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Author Topic: Ongaku's Notebook: (110722) PWAMD Update Part 5  (Read 17874 times)

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Re: Ongaku's Notebook (4th Oneshot: Stand By You Part Two) ~ TakaGaki
« Reply #40 on: September 17, 2009, 12:41:34 PM »
sh*t, you almost made me cry, Gaki-san breaking up to let her go to America was heartbreaking...:mon cry:
Is this some sort of sign?
yes Ai-chan, it was a sign from above telling you to go back to your girl!

aaah..., we sooo need a reunion chapter...

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Re: Ongaku's Notebook (4th Oneshot: Stand By You Part Two) ~ TakaGaki
« Reply #41 on: September 17, 2009, 02:45:30 PM »
Right then, a memory of a certain 'happy girl' came to mind, as if answering my question in the most direct way as possible. Ahh, what's wrong with me these days...

Haunted by the past

"Ano, are you trying to get to this place?" She said to me in Japanese. Right then, I couldn't find any words to respond and instead of responding, as if on instinct I immediately went down the subway stairs hurriedly and proceeded to going home once again, leaving that person completely stunned. My heart beat incredibly fast and I recieved a rush of adrenaline pulsing through my veins.

 :on lol:

Risa, how are you right now? Are you still living happily? because right now, I don't think I am.


"Risa I think we shou-"
"Ne, let's break up." HUH?! I quickly turned around, my head going forward to look closely at Risa.
"You take too long to say things like this Ai-chan. That's why I'm saying it for you." We both remained silent, watching the snow fall from the sky.

Double ouches

She took a step forward towards me, her hand lowering her scarf to reveal that one in a million smile of hers, except something was wrong. Behind that smile were the tears she held back.

OMG triple ouches


Damn... you are making me cry.

Good job, very effective emofic  :bow:  :bow:  :bow:

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Re: Ongaku's Notebook (4th Oneshot: Stand By You Part Two) ~ TakaGaki
« Reply #42 on: September 18, 2009, 03:49:08 AM »
 :mon cute: :mon cute: :mon cute:

JPH!P :heart:'s Fushigidane, ChrNo, Jab & marimari. Always.

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Re: Ongaku's Notebook (4th Oneshot: Stand By You Part Two) ~ TakaGaki
« Reply #43 on: September 29, 2009, 02:05:39 PM »
YAy!!! The TakaGaki will reunite!! :)
I kinda wish you had a part 3 though. I wanna read about all the fluffiness when they meet again.
A thought jusy struck me. What if Risa went, "why the hell are you coming back?" XD

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Re: Ongaku's Notebook (4th Oneshot: Stand By You Part Two) ~ TakaGaki
« Reply #44 on: October 05, 2009, 06:45:14 AM »

Finally Ai's going home... TakaGaki always seem to hurt each other in most of the fics...  :pen_cry: *grabs more tissue and waits for the next update*

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Re: Ongaku's Notebook (4th Oneshot: Stand By You Part Two) ~ TakaGaki
« Reply #45 on: March 04, 2010, 11:36:54 PM »
@everyone: Thanks so much for all the comments on SBY (five months late on thanking haha) Glad to see everyone enjoyed reading all the emo-ness I belted out on the fic :P

I haven't posted anything in her for five months o.o But yay for 5th oneshot lol Done in a few minutes. I got really inspired when I read Sayu's praise blog posts on Ai-chan. Even though she didn't really spam heart emoticons for maximum effect in any of her blog posts on Ai-chan you could feel it from how loving she sounded lol It's the first time I ever thought AiSayu was cute :wub:

I'm Not Joking Y'know.

"Juuust... kiiiddiiing, I’m always... aiming.. forrrr Ai-channnn..."
I finished typing up my last sentence for the blog entry I had just written. With my head leaning on my hand, I sighed and re-read the whole entry. After seeing that it was okay to publish, I pressed the button on my cellphone to publish it.
" 'I'm always aiming for Ai-chan' " I smiled to myself faintly, but then frowned, "Ai-chan sees that right?"
I lifted my eyes slowly and looked at the limbless doll in front of the table I was sitting at. Her blonde hair draped down below her narrow shoulders and covered a bit of the white see through scarf around her neck. I stared at the scarf with my eyes and remembered the photo I took with Ai-chan in it.
"Lucky doll."
I keep joking around with Ai-chan like this, no wonder she never truly sees what I'm really feeling. Taking that photo alone was nerve racking enough. I remember how long it took for me to count her in and how my fingertips shaked. She's cute. Really cute. Even though during concerts I sneak a little peck in, I can't do a little thing like taking her photo. I guess during concerts, its a one time kind of bravery huh. And I thought I was Michishige Sayumi... the cutest girl ever. I shouldn't be feeling nervous when I take Ai-chan's photo since I know I'm cuter!
I put my two fingers on my cheeks and did a cute pose to myself... Aghh, what am I doing. I got up from my seat and went out to see what the others were doing. Aika was playing around with her camera, taking pictures of random victims- I mean subjects. I turned the corner and saw Linlin posing with Ai-chan with a tall plant, uhh, thing that was in the hallway.
Curiously I looked on. With each smile and face Ai-chan gave I could feel myself getting lost in her beauty. My cheeks began to heat up as I held my hands together. Ai-chan is really beautiful.
"Kya!!" Suddenly I felt Reina jump me from behind which made me startled.
She whispered into my ear, "Aha, thinking how cute Ai-chan is again?"

"You were thinking about pulling out the 'cute girl' act again weren't you?!"
"I knew it. You know you really aren't like that Sayu. Being all self centered and whatnot."

"OI, are you even paying attention to me?"

I nodded in response and took a quick glance at Reina.
"It's hard to watch from a distance..." I smiled at Reina faintly and I walked away from the three and went out for a walk, taking my jacket with me.
I watched the snow fall from the sky. The small flakes becoming bigger and more visible as they came down. I could see my breath become visible as I digged my hands deeper into my jacket pockets and snuggled my head into my scarf. I looked around and suddenly I had ended up being at a park near the studio building. There were couples everywhere, holding hands, talking, snuggling, cuddling. The park was covered with such a sweet air that it created some sort of invisible layer for anyone going near it.
"Ahh, how nice. How enviable..."
I wonder if any of them felt like I do right now before they got together. This feeling of being anxious near the one you like. The feeling of trying to act cool in front of them when your not. Worrying about what you did was alright in front of them or just... having that feeling of happiness and yet being hurt at the same time. Being hurt since you're not certain whether you'll be together at all.
The feeling of being so close yet, so far at the same time. Thats what, even right now, hurts the most.
I slowly turned away from what I was looking at. I should head back, they'll be wondering where I went. As soon as I turned around I saw an unexpected person in front of me.
"Ah, Ai-chan?"
"Are you alright?" She looked up at me worriedly with those cute puppy eyes of hers. I could immediately feel the heat rushing to my cheeks.
I took a while to answer but recovered quickly with a big smile. "What do you mean Ai-chan! Geez, you're so cute for worrying about me." I ran up closer to her and nudged her slightly. Instead of just smiling away, she still seemed worried.
"Are you sure? You didn't seem alright when you went out." My wide grin faded and I averted my eyes from her.
"I'm fine! Really!" I gave her one of my cute 'photoshoot' smiles to reassure her.
"I'm not a wota Sayu... You're not okay!"
"You shouldn't worry ne? Let's head back." I grabbed her hand and began walking. Instead of walking with me though, she stayed put staring down at the ground scrunching up her eyebrows.
"Ai-chan... I'm fine. Really." I turned my head to look at her and gave her a half smile.
"Sayu..." She tugged on my hand once and stayed in the same place she was in.
I sighed before speaking, "If I was to give you a kiss, what would you think?"
She laughed a bit and came up to me to slap my arm jokingly.
"What are you talk-" It's just as I thought.
I pulled her in and brang my lips closer to hers. I stopped just before our lips touched and gazed deeply into her eyes. I searched them and squeezed her hands firmly.
"Ai-chan, what I was going to do just now. It wasn't a joke." She looked at me with wide eyes, startled.
After a brief pause, I let go of her hand, backed away and resumed making my way back to the studio. I feel stupid for doing what I just did. Not only did I do something stupid, Ai-chan is probably beating herself up for what I said. This is probably why I'm meant to look from afar and to like her from the sidelines. Trying is scary. But then again... it isn't all that bad.
I wonder if Ai-chan followed me. I turned my head back around to see if Ai-chan had caught up with me. It turns out she went ahead of me. Walking past, she took my hand and walked ahead of me still holding it. What?
She squeezed it firmly and looked back at me with a red color on her cheeks. When I met eyes with her, she quickly averted them and faced front once more. She cleared her throat before speaking,
"Y-you know! I was always nervous around you..."
I intently listened to what she was saying.
"E-even when you joked like that with me..." Ai-chan took a long pause before speaking again, "...I always wanted it to be real."

She wanted it to be real? I stopped walking and stared at the ground, heat coming up to my cheeks. Ai-chan feels the same way I do? I gulped and raised my head up to look at Ai-chan. I stared at her for a while in shock for a few moments, before smiling happily. I was so happy that I felt really energetic and hyper!

"Ai-chan..." I lifted my hands up and pinched her cheeks, "You're sooo CUTE!!" She squealed, frantically trying to get my hands off her cheeks.

"Mou, yamette!  Yamette! It hurts!" I let go of her cheeks and patted her head.

"If I didn't like you... then, then..."

"Ai-chan, you're so cute when you're embaressed. What were you gonna do? Kill me with your cuteness?"

I kissed her on the cheek and giggled. While she was busy being shocked, I gave her a quick kiss on the lips and ran off giggling.

I stopped at a distance and looked back at Ai-chan running towards me, angry and embaressed, yet even though her face was like this I could tell she was happy the same way I am. I waited for her with a wide grin on my face.

My Ai-chan.

I like the sound of that.

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Re: Ongaku's Notebook (5th Oneshot: I'm Not Joking Y'know) ~AiSayu
« Reply #46 on: March 05, 2010, 01:07:23 PM »

AiSayu can be incredibly cute, and this one-shot's no exception!

I like that it has a ring of truth to it. Reina's prodding (which made even Sayu silent! xD) was really  :love:

And Ai noting Sayu's uneasiness and chasing after her... whooo hooooo...

Keep the good work up! I might just have a look back at your other one-shots.


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Re: Ongaku's Notebook (5th Oneshot: I'm Not Joking Y'know) ~AiSayu
« Reply #47 on: March 05, 2010, 03:41:55 PM »
AWWWWWW!!! It's nice that Aichan reciprocates Sayumi's feelings, and her confession there was just freakin' adorable. :heart: The bunny sure likes embarrassing her, huh? XD

I lifted my eyes slowly and looked at the limbless doll in front of the table I was sitting at. Her blonde hair draped down below her narrow shoulders and covered a bit of the white see through scarf around her neck. I stared at the scarf with my eyes and remembered the photo I took with Ai-chan in it.
"Lucky doll."
Aichan's fiancee made a cameo! :shocked:

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Re: Ongaku's Notebook (5th Oneshot: I'm Not Joking Y'know) ~AiSayu
« Reply #48 on: March 23, 2010, 02:51:49 PM »
Aww AiSayu so cute :wub: They may not be mah fav pairing, but I guess they are cute in their own way :yep:

My Ai-chan.
I like the sound of that.
It kinda has nice ring to it :heart:

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Re: Ongaku's Notebook (6th Oneshot: Pig-Woman and Ms.Despair) ~GakiKame~
« Reply #49 on: July 03, 2010, 09:18:12 AM »
Thank you everyone for the great comments on my previous oneshot. Its greatly appreciated ^_^

This oneshot I present to you now, well really only the prologue, is inspired from a manhwa I read called "Pig Bride"  :) You can go search it up, but unfortunately its licensed so you can't read it online. The pairing is GakiKame, which is my first time writing about (the TanaGakiKame one doesn't count since I killed Risa and no one got together... kinda lol).

Kind of writing this on a whim, so there's not much planning put into this, though I have been thinking about it for a few weeks now :D

Well everyone, please enjoy the prologue! :D

Pig-Woman and Ms.Despair

Another day, a work day. Another day, alone. What else was there for her now? Why but work. To toil and bend over from the load she bore during the day at the office and at night to linger for more. Resting, eating, sleeping... these were all little things that mattered to her.

A 'workaholic' is what some would call her as her mind was solely focused on the very subject. Her body was programmed to work and through time and experience her fatigue became seemingly, to her, non-existant.

She had no friends, no one to live with and certainly no family or anyone good enough to call family. Although there was no joy in her life, Risa was content with living like this. After all, her trust in people had waned to close to nothing long ago.

Risa collapsed onto the little white lounge chair that sat in the middle of the area rug in her living room and swung her feet up to rest on the coffee table before her, knocking off her shoes as she did. With the cold beer in her grasp she sighed before slowly opening it and gulping the cool liquid down her throat. When she stopped gulping the can was a little below being half full.

Burping, Risa looked up at the ceiling as she sat in the dark, only the moonlight shining in from the balcony windows to provide her light. After a few moments she felt her eyelids giving in and with each flutter a memory appeared before her.

She remembered her family and how they had abandoned her, shooing her away from their residence as the 'unwanted child' of the family. Her eyelids fluttered again and she saw her friends give her their cold shoulders as they scoffed in disgust at her. Finally with the last flutter of her eyelids, she saw herself, her old self smiling happily in the sunlight.

"That was then. This is now."

And with that final thought she fell asleep, out cold and sprawled out over the white lounge chair she sat in. The can of beer she held had slipped from her fingers and had fell onto the carpet with a muffled 'thump!', letting the beverage seep through the carpet and onto the floor.

This was the life she lived. Alone and cold, with only the comfort of work to keep her company. Though she kept telling herself that she liked it this way, many times the loneliness she felt told her otherwise. Refusing to admit that feeling, she hardened her heart and became cold. As a result of her past experiences, Risa came to hate people: their fake smiles, their shallow words of reassurance, their empty promises.

Without anyone, how long could she keep going? With such a quiet and dull life how long would it be until it would be shaken up? With such a hateful and cold heart how long would it be until she comes to trust in people again?


Many great nations throughout time have had their fair share of great rulers and their fair share of bad ones. This nation has had too much of it's unabled, selfish rulers in power for too long. The Kamezawa family, passing the crown from generation to generation without falter, has had both a corrupt and non-progressive rule which lasted for fifty years. With the nation under the current rule of Kamezawa Erina, a fifth generation Kamezawa royalty, the corruption within the country has reached it's peak.

Now, with just one deadly stab in the stomach and another one soon to be dealt in the same spot, the Kamezawa reign will be over and the nation's people relieved. The people will be free from the chains of corruption.

"I wish I could say I was sorry to do this Empress Erina, but... I'm... glad." The man named Juno, part of one of the rebel groups against the Kamezawa rule, smirked slyly as he slowly tried to drive the blade deeper.

"Stabbing me in my sleep... h-how, c-clever." Erina winced while she smiled. She expected someone to come for her at some point, but surprisingly did nothing about it. "Be, g-glad," She gasped for air quickly and began to cough in between words, "You've only captured this one victory."
The blood escaped from her mouth and ran down her chin to her chest.

His attention clearly captured, Juno paused and loosened his grip on the blade he held. He gulped and thought about what Erina said and short after laughed through his nose at the statement. He resumed his strong hold on the blade and plucked it out, ready to slit her throat. "Die. Just die."

"Y-you, rebels... have you only planned to kill only me?" Erina tilted her head up when the blade approached her neck. "Just kill us all!"

Juno scoffed, "Why, why do you sound as if you're betraying your own? You wanted all this to happen! All this shit. You Kamezawas... you never once cared for us. Selfish bastards." He flipped Erina around to face him and quickly held her by the throat, his knife ready to shed blood. His breath quickened and rage filled him and into his hands causing his grip to tighten with each second he looked at Erina, the sight of her agitating him.

"Do it." Erina laughed hysterically, almost mocking Juno for not having enough guts to kill her right then and there. "I made a stupid decision, or rather I didn't do anythi..." She paused to inhale quickly and hold her wound, "No, I d-didn't decide... a-at all."

Erina's coughing worsened into a painful gag. Holding the place where the blade had hit, she fell to her knees with a painful smile, quietly looking at the ground in wait for her death. She felt something on her head, cold and much rounder and thicker than the blade. When she tilted her head up, there it was--a gun. Juno had taken out the black firearm from where it was holstered in the back of his pants and pointed it at her head, his hands shaking in excitement.


The feeling of floating. Nothing beneath you, above or around you. You could move your hands and feet in any way you like and touch nothing and annoy no one. Nothingness. There was no gravity here, no sound or light either. Everything seemed to be far off from this place wherever it was.

Erina slowly opened her eyes as she regained consciousness, gradually becoming shocked with how she could still be alive. She wasn't greeted by light, but by darkness, crisp and as solid as ever. Instantly fear struck her when she noticed where she was and it mixed in with her confusion.

"W-Where am I? How am I still alive?!" Erina's voice shivered with fear while she wriggled in the emptiness searching for comfortable ground.

Suddenly, a light appeared before her in the form of a sphere. It circled around her and stopped when it was behind Erina.

"Kamezawa Erina."

Startled, Erina shrugged her shoulders and quickly turned around. The sphere of light approached her and she held it in her hand, letting it float on top of it. It continued to speak.

"Because of your irresponsibility and disregard for making decisions, many lives have been wastefully ruined and taken."

"I'm sorry-"

"You didn't want to rule when it was your time, yet you forced yourself to take up such a position without thinking of the responsibilities you would take on. You let others who only wanted this power to rob the country of its riches and greatness and use it for themselves, make your decisions for you." The sphere circled around Erina continuously yet slowly enough for her to follow along. Occasionally it would jump over her head to make sure she was paying attention.

Scenes of Erina's memories during her rule flashed before her. People dying, revolts taking place near centers of government meetings, military patrolling streets. The guilt that had always been within her came back even after she died.

"You Kamezawa Erina, are despicable. Everything, you saw the very structure of the nation's society and economy crumble before you because of your irresponsibility yet you did nothing. Felt guilt yet not felt as much as compassion to be moved to help the people? And for that you're-"

"Going to hell? Purgatory? Whatever it is I'll take it."

"Watch what you say." The sphere moved another round around Erina's head before continuing. "Another chance. You have been given another chance to live."

"What." Pausing, she tried to grab the concept of another life. She didn't know how she came to live again or how she got to this place, now she's been given another chance to live? This was all too ridiculous sounding. "A-Ah, please don't play jokes like that. Really where do I go now?"

"Your awareness of your actions and built up guilt has given you this one last chance to another life. Still, there are conditions."

Erina didn't say anything or understand anything, but listened intently to what was being said to her.

"When you depart from here you will wake up in the past. In order to gain this chance you must change one single person completely for the better. If you complete this one simple task under the conditions provided later on, than you will gain another chance to live. You have two selections to chose another life from if completed: the place you will be sent to now, or you may redo your reign."

"Another chance...?"

"Complete this mission successfully Erina. It's your last and final chance. Now go."

"W-wait! I still... have more... ques...tiahh.."

And off she went. To another deep sleep and a new tomorrow.


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Re: Ongaku's Notebook (6th Oneshot: Pig-Woman and Ms.Despair) ~GakiKame
« Reply #50 on: July 05, 2010, 12:24:58 PM »
Pig woman seems like an intresting story cant wait for more of this  :twothumbs

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Re: Ongaku's Notebook (6th Oneshot: Pig-Woman and Ms.Despair) ~GakiKame
« Reply #51 on: July 09, 2010, 06:35:34 AM »
^Thanks for commenting :)

Here's part one! Hope y'all enjoy it :P

Pig-Woman and Ms.Despair
Part 1: Into A New World

The laboratory was filled with a dozen of busy scientists at their workstations. Though they were busy they were quiet and carried out their business in an orderly manner. Accuracy and precision was crucial in this field, any unneeded interruption would cause a huge hindrance, especially if anything were to become missing.

Groaning, Erina woke up with her eyes flapping wide open. She gasped when she gained consciousness, breath suddenly filled her lungs, giving her life. She was alive, blood flowing through her veins and lungs working. What happened before definitely wasn’t a dream.

Erina lifted her hands up and moved them around a bit, her eyes adjusting to the light in the brightly lit room she was kept in. She noticed that there were wires connected to her chest and parts of her leg, and quickly pulled on them to take them off. Sitting up, she looked around at where she was. All the medical-looking equipment around her indicated that she was now in the past, as most of the equipment there seemed incredibly outdated and obsolete.

The former empress jumped off the gurney she sat on and noticed that the door was open. She walked out without a care in the world and began walking down the empty dimly lit hallway, scratching the back of her head. Before she could turn on the first left which led to another hallway, one of the scientists in the facility appeared and pulled Erina back.

“Where do you think you’re going!” The scientist, looked young, at least thirty. He lifted up his glasses with his index finger and looked up at Erina with anger. He took out what seemed to be a radio communication device and began contacting nearby security guards. “We have a case here, section D-21.”

Before Erina could speak, she heard footsteps coming nearer and nearer to where she was with incredible speed. The guards roughly grabbed her arms and pushed her along back into the little room where she was kept. As her mind was still hazy Erina couldn't think straight. It took a while before she could rearrange all the years of self defence she learned back at the palace and effectively use it against a measly three people.

She had been kept here for a few weeks after she was reported to have been seen floating down from the sky, a strange light emitting from the clouds. The few people that saw her thought that she was an UFO, sent down from a ship high above the clouds. In order to conceal the discovery from the people and avoid havoc, the government hid her in one of their labs where they could do further study on her.

Forcing herself not to be sleepy at this time, Erina stretched her neck. She stopped moving and closed her eyes, inhaling air until her lungs were full. Both the guards looked at each other in curiosity while the scientist kept walking ahead. As soon as she let the air out, she opened her eyes and in one swift movement she... ran for her life. Erina couldn’t remember a single thing about self defence at all.

“HEY!” The guard hollered after her and attempted to run after Erina but quickly lost her when Erina took too many turns for him to see. He stood there in disbelief.

She made many lefts and rights until she finally saw a red sign that said exit. Erina pushed her legs to run as fast as they could and before the two guards on the other side of the exit could notice, she had escaped and made another turn around the corner. Thankfully, the gates to the laboratories had opened as a vehicle was gaining entry. While the guards at the gates were busy asking questions, Erina took out one guard without being seen, kicking him in the crotch and taking his handgun. Backing away slowly she did many small bows in apology while the guard held his pride hunched over. She ran into the forest in front of the labs, where she would disappear from search parties.

After running through the forest Erina ended up on a highway. She climbed over the small metal borders that separated the wilderness and the road and noticed a nearby bicycle rider making their way. She lifted up the handgun she had lifted from the guard earlier and pointed it at the rider. Erina put on a menacing face to take away an misconceptions from how frail and cute she seemed. Moving her head to the side, she motioned for him to get off his bike and once he did, she slowly made her way onto the bicycle still pointing the gun at him.

“How far till the nearest town?” Erina said in a low voice.
“City’s about 15 minutes on bike.” The boy kept a stern face and hid his fear. Watching Erina peddle away, he dropped his shoulders and sighed. “Now what...”


Up the hill, Erina could see the buildings emerge as she came closer. Driver’s honked their horns in traffic and masses of people crossed the street. Erina sighed in relief at seeing that she was now far away from the labs and was safe. She rode to a sidewalk, got off her bike and leaned it against a nearby lamp post. Walking seemed more refreshing.

“The roads seem familiar.” Erina scanned the place quickly. “I’m still in the same place, aren’t I? Same country right?”

“Disgusting. Her face... ugh.” A couple of high school girls that were standing near Erina talked among themselves.

Erina’s ear twitched at the comment and suddenly she felt her heart sink. Why were people saying such mean things? Turning her attention to the three girls that gathered around her, she began to wonder why they gave her such displeasing looks. Closer and closer they caved in on her, trying to observe her face causing Erina to become frightened and fall back on her bottom.

“See look? Isn’t it just gross?” Erina watched as one of the girls touched her face. She felt a finger on her cheek yes, but for some reason the feeling didn’t have any sensation to it. It felt like the girl’s finger was touching something on top of her skin. “Ew, it feels so rough

Somethings wrong. My skin isn’t rough, at least not enough for anyone to call it ‘disgusting’.” Erina thought, her eyebrows furrowing. She still sat on the cement, the curiosity keeping her from getting up just yet.

Many people began to gather around her. They exchanged whispers and looks of disgust with one another as they pointed fingers at Erina, more specifically her face. Awoken from thought, she scrambled on the cement, hitting her head on someones leg. “S-stop! Get away!” Erina folded her legs up and hid her head between them, wrapping her arms around her head for protection. She was curled up, her head completely engulfed into the little shell she created.

Seeing as how Erina was aware of their staring and was now annoyed, the crowd slightly backed away enough for her to try and stand up. Sensing that the crowd had moved from her a bit, Erina lifted her head up, firstly seeing a bicycle in front of her with its rider still on top of it, interested in what was happening. In the rim of the bike, right in the center of the wheel she saw her reflection.

“No...” Dropping to her knees, Erina crawled closer to the bike while touching her face with trembling fingers. “This can’!” She shook her head from side to side in doubt as she saw her completely scarred face being reflected on the rims. The bumps, the rough texture of the skin, the look of the scars on her face. No wonder she couldn’t feel anything. She didn’t even look like herself. It was enough for her to wish to be dead instead. Completely devastated, Erina sobbed bitterly and bent over to cover her face.

“Why is everyone being so mean to her?” One girl, coming from a nearby concert pushed through the crowd to see what the commotion was about with her friend. Hearing the comment, Erina turned her attention to the girl, lowering her hands from her face. The girl jumped in sight of Erina’s face, dropping the mask she held from the concert onto the floor.

Immediately Erina grabbed the pink colored pig mask and put it on her face, pulling a few hairs as she put the elastic band over her head. Anything would do, as long as it covered her face for a potentially long time. She pulled herself up with one leg and immediately began to frantically run to somewhere dark and sheltered, somewhere where she could be alone for a while.

Her beauty was one of her family line’s few good assets that distinguished them from the rest of the royal families. It gave them the charisma they needed to fool the people and keep their rule. Her whole life, Erina only liked one part of herself and it was her beauty. She believed it to be the only beautiful part of her. Shortly after she began to rule, beauty from the inside was something she definitely thought she didn’t possess.

The sun came down now and many people began rushing home. Stopping at an alleyway, Erina sat down on a pile of boxes that were laying beside a couple of trashcans and sulked in her misfortunes.

“Is this the price, the ‘condition’ that voice was talking about?” Slowly, she went under her mask and felt at her scarred face, her fingers jumping from one point to the next. “It feels so gross...” Erina retracted her fingers quickly. “It serves me right for what I did... but, but why??” She threw her arms in front of her in annoyance and kicked the air with her foot. One look at her face from the rim of that bike was enough for Erina. She didn’t want to look at her face again, at least not now. The thought of enduring having such a face for an unpredicted amount of time, pained her plenty. Sure she had a lot to get used to in this time period, but this face was definitely the biggest obstacle she thought she had to overcome.

“The mission,” Erina remembered the condition to another life. “Who? What person? Easy task? This isn’t easy! Who do I change? Is there a sign?” Erina said, as she resumed kicking the air while she ruffled her hair in confusion.


“Ack! Ouch...” Realizing she tripped someone, she looked up and stopped what she was doing. A girl, about the same age as her with short brown hair, was on the ground massaging the back of her head in pain.

“Sorry. Please forgive me.” She got up and offered a hand to the stranger, but instead her generosity was rejected by a slap at the hand. Today held many firsts for Erina. As a royalty no one was allowed to get near her within four feet, yet today her personal space had been invaded many times and now she was getting a slap on the hand? Erina didn’t get angry at the slap, but simply massaged her hand.

“No thanks.” The girl looked up at Erina with her eyes, angry. “Weirdo.” She got up, dusted herself off and picked up her purse on the ground. “Watch where you’re going. Please.” With one last look at Erina, she scoffed and pulled up her purse to her shoulders.

Feeling guilty for what happened, Erina fidgeted with her hands and tried to think of a way to make it up to the girl. Unable to think of anything, she spoke up as the girl walked away. “Is there some way I can show how sorry I am!”

The girl didn’t answer but kept on walking, her heels clicking and clacking on the stoned floor. Now determined to try and make it up to the girl Erina ran after her with incredible speed, soon enough coming to be in front of the girl. Erina held up her hands in a stopping motion.

“Please! Let me make it up to you!” And with that, Erina felt a hard substance hit her on the side of the face. Thankfully her cheek was protected by the hard plastic pig mask yet her unshielded head throbbed with increasing pain. The girl hit her with her purse. “Ouch! What the...? What do you have in there?!” Erina said while she rubbed her head in pain.

“Leave me alone. You must be one of those weird female perverts aren’t you? Rare for me to encounter one. What, wanna sneak a look at my panties or something? Too bad for you I’m wearing safety shorts. Pervert.” The girl gave a surprisingly calm look even after the smack she had given Erina. Acting like it never happened, she went back to making her way to her apartment.

“I’m not a pervert!” Erina crossed her arms and stomped her foot on the ground in defence. Now even more determined than the previous time, again she ran after her.

“Then why do you wear a pig mask... go away.” The girl looked behind to check if Erina had stopped following her. Erina was running after her at full force, muscles pumping and her chest clearly moving up and down from inhaling and exhaling. “F-freak! Get away!” The girl`s eyes grew larger in surprise and she  frantically began to run away. Her eyes started to water from the sudden adrenaline rush.

After only a few seconds of running, the girl’s legs began to give in and she could not run any more. Soon enough her heels could not handle the strain as well, breaking off from the shoe and causing her to fully collapse on the ground and trip onto her face.

“Miss, are you alright?” Erina asked. Another hit in the mask, this time with a broken off heel from a shoe.

The girl began to speak, her voice filled with a rage that tried to restrain itself from exploding by keeping itself within her throat, turning into a low growl. “I’ll tell you my name okay? and then you can...”

“I can...?” Erina knelt down and moved her face closer to the girl’s, a bit too close for comfort.

“Get. away. from. ME.” The brown-haired girl’s voice shook with the last word and she cleared her throat. “Niigaki Risa. Alright? If you can find someway to thank me do it. Not now, not tonight, not today  but some other time okay?” Risa said the last word sounding sarcastically nicer than the whole sentence. She pulled her blouse down as she sighed and fixed her hair. “As if you’ll ever find me.” Risa thought.

“And I’m Kamezawa Erina! Nice to meet you.” Erina nodded with a wide grin under her mask and bowed quickly.

Risa sighed in annoyance and did not reply to Erina’s short introduction. Feeling the harshness coming from Risa, Erina kept her mouth shut and helped Risa up. She tried to help Risa dust herself off, but the harsh glare given to her stopped her from doing anything else. If she wasn’t careful, her chance at another life might have been forfeited.

“Alright then. Bye.” Waving, Erina watched Risa walk to her destination bare foot. Now that only she remained in the alley, a feeling of loneliness began to creep up on her along with fear. She didn’t know where she was and other than that she was a fugitive. It wasn’t safe for her to be alone like this without a hideout. “Niigaki-san wait up!”

Without hesitation, Risa ran as best she could bare foot, eager to get away from Erina however that may be. “Buta-Kame, leave me alone!” Risa yelled, running down the street trying to lose Erina. “Mou, iyada...

Pig-turtle?” Erina shortly thought about the quickly made up nickname while she ran. “Wait, whats that supposed to mean? Hey!”


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What the-? I didn't comment on the prologue? Okay, it's definitely an interesting premise, I'm a sucker for AU's, especially and altered reality inside an altered reality XD

Oh, so Erina must help someone with her face looking like that? I guess it would be too easy if she looked pleasant. I really want to read more!

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Hmm so Erina is all ugly now because of what she did in her old life?

seems like Risa is the same as what Erina was in her old life.

you've got me wondering what all the conditons are though, cant wait to read more!

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Thanks guys for the comments, it's greatly appreciated :twothumbs:

lol, Now for part 2~ YAY! :D

Pig-Woman and Ms.Despair
Part 2: Slow Recovery?

Risa dug into her pockets of jacket for her keys to her apartment unit, took the silver piece of metal out and hurriedly shoved it into the keyhole. She got in, opened the lights and closed the door, leaning on it and then sliding down to sit on her bottom. Sighing, she looked up at the textured ceiling and closed her eyes, exhausted.

“Finally.” Risa ruffled up her hair a bit and stood up. “Lost her.”

She went over to the kitchen and opened the fridge, searching for a can of beer she could drink. Luckily, there was one last can for her to drink the stress of the day away. She pulled on the tab of the can, opened it and pressed the tab down again. Before bringing it to her lips, she suddenly remembered Erina and became annoyed.

“Creep.” She drank in the alcohol beverage, almost finishing the whole thing in one continuous gulp. When she wiped her lips, unexpectedly she began to laugh, teeth exposed and eyes smiling. It’s been a while since she felt a warm happiness like this and smile at the same time. All this time by herself, something like the wild goose chase that happened today had never happened. Risa began to feel nostalgic, as if she was in high school again. As she laughed, the image of Erina running after her popped into her mind and immediately she stopped and cleared her throat. “Creep.”

Though Erina was strange, wearing a pig mask and a white hospital-type gown, she gave off a warm aura. Through the mask and white gown, Risa could easily see that on their first meeting, yet she forced herself to think otherwise. People like that shouldn’t be trusted and even if they seemed friendly they could turn around any time. Risa knew that more than anyone.

Shaking her head to clear her mind, Risa went over to her white lounge chair which she frequently fell asleep on. Shortly after sitting on it and laying her head back on the seat for a short rest, she feel asleep.


Hunching over the white lounge chair, a girl wearing a pig mask, Erina, closely watched Risa sleep peacefully. Becoming bored, Erina’s expression changed from one of interest to neutrality and she laid her face on top of Risa’s.

“Niigak-san, wake up.” Erina moved her face and hips from side to side, the lips of her mask giving Risa’s forehead many tiny smooches.

Grunting, Risa slowly woke up. Shocked she pushed Erina away from her and picked up a nearby broom for defence. “Buta-Kame!” She tightened her grip on the broom and began to smack Erina in the hips. “GET OUT! You freak! Stalker! Creeper!”

“S-stop! That hurts!” Erina jumped trying to avoid Risa’s smacks in  the butt. “Wait! I have something to say!”

“What?” Risa stopped and listened to what Erina had to say before she would kick her out, her defences up and ready to be used. She closely scanned the pig mask Erina was wearing for the first time, and cringed. The mask smiled all the time, looking hungry, and it’s eyes had the same empty eyes of “chiyo chichi”. The two red ovals on each side of the cheek illustrated that the pig was blushing  and did not help in making it seem cute at all. Instead of making Erina seem friendly like she was, it made her seem to be dangerous and eerie. “Well what? Are you gonna say anything before your next whooping?”

Erina fidgeted with her fingers and tried acting cute. Risa tried to contain her laughter, her chest shaking and lips quivering from the pressure. With the pig mask on, the cute act had no affect on Risa, well at least the desired affect.

“Can I stay here?” Erina said, her hands clasped together. Immediately, Risa stopped laughing and reverted back to the serious expression she always had on.



“Get out.” Risa pointed at the door with the broom and entrusted that Erina would make her way out. Erina sulked her shoulders and turned around in disappointment. She opened the door to leave and Risa spoke up. “How’d you get in here anyway?”

“Lock your door before drinking beer and falling asleep.”

“Ahh...” Risa began to nod, but when she noticed something wrong with the statement she stopped. “You were watching me?!” She picked up her broom again and threw it at Erina but missed since the target had quickly made an escape.

After closing the door, Erina leaned on it from the outside. “Niigaki-san I’ll do anything. I have no where to stay.” There was no response from the other girl. Erina continued, “I just need to stay for a few days. It won’t be long!” The door opened suddenly and Erina jumped out of the way. From the little opening, Risa poked her small head out of the door.

“You’ll do anything?” Risa asked, her left eyebrow perking up with interest. Erina nodded with her hands by her sides. “Then, show me your real face.”

“I-I can’t do that.” Erina gulped. Even though the pig mask was embarrassing to wear, her scarred face would be even more painful for her to show, let alone walk around in.

“Then I can’t let you stay.” Risa began to close the door, but just until she could fully close it Erina stuck her foot between the door and wall.

“PLEASE! I have no where to go, I don’t know this place. I’m all alone, help meeee.” Erina tugged on Risa’s arm. She desperately needed to find a place to say if she wanted to lay low. Since using her cute face to get a place to stay was out of the question, pure begging would have to do.

“All alone?” Instantly many of Risa’s memories of her youth came back to her. She looked at Erina and saw that she began to bend down to a kneel. Risa’s eyes widened.

I don’t know you any more Risa. Leave.
Who said we were friends?
Risa, goodbye.

Looking at Erina, Risa saw her younger self in the same position, kneeling down and begging for a place to stay, yet no one would give her one. What was she doing? Isn’t it the very thing she hated? Treating others with no compassion or consideration. “Buta-Kame get up.” Risa felt guilty. She could see that Erina wasn’t that bad of a person, yet she treated her so badly the first time they met. “You can stay.”

“Really!?” Erina got up happy and jumped on Risa, giving her one giant hug. “Thank you! thank you! thank you!”

Risa blushed. It’s been a while since she received a hug and getting one so suddenly like this was unexpected. It felt warm and unconsciously she wanted to retain the warm sensation, her hands rising up on their own to wrap around Erina’s back. When Erina suddenly stopped to look at Risa in the eyes, Risa hurriedly put her hands at her sides and looked away from Erina embarrassed.

“Oh?” Erina tilted her head to the side. “You wanted more?” She stepped back and held her arms out for Risa. “Come here!” Behind her mask Erina grinned.

Risa was surprised at Erina and became embarrassed. Now, her cheeks were redder than ever. “Come on, lets go in.” Rejecting Erina’s hug offer, Risa turned around with a confused Erina following closely behind.


Once they got in, Risa immediately went over to her lounge chair to rest her head. Getting up so suddenly like that gave her a headache. Every week she would work to her capacity at the office like doing paperwork, doing simple tasks for the head supervisor and inputting entries into the computer. Sometimes she would even work late beyond her assigned shift. During the weekends or any day off she had, she would just doze off until the late afternoon.

Erina got in and made herself comfortable on the floor as the only sofa in Risa’s cramped living room was the lounge chair, currently occupied Risa. Looking at Risa and seeing that she was close to falling asleep again, she became annoyed and behind her mask she gave a frown to Risa.

“What?” Risa, with her head laid back on the sofa, spoke with her eyes closed. “Don’t frown. Whats the matter?”

Surprised at how Risa could sense her expression, Erina stuttered before answering. “It’s just that... is this all you do?”

“Give me a minute. I need to talk to you.” Risa sighed and massaged her eyebrows. Forcing her eyes open, she stretched and lifted her head off the chair lifelessly. “My rules are pretty simple...” Risa stopped for a moment as Erina nearly lifted her mask to wipe sweat off her cheek, nearly revealing her face. She then continued with the same serious, yet sleepy expression. “First: Go in my room without permission, I kick you out. You sleep here. Secondly, since you’re here you have to follow what I tell you. Got it?”

Risa didn’t exactly trust Erina yet but seeing as the girl was genuinely needing help, her guard against the pig-masked woman softened though not entirely disappearing. To Risa offering Erina a place to stay was an act of compassion. She had no plans to make friends but she did admit that communication with the girl was inevitable. Erina nodded reluctantly and pursed her lips, sucking in air. The rules to her seemed a bit ridiculous  and hard to keep.

Risa smiled sweetly seeing that Erina had agreed and ruffled up the girl’s hair with her right hand. During that moment, Erina’s heart stopped in awe of Risa’s beauty. When the girl smiled, it seemed as if her mouth was too small to retain it. It was bright, her eyes smiling along with her mouth. Through the tinted plastic eyes of the pig mask, Erina stared blankly into space, the effect of the smile still upon her.

Erina stared at Risa sleeping soundly on the lounge chair, her heart beating faster. Somehow, staring at the girl sleep Erina knew that Risa was the person, her “mission” but other than that she began to feel something different towards Risa, an emotion she rarely felt.


Risa sat quietly on the floor in her living room painting her finger nails. It’s been a while since she had free time and now that Erina was there, using that free time for sleep was out of the question. Painting her nails and decorating them had been a past time of hers, but lately she had been too tired to carry on with it.

“AHAHAHA!!” Erina kicked her legs and fell backwards on the floor in laughter totally engaged into the variety program being shown. The former empress’ loud and sudden outburst startled Risa, causing her to almost spill her bottle of red nail polish she had on the small coffee table. Risa glared at the back of Erina’s head and rolled her eyes.

Erina had stayed at Risa’s cramped apartment for a almost two weeks now and has stayed put, not going anywhere. With no where to go and nothing to do, Erina lived off of Risa, eating her food, watching her tv and making tiny messes in the places she would be in. Although it annoyed Risa, for now she dismissed Erina’s laziness since she had just arrived. After spending time with the girl, Risa's harsh attitude towards Erina lessened greatly, yet she still kept her distance. Erina just had that charisma that made it impossible for others to dislike her, even a cold-hearted person like Risa.   

“Hey you.” Risa said, still focusing on her finger nails. “I was just wondering, where do you come from? You don’t seem from around here.”

Erina turned her head to look at Risa. “I live around the area...?”

“Really? Where do you live then? Won’t anyone be wondering where you are?” Risa dipped the brush into the bottle again before applying it to her other index finger.

Auntie and the rest of them are probably glad I'm dead. Now they can have the kingdom to themselves... Uhh, some stuff, happened... I-it’s complicated. I don’t know if you'll understand.”

Risa stopped and frowned. “Really?” She sighed and shrugged her shoulders. “I won’t force you to tell me but... you’re not some sort of criminal right? I mean that pig mask kind of makes you seem like a serial killer or rapist...”

Erina’s eyes widened and she waved her hands in front of her in denial. “I’m not! Something happened so I have to wear this.”

Still focused on her nails, Risa continued to paint them. “You sure you’re not just extremely hideous or something?”

Taking a nearby green bean pillow, Erina picked it up and threw it in Risa’s direction, the pilow hitting her on the head and dropping to the ground. “Go get me some orange juice.”

“Sure.” Risa got up massaging her head, hiding her anger behind her smile.

“Yeah, hurry up. Make sure it's 100% kay'?” Erina faced forward towards the television and resumed watching the program. In a few moments, Risa came back with Erina’s orange juice.

Squatting down behind Erina, Risa laid her head on her shoulder. “Buta-kame...”  Only during these times would she use the nickname for Erina. Risa smiled, her anger waiting to be released. “Would you like ice with your orange juice?” Risa put the glass on top of the coffee table.

“You idiot, of course- UWAH!” Erina jumped backwards as she felt four cold ice cubes slide down her back. She jumped backwards, pushing Risa back in the process, and fell in between Risa’s legs, squirming around in freight. “COOOOLD! Ahahahaha!! COLD!!!” Erina flipped around to be on top of Risa, giggling, and reached under the back of her shirt to remove the remaining ice cubes. “Mou, Niigaki-san that was really...”

Covering her eyes with her palms, Risa tried hard not to laugh, a smirk slowly growing into a grin. Finally she couldn’t take it any more and burst out laughing, harder than she had in a while and covered her eyes with her arm. Erina’s eyes widened. It’s been the first time she saw Risa laugh and knowing that the girl laughed because of her, she blushed. Her smile was really dazzling.

The both of them laid on the carpet, Erina hovering above Risa, smiling along with the girl as she laughed to her heart’s content. Being in this position and seeing Risa smile so happily, Erina’s heart beat faster and she had the urge to hug her.

“Niigaki-san...” Erina said while Risa’s laughing slowed. “Do you not hate me anymore?” she paused, " you consider me a friend now?"

Risa stopped laughing and her smile dropped to a frown. Her arm covered her eyes, hiding away any emotion she seemed to have. “Depends.” She sat up, making Eri do the same, and looked away from Erina with sad eyes. “Can I trust you?”

Erina gulped. “I’m irresponsible and can be selfish but...” She looked at Risa in the eyes. “If it’s Gaki-san, I’ll try my best so that you can trust me.”

Risa smiled with her eyelids low. “Really?” said Risa, chuckling. She glanced at Erina who was still looking down at her lap and stretched. “Uwah~! That sounded like some lame confession. Hahaha.”

Immediately, Erina held her breath and blushed. “Niigaki-san..."

Getting up, Risa smiled faintly and patted Erina on the head. “Shut up and drink your orange juice.” She made her way to her room, slid the door closed slowly and leaned against it. “‘friends’? Sometimes I feel as if... I want more than that.” Sighing she went over to sit on her bed and once she sat down her eyes wandered on the floor.  “What are you doing Risa... "

Risa rested her elbows on her thighs and held her head with both hands in frustration. "You’ll just get hurt again. Have you already forgotten about her?” 


Two women in black suits sat in a car. One by the name of Tanaka, sat down polishing her sun glasses with the end of her white blouse and waited patiently for her partner to start the car.

They had both been assigned to a new mission to retrieve government property required for scientific research. A few days ago an experiment had escaped from one of their labs, identified as a UFO by the government. With the mission being identified as ‘top priority’, the two agents have been given authority to kill on sight without warning whoever has attempted to conceal the experiment. Now that they have attained enough information as to where the experiment (identified as KE1) may be, the two were off to do some snooping.

“Sayu what are you doing...” Tanaka turned around after putting on her glasses to see what her partner Michishige was doing. Once she saw that her partner was again wasting time by looking at herself in the mirror, she slammed the mirror compartment shut.

Pouting, Michishige muttered swear words under her breath. She started the engine and began making their way out of the parking lot they were in. “Alright, Where to?”

“Surveillance first. Suspect one, Niigaki Risa.” Tanaka said reading off the file she had. “At this time, she would be at work yes?”

“Why don’t we just search her apartment?”

“Shut up, I say surveillance.” Tanaka laid back on her seat. “Besides we don’t even know if she has KE1 or not.”

Michishige sighed and rolled her eyes assuming her partner wasn’t looking in her direction. Tanaka was her senior and had been in the agency a few months longer than Michishige. In situations like these where Tanaka’s decisions were not the right course of action, all she could do was sigh and follow her partner’s orders. If they let KE1 get away the loss would be pinned on Tanaka rather than her anyway.


Whew~ ended up being shorter than I expected  :P Gaki-san POV next!
Oh btw if you guys don't know who Chiyo-Chichi is = . (I wub it :heart: o.o)

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Re: Ongaku's Notebook (6th Oneshot: PWAMD Update Part 2) ~GakiKame
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When I first clicked on the thread link, I scrolled all the way down to the bottom, only to be greeted by that pic of Chiyo Chichi. I think you would have laughed at the sound of surprise I made XD

Moving on to the actual comment, I can't believe Risa let 'Erina' stay, what was so bad in her past that it would have that kind of effect? Ai? Is Ai the her? No, no wait! Don't tell me! Just post the next part and show me! :grin:

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Re: Ongaku's Notebook (6th Oneshot: PWAMD Update Part 2) ~GakiKame
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Normally I can't stand GakiKame fics (unless it's well written) but I actually find them cute here :nervous Will you tell us more about Risa's past? And will Risa see Erina's face

Oh the suspense :panic:

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Re: Ongaku's Notebook (6th Oneshot: PWAMD Update Part 2) ~GakiKame
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@rndmnwierd: rofl, chiyo chichi's ninja like that xD Actually, now I'm wondering what kind of sound you made lol.
@badsaints: You found them cute here? lol thanks. tbh, I don't like GakiKame all that much either, but I was in the mood to write it so I did and when I get into something I really get into it.

Here's part 2.5! Most of it is in Risa's POV ^_^

Buta Onna to Zetsubou-san
Part 2.5: Through my heart I see you.

Many events that happened the past two days, especially those involving Erina, made Risa feel nostalgic bringing back good and bad memories. After years of burying her past deep within her heart, she became bitter. Trying to forget what happened was difficult, painful and just when she thought she forgot it, it all came back to her. Risa sat on her bed and then after a few moments collapsed backwards onto it, looking at the ceiling deep in thought. Again her memories played before her one flashing quickly after another. Risa forced her eyelids shut and let the overwhelming want for sleep take over her. In a few moments she went to sleep, but even in her sleep her memories would not stop bothering her.


I stood at the front of the rear hospital exit and watched as they carried Eri off into the hospital. I remained silent and quietly stared at the ground, my eyes filled with a mix of sadness and frustration. Slowly my heart began to beat faster and I clenched my fists into balls, concentrating my feelings into my hands. I wanted to cry, yet no tears came out. I wanted to shout yet no sound would come out and my throat would only warm from the desire.

 The driver of the ambulance ushered me to a safer spot so that the incoming cars wouldn’t hit me. I shuffled over to the side and sat on the cement, holding my head. The driver didn’t bother me about how I shouldn’t sit on the ground. 

...How could I be so stupid? I should have taken more notice of  the signs. She was weak... always weak. Her skin was pale, she was extremely skinny and sometimes she had random nose bleeds. It seemed as if she forced herself to go to school and most of the time she only came for half the day if she could endure it till that far. I feel as if this is partially my fault.

I got up, my hands still in balls and made my way to the reception desk inside the hospital where I would ask for where Eri was being kept. As I walked, my heart burned as I neared the entrance and eventually my eyes filled and tears rolled down my cheeks.

A week ago, I confessed my love to Eri. It took me a lot of guts to do that. I didn’t know how she would react or if she would accept me and get past the sisterly image she had of me. All that worrying yet in the end she felt the same. We only got together yet this is what happens.


Leukemia. That’s what Eri’s father said through a shaky voice after talking with the doctor, his arm wrapped around his misses’ shoulder as she hid her sobbing face.

My eyes widened in shock. “L-leukemia?” My mind was blank as I tried to swallow the word. Leukemia, isn’t that... cancer? “Cancer...” The word echoed in my mind and without warning my eyes began to release tears.  Eri never liked going to the doctor. She’s always been stubborn and never paid attention to herself. All that time she desperately needed to be diagnosed, she never bothered to get a check up? I laughed sarcastically under my little sobs.

“Whats the point of a diagnose if she’ll just end up dying”? I said a little bit above a whisper.

Instantly I let out a yelp and forced my eyes closed, while my tears rushed down my cheeks even harder. The word felt as if it had given me a punch in the chest, shoving reality in front of my face.

I began to feel frustrated and got up with a stomp. I wiped my face and hurriedly paced over to the room Eri was being held, leaving Eri's parents by themselves. I opened the door and sat down on a chair that was beside Eri’s bed. I looked at her pale face and tried not to cry, and then held her scrawny hand in mine, putting it to my forehead. I squeezed it tightly.

For as long as I need to,  this is where I’ll be.

For three days I haven’t been home and didn’t bother to give my mother a single phone call. Contacting her hasn’t even entered my thoughts during those three days. Now that Eri is having a surgery, I was told to go home and only then did I remember my mom. Great, I wonder how she will react to this.

I greeted the guards behind the black metal gates and they greeted me likewise with a polite bow. Each of them grabbed a handle on the gates and pulled them open, the metal screeching as they moved. I walked up the pathway and greeted our gardener who was trimming the bushes. She returned my greetings by taking off her straw hat and bowing.

 Bringing my hand up to the doorbell, my finger hesitated to press the button. Sighing, I quickly pressed the doorbell and closed my eyes in preparation for the worst. The door opened and to my surprise, one of our maids greeted me with a bow. I expected my mother. After she was done, I made my way in and tried to make sure that I could make it upstairs to my room without my mother noticing me.

“Ma’am, the young lady has arrived.” Never was I more angry at Maya our maid.

“Risa.” My mother emerged from the living room and walked up to me, her arms folded and her face having that analytic expression she always had. Looking down on me, that’s how it always is. She circled around me, her eyes moving up and down as she scanned my appearance before speaking up with that snooty voice of hers. “And where have you been?”

I frowned at Maya and gave her a glare before answering. “I was...” I gulped and glanced up at my mother who towered over me. “I was with Eri.”

My mother turned her back towards me and massaged her eyebrows, sighing, and remained there for a moment tapping her feet. She didn’t approve of me and Eri’s relationship and multiple times has she told, no demanded me, to stop seeing her. She gave me the lecture that if people found out about our relationship it would look bad for our family name. To me it only seemed like a lame excuse to cover up how much she hated people like us. After what seemed like forever, she moved towards me with one of those fake smiles she had whenever she was displeased and tilted my chin up with her finger. Her sharp nails felt cold while it poked my skin.

“Risa...” She looked me in the eyes and smiled. Lifting up her hand slowly, she then slapped me in the face. Hard. I held my cheek, it stinging while blood rushed to return to the very spot. I looked at her nails that shined in the sunlight that came in from the windows. “Didn’t I tell you?” Mother squeezed my cheeks together with her hand and brought my face closer to hers. I could clearly hear her breath speeding up, it brushing against my cheeks. “It’s either this family or her, but obviously you’ve chosen that slime of a woman.” She released my face, throwing it backward.

“Mother, Eri’s sick. I can’t just leave her.” I touched my lip and saw that it bled. My eyes widened at the sight of blood on my finger.

“Do I look like I care?” She turned around again and walked away to the kitchen. "Go."

“Go?” I looked at her, puzzled and angry.

“Leave, of course.” She stopped, sighed and massaged her eyebrows. “I don't know you anymore Risa. Maya, can you take her away from my sight?” She shooed me away with her hand, telling Maya to take action. Maya grabbed my arm and led me out the doors while I resisted, pulling away in the opposite direction.

“M-mom, you have to be kidding!” I tried shaking my arm away from Maya. “You can’t kick me out like this!”

Her back was completely turned against me, straight and shoulders square--cold. Always turned away, never showing emotion or vulnerability. But what did I expect? For her to care? She didn’t show a shred of understanding with what was happening with Eri and she most certainly didn’t care for me enough to try and understand. She never loved me.

Once Maya had finally shoved me out the door, she closed the door quietly. I stood there, gritting my teeth and looking at the ground, my hand on the door. Rather than feeling sadness, I felt rage. I wanted to stomp right back in and give her a better slap, but even though I wanted to I couldn’t. I turned around kicking the door with the most force I could unleash and marched towards the gates, my hands forming balls.

Even though I knew she never loved me, why do I still feel hurt? Betrayed?


It’s been a few weeks since Eri’s surgery. Summer vacation is over now so I went back to school, not that I wanted to though. She hasn't moved from her hospital bed once. Although I couldn't really take her anywhere, I felt happy just talking the hours away with her  like that. Whenever I stopped and looked at her face tears started falling and whenever that happened Eri would wipe them away and smile sweetly at me, her little fangs showing and eyes glazed. She would turn away immediately after that, squeezing my hand gently  in hers. I could tell she was crying, but she made no sound. She would turn around again after wiping away her tears, laughing like an idiot and then suddenly we'd laugh together, gazing into each others eyes.

It made me realize... I always want to be with her. 

Well, since Eri’s condition is improving now, she told me to go to school but I wanted to stay. Only because she tried acting cute did she finally get me to leave. Now I’m here, walking under this line of green trees on my way to the hospital. As for after that, I don’t know where I’ll go.

Yesterday I snuck back into the mansion and packed away a few clothes and other things into the small backpack I had on my back. I had already tried to convince my mother that time into letting me back in but... she didn’t want any of it. The conversation only ended up with an even harder slap and a disinheritance. If I wasn’t so damn respectful I would’ve ripped her apart then. Family? It seems... I have none. Every time I remember my mom, I feel sad and angry... why is that? I shouldn't feel sad, should I?

What awaited me at school didn’t make me feel any better. I thought at least my friends would try and understand but they... they all left me as well. They were pretty direct with it too... Seems me and Eri’s relationship is too much of a shock for them as well, or maybe it was the fact that I wasn’t wealthy anymore did they leave me. The whole day I wanted to talk to them but they would huddle together into a big group and shuffle away from me. They would whisper amongst themselves and laugh and sometimes they would act as if I wasn't there. At the end of the day when I confronted them about it, they made it pretty clear they didn't want anything to do with me. Me, the girl in school with the most friends and looked up to by everyone, suddenly has no one, becoming the center of gossip.

Friends? It seems... I also, don’t have any of those.

I restrained myself from crying and bit my bottom lip. To cry because of those people, I didn't find it worth it. I felt sad, but the more I thought about them, my mother, 'friends', I became angrier. My sadness transformed into a budding hatred. The people that walked by simply stared at me and walked on past me. I stared at them in thought. People are so fake aren't they?

One after another, all this happened without stopping. All the people I thought I could trust, left me and  none of them made the effort to show any compassion towards what was happening with Eri, and the only person I can really believe in is about to-

“Don’t say it.” I forced a smile on my face and patted my cheeks. “She’ll be fine.” I inhaled and then exhaled, my breath shaky. "Aren't I supposed to be 'happy girl'?" I chuckled.

I’d be lying if I said that I don’t care about my family or friends leaving me, that I’m not hurt that I thought they cared about me but if Eri can stay with me they wouldn’t matter anymore.

---------[End Flashback]---------

The whole day Erina lay spread out over Risa’s area rug in the living room. Risa hadn’t been feeding her properly the past two days she stayed and now that she was completely bored out of her mind, the desire to touch Risa’s stuff began to increase with each second.

Getting up with a grunt, Erina looked around Risa’s apartment. Since Risa had fallen asleep in her room, suddenly the idea of touching her stuff didn’t seem so bad anymore. So up around the unit she went, opening cabinets and looking in closets. Risa kept the unit clean despite her work schedule. Everything was in place and organized, but there didn’t seem to be anything that caught Erina’s eye or make her want to pick it up and play with it.

Erina proceeded to Risa’s room. She knew this was wrong but it was too late for her to stop. Curiosity had taken over her. With caution, she opened the doors slowly and tiptoed in. When she turned around she was shocked at how dirty Risa’s room was in comparison to the rest of her apartment. The only clean part of the room was the far left corner, where a clutter of Disney figurines and plushies were neatly laid on top of a table. Erina laughed at the sight. She thought it was cute.

Turning her head, she noticed a picture frame on Risa’s nightstand faced down. Interested, Erina walked over to take a look at the picture. She stepped over Risa’s feet carefully and picked up the frame. Lifting the frame up to her face her eyebrows perked up in interest. The picture was of a younger Risa in a school uniform and another girl with short brown hair, outside what seemed to be a school building. Risa was smiling brightly which shocked Erina as she thought Risa wasn't the type to show her teeth for photos.


 Thinking that Risa was calling her name, Erina turned around quickly and put the photo back on the nightstand. When she looked at Risa she saw that she was still sleeping. Erina sighed in relief and sat down on the bed to look at Risa. Surprised she saw that tears began to stream down Risa’s cheeks, yet she didn’t sob. The workaholic was crying in her sleep.

“Eri...” The second time Risa called out the name, her voice was shaky and her mouth quivered, the tears continuing to come down the sides of her face.

Erina watched Risa, her heart aching. As if on instinct Erina slowly got on top of the bed and laid down beside Risa, wrapping her hand around her waist. Hesitating she, moved herself closer to Risa, the girl's head close to her chest. Erina usually didn't go out of her way to comfort others, but for Risa it was different.

Seeing Risa cry was a first for her and unexpectedly it hurt most to see her cry. During the past few weeks Erina had been with Risa, she could always sense she was sad through her emotionless facade.  Although she smiled a bit more than usual, it seemed as if that feeling of sadness snuck back in shortly after. Especially after what happened a few days ago while Risa was sleeping, Risa had been noticeably distancing herself from the former empress. She returned to being quiet and there were only few instances where she talked.

Risa was close to fully regaining conscious, but feeling Erina’s warmth Risa didn't push her away but ... moved closer to Erina. She pulled on Erina's sweater tightly and hid her face as she cried. She didn't want Erina to see such an embarrasing face. Erina didn’t know what to say, all she could do was coax Risa’s hair and hug the girl's head closer to her body.

“Baka, I told you not to come in my room." Risa said through her tears and sobbed, the salty liquid falling and soaking the sweater Erina had borrowed from her.

The longer she stayed with Risa, her attachment to the young workaholic increased and the more she became worried. With each day she stayed here, she didn't want to leave and the more she looked forward to spending each day with Risa. She wanted to know more about Risa and see different sides of her. Risa was becoming the reason for Erina wanting to stay here. Deeper Erina fell into something she couldn't back out of.


Hope you guys enjoyed it :D
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 :cry: :cry: Poor Risa, that's so sad! It's good that Erina's there for her. Can't wait for more.

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Here's the next part for my Gakikame fic. Its been kind of sitting in my HDD for a while lol.

Pig Woman and Ms. Despair:
Part 3

In the bathroom of a very small apartment, the former empress felt the lukewarm water from the shower head sprinkle down onto her skin, sending shivers down her spine. She reached for the knob and turned it to the left in order to increase the temperature. The bottle of shampoo stood on the ledge of the wall. Erina took it in her hands, lifting it up and squeezed some of the soapy substance onto her fingers. She massaged it into her hair and tilted her head up, relaxing in the sensation.


"I'm still here. I entered her room and I'm still here. Weird." She began working into her roots, focusing her attention on the area. "If I did that on the first few days she'd definitely kick me out." After working the shampoo a bit more onto her hair, Erina stopped and moved closer to the water from the shower head to rinse off, tilting her head down.


The picture frame that laid on top of Risa's nightstand entered her thoughts. Immediately after that she remembered Risa crying in her sleep, calling out a name similar to hers. The two events seemed to connect to one another, greatly intriguing Erina. Seeing a happily smiling Risa radiating with positivity in the picture frame and then knowing the often bitter and distant Risa, to Erina made it seem as if two people dwelled in one petit body.


"What happened to Gaki-san." She let the water from the shower head trickle down her neck and the rest of her body, and closed her eyes in thought. "She wasn’t always like this was she?"


Lifting her hands up, she brought them closer to her face. She felt her right cheek and felt something unusual... it was smooth.  


"Huh?" She opened her eyes and repeatedly touched her face. Her left cheek and forehead still felt bumpy though her right cheek felt silky smooth. Rather than becoming completely disappointed that the rest of her face wasn't smooth, Erina saw this as something to find hope in. If her punishment was the scarred face, she thought that the healing of her face signaled that she was making progress.


The former empress reached down and turned off the shower. For a moment she smiled, but slowly she felt sadness. "Do I really have to go?" She inhaled then exhaled. "Idiot, you have to."


She took hold of the metal bars of the shower door and pulled them open to exit. Grabbing a nearby towel, Erina took it and put it on top of her head and rubbed. Walking over to the mirror, she kept rubbing at her head. She wiped the fog from the mirror and looked at her reflection. "Don't get too attached now." Erina remembered hugging Risa close to her last night.

"But how can I not?"


Right then Erina began to feel a painful stretch in her stomache. She winced at the excruciating pain she felt and fell to her knees holding her stomache. It was the kind of sensation one felt when cut skin was being pulled open by force. Looking down at her body, she noticed that the area near her stomache began to tear it's own skin apart, creating a wide gap. It stopped when it showed a patch of pink underneath the ripped skin, not shedding one drop of blood. Erina sucked in air to help her tolerate the pain. She moved her finger closer to the pink patch and hesitatingly she touched it.


"OUCH!" Erina immediately took her hand away from the area and bit her lower lip in pain, holding in her voice. It stung, and felt tender, as if any further poking would make a hole in her stomache. She took a closer look at the area and remembered feeling pain in the exact same area. "This is where Juno stabbed me."


Instantly fear struck her. The ripping of her own skin indicated something she hadn't really given thought of until now.


"Is time running out?" Erina remained quiet for a few moments, deep in thought.


Scenes of her previous death--the stab in the stomache and then the gunshot to the head--played once again. She needed to finish this mission. With such a task given to her, who knew if such a thing could be accomplished in time let alone if it was possible at all. Erina had no idea that completing just this one task would turn out to be such a handful.




"Going home early Niigaki-san?" A tall woman clad in a grey business suit said in a questioning voice with her hands on her hips. Her lips formed a smile and rather than getting angry at Risa for going home earlier than usual, she beemed at her with a sly expression.


"Yes ma'am." Risa replied and then bowed politely to her boss. She then turned around to head to the office floor's elevator.


"Did something happen? You don't usually rush home like this. I might just be shooting this one out there, but... fallen in love recently?"


Risa stopped walking, the question catching her off guard. Her eyelids shot open and her chest felt heavy. After regaining her senses, she turned around and responded in a respective tone. "No ma'am." As soon as she turned around, she remembered Erina laughing wholeheartedly behind her pig mask. She shook her head to get the image of the former empress out of her head. She had no idea how Erina looked yet she still felt such familiarity with her despite that.


"Love." Risa said to herself, her voice merely above a whipser, and chuckled. She didn't want to admit it in her thoughts or words, but she knew it was fast approaching that stage and she came to fear it. After what happened yesterday and what happened in the office just then, Risa didn't know how to face Erina when she would get home. She would remember these and feared the awkward atmosphere that would come up between them. The thought of it all made her feel embarressed and frustrated at the same time.


Having finally made her way out of her work office's building, Risa began her journey home. She waited at the corner of the street for the crosswalk lights to change color. Lifting up her wrist, she pulled back the sleeve of her blazer to look at her watch; it was almost six o'clock in the evening. Tapping her foot on the cement she impatiently waited for the crosswalk light to change to a picture of a walking man. She didn't like waiting at any time, but today she was extra impatient.


Finally the crosswalk lights changed signs. As she walked to the other side of the street with the other mass of people, she noticed two high school girls in a familiar school uniform. The beige pullover, the white blouse, the red neck lace and the plaid skirt--it was the very uniform she wore in high school.


She paused for a moment to look at the two girls exchanging word with one another, captured by the warm atmosphere between them and the fact that they wore the outfit she once wore herself. Her eyes slowly lowered and her chest ached like a pin pricking at her without warning.




"Gaki-saaaan, I'm hungry and tired." Eri slumped her shoulders and yawned. As she did, her stomache responded in agreement. Sleepy, tired AND hungry at the same time? Huh, usually I'd just get the sleepy remark.

"Eh? Can't you hold it in till you get home? We're almost to the train station." I looked at my wrist watch and checked the time. It was almost six in the evening. I guess I really do have to go home now. If I was late for my tutoring mom wouldn't let me hear the end of it.  


"Sooo sleepy..."

I laughed slightly through my nose at Eri's current state. As hopeless as ever.

But, should she really be walking home with me? She doesn't seem to be too sick today... I should hurry and get her home. She seems fine, but she's probably pushing herself agai-


I turned my head around and looked down at Eri. Knew it.


"Eri! Eri!" I put my hand around her shoulders and supported her, helping her to stand up. Her knees had gone weak and she noticeably became paler. "Idiot, what are you doing??? I told you, you shouldn't walk home with me if you're not feeling well. Here-"

I took a handkerchief from my skirt pockets and tried to wipe at Eri's mouth, only for my hand to be pushed away.

Eri shook her head and smiled at me.

"Please, just... just this once. This last time..."

Last time?

Instantly I became confused, yet signals in the back of my head were telling me something bad was going to happen.

I was scared.

"Eri what do you mean-"

"I want to be with you. As long as I can so just this once let me walk home with you."

I became speechless. All I could do was nod along. Seeing the expression in her eyes and the neediness in her voice, told me that this is what she wanted.

Right then I felt her arm snake around mine, holding my hand tightly.

"I want to stay at your place tonight."

I took one last look at Eri as she laid her head on my shoulder, her breathing becoming heavy, and lifted my head to see that the crosswalk lights has changed. It was time for us to cross.

I know my mom is gonna freak out if she finds out Eri is gonna stay over, but whatever.

"No problem.”

I grinned widely and squeezed her hand gently. I guess I’ll just have to do my best and convince Mom to let you stay.

--End Flashback--

By now Risa was near the entrance of the train station. She had increased her pace significantly since she had crossed the street, her speed near to that of a jog.

Now that she thought about her, there was no trick to getting her out of her thoughts. Why did everything, especially the pig masked girl, seem to suddenly remind her of her deceased love? Didn't she kill her from her thoughts? Is she not buried?


"So, so am I your friend?? Am I? Am I? Am I? Am I?"


Her heart burst, bleeding in the form of tears. She wouldn’t let them fall though and so she suppressed herself, and instead kept a stoic expression.


Risa quickly went down the flight of stairs that led into the tunnel of the passageway into the train platforms and covered her mouth, trying to not let out any sobbing sounds. She calmly tried to speed walk towards the train platforms so that no one would notice how red she looked and how watery her eyes were.


"This has to end.”


Dragging out a long sigh, agent Tanaka peered out the car windows from her seat, her cheek resting on her palm. Taking off her glasses, she wiped at them for what seemed to be the hundreth time, and shook her leg impatiently. She then combed the ends of her hair with her hand and turned to look at her fellow agent, Michishige, the wind softly blowing into the black vehicle.

“Alright, since surveillance turned out to be a bore and since Niigaki’s disappeared into the trains let’s meet her at her house. It’s time for some questioning.”

“Roger that.” Without any hesitation, Michishige set her GPS directions for Risa's residence. “I told you to just search her apartment. Surveillance wouldn't do any good at this point.” Michishige then sighed, earning a glare from her partner.

Within about half an hour the two reached the apartment complex Risa resided in. After Parking in a nicely shaded area, hidden from human detection and within view of Risa’s apartment door, the two agents exited the vehicle and promptly waited for the targeted suspect to appear.

“Are?” Tanaka lowered her glassed and squinted her eyes to get a better view of the person that sat in front Risa’s apartment door. “Isn’t that--”



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