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Author Topic: The promise (WMatsui) Chapter 16 - Can I still meet you? 18/06/2015  (Read 27402 times)

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Re: The promise (wmatsui) Chapter 5 - The puzzle of childhood.
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Yeah man!!!!

Lets see wat they both will do next!!

Can't wait to see it

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Re: The promise (wmatsui) Chapter 5 - The puzzle of childhood.
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I miss your update. . . PLease comeback. . . I reaLLy Love your fanfic. . .

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The promise (wmatsui) Chapter 6 – The reasons
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I am SO SORRY for the late updated.  :mon yell: was kinda very busy with assignment and chinese new year.  :mon emo:
And finally here a update. THANKS FOR READING! ARIGATO!  :kneelbow:

Zita: em. Okai, maybe in the future.  :D
Kirozoro: haha. yap is too cool to be true.  XD
yuri: you'll see. smirk*

I miss your update. . . PLease comeback. . . I reaLLy Love your fanfic. . .

lahika: GOMEN-NEEEE~~~  :tama-wtf: THANNKS FOR LOVING MY FANFIC, means ALOT TO ME!  :deco: Thank you for reading.  :D

Chapter 6 – The reasons

Something is bothering Rena-chan.
I wonder what is it. Just now I heard she say all because of that dream.
Dream? What dream? Did I mishear it?
I ask her again, but she say is nothing.
I stared at her face and notices that her eyes is red and swallowed
Did she cry? Why did she cry?
I'm worry.
“Are you really okay? You can always tell me about it.”
She smiled and looked at me once again, telling me she is alright.
She is lying, my heart tighten up.
She doesn't remember me at all.
Last time she used to tell me everything, we kept no secret from each other.
But now, there is somehow a gap between she and I.

I still can remember the first time we met.
Those smile under rain at Nagoya.
That's was the first time we met.
That smile is like a scar burn into my brain. I can never forget it.
I was shocked when you transferred to akb academy.
Since you introduce yourself, I can't take my eyes of you.
During lunch my friends invited me to hang out, but I said I'm going to martial arts club.
The truth is I want to get close to you.
I never know terrible things will happen to you, those guys laid their hands on you.
I can never forgive them in my life.
My blood boils and my eyes filled with anger, when I saw them tearing your clothes apart.
I punched them until they went into the hospital, it was nothing compared to what they did to you.
You had a trauma for guys after that incident.
You will start trembling and your eyes will fill with fears when guys get close to you, other than me.
we always spend time together, and I always protected you like a princess.

Slowly I found out that I was falling for you.
That feeling start growing in me each day.

But because of my self-pride, I hurt you.
I still can remember clearly that day I said I have to go to New York to study.
You cried, you broke down In front of me.
I never let anyone make you cry, but the one that bring most tears to you is me.
My heart crushed into million pieces when I see you cry as if the world is ending.

Maybe I shouldn't have left you, maybe I should have stay by your side.
But those maybe didn't happen.

The fact is I left you because of my stupid Pride!

Do you still remember, Rena?
That time we made a promise together?
We went to the hill and see the beautiful sunset together?
I promised you that 6 years later, I’d be back.
But I broke that promise?
I’m sorry Rena. I hope you could forgive me.
The truth of leaving you is because of my self-pride, and I wasn’t strong enough to handle everything by myself.

Flash back*

7years ago.

My name is Matsui Jurina. I grow up in a single parent family. My mom, Matsui Maria is the CEO of top Japanese trading Company, Matsubisi. 2 years ago, my mom died in a plane crush when she was coming back to Japan from New York. She left the Company to my father and from that day on, we change our family name to Matsui.

Mom side of relative cut off the ties with us, and some of them were very angry at the decision that my mom made, leaving the company to my father. From that time on, I decided that in the future I will help my father in the company. I started studying day till night and learn every skill possible, and because of it I skipped 2 grades in school.

Every night I will help my father read through all the company’s paper, knowing what’s the company is going through. Yes, I am the only child in my family and I have responsible to carry. In school I have to set an example student, so that I won’t humiliate my family name.

3 months ago, my father and I went to Nagoya for work. After, the work, the sky started to rain but luckily I bought an umbrella with me. So I decided to take a walk under the rain. On the way back home, I saw a girl smiling brightly under the rain as if she never had any problem in her life at all. I remember that’s you Rena-chan. After meeting you, we went back to Tokyo. Suddenly, my father fell sick due to over working, after some time his sickness started to get worst. So during the semester break I was taking care of the company. When the break is over, I started to work at night and I started to be late for class. The working as manager at my parent's company, my father falling sick, and me from a single parent family is all secrets.


After what happen to you I thought the bully that I beat will never appear again and I thought life will be better.
But I was wrong. The bully found out my secrets. I don’t know how but they did.

They black mailed me.

A letter was given to me.

To. Jun
I know your secrets. I know you are from a single parent family and you are working as manager at Matsubisi company.
Meet me at gym after school ends.

Damn it. Someone found out. But how? I crush the Paper and throw it into the bin. Agh! What am I going to do now!


After school, I told you to go home without me because I have something to take care of. You pouted and looked at me and ask me what is the thing I have to take care of. I lied and I said the teacher wants me to stay back for some work.
I went to the gym and saw no one there.
“Who the hell is that guy that call me here but not even a shadow appear.” I said.
“Is ME! The guy that you sent to hospital” someone shouted with anger in his voice.
“ You?”
“ Haha. You never think it was me did you?”
“I should have guessed” “Tell me how did you know my secrets?”
“AH! Because I followed you back home. I saw you drop YOUR LITTLE PRINCESS BACK HOME, and went to a company call…. MATSUBISI RIGHT?” He smirked.
“……” I stared at him with anger in my eyes
“W-w-hat? You want to beat me up? Heeh! If you beat me up I will tell the school about your secrets and see what will happen to you”
“ Don’t you dare!” I hold my fist tightly. I walked towards him, he back off each step until end of the wall. He raises his voice and said. “TRY ME! I’ll spread your secrets around the school! Don’t forget your little Princess that you have been protecting will get hurt too.” “Y-OU!” I hold on my fist. For a second, Rena smiling face flashed in my mind. I rises my fist and punched the wall next to his head with my fist. I cannot let Rena get hurt, I can’t imagine her looking at me with those eyes, saying those words, pitiful.
I surrendered. I release my punch on the wall.
“Okay. Tell me what I should do so that you will not tell the secret out.” I said.
“Heh! In the end Jun is not that tough is HE!” he punched me in my stomach. “ I WANT YOU TO GET LOST!” He punched me for second time. I started to cough, is painful. He wanted to punch me another time but I stopped him by holding his fist. “LET’s make a deal!” I said with anger in my eyes. I can see that he flinched. “If I get lost, you don’t ever lay your finger on RENA. Or not I can’t guarantee your finger with still be with your filthy hand.” I said it with anger in my voice. “ OKAY. IF you LEAVE THE SCHOOL!” He shouted at me.
“GIVE ME TWO WEEKS TIME” I shouted angrily back to him.
“DEAL” He said and I walked off.
I didn’t mean to leave you. But now I have no choice, I have responsible to carry, my father falling sick and I can’t take the judgmental from others.
I can’t afford to lose you, Rena-chan.
You are my everything.
I’m tired. I don’t know what to do anymore.

Last night, I got a call from USA saying the stock holders over there is not satisfy with my father decision passing the responsible to a child to manage the company. They want to have a meeting to make decision, I have to show them I have the power to carry the responsible that my parents gave.
I thought maybe leaving is the best.
I bought the plane ticket planning to leave in two week but something still holding me back that is you Rena.
I told my childhood friend Mayu to secretly take care of you, she is a good friend.
Mayu is watanabe’s company only child, our parents are good friends so we known each other ever since we are in our diaper. I’ll leave you in her hand, because I have no power to take care and watch over you now.

But I promise I’ll be back for you.


“Rena-chan are you free tomorrow?” I asked
“Yeah, I am. What’s up?”
“Let’s go see sunset together!” I smiled brightly.
“okay….” She blushed red as tomato and nodded.

One week before I go, I asked you to go see sunset together at the hill near our house.
It was Friday after school, I was prepared to tell you that I’m leaving.
“Come on, Rena-chan, Hurry up!” I shouted happily
seeing her trying her best to catch up to me makes me so happy. She is just too adorable.
“Wait for me” She said while trying to catch her breath. I waited for her and I reached out for her hand.
She took my hand and both of us walk to the top of the hill.
“Finally, we reached the top of the hill.” I said with a small smile.
“Ya, is beautiful….” I can see her face appear with a gentle smile and eyes didn’t take off the beautiful sunset.
Both of us just enjoy looking at the breath-taking sunset.

I broke the silent between us.
“Rena-chan.” I said with a small voice.
“Yeah, Jun?” she turn her attention to me.
“Rena-chan, can I hug you?” I said it with a small voice as if is a whisper.
“s-sure.” She heard me, she open her arms and let me hug her.
I hugged her, tears start rolling down my cheek. I cry silently in her arm. She realize I was crying in her arm, she softly pats on my head.
“Are you okay? What happen?” She ask with a soft and gentle voice.
“I’m leaving” I said it. My heartache as I says those words.
She immediately pull me out from her arm and gave me a intense stare. She didn’t believe what I have just said.
“I’m leaving to new york and study" Bitter smile form on my face but I continue saying “But I’ll be back, I promise.” After she heard those words, she cried. She didn’t want to believe what I have just said.
“Rena, shh-h Please don’t cry. Is hard for me too but I have no choice. I’m sorry.” She clingy on my clothes and cry even harder.
“I can’t imagine a day without you, Jun.”
It was very heartbroken to see the one you love breakdown in front of you and the reason Is because of you too.
I simply allowing her to cry with her heart content on my shoulder and whisper “I’m sorry” this goes on for an hour.

We sat under the tree and after Rena stop crying.
Rena’s eyes are puffy and red.
She lay her head on my shoulder and I held her hand tightly. She broke the silent between us.
“when are you leaving?” she asked while her head still on my shoulder.
“In One week time.” I said with a bitter smile.
“…One week….” She murmured.
“Is okay Rena-chan. I’ll be back for you.” I ran my fingers through her hair and reassured her.
“When?” her voice shrunk back as she said.
"...." I don't know. I can't tell her when because it going to take a few years, until the company is stable again.
"I'll be back in 6 years." I said.
"....6 years... Is a very long time." Tears roll down her cheek.
I held her hand.
I took out a necklace with a ring with it from my pocket and put it in her hand.
“what is this?” she asked.
“Is a ring, this is a gift from me.”
“Really? Is beautiful.” She was amazed
“There is an initial ‘R’ carve on the inner side of the ring. I have one too, but with an initial ‘J’ though.
“…. Is pretty.” “Jun, can we exchange our ring? So that we have each others ring?” She ask shyly
“…. Sure why not.” She is just too cute I cannot refuse her.
I took off my ring from my neck and exchange with her.
“Thanks. This will become the sign of our promise.” She looked at the ring.
“Let me help you to wear it.”
The ring went through the necklace and I place it over her neck.
“Thanks Jun, I love it.” She said it while finger playing with the ring around her neck.
“You welcome.” She placed her head on my shoulder.
“em, Jun can I ask a favor from you?”
“en, Sure! Anything for you my princess.”
“can I ask for…. A kiss from you?”
“K-kiissu?” My eyes went wide after hearing Rena said.
“….. Is okay if you don’t want to…..” she said it with a low voice and continue played with the ring on her neck.
Once again she captivated me, my desires were overflowing. I hold her hand and slowly held her chin up and captured her lips on mine. That’s where we share our fist kiss together, a soft and gentle first kiss. We kiss and parted. It was a short kiss, a kiss that I will not forget. We put our head together and nose touched, and she whispered.
“Please come back for me.” She said with a sad voice.
“I will, I will. And I promise once I’m back I’ll tell you something.”
“what is it?” she asked.
“Is a S-E-C-R-E-T” I giggled
“Mou, then I have no choice but wait for you to come back for me.” She hit me softly.
She rested her head on my shoulder.

We never wanted this moment to end.
But time passes with a blink of an eye, the day I’m leaving has come.
One week has pass, since that day I have told Rena about my leaving, she hasn’t show any bright smile.
 All I could see is a bitter smile form on her face.

I was heart broken but I keep it to myself, not letting her know that and I left her.

(To be continue)
Thanks for reading again.
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Re: The promise (wmatsui) Chapter 6 – The reasons
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OMG. ! ! I can't wait the next chapter. . . What happen with WMATSUI ?????? And How's Rena feeL after she know that Jun is SHE not HE. She'LL heart break. . . PLease Update the next chapter ASAP. . . I'LL waiting 4 u. It's reaLLy good chapter. . Ganbatte.!

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Re: The promise (wmatsui) Chapter 6 – The reasons
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Just a tiny little moment of kiss???
I wan to see more sweet moment between them  :heart: :heart: :heart: XD

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Re: The promise (wmatsui) Chapter 6 – The reasons
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Aww..Wmatsui are so sweet

Damn that guy how dare him blackmail Jun

Please update soon

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Re: The promise (wmatsui) Chapter 7 – I’m free
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lahika:  Thanks for the SUPPORT!  :D HERE A UPDATE~ Hope you like it.  O0 Enjoy~
Yuri: Smirk. Soon.  :P
Kirozoro: Is sad that both of them have to be apart.  :( anyway. enjoy this chapter too.  XD

THANKS FOR READING and commenting.  :)
I will update when i have free time, because my assignment is Killing me slowly. :A; I hope i won't let you guys down. Gomenne~  :cry:
By the way, Happy valentine day. Even though is a late one, I still wish you guys enjoyed your day with your loves one. :oops:

Chapter 7 – I’m free
It’s been 6 years now, Rena-chan do you miss me?  Ever since I left you, never a single day I never thought of you. I wore the ring every day, and I kept reminding myself the promise I made with you.

This past 6 years, a lot of things have happen, I dress up like a girl now, I studied very hard and now I have already graduated from high school. I’m the youngest student in my college now. It takes 4 years, for the shareholders to agree letting me to take care of the company. They saw a young girl like me working so hard for the company and putting effort in everything for the company, they were touched. 3 years ago, my father suddenly fell ill very seriously due to over working and after few months later he pass away.

Now, I’m the CEO of the company. Stress and pressure are everything I had this pass 6 years. I miss you badly Rena, real bad.
I want to cry but my tears just dry out.

I can’t handle it, why a 15 year old girl like me have to go through all this pressure? I don’t understand.


Few months ago, I got back the letters I wrote to you, it was the biggest nightmare I ever had. Mayu told me you have moved far away, at that time I realize I was slowly losing you. You never told me that you moved.

Did you know I had a very long dream? I dreamt about us.

I dreamt about how we met again and being together forever but forever never last. One day, you said.
Jurina is time for you to wake up.
I don’t understand. But you looked so sad when you to tell me to wake up. I didn’t want to make you sad, so I do as I was told.
I woke up and realize I’m at the hospital and all of it was just a dream. Mayu told me I was in coma for half a year, and she has been helping in everything. I was blessed to have a friend like Mayu, she helped me to managed my company. Because she is from watanabe’s company, the shareholder agrees to let her managed until I come back.

Yes, I breakdown. I was in coma for half a year.

Now, I’m awake. I’m back to the company, I’m back on my track but and at the same time I realize I broke our promise. I’m sorry Rena. Because of my coma I have a lot of things that need to be taken care of, the shareholders understand my problem but business drop when I was in coma, Mayu helped me a lot, so that the business didn’t get worst.

It was because the dream I had, it was the future I hold on to it. I want it to come true. I want us to be together forever.
After another 6 months, everything became brighter. Business became very successful. Not just that, company Watanabe and company Matsubisi became partner. It has created things that never had before.

I told Mayu I had to go back to Japan to find you, can I leave the company under her care and she agrees to help me. She is having a very happy life with Yuki now in New York, it was me that encourage her to ask Yuki to be her girlfriend since she had a very big crush since middle school and she also ask yuki to moved to US with her and yuki agree to. I’m really glad both of them are happy. I owned Mayu a big time. I can never be any more grateful to her.

I wish you were here.

I reached Japan but I don’t know where to start to find you. Since I have lost your the contact. Maybe I should start from Tokyo. I went back to my house and live alone. Even though I am very rich but it is always comfortable to live back the house where family love is still around.

Rena-chan should be a high school student now. She must be very pretty. She must be having a lot of fun with her friends. Maybe she already got herself a boyfriend. Maybe she is not the Rena-chan that I know anymore. Maybe she has forgotten about me. These thoughts kept running through my brain, these thoughts were also bringing tears to me.

I didn’t realize it but I walked to the hill that we made promise together. It was quiet, but there is a girl sitting under the tree silently crying. She reminds of you. I didn’t want to go and disturb her, so I walk away. As I walk away, I spotted she is a high school girl that goes to Akb academy high school which is the sister school of my middle school.

A thought came to my brain.


I shall start finding you by attending high school. Even I finished my studies at New York, the only clue to find you back is through attending Akb academy high school while I can ask teacher about you from Akb academy.
Without the second thought I went and applied to Akb academy high school. I took the entrance exam and I scored with fly color. The principal thinks that I am too smart for my grade so she skipped me 2 grades. I don’t really mind because I’ll be treated as same age as Rena-chan.

Today is the first day of school, I dressed up nicely. I’m not nervous but excited, only smile appeared on my face. I can’t really remember when is the last time I smiled so happily.
Looking myself in front of the mirror. “Finally, I’m free.”
I’m glad, finally I can find my dream without anything stopping me. 
Rena-chan, I’m one step closer to you now.

 End of flash back*

All this thoughts flashed back, bitter smiled form on my face, a hint of tear drop rolled down from my cold cheek. Rena noticed it.

“Are you okay? You look sad.” She asked with a face of concern.
“Ah~ I’m alright.” I wipe my tear from my cheek with my hand.
“You sure? You can always talk to me you know.”
“um. Wellllll~ I’m sad! You didn’t give me any chocolate.”
“uh??? Chocolate?” she is confused.
“Ya~ Today is valentine day. Now where is my chocolate?”
“OMG! Today is valentine day??? I totally forgotten about it! I’m so sorry.”  She keep apologise.

She has forgotten uh. I pouted in front of her but she is too cute for me to stay angry at her, so I forgive her.
I put out a paper rose in front of her.

“Here! This is for you only.” I said it shyly
“Wa~ PRETTYY! Is a light purple rose. Is so pretty. Jurina did you make it yourself? I love it, thanks” her face blushed.
“Yap~ I made it myself, I thought real roses is too popular and it will wither. So I made a paper one for you. I’m glad you like it. Happy valentine day, rena-chan.” My face blushed very hard as I could see hers too.
“Thanks, I’ll cherish it. Happy Valentine Day, even thought I didn’t get you anything. Are you free after school?”  she ask me.
“ Yeah, I’m free.”
“Let hang out. My treated as an apologize gift. I didn’t know you would be sad over a valentine day.” She giggled.
“okay~” I answered her. “Because I want to spend my valentine day with you. It's been years.” I mumbled.
“Nothing” I smiled to her.

Isn’t okay for you to know my reason? Maybe I’ll tell you next time. I’ll make you fall for me once again.

Time passes fast, school ended.

I packed my things and walk toward to Rena’s sit.
“Rena-chan, where are we going?”
“You will know.” She winked at me. Gosh she is so cute.
“Mou~ ” I pouted cutely at her.

Rena POV

How would I forgotten about valentine day. Even Jurina bought me my favorite color rose. She is so sweet.
I seriously wonder did she just cry because I didn’t bought her chocolate. If is true, it seriously make me guilty. I have to make up to her.
I remember there is a famous chocolate shop down the street where Jun bought me there before.  I could bring her there.

“Where are we going Rena-chan?” She keep asking who know how many time since we left school. She pouted like a little puppy so cute.
“Hai, hai, hai....... If I tell you it won’t be a surprise wouldn’t it.” She smiled to her.
She pouted even more, she is a impatient girl uh.
“Come on now.” I give my hand to her, she held it without thinking.
“Here, we have reached.”
“T-this s-hop?” She stunned and she held my hand tight.
“ya, this shop is very famous with chocolate. Come on you going to love it.”
“um, sure.” She didn’t sound very happy though.
The waiter pointed to our table and we sat.
“Um. Ya?” She looked at me with a confused face.
“Are you okay?”
“Ya, I’m alright.” She smiled at me.
“Then order whatever you like, is my treat!’ I smiled
The waiter came and has our order taken.
“Miss, what would you want to have?”
“I’ll have a… Mad of coco and a hot chocolate” She smiled but somehow I could feel is a sad smile.
“I’ll have a hot chocolate will do, thank you”
 I handed the menu to the waiter. I saw her hand placed on the table, I held her hand and asked.
“Are you alright? You making me worry.” Somehow seeing her sad, my heart is like stabbing by thousand of knife.
“I’m alright, sorry for making you worry.” She showed me a fade smile.
“Miss, this is your hot chocolate and mad about coco. And this is your hot chocolate. Enjoy your meal.” The waiter walked off.

Mad about coco uh. That’s remind me, that time I came here with Jun during valentine day too. He ordered the exactly same thing. Hot chocolate and mad about coco. I miss him.

“The taste never changes! Is so nice. Ahh~ I could eat this the whole day.” It seem the chocolate has lighten her mood up.
“What do you mean by taste never changes?” I’m curious, does she mean she came here before?
“Oh.. Um….. I came here 7 years ago, with my friend.” A bitter smile flashed on her face.
“…..oh. I see. I’m glad you still like it.” I smiled awkwardly at her not knowing what to say.
“Ah~~~ Rena-chan. Open your month.” She is trying to spoon-feed me the cake.
I blushed hard and do what I was told. I accepted.
“Aww… Rena-chan is so cute.” She gives me a small peck on my cheek. My face flashed red like a tomato. Blood runs through my body up to my cheek. Did she just kiss me? She giggled when she saw my reaction.
Her laugh just make my heart skipped a beat.

Am I? No. Cannot be. She is a girl.

(To be continue)
Thanks for reading again.

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Re: The promise (wmatsui) Chapter 7 - I'm free
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Rena!!! Y still dun recognize JURINA??!!!
She is just in front of you!!!

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Re: The promise (wmatsui) Chapter 7 - I'm free
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Rena, Jurina is jun! Jun!  :banghead:
Please update moree :twothumbs

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Re: The promise (wmatsui) Chapter 7 - I'm free
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Poor Jurina has coma

Please update soon

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Re: The promise (wmatsui) Chapter 7 - I'm free
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come on rena, really?
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Re: The promise (wmatsui) Chapter 7 - I'm free
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OMG. ! ! I'm speechLess with the sacreficed that Jurina do to back to Rena's side. . Even that,,she have to attend schooL again. . So sweet. But aside I'm reaLLy feeL pity for her. . Come on,,pLease write the next chapter as soon as possibLe. . Thanx b4.

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The promise (wmatsui) Chapter 8 – The feelings
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Yuri Machenkov: thanks for reading and the comment!  :)
gilangfajri: thanks for reading and the comment.  XD
Kirozoro: I know. :cry: she broke down coz of the stress and pressure.
Haruko: Haha. thanks for reading and comment!  :)
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Chapter 8 – The feelings

Is this? It can’t be.

After Jun left me, nothing else makes my heartbeats so furious but now She brought my heartbeat back.
Maybe I’m just Imagining thing.

1 and a half month has passes since Jurina transfer to our school. We have been texting and calling each other every night, going to school together every morning. Slowly, We became close friends. Even though we are close, somehow I sometimes felt Jurina is similar to Jun for me. But I remember Jun is a guy, so it can’t be. Just sometimes.

Maybe I think too much.

I wonder why Jurina always text while we are walking back home. Maybe is her boyfriend? I tired to asked her, but she said is just her friend back in New York. But she always look happy when she gotten a message.

“Jurina, why do you always look so happy when you got a messages from the friend of yours.” I asked while we are walking back home.
“Ummm…… No reason.” She flashed her cat smile and answer.

I am very curious about her friend. But Jurina didn’t really talk me about her friends to me. My chest tightens up when she said that. I held my hand up and press onto it.

“Rena-chan, don’t tell me you are jealous?“ She turn her body around and walk backwards while looking at me.
“Me-e… Jea-lous? N-o. Why should I?” my voice wobble a moment.
“Really? Are you sure?” She smirked at me.
“Yes I am.” I gain my voice back somehow.
“Mou….” She pouted. She is so cute.


She got a new message. Jurina took her phone out and check her message. Somehow a smile formed on her face. Those smile again.
“Jurina have you been in love before?” I don’t know why but I’m curious.
“Yes, I have.” She answered me with a smile while looking at her phone.
“……..” I become silent. I should have known. Why do I feel so bothered?  I should be happy for her, but I can’t bring myself to do it.

It became a silent walk back home.
“Why did you asked?” She suddenly break the ice.
“No reason. Just curious.” I’m sure I say it with a sad tone.
“But u sound kind of sad though.”
“I’m not, just your imagination.”

Gosh. Why did I act so coldly toward her, is not her fault. But what is it that I’m feeling now? Troubled? Uneasy? Restless? Anxious? Flustered? Disturbed?
I think she is right. I’m jealous.

Am I falling for Jurina? How and when?  I don’t know.

“Rena-chan, are you free on Saturday?” She asked
“um. I think so.” What is she planning?
“Let’s go Disney land!” She say with a big smiled on her face with her sparking eyes.
“YES! Is a date then.” She shouted happily.
“wh-at?” I blushed red and looked at her thinking what does she mean by that.
But she don’t intent to answer my confusion because she is too happy, all I know is she already few step ahead of me and calling me to hurry up. 

Saturday came in a blink of eyes.
Same as always Jurina will pick me up and we will go to this so call “date” that she thinks it is. Disney uh~ It been a while.
“When is the last time you came?”
“um, around 5 years ago. I think”
“That is quite sometime aready!” she show her shock expression.
She is so cute, I giggled.
“Mou. Why are you laughing at me. Is okay. Today we will enjoy ourselves to the max!” She said with smile blooming on her face. She held my hand and walks toward the ticket counter and buy ticket.
“Two adult ticket please.” She paid and we went it.
“Waaaaa!!!!! Sugoi! There is so many people here! Ehh! Rena-chan! I want to ride that! And that! That too!!! Omg, I want to ride everything. Is so cool!” She is like a little kid very excited in everything she see. I swear if she is a puppy her tail will be swinging non-stop side to side. I can’t help it but giggle at her reaction.
“Hai, hai. Jurina calm down. We will ride everything.” I’m very happy to see Jurina’s childish side, she has always been mature and cool. It makes me think that I get to know Jurina a little more.
“Jurina. you never came to Disney land  before?”
“Nope~ My parents always been busy. So nobody bring me to play.” She sounded a little sad but she still have smile on her face.
“Un. Then Let’s enjoy ourselves to the fullest today then! We are going to ride all of the rides in Disney land!” I said in a loud voice hoping it can cheer up Jurina.


 “Rena-chan, are you okay? You don’t look very fine.” She say it with a worry voice.
“Jurina, we have been sitting 5 rounds of this Big Thunder Mountain ride. I’m getting dizzy now.” My brain is having an earthquake of it’s own in my head.
“But Is fun and exciting! Let’s ride one last time.” I think Jurina is now having a sweet rush.
“No. I don’t want too. I think I’m going to faint if I got to another ride of that. Let’s go another one, not a fast one.” I said.
“Mou, fine~ You choose Rena-chan.” She pouted.
“Let’s go that one!” Jurina turn around and look at the direction that I pointed.
“Are you scared, Jurina? “ I smirked.
“No-oo. I’m just surpri-sed” She stuttered
“Are you sure? You can always tell me that you are afraid, ya’know.” I smirked.
“Wh-oo is afraid. I’m not afraid of Haunted House.”
“Oh. I see. Then let’s go.” I catching onto her arm and drag her into Hunted House.


“yipp--p! Wh-a-a-t’s that!” Jurina held my hand so tightly that I felt as if my arm was going to break off soon.
The way she got scared is so adorable. She is afraid of ghost ah. That’s new, the mature and cool Jurina is afraid of hunted house uh.
“Is all rite Jurina is fake.” I try to calm her.
Suddenly a fake ghost appeared in front of us. Jurina started screaming in fear. I didn’t know she was that afraid of it. I can’t help it but felt really guilty, I shouldn’t have brought her to hunted house.
“Calm down Jurina.” I rubbed on her back, hoping her to calm down. I see tears forming at the corner of her eyes, she is going to cry. I hugged her tightly, hoping that she could felt that I’m just right beside her. “Gomen ne Jurina” I whisper to her.
Finally, we are out of the hunted house. Jurina didn’t let of  her hand, she clingy onto me tightly. I found it cute at the same time I felt very guilty. We walked to benches and sat, I could see she is still trembling. I held her hand, and pull her close to me and hug her.
“Is alrite now. I’m sorry Jurina. I didn’t know you would be so afraid of Haunted house. Gomen ne.”
Her eyes start forming tears and she started to shed tears. I used my hand and wiped her tears away. “Gomen ne, Jurina. Please forgive me.”
“Be-cause of you that I cry.” Her eyes are red.
“And I felt really guilty, sorry!”
“Mou. You know my weakness now. I don’t care! You have to treat me an ice cream!” She pouted.
“okay. I’ll treat you.” I could see her smiled and it brings me to smiled too.
(At ice cream stall)

“Rena-chan! I want chocolate flavor!” She said.
“Hai. Hai. Chocolate it is. Have a sit first, I’ll go buy.”
I came back with chocolate and melon flavor ice cream.
“Here, your ice cream.”
“Yaata! Ice cream.” She said happily with a smiled on her face.
We just sit quietly and enjoy the scenery of the place.
“Rena-chan, see that! Disney castle!” I turn my head and look, I was amazed by the castle.
“Rena-chan, your ice cream tasted like melon.” I turn my attention back to Jurina, I notice she stole a bite of my ice cream. I turn and looked at her, she grin at me playfully.
“Mou. You ate my ice cream.” I pouted and eat my ice cream.
“Awww~ Rena-chan you are so cute. Did you realize?” she pointed at my ice cream.
“Realize what? You put poison in my ice cream?” I smiled.
“Maybe~ Love poison.” She grins at me.
“Uh? Love poison?”
“Yap! We Just had an indirect kiss!” she smiled.

We had what???? My mind stopped awhile and process what she just said. Oh my god. We did. My face flashed my embarrassment, heat went up to my face. She giggled at my reaction.
“Rena-chan, you are soooo adorable!”
“Mou! Stop teasing me!”
“Alrite, alrite” She uses her hand patted on my head with her cat smiled.
Her smile made my heart skipped a beat again.
“Ne~ Rena-chan~ Let’s go ride Ferris wheel together.”
“un. Let’s go.” I smiled.


“waaa~ We are so high up in the sky! Is so beautiful. Look Rena-chan.” She was amazed.

I take a glimpse of the scenery out of the window. It was breath taking. Looking at the sunset, I didn’t notice but time passes so fast. It’s already evening.

“Rena-chan.” She called my name.
“… Un?” My eyes are still fixing on the scenery out of the window.
“Rena-chan.” She sounds very serious called my name. I turned my attention to her.
“yes Jurina?” I looked into her eyes, trying to tell her that my attention is on her now.
“em-m..” She sounded nerves. “R-ena-chan, remember you once asked me have I been in love.”
“e-m. y-eah.” I flinched abit because I didn’t really want to hear her love story at all. It bothers me.
“y-eah. About that I want to tell you who I been having crush on.” She lower her head, I swear I could see her face is a little red. Is she nervous?
“….. I’m listening”
“I have a crush on you Rena-chan, I like you.”  She turn her head to me and confess. “ I like you since we met.” She turn and face the floor.

I’m shocked.

She liked me too, so my love is not one side. But. No. I can’t.

I hold her hand and look into her eyes, I could see her teary eyes. She is afraid that I’ll reject her. But I can’t lie to her, I cannot play with her feelings.

“I like you too Jurina, but…. We can’t be together.” My hearts hurts too when I told her we can’t be together.
“You like me but why can’t we be together?” She asked.
“Jurina, not now. I need time, I need to confirm my feeling for you. I have doubt on my feelings I have for you.”

I don’t know. Jun has always been in my mind, as if part of me have already belong to Jun. I can’t let him go. If I still have feeling for Jun, I didn’t want to lie to Jurina.
It will be unfair to her.
I didn’t want to start a relationship when I doubt with my own feelings.

“……. I understand. I’ll wait.” I could see a tear roll down from her cheek.

After our conversation, the ride ended. I held her hand and we walked home. It was a silent trip walked.
The silent was broke by my phone tone.

A message was sent to me.

It was Yuki.

(To be continue)
Thanks for reading again.
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EHHHH~ Finally!!!! Yuki!!!!
i hope jurina will tell her she is Jun

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EHHHH~ Finally!!!! Yuki!!!!
i hope jurina will tell her she is Jun
HAAHa... Weeeellll~ there is a reason why Yuki texted her. ;D

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><!!! rena why are u doubling ur fells

A message from Yuki...someone going to happen?

Update soon~

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Haha. I know Rena in this story is Baka, and slow didn't realise Jurina is Jun. :P
Yap. :) Stay tune for more~  :) thanks for commenting.  XD

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The promise (wmatsui) chapter 9 - The truth.
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I would like to thanks Kawaiiidolworld for helping me to do proof checking.  :kneelbow:
If you guys doesn't know who is she. She is one of my favourite writer. So pls do check out her works. "The Origin of Happiness" is one of them.  :)
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chapter 9 - The truth.

I quickly pulled out my phone from my pocket with one hand while another one still holding on Jurina’s hand. I didn’t want to let go of her hand.

I couldn't believe it was Yuki. It been awhile since I last saw her. Last year, she transferred to New York and continued her studies there. I heard it was because her girlfriend asked her to move to New York with her.

Well, I think it's true since Yuki loves her cyborg girlfriend so much. Yuki’s girlfriend is Watanabe Mayu, the only child of Watanabe. The Watanabe family was very well known in Japan since they run the biggest technology company in Japan and around the world.

I think everyone that lives in Japan knows who the Watanabe Family are. After Jun left, Yuki was the one that was by my side, my only friend I guess.

I wonder why Yuki messaged me. I swiped the screen of my phone with my finger and checked her message.


Title: Long time no see.


Hello~ Rena ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

You must me wondering why I sent you a message~

It is because I am BACK to japan! \(^▽^)/

I miss you~ (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ

When are you free to meet up?

We have a lot to catch up on ne~

Kashiwagi Yuki


I chuckled softy at the message she sent. I miss her a lot.

Jurina tightly squeezed my hand. I realized I had forgotten about Jurina when I checked my phone. I took a glance at her expression as I slip my phone back into my pocket. Then I noticed Jurina had confused and worried expression.

“Who mailed you?” she asked hoping that I would answer her.

“Oh. A friend of mine from middle school."

 She looked at me hoping I can tell her more. I proceeded to tell her about Yuki.

“Well, she is very close to me during middle school. And she is very pretty too, with her long silky hair.” I’m telling the truth, I think Yuki is very pretty with her aura of elegance.


Jurina lower her head and looked at the road. “Do you like her then?” She asked with a soft voice.

“I do like her. As a friend. She is a very good friend. She is like a sister to me."

I guess Jurina is still bothered by the fact that I rejected her. I kind of like that she became so jealous and worried. Because that shows how much she loves me and she is not joking about her confession.


She rise her head up and looked me in the eyes.

"As a friend?”

“Yes Jurina, I just like her as a friend.”

Her face shows a soft smile after hearing what I said.

Our walk ended as we reach front gate of my house. It is time for me to go back into my house. I let go of her hand the warmth of her hand fading away. Jurina quickly hugs me not wanting to let go. I gasp in shock.


“Please just one minute.”

Her scent smell fresh and at the same time sweet. Her warm hug made me feel safe. I hope she didn’t hear my heart beat like a drum. Jurina you are making me crazy, what am I going to do with you??? She let go of the hug.

“T-thanks, and I’m sorry for hugging you.”

“It's is okay.”

Jurina bows her head a little and say goodbye. I went back in to my house. I go to my room quickly crossing the door and throw myself on my bed. What a day.

I placed my hand on my chest and felt my heart pounding heavily as if it going to burst. I drew out my phone from my pocket and plugged in the earphones thinking of letting myself relax for moment. As soon as I am about to turn on the music, I noticed my phone is still on message page. I forgot to reply Yuki.


Title: Hey~

To: Kashiwagiyukixxxx

Hey~ I’m surprise you still remember me after a year (laugh)

Glad that you are back. “ヽ(´▽`)ノ”

There are so much things to tell you.

What about tomorrow? Are you free?

I miss you too~ (〃▽〃)



After, a few seconds my phone vibrated. She replied. I giggle when I read the title of the message.


Title: Of course!

To: Renammatsuixxxx

Hey! Of course I remember you! You are my close friend.  ~(>_<~)

I just came back 2 days ago.

Tomorrow sounds fine to me.

Let meet up at the famous chocolate café at 12.

It been long time since I carving for it ~

Can’t wait to see you tomorrow. o(≧∇≦o)



I too can’t wait till tomorrow comes. There is so much we need to catch up on and talk about. I’m looking forward to it. I turn on some music from my phone listen and drifted to sleep.

Bright sunlight shined through the gap between the curtains of my window and crashed down on my face. It woke me up from my beauty sleep. I stretch out my hand and search for my phone. I swipe my phone screen and check the time. It’s already 11 am. I gulp and realize I’m going to be late for the meet up with Yuki.

I rush into bathroom, took a quick shower. I pull out a white one-piece dress and put on. It already 11.30am, I hope I’m not going to be late.

“Rena-chan. Where are you rushing to?” My mama asked.

“Mama, I’m going to meet up with Yuki.” I answered.

“Yuki??? She is back from New York? Help me to say hi to her okay? Be careful on the way.”

“Yes, mama. I’m leaving now.”


(Chocolate café)

I see a girl standing in front of the café waiting for someone. I walk towards the girl’s direction. It is Yuki.

“Rena!” She called out with a smile on her face.

“Yuki, long time no see!"

I’m so happy to see her after so long.

“And you are Late!"
She became grumpy and folds her arm together.

“I’m so sorry. Yuki! I overslept.”

 I clapped my hand together and bowed my head a little asking for forgiveness.

“Hai~ I was just joking.”

She giggled and placed her arm around my neck.

“Let go in~”

“Mou~ Yuki, you never change. I thought you were really mad at me for being late.” I pouted.

“I am and I’m going to make you treat me today!” She smirked

“Fine. I'll treated you.” I smiled at her.

“Yes! Free lunch!” She smiled back,.

Now we are in the café sitting down and looking at the menu wondering what we should order.  “So what are you ordering?” I asked. “I think I’m going to get this chocolate pancake.” Yuki replied. “Oh. Okay so we are ready for order now.” I called for the waiter and ask for order. “Miss what you like to have?” The waiter asked.
“I would like to have this chocolate pancake and a cup of your famous hot chocolate.” Yuki ordered. “I would like to have Mad About Coco and a cup of warm water.” I ordered and hand him the menus.

“Mad About Coco? Isn’t that Jun's favorite? I still remember we came here together a lot when we are younger.” She chuckled as she remember our good times together.

“Good times uh~” Soft smile appear on my face. “So how’s New york?” I ask trying to change topic as I remember Jun. I don’t want to face the fact that he is not back after so long.

“New York is Fun! You should come! You will defiantly enjoy it. ” She smiled happily.

“Of course you enjoy being there. Mayu is there with you. I bet every night you guys are lovely dovey.” I teased her as I giggled.

“Mou~ Rena. Stop teasing me.” Yuki pouted.

“Miss. The food is here.” The waiter said and put our meal on table.

“Let’s eat first. I’m so hungry since I waited for you.” I pouted after I heard what she said. She giggled after she saw my reaction saying that she was just joking. After finished our meal, she broke the silent.

“So how’s life?” Yuki asked.

“Em. Nothing special I guess. Oh my mother says hi to you.” I smiled.

“Haha. Is your family doing well?”

“They are doing well.” I told her.

“I bet you are doing even better.” Yuki smirked.

“Huh?” I’m confused. What is she trying to say? “Rena. I heard Jun is back.” Yuki tells me.

“Huh? Jun is back?”

I am puzzled once more. What does she mean by that? “Jun is back in Japan. Mayu told me that you guys have already met.” Yuki explained. Now I’m even more confused. Jun is back in Japan and we have already met? Did we? I don’t recall meeting Jun. And I think I would recall meeting Jun. “I didn’t meet Jun.” I informed her in low voice.

“Huh? But everyday Mayu got mail from Jun saying that he had fun with you. From Jun’s mail, it didn’t seem that he is lying about it.”

“Really Yuki. I didn't see him.” I frowned.

“I’m sure Jun is back. I think he transfer to Akb academy high school."

“Th-that’s my school.” My voice trembled at the fact that Jun is somewhere near me.

“…I’m sure you will find Jun.” She said and the atmosphere went silent.

Deep down inside, I’m feeling mixed up and emotional knowing that Jun is back. But I don’t know how to react to the fact that he didn’t come and find me. Bzzz… Bzzz… My phone vibrated. I took out my phone from my bag and check the message. It was from Jurina. I swipe the screen and open the message she sent.


Title: Miss you~

To: Renammatsuixxxx


I hope my confession didn’t bother you.  ~(>_<~)

And you don’t have to worry about me.

I’m tough! \\\\ ٩(`(エ)´ )و ////

So, when is our next date. (laugh)

I can’t wait till Monday, I miss you. (●´∀`●)



A soft smile appear on my face once again. It seemed that Jurina has cheered up. “Who is that that made my Rena smile again. I should really thank her or him.” Yuki said. “It's a her and she is my friend.” I replied. “ eh~ a friend? That rare to see Rena have friend other then Jun and I.” Yuki said.

“…” I went silent when I heard Jun’s name.

“So what’s her name?” Yuki asks trying to change the topic knowing that I’m sad after hearing Jun’s name.

“Matsui Jurina.”

“EHhhhh-h MATSUI JURINA?!?!"

Yuki had a shocked reaction on her face.

“E-er yea. What’s wrong?” I’m feel so lost now.

“Rena! Do you know Jun full name?” she asks.

“ER. Is that Important?”

“YES! IT IS IMPORTANT!” She answered with a loud voice.

“Er… I am very ashamed to say this, but I don’t know his full name...”

I can’t believe I said it. Not to mention I can't believe I barely realized the I don’t know Jun's full name.


Yuki still can’t believe that I don’t know his full name.

“I’m sorry” I began to feel guilty. Yuki sighed.

“Jun was a nickname our classmates made up because of her coolness. Jun’s full name is Matsui Jurina. And YES! For the love of god Rena, Jun is a GIRL! Rena. I seriously can’t believe you didn’t realize it. Jun has been by your side the whole time since she’s been back in Japan!" Yuki exclaimed

Everything makes sense now. No wonder I felt like I was with Jun around Jurina sometimes.
They were the same person. But why Jurina? Why didn’t you tell me?

Why would you lie to me?

(To be continue)
Thanks for reading again.

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Re: The promise (wmatsui) chapter 9 - The truth.
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Lol, rena doesnt know Jun's full name :nervous
I'm waiting...

"Once I told Yui a message, 'no matter what happens, I only want Yui to be by my side.' To think of it, it just become a vogue, isn't it?"

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