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Author Topic: You Are My Boy [Epilogue NOW!] Updated 08/25  (Read 22541 times)

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You Are My Boy [Epilogue NOW!] Updated 08/25
« on: April 10, 2009, 09:18:26 PM »
This is my first English fic... I'm sorry if I have gramatical mistakes.  :)

Chapter 1

I hate “only-girls” academies.
I know what type of people go to this kind schools. All of them are “too good friends” or “the best friends of this world”, or worse, “the best friends of the universe!”. Oh, that’s annoying!
There are a lot of differents rolls in this academy. Maybe one of them is “the sport girl”, that type of person that only speaks about sports. Another one is the “All-the-day-joking-you girl” (I think the name says everything). The rest, obviously, will be that type of girls who say “CUTEEE! CUTEEE!” all the time. And, why not? In all “only-girls” academies, there’s girl who acts like a boy. A rebel boy-girl who’s always at the office of the director. Yeah, as me in my other school...

“Who is?” someone pointed me with her index finger.
I hate when people do that. I’M NOT A MONKEY! STOP LOOKING AT ME! I thought.

“Oh! I think she is the new girl.” the other girl was smiling at her, looking directly to the younger girl’s eyes.

“The new girl?” she asked, and the older nodded “Well, we must go to class!”

“Hai, Maimi-chan!”

I found the correct class after being lost in the big as hell academy. I wasn't really sure how I arrived to class!
As I expected, the class was really noisy. It reminded me that song of Morning Musume “Wo, wo, wo, youth, there are all sorts of theem. When 2 or 3 are together, is noisy-noisy!”. Morning Musume was right...
I sat on a chair next to the window after placing my bag on the floor. I tried my best to don’t meet anyone’s gaze, but I failed. I ended finding myself staring at the girl who pointed me with her index finger. She was leaning herself against the wall and looking at the ceiling. She noticed me and sent me a bright smile. I sighed and shook my head.

“Ohayou!” someone said.

I turned around and a short girl who seemed hyperactive was sitting beside me. She had an idiot smile in her face. Her facial expression was saying everything about herself: "Hey, I'm cute and adorable, just like a dog! It's the first time I see you, but I love you and I'm going to pee in my pants if you don't love me too". Oh my god, I spend a lot of time with my brother.
“Ohayou” I answered.

“You are the new girl, right?” she grinned. “My name is Momoko Tsugunaga. Nice to meet you!”

I bowed my head and stayed in silence. She was staring at me, still with her smile. She was analyzing my face and my hair with her puppy gaze. Then she looked down at the floor and noticed my bag.

“Oh, your school-bag is CUTE!” she shouted.

“What are you talking about? My bag is the same as yours..." I rose my eyebrows and crossed my arms. She wasn't listening me, but I didn't really care.

“Ohayou Momo-chan!” a tall girl joined the conversation.

I looked at her while she talked with Momoko. She was the tallest girl of the class. She had dark skin, which I found strange. Having dark skin was a sign of impurity in Japan.

“Oh, Momo-chan, your hair is CUTE today” she exclaimed, making me stop staring at her. I rubbed my forehead and sighed. That was going to be a long day between the CUTE type girls.

“Thank you Kumai-chan~!” she was happier after hearing that. That's when I started to think she is like a Tamagochi. If you give her love, she'll get bigger.

“Hey” someone said. “This is my chair. Get out”

Wow, I finally found the girl who acts like a boy in the only-girls academy. I looked up at her. She was a short girl, but her presence was the scariest thing ever. I gulped and decided to ignore her.

“Hey, did you listen what I said?” she shouted and slammed her fist against Momoko's table. “Get out!”

“I-I don't want" I muttered.

“What did you say?” she was getting really angry. That made me sweat like a pig. I wiped my sweat drops with my hands and looked away from where the boy-girl was staying.

Suddenly the teacher came into the class and started to speak to the girls, ignoring what was happening between that girl and me. The boy-girl didn't say any word and went to sit beside the girl who pointed me.

“Ohayou everyone!” she exclaimed.

“Ohayou, Yaguchi-sensei!” the others replied.

“Today you have a new schoolmate.” Everybody looked at me with a dumb grin. Specially Momoko. “Please, come here and introduce yourself”

"What? Me? Introduce myself...? "

I stood up and walked up to the blackboard. I took a chalk and I write my name with the kanjis. Then I turned around and looked at my new classmates.
“My name is Arihara Kanna. I’m 15 years old. Nice to meet you!”

The class fell in silence. 'Maybe I should said that I’m not a monkey...' I thought.

"And I'm not a monkey" I added. "Everyone usually compares me with a monkey, but I don't know why."

“Well, you do actually look like one” the boy girl suddenly said as she stood up. Then she pointed me with her finger “You suck”.

Why does people have to point me with their fingers?! 
The other girls started to laugh (well, Momoko didn't laugh, but she smiled at me. She was a Happy Tamagochi). I had to say something, but before I could say anything the teacher began to shout.


“Chisato, you are fired again!” Maimi laughed.

“Chisa, you are cool!” another exclaimed.

“I know it, Nakky” she took her schoolbag and smiled again. She looked at me and winked one of her eyes. She turned around and left the room with her evil smile still in her face.

All the girls were looking at me, waiting for my reaction. They looked like idiots.

“He.. he... he” I muttered “... Can...I... sit down?”

“Wait a second, please” the teacher looked at my classmates and she asked “Do someone want to make a question to Kanna?”

“Hai!” a lot of girls exclaimed.

“Okay, Sugaya-san?”

“Kanna, why are you here?”

"I'm here to study, why are you here?” I said using a sarcarstic tone.

“Ah... Sorry” she blushed a little
Cute. Wait, what was I thinking about?!

“OK, Natsuyaki-san?” the teacher said.

“Arihara-san, are you free?”

What kind of question was that? Free... free... Maybe she is asking me if I'm single or not. Wait, WHAT?! IS SHE ASKING ME TO BE HER GIRLFREND?

“I... don’t have boyfriend, no...” I whispered.

“No, no, no! That wasn’t what I wanted to mean!” she blushed more than Sugaya. “I mean, are you free this weekend?”


“Yes... I am...”

“Great! Do you want to play?”


“Whaat... type of play?”

“Football, of course!”

WHAT?! IS SHE ASKING ME TO...?! Oh, wait, that was normal.

“Oh, great, of course I want” I smiled.

“Last question, Tsugunaga-san” the teacher pointed the girl with her hand, and she stood up.

“Arihara-san... I like you”.


“I mean... I like you as a new class-mate. And you don't look like a monkey, you're really cute!” she blushed more than Natsuyaki and Sugaya.

“Oh... Thank you, Tsugunaga-san” I said. That was really weird...

“Okay, Arihara-san, you can take your sit beside Tsugunaga-san” the teacher smiled.

'No, please! I’m afraid of that crazy Tamagochi! Okai-san, why didn’t I give you this chair?!'


Nevermind... I was going to sleep during this class. I hated maths and Monday mornings.

“So we are going to start with Pitagoras”

“Hey, Arihara-san...” Momoko whispered
“What do you want?” I asked with an annoyed tone.
“For you. From Chisato”
She gave me a piece of paper. I read it while I smile.

Do you want to fight with me?
Today after school in the park. Come alone.
Don’t tell anyone.


She was pathetic. I looked around. She was staying beside the opened door. I nodded at her. She winked at me and she left.
“She is strange...” I laughed.
Then I looked at Momoko,  who was writing with a pencil in a notebook. She was writing a letter for... me?!
“She is strange too...” I whispered for myself.

"Eh?" Momoko looked up at me.

"N-n-nothing, Tsugunaga-san, nothing"


I don't think that Momo-chan is a Tamagochi, but I liked when Kanna said it at first time.  :err:
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Re: You Are My Boy [Chapter 1: Joining~) [KidsFic]
« Reply #1 on: April 10, 2009, 09:47:56 PM »
 :glasses:  a new hp kids fic :heart:.. and more of it, it looks like its more about C-ute... am I right?

I like this fic!  :hehehe:

and quite a new theme for hp kids fic.. I mean, almost all fics here are more in fluff, and this fic of yours is more on the comedy side... right?

 :on lol:

Keep it up! ^_^

we need more HP Kids fics here..  :hee:

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Re: You Are My Boy [Chapter 1: Joining~] [KidsFic]
« Reply #2 on: April 10, 2009, 11:36:12 PM »

Love the fanfic so far.

XD Momo is a tamagochi XD

Chisato & Kanna fighting?

Uh oh....

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Re: You Are My Boy [Chapter 1: Joining~] [KidsFic]
« Reply #3 on: April 11, 2009, 04:15:59 AM »
Hi Liben. Read your first chapter and thought it's awesome and funny :D Keep up the good work!

Jab <3 marimari <3 ChrNo~ your spirit shall live forever.. T_T ||

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Re: You Are My Boy [Chapter 2: Berryz vs. ºC-ute] [KidsFic]
« Reply #4 on: April 11, 2009, 12:05:27 PM »
@Panickofpain: Arigatou! Yes, is more about ºC-ute, but Berryz has protagonism too  :grin: I try to make it fun as possible because is a dificult topic, typical of a drama :sweatdrop: I'm glad you liked the Fic  :)
@Hotaru: Arigatou! Yes, Momo is a Tamagochi. I was thinking about calling her "TamaMomo", hehe. The fight will be soon...!
@Ziggurat: Arigatou! I'm glad you liked the Fic :D
Another chapter :monster:
Chapter 2
Berryz vs. ºC-ute

Ok. Finally it was recess time!
That I was wanting to make friends, but not friends like Tamagochi. She wrote me a letter! Was she crazy? Maybe she enjoyed writing, but she doesn't have friends to write. Then I remembered that Kumai-san was her friend. But anyway, it wasn’t time to think about Tamagochi Tsugunaga.
I have to decide whom to talk! I won’t stay alone in my first day. Maybe I will talk with Natsuyaki-san. Yes. About the football match.
I walk to get close to her group. I’m walking too slow to analyse them with the gaze. What? Tamagochi, Kumai and Risako are here too. Risako is sitting next to Momoko in the bench, and they are talking loudly. There are three girls next to them too. One of them is too small, but she seems to be cool. The following is talking with Kumai about something that sounds interesting and funny. The other girl is noisy; she is jumping  around the too smal girl, shouting. Natsuyaki-san is only watching and having fun.
Maybe I will talk with her later. I don’t want to speak with Tamagochi Tsugunaga.

“Hey, Arihara-san!!” she calls me.
It’s late. She saw me and now I’m destinated to talk with her.
I turn around. I smile falsely while walking towards her. I’m in the front of her right now, smiling like a idiot.
“Hello” I wave with the hand.
“How is your first day?” she asks.
“... Great” the too smal girl is looking at me. She seems to be angry. I’m getting nervous.
“Did you make friends?” she is attacking me with that question.
“I... suppose so...” I’m sweating.
“Do you want to be my friend, Arihara-san?”
Risako laughs. Then, the too small girl laughs too. I don’t know what to do. I don’t want to be a friend of a Tamagochi! I had traumas with Tamagochis when I was a child.
But I’m destinated to answer yes. What should I do? I don’t want to be her friend! God, if you are reading my mind, please, help me!
“Arihara-san won’t join your damn group, you idiots!” someone shouts.
Thank you, God! You are great!
I turn around and I saw five girls. One of them was Maimi, the other was Nakky (I think it was her nickname), but I’m not sure that who are the other three.
“Arihara-san is going to be a ºC-ute.” Maimi says “I don’t think that she want to be a looser like you”
“Shut up, you nasty!” the too small girl rises from her seat, looking with hatred to Maimi “You know that we are better than your stupid group, you know why? Because we are friends!”
“Oh, look, I’m going to cry... You suck, little captain!” the other girls laugh with Maimi’s commentary. “So, Arihara-san is joining ºC-ute. Bye-kyu!”
Before saying anything, Maimi grabs me and takes me with them.  We walk for a while. We arrive to a garden. There is a sign that says "no pass", but we ignore it because we are bad girls (add evil laugh here). Nakky bends down and takes away the leaves of the ground. I see that there’s a little door in the floor. She open it and enters without problem.
“What’s that?” I ask. Maimi laugh.
“Welcome to the ºC-ute side” the other girl says.
All of them enter in the room. Then I come in. I go down the stairs and I join the ºC-ute side.
It’s a cool place. There is a sofa and an armchair. The cement wall is decorated with photos and posters of ºC-ute with different clothes. There is also a dartboard with a photo of Tamagochi’s group.
“Guys... this place is incredible!” I shout “How did you get it?”
“The concierge is Airi’s uncle” Nakky explains, sitting in the armchair. “He maked it for us!”
“Hey, let this chair to Kanna” Maimi smiles at her. “Please, sit down”
I nod shyly and sit in the armchair.
“Well, we are going to explain you everything, so listen attentively” one of the girls says.
“We are ºC-ute. I’m the leader, Maimi, this is the sublider, Erika, who is also my girlfriend” I was right... Wait, SHE IS HER GIRLFRIEND! So, that means that... they are together?! Calm down, Kanna, continue listening. “This is Saki, but we preffer to call her Nakky”
Honestly, Saki looks like that kind of american bad girl. She looks really cool.
“This girl is Mai. You can also call her MaiMai” the small girl nod. “And this is Airi. She never speak”
“There is another member who is Chisato, but she isn’t officially a ºC-ute. She is actually spying Berryz”.
“The other group and our enemies are Berryz Koubou, that stupid girls that you met at class” Erika rises from the sofa. “Saki Shimizu is her Captain, and Momoko is the sublider”
“You mean Tam... Tsugunaga-san, right?” I ask.
“Yeah. She is a really idiot girl, isn’t she?” Mai laugh.
“Yes she is!” Nakky nods.
I preffer stil in silence... She isn’t a bad girl at all. But she is a Tamagochi.
“The other important members are Risako Sugaya and the second leader, Miyabi Natsuyaki” the leader says.
“You have to be careful with Risako. Last year she seduced Airi!” Mai tells.
“Maybe that’s why she doesn’t speak!” Erika says.
I look at Airi. She doesn’t say any word. She only stays here without speak.
“The others are Chinami Tokunaga, Maasa Sudou and Yurina Kumai” Maimi explains.
“Kumai... You were speaking with her this morning, weren’t you?” I ask.
“Oh, that’s because we were friends when we were at kindergarden. I can’t get angry with her. But she is a Berryz, so we are destinated to be enemies”
“But... why are you enemies?”
They fall in silence. Maimi looks at Erika. Erika looks at Mai. Mai looks at Nakky. Nakky looks at Airi. Airi blush.
“Because... eh... they are Berryz” Nakky says. “We hate them. That’s all!”
“Ah... those are good reasons...”  
“Tomorrow Berryz and us will fight at the park. They don’t know that Chisato is from our side, so we can win” Maimi grins and adds “We can and we will”
“Because you are new, we have chosen a easy objective for you in this fight” Erika says. “You will fight with Momoko”

Fight with Tamagochi? That wasn’t what I planed... So, I will fight with her. Wiith Tamagochi. Oh my god, I don’t want to have more problems! And I think that Momoko likes me. She is a Tamagochi, she has a too big heart, I don’t want to break it!
What am I thinking? I hate her! Or maybe I don’t hate her? This is confusing...
“Ok” I mutter.
“Great. Nakky, give me a cigar” the leader says.
“No way! Buy it by yourself!” she moans.
“I told you that I don’t have enought money to buy them!”
“I’m sorry, but I won’t give another one!” the other shouts.
“You’re a selfish, Nakky!” then she looks at me “Kanna, have you got a cigar?”
“Not here. I got them at home under the mattress” I explain.
“Can you carry them to school tomorrow?” she insists.
“... I don’t want to have problems in my second day, leader” I mutter.
“Come on! It will be fine!” Erika animates me slaping my back.
“Ok... I will carry  them”
“Smoke will give us strength for our fight!” Nakky smiles.
They all look cool and cute... Why do they smoke? Is stupid! Wait, I smoke too. Well, my case is different!

The bell rings. The recess is over.
“We better go to class, or that fucking teacher will get angry” Maimi says.
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Re: You Are My Boy [Chapter 2: Berryz vs. ºC-ute] [KidsFic]
« Reply #5 on: April 11, 2009, 12:45:30 PM »
I'm not sure I even know exactly why, but I'm really enjoying this story! :lol: It's one of the funnier things I've read here in a long time for one thing, and I guess I just like how naturally bad-ass they seem. It's not like their pushing it too hard... it's just what it is. Like Kanna smoking. XD Like... it's not a big deal. Ah, I can't explain it. XD I wonder though. So C-ute are like the bad girls and are Berryz good? Or are they both similar gangs? For some reason I can't really see Tamagochi smoking though. :lol: (speaking of which, I love how Kanna calls her that XD) I hope you continue!!! Looking forward to the fight!!!

Oh, and poor Airi being seduced by Risako into muteness... Not that I can blame her. XD Risako would be quite hard to resist...

Thanks for sharing your first English-language fic with us! :twothumbs
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Re: You Are My Boy [Chapter 2: Berryz vs. ºC-ute] [KidsFic]
« Reply #6 on: April 11, 2009, 01:04:41 PM »
HAHA. Good job Liben! You're really silly lol. I can't stop cracking reading it  :lol:

Jab <3 marimari <3 ChrNo~ your spirit shall live forever.. T_T ||

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Re: You Are My Boy [Chapter 2: Berryz vs. ºC-ute] [KidsFic]
« Reply #7 on: April 11, 2009, 01:43:52 PM »
this fic is different!  XD
Too different from what I read, and I'm enjoying it!  XD

Keep it up! ^_^

Momoko is a tamagochi? lol  now I can imagine why...  XD

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Re: You Are My Boy [Chapter 3: Fighting Poses] [KidsFic]
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@rokun: Arigatou! I'm glad you liked it  :grin: Kanna smoking isn't difficult to imagine when you watch a lot of videos of ºC-ute and a lot of Spanish films (they are too bad films. Don't watch them!). Is only mixing images  :P You are right, Risako is hard to resist  :lol:
@ziggurat: Arigatou! I'm silly but HAPPY! *doing the gest of Charmy* Ok... I promise I won't do this again  :lol:
@Panickofpain: Arigatou!

Sorry guys, another chapter  :monster:

Chapter 3
Fighting Poses

Fuck. Tamagochi wrote me another letter. Please, just stop it! Tomorrow I will fight with you, don’t make it more difficult for me!
This is the last class today, Geography class. I’m too tired, maybe I will tell Chisato to have our fight another day. I look at her and she smiles me. She shows me her fist.

“Fighting pose” I whisper.
Ok. We are going to fight today, Okai-san... Why does she smiles so grim? She looks evil, but cool.
“Are you going to fight, Arihara-san?” Tamagochi asks me with a worried expression in her face.
“No, I’m not going to fight” I lie. I hope to be good lying.
“So why did you whisper Fighting Pose?” another question and I’ll kill her...
“I was remembering the tittle of a song” I’m lying again. I hope she doesn’t notice it!
“Ah! Ok” she smiles “If you are going to fight, tell me! I’ll protect you, Arihara-san!”
She holds my hand. It looks like her mind isn’t living in this world. She doesn’t realize that we are enemies, that I’m a ºC-ute member and she is from Berryz! That isn’t right. You can’t protect me when I’m fighting with you, Tamagochi.
I look at my friends of ºC-ute. Maimi is watching me and laughing. Nakky is breaking her tie using scissors. Erika is holding Maimi’s hand and writing with the other hand in her notebook. MaiMai is just sleeping.  Airi is drawing in her notebook. Chisato is beside her, looking at me with her evil smile.
“So... Arihara-san...” she sighs. “Are you going to play the football match with us?”
I had already forgotten the football match! I can’t be the goalkeeper of the Berryz Football Team, I’m a ºC-ute. Maimi would be furious with me if she found out that I accept to be one of the players.
“No, I’m not going to play with you” I mutter.
“Why?” she asks. She looks pretty sad.
Maimi still looking at me, so I have to look strong and evil, as Chisato. 
“I’m already a ºC-ute member. I won’t play with you, fucking girls. You really suck, guys” It seems that I’m acting like Chisato when she takes a cold shower... Anyway, I look at Maimi, who claps me and smiles again. I’m glad I make you happy, leader...
Tamagochi is getting sad. She looks like she wants to cry. I’m really sorry, Tamagochi-san, but we are destinated to be enemies.
“You know what, Arihara-san?” she sighs “You are only one of this dreg. You are only a stupid who believes that hurting people is funny. You are that type of people who consider herself cool, but you aren’t cool, you know why?” she starts to cry “Because you are a ºC-ute. You’ll never be cool”
“Tsugunaga-san, I’m...”
The bell rings, interrumping my words. She gives me a sad look and leaves.
“... sorry” I finish.

Maimi comes close to me, smiling evily. Erika is beside her, as always.
“You are a evil girl too” she says holding my shoulders.
Nakky appears and hugs me.
“You were so cool, Kanna!” she exclaims.
“Thanks...” I mutter.
“Hey you guys!” MaiMai says. “I’ve stolen some money to the teacher. What can we buy with 1000 yens?”
“Snuff!” Maimi exclaims. “I want to smoke now!”
“We can also buy some drinks” Nakky smiles “I want to drink something new”
“What about wine?” Erika asks.
“No, it’s too expensive!” Mai moans.
“Girls, I’m going” I say.
“You don’t want to smoke?” Maimi asks.
“You are obsessed with snuff, aren’t you?” Maimi laughs with my comment. “I have something to do. Maybe later”
“We’ll be in the club if you want something” Nakky smiles. 

I run. I hope she is still in the park waiting for me...
While I run I start to think about Tsugunaga-san (it isn’t funny to call her Tamagochi if she doesn’t act like it). I hope she understood what happened... Anyway, I’m going to fight with her tomorrow.
“You’re late, you idiot!” Chisato moans.
“I don’t have enough time for nonsenses.”
“Hey, hey, calm down” she says “There’s something that I have to tell you before the fight”
“Tell it”
“I’ve been reeding your school-expedient and I read that you were a problematic student in your other school” she explains “You burned your chair during a class, hurt a teacher using only a pencil and you were expelled for three months because your behavior. I only have to tell you that in this school I’m the leader, so I don’t want you take away my reputation!”she shouts “So... Fighto.”
She grins evily again. She really looks like a boy. I’m sweating a little, but I don’t mind. She puts a fighting pose, waiting for my attack. I rise my fist to hit her, but she stopped me holding my hand. She comes close to me. I feel how our breaths are mixing. I feel nervous because she is too close, so I’m sweating more than ever. She come closer to my ear and I start to blush.
“That’s why I admire you, Arihara Kanna-san” she whispers seductively.
We have an eye contact. Her eyes are bright. She has a comfortable gaze. She looks sure about she is going to do. I’m sure what is she going to do, but I’m not sure if I want it too. Finally, she locks her lips with mine. My heart is racing like crazy. She is stroking my checks gently. I open my mouth to ler her tongue come in. Her mouth has a snuff taste, but I don’t mind it. I like her kisses.
Wait… When our fight become a tongues fight?
Suddenly she separates from me with a smile in her face.
“I think I won the fight” she laugh “See you tomorrow, Kanna”
She strokes my chin and she leave.

“Yeah… I think you won the fight” I mutter “but you won’t win the war, Okai-san”

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Re: You Are My Boy [Chapter 3: Fighting Poses] [KidsFic]
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woah!  :w00t:
KannaChisato!  XD
Keep going!  :lol:

awww... Momo cried...  :O

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Re: You Are My Boy [Chapter 3: Fighting Poses] [KidsFic]
« Reply #10 on: April 12, 2009, 03:13:44 AM »
Lol! What is this weird relationship going on between chisato and kanna :lol: The fighting pose part is really funny, it's just ridiculous lol. Thanks for the new chapter :kneelbow:

Jab <3 marimari <3 ChrNo~ your spirit shall live forever.. T_T ||

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Re: You Are My Boy [Chapter 4: The secret of Airi] [KidsFic]
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Arigatou~! I'm glad you liked it! Yes, I know that Chisato-Kanna relationship is weird XD

Another chapter~!  :monster:

Chapter 4
The secret of Airi

I still can't believe that I kissed Chisato. And I liked it. I mean, I don't like girls! Or maybe I like girls? No, I don't like girls! I had a boyfriend in my other school. But... I broke with him because I  fell in love with my best friend unconciously. Maybe... liking girls isn't a crime at all, huh? I hope my new friends don't mind it (Maimi and Erika are a couple, so it's okay).
I continue walking down the street, thinking about Chisato when a stone strikes me on the forehead, making a injury in it. I look at the front and I see three girls that look elder than me. One of them looks short if you compare her with the others. She is in the center of the group, looking at me like saying 'you don't have any permission to be here'.
“Hey, you, stupid” the tallest girl says.
I look around to be sure that she is talking to me. We are alone in the street, so I suppose that stupid is me. I turn around trying to escape from them, but the tallest grabs me violently and she lifts me. I try to let go but I can't move my arms. I'm afraid, they look dangerous, violent and strongs.
“Oh, look, a kindergarden girl” the shorter laughs “Tell us: Are you a stupid ºC-ute or a dawn Berryz, new girl?”
“I'm a ºC-ute” I mutter.
“I didn't hear you... say it louder” the other girl says.
“I'm a ºC-ute!” I exclaim.   
“Haha, so in this case... we have a present for you, ºC-ute girl...” the tallest whispers in my ear.  “Tanaka, take the knife”
The shorter takes the knife from the tallest's hand and she comes closer to me. She smiles evily at me, looking directly to my eyes.
“I'm going to cut your dirty hair, ºC-ute girl” she grins. “Niigaki, help me cuting her hair”
“Oh yeah, of course!”
I start to shout asking for help, but it seems that nobody listens me. They cut me some tufs and I start to cry. The shortest is distracted and she makes me a slit in my face.
“Shut up and don't worry! Everyone will like your new hair stile...” the talest says covering my mouth.
The other girl starts to examine my body with her hands. She takes my arm.
“What's your name?” she asks.
“Arihara Kanna... I'm Arihara Kanna...” I mumble.
“I'm going to write your name in your arm with the knife. All the ºC-ute girls will admire you if you have it!” she says sarcasticaly.
“Stop please! DAREKA TASUKETE!” I shout.
The tallest covers my mouth again. The other start to make some slits in my skin. I continue crying   and trying to escape, but I can't because the tallest is stronger than me. I bit the hand of the tallest, but it doesn't cause any effect on her. I close my eyes, trying to relax.
“Tanaka! Stop now!” someone shouts.
I can recognize this voice. I smile, happy because she comes to help me, as she promised.
“Tamagochi...” I whisper.
“Tanaka! Stop now or we'll call the police!” other shouts.
I recognize this voice too. It's another Berryz, the second leader, Natsuyaki-san. I'm happy because she is here too, she seems to be strong.
“Reina, Niigaki, Junjun, stop now or you'll have problems!”
I don't recognize this voice, but thank you for protecting me. I'm happy because you three are here.
“Ok, your friends are here. We are leaving. Show them your new look, Arihara Kanna” the shortest says. “I don't want to see you again in our streets, do you understand?”
I nod nerviously. The tallest drops me on the floor and they leave together. I continue crying on the floor because my hair is ugly now and because they didn't write my name, they wrote the word 'baka'.
The three girls walk up to me. Tamagochi is in the front of me, Natsuyaki-san is beside her and the third one is leaning her knees in my back. 
“Are you okay, Arihara-san?” Momoko asks. I nod at her. 
“That girls are really anoying...” Miyabi mutters. “Tanaka changed a lot in recent years”
“Arihara-san, are you really okay?” the other girl asks. I nod again and I stand up.
“I'm only afraid” I respond.
Finally I look at her and I recognize who is. Is Airi. What is she doing with Berryz members? Even if Maimi find out them, she'll kill Airi!
“There's something that you have to know, Kanna” she says. I look at Miyabi and Momoko, and they nod at me. “Let sit down”
We sit in the bench that was near us. Airi takes my hands and I slowly start to blush.
“Miyabi and I are good friends. We met eachother when we started at school” she explains.
“There was a high school girl who was always alone. That girl was Tanaka Reina, the girl that you met a moment ago” Miyabi says “One day we decided to speak with her and we started to be good friends”
“Another day we were waiting Tanaka in the park, but she doesn't appear. The next day we saw her with those girls, Niigaki and Junjun” Airi explains.
“Now she is a bad girl who attacks Berryz and ºC-ute members, including us” Miyabi sighs heavily.
“At the same time, I met Maimi, Saki, Erika and Megumi at school and we started to be a group” Momoko sighs.
“Wait, Saki Nakajima or Saki Shimizu?” I ask.
“Saki Shimizu” she resplys.
I'm absolutely suprised. Saki and Maimi in the same group!
“Who is Megumi?”
“She was the most beautiful girl of the academy” Momoko smiles.“One day Saki confessed her love to Megumi. Maimi was there and she heard it. She got angry with Saki because she loved her too. They started to fight and Maimi said that she didn't want to be with Saki anymore”
“So Maimi created ºC-ute and Saki created Berryz Koubou” I mutter.
“Yes” Miyabi says. “At that time I was in love with Sugaya Risako and Airi was crazy about Maimi, so we decided to slip up and go to diferent groups”
“When Megumi left the academy and travelled to America, Maimi started to date Erika” Airi says “That's when Risako appeared and we started to date everyday after school”.
“One day ºC-ute find out them. They told her to break with Risako and Airi accepted. That day I was studying with Momoko when Airi came to my house crying” Miyabi says.
“Since that day we are a group, but ºC-ute and Berryz can't find out us.” Momoko sighs.
So that's why Airi doesn't speak when we are in the club...
“So why are you here? I mean, at the street” I ask. “If someone of ºC-ute find you together...”
“We heard you shouting, that's why we are here...” Miyabi sighs and then start to laugh.
“Oh... right” I blush a little.
“Please, don't tell it to Maimi!” Airi implored.
“I won't tell it! You are also my friends and I don't want to hurt you” I say.
“Thank you Arihara-san, you are great!” Tamagochi smiles and hugs me.
“Oh, Tsugunaga-san...” I mutter “That thing that I said at class... I'm sorry... I don't think this way about Berryz”
“I understand it” Momoko smiles again. “You are like Airi. In the front of ºC-ute girls you have to act like a strong girl but then you apologice”
“That isn't true at all...” I sigh.
“Hm?” Miyabi asks.
“Oh... it's nothing” I smile shaking my head.
“Oh, god, your hair is ugly...” Airi says.
“I know...” I whisper and sigh again.
“Let go to my home. I'll cut you properly!” Airi smiles.

We start to walk down the street. Airi and Miyabi are joking Tamagochi and laughing. It seems that they are good friends.
“One question guys...” I say. “What is the name of your group?”
“Oh... We think about call it Buono!” Airi responds.
“Buono?” I ask without understand the meaning.
“Yeah. I don't know what it means, but it sounds cool!” Tamagochi smiles.
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Re: You Are My Boy [Chapter 4: The secret of Airi] [KidsFic]
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Wtf lol. I started reading and shocked about the event with Reina, Gaki-san and Junjun. And they carved Kanna's hand?! Crazy. But then it returned back to your regular style. Berryz and C-ute established because of love rivalry? lol!

Thanks for the new chapter! :kneelbow:

Jab <3 marimari <3 ChrNo~ your spirit shall live forever.. T_T ||

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Re: You Are My Boy [Chapter 4: The secret of Airi] [KidsFic]
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I was supposed to be the first comment!  :cry:
my dad turned off the router as I finished reading...  :cry:

yey! Buono!
and wth, Reina's evil???

Airi can talk!!!!  XD

keep it up! ^_^

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Re: You Are My Boy [Chapter 4: The secret of Airi] [KidsFic]
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KannaSato is great XD!
I really like your fanfic =)
but now I want to know why Niigaki and Jun made Reina become evil >.<
poor kitty .___.

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Re: You Are My Boy [Chapter 5: Preparing for the fight] [KidsFic]
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@ziggurat: Love rivalry? Yep, something like this. I'm glad you liked it!
@Panickofpain: (Can I call you Panick? It's more simply for me [I'm lazy...]) Arigatou! I'm glad you liked it. It doesn't mind if your comment isn't the first. Anyway, you commented and I'm happy with this (I that type of people who is happy everytime, so it's okay XD).
@MayerlingLove: Wow, a new reader! Arigatou, I'm glad you liked it!


Another chapter! :monster:

Chapter 5
Preparing for the fight
Momoko POV

Ah, I’m nervous because the fight. I don’t want to participate, but I’m bound to do it. Saki and Miyabi seem to be excited with all this. They always act like this before a fight.

“Hey, look! The stupid ºC-ute members!” Chinami exclaims as she points them with one finger.

Ah, Arihara-san is too cute today with her new haircut! She looks like a boy, haha, but she is irresistible like this... hehe, she makes me think things that I shouldn’t think...

“Stop imagining, Momo!” Miyabi laughs.

“I wasn’t imagining!” I lie.

I don't mind if she is a ºC-ute... she is really sexy, cute and masculine!
Kanna POV

Yesterday I forgot telling Momoko about the fight, but we were too relaxed to think about problems. Natsuyaki-san and Tamagochi are great girls, this is why I’m afraid. I don’t want to hurt them.
The bell rings and we go to the club. At that time, Chisato joins the club too

“You have a cool haircut, Kanna” Maimi smiles at me and I blush a little.

“Thank you” I look at Airi and smile at her.

“Have you got the snuff?” Erika asks. I nod at her while I take it from my pocket.

“You are a legal girl!” Nakky says slaping my back. “Give me one cigar, please!”

“You didn’t give me one yesterday, so I won’t give you!” Maimi moans. Leader... you are speaking about my snuff, not yours!

“Airi, do you want one?” MaiMai asks. Airi looks at her and at me. She nods shyly.
Airi smokes too?! No way! She is too pretty!

We start to smoke. Smoking always relax me, and it seems that also relax them. Suddenly Maimi stands up and she shuts down her cigarrete in Nakky’s forehead.

“ITAI!” she shouts. 

Maimi laughs. She always treat Nakky as a pet or something like this. Airi told me that sometimes Maimi uses Nakky to make Erika feel jealous.

“Well girls, we have to plan the fight” she says “As always, we have to decide who we are going to fight with”

“The fights are going to be in turns and in age order” Erika explains me. “If we all fight together it’s dificult to determinate who won” I nod at her, indicating that I understand it.

“We have already decide that Kanna will fight with Momoko, so we have to decide the others” Maimi says, excited with all this.

“I’m hungry... I’m going to steal some food to the Shugo Chara” Chisato says.

“I’ve already stole their food, I’m sorry” Nakky says.

“Shut up!” Maimi shouts. “Ok, if you don’t want to cooperate, I’m going to decide it by myself!”

“Dear, I was listening to you! That isn’t fair!” Erika moans.

“Oh, I’m sorry dear” Maimi comes closer to Erika and she kisses her while she puts her arms around her waist “We will decide it together, okay?”

“Okay” she kisses Maimi.

“That’s nasty...” Nakky mutters.

“I’m not hungry now...” Chisato whispers.

I laugh. Chisato is funny when she wants to be it. The Chisa&Nakky combo is simply great.

“Shut up you guys!” Maimi shouts. “Ok, I’m going to fight with...”

“What about... Saki Shimizu?” I ask.

She looks at me with disdain and for a moment, I thought that I was going to die. “I won’t fight with her. She is shorter than me, it isn’t right” she sighs.

“What about the second leader?” Erika asks.

“With Miyabi?” she smiles at her girlfriend “I love when you think, dear!”
That isn’t a good thing, leader... you are calling her idiot.

“Thank you, dear!” she kisses her again.
Right, maybe she is idiot... I love her too when she thinks...

“Stop doing that in the front of us!” MaiMai moans.

“Shut up!” Maimi shouts again “So I’m going to fight with Miyabi... What about you, my chocolate?”

“Mmh, don’t call me chocolate!” Erika blushes a little.

“Hm, why not?” she starts to kiss her neck “I always want to eat you... that’s why you are my chocolate!”

“Maimi...” she whispers.

“Ok, guys, if you want to make illegal things, we’ll leave you alone” Chisato says.

“Shut up!” Erika shouts. Wow, she sounds exactly like Maimi!

“So, my chocolate, what about you?”

“Maybe... I’m going to fight with Yurina. I’m the tallest of ºC-ute and she is the tallest of Berryz...” she says.

“Ok” Maimi smiles at her. “Now the others...”

“Leader” Chisato calls. “I’m the strongest here, so, can I fight with Maasa?”

“Sure!” Maimi says “What about you MaiMai?”

“I want to fight with their stupid captain!” she exclaims.

“Okay, but don’t be gently with her!” Erika smiles. “You have to make her come under”
Erika... you were her friend. I can’t understand why do you want to hurt her!

“Don’t worry, I’ll make her cry!” she looks at me and I avoid her gaze. Sometimes she scares me...

“So, you two...” Maimi points Airi and Nakky “We will decide it playing Jankenpyon”

“Ok” Nakky mutters.
They play the game and Nakky wins. Airi seems to be afraid and I understand why. She is maybe afraid about...

“Okay, Nakky versus Chinami and Airi versus Risako. This is going to be a interesting fight!” Erika exclaims.

Exactly about that.

“I don’t want to fight with Chinami!” Nakky shouts.
Oh, right. Miyabi also explained me this. Nakky and Chinami were close friends before the creation of ºC-ute and Berryz.

“Why?!” Maimi moans “Oh girl, please, don’t bother me again with ‘we were close friends and I won’t fight with her’!” she imitates Nakky’s voice “Please, you have to admit it! She is a Berryz and you are a ºC-ute! You are enemies, remember?!”

“If that’s so, why you don’t fight with Yurina?!” she shouts.


“You won’t say anything because you know that I’m right!” she stands up and walks up to the door.

“Wait, Nakky!” Maimi stands up too and she comes closer to her. “You are right, but my case is diferent than yours”

“It isn’t diferent, Maimi! Yurina was your friend when you were in kindergarden, and...”

Maimi hits Nakky’s face with her fist. She younger starts to cry.
“I can’t fight with her...” Maimi whispers.


“I CAN’T FIGHT WITH HER BECAUSE SHE IS MY COUSIN!” she shouts. “I promised my mother never to fight with Yurina, and I won’t break the promise” The leader also starts to cry “I won’t break the promise because you know that she is dead!”

“Maimi...” Erika mutters.

“I’m... sorry...”

“It’s okay” Maimi sighs.
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Re: You Are My Boy [Chapter 5: Preparing for the fight] [KidsFic]
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Ah, new chapter! The part where they're smoking is funny lol. And Maimi put out her cigarette at Nksk forehead?! It's either Maimi is cruel or Nksk forehead is strong lol. Whoa it's getting more serious when they're discussing the fight matching.

Poor Nksk  :pleeease:

And thanks for the new chapter :kneelbow: Keep writing!

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Re: You Are My Boy [Chapter 5: Preparing for the fight] [KidsFic]
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So this is really going to be a ChisaKannaMomo thing, huh?  XD
poor Saki  :(
it's pretty mean of Maimi to put out her cigarette at her forhead... I hope Maimi doesn't do it that much, what if there stays scar or something like this  :sweatdrop:

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Re: You Are My Boy [Chapter 5: Preparing for the fight] [KidsFic]
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This story is Hilarious. Yes, with a capital H.  :rofl:

I felt kinda bad but I laughed when Maimi put out her cigarrete on Nakky's forehead. Poor Nakky though..

The pairings are very good! I like Kanna/Momo and Airi/Risako :wub:

I'm enjoying this fic very much, please keep writing!  :twothumbs

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Re: You Are My Boy [Chapter 6: The Real Fight] [KidsFic]
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@Ziggurat: Arigatou! I'm glad you liked it. Yep, poor Nakky!

@MayerlingLove: Maimi is cruel but cool  O0 Thanks! I'm glad you liked it.

@Glorificus: Oh, a new reader! (you have a cool avatar  :)) I also laugh while I wrote it, so you aren't bad  :lol: Thank you! I'm glad you liked it!


I'm sorry, but when I have free time I can't stop writing...
Another Chapter! :monster:

Chapter 6
The Real Fight

The school is over.
We are walking up to the park. Maimi is saying things like ‘we are going to win’ and ‘we are the best group of the world!’, but honestly I’m not listening to her. Erika is beside her, looking at her like hypnotized. MaiMai and Chisato are speaking about something that seems to be funny, but I’m not interested in their conversation. Nakky is looking at the floor. She seems to be sad, maybe it’s because of the discussion with the leader. Or maybe it’s because she’s going to fight with Chinami. I’m not sure...
Suddenly someone holds my hand. I look around and I smile as I see her. She looks sad and afraid, but she also smiles at me. It’s a fake smile, but it’s okay; I’m giving her a fake smile too. She embraces me and I slap her back while I embrace her.
“I’m afraid too. Don’t worry. I’m with you and I’ll be with you” I whisper in her ear.
She calms down and she holds my hand again. Chisato is looking at me, giving me an angry look that I avoid looking again at Airi. What’s wrong with her? We are nothing! She just kissed me and played with me, nothing else. Is she jealous because I hug Airi?

“We arrive!” Maimi exclaims excited.

“The Berryz haven’t arrived yet” Erika sighs.

“Maybe they were afraid and they ran away!” MaiMai laughs.

“We’ll wait them!” Maimi is too excited with all this. “I can’t wait!”

“I can’t wait too!” Erika smiles at her.

“God, if you are here, please kill those two girls!” someone exclaims.

I turn around and I see Saki and the others. Miyabi looks at Airi and she sighs loudly. Momoko looks at me but as I feel her gaze I turn around and I look at Nakky. Nakky looks at Chinami and she gives her a fake smile. Then she continues looking at her shoes.

“You can’t tell God to do something like this” Maimi moans “Be brave and kill us by yourself”

“Maybe I’ll do it, you bullshit!” she shouts.

“You can’t because you are too short!”

Saki gets angry with that comment. Momoko told me that she usually gets angry when someone mentions her stature. “Let’s fight!” she shouts pointing our leader.

“OK!” Maimi walks up to the camp. “First round: the pretty and sexy ºC-ute girl, Erika Umeda versus the tallest Berryz, Yurina Kumai”
We sit down in a bench and the Berryz sit down beside us in the floor.
Maimi come up to kiss her and after doing it she puts a bandage around her hands. Maasa also puts a bandage around Yurina’s hands. When they finish putting it, the fight start.
Yurina puts a fighting pose and starts to come up to Erika. Our sublider tries to hit Yurina’s arm with her fist, but the other dodges it and kicks Erika’s stomach. Kumai-san continues hitting her stomatch when, I’m not sure how, Erika get enough strength to push her away. She gives a punch in her face and she kicks it too. Yurina falls to the ground, bleeding from her nose. She stands up quickly and they continue fighting.
Erika hits a lot of times her stomach and she begins to pull Yurina’s hair. Yurina tries to defense herself but Erika kicks her again ans she falls on the ground. That time she doesn’t stand up.

“The winner of the first round is Umeda Erika!” Maimi exclaims.

Maasa stands up quickly and she helps Yurina to stand up. She starts to clean her injuries while she mutters something to her ear. Yurina smiles at her and she hugs her weakly.
Maimi comes up to Erika and she embraces her. “You made it, dear” she says. Then she smiles at her and she kisses her.

“Those two won’t ever change...” I sigh. Airi smiles at me and holds my hand again, leaning her chin in my shoulder. Chisato looks at me, giving me another jealous look.

“Second round, the leader of ºC-ute, Maimi Yajima versus Miyabi Natsuyaki” Erika exclaims.

Momoko POV

I hate fights...
The first round was incredible. Erika is stronger than Yurina! I still can’t believe it! The second round was violent. I don’t like watching my best friend bleeding... She was too weak when Maimi gave her that kick. She is still sleeping, leaning her head in my shoulder, and I’m hugging her.
The third one was diferent. Chinami was suffering in that fight, and I’m sure that Nakky was suffering too. Chinami pushed her and she gave her a punch in her stomach. Nakky fells in the ground, and Maimi shouted that she had to continue. She obeyed and she continued fighting with Chinami. She finally pushed her and Chinami fells in the ground. When the fight was over, they started to cry.

“Fourth round: the new ºC-ute member, Arihara Kanna”
Oh! Arihara-san! Ganbare! Do your best!
“...versus the subleader of Berryz, Tsugunaga Momoko”

Airi kisses Kanna’s forehead and the older stands up. Maimi puts the bandage around her hands. My friends look at me like saying `Momo, stand up!’, but I’m not in a good mood for a fight knowing that I’m going to fight with her.

“Hey, you little girl, stand up!” Maimi shouts “Or are you afraid?”

“Momoko you have to fight!” Saki says angry.


“If you don’t stand up in five seconds Kanna will be the winner” Erika informs.

“I’m sorry... I... forgot that I have to do something... important...” I mutter.

“Oh... the little girl is afraid...” Maimi sighs “In that case, Kanna is the winner”

“Wait! Momoko will fight with her, just wait!” Saki exclaims.

Ahh... What should I do?! I can’t fight with her but I can’t say that I won’t fight because Saki and the others will get angry with me. All this is complicated... Momoko, think, think, think!

“Ok, in this case, we’ll pass to the next battle and then we’ll watch the fourth round” Erika sighs “Next round, Airi Suzuki versus Risako Sugaya”

Airi seems to be sad but Risako looks energetic and fine. They are in tense, with a fighting pose, just waiting to start.
Suddenly I stop to pay attention to the fight. Chisato takes Kanna’s hand and they walk away. I stand up and I follow them, just beeing curious.

Chisato POV

I feel nervous when she is near me. She is a legend in all the schools, academies... universities too. She has to be mine... but I don’t like the word ‘girlfriend’. I can’t explain myself, but I don’t like when she is with Suzuki! So, we are here... looking at each other eyes. I take her hands and I come closer to her.

“Kanna... I was thinking about our kiss and... I think...” I mutter.

“It’s okay” she smiles. “You don’t have to explain it. I know you were playing with me that time”

You don’t understand it... I wasn’t playing with you... I love you. I have to tell her! I try to say something, but I can’t open my mouth. My voice is gone.

“Well, we finally talk about that...” she sighs. “Let’s go to the camp again, maybe Airi and Risako have finish their round”

She turns around but I stop her holding her hand. I take off some of her hair from her face and I come closer to her. This is my moment.
“That wasn’t what I meant yesterday when I kissed you” I whisper. “I mean that... I...”


We turn around and we see a body lying in the ground. It’s Momoko. I sigh heavily.
Why she always interrump me?! Did I make something to her?

“We have to inform the others...” she mutters.
“Wait here. I’m going to tell them” I say. She nods at me and I turn around to go to the camp. “Ah, and Kanna”


“I love you”

Without listening a reply, I run up to the camp. Finally I told her that I love her, and I’m happy.

Kanna POV

I always feel nervious when Chisato holds my hand. We stop and we look at each other eyes. The wind is shaking our clothes and also our hairs. She really looks cute, with her serious face and her masculine pose. She holds my hands and she comes closer to me.

“Kanna... I was thinking about our kiss and... I think...” she mutters.

I was thinking about it too... and I liked it. But I know you aren’t serious with all that. You are only playing with me, Okai Chisato, and I don’t like when you do it...

“It’s okay” I give out a fake smile. “You don’t have to explain it. I know you were playing with me that time” she looks at me, without speaking. Maybe I can take that like a yes... “Well, we finally talk about that.. Let’s go to the camp again, maybe Airi and Risako have finish their round”

I turn around but she stops me holding my hand. She strokes my hair and come closer to me.

“That wasn’t what I meant yesterday when I kissed you” she whispers “I mean that... I...”


We turn around and we see Momoko lying in the ground. I heard Chisato sighing.

“We have to inform the others...” I mutter.
“Wait here. I’m going to tell them” She says. I nod at her. She turns around and without looking at me, she says “Ah, and Kanna”


“I love you”

Then she leave without listening my reply. I look at the cloudy sky and I sigh.

“I love you too, Chisato”
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