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Author Topic: [Machdi-san's OS] All I Want (WMatsui) - COMPLETED  (Read 2411 times)

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[Machdi-san's OS] All I Want (WMatsui) - COMPLETED
« on: February 21, 2015, 05:23:35 PM »
All I Want

"How long is she going to be in there? Just go inside."

"Alright, alright. But, look, here's the deal. She couldn't possibly be as bad as anyone thought she thought she would. And if I'm right, we can't just lock up an innocent woman in here, it's just too risky for the public to hear."

"I don't give two shits of who she is, or where she came from. What she did two nights ago was fucking insane."

She could stare at the floor as long as she wanted to, and it will still look appealing to her. It was better than the loud conversation between the two officers outside the door. Not that hearing spiteful comments towards where a new discovery for Jurina, but negativity has always been her arch nemesis.

Her ears caught two silent murmurs from the door, trying to make out the words before the door clicked open. She refrained herself to glance up at the person walking towards the seat in front of her. The chair grinded against the floor with a soft creak, and she heard an audible sigh.

"Most people get tensed up before an interrogation, but looks like you don't," a soft womanly voice filled her ears, making her want to glance up out of curiousity. Her eyes fell upon a mature-looking female. Her hair was the colour of brown, curly at its ends and looked like it was groomed well. Her doe eyes looked at her sympathetically, confusing Jurina at first. A small smile was plastered on her lips, giving out little dimples on the side of her cheeks.

"Oshima Yuko. I'm a crime detective, usually doing the hard work while other officers just stick donuts up there lazy ass," the woman introduced herself in an attempt to get rid of the awkward atmosphere surrounding both of the girls in the room. Jurina could only twitched a smile, and gave a small nod.

"Do I have to introduce myself as well?" Jurina asked playing along with the detective. Oshima Yuko scoffed lightly, shaking her head.

"I don't think that's completely necessary since I already know who you are. Matsui Jurina, singer-songwriter, actress, radio DJ, two-time Grammy award winner for the new category of Best International Act, and four-time Academy Awards nominee for Best Foreign Actor or Actress. And only 23 years old," Yuko said in near astonishment, whistling at the end of sentence. "You're every teenager's dream of becoming the next thing."

Jurina pursed her lips, and shrugged a little. "Every form success will always have its highs and lows. I don't think people should view a famous person the same as Jesus, or Buddha, or Muhammad, because we're humans. Just like everyone else. Therefore, making mistakes and regretting a part of your career is a humanly thing, and relatably normal."

Yuko nodded, taking all of the information in and stored it in her brain. "Well that, I agree. But now, let's go straight to the point with your case. Two nights ago, someone called from the restaurant ten metres from the crime scene that they saw, what they believed the famous Matsui Jurina, pushing an 27 year old girl down the road allowing her to get run over by an incoming truck, immediately getting her killed. When the police came, you calmly described what had happen and how you commited the crime, allowing them to easily arrest you and giving you the chance to speak with me, right here in this very moment. As a VIP guest," Yuko spoke seriously, crossing her arms.

Jurina chuckled, crossing her leg over the other and placing her hands on her lap. "Well, if it helps, then I am very honored to be discussing this with an experienced professional such as yourself."

Yuko grinned. "Thank you. But, if you don't mind, can you please tell me why you did it?"

Jurina's smile faltered. Taking a deep breath, she sighed. "You think she's an innocent victim?"

"From eye-witness accounts, she looked like she was a normal girl patiently waiting for a taxi to give her a ride home," Yuko answered almost too confidently.

Jurina nodded, pursing her lips and letting out an exhale through her nose. "That's when you might need to do some more investigation."

Yuko was slightly caught off guard. "I'm not really sure what you're trying to say."

Jurina made herself comfortable on the chair, placing her hands on the table in front of her. "Here's what we're gonna do, detective. Let's play a game. A game of questions and answers, but not what other people may think. The questions must be related to the topic at hand, for now is my crime, and I will give you genuine and honest answers that you must understand. If not, then you're no help for me. But since you already asked, I'll give you my answer."

Yuko didn't know what the girl was doing with her words, but she decided to play along. "Okay then. Explain."

Jurina cleared her throat. "It all started in my teenage years. During the eras of middle school and high school. Fun, heartbreaking, but memorable times of my life. It's where I truly find myself amongst the crowd of anonyomus people. It's where I found my interest in performing arts. But most importantly, it was the time where I found my first love. Yes, it's cheesy and cliched, but isn't it life?"

Jurina thought for a moment then continued. "First year of high school. First day. There was a new student on the block, like your typical Korean drama scenario. First impression was, 'this girl could be the next smartest kid in the whole grade'. Turns out she indeed was. Got the highest scores than anybody else, won many competitions, she basically had a reputation going," Jurina paused, then nodding her head. "Rena. Matsui Rena. Same surnames, but we're definitely different people. Most people think we're related, but I couldn't be sisters with a freaking genius."

Yuko couldn't help but chuckle at the statement. Jurina smiled bitterly without the other girl knowing.

"So yeah. It was ridiculous at first. But then a friens of my friend introduced me to her, and we hit it off almost immediately. To put it simple, we basically became, like, sisters. Inseperable. Clingy. Dependent on one another. Weird because we were polar opposites. She was the head of the Science club, I was a vocalist for the school band. She gets high grades on every subject, I tried very hard at not failing any of them. But it never mattered. We were in our own little world."

Jurina tapped her finger lightly, trying to remember where her story left off. "Do you believe that everyone should live anyone on their own? That we as human beings have the right to love one another in a special way? That we must find our true love?" Jurina paused, waiting for a reaction from Yuko which gave her a hesitant nod. "Because I think found one for myself."

It took a moment for Yuko to realize what she meant. It struck her like a flash of lightning. She was speechless. "Oh, my God."

Jurina nodded. "Yes. I was in love. With a girl. But oddly enough, it never freaked me out. When I realized that I loved her in a special way, it all felt normal. Like it was destined. It was the answer to the rapid beating of my heart when she was with me, my obsession over her laughs, my admiration of her intelligence, my love for her smile. So, I treasured my time with her. All I wanted to do was love her. And if she was still with me right now, all I want is to live a normal life with her. Even when she had someone else."

Jurina chuckled a little bit. "I'm actually cringing at the fact that I still kept my thoughts and feelings to myself for so long, even when I was slowly letting her kill me on the inside. It felt good, to be honest. They said that love is worth a pain, and I agree. She always dated different guys every once in awhile, it never lasted than a month. Guess she was too nice to turn them down. I was wrong. So, skipping a few years ahead, graduation happened. I got accepted to a university in the States, and had a farewell party two days before. I sang in front of my friends and family, mostly to my Rena. After that, she and I would hang out in my room and talk about anything. She slept over for the night, and we listened to slow songs as we drift off to sleep. The next day, she helped me pack my stuff in boxes and a suitcase. And the day of my departure, she gave me a hug at the airport. Saying goodbye to me, and how she's so proud of me, wishing ne good luck and promising each other that we'll never ever lose contact. And then, I was off."

Jurina paused for a moment. "Um, everything was a blur after that. But basically, after only a few months, we just stopped talking due to work and university. Didn't know what she took, but it was something related to medical stuff. That's when I found out from a friend that she was soon to be married."

Jurina smiled, chuckling a bit as she felt tears flowing down her eyes. "I was surprised. But mostly glad, because I knew she wasn't like that. She was straight, I was gay. I never really made it to her weddinf though, but I was sent an invitationby one of my friends. It was weird. I was gay, but I only loved her, though. In past tense. This is where it all leads up to my crime."

Yuko prepared herself, waiting for the girl to explain.

"A couple weeks ago, I just finished my tour in the States and went back to Tokyo to find some time to myself. I needed to relax, unwind after months full of performing at city after city. One night, I was walking along the streets of Shinjuku, and came across a restaurant that I've never seen before. I figured I might as well eat dinner there, so I went in, chose a table and ordered my food. While I was waiting, I kept my eyes on the front door of my restaurant. Not sure why, but I did. Then, as if God wasn't done with me just yet, she came through the door. Rena. The same Rena I knew back in high school. But only this time," Jurina paused. "She was with a man. But the thing is, this man wasn't her husband."

Yuko was caught off guard once again, not counting at how many twists are in Jurina's story. "What?"

Jurina shrugged. "Shocked? Me, too. I was also pissed. Realizing that all the times she had dated guys back in highschool, was for herself. She just wanted to ride her pussy inside their dicks, and helping them get good grades by doing so. Takamura, a bully slash dumbest kid in my grade, got the highest score for a math test during second year of high school. And that was when he was currently dating Rena. Coincidence? I think not."

"But that's not the end. I kept a close eye on her, visiting the restaurant every once in awhile, ordering the same food and drink just to watch her have dinner with different guys she took them with. There was this deep feeling of regret, and anger, and all of these other emotions that I wanted to get rid of. Until one night, she didn't came to the restaurant which was strange. So after dinner, I thought that I could go back home for long night's rest when I saw her waiting at the other side of the road. And in that moment, I question the morality in her actions."

Jurina looked into the eyes of the detective, and spoke, "And then, without her knowing, I walked across the street, silently went behind her, and waited for an incoming truck to pass by. When I saw one, I took action and pushed her off the sidewalk."

Yuko couldn't make out the words she wanted to say out loud. She stared at Jurina in disbelief, watching the girl leaning against the table with a bitter smile.

"So now, let me ask you a question." Jurina asked, her voice cracking at the end. "What am I? A murderer? A cancer towards society? Or, a regular human being?"



"Alright, alright. So this song goes out to the person sitting at a table right there with her group of friends, give it up for Matsui Rena everybody!"

Everyone in the crowd applaued, cheering her with claps and shouts of encouragement. She readied herself with the guitar, started playing the intro of the song.

"Please, enjoy," Jurina said against the micriphone, her eyes staring at the girl she loved who stared back at her in admiration. Easily, she let the words flow out of her mouth.

All I want is nothing more
to hear you knocking at my door
'Cause if I could see your face once more
I could die a happy woman, I'm sure

When you said your last goodbye
I died a little bit inside
I lay in tears in bed at night
Alone without you, by my side

But if you loved me
Why'd you leave me
Take my body, take my body
All I want is, and all I need is
To find somebody
I'll find somebody like you

Like you

Like you.


Thanks for reading! The song is All I Want by Kodaline, such a beautiful yet heartbreaking song. Though you can listen to Ellie Goulding's rendition of the song.

Hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing this!
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Re: [Machdi-san's OS] All I Want (WMatsui)
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Hweeeeeeeeeeeeeee ╥﹏╥ 〒_〒

Author saaan you make me cry.
*sob *sob*

I love your fic.  My heart broken.  *hug Author san*


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Re: [Machdi-san's OS] All I Want (WMatsui)
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Sasuga Machdi-san! My favorite writer!

Well, I don't blame Jurina, Rena deserved to be murdered by her.

It's seriously serious, sad, heart-breaking, yet very beautiful of how you write it. I love it!

I'm expecting more fics from you, :)

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Re: [Machdi-san's OS] All I Want (WMatsui)
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Why why is so sad *crying*

please write some fluff too!!

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Re: [Machdi-san's OS] All I Want (WMatsui)
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This is great!

I love it, author-san~~


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Re: [Machdi-san's OS] All I Want (WMatsui) - COMPLETED
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I totally don’t expect the story to turn out this way
Why Rena... why did you do things that make Jurina do that?
This is so heartbreaking and tragic.
 :cry: :cry:
Poor Jurina for her to reach such an extent
 :( :( :(

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