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Author Topic: Embers from the Campfire [My One and Only (SayaIshi Graduation Special)]  (Read 12505 times)

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Re: Embers from the Campfire [August 5th: Buono! Forever]
« Reply #20 on: August 07, 2010, 12:04:50 AM »
this was pretty cute~ im usualy not a fan of the H!P Kids fic but this one was too cute to resist XD

im hoping they dont disband either i mean why stop a good thing if it aint broken? the can surely go one even without shugo chara
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Re: Embers from the Campfire [August 5th: Buono! Forever]
« Reply #21 on: August 11, 2010, 02:24:05 AM »
so,  I'm not much of a MiyaxAiri fan,  I like so much the  couple  of a Maimi x Airi, (winner)  :twothumbs  :wub: :wub:  and takahashi x tanaka too :heart: you know  8)  :lol:
second position: Takahashi and Niigaki. lol
well this chapter was good.  :P  it isn´t new.  :) you know,   8)  you always have good detail,  8) that´s nice.   :twothumbs
momo´s too cool.  :)  :heart:
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Re: Embers from the Campfire [August 5th: Buono! Forever]
« Reply #22 on: August 13, 2010, 03:15:49 PM »
Ahh Miya/Airi fluff, allways welcome, was a really sweet story!

I hope you haven't predicted Buono ending as it may happen for real now! :panic:

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Re: Embers from the Campfire [August 5th: Buono! Forever]
« Reply #23 on: August 17, 2010, 03:14:54 PM »
ah! :shock: hontou da!  :on woohoo: :on woohoo: :on woohoo:

there are really great stuff in here author-san! :on GJ: thanks for directing me here!  :luvluv2: :luvluv2: :luvluv2:

I'm really just here in jph!p cos of your fics and others that i find interesting :hehehe:.....(no offense to other authors) :on ksweat:

this Miya-Airi is O-some! :shy1: :shy1: :shy1: more of this pair author-san! onegai..... :kneelbow:

its just that i think i already read too much Momusu fics :dozing: that i want to read BK and C-ute for a change!  :whistle:

More, Miya fics with Airi or Rii  :shifty: :shifty: :shifty:.....i dont mind with Captain....!  :hee:

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Re: Embers from the Campfire [Suki yo, Captain: Alternate version]
« Reply #24 on: August 24, 2010, 10:53:58 PM »
This is the regular forum safe version of this story. :lol: If you want to read the full version, look in the appropriate place or ask for a PM. ;) This is for people who for whatever reason want to read it here because, well, I love this story and want everyone to be able to experience it. :) Enjoy! :D

Wow, this feels like a big moment for me! :lol: As those I talk to regularly know, this has been a long time coming, and well... I hope you guys enjoy all of it as much as I hope you do. :)

“Suki Yo, Captain”


Like flat little soldiers raging in battle, in rows stretched high on lines across the balcony, the wash danced violently in the wind as Saki stared at it all through her bedroom window. She sat quietly at her desk, occasionally tapping a pencil to her chin absent-mindedly over the near-forgotten sheets of music laid out on the surface before her.

Watching the clothes wave now like flags high above a ship engaged in battle over the roiling sea, she sighed. She knew she should really pull them down before they get soaked in the storm that was sure to hit at any moment, but they were fastened tightly to the lines, and once the rain was over they’d eventually dry again anyway. Despite anything her mother might tell her to the contrary. Her clothes might smell funny or be a bit wrinkly as a result, but she wasn’t as concerned about her fashionable appearance as others she knew.

That thought sent her mind a-whirl again, and as the pitter-patter of rain began echoing against the window in front of her, her thoughts drifted off into the world of dreams.

“If you were on a deserted island,” Saki asked the person she held beneath the blankets in the dark, feeling completely relaxed and at ease in the safety of the embrace. “What one thing would you have with you?”

“Why, you of course,” She responded, giving Saki a smile and a light kiss on the nose. Her nose wrinkled at the soft touch.

“Besides me, silly,” Saki teased, poking the girl in her tender side. “I never even considered that we wouldn’t be there together.”

The other grinned. “Well let’s see… I guess it would have to be my hairbrush.”

Saki rolled her eyes. She shouldn’t have expected anything else. But then she smiled in the dark at the girl she held. “Why does that not surprise me?” she asked, echoing her thoughts.

“Well if you’re there,” the girl replied. “I couldn’t stand it if I didn’t look my best.” At that Saki felt herself blush, but it soon faded at just the wonder of being with the girl she loved so much, and who she never wanted to leave again.

“Anyway,” the girl said, and Saki drew a breath at the mischievous glint in her eye. “I think that’s enough talk, don’t you?”

Saki soon regretted not taking the breath a moment ago as the girl slid down against her body to disappear beneath the covers. In what seemed like no time Saki felt her body tremble at what the girl was doing to her. “I… uh…” She’d somehow lost the power to form cohesive words, her eyes rolling slightly back into her head.

“You huh?” the girl asked innocently, snaking up her sweat-slickened body to reappear again close to her face, licking her lips deliberately. “Did you want to say something to me?” Her voice was like the sweetest honey… though the kind that would also quickly poison you and leave you helpless to resist her wanton seductions.

“I…” Saki tried to begin again, but found herself lost in the dark pools of brown she stared into.

The girl smiled that soft, secretive, knowing smile of hers. “Suki yo, Captain,” she told her in a slow, breathy whisper. Those words, spoken with both the utmost intimacy and respect, sealed the love between them. Hearing those words, Saki knew they would be together forever.

When their lips met, her mind once more became a whirlpool.

Feeling herself tossed ‘round and round, Saki moaned as she fought against the current, the waves seeming to crash around her even though she didn’t even know whether she was going up or down.

“No…” she moaned. “She loves me, I know it…”

And the next moment, the vortex faded into a muted howling of wind and rain assaulting glass, and she lifted her head from the desk to blink groggily into the darkness. As she began reorienting herself, she realized she couldn’t even see the wash through the wall of water now pummeling the balcony outside her bedroom. She glanced quickly at her bedside clock to see it read 1:38, and groaned at the papers in front of her that she now knew were impossible to finish memorizing by the time she had to catch the train at 5:45 in the morning.

“Some example I’m being…” she mumbled. She’d barely settled into working full-time after graduating high school. Maybe she should have taken her friends’ advice and gone on to college with Momo. She had the scores for it, with even a glowing recommendation from her math teacher. It was only a thought though. She knew that what she truly wanted lay elsewhere.

Packing the papers neatly together, she quickly changed into her pajamas and wrapped herself tightly within her covers, gazing once more out into the storm though she only distantly heard the thunder now. What an ill-omened night before the day she had planned for tomorrow – the day that she knew one way or another would change her life. The neglected music now seemed unimportant as she ran plans for the coming day through her mind one more time, though the rain dampened her spirits. Eventually, with a heart that seemed to keep becoming heavier, she drifted off into a disappointingly dreamless sleep.

Miyabi pushed herself, trying to keep up with the two smaller girls she always made it her mission to compete with in learning a new dance. Singing had always been her strong point, but she was quietly proud how far she’d come with dancing recently as a result of experience like she obtained from Buono!. Especially this year, as she finished her last year of school, she’d even begun receiving compliments from the other members at how well she moved.

The compliments she took to heart the most though were from the other Buono! members, as well as their Captain, since she admired their abilities the most. Airin actually claimed recently that Miyabi had surpassed her, and for the first time Miyabi felt the girl really believed it. She of course had calmly denied the claim.

As she twisted and jumped and twirled to the end of the dance, she felt her muscles ache slightly in exertion and did her best to catch her breath. The girls she’d been scrutinizing relaxed easily and began giving their “arigato gozaimashita!”’s with barely a hint of exertion except a few beads of sweat on Saki’s brow, and Miyabi once again felt envious. However much she improved, she still did not have the endurance of their tiny bodies, even if she did notice Saki had slight shadows beneath her eyes today.

After saying something to Momoko that sent them both into soft giggling, Saki turned to Miyabi and walked over to her, dabbing at her forehead with a purple Mickey towel Miyabi felt envious of.

“Is it okay to meet up just outside the first-floor elevator when we’re ready to go?” Saki asked. Miyabi nodded as she stretched, knowing Saki would need to meet with their managers before being done for the day.

“I wish you’d tell me where we were going though,” Miyabi growled softly. “I won’t know how to dress otherwise.”

The other girl grinned. “I think you should for once not worry about what you are going to wear, Miya.” She playfully batted at Miyabi’s shoulder. Miyabi frowned at the sparkle that also lit up the others’ eyes.

“But if I don’t know where we’re going, I’ll feel like a foo—”

She couldn’t finish though as she was interrupted by Saki pressing a finger to her lips. “Hi~mi~tsu!” the girl chimed, and danced away, not losing one whit of that sparkle.

Miyabi grunted. “You’d think, after all these years, she’d know how I feel about wearing the right clothes…” she grumbled under her breath.

“What was that, Miya?” Chinami asked, coming up with her own towel to join her in the walk to the locker room.

“Nothing,” Miyabi told her in a sour voice, and Chinami shrugged as they made their way out of the studio.

Waiting patiently in front of the elevator, Miyabi tugged her dark wool cap further down toward her sunglasses and readjusted the bag on her shoulder. She knew she’d have to wait a bit for Saki, but her impatience still rose in an urge to get out of the building. Since the older girl wasn’t forthcoming with information about their outing, she decided to go the middling route of the three outfit types she always carried to work for any potential occasion – a rock-style tee with English lettering beneath her leather jacket, and a short patterned skirt from 109’s ~one spo~. If Saki wanted to take her someplace this wouldn’t work… well… the threat of the leather would give plenty of warning that she could just beat her up!

After a few minutes and seeing other staff come down the elevator to leave for the day as well, Miyabi glanced back at yet another -ding- to see Saki step out in a cute red and white striped sweater over belted denim shorts. Thankful the other girl’s style fit hers well enough, Miyabi fell into step with her as they headed to exit the building, Saki beaming back at her.

“You gonna tell me where we’re going yet?” Miyabi asked, but Saki’s smile just widened, and with a roll of her eyes in response to the smile, they walked on.

It turned out that Saki took her to a moderate-level, trendy izakaya nestled among the towers in Shinjuku. They chattered about the day’s rehearsal, and Miyabi felt only slight surprise when Saki ordered warm sake for the both of them. As usual, the server didn’t question their ages.

After a while, when they had moved on to dessert cocktails, Miyabi was definitely feeling warm, but also incredibly loose to where she quite enjoyed the dinner. She drank occasionally at izakaya or parties, but normally didn’t go out of her way for it.

Noticing Saki’s eyes focused on her face as she smiled behind the glass held at her lips, Miyabi took a sip of her own and asked, “What?”

The other girl lowered her hands slightly. “You look a little flushed, Miya. Maybe I shouldn’t have asked for that last glass?”

“I’m fine,” Miyabi replied, waving the comment away and taking another full gulp this time. She really was. She was in full control of her…

She jumped slightly in her seat, blinking down at the glass falling hard onto the table which had seemed to jump up to meet it. Was the table a few centimeters higher than just a minute ago? She slapped it, as if that’d help it return to its normal and appropriate size.

When she heard the other girl giggle, she pushed her glass away. “Yeah, I think that’s enough for me. I’m no lush like a certain Captain of mine.”

“Aww,” Saki replied, taking another sip. “Here I thought getting you drunk might make it easier to take advantage of you. Now I’ll have to do it the hard way~♪”

Miyabi blinked, not sure she heard the girl correctly. It’s just the sake talking… she told herself, and nodded firmly. Her vision swam a little at the sudden movement, though she knew from past experience the effect wouldn’t last too long.

Saki seemed incredibly amused by something though, and Miyabi thought she even caught a mischievous glimmer in her senpai’s eyes as she took another sip. Again Miyabi wondered how such a small girl like her could take so much sake. Maybe it was how fit she kept herself...

Miyabi blinked again. On second thought, how many drinks had Saki had? Obviously the sake, but after that she wasn’t completely sure the girl had received more than that one glass. That was ridiculous though; surely she had just as many as herself, and she knew she was on her third… or was it fourth?

Abruptly Saki set down her drink and picked up the check. “Well if you aren’t going to drink any more,” the girl said, “I guess it’s on to phase two, ne?”

“Phase two?” Miyabi asked. What was the girl talking about? Saki just smiled as she rose to head for the register.

“I hope you enjoyed the dinner?” Saki asked cheerfully and warmly as they walked down the busy evening street to gods knew where this time. Miyabi only had to put a bit more concentration than usual into walking, even though Saki held her arm tightly as if happy for the excuse. There was an odd tone to the girl’s voice – that warmth but an unusual softness as well – but Miyabi just attributed that to the amount of alcohol she must have had.

“Nn…” Miyabi responded affirmatively enough. “You didn’t have to pay for it, you know.”

“Well it was your birthday last week,” Saki replied.

Miyabi glanced over at her. “But you guys already threw me a party… got me plenty of gifts too. More than I needed.”

She saw the light smile touch the girl’s face again. “Yes, but I feel as Captain I should do something more special for you just by myself.” She left it uncertain whether she meant Miyabi specifically or included all the members in that duty. Without a thought, as Saki knew she would, Miyabi took it to mean everyone.

“You take everyone to such a nice place?” she mused. “The company must be paying you more than what I get.”

“Well I am Captain,” Saki responded indirectly, otherwise continuing to smile. Miyabi just nodded understandingly.

After another minute of walking she asked again, “So where are we going now?” She adjusted her arm that was in Saki’s firm grasp. Had the girl crept closer to her as they walked? It was hard to tell, even though her mind was beginning to clear.

“You’ll see,” Saki replied simply.

After rounding another corner, Saki led her to the entrance of a massage and bath house. Miyabi stared up at the sign. “You’re kidding me,” she said in disbelief. “First a full meal and now a massage? It seems I should have worked harder to become leader of Buono! and not spent so much time trying to actually improve my singing and dancing…”

Laughing, Saki pushed her toward the door and followed. “But you’ve learned to dance so well!” she heard from behind before being enveloped by the aromatic herbal scents of the parlour. “Besides, now you’re nice and relaxed after dinner it’s the best time for a massage.”

A short time later found her moaning into the towel her face was pressed tightly down onto. The massage had been going on for a good fifteen or twenty minutes, and already it felt like the best of her life. She didn’t know if it was the stress of work lately – it wasn’t school at least since she wasn’t really worried about entrance exams – or the skills of the masseuse who somehow seemed to put extra care into every little movement unlike any she’d ever had before, as if giving Miyabi Natsuyaki the most pleasurable experience ever was all that mattered.

She certainly didn’t mind. As her consciousness swam in the midst of the pleasing relaxation as well as the warmth of the drink from earlier, her narcissism bloomed up as if in a dream. Of course… Why shouldn’t I have the best of everything?

She hardly noticed when it was over, as it seemed to have gone on forever, but when she turned her head she saw Saki pulling on her yukata beside the other table while quietly observing her. She had to open her mouth a few times before her muscles could focus themselves enough again to produce sound, but she finally managed a raspy, “Are we done?”

Saki smiled and nodded. Despite her state, Miyabi was certain she saw the mischief dancing like twin flames in the girl’s eyes this time.

“Do you need help up?” Saki offered, and she went to take Miyabi’s arm, pulling her up to sit on the edge of the table as she tugged the towel around her. “The baths are this way when you’re ready.”

When Miyabi finally managed to make the trip to the baths, she paused at the edge of the steaming tank to inhale the various herbal aromas hanging in the air around them before slipping off her yukata and into the water after her companion.

Immediately her muscles relaxed once more, and she wasn’t sure if she’d ever be able to use them to make herself walk again. She felt a stir in the water beside her, but didn’t realize until she slitted her eyes and rolled her head that Saki had sidled up to her as she sat soaking on the ledge. Almost as if in a dream she felt the girl cuddle up to her side and an arm snake around her, moistened tender skin against moistened tender skin, hardly registering what was happening.

When Saki laid her head against her shoulder she heard her murmur softly, “Did you enjoy the massage?”

“It was wonderful…” Miyabi said, letting her eyes close again slowly in submission to the comfort surrounding her. “I’ll definitely have to try this place out again.”

She heard a soft giggle beside her ear. “I’m glad,” Saki responded. “I was worried since I’d never done it like that before, and so nervous, but I really tried hard to practice.”

“Mmm…?” Miyabi murmured, before the girl’s words sank in. Then she also suddenly realized consciously that they were in a bath, all their clothes back in the dressing room, with her Captain cuddled up to and basically now wrapped around her.

She felt herself flush so hard the water seemed to actually turn cold for a moment.

“Aaa…..” she began, but realized that despite her apprehension, her muscles couldn’t tense to match it at the moment to save her life. She halfway wondered if her life wasn’t really at stake.

Saki seemed to read her hesitation though, and to Miyabi’s increasing horror, the girl slid velvet-like around her body to straddle her as she sat, her arms hanging loosely around Miyabi’s shoulders and their bodies pressed very closely together.

“Did you…” Miyabi finally managed to get out, “Did you intend it to happen this way the whole time?” Her muscles still couldn’t tense, helpless to her senpai’s molding. However, she knew she could pull herself out of the situation if she really wanted to…

Suddenly her eyes widened as the other scandalizing realization fully hit her. “You…” She swallowed. “You were the one who gave me the massage, weren’t you?”

Saki’s smile bloomed across her face, only centimeters in front of Miyabi’s own, perhaps the only part of their bodies that wasn’t already touching. This, too, seemed calculated. Miyabi felt a voice within her mind laugh hysterically. What else to expect from someone so skilled at logic and arithmetic?

“I’ve wanted to do something like this for you for the longest time… but I was young, you were young… and I was so shy too.” She nodded almost imperceptibly at the question she saw in Miyabi’s eyes. “Yes,” she replied to it as if spoken. “I was shy. Plus, even though I felt we were close friends, you’re so popular with everyone. I was so scared of how you’d feel; if you even really noticed me.”

“Of course I noticed you, Captain,” Miyabi said gently, in disbelief, though not sure of what at this point. She felt like she was just drifting along for the ride wherever this shocking yet so far idyllic encounter led her.

Saki shook her head, almost imperceptibly as well. “I was young. I’m more confident now. I hope I’m more confident. I wanted to make this so wonderful, so perfect, that you couldn’t… you couldn’t…"

The two stared hard into each other’s eyes for a moment, and during that time Miyabi almost forgot about the small, warm body wrapped around her within the bubbling faux hot spring.

“Miya…” Saki said, so softly she could hardly be heard. Then, a bit stronger, “I love you…”

Thinking now that she’d already taken it this far, before Miyabi could respond she closed the last distance separating them and pressed their lips together.

Her eyes closed within the kiss as she enjoyed what she knew might be the only time she felt this since she was still uncertain of how the girl would respond, after a moment Saki pulled back. Almost not wanting to end the dream, she opened her lids to peer through long lashes into dark eyes that stared intensely back into her own. Her breath, still held from the kiss, still didn’t come. The intensity of that gaze was one of the reasons she had fallen in love with this girl, her kouhai and group mate for well over six years now.

She left her questions unspoken – Was this all right? Did I make things impossibly awkward? Do you hate me now? – and just stared back, trying to glean answers from those inscrutable features. As seconds dragged on, Miyabi didn’t respond.

When Saki was just about to push away and run and hide and cry in some corner, not caring if she found her clothes along the way or not, she felt a brush against her hips and realized for the first time Miyabi had begun to move… and was wrapping strong arms around her.

She felt a rush of air into her lungs before the girl pulled her back tightly against her, their lips crushing together and this time with hunger. This kiss lasted much longer, but before it could go too far she withdrew from it and grasped lightly the wrist of the other girl’s offending limb to pull it just away from touching her.

Miyabi now looked questioningly into her eyes, suddenly scared and worried herself, but Saki just smiled, her dream come true. “Not here,” she said, and leaned in to press another light, quick kiss onto the other’s lips.

Untwining her legs and sliding off of the other girl’s lap beneath the water, she crawled dripping over the edge and gave Miyabi a hand to help her up. Finally she let herself freely admire the other’s body, water cascading down it in rivulets and the bottom half of her extensions sticking to her back and arms. Miyabi didn’t even seem to notice she was naked.

A few minutes later they fidgeted in their yukata while waiting for the elevator, Miyabi having just learned that this bathhouse had hotel rooms as well… and that this elevator led to them. Saki had already reserved one.

“You know, it’s not right to have just expected to seduce me and get into my pants tonight,” Miyabi growled down to her, looking around nervously and lowering her head more, afraid that someone would notice what they were doing. Nobody was near at the moment though, and the few who did pass by seemed quite… engrossed in their own affairs. She’d never think of bathhouses the same way again. “I should just stamp my foot and storm out the door right now.”

“You’d have to find your clothes first,” Saki responded, amused. Miyabi had also learned just after the bath that Saki had apparently hidden them somewhere while preparing for the massage. “Unless you want to make that yukata into a new late-night street fashion statement. Besides, I felt pretty confident if I could just get you naked.”

Miyabi flushed deeply as the elevator dinged, though Saki tightened her hold on her hand. “You’re evil.”

A good while and much mutual enjoyment later, even though the two girls knew they had to return the room soon, they snuggled comfortably in each other’s arms beneath the sheets. 

“I hope you had a nice birthday,” Saki commented tenderly, though a little nervously, adjusting to hug the girl tighter to herself. Her reasons for today were more than just a birthday gift.

Miyabi smiled, hugging Saki tighter as well. “I’d call it ‘nice’… among other things,” she responded, giggling lightly. “I had… a very wonderful night, actually.”

“That’s good,” Saki replied happily. “…I couldn’t ask for more.”

“I can think of one more thing,” Miyabi replied, twisting around to look into the other’s worn out features. After giving her a soft kiss, making sure she held her newly accepted lover’s eyes fixated on her own, she whispered delicately, “Suki yo, Captain.”

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Re: Embers from the Campfire [Suki yo Captain: Alternate version]
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MiyaSaki :heart:  :D This just cheered me up. I think my face is going to remain like this  :inlove: for a while. I'm kinda afraid that it would become permanent if I ever read the full version.

Captain is so pro at seducing Miya that it kind of scares a good way  :twothumbs.

Hmmm....It's going to be a long while before I get even close to your level of writing.  :yep:
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Re: Embers from the Campfire [Suki yo Captain: Alternate version]
« Reply #26 on: August 25, 2010, 11:02:19 AM »
I hope you guys enjoy all of it as much as I hope you do. :)

this is a great story...... :twothumbs

i really enjoy this story.... XD

every part of it.......  :D

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Re: Embers from the Campfire [Yakimochi wo Kudasai]
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Third Ember

Yakimochi wo Kudasai

“Nattchan…” Saki said tentatively as the two girls sat at Starbucks early on a Friday morning before work.

Her companion sat in the chair across from her, her bag set on the table just beside her latte, her keen eyes fixed on the iPhone she tapped furiously away at. “Nnn?” the girl replied absent-mindedly.

“I read your blog yesterday…” Saki replied, trying to suppress the pricking thorn of the girl’s attitude.

“Yeah?” she replied in the same manner. “Don’t you always?”

Silence followed a moment after that while Saki tried to deal with the combination of her words and tone. Eventually she replied chidingly, and only a bit spastically, “What? Do you think I spend all my time just reading your blog?”

“Yes,” she replied shortly, and Saki wondered if there was a bit of amusement in her voice now too.

“My time is precious you know…” Saki mumbled. “It’s not always about Miss Natsuyaki Miyabi-chan…”

“Uh huh.”

“Saiaku…” Saki hissed softly, before continuing normally and deciding to take the high road like this conversation wasn’t happening. “You talked a lot about Chissa.”

“Mhm,” she replied. Tap tap… “I just love her. She’s so awesome ♪”

“I see…” Saki replied, the flame inside her flaring higher for a split second. “Did you have fun with her?”

“Maimi and Nacky were there too. Well, most of the time. Still, it was fun hanging out with Chissa. It’s great being around someone who idolizes you, y’know?”

“Mmm…” Saki replied noncommittally herself.

Suddenly the tapping stopped and Saki glanced up to see Miya mechanically stowing the phone in her bag before taking a sip of her latte, her eyes hovering above it and gazing into Saki’s face.

“You’re jealous,” she said after swallowing.

Saki’s eyes widened slightly. “Am not!!” she protested.

“Yes you are,” Miya said, grinning now. “You so are. You forget I know you too well.”

“Maybe you think you do,” Saki shot back. “You don’t know everything about me, after all…” She hoped the lie sounded somewhat convincing; it was something she just wasn’t very good at.

“Oh?” the girl replied, sitting back in her chair while stirring her drink idly. She adopted a faraway look as if remembering something. “You know, Chissa and I did hang out quite a bit yesterday.”

Without thinking, Saki let her eyes fall. Then she stopped her fingers which had been fidgeting in her lap for some reason.

“We went to a park… went shopping… ate yakiniku.”
“Yakiniku?” Saki asked innocently.

“Yeah, it was quite a date,” Miya continued, nodding seriously. “The dessert was to die for…”

Suddenly they heard a crunch, and Saki glanced down to see frozen mocha dribbling all over her small hand from the flimsy plastic cup crushed within it. When the icy cold hitting her nerves finally connected to her brain, the rest of her body froze as well.

“You spilled your drink,” Miya commented, and Saki could definitely hear the amusement in her voice now.

“That’s what you get!!” Saki cried triumphantly as the rest of the frozen delight streaked across Miya’s face after she threw it at the distressingly exasperating girl. Her face lit up in almost maniacal delight as the other’s became contorted in horror at the mess that was now her precious face and hair, just before she sprang up to almost fly to the washroom.

…Or rather, that’s what she felt like she wanted to do as she continued staring at the rivulets of now-wasted frozen goodness running slowly down her hand.

“I hate you…” she said instead, words she’d uttered ten thousand times before and yet not by far often enough.

“Yeah, yeah…” Miya said, and she noticed the girl get up and kneel next to her, napkins in her hand that she used to wipe at Saki’s with great care. Saki just watched the girl clean her as if she were a dutiful maid, from time to time glancing at eyes always focused only on her hands.

When she was done, Miya set the soiled napkins aside, though her hands still engulfed Saki’s own. “What… what are you doing?” Saki asked the girl in a tentative voice.

“I bet that made your hands cold, ne?” she replied cutely, glancing up to Saki’s eyes again as her fingers softly yet firmly stroked along her still-moist skin. “I’m trying to help warm them up.” Eventually she stopped her caresses, but kept her hands lightly atop Saki’s. “Do you want another drink?”

“Um…” Saki replied, trying to make herself think again after recent repetitive shocks to her system. “I should probably get to work now,” she finally managed, glancing up to the line at the counter. “I’ll just pick something up from a vending machine on the way.”

“Okay,” Miya replied, and to her regret Saki felt her pull away to stand up and brush at her skirt. As she leaned over the table to pick up her drink, Saki hastily jumped out of the chair herself before realizing the soiled napkins and cup were still on the table. Before she could get to them though, Miya whisked them away for the trash. “’Always clean up after yourself’, right?” she quoted, then smiled. “Sometimes, you’re just Captain, you know.”

“But that was my—”

“Perhaps the cup is, but the napkins are mine,” Miya responded, brooking no nonsense as she sorted the items into the trash. “And I also just decided to be nice.”

Saki almost snorted at that, and Miya glanced back at her with a raised eyebrow as if reading her mind. In actuality, she most likely was. “Well… thank you for breakfast,” Saki said as always, bowing slightly.

“Just like every morning,” Miya replied as always.

The two left the store, and when they got to the corner turned toward their separate directions to where they were needed for work today. “You’ve got solo events these days, right?” Miya asked casually.

“Yep,” Saki replied, her eyes lingering on the other’s.

“Now you see what I mean about photobooks being hard work,” Miya chided her, smirking slightly.

“Hey, and you didn’t even do a DVD!” Saki shot back. “I wonder why…”

Surprisingly this time, Miya’s smirk widened. “Yeah,” she replied bemusedly. “I can’t wait to watch yours.”

Any sharp retort was abruptly and completely silenced, and vexingly, Saki felt a blush creep up her face. Miya didn’t even give her a chance to recover, as she started skipping off in her direction. “See you tonight!!” she called back.

Saki blinked, but a moment later managed to call back, “Eh? Tonight?”

“D – A – T – E!” Miya called back. “Gotta make it up to you for yesterday, ne?” Then she turned away and disappeared around the next corner.

Stifling the incessant blush, Saki pulled her collar tighter and began walking stiffly in her own direction. About halfway down the block though, a small smile began to creep slowly across her face.

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Re: Embers from the Campfire [Yakimochi wo Kudasai]
« Reply #28 on: December 04, 2010, 07:38:57 AM »
You must have seen where Saki said she was lonesome(Or did I dream that part?), huh? I wondered if anyone would do something about that and here it is. I love the little part where Saki fantasizes throwing the drink at Miya. I guess if I had to put up with that every morning, I'd be a little peeved, too? XD But Miyabi knew just how to tease Captain and then make it up to her. You know, for some reason these two reminded me of another certain couple I know you like. Can you guess which I'm thinking of?

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Re: Embers from the Campfire [Yakimochi wo Kudasai]
« Reply #29 on: December 04, 2010, 12:06:38 PM »
Miya knows how to get on Saki's nerves although I guess she understood the reasoning XD
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Re: Embers from the Campfire [Yakimochi wo Kudasai]
« Reply #30 on: December 06, 2010, 07:14:22 PM »
Aww, it looks like no one's reading it *looks at lurkers*, but I have a little more of the story to share. ^^ Well... not really a little I suppose lol. This part is about twice as long. XD

kuro: Miya and Saki have an understanding with each other. :lol:

rndm: Well, I saw where Saki said she was jealous. :lol: I think I remember her being lonely once too... And I know what other certain couple you're thinking of. :P There are some similarities in the dynamics, but there are definitely some differences too. 8) This relationship is definitely a work-in-progress for me!

Yakimochi wo Kudasai
Part 2

“You’re late,” Saki said from within the muffler wrapped just below her nose. Her glasses and stocking hat with puffy purple ball on top completed the winter look.

“I have no idea what you said,” Miyabi teased, walking up to take her arm, “But you look cute.”

“Haha,” the girl replied, tugging down the muffler, as they walked fully into the karaoke parlor. “You think you’re funny.”

“I know I am,” she confirmed, and attempted to poke her Captain in the side but was foiled by layers of fabric. Next thing she knew, they were at the reception desk.

“Room for two,” pink-cheeked Saki told the receptionist, and pulled out her loyalty card.

“For how long do you need the room?” the girl behind the counter asked, and Saki glanced up at Miyabi, who shared her look a moment before nodding.

“Overnight. We’ll also take the nomihoudai option.”

The girl glanced up at them skeptically, but a manager strode up and whispered quick instructions into her ear. Her eyes widened slightly, but she nodded with a quick “Hai.” As the manager stood straight again and bowed to them, Miyabi gave him a familiar smile.

“We are honoured to be able to serve you ladies again. Please, enjoy your stay.” Then he bowed again and glided away. Miyabi’s eyes followed him as he left. He was almost as cute as a Johnny’s boy. But then, considering the clientele here, she supposed it should be expected.

“Ita-!” she cried as Saki slapped her on the tiny bit of exposed skin she somehow found, and she rubbed at her hand. “I was only looking at him,” she protested. Saki rolled her eyes and turned back to complete the transaction, which the receptionist was now very willing to close however the two idols wished.

“What drinks would you like to begin with?” she asked after giving them their room assignment.

“Cassis orange cocktail, please,” Miyabi said as usual.

“Draught beer for me,” Saki followed, and Miyabi raised an eyebrow. The other girl only smiled.

“Thank you,” the receptionist greeted, bowing. “They will be dropped off shortly. Have an enjoyable stay.”

Soon after getting settled on the plush booth in their small but elegant room, the eighth-floor view flaunting the Tokyo skyline and the music from the commercials already blaring strong toward them, their drinks arrived. Miyabi took a sip from her tall glass full of the orange juice laced liqueur, while Saki poured the bottle she received into her smaller one.

“So beer tonight, huh?” Miyabi inquired, sipping again.

“By how you were looking at the manager,” Saki replied calmly, “I thought I should order something manly.” As she raised the glass to her lips, their eyes connected and both girls fell into giggling.

“Well if that’s the case,” Miyabi said, setting her drink down after another sip and reaching for the remote for song entry, “I think I’ll have to start with something like Arashi.”

“That’s my Nattchan,” Saki murmured, burying her nose in her beer as the first notes for Hatenai Sora became audible in the room.

She watched Miya with a smile hidden by the glass as she began singing along with the music, but before long was swaying her head to the melody as well. Especially being the first song, as usual Miya was focused on the music while she still learned all its peaks and valleys. Just past halfway though she glanced over at Saki and began to sing as if to her, and with even stronger emotion.

“Namida no ato ga kawaitara
Mata yobikakeru kara
Kotaete yo, mata minu asu e
Hitori janai to kizuitan da
Kagayaku ano tobira tomo ni mezaso~u!”

From that verse on Miya held her gaze, and once the lyrics stopped wrapped an arm around her as they swayed through the final instrumental.

“You may be mean,” Saki stated, laying her head on the other’s shoulder, “But you can also be quite charming.”

Miya glanced down to her, and Saki caught the eyebrows she raised. “But my dear Captain, the night has only just begun.”

Some time later, as the chill night deepened, their ears became full of music, and glass after glass became empty, Miyabi sat with her legs folded beneath her gazing out the window. The fluorescent lights of the city pulsed through her slightly gazed vision as she held her smaller companion who was curled up beside her yet cuddled into her chest as she ran a finger up and down Miyabi’s sleeve.

“Ne~e, Miya,” she cooed as Miyabi stroked her raven tresses.

“Nnn?” Miyabi replied comfortably.

“What kind of dessert did you, um, actually have with Chissa?” When Miyabi became silent and stopped stroking her hair, she adjusted to look querulously up at her, moving back as she did so to sit up against her leg, or basically in her lap.

“You really are suspicious,” Miyabi replied lightly. “Can’t two friends just hang out for a while together?”

Saki smiled faintly, but seeming content after her fill of beer. “No,” she replied plainly. “Not when one of them is her. And when the other is you.” She reached up to play with Miyabi’s collar, watching her fingers lazily. “Besides, I know you too well. You wouldn’t tell me anything at first, and although it seemed you were just teasing later, I had a feeling you weren’t. At least completely.”

“Is this bothering you?” Miyabi asked, looking down seriously into the other’s still-downcast eyes.

“No,” she replied. “Not really. It’s not like I have a claim on you.

“Actually…” she continued after a moment, and Miyabi thought the girl was now focusing very intently indeed on what she was doing at her collar. “Actually…” she said in a half-whisper. Miyabi thought she felt the girl’s heartbeat accelerate through their close contact. “I’m probably just a bit naughty…” she breathed, “But the thought of it gets me... excited.”

Miyabi felt her eyes widen slightly at the surprising admission from her long-time close friend. When she didn’t say anything right away again, Saki finally dared to look up into her eyes with that precious doe expression. “…Well?” she asked again timidly.

Looking into her eyes, Miyabi breathed and felt herself begin to speak. “Like I said, we had dinner. We took our time, so it was late before we were out. We’d generally been walking arm-in-arm, but as we walked through a quiet neighborhood park, I could feel her trying to walk closer to me. Neither of us mentioned it, but by the time we hit the station she had her arm around my waist and her head basically lying on my shoulder.”

She noticed a bit more color flood slowly into Saki’s face, and her fingers picked up from their slow caresses at her neckline in her apparent jealousy, but she went on.

“When we got down to the platform no one else was there yet as this was a rather out-of-the-way neighborhood since we went to a restaurant she recommended, and we sat on one of the benches. I felt a little awkward since she still cuddled into my side as we sat, but she seemed happy so I didn’t say anything. I was happy to give her an enjoyable day, after all. She’s so fun, and she thinks I’m just the greatest…”

She trailed off as Saki’s eyes fell again to focus on what her fingers were doing before sighing wistfully and laying her head against her chest. Miyabi felt like she was trapped somehow, but swallowed and continued her description.

“Anyway, so she was leaning against me on the bench there, head on my shoulder and such, but then I felt her hand slide up to hold my shoulder as if testing to see how I’d react.” She heard Saki giggle softly at that. “I held still as she shifted herself more to face me, and felt her gently hook her leg over my own.

“By this time her face was almost in the crook of my neck, and I didn’t know what to do except hold my arm around her back to make sure she didn’t fall. Feeling her breath on my neck made me feel like I wasn’t really in my own body, but just watching it happen to someone else. I’d never thought of her that way before, so I guess I just didn’t know what to do when she started acting toward me like…” Her arms tightened slightly around Saki’s slim frame. “Like a lover…”

She felt the girl in her lap begin moving again, and after catching an amused gaze momentarily, slowed her breathing when Saki moved in closer to her neck. “How cute,” Saki murmured against her skin. Once again Miyabi felt intimate hot breath, all the hotter due to the alcohol she’d consumed, though now it was something she was more accustomed to. “She got to spend rare time alone with her idol, and decided to take advantage of it. Bold girl. And cutely naïve.”

She paused for a moment, and Miyabi could feel the measured breaths against her neck. “So she was close to you now… like this?”

“Mmm…” Miyabi confirmed, in what came out almost as a moan. Now suddenly a bit more interested in continuing the story, she managed her full voice again. “She started moving gently against me, as if she could sense my tension and was trying to soothe me, her hand on my shoulder and her leg over my own, and the next thing I knew I felt her lips press against my throat.”

Saki made what sounded almost like a purring sound in her own throat at that, and sure enough Miyabi felt soft lips make contact with her tender skin. She closed her eyes, story forgotten for the moment, as the girl traced her way slowly along her collarbone. When a wet tongue touched lightly against her as well, and she felt her skin being gently sucked at, she let out a low, pleased moan and tried to pull her partner tighter against her.

“Is this like what she was doing to you?” Saki managed to ask between the lightly sucking kisses.

“Mmm…” Miyabi replied, willing now to agree to anything if it would make the girl continue what she was doing, but once she reached the nape of her neck, Saki stopped with a last gentle kiss at it.

“And then?” she asked in a more normal voice, if no less sultry.

“Hmm…?” Miyabi asked, still entranced.

She heard Saki giggle lightly. “Then what did Chissa do to you?”

Miyabi blinked. Chissa? That’s right. The story…

“Umm…” she said, too completely distracted now to think more about her next words. “Nothing really... Some other people came, so she stopped being so forward. We stayed hand-in-hand until the train came, and then also as we rode it, but she left when it reached her stop.”

“Well that’s not very interesting,” Saki commented wryly, and Miyabi’s spirits dropped into her stomach. “Although…” and she adopted a more serious look as she rose up to look Miyabi straight in the eyes, their faces held close.

“I know you’re popular…” she said gently. “And I know there’ll be times when you find yourself with other girls. But…

“Miya…” she said, the girl’s eyes seeming to stare deep into her own.

“You’ll always be my Nattchan…


Looking back into that angelic face in front of her, Miyabi couldn’t help but curl her lips into a small smile. “Of course…” she responded tenderly. Again, at the moment, was there anything she could refuse this girl?

Then the distance between them seemed to vanish, and their mouths pressed together as if it had been destined from the very beginning of the evening.

Saki gave her all into the kiss she shared with the girl she loved above all others. She gave her body as she pressed it desperately against Miya’s own. The kiss deepened in their lust, and her tongue infiltrated past pearly sentries. Her hunger for the younger girl was unmatched, as the embrace felt so natural, so right, as if the person she was with right now could be none other than her truly beloved… her soul mate.

Even if she couldn’t have her all to herself, even if she had to share her with someone like the audacious girl she was with yesterday, even if the jealousy became like a mosquito that never died and never flew away, perhaps allowing Miyabi to be the only one for her could eventually be enough.

Then again, tonight, perhaps it was just all the beer talking.

She really did like beer.

Ring Ring…

Ring Ring…

Grumbling to herself, Saki broke out of her sleep to find herself curled up on a booth entwined in someone’s arms. She freed a hand to grope for the phone on the wall, and answered hazily, “Hai.”

“Please excuse me,” the voice on the other end said briskly. “But this is to remind you that you have ten minutes left on your 6AM reservation.”

“All right, thanks,” Saki managed, and hung up the phone.

“Morning already?” Miya asked, stirring beneath her and squinting out the window into the still-black December sky spotted with the always-flashing lights of the city.

“Yeah,” Saki replied, but when the other girl made to sit up Saki pulled her back down and held her close, pressing her head up into her chest again.

“Ahh more sleep. That’s a good idea…” Miya murmured in relief.

Saki sighed. “No… We need to get ready to go.” And regretfully, she broke out of Miya’s arms to start arranging her personal items. The other girl followed grudgingly, and within the ten minutes they headed toward the door. Before she opened it though, Saki turned to the other and looked into bleary eyes before rising up and giving her a soft kiss. “Thank you for tonight.”

The girl smiled sleepily. “I hope you feel a little better now.” Saki giggled in response, and just nodded.

Once they’d checked out and left the building to return once again to the chill air, Saki pulled her coat and muffler tighter around her. “Do you want to come to my place until the autograph session?” she asked tentatively.

Miya shook her head. “I have a later one, remember? Chii and I are hanging out today, so I’m just gonna head home before meeting up with her. Hey, you have some rice cakes still, don’t you?” she asked, and reached her hand into Saki’s bag. “Yakimochi wo kudasai ♪” she requested, smiling, and after pulling a wrapped cake out waved and turned toward her station. “Mata ne~”

Saki took a long, deep breath before putting up a soft smile to dull any unreasonable emotion and pulling out a rice cake of her own to munch on and warm her as she walked along her way home.

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Re: Embers from the Campfire [Yakimochi Pt. 2 - 12/6]
« Reply #31 on: December 06, 2010, 08:08:18 PM »
Despite the drinking part :lol: j/k Saki is very keen to Miya's wandering eyes, although a karaoke session that was quite short with singing :lol: again j/k  well another good one from you :thumbsup
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Re: Embers from the Campfire [Yakimochi Pt. 2 - 12/6]
« Reply #32 on: December 06, 2010, 08:33:33 PM »
Oh they sang plenty. They sang for several hours. :lol: They got there late in the evening and reserved it overnight, after all. Just eventually they moved on to... other things. ;)

And as for the drinking, well, it's really not that big a deal if you're Japanese :lol: (or even... not American, lol). That's not really a "taboo" I try to stay away from in fics. Then again, there aren't really any I do. XD

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Re: Embers from the Campfire [Yakimochi Pt. 2 - 12/6]
« Reply #33 on: December 06, 2010, 08:35:19 PM »
^ I understood everything within the fic, it doesn't bother me too much it was just something to lighten up the comment a bit :lol:
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Re: Embers from the Campfire [Yakimochi Pt. 2 - 12/6]
« Reply #34 on: December 06, 2010, 09:19:48 PM »
Miya's always a player in your fics, isn't she, rokun? XD  Conflicting emotions for Risako and Captain in Berry Beautiful, and ... well, while she was pretty set on Airi when they were together, it definitely didn't stop her from keeping notice of Risako in The Circle of Three and The Sword and the Dove. Haven't seen enough of Miya in your newer Fukuoka Yankii fic to comment on her there. XD

And the real reason I'm commenting here is because I'm waiting on a new chapter for The Sword and the Dove. I got the sudden urge to start re-reading The Circle of Three last week, and thus I also browsed a bit through The Sword and the Dove and was amazed to see it hasn't been updated since March! I'm hoping we'll be seeing an update for that eventually (soon, hopefully XD ... pllleeaasssee).

Also, because of you, I went and found Chisa's ustream thing with Buono! and it was hilarious watching her totally love Airi and Miya, but ignoring Momoko. I must thank you for bringing that to my attention :D

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Re: Embers from the Campfire [Yakimochi Pt. 2 - 12/6]
« Reply #35 on: December 06, 2010, 09:30:37 PM »

Ring Ring…

Ring Ring…

Grumbling to herself, Saki broke out of her sleep
I almost thought this was all dream of Saki's after this part. I was like "Nooooo."
Something about the Captain/Miyabi pairing just gets me all warm and giddy. :wub:
I hope there's a part 3.
"Under the beautiful blue sky"

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Re: Embers from the Campfire [Yakimochi Pt. 2 - 12/6]
« Reply #36 on: December 06, 2010, 09:58:04 PM »
Btw, the main inspiration for this Yakimochi wo Kudasai "two-shot" (everyone better get the reference XD or at least... the basic part of it if not the pun. If you have questions on that feel free to ask and I'll explain later :lol:) was events on recent Berryz blogs (specifically, from last Thursday and Friday which is also the setting for the fic). Reading blogs this year has given me a different perspective on most things, but I really shouldn't expect everyone else to have done the same or browse randomly around the rest of jphip. :lol: I know we have our own little fanfic community here, and well, I didn't generally venture out for a long time either lol. Still don't that much. :P

Anyway, for those who don't know the background, I basically summarized it in these two subsequent posts:

I just couldn't help but do something off that second one. The Berryz Serend blogs are actually quite entertaining in that they exchange with each other quite often... Miya and Saki plenty. :lol:

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Re: Embers from the Campfire [Yakimochi Pt. 2 - 12/6]
« Reply #37 on: December 07, 2010, 12:01:51 AM »
I'm sad to say, I don't real;y get the reference, though I'm not sure if it's my lack of Japanese understanding or my lack of Berryz understanding. :sweatdrop: Either way, this is an interesting take on these two, with Saki jealous, but putting up with Miya's "popularity" and Miya not exactly refusing any "favors" from her fans. Though, I guess, she always comes back to Saki, eh?

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Re: Embers from the Campfire [Yakimochi Pt. 2 - 12/6]
« Reply #38 on: December 07, 2010, 01:29:39 AM »
Ah, i'm just being an idiot. :P I've been away from the forum for too long. >.>

"Yakimochi wo Kudasai" is a song from Berryz' newest album that was sung by Captain and a couple others. :) Also, yakimochi can mean either "jealousy"... or cooked rice cakes. :lol: Hence the pun!

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Re: Embers from the Campfire [Yakimochi Pt. 2 - 12/6]
« Reply #39 on: December 07, 2010, 06:26:01 AM »
Been... away? Know how to fix that problem? Come~ Back~! :nervous XD Sure it's been kind of dead recently...

Oh, uh, so it was both my lack of blahblahblah, lol. The end makes more sense now. :lol:

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