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Author Topic: Blood Bonds -- Chapter 2 (Saeyaka)  (Read 26566 times)

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Blood Bonds -- Chapter 2 (Saeyaka)
« on: February 24, 2015, 04:17:42 AM »
Yes! Another one of mine and Sky's famous Saeyaka collabos. This story is significantly based off Fullmetal Alchemist, but we decided to add a little twist in the script and give it our own original spice. ;)

There may be a lot of fighting and gore, perhaps some language, and who knows what else in the future. XD

Don't say I didn't warn you. lol

So, without further adieu, enjoy. :D


+Blood Bonds+

By Ruka Kikuchi and Skylark Dragonstar


Late one night, in the year 20XX, the full moon shined brightly, a silver glow being the only light that guided people along with the twinkling stars.

Two girls were walking together in the forest, looking around cautiously as if trying to look out for something. One had long hair and was 15, while the other has shorter hair that reaches her shoulders and is 13.

"You ready Sae?"

Her friend nodded as they both got down on the ground.

They were in the deepest part of the forest, the core, where the full moon was centered above them.

They took some strange powder and created a circle, drawing in strange patterns and symbols inside it. They stepped inside it as the younger one closed the circle, trapping them inside.

“Are you sure about this, Sayaka-chan?”

“Don’t worry. I won’t die, and neither will you. I won’t allow it.”

Sayaka and Sae knelt down, feeling the cold snow on their knees. Then, the eldest took a small knife and cut the palm of her hand, a drop of it landing in the snow.

“Does it hurt?” Sae said, worried for her friend.

Sayaka shook her head before taking her finger and drawing a symbol on Sae’s forehead with her blood. She held out her palm and let Sae do the same to her.

“Sae… the spell.”

“Y-yes.” The two girls held each others hands, intertwining their bloodstained fingers.

“Close your eyes. And whatever you do, whatever happens, do not open them.”

The younger girl nodded and shut her eyes, the elder girl doing the same.

“Con il mio sangue vergine e la mia anima eterna, la presente contraggo Ouroboros, e lo chiamo per offrirmi il mio desiderio in cambio della mia vita.” (“By my virgin blood and my eternal soul, I hereby contract Ouroboros, and summon him to offer me my wish in exchange for my life.”)

Just then, the circle around them glowed a bright. A powerful wind circled them like a cyclone, making Sae scream and hug Sayaka tight.

Sayaka felt a sharp pain hit her head, then a fire erupted inside her body. The younger girl gripped onto her as tears streamed down her eyes.

“Sayaka… it hurts..!”

“Stay strong. Just a little more...”

Sae looked up to see her dear friend, but when she looked up at the sky, she saw the moon was blood red. The symbol’s on their foreheads suddenly glowed and a strong pulsing pain hit both of them, their screams filling the skies.

As the wind subsided, both of their bodies collapsed, unconscious. The blood symbols and Sayaka’s cut had disappeared, leaving nothing behind. The two laid there as the cold winds blew, the snow covering the ground and soaking into their clothes.

However, what those two girls didn't expect that what should be their greatest achievement…will turn into a night of nightmare for them.

To Be Continued
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Re: Blood Bonds -- Prologue (Saeyaka) New collabo with Sky
« Reply #1 on: February 24, 2015, 04:22:27 AM »
Please contiue!!!

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Re: Blood Bonds -- Prologue (Saeyaka) New collabo with Sky
« Reply #2 on: February 24, 2015, 04:26:32 AM »
Please contiue!!!

We'll definitely do that. ;)

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Re: Blood Bonds -- Prologue (Saeyaka) New collabo with Sky
« Reply #4 on: February 24, 2015, 10:35:32 AM »
SaeYaka~ And Fullmetal~ Combo x2 :twothumbs
I'll definitely follow this and read!
Thank you!
Ganbatte, Ruka-chan and Sky-san!

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Re: Blood Bonds -- Prologue (Saeyaka) New collabo with Sky
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Please must continue onegai!!!  :bow:

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Re: Blood Bonds -- Prologue (Saeyaka) New collabo with Sky
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Here is the update of Chapter 1!


Chapter 1

Years have passed and the two girls lives have changed forever. After the accident, the two took on a certain job and started travelling together.

The same girl with long hair and chiseled face was now 20 years old and grew much taller. Her friend had also grown taller and was now 18, she also had her hair cut short and was more boyish and handsome.

They were sitting at a small cafe in Kyoto, both of them wearing long tunics over their clothes. The older girl, Sayaka, had a leather jacket on over a grey shirt, long leather pants and black leather boots. While the younger, Sae, had a scarf around her neck. She had a shorter length coat than Sayaka’s, and wore hot short pants over a pair of black tights and similar leather boots.

The chiseled face girl had something that looked like a sword wrapped around her, straddled on her back, while Sae had two guns strapped onto her belt. The shopkeeper had a curious thought after staring at these strangers for a while.

As he brought their drinks to them, he looked at them a bit more before taking a breath and speaking.

"Say, what exactly are you two ladies? You entertainers of some kind?" he asked.

Sayaka nearly choked on her drink when she heard the comment. "Hah!? Do we look like idols to you, Mister?" she retorted with a frown.

“Sayaka-chan, no need to be so harsh,” Sae said, calming her friend down. “We’re travelers.”

“Ah, I see. You didn’t look like you were from around here. Where're you from?”

“From Tokyo,” said Sae.

“Tokyo?” said the shopkeeper with surprise, “Well then what brings two girls from Tokyo all the way to a small city like this on the outskirts?”

“We’re just here looking for something,” said Sayaka. “Trust me, we’ve come a long way.”

“And still longer to go.”

“We decided to stop here for a rest.”

He noticed the weapons and asked, “I can see you girls know how to defend yourselves. Had to deal with vampires?”

Sae, who was about to take a drink, suddenly stopped the glass from touching her lips. She looked at her friend, who gave her a serious look.

“You two must be really strong.”

“Yes.” Sayaka said.

Ever since a certain war against the demons of the Underworld over 100 years ago, demons and vampires have roamed Japan, seeking blood. There are only so many who are willing to stand up to face them. The Hunters.

The Hunters were the guardians of this dark world. They protected humans from the monsters who would attack. Among the Hunters, the Elite Hunters are the strongest. Although no one has seen them, they are true legends. Some say they were fallen angels, gifts from God who were went to protect them. Others say they were vampires who betrayed their moral instinct and never went rogue.

Rogues are the vampires who were ruthless in their kills. They merely did it for the pleasure of killing. While higher levels, like the Royal class or Purebloods only seek prey for their efficient feed. The Purebloods were the strongest out of the vampire clan, with one ruling as their leader, but much like the Elite Hunters, no one has seen the leader or knows their true identity.

“So, tell us, what’s your name?” Sayaka suddenly asked the shopkeeper.

“Yuisuke. Yokoyama Yuisuke.”

“Yokoyama-kun… do you know the legends about the Tear of blood?”

The boy looked and saw both of their faces were serious. He looked around, to make sure no one was listening, and went in closer.

“I’m not sure if it’s what you’re asking about, but… look,” he revealed a small necklace, a bright red ruby gleaming in the center. “It belonged to one of my ancestors. They call it ‘the Tear of blood’. My father gave to me as a birthday present.”

“If it’s not any problem with you, can we take that off your hands?” Sayaka asked as she pulled back her hair, revealing a ruby red earring. “It can be quite dangerous in the hands of a mortal like you.”


Someone screamed, “It’s a vampire!”

The three looked and saw a group of vampires, three, to be exact. One of them had just bit someone, feeding from them.

Sayaka cursed under her breath. “Of all times...”

“Someone call the police!”

That was when Sayaka and Sae rose from their seats. "No need. Leave this to us," she assured.

"Hey! What are you two girls going to do?"

“Yokoyama-kun, trust us.”

“We know what we’re doing.”

Sayaka drew out her sword and walked over to one of the vampires, aiming the tip of the blade at their neck.

“May I help you, little lady?” he hissed.

“I’m gonna ask you once… get out, or I’ll make you.”

“Oh~ you have some guts, huh? You must be stupid in trying to challenge me!” he lunged forward to attack her, but Sayaka spun and dodged his attack. She skillfully swung her sword and slashed his back.

“Not so easy, right?”

The vampire looked up and met Sae’s gaze. He flashed his fangs and went to bite her, but she kicked him and took out her gun, shooting him. One, two, three times. He collapsed, dead, and turned into dust.

The crowd was amazed at how these two strangers from out of town handled the vampire. The two other rogues went outside, about to escape.

“Oh, no you don’t.” the two ran out, then Sayaka threw something and the two rogue vampires were ensnared in a net.

"What… what are you two?” Yuisuke asked.

"We're vampire hunters, it's our job," said Sae.

"I'm Akimoto Sayaka. This here's my partner Miyazawa Sae."

"We're actually well known as the Twin Towers in the Akihabara area," Sae included.

"Twin Towers? Hey, I've heard of them before! They're said to be great vampire Hunters!"

"Yeah and one of them is also called the Bloody Choukoku!"

“That’s right. And that’s her partner, the Genking.”

“Sugoi~ It’s really them!”

“They’re, like, Elites, right?!”

Yuisuke studied their weapons. “Those weapons… where did they..?”

Suddenly, one of the vampires escaped and released his partner from the net. He ran up and grabbed Sayaka, choking her neck and pinning her against the wall.

“You’ll pay~” he hissed as he started choking her, strangling the air out of Sayaka.

“Saya--kah!!!” Just then, the other vampire stabbed Sae’s chest and killed her, causing her to fall to the ground.


“Uso… she’s dead.”

The Genki girl’s body laid on the ground, slowly bleeding out. Everyone looked away from it, some of them crying.

However, the only one who didn’t shed a tear was Sayaka.

“Ha… Looks like we took care of her.” one of the vamps chuckled.

They had their eyes on Sayaka. "And you're going to be joining her."

Sayaka grinned a bit. “Oh really...”



Sae, who was thought to have been dead a minute ago, was up and standing alive before their very eyes.

“She’s…! How can she be alive…?”

But for Sayaka, she was completely calm and cool. “This? Oh yeah. We get that all the time,” she said, “My friend here, you see… is immortal.”


Sae aimed her gun at the vampire and shot him in the head, killing him.

“It means, unlike you, I can’t die.”

As the dust faded, Sayaka fell back to her feet, holding her neck. She simply chuckled, as if she had felt worse before and that this was merely nothing.

“Whew. That was a close one, eh, Sae?”


Seeing the two converse so casually and normally, Yuisuke was a bit shocked.

“So...this is...normal?”

Sayaka gave a hesitant grin. “Strange choice of words, but yeah,” she said.

“Let’s just say this is my punishment for trying to bring back the dead,” said Sae, “Just like how Sayaka is punished as well.”


One look at the elder girl and Yuisuke could see nothing about Sayaka that could be different from a normal human.

“Well… perhaps you’ll be an easier kill.” The vampire prepared himself to attack, its fangs growing. It started running, its eyes growing hungrier.

“Don’t look away. You have to see this...This is what happens when humans attempt to cross the boundary of mortal and immortal.”

With that, Sayaka took off her earrings, and her eyes immediately turned red. She sped up to the vampire and slashed his stomach, making him cough up blood.

“You… damn!!!” It lunged over and went to bite, but suddenly, the girl grabbed him with an unnatural strength.

The look in her eyes made something run through him. Fear. He was starting to shake, but couldn’t look away from her.

“This is your end.”

She bit his neck, sharp fangs piercing his skin. With that bite, the vampire screamed, before he died and turned into dust.

That was where Sayaka's deep secret has been revealed.

"So…you have become a vampire, Akimoto Sayaka!"

Sayaka moved back her hair and put her earrings back on. Her eyes were their normal, dark brown again.

"How ironic. The famed vampire hunter known as the Bloody Choukoku hunts down vampires and demons when she herself is a vampire…”

"You're wrong," Sayaka corrected, "I am not a full vampire …not yet, at least. I was lucky enough to hang onto what's left of my humanity. But who knows when I’ll finally lose myself…”


Yuisuka began to piece together the facts.

“One is an incomplete vampire...the other is an immortal.”

That was when a realization came.

“Now I two have done it… The forbidden spell.”

“Yes. 5 years ago...”


Screams were heard after Sayaka and Sae attempted to perform the forbidden spell. Sae was laying unconscious in the snow, not breathing, and her dear friend was desperately trying to wake her.

“Sae! Sae answer me!” Sayaka cried out.

But to her sorrow, no answer was heard from her best friend.

“No...No, she’s gone…! Sae!”

Though she was still breathing, Sayaka was in no good condition herself. She clutched her abdomen, where blood is seeping out from the younger girl’s chest.

“No...this wasn’t supposed to happen…!”

End of flashback

“...All we wanted...was to see our families again. To save them and be together once more…”

"And I suppose you two want the Tear of blood in order to finish what you've started and bring your families back to life? How touching."

But Sayaka gave a scoff. "Don't take us as idiots," she coldly spoke, "There's no way we'd be stupid to make the same mistake twice."

"We only want the Tear in order to change us back to human again," Sae firmly stated, “So, please, hand us the Tear.”

“That Tear is our last chance… the only chance we have left of being human again.”

Yuisuke saw how serious they were, and finally sighed, giving them the necklace.

Sayaka held it in her hands, closing it in her palm. She shut her eyes for a few seconds, but when she opened them back up, she looked at the jewel again, more closely.

“What’s wrong?”

She growled, handing it back to the boy.

“It’s not it.”


“That ruby is a fake, probably a knock off from a pawn shop. Yokoyama-kun, you’re father must be a cheapskate.”


Sae frowned. “I thought we had it this time...”

“Whatever,” Sayaka sheathed her sword, then grabbed Yuisuke’s collar. “Alright, listen, you and everyone else here can’t tell anyone what happened. We have our own personal business, and we don’t need the unnecessary attention.”

“Alright...” Sayaka set him down. "But, you two… I can’t believe you did all this to revive your dead families.. At least you two got to see them in the end, right?"

Unfortunately, there was no happy ending to Sae and Sayaka's story.

"…No. In the end …the spell didn't work. We learned the hard way that it is impossible to bring back the dead, no matter what black magic we use. Sayaka became part vampire, and my body's cursed with immortality. The two of us took our grandfather’s weapons, and made them capable of killing vampires and demons.”

“Your grandfather was a Hunter?”

“Yes… but, he also knew a lot about Black magic, it seems...”

“That’s how we came across the forbidden spell...”

“And now, the two of you are travelling together, trying to find the Tear of blood in order to become human.”


Yuisuke chuckled, handing them the ruby necklace.


“Your drinks, on me. And, you can keep that. It probably has more value to you than for me. Call it a thank you.”

“Th-thank you!” Sae and Sayaka both bowed in front of him as he went back inside the shop.


With their big lead turning out to be a false trail, the Twin Towers are left empty handed out of this trip. That night, they sat on top of one of the buildings. Sae was looking at the necklace, seeing the gem glimmer.

"Well this is ridiculous…" said Sayaka after a deep sigh, "And here I thought I was finally going to get you back to normal, Sae."

However her friend shook her head.

"No. Getting you back to human is the first priority, Sayaka," she stated, "If we don't find a way to turn you back to human soon, you'll… you'll…"

She couldn't finish her sentence because she is aware of what may happen eventually. That moment would be when the beast inside of Sayaka will completely take control over her and she will become a full vampire, one that will have no restraint and will attack any human for blood.

Knowing Sae's thoughts and that she is worrying about her, Sayaka reached up and patted Sae's head.

"Don't worry about me," she reassured.


“Sae, I’ll make sure we find that Tear… and then we’ll both be back to normal… then, we can leave this crazy place and live a simple life. A better, happier life...”

Sae still had a sad look on her face, so she leaned forward and hugged her, holding her head.

“It’s okay… I know you’re scared.”

“I just… don’t wanna lose Sayaka..”

Sayaka took the necklace and wrapped it around Sae’s neck.

“It looks beautiful.”

The two got up, looking at the night sky.

“Where are we going now?”

“Dunno… but, the sooner we leave, the better.”

Sae nodded. The two started going down the steps on the side of the building, while Sayaka got out her phone and made a call.

“How did it go?”

“We still haven’t found it yet.”

“Well, I may have some information on its location.”


“Apparently, its in Hokkaido.”

“Hokkaido… then that’s where we’ll need to go.”

“I’ll warn you, though. It’s incredibly cold up there, especially around this time. There’ve been a lot of people who dared to find it, but would end up freezing to death.”

“We’re not like them...”

“Also… the Tear is in the hands of a Pureblood.”

Sayaka stopped in her tracks. “What?”

“Not just that… the leader.”

Sayaka looked at her partner. Sae gulped a bit, adjusting her scarf.

“Well… it seems we have a bit of a challenge now.”

To Be Continued
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Re: Blood Bonds -- Chapter 1 (Saeyaka)
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Chapter 2

Years before this all happened, Sayaka and Sae used to live a happy ordinary life. They both grew up in the countryside with their loving families, and were always together.

Before long, the two discovered a book filled with ancient spells and charms and were introduced to the world of black magic. It was one night when they both snuck into Sayaka’s grandfather’s study.

“What is all this..?” Sae dusted off the books. She couldn’t read a lot of the words, and some were in a strange text.

Sayaka saw a pair of ruby earrings, as well as some weapons in a glass case.

“Sayaka, this place is weird. Why does your grandpa have all this stuff?”

“I dunno...”

Just then, a crash was heard not too far, followed by a scream.


The two ran back upstairs and saw something attacking Ryouta, Sayaka’s younger brother. The beast let go of him and prepared to attack Sayaka, but someone took a broken wooden chair leg and stabbed it, turning it into dust.

“Saya...ka...” the body fell to the ground, and Sayaka soon realized it was her grandfather. She felt his skin, the touch was as cold as ice. He was dead.

“Grandpa!” Sayaka went to his body, and then, she noticed something else. In the kitchen, her mom and dad’s bodies were torn apart, blood staining the room. “No..!”

Sae looked out the window. Not too far, she saw her house door was open.

“Uso… masaka..!”

The two girls ran to Sae’s house. When they walked through the door, Sae screamed when she saw the corpses of her mom, dad, and two brothers. All dead.

“No… why..? Why?!”

The scene was very traumatic, and all too much for them. Sayaka had a headache, crying nonstop, while Sae was having a panic attack. She ran to her bathroom, throwing up in the toilet. The elder girl slowly walked back to her side, rubbing her back as the younger was crying.

“Why did this happen..?”


It was a very sad day filled with mourning the day when Sayaka and Sae watched the funeral ceremony of their parents, grandparents, and siblings. With both of their families gone, the two were alone.

Everyone else had left the cemetery after the ceremony was over. But Sayaka and Sae remained to spend some alone time with their loved ones. Sae sat in front of the grave while Sayaka continued to stand beside her.

“Sayaka...I’m cold...and I’m hungry. Let’s go home,” Sae eagerly said.

But Sayaka remained silent. Sae slowly got up, seeing the dark, empty void in her eyes. She hugged the elder girl, as it was the only thing she could think of doing for her.

“...How are we going to live without them…?”

"We won't, Sae…Because we are going to bring them back."

A firm look was seen on Sayaka's face when she said this.


Returning home, Sayaka and Sae went to the study where they returned to the shelf piled with black magic books. It was there in one of the books that Sayaka found the thing they needed. A dangerous, powerful, forbidden spell, that had the power to revive the dead.

“Here it is. I don’t understand much of it now, but it’s some kind of spell that can revive the dead. If we use this, maybe we can…”

Sae showed a look of concern when Sayaka said this. “But something like this is supposed to be forbidden,” she said, “The book says the same thing.”

“Do you want to be with your brothers again?”

“Y-yes, but...”

“Sae,” Sayaka patted her head. “Don’t worry. We’ll be okay.”


Determined to master the spell to bring their families back, Sayaka and Sae studied harder in black magic. They even managed to found themselves a teacher who taught them further about vampires and black magic over the next year.

Finally, after a long and tiring period of training and strengthening themselves, the day finally came when Sayaka announced that it was time. Not only were they ready, but she even found the perfect day to perform the spell.

“The magic will be strongest on the night of the full moon...”

And so on the night when the full moon rose, the two went into the forest to perform the spell. They recited the spell, just as they practiced, and concentrated hard on the memories of their families, praying for them to come back.

However that moment ended abruptly when a strange energy started to flow into them. The wind rose and circled them, the symbols of the pentagram glowing brightly under them. The symbols on their foreheads pulsed. Sae began to get scared of the change in her body, the strong pain in her head.

The two screamed as the moon turned red, shining on them. Their bodies became weak after the immense pain was too much and they fell unconscious. When Sae came to, she looked up at the moon. She felt her head, the blood was gone. She looked around, feeling something was horribly wrong.

"Sayaka, something's not right. I feel funny… and…”

Just then, Sae heard her dear friend groaning, moaning in pain. Her screams filled the silent air as her body laid on the snow covered ground and writhed in immense pain.

“Sayaka? Sayaka, what’s wrong?!”

Sae’s eyes widened as she saw fangs growing from Sayaka’s mouth.

“It can’t be...” Sae felt her heart pounding rapidly, her breathing becoming sharp and fast. She didn’t notice that someone came behind her and hit her in the head.

The young girl’s world slowly went dark and she saw a blurry figure pierce their hand through her heart and kill her. And the last thing she heard and saw was Sayaka shouting her name and rushing towards her, the figure still behind her.


“Sae! No, please!” Sayaka shook her friend, trying to wake her. “Please… Oh, God, don’t take her away from me… She’s only 13… She has a whole life, a future...”

Sayaka clutched onto her friend’s chest, tears streaming down her eyes.

“No… This wasn’t supposed to happen…!”

The figure came up to her again, and in her anger, she grabbed his throat and choked him, then sank her teeth into him and killed him instantly. She was covered in blood, and slowly giving out. She looked to the sky…


A symbol glowed on her forehead again. As if possessed, she walked over to Sae.

“Per nome del Diavolo, I trade mia innocenza via, dare questa ragazza immortalità.” (“By the Devil's name, I trade my innocence away, give this girl immortality.”)

When the spell was complete, Sae’s wound had completely healed.

Sae woke up some time later, she felt like her head is ringing on the inside. She could’ve sworn something hit her, but there was no blood, no wound. She suddenly remembered what had happened and grabbed her chest, which she no longer felt any pain. Nothing, not even a scar.

“What..? I could’ve sworn… My heart stopped..! How am I alive..?!”

But what shocked her was the sight of a girl panting for breath and blood seen all over her clothes just across from her.

Sae gasped in shock. "Sayaka!"

She got up and ran over to Sayaka and held her in her arms.

"Oh my gosh…! What happened to you?" she said worriedly, "And what happened to me?”

“...I didn’t had much time...In order to save you...I used a spell I remembered from the book... I wrote it down in my notes in order to use it, just in case…All I could do was replace your heart with an immortality spell...”

Sae couldn’t believe what just happened.

“No...Then...what about our parents?”

“...You shouldn’t look…”

Much to Sae's shock, instead of their families, what she saw was the corpse of a vampire, slowly turned to dust in the blood stained snow.

"I…I don't understand …How could this have happened Sayaka? I thought we were sure that the spell would work…”

But she didn't hear a response when she noticed Sayaka is acting strange.


"…I'm sorry Sae…But it looks like I've been punished as well…"

That was when Sae saw the red glow in Sayaka's eyes, and small fangs in her mouth.

"No…Sayaka…you're a…!"

"…All forbidden spells require a sacrifice…"

Just then, Sayaka collapsed, unconscious in Sae’s arms.


Sae quickly picked the elder girl up and carried her body as fast as she could. A while later Sae had arrived at a local hospital with Sayaka on her back, seeking for help. She had managed to wrap makeshift bandages over Sayaka's injuries using torn pieces of clothing in order to temporarily stop the bleeding.

"Please… help her," she pleaded with her voice cracking, fearing for Sayaka's life, "…She's losing too much blood!"

"Oh God. Someone, get this girl immediate attention!”

Sae could only wait after the doctors carried her to the emergency room. When one of the nurses came back, she told her Sayaka was in stable condition. Sae cried, both out of happiness for her friend, but also out of heartbreak from the terrible event they had gone through. She had grown tired and fell asleep on the hospital couch.

While in the hospital, Sayaka created a special seal, using the earrings she found in her grandfather’s study, that would lock away her true form. Once she placed it on, the monster within would subside and she would be, just nearly, human again. Sae came into her room, seeing her dear friend still weak. But she knew, now she had changed, forever. Both of them have.

“Sae… if one day, I lose control… I don’t want to kill you.”

Sae was shocked by the sudden statement of her friend. “Sayaka, what are you..?”

“Before I could cause any harm to you… I want you to kill me.”

“Sayaka, I wouldn’t...”

“Please...” Sayaka weakly held her hand. “If one day.. that is my fate… I would want it to be by your hands.”

Sae grasped her hand, lowering her head as she started to cry.

“Please, don’t cry...”

“Sayaka… I don’t want that...”


“I swear, I won’t kill you..! I’ll find a way to save you! I promise!”

Sayaka obviously saw a change within Sae that day. An event which traumatized her and broke her heart, followed by an accident which changed her body. She thought that Sae would be broken and weak, but instead, she somehow rose and became stronger.

The day Sayaka was discharged, she went into the lobby and saw Sae had cut her hair shorter, in a boyish fashion. She looked like a different person, with a new fire in her eyes.

When the two left, they went back into Sayaka’s empty house. They curled up into the small bed together, holding each other.



“What’s going to happen to us now?”

“I don’t know… but, we’ll find a way to fix this...”

That moment, both of their lives started to take a turn for what would soon be their daily lives.

To Be Continued

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Re: Blood Bonds -- Chapter 2 (Saeyaka)
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FMA + vampires + demons + saeyaka = awesome

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Re: Blood Bonds -- Chapter 2 (Saeyaka)
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senpai, sugoi~~  :heart: :heart: :heart:

i'm wishing that my beautiful ayaka appears here. tehehe.  :peace:

I'll wait for your update~  :cow:

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Re: Blood Bonds -- Chapter 2 (Saeyaka)
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Ruka, u r really like those vampire things and use on saeyaka XDDDDD

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Re: Blood Bonds -- Chapter 2 (Saeyaka)
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Hihi, I am so glad to stumble across another Saeyaka story!! I wonder what Sae's immortality really means as a punishment. Are there any side effects? It seems that apart from not being able to die, there's no downside to it....yet.

Meanwhile, I feel the ticking time bomb in Sayaka...I hope they can stay safe!!

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