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Author Topic: FAndoM48's OS Collection (KojiYuu, MaYuki, AtsuMina, WMatsui & others)  (Read 26602 times)

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Re: FAndoM48's 48Gay OS Thread // (09-04-15) Graduation - WMatsui
« Reply #20 on: September 04, 2015, 07:18:53 PM »
I'm crying author-san... :cry: :cry:
I'm feeling that your story is real. I would cry nonstop if that happens.. :(
Please write more about them in the future, so I won't be sad anymore. :bow:
Thanks for your fic. :twothumbs

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Re: FAndoM48's 48Gay OS Thread // (09-04-15) Graduation - WMatsui
« Reply #21 on: September 05, 2015, 01:51:07 AM »
This was perfect

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Re: FAndoM48's 48Gay OS Thread // (09-04-15) Graduation - WMatsui
« Reply #22 on: September 05, 2015, 08:47:27 AM »
Rena-chan has really graduated...
But for me, WMatsui is forever!
Thanks for the beautiful OS (≧∇≦)/

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Re: FAndoM48's 48Gay OS Thread // (09-04-15) Graduation - WMatsui
« Reply #23 on: September 07, 2015, 02:09:02 PM »
Hmmmmn  :depressed:
This theme always make me gloomy
And yes now, rena was graduated.
But there is always wmatsui in our heart  :cool1:
You make a new os is so fast kou san, i like it :mon inluv:

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FAndoM48's 48Gay OS Thread // (09-10-15) Bizenjima - NMB48 Girls [ AU ]
« Reply #24 on: September 10, 2015, 04:50:05 PM »
@Raizel - I will write more. Thanks for reading :D
@Haruko - Thank you! d(o u o
@RenshuChan - Thank you too for reading!
@shanju - Thanks :3 You're right. WMatsui will forever live on.


One morning, in an alternate universe where the girls of NMB48 lived in the same house under the surname 'Bizenjima', utter chaos took place.

- - -

Shu giggled to herself as she gripped the permanent marker in her small hands.
She slowly pushed a door open; the door to one of her many sisters' room.

Everything was dark even though it was nearly 6:30, probably because the lights were off and the curtains made of thick fabric were closed, not letting a slight strand of light in.

Shu closed the door silently and approached the bed at the middle of the room, where Jo was sleeping innocently under her comfy blanket.
She climbed the bed, careful not to make that much movement in order to not wake the other.

With a last giggle of mischief and a devious grin, she uncapped the marker and began working wonders on Jo's face.

- - -

"Saya-nee! Mirurun drank all the ketchup again!" Fuuko cried, holding the empty bottle up for everyone to see.

"Darn it, Miru! Not again! That's the fifth time this week, and it's only freaking Tuesday!" Sayaka roared, followed by complaints of the few girls who can't eat their breakfast without the red condiment.

"I can't eat my eggs without ketchup!" Momoka whined.

"I only drank it all because Fuufuu told me she'll let me play with her cheeks if I did!" Miru reasoned to Sayaka as Fuuko disagreed and shouted too.
"Did not! You're lying! Mirurun's lying, Sayanee!"

"Shut up and eat your food, brats!" Nana squeaked and shushed everyone to eat silently.

That of course, didn't work.
To be frank, it never really did.

There was a loud scream that came from upstairs, soon accompanied by loud thumps of feet on the stairs to the dining room.

Jo emerged with ridiculous drawings on her face.

"Shu did it again!" She cried.

Shu, who was on the table eating her food, looked away and chuckeld softly.

Mayu choked on her drink the minute she saw Jo, and started snorting, causing Riho to look at her confusedly.
Mayu pointed to Jo's direction, and sooner or later, Riho was laughing.

Jo scrunched her eyebrows at them, then turned to Nana, who was holding back a giggle herself.

"I hate you guys."

And afterwards, she stormed back upstairs to the bathroom.

"Oh, come on!" Nana shouted after her, "You love us!"

When Nana recovered from the laughs, she asked Airi to follow the girl in the bathroom for comfort.

"You go too, Shu. Apologize."

Shu groaned and stood up from the table, following Airi grumpily.

Sayaka checked her wristwatch.

"It's 7:30, idiots! Go and prepare for school already!"

There was a few seconds of silence for everyone to comprehend what Sayaka just said.

Akari stood up and practically ran upstairs shouting, "I gotta do my make-up!"

That was when the panic started.

"Anchu! Crossdress with me!" Momoka immediately grabbed Anchu's wrist and dragged her all the way up to the room they both shared with Airi and Arisa.

"Mirurun..." Fuuko sniffled, turning to Miru, teary-eyed.
"I'm sorry... Would you still play with me?"
Miru smiled, "Of course."
They then followed the others to the bathroom, hand-in-hand.

"Sayanee~" Miyuki approached Sayaka.
Sayaka cursed to herself a bit.
She was doomed.
Miyuki linked their arms together, "Bathe with me~"
Saying no would mean her death, but saying yes would mean hell.

"Fine," The short-haired girl sighs.

"You two don't do anything inappropriate!" Nana called.

"Yeah," Sayaka replied glumly.

Miyuki merely giggled.
She didn't promise anything.

"You, what are you still doing here?" Nana turned to Miori, who was sucking on a lemon.

"Eating," Miori said in that weird voice of hers.

"Get dressed, for pete's sake!"

"Who's Pete?"


- - -

Nana sighed at the number of chores she's supposed to do.

Since she doesn't get to go to her university until the next two months compared to her sisters who started school a few weeks ago, she gets to experience the fun of cleaning after her siblings, which was just as fun as spending the rest of your days locked in a dull prison cell where you are forced to do math until death do you and those word problems part.

As Miyuki and Sayaka were out shopping for groceries together (everyone in the family knows they're not just doing that), only she and her sisters who aren't in high school nor elementary school were home, and they were all, besides the old hag herself, practically lazier than rocks.

It was obvious that she'd do the chores again.

There was a squeal from her room.

'Damn,' Nana thought, 'A danzel in distress so early in the morning?'

She hurriedly rushed upstairs to the room she shared with Kei.

"What's up, darling?" She asks the minute she opened the door.

Kei was at the top of the bunk bed, standing and looking down nervously on the floor.


The last time Nana checked, Kei slept on the lower bed, not the top one.

"A damned rat is under the bed," Kei managed to utter through a shaky voice.

Nana giggled, "I thought you weren't afraid of bugs?"

Kei shot her an intense 'Are you kidding me' kind of look.

"It's a freaking rodent, Nana."

No one really said Nana was smart.

"Nevermind, just get rid of it, please."

At around that moment, a Mayu wearing a ridiculous amount of lipstick took a peek in the room.

"What's the commotion all about?"

After she appeared, a Riho clad in hideously applied eyeshadow peeked too, looking as eager as ever to listen; face forming the usual poker face.

"There's a rat under our bed," replied Nana, getting a bug-killing spray from the nearby cabinet.

"Hey! The rat isn't a bug, dunderhead!" Kei growled, "I should know!"

"But this spray is poison so it'd die either way, right?"

Without further ado, and with no time left for the three to stop her, Nana sprayed the rat under the bed with the intoxicatingly scented

The scent was spreading in the room, and the ChuPopo pair skedaddled out of there, with Nana tripping along a few steps while also escaping the dislikable smell.

"Nana! Don't leave me!" Kei called.

Nana turned around and spread her arms at the foot of the bed.

"Come at me, baby! I'll catch you!"
"Hell no!"
"You have no choice!"

Kei groaned and jumped and trusted her instincts.

Apparently her instincts lied.

Nana missed.

"Damn old hag!"

They closed the door immediately when they got outside in order to let the scent die down.

- - -

"For the last time, Milky, I'm never doing that again!"

Sayaka fixed the buttons on her shirt.

Miyuki swayed from side to side, giggling.
"Who knew Sayanee wears that kind of daring underwear?"

"Shush! We're in public!"

~ Flashback ~

Sayaka and Miyuki were walking along the condiments aisle of the grocery shop they were at to buy ten bottles of ketchup, when suddenly, Miyuki tugged on Sayaka's arm.

"Saya-nee, I need to go to the bathroom," she said.

Sayaka raised an eyebrow.

"But we were home just a while ago. Why didn't you go?"

"I didn't have to go then~!"

Miyuki was throwing a small fit.
To avoid catching too much attention, Sayaka agreed and accompanied her to the comfort room.

When they reached it, Miyuki entered a cubicle while Sayaka stood guard near it.

Everything was quiet.

"Saya-nee~ Can you hand me a tissue?"

Sayaka, always prepared, easily slipped a pack of tissues out of her bag.

She opened the door slightly enough to push her arm through and hand the box to Miyuki.

Miyuki smirked to herself and pulled Sayaka's arm, trapping themselves both in the cubicle.

It was a small space, and Miyuki was able to hold the door closed with her foot.

Sayaka unfortunately landed on Miyuki's lap.

"You didn't even..." The older girl blinked, realizing that Miyuki was sitting on the toilet's closed lid.
But she can't say she didn't expect this.

"Tricked you," Miyuki grinned.

She hugged Sayaka closely, "I want to touch you again~"

"Freaking hell, Milky. This is the last time."

Sayaka unbuttoned her shirt and threw it over head, revealing her taut abs and, surprising, daring red lingerie.

"I never knew you had these things in your closet," Miyuki giggled, examining the red fabric.

"Shut up and get it over with."

The other girl squealed in delight and started squeezing the muscles in Sayaka's arms.

"Your muscles are the best~"

Her soft hands poked at her stomach.

"Wah, your abs are hard too~"

"You've said all those for a thousand times. You do know stripping just to let you feel my muscles is embarrassing, right?"


~ End of Flashback ~

"Thanks for always letting me feel your muscles, Sayaka~"
Miyuki hummed delightfully, clinging onto Sayaka's arm.

"Don't mention it. Like ever. I'm not doing that again.

"Geez, Saya-nee... So cold!"

An idea for a great joke made its way into Sayaka's mind.
Though she didn't want to say it to Miyuki for she feared the worst, she couldn't let such a good oppurtunity and material go to waste.

So, she replied.

"And you're so hot."

- - -

Jo and Shu were frolicking along the roads towards home while eating ice cream.

And by frolicking along the roads, the two brats meant frolicking along the roads.

A bunch of cars nearly ran them over, and a bunch of swears were thrown at them.

They of course, didn't mind.

"La la la~"

Both brats' hands were entwined together, and they were singing the cutest yet most annoying song ever.

They reached their house after a few more swearing drivers and bites off their ice cream.

"We're home~" They said together.

The house was a mess.


Momoka had her hair dyed snow white and she was princess-carrying Miori around the house while being chased by a wild Airi.

Sayaka's face was covered by lipstick stains as she was trying to stop Miyuki from making any more.

Fuuko and Miru were studying silently in a corner-- more like flirting, actually.

Akari was fixing her nails in another corner while having a deep chat with Riichan and Kei.

Mayu, Riho, and even Ainyan had ridiculous make-up on and were practicing manzai in the middle of the whole house.

Arisa and Anchu were researching something on the laptop in the living room.

Mao was fangirling alone in yet another corner of the house, reading Junjou Romantica (yaoi manga) for the nth time.

Basically almost everyone was home.

But where was Nana?

A large thud sounded at the foot of the stairs that led to the many bedrooms.

There she was.

"There's still the rat in our bedroom!" Nana squeaked.

Momoka dropped Miori, who landed with a small 'Kya!'

"Rat? I'll get rid of it!"

She cackled mischievously and ran upstairs to NanaKei's room.

Silence rang throughout the whole house as they waited for Momoka.

Then, Nana realized what she let slip.

"We're doomed, aren't we?"

Soon after, Momoka came rushing down, holding the damned rat by its tail, causing an uproar of screams.

- - -

It was finally night time.
Everyone was exhausted.

They all had dinner, and they were all ready to succumb to the needed sleep.

Nana told them all good night before going back to the rat-free room she shared with Kei.

She curled into a ball comfily on her bed and sighed.

Although they were all a handful, she loved her sisters very much.

Nana was about to fall asleep when Kei called her name.

"Nana," Kei calls, "Isn't it Saturday tomorrow?"

Nana freezed.

A whole day with all of her crazed sisters...

Such fun was awaiting her.

Had so much fun doing this though there ain't much of a plot. :sweatdrop:

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Re: FAndoM48's 48Gay OS Thread // (09-10-15) Bizenjima - NMB48 Girls [ AU ]
« Reply #25 on: September 10, 2015, 05:01:33 PM »


The FuuMiru/JoShu/SayaMilky part cracked me up.  :lol:

NanaKei though. :farofflook:

MOREEEEE :on gay:

Waiting for the next update. :mon bye:


君を見つけたらどんな言葉を掛ければいい?その姿 見とれて僕はきっと立ち尽くす人混みと喧噪の隙間愛する人と出逢えたことだけでしあわせになる


For more gayness and sweetness, visit the FuuMiru Thread and KojiYuu Thread!

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FAndoM48's 48Gay OS Thread // (09-12-15) Dating 101 ft. 48 Girls
« Reply #26 on: September 12, 2015, 12:51:18 PM »
@ChibiRine - Wahaha~ Senpai! Thanks for reading XD

Dating 101

Step # 1 - Confession
Featuring Fuuko Yagura & Miru Shiroma

"The Right Way to Confess"

It was Fuuko's first time to fall in love, so it was quite obvious that she wouldn't have any experience in confessing, though she's read a number of romance mangas.

So when she stood there in front of the one she loved for a while now; Miru Shiroma, who was also her best friend at the moment, she didn't really know what to say.

"Um," She started, clutching the gift for Miru tightly behind her back, "I..."

She saw the worry in Miru's eyes.
She had to confess sooner or the other girl would start calling the ambulance.

"I... I want to make mini-Fuufuu's and Mirurun's with you in the future!"

Right when she said that, Fuuko presented Miru her gift, which was a bottle of banana-flavored ketchup with a frilly pink ribbon embossed with small hearts tied to it.


Step # 2 - Facing the Reply

Part A - Enjoying Acceptance
Featuring Yuko Oshima & Haruna Kojima

"Making Sure It's Real"

"I hate to admit it," Haruna said, letting a smile graze her face as she smelled the bouquet of roses she was given, "But I love you too, Yuuchan."

Yuko had just confessed her feelings.
And Haruna reciprocated them.

The young squirrel couldn't even believe it.

"Seriously?!" She gasps, bouncing up and down, "I'm so happy!"

Out of pure happiness, she went ahead and hugged the girl.

But something seemed wrong.

She hurriedly pulled back and squinted her eyes at Haruna.

The airhead looked back at her, tilting her head slightly.

"Are you really my Nyannyan?" Yuko asked.

"Of course I am," Haruna replies, "Who else would I freaking be?"

"Wait, just to make sure..."

Yuko slapped her flat on the face.

"YUKO!" Haruna screamed.

"Yup! You're real!"   

Part B - Facing Rejection
Featuring Miyuki Watanabe & Momoka Kinoshita

"It's Okay"

Momoka bowed lowly, waiting for Miyuki's answer.

Miyuki simply smiled at the box of chocolates given to her.

"Thanks for the chocolates, Momoka, I love you too~!"

Momoka raised her head and grinned goofily.
"Heh. Really?"

A slight blush appeared on her face.

"Nope~!" Miyuki giggled and turned around, leaving the younger girl.

"I only love Saya-nee!"

"Wha-- EH?!" Momoka exclaimed, "But I thought we had something!"

"Did not~" Miyuki was getting further and further away with the box of chocolates.

She collapsed to the floor on her knees, "Miyuki baby! Don't leave meeeeeeee!"


Bonus Part - Finding Another
Featuring Momoka Kinoshita & Miori Ichikawa

"It's Garbage CAN, Not Garbage CAN'T"

"I wanna be a fresh lemo--"

Momoka slammed her palm against lemon girl's face to prevent her from finishing her wretched catchphrase.

"What's up with you?" Lemon girl asks, voice muffled through Momoka's skin.

The girl with the rad hair replied.

"...I got dumped."

Miori blinked a few times.

"OH! So that's why you're hanging by the trash can..."

Momoka looked at her surroundings, and indeed, she was right beside a trash can.

"I guess so."

"Then I'm gonna pick you up! Mama always told me to pick up trash. No offense, though."

Miori slipped her arms under Momoka's leg and back, and tried to lift her.

She failed.

"That's not how you pick trash up," She glared, "This is."

She then stood up and swept Miori off of her feet into a glorious princess carry.

"We're both trash, anyway," Momoka finally smiled.

"Aw~" Miori smiled back, before realizing something.

"...Wait what?"

Step # 3 - Flirting
Featuring Akane Takayanagi & Airi Furukawa

"How to Be Smooth"

It was the middle of the night--11 PM, actually.

The stars were bright; not a cloud in the sky.
A sign of great weather.

Akane got into Airi's car with Miss Anime Nerd herself and drove to the nearest public park.

The entrance gates were closed.
Chains snaked around it, making it sure to be tightly secure.

The two dorks' fun were only starting though, as the night was still young.

Akane positioned herself in front of the gate.

"Gimme a boost, Airin!" She whispered rather loudly.

Airi grabbed hold of her waist (sneaking a squeeze at her butt too) and gave it her best to actually lift the crazy bird lady.

"I'm up! I'm up! I'm up!" Akane grabbed the rim of the gate and pushed herself over, landing on the other side safely with a soft thud.

Airi gathered the monkey skills in her and climbed the gates with her bare hands; easily succeeding.

Akane took her binoculars out and looked around.
"It ain't here!"

They were searching for a certain species of a bird--Why they were doing it late at night, nobody cared.

"I can't find any lovebirds!" Akane groaned.

Airi hugged her from behind, "It's all right. I found some."


Airi turned the girl around and smirked, "Us."

Step # 4 - Even More Flirting
Featuring Torigoya & Yuuko

"Sometimes, It's Okay to Hold Back"

"Haru baby~ Kiss me~!"


Torigoya struggled to get out of her boss' arms.

For a squirt who was smaller than her, Yuko was quite strong.

Her lips were inching closer and closer to Torigoya's cheek.

"Nothing can stop the kissing train--"

The sound of chickens clucking flooded their area, burying other sounds into nothingness.

Yuko blinked at the new person she was hugging; wild hair, heavy red eyeshadow, and definitely not her Haruna.

The girl giggled.

Yuko immediately let go and started running.

"I see you~"

"Holy shiiii--"

Step # 5 - Sharing Interests
Featuring Mao Mita & Momoka Kinoshita

"Even Those Interests"

"So uh, Maokyun," Momoka licked her orange-juice-stained lips, "What kind of stuff are you into?"

The girl grinned widely, "I'm glad you asked!"

She stood up from the couch, turned the lights off, pulled out a white screen from the ceiling, and turned on a projector out of nowhere that projected a Powerpoint Presentation.

"Oh no," Momoka gulped.

Mao got back to the couch beside Momoka and turned to her.

"Let me tell you about Yaoi."


Ah, dating. I'm thinking about adding more to this. I don't even know if I should add anymore XD

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Re: FAndoM48's 48Gay OS Thread // (09-12-15) Dating 101 ft. 48 Girls
« Reply #27 on: September 13, 2015, 01:16:52 AM »
it's funny!! :on lol:
write about wmatsui too, i miss them

-sorry for my bad english, still learning with uncle Sae :hee:

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Re: FAndoM48's 48Gay OS Thread // (09-12-15) Dating 101 ft. 48 Girls
« Reply #28 on: September 13, 2015, 07:58:02 AM »
I like your stories a lot, please write more. You're doing great, keep it up.
I'm glad to see you've included Momoka in your fics. She's one of my fav, yet it is hard to find any fics that does not feature her as a villain. Thank you very much

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Re: FAndoM48's 48Gay OS Thread // (09-12-15) Dating 101 ft. 48 Girls
« Reply #29 on: September 13, 2015, 03:14:13 PM »

I LOVE IT, KOUHAI. :glasses:

As expected from you. :farofflook:

MORE!!!! :mon bye:


君を見つけたらどんな言葉を掛ければいい?その姿 見とれて僕はきっと立ち尽くす人混みと喧噪の隙間愛する人と出逢えたことだけでしあわせになる


For more gayness and sweetness, visit the FuuMiru Thread and KojiYuu Thread!

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Re: FAndoM48's 48Gay OS Thread // (09-12-15) Dating 101 ft. 48 Girls
« Reply #30 on: September 14, 2015, 01:02:52 AM »
Step # 5 - Sharing Interests
Featuring Mao Mita & Momoka Kinoshita

"Even Those Interests"

"So uh, Maokyun," Momoka licked her orange-juice-stained lips, "What kind of stuff are you into?"

The girl grinned widely, "I'm glad you asked!"

She stood up from the couch, turned the lights off, pulled out a white screen from the ceiling, and turned on a projector out of nowhere that projected a Powerpoint Presentation.

"Oh no," Momoka gulped.

Mao got back to the couch beside Momoka and turned to her.

"Let me tell you about Yaoi."

LOL!!! Finally somebody made a fic about this two!!
Momoka and Maokyun has been a talk on twitter for their interactions lately especially on Mao's seitansai where...  :oops: :oops: :oops:

Well you know what happened...

More of them onegai!!!

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FAndoM48's 48Gay OS Thread // (09-19-15) Sick - YuiParu
« Reply #31 on: September 19, 2015, 11:27:18 AM »
@key17 - Will do! I miss them, too.
@shakure_48 - Thank you. :D I love Momoka too~! (o u o
@ChibiRine - More coming sooon~  :cathappy:
@Cometerz48 - Yup, it's my new ship.  :heart: Momoka is soo daring.


They say laughter is the best medicine.

Haruka Shimazaki, who took almost everything too literally, was confused as heck when she first heard about that certain saying.

How the heck can laughter solve a health problem?

As she puzzled over it during her usual thinking sessions in the shower, she suddenly felt weak and had trouble breathing.

Her vision blurred, and she blacked out.

- - -

Sweat trailed down Takamina's forehead as she tried to call Yui for the 8th time.

"Takamina-san, still no response?"

She shushed her juniors and showed them that she was on the phone.

When the monotonous beep resounded in her ears, the midget groaned.

"Those two'd better not be doing something un-idol-like."

- - -

Haruka opened her eyes, to find herself in her bed.
Fully dressed in her pajamas.

She raised her head, despite her brain telling her not to.

She faced the consequences and experienced the world spin.

Her head dropped back to her pillow.

She heard a groan from the foot of the bed.

"Wh-Who's there?" She asked, cursing her body that was unable to move properly.

"It's... Yui."

Yui replied, rubbing her eyes tiredly.

She yawned, and scooted closer to Haruka until she was right beside her; in Haruka's field of vision.

"You got attacked by asthma again. You have a fever, now."

Haruka's eyes bore into hers, filled with sadness, "I troubled you again, didn't I?"

Yui sighed and stroked Haruka's head softly, "It's fine. I'm just glad you're okay."

A small smile formed in Haruka's lips.

"You should've seen how the members reacted when I told them, though. Takahashi nearly fainted."

Haruka laughed, only to find her chest being hurt as she did so.

'How is laughter the best medicine again?' she thought.

Yui then stood up and took her phone from her pocket to dial a number.

"What are you doing?"

"I'm taking a day off."


"You need someone to take care of you, right?"

"But," Haruka frowned, "What about you?"

"Hello, manager?" Yui said when the man answered the call, "I'm going to take of Paruru. Clear my schedule for today."

Without hesitation, her manager agreed, and even told Yui that he would send medicines to Haruka's apartment.

Yui smiled at Haruka when the call ended, "I'm okay. As long as you're fine, I am too."

- - -

"We're really glad you're okay, Paru," said Takamina, and flashed a grin at Yui, "You did a great job, Yuihan," she winked.

A faint redness grew in Yui's cheeks as she smiled back.

Haruka can do nothing but smile.

Haruna opened the door to Haruka's room, carrying a tray of cookies that Miki brought.

Not looking where she was going, and because she was too tall and carefree to notice, her foot hooked on to the strap of Takamina's backpack which was on the floor, and she tripped.

Takamina and Yui burst into laughter.

Haruka tried to hold back a giggle herself.

Just then, for some reason, she felt her chest warm up.

The world became blurry once more, but in a way different from when she passed out.

All her eyes focused on was Yui, laughing so hard her eyes squinted.

A wider smile tugged on the corners of Haruka's lips.

"Uwa, Paruru's smiling!" Takamina announced  right after she helped Nyannyan up to her feet.

Her vision turned back to normal, and was greeted by Haruna, and Takamina's eyes, joined by Mako and Miki who just entered the room.

Yui was looking at her too, beaming at her expressively.

Sooner or later, Haruka giggled embarrassedly when she realized she was staring at Yui too much.

Surprisingly, laughing didn't hurt anymore.

Maybe it was the medicine doing its work, or maybe it was Yui's laugh.

Though at this moment, Haruka didn't want to admit that she was starting to believe in the saying.

- - -

"Yui-chan, you'll get sick too," Haruka groaned as she tried to dissuade Yui from sleeping with her.

"Stop being stubborn, Paru. You need extra warmth."

"I-I..." Haruka paused, flustered, "...Don't."

"Oh?" Yui pressed her forehead against Haruka's to check her temperature à la shoujo manga.

"You seem pretty cold."

Frowning a bit to declare her loss in the game of argument, Haruka agreed to let her sleep beside her.

- - -

Yui sneezed a couple of times that morning a few minutes after she woke up.

She caught a cold.

"See? I told you not to sleep with me." Haruka came in to the room seconds later, donned in an apron.

Yui sniffed, "Yeah, sorry."

She shifted and sat up even though the weight of her head was killing her.

"I'm gonna go home."

"You've got to be kidding me."

"Do I look like I'm joking?" Yui stared at her, expressionless, her nose a bit pinkish.

"Get back in bed, hun. It's my turn to take care of you whether you like it or not, since you didn't leave me a choice either yesterday."

Yui laid back obediently and smiled, "I don't mind at all."

- - -

It became a cycle for the YuiParu couple.

Whenever Haruka got sick, Yui would take care of her and get sick the following day, where Haruka would nurse her in return.

And on the day after that, Haruka would catch Yui's sickness and get sick again, and so on and so forth.

It continued that way until they both got sick at the same time, and two separate members had to take care of them.
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Re: FAndoM48's 48Gay OS Thread // (09-19-15) Sick - YuiParu
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Thanks for the Yuiparu fic! Love it so much!  :cathappy:

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FAndoM48's 48Gay OS Thread // (09-23-15) Truth or Dare ft. SKE48 Girls
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@Kairi65 - You're welcome :D Thanks for reading~

Truth or Dare

Rena licked her lips, glaring at the homework she brought to the theater that day.
She was absolutely terrible at this subject, and adding up to her limited knowledge for it, her concentration is also nowhere to be found, for the members around her were being noisier than usual.

While it was Team E's turn to practice at the empty front stage, most of the members that had nothing better to do; bored, unmotivated and already dismissed from practice, were playing the classic game of truth or dare, forming a huge circle in the middle of the backstage.

"It's Kumi's turn!" Jurina announced delightfully and turned to the oblivious short-haired girl right in front of her.

"Wha-What?" Reality greeted Kumi with eager eyes staring into her soul.

"Truth or Dare?" Airi grinned, just as curious as everyone else to know what the girl would say.

Kumi, never really one to be bold and daring, chose truth.

The whole circle of members thought up of questions they always wanted to know.

The girl at the corner of the room, Rena, enjoyed the silence, actually, and was able to answer a few questions properly.

"I've got one!" Yukiko stated.

"Ever since Kataomoi Finally..." she started and paused, letting the sudden eruption of 'whoa's and 'ooh's subside.
"...Did you ever feel gay for our little miss Non-chan, here?"

Kumi smacked her palm against her face and shook her head in disbelief.

'Dear god, not this question' was written all over her.

The members around her tried to conceal the many feelings of excitement growing in them just waiting to be set free.

Though she didn't want to admit it, even Rena's ears listened closely out of sheer curiosity.

"Kinda... Sorta... Yeah."

An expected answer from an idiot such as herself.

The whole circle squealed, all of them fangirling to the max, with Kumi turning a bright shade of red.

And when Team E came back to the backstage all sweaty, oh, such chaos ensued.

Airi, Jurina, Yuria and Yukiko were pushing a screaming Kumi all the way towards completely innocent Kanon.

Rena giggled to herself.

- - -

After the mayhem that happened, the members, all completely composed again, and joined by Team E, re-formed a circle that nearly didn't fit in the backstage.

Rena, still doing her homework, was the only one who isn't included, and this bothered the younger Matsui quite a bit.

"Alright, alright, who's next?" Mizuki asked.

"Me! Me! ME~!" Jurina raised her hand high in the air, waving it excitedly to catch the elder girl's attention.

Mizuki, having a clear view of the only girl raising her hand, smirked and announced her pick.



A few members laughed loudly at Jurina's reaction.

Sae proudly chose a dare.

Sato Mieko volunteered to give her what she asked for.

"I dare you to kiss me, you handsome thing," the old lady winked, causing everyone to want to get a bucket and puke in it.

She shook her head, "No thank you!"

"Okay, next would be..." Mizuki started again, while the rejected girl frowned.

"Hey! She didn't do her dare!"

"Yeah yeah, she's excused. We don't wanna see that," Yukiko laughed, earning a playful slap from Mieko.

"Your turn, Akane!"

Akane nodded and picked dare, scared of the many things the members would want to make her reveal.

Airi took this matter into her hands.

"I dare you to treat me to chicken wings later," she smirked mischievously.

Akane's face became pale.
Truth would've been much better.

"Oh, and without crying when the chicken wings are served," Airi added.

"Moving on," Mizuki stood up before Akane started crying, "Kumi, your turn again."

"EH?!" Kumi exclaimed.

Since she still didn't want to be dared, she chose truth again.

"Oh, I have one~!" Yuria smiled.

Kumi listened to what the round girl had to say.

"Do you like me, Kuuchan?"

The circle produced squeals in awe.

Kumi nearly hit her head on the ground.

Finally with an answer, she lifted her head.

"I don't."

And before anyone else would hit her for rejecting the poor loli on the spot, she went ahead and finished the sentence.

"I love you!"

"Aw, darn it, Kumi's stealing all the spotlight!" Jurina screamed at the top of her lungs through the many voices of her groupmates.

Every so often, she would steal glances at Rena, who was still working on her homework.

- - -

After tons of events happening within the duration of the game, the late night fell upon SKE48's theater, and the members were packing up their bags to go home.

Rena just finished her homework, and she was about to start fixing her things, when suddenly, she felt someone pull her arm from behind.

In merely a second or two, Jurina was right in front of her.

It was the quickest kiss she's ever received, not lasting for even a second.

Rena immediately covered her lips and turned tomato red.

"Wh-Wh-What the hell, Jurina?!" She stuttered out.

"I was dared to." Jurina winked, and skedaddled away, joining Akane and the others.

When Rena calmed down, she approached Mizuki and confronted her.

"Why did you dare Jurina to do that? She's like, too young!"

Mizuki looked at her confusedly.

"What dare? We never called her to do anything."

Rena blushed again, harder than before.

She turned around and saw Jurina taking a glance at her, before running as fast as her legs can carry her after she realized what she had just done.


Will be on hiatus for a while due to studies.  :sweatdrop:

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Re: FAndoM48's 48Gay OS Thread // (09-23-15) Truth or Dare ft. SKE48 Girls
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thats funny!!! :on lol: :on GJ:
thanks author-san!

-sorry for my bad english, still learning with uncle Sae :hee:

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Re: FAndoM48's 48Gay OS Thread // (09-23-15) Truth or Dare ft. SKE48 Girls
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Ooh.. Author-san you make me squeled non stop tonight.. :inlove:
Wmatsui and SKE that combination is the best.. :w00t:
Thanks for this fic, please make more... :bow:
And good luck for your studies. :thumbsup

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Re: FAndoM48's 48Gay OS Thread // (09-23-15) Truth or Dare ft. SKE48 Girls
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hahahahah Jurina is so smart.. but I just get a little confused because SAe and Kuumi was in the same time in ske.. but well in this fanfic everything could happen...

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@key17 - You're welcome! Thanks for reading~
@Raizel - Thanks! I'll need the luck, haha~!
@Haruko - I kind of forgot to include the detail that Kumi was a graduate and was paying a visit.  :lol:

First Kiss

"Ryouha-san?" Rara called softly, poking a sleeping Ryouha's cheeks.
"Ryouha-san, it's morning..."

Ryouha squirmed a bit, letting out a small groan before opening her eyes.
She blinked a few times to re-focus her vision, and when it did, a cutesy smile crossed her face.

"Morning, Lala-chan..." She yawns, rubbing her eyes.
"Good morning," Rara grins, "Mama made breakfast. Come downstairs soon, okay?"
"Mm~" Ryouha hums.

* * *

On their way to the theater, Ryouha and Rara came across an ice cream parlor.

Out of their childish urges, neither could resist buying a cone of their favorite flavors.

As they were walking along a half-busy sidewalk, Ryouha encountered a brainfreeze and nearly dropped her vanilla ice cream.

Rara stopped walking and ran to the older girl's side.

"Ryouha-san! You okay?"

Ryouha couldn't even nod, for her sensitivity for coldness came up again.
Rara hurriedly finished her last bite of her ice cream cone and dragged Ryouha to a nearby dark alley, away from the eyes of many.

The space was kind of cramped for the two of them, but since it was warm and the person she's with was Rara, Ryouha didn't really mind.
Rara hugged her senior and didn't even care if her shirt became stained with Ryouha's ice cream.

"Better?" Rara asked.

Truth be told, Ryouha's brainfreeze subsided before they even got to the alley, but since this was what Rara had in mind to 'cure' her, she didn't complain.

"Yeah, better," she replied, "But it's just a brainfreeze, Rara-chan. No need to go through all of this.."

"Yup, I know," Rara grinned, "I just wanted an excuse to hug you."
Ryouha blushed. She squinted her eyes and pouted.
"You're hanging too much with Jurina-san."

* * *

When they reached the theater, Rara got separated from Ryouha by Nao and Jurina who had extra clothes for her to change out of her ice-cream-stained shirt.

Ryouha decided to start practicing while she waited.

Rara re-emerged from the dressing room a few minutes later, donned in a simple white shirt containing SKE's logo and a pair of shorts.
She too soon joined the others in practice.

* * *

Ryouha wiped the sweat from her face after an extreme practice of "Omoide Ijou".
They were given a one-hour rest time.

Just as then, a few ex-SKE members entered the theater, causing quite a fuss.

It was Nishishi, Yukko, Ogiso, Rena, and even Yuria who just got back from Tokyo to have lunch with Shiori.

As a celebration of their visit, and for old times' sake, Jurina held the most enjoyable game they have ever played off-camera; SKE48 Truth or Dare.

Everyone made a big circle on the floor and began the game.

"I'm going first!" Jurina announced before anyone else could, "And I pick dare!"

Rena stood up, "I dare you to tell me what you've been doing with Rara while I was gone!"

Jurina's face paled, "Wh-What do you mean?"

"Don't 'What do you mean' me! I've seen your pictures! You've been forcing her to do... Adorable things."

Rena trailed off into a blush before saying the last two words.

"Alright love birds that's enough. Who's next?" Nishishi interrupted.

Yukko raised her hand and picked dare too.

Yuria had an evil grin on her face before stating her torture request.

"I dare you to play the Pocky Game with Shiorin."

Yukko shook her head repeatedly while the others were pushing her and Shiori to the center.

A pocky stick was placed between their lips and that was it.

With the help of Nishishi's countdown, Yukko and Shiori began the pocky game right after Yuka said "Go."

Ryouha and Rara watched innocently as both girls started nibbling on their ends to get to the middle.

Ryouha sneaked a glance at a blushing Rara.
Coincidentally, Rara was thinking of doing the same thing.
Their eyes met, but quickly parted when they realized they've been noticed.

When their lips touched everyone went wild.

The two were on the floor, covering their mouths as their faces blazed as red as Team KII's team color.

It took a while for everyone to calm down and resume with the game.

"Next!" Said Nishishi.

Jurina raised her hand again, "I have a suggestion!"

"What is it?"

"I suggest a research student to have a turn!"

"Which research student?" Everyone tilted their heads.

Jurina smiled, "I knew you'd ask! I would like the love child of Rena and me--"

"LOVE CHILD?!" Rena blurted out.

"--Rara-chan to have a turn!"

Everyone laughed out loud and restrained Rena from pouncing at Jurina.

Nishishi turned to the said research student, "Want to have a go, Rara-chan?"

Wanting to make her seniors proud, Rara played along, picking dare too as she felt like she shouldn't break the chain of dares.

"Then, Rara-chan! I dare you t--"

Suddenly, a wild pervert appeared and broke through the rehearsal room door.

"I dare you to kiss anyone in the room!"

"NOOOOOOOOOOOooOOOOOOOO!" Everyone screamed at Mieko.

"Oi oi oi~!! It's a dare from an Ex-KE member you know! It's against SKE48 Truth or Dare rules to decline!" Mieko cackled deviously.

As per the rules, they allowed Mieko to sit with them and to have her dare carried out.

"Kiss where?" Rara blinked, fumbling a question after a minute of hesitation.

"Anywhere you want, hun," Mieko licked her lips and readied a camera.

"Then... I pick..."

Rara's eyes wandered around the surprisingly quiet room, occasionally stopping to look at the sight of Jurina puckering her lips at her and Rena glaring at the action from a distance.



Loud whispers erupted, destroying the silence.
But silence found its way somehow.

All members shushed each other and watched Rara get up to her feet and walk towards a red Ryouha across the circle.

She knelt in front of her, bearing a serious face.

But after a few seconds, that seriousness cracked and turned into an embarrassed grin.

Rara covered her flushed cheeks and hung her hed lowly, giggling, "I can't do it..."

"DEAR GOD, THAT'S ADORABLE!" Mieko clutched her chest.

Rara raised her head again, "Ryouha-san, can you cover your eyes?"

"E-Eh?" Ryouha stuttered.

"Do it, Ryouha-tan!" Sae cheered from afar.

With a shy purse of her lips, Ryouha placed her hands over her eyes, leaving her other senses all the work.

There were a few shrieks here and there when she felt a small air of breath on her lips.

Her mind panicked.

Would she lose her first kiss to a younger girl?
And to add to that, Rara was the one to steal it because of a dare!

Though Ryouha knew she would lose her first kiss to one of the SKE girls eventually (especially since she's been spending time with Jurina as a member of Team S), she still hoped it to be with a guy.

But then, she felt the familiar sensation of a kiss on the cheek.

Groans of disappointment resounded.

It was then that Ryouha was prompted to bring her field of vision back.

But what she saw was Jurina behind Rara.
And Mieko behind Ryouha.

With a single push, both girls' first kiss flew away like Akane's birds.

"THEY DID IT!" One screamed.

The screams in the theater were so darn loud, one can swear that it reached all the way to NMB48's theater.

Ryouha's mind was white.
And so was Rara's.

But both's cheeks were burning a bright red.

In the distance, Rena could be seen reprimanding Jurina and Mieko.

But no one cared about that.

They all had their eyes on the pair who just witnessed one of the highlights of being a teenager.

And Ryouha and Rara...

...were smiling at each other.

TADAIMA~! It's good to be back. With a fic. I've been observing the actions of these two lately and I had to add them to my ships. But since I only have just added them, they might be out of character in some ways. Anyway, I hope I didn't do too bad in writing this.
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This made my NagiUha-heart crushed. But however, I love it!! :heart:
But, yeah.. Uha can be a flirt. She can be with Nagi and Rara as well. UhaXHarem. Yeah...! :hee:
this is so cute.. make more, author-san.. :kneelbow:
Jaa... 48 is about skinship

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FAndoM48's 48Gay OS Thread // (10-16-15) A Pervert and Jealousy - FuruYanagi
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@faanpal -
Uha can be a flirt.
Tell me about it  XD . I'm glad you loved it~!

A Pervert and Jealousy

"I'll be back before dinner."
Akane reminded her girlfriend for the nth time while she fixed her sneakers.
"Oh, and you can order McD's for lunch if you want."

"Yeah, Churi, I know. Have a safe trip!"

Airi kissed her goodbye on the cheek.

"Wait, wait. I haven't said goodbye to my loves yet!"

Airi squinted her eyes at her out of jealousy.

"You too."

Akane giggled and glomped the older girl, after which she removed her shoes again and ran to the living room where her many pets' cages were.

She bid goodbye to each one, until she came to her oldest pet, Papi.

"Papi-tan, I'll see you later, sweetie~"

Papi chirped sweetly at Akane.

Afterwards, the bird lady trotted back to Airi and gave her a quick kiss on the lips.

"I'll see you soon too, weirdo."

Airi merely grinned, "Make sure it'll be soon, birdy."

"I will! Feed them while I'm gone~!"

After a few more lovely reminders, the two dorks finally separated.

* * *

Airi opened a pack of chips and plopped down the couch, switching on the TV just in time to see her favorite anime onscreen.

The opening theme started.

The nerd allowed herself to be carried along by the rocky beat of Attack On Titan's 'Guren no Yumiya'.

Out of nowhere, she heard a loud chirp from one of Akane's birds.

Airi chose to ignore it and continued rocking.

With a mouthful of potato chips, she shifted on the couch to a comfortable position and watched Eren and hi's friends slay some titans with extreme badassery.

"Eren's such a wimp," Airi said in a muffled voice.

Another loud chirp.

Airi ignored it again.

"I'm gonna kill all the titans," Eren's voice boomed through the speakers.

"Hah! In your dreams, kid."

Miss anime nerd laughed hardly.


"Alright, who is it?"

She leaned on her side to get a better look at the birds.

They were all in their cages, perched on their little swing with a wing over their faces. So, basically, they were all sleeping.

Well, except for one.

It was Akane's cockatiel, Poporu.

Poporu was right in front of its cage's door, one of its feet clinging to one of the bars.

Airi stood up and approached it.

"What do you want?" She asked.

Poporu chirped and pecked at the cage's steel bars.

"You want out?"

The bird tweeted.

"Well, your mom doesn't like you guys being let out by me, but..."

Poporu merely tilted its head at her and cooed.

"...Maybe letting just you out wouldn't be so bad."

After saying that, she unlocked the bird's cage and out flew Poporu, who nestled itself on top of Airi's head.

"Hey, are you seriously just gonna do that?"

Poporu cooed once more.

"Oookay, then."

Airi returned to her anime sessions on the couch.

The channel she was on was playing a yuri anime called 'Sakura Trick'.

"Uhohoho, I love this part."

She filled her mouth with potato chips again and watched intently as two girls' lips closed into a kiss.

She munched on the chips loudly, smiling idiotically.

Poporu hopped off of Airi's head and onto her shoulder, its wings shifting.

Airi looked at the cockatiel quizically,

"What are you doing?"


"Your mom's at the pet shop, working."

'Chirp chirp.'

"You know what pet shop I'm talking about. It's that InuNekoTenchou Pet Shop in Sakae."


"Of course there are birds. That's why she's working there."


"Hey! I'm jealous too, you know. My Churi might get stolen from me by some douche."

'Chirp chirp?'

"I finished my latest manga chapter last week! I don't have to work 'til next month! It's perfectly fine for me to slack."


"Thank you. I will return to my anime."

After the weirdest conversation ever, Airi turned her attention back to the TV.


"Ugh," she groaned, "What now?"

Airi's eyes widened.

"HEY! Only one bird can kiss me like that, and it's your mom! I am totally going to tell on you."

* * *

"Thanks for all the help, Takayanagi."

One of the pet shop owners, a tall blonde guy named Kuro, told Akane.

"Yeah, you're awesome," grinned Koge, a rather short boy with messy brown locks.

"Yup. You really helped me with these two, too. Especially Kuro. She's quite the mess maker."

Vip, the eldest with short magenta-dyed hair tied in a small ponytail, smiled warmly.

Akane merely returned the kind feedback with a grin.

"Wait," the girl's face turned into a questioning expression, "Did you just say 'she'?"

"Yeah. Kuro-chan's a girl. You surprised?"

"Y-Yes I am! I've been addressing him--er--her, 'Kuro-kun' for the whole day!"

Koge burst into laughter and hit the back of Kuro, "Damn, man."

"Shut it," Kuro groans.

"I may look and sound like this, but I'm actually a guy." Vip beamed innocently.

"WHAT!?" Akane exclaimed.

Koge's laughter intensified.

Kuro then walked back to the conversation, "You know, Takayanagi, Koge's a girl too."


Akane was totally confused, as she stood there staring at her three bosses.

She would've been there all night if the trio didn't usher her outside.

She received a text message a few seconds later after she started walking.

It was from Airi.

「Hey. You going home yet? :bored:

『Yeah. I'll be home in an hour.』

「Oh, okay.」

『How are my babies?』

「They're fine. Poporu kissed me.」

『Aw, would you look at that. You're getting along.  :nya:

「True, but I only want you to kiss me.」

『That's sweet~!』

「I'm serious.」

『Alright, alright. The bus is coming. See you at home, weirdo :on slopkiss:

「Stay safe, birdy. :on slopkiss:

* * *

"I'm home~" Akane slipped off of her shoes and onto the cold wooden floor of her apartment.

"Ah, welcome back." Airi was at the dining room eating a plate of potato chips ever so formally with a spoon and fork.

She stood up, approached Akane and wrapped her arms around her waist.

"I missed you," she pouts.

"Yeah, yeah. I'm going to make dinner. Let's catch up later."

"Thank god. I've been eating potato chips all day," Airi sighed and let go of Akane, letting her make dinner.

"Well who told you to do that? I told you to order McDonald's right?"

"I was lazy."

Akane puffed her cheeks, "Whatever. I'm gonna cook. Feed Papi-tan and the others."

"Okay then."

Airi strode to the living room and unlocked all five cages there, after getting a couple packets of bird feed at the kitchen counter.

Papi, Pino and Popo happily fed off of Airi's hands, while Pucho hesitated, as he always had a bit of a fright towards her.

Poporu, on the other hand, nested on top of Airi's head. Again.

"Chuuri," she called over to the kitchen, "Pucho and Poporu aren't eating."

"Okay, I'm coming," Akane called back.

Not even five minutes later, Akane emerged from the kitchen, still donned in an apron that 'really freaking fits her' as Airi says.

The five birds, upon noticing their owner, all flew up to her and greeted the girl with soft pecks and chirps.

Akane couldn't help but laugh and fall more in love with her pets.

As Airi watched that Akane from the couch, she couldn't help but fall more in love with her.

"Stop that stare, Airin," Akane giggled, breaking Airi from her trance, "It's weirding me out."

Airi huffed and stood up, walking towards Akane to probably pull her close into a hug again, but Poporu interfered, flying right between the two.

Akane drew her hands to let the cockatiel nestle itself on them.

"Aw, Poporu-chan missed me."

She took the bird closer.

"HEY!" Airi exclaimed, "What about me?"

"What about you?" Akane pouts.

"Poporu's been stealing everything from me! First my lips that are supposed to belong to only you and my holy anime figurines, and now he stole your lips that're supposedly mine!"

"Oh, come on, Airi. He probably got influenced by Sakura Trick. And plus, he's a bird! Are you nuts?!"

"I prefer jealous, thank you very much!"

As the two argued, the five birds flew back to their meal.

"Fine! I'll kiss you then!" Akane shouted.

"Go ahead!"

Just then, realizing what was wrong, the two stared at each other redly.

"I... I'll kiss you, then." Akane repeated in a softer voice.

"...Go," Airi shifted her feet awkwardly.

Akane dragged her feet slowly towards Airi, lessening the distance between them.

As she stood right in front of the taller girl, with nothing else but air and a few centimeters separating them, Akane slightly tiptoed and captured Airi's lips.

Airi twined her arms around Akane's waist and pulled her even closer as their lips pressed further against each other.

For a moment, the couple that consisted of a weirdo and a bird was silent.


'Chirp chirp chirp!'

Their lips separated, and the first thing Airi did was to glare at Poporu.

Akane smiled and gave Airi a quick kiss on the cheek to divert her attention back to herself.

"Stop getting jealous over my babies, okay?"

Airi pouts at her, "How would I do that?"

"Tell you what. Whenever you're jealous over them, I'll kiss you. How does that sound?"

"Hm," the older girl leaned her forehead against Akane's, "I'm jealous right now."

FURUYANAGAAAYY!!  :mon zoom:
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