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Author Topic: You Are My Boy [Epilogue NOW!] Updated 08/25  (Read 22720 times)

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Re: You Are My Boy [Chapter 12: Seishun Bus Guide]
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@Rokun&MayerlingLove: Domo arigatou! I'm glad you liked it ^^


Another Chapter! :monster:

Chapter 12
Seishun Bus Guide

We were at the Berryz Club, enjoying our free time after the school. Risako and Yurina were playing cards while Miyabi and Saki were kissing and Maasa was speaking with her Mother by the phone. Chinami was sitting at the corner of the room, with a thoughtfully expression on her face. While all this happened, I was daydreaming again with Kanna. Why I can't just forget her? It isn't difficult!

“Captain...” someone's voice irrupted my thoughts. I looked at Chinami who was putting an strange face “I have heard that Nakky is ill... is that true?”


“Answer me, BAKA!” she shouted as she stood up from her chair. “Is she ill or not?!”

“She isn't ill at all...” Saki muttered “She doesn't remember anything... She lost all her memories”

“Including me?” she asked, her eyes near cry.

“Yes... including you...” Saki sighed quietly.

“...” she fell in silence for a moment. “I have to visit her”

“What?! You can't!” Miyabi exclaimed “Remember that she's a ºC-ute, and...”

“But you already know about my promise!” she shouted. “We'll get married someday, no matter if she's a ºC-ute!”

“But...” Miyabi tried to continue, but Saki covered her mouth.

“She's right. She can visit her. After all, Maimi also knows about the promise” Captain said.

“... It means that.. I can visit her?” she smiled.

“Of course... but you can't go alone!” Saki rose her fist. “We'll be with you to be sure that nobody would see you there”

“It's true... The ºC-ute members are going to be in the hospital all the time” Risako added.

“So... What can we do?” I asked curiously.

“I have an idea!” Yurina exclaimed. “Do you remember the costumes for the carnival that we used last year?”

“Do you mean... the male student uniform?” Maasa rose her both eyebrows.

“Yeah. If we use them, nobody will recognize us!” Yurina smiled.

“It's stupid...” Captain muttered. “But that's why I like it!”

“So let's prepare!” I exclaimed.

… A hour later …

“Well... Are you ready, guys?” Captain asked.

“Yep!” I replied. “We look really cool as boys”

“I don't think that we look like boys at all but it's okay” Miyabi said.

“So... let's go!” Chinami exclaimed. “I want to see Nakky now!”

After twenty minutes, we were at the bus station. We were still calm until a girl arrived.
“Excuse me, guy...” she said looking at Miyabi. “Can you tell my what time it is?”

“Of course, it is...” she was going to look at her watch when she noticed that the girl who asked was wearing a watch. “You are wearing a watch, you know?”

“Oh... Sorry, I forgot it...” she smiled innocently. “Anyway... What's your name?”

“My naame?” she muttered “I'm... Miyabitaro!”

“Miyabitaro?” Captain repeated for herself, laughing quietly.

“Miyabitaro?” the girl asked “It's a cute name as you...” She winked at 'Miyabitaro'.

“Ah, thank you” she said.

“My name is Sayaka. It's nice to meet you, Miyabitaro” she smiled.

“It's nice to meet you too...” she muttered.

“Oh, Miya, the bus is here!” Captain said as she held her arm. “Let's hurry!”

“Okay... See you, Sayaka” she waved.

“Good bye, Miyabitaro!”

“She was flirting you! She really thought that you are a boy...” Maasa muttered as we enter the bus.

“I can't believe why...” Miyabi laughed.

We stayed at the bus until we arrived to the hospital and we left it.

“Captain!” Maasa exclaimed suddenly.

“What happens, Maasa?”

“I need to go to the toilet! Urgently!” She said.

“Hmm...” She looked around. “You are lucky, Maasa-chan! There's a public bathroom there!”

“Great! Thanks, Captain!” she smiled at her.

As we waited her, I started to think about if she chase the correct...



“I'm sorry!”




Maasa arrived running quickly from the toilet. “Let's go NOW! There's an old woman looking for me!”

“I knew that you were going to choose the wrong toilet...” I smiled at her.

We continued walking until we arrived to the hospital. When we joined we saw the ºC-ute members leaving the hospital. I can say that Kanna recognized me, because she smiled at me. How I like her smile...

“Fuu, that was close...” Captain muttered after seeing how they left.

“Thank you for helping me, but I'll continue alone” Chinami said. “It's something that I have to do by myself”

“Are you sure?” I asked.

“Yes, I'm sure” she opened the door. “Thank you for everything...”

Sonna Rolling Days~!

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Re: You Are My Boy [Chapter 12: Seishun Bus Guide]
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Haha, Seishun Bus Guide, Berryz's new single. :lol:

Great chapter. :D

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Re: You Are My Boy [Chapter 12: Seishun Bus Guide]
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Yippee this fic is so much fun! :D I love the Chisa x Kanna pairing __
Hagitty is such a badass XD And the name "Tamagochi" is awesome for Momoko! :grin:

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Re: You Are My Boy [Chapter 12: Seishun Bus Guide]
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estoy tarde xDDDD

Vez pues más español epic fail de Yuuchan~!!

Esta Historia está muy divertida~! La Kanna x Chisato pareja es entretenido~ :B

¿Dónde está ese capítulo próximo?

Toma ese obrero de la construcción, le ampara usted contra Writer's Block '_'...

una vez más, excusa mi español horrible xDDD


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Re: You Are My Boy [Chapter 12: Seishun Bus Guide]
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 Si que tiene buena ortografía.  XD

" a look can say more than words" and " a look can even denude the heart"

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Re: You Are My Boy [Chapter 13: Turning into Romeo?]
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@Azumangalicious: Arigatou Gozaimasu! I'm glad you liked it ^^

@Fushigidane: Wow, New readeer! (I like your nick!) Thanks! I love Kanna/Chisa Pairing too (L)

@Yuuyami: Me alegra que te gustara ^^ You have an awesome Spanish! But...

Toma ese obrero de la construcción, le ampara usted contra Writer's Block '_'...

Sorry, but I didn't get it  :sweatdrop:


Another Chapter! :monster:

Lalala, the beginning has a Kanna/Chisa scene ^^

Chapter 13
Turning into Romeo?


Maimi has finally leaven the hospital. I'm glad. She couldn't stay everyday of her life beside Nakky's bed, wanting her to be better. She also needs to be alone to think about her own things.
Now we are walking back to the bus stop. Airi is being in silence, as always, but MaiMai this time is joining her silence. Maimi is holding Erika's hand, and sometimes she gets closer to give her a kiss.
I turn my head to look at Chisato and I notice that she's spacing out. I hold her hand and she starts waking up from her own world. She looks at me and sends me a bright smile.
I haven't seen her smiling like this at me... She's always smirking, but she has never smiled at me. Her smirk was really attractive, but her smile is really sweet. I smile at her in reply. She holds my hand tighter and starts to lean in. She caresses my cheek as I stroke her face. Her skin is really soft. Our lips are near to touch but....

“HEY YOU TWO! HURRY UP OR YOU'LL LOSS THE BUS!” someone shouts. We turn around and we see Mai. Chisato glares at her but then she turns at me with another of her smiles. We hold hands again and we continue walking.

“Damn Mai... The bus hasn't arrived yet!” Chisato mutters. I laugh and I place a kiss on her cheek. She brings her hand to her cheek and slowly starts to blush. I open my mouth, surprised; it's really strange to see her blushing.

“You're really cute when you blush” I smile at her and she also smiles at me. She places a little peck on my hand. I try to lean in and kiss her, but...

“HEY! YOU TWO! COME ON, HURRY!” Mai shouts again.

“I don't have to hurry, Mai. I have to take a different bus to go home” I explain as I sigh.

“Can I wait your bus with you?” Chisato asks. I quickly nod in reply. Great, that way we can have time to be alone.

We arrive to the bus station and we sit down in one of the benches. I'm sitting between Airi and Chisato. Airi is listening to music and Chisa looks nervous and impatient. Maybe she's wanting to kiss me.
The bus arrives and the others stand up. I stand up too, but only to hug Airi before she leaves. After hugging her, Erika also comes to hug me, but I don't know why. I also don't know why Maimi also has given me a hug. Maybe it's because we have to support each other.
It's the first time that I feel that we're really friends, not only a girls group.

They get on the bus and I sigh loudly. We're finally alone. I look at Chisato and she stands up, smiling at me again. She wraps her arms around my waist and pulls me closer. I started to lean in and our lips finally touch. I've never noticed that she's a really good kisser. Our first kiss was more like playful, but this is kiss is really different. It's really sweet. We stop the kiss and she smiles at me, making me smile too. I kiss her forehead and she closes her eyes slowly.

“I can't wait for this Saturday” she smiles as she opens her eyes. I smile at her and kiss her hand.

“I can't wait too” I give her a quick kiss on the lips. Suddenly I see my bus arriving to the station. I don't want to leave her, but I have to get home as soon as possible. It's Thursday, and my mother always cooks pizza and stuff like that.

I give Chisato the last kiss before the bus stops in front of us. “I love you, Chisato” I whisper into her ear.

“I love you more, Kanna” she give a kiss on the cheek and I get into the bus. I wave her as the bus started to move.

I start to walk, looking for a free sit when suddenly I see the small figure of one of my friends. I stare at her, smiling. Is she really wearing those clothes? She notices me and starts to blush. I stop in front of her, still smiling.

“You look cute with those clothes, Momotaro” I joke.

Momoko POV

She's smiling at me... Why she has to be that that cute?! I smile back and hug her friendly.

“Thank you. You also look cute” I blush a little as I say this. She grins at me and she holds my hand.

“I needed to talk with you” she mutters. I start to feel nervous, and for a second I thought that I was going to faint.

“About what?” I ask, blushing more. It's obvious, she wants to speak about...

“About the note that you sent me yesterday” she sighs. “Listen, Momo, I passed all the night thinking about it and I got a conclusion.”

I know... you don't love me. You have Chisato already. You don't need to explain me anything.

“The conclusion that I got is...” she breathes loudly “I'm not good enough for you. You need someone better than me. Someone who doesn't smoke, who knows to treat you well.”

“What are you talking about?” I ask, unbelieving what she has just said.

“I'm not good enough for you. That's my conclusion” she repeats. I look at her surprised and I shake my head.

“It isn't true, Kanna, and you know”

“Well... I prefer to see you as my friend because if we were a couple, I think I would end hurting you. That's why I think that I'm not enough for you” she mutters. “I'm sorry”

“Don't worry...” I look down at the floor. Suddenly I feel her hand touching my shoulder. I look at her and she smiles shyly at me. She hugs me tight and I can feel her heart beating fast. It makes me happy, but I don't understand why.

The bus stops.

“I have to get off here” we say at the same time. She laughs and holds my hand tight. We leave the bus and we walk for a while. Suddenly I notice that we are walking to my house.

“Kanna, why are you going to my house?” she looks at me and smiles.

“I supposed that you knew it” she rises both brows. “We live in the same building and also in the same floor...”

“Really?!” I shout.

Wow... Kanna is my neighbour! I smile for myself.

Maybe if I look out of the window when she is in the shower... or changing her clothes... FUCK! MOMO! STOP THINKING ABOUT IT!

Kanna POV

After leaving Momoko in her house, I start thinking about what I said. Why my heart was beating really fast while I said that I wasn't enough for her? I still don't know why, but I think it's nothing. I'm in love with Chisato, with no one else than her. I smile for myself as I think about Satuday's date.
I look for my keys and I unlocked the door. I enter the room and I greet my brother Hashimoto.

“We have trouble right now”he says as he slaps my head.

“What? Why? Mother isn't going to cook anything today?!” I'm making a lot of questions.

“Get into the sitting room and you'll understand everything” He says.

I nod and I join the sitting room. He was right; we have trouble right now. I stare at my mother and she's kissing a man. I feel my heart going faster as I watch the scene.
The man is tall, attractive and he has a knob. I stare at the man and then at my mother. It feels wrong but... I can understand it. It has been a lot of time since our father was with us.

Our father disappeared one day without any explanation. I was only 9 years old when it happened. After that day, our mother takes care of us and she has never been with a man because of us.
After thinking about it, I feel happy.

“Oh! Kanna, you're here!” My mother greets me. “Sit down, please, we have to speak”

I sit down on a chair and they sit in the sofa. Hashimoto stays beside me, leaning her arms on my shoulders. The man takes his phone and starts to speak with someone. He hang up the phone and looks at my mother.

“Let's wait a little. My daughter and one of her friends are coming soon” he looks at me, smiling “Geez, she can't stay without her best friend”

I smile at him. He looks like a nice man. I'm glad my mother is with him.

“So, you are in a only girl academy, right, Kanna?” he asks.

“Yes, I am” I nod.

“How is it? Do you miss being with boys?” he rises both brows, like joking around.

“No, I don't miss being with boys” I laugh and then I look at my mother. She seems to be happy with this conversation.

“What about you, Hashimoto? You are working in a car factory, aren't you?” he smiles at my brother.

“Yeah. It's a great job, but I always get home really tired” he explains.

“I understand you, I also work in a factory.”

Suddenly, the door bell rings. The man stands up as he says “Maybe it's my daughter and... her 'friend'” he winks at me and goes to open the door.

“It's a great man, isn't it?” My ma'am says, smiling. My brother and I look each other's face and agreed to nod at the same time.

The man comes back to the sitting room and sits down beside my mother. “Please, sit down you two”

I hear some steps sound, but I don't turn around to see  who is. They pass in front of me and then I look at them. I cover my mouth, trying hard to not scream.

“Hashimoto, Kanna, that's Maimi Yajima, my daughter” he smiles at us. “And Maimi, those are the children of this beautiful woman, Hashimoto and Kanna Arihara”

We look at each other's faces and my gaze slowly get down. Erika is beside her, in the same position as my brother. I look at my mother, but she's really busy staring at her boyfriend.

“Well, Hashimoto, Kanna... My name is Toji Yajima. As you know, I'm actually dating your mother” then, he looks at her daughter “And Maimi, dear, this is Hikaru Arihara”

“The reason to meet you here is...” my mother takes Toji's hand and smiles at us “We are going to get married. We are going to be a family. So you're going to be stepsisters. ”

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Re: You Are My Boy [Chapter 13: Turning into Romeo?]
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Re: You Are My Boy [Chapter 13: Turning into Romeo?]
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Saludos! Kanna and Maimi.. stepsisters? :mon dunno: Interesting

Gracias por el nuevo capítulo! Keep it up! ^.^

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Re: You Are My Boy [Chapter 13: Turning into Romeo?]
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WOW. :shocked:

Just wow. :shocked:

Keep going! ^_^

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Re: You Are My Boy [Chapter 13: Turning into Romeo?]
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My, my, quite the twists there o_o

And what I meant to say was...

"Take this hardhat, it protects you against Writer's Block" xDDDD

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Re: You Are My Boy [Chapter 13: Turning into Romeo?]
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And what I meant to say was...

"Take this hardhat, it protects you against Writer's Block" xDDDD

Oh! Now I get it  :lol:
The correct translation is "Toma este casco, te protejerá del Writer's Block"  :)
Be careful because casco (hardhat) also means atrial.  :thumbsup

I'm destined to be Spanish teacher, hehe.

Next chapter soon. :grin:

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Re: You Are My Boy [Chapter 13: Turning into Romeo?]
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OH-MY-GOD! :shock: Kanna and Maimi gonna be stepsisters?! :shocked Crazyy~ XD :w00t:

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Re: You Are My Boy [Chapter 14: Memories in the Melodies]
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@Azumangalicious: Yep, I can't also believe what I wrote...  :lol:

@Brenda: More spanish-speakers! I'm glad you liked it!

@Hotaru: I'm glad it surprised you  :rofl:

@Fushigidane: what's going to happen in this chapter is crazier than this.

Another Chapter! :monster: You all will hate Maimi after that.
I put *** for you to know when the pervert scene starts and when it ends. :sweatdrop:

Chapter 14
Melodies in the Memories

I'm remembering something...
Something that Maimi didn't tell me...

I remember it. I remember her name, her face and also her voice. She was always cheering me and hugging me when I needed... I was very happy when I was near her. She was... really beautiful. We were more than close friend, we weren't like the others. We were like... lovers.
Suddenly my mind is starting to get my old memories, and remembers a happy moment with her.

She was running after me, trying to catch me and hug me. We were laughing and enjoying our time together. She finally caught me and she hugged me from my back, kissing my head with her soft lips.
“Nakky...” she whispered as she turned me around to have an eye contact. We looked at each other's eyes, smiling.
Now I remember... she was the first who called me Nakky. She put me that name.

She took my hand and she gave me a little kiss on it. “Chinami...” I muttered as leaned my chin on her shoulder.

She came closer and she placed a kiss on my cheek. I smiled while I play with her hair with my fingers. “Nakky, there's something that I want to tell you” she said, holding my both hands.

“What is it, Chii-sama?” I asked, kissing one of her hands.

“I want...” she smiled at me and she came closer, putting her mouth near my ear. “I want to get married with you someday”

I smiled at her. I was really surprised but happy. I nodded at her and she hugged me again. “I promise you. We'll get married someday”

She smiled at me and stoked my cheeks, which were growing red. She leaned closer and looked with desire at my lips. I knew what she was trying to say, so I did it; I locked my lips with hers. It was our first kiss, and my first kiss too. At first I felt nervous, but then I got relaxed.
Suddenly I noticed something wet on my upper lip and I separated from her. She was nose-bleeding, still with a 'chu' pose and her eyes still closed. I laughed; she was really cute, even at that pose too.

“I love you, Tokunaga Chinami” I whispered, pulling her into a hug.



“What? Did you say that you aren't a boy?! Get him, Yuko, she's a pervert!” another one shouts. I giggle, enjoying their conversation.

“But I'm here to see a patient!” she exclaims.

Oh... that voice...
“Chinami...?” I whisper for myself.

“KYAAAH, PLEASE STOP IT!” she exclaims again, laughing.

“Okay, tell us who are you going to see, you pervert”

“I want to see Nakajima Saki” My heart starts beating faster as I hear her saying my name. She still loves me after all... She remembers our promise. I smile and fold my arms behind my head.

“She's in that room. Don't bother her, okay?” another voice sighs.

“Thank you guys” she mutters.

Then she opens the door and appears in front of me. I look at her, smiling and I try to stand up from the bed. She walks up to me and she hugs me tightly. God... It has been too long since the last time that I hugged her.
We were 13 years old. We were skipping classes, it was a Monday and...

“My memory...” I whisper near her ear.

She looks at me strangely and kisses one of my hands. “What about your memory, dear?” she asks, smiling sweetly at me.

“I... remember. I can remember, Chinami.” I mutter, giggling at her. She leans in and gives me a little peck on the cheek. “Wow, you didn't nose-ble-” As I say those words, she starts nose-bleeding like crazy. I laugh loudly and she smiles at me while she cleans her nose.

Damn, she continues being really cute... and she continues nosebleeding.

Kanna's POV

As my mother ended saying those words I felt Maimi glaring at me. I gulped and directed my gaze  to Erika, who didn't seem upset at all. Maybe she couldn't understand what they said. Then I looked at Hashimoto, who was putting a pervert face. I hit his chin playfully with my fist and he changed his expression into a smirk. Then he hit me back and we started playing our usual karate game. My new stepfather coughed a little and we stopped. I looked back at Maimi and she was now glaring at my mother.

“Well... what do you think about it?” Toji asked, putting his hand on his chin. I looked around, waiting for the first answer. Of course, I knew that the first answer was going to be Hashimoto's.

“Cool! It'll be fine to have a stepsister. We'll be more people to make karate competitions” I had to laugh at that. We're always doing stupid competitions and stuff like that. That's why I love him a lot.
Maimi glared at me and I decided to speak too.

“I'm glad you found someone to love, mommy!” I smiled and stood up to give her a kiss on the cheek. I also hugged my new stepfather and gave him a kiss on the cheek as well. I sat down again and punched playfully Hashimoto's forehead.

Then we all looked at Maimi and Erika. Maimi was still glaring at me but I decided to ignore her and continued playing with my brother. My mother took Maimi's hand and smiled sweetly at her.

“Maimi, I know it'll be hard at first but... you'll end understanding it” I looked back at them and I noticed that Erika was stroking Maimi's back. Maimi stared at her for a while and Erika nodded her head. Then she winked at me and I instantly gulped.

“I guess it's okay...” she muttered. My mother patted her shoulder and embraced her.

“That means a lot for me, Maimi” she said as she hugged her. What a beautiful and strange moment...

“Oi! Kanna, make something to eat! I'm really hungry!” Hashimoto exclaimed and slapped my neck.

“ITAI! Hashi, I'm going to kill you!” As I stood up I lifted my fist to hit him but then I looked at my mother and sighed. “Okay, I'll cook some pasta for all you”

“Thank you, Kanna-chan” My mother smiled at me and blew me a kiss. I rolled my eyes and I went to the kitchen.

I took the ingredients from the wardrobe and I put some water on a pan. Then I placed it on the cooker and I waited until it boiled. When it was boiling I threw the pasta, and when I was looking for a wooden spoon to remove it, I felt two arms wrapping around my waist.


“Hashimoto... be patient, the food will be co-” I stopped instantly. It wasn't my brother. He wouldn't be touching me like that. Then I felt someone kissing my neck slowly. Definitely, it wasn't my brother.

“So... we're stepsisters, right?” I jumped a little as I heard her voice. She continued kissing my neck as I tried to pull her away. It was impossible... she's stronger than me.

“Maimi, get off” I muttered, but she just laughed. She held me tighter and I felt her chest against my back. Her tongue started to touch my neck. I was feeling really uncomfortable, so I tried to concentrate in the pasta. I took the wooden spoon and began removing the pasta. I stopped as I felt her hands going to my chest.

“So... as good stepsisters as we are...” I tried to remove her hand from my chest, but she held one of my boobs really tightly. “... we can have a bath together, right?” She laughed again and I felt her smile against my cheek. She kissed my check and then went to kiss the back of my ear. She ran her fingers underneath my shirt and stroked my stomach.

“Maimi, get off now!” I exclaimed trying to push her. She laughed again and bit my earlobe. I moved my head away but she caught my ear again. “Maimi, get off or I'll call my brother”

She kissed the back of my ear and laughed again “I'm not afraid of him” she said coldly. She traveled her hands underneath my trousers and she traced circles on my thigh. I groaned loudly as I tried to kick her away, but she dodged all my attacks.

“HASHI-” she turned me around rudely and covered my mouth with her own. She continued kissing me as her hands tried to go underneath my panties, but I didn't let her with a kick. She didn't care and continued.

“Maimi!” I shouted as she touched my core. I pushed her away and gave her a punch on her stomach. I went back to the pasta and removed it again. Then glared at her and she smirked at me. She walked up to me and pulled me into a hug.


“As good stepsister as you are, you'll let me make out with you someday” she gave my thigh a quick squeeze and pulled me away. She winked at me and left the kitchen smirking.

As she left the kitchen, I started to cry like crazy. 'Why I'm not strong enough to pull her away?' I thought. I wiped my tears and I continued cooking the pasta.

I didn't want to think about what happened anymore.


Next chapter will be better, I promise! :bow:

Sonna Rolling Days~!

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Re: You Are My Boy [Chapter 14: Memories in the Melodies]
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Poor Kanna. :( Chinami and Nakky sounds like a good pairing. ^_^

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Re: You Are My Boy [Chapter 14: Memories in the Melodies]
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Great! >8D Now just Kanna start being a good stepsister and let Maimi into your pants... Hahaha ! :twisted:

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Re: You Are My Boy [UPDATED, Chapter 15]
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@Hotaru: Yup, I also like Chinami-Nakky pairing ^^

@Fushigidane: Your comment make me laugh a lot xD I didn't expect it  :lol:


Another chapter :monster: Ikou!

Chapter 15

Momoko POV[/b]

I got home tired after being with Kanna. I was excited because she gave me her phone number and she told me to message her later. Even if she doesn't love me, I like to have her around me.
I looked around and I noticed that ma'am wasn't at home. I felt happy because I was still wearing the male uniform, and if she saw me like that, I really don't know what she would do to me. I went to the bathroom and I had a quick shower.
After having a shower, I went to my room and put my underwear on. I didn't find any of my pyjamas, so I decided to take one of my old sister's night suit. I was about to went to her room when I got a message from my mother. She told me to order something out because my sister and her were going to be in a spa. I pouted a little because they didn't tell me to go with them.
I went to my sister's room, still with my mobile phone in my hand. I was about to take one of her night suits when I saw something that surprised me. I looked out of the window and I saw her in front of a window. She was crying really hard. I didn't know what to do at first, but then I remembered that she gave me her phone number and I had an idea. I quickly messaged her.

“Why are you crying?”
I stared at her and she looked at her mobile. She smiled slightly and she sent me a little wink. After a few seconds, she messaged me back.

“Why are you wearing only your underwear?”
I laughed a little and looked at her. She was still crying, but she seemed to be trying her best to continue smiling at me. I gave her a little thumbs up and messaged her back.

“I'm getting dressed right now. Anyway. Why are you crying?”
She wiped her tears away and smiled.

“I'm just cooking something with onions”
I shook my head, unbelieving her reasons. Nobody cries that hard because she cuts onions.

“Kanna, you can trust me. Tell me why are you crying, please”
She sighed and smiled at me.

“It's a long story... Can I sleep over in your house?”
I giggled. Good mammy and sister! They are going to pass the night in that spa and I can sleep with Kanna. Yey!

“Of course! We'll be alone tonight, my family isn't at home”
She laughed and smirked at me.

“Okay. Don't try anything pervert, Tsugunaga-san... I know you”
I laughed with her comment and winked at her.

“Call me Momo”
I stared at her for a while and she blew me a little kiss after sending me the last message

“Okay. See you later, Momo”
She took a pan and went to another room. I couldn't believe that she asked me to sleep over my house... It's just incredible.

Okay, I'll order Chinese Food.

Maimi POV

After trying to make out with Kanna, I went to the living room still smirking. Erika came closer to me and told me that she had to got home. I gave her a quick kiss on the cheek and watched her leave. When she was about to leave, my father said something. “Maimi, dear, go with her. I'll see you at home”

“I thought we were going to have dinner together” I rose both eyebrows.

“Well, one of my work mates sent me a message. I need to go to the factory now” he explained, scratching the back of his head. There was something strange in his gaze, but I didn't want to ask him. I turned around and left the house holding Erika's hand.

We walked to her house and suddenly she stopped me to give me a kiss. I kissed her back and smiled at her. She looked really worried.

“Are you okay?” she asked me. I nodded my head and gave her another kiss.

“I'm fine. Don't worry” I put one of my arms around her shoulders and we continued walking to her house.

“Do you want to sleep over my place?” she sent me a pervert smile. I just shook my head without looking at her.

“I'm not in good mood to... 'sleep over your place' after what happened today” she nodded her head in agreement.

“Give her a chance, Mami. Everyone needs one chance” she kissed me sweetly and she smiled at me again.

“Okay. I'll give her a chance” I kissed her forehead and she blushed a little. God, I love making her blush. We finally arrived to her house and when she was about to open the door, she looked back at me.

“Are you sure that you don't want to sleep over my place? No one is at home...” she gave me another pervert smile and wrapped her arms around my waist.

“Mmh, okay... but let me take something from my house. I won't take long”

“What do you have to take?” she asked.

“Eh... Protection” I turned around and I heard her slapping her face with her hand.

“Maimi... You are a jerk. We're both girls.” I giggled a little.

“Okay... You caught me. I was going to take my sexy dress” I smiled at her. She looked down and blushed.

“You're sexy enough” she muttered. I stared at her and she smiled.

“Okay... let's 'sleep over', then” I smirked at her and she opened the door.

God... I love this girl.

Wasn't there something I wanted to tell her...?

Kanna POV

“Here's the pasta!” I exclaimed as I entered the room, trying my best to send them a smile. Speaking with Tamagochi really cheered my up.

“Great!” Hashimoto took the pan from my hands and put it on the table. He served a lot of pasta for him and then he looked at me.

“I'm not hungry, so you can eat all the pasta that you want” I said, and then I sent a peek to my mother. “Where is Toji?”

“He has some work to do” she explained. “I wonder where he works...”

“Wait... You don't know it and you're going to get married with him?!” Hashimoto exclaimed as he ate some of the pasta.

“Hashimoto, don't speak while you eat!” I stuck my tongue out and winked at him. “Explain us this, mammy”

“Well... I asked him a lot of times but he always change the topic” she sighed.

“Strange...” I looked at the clock. It was already 22:10. I remembered that Tamagochi was waiting me already. “Ma'am, I'm going to sleep over at one friend's house. I'll go with her to school, so don't worry”

“Oh, you're going to stay at... Chisato's place?” Hashimoto smirked at me and I looked at him shocked.

“How do you know about her?” I pointed him and he started to laugh like crazy.

“I don't know her, I just said a random name” he giggled.

“Ha-ha. Really funny. And no. I'm going to stay at Momoko's place” I blew them a kiss and went to the door. “Bye! See you tomorrow”

“Have fun!” I heard my mother said as I left.

I walked up to Momoko's house and knocked the door. She opened it quickly and smiled at me.
“Hey” she exclaimed cheerfully. “I thought that you were going to be here later. Did you eat dinner? I'm going to order Chinese food. What do you want to-”

I stopped her with a hug. I really needed to hug someone. Even if it was Tamagochi, I needed to embrace someone. She hugged me back and I started to cry on her shoulder. She patted my back and she led me into her house.

“Okay... Calm down. I'll bring you some water” she helped me to sit down and gave me a paper “Choose whatever you want. I'll pay it”

“I'm not hungry...” I muttered.

“Nonsenses. You need to eat” she smiled at me and put her hand on my shoulder. “If you haven't choose anything when I come back, I'll get really angry at you”

I smiled at her and nodded my head. She winked at me and went to the kitchen. I looked at the menu and I chase the first thing that I saw. She came back moments later and she gave me a glass of water as she sat beside me. I drank it quickly and put it on the table. She grabbed my hand and smiled.

“So... what are you going to order?”

“Noodles and a spring coil. What about you?” I licked my upper lip and she chuckled.

“Noodles, rice and... maybe another spring coil” I put my hand over hers.

“Let's order then”I said. She smiled again and stood up. I heard her calling the restaurant and I noticed that her annoying helium voice was gone. Her helium voice sounded really sweet. I shook my head, unbelieving what I thought. She hang up the phone and came to sit down beside me again.

“It's coming soon” she said, smiling at me again. She grabbed my hand and she looked directly at my eyes. “Now tell me why were you crying”

I sighed and prepared myself to explain her the whole story. I got comfortable on the armchair and I started to speak. “My mother is going to get married with Maimi's father”

“Really?” she asked, looking at me surprised. I nodded my head and she sighed too. “I don't want to be mean, I know she's your leader but... I hate her”

I shook my head. “Don't worry... Now I hate her too” I looked at her and she seemed shocked with what I said. “I went to the kitchen and, when I started to cook pasta she tried to...” I started to cry again and she hugged me.

“What did she try to do, Kanna?” she ran her fingers through my hair.

“She tried to make out with me” I began to sob “She... touched me. Now I feel myself... dirty. I mean... I didn't want to make out with her but... I wasn't strong enough to stop her and...”

I hugged her tighter and she stroked my hair. “Kanna... You won't have worry anymore...” she whispered and placed a little kiss on my shoulder “I won't let her touch you anymore. I promise.”

She wiped my tears away and smiled at me. “Thank you, Tsugunaga-san” I said weakly, as I tried to get comfortable on the armchair.

“Call me Momo” she winked at me.

I giggled a little “Thank you, Momo”

“Anything for you, Kanna” I gulped a little as she said that.

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Re: You Are My Boy [UPDATED, Chapter 15]
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Oh wow.

I'm glad that Momo feels so sorry for Kanna, I would feel the same way.

And :lol: @ Hashimoto. XD

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Re: You Are My Boy [UPDATED, Chapter 15]
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How did Hashimoto know about Chisato? xD

I feel bad for Kanna. D: I can't belive Maimi did that!

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Re: You Are My Boy [Chapter 16: Broken UPDATED]
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Thank you guys for reading ^^

Another Chapter :monster:

Chapter 16

Erika POV

I led her to my house and I closed the door behind us. She gave a pervert look and got closer to kiss me, but I pull her away. I locked the door and put the keys in front of her eyes. Then I took them in my hands and I ate them. She looked shocked at me, probably asking herself if I got crazy. I  gulped the keys and smiled at her.

“What the hell are you doing?!” she shouted, putting her hands on the top of her head.

“I just don't want you to go” My smile changed into an smirk.

“Erika, are you okay?” she gulped and walked away from me.

“I'm fine. And you? Are you okay? How have you been doing?” I asked, getting close to her.

“... Erika...” she whispered.

“ANSWER ME YOU WHORE!” I shouted as I slammed the wall. “I'll repeat you the question, okay?” she nodded her head. “How-have-you-been-doing, Maimi?”

“Great” she started to sweat. “Erika... why are you acting like this?”

“Stop making stupid questions” I took a cigar out from my pocket and I lit it. I started smoking while she stared at me.

“Erika... are you okay? I think you should rest.” she touched my shoulder, but I slapped her hand away.

“Don't touch me” I muttered as I took a puff of the cigarette. “I don't need to rest. Now shut the hell up”

“Why are you acting like this?” she asked again. I looked at her worried eyes and I reached out to take her arm. I put out my cigar on it and she groaned loudly. “WHY THE HELL DID YOU DO THAT?!”

“I saw you” I mumbled. Her eyes widened a little but then she coughed a little.

“I don't know what are you talking about...” she looked around, avoiding my gaze. I slapped her face.

“You know what I'm talking about, so stop playing with me!” I exclaimed. “I saw you forcing Kanna!”

“I can explain it!” she exclaimed walking towards the window. “I was... It's just... I...”

“You're the most hateful person that I know” I got closer to her. “I thought that you loved me, Maimi. It really hurts me.”

“And I love you!” she put an arm around my waist, but I slammed it away.

“If you really love me, why do you like cheating me with another girls?!” I shouted as my eyes started to form tears. “I gave you everything, Maimi. I gave you love. I gave you all my heart. I gave all that you wanted to have. But you don't care. You never care about my feelings. Do you think that I'm blind?!”


“I'm not blind, Maimi. I know everything about you. I know you fooled me a lot of times!” I cried out “I saw you with Airi that time in the park. I saw how you kissed her. But I thought that it was better for me to shut the hell up” I started to cry harder “Another day I saw you leaving the club with Nakky. You gave her a kiss and she tried to pull you away, but you didn't let her. You did the same as you have done with Kanna tonight. But she finally pulled you away and slapped you. You apologized, and she forgave you.” I began to sob. “And now you forced Kanna.”

“Wait, do you like spying me or what?! I also want to have my private life, Erika!” she exclaimed, but she didn't sound convincing at all.

“SHUT UP NOW!” I slapped her face again. “You made her cry. She's going to be your stepsister, I'm sure that you'll make her cry again. And that's something that I won't let you, Maimi”

“Erika... please stop...”

“What are you planing to do?! Do you want to touch her while she's cooking for you?! Do you want to have a bath with her?! You want to sleep with her and continue touching her, right?! You really want to make her cry, that's the only thing that you want!! And I won't let you”

“OH, SHUT UP, SHUT UP!” she exclaimed and she started to cry as crazy. She fell on his knees and she covered her face with her hands. “I don't know why I did it! Just let me go back home!” She shouted. “Please... Erika... I don't want to stay here anymore...”

“Stop acting like a child and assume your problems!”

“I can't do it! Now let me go!” She cried out and closed her eyes. She tighten her fists and groaned quietly. “Let me go, please, let me go”

“Maimi...” I muttered. “I've never seen you act this way... That's the real Maimi? Or only one of the false faces of Maimi Yajima?”

“Let me go... Erika, please...” she whispered loudly.

“Maimi... Why are you acting like this? Can you tell me?” I asked getting closer to her.

“Because it's true and... I'm a whore and... because I love you” she looked at me and then covered her face again. I gulped slightly.

“Is it true? Or it's another of your lies?” I asked as I crossed my arms.

“It's the truth, Erika” she started to sob and her breathe became irregular. “I love you. I love you and I'll love you forever. Please, let me go now, please... let me...”

I saw how she started to cry even harder and I felt my heart stopping for a moment. 'Why? Why it hurts me so much? Before all that she did... I continue loving her?' I thought as I covered my mouth with one of my hands. I came closer to her and I quited her hands from her face. She seemed afraid as she looked at me.

“Do you really love me?” I was making a stupid question, but I wanted to be sure.

“I love you with all my heart” she said putting a serious expression. “You've all the right to hate me and I'll understand if you don't want to speak with me. I'll leave you alone and you-”

I stopped her with a wet and deep kiss. She quickly kissed me back and pulled me closer.

“Do... do you forgive me after what I did?” she asked. I nodded my head.

“Everyone needs a chance” I winked at her and she smiled. “But promise me that you won't cheat on me again, okay?”

“Okay, I promise you” she leaned in and gave me another kiss.

“No more Airi, okay?” I kissed her and she smiled as she nodded.

“No more Airi” she said and gave me a kiss on the cheek.

“No more Nakky, okay?” I smiled at her and she nodded again.

“No more Nakky”

“And fix the things between Kanna and you, okay?” I caressed her cheek and she kissed me again.

“Okaay. I promise you” she was going to kiss me again, but I stopped her. “What's up?”

“I have stomachache.” she laughed.

“Because of the keys, right?” I nodded my head and laughed too.

“Well... want to sleep over?” I asked. She nodded and took off her shirt. “Just sleep, okay? I'm not in good mood today”

“Haha, of course” she smiled at me and hugged me.

I led her to my room and I pulled myself under the covers. She joined the bed and wrapped her arms around my waist.

“I love you, Erika” she muttered and kissed my forehead.

“I love you too, Maimi”

Gaaah... Yajiume moment. I have been reading a lot of Indigoburulove's fics recently xD
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Re: You Are My Boy [Chapter 16: Broken UPDATED]
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CH 15 Aaw. :) But just how can Momoko promise Kanna that Maimi won't touch her again? :O2 She has to hang out with Kanna all the time! XD
CH 16 Omg Erika was really scary! O.O Hahah freaky.. :lol: But yay Maimi promised to be good so they are happy together again ^^

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