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Author Topic: S.O.S. - Sakuchan's One Shots /A Thanks to the Rain (06.27)  (Read 1955 times)

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Well, while my REBIRTH story is on Hiatus, I still have some plot bunnies hopping around in my head about H!P members, so I thought I'll place them here once in awhile. It may be anything: OS, crack, drabble, random thoughts or interpretations, and you all can participate if you feel like it  ;)


1. A Thanks to the Rain (down below)

I think I'll start with this story and I hope you like it!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~A Thanks to the Rain~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~




"Mou... I hate you, rain!!"

The black haired girl was sitting in the bus stop, all wet from head to toe, clutching her wet books in her arms. Actually, she loved rain on any other day. But today...the sun was shinning when she woke up, and it was still brightly up in the sky when she was in the library. While the girl was walking home, suddenly it downpour-ed and her favorite books were drenched in a matter of seconds. She didn't care becoming wet herself - she loved playing in the rain - but her books was a different story.

"Of all the times you decided to appear when I don't have an umbrella with me..."

The girl pouted then scrunched her nose. She couldn't be mad for long though.

"But it feels nice, sitting here and enjoying your music."

She smiled and put the books on the bench then stood up.

"Well, let's use this opportunity, nee?"

The black haired girl walked from under the bus stop's shelter and let the rain fall on her. She carefully looked around. The streets were surprisingly empty. Well, more like they were always empty, just once in a while a car or a bus would pass. The street was known for its lacking of vitality as only the library and some houses with old people was situated in it. And it was not like you needed this street badly as passing it wouldn't take you anywhere where other streets wouldn't take you. In fact, the street was treated as an out of place street for some years now.

The girl loved the street for two reasons. One of them was that her favorite library was in it. The other was because not many people were walking past it.

She smiled and readied her stance. She hummed the melody while walking around a bit and then started singing.

Kitai shichatte nemurenai tte kouiu kibun na no
BARENTAIN mo tanjoubi ni mo tsutaerarenakute
Ame no hi dake onaji BASU ni naru
Fudan wa jitensha tsuugaku ka na?
Yohou wa zenbu ashita wa kasa MAAKU ame

Ame no hi wa kusege ni naru no
Sukoshi shinpai dakedo wakuwaku shiteru wa
Mezamashi wa hitsuyounai wa
MAMA ga odoroku kurai
Hayaku tobiokichau no
BYUURA mo kanpeki da shi

Kitai shichatte nemurenaku tte nido ne shichatta ja nai
Ooawate de haburashi shite seifuku ni kigae

Mado no soto ga sukoshi bimyou da wa
Ameashi yowame chuutohanpa
Yohou mo arere? Go-jyuu PAA ni kawatteru

Demo ame ne kusege ni naru wa
Kamisama wa ijiwaru ne
kunekune shichau na
Asagohan shikkari tabeta
MAMA ga odoroite mo ii
Mou ichido haburashi wo shite
Douka aemasu you ni



Demo ame ne kusege ni naru wa
Kamisama wa ijiwaru ne
kunekune shichau na
Asagohan shikkari tabeta
MAMA ga odoroite mo ii
Mou ichido haburashi wo shite
Douka aemasu you ni

As if her song was some spell or chant, the rain suddenly stopped and the sun appeared from behind the clouds. The girl smiled and bowed to the sky.

"Thank you."

She was about to turn around when suddenly her eyes spotted a shy girl hiding behind a tree. The girl was blushing while peeking from the sturdy piece of wood.

"Hey...come here~" the black haired girl cooed and the rosy haired girl shyly walked out of her hiding place. "What's your name?"

"Risako..." the voice came out so silent that the black haired girl was able to hear it only thanks to the street being the infamously quiet one.

"Oh, nice to meet you. My name is Airi, Suzuki Airi." The little bit smaller one smiled and extended her hand.

The shy one took it while blushing even more and her eyes went wide open when she was pulled in a tight hug.

"I saw you all the times you watched me." Airi whispered and giggled. "Do you have a crush on me?"

Risako tried to escape the embrace but it was hard and it felt just too nice.

To tell the truth, she didn't want to leave those warm hands so she stopped struggling and sighed.

"I do like you..." the rosy haired girl mumbled, cursing in her mind for the street's quietness.

"Well, then.." Airi pulled a bit away and stared at the blushing girl. "Let's go on a date."


"A friendly one, you silly. I don't have many friends and you seem nice."

"Okay..." Risako's face now was really bright red but she shook her head and ignored her own shyness.

"Just let me pick my books." Airi skipped to the bus stop and picked them then extended her hand towards the rosy haired girl.

Risako took it and they started walking. The girl had a question and her curiosity got the best of her.

"All this time...every time you danced and sang did it for me?..."

"Un. The first time I noticed you peeking I was attracted by your cuteness... And so I decided to make you smile. I am happy it worked." Suzuki smiled and held Risako's hand tighter.

"Arigatou..." The slightly taller one was beet red now and yet really happy.

"It's all thanks to the rain though. If not the rain, I wouldn't have met you as I never go to the bus stop if it doesn't rain." Airi stated.

"Un..." She raised her head to the sky. "Suzuki-san... The rainbow..."

They both looked at the beautiful art of nature and stared at it for awhile. Then continued walking towards their destination, hand in hand.
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