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Japanese / Re: Nanaka Ozawa. 小澤奈々花
« Last post by muppet on Today at 02:08:29 AM »
New Page! First 2018 post!  :welcome

Nanaka san CM

家具付き サマー賃貸CP 開催中 20180805
AKB48 Movies & TV / Re: [TV] BNK48 Senpai
« Last post by muppet on Today at 01:35:26 AM »
Ep 12 Part 2


Technical notes:
Large grain and strong sweetness "Amaou" is a strawberry that was trained at the Fukuoka Prefectural Agricultural Comprehensive Experiment Station and was registered in 2005 (Heisei era 2005). The name of the product is "Fukuoka S 6", "Ah Oh Ou" is a registered trademark. Until that time in Fukuoka Prefecture, "Tonoyoka" was the main varieties, but for the reasons such as the coloring quality not being stable, it was developed aiming for higher quality strawberries.
One of the characteristics of Amu is the size of the size. There is about 1.2 times the weight on average on average compared to the Toyonoka, and looks also rounded and has a cute shape. The taste was harmonized with sweetness and sourness, becoming so-called "deep taste", demand increased due to the good appearance and taste. The flesh is a firm but it is juicy with a lot of fruit juice.

BNK48 Senpai ep.12 (Part 2)
I want to wipe that smile of off his face. Uwagh.
Hadn’t heard that they disbanded until now.

Sorry to see that, but thanks to each member for making wonderful memories - The Possible


Thank You at Sunrise

The stars disappeared in the dark, cloudless sky. Stumbling about blindly, she tripped in the field of flowers. Soft, the texture of sunflower petals, she could feel them gently fluttering around, touching her fingers under the warmth of a summer night.

If she opened her eyes, she would see only black. If she closed her eyes, she would see memories of the sun.

So she closed her eyes. Not a question of how long she would wait nor a question of her unwillingness to stop waiting, she asked herself why her world’s light had stopped letting her wait—although she could fully understand.

At that time, the sky was crying for the future. Like finding an angel descended from above, she met a short girl waiting at the station. In a blur, her angel had taken her hand, glancing out of a shy corner of the eyes, and brought her into the light.

She tripped in the beginning, catching her breath at each step. They were running without a care in the world.

Before she knew it, she had started laughing, smiling, and joking. The hand that held her hand, she promised to never let go of it, but it let go of her for a moment instead. So she waited, even if it took an eternity, those few months an eon that extended too long, because she waited for the warmth of her sun.

The smile, the voice, the laughter and energy, of the person she had inadvertently fallen in love with filled her chest.

Her angel returned at the end of summer. For some reason, the smile was lacking, weak and afraid, but they took each other’s hands, and this time, she who had been waiting stepped forward to pull the sun ahead.

Simply because she loved the girl.

Simply because they still had dreams to fulfill, sights to see, moments to cherish together.

However slow they walked, however many stops they made, she was sure that they would share their future. But then, they halted in their steps, and the girl she had fallen in love with slowly untangled their fingers, caressing her cheek and saying to move on ahead first with a gentle push.

She who had fallen in love with the sun tripped forward. Looking back, she only saw her angel’s back. Her hand felt cold, and she could no longer hear the sun’s voice.

Chasing back, reluctantly feeling the time pass, she found the space between them grow more and more. Even as she cried out without a voice to ask what bothered that small girl, their words could not reach each other. And she grasped her heart in misery.

The dream in front of her eyes cracked into a million shards of glass.

She kept her eyes closed because she wanted to keep dreaming. She felt the soft brush of warm fingers wipe away the tears that had leaked from her closed eyes and the gentle breathing of the sun.

She denied the words that she heard, the words that she read, the words that had spread—of goodbyes that didn’t involve herself and her other half together.

The warmth escaped. Her eyes snapped open, her hands extended to stop and grab onto the sun, but she saw nothing and felt only the starting drizzle of a summer rain.

There was the glow of daybreak.

Her heart was still heavy, but bit by bit, she felt it lighten. By the words of the sun who said she loved Yuichanzu, by the dreams and burdens of an angel filled with smiles, and the future that could still change. She looked toward the faraway light.

With a small voice, she said, “See you again,” and stood to walk forward while remembering the one who held her hand.
Having previously lumped one shots together in one thread with Eccentric (ongoing fic), after taking a poll, I've decided to separate the one shots I write from now on into a separate thread.

Eccentric can be read here with the older one shots.
You can also read these one shots on Wattpad here.

Discord: Table of Contents
A collection of Keyakizaka46 OS

An Afternoon and Bread (PeNaako)*
Waiting (Yuichanzu) + Chinese Cultivation Parody Teaser (TechiNeru) **
Time Runs Out (MonaRisa) + Keyaki Hogwarts (YuukaNen) + War in the Future (TechiMemi)
Steal Your Heart (MonaRisa) + Office Life (DaniMon) + "Are you well?" (Yuichanzu)**
I am Yours, You are Mine (TechiNeru)***
Chasing After Someone (Yuichanzu) +Skirt (Yuichanzu)**
Stabbing with Chopsticks and Love Sickness (TechiPe)
Home (Techi-centric)
Floating Away (YuzuMiko - Zankyaku) + Your Time (MonaRisa)
Seasons (OdaPon)
Bamboo Cutter (YuukaNen)
Coffee Courage Plus (OzeRisa)

*contained in a post that also has Eccentric chapter updates. Scroll down to find the one shot.
**two or more one shots contained in the same post
***can't find the jphip post, so I've linked to wattpad.

TIP: using the title of the one shot, ctrl-f to find and search. (My apologies for making it difficult to go back and find these OS)

Thank You at Sunrise
Korean Shibal / Re: [TV] Produce 48
« Last post by SomethingWild on August 18, 2018, 10:44:40 PM »
Ep10 already!

Team 1000%
- On the whole a rather forgettable performance.
- The only one who caught my eye was Kim Minju.

Team I Wish:
- This was interesting, because it has three op my top favorites and one of my most disliked trainees.
- Jo Yuri didn't really stand out in terms of visuals, but she more than made up for it with her voice.
- Kim Chaewon is absoloutely perfect for this. Such a princess. I wish her rap part were longer tho, haha.

Team I Am:
- I feel the producers really dropped the ball on this one. The song didn't feel cute at all, and considering the other songs this episode, a more sexy approach would've been better.
- Ahn Yujin and Choi Rena both did really well showing their own charms.
- The way the performance was edited made it feels Huh Yunjin was center.

Interlude: Chiba Erii pumped up the jam again!! XD

Team Rollin' Rollin'
- Jang Won Young always makes me smile when she's on stage. I think that's what makes her a great idol. To be this good at her age, she's a legend in the making.
- Fun song, fun performance. Good stuff.

Team Rumor
- This song isn't really my preferred style so that doesn't help.
- The stockings make their outfits overly slutty. I don't like it.
- This goes for more of the performances this ep, but the audio felt really off.

Team Let's Meet Again
- This song is really generic, haha.
- Wang Yiren did alright.
- I felt Kang Hyewon was on autopilot, or rather, it was like she was focusing on her part and forgot about the rest of the performance before it.

As far as the team ranking goes, I feel it was pretty spot on this time!

As far as my Top 12 picks, it's more or less the same.  :nervous
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