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Author Topic: End pages of my lecture notes xD 12/26  (Read 2814 times)

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End pages of my lecture notes xD 12/26
« on: May 26, 2013, 04:03:30 PM »
I want to be a better writer  :oops:
so please bear with me... (onegaishimasu~!!)
i'm not good at writing things like 'author's note', or anything like comment and such..
so i'll just cut through the introduction of this thread and just begin posting storiiiiesss!!!  :cow:

im sorry.

my first one, i intended to have this as a series.
but then i don't trust myself yet in finishing anything... so yeah  :nervous
maybe a onesie would be enough.. or if ever gained a few good feedbacks, then i might extend it to two or three more parts XD

i wrote this several days ago, without being updated through the whole thing that happened.
without exactly knowing that it wasn't a crying graduation, but rather a cheery one
so i was only able to omit a few and change some of it.

congratulations, reina :)

Stepping Through

She glanced up at her ‘leader’, or now former leader, before staring down at the round locket that lay on her hands. It could have been gold if not lacking the luster-quality, looking dull at its aged times. The chain run lengthy, perhaps alloy, dazzling silver or gold at times as it hang past her wrist.  It is bigger than something you can wear as a necklace. It almost filled her tiny palm thus eliminating any thoughts for a typical fashion accessory. Maybe there’s a better way to pull it off, like vintage rocker or something …

“A graduation gift you know,” Sayumi chirped, looking down at her. The said leader was perched on the table, higher than the chair where she sat on, and even lower as she was slumped unceremoniously on it. Her arms bent forward with her palms open on air, where the gift was placed. Not quite yet accepting it.

Truth is, Reina was feeling lazy to move her limbs any further. Now alone with Sayumi in this dressing room, she allowed herself to look just as tired as she really was. She’d been all smiling the entire time, laughing excessively, all festive and successful in the wake of ceremony. She had spoken through the excitement and breakdowns the graduation brought to people around. Suddenly, at the presence of her generation mate, all those 10 years of work dawned on her. She felt physically and emotionally exhausted. But she didn’t mind letting Sayumi see. She had come to trust the girl. Things have gotten amazingly good between them, and even getting better, and yet she had to graduate…

A small ‘tch’ escaped her lips. A knowing smile passed between them. She willed herself not to cry anymore, she had done a great job so far of making this a rather cheery graduation. A new history eh?

“Look,” Sayumi reached forward for her hand. She moved Reina’s thumb with her own, before pressing a button beneath it. The locket popped open, and it held no picture as Reina expected. Well to have picture memento in this size would be overrated.

A pocket watch, if Reina remembers correctly.

Unlike its outer surface, inside it is polished clean and new. Huge roman numerals represented the quarters of time and the unnamed minutes are stroked with longer lines than the seconds, all embossed in gold that shone upon the creamy white base. Only the hands were starkly black, yet not misplacing the classic sense as its ends were curved into the concept.

Sayumi hopped off the table. She leaned, not quite whispering but low in a singsong voice. “If you want to go back and relive the years~”

She winked, turning for the door. Before Reina even knew it, she was now standing, watching her go. What was that? She gazed down at her former chair beside her, her fingers almost tipping off it like she was about to follow Sayumi. Her, staring at the door like there was something she was about to say to now gone Sayumi. She doesn’t want yet her to go…?

She chuckled to her silly self, and to Sayumi’s last words; that is still lingering in her mind for no reason. Weird.


A shrill voice cried and there was a Sato Masaki on the doorway. She worried that sooner others will find her here too upon hearing the kid squeal like that. There was that guilt feeling of hiding. She and Sayumi only skillfully slipped in here without anyone noticing. Tee-hee.

Somehow, she still considers Sato as a part of her stolen moment of peace; though pouncing into her like that wasn’t her exact idea of it. She laughed, freely as this kid’s effect on her, tickling that spot within her that she never knew was even there. A pair of arms was wrapped tightly on her waist, as her arms too were around the kid to wherever she had place it. The kid stared up at her like a puppy, eyes a little moist and swollen. Her giggles ceased into a delicate smile upon her lips.

Sato somehow reminded her of someone. Someone who would act similarly but something Reina hadn’t experienced for herself.

“Don’t cry.”

Reina blinked and indeed, something wet rolled down on her cheeks. She choked a couple of chuckles, before showing her fangs as she grinned. “I’m not.”She ruffled Sato’s hair into a messy heap.“Ba-ka.”

“Be a good girl, k?”She added, and the kid beamed at her. She nearly saw someone else through that smile.

Sato Masaki gives her the satisfaction of being this closely-attached to a certain stupid kid. But also the regret of never having the same with a certain stupid girl.

Just as Reina thought, others found them and flooded into the room. ‘Morning Musume is the best!’  filled the atmosphere heavily and she was reduced to nothing but happiness and a few more tears. No words are enough to express how grateful she is to be part of it. Sayu reappeared, and she can’t help but grin at each other every time their eyes meet. Her words still kept echoing in her mind.

If Reina will go back, she’ll relive those years with her better.
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Re: End pages of my lecture notes xD
« Reply #1 on: May 26, 2013, 06:42:57 PM »
Right in the feels man!
Great job!
Very well written!

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Re: End pages of my lecture notes xD
« Reply #2 on: May 27, 2013, 01:46:30 PM »
aww.. thanks H!PShipper  :love: thanks for you comment, a comment at least would keep me from getting discouraged :nervous

----sorry for an error i made from the first one. I wrote 8 years, when reina and sayu been in momusu for 10 years now. i edited it out already, still im sorry.-----

still i want to write. so here's a part two for Stepping Through :D

I have to earn it, i guess :lol:

The blab seemed to stretch on like forever. Words kept coming, papers shuffling, tossed among the concerned and discussed furthermore. It was normally dull, formal stuffs in which her opinions were idly asked or placed; unless she would want to justify a point herself, then it might worth so to include her speech. A debate would be fun, or some banter. It is of her welfare anyways, as well as for few more bucks to milk.

This is day one since graduation. Since she’s not really graduating from work itself, she was expected to appear in the office the next day. Even she had all-nighter party, or the last few days she was overworked to some extent. More jobs were even lined before her- interviews, photo shoots, band rehearsals and more contracts to ensure her working capacity. But she’s going to have a week break. Yes, she heard that. Good, she’s feeling strangely nothing but sleepy. She can imagine late mornings in bed for the following days.

Another folder was slipped in front of her and she reached to flip it open. More words poured along with the letters written in the paper. It was a jumble mess trying to register on her brains and she shut herself off completely away from it. She was thankful of her overlarge shades, everything was hued to black and grays, matching as the world muted down to incoherent buzzing in her ears. Annoying still, but tolerable enough. Let her manager decode it to her later.

She tried stifling a yawn, subtly hiding it behind a fist before reaching for her bag that lay on her lap. She fished out her phone, moving in ease and grace as not to distract and let everybody else know how much she’s paying attention. Hidden underneath the table, she entertained herself through the long train of unread messages. It’s amazing she can keep a straight face when she was feeling so touched right now. Friends, acquaintances, Hello members, OG seniors—oh, she’s also an OG now, isn’t she?

Another text from Sayumi, seriously, the girl hadn’t run out of wonderful things to say yet. Skipping it, her heart almost leaped when she realized from who the next message was.

Congratulations on your graduation, Reina-chan!
You were so cool last night.
I was smiling the entire time.
Good luck on your new band <3


She was smiling. How happy she felt, but sooner felt a pang of disappointment. It was only a typical congratulatory message. She was somehow expecting for the Eri to invite her, out of the context of being both OG from now on. Maybe, she’s just expecting too much. Well, she never went out with the girl back then. She never had asked the girl even. Of course the girl won't ask her too. It still left her wondering why she never initiated anything between them. She was broken out of reverie when she heard her manager purposely coughed.

“What do you think, Tanaka-san?” One of the executives is talking to her, leaned forward that she flinched slightly at surprise when she looked-up. She wasn’t caught yet, right? She darted a look to her manager, before returning the level gaze.

“The second day after the break.” She replied mildly, and was satisfied of her answer. Idea just flies in such situation, you just have to guess right what could have been the question. It was such a skill Reina had practiced for several years now, cases for zoning-out in meetings, and it helped that her manager was such a helpful guide. Mastery of telepathy, facial expression and eye communication of sorts.

The old executive just leaned back to his chair once again, papers shuffling and a longer blab. He was asking her about something of an event, asking when she might be comfortable to do it. Her manager looked relieved.

Now alerted, she’d done a quick job of changing her wallpaper into a rookie one. The three of them seemingly laughing happily, running under the great blue sky, white sand indicating beach. Eri was in the middle of them and she held both of them, her and Sayu. She held her… they look so happy. How she missed her.
If you want to go back and relive the years~

She pulled the pocket watch out of her bag once again. She now only noticed the intricate carved design it has. She was never someone who’s good at art, but this she can say is beautiful. She can’t even tell how those lines run alike, ‘bizarre’ the only word that can save her from all the mess of try-hard description. It felt irregular beneath her thumb as she navigated it across to press a button. It popped open and it still gave her the feeling when she finds the interior differently new from its aged exterior.

All the hands were struck on 12, frozen and still. It was then when she noticed another jutted button as she wonder how to set the time. Instead of trying to turn it though, she had her thumb set atop of it, slightly letting it slide to and fro on its smooth round.

If she’ll go back…

She pressed it.

The shuffling papers seemed to float mid-air, hands suspended, everyone frozen and faces in a terrible gloom of stillness. Slow, very slowly they were moving yet, the moment in a mega slow-motion. The sounds were there, distinct and highly-defined. The breathing, the papers, the shuffling of feet beneath the table. The rolling of pen. The sound of ticking rapid and echoing loudly in her ears. The hands of time were spinning fast and everything zoomed out in a hollow blur. Except for that pocket watch that lay on her hands; glinting gold in the hues of black and gray.

It was agonizing how barely her mouth was opening at this antagonizing speed, a scream contained at the tips of her tongue yet cannot be free. And the time was looking up at her, spinning fast, and fast.

Reina felt a terrible, pounding headache. She groaned, clasping her head between her hands. The last time she felt this was when she went drinking on Junjun’s house…

“Jun…” She called out weakly, her hand groping the wall beside her as she tried to stand-up. It hurt also to open her eyes, she can barely tell a thing on sight but only blindingly bright. Her knees felt funny and wobbly; she remained there leaning on the wall for a few moments as she tried to ease herself in the terrible hang-over. She squinted, blinking a few more times as she opened her eyes. It was still a blur but better. Of course this wasn’t her home but… it wasn’t Junjun’s either.

The meeting! Reina hastily looked around, there were no executive or manager or any staffs. She was alone. Nothing here was familiar. She was somewhere she didn’t know. Was it a dream? Or did she fall asleep in the meeting and now dreaming? But the still existing headache at the back of her thoughts told her she isn’t.

The first thing that came-up at her mind was run. She almost flew out of the place and tracked down flights of stairs. Once outside she looked around and found no taxis. She ran and her heels leave clicking, wet noise on the damp road. It seemed like it rained, but the clouds still hung heavy and dark overhead.

“Gala-kei!!!” She cried and halted to a stop, her hands already tapping all around her body, hoping to find a lump in one of her pockets. But there were no pockets. It was on her bag but she carried none. She might have left it from wherever she had been. Suddenly it felt like a nightmare, and she'll be crying anytime sooner. “Damn damn damn…”

A dog appeared and barked at her. It might have been cute if not right now.


Reina looked-up, and there was a girl running closer to them, or running after the dog’s chain. Another girl was tailing behind. Aru barked once again and ran to her master’s awaiting arms. “Don’t run away like that!”


Reina almost cried, jumping into her feet and latching her hands on either of Eri’s arm. Oh God, she thought she was lost. Thank heavens Eri’s here, Oh my oh my…

Eri stared at her incredulously, eyes wide and stiffened. Her face must be such a horror at the moment! She resisted even hugging the girl out of scared wits. She breathed into a nervous smile, starting with the other’s name once again but less startling this time. “Eri.”

The girl behind tugged Eri’s arm, they quite looked similar. Rina, whispered somewhere in her mind, Eri’s sister. The sisters eyed each other, before warily looking back at her. She felt her hands slowly sliding down from the older girl’s arms, completely falling to her sides. This can’t be…

“Excuse me?” Eri finally said, looking anxiously at her.

Eri doesn’t know her.  What on earth is happening?
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Re: End pages of my lecture notes xD 5/27
« Reply #3 on: May 27, 2013, 05:59:59 PM »
Time traveling? Or another dimension kind of thing? Whatever it is I like it! TanaKame >8D

Aw damn it, I’m just reminded of Reina’s graduation… Well it’s nice to know she had a happy grad.

Anyway, good luck writing out the rest of this. I’ll be waiting for the next update. :)

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Re: End pages of my lecture notes xD 5/27
« Reply #4 on: July 31, 2013, 12:14:41 PM »
Aww thanks yunagi. A kamei fan too ? Nice to meet you :D
I won't be updating it this time though.. i'd like to try this another story :)

I sometimes wonder if it just the lack of a little sweet thin from my part..haha
But here it is. Only from mobile so  there might be errors all over
When do you say your technically well enough anyways? XD


Her upper body bent forward, head low and almost sticking alongside with her hand. It helped that her lamp was angled 45 degree higher and directly in front of her, so that her shadow won’t loom over the paper she’s writing into. Her pen was scribbling furiously that it almost made sounds. Until it completely bore through the paper she found herself to an abrupt stop.


She tore the paper off the entire notebook and tore a few more that the earlier supposed to be along with. If not for the exaggerating force and loud ripping sounds one would be tell that she was deeply annoyed and fuming with anger. It was also then one would be see her face, softly illuminated by her lamp that seemed to be the only light against the darkness beyond her. Her hair was a messy bun upon her head with a pin corresponding for her bangs, the stray strands black against her pale face. She was beautiful, might not even enough to say as there was only little light, and such face was visibly scowling.

This is useless. This is not enough. This is not—it kept rolling on her mind, her expression gradually turning neutral as she further buried herself in thoughts. She’d been writing a story with no success yet. The plot was perfectly molded and etched in her mind, only that she was having troubles as to how put things in detail and life. There was something that she was lacking, that her every attempt became nothing but an empty can. Might be impressively loud but… empty. Empty.

Writing was now sort of a part time job. She was a college student, with bills and fees running crazily high at some point and with a family that wasn’t well-endowed in finance department. It helped that this little hobby of hers qualified for readers’ consumption. Her lighthearted RomComs were well-appreciated and it equaled to money. It was helpful indeed. Now nearing a year in this business, she decided that it might be so worth to return what she earns. She had wanted to raise the bar herself, she wanted to produce better-quality stories that will not just come out for her need. But will be products of her passion and love for writing.

She stared at the white board somewhere at the far left of the lamp. There were the writings messily scattered all about, and clusters of sticky notes atop of one another. One of those held her deadline. Less than a month left. Her editor would be waiting.

She let out another frustrated groan, wailing her arms all about and stomping her feet like a petulant child. Tanaka-san, the editor, only raised an eyebrow when she mentioned of writing a ‘mature’ story. She was asked a few questions, mostly of certainty of her decision, and was given a longer period before deadline. She admired the editor and she can’t fail the trust that was granted to her. Tanaka-san wouldn’t simply give-away things like that.

And she can’t keep-up with it. Forcing her self to write, start with about anything, didn’t do any good. It turned emptier and emptier. She can’t convince her own self as she tried to reread what she had done so far. Where were the emotions? The connection with the character? There was nothing. How confident she was for even wanting to write one, when she didn’t even have any before-hand experience!

She flushed. So brave of her. So much for wanting to improve.

“Mizupon?” She grudgingly turned her head to a friend whose face was of concern. “Wow. You look like hell.”

She rather chose to focus on the way before her; her brain still hazy as well her sight. It wouldn’t be good if she start the day with an incident of tripping. So much for unfortunate events already.

“It couldn’t be because of these, don’t you think?”Eripon stressed ‘these’ as he waved some papers in the air. Yes. Eripon is a guy. As why for such nickname, they seemed had been goofy enough with each other to generate such silly, matching name.

“You’d better not ask about it.”

The morning was just usual, with zombies everywhere and coffee at the hands of much alert students. She’s better categorized with the zombies. The notes were somewhat slack on her arms; the week less of taunting paper works. That’s why her Eripon, the said friend, was very much aware that the huge bugs beneath her eyes weren’t due of school. They almost had the same classes and always together.

 “Ahh.” He mused. It was said in such a tone when he meant something malicious. She let out a sigh. She would love to send some punch or a slap on the face if she was not really feeling drained at the moment. “What?” He innocently asked.

“It’s nothing like you think.”

“Huh? Did I say anything yet? Hah! Who’s sayin’~”

“Go away.”

He snorted. “Tell me. I might be able to help.”

He knew she was a writer, but the knowledge only remained on that plain title. He never asked. She never bragged about it either. Guys were sometimes tad simple like that compared to overly inquisitive girls. That’s why she preferred his company. Less complications. Refreshing, sort of, light in a sense. Personal but not intrusive.  But also a reason why she can’t exactly tell him everything.

As much as they enjoyed their conversations, she felt the caution not to overburden him with details and emotional-inflicted stuffs. It has to be that fun thing, always. Maybe it was just her, but really she was keeping up with it. Would guys understand her dilemmas especaially for Eripon who knew nothing more of her being a writer, much more of its difficulties?

She stared at him. He’s not actually that bad to just keep hanging out with her. He’s actually a head-turner. And surely she’s one object of envy and hate. You’d get used to it, or have to. Well, he’s got a beautiful face like that. Also well-toned arms, she marveled at the thought of tracing those muscles beneath his shirt... his lips moved to speak and they were naturally red. He could have kissed lots of girls already, well-practiced by now, it’d be great…

“Hey?” Eripon waved a hand on her face. “You’re ok?”

She found his face closer to hers, but not that breathily close cheesiness on movies, just enough to clear her head and realize it couldn’t be him. It can’t be him. “I need to get going.”

“Where else? We don’t have any classes yet ‘til three hours after.”

She wondered why they were always so early everyday. She smiled. “I took a crash course.”

Her distraught escape had been less than half an hour ago already and yet she was still by walking herself and not knowing to where she was headed to. By the corner she bumped into somebody, and her bearings flew and scattered all about on the floor. Murmuring a ‘sumimasen’ to the random entity, she quickly dropped to her heels and tried to gather the papers. It was her story.

Given her situation, she haven’t been into any relationship but focused on studying. Except for those crushes and puppy love back in her naïve days. Now, she wanted to know what this love could be. Or for the shortcut, to experience the physical intimacy that was needed for her story. And it couldn’t be Eripon. Hell no, he’s a wonderful friend and though it is obvious that he likes her, she just can’t. She won’t ruin what they have now.

Maybe, sometime. But not for this shallow reason.


She was startled to hear her name, her penname. She looked-up and the random entity was now also bent before her in attempt to help. He held a paper to his face, probably bearing her name. “Hana Tachiko-san? The one who wrote Survival 119, Chocolate Muffins, Mistaken Pizza.”

He briefly eyed her, before reaching for the other papers as well. He didn’t seem like to be someone who’d be shouting at this discovery, thank goodness. His voice was devoid of any excitement, also his face. Which was too serious for such a child-like face. She heard herself mumbling a soft ‘hai’ in reply.

“Couldn’t this be your new story?” His brows slightly furrowed as he scanned the pages, might be now realizing how different the story in his hands was from the other works she had. A guy reading her stories. All those mush and fluffy thing the girls fawn about. Unusual. “This is bad,” he continued.

“I’m sorry?” She quickly snatched the papers out of the stranger’s hold and gathered herself up. Yes it is bad thank you. She didn’t know though why she was suddenly infuriated. With one sharp glare, she walked past the blank-faced guy. Who might just as well be gay with that above-average cute face. Hah! Really, he’s even wearing that long haircut.

“Wait.” She felt a subtle grasp that had held her enough to stop. The nerve. She sharply snapped her head back to him which he only welcomed with a level stare. “Sex is it? Or even just as simple as one, heated kiss.”

she felt heat rising to her cheeks, her ears pumping wild within. her mouth fell open, whether in shock or in attempt to reply, it only remained open and breathless. shock indeed. so she shut it.

When she can’t retort back, there was the slightest hint of smirk breaking into his lips. “You can’t write it. You don’t know how to write it, don’t you?”
The bastard---! Damn. She ran out of anything else to say. There was nothing left to say as she continued to look at those pair of dark eyes. It showed nothing, it held nothing. Not even a twinkle, now she can watch it closer, but only a depthless void of steadfast and silent gaze. She felt lost in it.

“I can help.”

He barely murmured but it was clear enough for her to hear. Had he been close? A chill ran to her spine at the thought of having him breathe on her ears. Softly, a breathy voice escaped her lips. “How?”

Finally, there was that glimpse of his smile.

There had been people around. Yes, there were. She was still in the campus after all. They were. But there was no one in front of her anymore. Just when she thought of everything as a hallucination or weird dream in the middle of the day, she heard him whisper beside her.

“We can start from here.” The hand the grasp her before now interwoven with hers, warm and soft. She can barely remember the tense atmosphere awhile ago, nor the hate she felt. It only, suddenly, felt nice… and that she no longer mind at all.



He smiled at her, his eyes crinkling almost to a shut and hiding everything else behind those dark orbs. There was only two hours before class, and she might as well not attend any for the rest of the day.

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Re: End pages of my lecture notes xD 9/14
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He sat at the far-end of the fourth row, eyes trained on the window beside him. It gave him a good view of the activities outside the room, from the other building’s per floor hallways across from where he was and a satisfying amount of the campus ground. There were students shuffling in and out of the rooms, the stream of them constantly changing and blurring from fixed distinction. On the open ground they were more scattered, in huddled groups or a lone streak upon the gray cement. Sometimes he’d just follow on one of them until they completely went out of his view. Then he’d set for another one until that too, vanishes. They’re really no one in particular. It just helped to be distracted. He liked to be distracted.

The professor droned on, an incoherent buzzing through his muddled consciousness. The room smelled faintly of the marker’s ink, the writings on the white board seemingly all random without sufficient understanding. He casted a glance on the door, the thought of the empty seats at the back of his row now ebbing away from his mind. If she did come, she would sit there. Somewhere close to him. She’ll wish him to join her.

After 30 minutes, he had given up the hope that she’ll come.

He shuffled closer to the girl he was sitting with. An action that tells, or reminds, that he’s with them. Somehow, not until she comes, he unconsciously learned to set a wall that subtly separates him from the rest. It became a habit. If she did come, he can easily untangle himself from the bounds of the group he’s been with, and manage his way on her side. He had always reserved himself for her.

He waited just like any other day and every time. It disappointed him that she didn’t come.

 He shook off the feeling. He didn’t like it. It felt wrong, it went beyond his rights. She did not demand him to do so, did not ask him to be this way for her. He shouldn’t expect her to do the same. It was unfair, it had always been. But he can’t help it. She had always been special at the same time too.

He nudged the girl beside him; she looked at him frowning but smiled then all too suddenly. He grinned back, intending to distract the rest of the girl’s gang. Like they listened anyways; they are a bunch of singers who doesn’t mind doing harmonization in the middle of a discussion. He wasn’t particularly good at singing to be one of them. He can just blend with anybody else’s group. He can almost fit anywhere.

People often praised him for being friendly, for being able to start a conversation with anybody and anywhere. It helps that he is friendly. That almost everyone likes to be with him. Maybe, he should now begin reforming his loyalties.

That’s when he found her. In the building across from his, seemingly all too comfortable with an unknown guy. Sticking too close to each other. He can judge from here that, they were holding hands. An impulse ran hot within him, he nearly bolted to the door. Imagined, at least. He was still sitting there, jerked closer to the window, his fingernails digging into his palms as his fist was clenched tight.

Why she didn’t tell me?

Who is he?

Are you okay?

He snapped too quick, too fiercely, to the nice girl he was sitting with. She was pretty, with nice eyebrows and thick lashes that complimented her brown eyes. A button nose and a thin line of pink lips that makes her look like a doll. A flash of surprise crossed her features and he nearly regretted the action, but then she was suddenly back to her calm composure too. She was someone he’d like to be friends with, if not his attention for Mizuki consuming all his time. She repeated, “Are you okay?”

“I…” He paused, and eased off once again into his winning smile. “Do you think it is alright to just go out while professor is still speaking? I need to pee.”

The carefree tone he often had (or used) was effectual. “I guess you should excuse yourself.”

“Like ‘teacher may I go out’?” She nodded while giggling a bit.

Which is too highschool-y. Once you got to college, it feels like your earned a hundred years worth of age and everything back then will all seem childish. No matter how hard working student you were and it was just the same as you are in college. Suddenly, you’re an adult.

They were already gone from the view when he looked back. He reached for his phone and began typing between the lines of ‘Who’s that guy?’ Or ‘you didn’t go to class just for him? I’m hurt, I don’t even know him!’ He’d delete the last part, but change it to a less concerned ‘you haven’t introduced him to me yet :P’. She’d understand that he saw them. But she knew him to be that carefree friend that she won’t get suspicious of him getting so nosy. Only and always joking, that Ikuta.

He almost drew it back to his pocket without sending any message. Why he should awfully care anyways? It’s her life. He can ask sometime later, no need to get all hyped up. Yet he still allowed the little care and worry so instead he sent, “where are you?”

He’d know if she’ll lie. Would she? He can’t help but feel hurt. He was her friend, a close friend for being with her the entire time, he’s expecting her to trust her with these kind of stuffs. She always did. She always tells him everything. But why not now? Who’s that guy anyways.

It’s now jealousy and it stabbed deeper than it did just awhile ago.

She was not even replying yet. He can almost forgive her now even she lied. Just a short text to at least assure him. To assure him he’s even worth that single minute to spare. But she didn’t.

Somehow his breathing dragged heavier, his heart shrinking inside him and sinking down. It became a labor to even continue breathing. Suddenly he’s aware of its beat, knocking painfully against his chest every time. The room felt claustrophobic, he can no longer stay firm on his seat.

“You can just go if you badly wanna pee you know,” the girl joked. Her smiled turned out faint. “Only 30 minutes more.”

He can barely smile. Inside he was burning, flames dancing and licking every corner of him warm and stinging, the pain and anger swelling altogether, just ready to burst out anytime. Maybe he’d wait for 30 minutes more. He’ll wrench her away from that guy, rip that triumphant, confident smile on his lips and knock some sense out of her. How could she just be touchy-feely with a guy she even barely knew?

 Or she had known him for some time now.

Why she didn’t tell me?

Who is he?

Are you okay?

This time he didn’t unintentionally glare at her but only nod absentmindedly. “You sure you’re okay?” She asked once again.

“Maybe I’ll just wait.” He replied, the smile and the natural tone of his voice betraying everything he feels. “Would you like to hang-out in my house later?”

After all, he was just a friend.
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Re: End pages of my lecture notes xD 9/14
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Poor Eripon, friend zoned! Who is this revenge girl, though?

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Re: End pages of my lecture notes xD 9/15
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thanks rndmnwierd for commenting :D im not sure if there's a next part coming-up for that, until then, revenge girl will not yet be named xD

so here's another story i found on my random papers around.. or notebooks xD pretty old, my writing might be worse back then
aren't i having a mess of stories without definite endings around here??? but here it is ~

Eternal silence, in this chamber of darkness.

It had been long, she is not sure of how long it had been, in this state of stillness and nothingness. Paralyzed, yet not. Lost the desire to move and sense anything at all, once shut from the world she thought she’s part of. A world of colors, of various shapes and sizes, of distinctions and means. A face that is full of life, she liked and loved, eyes that she wished she’ll be able to stare at for the longest of time, smile that will forever brighten her world.  Gentle hands that grazed her surface, voice that talked to her like she’s just one of her kind.

But she isn’t, one had realized, brought by time that honed growth and maturity. And she was set aside, placed into a pile that will only be a reminder of the past, a memory different from what is present, a joke of what the one might have been. And one closed the treasure box of childhood, smiling faintly for the last glimpse of tiny belongings.

And though a smile was permanently etched on her face, she felt it uncurbed in solemn. She wondered, and waited, yet light never descended on her once again. 

Eternal silence, in this chamber of darkness.

It had been long, she is not sure of how long it had been, in this state of stillness and nothingness. Paralyzed, yet not. Lost the desire to move and sense anything at all, once shut from the world she thought she’s part of. She wasn’t alone though, among the other masses, solid beneath her own. She wondered if others felt the same as hers, if all of them can feel the same way she does, if everything has emotions at all. Beside the stiffness of each structure, the fixed arrangement they were made. Maybe she’s the only one, maybe she’s special; she’s on top of them after all. Feeling unique as exceptionally separated to be trampled along with them.

And though the loneliness is already her existence, still she felt strangely lonely once again. Like the old nights she thought one is sleeping happily in her dreams. At those moments, she wished she is at least part of one’s dreams…

Eternal silence, in this chamber of darkness.

It had been long, she is not sure of how long it had been, in this state of stillness and nothingness. Paralyzed, yet not. Lost the desire to move and sense anything at all, once shut from the world she thought she’s part of. She doesn’t want to remain the same. She wanted to be touched, to be held to give direction of her movement. To shake her like she’s talking back. To be seated across a small table for a make-believe tea party.

Only that there isn’t one to do that way to her ever again.

She expected to hate her, yet such emotion never came. Her mind only debated between the thoughts of ever seeing her again, and hoping is meaningless in the end. She somehow cursed being the way she is, seeing no end, time only seemed to continue to outstretch endlessly before her. And it hurts to know, that this existence is only brief of appreciation, before thrown to the gloom of worthless state.

Eternal silence, in this chamber of darkness.

It had been long, she is not sure of how long it had been, in this state of stillness and nothingness. Paralyzed, yet not. Lost the desire to move and sense anything at all, once shut from the world she thought she’s part of.

No more. No more. Not anymore.

And the day had come, when the chamber was opened one again. A head loomed over, poking in, and shadow flooded. Still it is good to know that there is light, finally. She was right not hating her afterall, she knows, she knows…

She felt herself being hauled from the gloomy space, and there were colors once again. It was bright, and it felt foreign all over. There were sizes and shapes, regular and irregular patterns everywhere. And a face, that wasn’t the one she, yearned to see, a face that she isn’t familiar with.

Nee-chan, this is just so… awesome!

Pretty, isn’t she?
…She was a favorite, a gift from papa…

Your favorite? Then must be my favorite too! Hello there.. err---

Ai-chan. Ai is her name.


So Ai she is. How can she forget?

She felt chuckling to herself, of how ridiculous it seemed to her. How long it must be to forget one’s own name?

“Pretty, isn’t she?”

Nee-chan must be, by the doorway, past behind that enthusiastic face. She was leaning on her side, with arms crossed, and Ai can’t be mistaken. She knew the girl, but not a mere girl anymore, after years of development into a fine lady. Her face was still the same as the earlier years, matured a little with the faint hint of make-up. Her hair is no longer in usual pigtails, bangs falling to hide her once remarkable forehead and brow.

“She was a favorite, a gift from papa…”

It was different, it wasn’t the same bright smile as she proudly held her in her hands, the exuberant joy. It wasn’t there and something in her expression stung Ai within, and it pained her. Too soon, the lady shrugged it off and there was a sweet, small smile, before waving a goodbye and leaving her younger sister.

“…n left to soo…ell, can’t be helped!”

“.. t’s g…along well. Iku…. esu. Yorosh….!”

The new girl doesn’t look like her sister. Cute, but not as pretty as her sister, or  as her even. And she felt chuckling to herself again.

Risa have gotten beautiful.

The thought have brought her back to her senses, and my, realized what are the chances? After the brief introduction of the new girl, a voice summoned her from downstairs, and she grumblingly left them ‘toys’ without closing the chest. And it’s officially night time, with everyone else not aware while sleeping soundly in their dreams. She might really be going crazy, but waste not to try while there is good opportunity… even there will be lots of nights to come.

She tried to reach awareness of her fingers, and when it twitched, she felt delighted. She can move. Somehow, somewhere in her thoughts, she believed that she once can move by herself. Only that images of Risa mobilizing her flashes in her memory and she doubted the thought. She slowly tried to bring one knee up, and there was a creaking sound. Exercise will surely be badly needed after this.

The rest were all struggle, with all the popping and squeaking sounds from her parts. It was some time before she was finally up to her feet. She eliminated an action of exhaustion and panted as what she learned from Risa when they played to be doing something strenuous. She looked all over herself, still the same from what she can remember. A doll in her princess-y gown.

Outstretching her arms, pops were made audible again. She kicked her feet straight, and resulted the same sound. The few steps she took were creaky, and there were gaps in each detail of movement as it scooped stiff adjustments. She wished toys can move as naturally as humans.

There was a yawn. And the princess felt her feet rose as something emerged beneath. Quickly she stepped back, and a pair of eyes groggily stared up at her.

A turtle?  *dot dot dot* an orange turtle?

It yawned once again, shutting its eyes close. And when it blinked back at her, it was much clearer, but still droopy nevertheless. Its dark pools dominated the rest of its eyes, and it looked more adorable with its constant blinking, and she regretted stepping into its head.

“Err—well.. hello?” There was a pop when she came to kneel that made the turtle’s eyes go huge for a brief moment, tilted its head while gazing like an innocent puppy and she nearly squealed. And it was back to droopy again that might have made her pout. “Are you alright? Sorry for---“

“So I DO can move!”

An excited shout came from a corner and Ai saw a bunny hopping in glee. Not exactly a bunny though, an action figure clad in pink bikini, complete with bunny gear- bunny ears, bunny paws, bunny boots and round furball attached to its butt that must be a tail. When all of its amusement to her own moving self got drained, she turned and finally acknowledged Ai. “And I’m not alone!!!”

Ai might have been a little bit startled that she was lost for words to say, or her mind is just purely blank because she doesn’t really have a brain inside her plastic shell. The bunny came running (and not hopping) shakily towards her as other lifeless toys slid beneath her steps, her silky, black hair bouncing, its locks fluttering.

It wasn’t that long when she found out that she gradually begin to move smoother, after realizing for the other as well.

“Hello! I’m *usa-chan peace!* Sayumi. I’m from, or made from?-Tee-hee . oh please excuse my humor- from Akibahara. You know, those glass boxes of little things? I’m actually one of those ‘by-assembly’ type, but surely I’m the cutest among all of them and out of those all types and kinds!” She flashed a peace sign with a huge grin plastered on her face. “ Even cuter than anyone else in this world, I’m the ICHIBAN KAWAII! And how about you?”

“Ah, amazing…” She thrust her hand, still quite curious of the sudden ease at movement, unconsciously directing towards Sayumi. Finding it silly herself, she sheepishly smiled. “Hello. I’m Ai..”

“oh~ who we got here? It’s the infamous Ai-hime!” She blurted in exasperation, looking down from a high pile of mini soldiers in dark shade of green where she comfortably situated herself atop of.

The doll paused in her continuous experience of movement. “You know me?”

“Of course I do. You’re the favorite toy.” She said as a matter-of-factly, rolling her eyes. “I’ve been stolen by that pig-tailed kid from her father’s prized collections just to be placed and ranked next to a princess like you? I should have been the princess, the top!”

Great, Ai thought. So it seemed there were other jealous toys. As if reading her mind, the other snarled at her.

“Don’t you think I am! I’m not!”
The world shook beneath the Sayu’s feet, the panic springing on her face as she waves unsteadily with her arms outstretched.  Finally she lost balance and fell hard on her butt, eliciting a scowl. Foul words slipped from her lips, and she hated the deed. Rubbing her butt, she noticed a pair of eyes groggily staring from beside her.

A turtle? *dot dot dot* an orange turtle?

It yawned on her face, blinked its droopy eyes and looked away in disinterest. Ai wondered if the flabbergasted bunny thought of that as adorable or an insult.

“Aha!” A girl, or a toy, managed to exclaim in between her constant choking, having to spring out of the bunny’s former place. She is obviously a cowboy from her attire. There was lots of squirming for her choice of exit. Ai can’t help but constantly remind her to be careful. Might disassemble.

Sayu on the other hand had gathered herself up, watching the newcomer pull herself out of the bunny’s former place with annoyance on her face. Ai didn’t feel the need to ask if the girl is alright at the current expression showed.

After plucking out the last foot buried, the cowboy stood and might have been overwhelmed of how high she was at the moment. “Man~ Reina is going to conquer the world!”

“Excuse me, Mister—I mean, little miss.” There was a smirk on Sayu’s face when the offended cowboy frowned at the mention of something relating to her height, which is not that far from Ai’s own. Surely the girl is having a wonderful start with her newfound buddies! “This is just a mere toy chest. How stupid.”

The turtle woofed.

Reina looked at them stunned for a moment, as well as Ai who is staring at the bunny. “Whaddya say?!”

“I said you’re stupid,” She unflinchingly repeated, her lips curving lopsidedly. A finger was raised to count more of the following. “Idiot. Dumb. and fooooLiiisshhh~!”

The turtle shook its head furiously, but not as fast for its own speed rate.

“Arghh you!!!”

“And I’m not a Miss!” She added.

Reina pulled a loop of rope from behind and swirled its ring around above her head, which Sayu found ridiculous and mockingly laughed at it not until it landed around her and took grip. She screamed like it was some sort of disgusting and fatal, jumping up and down like it would help.

“Guess what, it is open season! Time to shoot some bunnies for the hunt,” a gun was materialized on her free hand and pointed it towards her prey. “bEng Beng benGGgg!”

Seemingly not affected by the invincible bullets hitting her, the bunny grabbed the rope and swiveled around, pulling the other by surprise. The cowboy rolled on its back as she roughly landed, finding herself beside the watching princess. “Be still and don’t you worry, my lady, I’m here to protect you from this poisonous snake!”

Now where I am again? Ai thought.

She spun two guns on both hands, fired more bullets that seemed only she can see, making Ai sigh. With the bunny fast approaching, Reina realized that bullets don’t work and threw the firearms to welcome each other by short range fight. Just in time they’ll pull hairs and give each other nice, bloody scratches, the princess came in between and kept them distance with her arms.

“Now will you stop you two! Sayu!” Ai scolded when the bunny hissed. The cowboy returned it with a growl. “Reina!”

The turtle yawned.

“Could you guys be any less troublesome? No such noises!” Ai nearly yelled in whisper, glaring at the two.

The two turned their backs on each other, Sayu huffed and crossing her arms as she turned, Reina puffed and falling into a seat with her arms and legs crossed. This is just too much for their first meeting. “Now I expect you, and us, to get along well”, she added.

“Great, I’ll just get along well with my Kame.” Sayu announced, sticking a tongue to her foe before taking the poor orange toy against her body for a hug. The turtle can only feebly flail its two pairs of feet and one short tail as the bunny nudged her cheek repeatedly against its face. Maybe Ai should spend some time with her, gushing about how adorable that turtle is.

“Fine! I’ll go get my own horse!” The cowboy scanned the area and marched a few steps. She dug her arm down the mass of toys and after a couple of minutes, she was able to snatch a unicorn just right for her size. Letting an amused ‘wow’, she positioned the thing to stand by its own but the problem is, it just fell down just like any other lifeless toys would.

“Nice shot, dumbass.”

“You fuckin’ shuddup!” She flared, also kicking her supposed to be new pet. “Why diz damn thing doesn’t work?!”

Ai had to hush them down once again just to prevent an all-out brawl and fortunately, the two seemed to follow her despite the verbalized displease of Sayu towards her. They went back to their own bubusiness, the cowboy who’s now trying to make the unicorn stand, just ashamed to openly try begging for the thing to work. Why they’re the only one’s moving anyways…?

It is quite amazing how she was even able to consider the other toys as ‘lifeless’. Is the ability to move freely on their own accord enough for them to claim that they do have life?

“Doesn’t it feel… different? Weird…” She begun, mostly contemplating to herself but above whisper, intending to be audible enough for others. “I mean, what. Why? How, can we move…?”

“OH GAWD DAMMIT!” Reina cried, falling to her knees and bent forward her arms to lend her shaking hands. “Please just work will you?”

The turtle yawned.

All of the sudden the unicorn cried to life, standing to its back pair of feet and roaring proudly to air. Reina’s face was of pure joy and shock at the same time, her mouth hanging open for a moment, before actually letting out a squeal. “OHFUCKINHELLYEAH! How’s that suckers?!”

And the turtle fell asleep, its head resting peacefully on Sayu’s chest.

Ai had all forgotten but flowed accordingly to the commotion as it took its pace again, now preparing peacemaking stunts as one bunny came marching towards a cowboy with no intention of congratulating on her success.

 “Look what you did!!!” Sayu flared, breathing heavily. The cowboy just flipped a look at her.

“Yeah~” Reina beamed with confidence, proudly seated on the unicorn. “I bring her to life. Awesome, isn’t it?”

“You knocked my Kame out cold!!!” She pointed at her accusingly, making the other frown.

“I did what? How a harmless me can even touch that slow poke?” She replied defensively. “I can’t even take any step towards you coz your face is so scary to begin with!”

“Since that screwy horse began wailing and jumping on its scrawny feet, my Kame fell asleep. That horse sent Kame to sleep!!!” Though her theory sounded so off-key, it looked real on her face which is burning red in anger.

“Your sluggish turtle was all sleepy and sloppy since forever! What’s wrong falling asleep when my horse needs all the attention?!”

Sayu let out a frustrated scream. “Your pet is.. ugly!”

“You’re uglier!”

Sayu was nonetheless deeply insulted with the horrified expression on her face. Her mouth stammered, and before words could even be formed, Ai went ahead. “Geez guys just stoppp!” she yelled, the tire wearing on her voice. “Will you please just cut all of these childish acts?!”

“It was that bunny’s fault…” Reina grumbled under her breath and Ai suppressed her desire to yell to that cowboy.

There was a stir, and everything instantly fell silent and still, their eyes darting to each other as their heightened senses took awareness of the impending movement from bed. When more shuffling came, Ai came hustling them in voiceless manner, sending incomprehensible hand signals but situation-wise- everyone was able to understand to start bustling around in circles.

Carrying the orange turtle, Sayu dove somewhere in the corner while the panicking Reina shot herself to imaginary death and remembered her horse, got up again and shot it. The damn horse just knows how to play very well and lay sprawled next to its master. Ai just remembered herself when a shadow towered over.

Ikuta Erina stared at the unmoving toy chest, unlikely of what she’s expecting to be toys doing random stuffs by their own selves, dancing or whatever. She must have been really dreaming, or still dreaming to even expect such scene. This new room was already giving her creeps, but still, it is her beloved sister’s old bedroom and she would like to have it as her own room too.

This box too. Tiny, smiling faces staring back at her blurred consciousness. Geez.

She squatted, her disheveled hair giving its part of strands to fall over her face. With a little light streaming down into her window, it was just dim enough to make-out those tiny shapes resting lifelessly in it. The doll her sister took endearment of was easily recognizable, truly a stand-out among other else. She is a favorite toy, of her sister and hers herself.

Yet she reached for something else, from the dark corner, an action figure with a strange turtle toy. It came hugging the other, but didn’t seem to come together. She wagged it, and its arms fell open, letting its possession drop and at the back of her mind she thought that the thing grieved over the enforced separation.

She stared at it, examining the characteristics this bikini-clad figure features. Long, black hair in loose locks falling over her moderately-sized chest, porcelain skin for all of its exposure. Its eyes are brown and huge, a modest smile over its lips that might held more meaning than being cute. She wondered if it belonged to an anime, but definitely not of Gurren Lagann, she will surely inquire her bestfriend about it.

Taking the princess on to the other hand, she held them both before her, her eyes glazing in comparison. Contemplating to herself, her gaze sought for the other, conclusions bubbling in her surreal thoughts. “You fitted more to be a princess.”

And she looked to the other, shame on her for disrespecting the royalty. “There should be only one though.”
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Re: End pages of my lecture notes xD 9/14
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Ooo, a Toy Story one! That has always been an interesting (and creepy) concept to me.

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Re: End pages of my lecture notes xD 9/14
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The trials of a writer/college student.
…  she marveled at the thought of tracing those muscles beneath his shirt... his lips moved to speak and they were naturally red. He could have kissed lots of girls already, well-practiced by now, it’d be great…
Sounds like she’s got the hots for him.

Aw, damn. Poor Eripon.
Friendzoned = ouch, then he sees Mizuki with another guy = ouch

The playbox story is really cute. I started laughing around the part where Reina was shooting imaginary bullets. Nicely written. :)

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Re: End pages of my lecture notes xD 9/14
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hello again! well well, things are slow around here...
well anyways, here's a short story. been reading OTN1's love x2 from the Library. It's an old story, but very very good. you can say that it influenced me here. It made me ship GAM these past few days. Well, I first got hooked of Momusu too due to these fanfics XD Now I'm trying to scavenge any Fujimoto or Matsuura clips that are subbed to make it more understandable as to why I laugh along. haha

anyways, excuse me for errors. it's 3 am in the morning here and been drunk. tee-hee

Mean Alcohol is Just Purely Mean

My finger moves in lazy motion as it traces the muscles on his abdomen, up to his chest and slightly pinching his right nipple before moving to the other. We lay there talking in an almost comfortable silence, only I draped with sheets while him exposing himself in the cold AC like it still impresses me seeing him all the way down there. Idiot.

“She might have been offended though,” I find myself muttering. I trail off.

I’m still talking about that girl even in bed with someone?!

He doesn’t seem to mind, or at least I hope. “Why does it sound like you’re in love with her?”

“She’s my bestfriend. Of course.” I say quickly in a casual manner. But it might still have sounded so full of affection.

He softly laughs. It’s a low rumble in my ears. At least he always sounds sexy. I giggle, and we remain silent for the next few minutes. Memories of the past hour (before I ended-up being in this bed) floats back to me. I wince. Just an hour ago, I yelled, nearly spat, and said the most ridiculous things I could ever thought of saying to my friend.

I ran. Like some pathetic fugitive. Really I did run. Thinking that I outran them, I slowed around the corner. Only to find out she was still following me a couple of meters away. She was never a good runner. I wonder if my beer-clogged systems did a poor job with my legs. She possibly couldn’t have kept up with me. My knees gave in and I only took note of not completely sitting down on the dirt as I let out an exasperated sigh.  For a brief moment I felt sorry for making her run before I started fuming.

“Why you’re still here?” I asked. I was already in my high voice then.

“Who you’re going with?” She asked back.

“What it has to do with you?” No. I don’t want her to know.

“I’m your bestfriend. I need to know.” And she said how she’s concerned about me, and few more other things before she launched into hugging me. It might have made me feel dizzy, but I could care less. And that, I’m already horribly dizzy.

“No, just go back to where you’ve been.” Now I’m seeing her boyfriend approaching. Yes, her boyfriend. I tried to shove her to his direction.

“I only needed to know who you’re going with. I just need to see him. Please.” She pleaded. I don’t know what kind of drama we were starring-in to be all these dramatic in the middle of the road with people passing by. At least it was dark.

“You don’t need to.” I don’t want her to see him. It doesn’t matter. No one else matters.

She grabbed my arms in time and I got a zoomed vision of her face. If only…

“Don’t you trust me?”

Bingo. The 100-million yen question.

“Maybe not.” I answered quietly.

And instantly, I was already shouting how they should leave me alone and why the fuck should she stop me when I never did for her. I was making it sound like it was unfair, but no one else was any more unfair than me. Because I could not trust her when she trusted me all her deepest and darkest secrets. It was just some guy who I can't show her. Just a guy. Maybe I was already horrified with myself for saying that, and trying to placate my terrible feelings with anger.

“I’m going home ok?! I’m going home! Fuck you.”

I finally said and stalked off. They let me. By the far end of the road, someone was already waiting for me. I don’t know if she still followed me around just to see who the guy was. I rode and we drove off.

I had never felt so bad before. Telling her I don’t trust her was the biggest, yet lowest blow I had ever given her. I can’t believe I said it.

So back in this room, I’m passionately kissing a good-looking guy as my thoughts wander over my bestfriend who has never met him. As I feel his hands touching me in places, I wonder why I’m with this jerk. It might feel nice but I don’t feel any warm. I feel cold. I feel empty. Still, I do. I move. I dance. I hum in tune. I close my eyes, and let him take me with him.

If I don’t let this boy hold me, I might just fall for that girl.

It’s the lamest excuse but what else I can do? She makes me crazy. I might as well be crazy enough.

I thought of a hundred ways of saying sorry to my bestfriend the next day.
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Re: End pages of my lecture notes xD 7/29
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Random stuff stuck in my head since Sayu's grad.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Everyone

thank you for those amazing 11 years

belated Happy Birthday to Kamei Eri !

November 27, 2014

Her eyes opened. The ceiling only stared blankly back at her.

Yesterday felt surreal.

She dreamed of it. Her dream of it kept confusing her memories of yesterday. In her dream, she was floating above, watching the waves of pink lights bath the entire place. However, she can also see through the eyes that danced in the center of the stage, along with everybody else.  She can see everybody’s face up-close. Sweaty. Smiling. Focused. Determined. Teary. Pained.

Maybe it was only a dream. How can anybody hurt oneself in her own graduation concert?

But the pain of seeing Michishige-san hurting herself felt real… That she can almost feel the same on her own ankle. Well, it does hurt. A little numb, but hurts.

Riho winced when she reached for her foot. It was swollen with a big, bad purple bruise on her ankle. Why she never noticed? She got home just fine. She even climbed the stairs to her bed without any problem. Was it possible for a sprain to only appear the next morning?

And that she was unusually pale. She wasn’t this fair. Or skinny. Her fingers seemed slender, her nails done with paint that were chipped on some edges. Pink.

She never had it pink. The ceiling neither.

Everything was different, and pink.

She nearly jumped out of her bed, if not for the pain that shocked through her thighs upon the slightest attempt of movement from her foot. Carefully, ever so slowly, she managed to hoist herself up. She sat on the edge of the bed, exactly across a full-body mirror which is beside the door. Michishige-san stared back at her.

She was about to say her name, not until the other’s mouth moved the same way as hers would. Her eyes widened in realization, just like Michishige-san looked like in the mirror across her.

*VRRRRRBBB!*Shaba Da Do Do Do Shaba Do
Do Too Troo Toor Too
*VRRRRRBBB!* Shaba Da Do Do Do Shaba Do
Do Too Troo Toor To

Her phone, or not her phone (when in earth had she changed her ringtone?!), vibrated and flashed “RihoRiho <3” in the caller ID. Of course she won’t name oneself in such way, except for…

“Michishige-san!!!” She cried, immediately after reaching for the pink phone.

“Oh, I guess you already found-out.” Her own voice (Her.Own.Voice?!) on the other line had only blearily said, yawning at the end.

“But you… you, I… we…”

“… somehow managed to exchange bodies sometime in the middle of the night,” Michishige-san helpfully added to her after stuttering for a while, not quite still comprehending what’s happening comparing to the other who’s appearing rather quite calm.
It sounded so weird talking to her voice, and speaking through someone else’s voice.


“Are you enjoying it?” The older later quipped when the silence stretched-out on Riho’s line.


“You know, staring at the mirror, naked…”


“… ‘coz you really got nice legs, and nice, flat abssss and.…”


“KIDDING! I’m just joking!” The other laughed so hard. “Did I actually hear you scream something?”

Riho had never been so red so far in her life, for all the reasons that there were. “…no, Michishige-san.”


“Sayu!” A voice called, resounding outside along with footsteps padding fast and nearer to where she is right now.

“I think that’s my sister.”

“But I don’t know what to do!”

“Don’t hang-up. I’ll be just right here.”

The door opened, and a girl appeared behind it. She had seen her sometimes in backstage, but this was her first time to observe the other privately, all the more reason to stare up-close. She looked like Michishige-san indeed, only with a dyed hair, and a little bit more round. She might even be a little bit fairer than Sayu is.

“Are you ok?” Aneshige asked.



“Yes.” Riho repeated. “I mean,… I am fine, but my foot’s no.”

 “You were screaming…” Aneshige softly mumbled. “I thought some kidnappers would take you before we can even fly to Hawaii.”

Riho can hear Sayu giggling. “We were talking about such movie last night.”

“Hawaii???” Riho found herself exclaiming. To the either two she’s conversing with.

“Uhmm. Yes, you should be packing by now. Family’s supposed to fly later this afternoon…”

“What? I am going to Hawaii?!” Riho hissed to the phone.

“I AM. But see, YOU ARE on MY body.”

“Is someone on the phone?” Aneshige looked curiously at her, slowly sinking to a seat next to her.

“It’s… it’s Sayashi.” RihoRiho~! “RihoRiho. With a heart. Yes.”

“Ah, the girl you got the hots with?”

Sayu LOLed. There are more reasons for Riho to become her member color, literally.

“Did you finally succeed getting her?”

Sayu was cackling madly, if Riho’s voice could sound so wicked. “you should have seen how much…”

And Riho found herself parroting Sayu’s words. “…much she loves it when I kissed her. We actually got it going after concert in the locWHATTT?!”

“In the locker?”

“Beside the locker. Man, how she screams...”

“NO! No! It’s nothing like you think!!!”

Aneshige seemed to not have heard anything. “Again huh.”

Riho mentally slapped herself. She might as well kick the rolling, laughing on the floor Sayu in it too.

“Uhhh.” Riho tried to stand but failed miserably. She only but motioned to the door, “I think you should go now. I need to talk to Michish… to Riho. Err… Alone time. You know that, right?”

“Just like with Aichan?”

“She’s already married, you idiot.”

The blood must have drained from Riho’s, or Sayu’s facial features. “Yes. Just like with Aichan.”

Aneshige amazingly, but rather creepily to the horrified soul on her lil’ sis body, grinned like a kid that was entrusted with a big secret. “Ok.

“But don’t be loud anymore, k? Mom was suspicious of the last time… she’s kinda hard to shake-off.” She murmured, before she left.

Sayu, or Riho’s voice, was giggling again. It sounded far-away, like she can tell that the other had been reminiscing something… adult. She hoped that those thoughts won’t remain on her brain once she got back to it.

If she can collapse further in on the bed, she would. However, even just laying back slowly takes an effort not to move and hurt her foot much. She only stared at the pink ceiling, exasperated.

“RihoRiho, are you still there?”

“When will we go back to normal?”

“I’m not sure. But for now, just pretend to be me. K?”

“Going to Hawaii huh?”

“Just think of it as a vacation… your own vacation, finally!”

“With a sore foot.”

“Well… don’t worry, they’ll get the luggage ready for you, and everything really. You won’t do a sigle thing but relax! Doesn’t that sound awesome?”

“…Coz I basically can’t do anything.” She sulked. She imagined a pouting Michishige-san. She might just look exactly like that at the moment.

“A rehearsal already with 12th gen?!” Her voice, which isn't hers at the moment, suddenly exclaimed with such glee. Riho had never known her voice could take many forms. Could express that much… malice. Oh. That's not a good sign.

“Michishige-san. Don’t do anything weird please?”

"Don’t worry!” Such words of her former leader used to reassure her. But now, it makes her fear for the untold future. “I just know everything about you. I’d do a good job being Riho, so good you’ll be proud of me. I’ll even caress Fuku-chan thighs if I have to!”

Riho nearly choked. “Thighs?!”

“Do I have to keep my hands, I mean your hands, to yourself for now?”

“No, that’s not what I mean.” The idea makes her feel a bit hot, that it was embarrassing. “Uhh… I mean the…”

“Damn! I’m already late! Ok Riho, or Me! Who’s You? Ah, I need to go now. Let’s keep in touch ok? Your flight’s about 3 hours from now, and a doctor will come to check on your foot. I made sure she’s a cute one, *giggles* so have fun!”

And the line went dead. And Riho just closed her eyes for the impending headache.

“I meant the new kids.” She murmured. She did hope this was a dream, but the now effective headache told her it wasn't.

“Ohayou Maria-chan!” One Sayashi Riho launched into a big, warm hug upon the stiffened Makino Maria… Which didn’t only last for few seconds. Maybe more.

“Uhmm. Ohayou gozaimasu, Sayashi-san…” The new girl weakly stammered.

Finally, the ace drew back, but kept her in arms length… which is still too close. “Aren’t you cuter when you blush, Maria-chan?”

The further reddening girl can speak no more.

“Ah.” Another new girl happened to pass by, and bowed upon seeing a senpai. “Ohayou gozaimasu, Sayashi-san.”

“Haga-chan!” Sayashi Riho mused, a sparkling glitter in her eyes. “You’re too cute for a morning.”

On the other hand, the other three of the 9kis watched their generation mate giving another (if no unnecessary) bear hug to the newly-arrived, and new member, Haga Akane.

“When did Riho become so… fond of the 12kis?” the girl in her green member shirt asked.

“Or touchy if you ask me,” the other added while putting her huge headphones off her ear.

“I’m afraid she won’t come to me anymore.” The new leader sadly muttered to herself.

“Well you still got me, we can bring PonPon business to a new level,” the girl with huge earphones said suggestively. “We got a lot of business to talk about, now that I’m the subleader.”

“That’s a joke, right?” The earlier green-shirt girl said. “You make my skin crawl Ikuta.”

“Well, I’m the leader now,” the new leader sighed before turned away. “There are more important matters to deal with.”

“Or better things to exercise power to.” Ikuta suggested, as she put on her headphones again.

“Or important matters to discuss with, say, Harunan?” Suzuki pulled the head phones off, and spoke to her ears.

The three walked away. In the background, it can be seen that Sayashi Riho is quite having a time of her life now the four of the young 12kis gathered around her.
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