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Author Topic: Daily Life of MaYuki Family #53 [NatsuMado,JiiNatsu,ChiiNatsu,AoNatsu]14/08/2017  (Read 64201 times)

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Haha~ Madoka takes after Jurina :on lol:
Poor Natsu, I wonder if it was both their first kiss  :hehehe:
JuriMayu afraid of their wives, I love it :mon lol:
Update soon :mon bye:

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Yurin here~

@Kairi65 @kahem @ Kirozoro @sophcaro  @kazutoryu @kmkpc22 @Kirozoro @abcari @MYJR @River1721 Thank you for all of your comments :) were happy that you find this drabble funny

Can I trans your fic ???

Sure :) you can translate it. But please put the link and credits Thank you also please send us the link where you will post it ^_^ (Yurin & Ryo)


#5 Over Protective

It was Sunday morning. Mayu was getting restless, she can't stay in one place, every 10 mins she will go upstairs to check on Sakura.

Actually, Sakura was talking to someone in her phone for almost an hour now.

Mayu: Who is she talking to? its been an hour?  :tantrum:
Yuki: mou, she's just talking to her friend, can you calm down now and help us prepare the table?
Mayu: Natsumi do you know who is she talking to?
Natsu: I don't know tou-chan *busy sending mails*

Mayu: Sakura! breakfast is ready. Come down now.  :frustrated:
Sakura: Wait tou-chan! I'm still on the phone you can eat ahead without me
Mayu: Come down now here. The food is getting cold.   :tantrum:
Sakura: 5 minutes tou-chan

Mayu goes upstairs to get Sakura in her room. she peek on Sakura again

*Mayu hiding at the edge of the door*

Mayu: Who is she talking to? Its almost an hour. Wait.. wait! is that a guy?! No no no! I'm going to kill him!   :on voodoo:  I will not allow it! wait!
but what if it is a girl and a cute loli too  :ding:  ehehehe~  :on bleed: n-no no no! I will not still approve it! she still a kid!

While Mayu is still talking to herself, she overheard sakura's conversation with the person in the phone

Sakura: ehh? Haha, you really miss me already? but We just met last friday~ haha, Hai hai see you later.. Ja ne~


and then - At the dining area

Mayu is seriouly looking at Sakura while eating

Sakura: Kaa-chan, I'll be going out later.
Mayu:  :shock:
Yuki: hm? Where are you going?
Sakura: we'll go at the arcade~
Mayu: who are you with?  :frustrated:
Sakura: I'll be with my classmate
Mayu: Who is that classmate?  :frustrated:
Sakura: A friend of mine. I'll be back before dinner
Mayu: wait!wait! You  should bring your onee-chan with you, i mean you need a guardian to look after you and to protect you!  :on thumbb:
Sakura: mou~ there's no need for that tou-chan, i'm not a kid anymore hehe~ I'll be fine tou-chan *smile*
Mayu: b-b-but !  :stoned:

Mayu's mind: what?wait not a kid anymore?! does she already have someone thats why she said that? NO! i will not allow it:scolding:

After Sakura have left. Mayu and Yuki followed Sakura, they were both in  disguise, wearing a flashy coat and wierd hat and glasses.

Mayu pulled natsu along with them  :on crazygran:

Natsu: *depressed* Why am I here? -_-"
Mayu: aren't you worried about your sister? what if something happen to her??  :farofflook:
Yuki: wahhh! My baby girl... she's growing up~ as if only yesterday when she was born *sob*sob*
Natsu: *sigh*  :cool2:  Not you too kaa-chan.. sakura will be mad at us if she knew that we were following her and- *facepalm* why did the two of you dressed like that?

Mayu: huh? of course we should disguise ourselves so sakura wouldn't know that we were following her *serious*

 :on crazygran:

Natsu: =_=" disguise? with that wierd and flashy outfits? look  they were staring at us...
Mayu & Yuki: *focused on following sakura*
Natsu: and what if aunt rena and the others came back home already?there is no one left in the house
Mayu: I already giva a spare key to Jurina don't worry about Madoka not getting home  :hehehe: *Smirking at Natsu*

Natsu: *sigh* Geez -_-"

Sakura is just standing in front of the arcade center waiting for someone

meanwhile sakura's parents and sister were hiding while spying sakura

 :on crazygran:

Mayu: Uugh I'm going to kill that person for making my princess wait!  :angry1: 
Natsu: *sigh*looks down*  :depressed:
Yuki: Ah! I think thats the one! *pointing at someone*

Sakura's Classmate, Anna: Sa-ku-ra~!  :tama-heart: *hug*
Sakura: hehe~ hi anya~ *hugs back*
anna: Sa-ku-ra~ sorry i'm late~  :tama-excite:

Mayu: huh!? who is she?!  :shock: *saw someone hugging sakura with their face close*
Mayu: Why you!!!  :scolding:
Yuki: Mayu *glared at mayu*
Mayu: *gulp* b-but!  :pleeease:
Yuki: Calm down! if you get mad that easily we can't follow sakura
Mayu: *sulk* hai  :on hobo:
Natsu: mou- Can we stop this now? Everyone is staring at us...

Mayu & Yuki: ah, they went there! Let's go!  :on crazygran:

*people are staring at them*
Natsu: *sigh* -_-"

At the arcade

Sakura and Anna: *holding hands while walking*
Anna: Come on let's try that next!  :tama-yeeaah:
Sakura: *gigle* you sure are so energetic today~
Anna: I'm always like that~ especially when I'm with you hehe~   :tama-lotsaluv:

Mayu:  :angry1: why are they holding hands???!
Yuki: *grabs mayu's hand* our baby *sob*sob*
Mayu: look that girl is flirting with our baby!  :scolding:
Natsu: Sakura is just with a friend tou-chan, stop over-reacting... and you too ka-chan *rubbing her forehead because of headache from her parents*
Mayu: But someone is dating sakura!  :tantrum: she is still a kid!
Natsu: Yeah, -_- and I'm also still a kid but you guys already engaged me with someone *long depressing sigh*
Mayu: hey natsu look! *points at some place* there is a karaoke there you should bring your friends here  :bingo: *trying to change the topic*
Natsu: -_-

later sakura and her classmate, anna, went at a cinema...

and of course, her over-reacting, over-protective parents are still stalking them   :on crazygran: 

Anna: how about we watch this one?  :tama-music:
Sakura: mmm~

Mayu: huh?! but is about teenager's love!!  :scolding: thats it! im not allowin-
Yuki: mayu! can you calm down for a while?! you're noisy i can't hear them
Mayu: hey, she's dragging our sakura on the cinema!! what will they might do there!!!  :angry1:
Yuki: yeah i can see that! *holds mayu's shoulder tightly*  i told you to calm down didn't I?! and what the hell are you talking about?!
Mayu: *nervous* h-hai- *looks at where sakura is*  :frustrated:
Natsu: of course to watch a movie, what else do you do in a cinema?! (still innocent) *sigh* tou-chan let just leave them
Mayu: mou!!! i can't handle seeing my baby girl with someone!! she's still a kid!!!  :temper:
Natsu: tou-chan your more like a baby to me, more like a kid!
Yuki: *patting mayu's head* *sigh* that i agree
Mayu: HEY!  :angry1:

after the movie they also followed sakura and anna in a fast food restaurant,

natsu was trying to calm her tou-chan who badly wanted to interrupt sakura and her friend time together...

after sakura and anna eat, they decided to go home

Sakura: anya~ thank you for today, it was fun hehe~
Anna: kawaii!  :tama-laff: haha~ Your welcome sa-ku-ra~ *hugs*kiss cheeks*   :tama-bye:

Mayu: *sees sakura is kissed by someone on the cheeks* :shock: what the! *really mad* grrrr....  :scolding:

Mayu was about to go towards sakura and anna but yuki grabbed her coat which made her out of balance in the bushes...

sakura noticed that there is something in the bushes so she walks towards the bushes and finds out her tou-chan , kaa-chan and nee-chan stalking her

Sakura: *emmitting a dark aura* why all of you are here?
Mayu: ehh?! ha-ha *nervous* well you see, i'm just worried about you  :dizzy:
Sakura: Is Stalking me your plan tou-chan?
Mayu: no, no, no... well you know i'm really just worried, i could've go with you he-he and it will be more fun if you're with lolis to play with*making an excuse*
Sakura: *glare*
Mayu: y-Yuki!!!! *hides behind yuki*

Yuki: *mad at lolicon mayu* Yes, its your tou-chan's idea
Mayu: eeh? what? n-natsu, help your tou-chan here
Natsu: ....
Yuki: Come on now Natsu...let's leave your tou-chan here

Natsu and Yuki: *retreating*went home*

Mayu: Eeh?! Chotto!!

Sakura: tou-chan! how many times did i told you not to stalk me?! i'm just having fun with my friends
Mayu: b-but-!
Sakura: and what's with that flashy outfit?! you looks suspicious, you're lucky you're not questioned by the police, *sigh* what am i gonna do with you....

Back at home, sakura scolded her tou-chan for the whole night

Mayu: but i'm just protecting you

Sakura: you're over reacting tou-chan

Mayu: no i'm not! i'm just protecting you, and from now on i'll always accompany you to school

Sakura: *sigh* that's it tou-chan, i'm really mad at you now *walks away leaving mayu*

Mayu: NO!!!!!!!!!!!!Wait!!!SAKURA!!!Please....come back here!!!  :on blackhole:
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#6 mayuki family's daughters

Sakura was about to go to school

Sakura: Kaa-chan, I'll be going first. ittekimasu!
Mayu: Sakura, let me drive you going to your school

sakura: *still mad and ignoring her tou-chan and left*

Mayu: why is she ignoring me *depressed*  :fainted:
Yuki: What would you expect? and all you think is lolis hmpt!
Mayu: Eh? You too are mad at me? Mou~ Natsu help me here  :dizzy:
Natsu: Bye tou-chan
Mayu: ehh?! Chotto matte! natsu~ don't leave me~

Natsu: -_- *leaving*

*Mayu followed Natsu in the front door*

Natsu was about to open the front door
*grabs Natsu's waist*

Natsu: Tou-chan what are you doing?
Mayu: Hugging my ikemen daugther *puppy eyes*

Natsu: You need something from me,  don't you Tou-chan?
Mayu: *let go of Natsu* please accompany your little sister going to school I'm really worried about her and she still ignores me T_T   :pleeease:
Natsu: *sigh* Cause you didn't listen to me tou-chan i told you she will be mad if you continue stalking her
Mayu: b-but I'm just worried.. T_T
Natsu: Hai hai I'll accompany her tou-chan don't worry
Mayu: That's my child *sparkling eyes*thumbs up* and also...(/□\*)・゜
Natsu: Help you with kaa-chan right?
*Mayu nods repeatedly like a kid*
Natsu: Are you really kaa-chan's husband? You should know how to  deal with kaa-chan.
Mayu: onegai~ *puppy eyes*
Natsu: hai hai I'll help you later tou-chan just be good for now and don't let kaa-chan get mad
Mayu: hai~ *smiling like child*
Natsu: *sigh* I'll go now
Mayu: itterasshai

At the bus stop

Natsu: Sakura!!
Sakura: Nee-chan?
Natsu: I'll accompany you, is that okay? *smile*
Sakura: un! *smile*smile*

Natsu is also a protective sister to sakura but unlike her tou-chan she's not over-reacting

Natsu: sakura i'll help you carry your things

When they get out the bus Natsu carries Sakura's bag while they walk. they are now in front of sakura's middle school, Many students were  staring at them.

Natsu: -_- Why are they staring at us?
Sakura: *giggle* Because my onee-chan is so cool~ *
Natsu: But my sister is more kawaii~ hehe
Natsu & Sakura: *laugh*

at the entrance of the school, a group of students are approaching the siblings

Group of students: Kyaaaaaaaa!!! it's MaYuki sisters!!


among the group, someone shouts loud 

Anna: SAKURA~!!!!!!!

Sakura: Ohayou Anya~
Natsu: *protective*looking at anna who was fangirling at her sister*
Anna: Ohayou gozai- *looks at Natsu*cough* Ohayou Sakura ohayou Natsumi-senpai *sweet smile*
Natsu: e?? you know me?
Sakura: *giggle* This is Murashige Anna my friend nee-chan, i always talk  about you with my friends hehe
Natsu: *was touched by her sister's words* pats her head* smiling*
Anna: eh? Just friends?? Mou~ anyway sakura and I had a date yesterday~ *looks at the other girls in the group*

actually those group of students are sakura's fanclub

saku's fanclub: EEEEEEH???!!
Anna: Hahaha!!! *proud of herself*
Haruppi: Mou~ sakura you should go with us next time T.T
Sakura: Sure *giggle*smile*
Haruppi: really? yay~ *fangirl*
Meru: me too~ i wanna go.. we could go to karaoke! *smile*
Sakura: of course meru-chan~ *smile*
Others: Can we also go?! please? sakura-chan~!
Sakura-chan~ Be my girlfriend!
Sakura Daisuki!

Anna: Hey! only I can go with sakura!
others: no way! you already went with her yesterday right?!
sakura: please stop fighting guys, we are all friends *smile*

Natsu: Minna you should be going now, your class is about to start *trying to help sakura*
everyone: *stares at Natsu who was looking cool*


Natsu: *sigh* pats sakura's head* I'll go now sakura take care and study hard okay? *smiles at sakura*
Sakura: Hai onee-chan.. take care *waving at natsu*

While others are going crazy, sakura's kouhai,

natsumikan,was frozen and  staring at sakura's nee-chan who was leaving

Natsumikan: uwaahh~ So cool... such ikemen *fangirl*

Sakura: *appeared beside Natsumikan* hehe~ I told you~!

*happy proud sister*
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Eekkk~!!! Update please!!! :cathappy: :deco:

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    • kmkpc22
:lol: poor mayu.
I like NatsuSaku. They're so cute. Cheer for this ><

My twitter: @kmkpc22

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Aw, poor Mayu XD She was pretty overprotective to Sakura :nervous
Sakura emitting a dark aura reminded me of Yukirin getting angry  :lol:
Woah~ The MaYuki sisters are popular in school :w00t:
Update soon~ :twothumbs

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Nacchan is my HKT Oshi, Im so happy with this fic <3

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  • WMatsui, Atsumina, Mayuki couple forever!!
XD Mayu over-protective Sakura

Sakura and Natsu is to famouse XD

Update soon

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#7 Sister complex

It was late afternoon, Sakura just got home from school.
no one was home except for madoka

Sakura: Tadaima *taking off her shoes*
Madoka: Okaeri *smiling sweetly at Sakura* 
Sakura: Oh! Madoka onee-san!
Madoka: Otou-san and Okaa-san have to do something so I just stayed here 
Sakura: have you already eaten Madoka onee-san?
Madoka: hm.. not yet..

Sakura recognize Madoka's been using her laptop since morning and she seems bored

Sakura: What are you doing right now madoka-nee-san?
Madoka: Just surfing, posting on my G+ *sigh*
Sakura: oh~ you have an account on G+ madoka-nee-san? add me~ hehe, uhm.. Do you want to come with me in my room?
I have good music there you might like it *trying to entertain madoka so she wouldn't be bored*

when they enter the room

Sakura: You can look around nee-san i'll just get some drinks for us
Madoka: ok, thanks sakura

Madoka is looking around at Sakura's room and suddenly notice something

*Picture of Natsu and Sakura*

Madoka's mind: hmm? *giggle* is this natsumi when she was young? well she's kinda cute
*sees another picture of natsu*
she's looking cool here... more like she always act cool but she's more kawaii than cool when being teased *evil smile*
Then suddenly she remember the last time when she was teasing natsu and they accidentally kissed

*blush* why am i thinking about that?! hmpt!

madoka was trying not to think about that anymore by getting annoyed of what happened
but it was her first kiss

meanwhile Sakura opens the door with the drinks she brought.

Sakura: Nee-san drinks is - *noticed Madoka's face is really red*
Madoka: hm? thanks *calming herself*
Sakura: Are you okay nee-san? Do you have a fever?
Madoka: no no, I'm okay hehe~
Sakura: *smile*  *notice's the picture frame that madoka is holding*

Sakura: oh! hehe~ nee-chan so cute when she was young right? well she's always been cute but lately she's becoming more cool~ *giggle*
Madoka: hmmm...
Sakura: my classmates too said she was so cool when she accompanied me in school this morning. Many of my classmates have a crush on her hehe~ *proud*
Madoka: oh, so she's popular in school?
Sakura: hai! hehe~ because she's so cool and you know nee-chan is also really sweet and caring..
she even tutor me when I'm having difficulties on my subjects even if she's really busy with her club and other activities
she always takes care of me, although she's a bit over protective sometimes *happy*

Madoka: That's nice, having a good sister *still calming herself, but the redness of her face already subsides*
Sakura: yep! hehe~ and she's very gentle but sometimes her cold side appears but that side of nee-chan just makes her even more cooler hehe~
Madoka: hmmm.. *sudden interest* can you tell me more about your sister? *smile*
Sakura: sure~! *happy and proud sister* you know she's in the dance club in middle school! she's really athletic~ but now she's in the newspaper club, she is the photographer for the newspaper club and she is also helping the drama club

Madoka: She's a hard working person isn't she?
Sakura: Yes! i'm so proud of her *giggle* ah by the way here's some juice nee-san
Madoka: Oh, Thank you sakura-chan *smile* uhm... by the way can you tour me around the town, hmm.. we can go to a cake shop if you want, I'll treat you a cake
Sakura: Hontou? waaah arigatou~ you know nee-chan also loves cake specially chocolate flavor~

Madoka: hehe really? then let's buy her also a cake when we get home
Sakura: hai~ *cheerful*

So the two of them walks around the town and stopped at a cake shop

while eating Sakura still keeps on talking about her nee-chan

Sakura: Then there once a time, some girls were chasing after her and she was so scared that she run into me haha~
Madoka: why are they chasing her?
Sakura: you see, nee-chan played as a prince for school play once and she was so handsome that the girls in our school was all over her *fangirling*
but when the girls chased after her, she always run and hide behind me like a kid hehe~ seeing nee-chan behave like a kid~ so kawaii *fangirling*

Madoka: *giggle* that really happened? that was funny
---- madoka's mind: *interested* i wonder what face she's making that time *having fun seeing natsu's reaction*

Sakura: haha i know right and.. and also, you know neee-chan seems to have a fetish on legs haha~! surprising right?
Madoka: Eh? Doushite?
---- madoka's mind: is she a secret pervert? *evil grin*

Sakura: haha~ i also don't know~ *eat cake* oishiii~
Madoka: *smile*
Sakura: Ah~! there's also a time when we are in a camp she panicked and nearly cried because she doesn't like animals like snake,
hehe seeing her like that is so precious for me
Madoka: *giggle*
---- madoka's mind: i want to see her reactions when scared~ *having fun while thinking of scaring natsu*

Then the two of them chitchat until late afternoon , they bought natsu's chocolate cake and decided to go back

it's already dark when they got home, yuki was already at home preparing dinner

Sakura: tadaima~
Yuki: okaeri sakura, madoka, where did the two of you went?
Sakura: madoka-nee-chan~ treated me a cake it was delicious, and she also bought some for nee-chan~ *cheerful*
Yuki: oh, it's nice to see you getting along *smile*
Madoka: of course aunt yuki *sweet smile*
---Yuki's mind: she's such a good child~ she even bought a cake for natsumi *fangirling about natsu and madoka together*

then natsu also arrived from school

Natsu: Tadaima
Sakura & yuki: Okaeri
Natsu: *noticed madoka busy with her laptop*

Natsu: Sakura did you finish all your assignments?
Sakura: We don't have any hehe~ you should go upstairs and take a rest onee-chan
Natsu: Un~ thanks sakura

At natsu's room

Natsu: good thing the witch is not here yet, i shall enjoy myself alone in my room before she comes back later
*noticed that there is a cake on her table and a note*

*nee-chan~ we went at a cake shop a while ago, and the cake was really delicious~
let's go there sometimes hehe~
ah, madoka-nee-chan bought this cake for you but she don't want to give it to you so she asked me to give this to you
~ sakura*

Natsu: hmm, so she's thoughtful sometimes
*lay on the bed*
*roll on the bed but noticed that the scent of her bed is not hers but madoka's*
*blushed* well she smells nice...
*remember the last time when madoka was teasing her and it resulted from an accidental kiss*
it was my first
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#8 Transfer Student

Its been a week now since the JURena family stay at Mayuki's residence.

Natsumi was already at school, deppresed on her seat...
it's been a week since madoka was teasing and irritating her and she can't retaliate and tease madoka back because her family was in favor of madoka

Natsu's mind: (flashback on what jurina told her this morning)
---- Take care of my daughter don't let anyone hurt her at school.
---- and don't cheat on her, You understand?? *serious*
---- H-hai *scared*

Natsu: Why is this happening to me? *whispered to herself* *long depressing sigh*   :on cloudeye:
Chihiro: *taps Natsu's shoulder* Natsu, Are you okay?
Natsu: *looks at chihiro with pleading eyes*
Chihiro: *patting natsu's head* it will be okay *smile*

then the sensei enters the room and all of them sits

Sasshi-sensei: Ohayou minna!
class: ohayou gozaimasu sasshi!
Sasshi-sensei: Oi! I'm your sensei!! don't call me by my name! *cough* well anyway, today we will have a transfer student

Madoka: *enters the room*
Natsu: T_T i'm doomed, the evil witch is here
Chihiro: EH??! *surprised to see madoka in their class*
others: *whisper*whisper*

Sasshi-sensei: please introduce yourself
Madoka: Madoka desu, *ojousama aura* yoroshiku onegaishimasu *smiling at everyone*
others: aaaah~ kirei~

natsu: if they only knew her *sigh*
Chihiro: *taps natsu's shoulder*
natsu: hmmm?
chihiro: *smiles*
natsu: chii-chaaaaan~! T_T
Aoi: *looking at natsu* ??

Sasshi-sensei: you can sit beside there *points at the empty seat beside natsu*

natsu's mind: why?! why does the empty seat is beside me??!!!  :depressed:

madoka: *grinning at natsu*

Sasshi-sensei: Chihiro, since you're the class rep. please tour your new classmate around the school later 
chihiro: hai!

madoka: *looks at her*
chihiro: *awkward* (^_^")

then the morning class starts and their classmates were still staring and admiring madoka but madoka didn't seem to care

Madoka: *dropped her eraser*
Madoka: ne, Natsumi get my eraser
Natsu: -_-
Madoka: *smile*
Natsu: *sigh* here..
Madoka: *giggle* thanks

Aoi: *looking at natsu* eh? natsu knew the transfer student?

---lunch break---

Madoka: ne, Natsumi buy me some juice
Natsu: -_-" what?!
Madoka: orange juice, okay?
Natsu: *gets up from her seat* *sigh*
Natsu's mind: -_- i didn't asked what flavor, i'm asking why are you ordering me around geez *sigh*

When natsu was about to go out the room

Chihiro: Hey! where are you going? Let's eat our bento here Nattan *smile*
Aoi: Natsu~! okaachan cooked a lot today we can share
Natsu: hai *smiles* i'll just buy juice, do you want some juice too?
Chihiro & Aoi: hai~ we'll go too
Natsu: no need i can handle it, just wait for me kay? *smile*

Madoka's mind: acting cool again huh~ so, natsumi is always surrounded by girls huh? *evil grin*

when natsu came back they arrange their table so they can eat together

Chihiro: uhm.. madoka-san do you also want to join us? (^_^")
Madoka: hm? okay...

when they were eating...

*awkward silence*

Aoi noticed that Natsu and Madoka's bento are the same

Aoi's mind: Why are they having the same bento?? and, and why is she just calling natsu so casual? does natsu know her? are they friends or something ? *worried* mou~


afternoon class started and the time is fast, classes have already ended
after class, class rep. chihiro was touring madoka around the school...

and then after that madoka was waiting for natsu but natsu was still in her club

Madoka: what took you so long? *frowned at natsu*
Natsu: club activity just ended
Madoka: hmpt! let's go!
Natsu: *sigh* hai ojou-sama -_-"

Aoi: *hiding while observing at them* why are they going home together?? T_T wahh~ *holding her tears*
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Nooooo Aoi! ;A; I love more the Natsu x Aoi than the Natsu x Madoka xD but also I vote for Natsu x Harem lol is more interesting xD

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i kinda like Natsu x Aoi, bcoz pretty similar like naruto x hinata, lol XD

....yet i vote for harem, hahaha :lol:

update soon! :cathappy:

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Hahahaha, I can't stop to laugh when I read your fic   :lol: :lol: :lol:

I think we'll have triangle love right  :wub: :wub: :wub:

Hope you update soon  :P

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Natsumado <3 they are too cute. It will be great if madoka is the one who becomes the husband ! Haha .
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Ever since that accidental kiss, I've been hooked into Natsu x Madoka, so I voted for that :nervous
*roll on the bed but noticed that the scent of her bed is not hers but madoka's*
*blushed* well she smells nice...
Haha~ Natsumi  :wub:
Aoi: *hiding while observing at them* why are they going home together?? T_T wahh~ *holding her tears*
I feel bad for Aoi, she has to witness all of that  :sweatdrop:
Update soon :twothumbs

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#9 Remembrance

It was already night but MaYuki and JuRena couple are not at home yet, they just left a note saying to take care of themselves for a while
Only Natsu, Madoka and Sakura is at home. and unfortunately there is a storm that night.

*thunder strikes*


Sakura: onee-chan! onee-chan! *scared of thunders*
Natsu: Hai! Sakura come in
Sakura: Onee-chan can I stay here for tonight?
Natsu: Of course.. here *tapping beside her* you can sleep beside me *smiling at sakura sweetly*

*thunder strikes*

Sakura: uwaa! *runs towards Natsu* onee-chan *hugs*
Natsu: eh~ my little sister is still afraid of thunder? *giggle*
Sakura: Mou~ stop teasing me nee-chan
Natsu: Hai hai *hugs sakura while patting sakura's head*

None of them didn't know that there is also someone who was afraid of thunder strikes

Madoka: *calming herself under her blanket*

Natsu start humming a song for Sakura while patting sakura's head that was leaning on her shoulder.
When Sakura fell asleep Natsu kissed Sakura's forehead.

Natsu: Oyasumi Saku-chan~ don't be scared I'll be just here beside you

Natsu's mind: Saku-chan is so cute when sleeping *giggle*

Madoka: hey!
Natsu: Hm?
Madoka: hey! Natsumi!
Natsu: *sigh* what do you want?
Madoka: Sing me a song
Natsu: huh!? What?
Madoka: Don't be so noisy Saku-chan might wake up just sing me a song already

*thunder strikes*

Madoka: *yelped**
Natsu: geez why should I - *she suddenly stop and realize that Madoka might be afraid also* evil grin*
Madoka: What's with that smile?
Natsu: *sarcastic laugh*
Madoka: stop it!
Natsu: don't tell me your afraid of thunders? pfff* hahaha
Madoka: Shut up!
Natsu: Haha hai hai haha I can't believe this, the evil witch is afraid of thunders pfff* hahaha
Madoka: Just - *thunder strike* kyaa! *cover her whole body with blanket shaking*
Natsu: Are you okay? *worried*guilty*
Madoka: Shut up *sob*
Natsu: you can sleep here beside me
Madoka: Why would I *sob* do that?
Natsu: Just sleep here beside me. I-I can't move I might wake Saku-chan

*thunder strikes*

Then Madoka immediately lay down beside natsu, sakura is on the left side, natsu in the middle and madoka on the right side of natsu.

*thunder strike*

Madoka: kyaaaa! *hugs natsu out of fear*
Natsu: *giggle*

Natsu's mind: didn't knew she had this side hehe~

Madoka: *still hugging natsu while crying*
Natsu: *pats madoka's head then start singing to make madoka calm down and sleep*

madoka calmed down a bit after, she was thinking that natsu have a nice voice as she drift off to sleep

Then the three of them stayed in that position, sleeping.

They didn't notice that while they are sleeping, they are holding hands and madoka was also leaning her head on natsu's shoulder.


*door opens*

*camera shutters*

Yuki&Rena: Such a wonderful picture
Mayu&Jurina: *grinning*
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I hope next chapters will be longer  :cry: It's too short! I haven't contended yet  :(
By the way, natsumado was too cute in this chap  :deco:

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hm, i wonder if my imagination is getting bad but i just cant imagine how their position is.. :(

for some reason, i get the feeling that all of this is actually planned by the parents.. XD

please update soon! wanna read more~! :thumbsup

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Oh God, this is so cute, and well.. *takes her own camera* let's the session of photos begin

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Its so cute!! :inlove:
Geez Mayu and Jurina sure want Madoka and Natsuki  to be together XD
for some reason, i get the feeling that all of this is actually planned by the parents.. XD
I though so too! :lol:
Update soon! :twothumbs

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