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Author Topic: Curse of the Dragons (Drama on Sexy Island?) [Reposted to jphip!]  (Read 6715 times)

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Re: Curse of the Dragons (Drama on Sexy Island?) [Reposted to jphip!]
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Chapter 21 – The Yin

Ai smiled as she rose up from a ballet squat, taking her hand from the bar to focus her attention on the girl approaching her. Her smile was nervous, since that’s the way she felt around everyone in this new environment she was a part of. She had to admit, the girl approaching her was braver than she was. Ai hadn’t quite yet worked up the courage to approach anyone in a more social sense.

“Hello!” The young girl beamed at her.

“Hello,” Ai responded, wishing she could work a bit more strength into her voice. It wasn’t the strongest speaking voice to begin with, though, and compounded by situations like this which made her nervous…

“I feel kinda silly,” the other girl continued, “I mean, I know who you are and all, but we’ve never really ‘met’ met yet… as if that makes any sense!” she blushed and lowered her eyes, seeming to finally become uncomfortable.

Ai was flattered by being approached at all, though. She bowed warmly. “I’m Takahashi Ai. Yoroshiku ne~!” she now said, smiling at the girl who seemed grateful for the gesture.

“I’m Niigaki Risa. Yoroshiku, Takahashi-san!” She bowed back, just as warmly.

Ai waved her hand in front of her face. “Ne~e, Niigaki-san, I dislike being so formal around people I’d like to be friends with. Please, just call me Ai.”

Risa blushed, obviously a little uncomfortable at such a familiar name for someone a couple years her senior, as well as at the friendly gesture. The difference really was marked at this time, too, with Risa just nearing thirteen and Ai nearly fifteen.

“So… are you a ballerina?” Risa continued after gathering herself, nodding to the bar and Ai’s sweats.

Ai nodded. “I’ve taken some. I’m glad that hopefully I’ll be able to put all my skills to good use as part of Morning Musume, though!”

“Waa~ sugoi, Takahashi-san.” Ai smiled slightly at the younger girl’s continued formality. “I wish I had some kind of special skill. I’m really not even sure why Tsunku-san picked me to go along with everyone else here who’s so talented!”

Ai widened her eyes in surprise. “You mean you haven’t noticed, yet? Being a member of Morning Musume isn’t all about talent, you know. In fact, if anything, I feel kind of out of place! Everyone else is either so energetic… or beautiful… or both! I’m just too shy.” She cast her eyes to the side at that last, and returned her hand to the bar, stroking along it slowly. Surprisingly, a moment later a hand fell to rest softly atop hers, and she looked back into the face of its owner.

“I don’t think you’re that shy. It’s cute!” Risa said, eyes glittering with a near childlike spark. “Hey… do you like onsen tamago?” Ai nodded, a smile coming to her face, as well as feelings of warmth and appreciation at Risa’s friendly gestures. “I was just about to head out for a meal, would you like to come?”

“I’d love to,” Ai said with the happiest smile she’d had in a long while, and the two youngsters began walking off hand-in-hand.

Before they’d gone far, Ai felt their steps slow and looked sideways to see why Risa was stalling. She froze. The girl holding her hand next to her was obviously not Risa.

She had long black hair deep as night that matched with eyes nearly as dark. Matched with a fully black top and skirt, it all made her seem to radiate darkness. Ai felt the hand that held hers tighten, and she screamed, trying unsuccessfully to let go. What was going on? This most definitely wasn’t in her memory…

As she kept trying to pull away, taking steps back as much as she could, the girl started to laugh. She finally released Ai’s hand, only to push her back into what seemed like a pit of darkness. “Nii-chan...!” Ai screamed as she fell deeper and deeper, though Reina’s laughing face above her never lost its clarity. “Nooooooo!” she wailed, into darkness that never seemed to end.


Ai woke suddenly with the scream in her dreams only a feeble moan from her mouth to find her head, and really the rest of her body as well, aching with dull but somewhat intense pain. After lifting her head slightly upon waking, she quickly laid it back down and stared into the leaves above her. They were damp with the morning’s rains, but it seemed the rain itself had lightened a little. At least, enough so that very little reached her lying beneath the umbrella.

She lay there motionless and undisturbed for a moment as she tried to remember where she was. As it came back to her – the forest hunt with Risa, Konkon and Aya, and the confrontation with Miki – she realized it was odd that nobody seemed to be around her, and she attempted to raise her head once more.

As she regained more and more consciousness, the ache seemed to subside, so she managed to successfully sit halfway up and look around. Indeed, the rain was still falling. Apparently harder than she thought, even, since it still seemed quite a downpour. The tree must be quite thick to give such good protection. Since it was hard to see through the rain around her with her vision still blurry, she looked up once more to the canopy above. There were noticeable gaps in the branches, so she puzzled at why rain was not falling on her, until she remembered…

She looked around eagerly again, squinting in hopes to improve her vision, though it seemed to be getting better every second anyway. She was near the severed tree in the center of the clearing in which she fought Miki, and she saw two pairs of girls in her field of vision.

Miki and Aya were sitting very close together not far from her, under the dying tree as well, and Ai nearly jumped up before she realized that they were sitting and chatting very quietly and peacefully. She held her stomach at the pain the sudden stimulation caused, and looked around some more. On the edge of the clearing another figure was bent low over a still form which seemed to be lying on the ground. She couldn’t tell who they were at this distance through the rain, though.

“You’re finally awake.” It was Aya’s voice from beside her, and she turned back around to see her and Miki sauntering up slowly. Her eyes narrowed reflexively at Miki, and the girl cast her eyes down in what seemed like intense shame.

Aya noticed her gaze, and she glanced sideways at Miki before sitting down next to Ai. “I know what you’re thinking, but it’s okay. She’s better now. Right, Mikitty?”

Miki knelt down next to Aya and bowed low to Ai. “Yes… I know I don’t deserve an apology Takahashi-san, but I…” She looked over at Aya, a strange look in her eyes. “I was lost. I think I have been for a long time. When Tanaka gave me… gave me…” She visibly choked up, and Ai wondered if she could go on. Darkness crossed Aya’s features for a moment, but it was quickly replaced by loving sympathy.

Suddenly, Miki bowed further until she was nearly prostrate between the two girls. “The temptation was too much for me. I almost… almost felt as if I wasn’t myself. Maybe I wasn’t to some extent, but in the back of my mind, I knew what I was doing. Please…” Aya wrapped her arms around Miki’s stomach and pulled her up, hugging her tightly.

Ai looked intently at the embracing pair, deeply sympathetic understanding on her face. She’d seen what the temptation Miki spoke of was like. She nearly succumbed to it herself. She did, at least to an extent…

Like a light bulb going off in her head, she realized what she’d been like since the morning. As she watched the sobbing Miki in Aya’s arms before her, she thought that she was right to have some anger, but it was affecting her far more than it should. And this is the type of emotion she couldn’t feel anymore. She was a fighter now… Thrust upon her or not, she seemed to have a calling. She couldn’t let anything get her down and keep her from doing what she needed to do.

Resolve burning in her once more, she rose unsteadily to her feet and began walking through the rain toward the girls at the edge of the clearing. As her steps became stronger and she neared them, she began to realize what she was seeing, and her awkward trot became a slow run.

When she arrived at the two girls, she knelt down next to Risa, who was lying motionless on her stomach, her head tilted toward the side as if she was watching something before her eyes had closed. Konkon was sitting cross-legged next to her, stroking her hair softly.

Ai held out an arm gently as if to touch her, but looked up to Konkon instead. “Is she okay? How is she?”

Konno looked back at her with sad eyes before lowering her gaze back to the girl below. “Fortunately, the water just knocked the breath out of you and gave you some pressure injuries that I was able to heal without too much trouble using the power.” She brushed some of Risa’s hair back out of her forehead. “Miki and Aya are all right, of course. I think what went on between those two could have cured anything. Nii-chan, though…”

Ai felt herself slump a little, and careful not to move her dear friend from fear, she took her hand, which at least was still warm. She couldn’t sense much breath coming from her, however.

“From what I could tell in only a very careful examination, I think her back is broken. I doubt she’ll be able to move for at least a while. I’m just glad she’s breathing. I think the wave that hit her must have tossed her into the tree behind us, and the jolt was too hard… either that, or she may have fallen a ways.”

Tears came to Ai’s eyes, and she clutched Risa’s hand desperately, disbelief and anger welling up inside her. “Damn you, Gaki-san,” she growled softly under her breath. “I can’t lose you, too.” Suddenly she stood up, her body stiffening with unrelieved tension.

“Konkon, would you stay with her?” Konno nodded, the look in her eyes showing that she wouldn’t have gone anywhere even if Ai had asked. “I’m sure you’ll know when anyone arrives to help. And maybe you can do something for her until then…” The other girl nodded again. “I couldn’t think of anyone better to take care of her, though I wish I could…” Her fists tightened even more. “I have to find Tanaka. Facing her is the only way any of this is going to end.”

As she turned away, she halted at the sight of Miki and Aya standing near them. Intense sympathy was in Aya’s face, and self-loathing was in Miki’s as she stared down at the motionless girl lying on the ground.

“Maybe you two can help Kon-“

“No.” Miki quickly brought her gaze to Ai’s face. Her eyes were in an intense glare, but without any malice whatsoever. At least, none directed at the recipient of her look. “I’m going with you.”


Emotion filled Miki’s voice as she interrupted once again, “I have to do something to repay what I’ve already done. To do that, I’ll need to see Tanaka. Besides, even though my mind was full of insanity when I spoke to you earlier, some things are still true. You’re going to need help. I’m not even sure what kind of chance all of us would have, but surely more than you’d have alone.”

This time, Ai didn’t hesitate before nodding.

“I’m going wherever Mikitty goes,” Aya said firmly. “I let her go once…” She looked over at the girl clutching her hand tightly. “It’s not going to happen again.”

Ai nodded again and without looking back, except for giving a pained glance at her friend, desperation clawing at her heart, she began walking once again into the forest. “You mentioned a cave?” she asked, not needing to make sure there was someone to answer.

“Yes,” Miki responded. “There’s a small cave on the north wall just before the entrance to the forest from the facility. I don’t know what all is in there, but that’s where Reina said she was going. And, somehow, I know for sure she’s there.”

Ai nodded. “I know the place. I haven’t been there myself, but Konkon and… Risa have. They gave me a good idea of what I’ll find there. What I don’t know is what Reina will be up to.”

The small team of three girls marched resolutely into the forest as if soldiers marching off to war. Each carried heavy, if varied, burdens, unlike anything they ever felt before. Ai fleetingly wondered if life would ever again be easier. Quickly, though, she ignored this thought. Some things were not worth worrying about. What she didn’t realize was that once upon a time, many of these things would have seemed more important than anything else in the world.

Ai stood in front of the dark entrance to the cave she heard so much about, but hadn’t seen for herself, before ducking and striding in. She assumed once again that Miki and Aya would follow her, and from the steps echoing dully off the stone behind her, she knew they had.

“How deep is it to the area you think she’ll be?” she asked, face kept fervently ahead.

“It’s a pretty good ways,” Miki responded. “When we reach the remains of a cave-in, it’s not that much farther.”

A light burst in front of Ai, pushing away the darkness that had begun to creep in as they went deeper. Her senses noticed another springing up not far behind her.

“The cave-in seems pretty fresh. I think that’s why nobody discovered the chamber before. At least, I don’t see how anyone could have been there before us.” Her voice seemed to tremble slightly before she finished more softly, “There’s something obviously wrong with that place, so I’m sure what happened with Reina would have happened before. Either that, or they would have sealed it off for good.”

Ai just strode on, letting Miki continue with her insignificant details, keeping up a very quick pace. Once she found Reina, it all would be over. One way or another.

After a while, they passed a gathering of scattered rocks along the sides of the passage. Ai figured this was the cave-in remains Miki mentioned. No confirmation came from behind her. Apparently she wasn’t the only one focused on what was to come.

As she continued on, her light began to flare in small short bursts. It wasn’t supposed to do that, but nothing surprised her at this point. Dark shadows sprang up and danced along the walls. Ai tried not to look at them because she swore some of them at times reflected malevolent faces. There also was no apparent source for them, so it was as if they were coming from the fitfully glowing light itself. Or the darkness around it. Either way, Ai ignored them. They were just shadows, after all.

“Ai-chan…” Aya spoke up softly behind her. She didn’t look back, and kept her firm march forward. The passage began to widen, and as it did the shadows grew bigger until it seemed as if they were surrounded. She definitely now did sense a presence around them. She fought back her fear, though. She had no time for fear. However, she felt hands grasping her arms, and she jumped slightly before berating herself for being so skittish. She turned to the left and right to see the terrified faces of Miki and Aya just behind her. Miki had something else in her features though – the same thing Ai knew she had in her heart. No matter what, there was no way they could go back. Ai hoped her face didn’t look as terrified as the ones she could see.

Suddenly after a final turn, the passageway opened up into a huge chamber before them. For all of their resolve, the sight it presented them took their breath away. All the breath, that is, except for what produced a small squeak from Aya.

The vast glowing chamber spread before them, and the shadows which had been chasing them to this point seemed to disappear. Ai was not sure whether to be relieved or frightened at what that could portend. Absences in the chamber, in fact, seemed to have more of an effect than what was actually there.

Ai knew something was in there. All her senses were blaring the warning in her head. It was probably several presences actually… more than just Reina, if she was indeed here. However, they saw no one.

Ai began slowly walking into the chamber, the pressure on her arms from the other two girls tightening as they treaded carefully on. She didn’t have to look back to know that their senses were as alert as hers. They knew something was not right in here. She couldn’t quite place a finger on what, though… Suddenly, a figure stepped out from the rock formation at the center, though it wasn’t who any of them expected.

They froze as the girl began running up to them, a thrilled smile gracing her face. “Ai-chan! Mikitty! Ayaya! I’m so happy to see you here!” Eri slowed as she reached them, the smile not leaving her face. Ai still didn’t move, stunned at the contrast of the young innocent’s features and their surroundings.

“Kamei…” Ai began, the shock filling her pushing her back to propriety. “What are you doing here? You guys found this cave, too? Where are Gocchin and Sayu?” she blurted, the random questions coming as she remembered back to when the teams split up. That time just a bit earlier this morning seemed so long ago.

“Oh, they’re up here, Ai-chan!” Eri boasted happily. “Reina is, too. Come on, they’re waiting!”

“Reina?!” Miki said quickly from the side, a look of bewilderment and disbelief on her darkened face.

“Mhm!” Eri nodded. “She’s all better now! I guess seeing Gocchin again brought her back to herself. I’m so glad we found her first!”

Miki, disbelief still her predominant feature, glanced sideways at Ai, who shrugged back at her as if to say ‘What else can we do?’ and they began following the Rokkie who turned eagerly to lead them in. Ai, Miki and Aya followed, Ai with a slight lead and the other two just behind, holding hands next to each other. They all looked around warily as Eri drew them nearer the center stones, Ai and Aya taking in the breathtaking glowing symbols and artistry with as much stride as they could muster under the circumstances.

She showed them easily to an opening to one side of the formation and disappeared inside. It was hard to tell what was within, for a dim glow permeated the area, pulsing in some way in a pattern Ai couldn’t identify. The girls walked slowly in until enveloped by the glow. As their eyes adjusted, they were struck dumb trying to reconcile what they saw.

Dark flames surrounded a low rise in the center where two similar stones lay together as if precisely placed. Although this sight was quite unconventional, what gripped them most appeared along the sides of the ring. Sayumi and Maki hung on stones which formed opposite sides of the circle. They were bound with odd-looking ropes which held their waists and below their necks, their heads drooping down apparently unconscious.

The newly arrived girls barely had time to register this before Ai heard a grunt from beside her. She quickly glanced in that direction to see Miki falling to her knees, hand to her stomach against a knife that protruded from it. A now unsmiling and blank-faced Eri stood above her, a blood-covered hand still raised from her motion.

“Mikitty!!!” Aya cried, and desperately joined her lover on the ground, though unsure what to do about a knife sticking out of her stomach.

Anger flared in Ai and she turned toward the younger girl who just kept staring blankly down at the companion she had just stabbed. She raised her hands and began to move her lips…

“Aww, now I wouldn’t blame poor Kamei there, Ai-chan. After all, I’m pretty sure she doesn’t know what she’s doing. At least, I couldn’t have imagined her doing something quite like that. If she would, though, I’d have to respect her a lot more.”

Reina stepped seemingly out of thin air opposite the central fire from Ai, who growled and immediately shifted her attention from Eri. Unfortunately she was too late, and she found herself bound and unable to move similar to what Reina had done to her in their “training session”. She felt her feet and chest rise, and her body stretched out in front of the girl’s darkly glowering eyes as if tiny threads pulled at it from all angles.

This time, however, she wasn’t as helpless as she seemed. She quickly brought her focus deep within herself and began to feed the power inside her. Reina began to step toward Ai-chan around the fire, noticing the blankness that had come to her eyes. Suddenly, Reina shook slightly as power rebounded onto her and Ai fell back to the ground, bringing her focus back to the outside world, and turned on Reina. She noticed at the edge of her senses that Aya and Miki weren’t so lucky. Aya was bound solid by Reina’s power, and Miki was suffering too much from the stabbing to be of any assistance. Eri stood to their side like a zombie. Ai knew she was alone in this battle.

“Well well,” Reina said, brushing herself off as if the rebounding power had dirtied her. “It looks like you may be learning something after all. Are you sure you don’t want to be with me? I’m certain we could do great things together.” As she spoke, she closed in on Ai, who cautiously kept still while Reina peered seductively into her face. She even kept still when Reina raised a soft finger to caress her cheek lightly. “And of course,” she breathed into Ai’s ear, “You know I could give you pleasure beyond your wildest dreams.” She offered up a momentary prayer for the soul of the wonderful girl she never really got to know that was Reina before finally, Ai felt confident enough to make her strike.

She jutted her fist out into Reina’s stomach and summoned the hottest fire she could muster, intending to blaze a hole that would finish this quickly. She expected some type of protection, but surprise overwhelmed her when all the heat that was concentrated into Reina’s midsection rebounded and covered Ai’s own body, making her scream a tortured scream she couldn’t hear before knocking her to her knees. Reina herself was knocked back a bit as well, apparently an aftershock of the powerful magicks clashing together.

It only took a moment, though, for Ai to come back to reality. The power had made her strong as well, so the only effects the cascade of heat left upon her were a few singed hairs. However, the discharge of both offensive and defensive strength left her weak for precious moments.

Reina laughed softly. “Do you really think you can stand up to the power of the ages? What you wield is only an infinitesimal part of what there is. What they… Well, you’ll see for yourself soon enough.” She brandished a stone knife seemingly made of the same material that surrounded them on all sides, and stepped slowly toward Ai in silence broken momentarily by soft whimpers from the bound girl beside them.

“Oh that’s enough of your whining, Matsuura,” Reina said disgruntledly. She waved her free hand and a shadow of darkness seemed to cover both Miki and Aya. They fell to the ground like rag dolls. Ai herself felt darkness press in on her, extinguishing any hope of using the last bit of strength she might be able to muster. She looked up at Reina, sorrow in her eyes, submitting herself to what was to come. I’m sorry, Nii-chan, she thought mournfully to herself. I’m sorry, Reina. The rise of a huge shadow above was their only warning of what came next.

Reina flew to the side, and into her place swooped a huge claw. The hold on Ai disappeared, though she could only stand agape at the scene now unfolding.

Reina hadn’t flown far before crashing into one of the majestic stones surrounding them. Unfazed by something as small as getting tossed ten meters across a room, she whirled around to face whatever had dared to interrupt her. A huge snake-like form reared up in front of the girls and stared not with malice, but with unwavering determination and commitment that could only be provided by ages of waiting for its time to arrive. Its eagle eyes stared hard at the girl of darkness, and it dove at her once more, beak aimed at her heart.

Not caught by surprise this time, Reina gestured and a mound of the earth in front of her jutted up to block the creature’s path. However, this only altered its direction as its sinuous body swerved around the mound as if it were dancing around a pole and swiped a huge claw at the girl faster than the eye could see. In fact, Ai could not see exactly what happened except that Reina flew again to another side of the enclosure and the creature fell the other way into flames of darkness sprung from nowhere. Its anguished scream filled the chamber with heart-piercing cries, and Ai couldn’t help herself falling to her knees again and weeping at the sudden death of something so ancient. She didn’t do this of her own accord, of course. It seemed the world of the dead touched the world of the living for that brief second the creature’s life flickered into nothing. No brave soul could have resisted that touch of Death’s breath. When the darkness subsided, all that was left draped over the grand stones was a long trail of ash.

As Death’s grip retreated to its own world, Ai’s weeping slowed and she remembered the cause of this horrible scene. Wrenching her gaze away from the ash, she stared over at the stumbling form of Reina, gasping and tugging at the detached claw that had impaled her. Ai felt her eyes widen as blood appeared at the corners of the girl’s mouth.

“Ai-chan…” Reina gasped, sounding different than before. And much weaker. “Please…”

Ai slowly rose to her feet and walked toward the girl, who had worked the claw out of her body. Now she held the side it had pierced, and Ai noticed the wound didn’t look nearly fatal. It appeared to have just gone through the side of her ribs and missed anything that might be very important. After one look into Reina’s eyes, she ran the rest of the way to her and helped prop her up. “Reina, this doesn’t look too bad. I think you’ll be okay. We just have to find a doctor for you and Nii-chan.”

Reina looked back with her brown eyes, the whiteness around streaked with red at the physical, and likely psychological, torment she was enduring. “No…” she breathed. “Ai-chan, please… kill me… it’s the only way… they won’t let me be free in life.”

Ai would have none of it. “Shush,” she said in a broken voice, tears of frustration coming to her now. “That’s nonsense. We’ll find a way to permanently get rid of whoever has that hold on you.”

As Reina lay in the arms of the girl she had done such horrendous things to, she stared hard into her eyes with desperation. Ai just didn’t understand. Suddenly, darkness flared in those eyes and around the two of them, and a half-fought sneer twisted Reina’s blood-smeared lips. Ai, by instinct, jerked back and flung up her hand, a sudden strong gust of wind raging from her and tossing the small and weakened girl back and hard against the base of one of the surrounding stones.

“Noooo!!” Ai cried, horrified at what she’d done, and she ran to the girl she had hoped so dearly to save. Reina made nary a move, however, and when Ai arrived she saw that the girl’s own knife had pierced through her back, its tip protruding slightly, red with her heart’s blood.

Ai began crying again, feeling that she’d failed in everything she’d attempted since she came to this blasted island. However, the faintest of smiles now crossed Reina’s face below her now permanently brown eyes.

“Thank you,” she breathed, more blood appearing between her lips, and it was plain she wouldn’t be able to say much more. “I told you this was… the only way…” Ai tried to get a hold of herself and peered intently into those brown eyes through the wetness of her own.

“And… I know… nothing much matters now… but… I’m sorry,” She continued, voice getting fainter and her eyes shifting to the side slowly to look at where she landed. As they returned to Ai’s, they now held pity. “I just wish…” Before she could say more, those piteous eyes closed forever and Reina’s body slumped further, revealing the blood-stained stone behind her.

Ai just wept there, holding the body of her friend and her enemy, before a glow in front of her revealed ancient characters appearing through the blood. At first she couldn’t read them, but somehow, they transformed into characters she could. She read slowly:


She couldn’t begin to comprehend their meaning even when she could read them, but suddenly all the light in the chamber disappeared, leaving them in nothing but blackness. Time seemed to draw out. Or maybe time ceased to exist at all. She couldn’t tell in the surrounding black stillness.

After what could have been forever or just a moment, she heard massive grating as if of stone on stone that didn’t last long before stopping. However, in its wake, a new glow appeared, this time outlining the shape of some grand-looking being larger than any human she’d ever seen, but standing upright and appearing unlike any animal she had ever seen as well. It seemed to be walking from the distance toward her and the small group of unconscious girls and girls who were just now regaining consciousness. The circle of stones appeared to have opened wider, now forming the shape of a cup as if to welcome something in…

“At last…” A voice like a deep rumble filled the chamber. “Someone has awakened me. It is time for us to rise once more.” As it finished speaking, more forms sprang up out of the darkness. “You, the Successor -” Ai didn’t know why, but somehow she knew this was directed toward her. “You will be honored beyond all others. When we have reclaimed our kingdom, and then the world, you will have a place at our –“

“Shut up…!” Miki’s voice grated through her teeth, and Ai looked to its source, shock filling her as she saw the girl illuminated not unlike the shadowy forms, on her knees with them spread wide around the altar which was now bared from its protective fire, the dagger which had pierced her gripped tightly in her hands with its blade pointed down at the carefully placed stones. “I’ve had enough of you. You’ve done enough to us all already! Go to hell, you bastards!” And she brought the dagger down to the stones with a force that impressed Ai, the stones breaking as if made of tenuous bone and crumbling to dust.

“Nooooooooooooooooooooooo!” voices just as deep as the one that spoke cried in tandem, and the figures spun away into oblivion, plunging the cavern once more into darkness, though one much less forbidding than the one that preceded it.

Since she was still staring where Miki had appeared, Ai saw right away when white light flared forth again in that spot, radiating around both Miki and Aya, who were now kneeling facing each other. The light came from a ball that Aya had created, and she raised it in the air before letting it go and hugging Miki tightly. Miki’s face held only the immense relief of the end of a long ordeal, and tears welled up in her eyes as she hugged Aya as if never wanting to let her go.

Ai just stared at this scene soberly before glancing back down at the lifeless girl in her arms. She held onto the small form for one last moment until she laid her down gently upon the ground and rose, turning to walk toward the two girls still hanging from the stones, though now returning to consciousness. She could at least help whom she could, she supposed. She knew now it was impossible to help everyone. Even though she had turned away, she knew that the vision of the brown-eyed girl with long black hair lying so solemn and still would linger in her mind forever.

~ fin ~

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EHHHHHHH.. where's the thank you button??.. LOL.. does it mean that this thread is really old?  :nervous still awesome though.. :thumbsup

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  • GAM Love!!  :twothumbs after this fic i have decided to call them G.L.A.M. instead.. Great Love of Aya and Miki.. :lol: lame but i think very appropriate considering what their love was able to overcome.. well more specifically Aya's love; never fading and ever so strong.. :yep:
  • Okay! i think this is the first fanfic i have read where there is a heterosexual relation involving the girls.. well Ai-chan.. XD shocked, but ok.. :P
  • So i'm going to assume that Koha died when Reina took the sphere(?)-gem like object from her.. since she never came out after that scene..
  • The 'alien' talk from Konkon was a bit too much for me.. LOL.. Too much info in one go.. XD system overload..  :lol: i can totally imagine her in specs with a laser pointer and there's a board behind her full of writings i can't comprehend fully..  Professor Konkon!   
  • KameShige!! :wub: they were sooo cute at the dining room eating and giggling to themselves..  :oops: that is until the others came barging in and start questioning them which made Eri really nervous (totally cute though!! :heart:) and caused her to spill the beans about her relationship with Sayu.. :lol: Eri soo cute and lovable!!
  • Quote
    How could they? They have about as much charisma as a baboon.
    LOL!! meanie Yossy! :lol: but i have to disagree, Sayu is full of charisma (overwhelming cuteness!), thats the only thing she could offer..  :lol:
  • Towards the end of Chapter 18, my guess is that, that wasn't Ai but Reina? :huhuh
  • Did Rika died having sex with Miki? :huhuh
  • reading further.. ^Yup she did..  :lol: is it wrong that i was laughing at this revelation? :nervous
  • I was right!! it was Reina!! i don't know what to feel about this revelation though.. but ultimately i am pissed off at Sands!! lmao.. i guess Reina used her powers to somehow manipulate him.. :? the only good thing that can come out of it is - he doesn't get to be with Ai-chan nor Reina!! WEEEEEEE~ :lol:
  • Eri stabbed Miki?!! nooooo.. Eri is a good turtle.. i guess Reina was able to influence her too..

After thoughts...
I can't bring myself to hate/dislike Reina despite all the evil she did in the story. I was actually kinda cheering her on. LOL. I don't know why but I really like her character here. Actually I like her character in ALL of your fics (the ones that I have read so far.). Maybe not so much in A Girl's Odyssey, gonna have to reread that to find out...  :lol:
I actually hated/disliked Miki's character the most, more than she deserves even though she is not the 'true villain' of the story. Probably because majority of the fanfics I have read (and my perception of her as well) portrayed her as the bad-ass yankii, who is blunt, carefree and cool. So seeing a very emotional Miki is kinda new to to me. Though i got nothing against her being emo, she is human and bound to feel such emotions too. I guess Reina's character really got into me because I agree with her that Miki was being too weak and pathetic... (is that a bad sign?)  :lol:

Anyway!! Awesome story as always. Another unique, detailed and well written fiction. :thumbsup I enjoyed the ride! Thank you. :)
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