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Author Topic: Creamy Duck's OS collection Nerds In Love Part 2 (collab with Koyumichan)  (Read 5609 times)

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Jun's POV

The first time I met her, she freaked me out. She was standing in the middle of the street like waiting for someone to hit her with a car. And just when a car was about to hit her, as I was shouting to her to move, she looked at me, smiled and stepped back a little. Just a single step that saved her from death. I looked at her amazed and shocked. She was calm and looked quite sad. I couldn't believe it. She waved at me, turned around and ran away, like nothing happened. Now I was walking to the class, when I saw a familiar face. I remember her clearly: her curly black hair,brown eyes,
beautiful face and a graceful steps. "Hey" I said approaching her. No one can imagine how I felt when she looked at me,like I was some kind of trash. Then she smiled and replied "Oh, hello, Playboy. Can you do me a favor and leave me alone?" I could swear I felt her cold smile and tone on my skin. "You may not remember me, but­"
"You're right. I don't remember you" she cut me off and walked to the classroom. Apparently she was in my class and that made me quite happy. It may sound really stupid, but meeting her... It felt like I was falling for her. After class I catched her and told her my name.
"Leave me alone, playboy" she replied and I decided to try and flirt with her.
"When you're calling me like that? I'm sorry, but I can't hold myself" as I said that, I pulled her closer and kissed on the lips. I was kind of surprised when she didn't resist,She just gently stroke my jawline when kissing me back. When she pulled away, she said with a gentle, yet cold voice
"You're not bad. But you should train more" I looked at her confused. When she was about to walk away, I grabbed her arm and asked for her name. "Flirting with me without even knowing my name? That's so lame, playboy" she replied and laughed, but this time her laugh wasn't so cold. It was warm and charming. But when she walked away, just then I realised, that she was the one playing with me. For the first time I couldn't keep up with a girl.

But after that time I made a big progress. I already knew her name, Rena, I could talk with her and she wasn't so cold to
me anymore. Well, she was cold to everyone else, especially with Mayu, but I don't mind. I was falling for her so hard, everytime we met I felt my heart go crazy. I never felt that way before. She even sang with me once. She was just correcting me, but it still made me so happy. And now it was a late evening, lessons already over and I was just wandering around the park in schools territory, when I saw her crying near the fountain. I approached her, but heard that she was talking with someone as I saw her holding a phone. When she heard my steps, she turned around and looked at me with
red eyes from crying.
"Playboy..." she whispered with surprise. She murmured something on the phone and hang up. I sat next to her and asked what happened.
"The visiting day is coming, right?" she asked but didn't wait for an answer.
"You know, I don't have parents..." that was the first time when she told me about that. Actually, that was the first time I've ever heard something about her personal life.
"I'm sorry..." she put her index finger on my lips.
"I don't remember them. That time, when I was standing in the street... I do remember you shouting to me. But that's not the point" she looked at her
hands, then again at me.
"Can I trust you?" I nodded hugging her.
"Well... At that time I tried to remember them. You  know, they say that just before the death you can see a flashback of your whole life. That's what I tried to see then. I wanted to see my parents" I saw her tears falling down her cheeks. She wipped them away and stared at the fountain.
"I couldn't see them". I hugged her more tightly and she placed her head on my shoulder. "I hope you won't do that anymore" I whispered. Somehow I was happy and sad at the same time.

"I gave up" she said and pulled away. She started unbutton her shirt and showed me a scar next to her heart.
"I did this when I was about nine years old" she smiled sadly and took my hands, placing it on the scar.
"Can you feel my heartbeat?" she asked and I nodded. I gently stroke her scar, not being able to concentrate on just her feelings.
"You have no idea how it hurts. But you don't really care, right?" she smiled and kissed me gently.
"You can take off your hands" she giggled buttoning up her shirt again. That's how it ended. We stayed silent until she decided to go back. At the visiting day I met her in corridor, looking trough the window at all those families that came to visit. I hugged her from her back and kissed on the cheek. We weren't dating, but we were quite close to kiss each other. I wanted more, I wanted to be her boyfriend so she wouldn't flirt with other guys as she did now, just like when I kissed her first. I wasn't the only one that she kissed and that fact killed me inside. Suddenly she struggled and ran away, leaving me stand there alone. I saw her running trough all those people out there, when I saw her stop in front of big limousine. When doors opened three big Pitbulls and a Husky ran outside. They jumped on Rena and she fell on the ground laughing happily. That was the first time I saw her so happy. I walked outside and stood next to her, but then those dogs started to growl at me. I heard Rena laugh when she saw my scared face. After all those were quite dangerous dogs.

"Don't stare at him like that. He's a friend of mine" when she said that dogs looked at her like they understood what she said.
"You know, when I have them, I really don't care about my parents anymore. I know that they love me and I love them. That's enough for me". Actually, when she said that, I kinda felt lonely.
"You know, I love you too" I whispered to myself, but she heard me.
"I know. What I don't know is, why the hell you're not asking me out?" she giggled not looking at me. I stared at her with surprise as she petted her dogs one after another. I sat next to her and stroke her beautiful brown curly hair.
"Want to be my girlfriend?" I asked but she shook her head. Right. She's just playing with me.
"That's not how you ask a girl out" she smiled still not looking at me. "I can't be your girlfriend if I don't know how you feel". \
"But I said­".
"No, you just murmured something to yourself. I'm not sure if I heard that right" she sat and looked me in the eyes.
"I love you, Rena. Want to be my girlfriend?" as I said that she laughed like never before.
"You actually said that!" I felt hurt when she laughed like that. But then she stroke gently my cheek and kissed me on the lips.
"You're so stupid,Jun. I'm your girlfriend from long ago.And yet, you didn't realised that" she kised me again and again. That was the first time she called me by my name

sosososo,I made this fic b'cuz Koyuhan's dare and I made this like 2 hours ago ?,well whatever enjoy~
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Re: Creamy Duck's OS collection Playboy WMatsui
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Hohoho arigatooouuu Chyyy XD XD XD I can have a nice imagination before sleep tonight! :cow:
Btw when you informed me you had done with this fic, I was trying to make the dare from ya. You are so meanie! I can't stop blushing now >\\\< :bleed eyes:

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Re: Creamy Duck's OS collection Playboy WMatsui
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I love u guys for doing that dare thing cuz it means more fics to read... XOXO  XD
Keep doing that btw.  :lol: :lol:
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Re: Creamy Duck's OS collection Playboy WMatsui
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Yes.. keep doing the dare thing koyumi-chan, so cream-san will write more fanfic or the other way round.. XD
Nice oneshot :twothumbs

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Re: Creamy Duck's OS collection Playboy WMatsui
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Thumbs up for this new OS of yours
Finished the mid test already, cream? crunch? renyah(?) what should I call you? :banghead:

I love u guys for doing that dare thing cuz it means more fics to read... XOXO  XD
Keep doing that btw.  :lol: :lol:
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Re: Creamy Duck's OS collection Playboy WMatsui
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Hohoho arigatooouuu Chyyy XD XD XD I can have a nice imagination before sleep tonight! :cow:
Btw when you informed me you had done with this fic, I was trying to make the dare from ya. You are so meanie! I can't stop blushing now >\\\< :bleed eyes:
Hahaha,I made this in a super hurry you know ?,because you told me to finish this in one day  :sweatdrop:

I love u guys for doing that dare thing cuz it means more fics to read... XOXO  XD
Keep doing that btw.  :lol: :lol:
 :thumbup :thumbup :thumbup :thumbup
But she won't choose dare  :banghead:

Thumbs up for this new OS of yours
Finished the mid test already, cream? crunch? renyah(?) what should I call you? :banghead:

I love u guys for doing that dare thing cuz it means more fics to read... XOXO  XD
Keep doing that btw.  :lol: :lol:
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You maybe wanna join their game to jazz up? :mon misch:

Call me whatever you want,you can call my Chy like Koyuhan does

anywho thanks for everybody who read my fic

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Re: Creamy Duck's OS collection Playboy WMatsui
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oh! so nice!!
thanks a lot autor san

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Re: Creamy Duck's OS collection Playboy WMatsui
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aaah.... sweet.... I love it when Rena become naughty and flirty...

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Re: Creamy Duck's OS collection Playboy WMatsui
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I think I accidentally deleted my comment from before  :shocked  either way keep up the good work!  :thumbup :peace:

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Re: Creamy Duck's OS collection Till Death Do Part Us (WMatsui)
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Till Death Do Part Us

Rena's POV

My name is Matsui Rena, im a just a 17 years old teenage girl that dreams to have the perfect boyfriend,Yeah, not the most rarest situation as my best friend Yuki says. But, this is what I dream of and to me it's special because it's my life and heck, don't have anything else to say about
that. The school I go to is called 48 Academy and sadly...It's full of loud and crazy yankees. But..BUT, i'm not complaining! They are the best things that could happen in my ENTIRE life. Well they aren't exactly things, they are people. Duh. And in..3..2..1...
"Rena-chan!!!!!!!!!!" And here he is
"Yes Jun ?" Matsui Jurina, the 'Bad boy' of 48 Gakuen. My childhood friend
"Go on a date with me,"
*blink*blink* "Pardon?" Jun just stands there with a cat-smug on his face as if he already knows the answer.
"I said, go on a date with me," okay something is definietly wrong with him today...
"Did you bang your head somewhere or in the 16 years I was alive, i'm finally realizing what a complete idiot you are?" Jun just asked me out on a date, and not now he is standing there blushing like an elementary school kid in love, this must be the end of the world...
"No Rena-chan, i am serious," He shows such a serious face that I just can't help but feel so very entranced in his eyes, I mean, I cannot deny it, even though he is an idiot and acts immature...I have been in love with him ever since I met him 11 years ago.
"Okay..." I mutter quietly as in this situation, what more is there to say? His eyes light up when he hears my answer and that cheeky smile that makes his way on to his face makes me blush so much I think I might just die.
"Oooooh~"...oh no

"Love is in the air~" I completely forgot that we are in school right now
"Shut up Mayuyu ! Leave them Be!" Oh
"Yukirin~!"I jump into her arms as if my one and only superhero has just appeared and stopped this ...About to be nightmare?.
"Woah calm down," Yuki giggles as I snuggle my head into her shoulder.*cough*cough* I turn around to see Jun looking at me
"..Yes?" He slowly approaches me and gently places a letter into the palm my hand
"See you after school." He spins around in a sheepish manner as he strides off into the distance and I just can't help but notice the slight shade of red covering his ears.
"Good for you Rena." Yuki pats my head and runs to her one and only cyborg loving boyfriend. They suit each other so much , it's adorable. *Ding*Ding* I chuckle as I hear the bell and sit back down in my seat. Reading the adorable letter I received just seconds ago. Those moving words just seem to can't help but keep me red and blushing all through the day. The tension of the soon to be date keeping me so uncertain that even the atmosphere in the air seems to be unintentionally focusing its eyes on me.

"Dear Rena,
I recently can't stop thinking about you,
You are all that is on my mind these days,
please go on a date with me,
I'll wait for you near the fountain in Hajimari no kouen park at 3:30pm, See you there."
I slowly make my way to the park, 3:20pm . I think i'm early. I make my way to the fountain and just around the corner, the Black spiky hair flowing in the wind catches my attention. Jun.
"Hey!"  Jun gives me a sheepish smile while slowly pacing himself towards me
"Let's go?" I'm so nervous and embarrassed that I can't even say a single word but just nod. Somehow that makes me feel pathetic.
Jun drags me around giving me Cat-smile everytime we catch a glimpse of each others eyes. I feel like i won't be able to go on because it's as if there are butterflies in my stomach and my heart keeps beating nonstop. Oh sweet cyborg giraffe what should I do? (>.<)
Jun drags me to an amusement park. The crowd is so huge I can barely get past the people. Oh no, Jun seems ahead of me and i'm starting to lose sight of him, no!

As I feel myself being drifted along with the crowd, a warm hand embraces my own, the warmth goes straight to my ears as a deep shade of red seems to cover my face.
"You Ok?" Jun mumbles into my ear as he pulls me closer to him,
"Yeah...Sorry" I can only mumble out those two short words. When i'm with Jun, it's as if the whole world stops and there is only me and him in this huge world.Jun keeps hold of my hand and slowly leads me to the ferris wheel. When we enter, it's just a silence. Not awkward but
comfortable. Our hands still feeling the warmth of each other.
"Rena-chan..." My heart seems to pick up the pace and it's as if i've been sweating my whole entire life away. This feeling that I have never felt before ...I knew i've loved him but never would I have though that my love for him was this strong.
"What is it Jun?" He slowly leans in
"Rena..." My gaze fixated on his
"....I Love You," Those words, the words I have been dreaming to hear ever since i've set my eyes on him, my dream boyfriend.
"I love you too." He leans in, his warm breath against my face slowy leading it's way on to my lips. I wish time would just
stop in this moment and never move again.

*4 Years Later*

"Rena," Jun slowly reaches for his pocket as he gazes into my eyes.
"Hmm?" I don't even bother saying anything just mumbling out a sound to encourage him to go on. The comfortable yet tense atmosphere embracing me.
"Do you know where I want to kiss you?"
"Yes, on the lips!"
"Ehh, then, on my cheek?"
"Wrong again!"
"Umm, on the neck then?"
"No, in the church in front of our parents and friends when we exchange rings as we vow to love and protect each other till
death do us apart," I gasp in shock and disbelief as Jun takes out a petite looking box out of his left pocket and holds out a ring
"Matsui Rena, will you marry me?" I jump straight into his arms with a huge cat grin on my face as he places the ring on my left hand ring finger
"Oh Yes Jun ! I love you so much! Thank you!" Jun smiles
"..I Love you too Rena, till death do part us ."
So how was it ?,I wrote it while plastering a huge grin on my face....,And comments please


@Minami-chan thanks for visiting and I'm glad you like it
@RenshuChan I'll make more flirty Rena then !
@calista_castro I will,thanks for visiting Senpai !,I really like your Dating Game !
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Re: Creamy Duck's OS collection Till Death Do Part Us WMatsui
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A huge grin plastered on ur face? Well, it's on mine too! :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub:
I want to throw u with flowers, but all i get here is just a pillow. And no, i won't throw this fluffy pillow cause i need it n i'm afraid u'll burn it. So i'll just throw a shout,

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Re: Creamy Duck's OS collection Till Death Do Part Us WMatsui
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I love it Chyyyy but sadly it's too short :smhid
I'm not satisfied yet, make the longer and more romantic!! (With naughty Rena, don't forget about it :D)
But well good job there :twothumbs

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Re: Creamy Duck's OS collection Nerds In Love (collab with Koyumichan
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Nerds In Love

Part 1

Jun's POV

Bustle of students walking in the corridor sounded faint even though I passed the corridor as well. Vague, because I was not paying attention. No need, because no one cares. I was enough alone,and I only have one friend after all,her name's shimazaki haruka I call her paruru tho,well you know why no one even bother greet me when I enter the class ?,well because me and paruru are nerds even though I'm the Matsui business empire’s heir lol,my sister's always making a fuss of me being a nerd,she always scold me to use contact lenses,instead of my thick and round glasses,then it's alright to dye your hair or pierce your ear,don't use those nerdy clothes,why don't you drive to school or use a limo with a driver instead of walking or using a bicycle,and why I always wear my clothes nerdly,you know that your school is far and if those rich brats keep bullying you because you didn't use your surname,if they knew that you're my lil bro they will never ever ever ever try to bother you and blahblahblah,okay I always shrugged it off anyway.I sit down on my seat and looked out to the window,well beside me is paru's seat and she haven't come yet,it's rare...,she's usually come earlier than me she overslept probably...

okay the bell's ring in 5 mins,and she haven't come yet,I'm worried now,did she get bullied outside ?,I ran outside and searched for paru at the corridor,I could see everyone's mocking stares and whispers like,wow that poor boy still dare to come to school ?,and like how could he get into this school,well I could anyway lol,i ran to the school's backyard where people rarely went and saw Paruru sitting on a bench I walked to her,and greeted paru
“paru,the bell's ringing soon,let's go to class it's Babatroll's class” I said and looked at her...,DAFUQ ?!,she's wearing contact lenses,and her skirt is now short...,something definitely happened,and moreover she's talking to...,MIYAZAWA RENA ?!,the school's favorite ojou-sama and the vice council prez,rumours that she's engaged to our kaichou Yokoyama Yuuji,when our eyes met I felt like time stopped and my heart beating madly like it's going to break...,well what's this...

“ah,you are Mats-” Miyazawa-senpai said and I cover her mouth with my hand,how could she know my surname ?!,tch,even paruru don't know about it because no one knows about my existence except my family,because I'm the illegitimate son...,well I don't know why that person i should call as my 'dad' choose me as the heir,after...,well...,he just use my mother as his pleasure toy,and when he found out that my mother's pregnant,he didn't take responsibility  instead he just married another woman,and now he divorced that woman.
“-un,Jun ?,you're spacing out,and move your hand from Rena-chan's mouth” wait ?! did she just called miyazawa-senpai with her first name,not to mention with-chan !
“ah I'm sorry Miyazawa-senpai,and paruru you go to class first,I have something to do first” she nodded and said goodbye to me then walked away leaving me and Miyazawa-senpai,when Miyazawa-senpai wanted to leave I pulled her wrist and pinned her to the wall
“Miyazawa-senpai,how could you know my surname ?,because aside from my family I don't think there's ” I said seriously,and i could see that she's frightened by my attitude,I even think that I'm not scary...
“ah,I'm sorry...” she said sadly and about to cry argghhhh,if neechan know that I made a girl cry...,okay I don't even want to imagine it...,she’ll kill me for sure
“well,it's fine tho, me Jun and keep it a secret okay ?” I said while sitting on the bench Then she sit next to me
“Call me Rena then,and I bet that you're surprised by me and paruru's closeness” she smiled at me
“and what about class ?” I asked,and she froze
“let's talk at my home after school,my father's in a business trip anyway,there's only me and my sister at home,with the maids and butlers too” I smiled and get up from the bench
“Oh and,I'm sorry about your parent's divorce,about your lateness just say that I called you and you will be excused immediately” she said sadly
"thanks for your concern,Rena-san" I smirked at her,actually I don't want to be claimed as that gold digger's son later when the public knows about me
"Well,ummmm,sorry to ask this but...,do you know about the matsui's illegitimate son by any chance ?" she asked,fidgeting
"Yes,and this illegitimate son you were talking about earlier...,is talking with you now Rena-san"
left,oh... well I’m off to class,and... everyone was like... drooling at paruru,at lunch break I ate with paru at the rooftop like usual.

“Nee,paruru...,so... why did you use contact lenses,instead of using glasses ?” I asked casually while taking a glance at her,she coughed and blushed immediately
“It’s alright if you don’t want to tell me” I smiled at he,suddenly the door opened,revealing Rena with her bento smiling
“Well apparently she fell,in love with someone” Rena smirked and sit down beside me
“but paru...,you said three days ago that you loved me...,did you moved on to someone else ?” I fake sobbed and Paru hit my arm,and Rena seems sad ?...,okay...,girls are just too ducking complicated
“NO,I didn’t !,I love somebody else !” she blushed
"Oh~,who is he ?,tell me Rena~" I cat smiled and I saw her cheeks getting some tint of pink
"Y-" before Rena could say anything paru cut her off
"Rena-chan !" she pouted
"Yeah2,I'll shut my mouth" she rolled her eyes
"Hmmm,I want to ask you guys something that I feel recently...,can I ?" I asked them
"Yea,sure puppy-chan" Paruru smiled and Rena just nodded
"You know...,when you see someone,and you feel like the whole world vanished and there's only you and her,then your heart beating madly like it will jump out from your ribcage ?...,well I think I should go to see a doctor" I sighed and suddenly paruru and Rena laughed
"well baka Jun,you don't have to bother going to the doctor,because you're in love" Rena smiled at me...,waitwaitwaitwaitwait...,I MATSUI JUN...,FELL IN LOVE WITH...MIYAZAWA RENA THAT'S ONE YEAR OLDER THAN ME ?!,AND NOT TO MENTION THAT SHE GOT A FIANCEE ALREADY !!!,if the rumors are true,okay ?,I wish they're just rumors
"as for my advice...,you gotta move on from this nerd status of yours,seriously no offense,but I think...,nerds are weird..." Rena-can said...,well if it's for her I'm moving on for my nerd stat,well neechan I will grant your wish anyway
"Well,I'll think about it" I cat-smiled and Rena-san...,blushed ?
Timeskip afterschool

"Jun,do you want to go to the bookstore ?" paru asked me
"Well sorry I can't ,I have some business after this,so bye then~" I smiled as I packed my stuffs,you know why I'm super excited ?the girl that I like is going to my house after all~,I walked to the gate and saw Rena-san leaning to a wall beside the gate while playing with her phone,I approach her and tap her shoulder lightly
"Ah,Jun !" She greeted me as she put her phone into her coat's pocket
"Sorry,did you wait long ?" I asked
"Nope,I just came here anyway,so...,by what are we going to go to your house ?" she asked
"My driver's picking me up,I just called him,oh here it is" a white stretch lincoln limo stopped in front of us,I could feel everybody's stare already,Kanda-san my personal chauffeur that neechan chose opened the door for us,I let Rena-san get in first,then I get in Kanda-san closed the door
"Where to,Bocchan ?" Kanda-san asked,when he was seated at the driver's chair
"Main house" I said,at my way home,rena-san was looking outside all the time,and I was just observing her beauty,and finally we arrived,as we get down and enter my house, there are 2 row of maids that greeted me,I just never get used to this
"Welcome home Jun-bocchan" they all said in unison,one of the maids helps me to take off my coat and I gave my personal butler Ryu my bag,another maid helped Rena to take her coat of,but before that she takes her phone and put it inside her blazer's pocket,we walked to my room which was located on the 13th floor,so we have to take a lift there,after getting out from the lift and walked to my room,I felt someone hugged my neck and kissed my cheek,well here she is Tomomi my half-sister,she's in college anyway
"Tadaima neechan,and could you please get off me ?,my friend's here,and she might misunderstand" I sighed
"Okaeri,and you actually have friend !,and moreover it's a she !,where is she ?" she asked me with pure delight
"ah,Rena-chan~,long time no see~,so why you're with my baka-otouto" she asked Rena
"it's been a long time I know,just some friendly chat,I hope you don't mind"Rena-san politely spoke
"of course not~,I'm happy that you want to chat with my baka-jun and jun otou-sama told me that he's coming home next week,he's inviting us to a dinner only the three of us,and...please just...,you just need to come" neechan frowned,well it's for her anyway I'll do it,if it's for her,I kissed her cheek and smiled
"I'll come,and about your lectures...,I think I'll do all of them,so I guess I'll be needing the new wallet you gave me yesterday"
"Well,here it is,thanks me later,I'm leaving for a job and I'll be back at...9 'kay ?" she smirked as I take my new wallet from her,okay something's wrong.

Jun's bedroom's living room

"Rena ,sorry that I abandoned you earlier,you know how scary my sister is when she's angry right ?" I stated and Rena chuckled
"Well,it's fine,I know how scary she is,I ever saw her angry once" she chuckled
"so about you and paru,how did you two met and when ?"I asked gesturing her to sit on the sofa across me
"we're in the same elementary school,we're bestie,but one day she got transferred to another school in america,because the Shimazaki family's head in other word paru's dad told her so,and here she's now,I never noticed her since now because...,well she's to shy,even to introduce herself" Rena spoke and shrugged her shoulder
"Ohh,I see,say...,I think lately...,paruru's always staring at her phone,like she's waiting for someone to mail her...,do you know why ?"
"ummmm,well...,I don't know" she fidgeted
"ok,then" I shrugged it off,we talked talked and talked until it's 8,Rena went home...,this large house seems so empty without neechan...,I rolled over and over on my bed,bored to death,which remind me that Rena gave me her number,as fast as a lightning,I grabbed my phone which was on my night stand,so I called her...,I missed her voice already,and I dialed her number,at the second ring she picked it up

Normal POV

on the phone

R:hello ?,Miyazawa Rena here
J:oh,hey it's me Jun
R: Hey baka-jun,why're you calling me ? *laugh*
J:Well,I'm bored to death since neechan's not home yet,so I find that calling you will probably relieve my boreness *chuckle*
R:*laugh* so what am I ?,your 'boreness-reliever' ?
J:hmmm,you're my new crush *laugh* (A/N:actually he's joking and serious at the same time)
R:*blush* mouuuu you nerdy playboy
J;hahahahaha,sorry Rena-chan,teasing you is just too fun
R:mouuuuu,I'm hanging up ! *pout*
J:waitttt nonononono,don't okay ?
R:so...,what do you want ?
J:let's go grab some ice cream after school
R:okay~,but you're treating okay ?
J:ughhhh,fine,oyasumi Rena-chan~
R:oyasu~  *cut the line*
soooo,it's a 2 shot anyway,Koyumichan will update the second chapter~,please do comment,it really means a lot for me,sorry if there's many grammar mistakes and typos,I update this on my phone,so It's messy i know

Replies for Till death do part us :

Neechan:meh,just throw it,I'll use it anyway,thanks for reading
Koyuhan:yeah I know,thanks for reading koyuhan~

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Re: Creamy Duck's OS collection Nerds In Love (collab with Koyumichan)
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Finally you finished it!! *smug grin* :cathappy:
Okay so it's my turn for the next chap then but I'll take a little longer time than you, you know why :oops:
Update your other fic as well! :cow:

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Re: Creamy Duck's OS collection Nerds In Love (collab with Koyumichan)
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2-shots ?
So Jun nerd here ?
Hmm, can't wait for the next part!!
Oh yeah! Jun will change his appearance in the next part right ?
Can't wait to see Rena's reaction and the other students reaction!!!

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Re: Creamy Duck's OS collection Nerds In Love (collab with Koyumichan)
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Miyazawa Rena? So, it wouldn't too much for me to hope that Sae will appear, right? :mon psst: *whispers to Koyumichan*
Jun is a nerd... Well, he's a nerd... And... a nerd... So... a nerd...Wow, a nerd..... :lol:
:thumbsup: :thumbsup:

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Creamy Duck's OS collection Nerds In Love Pt. 2 (collab with Koyumichan)
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Hey guys sorry for the long update. I was occupied with a competition and then I was lazy trying to find my writing mood. It's hella hard :banghead: I also distracted quite many times. So sorry.

@ericahl47: yep Jun is nerd here and yep he changed his appearance in this part. Hope you like this part.
@niineechan: why you have to bold the miyazawa word -_- Sae will appear...maybe?

Nerds in Love

Part 2

The next day

It's recess now and I don't know what should I do. I didn't bring bento because my sister snatched it away from me this morning. She said, I must eat at the cafeteria so I could socialize. What she told me, it is on the least of my list. Myself just...can't do it, for now. I'm not ready yet. That's why when I was heading toward cafeteria I passed it. My stomach won't get hurt just because I skipped a lunch anyway. I decided to sleep on the rooftop. Probably Paruru is there and hopefully she will not mind if she share her bento with me.

On my way, I saw Rena and the president of student council, Yokoyama Yuuji, walking together while talking. They laughed, certainly they talked about something funny and in my view they looked like a perfect couple. Oh yeah I almost forgot that Yuuji is her fiancé, of course they looked matching. That president is flawless I guess. Rich? Yep. Smart? Yep. Diligent? Yep. Handsome? Well I admit he is. Nice? Very. Kind? Yep. Wise? Yep. Sport? He is good. No wonder they looked perfect and matching cause the female, Miyazawa Rena is also the most perfect ojou-sama this school has. She is beautiful, rich, smart, good at defense sport, kind, nice, and more.

I turned around, I don't want to feel this pain when I see them together. My heart has injured and if only I have the cure, it's okay to keep this pain just to be able to see her. Fortunately, I haven't found the cure yet. Well, let's exercise by taking longer way to the rooftop.

My intuition is right as I saw Paruru silently sitting and eating her bento at the rooftop. My stomach grumbled a little that makes me refrained from immediately approach her. My hand caressed it to stop the sound. It worked and so I ran to my friend without wasting any more time. She greeted me by waving her hand only. The reason is her mouth was munching her lunch. As my butt landed on the concrete floor, suddenly this thing popped in my head. I didn't utter a word even didn't reply her greeting caused of it.

"Jun, why you stay silent?" After she bribed her food, she asked me.

Unconsciously both of my hands gripped onto her shoulder and I got closer to her face. My eyes stared deeply into her eyes. Screw her shocked expression, I need to tell this to her!

"I wanna change."

"H-huh? Are you supernatural?"

I let go of her shoulder and the next thing happened I face-palmed. "Paru, since when you become ridiculous? What I meant is I want to change my style. Like what you're doing to impress your crush."

"That means you've found your crush? Tell me who."

"No no no, you prohibited Rena-chan to say out loud your crush's name so I will keep my crush's name as secret as well~ what do you think about my decision?"

She was thinking for a while. To kill time, I looked at her bento but to my horror my stomach grumbled so loud! Slowly I turned my gaze back to her with goofy smile plastered on my lips. She shook her head and then exhaled a sigh. "I have no idea why you don't bring your bento. Save the story later, you can eat my bento."

"Seriously?! Thank you very much!"

I hugged her in such a fast motion, not forget to mention tight. Actually it's my habit to express gratitude but I only do it to someone close. After a few seconds I let go of her and took her bento. I literally changed to hungry lion or maybe I'm a hungry beast for the worse. It was strange how the foods tasted so delicious when it made contact with my tongue. Slowly my eyes closing. This is what I called joy.

"I won't say no if it's an alteration to be a better person." Paruru broke the silence. Her words lightened my heart and it gave a strong spirit to me. I'm pumped up!


The sun already set. It's just me and the dark blue sky. I was walking home from the bookstore alone, literally alone as the route that I was taking is quiet. Nobody is there. Paruru didn't accompany me because she had gone home to meet her parents that are back from business trip. I finally reaching a place that has people at it, a small fancy restaurant based from its looks and the expensive cars which parked on its parking lot. My foot stopped when I saw someone I recognize was cornered by tough men next to his car. Those tough men are smart, the person's car was parked on the most edge and beside the car is the quiet road that I have passed thus no one will notice, except me who is facing them. Fortunately, I stopped a bit far from them so they didn't see me. A good chance to hide and think about how I save the person. I looked around to find a hiding spot. There, a brick wall belong to the building next to the restaurant could be a good hiding spot. From there I examined those men. Fortunate for me again they seem didn't bring any weapon. After make sure of it, I prepared for my action. Now or never.

I got out of my hiding place and bravely stood in front of them. One of them saw me. Soon they turned around furiously. I put my bag on the ground and immediately punch the man who stands in the most front. There are four of them who quickly moved to me after I did so. I have no difficulties on dealing with them, not that I'm being cocky but despite of their big and muscular body they are not too strong. Or maybe it was my tactic which makes me feel like that. My not-so big body also help me avoiding their attacks, I became brisk. They are exhausted and it was the time when I was off guard.

Two of them, each gripped my arm. The next thing occur, the other two punched me on the face, abdomen, and chest. They kicked my legs, too. They did revenge on me forcefully. I became weak in a blink of eye. Not long after that, I fell on my knees then downer. My thick round spectacle was fell as well and broken. This is bad, I can't see them clearly. How to defeat them in such state? However I decided I won't give up till the end. My hands supported my body to get up. Though it was hard but I successfully back to my standing position. I'm ready to attack them again. I clenched my fists tight and was about to throw a punch to the nearest man....

But surprisingly came some polices along with men in black. I suppose they are the person's bodyguard. As expected from the person since he is the almighty president of student council, Yuuji. I blurry saw him walking towards me.

"Thanks for your help. From your uniform, it's obvious you're into the same school as me. What's your name? And what grade are you?"

" me Jun. I'm sophomore."

"Okay, Jun. Thank you so much for saving me. I owe you one," He patted my shoulder. "Let's go to the hospital to heal your wounds—"

"No need, senpai. I will heal it by myself," I took my broken spectacle and wear it back. "Are you serious that you owe me one?"

He chuckled. "Yes of course. You've saved me, remember?"

"If that so, please help me to change, senpai. Let's talk about this tomorrow."

"You want to change? Hm...fine. Tomorrow meet me at the library in early morning."

I was purposely said that to take opportunity as he is the perfect president. Well he only has one flaw which is cannot fight, or more to prevent any fight because he is something up his sleeve? Maybe. To reply him, I nodded and then grab my bag, say see you, lastly run in speed to my home. Arrived there, my sister is nowhere to be seen. Maybe she is not home yet. I headed toward my room to cure my wounds. It taken a longer time to finish than I expected. When I glanced at the clock, it showed 9 in the evening. Before sleep, I done my homework first with the remaining one and half an hour time. I also chatting with Rena-chan before go to bed.

Time flies very fast. I felt that I have been sleeping for minutes only. It was already morning in no time as I saw the sun rays peeking from the curtain. Panic began to grow, what time is it?! My hands roaming under my blanket to find my cell phone. Ugh, I guess I kept moving when I was sleeping so my bed is in a mess now. Finally I found it and could let out a relief sigh. It's still six in the morning, that means I'm not late yet for my meeting with him. Hurriedly I enter the bathroom, pack my books, wear the uniform and shoes, and then climb down to the dining room for breakfast. Maids have made some toasted breads with pineapple jam and poured a glass of milk for me like usual. My sister is not awaken yet huh? Well probably she is tired. I bet she came home late last night.

I chewed my bread and gulped the milk in hurry. Luckily I didn't choke. Right after those inside my tummy, I dashed toward school by running. This time I didn't bring bento again...but I bring my wallet. I think I should try eating at the cafeteria today. Beside, I don't have time to stop by at the convenient store or bakery to buy bread. I'm so focused on my decision to change at that moment that makes me put aside my need for food.

Arrived at the library I panted hard but my struggle soon has been paid. Yuuji senpai taught me many things to change my style. Although after class begun my face got laughed at because I got some bruises. Finished with school, Yuuji senpai and I went out together. First thing first, we went to barber shop. He made me changed my hairstyle from plain cut to styled. Secondly, we went to optic to buy contact lenses. He joked by choosing the red contact lenses as if I'm going to dress for halloween party as vampire. The next, we bought some pairs of clothes. I was forced to wear one so he could see my style has changed or not. With no choice I obey him and go out from the clothing store with all the changes we've did. It works! By the looks from girls who passed by us, they seem blushing and excited when looking at me.

Wait, I think I'm happy too fast. Yuuji senpai is beside me, how if they blush because looking at him not me? I took a glimpse at him who surprisingly is looking at me. "Don't worry they're blushing because of you."

Whut? Is he a mind reader or something? "Er...what makes you sure of it?"

"I can notice little things." He smiled.

That ability of his is simple yet scary. I just shrugged it off because I don't want to think about it. We ended the changing journey with a dinner in the restaurant where I helped him.

"Thank you for your help, senpai."

"No problem, Jun. Can't wait to see the reaction of students tomorrow." He grinned.

"Aw come on don't make me nervous."

He patted my shoulder. "Okay sorry. Good luck tomorrow bud."

I go back home after done approximately at 8 pm. Today is sure a tiring day for me. I really want to cuddle with my bed...okay drowsiness is approaching. Lazily I open my door house to find my sister already waiting there. Her face lit up in time I show myself. Unexpectedly she jumped at me, hugging me like we don't meet for years. What the hell is wrong with her? I hope she is not drunk. It will hard to deal if that's truly happening here. I pushed her away asking for explanation with expression. She got it.

"I'm the one here who is asking for explanation you baka. Is this Jun my lil' brother? In the name of God you look gorgeous! Omg I can't believe my eyes!"

"Calm down will you?" I heaved. "Yeah after thinking properly I decided to change my style. I want to change to a better person."

"That's cool! Let's take a selfie~"

Without I realize she already positioned her sparkling iPhone that-makes-eyes-hurt in front of us. She whined to me to pose this and that. Oh yeah I just remember my sister is a gal, gals like handsome boys and will going crazy if meet one. I wish girls in school tomorrow wouldn't act like her. After taken hundreds of selfie photos finally my sister satisfied and she strolled to her bedroom happily. Well I just follow her then but to my own room. The feeling when my body touched with the bed, it's like I'm in heaven. Feels so good. I almost shut my eyes if my brain didn't remind me about something. I blinked my eyes a few times. This changing things cause me forget that I didn't interact with Rena nor Paruru at all today. Guilt haunting me when I was about to sleep. Great.

The Next Day
Normal POV

Jun again was forced by his sister to go to school by car. He had no choice but to listen to her and obey unless he would never hear the end of it. As he walked to the garage he face-palmed because the cars there are too inviting attention. The one which better and finer than other cars is the Lamborghini Gallardo. Well, he still thinks the car is too inviting though. Whereas some rich students from the same school ride expensive car to school but Jun doesn't want to show richness like them. Besides, he remarked that the cars and all those expensive thing are belong to his father. Today for the sake of his sister he, with heavy heart, put it as an exception.

Arrived at the school, students' attention are directed to the shining white Lamborghini Gallardo which parked on the school parking lot. Some rich students who just arrived also looking at the car curiously. Before stepping out of the car, Jun inhales and exhales air a few times intending to calm his quickening heart. When his heart has calmed he stepped out confidently. Was evident from the students that they are surprised. Gasps escaped out of of their mouth. Those rich students who used to mock him then were shocked. Eyes bulged out of their eyes. A winning smile formed on Jun lips but it looks like he smiled sweetly. Girls who see it let out a 'kyaaa' in a mere second. Whispers, excite screams, gasps, and eyes following him are happened as he walked past the corridor. Inside the class, he found Paruru has came. The occupants of the class instantly shrieked as they saw the different Jun standing in front of the door. Paruru turned to him. That eyes which usually squint behind the spectacle now widened. She approached him.

"I think the myopia in my eyes are getting bigger. I should meet the doctor after this." She stated.

Jun giggled. "You're wearing contact lenses please. There is no way your myopia getting bigger."

"Oh my gosh what is happening with the nerds?"
"They both turn into beautiful creatures!"
"Jun is like a model in those magazine. Ah I'm in love~"
"Paruru real beauty has revealed! She is cute and pretty at the same time."
"They look match together. Is it just me or you're with me?"

Students talk was heard by both of them. Jun decided to go somewhere peaceful & quiet and the suitable place is the rooftop. He grabbed Paruru hand while walking towards the rooftop. Once more whispers, gasps, and stares filling the corridor they're passing. He purposely fastened his steps to the destination because they became even noisier. He didn't look at his surroundings and just look straight to the front, too. Because of that, little did he knows that the ojou-sama in the school has noticed his alteration. She was surprised like the others but curiosity was more dominant. The questions lingering in her head won't disappear if she doesn't know the answer so she decided to talk with him alone, if she gets the chance to.

Three days later
Rena POV

I meet Paruru at the rooftop. In fact I want to find Jun but he is not there so I talk with her instead.

"It was surprising Jun has changed. He looks more handsome don't you think Paruru?"

"Yeah. He told me he wanted to when we had lunch here. That time he was still a nerd and didn't bring his bento hence he eaten my bento. It feels like that funny moment just happened yesterday." She smiled.

That means...Jun wanted to change for Paruru? She doesn't say like that but I'm sure what she said is a hint. Suddenly my breath stopped, my heart stopped beating for a second and that one second I feel pain. An invisible knife has stabbed my heart...

After school
Normal POV

Jun was in trouble these days after his appearance has changed due to the girls who are chasing him this time. They're becoming crazy. He tried to escape but he couldn't find a hiding spot. Out of breath caused his stamina to down. He wanted to give up but a small hand pulled him to inside, the place is auditorium warehouse. He saw Rena standing in front of him, hand still gripping his arm. The pull makes them adjacent! Their noses are inches apart. If only Jun didn't brake on his foot, he is sure their lips would touching. He feels heat radiated on his cheek. He immediately pulled away.

"Hey Jun. I see you're in trouble of getting away from them." Rena opened a conversation. It was a luck for Jun because he doesn't want to imagine if they're in silent heavy situation caused by their awkward position earlier.

"Uh...yeah and I see you're helping me. Thanks."

"Don't mention it. So, how come?"

"Huh? What do you mean?"

"You look different now. Mind to tell me how and why?"

Jun stayed silent for minutes to arranging the words for a proper answer. Nervousness is back since the main reason of his alteration was standing in front of him. He could feel the sensation of heart pounding. Is this what people call it love? From the beginning Jun had known Rena is meaningful. However he wanted to make sure first by changing. He thought if he feels so-so after he gets the attention, that means his feelings is just an admiration. On the other hand if he still feels heart beating fast and very happy after seeing Rena smile, that means he literally consider Rena as his love. This proved that he loves Rena for sure. He took a deep breath.

"I change to get the attention of someone I love. How I do it? I got some help from a good friend."

"Wow the girl must be very special. She turns you to be this handsome." She smiled. Her mind told her the girl is Paruru.

"Yep definitely."

Once again, little did Jun knows that Rena heart has been struck by thousands needles without she knows she is the special girl. Even so she hides it very well with a smile. They got out as Jun received a call from his father moreover the girls had gone home because the sun is setting, the night is coming. On the call Jun's father asked him to go home right now for something important. It successfully pique his curiosity thus without further ado he goes home. Not forget to mention he takes Rena to her home as a gentleman.

Arrived at his home, from the house gate, he could see many reporters and interviewers gathering in the main door. He was puzzled as to why they are here. He droves the car slowly to the parking lot. He was just stepping out of his car but a reporter found him. She signaled the other reporters and interviewers to come over him. Jun quite scared of their loud voices and their bombardment questions. He half-running to the main door to meet his father and his sister are standing there. Now he understands. The interviewers and reporters were reporting them when he just arrived. They're back to the main door as if they're following Jun. Jun in such a fast motion stands beside his sister.

The interviewers and reporters asked his father about him and the next thing happen makes Jun eyes widened. An imaginary thunder boomed inside his head.

"He is the heir of Matsui Enterprises. I would like to introduce you to my only son, Matsui Jun."

Jun becoming insensitive. His world turned discolored, with no sound, with no feel. The thing happened after his father declared so, it was like something unimportant and happened just like that. He doesn't even realize it was already over. The interviewers and reporters are no longer exist in the main door. His father and sister disappeared from their standing spot. And he, unexpectedly he is standing in front of his father's working room door now. He have no idea what the hell he is doing there. He committed he won't ever get close to his father since he discovered that fact. The fact that he is an un legitimate child in this family. It started when he was a 10 year-old kid.


He was innocent that time, thought that his father is a very busy person that's why he only comes home on weekends. One day, he heard his parents quarreling in the night. The next following days, his mother being quiet and rarely eats. Her slim body turned to be skinny, her bones clearly visible from her skin as if it will come out and no muscles. His father also didn't show up on the weekends like usual. He couldn't bear on keeping the question so he asked his mother hesitantly.

His mother that time was pale and unpowered but still she answered his question. She said the reason of why his father didn't show up anymore because he has a main family. While he and his mother just accidentally become a family. Jun is smart even though he is still a kid. He could comprehend the meaning of his mother's words. His mother is his father's second wife, his father has an affair with his mother, and lastly he is not a legitimate child. He then knew that their parents were not married.

Not long after his mother spoke out, she blown out her last breath. She died in depression. Jun was alone, nobody wants to take care of him. He didn't know any siblings because he lives quietly. For days he lived under a bridge, eaten whatever his eyes and hands could find, learned how to steal foods, and learned how to choose which food can be eaten in the garbage. He lived in misery because sometimes he was caught stealing and got a punch or more. If he was not lucky, he won't eat for days. He wanted to die and follow his mother until one day his father found him. He taken him to his castle-like house. Jun met his step sister named Tomochin. They get along together in such a quick period of time but Jun growing distant with his father. He considers him as the cause of his mother's death. Plus he hates him for making he an un legitimate child, making he lived in shame.


He snapped back to reality as a hand placed on his shoulder. Turns out it was his sister hand. "Jun, what are you doing here? You wanna go inside? Just ente—."

"How dare you posted that f*cking selfie photo on your twitter!!" Jun snatched away Tomochin hand fiercely. "I thought we've known each other so much and you've known that your brother, all this time doesn't want to show himself publicly! Because of you, they notice me, the un legitimate child! You're just the same as him!"

Their father got out of his room as the loud voice distracted him. "What is happening here? My son, why you angr—"

"Don't call me your son, I'm not your son! I'm not legitimate don't you see?! even killed my mother. Now you want me to be the heir of your stupid company. You left me and my mother but you found me because you need me to take care of your company. Where are you when we need your protection, your love, your care, your hug, and many more?! Where are you when I lived alone with empty stomach and sleep in a hard cold floor as my bed under the bridge?! Where are you when I got punched because stealing food?! You found me just because you want to use me! You," He pointed at Tomochin. "You posted that selfie to gain retweets, favorites and mentions after I changed! You use me to gain popularity! You two are the same for using me, I hate you two!"

He stormed off, leaving them behind in shock. Jun went somewhere far and quiet which is a hill near his old house. In there he could see the night scenery above. Without he realize, tears began to roll down his cheeks. He took out his cell phone from his jacket pocket and then dialing his best friend's number, Paruru. He tried to hold his shaky voice. "Paruru, where are you now? Can you accompany me here?"

"Where are you, Jun?"

"I'm in a hill near my old house, watching the stars."

"I'm sorry I can't accompany you because...I have a dinner with someone important. I hope someone can. I'm so sorry, Jun."

"Nah, enjoy your dinner. See you tomorrow." He hung up before he could hear Paruru's reply.

He cried hardly and let out his feelings by screaming. No one will hear as he is alone. He thought like that but fortunately he is wrong. Some minutes later, came a car and it parked next to his. The car door opened revealing a figure he recognizes as his senior and the ojou-sama. He quickly wiped his tears but before he could finish, he felt arms around his body. Rena is hugging him.

"I don't know what had happened but I wish you could tell me."

"Why...are you here? And how do you know...that I'm here?"

"Tell me what happened first, Jun." Rena looked up into his eyes. There was a brief moment of silence between them. Rena understands that Jun needs time to explain. Finally he opened his mouth and then told Rena about he was angry earlier in his house because his father declared that he is the heir. He also told Rena the reason behind his anger which is his past. In the end, Rena knows everything. She hugged him tighter and spoke. "Don't be like this anymore, Jun. I unreasonably hate it when seeing this state of know, you can rely on me."

Jun hugged her back. He cried in her shoulder. "Thank you, Rena. Thank you so much."

After a while, Jun has calmed down. Together, they both looking at the shining beautifully stars and moon. Unconsciously Jun reached Rena hand. He holding on it which replied by her. They are sharing warm from their hands. The warms slowly crawling up to their cheeks, the two persons who their feelings actually requited.

The Next Day

Last night, everything was clear. My father and sister told me the reason behind everything, Tomochin's mother is a gold digger and she blackmailed my father to get away from me and my mother, if he doesn't do it she will kill us. She died not long after my mother's death because she had a breast cancer. My father then found me and taken me here. Since the beginning he claimed me as the heir. At first he was anxious after knowing my mother's death and me missing. He almost passes the heir title to my sister but she refused because she wants to be a model. In the end, I know my father loves me so much. So does my sister. Three of us hugged at the family room lovingly. Now, there is no more misunderstanding.

Before sleep, I was chatting with Rena-chan. She answered my question of how she could be there when I was sad and how come she knew I was there. Her answer is Paruru called her to come there. She knew that I was sad when we were calling. She is surely my best friend.

As the morning has came, today I decided to thank Paruru. I walked toward the rooftop quickly as I can't wait to meet her. Arrived there, I saw her watching the scenery above. Without further ado, I ran to her and hugged her tight. "Thank you, Paruru! You called Rena to come to comfort me when I was sad. You really know me, I love you!" I exclaimed.

Normal POV

Jun didn't realize that when he walked towards rooftop, Rena was following him behind. She wanted to ask his condition but stopped when Jun hugged Paruru. She heard what had he said to her and it makes her very hurt. She thought it's true that Jun loves Paruru and changed for her sake. Rena felt her tears streaming down her cheeks. She turned around and ran away. Pain that attacks her heart was unbearable. Her legs lead her to nowhere until she met with the president of student council, Yuuji. Unconsciously she bursted into cry and hugged him. Yuuji didn't utter a single word, he hugs Rena back while caressing her back tenderly.

On the other hand, Jun has an addition of his sentences said. He added 'as my best friend' and Paruru nodded as an agreement. The two of them walked together to the cafeteria as Jun wants to treat her. On the way, he saw Rena and Yuuji hugging near the stairs. Jun intends to ask him but rewarded with a punch.

"Is this your acknowledgement of my help? You've made her cry! Plus you dare hugged Paruru!" He shouted angrily. This is the first time Jun saw how scary the president of student council is.

"...ano...senpai, I don't get what you mean. I didn't do something to Rena and...the last words...?"

Paruru blurted out. " don't need to be jealous. We're best friends. Besides, you also hugging Rena-chan." She puffed her cheeks and went away. Yuuji began to panic and chased her. Jun was puzzled. He is now alone with the sobbing Rena.

"Er...Rena-chan, is it true I made you cry? How?"

Rena sobbed. "I-I heard you love Paruru..."

"Aaahhh yes I did but I said as best friends after that."


Jun smiled. "I'm such a bad guy, ain't I? I make the girl who I want to confess to crying like this." He wiped Rena tears with his thumbs gently.

"Huh? ...what did you say just now?"

"I love you."

Jun grabbed her face with both of his hands and attached his lips with Rena's

A/N: I know the ending is crappy. Ugh my grammars...honto ni gomen minna. Chy will write the epilog and there will be yuiparu and wmatsui moments. Stay tune.

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Re: Creamy Duck's OS collection Nerds In Love Part 2 (collab with Koyumichan)
« Reply #17 on: November 19, 2015, 03:50:33 PM »
good job koyuhan~ :deco:  :cathappy: ,I'll update the epilogue after my test

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Re: Creamy Duck's OS collection Nerds In Love Part 2 (collab with Koyumichan)
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Finally the 'i love you' was delivered. And...
Where is my Sae???

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Re: Creamy Duck's OS collection Nerds In Love Part 2 (collab with Koyumichan)
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Wmatsui OS collection?
I love your idea Jun as a nerd, I think the ending just so sudden. but this is your story. I hope to see another WMatsui from you author-san :)
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