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Author Topic: Little Phoenix's Notebook  (Read 1709 times)

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Little Phoenix's Notebook
« on: May 27, 2014, 03:21:34 AM »
Decided to give it a shot: here I am with the very first real-person-slash-idol fanfic ever!

To celebrate a certain Sayashi Riho's birthday tomorrow, thus the fic. Most people wants to be special, so they try to make other people remember them by doing something memorable. As for birthdays, the general idea seems to be sending mail at exact midnight, and then hopes that their mail is the first one arrived. Well, seems like not everyone are thinking around the general idea...

To mail, or not to mail.

Ishida Ayumi knew, that if she decided to do the usual tradition of sending birthday mails at midnight, it won't make her memorable at all. Especially if her mail turns out to be not the first one arrived. Worse, the receiver didn't even seems to bother about whose mail arrived first, whose mail arrived after that, and so on and so on. No, Ayumi herself doesn't even remember who mailed her first at her birthday last year, or even last January. She could check her phone if anyone ever asking her again, but she doubt it. Her birthday has long passed anyway.

But still, it does not solving anything. Every other member would still try to mail the girl this midnight, and the first one arrived would be the winner and get the prize of being mentioned everywhere.

Now, how to make sure she would get the honorable mention even if she turns out not to be the first mailer.

This is the time Ishida Ayumi have to maximize her inner cunning. Too bad, she is too easily distracted, as she scrolled over the pics she taken these days.

"Sayashi-san is honestly too cute..." she whisper aloud, looking at the photos of certain Sayashi Riho stuffing cake into her mouth, as the almost-birthday girl looking straight to Ayumi's phone. The series of photos Ayumi posted on her blog the very same day, just like she had done before. Ayumi was squealing like a little girl when she take that photos, but then again she is a little girl. No harm done.

But, still, her problem remains. Ayumi is now busy tapping her phone. Swipe here, swipe there, scroll through the apps. Oh, Candy Crush!

Thus an hour passed just like that.

Groans aloud after the realization hits, Ayumi closed the game app. She needs to think, not playing games for god's sake!

Still, apparently thinking too hard does not match well with this chibi dancer.

Ayumi lies on her bed, spreading her arms wide. Almost half an hour before midnight, and she must decide.

Well, thinking doesn't help, apparently. Ayumi takes a long, deep breath. Birthday mail is not hard at all, isn't it? Just write 'Happy Birthday, Sayashi-san!' and a few other things, and that's it. But, after all, Ayumi doesn't want to lose like that. Just mailing is not going to be enough at all. Unless...

Ayumi takes a brief glance at her phone. And then, she grins. Wide.

Why not phone her? Or not, call her would be the more appropriate words isn't it.

Come to conclusion, Ayumi grabs her phone, immediately scrolls through the contacts. No, she would not fall to the trap of that game app again, not now at least.

And, there. She taps the name, ready to make a call -- but some thoughts stops her. What words should she spoken to her younger senpai?

Hard, isn't it. But Ayumi can't back off like that, no, of course she can't.

Set any thoughts aside, Ayumi taps the green square phone icon. Come what may comes, she'll face it with dignity.

And now, she waits. First dial tone heard, the second follows, and so on. Still no signs from the other line, but Ayumi could wait for a few seconds. Her mental age might truly be at ten years old, but of course Ayumi is capable of simple tasks such as waiting. She is not Maachan, after all.

But no, until the last stagnant dial tone, no one answer her call.


Annoyed, Ayumi called the just-a-few-minutes-more birthday girl again. Not answered again.


Third time, Ayumi decided. And if that girl did not answer her call again...

Well, guess what.

Ayumi slams her phone down. To the bed, as annoyed as she is, she would never damaged her beloved phone in any case.

Midnight already passed, Ayumi glances at the clock on her table beside the bed. Even if she mails Riho at this time, her mail obviously won't be the first one that make it. Another would be the winner. Not her.

Still, no one says that she can't mail the birthday girl nonetheless, right?

So, even with still annoyed feels, Ayumi grabs back her phone and composing a new mail in lightspeed. Adds a few lines along the happy birthday, adds a line about her not-so-success tries of call before, and sends. Feeling a bit too tired afterwards, Ayumi decided that she would just went for bed. Come tomorrow (or today, whatever) and what it may brings, Ayumi do not want to care anymore.


At the other side of story... a certain Sayashi Riho sleeps soundly. Even with three calling tones, and countless message tones. The now birthday girl is just turns around on her bed, with her corner mouth twitching a bit. Then ends up with small, innocent smile, oblivious to whatever happens anywhere else.

Well, that's it. It's just a fiction (I swear it is! I can't look to the future, can I?), and I already have some thought of what may follows the next day but I'm gonna save it for other day. A few facts here and there, Ayumi did post a series of photos of Riho eating cake, almost the same photos posted before but I can't remember on what occasion. Most probably last year, but honestly the girls are getting too much cakes these I lost track. Then, Ayumi did said in recent interviews, that the members said her mental age might be around ten years old or something like that. And, Ayumi have some unhealthy obsession towards Candy Crush, but maybe it's just me mahaha.

Comments are welcome, some critics or anything would be welcomed as well. I don't really sure myself for my grammars, so any correction would be welcomed of course.

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Re: Little Phoenix's Notebook
« Reply #1 on: May 27, 2014, 07:17:39 AM »
I like it.  I hope to read more from you in the future.  Rihoriho sure is a sound sleeper XD
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Re: Little Phoenix's Notebook
« Reply #2 on: May 27, 2014, 08:18:23 AM »
Hi, welcome! Always nice to see new blood in the fic section. :)

I like how you use their blogs as a basis for fic; I do that often myself.

Your grammar does need work but it doesn't interfere too badly with the flow of the story. Probably could use some editing though XD

But anyway, welcome again! I hope you do write more :) It gets lonely around here.


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