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Author Topic: Searching for Home [ SayaMilky ] - Part One  (Read 4779 times)

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Searching for Home [ SayaMilky ] - Part One
« on: June 09, 2015, 07:54:07 PM »
Searching for Home
Sayaka/Miyuki (NMB48)

A/N: Oh look, I'm alive. I'll be trying to post more fanfictions/oneshots/whatever I feel like writing. I apologize for the hiatus; and yes, everything I have written so far that is uncompleted has been dropped. Please do not ask me to continue those fics. Anyhow, enjoy!

Part I

She was twelve when it happened.

They sat on the couch together, side by side. Miyuki’s head lolled against her mother’s, the blanket wrapped tightly around their two thin figures. The TV’s played a variety show the two watched every week; Miyuki had insisted on staying wrapped up in the blanket during the commercial break, nevermind the fact that they lasted for what seemed like hours.

“Mama, can you get the lights?” she asks, a cheeky grin drawn upon her face. “I’m lazy.”

What happens next is a blur. Miyuki doesn’t quite remember, nor does she want to.

White rooms, soft sheets, fluffy pillow, a thin frail body lying on top with a broken leg dangling in midair. Miyuki remembers crying, the taste of tears bitter on her tongue. She also remembered how her mother had pet her hair, gently, tenderly with an apology falling off her thin lips.

Her mother went to the hospital for a broken leg and never left. Instead, she died of cancer two weeks later.


[ text to : mama ] I love you.

Miyuki has been sending the same text messages for the last ten years. Every day at 10 P.M., right as the bell chimes the beginning of the new hour, she sends the message. It’s always the same three words in the exact same order; neither silly emoticons nor abbreviations marr the message, and Miyuki doesn’t dare send it a minute later.

Today, she’s working late at the cafe-bakery that her friend had recommended to her. The same customers take their place in their respective seats: an old man with a cane orders coffee, black with no sugar or cream, and a blueberry muffin to go; a young couple sit around a round table, ogling each other from opposite ends; a businesswoman rushes in exactly at 8:45 P.M. and sits at the corner booth, fingers leafing through a manila folder filled with paper.

She’s alone tonight again, the keys to the cafe dangling on a loop of ribbon around her waist -- the owner, after three days, had entrusted Miyuki with them.

“You’re a hard worker, and very reliable,” he had said. “So, this is your promotion.”

But, of course, all good comes with bad. The promotion had given her more money, enough for her to eat out more than just once every half year, but had also destroyed any chance of free time along with it. Most of what she did now revolved around the cafe, it’s occupants, and the illustrious cakes and coffee that was served along with “a hospitable attitude and a bright, big smile.”

Miyuki doesn’t think she’s very friendly, and she doesn’t smile much. She also doesn’t have many friends, but that’s probably because she doesn’t smile.

[ text to : mama ] I love you.


It’s a Tuesday night and the couple fails to show.

The businesswoman comes rushing in at 8:45 once again, and the old man with the cane is leaving with his cup of black coffee to go.

Ten comes around faster than she expects, and Miyuki’s just about ready to turn off the neon open sign, that is, until her phone chimes a text alarm.

[ text from : mama ] Who is this?

She stares; no one ever texts her at this time, and on the rare occasions they do, it was by accident. Unblinkingly, she continues the stare with narrowed eyes and furrowed eyebrows to match. Her finger slides across the screen, writing a reply to the text with a slight apprehension.

[ text to : mama ] Who are you..?

[ text from : mama ] I think you have the wrong number.

Wrong number? Hurriedly switching screens to her contacts screen, she mumbles her mother’s phone number underneath her breath as she finally turns the sign off four minutes late. However, a girl manages to rush in the second before she turned off the sign -- what luck.

“Whew, I thought you were going to lock the door on me!” The girl exclaims rather cheerfully, contradicting the way she panted from having ran in the snow with a guitar case strapped to her back. “You still serving?”

Miyuki’s taken aback by the callous way of speaking, but she nods anyways, motioning for the raven to step up to the counter like any regular customer.

“Small black coffee, and a blueberry muffin too.” The raven flashes a grin before sticking out a single finger pointed upwards to the ceiling to tell Miyuki to wait as she rummages in her pockets. A flash of tongue is visible as pink flesh sticks from the corner of her mouth and Miyuki can’t help but quirk her eyebrows at the rather strange girl.

A pitiful amount of coins banging on top of the counter, however, breaks Miyuki from her reverie as the girl smiles sheepishly, one finger -- the same one she had used before -- scratching at her cheek this time. “Nevermind the muffin, can’t seem to find enough for it. I’ll just take the coffee, and mind if I sit here for a bit as you clean up? It’s cold outside.”

“Three hundred yen, please.” Although she adds a “please” at the end, Miyuki’s a little more than reluctant to take the coins away from the all too happy customer; hell, the money should go into buying a better pair of gloves, considering how the ones that she had now has a noticeable hole at the tip of the pointer finger of her right hand. Nevertheless, business is business, and she needs some sort of payment -- but she nods anyways, to tell the girl she can stay for as long as she wants.

“Thanks! Oh, uh, here! I forgot a tip.” Scrummaging in her pockets once more, the girl smiles as she pulls out another fifty yen coin, handing it graciously upon Miyuki’s open palm as she grins another toothy grin. “My family is always big on tipping our waitresses. You’re no exception.”

Oh jeez. A heavy sigh passes through Miyuki’s slightly parted lips, the corners twitching upwards into a slight smile to mirror the girl’s own cheery one. It’s all too obvious with the snow-matted raven hair, the thick -- and old -- clothes all frayed at the corners, the ripped gloves, and the worn boots, that the girl is poor. Or a possible beggar on the streets. Or both. And yet, she had given her a precious fifty yen coin, a gratuitous tip from a person who couldn’t even pay for a blueberry muffin in a low-end cafe.

Unable to refuse such a kind gesture, Miyuki pockets the coin, motioning for the raven to take a seat in any of the open seats as she turns to make coffee from the machines she was just about to clean. She make sure to keep on eye on the stranger, just in case she pulled out a knife or was secretly digging around the place in search of cash.

It never hurt to be too careful.

“Mind if I play a little here? I want to make sure my guitar doesn’t have any cracks in it from being in the cold for so long.” The stranger pipes up, holding her case up gently to showcase the snow and the bits of ice clinging to it’s sides. “Besides, it’s a bit better than sitting in silence, hm?”

Miyuki shrugs, placing a cup beneath the dispenser. The stranger grins and hurriedly unpacks the case with a childish enthusiasm that Miyuki can’t help but find endearing.

As out of tune the strings may be, the guitar plays a crisp chord, sweet and deep, much like how Miyuki imagined it would sound, and after a moment, the stranger plays a melody. It’s light and sweet, a simple guitar tune that has Miyuki pausing as she fills the large cup with coffee -- and it’s distracting enough that she spills some of the hot liquid on her finger.

“Ow, shoot,” hissing as the liquid sears her skin, she quickly places a cap on the coffee cup before turning on the sink to run cold water over her burned finger. The guitar tune still plays, although this time it’s a folk melody instead, something she remembers her mother singing when she was a child. Abruptly, she takes the cup and grabs a bag, stuffing it full of the uneaten pastries from that day, and walks over to the stranger before thrusting it in her face.

The tune quickly stills and instead, Miyuki is greeted with a surprised look that quickly turns into shining mirth.

“I didn’t pay for this!” The stranger exclaims although she’s more than eager to grab the bag, peering inside to examine the contents that completely stuff its insides. “Wow, all of this? Aren’t you going to get in trouble?”

Miyuki smiles, a plain one that should be reassuring but came to look more stony than anything. “It’s alright, take it as pay for playing your guitar. Besides, I would have had to throw them away anyways.”

“You serious about this?” The girl questions again, her face painted with an incredulous look still.

“Why wouldn’t I be?”

“Because your smile looks stiff, but hey, thanks!” The girl pops one a chunk of a cookie into her mouth. Miyuki can’t help but give a small chuckle, a little bright smile, at the drool that seemingly lurks at the corner of the stranger’s mouth.

“This is delicious! The best cookie I’ve ever had!”

Miyuki puffs her chest out, just a little proud as the smile grows and as the stranger continues stuffing her mouth with the pastries provided, pastries that she made.

“It’s so good!” Grinning with crumbs decorating her mouth, the raven leans in closer to Miyuki to read her nametag. “Thank you, Watanabe-san.”

Cleaning is slower than much usual, half as fast as it usually goes. The stranger continues to play her guitar in the background, although she takes the time to finish at least half the bag filled with sugary cakes and pastries all piled on top of one another -- maybe she should have offered the girl some actual food like a soup or a sandwich?

Next time, Miyuki notes, wiping the mop across the floor of the kitchen, next time for sure. Tuna mayo sandwich with cheese, lettuce, avocado, and tomatoes, and a warm cream of tomato soup, and maybe a signature cake to top it off. She nods, satisfied with the menu as the dumpster behind the store shuts with a loud slam of its lid.

When she walks back, the tune from the guitar had all but disappeared along with the entirety of the girl.

Only a fifty yen coin lie on top of the table.


Miyuki doesn’t work Wednesdays or Thursdays, but she drops by the cafe anyways, buying a sandwich for herself to take home for both nights and a scone and coffee combo for her to eat here as she takes a booth and sets up her usual study camp. A culinary textbook is laid in front of her, the scone and coffee on the side, and a notebook and multiple colored pens laid neatly on the side.

She scribbles a few notes, doodles in the margins, meaninglessly flips some pages, stares in the open cafe, and wonders where in the world the raven-haired girl could be.


Friday rolls around quickly, and Miyuki is back in the familiar uniform consisting of a striped white shirt and black skirt with a small waist-apron to match. It’s not the warmest of outfits, but the kitchen area gets awfully hot sometimes so Miyuki doesn’t mind too much.

It’s another busy day with it’s usual storm of people. The couple, the old man, the businesswoman, and some newcomers: a woman and her child.

They come in later, around seven when rush time peaks and the trail of people slowly diminish. Only a couple of stragglers come through the door to order coffee and quickly leave right afterwards; this time, however, a young child and her mother enters through the door and takes the table right in front of her register. They laugh, the child and her mother, and it’s the child, who only looks about six years old, that comes waddling up to her counter, handing her a bill as she orders hot chocolate.

Miyuki makes sure to add extra whip cream on top.


The cafe closes at nine every day, and usually, she’s allowed to leave between ten and eleven at night. Luckily, the customers had died down at around eight, providing Miyuki with enough time to prep and clean in the remaining amount of time, finishing at 9:35 P.M. instead of the usual time.

She waits though, sitting on top of the window sill after getting dressed in her civilian clothes of a simple white sweater and jeans to match. They’re a little crumpled and worn, but nothing that was too noticeable -- cash was tight again this month.

Twenty-five minutes past by in a flash as she fiddles on her phone, eyes glancing at the snow laden empty streets from time to time as if she were waiting for someone. And she was, Miyuki admitted that freely: she was waiting for the raven-haired stranger to come visit her again.

[ text to : mama ] I love you.

The clock clicks to 10:01 and Miyuki writes something she’s never written before in in the last ten years.

[ text to : mama ] I miss you.


Miyuki stands outside, her chin and mouth buried as deep as they could in the dark red muffler around her neck. She sticks her left hand deep into her jacket pocket, trying her hardest not to shiver in the cold night as she twists the last of the locks, hastily letting go of the freezing metal lock, watching the door start to slide shut --

“Wait, don’t close the door!”

Stopping the door with her foot, Miyuki looks up with surprise, eyes round as she takes in the full figure of the girl running towards her way, guitar case bobbing behind her the faster she ran. Quickly slipping back indoors, she holds the door open for the raven to come through before shutting it completely, her face locked in an expression of total shock.

The sound of panting fills the empty and dark cafe. Miyuki fumbles about, trying to find the countertop to go behind it and press for the lightswitch. It takes a minute of random flicks up and down to finally get the lights of the cafe back on, the whole store illuminating the empty street of closed shops.

“Closing already?”

Miyuki turns back around, just in time to see the raven take one of the chairs off from the top of the table and collapse onto it instead. The guitar case is placed on top of her lap, arms protectively wrapped around the base of it as she slows her breath long enough shoot her a smile.

“I finished cleaning early today, I didn’t think anyone else would be coming,” she says in reply, already turning back on a single coffee machine as she pulls out two disposable coffee cups to minimize the cleaning she would have to do afterwards again. Her eyes sting from the brightness of the lights, or at least, she likes to think that’s why they hurt. They’ve been hurting ever since the mother and the child had come to the store. “Black coffee, my treat. Sorry I don’t have muffins -- I threw them out already.”

The raven waves her hand, gratefully taking the coffee with both hands instead as soon as Miyuki brings down a seat next to her. “No, no, it’s fine! I had something to eat today already -- I bought ramen for dinner today at this nice stand outside. I’ll show you it, if you want.” The girl smiles at her, shedding the ruined gloves and placing them onto the table instead. “Is something wrong? You look sad, sadder than last time.”

Miyuki blinks, immediately scrunching her face into a bright smile instead. “I’m not sad.”

“Yes you are. Your eyes are all red -- did you cry?”

Flinching at the rather unneeded concern, Miyuki backs away, shriveled slightly as her shoulders hunch in, her whole body curling as she brings her knees to her chest, chin resting on top of it. She shakes her head, looking at the girl indignantly. “I don’t cry.”

“Liar,” the raven snorts, sipping at the coffee again, “Everyone cries. It’s not a bad thing to cry you know.”

Eyes narrowing into a glare, Miyuki feels her lips draw back into a tight line -- not exactly a frown, but clearly not a smile either. Who does the girl think she is, barging into the cafe just to give her some very unneeded life counseling? She was fine, and she wasn’t sad. There was nothing to be sad about anyways.

“I’m not sad,” she insists, firmly this time. “You’re wrong.”

A steady silence befalls on the two of them as Miyuki quietly, coldly, fumes, not appreciating the jabs to her everyday boring and sometimes awful life. The girl, thankfully, seems to notice the heavy atmosphere too; intelligently, she stops questioning Miyuki so much and returns to sipping on the coffee instead, hands and feet rubbing together to get the blood pumping through her cold limbs.

“Okay, I was wrong,” the stranger says with another one of those bewitching smiles, an expression that almost wipes the frown from her face. “You’re not sad. You just look like you’re about to cry -- but you’re not sad.”

Miyuki scoffs, “Now you’re just making fun of me.”

“Maybe I am.”

“I’ll ask you to leave then.”

The raven pulls a face, obviously humorous and joking, although Miyuki doesn’t care for the childish jabs at the moment. Standing up, she places the chair on top of the table again, walking back behind the counter to clean once more before shutting down and locking the place for real this time. To think she actually looked forward to seeing the raven and her guitar again -- what a joke.

“Looks like you’re not in a good mood, Watanabe-san.” The stranger sighs quietly, holding the cup of coffee in her hands as she stands, shrugging apologetically before heading to the door. “Sorry for bothering you.”

At any other moment, Miyuki would feel terrible for sending the girl back onto the snowy streets at this weather, but she didn’t particularly care right now. It’s not like she even knew the girl’s name anyways, she didn’t know anything about her except that she plays the guitar and that she’s probably homeless.

Keeping her back turned to the door, she hears the bell chime as the door swings open and lets out its last customer before swinging shut, bringing in a draft of cold air with it. The fifty yen coin sitting on the table goes clattering to the ground along with the wind, sitting patiently on the floor for Miyuki to take.


There’s a routine Miyuki follows every night: shower, eat, study, lie in bed for hours until sleep decided to crash over her.

She lives alone in an apartment off the side of campus, adjacent to the library building for easy access. It’s a cheap run-down sort of place, but it’s filled with friendly neighbors and a nice landlady that sometimes brings her food and other supplies, so she doesn’t mind much.

Lying in bed with the sheets wrapped around her and the lights turned off, Miyuki checks her phone, making sure to plug the thing in to charge for another day ahead. She watches as the screen flashes on, the device vibrating as a notification for a text message pops on screen.

A message from mama.

Miyuki hesitates, her finger trembling as she holds it above the lit screen. She’s unable to swipe, too afraid to see what it could be-- it couldn’t be her mother texting her back. Maybe it was the same prank as the last times since she’s never gotten a reply back except that one time, or maybe it was her mother --

[ text from : mama ] I love you too.

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Re: Searching for Home [ SayaMilky ] - Part One
« Reply #1 on: June 09, 2015, 08:45:18 PM »
This will have two or three parts right? I'll wait for them, but still, I really like this story, is sad but cute at the same time, I really like those class of stories

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Re: Searching for Home [ SayaMilky ] - Part One
« Reply #2 on: June 09, 2015, 09:15:41 PM »
:) I enjoyed it. Please, do continue

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Re: Searching for Home [ SayaMilky ] - Part One
« Reply #3 on: June 09, 2015, 09:23:35 PM »
This is so interesting I cant wait for the next update

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Re: Searching for Home [ SayaMilky ] - Part One
« Reply #4 on: June 10, 2015, 12:12:49 AM »
Whoa! This is interesting! :on gay:

I like it! Please continue it! :mon inluv:


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Re: Searching for Home [ SayaMilky ] - Part One
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Woah interesting !!  :glasses:

Please continue  :hee:

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Re: Searching for Home [ SayaMilky ] - Part One
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Really interesting plus it's sayamilky..  :twothumbs
is it sayaka who texts milky back? Please update soon author.. :)

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Re: Searching for Home [ SayaMilky ] - Part One
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omg, the beginning got to me, i was "NOOOOO, MIYUKI IT'LL BE OKAY!" Great story over-all though, i like it already, please continue making this!

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Re: Searching for Home [ SayaMilky ] - Part One
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Authorーsan please update . i whant to know what happen next.

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Re: Searching for Home [ SayaMilky ] - Part One
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 :on gay: :on gay:

:on gay: :on gay:
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Re: Searching for Home [ SayaMilky ] - Part One
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this fic is so good and so well written!! i love it!!! :)

i like how you portraying Miyuki character here! and Sayanee.. she's seems mysterious.. i believe sayanee is not a homeless/beggar like what miyuki thinking about sayanee,lol

cannot wait for next chapter! update soon please~

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Re: Searching for Home [ SayaMilky ] - Part One
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Who is Sayaka??? :smoke:
How can she got Miyuki's attention with that behaviour??? :scolding:
I wait for the update, author-san. So pleaseeeeeeeeeeee, update it soooooooon :pleeease:
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Re: Searching for Home [ SayaMilky ] - Part One
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This is interesting. Who's this "mama" Milky sending her message to? Who is Sayaka actually?

Can't wait for the continuation.
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Re: Searching for Home [ SayaMilky ] - Part One
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I want to know what happens next.
Please update soon.
Thank you!
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Re: Searching for Home [ SayaMilky ] - Part One
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Nice story with some unique plots…please update soon!
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Re: Searching for Home [ SayaMilky ] - Part One
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Update soon author-san !  :bow:
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