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Doki Doki 7.5
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Eri fixed her collar and tie that had been crumpled during the encounter with Yossi. The first part of her task was done and now she must start on the second - find the sports bag.
This bag had mistakenly been placed in another members room by the hotel staff upon arrival. Sempai's orders were clear - be as descret as you can and DONT open it.
So Eri went door to door of each Morning Musume members room and searched for the bag. This meant she had to apologise to many unsuspecting girls who were caught in there less glamorous moments.

"Takahashi do you mind if I search this room?"

The couple making out on the floor froze like deer in the headlights. Eri proceeded to check the closet.

"Oh, here it is!" Eri pulled out a Adidas backpack. "Alright then, Bye Takahashi,Gaki-san" She bowed and made her exit.

Happy that she had finished all the tasks for today, Eri skipped down to Sempai's room.

Knock Knock

The door opened slightly, just enough for Eri to be pulled through by her tie and a kiss planted on her cheek.

"Did I ever tell you how much I love you Kamei Eri?"

Miki opened up the bag, checking ints contense before beaming back at Eri.

"I would be in so much trouble without this. I'll let you know when I need you again"

With a guiding hand she directed the young girl back out of her room. Sighing Eri thought to herself, Is doing all this really worth it?

The sun was now making it way down to the horizon when Eri arrived back in her room and crashed on the couch.

"Urgh, this tie is choking me ... why do I even wear it?!" She said aloud as she tugged on the tie to loosen it a little.

"I like it when you wear it though, makes you look handsome" Sayumi answered, scaring her friend half to death.Eri levitated off the couch and crashed onto the floor.

"Sorry! I didnt mean to scare you! I thought you knew I was here!" Sayumi apologised, sitting next to her friend on the floor.

"Here I made something for you"

Still a little shaken up Eri steadied her hands to recieve the box from Sayumi. It was full of home made cookies in the shape of hearts although some of them were a little out of shape from their time in the oven. Something deep in Eri's chest exploded and she knew that if she wanted to tell Sayumi it would be now or never.

"Sayu I -"

"What's that smell?" Sayumi interrupted. The girl's pigtails bobbled as she sniffed the air. "Smells like....kinda...fruity"

She leant towards Eri and took a deep breath in through her nose.

"It's you!Are you wearing lip gloss?"

Eri never did. She thought back through the days events trying to figure out when exactly such a scent would have attached itself to her. Sayumi squealed excitedly and pounced on Eri.

"You've got lip gloss marks on your cheek!" She cried out, rubbing the spot with her thumb.

Eri explained what had happened, minus a few details such as the backpack and a certain pair that shall remain nameless, while Sayumi pretended to be heart broken.

"But I loooooove you~ Your my Eric..."

Sayumi leant in and kissed the air between them. The feeling from before faded into a strange form of anger.

You shouldnt joke about love

- Woah, stupider than 100 goal keeps is one of my all time favourite fictions!! I was in stitches!! I loved it so much I printed it off and kept it in a folder so I can read it at school. In an instance was another favourite of mine you can find at uh, 4th station? Oh god, its a cindarella re-make with the H!P characters instead. FUNNY AS! next recommendation is umm, I think it was called Yogurt. By the end of it I was crying from laughter.

I couldnt sleep last night 'cause all I could think about was writing up the end of chapter 8 (well, 7.5) argh! so yeah, here I am giving up my sunday to feed my adiction. My friends are seriously looking for a H!P Fan fic anonymous group for me.. -
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Doki Doki
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You're killing me bluekinoko! You're fanfics are bloody addictive! Reminds me of a fanfic on JPM called Stupider than 100 Goalkeepers (if i'm not mistaken). You're not the same writer by any chance, are you? Anyways, keep up the good work! :yay:

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Doki Doki
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Quote from: huggumwuggums
You're killing me bluekinoko! You're fanfics are bloody addictive! Reminds me of a fanfic on JPM called Stupider than 100 Goalkeepers (if i'm not mistaken). You're not the same writer by any chance, are you? Anyways, keep up the good work! :yay:

I think GK was written by Patachu if I'm not mistaken.
Woah TakaGaki on the floor? Major action there :P
KAMEISHIGE!!! OOh I can't wait :D

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Doki Doki
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huggumwuggums took the words right out of my mouth sort of. Thanks for the update. Man, Eri in a tie is drool worthy.

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Doki Doki 8
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Aya couldnt remember how it all started. One minute Miki was standing there and the next she was on the floor in immense pain, not screaming but whinning. Like the attack was not just physical but emtional as well. Her feet felt like lead as she ran. No one else dared to move.

"Aya" wailed Miki from the floor. Her voice sounding desperate, unlike anything Aya had heard from her before.

The plead had woken some members from their shock. Yoshizawa stepped forward along with 4 other girls. They stood behind Aya as she embraced her pale faced friend. Miki's eyes were blood shot and her chest convulsed with every breath.

"AYA!" Miki cried out again, ever more desperate than before. Aya was sure that Miki was aware of something that remained oblivious to everyone one else on stage. She began to panic.

"AYA! Help it hurts! Please make it stop!"
Acting out of instinct, Aya grasped Miki's shoulders tightly and focused on absorbing the pain. Miki's screams grew louder as if she was inches from death but Aya knew that if she let go the girl she loved so much, she would fall those extra inches. She knew that the only way to help, was to endure this agony with her.

Yoshizawa's strong hands held Aya's thin arms.
"Let her go" Yoshizawa said softly, pulling Aya backwards.
The lead feeling now consumed her hands, making it difficult to resist. Regardless she did her best, she knew she couldnt let go.

"Let her GO" Yoshizawa commanded as many pairs of arms grapped Aya and dragged her away. Aya thrashed, kicked and swore. Anything to keep her last finger from sliding off Miki.

"You cant help"
The stern words floated out of Yoshizawa mouth and echoed across the stage before being drowned out my Miki's ear piercing screams for mercy as Aya's last finger slipped off and onto the floor.

"Aya, what wrong!"
Miki fought Aya's arms as they flailed insanely about. Suddenly she stopped and Aya took a deep breath as if she was taking her first in a long time. Her hands were damp and a tear were running freely from her eyes. She let them run, a trickle at first then more constantly. Miki scooped her up in a reasuring hug.

"Matsuura you scare me.."
She sobbed long and hard into Miki's pajamas, leaving a large wet patch on the shoulder.

"I had a dream that I lost you...I was so helpless...oh was so real, you wouldnt believe it..."

Miki could believe it. She too had seen that dream before.
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Doki Doki 9
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"I need you so much right now"

Yossi bent her knees so that she could be completely engulfed by Ishikawa's hug.

"Is that so?" Ishikawa laughed, rocking her friend from side to side. "...but you're so strong Yossi, why do you need me"

Yossi fought to hide herself from view before she answered. "Ah, it's not fun without you here..."

The embarrassment of saying something so uncool finally made Yossi crack. She had to find a way to defuse the tension as quick as she could and like in most tension defusing situations the answer was a pillow fight.

"Ow Yossi, your messing the room up!"

Ishikawa gave her ritual response while dodging the fluffy yet solid projectiles before pelting them back just as hard. When all was forgotten they lay beside their amatuer pillow forts.


Ishikawa sat up on her elbows. "What?"
She watched Yossi pull faces as she tried to find the right words to use.

"Will you go out with me..."

Ishikawa nodded instantly before hearing the end of the request.

" dinner tonight?"

It didnt change her reply, she continued to nod. Yossi reached out and grapped her head to stop it from bobbing around.

"Also..uh..I wanna say thanks for coming here..."

Ishikawa placed her tiny hands around Yossi's larger ones and kissed the fingertips.

"Someone told me you needed me. Maybe you should thank them..."
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Doki Doki
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Hey, It seems a lot of people have been reading. Yay~

Im throwing up *makes puking noise* the latest chapters but they are still in a raw form so they may be subject to change..or deletion...or apocolyptic attack. (hands up if you got tongue tied with that one?)

Stay tuned~ and I love all those who comment...:D *wink wink nudge nudge*
Feel free to pester me with plot holes...

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Doki Doki 10
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Miki rummaged through the bag and removed a particularly long slender item and inspected it. It had been a long time since she had seen one and if memory serves – she loved playing it. After going through the entire bag she zipped it back up and put in the closet until tonight. There was a knock at the door.


Goto Maki inclined her head. “How are you?”

Miki seated her guest and prepared tea. The one thing she could prepare without setting the kitchen alight.

”So…” Goto sipped her tea. “Do you like the uhh….”

She made gestures with her hands. Miki caught on immediately.

”Oh yes. It’s good, thank you. Uh, how much do I owe you?”

Goto shook her head. “No, don’t worry about it…you know, my brother knows a guy who works at one of those shops…so consider it a present”

Miki never would have thought that she would ever be friends with this girl but it seems all the DEF DEVA rehearsals she has been attending had built a small yet firm relationship between them. The same could not be said about Ishikawa though…

Goto thanked Miki for the tea and left. Miki took this time to prepare for tonight and waited for Aya in the side street next to the hotel. A taxi pulled up out of the darkness and a light haired woman in a Giants jumper stepped out. Despite the daggy clothes Miki recognised her instantly.

”Follow me”

Miki linked her arm through Aya’s and sprint off with her down the alley ways. She had informed security of what she was doing incase they decided to tackle her, the only person kept in the dark was Aya who still wasn’t sure if it was Miki or not whisking her away.


Miki flipped her hood off, kissed Aya up against the wall and began running again.

”Why are we running?” Aya called out, breathlessly.

”I don’t know…I just felt like going out”

Spontaneous outings were ones that Miki specialised in. They reached the destination, an empty park hidden behind oak trees. The two lay on the grass, holding each other, kissing, and petting, masked by their casual clothes to avoid all public attention. The thrill of being caught was a turn on.

”I’ve got something…”
Miki emptied the Adidas bag on the grass.

”No way…” Aya gasped, picking up the cylinder object Miki was playing with previously. “Can we do it out here? the open?...looks noisy”

From her pocket Miki produced a lighter and set up the fireworks. They shot up into the sky, dancing and twirling then bursting into droplets of fire.

”It’s so beautiful…what made you think all this up?”

Miki smiled smugly. “Just because I love you…no other reason”

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Doki Doki 11
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Tanaka Reina was dreaming. She stood in the middle of a large baseball field. By the looks of the banners it was a home game and a very important one at that. The opposition wore sand yellow uniforms, greatly detailed but their faces were a blur. Her own uniform, white pants and red shirt were worn by only other player – the pitcher. The crowd booed and yelled angrily as she stepped up to bat, the voices of those cheering her on were a harder to hear but she knew they were there.

”Miss it!”

A man voice bellowed from the mass of faces in an almost threatening manner. They all fell silent when the pitcher kicked the dirt on the mound and prepared the throw. Reina held onto the bat tightly as the ball flew towards her. She closed her eyes -

The dream was a strange one and try as she could Reina didn’t remember how it ended.

”Guess it’s not important anyway…”

She crawled out of bed to see the alarm clock. It shined 12:14pm. She had over slept. It didn’t really matter, she wasn’t due at the arena until 4pm. Some karaage chicken was unfinished on the counter. Reina popped a few pieces into her mouth and chewed it while she tried to remember how the dream ended. It wasn’t until she was about to catch the group bus that she noticed a powder pink envelop sitting under her door. It looked like something Sayumi would have but the handwriting on the letter was a tad sloppy.

I fell in love with you the first time I saw you. I’ll be waiting for you at the café in Kyoto station at 2pm tomorrow if you want to meet with me…

Reina read the letter again. There was no name or anything to show who sent it. For all she knew it could have been some crazed fanboy. Although, as messy as handwriting go this looked girl-messy, not boy-messy, making Reina hesitate even more at the idea of meeting them.

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Doki Doki 12
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The station was in a rush. Bodies bustled into each other never bothering to look to look up once. On the inside Reina was thankful that nobody cared enough to recognise her. Over and over in her mind she reminded herself that it wasn’t too late to run and no one would be any the wiser. Despite this knowledge she found herself hastily heading towards the café. Sitting herself at the corner she held the menu just under her nose to hide her face while she scanned the room for all possible suspects. Two business men were eating bagels and discussing the recent economy changes while a school girl behind them read her manga. In the opposite corner with their backs to her sat three geeks, two of which were arguing over the full names of final fantasy characters. Reina bit her lip nervously peering out of the window. Maybe he hadn’t arrived yet.

Rush hour began to slow and customers came and went. Ten minutes had dragged by and still no sign of her mystery man.

“This is absurd” She sighed, deciding to leave.

A slender hand touched her shoulder as she stood up.

“I’m so sorry...” The figure grunted, urging Reina to sit back down. His voice sounded worn and tired like he had been yelling for most part of the day.

The man was wearing a jacket a few sizes too big for him, disguising his body shape and tone. On his head he wore a baseball cap under his hood and sunglasses. The only true visible part of him was his nose which she noted as slender like his fingers but wider at the end.

“I...uh...didn’t realise how crowded the shop would be today...thanks for meeting me here anyway...”

Reina felt uncomfortable and was now kicking herself on the inside for not leaving while she had the chance.

“No, I’m sorry...” Reina did her best to sound sincere “I really shouldn’t have come...its not safe you know...”

She slid her bag on her shoulder and said goodbye to the stranger.

“Reina, no wait!” The man had also stood up, removed his glasses and held an arm out to stop the girl and indeed he did. Reina could only gasp in disbelief -


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Doki Doki
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I like the puking of chapters. Go ahead throw more out :D
Ooh Miki is so romantic. Who's the mystery man Reina's meeting?
Gosh noone recognized her in a cafe? I would :P

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Doki Doki
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3 chapters back2back and you had to stop at the best possible moment! :lol:

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Doki Doki
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Quote from: huggumwuggums
3 chapters back2back and you had to stop at the best possible moment! :lol:

That's why we keep coming back for more :D

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Doki Doki 13
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Their final show was great then it was off to Tokyo again to resume the almost-normal routine. Aya, who had stayed with them at the hotel these past few days, was jetting back tonight while the girls had until tomorrow afternoon. Michishige Sayumi was the only Morning Musume member to see Miki throw her tantrum at her friends early departure. It was no wonder people mistook Aya as the older one when Miki acts like that all the time but on the other hand saying goodbye, even if only for a short while, can be painful.

Sayumi thought this over as she towelled herself dry. The door clicked open and a half naked Eri walked in.

“Uwaaaaaaaaa! What are you doing in here!”

Sayumi blinked thinking that the answer didn’t need to be said.


Eri blushed a little and smacked her hand to her forehead.

“What are you doing in my bathroom, Sayu?”

Sayumi had used her friend’s bathroom so often that she seldom used her own.

“You're not mad at me are you?” She asked, dragging out the vowels in 'mad' and putting her cutesy touch on them making Eri fold instantly.

“Nah, it's alright...”

Sayu clapped her hands together with joy. “Do you mind if I sleep here tonight too?”

Eri's face had gotten redder.

“Uhn, whatever. I'll talk to you when you’re fully clothed ok?”

She shut the door again.

Eri sat on the edge of the bed thinking.
If don’t tell her now I never will...

Sayu danced around the room preparing herself a cup of tea in a pair of pyjamas, refreshed from the shower. She noticed Eri sitting gloomily on the bed's edge so she crouched down beside her, resting her head on Eri's knees.

“What swrong?” She asked.

Eri took a deep breath.

“I love you so much”

Sayumi batted her eyelids and hugged her friend as a friend. There was nothing intimate about it.

“Aw, I love you too Eririn”

A new emotion set in. Not anger, this time it was despair. Maybe this is god's way of saying it wasn’t meant to be.

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Doki Doki 14
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Konno nodded although the person on the other end of the phone couldn’t see.

Murdered...on the way home from school...

She had known Risa since primary school. They walked together every morning and home again, sometimes stopping at the playground to talk and eat the sweets they bought by combining their allowances.

...they caught him...the funeral is a week away...they want you to attend...

A numb sensation slithered up her fingers and pooled in her mind.

“Thanks mum, I'll get back to you...”

Mum was still talking when she hung up. The idea of a life so young being put out so easily stirred up something deep inside. Her whole life from past to present to future flashed before her eyes, each chapter played without Risa. It seemed like a life not worth living.

“Konkon I got some more Yogu-”

Makoto let the door shut behind her and ran to Konno who was crying uncontrolably on the floor. She wondered if the pressure of their relationship had caused the breakdown. Between sobs Konno managed to explain the bad news she had just received. The sadness had grown into anger and distaste for the world. She let Makoto’s hands run through her hair which would normally make her feel better but this time it wasn’t working. It seemed nothing would be able to wash away that feeling.

“Where's the sense in that?” Konno yelled out to no one in particular.

Murdering a young girl, taking away her life and destroying the lives of all those around her.
Where is the sense in that?
There is none.

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Doki Doki 15
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“Goto-san?!” Reina exclaimed.

Goto Maki checked to see if anyone had heard but it seemed they were lucky. She pushed the girls shoulder down forcing her to sit.

“I’m so sorry about all this...”

Reina was still gob smacked at her Sempai writing her a love note then dressing up as a guy to meet her. It was romantic is a kind of twisted Kamei Eri kind of way.

“Maybe I should explain...”

Reina was all too willing to let her do so.

“...I've never fallen in love before. I thought I was the kind of person that never would...but when I met you it was like...something inside me woke up. From that day I saw you I couldn’t get you out of my mind. It was driving me nuts. That's when I knew I had to tell you...”

Goto suddenly leaped forward and grabbed Reina's hands. She didn’t react because she was in too deep a state of shock.

“I’m so in love with you Tanaka Reina”

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Doki Doki 16
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“I’ll see you on the weekend…”

Oh, god is she serious?

”Say it…”

Not this again.

”No you say it first…oh you’re so sweet! I love you too”

This is getting out of control. If I hear this one more time I’m going to puke. I’m romantic and all but this is just taking it too far.

Kago Ai ended the call on her mobile and turned to Tsuji who was rolling her eyes in exasperation.

”What?” Kago asked innocently.

”You’re so boring”

”What do you mean?”

”Ever since you got a boyfriend…”

”What? So what’s that –“


”I’m not – “

”Yeah you are”

”Since when am –“
”Booooooooooooooooring!”  Tsuji drowned her out.

Kago stood up and pouted.

”Am noooooooooooooot”

Tsuji cheered up. She was getting the reaction she was looking for.

”Sooooooooooooo boooring”

”Oh yeah?”

Kago puffed her chest out, glaring at her twin.


”We’ll find out who’s boring then won’t we…”

The two faced in each other in a manner that resembled an old western style showdown. The battle was on.

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Doki Doki 17
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Yoshizawa stepped out of the taxi. She had just returned to the hotel from a photo shoot at Kinkakuji and Kyomizudera. Exhausted she hesitated on the sidewalk to regain her energy. This was her fatal mistake. Bombs dropped. One hitting her square on the face and the other skimmed off her ear and shattered soaking shoulder. By the time she discovered where the water bombs had come from the attacker was long gone.

Ishikawa stepped out the shower and blindly felt around the steamy room for her towel. Without her contacts she was practically helpless.

”I swore I brought it with me”

Her finger tips touched something fuzzy that she immediately recognised as the towel and proceeded to dry herself.

”Now where are my clothes?…”

Searching high and low there was no sign of her clothes, her only change of clothes.

“Aya didn’t take it…she wouldn’t have”

Miki ran circles around her room looking for the hair dryer. Who ever had taken it would have hell to pay for, unless it was Aya. She took out her mobile and punched the speed dial number ‘44’.


”Did you take my hairdryer?”

There was a moment’s silence in which Miki could hear Aya empty out her travel bag to check.


Takahashi almost ripped the door off the hinges as she burst into the hallway. The intruder was making their way on foot to the fire escape at the end of the hall. In their bag was Benny, nobody ever takes Benny and gets away with it. With nimble feet she sprinted after them as they twisted and turned in hope of losing her. She jumped up three steps at a time to catch up as they ran up and up the spiral fire escape. They made an exit on the 10th floor and Takahashi keenly followed. The heavy door slowed them down and she took the opportunity to lunge, falling short of the torso and taking hold of their shoe instead. The pair tumbled across the hallway floor. The world went instantly dark then light again. In her hand she held a 24cm sneaker. The culprit had gotten away but with this piece of evidence she was now certain – the notorious scavenger hunt was on again.
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Doki Doki 18
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Konno had spent the entire day in Makoto’s arms crying. She cried until she couldn’t cry anymore. Then she just shuttered with grief until tears found their way out of her eyes again.

”It’s a better place in heaven”

Makoto kissed the top of her head.


Konno sniffed. “I don’t want to be here anymore”

”Don’t say things like that”

Konno composed herself.

”I mean…Morning Musume…I don’t think I want to be here anymore”

The whole incident had given Konno and new perspective on life and not just her own. She’d thought she was special being able to be apart of one of the most popular singing groups in Japan, which she was, but what she didn’t realise was all the small things she was missing out on.

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Doki Doki 19
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Tsuji limped back to the rendezvous point A.K.A Kago’s room. Walking with only one thick soled shoe was proving to be harder than she thought so she took the other off putting it in her draw string bag and continued on.

She arrived a little before time up. Kago was waiting smugly on the bed.

”Did you get everything?”

Tsuji dropped the heavy bag on the floor and spread out its contense.

”Almost” She puffed.

Kago spread her collection near by and pulled out the list.

- Food from a fridge
- An electrical appliance
- Photos
- A lock of hair
- A full set of clothes
- Bedding
- Digninty
- Coaster
- A beloved item
- 1 sock
- Tv Remote
- Bubblegum
- An Adult magazine/video

"Hmm, Yep I've got all of it"

"No way - you cheat!" Tsuji lowered her list mid-tick and scrammbled over to the opposing pile to check. The coaster and standard Tv remote, Sweetie Bubblegum, a foul smelling sock, spare bed sheets, a lock of bleached hair (which could only be Yaguchi Mari's) and the adult magazine...she checked it again, it was all there, all accounted for. Except for one -
"Who's dignity did you take?"

Kago laughed and clapped her hands together. From her pocket she pulled out her pink phone that she decorated herself and played the most recent video.

A door slids open. Through the rails you can see Yossi on the sidewalk. She is adjusting the bag on her shoulder. There is a muffled giggle that is obviously Kago. There is a sound of rubbed being pulled. A colourful balloon falls past the camera closely followed by another. They shatter on Yossi and she yells out obsure words, most of them four lettered. Kago is giggling again as she runs with the camera.
The screen goes black.

The twins roll around the floor laughing until they have tears in their eyes.

"Ok, so what about you?"

Tsuji 'um'ed and 'ah'ed.

"I have all but one -"

"HA! Im the winner!" Kago cut in.

"No your not..."

The Tsuji proceeded to explain to her friend the heist she made and how in the long run she'd kill two birds with one stone. Her friend nodded but only half understanding.

"Uh huh...well time up is any second now so when do you think your planning is going pay off?"

Her question was answered by a short scream from the hallway.
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