain was because of it. I think it will go soon”
“Okay, just take some time to rest, I’ll check again later. Then about the pain, if it doesn’t go, you can take some painkiller over there. And, your family already on their way to here.” he said while take off his stethoscope and exited the room

 I look over my room. I wonder how can I sleep for 4 years in this place. And then, how’s Rena, Jurina and everyone doing? And then, did Mayu survive from the accident?? Did she’s okay??

 “Yukirin!! Oh god finally!! You don’t know how worried us in this 4 years!!” Rena entered the room, running to me and hugging me tightly
“We really miss you, you know” she said while sobbing
“I miss you too, Rena” I removed the arms

“Hello there, Jurina. You really looks like an adult now you know” I said to Jurina who standing behind Rena
“I’m not a child anymore, Yuki” she said while approached to me then hug me

I release the hug

“You look like you’re just awake from your daily sleep you know. You look fine” Jurina said
“Yeah, I don’t know but I feel the same too” I said

“So, did you guys already official now?  Or maybe married?” Rena face redder as I said it to them. Jurina just look embarrassed
“Well, we become a couple 3 years ago..” Jurina said while scratch her head
“Congratulation for you two! I know it’s kinda late but congratulation!” I said
“Thanks, Yuki.” Rena said while smiling, and yeah.. her face still red as a tomato. Suddenly, I remember something

“Umm, Rena.. where’s Mayu??” I asked Rena, no one give me the answer. There just an awkward silent between us. Rena then spoke,
“Y-Yuki… Mayu doesn’t survive. She’s died in her operation 4 years ago” she said. I stood silent.
“You’re lied, it just a surprise. She’s out there, Right?” I said to Rena, she doesn’t answer
“Rena, answer me!!” I shake her body, Rena just faced the ground
“Yuki, stop! It’s true, she’s gone!” Jurina said then stop me for shaking Rena’s body. Mayu, was my girlfriend. We already dating for 3 months back there. She was my best friend back there in high school. In the graduation day, she confessed to me. We’re really enjoying our day together as a couple. But that day, when she was driving, and I’m on her side… we’re on the way to my house, but… but that truck…

  “Yuki..” Rena approached me then hugging me tightly. I reply her hug while crying.
  “Daijoubu, she’s fine up there.” Rena said while stoke my hair. I‘m crying and crying, that’s all. I think Rena understand about me. We’re stood like that until a couple minutes later when I felt asleep.


Yuuma’s POV
  Finally, she’s awake. I don’t know if she know about Mayu or not. I felt sorry for her…

  “Oni-chan, save her…”
  “No! Mayu, I must save you first!”
  “She’s in danger, I don’t have any hope now. I’ll die soon. So please, save her, and take care of her when I’m not here anymore.”

Mayu really love that girl, even she risked her life just for her. I don’t know that Kashiwagi Yuki really meaningful for Mayu. Well, I heard from Jurina that she was Mayu’s girlfriend. Maybe she’s really love that Kashiwagi.

I think I forgot to introduce myself. My name, Watanabe Yuuma. The oldest son of Watanabe’s family, and brother of Watanabe Mayu. Actually I just came back from America for studying when that accident happened.  I just back for 3 years studying abroad and my sister died.
  “Knock…”  someone knocking the door

  “Yes, just come in” I said, then I see Jurina come in with her girlfriend, Rena.
  “We said about Mayu to her, I think she must know it” Jurina said while took a sit in front of me, same like Rena
  “so how is she now??” I asked
  “she’s sleeping, maybe too tired because of crying. She was crying a lot. Yuki and Mayu was a great couple back there, they never fought. Maybe it’s too hard for her” Jurina said
  “I see…” I put on my glasses, then took a look to Kashiwagi-san document. Even know that I’m her doctor, and she was my sister girlfriend, I don’t really know about her.

  “Can you be a little bit not formal in front of me. We already know each other since we’re young and you talk to me like we just meet 2 minutes ago” Jurina said while pouting
  “I’m sorry, that’s a habit” I said

  “Ah! I almost forgot to give you this thing” Rena said while took out a box from her pocket
  “A.. Box?” I said
  “Mayu gave me the box when she’s dying 4 years ago. She said that she want me to give it to you when Yuki is awake from her coma” she gave me the box. I opened then box
  “a ring?? She wanted to propose to her!” I said. God, if this accident doesn’t happened then maybe they already married and live happily.

“Mayu once told me that she wanted to propose to Yuki! I think that was 3 days before the accident” Jurina said
“So what will I do with this ring?? Should I just give it to Yuki?” I said

“BUK!” Jurina hit me with her hand

“what the.. why are you hit my head?!” I said while rubbing my head
“You, baka! You are a scholar from the overseas university but you don’t know why I hit your head, it will hurt her, baka! Stupid emotionless cyborg” Jurina said. Yeah, that’s right. How can I don’t think about that…
“Maybe you can save it for a while. When the good time came, give it to her.” Rena said
“Right, maybe I can try it” I said. Kashiwagi-san, we will have a great time together.

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Re: Unknown || Chapter 1 :3
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Hemmss interesting  :hip smile:

Did yuki know tht Yuuma is Mayu brother ??  :nervous

Please update soon  :hip smile:

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Re: Unknown || Chapter 1 :3
« Reply #7 on: May 10, 2014, 02:46:14 AM »
Yuuma is in action

Poor Mayu

Update soon

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Re: Unknown || Chapter 1 :3
« Reply #8 on: May 10, 2014, 11:10:48 AM »
what a sad past yuki have here!!  :cry:
my poor mayuyu..
please give yuki a good future  :bow:

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Re: Unknown || Chapter 1 :3
« Reply #9 on: May 10, 2014, 03:46:12 PM »
tiptip : she'll know it, soon ! really soon!  :mon determined:
kirozoro : I'm working on it!  :nya:
kazutoryu : yuki will have a great future! I won't made a sad ending for my yuki  :farofflook:

thank you for your comment!! I'll post the 2nd chapter as soon as possible!

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Unknown || Chapter 2 Update!
« Reply #10 on: May 11, 2014, 05:03:52 PM »
hey, I've already finish the chapter :3  :cow:
well, I don't know if it's great or no but, I'm doing my best for make this ! :hee:



Yuki POV

This morning I haven’t seen the doctor that checking me yesterday. It just, his face really looks like Mayu. Even when the first time I’ve meet him I think he was Mayu but in her danso outfit. Well, I know Mayu really love danso. But he has really different with Mayu. He has more manly voice. What is his relation with Mayu?

“Morning Kashiwagi-san” ah, it’s him
“M-Morning, Doctor”

“Watanabe Yuuma. You can call me Yuuma if you want, no need to be too formal” he said. Wait, Watanabe?? He has a same family name like Mayu.
“Y-You can call me Yuki too if I call you Yuuma” I said

“are you Mayu’s brother?” I asked him
“Actually, yes. I’m her brother, you never saw me when you’re coming to my house because that time I was study abroad for 3 years. 5 days before the accident was the time when I’m come back from US.” He said then walking to my direction

“sorry for make you remember her” he said
“it’s fine, it was me the one who made you tell me about her. I’m sorry…” I said. The accident came back into my mind.

“It’s alright to show your feelings to me. You don’t need to hide it. I’m here for you, okay??” he hug me, stroke my hair. I’m wrong. You’re really different from Mayu. You’re warmness, it’s different from Mayu’s. You showed it more than her.

“Well, let’s move to your examination” he examined my body, well it look same like yesterday.
“nothing wrong with you. maybe a couple days more you can back to your house” he said then put his stethoscope back to his coat pocket

“Just take a long rest and…”
“Hey” I called him
“Yeah? Is there something wrong?” he said
“Would you bring me to Mayu’s grave, today?” I asked him. He stood silent
“Sure, I’d love to. Since you’re body really looks fine, I think it okay”

“I’m sorry for bother your work…” I said then bowed my head
“No, it’s fine. Actually I have a break after lunch. So maybe we can have lunch together then going to Mayu’s grave” he said while smiling to me
“T-Thank you”

“Well, the examination is over now. You can take around this hospital if you want. And if there something you want to ask. Just go to my office, on the 4th floor. From the lift take the left. You’ll see my office there. So, see you at lunch, Yuki”
“See you…”


Yuuma POV

This morning Yuki said that she want to go to Mayu’s grave, so I’ll bring her this afternoon since she’s really getting better. You know what, I felt something weird since I take care of her 4 years ago. A feeling that I must take care of her, always put my eyes on her, and do everything to make her happy, it’s really weird. I don’t know what this but I’m sure it doesn’t the thing what people called love.  I just know a little thing about her, well love need more thing. I just ‘care’ to her, okay?? It’s not love.


Yuki POV

Being here in the hospital was freaking bored! Hmm, maybe I can take around this hospital right? Yeah! That’s sounds great too

I exited my room. Wow, so this hospital was really busy than I thought. Clearly, my room was near the children sections. There so many kids playing around here. At the end of corridor, there was a music room. There’s someone playing the piano in there. This song, Mayu once play it for me and teach me how to play it. I think it was from some anime. Yes! It’s from Inuyasha, Dearest.

From the voice I can tell the one who played the piano was a man. I reach the door, so it’s really ‘him’.

(well, try to listen it, i's really good  :twothumbs !)

hontou ni taisetsu na mono igai subete sutete
shimaetara ii no ni ne
genjitsu wa tada zankoku de
It would be nice if we could put away and throw out
everything except what really mattered, but
reality is just cruel.

sonna toki itsu datte
me o tojireba
waratteru kimi ga iru
In such times,
I see you laughing
whenever I close my eyes.

itsuka eien no nemuri ni tsuku hi made
dou ka sono egao ga
taema naku aru you ni
Until the day I reach eternal sleep,
that smiling face will
have to stay with me without fail.

Suddenly, a flashback came into my mind

“Yes, like that. You’ll get it soon” Mayu said
“I’m tired..” I said

“Ne, Yuki. What you want to be after die?”
“I want to be the sky. I want always seeing you from above there. I want to always watch over you, follow you wherever you go. So even if I’m dead, I can always protect and make you happy”

Then, the music stopped.

“Onii-chan. Is the girl in front of the room was your friend?” the kids inside there asking to him, the man who played that song a while ago. And he faced me.
“Eh, Yuki, why are you standing out there? And why are you crying?” he said. Eh, it’s Yuuma? And I’m crying?
“I’m fine. It just…” he came to my direction, wipe my tears then hugging me
“Did you have a nightmare? Did something happen??” he asked me

“I’m alright. When you play it, somehow I remember something about Mayu.” I said
“I’m sorry, I don’t know that Mayu…”
“No, it’s not your fault. Don’t say I’m sorry if it wasn’t your fault, it’s me.”
“Well, okay. Hey, can you play a piano?? We can play 1 more song for these kids.” He said while dragging me to the piano

“I can’t play a difficult song but I can play ‘Twinkle – Twinkle Little Star’” I said
“That’s great!”

“Hey kids! Yuki Nee-chan want to play Twinkle-Twinkle little star for us. So let’s singing when she play it, okay?”
“Yes Yuuma Nii-chan!”
“Okay, play it Yuki!” I play the music. The kids and Yuuma singing happily while I’m play the piano. They all look so happy.

“Well, kids. Time out now. I have something to do” said Yuuma then look at me
“Are you wanted to get your lunch?” the kids in front of Yuuma ask him
“Yes, but there’s one important thing that I must do, Naoki” he said
“What is that Yuuma Nii-chan??” the boy beside Naoki said. Then Yuuma whispered something to them.

“Yuuma Nii-chan will go on date with Yuki Nee-chan!!” Naoki said loudly. 
“Hey, calm down. I don’t go on date with her. But yeah, I’ll go somewhere with her, but that’s not a date.” He said
“Mou, but it will be great if you two going out together as a couple you know..” Naoki said.

“Yuki Nee-chan??” a girl beside me said
“Yes?? Umm, what’s your name? ” I said
“It’s Roka. Ano,Yuki Nee-chan, are you Yuuma Nii-chan girlfriend?” she ask me
“Well, no, he just my friend” I said

“I like Yuuma Nii-chan” she said
“But if his girlfriend was you, it’s alright. I like you too” she said while smiling to me
“Thank you”


“Yes. Roka-chan, I’ll go now. Take care of yourself. You all too, okay?” I said
“Yes Yuki Nee-chan!”


We took a lunch together at the cafeteria. After that, we go to the cemetery.
“Well, take your time. I’ll wait there” Yuuma said then go to the bench down the tree.

I sit beside the grave

           Watanabe Mayu

26 March 1994 – 10 November 2010

“How you’re doing there? I’m fine here, with your brother. I know you always look at me here from above there. You’ve said to me once that you want to be the sky if you’re died. So you can saw me here. But even in heaven, you can always watch over me, right? Mayu, why are you going to fast? When I heard about you from Rena, I just can’t believe it. I always think about our future, together. But…”

“God have another great plan for you, Yuki. There’s someone better than me to watch over you.”

“Eh? M-Mayu?”

“You can’t stick with your past, move forward, your new love already waiting for you…”


“I love you, Yuki. I always love you”

“I love you too, Mayu…” I can’t hold my tears anymore. But Mayu is right, I can’t stick with my past. Even if I’ll be with somebody someday, I’ll still love you, Mayu, always.

I wipe my tears. Then I go to Yuuma.

“I’m done. Let’s go back to the hospital.” I said to him
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Re: Unknown || Chapter 2 Update!
« Reply #11 on: May 12, 2014, 03:41:03 AM »
D; omg why so sad!!! In this chapter

Yuuma let cheer Yuki on!!!

Update soon

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Re: Unknown || Chapter 2 Update! | Will update soon~
« Reply #12 on: May 19, 2014, 03:06:03 PM »
kirozoro : he will~

Long time no updatee .-. I've finished the 3rd chapter
I'll try to update tomorrow if I can, sorry for the late update!! :bow:

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Re: Unknown || Chapter 3 Update!!
« Reply #13 on: May 19, 2014, 05:22:30 PM »
Hey, I think it doesn't need to wait for tomorrow .-. somehow I can get an internet access  :on lol:

I've keep update this but I don't update Different, gahh I'm kinda stuck!!  :frustrated: :badluck:  :err: :fainted:
I've make another chapter but it ended endless .-.

it's short, as usual.. sorry for it. then sorry for the grammars mistakes  :kneelbow:
please coment about it!


Yuuma POV

I don’t know what happen but after going to Mayu’s grave yesterday, Yuki seems a little bit down. Maybe she missed Mayu. She’s her girlfriend after all. Yosh, a little help maybe worked.

“Hello, Yuki” I said while bring 2 bento that I made at home.
“Hey,..” Yuki said while smiling to me, actually it looks like her smile was forced
“Are you already ate your lunch?” I ask her
“No, not yet. Not in mood” she said

“Yosh! Let’s eat together” I said to her while giving her the bento on my right hand

“Well, you seem a little bit down so I made you this. Maybe it’s not as good as Mayu’s but yeah, you can eat that” I said while smiling to her. I thought it will make her cheer up
“arigatou, Yuuma” she said

“Okay, itadakimasu!!” I said then eating the bento
“Actually it’s taste good, better than mine” she said while laughing
“Thanks, but really, it’s not that good” I said

“Yuki, as I said to you yesterday, today was your last day in here. So you can continue your daily activity start from tomorrow. But, I’ll still watch over you even that not as often when you’re in here.” I said to her then continue my lunch
“Un, wakatta” she said then doing the same thing like I do.

“Then, it seems like Naoki really like you. He’s been asking me about you whenever I go to his room to check up him and when I playing with the kids in the music room. He will ask me ‘ne Yuuma Nii-chan. Where is Yuki Nee-chan?’” I said to her. Then she chuckled after heard what I said
“Really?? Maybe I must visit him tomorrow before leaving” she said
“Yeah, you should or he will keep asking me like that” I said
“haii, haii” she said

“Ahh, the lunch break is over. I must go now.” I said to her while looking at my watch.
“Okay, I’ve already finished my lunch. Thank you, Yuuma” She said then giving me the lunchbox

“Un! So, see you later” I said
“Yeah, see you later” she said then smiling to me. Then, I exited the room and close the door. It’s good to see your beautiful smile again, Yuki


Yuki POV

“Yuki, can I come in?”

I change my position on the bed to sit.

“Hey, how are you doing?” Rena said while change the flower on the desk beside my bed
“Fine, I feel much better” I said to her
“Ah, tomorrow Jurina and I will take off you, your parents still on their business trip.  They said they will back to Japan maybe in 1 week.” Rena said. They haven’t change aren’t they? They always going on business trip, and me? They left me here with my maids and butler.

“Wakatta, thank you, Rena” I said
“It’s nothing. That’s what friends do.” She said while smiling at me. Yeah, that’s what friends do. Rena is my childhood friend. We meet each other when we were in 5. That time, I was ‘all alone’ kids. When other kids play around in the playground, I just sat and watch them from afar. And then someday, Rena came to me while smiling and said ‘my mom said to me it’s not good to be alone all day. So you must play too!’ so from that time, I always on her side, as well as Rena did.

“Is it boring to be here all day long??” Rena asked me
“It’s boring! I have nothing I can do in here. All I can do is just sit here or watching the sky out there from the window.”
‘…And it made me remember about Mayu a lot.’

  “I’m sorry I can be here all the time. Ah! How about going to the Disney Land on this Saturday? Since tomorrow you had just come back home and you need to rest, the day after tomorrow will be okay, Right?” Rena said
  “It sounds good! It’s been 4 years from the last time I’m going there!” I said
  “You’ve been sleeping for 4 years, Yuki” she said. Then we both laughing

  “Yeah, you’re right. I’ve just wake up from my 4 years sleep. Then, you’ll ask Jurina too, ne?” I asked her
  “Yup, I’ll ask her too” she said
  “Mouu, you two will lovey dovey in front of me while I just sit there watch you both” I said. Rena face suddenly redder while I said that to her.
  “Hey, that’s not true. I’ll say to Jurina to ask Yuuma too if he’s free or not on Saturday. You both look much closer these days.”
  “Well, it’s just relationship between patient and her doctor, okay? Furthermore, he’s a good friend” I said

“Yuki, I think I must back to my office now. The lunch break will end soon and Jurina already waited me down there. See you tomorrow.” She said
“Okay, see you tomorrow, Rena” I said.

“Umm, Yuki…” she closed again the door that she’s already open then looks at me
“Yes?” I said

“I just want to say that Mayu will be happier if she’s seeing you happy here with somebody beside you. I don’t know how to say this but…”
“I got it, Rena” I said to her then smile
“Okay, I leave now, Ja” she opened again the door and exited the room.

 It will be another boring day.I thought as Rena closed the door. I sighed then reach the window. Is everything already looks different after 4 years? Hmm, anyway, I wonder what Yuuma is doing right now. Is he busy? Ah, maybe I can go to his office right?

So I’m going there, to his office. From the lift take the left. I found it! So I knock the door.

“Just come in!”

I entered the office

“Yuki? Is there anything happen?” he said
“N-No, it just getting bored just being in the room.” I said to him while smile
“I see…” I go to his desk. Then I saw a frame picture and there’s Yuuma and a girl. And somehow, Yuuma is blonde. He’s really different with his looks now. He has blonde hair and use casual clothes. Then what I see these days is Yuuma with black hair, his white coat, eyeglasses, and long sleeves shirt with long black trousers. And don’t forget his black shoes. Just like any others doctor I ever seen.

“Hmm, Yuuma, who is her?? Ahh, I know it, that’s your girlfriend right? You two look really close each other” I said to Yuuma
“Actually, that’s my ex” he said
“Eh? I-I’m sorry” I said
“It’s fine…”

“And about your blonde hair, you look different” I said to him. Then he took the frame picture
“That when I’m in college at US.  And yeah, I’m kind of bad ass there, but you know what, with that hair and kind of attitude, I got many attentions, especially from ehem, girls’’  he said while scratch her head that doesn’t itch at all, he embarrassed for his self. I laughed seeing how he is acting in front of me.
“You don’t need to be ashamed by your ‘old’ self. But you know, you’re great with that hair.” I said to him
“Thanks, Yuki” he said

“Anyway, may I know who that girl is?” I asked him
“Sure, her name is Oota Aika. She’s also Japanese; you can see that from her face. And then she’s in the same college as me, but she took accountancy.” He said then put the frame picture to his desk, exact at the same place when he took that before.
“Souka, then, how…” before I finished say that sentence, somebody entered Yuuma’s office with a sudden.


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Re: Unknown || Chapter 3 Update!!
« Reply #14 on: May 19, 2014, 06:04:42 PM »
another rivalry come?? thanks for the update!  :twothumbs

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Re: Unknown || Chapter 3 Update!! || Announcement guys!!
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Hello guys!!
I know I'm kind of take a long time to make my story
but now it will be more late because my laptop was broken .-.

Somehow it's broken again .-.

After it's already fixed, I'll post my story as soon as possible

I'm really sorry for this!! :bow:

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Re: Unknown || Chapter 3 Update!!
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WOw!! pls continue

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Unknown || Chapter 4 Update~
« Reply #17 on: June 15, 2014, 05:23:36 PM »
it's been a while~ sorry for making you all wait :bow:

sorry for bad grammars


  “Yuuma!! Long time no see you.” that ‘somebody’;who is a girl,out of the blue just came in to Yuuma’s office and hugging him. Hmm, I think I’ve seen this girl before...
  “E-Erm, Aika-san, stop hugging me, please?” Yuuma said while tried tp let go the girl’s hand who Yuuma called ‘Aika-san’, a-ah! So she is his ex-girlfriend that he told to me before. So It's why I feel like ive seen her face before.

  “Mou, I just missed you so much. We’ve been not seen each other since your graduation. And now you’ve been one of the best doctors in Japan!” Oota-san said to Yuuma.

  “Ahh, so you’ve already had new girlfriend, huh?” she continued her word, then look at me.
  “N-No..” Yuuma said, he looks a little flushed, or maybe just my tought? 
  “A-Ano..” I said, but yeah, this two people seem like don’t heard me.
  “A new rival,..”

  “S-She’s my patient, nothing more between us.” Yuuma said.
  “Is that true??” she approach Yuuma, then clinging to him.
  “Yes, and please stop clinging to me, Aika-san.” Maybe he become more annoyed and moved Oota-san hand from his arm.

  “Stop that formality, you used to call me Aika-chan, right?? You don’t need to be too formal in front of me. Being doctor really make you changed a lot.” She said while pouted.
  “Things are different now, Oota Aika-san. We can be friend, but to be like the old days, I can’t.”

  “Anyway, I need to go to my patient room. For you, Yuki, I think you must back to your room, you’re not fully recovered. And for you Aika-san, please don’t make any troubles.” Yuuma said then exited the room.

  “Don’t think that you can take him easily..” Oota-san suddenly said that to me then exited the room. Is she really think that I’m her rival??



Yuuma POV
  She’s coming back to Japan?? God, I don’t think it will be that fast. Why she don’t live at US either? She came when I’ve already find a new love. Eh? Wait, I think it’s a wrong word.. I mean, when I’ve already move on. Geez, how can I say that..

  Aika.. Rabutan is my ex-girlfriend, she just with me when she want, and go whenever she felt bored with me. I always love her with my heart, and she just throw me like that? She never want to be with me, she just want to have fun. That was what she said when she suddenly dumped me.

  “Yuuma Nii-chan? What are you thinking about? Ne, are you thinking about Yuki Nee-chan?” Naoki said, grinning at me.
  “No way, how can I...”
  “Of course you can, she’s pretty, kind.. Almost like a princess! If I were you, I’ll do everything to make her be my girlfriend!” Naoki said while make a palm of his hand and raise it high while stand on the bed. Well, actually he’s true. She’s really beautiful, always kind to others.. Eh, what the heck I’m thinking about?!

  “Hey, you’ll fall from the bed if you stand like that..” I said. Naoki then sit on the bed.
  “Hehe, Yuuma Nii-chan. Where is Yuki Nee-chan?” Naoki said
  “Can you stop asking me that? I don’t know, maybe in her room, or somewhere else, since today is her last day here. She’ll leave tomorrow.” I said to him

  “Is that too fast?? I’ve just met her once..” Naoki said while pouted.
  “Not really, she’s been here for 4 years you know.” I said to him
  “Ehh?? Really?? But I never seen here before that day..” he said
  “Well, she was in coma, but about 1 week ago she’s awake from that long coma. She’s really recovered fast and I think she can go home tomorrow. But I’ll keep obsereved her of course.” I said

  “Mou, but I want to meet her again..” he crossed his arms.
  “She said to me that she will visit you and other on the music room tomorrow. So inform that to other, okay??”

  We remain silent, but Naoki suddenly said something,
  “Nii-chan, I wonder if Yuki Nee-chan like you..” He said while put his hand to his chin
  "It's impossible. She loves someone else." I said
  "Ahh, souka. But that’s not really important! You still had a chance..” he said
  “She had a girlfriend..” I said

  “Eh? But Yuki Nee-chan is a girl right? So how she can be with a girl too? It’s confusing!!” Naoki said
  “You’ll know it when you already being an adult.” I said. Then I walked to the window.
  “But I’ve already being adult!” he said
  “You just 10 years old kid, Naoki-chan.” I said then petting his head
  “Then, how can I being an adult??” he asked me
  “You must go out from this hospital first, go to school, study at college, and you’ve become an adult!” I said while smiled.
  “But I don't want to out from this hospital. If I’m not here, how can I see Hana-chan?” he said

  “Hana-chan will out from this hospital, someday. So you must out from this hospital too” I said
  “Okay then.. Ne, do you like Yuki Nee-chan??”
  “Really?? You seem a little bit forced your answer” he said while grinning
  “Absolutely not,,” I said but in hesistated, maybe..
  “You’re lie to yourself, you like her. Yuuma Nii-chan like Yuki Nee-chan~”
  "Hey, I’m not lying to myself and I don't like her!" I said then the door opened. It was Naoki's mother.

  "Ah, Watanabe-san. Thank you for watching over him. Sorry for bother your work."  His mother said while bowing to me
  "It's fine. I'm not that busy for today.." I said
  "Once again, thank you" his mother said
  "No problem at all. Well then, excuse me" I said, then I was wanted to open the door but Naoki suddenly called me

  "Yuuma Nii-chan!"
  "Yuki Nee-chan will out tomorrow, right? Then, you must take care of her out there, okay?"
  "Of course.." I exited the room. Really, this feeling.. Do I like her?
  Yuki POV

  I’m back to my room. Urgh! Why I can’t sleep.. Oota-san is just his ex-girlfriend, okay. She’s just his ex-girlfriend. But how if he’s still like her? Eh, why should I think about that actually.. But, Oota-san seriously thinks I was her rival. Even I don’t like him. Eh, did I? Gez, of course I did! Come on Yuki,think it!! He is Mayu’s brother. But... argh! There are so many things to think about.

  “Ano.. can I come in?” someone outside this room asked. Eh? Someone visiting me? But it doesn’t sound like Rena or Jurina, and Yuuma either.
  “Sure..” I said. Then the door opened, ah! So it was Sae!

  She’s one of my best friends in highschool beside Rena, Jurina, and Mayu. We can say that she really like me back there. She’s already confessing to me for many times. But yeah, we can’t force our feelings, right?

  “Sorry I can’t come earlier. I heard that you’ve almost recovered. I’m quite happy about that.” She said then put the flower that she brought to the vase. 
  “That’s fine. You don’t need to come either.” I said to her. She took a chair and sat beside my bed.
 “Yuki, for these past 4 years, I’ve always waiting for you to awake. I need to ask this again to you, Yuki, I really really love you. And, would you mind to be my girlfriend?”
  “I-I can’t.”
  “But why?? I...”

  “I’m sorry. Honestly, I never had a ‘lover’ feeling to you. I love you, but as my friend, not lover. And, I still love her, Sae. Mayu still everything for me. It’s hard to know that she’s died. I still can’t...”
  “Okay. I got it.”

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Re: Unknown || Chapter 4 Update~
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Oota is Yuki rival has appear lol

lol i wonder when they going to realize their feeling for each other..

Sae your love for Yuki was -have no words for it-

aww Naoki, yes Yuma just admit that you like Yuki

update soon

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Re: Unknown || Chapter 4 Update~
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Hey all~~

it's been a long time after my last update in this fic, and I think it will took 'more' long time because I'll go to my hometown for maybe 1-2 weeks.
sorry for taking a long time to update this fic,

and because I've not continued this for more than 1 month, I think i'll update Unknown first and then Different, or maybe another one-shot,,
i'll continued it as soon as possible after I go back to my home,,

once again, I'm sorry :bow:

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