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Author Topic: Chigatte mo Iin da yo! ~Mainly TanaKame, TakaGaki~ [FINALE - Ch. 93 - (1/30)]  (Read 243138 times)

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Ican't miss one day, cause you post already a Summary o_O

Mmmm.. I like it a lot... since I watch Coffe Prince and U're Beautyfull XD

I was looking forward it =3 please give us the 1st chapy XD

God!! She knows she's HOT!

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@kawaii beam: not pretty much, she IS grouping up with a minor :twisted:

@rndmnwierd: I did that first too :drool:

@alwaysYou: then you MUST absolutely UN-lurk in this thread XD

@fallenxangel: LOLOL I think I like the heaven-going monkey the best :lol:

@kurosawa87: yes~ let's start :twothumbs

@xanimefreak13x: YES i am back~~~ XD :yossi:

@stefy: stalking is good only on JPH!P  XD

@badsaints: no~ she DOES look hot as a guy! which is why i decided to write this :D

@YumePouk: LOL at your last line~ btw, awesome avatar :twothumbs

@Haruka: LOL I know, right? speed is good :D

Yay for all the comments already~~ now it's getting pretty nostalgic, i missed you all *hugz* :wub:

So before we get the show on the road, I need to say that my updates for this story will not be as fast as it was for Kokoro no Uta :nervous
It's cuz summer is ending and I need to go back to studying and my average daily life... :smhid
But I'm still going to do my best so stay with me! :)


Chapter 1

   “I still don’t understand why you kept insisting on having your own place,” Risa grumbled as she rocked back and forth on the couch.  “You could’ve moved in with us; it would’ve saved you all this trouble.”

   “Thanks, Risa-chan, but no thanks,” Eri grinned as she busily moved around the house.  “I can’t do that to your mom; she’s already got a handful raising you.”

   “Hey, I don’t want to hear that from you,” the bean frowned.  “You’re the one that made your parents cry when you said you won’t go back to Yokohama with them.”

   “That’s only because my parents are so overly dramatic,” the turtle shot back, rolling her eyes.

   Eri sighed as she started to remember the happening from a couple weeks ago, when her parents grabbed each of her arm and pleaded with her to move to Yokohama with them.  The daughter had refused over and over again, saying that she didn’t want to leave her friends and school behind.  She loved Tokyo, and there was absolutely no reason for her to want to move. 

   In the end, Eri’s parents decided that she could stay in Tokyo by herself in an apartment home in the same building as her family friend, Risa.  The fact that Risa’s mother was very caring and together, despite being a widow, calmed the turtle parents down a little.  After all, Mama Gaki was way more mature than Mama or Papa Kame.

   Risa had insisted that her friend move in with her two-person family but Eri had refused.  There was nothing wrong with the Niigakis; Risa’s mom was one of the nicest people the turtle had ever met.  But that made her feel even sorrier every time Mama Gaki did something kind for her.  She didn’t want to burden the generous woman in any way.

   “Okay, I think everything is basically set up…” Eri said, looking around the living room.  She ran her fingers through her short hair as she started to skim through a list in her head.  “My bedroom is all set up and the bathroom is good too…”

   “How about the kitchen?” Risa reminded.

   “Yeah, everything’s in place,” the turtle answered, tapping her chin.  “I guess I just need to get a couple things to fill the fridge.  I’m going to run down to the convenience store real quick.”

   “You can have dinner at my house,” Risa offered.  “If you buy the ingredients and come back to cook, you’re going to end up having dinner at bed time.”

   “I think I’ll take up on the dinner offer then,” Eri laughed.  “But I still have to fill the fridge for breakfast, so I’m going to go buy some stuff anyway.  I’ll meet you back at your house.”

   “Sounds good,” Risa smiled, jumping off the couch.  She walked out of the apartment as her friend followed behind her.  Eri locked up her house and pressed the elevator button.  Risa eyed her friend’s attire.  “You’re just going to go like that?”

   “Huh?” Eri looked down at herself; she was wearing a black t-shirt with sweatpants and sneakers.  She shrugged.  “Why not?  It’s just the convenience store.”

   “Kameha, you have such a pretty face,” Risa sighed, shaking her head.  “Sometimes, I wish you would dress up a little more instead of wearing clothes that make you look like a guy.  You know, you nearly gave me a heart attack when you showed up at school one day with that haircut.”

   “Not as much as you scared me when you cut your hair on the same day!” Eri grinned.  “Everybody made fun of us, remember?  We really are like twins separated at birth…”

   “But the difference is that I plan to grow out my hair while you plan to keep it that way,” Risa sighed.  “I liked your long hair more, Eri.”

   “Thanks for judging me based on the length of my hair, Risa-chan,” Eri said, rolling her eyes. 

   The elevator dinged, indicating that they had reached the bottom floor.  Risa walked up to one of the two doors and opened it. 

   “I’ll see you in a couple minutes!” she smiled before closing the door behind her.

   Eri continued to walk out of the building into the warm, spring air.  The sun was starting to set as the turtle skittered through the parking lot, out of the apartment complex.  The streets weren’t as crowded as usual, since it was a Sunday and everybody was home for family time.  Eri finally reached the convenience store; she grabbed a shopping basket from the door and walked in.

   After about 20 minutes, the turtle finally gathered everything she needed, including cereal, juice, milk, eggs, and other typical food assortments.

   She hauled the basket over to the cash register and stood at the end of the line, which wasn’t really a line since there was only one other person in front of her who was being checked out at the moment.  Eri struggled to place the basket on the register, accidently bumping into the person in front of her in the process.  She started to apologize, as the girl in front of her turned around.  Eri gasped softly as her words got choked back; her eyes grew wide in awe.

   In front of her was one of the cutest girls she had ever seen.  The girl had straight, light brown hair, almost orange, that traveled down to her chest.  Her eyes were honey brown that glistened in the light.  She was wearing a pink dress and black stockings that went above her knees.  She looked intimidating in a way, because of her cat-like eyes, but her petit figure begged to differ.  She smiled as she narrowed her eyes a little.

   “You’re supposed to say sorry, pretty boy,” she said.

   “Huh… Oh!  Sorry!  I, um… it’s, ah… it’s my fault,” Eri stammered.

   “Apology accepted,” the girl chuckled as she turned back to the cash register.

   Eri’s eyes stayed wide open as she breathed in and out to calm herself.  She stared at the back of the girl’s head, trying to imagine the beautiful face she had just seen.  And her cute voice that called her…

   Wait.  Did she just call her “pretty boy”?

   “Next costumer!”

   Eri jumped out of her trance as she quickly moved forward to the counter.  The convenience store worker quickly checked out everything in the basket.  The petit girl from before was standing at the edge of the counter, double-bagging her things so the plastic wouldn’t fall through.  Eri kept on glancing at her, even while taking out her wallet, for she was unable to take her eyes off of this cute girl.

   “That’ll be 1700 yen,” the store worker said, making the turtle jump back into reality again.

   Eri started to dig through her wallet and unearthed all the money she had inside; she hadn’t brought much.  The store clerk counted up the money and sighed.

   “You’re short 200 yen,” she informed.

   “Really?” Eri gasped.  “Um… Just… just wait a moment…”

   She started to dig through her wallet again and checked all her coins.  Why didn’t she think of refilling her wallet before she left home?  After all, her worrisome parents had left quite a number of yen behind for her. 

   As Eri continued to bit her lips in frustration, the cat-like girl from before stared at her intently.  Her lips curved into a small smile, entertained by how unorganized and air-headed this person was.  She opened her own wallet and took out the amount of money the turtle was missing.  She handed it to the store clerk.

   “Here,” she smiled, “this should make up for his shortage.”

   “No, it’s fine!” Eri quickly said, shaking her head.  “I can just not buy something; you don’t need to pay for me!”

   “It’s fine,” she reassured.  “It’s just 200 yen.”

   Before Eri could protest more, the girl grabbed a hold of her bags and walked out of the store.  Eri quickly got the receipt from the clerk, grabbed her own bags, and ran out after her. 

   “Wait!” the turtle yelled out, causing the petit girl to turn around.  “How can I… How can I repay you?”

   “You don’t need to pay me back,” the girl grinned.  “Since you’re kind of cute, I’ll let it go this time.”

   “But we’re strangers,” Eri huffed, stopping the girl from leaving.  “It would be rude of me to just take your money like that—”

   “Do you live near here?”

   “Huh?” Eri raised an eyebrow in confusion at the girl’s sudden question.  “Um… yeah…”

   “Then here’s what you can do,” the girl smiled.  “If you’re so desperate to pay me back, keep some money on you next time and if we see each other, you can repay me.  Deal?”

   “Does that mean you live near here too?” Eri asked, smiling.  “Maybe I can—”

   “Not a good way to get a girl’s address, pretty boy,” the girl interrupted again, smirking.  “But you’re cute, so I’ll forgive you.  See you.” 

   She gave a wink before turning around and walking away.  Eri stared at the beautiful girl, still in her own little world.  Her face, her scent, and everything about her seemed to still waft in the air.  And her voice that had called her...

   Wait.  Did she just call her “pretty boy” again?


Interesting yet? XD

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A promising new premise!

'Pretty boy' Kame and cute, yankii Reina. I like.  :drool:

I'm also VERY MUCH looking forward to Takahashi sensei  :bow: and Gaki's infatuation of her.... and how are you going to fit the other girls into the story too? It should be interesting.. and dramatic as last time  :lol:

Thanks for making the trailer too - they're pretty awesome, and the way you handle all the clips and subtitles is very neat  :thumbsup
The character profiling you should have done for Kokoro no uta too, clever idea!

As for this first chapter - why am I not surprised that you made GakiKame good friends again  :lol:
I'll demand a GakiKame fic from you one day!!!!

Eri's first meeting with Reina =  :shocked:

 :rofl: at Reina mistaking our turtle for a 'pretty boy'... lol, Eri's voice should be a pretty dead giveaway, no? So girly  :wub:

But very interesting start so far. Does Reina really live around there? Or was she just trying to get Eri off her case? Can't wait to find out how the relationships are going to develop!  :heart:

200 YEN, the start of it all!
 :bow: :bow: :bow:

Thanks for creating this new story for us all to religiously follow!
Looking forward to the next update!

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Ohhh no sorry I think I’m left behind  :cry:
Here I am SarangAi for commenting not lurking, hehe XD
i'll try to always commenting for each chapter for you XD

This story is really interesting, I really love it!  :inlove: :inlove: :inlove:
And I like your post describing the character in this stories, it makes me more curious with their role :lol:
Can’t wait for next chapter yeaaa!! XD
Good luck! :D :cow:

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Kame as Pretty boy and reina as beautiful girl :ding:

okay i definitely like your story :glasses:

but does kame have a husky voice or what? :mon huh:

*wait for nxt chap* :hee:

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Looks like the turtle is lovestruck at their first meeting :inlove: Maybe that's why she decides to play along and let Reina think she is a boy? Because she's (already) falling for the kitty, that if she founds out that Eri is actually a girl she's not sure how Reina would react? I thought that maybe Reina was really mean to Eri at their first meeting that Eri decided to play a joke on the kitty for revenge or something :nervous

Count me in for looking forward to Takahashi-sensei. Of the current Musumes, I can't think of anyone who would fit the role of a career woman better than Ai-chan. Must be the way she looks so fine in a suit :drool:

EDIT: (Wait, so you are Korean??)
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LOL pretty boy eri will soon be a "sexy boy"?*shot for sexyboy song XD*

lol aire-headed kame and nice yankki reina ftw~ >3< and yayness for gakikame friednship~!

i cant wait for the next chapter and just makesure u get ur studies out of the way 1st k?^^
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Kyaaaaa~!!! :wub: I love this! I was literally squealing at the "pretty boy" thing. :inlove: I can't wait to read more! I miss the awesome way you write your chapters. :yep:

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Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa >o<

I can't wait for a TAKAHASHI SENSEI *Q* I'm gonna melt xD

btw =O pretty boy? o_O Reina sound so girly XD and so seductive =3

The Hell good xD

I wonder about they are from diferent schools so... how did they are gonna know each other =O?

Sport Festivals are ALWAYS good =D

God!! She knows she's HOT!

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Wuaaaaaaaa sugoii!!!

Very good start .. I imagine  eri like  a boy  :wriggly:

Omg!!!!!!!! Takahashi sensei  :mon innocent: :aimonkey: Clearly I will wait for that  :panic: :panic: :twisted: :inlove: :drool: :shocked

I not speak english but , I love your fic  :bow: :bow: :cow:

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Pretty boy. :lol: Omg, SarangAi you crack me up. I can't wait for more.

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AHHHHHHHAHAHAHAHAHA~!!!!!!!  :w00t: :w00t: :w00t:
I'M SO EXCITED FOR THIS!!!  :gmon twirl:
I'm in love already  :mon inluv: With the story line, the trailer, the characters, the connections....  :wub:
You've sucked me in again  :roll:
Eri and Reina's first meeting was :wub:
....simply  :wub:

Sorry, gotta make this a short comment  :sweatdrop: I keep getting knocked in the head by this thing called "sleep"   :yawn:
Sometimes that thing can just be too rude for it's own good :smhid
But I shall stalk to you later  :grin: too lame? ...okay  :nervous

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@Beecubed: LOL the 200 yen of fate XD  I guess Reina just thinks eri is one of those wussy boys XD

@reikoshi: yay!!! i rly rly love comments, and appreciate them a lot! thanks~ :D

@fallenxangel: no, still normal voice... a boy who still didn't go through puberty, maybe? XD XD

@aussie: LOL quite analytical there~ :twothumbs and yes, I'm korean XD

@kawaii beam: LOVE that song :lol:  and yes, i will study hard! :thumbsup

@kano-chan: aww~ that's so sweet, thank you! :D

@Haruka: Yeah, I wanted REina to take on a different character this time :) and sports festivals ARE good, you're literally pulling my thoughts out of my mind! XD

@Tami_Ai: thanks for commenting although english may be hard! i appreciate it~ :D

@rndmnwierd: yeah, i needed a nickname XD

@Swtme03: LOL you posted while I was posting XD and no, stalking is good in this case :D

thanx for the comments guys!  THe reactions seem pretty good so far that I'm getting more into this too  :D
THis next chapter wrote out a little differently then i originally planned... it's not as nicely worded cuz i was in a rush, sorry :nervous

but i hope i still got the main idea across :sweatdrop:


Chapter 2

   “So let me get this straight,” Risa said, narrowing her eyes.  “You meet this girl and you don’t know who she is, where she’s from, how old she is, why she gave you her money, but…”

   “She’s attractive,” Eri sighed.  “That might be too weak of a word, though.”

   Risa rolled her eyes as she crossed her legs and leaned in a little closer to her friend, who was sitting next to her.  The room was quite loud with all the chatting before class, along with idiotic guys trying to look cool by doing soccer ball tricks.  Eri had been telling her friend about the mysterious girl she had met the evening before.  Although she had described her with the most elaborate words possible, Risa wasn’t convinced.

   “Kameha, you just met her,” she said, narrowing her eyes.  “And from what you told me, it seems like she thinks you’re a boy.”


   “And she flirted with you, while thinking you’re a boy.”

   “It wasn’t exactly flirting…”

   “She called you, ‘pretty boy’ and winked at you,” Risa rolled her eyes.  “That counts as flirting.”

   “Your point?” Eri grumbled.

   “Kameha, she obviously likes guys, not girls,” Risa explained.  “And you don’t know anything about her while she knows nothing about you, including your gender and your preferences for dating.  And you just met her; why are you so dazed about her?”

   “Because she was gorgeous!” Eri whispered, as a big smile appeared on her face.  “The moment her eyes met mine, something sparked!  I… I think I like her.”

   “But you don’t know who she is!” Risa growled back, thinking how ridiculous her friend was being.

   “I don’t… yet,” the turtle mumbled.  “I’m telling you, there’s something about her.  If I’m right, I’m sure we’re going to meet again.  It’s like fate—”

   “I’m not even going to bother with this anymore,” the bean sighed, turning back to face the front of the classroom.  “You’re helpless.  Do whatever you want.”

   “Thanks for the support, Risa-chan,” Eri grinned.

   As the turtle turned to the front of the room, the door slid open and the principal of Haro Kotogakko walked in.  He positioned himself in the middle of the room behind the podium and cleared his throat.  All the 2nd year students in the room skittered back to their own seats and stopped talking.

   “Good morning, students,” the principal greeted.  “I’m sure you are all aware that your homeroom and history teacher, Iida-sensei, retired last semester to focus on her family life.  So starting this semester, you will be in the care of a new homeroom teacher.  I trust that you will all show her the same respect that you showed Iida-sensei.”

   “Hai!” the students answered in unison. 

   “Then without further ado,” the principal continued, “I would like to introduce your new history teacher.  Come on in, sensei.”

   The classroom door opened once more as a pair of black heels stepped in.  All the students focused on the young woman who was now at the front of the room.  She had curly brown hair that was clipped back to keep out of her face.    She was wearing a black suit jacket with a matching skirt and a white collar shirt underneath.  Her smile was gentle as she scanned the room full of teenagers that she was now in charge of.  A quiet whistle came from one of the boys as a wave of whispers washed over the room.  Eri turned to her friend and also spoke in a low voice.

   “She’s really pretty, isn’t she?” she said.

   “She seems too young to be a teacher,” Risa answered back, frowning. 

   Eri just rolled her eyes at the sign of dissatisfaction from the bean.  Since Risa was an ideal honor student, she always looked for perfection.  It was one of her best qualities, yet her worst.

   “My name is Takahashi Ai,” the brown-haired teacher said in a friendly tone.  “Starting today, I will be your new homeroom teacher as well as being in charge of your history class.  I hope to get to know all of you individually as time passes. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu.”

   “Onegaishiamsu!” the class chanted in unison.

   “There’s still a couple minutes left of homeroom,” the principal said, checking the clock.  “So I’ll leave these kids in your care, Takahashi-sensei.”

   “Arigatou gozaimasu, Kouchou-sensei,” the young teacher thanked.

   As the principal walked out of the room and closed the door behind him, silence filled the room again.  The new teacher walked around to the front of the podium and leaned on it.  She gave a friendly smile to the class; the students couldn’t help but smile a little back.

   “Since we’re going to be together for the rest of the school year,” she started, “I think it’s important that we all get to know each other.  It’ll take me a long time to get to know all of you, so let’s start with all of you getting to know me first.  So if any of you have questions for me, please ask them.”

   Silence continued on for a couple seconds.  Then, all at the same time, a series of questions started to shoot out from different parts of the room.  This teacher was pretty and she seemed nice.  The girls were interested while the guys were definitely more than interested.  Takahashi-sensei laughed as she held up her hands in front of herself.

   “Please, one at a time!” she yelled, grinning.  “We have a lot of homeroom sessions ahead of us.”

   “Sensei!” a girl from the back of the room called, standing up while raising her hand.  “Where are you from?”

   “I’m originally from Fukui,” the teacher answered.  “But I’ve been living in Tokyo for quite some time.”

   “Then do you speak with an accent?” a different girl asked.

   “I lost it already,” sensei answered, “and I hope to keep it that way.”

   “Sensei, how old are you?” a boy asked, followed by a series of hooting and hollering from his pack of guy friends who all wanted to know the same thing.

   “I’m 23 years old this year,” Takahashi-sensei replied, smiling.  A series of  “aw”s and “kawaii”s resonated in the room, allowing the young woman to laugh.

   “Sensei, aren’t you a little too young to teach?” Risa asked, narrowing her eyes.

   “Maybe I am,” the lady grinned.  “But that doesn’t matter as long as I have what it takes, right?”

   “Sensei, do you have a college degree?” Risa questioned again, still unconvinced.

   “Yes I do, as well as a teaching permit.”

   “Stop being uptight, Gaki-san,” one of the boys complained.  “You’re being rude to Sensei.”

   “I’m not being uptight   !” the bean yelled.  “It was just a question like everybody else’s.”

   “Iinchou is just being Iinchou,” a different girl giggled.  “Sensei, what’s your favorite food?”

   “Omelette rice is always good for me,” the teacher answered, deciding to pass off the small argument between her students with a smile.  “Now, I’m very sorry everyone, but the questions will have to stop here.  I still have some last minute papers to fill out for the principal.”

   “Bye, Sensei!” one of the guys called out with a grin.

   The new teacher scanned the room one more time with a friendly smile before walking out and closing the door.  The room went back into the hushed whispers; everybody was talking about the new teacher.  All the boys seemed to like her already, just by the fact that she was young, beautiful, and has a nice body.  Most of the girls seemed okay with her, since she seemed pretty nice.  But Risa was still doubtful, with her perfectionist instincts.  Suddenly, the boy that had complained to the bean before stood up.

   “Iinchou, you really have to loosen up,” the guys said.  “Do you hate Takahashi-sensei already?”

   “I never said I hated her,” Risa replied.  “But she is kind of young, isn’t she?”

   “That doesn’t matter,” the boy rolled his eyes.  “She must be here because she’s smart enough to teach, right?  You’re just jealous, Gaki-san.”

   “Yeah, you’re just jealous,” a different guy chimed in.

   “Just because you’re the class representative, it doesn’t give you the right to try and make Sensei look bad,” a different boy said.

   “Since when did I make her look bad?” Risa asked.

   “You’re always so eager to find flaws in people,” the first guy said.  “Just chill a little, will you?  That’s why no guy ever asks you out.”

   “Yeah, Iinchou can be cute too, if it wasn’t for your strict character,” the second boy cackled.

   “Who wants to be asked out by guys like you anyway?” Eri defended her friend, standing up. 

   “Aw~ that’s so cute, Kamei!” one of the guys cooed.  “You’re defending our class rep?  What a good turtle!”  The group of boys exploded into hollers and laughs while Eri gritted her teeth.

   “You guys are being stupid,” one of the girls groaned.  “Is there a Takahashi-sensei fan club already?”

   “Great idea, Konno!” one of the guys yelled.  “Hey guys, let’s make that club!”

   “You’re all idiots,” the girl called Konno grumbled.

   “Why does our class have to be filled with these boys while the other class gets the cute ones?” a different girl moaned.

   “Don’t mind them, Risa-chan,” Eri sighed.  “They’re all hopeless.”

   “I know that,” the bean grinned.  “That’s why nothing they ever say is enough to bring me down.”

   “Yeah, go Gaki-san!” one of the girls cheered.

   “Thanks, Makocchan,” Risa laughed.

   Amidst all the cheering— boys about Takahashi sensei while the girls went on about sticking together— the door slid open and someone stuck their head in.  Silence washed over the room again as all the attention went to the front of the classroom.

   “I forgot something,” the brown-haired teacher smiled.  “Who is the class representative here?”

   “Hai,” Risa answered, standing up.  “Niigaki Risa desu.”

   “Niigaki-san,” the woman continued, smiling.  “Would you mind staying after school today to do some extra work?  As the class representative, I mean.”

   “Of course,” the bean smiled back, completely hiding her irritation. “If it’s part of my job, I’d love to.”

   “Great,” the teacher answered.  “Teachers’ lounge, 3 o’clock sharp!”

   The door closed again as all the boys continued to stare at the place where the beautiful lady’s head had been.  Risa grumbled something to herself as she sank back into her seat.

   “Does this mean I’m going home alone today?” Eri whined.  “I thought we were going shopping together for a little while...”

   “Sorry, Kameha,” Risa mumbled.  “What can I say?  It seems like our sensei still can’t doing things by herself around here.  Why can’t she get one of her boy slaves to—”

   “That’s going a little overboard, Risa,” Eri cut her off, frowning.  “I don’t think she’s that bad.  We should get to know her a little better first.”

   “She’s obviously one of those teachers who try to sweet-talk all the male students!” Risa growled.  “I hate teachers like that!”

   “She doesn’t seem that way to me,” Eri shook her head.  “Don’t judge before you really know someone, Risa-chan.  That’s what you always say to me, remember?”

   “Yeah, yeah,” the bean sighed.  “I guess I’ll talk to her a little more before I decide whether I like her or not…”


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Re: Chigatte mo Iin da yo! ~Mainly TanaKame, TakaGaki~ [UPDATE - Ch. 2 - (9/5)]
« Reply #33 on: September 05, 2010, 09:12:20 AM »
Omg I find it hilarious that Risa immediate picks on Ai, she's going to be the one to fall hardest once she gets to know her.  :pimp: Ai.

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Re: Chigatte mo Iin da yo! ~Mainly TanaKame, TakaGaki~ [UPDATE - Ch. 2 - (9/5)]
« Reply #34 on: September 05, 2010, 09:16:58 AM »
I can't believe I missed all this xD
Well now I read it all and I must say i'm very interested in this fic *_* Well it's not surprising since it comes from you  :heart:

Great job so far <3
AiGaki alone in a room already  :twisted: can't wait to read for it  :w00t:

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Re: Chigatte mo Iin da yo! ~Mainly TanaKame, TakaGaki~ [UPDATE - Ch. 2 - (9/5)]
« Reply #35 on: September 05, 2010, 09:27:45 AM »
Ai being a teacher is always interesting but I am having my mind wrapped around Eri being masculine but she is just an indication of short hair being a boy, although 5th gen represent!
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Re: Chigatte mo Iin da yo! ~Mainly TanaKame, TakaGaki~ [UPDATE - Ch. 2 - (9/5)]
« Reply #36 on: September 05, 2010, 10:01:42 AM »
Fuuuu epic TanaKame first meeting :lol: Not exactly to coolest way to meet though :lol: Looks like Reina had Eri hooked onto her. Not if only Reina hadn't dismissed Eri as one of the pretty boy :P

Hmm Risa sure is harsh to Ai despite their first meeting and her being the class rep :smhid I mean, having a pretty teacher is good for academic reasons, right? I mean, I would study hard to impress that cute teacher (especially one who looks like Ai :heart:)

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Re: Chigatte mo Iin da yo! ~Mainly TanaKame, TakaGaki~ [UPDATE - Ch. 2 - (9/5)]
« Reply #37 on: September 05, 2010, 10:13:24 AM »
Eri like ... ERIC?  :shocked ... I like it X'D. "Pretty boy" I jus died with that X'DD
and the second Chapter, TakaGakiness is attacking  :panic:. It looks like Eri has a first sight love.
Mooar ><

PS: I definitely want a hawt history, lenguage, whatever teacher X'DDD

Peace ~~  :peace:

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Re: Chigatte mo Iin da yo! ~Mainly TanaKame, TakaGaki~ [UPDATE - Ch. 2 - (9/5)]
« Reply #38 on: September 05, 2010, 11:17:16 AM »
Ooh la la! What's going to happen at the teachers' lounge? :mon dunno:  :D

Don't judge Gaki-san! You're going to fall so hard! :mon fyeah:

And I just can't wait to see that! :inlove:

And a little TanaKame meeting after school while shopping would be nice, wouldn't it? :mon misch:

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Re: Chigatte mo Iin da yo! ~Mainly TanaKame, TakaGaki~ [UPDATE - Ch. 2 - (9/5)]
« Reply #39 on: September 05, 2010, 02:37:28 PM »
gakisan~ don't be a meanie~ :mon blowhorn:
it's just ur future GF  :mon ignore:

and aichan and gakisan alone... :mon one:

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