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Japanese / Re: Kana Tokue 徳江かな
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You're just back from Bali? Wasn't it nice? Welcome home!  \^o^/

Pairings YOOOOOO!! / Re: Youth coming at Hirose Ayaka
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Hello! Q&A Kobushi Factory (1/18/2019)    
Hello!Project Written by Ro-kun , updated: 17:28, 20-Jan 2019    
2019/1/18 Hello! Q&A

Kobushi Factory

Q: Who's a member you want to talk with or get to know better?

Hirose Ayaka:

Takagi Sayuki-san!!!
I love her.
Really! I love her from head to toe!!!
Thank you very much for these new two parts of the new episode.
I see that some things are still missing before it is the cultural event.
I still look forward to seeing Techi and Neru as a couple, since they started dating, almost no interactions have been seen between them.
As I messed up and didn't manage to double update properly, don't forget to check out the previous Checkpoint posted yesterday. Well, i-i-it's the same day in some time zone out there. Haha.

@MaYukiIsLife: So close! But this penguin was not fast enough.

Checkpoint 42.5

Discussing the matters of the cultural festival that was coming up in less than two weeks at this point, Moriya Akane and Sugai Yuuka stretched their legs by wandering around the classroom. All around, they could spot decorations set up to the side for when their class cafe would actually be done.

Offhandedly remembering about a form for the cultural festival, Yuuka asked her roommate Akane, “Who are you going to invite to the cultural festival?”

“I haven’t decided yet.” Akane responded. “How about you?”

“My father’s been getting better recently, so maybe my parents can come.” Yuuka said. “I’d invite my sister, but she’s too busy.”

“I’m glad he’s getting better. Is she busy with work?”

“Since my ‘cousin’ is a missing person, after his company tore itself apart with internal rivalries, the shareholders asked her to become the CEO, so right now she’s cleaning things up.”

“That’s amazing.” Akane spoke with respect, making a face at the thought of the filthy excuse for a cousin Yuuka had mentioned.

“Right?” Yuuka agreed. “I wonder who the others will invite.”

“Tecchan and Neru said that they aren’t inviting anyone they know.”

The horse loving girl reasoned on the roommates’ decision, “Aichi and Nagasaki are both a little far away.”

“I wonder if Tecchan doesn’t want people she knows to see her dressed up as a butler.” Akane suggested, remembering the shadow falling on their short haired classmate’s expression when they had first tried out their crossdressing get-ups.

“It is a little awkward.”


“Don’t remind me of that please.”

Akane laughed and took Yuuka’s hand, intertwining her fingers with her girlfriend’s. “You look beautiful in whatever clothes though.”

“So you say.” Yuuka pouted as she tugged on Akane’s hand.

“Hello Kitty underwear is another issue.”

“They’re not that bad.”

“No, Hello Kitty underwear is no good.” Akane shook her head. “Why don’t I pick out some underwear for you next time?”

“This is too much to talk about like this.” Yuuka squeezed Akane’s hand, hiding her flustered face in Akane’s shoulder.

“It’s nothing I haven’t seen before.”

Smacking Akane on the shoulder, Yuuka stumbled over her words before she found a diversion. “Anyways, let’s ask Fuu-chan and Nijika about who they’re inviting to the cultural festival.” Yuuka dragged Akane over to the pair that she had spotted out the corner of her eye.

Fuyuka was sitting intimately with Nijika. The former watched as the latter went through her phone’s gallery, showing pictures of her pet dog excitedly.

“Yo, who are you going to invite to the cultural festival?” Yuuka lamely greeted.

“Haha, what’s with the ‘yo’ greeting?” Fuyuka snickered. “I think I’ll randomly pick a family member. The form is due soon, right?”

Akane said, “Now that I think about it, the student council president Sasaki-san asked me recently if the Keyaki class still needed to submit.”

“I don’t think many people have yet.” Fuyuka looked around the room before turning to the girl beside her. “How about you, Nijika?”

Nijika replied, “I haven’t decided either. I wish I could invite Lady here.”

Yuuka repeated the name, “Lady?”

“My pet dog,” explained Nijika.

Fuyuka let out a satisfied sigh, placing a hand on top of Nijika’s head, “That’s super cute.”

Akane joined in, followed by Yuuka, with patting Nijika on the head, leaving Nijika perplexed before she realized that they were treating her like a dumb little kid. Then, Nijika swatted their hands away to sulk by herself for a moment before getting consoled by Fuyuka that it was okay to miss her dog.

Enjoying a short chat with Fuyuka and Nijika, Akane and Yuuka decided to leave the pair alone. They seemed to be getting along.

Another set of roommates was doing their own thing, catching Akane and Yuuka’s eyes. Suzumoto was passed out on her desk, asleep without a care for the world. Yuipon was tapping a rhythm of her desk while quietly humming out a song, not paying attention to the rest of the class. Oda Nana was, while sneaking glances at her musically inclined roommate, filling out a piece of paper.

Akane asked, “Dani, are you filling out the form right now?”

“Yea.” Oda Nana nodded.

“Who are you inviting?”

“My little sister.”

“I wonder if she’s like you.”

Oda Nana opened her mouth to say nothing as if that answered the question. Then, she shrugged. “Our classroom’s a little separated from the rest of the school, so I don’t know she’ll even be able to find our cafe.”

“How about Yuipon?” Yuuka inquired about the Yui sitting right next to them.

Yuipon, hearing her name called, choked on air.

After a bout of Oda Nana’s panic, Akane smacking Yuipon’s back, and Yuuka fumbling about confused, Akane asked, “What were you so distracted with?”

To that, Yuipon answered, “What’s it like to fall in love?”

Needless to say, Oda Nana choked.
Pairings YOOOOOO!! / Re: The Crack Pairing/Emerging Pairing Thread
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Kanon and Maria

Japanese / Re: Yua Shinkawa
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Yua san!
六万views を

And Belated Happy Birthday! 1993年12月28日

I haz a purse!

I haz another one!
Japanese / Re: Ririka Tanabe / 田鍋梨々花
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Ririka chan with Mei Nagano

Ririka: I coulda been a contender
Japanese / Re: Nana Kato 加藤ナナ
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Nana san with Keyakizaka’s Rika Watanabe

Japanese / Re: Marina Nagasawa 長澤茉里奈
« Last post by pastaman on January 21, 2019, 11:09:22 PM »
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