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Author Topic: Ada's little oneshot boat~ ["Valentine's Gift" PART 2 - February 16th]  (Read 17019 times)

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PERV VERSION! PERV VERSION! PERV VERSION!  :wahaha: :mon fyeah: :mon cute:
Haha, I actually read this over at H!O also. :nervous

Just gotta say how awesome this is over here too~ :mon lovelaff:
My reactions -->  :mon inluv: :mon lovelaff: :mon bleed2: LOL...

Actually the first thing that came to my mind (after reading the discussion/replies on H!O) was... how YOUNG you are! :shocked Yeahh... I was quite shocked and was in disbelief for a while... :mon one: quite a long while might I say.

Haha, I even tweeted it on twitter!
"right now.. i am sitting here in disbelief at how YOUNG one of my fav fanfic writers are... gosh DAMN!"1:30 AM Aug 2nd via web
OMGAHH, you write so freakin awesomely well!!! :wriggly: I LOVE YOUR WRITING STYLE! It totally threw me off, haha. I love all of your fics~ :wub: Never stop writing!!!  :lol:
Phewww, lol. I finally got that out.  :cow:

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^ Awwww ;_; I'm really glad!
And I'm not that young... XD  I'll be 18 in a few months  :rofl:
I really appreciate it <3 Naah, I'm not that much of a good writer xD You should have seen me last year when I first started o_o
Thanks so much for your comment xD

Ada is back with another oneshot ;D
Enjoy 8D
One silky black dress

Quick steps echoed around as she skipped down the staircase with the towel on her shoulder, towards the intimacy of the only place she loved in that building.
She rolled the knob of the dressing room slowly and wiped her forehead before slipping inside, exhaling contently of getting free from the extreme rehearsal she had just had with a noisy pair of bunny and turtle.
Something wasn't right though. The room she expected to find empty, only to herself, was already occupied. Moreover, the person hadn't even acknowledged her presence yet.

It took a couple of seconds for the situation to settle completely in her tired reasoning, the dark orbs finally popping wide to the other side of the room: fellow gokkie Niigaki Risa was swaying her hips around while making cute poses at the mirror, providing the music herself with a sensual hum. This wasn't a rare sight actually, if it wasn't for the black dress that Risa had on. 
Amused and slightly aroused, Ai leaned against the door with a curious and bright grin plastered from side to side, continuing to observe her sub leader.

The younger placed the pointy finger on her lips and bent forward for more poses with slow body moves, unwillingly revealing more of her legs to Ai.
Check it out~ Watashi no uta
How about? Watashi no subete wo, Yes!
Dakishimete~ Ii no yo..

She touched the bow casually, satisfied with her little performance and confident in her skills of challenging the bunny as the cutest of the group. Finishing the chorus, she spun on her heels, but her smile disappeared immediately and her heart began to race when she caught glimpse of someone at the door.  Stopping immediately, she made the dress wave around furiously.
Ai, still smiling like a dork (and obviously pleased of what she had just witnessed), made her way towards the mirror too, clapping with enthusiasm. "That was very cute Gakisan."
Cute wasn't actually the right word to use and she knew it well.

Risa blinked several times as the color in her cheeks changed to a rosy pink, then turned around quickly with no other ways left of hiding her face "I-I'm sorry!"

Leader grabbed her shoulders gently, leading the bean to face her again "What for?"
"I shouldn't have stolen your dress."
"Huh? Aww don't worry about it. It looks so nice on you.."
Gaki gave a small mew of embarrassment as she looked down, avoiding to look straight in the pretty brown orbs in front of her "I wanted to uh... take some pics for the Pocket Morning blog with these dresses."
The older raised her eyebrows, nodding quickly "I can help you if you want."

A minute later she found herself with a phone in her hands, staring for a bit too long at the smiling bean before her. With a click, the photo was taken and Risa disappeared after the curtain where she had the other outfits waiting for her.
With nothing to do while she was changing, Ai browsed through the pic gallery of her phone for more pics, delighted at the amount of adorable shots. She would have certainly not been afraid to squeal out loud at Gaki's cuteness, but something stopped her from raping the next or the zoom buttons.

"Uh... Aichan?"
"Is something wrong?"
"...The zipper, I can't open it."

Leader placed the phone down and poked her head in through the curtain carefully, even though she knew that the bean was fully dressed. The bow and the gloves were taken off, and Gaki was anxiously waving her arms backwards, trying to reach to the blocked zip, but it just wouldn't budge.
Ai reached over to the dress and simply slid the zipper down, forgetting about how easily removable are the concert outfits. The dress fell loose till Gaki's midsection, clearing a perfect view of the smooth back with the blue bra straps, which Ai totally didn't see coming. Gaki felt the unaware dawn of a smile on her lips on hearing Ai gasp quietly, and when she turned around, her best friend was having her face covered, peeking through two fingers.
She tried hard not to laugh and pushed her outside slowly, reminding her that the others will be back shortly.

Checking the temperature in her cheeks with her palms, Ai sat on the floor with her legs crossed. She took a quick glance at the phone and picked it up, the screen flashing on with the image of the sexy silky black-dressed Gaki. Muttering something to herself, she sent the pic to her own phone using blue tooth, then stuffed it deep into her pocket.

"Aichan, did you say something?"

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Re: Ada's little oneshot boat~ ["One silky black dress" 23 August]
« Reply #22 on: August 23, 2010, 04:26:10 PM »
Love love love! this one shot! I really love anything Takagaki, but that little black number was so hot :drool:

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Re: Ada's little oneshot boat~ ["One silky black dress" 23 August]
« Reply #23 on: August 24, 2010, 11:50:57 AM »
OMG!!! :luvluv1: :luvluv2: :shy2:
Good Job Ada :on GJ:
luv ur TakaGaki Story :mon geek:

Just take the real one :twisted:

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Re: Ada's little oneshot boat~ ["One silky black dress" 23 August]
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@ ^ and ^^ : late reply, but yes~ thank you guys  :heart:

I'm back with an emo update lmao xD
<3 Enjoy? 8D

Lullaby Game

That day won't be forgotten too soon. Just when I was so excited to see you, to take you in my arms and to feel your warmth that I had so much missed, I found myself hit by the dreadful truth I wouldn't have accepted before.
Clinged around your arm as you were skipping down the stairs, there she was, trying to steal a kiss from you, smiling and giggling with such joy that almost brought me to tears.  Even though each and every piece of me was screaming to get out of the taxi and bring my fists at her, I decided to leave from where I came, my lips twitched in a bitter smile.

The road home was quiet and empty, and the pathetic cowardice that I showed back there was mercilessly torturing my conscience. I would never allow myself to be humiliated, but just look in what state you've brought me.
Leaning my forehead against the cold window to get a better hear of the rain, I could only distinguish how everything seemed to speak the awfulness of my situation.

Even when I reached home, the hallway mirror never showed a more depressing reflexion. Pretending to be happy even with tears straining down my face, has become a ritual by now. The good part is that I've finally caught notice of the blindfold you so gracefully tied around my eyes all this time, as I was powerless to stop it.

Thinking about what you may have done in your splendid afternoon with your work mate was crushing down every corner of my mind, for I was absolutely defeated. With the clock hitting midnight and still no sign from you, I brought the cellphone near my face underneath the covers and stared at our picture.
Is there anything higher than the love I have for you?
The phone suddenly vibrated in my palm, bringing me down from my thoughts. Seeing that it was you the one to call me so late in the night, contrary to the anger I was supposed to feel, my own heart echoed in my ears as it was beating too fast from the excitement.
"Hi... Did I wake you up?"
Just by hearing you again, a tiny trace of a smile appeared out of nowhere. "No, no, I wasn't asleep yet."
"Ah, good to hear that" I could even feel a tickling sensation flowing through, as you were slowly breathing into the phone.
Flopping on the pillow to stare at the ceiling, a beam of joy took over my face as I played with the small necklace that I had on. "I was waiting for your call today..."
"Oh, about that. Sorry Gaki-chan, I was really busy."
Busy? With the smile now completely erased from my face, I turned to the side and unwillingly pulled the knees to my chest "With what?"
"Uh, let's see. After work I ran home and uhm. I took Ouji to the vet and then.. I helped my mom and. Yeah, you understand."
She went out with her, god knows what they might have done, and now she is lying to me. "Right..."

I closed my eyes and bit my lip to hold myself together, completely aware that I was nothing but a coward again. Who could blame me though?  Acting like I don't know I'm being deceived is slowly becoming one of my talents.


Normally, three days apart from eachother would not mean much. This time though, I couldn't sleep nor concentrate, I couldn't eat properly, all because of a constant suffocating sensation that didn't let me live. It's like I had a premonition, and I never was so right before. Deciding to make you a surprise visit at work was soon proved to be a very bad decision.

Frozen in the door frame, I looked up from where your arms rested on her backside, to where your tongue was grazing past her lips. Even with her eyes closed I could see the excitement that she felt from having become so intimate to you, and the more I stood there to watch you sweetly and exquisitely torturing her, the less I could keep myself from bursting out loud.
As expected, the panic was not within my power to control, so I turned around and quickly ran away behind the corner, with the great relief of not being noticed.

My shaking legs brought me to the parking lot, empty at that late time of the day. Pausing a moment in breathless misery, my eyes shot back to the building, stinging and starting to water. I could hardly bear to deal with it anymore, so I cried without hearing myself think, and i screamed without hearing my own voice, because that's how low I reached. The only comfort i truly want right now is to remember...


Thanks to I don't know what miracle I was able to get a few hours sleep, though I couldn't get rid of all those images with you kissing Sayumi. I twitched in my bed endlessly, whispering through cold lips all the questions that I couldn't say with looking you in the eye, up until the handle of the bedroom door clicked slowly.
I opened my eyes, instantly alert at whatever sound I could hear.
The small steps got closer to my bed, and I felt the chills of terror climbing up my spine as my whole being got numb. It was too dark to even see the silhouette of the intruder, and with nothing close to my bed to break his head, I clutched onto the sheets silently, waiting for him to go away.
The lamp flickered on, taking me by surprise and making me yelp loudly.

"Oh my, I'm so sorry Gakisan. I didn't mean to scare you.."
"You, here?"
My surprise to see you immediately switched places with a weird and elating joy. You were so absolutely lovely with that make-up and that fancy curly hair, wearing that tight dress that showed a bit too much skin... Wait, what?
She took you out in the clubs again.
That very moment when everything clicked into place, I never felt more confused. My own feelings got messed up so badly that I didn't even know what was I supposed to feel. Happiness that you're finally back to me, or anger because you shoved me to the side without a second thought?

Probably noticing how red my eyes were and how pathetic I looked after hours of crying myself to sleep, you suddenly jumped on the bed and placed your palms on either sides of my face.
"Did something happen? Are you sick?"
Your piercing gaze tried to read right through me, so I put on the happiest smile in the world to avoid that at all costs.
"No, no, I'm okay." pausing a moment to debate my next move, I was taken aback by your lips pecking me in that adorable and playful manner of yours. Though it didn't last more than a second, it still made my stomach flip, even if I've made out with you so many times like nobody's business.
I started dumbly into your pretty orbs, wondering if it was okay to want so badly more of those little kisses. But no, you just had to pull yourself a meter away with this sad expression that made me even more confused.
"I bet you were really lonely my Gakisan." Slowly pulling down the zipper that was located in the rib area, the unmistakable smirk that I've always been mad about crept along your face again. "I'm gonna make sure that won't happen anymore..." you said pleasantly, as my eyes almost popped out from the shock.

With the dress and the shoes now on the floor, you climbed straight on top of me with your lips and your hands bolder than never. This is it; being seduced by you is the end of my road.
Overwhelmed by your sudden affection, I also started to feel your intimate places with my greedy hands while I was more than gladly answering all your kisses. Somehow though, a tear came out from the corner of my eye, not entirely of joy. What most wrenched my heart away was how I could still smell her perfume on you...

Doubting is a waste, forgiving is a waste, it's all about the time we can never get back, sleeping soundly in my heart.

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Re: Ada's little oneshot boat~ ["Lullaby Game" 26 October]
« Reply #25 on: October 27, 2010, 08:43:31 PM »
Wow, that's really kinda sad. Poor Gaki, knows she's being a sucker, but can't do anything to stop herself. And Ai, is she really unaware that Risa knows? Anyway, Takgaki at the end. Hmm, maybe to make it even, Risa should get it on with Reina? :lol: Or is that just my inner Tanagaki lover talking?

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Re: Ada's little oneshot boat~ ["Lullaby Game" 26 October]
« Reply #26 on: February 13, 2011, 11:24:28 PM »
Wow, I'm not dead! 8DD
Happy (early?) Valentines Day people! <3
In here, it's the 14th 8D I worked all day on this oneshot, and dang it came out long >_>
I hope you enjoy and you don't fall off asleep or something while reading it *sad face* ;_;

Koi Choko

Senior student Takahashi Ai was in her usual eating place during lunch break, when a sudden roaring from across the college yard caught her attention. There was a flurry of interest in a small but noisy crowd of boys and girls, all of them gathered around one single familiar figure and overwhelming her with one single question. It appeared that they were asking her out on a date for the long awaited Valentines Day, and also forcing her to pick one of them.
That familiar person was none other than the junior hottie Niigaki Risa, also known as the popular heart-breaker that had her own fanclub and fansite.
Ai put her bento down on the bench and held her breath, not taking her eyes away from the young and beautiful Miss Perfect, trying to read some sort of answer on her expressionless face. Her eyes were empty, her shoulders dropped down, a sigh of boredom escaping her lips as she let them all enjoy their usual fangirling moment. They didn't show signs of stopping anytime soon though, so the young woman made a little irritated puffing noise and pushed them aside, walking away as if she hadn't heard them.
Ai breathed out in relief, her eyes somehow not ceasing to follow with a glint of excitement the swaying of the younger's hips around the campus. 

She hated to admit it, even to herself, that she was actually in love with Gakisan too, and that she envied with a passion all those people that had the guts to go to her. An intimidating look from her dark chocolate eyes, a sensual and deep voice, a bright and heart-warming smile cornering her two full lips, and even a common yet mesmerizing way of walking that turned heads towards her in an instant... She didn't even know when she had started to notice all those things. Ai and Risa never had many conversations outside the Student's Council, as they were both the iinchous of their respective classes. During that time though, Ai would start to feel her heart pick up a dangerous speed and her palms starting to sweat. But who could blame her?
A sudden temptation to rush over at the bean and shout out all her feelings made its way through all her doubts. She knew she would be rejected just like the rest, but Ai preferred it to be like that instead of living with the regret of not asking.
She clenched her fists and got up, her heart starting to race yet again as her steps brought her closer and closer to her crush.


"Oh my god what the hell am I going to do?"
From all that panic, Ai's head felt like it was about to explode.  She stopped her desperate rummage for clothes in her wardrobe and sat on the bed, pressing her fingers against her aching temples. Gakisan? To want to go out on a date with the biggest nerd in school? Ai certainly didn't expect an answer like that.
She plopped down on the bed and stared at the ceiling, a visible smile lightening up her features. She felt like a teenager again, getting ready for her first date. What was she going to wear? How the hell was she going to make the chocolate? And most importantly, the question that kept bugging her, why would Gaki want to go out with someone so plain looking and not interesting enough for her fancy tastes?
Ai sighed and looked at the clock. 5 in the afternoon and she still wasn't even started with the chocolate since she had been too busy deciding on the outfit.
"I wish someone would help me.."

Just then, from the corner of her eye, Ai could sense a warm and dim light that was growing stronger from the other side of the room. Startled, she immediately grabbed the bat from under her bed and shot up, holding it out threateningly at this girl with... a white robe and a halo above her head?!
There was a weird silence.
"Who.. what are you?" Ai asked with her brow slightly lifted and starting to wonder if she was dreaming or not.
"I am an angel." Her voice carried out infinitely sweet and soothing, but the huge grin that was plastered on her perfect face would have made Ai think that it was a lie, if it wasn't for the fact that she could actually see a bit of furniture through her semi-transparent figure.
"Okay I believe you" she said awkwardly "W-What do you want from me?"
"Nothing my dear, I'm just here to help you win the heart of your crush, for it is..." she closely examined her glasses, her messy hair and her clothes "...kind of hard to do that by yourself. No offense." That big grin was beginning to piss her off immensely, but she kept her mouth shut as it was nothing but the truth.

She looked down and thought for a bit if she should let the random angel help her, when her senses picked up that strange light of a new presence again.
"Oh no, not you again!" the white angel slapped her own forehead in frustration while the other one, looking mighty fine in her short red dress and her black boots might we add, rolled her eyes.
"Seriously now, why are you so surprised? It's obvious that when a good angel appears, a bad one must follow too, duuh."
"Would you get lost for a bit? This seems like a pretty difficult VDay situation and I want to handle it by myself."
"Oh really?" she looked over at Ai, that was staring back at them with a mix of confusion and disbelief. "Dang, this really looks like a challenge. I mean look at those glasses, and that hair and those clothes..."
Ai's jaw dropped. "Would you give me a break? You either help me out or you get out, it's as simple as that."

"Ohh you heard her Eri, let's get to business." She showed her usual cat-like smirk and pushed the white angel towards Ai, before poofing away in a quest for the kitchen. "I'll make the chocolatesss~~"

Eri sighed and obliged to let the naughty red angel have her fun, then looked down at Ai and started rubbing her chin, as a sign of deep deep concentration. After a long debate, she grabbed the frame of the glasses with her fingers and made a little grimace as if they were poisoned, then slowly slid them out. The turnout made the angel gasp in shock and her small eyes to widen; the change was THAT big.
"Man, I'm good."
Ai blinked several times as her lips turned downwards in an are-you-kidding-me manner.
"Yesss, you're really pretty like this!"
Ai kept staring at the wonder-struck face of the angel before her, not knowing if she should feel amused or annoyed. "Uh, that's the face I have all the time."
"No no, it's like the mighty hands of God took out those atrocities and now you're free to hook up with whoever you want!"
".... Eri, is it? You're crazy."

She could notice a slight change in the angel's attitude now that she was a prettier experiment for her to play with; Eri brushed her hair with the most gentleness, she picked out the shortest skirt and the prettiest top from Ai's wardrobe, then she kindly convinced Ai to dress up in them and to quit being so shy.
As the white angel was waiting for Aichan to come out of the bathroom, Reina made her appearance in the room too, visibly pleased with the little prank she did with the chocolates. Her cutesy humming of some annoying song irritated Eri to no extent.
"Reina get out. Now!"
"Huh? What if I don't want to~?"
"If you ruin this moment I'm gonna strangle you and send your skinny rear back to hell in an instant."
Reina put on a flirtatious pout and catwalked sexily towards Eri, noticing how she made a step backwards to support herself on the table. "I doubt you would do that really." Just when she  was about to hit bullseye and lean over her, the door cracked open and Reina immediately took her hands off of Eri, leaving her without a breath.
Hesitantly, Ai walked out of the bathroom with a massive blush coloring her cheeks, clearly not too happy with being dressed in something other than her usual baggy shirts and jeans.
"Is this okay?"
That silence was not what she expected. The both angels were staring at her up and down, blinking once in a while and not taking out one single sound.
"What's wrong? Why won't you answer me?" Ai was on the verge of freaking out, when Reina cleared her throat and nodded professionally.
"That is an awesome pair of thighs. You'll knock the chick over."


For most of the night, Ai wasn't able to sleep from the excitement. Just when the sun was starting to rise she managed to get some shut eye, that didn't even last for more than a couple of hours since something... started to tickle her ear. She jumped right up screaming in a rather manly way,  creeping out the two cheeky angels that had poofed in Ai's room really early.
She tried to rub off the sleep from her eyes but everything was spinning around so badly that she just had to put her head back on the pillow and get some more sleep.
"Come on, sexy butt, time to wake up~"
Ai finally gave in and dragged her sleepy self into the shower, coming out half an hour later with the excitement level a bit higher compared to beforehand.
"Okay! Today will be awesome, yoosh!"

As Eri was helping Ai with her make-up, Reina was wrapping the special chocolates in cheesy red and pink paper. Ai was having this feeling that something was not right though, and the question that was itching her thoughts had to come up again sooner or later.
"Why do you guys think she agreed to go out with me?" 
Without even turning around, Reina replied flatly "Maybe she wanted to make fun of you?" The older flinched at the thought and her brows furrowed in deep concern. She certainly forgot that aspect.
"No, that's not likely." Eri added, her eyes still focused on the make-up colors. "Aichan said they are both meeting two times per week at the Students Council as they are both class presidents; Maybe she respects you and doesn't want to offend you?"
That didn't seem to make Ai any calmer, and Eri noticed that.
"Aww. Look at the bright side! She promised she would come and that's good. At first, I really thought that she would just dump you by making you wait or something. I mean, those glasses..." Eri shivered at the memory "Good thing you got rid of them now, thanks to me~~"
"Hey, aren't you supposed to be the good angel?" Ai shot a glare then felt how tears were welling up.
"Don't worry, everything will be just fine."


Surprisingly, Ai didn't have a hard time walking on high heels and showing off her pretty legs. For the first time, she was able to make people turn their heads around for her, and the cheeky angels in the back poked each other with their elbows while grinning in delight. It didn't make Ai any happier though, because she was determined to confess and win just one heart that day.
There was no sign for Gaki in the park, so Ai just decided to wait.
She was growing more and more anxious, as around 20 minutes had passed and she was still on the bench alone, looking in all sides for her crush. She had somehow forgotten that the angels were there; all she wanted to see and hear was Gaki, and the biggest doubt made its way through all the optimism. She was now thinking that she would not come, just like Eri predicted.
Her heart almost leaped out of her chest when a hand was placed on her shoulder.
"I`m so sorry for the wait."
At the sound of that voice, the older shot up immediately and threw herself in Gaki's arms, surprising even herself by her sudden actions. She felt Gaki's hands wander gently in return up and down her back as Ai inhaled the sweet fragrance of her hair, smiling contently.
When she finally let go and met Gaki's eyes, her face was on fire.
"I.. I thought you wouldn't come."
"Hm? I promised yo-... Wow. You look just... woah."
Ai noticed how Gaki's eyes were angled downwards at her legs, then how they climbed up to her cleavage and widened a bit, then finally to her face, then how they went back down. Her heart's fast pace settled a bit as a shimmer of confidence made her lips curl into a small smirk. 
Reina's voice echoed in Ai's ear and before she knew it, she said out loud everything that she heard. "You're looking just as hawt, babe."
She covered her mouth quickly, worried of what would Gaki think of such awkwardness. The younger only blinked several times before giggling in genuine joy and grabbing Ai's hand.
"Come on, I'll take you somewhere to eat."
"Oh, wait. Those are for you.."
Gaki looked over at the bench and took notice of the small red package, her eyes popping wide. "Eeeh? You made chocolates for me? really?!"
"Yearghtdkhd. Uh I mean, Yeah. You don't have to eat them now though."
"Okay, thanks Aichan. I didn't expect this..."
They walked holding hands towards Gaki's car, with Reina in the back wriggling her eyebrows at the white angel, getting in return a complice-like smile.

Lunch in a fancy restaurant was beyond Ai's imagination, and because of the constant nervousness, she kept stumbling over her words, making the bean giggle loudly. She even freaked out when she spilled the water by accident, also cracking Gaki up.
Aside from that, it all went great; thought she was too concentrated on her food to notice how intensely was Gaki staring at her.
When they were done, Ai excused herself and dashed to the restroom, where she was finally able to sigh freely and to let out her squealing.
The two angels poofed right next to her and patted her shoulders with proud looks on their faces.
"Way to go Aichan! Now the big part comes. You know you have to do right?" Reina asked, looking at Ai's reflection in the mirror.
"... Oh god. What do I have to do?"
"Tell her this. You know what girl? I could look into your eyes all day and never get bored. Heck, scratch that. I could give you sexy times all day and never get tired. Rose are red, violets are blue, Let's go to my house together, Cause I know you want it too."
Her smile was so wide and confident and her teeth showed in a cute manner. "How does that sound?"
Eri's blush said it all.
"Uhm... isn't it..." Aichan trailed off "a bit too. Passionate? I really don't want her to think I'm an old pedophile or something."
"Pssh, she won't think that! I mean look at your legs. I wouldn't say no to such an offer really."
"Grah!" Aichan turned her back and covered her ears at Reina's bluntness, noticing from the corner of her eye how Eri proceeded to display a death glare directed towards the red angel, similar to one of... jealousy?
Some weird sounds made Aichan turn around again, her jaw dropping at the sight of the two angels making out and groping themselves shamelessly.
"Just go jump on her tiger!" Reina shouted in quick breaths.
"Huh? No! NO! Not before the marriage night!" The pure little white angel added also in between zipping down the red dress with her teeth.
Ai came out of the restroom with her cheeks palpitating in heat, then slowly made her way through the tables, empty at that time of the day, towards the corner where Gaki was sitting. She could notice from afar that the bean's head was resting against the chair, as this awe-struck smile was taking over her face.
She had a bit of chocolate left on her lower lip.
"Gakisan?" she asked worriedly and leaned over Gaki to take a better look at her. Before she knew it, she was pulled by her waist in Risa's lap, a forehead and nose nuzzling against her chest.
As if she wasn't blushing from the previous scenes, now her whole frame flushed furiously at the intimacy.
"You have something to tell me?" Gaki's deep voice sent shivers up her spine, and even more when her lips touched the crook of Ai's neck.
Ai hated how badly she enjoyed it, but she had to come out of that grip before she was going to lose herself. "Gakisan, please... people are watching!"
"Nobody is watching Aichan. Now do tell me what you have to say please?"
"I'm not sure if... I have something to tell you."
Ai got lost in her own breath as a hand started stroking her thigh under the short skirt.
"So you want me to think you asked me out for nothing?"
"Stop it... To be honest I was actually curious if you would say yes to the biggest nerd in school. I`m still surprised you did."
"I like that nerd very much" Gaki stopped the torture and looked straight up into her eyes. "Yes, I do like that nerd a lot actually. Have you considered that?"
"You... you what? You like me?!" Ai gave a little snort of disbelief and was about to get up from Gaki's lap when a pair of hands grabbed her face and pulled her in.
Gaki, the junior hottie was kissing her?
Ai squirmed a bit but finally gave in to the softness of Gaki's lips and to the chocolate scent that were melting any resistance left. She closed her eyes in a try to not let tears to come out and seated herself in a more comfortable position while bringing her hands to Gaki's shoulders, to pull her closer.
She could swear this was still a dream that she didn't want to wake up from, but the feeling of Gaki's scorching kiss her was just too real.

In the end she got to be the confessed one, and not just by anyone, but by the one she liked too. A Valentines Day couldn't get any more perfect. If the Aichan in this fic was able to wait 24 years for a moment like this, then all the single ladies in the world can do that too 8D
Happy Valentines Day!

*runs away*

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Re: Ada's little oneshot boat~ ["Koi Choko" 14th of February]
« Reply #27 on: February 14, 2011, 04:46:14 AM »
I knew Reina was going to go all aphrodisiac on the chocolate. :lol: Glad she did, though, or we wouldn't have gotten that Takagaki teasing scene. Or would we have? XD The Tanakame thrown in for good measure, too, was pretty awesome in it's own right. :lol:
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Re: Ada's little oneshot boat~ ["Koi Choko" 14th of February]
« Reply #28 on: February 14, 2011, 05:44:29 AM »
Glad she did, though, or we wouldn't have gotten that Takagaki teasing scene. Or would we have? XD

I'm leaving that to your imagination  :grin:

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Re: Ada's little oneshot boat~ ["Koi Choko" 14th of February]
« Reply #29 on: February 15, 2011, 07:57:19 PM »
Uh, bumping this XD

Koi Choko BONUS!

The enormous college library was dead quiet after the classes, since everyone was too hurried to reach to the cosiness of their homes after a tiring and crowded week. No one would have expected that on a Friday afternoon, a certain petite monkey would choose to work on her essays instead of going out with her girlfriend, completely leaving aside the promises she made to her.
She pushed the glasses with her index finger on her nose before sinking in between a pile of books, maps and pictures, with a steel determination to finish the research as soon as possible. The silence was deafening, just as she loved it. During some other day of the week, the library would be too full for her to be able to concentrate, so she took this as the perfect opportunity to work in peace. Little did she knew that it was going to turn into a very difficult task, because she wasn't alone. 

As she was too focused on her reading, the small steps and the quiet chuckle behind her passed unnoticed. Her attention was finally interrupted when a pair of palms covered her eyes, taking her by surprise and making her yelp loudly. She didn't need turning around to figure out just who on earth did that though, and with an irritated sigh she took those hands away from her face.
"I told you to go shopping or something."
The younger bent forward and hugged Ai's shoulders from the back, supporting her chin on the crook of her girlfriend's neck. "And I said, I'm gonna take you out of here."
That didn't seem to change anything in her attitude; Ai swore to herself that just for one day she was going to keep her hands away from her girlfriend, as to not neglect her college duties anymore. "Please Gakisan, I'm really not in the mood for this right now."
The bean smirked and pecked her girlfriend's neck, squeezing tighter at her tense shoulders. "I thought you're always in the mood."

Ai burst out in a suppressed laugh, finding oddly hilarious the way Gaki brought that up . It was true though; just a bit over a week since they first went on that date, and they couldn't stay apart from eachother ever since? Gaki knew perfectly well just how to turn the switch and transform the nerd into a beast, though Ai was not going to give in too soon.
"You're wasting your time." she said in a low voice, the plain monotony only hurting Gaki's ego and making her even more determined.
"Fine~~" Gaki whined, puffing her cheeks "I'll just stop"
Her girlfriend just nodded slightly, still not taking her eyes up from the books, when a weird noise coming from her stomach made her blush. At that, Gaki's lips curled upwards into a sneaky grin when this brilliant idea popped from the depths of her mind again; she had been planning to use them anytime soon, but she wasn't sure as of how to make her girlfriend eat them. Now that the chance came up so unexpectedly, she wasted no more time in finalizing her naughty plan.
"You hungry? Here, have these." She stuffed her hand into her jacket's pocket and took out a small black package, then placed it in front of her girlfriend. Ai stared at it for a bit before opening it up, three familiar heart-shaped chocolates shining in the dim light and looking absolutely delicious.

"You actually saved some of the chocolates I gave you?"
Gaki took a few seconds to think of a good answer, for her Aichan was not so easy to fool. "These aren't the ones you gave me, because I ate them all." She walked across the table and took a seat on the other side, hoping she won't be questioned again. Ai didn't look suspicious the least, and she quickly proceeded to eat them one by one, making cute faces at the divine taste.   
If the dream that Gaki had after the date a week ago was true, then Aichan would be throwing away her work at any moment as to attack Gaki with hawt smoochies or something. Basically, a good-looking red angel came to her one night and told her that those chocolates were no ordinary ones, and that she should use them on Aichan wisely. Just that... there was no effect yet? Ai kept staring down into her books, licking her lips from time to time and nodding to herself, still absorbed into her reading.
Gaki took a seat and waited for the moment to come, but by the looks of it, she probably had to take matters into her own hands.

"Whew, it's so hot in here.." she exclaimed out of nowhere and took off her jacket, making sure to loosen up some buttons from her blouse and flash a bit of bra material. Ai looked up for a second but managed to ignore staring at it, still being her stubborn self and lowering her gaze back.
"You want to wait for me till I'm done?" The monkey asked slowly, somehow catching glimpse of a pair of legs placing themselves one by one on the shiny table. "Yes. You have a problem with that?"

Aichan made a seemingly uninterested shrug, while the bean looked in all sides to see if someone was coming. As there was no sign of company any time soon, the bean pushed herself into the chair and got into a more relaxing position, playing with her hair in a seductive manner and accidentally lifting her skirt higher up on her thighs.  As her girlfriend still wasn't looking at her, Gaki cleared her throat and made some weird noises to get attention.
"Gakisan, if you're staying here please don't try to distract m-..."
Ai loved the sight before her so much that she had somehow forgotten she had her mouth open. Gaki only winked cheekily and showed a bright grin, hoping that they'll both leave that boring place for some more intimate one.
"You're so evil, you knew that?" Ai accused, her brows furrowed in annoyance.
"Oh yes I did~" Gaki's victorious smile erased completely when Ai looked back in the books, making Gaki believe that a wall of text was more interesting to look at rather than her legs. She whined in defeat and adopted an emo expression, partly from pride, partly as a last try to convince her. She still didn't get one bit of attention.
Ai suddenly got up and turner around, the index finger tapping at her chin while she looked through the shelves for some other book, still acting as if Gakisan wasn't there. When she finally spotted what she needed, a bit too high than what it seemed, she tried to jump and grab it, but with no avail. She cursed herself for not wearing high heels that day.
Gaki on the other hand did wear them, thus she quickly rushed over and stretched out for the book, grabbed it and then held it out for Aichan. For some reason she didn't take it, since her eyes were fixed on Gaki's face, with her breath coming out heavier than normal and her parted lips slightly shaking.

Gaki had no time to react when Ai jumped at her with her lips, clumsily pulling her closer and working her way under her skirt. Much to the bean's delight, Ai's hands grabbed firmly at the younger's rear and made her sigh quietly into her mouth, while on the other hand she took Ai's glasses off and ruined her ponytail as to stuff her fingers into the thick  hair.
Ai was trembling in a tormented lust, that was for sure. Late but well-received effects of the chocolates much?

She shoved her girlfriend into the shelves and pressed herself along her hot figure, not even noticing how a couple of books fell next to them. 


Perv is on the way 8D
But I'll PM it because it will be safer, since lots of kids are constantly reading this board (including me LOLOL but I'll be 18 in a month so.. O0 )
Leave a reply for that?
You guys better not leave thankyous and then leave again, Ada will be sad D:
Edit : I really love the "You're always in the mood" quote, I really do :lol:
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Re: Ada's little oneshot boat~ [Koi Choko BONUS 15th of February]
« Reply #30 on: February 15, 2011, 08:21:11 PM »
Oh man! :drool: Did the chocolates just take a while to sink into Ai's stubborn brain or was she ignoring their effects until Gaki got too close? I so want to read the rest of this, please send it to me.

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Re: Ada's little oneshot boat~ [Koi Choko BONUS 15th of February]
« Reply #31 on: February 15, 2011, 08:47:06 PM »
I didn't think Ai- chan could hold out for that long lol (I know that I wouldn't be able to XD)

I've kinda been a lurker for a little while, and I have trouble thinking of comments to say, sorry

and if it wouldn't be too much trouble for you, could you please send me the rest of the chapter?

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Re: Ada's little oneshot boat~ [Koi Choko BONUS 15th of February]
« Reply #32 on: February 16, 2011, 12:19:34 AM »
lol yay part 2~ XDDD we must remember that ai is a special being....things that should take seconds to make her do something take a bit longer XD great as always ada~ :D now send meh ze perv....or i'll im u to death~ XD
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Re: Ada's little oneshot boat~ [Koi Choko BONUS 15th of February]
« Reply #33 on: February 17, 2011, 07:10:36 PM »
Kyaaaaaaahhhh~~~~ *fan girl mode up to is max*

1st part

OMG....I want to see nerd Ai-chan turn into smexy :mon mischief:  :on bleed: is that dream could come true soon, I wonder?!?!

Some weird sounds made Aichan turn around again, her jaw dropping at the sight of the two angels making out and groping themselves shamelessly.
Yeah way to go for some TanaKamei  :inlove: :wub:

"Just go jump on her tiger!" Reina shouted in quick breaths.
agree do as she tell you  XD :twothumbs

Yeah TAKAGAKI is in the place and ready to do more  :inlove: :wub: :wub:

2nd part

"I thought you're always in the mood."
LOL...someone can't keep her hormone down XD......
LOL at Aichan trying to study and do her duties but with Gaki around that will not be really easy XD XD

She shoved her girlfriend into the shelves and pressed herself along her hot figure, not even noticing how a couple of books fell next to them.
.....some hawt scene wanna come soon???? :hehehe: :mon thumb:

Me want the prv part when it's done onegaishimasu~~  :mon innocent: :mon hanky: :mon love:
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Re: Ada's little oneshot boat~ [Koi Choko BONUS 15th of February]
« Reply #34 on: February 17, 2011, 07:34:51 PM »
haha lo que una tiene que hacer para leer un perv XD!!

Naa i'm just kidding , when  Ai-chan is nerd and cute and then is more perv so Hot!!  :w00t:

In the library?? haha wow , how do you said me, uniforms, school, table...  :drool: mmm my mind is working now  :bleed eyes:

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Re: Ada's little oneshot boat~ [Koi Choko BONUS 15th of February]
« Reply #35 on: February 17, 2011, 08:00:28 PM »
"Tell her this. You know what girl? I could look into your eyes all day and never get bored. Heck, scratch that. I could give you sexy times all day and never get tired. Rose are red, violets are blue, Let's go to my house together, Cause I know you want it too."
:hiakhiakhiak: Reina ftw!  :twothumbs

"Huh? No! NO! Not before the marriage night!"
:roll: and what was she doing? lol

Nerdy Ai-chan is hot and surely Gaki-san knows that  O0

TakaSemaru  :heart:

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Re: Ada's little oneshot boat~ [Koi Choko BONUS 15th of February]
« Reply #36 on: February 17, 2011, 08:27:33 PM »
Yay! I sent you guys pms with the pervs 8D lol

@ rndmnwierd : Actually both of them  :twothumbs lol. XD I was wondering whether someone was going to point that out 8D
@xxkaori-kittyxx : Aww hi! 8D I'm glad you finally decided to come abroad on Ada's oneshot boat, I hope you'll enjoy the perv lol  :heart:
@kawaii beam : LOL yeah. exactly XD  :heart:
@YumePouk :
".....some hawt scene wanna come soon???? "
Oh yesss you betcha  :w00t: Thanks for reading!
@gab98 : Haha yess XD Though one thing is wrong in what you said ;D It's shelves and not table  :lol: Though a table would have been more comfortable? Idk .. XD
@pretend_2besome1 : Thanks for reading!  :heart: Though oh crap! I sent you the perv too with the rest that replied, and THEN I remembered that you didn't actually ask for it oxo I didn't do something bad now did I ;_;

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Re: Ada's little oneshot boat~ [Koi Choko BONUS 15th of February]
« Reply #37 on: February 17, 2011, 09:00:33 PM »
^ Yeah I didn't ask because I usually didn't read perv. No worries, I'll just skip, though that means I'm not gonna comment on it, sorry  :nervous

TakaSemaru  :heart:

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Re: Ada's little oneshot boat~ [Koi Choko BONUS 15th of February]
« Reply #38 on: February 17, 2011, 11:33:17 PM »

D'awww, Koi Choko was adorableee. (: <3 Totally called Reina tainting the chocolates while I was reading. XD

I'm not exactly sure what to comment on, 'cause I usually don't, being the good little lurker I am. D:

But~ Would you be oh so kind to send me the perv? (:

Sankyuu, sankyuu~ XD

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Re: Ada's little oneshot boat~ [Koi Choko BONUS 15th of February]
« Reply #39 on: February 18, 2011, 01:02:13 AM »
pervs are the key to delurking...yes true story :nervous
i'm on a 5 step program of delurking so i think asking for that perv is one of them because i feel that if i don't read that missing part i'll feel incomplete because i loved it lol 

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