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Author Topic: Morning Battle: Everyone Dies. Even Miki [COMPLETE]  (Read 12190 times)

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Morning Battle: Everyone Dies. Even Miki [COMPLETE]
« on: June 29, 2005, 10:02:42 PM »
Yeah, so my friend LOVE Jam and I have been tossing this idea back and forth for a while but neither of us actually got around to starting it. That all changes, today.

I'll be writing it in chapters... because my attention span is similiar to that of a gnat and there's the risk that I might lose interest. Hopefully not, since Niki and I have already planned out how everything happens.

Props to Comrade for the title. XD


--- Prologue ---

"I don't see why those damn kids have to come with us this year," Miki Fujimoto grumbled as she shifted in the comfortable plush seat next to the window. "They're like what, 13? Creepy."

Beside her, Hitomi Yoshizawa shrugged and stretched out her long legs, accidentally kicking the seat in front of her.

"Hey!" came the sleepy cry of annoyance and Yossi grinned sheepishly.

"Sorry!" She turned back to Miki. "Who knows? Tsunku-san just said it's gonna be a big group photobook... It might be cool getting to hang out with the Melon Kinenbi girls. I know Rika-chan's thrilled since Shibata-san'll be there."

The two girls were packed into a charter bus along with the rest of Hello! Project including Melon Kinenbi, Country Musume, Biyuuden, W, and a handful of soloists including Ayaka from Coconuts Musume. They had arrived in Hawaii early that morning and had been immediately ushered onto their private bus for the drive to the hotel.

To Yossi, it seemed like they'd been driving forever, but she brushed it aside and chalked it up to really bad jetlag. In fact, everyone else seemed to be taking the opportunity to catch up on sleep. The chairs were so comfortable, the tinted windows blocked out most of the sunlight, and the gentle rumble of the engines almost sounded soothing. Yossi yawned and curled up in her seat, closing her eyes. A few seconds later she felt Miki's head against her shoulder, and the world slipped into darkness.

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Morning Battle: Everyone Dies. Even Miki [COMPLETE]
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---Chapter 1---

The first thing that registered in Eri Kamei's mind as she slowly regained consciousness was that she was cold. She expected to wake up the same place where she fell asleep - sitting beside Reina Tanaka on a bus in Hawaii. But instead she felt cold concrete against her back, seeping through the thin fabric of her tshirt.

"Is she awake?"

"I think so... look, her hand's moving!"

"Eri? Eririn?"

Kamei slowly opened her eyes, squinting slightly against the bright halogen lights buzzing quietly overhead. Reina and Sayumi Michishige were sitting on either side of her, worry etched in their faces.

"I'm okay... I think..." she murmured, sitting up carefully and looking around in confusion. "Where are we? Are we at the hotel yet?" A quick scan of the room showed that everyone seemed to be accounted for. The younger kids were huddled in a corner looking terrified, while the older members spoke to each other in whispers. There was an air of unease in the room, which wasn't lessened by the bars over the windows and the locked door.

With a jolt of panic, Kamei realized they were as far away from any hotel as they could have been.

"Don't worry, I'm sure everything's okay," Sayumi whispered. "It's probably just a security measure or something. Look, they even gave us wristbands!" She held up her left wrist to show off the thick pink band around it. It resembled a digital watch, with a small square on it that displayed flashing numbers.

Reina's eyes widened suddenly as she leaned in to get a better look at Eri. "And matching necklaces..." She touched her own neck and found that she too was wearing a thick choker around her neck. "Sayu, do you really think this is a security measure?"

Suddenly, they heard the door being unlocked. The kids all screamed and ran to the other side of the room where they cowered behind the older girls. Eri found herself wedged between Reina and Sayumi, with the new girl, Koharu Kusumi, behind her. The door swung open, and a man dressed all in black with dark sunglasses covering his eyes walked into the room.

"I must apologize for the manner in which you were brought here today," Producer Tsunku said as he removed the glasses. "I'm sure you all have questions, and I'll do my best to answer them-"

"Tsunku-san, what are we doing here?" Miki interrupted. "They told us we were going to the hotel-"

Tsunku ignored her and began to slowly pace the room. "You have all been brought here for one reason, and one reason only. You have been brought here because I need to find my ace." His expression hardened slightly as he said this, his tone becoming more clipped. "There can only be one ace. Only one of you will leave this island and return to Japan when the weekend is over."

Eri felt Reina's hand grabbing for hers, and then she felt Michishige do the same. The room was deadly silent, the smiles wiped off of every girl there as they waited for a further explanation.

"The rest of you... will die."

---DUN DUN DUN...---

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Morning Battle: Everyone Dies. Even Miki [COMPLETE]
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---Chapter 2---

"The rest of you... will die."

Sayu felt time stop to a halt as Tsunku said those words. She gripped Eri's hand tighter and desperately tried not to panic. Around the perimeter of the room, girls were slowly processing the information and looking uneasily at one another. She felt horrible for the members of Berryz Koubou, who were only kids. If this was some sort of sick joke, they obviously believed it for they all huddled together, frightened.

"The rules are simple in that there are no rules. You'll all be given a small supply of food and water, a map, and a weapon. You'll have two days to fight until only one of you is still standing."

"Why are you doing this?!" Reina burst out suddenly, and everyone turned to stare at her in horror.

"Because I have yet to find my ace, Tanaka," Tsunku replied. "The Lucky 7 auditions proved to be useless in finding her. Koharu-chan hasn't convinced me that last year's auditions were successful. So my belief is that the ace we're desperately trying to find is already in Hello! Project." The girls slowly turned to look at whoever was on the either side of them, wondering if they were standing next to the person who was to blame for this whole misadventure. "The ace needs to be a well-oiled machine. She needs to exude talent, charm, poise, personality, and above all else, she needs to be unstoppable by anything or by anyone." The corners of his mouth turned up in what was an unmistakable smirk. "And that is why you're in this game now. It's quite simply survival of the fittest. Your careers - your lives - are at stake."

He walked over to one of the walls and pulled a string. They all watched as a chart unrolled from the ceiling, displaying a map of the ocean. Hawaii was barely visible in one of the corners. Tsunku jabbed his finger at a miniscule mark in the center of the map.

"This is where you are right now. It's an uninhabited island. It used to be a military base fifty years ago, but now it's completely deserted. You'll be here for the next forty-eight hours."

"You're insane!" Reina shouted, and Sayumi squeezed the younger girl's arm so tightly she was afraid she'd break it.

"Reina, don't!" she pleaded, but Reina managed to break free of their grasp and stomped towards Tsunku, her colorful flipflops slapping against the hard concrete. "I don't care about your stupid ace! I'll quit if that's what it takes to get off this damn island!" The room went deadly quiet as the tough girl stood her ground in front of her boss. The pair of them held each other's looks, neither backing down. Finally Tsunku shook his head and continued talking.

"You've all probably noticed that you've been fitted with wristbands and collars - and no, Michishige, they're not just  accessories," he added, seeing her eyes light up. "The ones on your wrists monitors your heart rate. So if anyone has a little... accident... we'll know where to find you."

Reina swore again, and she pulled her hand back to slap Tsunku, but he caught her wrist and spun her around so that her back was to him.

"As for the collars around your necks... well, I think a demonstration would better illlustrate their use." Tsunku pulled a small electronic device out of his pocket, absently tracing the red button on it with his finger. "You might want to hide the younger ones' eyes. This could get messy."

Ice-cold fear washed over Sayumi as she realized what he was going to do. Her lower lip started to tremble as she grabbed Eri's arm. She watched as the kids inched as close to their senpais as they could, a few of them starting to cry.

Tsunku hit the button, and a soft beeping sound could be heard coming from Reina's collar. The display on the front began to blink slowly, steadily, as the other girls could only look on in horror.

"What are you doing to me?! Get this thing off!" shouted Reina, trying to find a way to unfasten the collar. "Someone, please help me! It won't come off!" Her voice grew more panicked as the beeping increased in speed and volume. She frantically grabbed at the collar as tears started to roll down her cheeks. "Why are you doing this to us? Why?" She sank to her knees in front of Tsunku, her scream of agony barely audible under the screams of the other girls as the device around her neck detonated.

Sayumi felt Eri collapse into her arms, sobbing hysterically in grief as Reina's body slumped forward onto the ground in a pool of crimson blood. The room was filled with screams as everyone scrambled to get as far away from the motionless body as they could.

"Tanaka wanted out of the game, and so she's out. If anyone else wants to give up here and now, just say the word." Unsurprisingly, nobody stepped forward. Tsunku glanced at the clock on the wall before continuing. "You'll be given your supplies and will be sent out one at a time in order of seniority and age. The game starts once the first person walks out that door." Tsunku stepped over the prone figure of Reina as a table of supply bags was wheeled through the door. "When I call your name, step forward and get your things before leaving."

"Good luck."

---End of Chapter 2---

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Morning Battle: Everyone Dies. Even Miki [COMPLETE]
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OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH SNAP!!!  Or in poor Reina's case... *bang*!  :cry:  :cry:  :cry:   Somehow I always knew Tsunku was a demented muthafucka.


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Morning Battle: Everyone Dies. Even Miki [COMPLETE]
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---Chapter Three---

"What the fuck is going on?" yelled Yossi as she caught up with her fellow 4th generation member Rika Ishikawa. After Tsunku had called her name, she had grabbed her bag and bolted out the door, unable to look back at Reina's body lying in the middle of the floor. She was still in a daze, her brain still trying to process everything that had just happened.

Luckily, she was right after Rika in the rollcall and was able to catch up with her friend as they both ran down a winding dirt path and into the woods. She could hear footsteps close behind them - she assumed it was Nozomi Tsuji and Ai Kago - but made no move to stop as she picked up their pace, looking for a place to hide.

"Come on, over here," Rika said suddenly, veering over to the right and pushing past some prickly bushes. She cursed as they bit at her arms and legs but kept going. Hopefully the thorns would keep someone at bay long enough for them to plan their strategy. She sank gratefully down onto the ground, and Yossi fell down beside her, panting slightly after their long run.

"What do we do?" she asked, keeping her voice low. Yossi shrugged, trying to unty the knot holding her bag shut.

"Let's see what we got, for starters," she replied, finally getting it open and upending its contents on the earthen floor. "There's not much here... a flashlight?" She flicked it on, testing it. "Well... I guess that's my weapon." She sighed and shoved it back in her bag. "This is so fucked up." She crawled over to the barricade of pricklebushes and peered over the top of them. "I think everyone's out now. We should get moving."

Rika nodded in agreement and slung her bag over her shoulders. There was a snap of someone stepping on a branch, and they both froze, listening.

"Mikitty, are you sure this is the best idea?" Both of them recognized the voice as that of Aya Matsuura, and Yossi held her finger up to her lips, signalling to Rika to stay silent.

"Do you have a better idea? Look, they'll be coming along any minute now. We can kill 15 birds with one stone, and get rid of a huge chunk of the competition. Then we can find a way off the island together." Miki's voice was hushed but determined.

Sure enough, the sound of running footsteps soon could be heard coming up the road, and they could see the shadows of the two friends through the foliage. Coming down the road were the fifteen Hello! Project kids, running for their lives. Some of the smaller ones were falling behind, but nobody seemed to be interested in slowing down to help them.

"Miki, I really don't feel comfortable doing this..." Aya began, but Miki appeared to be ignoring her as she tossed something from out of their hiding place onto the road and then ducked out of sight.

The ground shook as the explosion ripped through the line of frightened children, dirt flying and screams erupting from down the road. Yossi and Rika watched in horror as one by one the kids collapsed onto the ground, some still moving, clearly alive. They heard Miki's little laugh and Aya's gasp of shock as their footsteps retreated back into the darkness.

Yossi turned wide eyes back towards Rika, still numb from what they had just witnessed. "I think I might be sick. I should have known Fujimoto'd be the first to turn." She dusted the dirt off of her jeans and stood up slowly, shifting her bag onto her other shoulder. "We have to move. Fast." Rika nodded and got up as well, making sure nobody was in visual range.

"You don't think we'll end up like that, do you?" she whispered as she slipped her hand into Yossi's so they wouldn't be seperated.

"Like those poor kids... or like Fujimoto?" Yossi asked in reply, squeezing Rika's hand in reassurance. They stayed as close to the trees as they could, footsteps silent on the soft ground.

Rika shivered as she thought about the innocent victims still laying alone on the deserted road behind them. "I'm not sure which option would be worse. Cold-blooded roadkill, or cold-blooded murderer."

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Morning Battle: Everyone Dies. Even Miki [COMPLETE]
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---Chapter 4---

Ayumi Shibata winced in pain as she hurried to keep up with Megumi Murata and Masae Ootani, one hand holding her side. "Guys, slow down! I have a cramp!"

"Suck it up, Shibata," Hitomi "Boss" Saitou snapped as she came up behind her, the heels of her shoes sinking into the soft dirt as she jogged alongside her. "Once we get to the water we can rest." Ayumi groaned in frustration and sped up slightly, every muscle in her leg starting to burn, the stitch in her side flaring up again.

None of the four girls knew where they were running to, or if the water was anywhere near where they were. All they knew was that they had to get off of the island before they were killed. It had been Masae's idea to build some sort of distress signal in the rare chance that a plane happened to be out in the middle of nowhere. The other girls were hardly optimistic about the idea, but the fuschia-haired girl had pointed out that it was at least worth a try.

Ahead of them, Megumi slowed to a stop and Masae followed suit. Ayumi and Saitou skidded to a halt behind them and took in the scene before them.

The road and the plantlife on either side of it was completely charred and burnt. The blast site was only about a hundred feet in diameter, but the damage was heartbreaking to observe. Scattered amongst the rubble lay the bodies of fifteen little girls, all dead. Ayumi choked back a sob as she recognized many of the faces and buried her face in Masae's shoulder to try and block out the image. The four girls clung tightly to each other as they stood there in the waning daylight, their figures casting shadows over the still forms on the ground.

"Someone's been here," Hitomi whispered in shock. "And the game's already on for them."

"This is too real," Ayumi whimpered quietly, and Masae hugged her tightly in an attempt to comfort her. "We have to get out of here."

"I don't think there is a way out," Megumi said softly. "Whoever did this showed no mercy. They killed innocent little girls... who didn't even stand a chance."

Masae wasn't about to give up so easily, however. "That's bullshit. There has to be a solution. There has to be something we can do to survive."

"Like what?" Saitou snapped, frustrated. "The only way we live is if we kill everyone else. And then we have to turn on each other." Her expression softened and she looked away from them. "I don't think I could do that. Not to you guys." She turned back at them, and the other three girls were surprised to see that Hitomi was holding back tears. "We're all in this together, but only one can walk away."

Ayumi spoke then, her voice shaking slightly but she stood firm. "If we're all in this together... then maybe we should end it together. On our terms." She pointed in the direction where they had originally been heading before stumbling upon the carnage. "Look."

All four sets of eyes turned to see the glimmer of the ocean through the trees ahead of them. Wordlessly, they linked hands and began to walk towards it, each lost in their own thoughts.

By the time they reached the cliff overlooking the sparkling water, all four girls were crying. But they stood firm on the very edge.

"We end this on our own terms," Ayumi repeated, trying not to look down at the churning water below them.

"I love you guys," Masae said, smiling sadly at each of them in turn. "I'm so lucky to have known all of you..."

Saitou couldn't resist cracking one last joke. "Oh Christ, Masae's getting mushy. The world is ending." They all laughed, perhaps a little too loudly in order to hide their nerves.

"It just might be."

They each joined hands again. "On the count of three?" Ayumi said softly, and they all nodded in agreement. Ayumi opened her mouth to countdown, but the words wouldn't come out. She knew she'd just start crying again.

Saitou squeezed her hand tightly and they all took a step closer to the edge.

"One. Two. Three."

All four of them jumped off of the edge of the cliff and fell. None of them let go of each other, even after they'd hit the water.

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Morning Battle: Everyone Dies. Even Miki [COMPLETE]
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Last chapter for the night, probably.

---Chapter 5---

Dusk had fallen over the island, and Sayumi and Eri were lost. They had wandered into the woods and had gotten turned around. Both were feeling vulnerable, as it was just the two of them on their own. Miki had run off with Aya earlier, and Reina was dead. It still tore Eri up thinking about it.

"Sayu, I think someone's following us," Eri whispered after they passed the same oak tree for the fifth time. She reached into the pocket of her jacket and pulled out the handgun she'd found in her supply bag. She'd never held a gun before in her life, but she knew she might have to use it in order to protect herself and Sayumi. "Stay close to me," she added, flatting herself against a tree and pulling Sayu along with her. She figured out how to take off the safety and cocked the gun, saying a prayer in her head before jumping out from behind the tree, gun pointed at the ready.

"Eri? You're okay?" Maki Goto stood there, her jeans torn up and her arms scratched. She held a boomerang in one hand, her bag in the other. "It's okay, this is all I have. I'm not gonna do anything, I swear."

Sayu stepped out from her hiding place and moved to stand beside Eri, who was still aiming her gun at Maki. "Eri, it's okay."

"How do you know, Sayu?" Eri demanded, not taking her eyes off of Goto as she spoke to her friend. "How do we know she hasn't killed someone and stolen their weapon? Maybe that's why she's showing us her boomerang."

Maki sighed and dropped her bag and the boomerang on the ground before turning out her pockets. "I don't have anything. I was with Kagochan and Tsujichan but we got split up. I think they're trying to find Yossi and Rika."

Finally satisfied, Eri put the safety back on and tucked the gun back in her pocket. "So they were okay when you saw them? Have you seen anyone else?" Maki shook her head sadly.

"Not yet. You're the first sign of life I've seen since Aibon and Nono ran off." She picked up her bag again and gestured toward east. "I've been hiding over on the other side of this hill. There's some trees that have fallen so it's at least more sheltered then we are out in the open. It's a pain in the ass trying to get to it, but it might buy us some time." She gestured towards the bloody digs on her arms.

As if to accentuate her point, there was a bloodcurling scream from far off followed by a round of gunfire.

Sayu and Eri glanced at each other before nodding. "Yeah, that sounds good," Sayu said, offering a nervous smile to the older girl.

The trek to Maki's hiding spot was uneventful but dangerous. The moss covering the ground was like a slippery carpet, and twice Eri had to catch Sayu as she tripped and almost tumbled down the hill. Maki seemed to know where she was going, but every once in a while Eri would check to make sure she still had her gun. Just in case.

Off in the distance, the sound of a bell ringing could be heard. The party of three stopped and listened, each on alert. The ringing bell was followed by a burst of static, and then a familiar voice.

"We're four hours into the game, and already the death toll has reached twenty. Including Reina Tanaka's little incident at orientation, someone has managed to wipe out every single one of the Hello! Project Kids. In addition to that, Melon Kinenbi decided to quit the game and went for a little swim. And Morning Musume's fourth generation has been sliced in half with the unfortunate deaths of Ai Kago and Nozomi Tsuji. At this rate, we should have a winner well before the deadline!"

"I hate you," Maki whispered angrily, tears welling up in her eyes as she thought of her fallen comrades.

"...the sun sets in about two hours, so make sure you've got a safe place to rest for the night, should you choose to sleep. Keep up the good work, and good night!"

There was another crackle of static and then silence. The three girls looked uneasily at each other before Maki spoke up.

"We'd better get out of here. We're almost there, anyway."

And so they continued onward, as the sky faded into blackness and the screams of the hunted grew silent once more.

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Morning Battle: Everyone Dies. Even Miki [COMPLETE]
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---Chapter 6---

"Is everyone accounted for?"

"Yaguchan's missing..."

Yuko Nakazawa's eyebrows shot up as she heard that. "What? I thought you told her to wait for you, Kei-chan!"

Kei Yasuda shook her head. "I did. She never showed up. She must have run off as soon as she got out of the building. She could be anywhere by now."

Natsumi Abe and Kaori Iida both sat down on the grass, exhausted. Nacchi began monkeying around with the GPS device she'd found in her bag, while Kaori watched over her shoulder. "There's someone about three miles away from us, by the water. They're not moving."

Yuko asked the question nobody else wanted to. "Could they be dead?"

Nacchi shrugged and tapped a button, zooming in on the area. "I'm not sure. If this thing is tracking us by these stupid collars, then I think whoever it is is still alive. Or else they wouldn't show up on the map."

"You'll be able to tell when they start moving though, right?" asked Kaori. Nacchi nodded, angling the screen so they could see it better.

"Yeah, but there's a couple seconds of delay because the screen has to refresh. But if they get close to us, we'll be able to see them in real-time as well as on the GPS."

Kei yawned loudly and they all turned to look at her. "What?! I'm tired..."

Kaori couldn't help but smile at that. "She has a point... we should try and get some sleep. We can take turns keeping watch using the GPS." Yuko and Nacchi agreed and Yuko offered to take the first watch. Natsumi showed her how to use the various displays as Kei balled up her jacket to use as a pillow. Nacchi soon joined her, while Kaori tried to stay awake as long as she could.

Several hours passed and Yuko began to feel drowsy. She looked over at where Kaori was sleeping, wondering if she should wake her and let her take over the watch. But Kaori was sound asleep, her head on Kei's shoulder and one arm slung across Nacchi's stomach, looking quite content, even if it was only for a moment. Yuko smiled fondly as she watched her good friends before turning back to the screen.

Her smile vanished. The red dot which had been motionless only minutes before had started moving towards them. Yuko got up as quietly as she could and went over to shake Nacchi awake.

"Is it my turn yet?" the younger girl mumbled sleepily, pushing Kaori's hand off of her and sitting up.

"Someone's coming," Yuko whispered, showing her the GPS in her hang, with the red mark gaining ground on them. Nacchi's face paled in the gow of the screen and she turned it off, plunging them into darkness. "Wake up Kaori. I'll get Kei."

Yuko roughly shook Kei's shoulder and covered her mouth with her hand stifle her complaining as she woke up. Yuko quietly explained to her what was going on, and helped her to her feet. She fumbled in the darkness for a moment before she felt Nacchi's hand closing around her own.

"Leave your stuff here. We've all got our weapons on us and we can come back for the supplies later if it's safe. We've got to move, quickly," hissed Yuko. "If we get seperated, we'll meet here -"

Yuko was cut short as a bright light was turned on them. Everyone whirled around to see Mari Yaguchi standing there, a flashlight in one hand and a deadly looking gun in the other.

"So this is where you all ran off to," she said evenly, her eyes blazing with silent anger. "You said you'd wait for me, Kei-chan. I looked for you, but I couldn't find you. You all left me behind!"

Kei held up her hands and stepped back. "I waited for you right down the road. I never saw you leave the base! We thought you'd gone off on your own so we decided to try and meet up with you later. We couldn't just stay there like sitting ducks!"

Kaori stepped between the two girls and spoke in her soft, calm voice. "This is just a misunderstanding. We're all safe, and we're all together, so we should just try to stay out of trouble and find a way out of here."

Yaguchi took a step back, her grip on the gun tightening. "No. You all left me there! You've got some alliance to stay together and you shut me out!"

Yuko snorted in amusement. "Yaguchi, you're being paranoid."

"Shut up!" Mari cried, levelling the gun at her senpai. "I was wrong to trust any of you! You act like I'm just a kid most of the time and never take me seriously. That's why you went on without me. Well, you'd better take me seriously now because I've got a gun and I'm not afraid to use it!"

"Yes, you are," Yuko replied. It was a statement, and Mari's hand wavered only slightly as Yuko gently scolded her. "Yaguchan, you don't want to do this. Just put the gun down and we'll figure something out. We're all as scared as you are."

"You should be," Mari shouted.

Two more shots rang out that night.

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Morning Battle: Everyone Dies. Even Miki [COMPLETE]
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---Chapter 7--- (Alternate title: Please don't kill me, Ange!)

As Mari levelled the gun at Yuko, Kei ran forward and grabbed Yaguchi's arm, trying to aim the gun somewhere else where it wouldn't hit anyone if it fired. She managed to push it to the left slightly, as Mari shouted at her to get away.

Before Kei could answer, Mari squeezed the trigger and shot at Yuko, who went down instantly. Nacchi and Kaori both screamed and raced over to where she lay, while Kei turned back to look at Mari, her face pale.

"You killed her!" Nacchi screamed, shoving Kei out of the way and making a grab for Mari. But the shorter girl managed to slip out of her grasp and dodged the attack.

"She was in the way!" Mari yelled back, but she looked down at the gun in her hands with disbelief for a moment before taking a few steps backward. "I wasn't trying to hit her..."

Kaori, who had been trying to resuscitate Nakazawa while this exchange had been going on, finally managed to pry herself away from her friend's side. Her hands were stained with blood and her eyes were damp with tears but she managed to keep herself composed as she joined the other three girls.

"Get out."

Mari blinked in confusion. "...what?"

"You heard me. Get out of here. You killed Yuuchan. Get out of here now, before I kill you."

Mari's bottom lip quavered as she watched as her three best friends turned their backs on her and started walking away. Desperate, she started after them.

"Kaorin, I'm sorry! I didn't mean it! I wasn't going to shoot anyone! You have to believe me!" They kept walking. "Please, don't leave me here! I don't want to die..."

It took everything in Kei to keep her from running back to her smaller friend to comfort her, as Mari's cries became fainter and fainted as the distance between them grew. When they were finally far enough away, Kaori broke down completely, crying uncontrollably.

All Nacchi and Kei could do was hold onto her as she wept, her thin shoulders shaking with grief over her loss. Nacchi wasn't as responsive; she seemed as if she were in a trance. Kei knew that eventually it would sink in and it would all start over again.

Another gunshot cracked somewhere near by. It was starting to become less surprising, given their current situation. Still, there was that sense of dread as they silently crept back towards the forest to see who it was.

Kei, who was in the front of the pack, peered around from behind a tree and held back a scream. She whirled around to cower behind it again, shaking. As Kaori inched closer to have a better look, Kei grabbed her arm.

"No, don't, let's just get out of here..." she whispered, but stubborn Kaori pressed onward and caught a glimpse of the redheaded body on the ground.

"No!" she shouted, shoving Kei and Nacchi out of the way and running over to where Mari's lifeless body was sprawled out, Nacchi at her heels.

Kei hesitated slightly, looking around warily. "Hurry up, whoever did this might still be around..." When neither moved, she sighed and slowly walked over to join them.

"I'll kill whoever did this," Kaori said angrily, kneeling down beside Mari and laying a hand on the smaller girl's cheek.

Kei raised an eyebrow skeptically. "You were ready to kill her yourself just now."

"She killed Yuuchan!" Nacchi added, her eyes brimming over with tears. "She was trying to help and Mari shot her!"

Kaori nodded slowly, looking down at Mari's peaceful face. Her brows furrow then and she carefully turned Mari's head to the left side, exposing the right side of her head. Everyone winced and looked away from the bullet wound through her temple.

"Point blank," Kei said softly. "Whoever it was, they had a good shot." But Kaori didn't agree.

"No, if someone had shot at her they would have gone for the chest if they wanted to kill her." A sense of dread began to creep over her as she noticed the gun laying beside her. "I think... I think this was self-inflicted." She jumped to her feet and backed away in shock. "She killed herself!"

Nacchi started to cry, the delayed reaction to both Yuko's murder and Mari's death settling in. Kei wrapped an arm around her and fought back her own tears. Kaori picked up the fallen gun that Mari had dropped and walked over to them.

"We should keep moving. Someone might have-"

Kaori's mouth formed a perfect little "O" of surprise as she heard a whistling sound and felt something piercing into her back. Her legs buckled and she fell down onto her knees, confused. Nacchi and Kei were both staring at her in horror.

"What's going on?" Kaori cried out, trying to look over her shoulder at what was lodged into her back. She felt the second arrow tear into her spine before she saw it, screaming in agony as it ripped through her.

Nacchi screamed again and started to run, but Kei snatched the gun from Kaori and pointed it in the direction where the bullet had come from. She saw someone running and fired blindly at the moving figure, who crumpled and dropped the crossbow in her hand.

"It's Miuna!" Kei shouted at Nacchi. "She might not be alone; we have to hide!" Nacchi didn't answer, and when Kei turned to look at her, she saw Nacchi struggling to pull the arrows out of Kaori's back. "No, don't do that! You'll kill her for sure!"

But Nacchi wouldn't let go. Sobbing, she tried vainly to remove the wicked arrows from Kaori. The taller girl wasn't moving, her face contorted in pain and her fingers digging into the ground.

"Just stop, Nacchi, please," she whispered so softly they almost didn't hear her. "Go find somewhere safe with Kei so you can survive." Her eyes were starting to lose focus, and Kei dropped to her knees in front of her so they were at eye level.

"Kaorin... just hang on. We'll get you help... just try and hang on," she pleaded, but she knew that it was useless. Nobody was going to help them, just like nobody had helped Yuu-chan or Yaguchi or anyone who had died in the game. Kei saw it in Kaori's eyes that she knew it, too.

Nacchi wrapped her arms around Kaori, ignoring the deadly arrows as she hugged her old friend tightly, crying softly. After a moment Kei did the same, and they stayed that way until Kaori's eyes finally closed.

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Morning Battle: Everyone Dies. Even Miki [COMPLETE]
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---Chapter 8---



"Never mind."



"What?!" Fujimoto finally snapped, looking up from her map. Her best friend and only ally was sitting across from her on the soft white sand near the water. Scraggly bushes protected them from anyone who was far enough away to look toward the water. Night had fallen, and the moon hung in the sky, casting light over the water.

Aya looked hurt at Miki's annoyed tone of voice, and shrugged. "It's nothing... I just..." She shook her head in disbelief. "How can you not feel guilty for what we did... what you did... earlier?"

Immediately, Miki's defenses went up. "I'm playing the game, Ayaya. I can't just sit around and let myself - or you - get killed."

"But blowing up a bunch of kids, that's obviously no trouble for you," Aya argued. Miki only shrugged and didn't answer her friend. "Are you really that cold-blooded, Fujimoto? If you are, why haven't you killed me yet?"

"Because we're gonna find a way out of here and escape together," Miki answered, attempting to sound convincing. Aya saw right through her and scoffed.

"Oh, right. Since when have you ever been an optimist?"

Miki folded her map back up and crammed it into her bag. "Because I don't want to think about what would happen if it came down to just you and me, okay?" She stood up and grabbed her bag. "Come on."

Aya didn't move. She looked up at Miki, her tone resigned. "Go without me. If you run into me later on... kill me. I know I won't be able to do the same to you. You might be brave, Mikitty, but I can't hurt you. I won't hurt you. And if sacrificing me is what it takes for you to be able to survive and win... and go home... then just do it. I'm tired of fighting."

Miki was stunned at Aya's demand. "I can't kill you."

"Yes, you can. You will, if it comes down to it." Ayaya said, getting up and walking to where Miki stood silently. "So I'm telling you that it's okay. I might not always agree with the things you do, Mikitty, but this time... I know you're just trying to do what's best." She offered a brave smile. "I forgive you for it."

Miki took a few more steps back, then began to run, leaving Aya behind her. She ran as fast she could, ignoring the tears streaking her cheeks. She hadn't wanted Aya to see her cry, but now that she was gone she gave in to the emotions - sadness, fear, loneliness. Ayaya had stood by her from the moment they got on the plane to Hawaii, and if Miki survived, it would be because of her.

Ahead of her, she could see someone walking down the side of the road, their face obscured by darkness. Miki slowed down to a jog and treaded as silently as she could.

"Who's there?" someone called, and Miki held her breath, frozen in place. The seconds slowly passed as the figure stepped out of the shadows, and Miki recognized the girl as one of Ishikawa's friends from Biyuuden, the slightly dimwitted one - Okada-san. Miki crossed her fingers and hoped that Yui would leave her alone, but her hopes were dashed as Erika Miyoshi joined her.

"It's probably just an animal or something. Come on, let's go," Erika whispered, but Yui stood firm.

"No, I saw someone..." Miki didn't even have time to hide as Erika turned on her flashlight and swept it over the road. The beam caught Miki's feet in its glow, and soon she was squinting against the light.

"Oh, Fujimoto-san," Yui said politely. "Erika, it's Fujimoto-san!"

Erika rolled her eyes, keeping her flashlight trained on Miki. "Yeah, Yui-chan, I can see that." Miki slowly began to back away and Erika pulled a pistol, cocking it. "Don't move."

"She's not armed, she can't hurt us... just let her go..." Yui whispered. But Erika's mouth was set in a grim line as she lowered the flashlight but kept the gun pointed at Miki.

"She's our enemy, Miyoshi. We saw her shoot Kagochan and Tsujichan! She's a murderer!"

Yui hopped nervously from one foot to the other, fidgeting. "I know, but if you kill her, then you'll be no better then she is..." She took Erika's arm and tried to pull her away. "Come on, just leave her alone."

Miki took the window of opportunity while Yui was talking to Erika to begin sprinting down the road as fast as she could. She heard Erika shouting at her and then something slammed into her shoulder. White-hot pain spread down her arm but she forced herself to keep running.

It felt like an eternity before she managed to find the beach where she'd left Ayaya. She was relieved to see her friend was still there, and Ayaya let out a small scream when she saw Miki.

"What happened?" Ayaya whispered as she helped Miki sit down.

"Okada and Miyoshi. Miyoshi's the one with the gun; she shot me when I was running away." Miki gritted her teeth and fought back a cry of pain as Aya pulled her torn shirt away from the bullet wound in her shoulder. "Please tell me the bullet's not still in there."

Aya's face was ashen, and Miki let out another growl of pain.

"Get a fire going," she barked, handing Aya her lighter.

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Morning Battle: Everyone Dies. Even Miki [COMPLETE]
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---Chapter 9---

"Are you warm enough?" Yossi asked Rika as she sat down beside her friend, leaning against a large rock. It wasn't exactly comfortable, but she hoped it would help her stay awake. The night air was cool, and because they were near the water, there was a breeze that swept past them every so often.

Rika pulled the sleeves of her sweatshirt down to cover her hands and nodded. "I'm okay." She sighed, leaning her head against Yossi's shoulder and looking up at the sky. "I just want to go home."

"So do I. This is all too real... Aibon and Nono are dead. And if I had to guess, I'd say that Fujimoto killed them. She's always in it to win." Yossi glanced down at Rika and wrapped her arm protectively around her waist. "I won't leave you, I promise. We'll get through this."

Rika smiled and relaxed slightly, her heart racing from something that wasn't completely fear. They sat together silently for a few moments before she spoke up.



"Are you scared?"

Yossi smiled weakly and nodded, holding Rika even tighter. "Yeah. Terrified." Rika laughed softly against her shoulder, and Yossi blushed. "Just don't tell anyone I admitted that."

"I won't," Rika promised, yawning quietly. "D'you mind keeping watch first?"

Yossi shook her head. "No, I'll be awake for a while. Get some sleep." Rika nodded sleepily and curled up beside her. As tired as she was, she couldn't fall asleep. Her senses were aware of everything - the wind rustling against the trees, the cold ground beneath her, the sound of Yossi's even breathing as she kept watch. Rika inched closer to her friend, seeking warmth. She felt Yossi's hand on her cheek before it stroked her hair, and Rika's eyes slowly began to close.

"I'm sorry, am I interrupting something?"

Rika's eyes flew open as Yossi pulled her hand away.

"Ai-chan?" Yossi whispered, as Takahashi approached them. Both Rika and Yossi stood up cautiously.

"Rika-chan, Yocchan," Ai said sweetly, stepping into the moonlight. Rika's eyes darted down toward Ai's hand and noticed the glint of metal. Her eyes widened in alarm and she took a step back.

"What are you doing here, Ai-chan?" asked Rika, trying to keep her voice steady. "Are you all alone?"

"Yup," Takahashi replied, taking another step towards them. "So was it Fujimoto who wiped out all the kids? Fifteen people?"

Rika paled, noticing the gleam of mischief in Ai's eyes. "How... how many have you killed, Ai-chan?"

Takahashi smiled again, showing them her gun and the cartridge of bullets still intact. "None yet. But I think I need to start if I want to win. After all, it is a competition. The winner gets to stay with Hello! Project. Maybe I'll finally get my solo career."

"You're insane," Yossi snapped. "You'll let everyone be killed just so you can get your career underway?"

"I would have gotten it earlier if it weren't for you, Ishikawa," Ai snarled. "You got to graduate and lead your own group, and you can't even sing! What do I get? I get to play second-in-command to Yoshizawa and then they put me on this stupid island!" She shoved the bullets back into her gun and clicked the safety off. "So what the fuck do you expect me to do?"

"Stop acting insane, and that'd be a good start!" Yossi yelled angrily. "You're not going to win, Ai-chan. Fujimoto's wiped out a third of the island already, what makes you think you can beat her?"

"Shut up!" Takahashi shrieked, and fired at Rika just as Yossi shoved her out of the way. Rika fell out of the way and landed hard on the ground, and Yossi followed, blood beginning to blossom from the wound in her chest.

Rika shook her head to clear it and shook Yossi's shoulder. "Yossi..." Then she noticed the blood, and let out a bloodcurling scream so loud that Takahashi winced. "You're a fucking murderer!" she screamed at Ai. "You killed her!"

"I didn't... I didn't... it was an accident!" Takahashi stammered. "I was aiming for you..." The gun slipped out of her hand as she took a step back, and then another. Ai let out a sob of disbelief and shame before turning and running off, sand flying everywhere.

Rika shook Yossi's shoulder again, more roughly this time. "Yocchan, wake up! Please wake up..." She bent down and lay her cheek against Yossi's, calling her friend's name again when she felt Yossi's breath faintly against her ear. "Come on, snap out of it!"

"I said I'd protect you..."

Rika began to cry again as Yossi's eyes opened slowly. "You did, Hitomi-chan. You saved me." She pulled off her sweatshirt and pressed it against the bleeding hole on Yossi's chest, trying to stop the flow of crimson blood. "Just don't leave me..." Her hands were slick with blood, her body wracked with sobs.

"Hey..." Yossi smiled slightly at her, taking in a shuddering breath. "You'll be okay." It was the wrong thing to say, because Rika shook her head.

"You're not going to leave me, that's why!" she cried, redoubling her efforts to save her friend. But there was so much blood everywhere, and she knew Yossi was fighting to hang on.

"Ishikawa, get a grip," Yossi joked wryly, and Rika let go of the sweatshirt and moved up to lay beside her, gently sliding her arm under Yossi's head to make her more comfortable. "Thanks... for staying with me."

Rika wiped her cheeks again. "Like I'd ever leave you here... alone."

"You'll have to... after I'm gone. Get as far away from here as you can," Yossi whispered, her eyes slipping closed before she opened them again. "Do your best, Rika-chan." Rika nodded numbly as Yossi's head fell back against her arm, her eyes closing again.

Rika wasn't sure how long she sat there, crying. She knew Yossi had told her to run away, but she couldn't leave her there alone. Shivering in the cold air without anyone to warm her anymore and her sweatshirt soaked in blood, she noticed Takahashi's gun on the ground. Rika slowly got up off of the floor and walked towards it, her feet almost moving of their own accord. She picked up the gun and studied it closely.

She wasn't brave. She couldn't win this game, not without Yossi. Everyone she cared about was either dead or had turned against her, and there was no reason to keep playing.

Footsteps approached her. Rika spun around, cocking the gun.

Makoto Ogawa appeared from between two trees. She looked from the gun in Rika's hand over to where Yossi lay, then back at Rika.

And then she screamed.

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Morning Battle: Everyone Dies. Even Miki [COMPLETE]
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You...your stories...

They're so sad, I even cried at the part where Yaguchi accidently killed her Sempai Yuko, then turned the gun on herself out of guilt.

cried even harder as the older girls stayed with Kaori as she slowly died, and the part with Yossi taking the bullet for Rika and her final goodbyes-

I don't think I've ever read a sadder, more moving story. Full of emotion and evil, death and sadness :cry:  :cry: . You've got a serious talent. I've rarely cried while reading a story but this one...So sad, I'll remember it forever :cry:  :cry:  :cry:

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Morning Battle: Everyone Dies. Even Miki [COMPLETE]
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Quote from: Tyler_Wood_2005
You...your stories...

They're so sad, I even cried at the part where Yaguchi accidently killed her Sempai Yuko, then turned the gun on herself out of guilt.

cried even harder as the older girls stayed with Kaori as she slowly died, and the part with Yossi taking the bullet for Rika and her final goodbyes-

I don't think I've ever read a sadder, more moving story. Full of emotion and evil, death and sadness :cry:  :cry: . You've got a serious talent. I've rarely cried while reading a story but this one...So sad, I'll remember it forever :cry:  :cry:  :cry:

Have you seen the movie that this is based on?  It's very similar.


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Morning Battle: Everyone Dies. Even Miki [COMPLETE]
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Similar but I doubt it would be as good, Yours has H!P characters. Therefore we "know" the girls very well. What their personalities are like, how they'd most likely react. And when one dies we're bound to be more attatched to their death and be more emotional if it were some actor we barely know or don't know as well as the H!P girls.

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Morning Battle: Everyone Dies. Even Miki [COMPLETE]
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Yeah that's why it's so hard killing them off. (Well, except for certain people XD) Because I'm emotionally attached to them. ;_;

I'm trying not to stay TOO close to the original, but there are some parts that I think parallel the original characters really well. (For example, the scene where Yossi dies in the arms of Rika is lifted straight from the move when one of the girls dies in the arms of a guy she had a crush on.

I just hope Masa doesn't kill me when Rika gets offed...

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Morning Battle: Everyone Dies. Even Miki [COMPLETE]
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---Chapter 10---

As the sun rose on the morning of the second day, the sound of a bell rang through the air again. On the east side of the island, Ayaka Kimura, Mai Satoda and Asami were pushing their way through dense bushes toward the same cliff that Melon Kinenbi had been the day before. At the sound of the bell, they all froze.

"I hope everyone's okay," Mai said, and the others quietly agreed.

Tsunku's eerily cheerful voice cut in.

"Good morning, girls! I hope everyone had a pleasant sleep last night. Unfortunately for some, they won't be waking up with the rest of you. Last night we said farewell to Yuko Nakazawa, Kaori Iida, Mari Yaguchi..."

"Oh my God," gasped Asami, covering her mouth in disbelief. "Yaguchi-san!"

"...Hitomi Yoshizawa, and Miuna Saitou. Not as quite of an impressive turnout as yesterday's events, but it's still early. You have until midnight tonight to win the game. If there is more than one person standing when the bell rings once more, nobody goes home."

The color drained out of Ayaka's face as the three girls absorbed this new information, sitting down heavily on the ground in shock.

"You bastard!" screamed Mai, torn between grieving for the loss of Miuna and that of her best friend.

"Mai, stop screaming!" Asami bellowed, and both Ayaka and Mai went silent as the usually quieter Asami shouted at them. "Look, I'm upset about losing Miuna and Yoshizawa-san as well. But we have to keep it together or else we'll all end up like they did."

But now Ayaka was crying as well. "They'll pick us off, one by one! We're the minority; nobody cares about us!" She clawed at the collar around her neck in frustration. "We're prisoners here, and there's nothing we can do about it!" She stood up defiantly and dropped her bag onto the ground angrily. "I quit! I don't want to see my friends die!"

Asami and Mai both quickly got up and tried to restrain her. "Ayaka, shut up!" But Ayaka wouldn't be silenced, and she continued to scream and curse at the sky, as if she expected it to answer her back.

The light on the front of her collar began to beep.

"Ayaka, you idiot!" screamed Mai, shaking her by the shoulders. "You're going to die! You're going to leave us!"

Ayaka broke free of Mai's grasp and began to run toward the cliff, the wind whistling against her ears as she ran, until she skidded to a halt at the very edge, Mai and Asami right behind her.

"Ayaka, don't do this!" Asami pleaded, her eyes wide and frightened.

Ayaka laughed bitterly as the beeping sound sped up slightly. "Why not? I'm gonna die anyway. Guess I have to make it quick."

She stepped off the edge and Mai frantically grabbed for her arm. She caught the edge of Ayaka's sleeve but it was too late. Both girls plummeted down to the rocky water below, Ayaka's collar exploding on the way down and showering the surf with red.

Back at the top of the cliff, Asami curled up into a ball and wept.

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Morning Battle: Everyone Dies. Even Miki [COMPLETE]
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WARNING! RIKA DIES IN THIS CHAPTER. Sorry. :( (So does Takahashi, finally!  :w00t:  :w00t:  :w00t:)

---Chapter 11---

Makoto was pacing up and down the shoreline of the beach where she'd discovered Rika and Yossi together. She couldn't bring herself to look over at where her best friend lay dead on the ground, so the only other person to focus her attention was on Rika.

"Makochan, it's not what it looks like-" Rika began, but Makoto wasn't having any of it.

"Why did you kill her, Rika?! How could you be so cold? How could you kill your best friend? How could you kill my best friend?!" She was livid, her cheeks tinged with red as she confronted Rika.

Rika tried to explain the situation as best as she could. "It wasn't me, Makochan. Please believe me! It was Takahashi... this is her gun... she shot at me but Yossi took the bullet... she saved me." Rika looked down sadly as the painful images flashed through her head once again. "I'd never hurt Yocchan! You know that!"

"You expect me to believe that?" Makoto asked skeptically, her eyes narrowing in suspicion. "I'm not an idiot, Ishikawa. Everyone's turning against each other." Her hand shook slightly as she fumbled with the bullet clip of her gun. "I'll never forgive you for this."

"Makochan, if you'd just let me explain-"

"You had a gun, Rika!" Makoto yelled, gripping her own tightly in her hand. "You shot Yossi and you were going to shoot me!"

Rika dropped Takahashi's gun onto the ground and held up her hands. "I wasn't going to shoot you, Makochan." She looked back over her shoulder at Yossi before continuing. "I was going to shoot myself. Yossi made mr a promise... she said she'd never leave me. But she did, and now I'm all alone and I don't want to watch the rest of my friends die."

Makoto's hand lowered slightly, and Rika breathed a sigh of relief.

"Liar," spat Ogawa, and squeezed the trigger. Rika crumpled to the ground beside Yossi, and Makoto stood there silently, the gun still pointed at the spot where Rika had been standing seconds before. She mustered up as much courage as she could and hid her weapon back in her jacket before picking up the fallen gun near Rika's hand.

As she crouched down in front of her two lifeless friends, the shock of what had just happened hit her. She crawled over to where Yossi lay and took her friend's ice-cold hand in her own, fighting back the tears that threatened to spill. "Yoshizawa-san... I'm so sorry!" she cried, bowing her head in sorrow.

"Ogawa?" Takahashi's voice came from the clearing, and Makoto turned around, Ai-chan's gun in her hand. "What're you doing here?"

Makoto gestured listlessly at Yossi and Rika behind her. "Yossi's dead. So is Rika-chan." She studied Takahashi closely, but Ai's face was expressionless.

"Oh." She kicked absently at the sand with one foot, avoiding eye contact. "Well, I'll leave you alone... I just came by to see if I left my-"

"Gun?" Makoto finished for her, holding out the firearm she'd found. "This is yours, right?" Ai-chan nodded meekly, and rage boiled up inside Makochan again. Rika had been telling the truth. It had been Ai who had killed Yossi, even if it was accidentally.

"I dropped it earlier... when Konno and I were scouting the beach... I only realized it just now..." Takahashi stammered. "I didn't touch Yossi, I swear..."

"Save it," Makoto interrupted, her eyes cold and unforgiving. Wordlessly she pointed the gun at Takahashi. This time her hand was steady when she pulled the trigger, shooting Ai in the forehead and causing her to topple over like a pile of stones. Ogawa concealed the other weapon under her clothes before turning on her heel and heading back up the path. She didn't look back.

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Morning Battle: Everyone Dies. Even Miki [COMPLETE]
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Whaddya mean, "WARNING! RIKA DIES"?  What happened to "WARNING! TAKITTY DIES"??  :x  :x  :x :cry:

Or even, "WARNING!! OGAWA LIVES"???  :lol:

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Morning Battle: Everyone Dies. Even Miki [COMPLETE]
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Hahaha fine I'll add that.  :twisted:

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Morning Battle: Everyone Dies. Even Miki [COMPLETE]
« Reply #19 on: July 01, 2005, 06:49:16 AM »
Very funny.... Here's a funny joke:  You are SO banned!!!  :rocket:

Luckily for you I can't actually ban anyone.  Least of all you Trollkahaters spreading like kudzu across the H!Pscape.    :ass:

Besides which, your stupid story is too good to ban.  :x

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