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Author Topic: scratch'd note5 [On Board | Kudo/Yajima/Shimizu | 3/2]  (Read 2581 times)

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scratch'd note5 [On Board | Kudo/Yajima/Shimizu | 3/2]
« on: August 08, 2013, 01:24:40 AM »
Hmm... I guess it's time to write some stories. This shall mostly house shorter stories-- flashfictions, ficlets, drabbles. One-shots and multi-shots may eventually find themselves in here.

All Most of these will revolve around my non-existent OTP: Goto Maki/Takahashi Ai.
[Edit: Sept. 9/13] - Will also begin to revolve around Goto Maki/Fujimoto Miki and Goto Maki/Matsuura Aya.

[Edit: March 2/15] - Let's just leave it as a collection of random things

Table of Contents
At the End of the Day - Goto/Takahashi | Goto/Tanaka (below)
In the Morning - Goto/Takahashi (below)
Say Yes - Goto/Takahashi (below)
Share - Goto/Takahashi | Goto & her several pets (below)
Godless - onesided!Goto/Takahashi (below)
Behind These Eyes - swapped!Goto/Takahashi (below)
Truth - Goto/Fujimoto (below)
Blind - onesided!Goto/Takahashi | onesided!Goto/Matsuura | onesided!Goto/Tanaka | Takahashi/Niigaki | Matsuura/Fujimoto (below)
On Board - Kudo/Yajima/Shimizu (below)
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Re: scratch'd note5 [At the End of the Day 8/7]
« Reply #1 on: August 08, 2013, 01:26:45 AM »
At the End of the Day

Why her?

Why Reina?

That was the only question that swam through her mind when she saw them together. She could only press her lips together and stay quiet because who was she to jump in between a fan and their idol when she could easily be switched in for that fan?


She would never vocally admit to it, but her body’s reactions would differ. Her eyes burned with fire, but behind them was cracked confidence. Her hands would be clenched into tight fists, so tight that her fingernails would mark her palms, but all she wanted to do was hold someone tight and never let go. Her heart would beat so hard that it threatened to burst out of her chest if she didn’t take control of it immediately.

Another thing she wouldn’t likely verbally admit: being deeply in love with Goto Maki.

So, when she saw the older woman talking to a particular sixth generation member, she had to turn away quickly. Watching them interact simply hurt because they were so open and free about it. All of those pictures she saw online, that televised date—in the public, she looked like she and Maki almost looked like strangers.

She couldn’t particularly complain when things were different back then.

At least, things were different now.


She still locked her feelings away just enough to avoid suspicious eyes. She still fled the room when she her chest would tighten with emotion.

Things weren’t really that different.

Fleeing into a washroom and holding onto the sink just to recollect herself—some things didn’t change. She looked into the mirror and saw her eyes turn glassy. She wouldn’t cry this time because no matter how many times she asked herself, “Why her?” there was always one thought that reassured her.

At the end of the day, she was Maki’s girlfriend. No matter how many public images and moments Maki and Reina had, it couldn’t compete with the moments of affection and tenderness she and Maki shared in private.


A/N: Let this be a prequel of sorts.

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Re: scratch'd note5 [In the Morning 8/8]
« Reply #2 on: August 08, 2013, 11:54:52 PM »
A/N: This is post-'At the End of the Day'

In the Morning

It was too damn early.

That was what she thought when streaks of sunlight shone through the curtains and entered her eyes. She rolled over onto her stomach and buried her head underneath a pillow. Her arm flailed off to the side and she expected to be touching another body, but all she made contact with were air and the blanket.

“Aichan?” The sleepy woman pulled her head out and scanned the quiet bedroom. She turned around and sat up in her bed, rubbing her eyes free of sleep. Her eyes caught the clock off to the side and frowned.

Nine in the morning.

It was too damn early.

She looked to the floor and saw that Ai’s belongings were still there which meant she was still there. Then, she heard the movements in the kitchen.

Groggily, she climbed out of bed and grabbed her robe that lied over the back of a chair. She pulled it on and haphazardly tied the front just enough to close it.

As she made her way to the kitchen she began to smell food being cooked. She managed to stop right before the room when her eyes caught sight of Ai.

“Oh good morning!” Ai greeted with a little bit of pink colouring her cheeks. “I-I thought that I’d make food since we didn’t get to actually eat last night.” She saw the way the older woman looked at her and it made her face heat up more.

A sly smile crossed Maki’s face as she strode up to the younger woman and pulled her into her arms. She lowered her gaze and chuckled. “Just an apron?”

“Shut up,” Ai responded back, burying her face into Maki’s chest.

Maki happily laughed.

It was never too early when it came to her girlfriend.
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Re: scratch'd note5 [In the Morning 8/8]
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A/N: Let us go back before ‘At the End of the Day’, shall we?

Please Say Yes

“Maki-chan, I just wanted to know what we are. We hang out a lot, talk a lot… are we just friends? Some things (I’m a little too embarrassed to say) happened, so I just… wanted to know. What are we?”

To say she was a nervous wreck was an understatement.

Ai was sweating bullets as she waited for an answer. Each passing second a little stab of death and the silence only amplified the pain. She looked down at the ground and weakly chuckled, taking a step back.

“U-Uh, you can forget I said anything. Dinner w-was great a-and the ice cream was n-nice. I’ll just go home,” she stammered out as tears brim her eyes. She turned around ready to get out of the park when arms circled her shoulders.

Her heart was pounding in her chest.

Her tears were beginning to roll down her cheeks.

She could feel Maki’s face pressing against the side of her head. All she wanted to do was go home and just hide underneath the covers for the rest of her life.

“Would you like to be my girlfriend?”

Her heart skipped a beat.

“W-What?” She hesitantly turned around in fear that the question was merely her imagination and the entire situation was just a joke. Except, she looked up to see Maki sweetly smiling at her, but there was fear underlying her eyes.

“Would you, Takahashi Ai, like to be my girlfriend?” Maki repeated with a bit more confidence.

Ai laughed in relief and threw her arms around the other woman’s waist. She pressed her face against Maki’s chest and began to unintentional sob into the woman’s blouse from relief and happiness.

“Silly Aichan,” Maki whispered, running her right hand through Ai’s hair. “You still didn’t answer my question.”

The sobbing girl pulled away and furiously wiped her face of the fallen tears. She looked up at Maki and nodded. “As long as you’re mine.”

“Then, yes,” Maki nodded back, stepping towards the girl and pressing a kiss on her forehead. “I’ll take that as a yes.”

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Re: scratch'd note5 [Share 8/8]
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“It isn’t nice that you keep taking up Maki-chan’s time, you know? I mean, she’s busy enough, but she has to spend some time with me, too.”

Ai looked over to the side and made sure she was being listened to.

“I know I have to be more lenient because she’s a really great idol, but she’s still mine. Busy schedules are already a pain the butt, but you and your friends aren’t helping. So, could you give us a break from time to time?”

No response.

Ai shifted around and lowered her head. Two round brown eyes stared up at her in what appeared to be fear.

“You can do that, right?”

A faint nod or what looked to be a nod.

“Aichan… are you talking to my cat?”

The younger woman sat up and half-heartedly grinned before she pulled the still feline onto her lap. “No, what makes you think that?”

Maki smirked and patted Ai on the head. “Cause I was standing here the entire time you were doing so.”

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Re: scratch'd note5 [Share 8/8]
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Being revered as The One made her doubtful of everything and everyone. All she sees around her are fans and it scares her. Not because of how clingy or the way they only see her as a god, but because she isn’t sure if their feelings are true. It was easy to say you were friends were her, but 80% of the time she knew it was their side as a bright-eyed fan.
She allows people to get close to her, but not too close. She still continues to evaluate everyone just as a precaution. Why let so many people in and realize they’ve broken your heart when it’s too late?
Her eyes peer over the cup of coffee in her hand towards the group of girls and young women surrounding her. She knows which people she has allowed her heart to be open to and which people she remains guarded with.
She can feel eyes on her and she knows who it is. They, it was never just one person, would spare longing gazes at her. Bright-eyed fans, but she knows they have sincere hearts. She also knows that both of them will make it far with the group; both of them were too talented to suddenly disappear unless something career damaging came their ways.
No, she still thinks that they’ll recover from whatever comes their way.
One of them was headed in her direction of being a god. Things tend to work themselves out and even with a battle scar it wasn’t going to destroy her. Just as long as strong determination and heart remained in the equation, nothing would take her down.
Another sip and she suddenly feels a burning gaze just above her right shoulder. Before she can even consider turning around to see which of the two it was, she finds one of the girls sitting beside her and starting up a conversation. She’s always amused by this girl. Her somewhat unabashed method of getting into her good graces was going well.
She thinks that things are going well when she turns in her seat, but then she feels the burning gaze again. Her eyes turn towards the source and she catches a glimpse of a sadly smiling girl. She suddenly feels a pang of pain in her chest, but she ignores it since she’s still in a conversation. Her focus returns to the girl talking to her, but in the back of her mind she can’t wipe out the image of sad eyes staring at her.
When the day is over she finds herself finding her. She sees her getting ready to leave and instead of going after her, she ends up stopping in her place at a loss for words. She questions what she’ll say, how she’ll say them—she just questions everything.
As the girl’s eyes make contact with hers, she feels naked. A smile is directed her way and she can only faintly return it.
“Have a good night, Goto-san.”
The girl beams a wider smile before walking past out. She wants to reach out and grab the girl’s wrist to stop her so they can talk, but she doesn’t. Her fingers tingle at an opportunity lost, but she doesn’t fret. At least, not yet.
She wonders if either girl would bother talking to her if she wasn’t considered as The One. Her thoughts launch themselves into a series of questions about whether or not she would have the same attention from anyone if she wasn’t The Goto Maki. Would anyone even look at her? Would they look at her? Would she even spare a glance at her?
Her eyes drop to the floor and she scoffs at the amount of ‘what-ifs’ that soar through her head. There is only one question left in her mind: Would you even care about me when I’m no longer a god?
She crosses her arms and plasters on a smile.
“Goodnight Aichan,” she whispers in the silence.

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Re: scratch'd note5 [Godless 8/10]
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Didn't notice this fic until yesterday

Goto x Aichan.
Rarely see fic about this pairing.

Interesting and interested to know how their relationship will be like when time goes by!  XD

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Re: scratch'd note5 [Behind These Eyes 8/27]
« Reply #7 on: August 28, 2013, 02:55:12 AM »
Title: Behind These Eyes
Note: I blame Yuuyami for this one… again. AU… established relationship, let’s go! May be expanded...?

“What the hell?!” a woman screeched out when she looked into the mirror. She fled the bathroom when she heard a scream from the kitchen. Two long strides out of the bathroom and she found herself on the floor with a heavy weight on top of her.

“Ow…” another woman muttered. She moved her head and was about to raise it until she realized she was resting on something soft. Instead, pressed her face into the softness and released a content sigh.

“Excuse me, can you get off?”

No reply.

“M-Maki-chan, if that’s you, can you get off?”

The resting woman sat up and pouted after being forced to move. Her pout lasted for a few seconds before she was hit with the reason why they ran into each other to begin with.

“You’re in my body!” the two women cried out, pointing at each other.

Maki and Ai hesitantly reached out to each other, touching each other’s face unable to fathom what happened. Somehow, the two had switched bodies throughout the night (a night that was only a couple hours long for particular reasons).

“This is so weird,” Ai whispered. She stared at her “self” and wondered how the entire thing ever happened. She was about to ask a question, but the moment she opened her mouth a squeak left her mouth instead.

“Whoa, they really are soft,” Maki muttered as she fondled her body’s chest. Out of her intrigue, she didn’t notice the effect her actions had on the other woman. That was until she heard a moan. “Eh?”

The younger woman snapped out of her stupor and blushed profusely as she smacked the interested hands away. “Stop that!”

A devilish grin suddenly appeared on Maki’s—Ai’s?—face. Ai frowned at the sight. She didn’t know she was capable of such an expression. Without another beat she stood up and inwardly grimaced when Maki stood up as well.

What a different view.

“Wow, you’re a lot shorter than I thought.”

Was that an insult?

“Are you making fun of me?” Ai asked, peeved at the random statement.

“No, but it answers my question about why you always like to hug me.” Somehow the devilish grin widened.

Ai was ready to bolt out of the scene. Who in the world would trust that kind of expression even if the other person who wore it was a significant other?

Her attempt to flee was thrown out the window when the other woman flung herself onto her. Arms were wound tight around her waist and a face was happily resting against her chest.

“You get a really soft pillow!” Maki exclaimed far too excitedly. She nuzzled the “pillow”-like softness and sighed once again in contentment.

The only thing that went through Ai’s mind was how crazy her girlfriend was. She knew there was a different side to Maki, but this was really strange albeit cute.

“You’re so naughty. This is why you like—love hugging me.”

Ai was more than ready to retort at the accusation, but all of her words died on the tip of her tongue when she saw Maki looking up at her with a gentle smile. She turned her head away and cleared her throat.

A thought appeared in her mind.

“So, that’s why you let me get away with everything!”

Maki raised an eyebrow at the statement. “Eh?”

“My smile; you let me get away with everything whenever I smile like that at you!”

Oops, busted.

“Hey, it can’t be helped! You look way too adorable whenever you smile like… this? That?” Maki pulled away and frowned. “How will this work? Do you think we’ll be able to return to our own bodies?”

“What, you don’t like my body? Last time I checked you were more than happy to touch—“

Well,” Maki interjected, “it feels really weird looking at me so can you blame me? Don’t you want to go back to your own body?”

A sharp smirk was on Ai’s—Maki’s?—face. The older woman thought that it was strange way to differentiate… people.

“No, I quite like this view,” Ai replied back as coolly as possible, or as possible as Takahashi Ai could in Goto Maki’s body.

“Hey, I like being able to hold you when we stand,” Maki retorted back disliking where the conversation was headed. She saw that the other woman wasn’t planning on budging.

“Now, it’ll be my turn to hold you.”

Maki blankly stared at her “taller” girlfriend and groaned. “This is cool and all, but it’s so weird looking at myself.”

Ai rolled her eyes and tugged the other woman back to bed.

Whoa, what are you—No! This is really weird!” Maki shouted as she saw clothes being shed off of the other body and dropped to the floor.

“Wouldn’t it be cool even for one time?”

The bewildered woman furiously shook her head. Behind these eyes, it would be far too awkward!

Another sharp smirk was on Ai’s face and this time it terrified Maki.

“W-We should s-stop!” The words fell on deaf ears and Maki found herself shoved onto their bed. She shut her eyes and whimpered when she felt a hand move underneath her shirt. That wandering hand moved underneath the band of her pants and out of shock she shoved her girlfriend away.

Ow! Maki-chan!”

Maki reluctantly opened her eyes and saw her said girlfriend in a heap on the floor by their bed. She furrowed her brow when she saw that Ai was… Ai. Her eyes travelled down and she noticed that they were back into their own bodies.

It was just a dream.

“Ya could help me up, ya know,” Ai grumbled out.

The older woman released a deep breath and extended her hand. Ai climbed back into bed and lied on top of her. She pursed her lips when she saw how comfortably nestled the Ai’s head was on her chest.

“They're really soft, aren't they?”

“Huh?” Ai lifted her head and tilted it to the side.

Maki chuckled and shook her head. “Nothing, I just had a weird dream.”

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Re: scratch'd note5 [Truth | Goto/Fujimoto | 9/9]
« Reply #8 on: September 10, 2013, 04:14:29 AM »
“Will this get awkward?”
“It isn’t awkward until you make it awkward.”
Maki ran a hand through her hair and briefly glanced at the alcoholic drink beside her. She released a soft sigh and turned back to face the woman whose lap she straddled. “I’m allowed to blame the alcohol, right?”
“That’s bullshit and you know it.” Miki rolled her eyes and let her hands wander to an all-too-familiar spot. When she received no protest, she smirked and playfully squeezed what was in her grasp. When she heard a faint whimper above her, she grinned. “Just tell Miki the truth,” she sing-songly called out.
“You’re a bitch.”
A humoured cackle filled the air and those mischievous hands wandered to Maki’s chest. “Stop stalling,”
By now, Maki’s face had flushed greatly. She wouldn’t outright admit it, but she liked the way she was being touched. A faint murmur left her lips and she hoped Miki had heard it.
“What was that? I didn’t quite hear you.”
That bitch.
“Please… touch me… Miki-sama.”
“Hmm, that isn’t exactly it, but we’ll work on that,” Miki replied back, happily continuing her actions. When she heard a pleased moan she knew she that they were headed for a lot of fun.

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[Blind | Goto/? | 2/26]
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Title: Blind
Rating: G
Pairings: one-sided Goto Maki/Matsuura Aya | one-sided Goto Maki/Takahashi Ai | one sided Tanaka Reina/Goto Maki
Note: The beginning of the fanfic battle “Dreams”. I was ironically listening to one of Aya’s songs while writing this.
Summary: She had been going after the wrong person.

Maki was frustrated with her actions. A string of curses rang through her brain as she recalled everything she did which only resulted in failure. Whenever she tried to make a move she found herself doing something regrettable instead.

Every word she wanted to say sounded cold and distant.

Every action she did came off so awkward to the point that she wanted the ground to swallow her up.

Every attempt to redeem herself went straight to hell whenever she froze from the idea of prospectively embarrassing herself (even though she looked cool on the outside) or every time someone else from the Project appeared out of nowhere and clung onto her.

That was the current case; Reina had practically materialized out of thin air whenever Ai was in proximity to her. As much as she liked Reina she wanted her to leave because it bothered her seeing Ai’s longing gaze from the corner of her eye. She briefly looked past Reina and saw the soft smile Ai sent her, which only tugged at her heart, but she was sure the stiff smile she returned was something more painful. She felt as if she was hurting any chance of having anything with Ai.

“So, do you still want to go have lunch tomorrow?”

Maki blinked a few times and remembered she was still in a conversation with Reina. She looked down at expectant eyes, forced on what she hoped was a natural smile and nodded. Amusement momentarily flitted through her when she watched a huge grin break out on Reina’s face. With a pat on the girl’s head, Maki sent her off to go get changed out of her concert outfit.

As she raised her gaze, a frown made its way onto her face when she saw how friendly Ai was with Risa. It wasn’t surprising for them to be close since they were of the same generation, but the way they looked at each other spoke volumes more than what was being let on. She furrowed her brow at the sight and shook her head, figuring it would be best to go and get changed as well.

As soon as she finished changing, Maki hoped she could find a spare moment to personally say goodbye Ai and perhaps invite her out to something. She slung her bag over her shoulder and made her way through the hallways to the other dressing rooms. She took a deep breath and prayed that good luck would be on her side when she arrived at Morning Musume’s doorway.

Perhaps not.

The moment Maki looked through the crack at the side of the curtain she had to hold back what could have been a audible sigh of disappointment when she saw Risa place a chaste kiss on Ai’s lips from the crack in the curtain. She saw the stunned look on Ai’s face, but it quickly left when the older girl playfully (albeit quite firmly) smacked Risa on the head. She expected to hear a harsh reprimand or a rejection, but it never happened when Risa pulled Ai into a gentle hug.

“Great,” Maki whispered to herself. She took a step away from the door and shook her head. That explained why Ai had stopped trying to approach her. With a heavy heart she continued on her way to leave the venue occasionally saying her goodbyes to staff and other Project members. When she reached another dressing room, she decided to poke her head inside to see if any of members listed for the room were still around.

“You should learn to knock, Gocchin.”

Maki turned her head towards the voice and made a face in reply. She walked over to Aya and plopped down in the chair beside the younger woman.

“Something wrong?”

“Long day?”

A quiet chuckle left Aya’s lips. “You love to perform, so you were practically waiting for this day to come. Did you end up finding something you didn’t want to find?”

Maki groaned and shrank in her seat at the question. She really didn’t want to talk about that so soon.

“I’m guessing you found out about Aichan and Risa-chan, hmm?”

The older woman remained quiet and watched as Aya stood up to pat her on the head.

“Sooner or later you were going to find out even if you didn’t really believe all of my hints.”

Maki swatted at the hand and stood up, refusing to accept the situation. She looked at Aya and saw the hard expression in her eyes.

“No, you are not going to suddenly swoop in and ruin what they have. Don’t be stupid, okay?”

The urge to snap back was strong, but it disappeared when Aya pulled her into a hug and held her tight. All her frustration changed into a heavy feeling in the pit of her stomach.

“Did you know… I was always here for you whenever you needed me?” Aya whispered into her ear.

The heaviness started to spread.

“A-Aya--” She fell quiet when the younger woman pulled back and pressed a soft kiss on the corner of her mouth. Her eyes widened and apologies began to fall from her mouth. “I’m so sorry-- I’m so sorry for being blind. I… can we--”

“Aya, are you ready yet? I wanna go home already!”

Both Aya and Maki turned to the door where Miki’s voice sounded. Maki flinched and stared at Aya with one question burning in her eyes. Aya stepped away from her and quietly apologized, leaving her alone in the room.

It was too late.

“Matsuura-san, are you still here? Mikitty’s looking for-- Goto-san! I thought you left already.” Reina’s head poked through the curtain, eyes wide in surprise.

Maki half-smiled at the other girl and shook her head. Maybe it wasn’t too late. “Not yet, but hey did you want to grab something to eat now? If you’re free?”

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Re: scratch'd note5 [On Board | Kudo/Yajima/Shimizu | 3/2]
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Title: On Board
Rating: G
Characters: Kudo Haruka, Yajima Maimi, Shimizu Saki
Note: The second one-shot for the “Dreams” fanfic battle. I know nothing of skateboards. That is all. Do not try this at home unless you want a broken bone or a broken board.
Summary: It looked like a lot of fun and they wanted to learn how to use the board as well. Duu wasn’t exactly sure why all three of them ended up on it.

Haruka was pretty sure that it all started when pictures of her on a skateboard began circulating to the public. She was also quite sure that someone in the Project was deliberately spreading those pictures because she found herself in an empty lot trying to steady one of her two “students” on her longboard.

“Shimizu-san, you have to stop shaking or you’ll fall,” Haruka stated, trying to let go of the older girl. Unfortunately, Saki had a death grip on Maimi’s wrists and wouldn’t let go. Haruka turned to Maimi, but only received an apologetic smile in response.

“Saki-chan, you need to let go,” Maimi pointed out as she somehow patted the older girl on the arm. She watched as Saki’s hands slowly let go of her, but they swiftly grabbed one of Haruka’s arms instead.


Haruka and Maimi shared another look before the younger of the two maneuvered herself to stand on the board behind Saki. Much to the girl’s displeasure (and fear for her board), Haruka tried to get on at reasonable places. Despite the potential danger of what they were doing, she decided to get the board moving a couple inches across the pavement. She looked down and saw that Saki had her eyes shut and was crushing her arm to death.

“Shimizu-san, you have to open your eyes.” She moved her free hand to Saki’s waist to keep them both steady, but found it to be a horrible decision when the older girl grabbed her wrist and began to crush the life out of it as well.

“Saki-chan, you don’t look so cool right now,” Maimi commented with a huge grin on her face as she pointed at the frozen Captain of Berryz Koubou. She tilted her head and wonder if what was going on was actually okay. She was pretty sure Haruka’s board (or Haruka, for that matter) would stay in one piece.

“It’s scary!”

Maimi moved closer to the two and was about to comfort Saki when something else popped into her mind. Rather than moving to the front to help Saki, she moved to the back and decided to try and get on the board as well.

“Yajima-san?!” Haruka cried out when she looked back and saw the older girl somehow get on. She prayed for the well-being of her board, but began to pray for their own well-being when Maimi’s arms were wrapped around her and Saki.

“Maimi-chan?!” Saki shouted out when she opened her eyes and saw another pair of hands on her waist.

“I’m sorry, but I was getting board… and it was looking fun.”

Haruka wasn’t sure what part of having three people on one wooden board with wheels looked fun. She was about to tell Maimi to get off when the board abruptly moved, nearly sending them all of them flying. The only thing she was sure of was that her board needed a break and preferably one that wouldn’t cost her money in the end.

“I-I think we n-need to get off,” Saki called out as she released Haruka’s nearly lifeless arm for one of Maimi’s hands.

“Shimizu-san, you need to let us go first,” Haruka replied back when she noticed the mess of locked limbs around her. She looked over her shoulder and saw how amused Maimi was with the entire situation. “Strange senpais…


“Saki-chan, we can’t get off until you don’t let us go,” Maimi pointed out as she wiggled her hands which were locked between Saki’s arm and body.

“No, this is scary!”

Maimi rested her chin against Haruka’s shoulder and tried to pry her hands away so she could get off, but to no avail when Saki’s vice grips were keeping her place.

“We should really get off,” Haruka piped up feeling quite warm and uncomfortable being sandwiched between the two older girls. She tried to pull herself from Saki, but faced the same problem as Maimi; the little woman suddenly had incredible strength.

“What are you guys doing?”

The new voice shocked the three, who believed they were alone, and sent them all tumbling to the ground. Groaning, Haruka, Saki and Maimi laid on the ground tangled with one another. The longboard, however; casually rolled over to Airi’s feet. Airi blinked a few times before she picked up the board and walked over to three who managed to sit up with pained expressions.

“Are you three okay?”

Haruka weakly smiled and shook her arms to get the blood flowing once again. She turned to Maimi and saw the smile on her face indicating she was fine. She looked over at Saki and saw the girl was still stunned. “Shimizu-san?”

“Don’t ever let me do that again.”
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