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Author Topic: FAndoM48's OS Collection (KojiYuu, MaYuki, AtsuMina, WMatsui & others)  (Read 26600 times)

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thank you thank you!1 I love it

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  • F**k air, I only need furuyanagi to live
That was like fuel for my shipper soul thank you for that beautiful furuyanagi story

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Oh my....! This's so freaking funny and cute...! :shy1: :shy2:
Airin is totally a weirdo here, eating chips with fork and spoon. LOL . And the conversation with the bird just.. EPIC! :on lol:
And the last part made me grinning like crazy.. Nice job, author-san. :farofflook:

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A Pervert and Jealousy

Ngaaaah, that FURUYANAGAAAAY 😆😆😍😍😍

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i love it!! thanks author-san m!! :on GJ:

-sorry for my bad english, still learning with uncle Sae :hee:

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This's the combination of funny, cute, weird, n sweet. :on GJ:
Jaa... 48 is about skinship

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FAndoM48's 48Gay OS Thread // (10-30-15) Twitter - KumiYuri
« Reply #46 on: October 30, 2015, 05:48:47 AM »
@Haruko - Thanks, too! :)
@Hypno - You're welcome! Thanks for reading!
@niineechan - I'm glad you liked it :nervous
@fridaa_ai - Yup. FuruYanagay is life <3
@key17 - Thank you! You're welcome, reader! ^^
@faanpal - Thanks~!


Kumi thought of Mizuki's advice for her one day.

"You should make some social media accounts. The fans'd love it, and it's great for the project."

As she lied there on her bed, her usual place of thinking, the idea actually grew onto her.

She opened her laptop which was conveniently at the foot of her bed.

After a few minutes of keyboard clacking, mouse tapping, and hums of thought, she was able to create a Twitter account.

She consulted her manager a bit about it, and had the account ready for her in no time.

She posted her first tweet, introducing herself and a brief message.

She then stood up from her bed to fix herself a cup of coffee.

Upon her return, there were hundreds of notifications waiting for her already, all favoriting and retweeting her post, following her account.

There were also a few warm and welcoming replies, such as "Welcome back!", "It's been a while, I'm so happy!" and the like.

Kumi can't help but smile.
At least the idea wasn't at all bad.

But now she didn't know what else to do.

A call from her phone.



It was Mizuki.

"Glad you made a Twitter! Come over to the cafe across the street. We're going to the signing event."

"'Kay then. I'll be there in five minutes."

* * *

A few posts here and there, Kumi's twitter was starting to come alive.

Well, especially since she already has quite a lot of followers now.
She can't believe it herself; 13K followers in a day? Insane.

A few seconds later, her phone vibrated, indicating a message.

Mizuki again.

「Follow some people! Your news feed must be so bare lol」

Yuria Kizaki.

Kumi softly laughed.

She opened Twitter on her phone, pondering on who to follow.

Yuria Kizaki.

"Hm," she thought, "I should let Rena-chan know I made a Twitter or something. She'll get mad at me if she finds out late."

And so she followed Rena.

Yuria Kizaki.

"Oh, I know. I should follow that Ex-KE member I saw last week," she smiled, "Tsukina-chan it is."

Another follow.

Yuria Kizaki. Yuria Kizaki. Yuria Kizaki.

After a few more seconds of stalling and keeping herself from typing it, she gave in and did it.

On the search bar, she typed, 'yuriaaa_peace', and tapped on the one and only verified account of her beloved kami oshimen.

She clutched her heart the minute she saw her profile picture, along with a few pictures of her and AKB member Juri.

The second her heartbeat skipped, she tapped on the follow button.

But then, regret followed her.

'It's been a while since I saw her. Would she still remember me? Would she know it's actually my account? Would she... Follow back?"

Kumi blinked.

She shook her head.

"The hell," she thought, "I sound like a desperate fangirl..."

She turned her gaze back to her phone, still displaying Yuria's account.

"...Which I probably am..." she then sighs.

She browsed Yuria's account further, and felt her heart sinking a bit.

Her Yuria was doing so well in AKB.
Not to mention her regularly being in senbatsu.

And she's earned quite a number of friends and trustworthy seniors, along with honored juniors.

She was doing so well, Kumi could feel a tear in her eye.

They haven't been in contact at all for the past few years.

Whenever Shiori brings her to the studio where they were working on Mizuki's project, neither one could even greet each other.

Not even a smile.

Not even a glance.

She felt even worse when she attended Yuria's final concert as an SKE mem--

Kumi's phone sounded again, breaking her thoughts.

The idiot didn't even realize her mind was astray.

Putting that aside, it was a message from an unknown number.


『Who is this?』

「It's Yuria.」

What a sight for sore eyes.

『How do I know it's you?』

「You kissed me during the shooting of KataFai because you thought I was jealous of Kanon.」

『Omg it IS you.』

「Yeah. Can you please open your apartment door now? I've been ringing the doorbell for hours.」

"Holy idol butts," Kumi cursed and staggered towards the main door.

She opened it, just in time to find Yuria raise her head from her phone.

"Yu-Yu-Yu-Yu--" Kumi stuttered.

Yuria giggled, "You haven't changed, Kuuchan. I love your hair, though."

Kumi absentmindedly ran her fingers along her own brown locks, "Thanks..."

They made themselves comfortable on the couch in Kumi's living room.

Placing her emptied coffee cup on the coffee table, Yuria spoke first.

"You made a Twitter, hm...?"

Kumi nodded.
"I followed you."

"I'm glad you did... I thought you'd forgotten about me."

Kumi shook her head rapidly.

"I'd never! I mean, I'm your number one fan."

"Then where are your calls? Where are your diabetic-ally sweet supportive texts?" Yuria raised her tone and pouted at Kumi.

"I stopped them because I thought I was annoying you," Kumi replied, "And, well, I think your phone number changed."

"AH!" The round-faced exclaimed, "I forgot to tell you my phone broke."

"Eh? Why, what happened to it?"

"I got karma'd... I made fun of Annin's broken phone."

Kumi burst into laughter.

Yuria could only glare at her with a deep blush, "Stop laughing!"

"But it's-it's it's hilarious!" Kumi wheezed, wiping away a tear.

"Geez, Kuumin! Your sense of humor is weird!"

Though Kumi hasn't changed, Yuria has.
Quite a lot, as Kumi thinks.

The usual respectful junior of hers was gone.
And so was that usual tsundere-ish roundface.

Yuria just kept pouting at her redly as Kumi's laughter started dying down.

"Are you done?" she rolled her eyes.

Kumi coughed a few times, then sighed.
"I'm done."

"Well then, I'm going. I still have a sleepover with Juri."

"What? So soon?"

"I'll visit. Don't worry."

"Yeah, but..."

"Bye bye, Kuuchan."


Before any other word, the door to Kumi's apartment closed.

The older girl sighed.
Yuria has become quite cold.

Kumi returned to her room a few minutes after reminiscing in old SKE48 memories.

When she got there, her phone was lit, showing a notification.

[ 1 message from Unknown Number ]

She opened it.

The message contained a bunch of random numbers and an address, along with it, the words "Visit when you feel like it. Don't forget to call, too."

Another notification.
Twitter, this time.

She launched the app, and what greeted her was something that caused her to smile.

[ Kizaki Yuria followed you ]

"Ah," she smiles wider, dropping motionlessly on her bed; her brown locks a mess, "So you're still a tsundere after all."

> < > <

Kumi gritted her teeth as she watched Majisuka Gakuen Season 5.

"Yuria in a school uniform is adorable, but this Chinese douchebag is ruining it!"
Her hands balled into fists, and she started punching the daylight out of her pillow.

"'I just want to do some S&M' my freaking ass! HOW DARE HE TOUCH MY YURIA!"

More merciless punches.

"And that guy who tried to steal a kiss..."



She heard a creak near the door of her room.
She quickly turned her head, only to meet with a shock-filled Yuria.

"Yuria-chan." Her name slipped out of her lips while her eyes widened.

"Kuumin." Yuria breathed in the same monotone.


"I brought donuts..."

"That's... nice."

"Want to eat?"

"Great idea."

I apologize for this nonsense. XD
I actually have three fics I'm working on (KumiYuri, RyoNyaa & KojiYuu) but Kumi's sudden announcement of a Twitter account had me fangirling for hours. And when I found out that Yuria was the first non-graduate member she followed, my shipper heart got destroyed. Even more when Yuria followed back. Thus, this fic was born. I know it doesn't make that much sense so sorry for that  XD XD

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FAndoM48's 48Gay OS Thread // (11-08-15) Promises - KojiYuu [ AU ]
« Reply #47 on: November 08, 2015, 02:49:06 PM »
Title and ending sucks.  :err: Can't help it though. My mind still isn't working properly after watching Team 8 Live  :shy1:

Nanami, love~~  :shy2:

Anyway, pardon this story's weird ending and somehow irrelevant(?) title XD


Haruna Kojima became a nurse a few years after she graduated college.

The first person she was asked to take care of was a girl around her age named Yuko Oshima.

According to the information given to her, 'Yuko' had been feverish and bedridden for the past few months.
Her severe illness, which until now remains unknown and incapable of treatment, left her vision to weaken as her sickness strengthened, making her unable to see clearly to the point where she could hardly see anything at all, except really really blurry images.

"Poor thing," Haruna sighed as she reviewed the papers, before entering the said hospital room of the other girl.

There, in the middle of the wide room with a window on the farthest wall, was a bed surrounded by machines that were doing their best to keep their user alive.

The lonely sound of the heart monitor resounded inside, accompanied by soft heaves of breath.

Haruna walked awkwardly towards the bed and laid the papers on a nearby table.

Yuko, who was lying still on the bed and staring absently into the distant ceiling, apparently heard the little movement.

Her ears twitched like an alarmed dog's.

Haruna, who was never a great observer, actually noticed this small detail and grinned at it.

Deciding to declare her presence before awkwardness would settle, Haruna let out a fake cough.

"Hi. I'm the new--"

"Nurse?" Yuko spoke ahead, "Are you here to tell me how long I've got to live?"

Haruna was taken aback by this.

'Seriously,' she thought, 'What kind of hardships has this girl been through?'

She then blinked, "What? No. I'm not. I'm here to introduce myself. I'll be taking care of you from now on."

Yuko closed her eyes, probably thinking of a reply.

"Your voice... Sounds nice. What's your name?"

"Haruna. Haruna Kojima."


Haruna watched in silence as Yuko pursed her lips and crinkled her nose, an adorable gesture of her thinking deeply.

"The kanji of your last name means 'small island', right?"

The tall girl nodded.

"...Am I right?"

Haruna nodded again.
She stayed silent until she realized she's been nodding at a girl who can't see.

She mentally slapped herself before voicing out her reply, "You're right. And yours means the opposite, right?"

"Yeah. How tall are you, Haruna-san?"

"I'm five feet and five inches."

Yuko smiled, "Quite tall for a 'small island'. Nice to meet you."

Haruna smiled back, "Same here."

* * *

It was awkward for the first few weeks.

Haruna checked on Yuko's temperature and heartbeat every visit, and then spent the remaining minutes--and sometimes hours--to have a small chat with her.

* * *

Haruna walked into the room one day while carrying her usual clipboard for the usual drills and a book.

"Morning, Oshima-san," she greets.

"It's morning?" Yuko blinked and turned her head towards Haruna's voice, "I couldn't tell."

"Your vision's bad, of course you couldn't. I'm here for the usual drills," Haruna lets out a small giggle.

Yuko grinned, "Go ahead. How much time do I have with you, though?"

Haruna placed an electric thermometer in between Yuko's lips and sat on the nearby chair.

"A lot. The nurses are all present today so I'm not needed so much. And I brought a book that you might wanna hear."

The thermometer beeped.

Haruna took it off Yuko's lips and examined it, jotting down notes on her clipboard.

"Your temperature is fine," Haruna then said.

"That's rare..." The other mumbled, "...Anyway, what's the book?"

"Rapunzel. You read it yet?"

"I think. I don't remember. Can you read it to me?"

"Why the heck not?" Haruna grinned and opened the book, flipping a few pages to get to the very start of the first chapter.

Yuko spent the duration of Haruna's story listening eagerly, gasping and giggling occasionally.

"...And then, Rapunzel lived happily ever after with her prince charming. The End."

"Wah~" Yuko laughed, "I remember it. My older sister used to read it to me when I was a little squirt."

Haruna only beamed. She was glad that Yuko was starting to smile, compared to the first few days where she hardly even talked nor laughed.

"Hey, Haruna-san," the girl calls, "Can you come closer?"

"Eh?" Surprised at the sudden request, Haruna stared at her, "Why?"

"Just do it~"

Haruna leaned in closer.

Yuko's hand felt the air, trying to come close to where Haruna was.

Her hand touched the girl's brown hair.

"Haha," she giggled, "It's fluffy."

Haruna pouted a bit as Yuko continued her careless caresses.

Then suddenly, her fingers grazed Haruna's cheek.

"Ah," they both said.

"It's... soft." Yuko mumbled.

She gently pinched the skin, earning a somewhat irritated noise from Haruna.

"Oh, sorry," she immediately withdrew her hand after hearing the reaction.

"It's okay. It's okay. People do get carried away with my cheeks a lot, too."

Haruna pressed her hand against the cheek that Yuko touched.

It wasn't the sudden pinch that surprised her.

It was  Yuko's... Fingers.

Extraordinarily soft fingers.

Fingers she's never felt graze her skin before.

"Um, Haruna-san...? You're silent. I'm sorry if I pinched too hard."

"Wh-What? Oh, no no no. It's fine." Haruna purposely broke out of her thoughts to not make the girl any guiltier.

* * *

"Hey, Haruna-san," Yuko blinked at the ceiling as she sat up on her bed, which she hasn't been able to do in a while.

"Hm?" Haruna was busy texting with a few friends, but of course, had her ears to be sensitive to Yuko's voice.

"Do you have any pets?"

"Mm... I'm kind of allergic, but if I were to, I'd probably want a cat."

"Really? Why?"

Haruna switched her phone off since she really wasn't paying much attention to her text messages anyway, and faced the eager-faced girl.

"I just like the sound they make. 'Nyan nyan', and such."

"Nyan... Nyan?"


"I'll call you that, then." Yuko smiled casually.

"Hm?" Haruna looked at her.

"If that's the only reason you like them, then I'm calling you 'Nyannyan'. So you don't have to buy a cat or anything else to hear it. And since it looks like we're going to be together in a long while, it's about time I called you something only I can."

Haruna was speechless.

She really had never met anyone else like Yuko Oshima.

"Or is it like, too soon?" Yuko asked blindly.

"It's alright. I like the name," Haruna replied.

"Really? You can call me Yuu, then."

"Yuu... chan?"

"Yep~ Yuuchan!"

* * *

"Kojima-san!" A nurse nearly tripped on her heels running towards the tall girl, "Kojima-san! Kojima-san!"

"Ah, Kasai-san. What's up?"

"Doctor Takahashi is calling for you. It's urgent!"

* * *

Haruna fixed her uniform and knocked at the room with the golden placard that bore the words 'Dr. Takahashi'.

"Come in," a voice called from inside.

She opened the door, stepped inside, and slowly closed it.

She took a seat right in front of the short doctor's desk.

"Do you know why you're here?" He asks.

Haruna shook her head, "Does it concern Oshima-san?"

He nods.

A slight panic hit her.

"What about her?"

Takahashi fixed his glasses and grabbed a few papers near him.
Haruna shifted nervously.

'Don't tell me...' she thought.

"I've been examining your observations and I've visited her last night when you went home."

Haruna waited for the doctor to finish his statement.
His pauses for suspense was really killing her.

"Her illness actually improved. I bet she'll be able to see clearly soon."

The girl absentmindedly breathed a sigh of relief.

Takahashi raised an eyebrow, "Could it be love that aided her recovery?"

"E-Eh?" Haruna blinked, "Ah-- No, no, no. It can't be."

"Hm," the guy grins, "Ever since you came, her condition's been getting better."

The girl laughs, "Maybe it's just a coincidence."

"Ah, well. She's doing well either way. Keep it up, Kojima, whatever you're doing."

Haruna nodded and stood up, catching the hint that she could leave, and approached the door.

"Oh, and by the way," the doctor halted the girl just in time before she turned the doorknob, "Can you call Nurse Maeda? I have some um... unfinished business with her."

"Sure, doc," Haruna winked before exiting, knowing exactly what the so-called 'unfinished business' was.

"Well," the tall girl thought, "I guess I'm gonna tell the others not to disturb the two's private time."

* * *

Haruna entered Yuko's room, bearing the good news.
Fortunately, Yuko was awake.

"Yuu-chan," Haruna hummed, quickly taking a seat on the chair.

"Mm?" Yuko hummed back, turning to the sound of her voice.

"The doctor told me your vision's going to come back soon."

"Eh? Really?" Yuko grinned widely. A grin Haruna's never seen upon her face.

"Yeah. I'm happy for you!"

Yuko giggled, and then said, "Thanks~I can't wait to see you."

* * *

The door to her room closed.
And Yuko was left alone once again.

The girl laid on her back, putting an arm over her eyes.

Her heart has been beating fast during the past few weeks.

It was either her illness acting up again, or maybe... It wasn't.

Her heart's unusual fast pace has caused blood to pump through her veins faster. Maybe that was what made her recover better.

And the reason her heart acted that way had something to do with her nurse Haruna Kojima.

Maybe the girl had weird tricks.
Or maybe Yuko was just pathetically in love.
Or maybe the doctor was giving her medicine late at night when she's asleep.
Or maybe!
Yuko was just pathetically in love.
Or maybe, well, some switch in her flipped and caused her body to start working properly again.

Or maybe Yuko was just pathetically in love.

It took the idea to graze her mind several times before she actually admitted it.

Yuko was just pathetically in love.

Plus, the one she was in love with was someone she hasn't even seen before.

But then again, that would add up to one of the reasons why she should recover faster and get her vision back.

Oh how she cannot wait to see again.

* * *

The clouds were dark one day, as rain started to pour.

Haruna Kojima came into the hospital late, drenched, and cold.
The streets were flooded already, and the cars were moving slowly due to that, so she had to walk all the way from her apartment to the hospital, which proved that it wasn't such an easy task.

Fortunately, the nurses had a spare uniform for her to change into before she entered Yuko's room.

Drying her hair with a small towel, Haruna opened the door and was surprised to find the girl she was taking care of sitting by the windowsill, back facing the door as she watched the cold temperature from outside fog the window pane and small droplets of rain draw crooked lines on it.


The mere call of the name made the said girl's ears perk up in the cutest manner.

Yuko turned around.

And a smile formed on her face, gradually turning into a grin.

"Beautiful," she uttered, making Haruna blush a bit.

Yuko approached Haruna until they stood right in front of each other, the latter towering over the former.

"It's nice to properly meet you, 'small island'," she giggles, extending a hand to her nurse.

"Same here, 'big island'." Haruna returned the gesture and they both shook hands, enjoying the warmth and softness their palms emitted.

* * *

Yuko was asked to spend a few more weeks in the hospital before she could be discharged in order to further observe her illness.

The girl didn't mind at all, for she had more time with her Nyannyan.

Haruna, grateful for her free schedule and her boss Takahashi who was busy with something--well, someone--in his office, had nore than enough time to spend with the girl who can now see the world clearly.

And Yuko totally agreed with that 'seeing the word clearly' thing.
Because as far as she knew, there was no better world than the beautiful woman she sees before her eyes.

* * *

It was the day before Yuko was to be discharged from the hospital.

Haruna had the day off, so she decided to go out on a road-trip with some of her close friends since college.

As they were filling up her car's tank at a gas station however, her phone rang.

It was Atsuko Maeda, her fellow nurse.

"Hello, Acchan? What's up?" Haruna greeted when she answered the call.

"Kojiharu-san. Something came up. Oshima-san's discharge tomorrow is cancelled."

"What?! Why?"

"She got hit by a high fever when she woke up today. Her illness got worse. She-She can't breathe properly and her vision is fully impaired. She can't see anything but darkness--It's horrible to watch her like this."

"Wh... B-But she was perfectly fine yesterday! Why the hell would her illness be acting up again now?"

"We have no idea either. Please, drop by her room tomorrow. She's been asking for a 'Nyannyan' ever since she woke up, and we all know that Nyannyan thing has something to do with you."

* * *

Haruna opened the door to Yuko's room the next day.

Everything was silent, for the first time in weeks.
During the days when Yuko was well, her room was always filled with laughter.
Now, everything was back to day one.

As Haruna's soft footsteps joined along with the beeps of the heart monitor, Yuko let out pained breaths.

The tall girl took a seat right beside Yuko's bed, the latter's back facing her.

Haruna's lips parted, yet her voice came out weaker and more shaky than she expected.


The usual twitch of the ears from Yuko, followed by a whimper.

"Nyan... Nyan..." she voices out in a soft tone; pain obviously evident in her voice.

"I've been trying to find you..."

"I'm right here," Haruna assured, "I'm right here, Yuuchan."

She sensed Yuko having trouble turning around to face her, so Haruna simply stood up from her seat and went to the bedside Yuko faced, crouching to the ground to level herself with the other.

Her hand instinctively traveled to meet Yuko's pale and cold one, giving her a bit of her warmth and to further reassure her that she was right there.

"Nyannyan, I'm scared... I can't see anything. I can't see... You. I... I..."

Haruna merely stroked the younger girl's cheek, along with her head.

"It's okay. I'll stay here. You'll get better."

Despite the calmness in her voice, inside her brain was a storm as she gazed upon a rare face of Yuko's.
The usual glint in her eye, despite not seeing clearly, was gone.
Only a pair of blank eyes were left.

Yuko squeezed Haruna's hand slightly, "What if I don't...? What if I..."

"You won't die. I promise. I promise you."

Yuko let out another pained breath.

"You know... My mother was like this before she died. Don't you think it's my turn...?"

It was then that Haruna stood up.

"No," she said, "You'll definitely get better! And I'll make sure of it! And I swear, I'll be by your side until you do."

Yuko was silent for a bit, "You... will?"

Haruna crouched back and brushed a few stray locks from the girl's face, "You bet."

For a second, a small smile appears on Yuko's face, until a weak wheeze interrupted it, along with a horrible cough.

* * *

Haruna closed the door to Yuko's room one night to leave.

She leaned against the nearby wall, and sighed.

It had been a few days after Yuko's cancelled discharge.

Her condition was improving once more, but her vision still hasn't.

But that wasn't the only thing bothering her.

It was... Yuko. Not her condition, but Yuko herself.

Well, she knew this time would come.

It always would, whenever she gets herself too involved with someone.

But she was surprised that it was with a girl this time.

It was unexpected.
But nevertheless, Haruna accepted it.

Haruna Kojima was in love with Yuko.

Yet she musn't let her feelings escape her.

She would stay with Yuko until she got better, as promised.

Only until then.

* * *

"We found the source to Oshima's sickness."

Haruna blinked stupidly at the doctor in front of her.

"Say what, now?"

Takahashi sighed, "It's a clot of blood cells in her brain. It's affecting the blood flow to the part of the brain that controls her eyesight, along with the few functions of her respiratory system. If we operate immediately and cautiously, she might be saved."

Haruna gaped at the doctor even further.

"Y-You mean. She can get better?"


"And the sickness... It won't come back, right?"

"Most likely. But the operation is risky, and it might have a large chance of failure."

Haruna balled her fists, "...Please do whatever you can to save her."

* * *

"Do you think I'll survive the operation?" Yuko asks with a weak laugh.

"Of course you would. You're strong." Haruna beamed at her.

"Hm, when I get better again, I want to go to the beach."


"Yeah. Or maybe the fields. Somewhere where the blue sky streches far."

"That sounds nice, Yuuchan."



"What are you thinking about?"

"...What do you mean?"

"You don't sound like your usual self."


Haruna stared at Yuko.
She then gulped, swallowing the nervousness that made a lump in her throat.

"I'm thinking of moving to another hospital."

"What? When?"

Haruna pursed her lips, "After you get better. I mean--That's what we promised, right? I'll be here for you 'til you get better."

"Yeah, but... Why? Why are you gonna move?" Yuko, despite being blind, stared at Haruna, trying to see that face again to see if she was kidding.

Haruna though, saw the girl's attempts and sighed at it.
Looks like she's gonna have to say it.

"I'm in love with you, Yuuchan," she said flatly, "And--and I know it's wrong, but I just do. I know that if I stay any longer with you, these feelings will get worse and worse. And besides, we're just..."

After that, Haruna blinked a bit and tried to find that word that kept her struggling.

And Yuko just stayed silent.

"...We're just friends," Haruna finished.

Silence again.

Only silence and the beeps of the heart monitor.


"Haruna..." Yuko said in half a whisper, "...Are you crying...?"

Haruna's eyes widened at her.
Just as then, a tear streamed down along her already wet cheeks.

The nurse herself didn't even realize she was crying.
How could a blind girl tell so much about her?

"...You're crying," Yuko smiles a bit as she felt a teardrop fall on her arm, "I can tell."

"H... How?"

"I've been observing..."


"I've been observing Haruna from the start, and I can tell the littlest changes in your usual self. Even your voice."

Yuko raised her hand with the urge to wipe the tall girl's tears away.

Luckily, Haruna guided her to her face, where she felt her skin come in contact with Yuko's extravagant soft fingertips once more.

"Haruna..." she calls, even softer this time, "...Promise me two things...?"

She felt the older girl nod against her hand.
Taking that as a yes, Yuko continued.

"...Promise me you won't just stay by my side when I recover. Promise me you'll stay even longer after that."

Haruna smiles, "...I'll stay forever if you want."

"I'd... I'd love that," Yuko smiled back.

"What's the second one?"

"...If I die after the operation, promise me you'll hold the happiest party you ever had?"

Haruna's heart broke a bit after those words. But nonetheless, she promised.

"It'll be the very best."

* * *

Haruna exited Yuko's room that night, still feeling a small weight in her heart.

The girl still didn't receive an answer to her confession.

She sighs and places a hand against her cheek, where the feeling of Yuko's touch still lingered.

"At least," she mumbles, "I get to stay by her side. Even just as a friend."

_ * _ * _  Haruna Kojima POV _ * _ * _

May 13, 2016

1:48 PM

It's been three years since Yuko's death.

It had all happened so fast.

Only now did I have the courage to touch this journal again, for the past entries had too much to do with her.

Anyway, I kept my promise.

After her funeral, I threw the biggest party I ever had with the hospital staff, who fortunately understood what I had with Yuko in the first place.

She confessed her love to me the night before her operation.
Bad timing, I told her.

Of course, me, being stupid, expected her to live.
Because why wouldn't you want to live when the person you love reciprocates your feelings?

She died, though.
Apparently, her body couldn't handle the sudden blood changes for the better.

Putting all of those aside, I do visit her grave pretty often. Once a week, actually.

Her final resting place has a great view.

There, the sky is wide, just as she wished.
And at night, the full beauty of the stars is exposed.

I do believe she loves it there.

Since I don't have anything else to say, I'll be ending it here.

'Til the next entry.

I sigh as I reread the page over and over again. The latest journal entry over and over again.
It has, indeed been three years since Yuko's operation.
Three years since our fateful encounter.
Three years since our short love story.

I hear a large thud from the other room next to mine.

I groan.
It must be that kid I'm babysitting.

I quickly get up from my desk and out of the room for a quick check.

Opening the door to the other room, I'm greeted by my girlfriend holding the kid of Doctor Takahashi and Nurse Maeda, eyes teary.

"You idiot, I told you not to wake him up," I glare at the short brunette in front of me.

She merely gives me a goofy grin, showing that cute set of teeth, "I was only playing with him a bit."

I roll my eyes and took the infant into my arms, rocking him to sleep.

"Takaboss and Acchan are gonna kill me if they find out their child didn't get enough sleep."

"Sorry, then," my girlfriend pouts.

"Sheesh, just wait outside. I have something to discuss with you, too."

"Oh shi--" Before she continued saying a swear word, I glared at her. She understood what my look meant and obediently got her beautiful butt outside the door.

I rocked the baby to sleep, the way Acchan taught me, and set it inside its crib.

Man, it's been three years.
Three years, and Acchan and Dr. Takahashi already got four kids. Cheese and crackers, those two got busy.

I suppress a giggle and then went outiside.

My girlfriend was pacing around the hallway.

I call her to my room.

I sat there on the bed, watching her enter.
Her eyes quickly darted from my desk (now rid of my journal), and then back to me.

She beams at me with that cute pout and the usual fakely innocent eyes.

She knows.

"You probably know why I called you here, right?" I ask her.

I sense her make a small shiver at the tone of my voice.

"Uh... No?" She grins.

I roll my eyes, "You messed with my stuff again. My journal, this time."

She grins wider and places a hand at her forehead.

"Ah, you got me."

"Of course I got you. You're the only one who has the guts to mess with me."

"Yeah, sorry! It was just real interesting."

"What's interesting?"

"The journal entries. The days when you were in love. All that shiz. It was actually adorable."

I felt my cheeks burn--Just how much did that squirt read?

"'Her lively eyes, her cheerful smile', such cute descriptions," she continues talking, "That person must be so gorgeous."

I only nod, "She is. Well, was."

"Eh? Why?" She tilts her head at me.

"You see, she died."

A slight shock covered her face, "Wha--Why?"

"Because she wrote stupid fake entries on my journal."

I stood up and pounced at her, pulling her to a hug.

She laughed heartily on my chest.

"Seriously though, don't write on my journal again. You can't even write a convincing entry. And you call yourself my girlfriend."

I feel her pout against my skin.

"Well we've only been dating for three years..."

"Yeah. Continue with those antics and there won't be another three years."

"Nnnnnno," She twines her arms around me tightly, "I won't let you break up with me."

"Who said so?"

"You promised me you'd stay with me forever."

I grin, then hugged her back.

"Oh yeah. I almost forgot."

"Almost? Honestly, Nyannyan. And you call yourself my girlfriend."

I can only laugh at her mockery. In fact, I was too busy laughing that I didn't notice her, nor feel her stand on the tips of her toes...

...And steal a kiss.

"Happy Anniversary," she smirks at me.

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Re: FAndoM48's 48Gay OS Thread // (11-08-15) Promises - KojiYuu [ AU ]
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eh? yuko's died or not?

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Re: FAndoM48's 48Gay OS Thread // (11-08-15) Promises - KojiYuu [ AU ]
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This is probably one of the best KojiYuu updates from you. I love it hihihihi  :twothumbs

DAMN YOU YUKO! :mon zoom:
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君を見つけたらどんな言葉を掛ければいい?その姿 見とれて僕はきっと立ち尽くす人混みと喧噪の隙間愛する人と出逢えたことだけでしあわせになる


For more gayness and sweetness, visit the FuuMiru Thread and KojiYuu Thread!

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Re: FAndoM48's 48Gay OS Thread // (11-08-15) Promises - KojiYuu [ AU ]
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 :love:I think this is the longest kojiyuu fic from your OS collection.....

And the best story ever..:cool1:

MORE!!!!! More kojiyuu!!!!

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Re: FAndoM48's 48Gay OS Thread // (11-08-15) Promises - KojiYuu [ AU ]
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nice ending ^_^ I thought yuko died but did not hahahaha
Nice OS, kojiyuu is awesome and adorable.
Atsumina in 3 years had 3 or 4 kids so fast  :shocked

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Re: FAndoM48's 48Gay OS Thread // (11-08-15) Promises - KojiYuu [ AU ]
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ahhh, its a great story :D
i thought yuko really die, but unexpected ending  :on GJ:

please write kojiyuu more, hehe

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FAndoM48's 48Gay OS Thread // (11-19-15) Hanabi wa Owaranai - KumiYuri
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@Haruko - Nope~
@ChibiRine - TRUE DAT. Her epic mic drop intro tho. <3
@arawche079 - It's probably my longest fic yet. xD Thank you~! I'll definitely write more.
@xswordeyesx12 - Awe, thanks~ And, yeah. AtsuMina kids.
@shanju - Thank you! I'll write more~

Hanabi wa Owaranai

On a lone rooftop of a deserted school, two idols famous for their stupidity stood, waiting for the last few minutes of the current year to pass for them to greet a new.

Kumi Yagami's heart pounded inside her as she ran around in her mind panicking, leaving the Kumi on Earth dazed and partially unconscious.

Her best friend, Yuria Kizaki on the other hand, was completely distracted by the amazing display of fireworks exploding over her head.

She just couldn't help a small wonder-filled giggle whenever a firework makes the faint whistle noise and the occasional 'boom'.

And, not to mention, she was all giddy because she was watching those fireworks with someone she cared a lot about. Like, a lot.

"Kuuchan, Kuuchan!" She said excitedly, bouncing a bit up and down and turning to Kumi.

Kumi snapped to her senses and clumsily stuttered a reply, "Wh-Wh-Ah?"

Yuria pointed to the sky, decorated by extravagant fire flowers popping and bursting into an array of colors.

"You see?" She grins, "Aren't they amazing?"

A quick arrowshot to Kumi's heart.

This idiot's childishness was too much to handle.

"I-I see. They're round--I mean, adorable--I mean--"

Kumi cursed at herself for her own stupidity.

Luckily, Yuria didn't notice because of how she was focused on the view above her.

Time check: 11:56. A few minutes before the start of the new year.

Kumi's eyes were still fixed on Yuria.
And Yuria's eyes, on the sky.

The fireworks were dying down, making way for the townsfolk to start the countdown with high spirits.

Kumi gulped and loosened the muffler around her neck, trying to rid herself of the nervousness.

This was it.

She closes her eyes, then takes in a deep breath.


Yuria jumped and turned her attention to the one who called her, blinking at her confusedly.


Kumi was in front of her, eyes screwed tightly, lips slightly trembling, her fists closed, and her nose crinkled.

"Yuria, I... I LIKE YOU!"



"Eh... I-I do too!"


"Kuumin, I know! You're being too lou--"





Being an idiot who could've covered Kumi's mouth with her scarf, our genius Yuria thought it'd be a great idea to silence her with a kiss instead.

Not only would it shut the girl up, it would also serve as her silent reply to Kumi's loud confession.

And plus, it'd calm Yuria's urges to kiss her adorably dorky senior.

Three birds with one stone.

Noticing that Kumi hadn't moved since she felt her lips touch hers, Yuria pulled away and greeted the older's flushed face with a small smile.

The priceless blush Kumi had on her face reached hotly up to her ears, glowing brightly by each second she felt the lingering feeling of Yuria's lips.

The girl in front of her was about to say something, but whatever she did want to say, it was all drowned out by the sound of hundreds of fireworks going off as a sign of the new year.

Yuria, for once, paid no mind to it and inched closer to Kumi, making sure to be close enough for either one to hear the other.

"I love you too," she grins.

Those words boomed in Kumi's head, louder and clearer than how Yuria had said it.

"I... I... Y-You..?"

Yuria could see a light in Kumi's eyes.
A light even brighter than that of the brightest firework.

She nodded happily, "Yup."

"Then... Then does that mean we're official?"

"If that's what you call it."

"Th-Then, um..."

Kumi licked her drying lips and caught the slightest taste of Yuria's as she was at it.

"Can I... Kiss you again?"

Yuria leaned her head closer, her nose softly bumping Kumi's.


That light in Kumi's eyes shone brighter than before.

She tilted her head a bit and caught Yuria's lips.

Yuria smiled against the kiss and wrapped her arms around Kumi's neck, twirling the older girl's short wavy hair with her fingers.

The passion of the two girls' love was hotter than those fireworks above them.

And much like their love, those fireworks never end.

I just made this out of a weird sketch I made while being bored to death in History class. :v Hope it's okay.

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FAndoM48's 48Gay OS Thread // (11-28-15) A Family - WMatsui
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I'm back with some WMatsui :heart: It's frustrating to see that SKE48 isn't part of Kouhaku this year :depressed:
On the bright side, I think SKE's time to shine is real soon, especially since we have Jurina back, and Love Crescendo just got formed :heart:

Have some mama Rena and papa Jurina love!

A Family

"Again?" Rena replied to the sudden call of her previous manager, "What the heck has she been doing?"

"She's been training with Team S and the Research Students for the past few weeks. She's been teaching all of them the proper dance moves and taking responsibility for their mistakes. She probably got stressed after all of that. And plus, she's the full leader figure of SKE48 again. But now, she doesn't have you by her side to play as the two pillars for SKE together."

Rena sighed.

"Fine. I'll be in the hospital by an hour."

* * *

"Rara-chan, you need more energy in this part of the song," Jurina pointed out to the young Research Student.

Rara nodded and proceeded in her practice.

"On the other hand," Jurina said, turning around to Team S' side, "Rion and Ryouha, you need to move your arms and legs a bit more."

The two heeded their senior's words and went back to the others.

"Oh, and Masanya, you need t--" Jurina was about to lecture Masana, when suddenly, she felt her lungs tighten and her breathing hitch.

She wheezed and coughed, desperate to catch the slightest bit of oxygen she needed.

Her vision darkened, and she felt the world spin under her uneasy feet.

"J-Jurina?!" Masana quickly took action and caught the girl before she hit the ground.

"Jurina!" Sae ran to her side to check on her, "She's burning! Someone call an ambulance!"

The whole room rushed and shuffled to call for help.

"Damn it, Jurina, you're pushing yourself again," Sae groaned and tried her best to give the girl some air, "Rena's gonna be pissed."

Jurina's chest heaved up and down abnormally, her breathing still unusual.

The world around her was blurry, and she could barely hear a thing.

Sooner or later, she blacked out completely.

* * *

Rena crossed her legs uncomfortably while waiting for the younger Matsui to be conscious again.

Fiddling a bit with her phone, she decided to reassure the SKE members that Jurina was fine, and she was resting.

Minutes of silence later, she heard a small groan.

Jurina was awake.

The girl opened her eyes then squinted, the sheer whiteness of her surroundings slightly blinding her.

Rena smiled at this and moved her chair closer to Jurina's bed.

Jurina, upon hearing the movement, turned her head.

With her vision returning, she immediately recognized the girl in front of her.

She smiled back with that Cheshire smile of hers.

"So it takes me to get hospitalized to get you to visit, hm?"

The previous smile on Rena's face turned to an angered frown.

"Shut it. I'm busy."

"Apparently not busy enough, since you're here."

"It's... My free time."

Jurina eyed Rena suspiciously for a few seconds, but let her excuse go.

"So what brings you here, Rena-chan? It's been a while since you've visited me in a hospital."

The older girl's look became stern.

"I came here to lecture you. What did I tell you about overworking?"

Jurina huffed, "What do you care? You don't have the right. You're not in SKE anymore."

"Stop making it look like it's my fault. And plus, I have the right. I'm your friend!"

"Friends don't leave each other, Rena-chan. And you promised we'd raise SKE together. Friends don't break promises!"

"Well you're the first one who broke it! You accepted a concurrent position with AKB in a heartbeat, became center in one of their singles, and even spent more time with them! I thought we were supposed to overtake them?!"

"I accepted the concurrency so I can get AKB fans to learn more about SKE!"

"Oh really? How?!"

"Holy cheese balls, you two, arguing so early in the morning?"

Yuria entered the room carrying a bouquet of flowers.

She greeted the two Matsui's with a nod and placed the flowers near Jurina's bed.

"I brought an idiot with me, too. Hope you don't mind."

"Who is it?" Jurina asked.

Right when she asked that, someone burst through the door and fell headfirst to the floor.

A girl with long brown hair sat up and shook her head, eyes scanning the room to look for the round face who accompanied her to the hospital.

"Who you calling idiot, idiot?"

"Kuumin?" Rena looked at the new arrival and smiled at the familiar face.

"Hi, Rena-chan~" Kumi grinned and waved at her.

"Kuuchan!" Jurina sat up from her bed to get a better look at her former kiss victim.

Kumi appreciated the attention.

"At least you guys missed me. Unlike some genius over here."

She flashed Yuria a look.

Yuria returned it with her tongue out.

"'ey! Started the fun without us, have you all?" Nishishi leaned against the doorframe carrying a basket of sweets, Yukko and Ogichan right behind her.

"Nishishi!" Jurina noticed the guy-looking girl carrying an interesting gift, "Are those for me?"

"Eat it when you're well, kid," Nakanishi grinned.

"When you're well," Rena emphasized.

Jurina pouted at that but shook it off easily when the FuruYanagi pair came in.

"I brought--" Airi hiccuped, "--Wiiiinnneeeeeeee."

Airi was waving a nearly empty bottle of french wine in her hand with her other arm wrapped around Akane's shoulder.

"Sorry about Airin," Akane sighed, "I can't leave her alone like this. She's been drinking a lot ever since..." She leaned closely to Rena and whispered, "...She found out the author of Attack on Titan is planning on killing Levi in the future."

"No!" Rena gasped, "She loves him!"

Akane nodded solemnly, "I feel bad for her."

"'eeeeyy Chuuriii. I'm flying~ I'm a bird now ahahhahahahahaaa."

"That's nice, baby," Akane said, patting the arm Airi had around her shoulder.

"Who's having a drinking party without us?" Mizuki and Mieko's heads poked through the door. Right after them was Masanya and Rara, with Ryouha following closely behind.

"Kaatsuooo~! Old laadyyy~! Drink with meeeeeee~~!"

"No one's drinking with these many minors in the room. Not on my watch," Rena glared.

Mizuki and Mieko stared at her.

Airi hiccuped, "Quick, someone blind her."

"NO!" Akane huffed.

* * *

"Hey, Jurina," Masanya smiled, "Your daughter Rara achieved something great today."

"Oh really?" Jurina grinned at Rara, "What did she do?"

Rena's ears perked up when she heard 'daughter'.
She flashed a half-quizzical and half-what-the-hell-do-you-mean-daughter look at Masanya.

Masana shrugged and kept that creepy look that belonged to your average lolicon in paradise.

Rara stood up from her comfortable place on Ryouha's lap and approached Masana, who was right beside Jurina's bed.

Masana took the younger girl onto her own lap so that she was facing Jurina.

"What did you do, Rara-chan?" Jurina asked again, treating the girl more like a kid than she ever had.

Rara only smiled widely, "I perfected the dance for Papa's position in Jyuri Jyuri Baby."

Rena tilted her head and thought to herself, 'Papa?! What the hell?!'

"That's adorable, kiddo," Jurina praised her and patted Rara's head, "You got your dance skills from me."

Rara giggled, "Yup~ And I got my looks from Mama~"

"Right you are."

Jurina then turned to Rena and winked at her.

Rena realized the things Rara had been saying.


"Whhooooooaaaaa someone's *hic* pisssssssed."

Akane muffled the drunken nerd's voice.

Mieko and the others watched as if it was their usual afternoon comedy show.

* * *

"Take care of Kuumin~!"

Akane bid goodbye to Yuria, who was unfortunate enough to take home a drunken Kumi Yagami, who was forced to do a number of shots by Mizuki and the others for not being able to properly stare into Yuria's eyes for more than a few seconds.

"Yeeaah, she's not gonna sleep tonight," the bird lady shook her head right when Yuria and Kumi were out of sight and earshot.

Rena nodded in agreement. Though she did say that she wasn't gonna let them drink any wine, she let them have their fun when Uha and Rara left, and seeing the stupid pleading eyes of Jurina, Mizuki and Mieko.

"Ah, by the way, Churi," Rena turned to Akane, "Shouldn't you be going home and bringing a drunken dork with you yourself?" She cocked her head at the unconscious and snoring Airi on the floor.

"Ah, yeah, right."

Akane took Airi by the arms and started pulling her, until eventually, she had Airi's front pressed on her back, and her arms wrapped around Akane's shoulders.

"Bye bye, Rena-chan~"

Rena waved her hand at the two.

With UhaRara being the first ones to leave along with Masana, followed by Nishishi and the gang, and now, with FuruYanagay gone, WMatsui was left in the room.

Jurina was laying on her side, silently gazing at the elder Matsui.

Rena, who probably felt herself melting, turned her attention to Jurina.

"Mm? What's up with that look, Jurina? Did I hit you too hard a while ago?" She laughed a bit, "I'm sorry about that."

Jurina didn't even blink, and slowly shook her head.

"It's been months since I've had this much fun," she started, still staring into space, "And I just can't stop reminding myself that after I get out of this place, the fun would end."

'Here we go again...' Rena thought.

"I'm always so happy with you guys. Especially with you."


"But now most of you are gone. Don't you know how hard it is everyday to enter the studio that we used to enter altogether? Don't you know how hard it is to remember every single fun thing we did there, then get stabbed in the back by the fact that those days would never return?"

Jurina's voice was quavering now. Tears were pooling around her eyes, and she was gripping the pillow quite tightly.

"I need you, Rena. I need all of you back. I need Kuumin. I need Airin. I need Nishishi. I need nee-san, for heaven's sake. I thought that giving my time completely for SKE again would get you all to come back so we could spend time like the old days. I just--"


Rena halted the girl's words.

She had had enough.

"The past is past. It won't come back," she said bluntly, "No matter how much you want it. You need to focus on your future. That alone would make us graduates proud. It would make our time with all of you worth it. All our efforts to shape the group. All the tears we held back, all the pain we went through. It'll all be worth it, if we see you guys happy, shining in the spotlight."

"But it's just us," Jurina adds, "How can we be happy if we're not complete?"

"We are complete. We, Mieko, Airin, the others and I, though we're not with you in the spotlight, we'll be happy. Happy for you, and with how the group developed since we left. We'll be by your side even if we're not really there."

Jurina's head drooped lowly, either content with Rena's words, or having nothing else to say.

Rena just sighed and struck another conversation to avoid the silence.

"By the way, what's up with Rara calling you 'Papa'? And... Calling me... 'Mama'...?"

Jurina's face lit up in mere seconds.

"Ah, about that," she smiles, "I told almost half of the Research Students to call us that, since we were basically like the parents of SKE. I think Rara was the only one who wasn't embarrassed enough to do that. The other members went along with it and call me Dad, now."

Rena didn't know whether to laugh, cry, or shout in anger.

She decided to just stand up and approached the door, leaving Jurina to wonder if the older Matsui didn't like the idea she just said.

Jurina watched her with an expression of mixed feelings; worry, surprise, and curiosity.

"Wh-Where are you going?" She managed to ask.

"Home," Rena replied blankly, "Get some rest."

A silent nod, and the sound of a turning doorknob.

As the door opened, Rena turned her head to Jurina.

"Ah, when you get well, take good care of the kids for me," she grinned at her and ended her sentence with a wink, "Okay, papa?"
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Re: FAndoM48's 48Gay OS Thread // (11-28-15) A Family - WMatsui
« Reply #55 on: November 28, 2015, 11:43:53 AM »

A drunken Airin is not a good one.... (Did you base that bit off that video on tumblr? X3)

But Rena and Jurina thinking about SKE's future was sad....

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Re: FAndoM48's 48Gay OS Thread // (11-28-15) A Family - WMatsui
« Reply #56 on: November 28, 2015, 03:36:13 PM »
somehow.. this fic is sad
but i love that papa jurina and mama rena!!! and they have kids too!!
do more wmatsui author-san!!

-sorry for my bad english, still learning with uncle Sae :hee:

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Re: FAndoM48's 48Gay OS Thread // (11-28-15) A Family - WMatsui
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So.. now wmatsui have a lot of kids!!love it :D

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FAndoM48's 48Gay OS Thread // (12-14-15) I Will Always Love You - KojiYuu
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@MaYukiIsLife - Yeah, you can say that XD It's true :( WMatsui... Thanks for reading, anyways!
@key17 - I will! Thanks for reading~
@Haruko - Glad you loved it :D Please look forward to more of Wmatsui kids~! XD

I Will Always Love You

There were times when Haruna Kojima really hated Yuko.

Being near her presence, merely seeing her, and sometimes, even just hearing her voice.

Yuko was real trouble, and Haruna simply hated it...

- - - -

"Good mornin', Nyannyan~!" Takamina greeted cheerfully one particular day in the theater, "Great weather we're havin', am I right?"

"Yeah, I think," the tall airhead, sitting on a chair near a table replied nonchalantly, not even bothering to look at the midget with overflowing happiness and kept her head hanging low.

"Hey~! Why so glum, kitty cat? It's AKB's first decade! Yuko and the others are coming!"

Haruna's head slowly turned to Takamina, showing the shorter girl a troubled expression, "That's what I'm glum about. Yuko."

"Say what? Why?"

"I'm gonna get harrassed again. Help me, Takamina..."

"Oh. Well I'll try t--"


Yuko burst through the theater doors, basically singing her beloved wife's name.

Taka and Haruna stared at her, Haruna's expression worsening.

"You're screwed," Takamina whispered as Yuko happily skidded her way towards them.

"Uh, hi, Yuko!" The midget greeted the other and tried to hide Haruna in a stupid attempt to save her.

"Outta the way, midget~!"


Yuko grinned wider and pushed Takamina away from her field of vision to be able to focus on her one and only waifu.


Haruna groaned, "Remind me again, why you're here?"

"Why, Nyannyan, did you hit your head? It's AKB's first decade!"

"I know that, idiot, but why are you here?"

"Isn't it obvious?" Yuko threw herself to Haruna as a hug, "I'm here for a reunion~!"

- - - -

The lively sound of Oogoe Diamond rang through the theater as the girls rehearsed for the last time.

Yuko kept winking at Haruna whenever the chorus came up, and the latter tried her very best to ignore it.

"Daisuki da~ Kimi ga daisuki da~" Yuko turned to Haruna again and flashed her the oddest grin a human being could make.
"Oshima!" Takamina called, "Focus!"

Ryouka, who was going to offer water bottles to the graduates, jumped at the sudden call of the name and accidentally dropped the objects she carried.

"What did I do?" The brat questioned.

"Not you, shorty," Takamina playfully teased, to which Ryouka raised her eyebrow in disbelief, "I was talking to Yuko."

Ryouka grunted and picked up the water bottles, clearly mumbling, "Unbelievable. A midget calling me a shorty."

"I can hear you!"

- - - -

It was around 5:48 in the late afternoon.

People were already pooling in the guest seats right in front of the stage.

All the members were doing their last-minute preparations; fixing their makeup and, nervously, going along the dance steps to make sure they don't mess up onstage.

Haruna was one of the girls who were sitting in front of a mirror and fixing their makeup.

Yuko, all prepped and fired up, approached the older girl.

She casually slung an arm over Haruna's shoulder and met her eyes through the mirror.

She grinned toothily, "Someone looks gorgeous today."

"Shut up, Yuko."

"Man, I love you~!" Yuko said before pulling Haruna into a hug.

"Yuko! You're gonna ruin my makeup!" Haruna groaned and squirmed in Yuko's arms.

The younger girl let go after a few awkward seconds.

- - - -

Migikata was being performed by AtsuMina.

Yuko and Haruna were watching closely, side-by-side.

"Wow, Acchan still has it in her after all these years," Haruna smiled.

"Darn right. Wait a second..." Yuko paused and watched Takamina's actions.

"...No way! Takamidget's gonna cry!" She held back a hearty laugh, tears forming in her eyes.

"Oh, you're right," Haruna said, "She's crying. What an idiot."

Yuko wasn't able to reply properly as she was still busy giggling.

"You think you'd cry if ever we perform Scandalous ni Ikou again?" Haruna asked absentmindedly, still gazing at AtsuMina's tiny interactions.

Yuko wiped a tear from her eyes and managed a proper reply.

"Ah... Probably not."

"Oh, come on, you don't love me that much?"

Yuko paused and looked at Haruna.

Haruna was still watching the performance.

"Oh my god, Nyannyan," the words left her lips.

Haruna turned to face Yuko, "Hm?"

Haruna could see more tears forming in her eyes.

"Are you gonna cry?"

Yuko bit her lip, "I love yooou."

"Honestly..." Haruna rolled her eyes and allowed herself to be hugged by the second crying midget.

- - - -

It was the end of an MC.

As Haruna and Yuko weren't part of the performing members for the next song, they hung out in the dressing room after changing costumes.

"Damn, Nyannyan, that part with your heel getting stuck was hilarious!" Yuko laughed noisily, "You're still the same, aren't you?"

Haruna grunted, "And you too."

"Aw, you noticed! I'm glad!" Yuko smiled, "Now how about a hug?"

She spread her arms widely.

"No, you hugged me a while ago already."

"That's a while ago~! I need a hug now!"

"You really haven't changed!"

The dressing room's door opened, and entered the AtsuMina pair.

"Well well well," Acchan giggled, "You two are awfully sweet today."

"Acchan..." Haruna pouted when she turned around to face the other two.

"Yuko's acting weirder than usual," Takamina laughed.

Yuko smirked, "Says the one who can't even look at Acchan without crying."

Acchan laughed in agreement.

"Y-Yes I can!" Takamina retorted.

"Have a staring contest with her, then."

"Well--" Takamina turned red, her eyes darting from Yuko, Haruna, to Acchan.

"W-Well, I'd gladly!"

* * *

Takamina ended up crying, still, much to the three's amusement.

At least, by the end of the MC, Takamina was able to recover from the overflowing feelings.

Before going back to the stage, Yuko ran up and hugged Haruna from behind.

"Don't get your heels stuck again, okay~?"

"Shut up!"

- - - -

"Alright, people!" Takamina shouted and stood on a table in the backstage.

It was the theater's after hours already, but the theater manager allowed them to stay a little late since it was the 10th Anniversary.

"Happy Anniversary to us!" The midget raised a cup of Coca Cola up in the air.

The members cheered and raised their own cups in honor.

"You girls can only stay here 'til eleven, okay?" The theater manager smiled, leaving a medium volume of music playing for the enthusiastic mood.

"Yeah, I'll take it from here!" Takamina shouted and waved to the man.

A few hours later, with everyone exhausted, it was time to part ways.

Takamina and Acchan were joined by Mariko, Miichan and Tomochin in a cab to a sleepover at the general manager's place.

Haruna decided to take a separate cab to her apartment, since she was too tired to have a sleepover with the others.

Before entering the cab she called, she was surprised by a sudden call of her name from behind her.

"Nyannyan? Can I come with you?"

Haruna turned around and looked down at Yuko.

"Yuuchan? Aren't you supposed to be with Takamina?"

Yuko shook her head, "I'm too tired. Can I crash by your apartment? Mine's too far from here."

"Uh, sure..."

Now where did all Yuko's energy from before go?

Haruna let Yuko enter the cab first, and afterwards went inside herself.

As the cab drove through half-empty roads, Haruna couldn't help but look at Yuko.

She was staring at the view outside the window, being kind of dull, and unexpectedly quiet.

Seconds passed, and Yuko got her attention away from the window and yawned, inching closer to Haruna and rested her head on her shoulder.

Haruna blinked, "Yuuchan?"

"...Mm?" Yuko hummed lazily.

"Did you drink too much coke?"

Yuko silently nodded.

"You're sick, aren't you?"

Another nod.

"What am I going to do with you..." Haruna sighed and wrapped her arm around Yuko.

Yuko smiled and buried her head further into Haruna's shoulder, making herself comfortable.

Haruna pouted.

Right when she felt Yuko's soft breathing and heard her faint snores, Haruna hesitantly rested her head on Yuko's.

- - - -

...But at the end of the day, Haruna had to admit.

 No matter how annoying Yuko can be, she would always love her.

Tadaima! Christmas vacation is a day away~ It's been a while, and I've been through quite a tough schedule XD
I'm glad I have a lot of free time now, though~
Anyway, I hope my fics are still good :sweatdrop:
Thanks for reading~~

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