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Author Topic: You Are My Boy [Epilogue NOW!] Updated 08/25  (Read 22719 times)

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Re: You Are My Boy [Chapter 6: The Real Fight] [KidsFic]
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cal me whatever you like.. ^_^
sorry for not commenting at Chapter 5... :sweatdrop:

Chap 5

Maimi's mean!  XD
smoking is bad...but in this fic I kind of got the hang of reading it... lol
I want to know what happens to Airi's and Risako's fight..  XD

Chap 6
Kanna/Chisa...Momo/Kanna/Chisa...will it be KannaChisaMomoAiri???  :O
so cruel... I can't take my chinami being hurt... and wt? Captain, aggressive!  :w00t:

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Re: You Are My Boy [Chapter 6: The Real Fight] [KidsFic]
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that's so cute  :wub:!
chisa won hehe  :twothumbs

you know... that thing with the fight over someone between chisa and momo (well, they don't really fight about kanna yet, but i think you know what i want to say XD) reminds me on how they both fought over someone who will form a unit with thm last year and most of the people they asked chse chisa over momo  :lol:

but i feel sorry for momo for some reason... did she hear that kanna replied with "I love you too, Chisato"? Or did Kanna say it maybe not loud enough XD?

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Re: You Are My Boy [Chapter 6: The Real Fight] [KidsFic]
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Quote from: Liben
“Maybe I’ll do it, you bullshit!”

This made me lol hard :lol:

When they're fighting, I'm feeling like I wanna join and cheer them up :D

Your fic is slowly getting fluffier :lol: Not a bad thing though.

Triangle love is lovely :heart:

Thanks for the new chapter :kneelbow:
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Jab <3 marimari <3 ChrNo~ your spirit shall live forever.. T_T ||

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Re: You Are My Boy [Chapter 6: The Real Fight] [KidsFic]
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Poor Mooomooo
But Kanna/Chisato is not bad either.  :oops:

I want to know what happened with Risako and Airi's fight too!  :O

Airi and Kanna supporting each other was very cute ^^

And I didn't mention this but I loved the Aa! and Buono references in chapter 4.

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Re: You Are My Boy [Chapter 7: Waking Up] [KidsFic]
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@Panick: Nop, Airi is only Kanna's close friend  :)) But that gave me an idea...  :P Nah, I don't think so... Arigatou for reading!

@MayerlingLove: I understood  :) (I don't know how, but I understood XD) Arigatou! I'm glad you liked it.

@ziggurat: While I was writting the fight between Erika and Yurina I wanted to cheer them up too  :lol: Yep, it's getting fluffier, sorry  :lol: Anyway, Arigatou! I'm glad you liked it

@glorificus: Yep, poor Momo! Oh, you liked the Aa! and Buono! references? I'm glad! Arigatou for reading and comenting.


Tomorrow I'll go to school again...  :doh: Maybe I can write at Geography class.
Another chapter :monster:

Chapter 7
Waking Up...

I’m walking alone down the street, thinking nothing. The people of the city look at me with a curious face. There are families and friends groups. They are everywhere. Suddenly I notice something. Someone is hugging me from my back, kissing my neck and putting her arms around my waist.

“Tsugunaga-san...” she whispers in my ear. “I was looking for you.”

I don’t reply. She starts to kiss my back slowly. I groan quietly

“Did I make something that bother you?” she asks. “Are you angry with me, Tsugunaga-san?”

I turn around and I see her face. I smile at her as shake my head. “I’m not angry with you. I can’t get angry with you”

“So why are you acting like this? You don’t like me?”

“I love you! You know that I love you!” I exclaim hugging her.

“I love you too...” she whispers.

She comes closer to me and kisses me. I love her kisses. I’m hungry for her kisses. I like kissing her and I think that she likes it too.

“Wake up” a voice says.

Suddenly she pushes me away. I look at her with a curious expression.

“I’m leaving” she mutters. “Sayonara”

“Wake up, Momo-chan, please!” the voice insists.

“Wait! You can’t leave now!” I exclaim.

“I’m sorry...” she whispers while she walks away.

“Wake up, Momo-chi!” I feel how someone is shaking my body with her hands.

“I love you!” I shout.

“I love you too...”

I open my eyes and I look around. I’m in Miyabi’s room, lying in her bed under the covers.
It was a dream...

“Hi” someone says.

I look at her. She is taller than me and she has a cute and long brown hair. “Who are you?! What am I doing here?!” I shout.

“Calm down” she smiles at me sitting in the bed. “You fainted and your friends called me to help you. You are at Miyabi’s house now”

“I know that I’m in Miyabi’s house! I just want to know who are you!” I’m in a bad mood because you shouldn’t wake me up. I was kissing her when you interrump me...

She sighs “I’m Eri Kamei. I’m studying medicine and I’m Miyabi’s friend”

“Oh, Miyabi speaks a lot about you!” I exclaim “You were Tanaka’s girlfriend, right?”

“Yes... I was her girlfriend”

“And because you were a exceptionally student you went directly to the university...” I smile at her. “Miyabi admires you a lot!”

“I know that...” she mutters, and then smiles “Are you okay?”

“Oh, yeah, yes, I’m okay, but tell me, what happened with the fight?” I ask.

“The... fight?” she doesn’t understand what I said...

“Before I fainted we were fighting. Airi was fighting with Risako and I was supposed to fight with...”

Suddenly I remember the scene that I watched between Chisato and Kanna. I remember that Chisato said that they kissed each other, and Kanna said that Chisato was only playing with her. But then, I heard...

“Ah, and Kanna...”


“I love you”

I heard her steps, running away. I was sleepy when I heard something that broke my heart.

“I love you too, Chisato...”

“I didn’t know that you were fighting” she raises her brows. “Oh, right, there were two girls shouting each other... One of them was Saki, but I don’t know the name of the other girl”

“Maybe she was Maimi...” I mutter. “Do you remember anything else?”

“Oh, there was a girl next to you all the time. I think she is a Berryz...” she says.

“Who was?!” I ask.

“I don’t know her name... she is too tall and she is... brunette... and too tall” she informs while she remembers the situation.

“Kumai-san...” I sigh.

“Maybe. I don’t know her name...”

“Do you remember anything else?” I insist.

“No, I don’t. Sorry” she sighs heavily.

Miyabi enters in the room, smiling at me and Eri and she sits beside her. “How are you?” she asks.

“I’m fine” I reply. “What happened with the fight?”

“Maimi and Saki are discuting about who won...” she sighs “Maimi thinks that ºC-ute won the battle, but Saki says that we have to repeat it...”

“Those two are really annoying when they discute...”

“Maimi is always annoying...” she laughs.

“Yep, you’re right” I laugh too.

“Well... I’m going home!” Eri says. “Bye bye!”

She leaves the room and Miyabi starts to smile without a reason. I look at her with a interrogatory expression. “Something happenned?” I ask.

“Something great happened!” she smiles. “Saki kissed me!”

“What?!” Impossible...

“Before you fainted... she comes closer to me and she kisses me!” she exclaims.


“And what?” she asks.

“She said anything else?”

“No, why?”

“She didn’t tell you that she loves you?!”

“No, why?”

“Why?! You are a couple! She should tell that she loves you!”

“Don’t worry... I told her that I love her...” she sighs.

“Ah! So it’s okay!” I smile at her.

After a long conversation I leave Miyabi’s house thinking about Kanna and Chisato. I have strong feelings for Kanna. I love her and I want to spend my life with her. I want to travel with her to other countries and wake up beside her all the mornings of my life. I want her to be mine and I want to be hers. I want to kiss her and embrace her everytime.
Maybe I should tell her... But I can’t be near her because she can get angry. What should I do...?

I can write a letter and put it in her schoolbag!
I’m brilliant!

“Momo-chan!” someone exclaims.

I turn around but I don’t see anyone. Suddenly I see a shadow running up to me. She is the tall and brunette Yurina Kumai. She embraces me and kisses my forehead.

“I’m glad you are fine!” she says.

She was worryed about me...

“Yurina... I told you... I don’t like when you embrace me. I feel too small!” I sigh.

“I’m sorry...” she says, stoping the hug.

“Eri told me that when I was fainted you were all the time beside me...” I look directly to her eyes “Thank you!”

“So you don´t remember what happened...” she whispers quietly. She seems to be sad.

“Remember what, Kumai-chan?” I ask.

“Oh, it’s... nothing. I’m glad you are fine!” she smiles at me and she leaves.

The next day...
Kanna POV

Aah... I’m tired... This is my third school day in that only-girls academy. I’m a ºC-ute and I’m not sure about that, but maybe I’m Chisato’s girlfriend. I’m happier here than in my other school. I’m glad to be here.

“Dear! You forgot your notebook at my house!” Erika exclaims.

“Nakkyy! Give me a cigar please!” MaiMai implored.

“Oh, thank you my chocolate!” Maimi smiles at Erika and she kisses her.

“I won’t give you one of my cigarretes! Buy it by yourself!” Nakky moans.

“...” Airi in silence, as always.

“Someday we’ll get married” Maimi smiles.

“I really want to be Miss Yajima!” Erika says excited.

“Nakky, please, don’t be like that!” Mai insist. “Only one!”

“I don’t want! You’re always asking me for one, Mai!” she sighs.

“...” Airi continues in silence, as always.

“Wooow, I’m here!” Chisato arrives with her skate. “Good morning everyone!”

“You are late!” Maimi laughs.

“Are we going to skip class?” Chisato asks.

“Of course!” Erika smiles. “We have gym class now”

“...” Airi beeing in silence again, as always.

“Oh, I forgot that today is Wednesday” Nakky sighs. “We must go to class, girls, or we’ll discontinue gym...”

“I like gym class!” Maimi says excited. “Let’s go, girls!”

We start to walk up to the gym. Airi is beside me, as always. Sometimes she looks at me and she bits her lip, like she has something to tell me. Maybe it’s about her fight with Risako.

“Chisato, have you got a cigar?” Mai asks.

“I haven’t” she replys.

“Have you got a cigar, Airi?” Airi shakes her head. “And you, Kanna?”

“I have. But it’s for me” I answer.

“God! Has someone in this fucking academy got a cigar?!” Mai shouts.

“...” I’m joining Airi’s silence.

“Oh, Kanna~!” Chisato says walking up to me with a smile in her face. “How are you today?”

“I’m fine, fine, and you?” I blush a little. She is intimidating me with her happy expression.

“I’m great!” she smiles at me. Who are you and what did you make to my Chisato? “Ne~, Kanna-chan... What do you think about what I told yesterday?”

“I answered you, but you run away without listening to me” I sigh.

“What did you anwer?” she asks.

“My reply wa-“

“ºC-ute girls! You are late!” the gym teacher shouts interrumping my words “Make fifty ups!”

“Yes, Yoshizawa-san~” my friends answer.


Airi POV

“Ok girls, now you are going to work in pairs” Yoshizawa-sensei says.

“Haii~” they exclaim together.

As always, the pairs in Berryz are: Saki&Miyabi, Maasa&Chinami (they are always competing to know who is the strongest), Yurina&Momoko and Risako usually make the pairs works with the teacher. They are cruel! They musn’t leave her alone!
The pairs in ºC-ute usually were Erika&Maimi, Mai&Nakky and Chisato&Me, but that time is Chisato&Kanna. So, that means...

“Hi” I hear.


“We... are a couple” I look directly at her eyes “I mean, we are... mates in this game...” She blushes “In this gym game, I mean that...”

“Understood.” I mutter.

“Are you ready, girls?” the teacher asks.

“Hai~” we exclaim together.
“We are going to practice sumo!” Yoshizawa exclaims drawing a circle on the floor with a chalk. “You already know playing, right?”

“I don’t” Momoko says. Maimi and Erika start to laugh.

“Don’t worry” the teacher smiles at her and then she looks at Maimi “Show them an example, you two!”

“Hai~” they say.

The girls enter in the circle and they put the first possition. After a long time pushing each other, Maimi wins the game and then she kisses Erika’s neck.

“Hey, you are really good at sumo! Did you ever practice it?” Yoshizawa asks suprised.

“They practice another type of sumo...” Chisato jokes. “Right, Maimi?”

“Shut up!” she blushes.

I sigh. It seems that I’m destinated to fight with Risako...
Besides, yesterday...

“You can’t fight with me...” she whispers in my ear while I try to kick her stomach.

“I know...” I mutter. “I continue loving you...”

“Me too...” she hits my face with her fist.

“We have to stop this...” I mutter.

“How?” she asks.

“Hey! Berryz girls! The little girl is fainted” Chisato informs.

“Brilliant...” I smile at Risako.


“Oh, it’s late!” Yoshizawa-sensei says “Ok girls, good work, we’ll continue next day. Go and take a shower!”

“Haai~” we all exclaim.

Momoko POV

Shower time...
We all hate this moment. Berryz and ºC-ute in the same room, naked, looking each other’s deffects. I like looking them... but I’m not a pervert! I’m just curious. I usually look at the ºC-ute members because I already now the deffects of my mates. Besides, I can’t find deffects in the perfect bodies of the ºC-ute members.
I look at their leader. Impossible. She is perfect and a girl who loves sports. She hasn’t got any deffect. Oh, wait! She has a tatto in her right shoulder! I try to reed it. U...Me...Da...! Umeda?! Wow, she must be really in love!
Then I turn to the subleader: she is really cute. She is sitting beside Maimi and they are talking about pervert things, as always.

“Momo-chan, is your shower turn” Maasa informs me.

“Ok” I say.

I take off my towel and go into the shower. Airi, Saki, Chisato and Yurina are taking a shower too. Yurina is beside me, and sometimes she looks at my naked body. She is a pervert... Oh, wait, I usually do the same with her.

“Stop looking at my body. I know that I’m sexy!” I exclaim.

“I’m sorry...” she blushes and she leaves. Maybe I’ve been mean with her...

“Kanna, it’s your shower turn!” I hear Yurina saying.

“Thanks!” she replys.

God, god, god, god, god...! Don’t look at her, don’t look at her, don’t look at her!
She joins the shower beside me and Airi leaves. She puts her naked body under the water and she starts washing herself. I can’t resist it: I’m looking at her.
Suddenly she notices it and I avoid her looking at the front.

“Were you looking at me, Tsugunaga-san?” she asks.

“I... wasn’t!” I lie.


“Yes” I answer.

“Wow! Kanna-chan, you have a tatto!” Chisato exclaims pointing her right hip. She comes closer to look at it.

I didn’t notice it... She has a tatto with the form of a red dragon in her hip.

“Yes, do you like it?” she asks smiling.

“Yes I do!” she says. “Can I touch it? Please, please, please!”

“Okaay...” she sighs.

Chisato bends down and touches her tatto with her fingers. “It’s amazing!”

“Thanks” she is already blushing a lot.

She continues touching it and suddenly she kisses it. Kanna quickly pushes her away with a kick. “Only touching, I told you” she laughs.

“But I was touching it with my lips!”

“Ah... you are impossible” she sighs. “When you touch something with your lips, you call it ‘kissing’, not touching”

“But I was touching it anyway!” she laughs.

“Ah, you are a pervert!” I laugh with her comment. “Tsugunaga-san, don’t laugh, you are also a pervert!”

She leaves the shower. I’m not sure if she’s angry or not. I hope she isn’t...

“Hey, Momoko” Chisato says. “Stop looking at my girl, OK? If you look at her again I’ll kill you”

“Ok...” I mutter.


In this chapter, Airi reminds me Yuki Nagato, from Suzumiya Haruhi No Yuutsu.  :lol:

Sonna Rolling Days~!

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Re: You Are My Boy [Chapter 7: Waking Up] [KidsFic]
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Wow. that was long  :) !
but that's goood~
I felt a bit sad because of Momo when she remembered the converstion of Kanna and Chisa...
I love KannaChisa pairing but... poor Momo, I mean she already has dreams with Kanna in it  :lol:

“...” Airi in silence, as always.


“...” Airi continues in silence, as always.


“...” Airi beeing in silence again, as always.


“...” I’m joining Airi’s silence.

 :lol: :lol: :lol:

“Hey, Momoko” Chisato says. “Stop looking at my girl, OK? If you look at her again I’ll kill you”

“Ok...” I mutter.

I have a feeling, that Momo will say that to Chisa someday ._____.

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Re: You Are My Boy [Chapter 7: Waking Up] [KidsFic]
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Momo.... :cry:

“Something great happened!” she smiles. “Saki kissed me!”

 :w00t: Saki x Miya!  :heart: :heart:

“You can’t fight with me...” she whispers in my ear while I try to kick her stomach.

“I know...” I mutter. “I continue loving you...”

“Me too...” she hits my face with her fist.

“We have to stop this...” I mutter.
I get the feeling Airi x Risako????  :O

keep it up! ^_^

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Re: You Are My Boy [Chapter 7: Waking Up] [KidsFic]
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Sorry I haven't posted here in a while!

Poor Momo.... :( :cry:

And Airi and Risako?  :)

Awesome pairings Liben!!! :D

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Re: You Are My Boy [Chapter 7: Waking Up] [KidsFic]
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Lol, the Airi in silence bits were so funny! I love Airi in this story XD

The sumo part was great, specially that "they practice other type of sumo" joke of Chisato.

Awww, Airi and Risako still love each other ^^

And I think MaiMai has a smoking addiction, that girl is desperate!  :lol:

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Re: You Are My Boy [Chapter 8: Like Romeo & Juliet] [KidsFic]
« Reply #29 on: April 23, 2009, 12:23:23 AM »
Thank you all!
@MayerlingLove: Domo Arigatou! I'm glad you liked it. Yes, it's sad, but you know Momoko... she is a Happy Tamagochi!  :thumbsup
@Panickofpain: Domo Arigatou! I'm glad you liked it. Yes, it's Airi x Risako.
@Hotaru: Domo Arigatou! I'm glad you liked it ^^
@glorificus: Hehe, I liked your comment and I'm glad you liked it! ^^ Arigatou~!

Another Chapter and again, I'll put this emoticon because I like it :monster:
Chapter 8
Like Romeo & Juliet

I think that Literature class is my favorite subject. I love reading and writing stories. Miyabi says that I’m a good writer, but I don’t think so.
“We are going to interpretate this theatre. I suppose you’ll know it” The teacher give us a book. I read the tittle and I smile. I read this book when I was only 10 years old.

I take her hand looking directly at her eyes.
“If I profane with my unworthiest hand
This holy shrine, the gentle sin is this:
My lips, two blushing pilgrims, ready stand
To smooth that rough touch with a tender kiss” I recite.

“Good pilgrim, you do wrong your hand too much,
Which mannerly devotion shows in this;
For saints have hands that pilgrims' hands do touch,
And palm to palm is holy palmers' kiss."

“Nee, Momo-chan” someone interrumps my daydreaming with Kanna. That time I imagine that I was Romeo and she was Juliet “Romeo and Julliet is romantic, isn’t it?”

“Yeah...” I sigh “But I don’t think that it is a good theatre for our class”

“Yep... We have the enemies families but we haven’t got a couple in love with each other...” Yurina laughs and I smile at her.

“Listen children!” the teacher shouts. She usually screams because we don’t listen to her explainations, and I can understand her but I can’t content it. She is boring. “We have to decide the characters now!”

“Ok, this is going to take long...” Maimi sighs.

“Oh, Maimi, I think you that to participate, right? You are going to be Montague!” the teacher pointed her with her finger.

“Ehh?! No way! I wanted to be a tree...” she laughs.

“In this case, I want to be Lady Montague, teacher!” Erika says raising her hand.

“Ok! So... Maimi is going to be Montague and you, Erika, Lady Montague” she writes it in the blackboard.

“I don’t want to be a Montague... What’s the name of the other family?” Saki asks to Miyabi.

“I think... it’s Capulet and is Juliet’s family” Chinami answers.

“Ok” Saki raises her hand “I want to be Capulet and Miyabi wants to be Lady Capulet!”

“Eh?” Miyabi puts a interrogative expression. “I don’t want to act in-“

“It will be fine!” she smiles at her, and everytime that Saki smiles, Miyabi can only nod, hypnotized.

“Ok, so Capulet is Saki and Lady Capulet is Miyabi... right” she writes it in the blackboard. “Who wants to be... hm... Benvolio, Romeo’s cousin?”

“I want to be Benvolio!” Nakky exclaims.

“You can´t, Nakky! You have to be a servant with a sexy skirt” Maimi laughs. “Mai, you have to be that Benvilo!”

“It’s Benvolio!” the teacher moans.

“Nevermind!” Maimi smiles “Write it: Mai is Benvolio and Nakky a sexy servant”

“I don’t want to be a servant!” Nakky exclaims.

“You aren´t a servant, you are a sexy servant” Maimi winks at her.

“So... Nakky is going to be a sex- uh, ah, servant and Mai is going to be Benvolio” the teacher write it in the blackboard. “Hm, who wants to be Tybalt? It’s Juliet’s cousin. He kills Mercutio and Romeo kills him”

“Oh! I want to be Tybalt” Chinami says.

“Ok” she mutters while she writes it.

“I want to be a servant of the Capulet family, please!” Maasa raises her hand.

“Oh, I want to be The Nurse!” Yurina smiles.

“Great” the teacher continues writing. “Who wants to be the Prince of Verona, Prince Escalus?”

“Airi, you can be Prince Escalus” Kanna says.

“...” she nods at Kanna.

“Airi wants to be Prince Escandals!” Maimi exclaims.

“It’s Prince Escalus, not Prince Escandals!” Nakky sighs.

“Since when are you intelligent?” Maimi jokes.

“So Airi is Prince Escalus” she writes it. “Now, who wants to be Friar Laurence?”

“I want” Risako says.

“Ok...” she sighs “Now the most dificult characters... Romeo, Juliet and Paris, the man who wants to get married with Juliet”

Chisato stands up quickly “I want to be Romeo and Kanna wants to be Juliet!” she smiles evily.

“What the...?!” I shout. Too loud...they already listen my scream.

“You want to bee Juliet too, Momoko?” the teacher asks “We can...”

“No! No! I want to be Romeo!” I shout while I stand up. Everyone are staring at me and I start to blush hard.

“You can’t be Romeo!” Chisato pointed me as she puts a evil face.

“Ok, decide it playing Jankenpyon” she sighs.

This is an important decission... paper, rock or scissors?! Maybe...

“Rock!” I call out.

“Paper!” she exclaims at the same time as me.

“Holy crap...!” I mutter.

“Ok, so... Chisato is Romeo, Momoko is Paris and Kanna, Juliet” she writes it and she starts to speak about Shakespeare’s life. I turn and I see Yurina peacefully sleeping, leaning her head in the table. I smile and I look at her. She really looks like an angel when she sleeps.
I feel sorry for Yurina right now. I treated her as a fool when she was looking at me in the shower. And now I know why she looked at me.
Maasa told me that after we saw each other yesterday when I was going home, Tanaka and the others attacked her. She went to the hospital because she was bleeding hard. She wanted to tell me when we were in the shower but... Why I act like this? I’m just an idiot! I only think about Kanna and I’m hurting my friends. I definitely have to forget everything about her!
But I can’t forget her smile and her masculine pose. I really like beeing with her. I like listening her worries, her problems, her experiences...

But I’ll try to forget her. For Yurina.

The bell rings and all the class go out. I wake up Yurina and she lazily leaves too. This is my chance to put my letter inside Kanna’s bag!
I’m sure. There’s nobody at class. I open the bag and I put the letter inside it. I notice that she has a opened notebook. I accidentally read one line and I smile knowing that Kanna also likes writing.
“I think that a rose isn’t beautiful. I think that a cherry blossom isn’t cute. I think that the really cute and beautiful thing is your smile and your gaze. Nothing else.” I read.

“Hey you little girl” someone laughs. “What are you doing reading that?”

I turn around and I started to blush hard. “Oh, ah, I... think that it’s beautiful”

She smiles at me and she takes the notebook from my hands, touching them for a second. “I usually write when I’m bored”

I blush harder. She just touched my hands but... It feels good. Just her touch can produce that under my skin. I don’t look at her eyes because if I do it, I’ll problably kiss her.

“Hey, don’t get nervous because I saw you reading my notebook” she smiles at me and she puts one of her arms around shoulders. “Airi told me that you like reading. Do you also like writing?”

“Yes, I love writing” I answer. She smiles again and raises my chin to have a eye contact. I try to avoid her gaze but she has such amazing eyes.

“I supposed it when you wrote me your first letter” she says. She saves the notebook inside her bag and she walks to the door. “Momoko, I want to tell you something”

“What?” I blush more. Yes, I look like a tomato, but it doesn’t seem that she notices it. Maybe she is just ignoring it.

“You... you are important for me, you know it?” she mutters “Yesterday... at the fight, when I saw you laying in the floor, I didn’t know what to do because I was nervous” she sighs “That’s when I noticed that you are like a little sister for me. I don’t care if you are a Berryz member, you still beeing my friend, like Miyabi”

I smile at her and I nod to tell her that I understood it. She smiles at me and she leaves the room. I remember her lasts words: I don’t care if you are a Berryz Member, you still beeing my friend. And I laugh because I remember another thing.

That’s something that Romeo says when he meets Juliet.

Sonna Rolling Days~!

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Re: You Are My Boy [Chapter 8: Like Romeo & Juliet] [KidsFic]
« Reply #30 on: April 23, 2009, 07:18:03 PM »
yesterday evening I watched the Vienna production of Romeo & Juliet Musical and this evening you post a chapter that's called "Romeo & Juliet"  :lol:
I like the idea of a play!
So Reina really got evil  :(
I still hope to see a good side of her in any chapter XD
but I guess it won't happen =P
whatever, I'm happy  :heart:
Kanna will be Juliet  :wub: and Chisa will be Romeo  :wub: :wub: :wub:
That means they'll kiss in the rehearsals and in the play and maybe they will visit each other at home and... ok I'll stop now  :lol:

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Re: You Are My Boy [Chapter 8: Like Romeo & Juliet] [KidsFic]
« Reply #31 on: April 25, 2009, 11:34:35 PM »
Ohhh Romeo and Juliet, very nice, I like that :D

Maimi and Nakky keep making me laugh, lol, a sexy servant. Funny how Maimi just bosses the teacher around.

I like that Momo is trying to focus her attention on Yurina, but still can't help but like Kanna.

This play sounds hilarious. The casting process was so chaotic, Prince Escandals  :rofl:

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Re: You Are My Boy [Chapter 9: Other Feelings] [KidsFic]
« Reply #32 on: April 26, 2009, 04:40:00 PM »
@MayerlingLove: Thank you! Maybe she'll show her good side in any chapter... but I don't think so  :lol: I'm glad you liked it ^^

@glorificus: Thanks! I'm glad you liked it.


Another chapter! :monster:
Chapter 9
Other feelings

Class is finally over.
Maimi told me to stay at the club because Tanaka and her full club are going to be near my house. I enter in the club and I take a sit on the sofa. I start to smoke and I take my notebook from the bag. I do my Literature homework until someone arrives.

“What the fuck…?” she shouts “Kanna… Are you doing homework?!”

“Yeah, Mai, I’m doing my homework” I sigh. “What’s wrong?”

“Are you drunk? You can’t do your homework! You are a ºC-ute, not a fucking Berryz!” she gives me an angry look.

“Don’t bother me…” I mutter “What do you want?”

“I only want to talk with you” she sits beside me.

“About what?”

“You know about what” she hits my shoulder “Chisato and you”

“What’s wrong with Chisato and me?” I ask.

“The wrong part… is you” she bits her down lip. “You don’t know her! You don’t know anything about her feelings, her secrets…” she stands up “You don’t know anything about her! You are here since three days and she loves you! I can’t understand why! You are just an idiot with a masculine haircut but inside your heart…” she sighs “Inside your heart I know that you’re a Berryz!”

“Stop saying idiot things!” I shout. “I’m a ºC-ute like you and like Chisato!”

“I’m not saying idiot things!” she starts to cry. “I’m just saying that you can’t be with Chisato because you don’t know her as me!”

“It’s enough!” I stand up. “Why are you acting like this?”

“Because I don’t like you for Chisato!” she cries out.

“You can’t decide what Chisato would like. She’ll decide it by herself” I say.

“But… but…” she mumbles. “I hate you…”

Before I say something, she leaves the club. I sit down and I try to continue doing the homework, but I can’t. I’m too sad to write about Shakespeare. I lay on the sofa and I start to cry.
I don’t like having enemies… I hate when someone hates me. But why Mai should hate me? I can’t understand her reasons…
I slowly close my eyes to relax myself. I breathe heavily until something is pressing my cheek. I open my eyes and I see Chisato, looking directly to my eyes.
“Why are you crying?” she asks.
“It’s… nothing” I whisper. “Just a nightmare”

“I thought that you were strong” she jokes.

“But… I dreamed that I was living without you” I mutter.

She smiles as she helps me to sit beside her. She hugs me and she kisses my forehead. “I won’t leave you…” she whispers.

“Chisato… I wanted to speak about that with you” I put my hands in her shoulders “All this means that we are dating?”

“Of course!” she kisses me “When and where do you want to date for the first time?”

“I don’t know” I smile “Whenever and wherever you want”

“We can go to the beach… walk holding hands and eating ice creams… kissing while we play with water… and…” Chisato starts to nosebleed.

“Chisato! Are you okay?!” I clean quickly her nose with a tissue.

“I’m all right!” she blushes “I just… imagine you wearing a bikini”

“You’ve already seen me naked…” I sigh.

“But you are hot anyway!” she exclaims. I hit her forehead with my hand.

“You are a pervert…”

“I know” she smiles and kisses me “But it’s true. You are hot!”

Suddenly we hear some noise. When we are going to look outside, someone enters in the club gasping hard.

“Airi!” We exclaim at the same time.

“What happened?!” I ask.


“Airi! Tell us!” Chisato holds her shoulders and shakes her.

“They are…” she whispers “looking for me…”

“Who are they?” I ask.

“Tanaka… Niigaki… and…” she falls in silence.

“Junjun?” Chisato continues.

“Not that time…” she mutters.


“Isn’t that…?” Chisato looks surprised when she hears the female voice.

“Yes, it’s Aika”

“Oh… she’s Reina’s girlfriend, isn’t she?” I ask.

“Yeah…” they mutter.

“I’m going outside. I’ll talk with them” Chisato says.

“Chisato!” I hold her hand “But… It’s dangerous!”

“Don’t worry” she kisses me “They considerate me their friend. It will be fine”

She leaves. I wish she’s really going to be all right…

“…” Airi looks at me, trying to say something.

“You know that you can talk with me. I’m your friend” I smile at her.

“…” she shakes her head, saying that she doesn’t want to tell me anything.

“Ok…” I mutter. I sit down on the sofa and I open my bag again, looking for my literature book. Suddenly I find a little envelope. I take off from the bag and I open it carefully. It’s another letter from Tamagochi. That’s why she was near my bag at the recess…

Dear Arihara-san:

In the last days I was thinking about you, and also about you and me. I don’t care if you are a ºC-ute. Even if you were a Berryz it would be the same.
With that letter I want to tell you that I love you with all my heart and I want to stay with you the rest of my life.
I accept that you love Chisato. I just wanted you to know my feelings, nothing else.
Please, I want to continue being your friend.

With love,


A tear falls down and touches my cheeks. I knew that she has feelings for me, but I didn’t know that she was going to tell me.
I’m surprised and sad. Airi is staring at me and sitting beside me, wondering to know what happens. I keep in silence, crying more than ever.

“It’s okay” Airi suddenly says as she hugs me. “Don’t worry about her anymore”

Airi’s voice is really comfortable. I nod at her and lean my head in her shoulder. I continue crying until she dries my tears with her hands. She kisses my forehead and continues hugging me.
And, with her arms around my waist, I fall sleep.

Sonna Rolling Days~!

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Re: You Are My Boy [Chapter 9: Other Feelings] [KidsFic]
« Reply #33 on: April 26, 2009, 05:22:01 PM »
I like the part with nosebleeding Chisa XD
and if you say Reina and her full club... you mean all of Momusu, right? just that I get it right  XD
Chisa is so nice to Kanna  :wub:
but I want to know what's Mais problem... is she in love with Chisa maybe  :lol:?
and there's ReiKa in it  :heart:
I wonder why Momusu consider Chisa their friend?
From how Reina talked to Kanna I thought Momusu don't like Berryz and C-ute  :wth
overall your chapter was great as always XD!

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Re: You Are My Boy [Chapter 10: Inside Her Heart] [KidsFic]
« Reply #34 on: April 29, 2009, 11:26:51 PM »
MayerlingLove: Domo Arigatou Gozaimasu!  :)


Another Chapter :monster:

Note: This chapter is going to get serious, but in the next I'll try my best to make it funny.

Chapter 10
Inside Her Heart

I’m walking back home without saying goodbye. I don’t want to speak with Maimi and the others today, I’m angry with them. They don’t appreciate me and I’m beginning to think that they don’t love me. I’m the fucking pet of this club, and I don’t want to be this anymore. I’m going to leave ºC-ute.
Yes, I’m sure about what I’m going to do. Tomorrow I’ll tell Maimi that I don’t want to be a ºC-ute member. I don’t care if she gets angry or she wants to kill me. I’ll leave ºC-ute.
Suddenly I stop walking when I arrive to the camp where we fought with Berryz. I start to walk in the camp, just wanting to think about my own things, my own feelings.
After walking for a while, I get a conclusion: I’ll leave ºC-ute and ask Saki about joining Berryz.
Finally, I’ll be a normal girl as Maasa, Yurina… I’ll be a good student, a good girl… I won’t have problems anymore.
“Let’s go home” I whisper to myself.

I start to walk when something strikes my head. It’s a stone. I look around and I see three girls. I can recognize Junjun, but I don’t know the others. I try to run away but one of them holds me from my shoulders and raises me. Junjun looks at me with an evil smile in her face. She takes out a knife from her pocket and starts to slit my skin. I’m bleeding hard, more than ever, and I’m crying hard, more than ever.
I start to lose the contact with the reality when the shortest hits my forehead and I lay weakly on the ground.

“Kusumi, Lin, good work” Junjun says. “Let’s inform Tanaka”

Junjun hits my head and that’s when I fall sleep for a while.

Chisato’s POV

I leave the club and Reina quickly walks up to me.
“Hey, Chisa!” she smiles and hugs me “How are you?”

“I’m fine, but I would be better if you stop hurting my friends” I say. She gives me a cigar and I start to smoke.

“Hey, don’t be like that” she smiles “Don’t forget that we are cousins”

“We are cousins but that doesn’t mean that you can hit my friends” I moan.

“Okay, okay” she raises her hands “We won’t attack your friends”

Junjun, Koharu and Linlin arrive and start to talk with Tanaka.

“We have attacked a ºC-ute!” Koharu exclaims happy.

“Who?” Tanaka asks.

“Nakajima Saki” Junjun smiles at Reina and takes out her knife from her pocket. She opens it and shows the bloodstained knife.
I open my eyes, without believe what they just say. I start to sweat hard, afraid. Even if something happens to Nakky I’ll get sad.

“Where is she?” I ask.

Junjun looks at me with disdain “She is laying on the ground of the camp, sleeping peacefully”

“Bitch!” I shout. “Why did you make this to Nakky?!”

“What did you call me?” she hits my shoulder with her fist.

Before she shouts me I start to run away. I run to the camp and I find her, bleeding hard. She’s laying on the floor, fainted. I hug her and I try to clean her injuries with my hands. I take out my mobile phone from my pocket and I call an ambulance station. Crying hard I also call Maimi. She must be here with Nakky.

Maimi POV

My heart is racing like crazy, and this time it isn’t because Erika.
We are at waiting room of the hospital. Chisato is asking about Nakky to all the doctors that she sees. Kanna is also worried about Nakky but she’s just staying beside her new girlfriend, and sometimes she asks the doctors. Mai isn’t mentally with us, maybe it’s because she’s worried about her friend. I’m surprised, because Airi is talking more than ever, saying things like “I wish she is going to be fine” or “Even if something happens to Nakky…” She cried a moment ago. Erika is holding my hands. She doesn’t look worried, or she doesn’t want to look like it in the front of me. Her gaze is really comfortable in moments like this. When I’m afraid I like looking at Erika’s calm eyes.
Suddenly a doctor arrives, walking slowly. He tells that something hit Saki’s head and she has lost the memory. She has to stay in the hospital until she remembers everything about her life.
“Can we see her?” I ask

He nods at me and starts to walk. We walk beside him until we arrive to the room number 143. All of them join the room. Before I come in, I prepare myself to enter the room and send my best smile to her. Erika notices it and holds my hand, giving me her comfortable peek. We enter.
As I join the room I see a weak Nakky laying on the bed, inside the white covers. She isn’t awake yet, but the doctor said that she’s going to wake up soon. I sit beside her bed, staring at her, wanting to be the first that she sees when she opens her eyes.
Kanna starts to cry, but Chisato cheers her saying that she’ll be fine. Mai leaves quietly, saying that she has something to do, but we know that it isn’t true. She doesn’t care if something happens to us.
A half hour passed and Nakky starts to groan quietly. She slowly opens her cute black eyes and she looks around, analyzing the room with her gaze. She looks at us like wondering to know who we are. Then she looks at the bed and at her hands.
She raises a hand as she sits on the bed. She touches her hair and then she puts it at the front of my face. She opens her mouth, but she doesn’t say anything. She slowly starts to stroke my cheeks, analyzing my skin. I don’t know what to say, how to react… Her fingers touch my lips and she whispers something that we don’t understand clearly. Suddenly she stops and she lays again on the bed, sliding herself inside the covers. She covers her face with her hands and she starts to cry. She shouts things that we don’t understand because she’s shouting too fast.
The doctor calms her giving pats on her shoulders. Nakky relaxes herself.
“It’s a normal reaction. She doesn’t remember anything, so she is surprised” he says “She’s relaxed”

She closes her eyes and she starts to speak quietly. Suddenly she opens her eyes and she looks at me. The doctor says that she wants me to come closer to her. I put my ear near her mouth and I start to hear her breath.
“Do you know who I am?” she mutters, putting a serious face.

I smile a little “Yes, I know” I answer “You are Saki Nakajima, but we prefer to call you Nakky”

She asks a lot of questions and I start telling everything about her life while the others leave the room. Erika also leaves the hospital after she gave me a kiss.
I explain the situation of her family too. She starts to cry when I tell her that her father usually hits her. He usually gets home completely drunk and he beats her. When it happens she calls me in the middle of the night and I always tell her to go to the club. We meet there and we stay in the club all night.
I’m always joking her but I really love Nakky. She’s my best friend.
I tell her about the last days and she gets angry with me. I can understand why; I have been a real fool. I say that I’m sorry and I tell that I love her. She smiles and hugs me, sighing heavily. Being around her arms, I can hear the beat of her heart. It’s racing like crazy as mine.
Her beats are getting relaxed. I stop our friendly hug and I see that she falls sleep. I help her to lay on the bed and, watching her peaceful sleep, I close my eyes.

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Re: You Are My Boy [Chapter 10: Inside Her Heart] [KidsFic]
« Reply #35 on: April 30, 2009, 05:12:27 PM »
Oh my..
when you told it was going to be serious, I had no idea HOW serious it would be   :shocked !
poor nakky... i hope she will feel better soon!
and i wonder if it's true that mai doesn't care... if she really wouldn't care she wouldn't want kanna to break up with chisa right?
that reina and chisa are cousins is great  :twothumbs !

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Re: You Are My Boy [Chapter 10: Inside Her Heart] [KidsFic]
« Reply #36 on: May 02, 2009, 03:57:43 PM »
New reader. :P

I read all these chapters within an hour, they're soooo addicting.   :inlove:
Kanna and Chisato? xD Im used to Kanna and Airi all the time, so its soming new. :D

And finally, a fic based on my favorite H!P member.  XD

Aww, poor Nakky.  :cry: I hope she gets better~~~~~

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Re: You Are My Boy [Chapter 11, UPDATED 19/05] [KidsFic]
« Reply #37 on: May 19, 2009, 11:32:24 PM »
Wow... I didn't think that I take that long to update the fic. I'm really sorry everyone, but I had a lot of exams ^^'
@MayerlingLove: Domo arigatou! I'm glad you liked it. Maybe Mai cares about it, but she looks like she doesn't care. ^^

@Azumangalicious: Wii, a new reader! ^^ Yep, the usual pairing is Airi-Kanna, that's why I wanted to change it :D

Another Chapter! :monster:

Chapter 11
The ºC-utagues and the Berryz Kapulets

Kanna POV
“Okay girls, we are going to do a rehearsal” the teacher says in a cheerful tone. She won't be that genki after seeing our play, I'm sure...

“Yeah...” Chisato moans under her breathe.

“How great...” Erika continues. “It will be fine...”

“Montagues and Capulets! Get ready! We are going to start!” the teacher exclaims cheerfully.

“Oh, oh, oh, what am I seeing here?” someone laughs looking and pointing at us. It's the Captain of Berryz Koubou, Shimizu Saki. “You are six today... something happened with that bitch friend of yours?”

“Shut up or Berryz Koubou will have six members too!” Maimi shouts, rising her fist with the intention of beating her.

“Calm down, leader” Erika says, looking directly at Saki's face as she comes closer to her. “She is in the hospital because Tanaka's team gave her a beating. She lost all her memories for a moment”

Saki's smirk disappears from her face as she stares at the older. “Is that true?” She nods at her. “I-I'm sorry. I suppose that she was ill but... I'm sorry, I didn't want to...”

I have never seen Saki acting like this. Maybe it's because Nakky was Chinami's friend. Nakky is the most neutral ºC-ute member that I know, so that's why everyone likes her. This stupid captain must feel stupid after saying this stupid thing about MY friend. Maybe I'm using a lot the word stupid, but I'm too angry to think another synonym.

“Hey! Girls! We are going to start! You didn't listen to me?” the teacher calls us.

Momoko POV

“The Montagues are better than the Capulets!” the teacher shouts. How pathetic, she has to do Nakky's character.

“Our masters, the Capulets, are better!” Maasa exclaims. She isn't a good actress at all, but she looks really cool.

“Stop fighting, you idiots!” Mai... you are really wrong! You are Benvolio! Remember that you don't like fighting or insulting!

“Fight with me, Benvolio” Oh, that's Chinami as Tybalt. She looks elegant, like a... gentleman? I'm not sure if that word fits her.

“No! No! No! … Eh... What I have to say... oh, yep, fighting is stupid!” What the?! She has forgotten THAT sentence?!

“Your sword is out...” Chinami takes her wooden sword “Fight!”

Now, it's the turn of Captain and Miyabi... I hope they will make it better than Mai...

“Bring me my sword!” Captain shouts at Miyabi.

“You are too old to fight. You don't need a sword, you need a...” Miyabi falls in silence. “You need a... dentist?”

I slap my face with my own hand. A dentist?! What the hell?! “You need a crutch” I correct her.

“Oh, yeah, yeah, a church and a dentist” she blushes.

“I said-”

“Stop now, Tsugunaga-san!” the teacher moans. “Continue with the play, please!”

After a long discussion between the Montagues and the Capulets, Erika and Maimi also appear as Lord and Lady Montague. Then, Airi makes her appearance.

“Stop fighting!” she shouts firmly as she looks at both families. “I want peace in my city” She takes her sword “Lord Capulet and Lord Montague, you are old but you are not wise. If your two families fight again, you will both die!”

“But they started the fight! It's not fair!” Maimi shouts.

“No, it's not true” Captain shakes her head as she takes a screenplay “Look at the beginning of the screenplay”

“Oh, you are right, the Montagues servants start the fight... sorry, I was wrong” Maimi says.

“It's okay” Captain mutters. Wait... It's my imagination or Saki really has smiled at Maimi?!

“EHEM... If your two families fight again, you will both die!” Airi repeats.

“Oh! Right...” Saki answers “I, Lord Captain, I mean, Capulet, promise not to fight again”

“I, Lord Montague, promise not to fight again with the Capulets”

“Not bad... We are going to pass to the next scene, okay?” the teacher says. “In this scene, Lady Montague and Benvolio are talking... Action!”

“Tybalt wants to kill all the Mountain bikes. He's very dangerous” Why?! Why Mai must be Benvolio?! What the? Hahaha, I can't believe it... Has she just confused the word Montague with 'mountain bikes'? There's a big difference between those words.

“Where is my son, Romeo? Is he safe?” Erika asks.

“He isn't here. He's walking by himself in the public park” Public park?! “Look, he's coming now. She, I mean, he seems to be sad...”

“Hi Mom, Hi Benvinile” Chisato says as she arrives.

“It's Benvolio...” I mutter under my breathe.

“Why are you unhappy, my dear son?” Erika asks.

“I'm in love with Rosaline, but she doesn't love me” she says looking at the floor.

“You have to...” Mai falls in silence again “To...” she looks at the screenplay “To  forget her”

“But I can't!” she exclaims “I can't forget her smile... her gaze... and her both  big boobs! Yess, those two big reasons!”

I slap my face with my hand again. That's really annoying...

“OK! Stop now! It's enough!” the teacher shouts. “Continue practicing and we'll play another day...”

Sonna Rolling Days~!

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Re: You Are My Boy [Chapter 11, UPDATED 05/19] [KidsFic]
« Reply #38 on: May 20, 2009, 08:37:39 PM »
I LOVE that chapter!
momo's POV was the best... the rehearsel was chaos  :lol:
did saki maybe smile at maimi because she felt sorry about the thing she said earlier? about nakky?
I'm looking forward to the KannaChisa scenes  :D :D

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Re: You Are My Boy [Chapter 11, UPDATED 05/19] [KidsFic]
« Reply #39 on: May 22, 2009, 02:11:04 PM »
Ah, you brought the humor back again, and in a big way! XD H!P girls butchering Romeo and Juliet... How poetic...

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