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Author Topic: A New Love? Yossie's New Love?!?! 12/12 Chapters  (Read 4720 times)

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A New Love? Yossie's New Love?!?! 12/12 Chapters
« on: April 29, 2009, 11:07:38 AM »
May contain spell/grammar mistake in japanese and english also it is based on a friend of mine  :sweatdrop:


She only just caught her breath again before Yossie did it again. She ran her fingers through Sakura's hair again and whispered in her ear,
"Im yours and you're mine," she whispered tenderly. As she ran her hand up Sakura's thigh she kissed her on the nape of her neck...

Chapter 1: Introductions and I've Fallen In Love!?

It was just another day, well not really, today is the day I'll be introduced into Hello!Project Morning Musume. I'm not quite sure how they doing it though. Iida-san said it was going to be a special just like Fujimoto Miki's introduction. But I have no clue who she is or what they did for her! Oh god someone just tell me what's happening!! I'm losing my mind over this stupid little introduction! Let alone I'm also not even full Japanese but half, what will people think of me?! Ah Doushi yo?

Welcome to HaroMoni's special introducing our newest member Sakura Asami!!
''Mina-san Domo Arigato! Watashi ne Sakura Asami des yodsiku onegaishimasu!'' Sakura had said as she waved and gave the ''V'' sign to everybody. Sakura was placed down in a seat and had been given three CDs in front of her.
''Ichi des! Who will pick Sakura-chan's favorite Morning Musume song~'' announced Kaori as everybody gave a round of applause and cheered.
Three songs were played for the Momu girls in order it was Do it! Now, Roman ~My Dear Boy~,Iroppoi Jirettai and HEY! Mirai. Sakura had to give her opion on all of the songs before the Momu girls had to play a game like musical chairs but they had to select her favorite song. The girl that picked her least favorite song will be out and have a penalty game from it. As the music started all the girls ran around the mattress and eyed off the song they thought it was, when the music stopped everybody dived onto their choice.

''Now let's see, Ishikawa,Ogawa and Takahashi-san chose Roman ~My Dear Boy~. Yoshizawa,Fujimoto and Konno-san chose Do it!Now, Michishige,Niigaki and Kamei-san chose Iroppoi Jirettai and last Kago,Tsuji and Abe-san chose HEY!Mirai.
''Eeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I thought we had to chose the one she hated,''Aibon interrupted with her kawaii child voice.
''Ah iie Kago-chan, it was her least favorite chosen the people would be out and in the penalty game,'' Kaori explained to Aibon.

The time of truth arrived Sakura was told to tell them when they came to the song she didn't like. Do it! Now was first up Sakura just smiled and shook her head, Roman ~My Dear Boy~ was after that. Again she just shook her head and onto the next song. It was between HEY!Mirai and Iroppoi Jirettai. HEY!Mirai played and Sakura smile got wider as she nodded her head and said ''Shoji des!''
''Ah! That mean's Kago-chan,Tsuji-chan and Abe-san are outsi~ Now for your penalty game you have to all sing to the song of HEY!Mirai one at a time and you will judge by all the Momu girls.As it went on the only girl that passed the penalty game was Abe-san then Tsuji and Kago last.

Next up was the what the word that would make Sakura-chan turn down a Momu girl. The choices where 'Aishter Mas,' 'Ne kawaii des eto' A~a megami kawaii des ishoni?' Which went 'I love you' 'hey you're cute umm' And 'Ah! You're ultra cute would you like to eat with me?'' Yossie,Rika and Kaori had chosen the second one which was obvious the wrong one! Yossie smacked her head and ran up to Sakura and kissed her hand saying ''Ongeai hime-san please forgive me!'' Sakura just laughed at Yossie and blushed a little at the fact she kissed her hand and called her a princess. Sakura then sat down again for the second last game that was what penalty game wouldn't scare her. Only thing is Sakura didn't pay any attention to what the girls where picking. In fact all she was thinking about was Hitomi Yoshizawa, she kept thinking to herself
Uso des! You can't be in love!! I mean you just met her and and...''
''Sakura-chan~'' called Mari-san ''Ne which one of these penalties wouldn't scare you? A balloon exploding, painful foot massage or reptiles.''
''Well a balloon it just a Bang des and reptiles I'm fine with I can have a snake around my neck and not care so the painful foot massage is the one I wouldn't like.'' The girls Sayu-chan, Reina-chan and gaki-san had to go through that painful foot massage as their penalty game..

Finally the last game arrived. If Sakura-chan called reincarnate who would she want to be? Rika-chan? Kaori-san? Or Yossie? All the remaining girls jumped on Yossie but only Konkon stayed as Miki and Maki moved over to Rika and Kaori. Sakura paced through the three girls back and forth and then... GLUMP! Sakura-chan had grabbed hold of Yossie around her waist and everyone was going ''Kawaii des Sakura-chan!''
''Yoshizawa-san is really smart in my books, she is also funny and she has a sense of style she is a girl yet has this boyish style that's so ka kawaii! So that's why I'd want to be if I could reincarnate.'' Sakura explained as she still held onto Yossie who was laughing at what she said about her. Though Sakura stared up at Yossie and thought again ''Doushite.... Yoshizawa-san.....'
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Re: A New Love? Yossie's New Love?!?! 12/12 Chapters
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Chapter 2: Making of Go Girl ~Koi No Victory~

6am, All Morning Musume girls were woken up for make-up and dress rehearsal. All the girls were scooted down to the studio set up for their recent PV Go Girl ~Koi No Victory~. Though not all girls were really excited about it. Being woken up at 6am for make-up and dress rehearsals? But as it went Sakura was fine doing it, she was still bummed out from not a lot of sleeping but this was going to be her BIG hit. The rooms where allocated as Reina, Aibon, Nono, Rika, Miki and Mari where put in one, room 2 was as Nacchi, Takitty, Eri ,Kaori, Makoto and Risa. In room 3 where Maki ,Sayumi, Konkon, Yossie and Sakura. As their stylist’s where doing their make-up Yossie made a comment about Sakura. She said “Ne, Sakura-chan you know you look really kawaii when you flinch from the blusher,” Sakura just went a pinkish colour in her cheeks, “Hidiyo Yoshizawa-san!” she replied back jokingly as she knew Yossie always did jokes about the Morning Musume girls.

Come 10am and all the girls are ready to start shooting the PV. But just before it all the girls that where allocated a room had certain colours on the outfits red, yellow, white and blue. Half of room 2 where split into blue, room 1 split as well half being white half being yellow room three was red. While they got in their positions Sakura’s nerves grew and grew. She kept thinking she’d screw up her lines, actions and dance moves. So she kept doing all of them thorough her head over and over and over again un till Yossie whispered in her ear “Ne my cherry blossom our scenes are up” Sakura snapped out of her repeative steps and got lost in Yossie’s words. She couldn’t understand her at all. Yossie is a girl who is always flirting with all the other girls as a joke but Sakura knew that Yossie was probably doing the same to her right? She couldn’t possibly like me she thought to herself.

As the girls with red came up and where to do their actions first up smile, wink and say no victory. All the girls laughed as they did it Sakura tried so hard but couldn’t do it. On her second attempt she tried again but all the other girls where doing the same thing at the back of the room only doing it on purpose to make her laugh again and stuff up. It was all in good fun though once they shot the PV with everyone together the girls rushed over and watched it.
“Uso ne! I didn’t know I looked like that!” screeched Aibon “I look like a complete baka des!”
All the girls laughed at Aibon and her being a “baka” as always. After they watched through the whole video they girls where satisfied including Sakura who was so worried about stuffing up. When Sakura went over to the table with drinks on it, it being a table right near the back Yossie crept up behind Sakura and told her she did a pretty good job and as she turned around Yossie kissed her on the cheek and told her to keep it up. Sakura was just still standing there, stoked at what just had happened she sure she had split half of her water and was probably the shade of the red on her outfit.

At 5pm all the girls headed back for the dressing rooms to get changed out of their clothes and back into their own style. Rika arranged for the girls to go out for dinner and was going around to everyone telling them that she would shout the first 3 people that were to be in the car first ready to go. As she walked off into the car she sat there and counted “Ichi, ni, san…” and out came running Nono, Makoto and Mari who shouted at the top of their lungs “Yatta!!” Gradually the other girls came at their own time to head off to dinner. But of course Nono was a loud mouth and yelled at everyone for being late as she is missing out on her shouted dinner. Everyone bursted out laughing at Nono and apologized with a “Gomen ne Tsuji-chan”.

As they got to the restaurant all the girls huddle up to fit every one of them in so no one was left out. But unlucky for Sakura she was sat next to Yossie. All night her heart kept going doki…doki… to a point where she flung her chopsticks by accident that hit Aibon in the head.
“Ne Sakura-chan be more careful next time,” Aibon joked and she passed back the chopsticks.
“Mmm you better or you’ll be in big trouble by me and Aibon heck maybe even everyone,” Yossie smiled as she scruffed Sakura’s hair up.

At the end of dinner everyone saw each other off and left for bed. Only Sakura still didn’t have her own room yet and was to sleep in company with one of the girls. She kept looking around and around until she felt a tap on her shoulder and someone with a forced accent
“Shall we be leaving Ojour-sama?” Yossie was grinning as she put her hand out for Sakura to take hold of. Sakura didn’t want to share a room with Yossie as she thought she might do something to freak Yossie out. But really she DID want to be with Yossie as it meant she got a least about 1 hour with her by their self.
“Hai! Yoshizawa-san,” she replied and she swung her arm around Yossie’s making them link as they walked off for their room.

As they reached the house they stayed at for Morning Musume, they noticed all the girls were already asleep.
“Eeeeee it’s only 9pm though,” Yossie said as she looked at her watch, “Oh well let’s go show you you’re quarters now miss.”
When they got to their room Sakura was just amazed she knew Yossie’s bedroom would be something awesome but this, this was just simply stunning to her. She took her shoes off at the door and dropped her bag half way to the bed as she dived on it and gave a girly giggle. Yossie just smirked at Sakura and brushed her hair back as she picked a singlet and short shorts to wear for bed.

Within 2 minutes tops Yossie dived on the bed as well and tried to push Sakura off the bed. Sakura just laughed and pushed back at Yossie the two kept doing this for awhile until Sakura sat up and said
“Pillow Fight-o” as she hit Yossie with the pillow. Yossie sat up and replied back to her “ You’re on girl!” the two were determined not to lose to each other but eventually they gave up from exhaustion and laughed back down. Yossie started going to sleep when she suddenly felt something move onto her chest. She looked down and saw Sakura was already passed out and was in a deep dream. Yossie smiled at her and stroked the top of Sakura’s head and whispered quietly to her self “You’re really one of a kind…the one I’ve always wanted…”

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Re: A New Love? Yossie's New Love?!?! 12/12 Chapters
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Chapter 3: The Morning After

At sunrise Sakura yawned and rubbed her eyes, but as she made to get out of the bed she felt something around her stomach stopping her from moving. To her own curiosity she looked over and saw Yossie had her arms wrapped right around Sakura’s waist and her head laying on Sakura chest. She wasn’t sure what she’d do so she gave up and layed back down and waited for Yossie to wake up. Eventually Yossie woke up and yawned and left Sakura to sleep in without knowing she was awake but went back to sleep due to her and the waist holding.

10am is when Sakura re awoke and saw Yossie at the end of the bed smiling at her.
“Yo sleepy head!” she called out Sakura who was still half asleep by the looks of it.
“Ne, what’s the time Yossie?” Sakura asked as she yawned and stretched
“10 o’clock,” Yossie replied back giving a laugh
“Eeeeeeeeee uso!!! It’s this late!” she screamed as she through the covers back and made a mad rush for clothes and the shower. As Sakura stripped down from her purple floral pj’s and turned the water on as felt it’s temperature, she was trying to remember her time table for today. She knew first up was a photo shoot with an intivel with 3 hours till they had another photo shoot. There were also PV’s to be done and dance lessons to attented though she just went blank. As she wet her long black hair under the cold water one thing and only one thing ran through her mind. Hitomi Yoshizawa. She was thinking about all the things that happened at the PV up to the pillow fight.

12pm the girls first photo shoot for Go Girl. All the girls lined up and took individual pictures then group photo’s.
“Smile mina!” yelled out Mari who quickly ran through the studio with staff running after her. All the girls laughed at the same time the camera went off. Now the photo shoot was over the girls had 3 hours to themselves. Aibon and Nono took that time to go and check out the cake stall, Konkon went off to a silent palce to study for an up coming exam, Risa and Sayumi took their time to check out some kawaii hair styles and hair ties. As for Sakura she went alone to the Ice Cream Palor. As she was about to start eating her ice cream Yossie came up behind her and played with the two pigtails at the back and asked if she could join her. No doubt about it Sakura blurted out “Hai!” without thinking to try and play it cool not making it obvious. Slightly embarrassed she ate her ice cream away until Yossie said
“Ne, say could I have a taste of your ice cream?” Sakura looked up at Yossie and nodded as she took a scoop of it and embarrassed said “Aahh.”

Over the next two hours the two girls talked about everything and anything to keep them from going silent.
“Say, Yossie where would you like to go where you haven’t gone before?” asked Sakura nervously as she looked Yossie in the eyes.
“Huh? Let’s see probably Tokyo Tower. What about you Sakura?”
“The Aquarium,” Sakura replied back excitedly “I’ve never been before. When I was little I wanted to go and see all the fishes and dolphins. I’m sure they all have a mystical beauty to them don’t they?” Yossie just nodded and laughed to herself, Sakura was sure full of surprises………and desires she thought did Sakura maybe have any about her at all?

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Re: A New Love? Yossie's New Love?!?! 12/12 Chapters
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Chapter 4: As For One Day~

Thursday 12th of June, As For One Day PV recording. All the girls awoke at 7am sharp for their new song As For One Day. Basically with this PV the girls were to shoot one scene with them dancing and in the other scenes they had to have their umbrella out in the rain. Though every girl had an umbrella except Sakura, little did she know this was planned as at the very end in the rain one of the girls where to share an umbrella with her. Through out the day she kept worrying what will happen as she is the only one without one. All the girls told her just to relax and do it without an umbrella and they might re shoot it when they’ve got one for her.

After their lunch break was the time to shoot the scenes in the rain. Sakura just went ahead with the plan and shot her scenes soaking wet until something was yelled out.
“Yoshizawa-san! Hurry up your scene is up!” Sakura froze, she never knew of this plan and now she was really screwed. She just kept following her scene with looking down to the ground until she felt the water stop falling on her. She looked up and saw Yossie standing next to her looking straight ahead into the distance.
“Hey! Asami-san! Don’t forget your line!” yelled the director of the PV
“Eeeeeeeeee, what was it again ………ah! I remember,” Sakura looked up as the water dripped from her hair down her face she mouthed the lyric ‘As For One Day…’ and cut the PV was finished.

All the girls ran straight over to the holding area where the PV started playing. Everyone gave Aibon and hit on the back for congratz pulling off her solo lines at the beginning. Until the two parts with Yossie and Sakura everyone gave them a big “ooooooooohhhhhhhhh,”
“Sakura-chan you really pulled off the neglected sad look in the rain and how you said ‘As For One Day’ to Yossie it’s sooo kawaii!!” said Rika who was up hugging Sakura with Mari. At the end part where Yossie and Sakura walked under the umbrella off into the distance, all day everyone kept commenting on how the two must have something going on. Sakura kept assuring everyone there was nothing even though she wasn’t being honest she did have feelings for Yossie but she just couldn’t tell everyone that!

By the end of the day all the girls headed back for the apartments. But as Sakura was leaving she was caught in the rain. Of course she STILL had no umbrella so she had no choice but to walk in the rain and get soaked. She was only about a block away from the apartments until she started to feel really light headed. She stopped for awhile and stood against a fence, a couple of hours went past until she felt ready to keep walking back.

As she finally reached the apartment she took off her shoes and tried to drip dry her clothes before she walked into the house and tread water trials all over the house. When she opened the door to Yossie’s room she walked to get dry clothes to wear.
“Sakura can you pass me my hat,” Yossie called out as she was on the bed reading a magazine. Sakura just nodded and got the hat but as she did she got light headed again and fell to the floor. Where Yossie started her attention away from the magazine and saw Sakura on the floor
“Sakura! Sakura what’s wrong!?” Yossie yelled as she held Sakura up and felt her forehead “You’ve got an incredible fever and look at you! You’re soaked from head to toe!”

Yossie picked Sakura up and headed for the bathroom where she started a cold shower and put Sakura under the cold water for awhile, while she started to prepare her some cool clothes. After Yossie prepared her some clothes she got Sakura out of the shower and got her dry so she could wear some dry clothes and lye her on the bed. After Yossie put her on the bed she pulled back some hair that covered Sakura face. She thought to herself I should of waited and this could have been avoided! For now she just has to sleep and get better and with that Yossie kissed Sakura on her forehead and left her by herself.

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Re: A New Love? Yossie's New Love?!?! 12/12 Chapters
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Chapter 5: Starting of a Relationship?

The very next morning when Sakura woke up, she looked up at Yossie who had breakfast on the bed for her.
“Eeeee Yossie you didn’t have to do this for me you know,” Sakura replied with a half asleep voice. Yossie just shrugged and left the room, as Sakura stretched she noticed something. These weren’t her clothes not at all, that she was actually wearing one of Yossie’s tops.
“Umm ne Yossie, Isn’t this one of your tops?” she asked as Yossie walked back into the room.
“Mmm why do you ask Sakura? It was unbelievably hard undressing you and trying to put on some dry clothes and my shirt was the first thing I could think of that was cool and was easy to put on you.” Yossie replied calmly as she sat on a chair across from the bed. Then there was an awkward silence for a max of four minutes until Sakura broke the silence by saying
“Soo then you have no need to muck around with me anymore when I’m changing right Yossie?” Yossie just looked straight at her and replied smiling “And who said I was mucking around with you?” Sakura just stared back in amazement and shook it off and grabbed some clothes to change into.

When all the girls gathered up around the breakfast table there was an envelope telling them that they where being split into groups for an upcoming concert and sub-groups. The following went as Aibon and Nono, Sayumi, Risa, Reina and Eri, Nacchi, Iida, Mari and Maki, Miki, Takitty, Konkon, Makoto and Rika leaving Yossie and Sakura a duo group. Basically the assigned theme for each group was twins, lovers, friends and kawaii. Of course Yossie and Sakura were assigned the ‘Lovers’ theme making all the girls nudge them and tell them they don’t even have to act to get this right.

As the girls went off to rehearse their songs Yossie told Sakura the song they have to sing is called ‘All about us’. Sakura gasped and told Yossie she knew that song so it should be easy to learn. Sure it’s in English but all the girls have English songs it’s a challenge for them that Tsunku set up. During their practice Sakura tried her best not to let on to everyone that she still felt a bit light headed and just kept learning the dances moves.

As the day went past Sakura sat down during their lunch and when Yossie sat down to she thought she’d be stupid, so she jumped on top of Yossie and leaned forward as her hair fell forward as well.
“Ne Yossie, what don’t we just ditch this?” she asked trying to sound serious but gave a tiny little laugh after a few minutes. Yossie just smiled and replied back to her
“Now now if you want to do that you’ll have to wait till tonight,” Sakura stared at astonishment at Yossie. At the same time they both looked at each other and fell either side of each other laughing at the fact what they said.

Afterwards Sakura got her mp3 and was flicking through songs untill she got to Mini Moni’s song Genkijirushi No Omori and started to giggle and dance around as got Yossie involved as well.
“Mini Moni Fight!” they both yelled with laughter and fell back down on to the seats.
“Ne Yossie, who do you think is the cutest out of the group?” Sakura asked
“Mmmm probably Aibon and Nono get tied since they have such a childish look and personality to them,” Yossie replied back laughing “What about you Sakura? Who do you think is the most hmm lets say attractive in the group?”
“Eeeeeeeeee, well let’s see it would have been Aya if she were one of us but then again I guess it’s you isn’t it Yossie?” Sakura replied sarcastically.
“We all know I am ne?” Yossie said laughing at Sakura. Little did she really know Sakura was actually making herself be sarcastic.

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Re: A New Love? Yossie's New Love?!?! 12/12 Chapters
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Chapter 6: The Concert

5:30pm, the day of the girl’s performance in their sub-groups. All the girls where gathered back stage to warm up before they were to perform their songs for the audience that has long to see a live performance from the girls while singing English songs. Aibon and Nono had to go up first to perform, as they came back from the stage catching their breathe they gave the peace sign and wished luck to the next group as they went up.

Slowly and surly came Yossie and Sakura’s turn. Before they went up Sakura was sitting down in a chair breathing in and out slowly until one of the staff asked her what was wrong.
“Eeeee it’s nothing I just feel a bit ill, probably just butterflies in my stomach being my first performance ne?” Sakura replied back being positive about the whole sittuion and walked off to meet up with Yossie.

When the camera man caught up with Sakura he asked her and Yossie how they were feeling and they responded with a nervous but we’re going to blow the other out of this little competition. When the two entered onto the stage to crowd roared with cheers for the two. Yossie whispered to Sakura to follow do a thing certain to get the crowd into it. Sakura took a breath a pulled up her microphone and yelled out to the crowd
“Are you ready!?” The crowd roared again and Sakura continued “I say YEAH!” “YEAH!” the crowd yelled back at her. Yossie gave a little nod a took it from there announcing their genre and song they would be singing ‘All About Us’

They say
Don't trust
You, me, we, us
So we'll fall
If we must
Cause it's you, me
And it's all about
It's all about

It's all about us (all about us)
There's a thing that
They can't touch
'Cause ya know (ah)
It's all about us (all about us)
It's all about
All about us
all about us
We'll run away if we must
'Cause ya know (ah ah)
It's all about us

If they hurt you
They hurt me too
So we'll rise up
Won't stop
And it's all about
It's all about

They don't know
They can't see
Who we are
Fear is the enemy
Hold on tight
Hold on to me
'Cause tonight

When the last verse came up the music stopped for a split second and Sakura pretend to fall and Yossie caught her and the came back into the chorus to finish things off. When they finished Sakura waved at the crowed but only everything started to go blurry for her and she fainted right then and there.

Yossie quickly got to her side and lifted her into her arms again and apologized to the crowd and left hurrying back behind stage so she could be checked out. The first aid nurse told Yossie her fever is back and it’s best she go back to the apartment and rest up until the fever eases up again. She is also to drink a lot more water then she has to, to try and ware off the fevers from coming. As the reached the apartment Yossie laid Sakura down on the bed and turned the fan on high and the air conditioner on to a cool temperature to cool down the room for a few minutes. As Sakura lied in bed Yossie started at her and sat at the edge of the bed waiting for her to wake up.

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Re: A New Love? Yossie's New Love?!?! 12/12 Chapters
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Chapter 7: Make the Fireflies Dance

When Sakura woke up, Yossie asked her if she was feeling alright.
“Hai, I’m fine now Yossie hontto ne,” Sakura replied raising her arm and hitting Yossie on the shoulder. Yossie just laughed at Sakura and her trying to hit her which didn’t even hurt one bit.
“Ne ne Yossie, the contest…we lost didn’t we? Because I got sick again and fainted,” Sakura asked disheartened
“We did but it’s no big deal at least we had fun right?” Yossie asked trying to make Sakura see the bright side of it.
“Demo… it’s still my fault you know if I didn’t walk back here in the rain that day and over work myself with the PV’s and school work. We could of won you know,” Sakura continued explaining to Yossie.
“Mmm but you know…” Yossie got cut off by Sakura,
“Gomen ne Yossie!” she said as she looked at Yossie straight in her eyes. Yossie looked back at her in shock.
“Sakura…you’re crying…you don’t need to…it’s okay really…I’ll make it all better…,” Yossie said softly and sweetly as she wiped the tears from Sakura’s eyes and slowly brought herself in until their lips met each others for their first kiss.

While Sakura and Yossie were still sharing their first kiss, Yossie leaned forward making them fall slowly back onto the bed. When they slowly pulled away Sakura was trying to quickly catch her breath before Yossie tried to do it again. Yossie came in again and this time kissed her on the nape of her neck, Sakura quickly stopped Yossie and whispered to her,
“You………you should……probably lock the door Yossie…,” Yossie looked up at Sakura with the grin she always has and whispered back to Sakura.
“It’s already locked, I locked it when I first bought you in here so no one would disturb you will you were sleeping.” With that Sakura gave a shy smile and was catching her breath again just incase Yossie was going to do something else. She only just caught her breath again before Yossie did it again. She ran her fingers through Sakura’s hair again and whispered in her ear,
“I’m yours and you’re mine,” she whispered tenderly. As she ran her hand up Sakura’s thigh she kissed her on the nape of her neck again. Yossie’s other hand ran up Sakura’s back until it met her bra, without any experience Yossie undid the bra with her free hand and came back up and kissed Sakura on the lips again.

While Yossie was kissing Sakura again her hand rested high up on Sakura’s thigh as she slowly ran her other hand up Sakura’s shirt. With five minutes of playing around Yossie softly whispered in Sakura’s ear
“You sure you’re ready?” Sakura was embarrassed but gave a nod and replied saying,
“Hai,” After another five minutes Sakura finally whispered to Yossie “Mo iie yo,” with that Yossie stopped and Sakura moved so she would face Yossie and kissed her on the cheek. Yossie just laughed and told Sakura
“You DO know that was only the beginning my cherry blossom?” Sakura gave Yossie a smile as to say well come on show me the rest then.

Later that night Yossie felt Sakura’s forehead again and it was a bit warm
“Ah! Now I know that mustn’t be a fever,” she said teasing Sakura.
“Not my fault Yossie,” Sakura replied back kicking Yossie’s feet under the blanket.
“Ne Sakura, I forgot something…come here for a second,” Yossie said seductively to Sakura
“Eeeee what is it?” Sakura replied back before Yossie kissed her again only this time pashed her. The two kept that embrace for awhile as Sakura’s hands where across Yossie’s back as Yossie’s was slightly below her neck.

Afterwards…The two stared at each other as if they knew morning would come and they’d have to be careful around the other girls. More so it was they knew the night would end very soon, something they really didn’t want to happen. So the promised each other to only remember the night if they’re alone together and not to think it around the other girls, especially when they’re at PV’s. But Yossie being Yossie knew Sakura really didn’t want that so she told herself she’d to the exact opposite of what she say and see how she reacts to that. Sakura gradually fell asleep on Yossie’s chest again but Yossie was still awake for a few more hours until she gave in and decided it was time to rest. But as she closed her eyes she could only tell herself ‘We surly made the fireflies dance around use tonight…for sure we did…”

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Re: A New Love? Yossie's New Love?!?! 12/12 Chapters
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Chapter 8: Competition

Early next morning when Yossie woke up she yawned and saw Sakura was already out of bed and getting dressed. Yossie got a cheeky grin and said to her
“Ne, I never saw this much of you last night,” Sakura turned around and threw one of Yossie’s t-shirts she wore to bed.
“Ah, be lucky I let you see anything at all just because you never saw me stripped down from my regular clothes to my bra and underwear,” Sakura replied back cheekily smiling at Yossie while see threw the shorts she wore at Yossie as well.
“Ooh, when do I get to see the rest then?” Yossie asked as she pulled the sheets back and got out of bed.
“Hmmm if you’re lucky maybe soon,” Sakura joked with Yossie while she bumped her.
“Oh you mean like now soon?” Yossie said while she gave a gesture to be ‘smart’ about it, “As you know nothing happened last night all we did was fool around and kiss each other,” she continued saying while she wrapped her arms around Sakura’s waist and whispered it in her ear.

“Ne Sakura… would you do anything for me if I asked you to?” Yossie whispered seductively in her ear
“Well it depends though most likely I would do anything for you Yossie,” Sakura replied back blushing as she dropped her arms from grabbing clothes from the cupboard. Yossie smiled and moved her hands forward so that sat on Sakura’s bust line.
“Then I want you to do a strip tease for me, …right here……right now,” Yossie replied as she let go of Sakura.
“Eeeee but…yossie I……I can’t not at the moment,” she replied stuttering and blushing.
“I’m only joking,” Yossie added in as she scruffed Sakura’s hair up “You thought I was serious? But………maybe later I’ll ask it to you again and don’t worry I will.”

When Sakura left for a bath she told Yossie to stay put till she got out of the bath. However Sakura had a feeling something was going to happen but she ignored and turned the shower taps on. As Sakura got out of the bath and dried herself she saw an envelope addressed to her. Sakura’s eyes widen when she saw what was inside, aquarium tickets, this means she could take Yossie with her to the place she really wanted to go to. Sakura quickly finished brushed her hair and ran out to tell Yossie until she saw Yossie standing next to Miki. She thought they were just talking until she got closer, it seems Yossie was kissing Mikitty or even just a friendly kiss it still upset her. She felt like a baka as she knew Yossie must have been just flirting with her the last week. Sakura quickly turned back and headed outside until her phone went off to the ring tone of ‘Happy Summer Wedding’ she answered the phone and a bright happy voice answered back saying,
“Matsuura Aya Des!!” Sakura was shocked to hear from Aya as they never really knew each other that well, taking things into her own hands she invited Aya to the aquarium to fill the other spare ticket.

Later on that day Yossie forgot about the tickets she saw for Sakura and thought Sakura must of gone to the aquarium without her so Yossie headed off for there. Meanwhile at the aquarium Aya and Sakura were getting all excited and in unison said
“Mitte! Fish-san! Kawaii!,”
“Ah! The fish are swimming away! Baka baka baka fish,” Aya said as her and Sakura walked off to the dolphins. When Yossie arrived she had a bit idea were Sakura would be so she headed off to where the dolphins were. As she looked up she only saw Sakura smiling and clapping at the dolphins swim past so she started to pick up her pace to get to her. Until… she saw Aya come over and start laughing more and more. Yossie stopped dead in her tracks and stared at the two. As Aya and Sakura walked off, Sakura dropped something and when bent forward and stood back up, she swore she saw Yossie but she just thought it was her imagination and kept waking. Leaving Yossie shattered and still staring at the distance.

That night was one of the main events of Hello!Project a slumber party! All the girls had to pair up. Sakura was going to go with Yossie till Miki came up and sat right next to her and gave a ‘tough luck’ look to Sakura. Sakura backed off and ended up being Aya’s partner. One of the activities where to pick a song and dance to it, Aya’s group and Aibon’s had drawn Happy Summer Wedding from the box. As the stood up the front it was obvious everyone chose Sakura to be the ‘bride’ that has fallen in love. Yossie just gave Aya a rather horrible glare as to say how could you? Though Aya didn’t know what was going on so she just shrugged it off. Later on Aya told Sakura and she didn’t know what to do so Sakura confronted Miki when they were alone.
“Fujimoto-san!” she called out to Miki
“Hai? Asami-san what is it?” Miki replied smiling as if nothing were wrong.
“Why are you doing this? To me it certainly looks like you’re living up to the name everyone calls you behind your back,” Sakura replied back with a harsh tone and an awful look. She grabbed the tray with the drinks on it and walked away from Miki.

When it came to volunteer to sing an English song by their self Sakura’s hand shot up first and headed up for the front. She took a deep breath until she saw the song she had to sing, she gave a sigh of relief she knew this song and it fitted her mood at the moment. She nodded as to start the music and up came the lyrics in romaji and English saying bleeding love.

Closed off from love
I didn’t need the pain
Once or twice was enough
And it was all in vain
Time starts to pass
Before you know it you’re frozen

But something happened
For the very first time with you
My heart melts into the ground
Found something true
And everyone’s looking round
Thinking I’m going crazy

But I don’t care what they say
I’m in love with you
They try to pull me away
But they don’t know the truth
My heart’s crippled by the vein
That I keep on closing
You cut me open and I

Keep bleeding
Keep, keep bleeding love
I keep bleeding
I keep, keep bleeding love
Keep bleeding
Keep, keep bleeding love
You cut me open

Trying hard not to hear
But they talk so loud
Their piercing sounds fill my ears
Try to fill me with doubt
Yet I know that the goal
Is to keep me from falling

But nothing’s greater
Than the rush that comes with your embrace
And in this world of loneliness
I see your face
Yet everyone around me
Thinks that I’m going crazy, maybe, maybe

But I don’t care what they say
I’m in love with you
They try to pull me away
But they don’t know the truth
My heart’s crippled by the vein
That I keep on closing
You cut me open and I....

Keep bleeding
Keep, keep bleeding love
I keep bleeding
I keep, keep bleeding love
Keep bleeding
Keep, keep bleeding love

Through the whole song Sakura would eye Yossie off until someone would notice then she looked away. At the end of the song Yossie kept quiet for awhile until everyone went to the next game started and Sakura sat by herself. Yossie came over and broke the silence and said
“Gomen ne Sakura,” she said while she stared off into the distance again “I mean really I didn’t mean to make you cry on the inside and not be able to tell me about it as it was my fault. So I’m really sorry you know, also that song you sang? You meant all those words at me didn’t you?” Sakura nodded and kept looking at Yossie “Well I’m going to quote one of the lines But I don’t care what they say
I’m in love with you”

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Re: A New Love? Yossie's New Love?!?! 12/12 Chapters
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Chapter 9: To Forget the One You Love The Most

Sakura looked at Yossie with a serious look on her face as she swallowed and asked her,
“You’re serious Yossie?” Yossie turned her head at Sakura and laughed
“Of course not you baka, I am sorry though,” Yossie replied scruffing up Sakura’s hair once again. She knew it again she let her guard down, great. She just laughed and pushed Yossie over telling her to stop fooling around with girls feelings like that. She later then walked outside for a breath of fresh air, so she deiced to take a short walk around the pool and garden bed. As she walked passed all the roses and lilies she thought she’d make her way back to the house. Until a snake had scared her while she was walking away as she jumped backwards from fright she smacked her head on the pool and grazed the rest of her body until she fell in completely.

Lucky for Sakura Risa, Reina, Sayumi and Miki heard the splash and came out to see what it was. When they got to the pool all they saw was Sakura holding the back of her head trying to stop the bleeding.
“Some one call the Pi-po!” yelled Nono who had followed the girls outside. Within three mintues an ambulance came and took Sakura to hospital to examine her injures. The doctors had stated with the fall she had it’s possible she can’t remember a lot of things about them and will need to rest for a few days till they can see her.

A week passed and the girls came for the first time to visit Sakura. When they opened the door they all introduced themselves for her just incase she had forgot. They were right she had forgotten most of them so she just greeted them in and started talking to them. They had brang some videos with the PV’s on them showing Sakura just what exactly she has been doing. She then mentioned something. Happy…Summer…Wedding, were the words she spoke as she looked at the girls. They all gave a look of relief as she remembered something at last. Along the lines they had asked her if she had dreamt anything about that,
“No…” she replied back staring out the window only to see a cloudy sky. “Demo, I have had a dream though, day in and out it’s the same………Hitomi des,” she said pointing to her eyes. It didn’t click to the girls Hitomi is eyes in Japanese but also is Yossie’s real name. Eventually on the way out Miki stopped them and said
“Matte! Yossie!,” everyone looked at Miki weirdly,
“What about her Mikitty?” asked Reina out of curiosity.
“Yossie’s name is Yoshizawa Hitomi, don’t you get it she is trying to remember Yossie!” Miki exclaimed as she looked at every single girl.
“Well then we’ll have to tell her tonight when we get home then ne Mikitty?” Risa said smiling as they headed for the taxi.

The very next day Yossie had been and visited Sakura, but she was asleep so she wasn’t aware of Yossie being there until Yossie was leaving.
“Matte...,” she managed as she looked at Yossie. Yossie stopped and turned around
“Stay with me, onegai it’s lonely here without anyone here to talk to,” Sakura added onto her sentence before. Yossie just have a small nod and asked her a lot of questions one involving their first kiss.
“Ne do you remember anything to do with me? You know like a kiss or something? anything?” she asked getting impatient and upset.
Sakura just shook her head she only had know someone that was to do with Hitomi she repeated to herself.

Eventually Yossie just left and apologized for the questions. When she left Sakura had noticed something Yossie left. A Usagi toy, she picked it up in her hands and cuddled it as if it were this person she were trying hard to remember. Her dream that night well for about a week or so was all her memories weaving together one by one. First started off with her introduction, her first PV and lots more.

When she had gotten back to the apartments she was straight back in with Yossie. When she opened the door Yossie looked up for a second not noticing it was Sakura until Sakura sat on the bed. Yossie looked up with a wide smile and started talking away with her. Though until something stroke her hard. Sakura still couldn’t remember her at all. She knew that she was someone that must be important to her or why would she want to try so badly to remember her so much? She also mentioned Happy Summer Wedding. Yossie told her something that trigged something in her a bit of memory from the night the accident accorded. How Yossie scruffed her hair up and teased her about something but what? Yossie thought to herself it was no hope, Sakura, someone she cares for dearly will probably take awhile to remember her and who knows………she may never remember her…

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Re: A New Love? Yossie's New Love?!?! 12/12 Chapters
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Chapter 10: To Play A Prank

Early the next morning Yossie woke up to find Sakura was tucked right in beside her. She doesn’t know how or why she was there, she must of climbed in during the night or something. Putting the thought behind her she got up and headed out to get some breakfast. She opened the cupboard door to only find nothing. No cereal at all she got out the toaster and had toast instead. Yossie was happily eating away until she saw Sakura emerge from the bedroom wearing a long baggy t-shirt and her rubbing her eyes with her free hand as the pink rabbit toy she gave her was in her other hand.

“Ohayo,” Yossie said offering Sakura a piece of her toast
“Ohayo …Yoshizawa-san” Sakura said with her cute little voice which was now ten times cuter as she was still half asleep.
“Sleep well?” Yossie asked trying to make convocation, Sakura nodded and took a bit out of the piece of toast.
“Was actually very good in fact, I had I dream about you Yoshizawa-san,” she said as her brown eyes fixed onto Yossie’s. Yossie was taken away for a split second then shook her head to snap out of it,
“Oh really? That’s great Sakura,” she started to say randomly. Sakura looked at Yossie as if she were an idiot and took her pink bunny and slid off the stool.
“I remembered something to do with Happy Summer Wedding…” she said as she started to walk off to the room, “I wanted to marry you to that song…” she said softly just so Yossie could hear her as she turned into the room.

At lunch time Rika and Sayumi had made a great big meal for everybody. There was sandwiches, salad’s, rice and lots more. All the girls fought over who got what and who got to eat it first. As they were squabbling over it Yossie tried to take this chance to ask Sakura some things. But as soon as Yossie went up to her Sakura gave a quick look and replied with
“Gomenasai Yossie…,” and walked off to try get her sharing of the food that was left. It was during that lunch where Sakura seemed to be so happy and talking to everybody so calmly without any dumb founded looks she thought she must remember her at least more now right? But according to Sakura she didn’t, she was seen with all the other girls talking away but whenever she came up to her she always replied with.
“Gomenasai Yossie,” and just walk off.

That night when Yossie had stopped to think about everything today she noticed something she didn’t notice before. Sakura’s speech to her, before she wouldn’t even say Yoshizawa-san but this morning she did and then all of a sudden she called her Yossie. She was sure now Sakura must know and didn’t tell her at all. She jumped off her bed and walked down to Sakura’s room where she opened the door and looked at Sakura and said,
“You do remember me don’t you?” Sakura just gave a very dumb found look and sat up on her bed. She gave Yossie a good old stare for about ten mintues until she finally got off the bed and walked passed her.
“I’m just joking with you,” she smiled as she stopped in front of Yossie and kissed her dead smack on the lips. Sakura just gave a giggle after that and walked off leaving Yossie there by herself

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Re: A New Love? Yossie's New Love?!?! 12/12 Chapters
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Chapter 11: Kanashimi Twilight & a Shock Announcement

April 19th 2007.

Today is the day of the recording of Kanashimi Twilight Morning Musume’s new PV. Sakura kept telling herself that today of all days was going to be great, she now had Yossie back and the suddenly leave of Fujimoto Miki made her the new sub-leader and it also means she takes her ‘lead’ role in the new PV. During the dance there was several times when Sakura had been at the back Yossie deliberately had bumped up against her smiling. Sakura gave a shy smile back and continued on with her dancing. During the whole PV on set and off Yossie kept using up all the time she could to make up lost time for Sakura when she couldn’t remember her.

When the director finally yelled the words CUT! The girls all gave a sigh of relief and went all over the place for a break. Of course though Yossie and Sakura were together though Yossie told Sakura she needs to tell her something very important.
“MINA!!” she called out to everybody as the all rushed over to her “This will be my last PV with you guys for Morning Musume.” Sakura’s eyes widen as her vision became blurry from the tears that started to fill up until they ran into streams down her cheeks. She couldn’t let Yossie she her like this so she decided to walk off and be by herself.

It was that night when Yossie tried talking to her Sakura didn’t say any words to her at all. She knew if she did she’d only start to cry once again and she didn’t want to cry in front of Yossie. Despite all her efforts to make her talk Yossie gave up and lied onto the pillow and fell asleep. Eventually the night came of Yossie’s grad. And Sakura wasn’t looking forward to it at all. As Yossie entered the stage the entire crowd cheered out her name until she reached the front of the stage and welcomed everybody. All the girls came on eventually to sing Kanashimi Twilight and Happy Summer Wedding with Yossie. All the girls then had left again and Yossie made the excuse of them being upset and having to leave. But to her surprise she heard them all come back on. They were all dressed in knee length pure white dresses holding candles. A song they had written for the leader as a farewell present. Yossie didn’t know at all that Sakura actually had organized it and wrote the song until she heard the few last lines that had the most emotion to them

What I thought was a dream
A mirage
Was as real as it seemed
A privilege
When I wanted to tell you
I made a mistake
I walked away
Gomenasai, for everything
Gomenasai, Gomenasai,
I never needed a friend,
Like I do now
Gomenasai, I let you down
Gomenasai, Gomenasai,
Gomenasai till the end
I never needed a friend
Like I do now

Yossie tried to prevent herself from crying so she kept wiping her eyes so if she did no one would of seen her. Soon it all came to an end, it was now all the girls saying their farewell messages to Yossie. Came to Sakura to talk to Yossie she gave Yossie a look and started talking.
“Ohhh you know I’d never miss you senpai, after all you were always bossy to me and very demanding,” Sakura said jokingly to Yossie who smiled back at her and replied with
“Good times huh Sakura?” But before Yossie could finish her sentence Sakura cut across her again and said
“That’s why I love you senpai,” everybody looked at Sakura with a shocked face. Sakura kept standing there holding her microphone as she couldn’t stop the tears that flowed down her cheeks.
“I never wanted to admit to you I loved you senpai, because I knew if I did I’d get to close to you and it would be harder for me to let you go and never be able to spend quality time with you anymore,” Sakura continued as more and more tears kept coming down and she struggled with her words as she started to struggle finishing off her sentences. She was to upset to keep talking she became a mess and burst out crying. Yossie ran over to her and hugged her tightly and re assured her everything will be fine they will see each other again and lots more. Sakura didn’t believe her. She loved her and now for her to walk away so suddenly just after her regaining her memory was just too much for her. She couldn’t go on she just hugged Yossie tightly back and placed her head on Yossie’s shoulder. The two stood there for a good ten minutes until Yossie whispered something in her ear. Sakura looked up at Yossie even though she had been crying she still looked cute well to Yossie at least.
“I’ll miss you a lot senpai I seriously will,” Sakura said through her hiccups of tears
“And I will miss you a lot to Sakura, let’s make a promise we’ll be together forever okay?” Yossie said lifting up Sakura’s chin and wiping away her tears. “How many times have I told you not to cry Sakura?”
“Over hundreds,” Sakura managed to get out as tears were still falling over her cheeks. Yossie sighed and looked at Sakura in the eyes and placed her hand under her chin again.
“I thought I said not to cry anymore,” She said teasing Sakura “Look I know I shouldn’t do this but still you won’t stop crying on me and to be honest with you also look so damn cute when you cry,” she continued as she wiped more tears away and leaned forward till her lips met Sakura’s. All the girls gave a smile and a little awww at the two on the stage. As now even Yossie had a few tears in her eyes when she was trying to stop Sakura from crying. The two then hugged and promised they’d keep in contact with each other…always.

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Re: A New Love? Yossie's New Love?!?! 12/12 Chapters
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Chapter 12: Memories That Will Live On…Forever

It now had been a year since Yossie had graduated from Morning Musume and all the drama and tears at her grad had happened. Sakura had also graduated soon after Yossie to follow her career in singing but will remain in Hello!Project. Sakura’s 20th birthday had just pasted by a few months ago and now she laid in bed cuddling the pink rabbit Yossie had given her awhile ago. She closed her eyes and thought about all the times she shared with Yossie up to their first kiss together. Her thoughts we disturbed when her other half had re entered the bedroom and got on the bed.
“Is she finally asleep?” Sakura asked as she still held onto the rabbit with her eyes shut.
“Yeah and no thanks to her mum,” the person replied back making fun of her.
“Ne anata, do you think she’ll be fine tomorrow? After all I remember when I first did what she is doing, I was terrified and full of nerves,” Sakura explained as she clenched the rabbit a bit.
“So long as she inherits our last name she’ll be fine,” they replied back,
“Oh! Yoshizawa? Ne Yossie?” Sakura smiled as she rolled over and looked Yossie in they eyes. “What about the age difference though?”
“There’s two to three between us is there not?” Yossie asked Sakura “And you know that never stopped us,” she continued as she gave a very cheeky smile to Sakura.
“What are you suggesting Yossie?” Sakura said with a tone
“Oh come on you know what I mean,” Yossie replied back pulling Sakura by her waist and tickling her. In the middle of tickling Sakura Yossie started to make her hands wonder over Sakura. One of her hands was playing with her hair while her opposite hand was down on her thigh with her thumb sitting right under the start of her underwear. “So what should we do my cherry blossom? We going to play around like we did when we still were in Morning Musume…or we going to go for the real thing this time?” Sakura gave a smile and whispered back to Yossie sweetly “The real thing this time.” With that Yossie gave a cheeky grin back to her and kissed her on the left side of her neck. Slowly Yossie ran her fingers all the way down Sakura’s thigh then all the way back up until she whispered into Sakura’s ear
“Sen no,” Yossie watched the reaction on Sakura’s face and gave a smile. How she longed to see Sakura have a face of embarrassment and yet pleasure at the same time.
Time went past and bit by bit Yossie started to tease Sakura for fun
“Ne, Sakura you’ve always longed this haven’t you?” she said as she decided she make Sakura long her even more by applying more pressure with her fingers. Sakura just bit onto her finger a lot harder to stop unwanted sounds to reach out to their daughter Sayaka. “Oohh and you might not act like it now Sakura but my fingers aren’t deceiving me you might trying to not long it but your body is telling me something else you know.” Yossie then noticed much more Sakura’s breathe started becoming so she counted down from ten. On the reach of 1 Sakura could no longer contain herself and threw her arms around Yossie’s neck and locked lips her. Yossie wiped her fingers and put her hands on Sakura’s back and then pinned her down as she towered over her.
“Dreary dreary me my cherry blossom you only lasted ten minutes with that you know. Well you know that was only round 1 out of well how many I want to do with you.” Yossie explained as she leaned forward kissing Sakura passionately then slowly kissed her neck, chest and went from there.

At 3am Yossie saw the time noticed Sakura had gotten out of bed already.
“It’s this early? Ah, Sakura what are you doing?” Yossie asked as she headed out to the kitchen were Sakura was standing.
“Come back to bed Sakura it’s way to early and besides you must be really tired from all those things we did.” Yossie said hugging Sakura around her waist.
“Don’t get me wrong I am completely exhausted it’s just we just go a phone call from Tsunku,” Sakura said fixing up the white sheet she had around her body.
“Tsunku? What did he want with us?” Yossie asked Sakura as she leaned Sakura back into her own body.
“Well he wants Sayaka to start earlier in Morning Musume and he also wants us to think about coming back for awhile to do Gatas and just a solo career,” Sakura explained as she laid her head back onto Yossie’s shoulders. The two stood there silent until Yossie broke the silence by saying
“Well let’s do it and let’s not do a solo career lets be a duo together,”
“Oh!” Sakura exclaimed “You’re a genius, you’re also a lot of other things you know and that’s why I love you so much,” Sakura said turning around and pressing her body against Yossie’s as the two kissed as if it were the first kiss again.

Come 7am Sayaka was awake and ready to start her first day at Morning Musume. When she arrived everybody gave her a nice welcome, when it came to introduce herself everyone got quite a shock.
“So Sayaka-chan tell us about yourself,” Reina said to Sayaka who gladly nodded and took a microphone.
“I’m Sayaka, I got my name off my mum who was oringaly supposed to be called Sayaka but was called Hitomi instead,” Sayaka explained full of joy.
“Ah hang on Sayaka-chan,” said Reina “What is your last name?”
“My last name? That’s easy Yoshizawa!” she exclaimed. The girls in Morning Musume all gave a big OOHHHH
“So Yossie finally found a man and got out of her boyish style Sayaka-chan?” asked Sayumi out of curiosity.
“E? Since when was she out of boyish style? And when was Sakura mama a guy?” said Sayaka who sat in a chair completely confused.
“Eeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!,” screeched all the girls who nearly fell off their seat.
“Sakura and Yossie did end up together after all?” they all said in unison
“Hai!” Sayaka said as she smiled just like how Yossie and Sakura smiled.


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Re: A New Love? Yossie's New Love?!?! 12/12 Chapters
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Now that those who just read this.

There is another fanfic after this. Called "Our Secret Love Story"

Please look out for it on you browse through the threads.


Thanks for reading~!

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