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Author Topic: Oldskool Japanese Music Thread (1920's-1980's)  (Read 296172 times)

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Re: Oldskool Japanese Music Thread (1920's-1980's)
« Reply #360 on: May 30, 2018, 06:52:29 PM »
Could you please re-upload "Seishun Uta Nenkan. 50 Nendai Soushuuhen Disc 1".

I added a new link.
I only just saw your post.

I've not listened to much H!P for a long time and so haven't visited the forum much lately!

While I'm here... has anybody been paying close attention to what Ishida Ayumi songs have been appearing on youtube?
I lost a bunch of stuff in a hard drive failure and was able to redownload everything except some Ishida Ayumi songs which were since deleted from youtube.

If anyone's got any of these it'd be really cool...

Ishida Ayumi songs I'm looking for...

Aoi Kanaria (Blue Canary) / 青いカナリア
Itsumo Nara Watashi wa / いつもなら私は
Anata Kara Douzo / あなたからどうぞ
Hakyoku / 破局
Watashi no Last Show / 私のラストショー
Sasayaki no Refrain / 囁きのリフレイン
Collar ni Kuchibeni (Lipstick On Your Collar) / カラーに口紅
Ikigai / 生きがい
Saihate no Onna / さいはての女
Kanashimi no Torisutana / 哀しみのトリスターナ
Aruhi Totsuzen / ある日突然 (duet with some guy)
Sunadokei / 砂時計
Godokuna Tabibito / 孤独な旅人
Blizzard / BLIZZARD
A Brand New Day / ア・ブラン・ニュー・デイ (studio version) (with Hagiwara Kenichi)
A Brand New Day / ア・ブラン・ニュー・デイ (live at Budoukan) (with Hagiwara Kenichi)
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