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Author Topic: The bonds we created (Atsumina, WMatsui, Mayuki, Kojiyuu)  (Read 3946 times)

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The bonds we created (Atsumina, WMatsui, Mayuki, Kojiyuu)
« on: December 20, 2016, 03:43:26 PM »
This is a non-fiction story of the different Greek gods descended from the heaven to find their true love; Poseidon, Hades, Zeus and Thanatos. All of them want to try to have try once to know what is the feeling of loving a normal human being which all of them decided to descend from the heavens. Which Poseidon, Hades and Zeus are brothers but when they descend from the heaven using the bodies of people unrelated with one another. They would be the new transfer students to Akiba International boarding school.

Takahashi Minami
- Aka Kai
- God of Poseidon
- Have his own powers retain even when transform to human
- age of 17

Maeda Atsuko
- Aka Acchan
- Normal human being
- Student council president of the school
- Have not fall in love with anyone because of her nerdy looks but best friends with Matsui Jurina, Watanabe Mayu and Kojima Haruna
- age of 17

Matsui Rena
- Aka Ren
- God of Zeus
- Have his own powers retain even when transform to human
- Age of 17

Matsui Jurina
- Aka Jurina
- Treasurer for student council
- Best friend with Maeda Atsuko, Watanabe Mayu and Kojima Haruna
- Age of 17

Kashiwagi Yuki
- Aka Yuuki
- God of Thanatos
- Have his own powers retain even when transform to human
- Age of 17

Watanabe Mayu
- Aka Mayuyu
- Vice-president of student council
- Best friend with Maeda Atsuko, Matsui Jurina and Kojima Haruna
- Age of 17

Oshima Yuko
- Aka Yuu
- God of underworld (Hades)
- Have his own powers retain even when transform to human
- Age of 17

Kojima Haruna
- Aka Haruna/nyannyan
- Secretary of student council
- Best friend with Maeda Atsuko, Matsui Jurina, Watanabe Mayu
- Age of 17

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Re: The bonds we created (Atsumina, WMatsui, Mayuki, Kojiyuu)
« Reply #1 on: December 20, 2016, 04:32:24 PM »
Hmm.. Greek gods. Looks interesting. Let's see how well it will go.  :hip smile:

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Re: The bonds we created (Atsumina, WMatsui, Mayuki, Kojiyuu)
« Reply #2 on: December 20, 2016, 06:21:43 PM »
i have feeling this story will be great!
i will looking forward for your update  :) :) :)

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Re: The bonds we created (Atsumina, WMatsui, Mayuki, Kojiyuu)
« Reply #3 on: December 21, 2016, 12:54:54 PM »
Chapter 1

It all started from the four Greek gods have a meeting with one another with Zeus the King of gods with his two brothers, Poseidon and Hades along with Thanatos. "Oh dear brothers and Thanatos, today's meeting is that I to seek your opinion for the new idea I have in mind currently." All seems to be gathering around a round table which Zeus had conducted a small meeting between each other. "Zeus what's the matter? You look urgent to me." Hades had first commented before Zeus could continued. "Hold on a moment Hades, I would like to seek all your opinions about what do you think of love?"

"A mutual feeling with two."

"A feeling for another."

"A feeling of someone opposite."

"Seems to me that everyone have a different definition of it and recently as the world has revolved and love have been diverse into many meanings like those you gave me, so I decided to descend to earth again. I want to find out whether does anyone still seek true love in the modern world now." All of them were shocked by Zeus's crazy idea. "This is the most outrageous idea I ever heard! Descending to earth is a crime for us without any permission, I strongly reject this idea." Poseidon had slam onto the table which the guards could sense his anger. "I agree to this idea, it seems to be doable Poseidon."

"Hades are you out of your mind? Going to earth is definitely undoable!" Poseidon have strongly disagree to Zeus's idea. "If Zeus were to able to see true love and not going to earth would you agree to his idea?" Thanatos finally spoke up which hints that he would agree to this idea too. "Even you Thanatos also agree to this idea! If that was the case I would certainly agree with it." Zeus had grin widely as all of them seems to be agreeing with his little idea. "I have an idea about how Zeus you can make your plan doable." Hades had spoke up after seeing Zeus's grin. "Firstly, we would have to pull one small part of our conscious and place it into the newborn babies. Which they would be put into sleep until a certain but we can adjust the age which once Zeus is satisfy with what he's been seeing through the conscious we place in them, they would disappear or come back to us as memories that we could keep. But in exchange they would not remember those memories of love they have been through."

"That's some deep idea you have but when would they disappear? Do they have a signal for it?" Zeus nodded as he wanted to know it too. "Once a girl tells them I love you and they would forget but at the same time I love you would make them remember this memory too." Hades continued. "But do you think this memory could be duplicated for them and us to keep it?" Poseidon seems to be unconvinced at that idea. "We don't duplicate the memory as it would be etched to their mind but it would be lock which it would be automatic unlock and they would remember it. The conscious we put in them is like a third eye that sees what are they doing so once we seen true love between them they would come back to us."

"I see how far you have thought but who are you going to put it in?" Zeus have gave a deep thought to it who would be more suitable. "I have decided to choose a baby from Japan since we can see whether could they convince me with their love, and I decided to have them possess some powers of us." All of them agree that if they have to do it, they would just follow what Zeus have in mind. "So Zeus you would gift the child lightening with the power to forecast the weather which he would be a righteous man who follow what is right. Poseidon who gift the child of water and the control of water, Thanatos who gift the child of darkness which they would have the power to make people to have misfortune and lastly I, Hades who gift the child the ability to see through the lifespan of others, being a little perverted and other spiritual things too. In addition, all the children we have chose they would have the ability to fight others with ease and ability of telekinesis."

"To ensure they would be able to protect themselves, good idea Hades! So let us embark to find the chosen child of ours to represent us." All of them had descended to earth to the country called Japan, much to Poseidon dislike but he had to come down to choose his chosen child which he had no time to think of other stuff as they have to find a pregnant lady which they are going to give birth. "So all of us have find the chosen child right? 17 years later the conscious would be waken so let us go back and wait for 17 years to pass." But one thing all of them never thought of was the mother of the chosen child were best friends with each other.

17 years later in Japan

"Yuu you're late!" A guy called Kai had shouted who was the shortest in the group too, which two other tall figures called Ren and Yuuki was giggling at them. "Don't laugh! It's not funny!" Both of try to control their laughter seeing Kai was shouting so much. "I forget one thing - I had a weirdest dream yesterday." Yuu suddenly become so serious. "Did you dreamt a sexy girl in your room dancing?" Yuuki had teased Yuu much to his likeness he was dreaming about it right away which all of them couldn't believe it. "No! Like I was saying there was a guy, he talk to me like I was him. He told me one thing that I was going to meet my partner for the rest of my life." Everyone was shocked as all of them had the same dream too. "It's a bit eerie that we have the same dream but only that it's by different people only." Ren commented. "By the way, I have done research about those guys you have described and it may seems eerie enough that they were all Greek gods."

"Gods? That explained that why we have powers to do things right?" Yuu continued from Kai's sentence. "That could be true but we have to leave now, we are going to be late for school now." Kai had pulled Yuu along. "Oh! I forgot today is our first day of transfer right?" Yuu was suddenly so energetic which all of them knew that he was excited to see girls, which now they were travelling to Akiba International boarding school with their luggage."

At the same time in the school, in the student council room which there were four girls looking through the four profiles of the new students. "Acchan! All of them come from those prestigious family background, Matsui family from Matsui Multinational Coporation of IT, Takahashi family well-known for Karate, Kashiwagi family From Kashiwagi automobile company and lastly, Oshima family of Oshima tailor company. All of them one word to describe is rich." A girl Jurina was heard that she 'tch' when she heard the name Matsui but not her family. "Unlike us the poor have to depend on scholarship to study here, they can just study here." A girl called Mayuyu was jealous. "But regardless of that they were pretty smart too, given that they have tutors too." Acchan had spoke up. "Nyannyan don't you want to see it too?" A girl called Haruna was sitting down reading magazines waved her hands. "I'm coming in."

"Gomennasai Mastui Ren desu, I'm told to report here." All of them saw the real person and thought that he was being polite but not until the others came. "The smell of girls! Oh! Do your legs have 42 inch? What a nice shape of your oppai too!" The guys have to pull Yuu back from saying more obscene words and the girls were protecting Haruna from being harass. "Gomen my friend meant no harm." Ren had repeatedly apologized leaving the girls a good impression of him. "It's fine so I'm suppose that Takahashi Kai, Matsui Ren, Kashiwagi Yuki and Oshima Yuu is here. Let me introduce myself - Maeda Atsuko, Matsui Jurina, Watanabe Mayu and Kojima Haruna and we would be classmates for the year." All of them nodded and follow the girls to their own dorm. "The two dorms are inter-linked so you can open this door to go to the next room, so if you can rest for the day and I would get your schedule later. Which I would pass to you later."

"There's no need Maeda-san why not I send all of you back to the student council room and get the schedule myself?" Ren being a man decided to not let a lady to walk too much. "That works too." All of them left which leaving the others a chance to rest. "Ren is so smooth at talking to girls all the time, although I am also the same." Kai and Yuuki shook their heads hinting that Yuu is wrong. "Ren is not like you, he does not take advantage of girls and act like a real man." Yuu covered his ears to prevent them from insulting him further.

" Maeda-san you're the student president right?"

"Yes I am why?" Acchan was in defensive mode suddenly. "I was wondering if you can give us a tour around the school then?" The girls were eyeing Ren which makes him so shy. "Acchan he's blushing!" Ren was suddenly blushing red seeing girls was closing up onto him. "Give me a break!" Ren had wanted to run away which he bump onto Acchan and both of them fell onto the ground along with Acchan's glasses.

"Oh my god! Acchan!"

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Re: The bonds we created (Atsumina, WMatsui, Mayuki, Kojiyuu)
« Reply #4 on: December 21, 2016, 02:43:42 PM »
Chapter 2

"Acchan are you ok?" Ren was pinning down Acchan which they were just inches away from each other. "'re pretty without your glasses......I should let you get up first." Ren was the first guy to compliment that Acchan was pretty which was a surprised to the girls including Acchan. "Gomen I shouldn't shove you." Ren kept bowing his head to show how remorse he was. " Ren-kun there's ho need to apologise so much you know, I don't think Acchan is blaming you." Mayuyu reminded him. "Really! You're not angry?"

"Why would I be angry with you when you apologise to me after you compliment me?" Ren started to blush again. "You're blushing again, why is that?" Jurina pointed out which she thinks that with the same family name but they're personality was so different. "I am actually quite nervous when I am with girls, like now with myself alone I would feel shy." Acchan started laughing that it was her first time to see such a shy boy. "Acchan did you hurt your head?"

"Nyannyan how rude! Why don't we help to remove this shyness?" Ren was confused by Acchan's words. "Acchan you don't mean that..." Jurina was afraid to complete the sentence. "Yes indeed, it's time for Ren-kun to get close to girls. One day you would have to get a wife isn't it?" Ren nodded at his understanding. "So to start off, you have to call us by our nicknames." Mayuyu continued. "N-Nickname! It's too much isn't it? Ah!" After Ren finished speaking Haruna was clsoing up the gap between her and Ren which he grab his arm closed to her boobs which he felt the softness of it, thinking Yuu might kill him if he knew it. "I-I know ok! I would say it if the next time I see all of you." Acchan left and gave Ren the scedule which he ran all the way back to his dorm before they can do anything to him.

"Acchan you shouldn't tease him so much you know?" Haruna reminded her. "Did I look I am playing?" All of them looked at each other. "You are serious about helping him or what?" Mayuyu voiced out her queries which Acchan simply walked off to the classroom which they knew it was the answer of helping and making him hers at the same time, but they could only help her.

"Ren what happen? You look like you got chased." Ren shook his head and went to have a drink. "I just found out that girls are dangerous things that once you get in contact you don't know what they are going to do." Ren explained which they were confused by his words. "Ren we're thinking of having class first since it would be boring for us to stay here do nothing." Ren nodded and followed them, which he felt safe with his friends by his side.

When they reached the classroom which the teacher was confussed that they were supposed to report the next day but still let them study instead but Ren was terrified of the girls in the class as there were too much of them. "Ren calm down first since you're sitting next to Yuuki who usually does not attract any attention from girls you can relax abit." kai assured Rn which he relax abit but he felt softness at his back which is so familiar. "K-Kojima-san!" Ren immediately stood up and step away from her. "Ren how could you be so distance from me?" Haruna look like she was going to cry which Ren was flustered by her actions.

"~sigh~ Nyannyan? Gomen I was shocked by you that's why I back off away, forgive ok?" Ren knew there's no way he could go off so easily by Haruna so he could only play her game. "Yatta! Ren-kun aishiteru~" Ren widen his eyes at her words and the peck she gave him. "Ahem! Class is not over yet, settle down yourself!" Fortunately the sensei spoke up or Ren might have did something he do not know what he would do. "Nyannyan have you had your fun?"

"Not yet~ I was hoping he could touch me but for now I would keep it for now,  Jurina are you feeling unwell? You have not say anything since just now." Jurina shook her head and said that she was just tired only. "Yuuki save me I think I would die within today already." Yuuki was holding onto his laughter that Ren had his bad day. "I don't think I made your life tough but beware of Yuu, he was close to give you a punch already. he confess that he like Kojima Haruna so beware."

"Like saying those words can save me from being hunted." Ren grumbled and listen to the lesson until the end which when he intended to loiter around the school, he was held back. "Nyannyan? Is there something wrong?" Haruna shook her head which her hands were roaming around Ren's body making him shiver and Yuu's eyes burning with fire. "I wonder what's inside of the zip?" Haruna tried to act as innocent as she can be and Ren tried to stop her from touching there, but her hands were faster making Ren stood up and ran away covering himself.

"How fun~ What are you looking at hentai!" Haruna despised Yuu which he feel so sad. "Nyannyan stop playing with him." Haruna stop teasing people and return to her seat. "Yuu I think there is something off." Kai nudged Yuu which he ignored him. "Ren was shy with girls remember? I think they knew somehow." Yuu turned back which he connected all the scene from previous and ran out to find him, Kai and Yuuki also ran out to find him also.

"Acchan~ I think you might not get to tease Ren-kun, since all of them might have know what we are up to." Acchan had ignore what nyannyan had said and was lost in her thoughts. "Jurina-san! I-" Ren didn't even get to finish his words and he felt an ache when Jurina ignore him. "Ren! Luckily I found you." Yuu was trying to catch his breath. "Yuu good timing I need your help!"

"That's why we came." Yuu gestured behind that Kai and Yuuki running. "I would distract nyannyan, kai would distract Atsuko and Yuuki wold do the same thing to Mayu." Yuu continued. "Good! I will talk to Jurina instead, she seems to hate me." All of them had went to find the different girls, which Ren had managed to find Jurina first.


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Re: The bonds we created (Atsumina, WMatsui, Mayuki, Kojiyuu)
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Chapter 3

"What do you want?"

"I was wondering why are you so pissed off when I'm around?"

"No I'm not."

"You're definitely are."

"I told you I'm not!"

"Then why are you shouting at me?" Ren knew that she was angry but still he felt the need to know why was she angry. "Fine, if I tell you the reason will you solve this issue of mine?" Ren had been in a deep thought but nevertheless he gave Jurina a big smile and a thumbs up. "What's with that smile of his? Why do I feel that my heart is beating fast when I see his smile?" Jurina face had flushed a  little when Ren smile and he went to check whether is Jurina sick seeing her face a bit red.

"J-Just stay where you are!"

"Fine!" Ren had listen to Jurina which he was acting a bit childish which Jurina had a feeling wanting to tease him but they were talking something serious and decided to tease him later. "I'll tell you one thing I hate about you, your first name and mine is the same that's why." Ren was surprised but he heaved a sigh of relieved that he did not do something bad that cause her to hate him. "That's good to hear."

"Huh? Which part is good?"

"It's just my first name that you hate, I don't understand but at least I know that you don't hate me as a person it would be fine." Jurina had went up to check on Ren's forehead to find out whether is he sick which the latter was blushing as the first time a girl touch him. "I'm not sick stop touching me." Jurina found this side of him so cute. "So what are you going to do then?"

"Let's become friends!"


"Become my friend, no become our friend."

"You're serious? We have a system in this school and your rank and mine is different so we don't become friends easily."

"You hated me because even with the same first name but I belong to upper class and you belong to lower class right? Become my friend we can just ignore what the school or society thinks of the different classes we have. I'll protect you if needed." Jurina was surprised that Ren understood why she hated him and agreed what he said.

"You have made an excellent speech already sir, do I look like I am going to say anything?"

"So that means your my friend right? Right?" Jurina tried to calm an excited Ren down. "Before that.......I have a secret to tell you....." Jurina had close up the gap before  them and they are inches away from each other which Ren had close his eyes which Jurina had giggled that his reaction is funny and ran away. "Matsui Jurina I'm going to hunt you down!" Up in the heavens which there were gods quite pissed off. "How weak! So weak! Zeus didn't you have put in your guts in his body?"

"Poseidon...we can't interfere with their bodies and mind. You did not give birth to anyone too, they would inherit their parents DNA in one way or another. Just watch the show will you Poseidon?" Hades scolded Poseidon also which he was pissed off and decided to make giant waves of the beaches in Japan.

"I found ifeofhp!" Jurina hushed Ren which the later was wondering why she hushed him. "Let's peek on what are they going to do, then we scared them." Ren nodded and took out his found to take photos and videos also.

"Get away will you?"

"No! You had been disturbing Ren just now, now is your turn." Yuu had used kabedon on Haruna which he doesn't know about it since he's pissed off already. "You unzip him so now I will unbutton you, how do you feel?" When Yuu had reached for the first button, Haruna had tears in her eyes and the moment the button was about to come off Yuu let it go and suddenly hug Haruna. "Ren is Oshima-kun always this daring or romantic?" Ren nodded and he knew that's the first time he felt soft for a girl.

"I don't understand why Haruna, but I hated myself being soft for you and hated you are teasing other guys with your body." Yuu confessed to Haruna as he released his hug. "I'm sorry for scaring you.....let's become friends and start fresh." Haruna nodded and she felt a part of her heart and open for a new guy - Oshima Yuu, which both of them left the classroom while holding hands. "Wahh!" Which scared Ren and Jurina. "How long had you being there?"

"How long have you hug Kojima-san or kabedon her?" Ren was resisting  Yuu's grip on his collar. "I even save some memories of it, see for yourself." Yuu saw the videos and photos although he wanted to scream at Ren for doing this but he thought it would be good too and gave a thumbs up. "How long has Kai been staring at Maeda-san?"

"As long as you left the classroom."

"Why don't we do something that would make her laugh and the atmosphere would not be so tense right?"

"Ren your a genius but how?" Ren had thought an idea and asked Jurina and Haruna to help him film the video. "We used our powers secretly to make Kai to become funny." Yuu agreed and they high-five which they used their telekinesis making the floor wet and controlling Kai's feet which the latter found himself going" to fall and tried to grab the table or something to stop him from falling but he still fall. Atsuko was laughing at Kai's antics which even they were laughing at Kai to make it funnier they had tried to make books fell on his face which they were laughing at him tried to get up and still get hit by books were funny.

"Jurina you can stop the video already." Jurina handed Ren's phone back which Kai heard Ren's voice and knew it was the both of them tried to make him fall and was pissed off. "Takahashi-san thanks for making me laugh...I appreciated that but I know just now was a bit disrespecting Matsui-kun and I would apologized about that." Kai nodded his head. "Since that's over let's become friends shall we?"


"Cause there's no harm in knowing more friends right?" Atsuko nodded and shook his hand which all of them return and congrats them on becoming friends. "About that...both of you come here." Kai twisted both of their ears which they were screaming in pain. "Kai do you know it's very painful?" Yuu was acting innocent. "I don't care do you know I am in pain from falling?"

"But Kai there's something you need to know or see." Ren was serious and even Yuu was suddenly serious. Ren played a video of Kai falling which he was anger with a red face already. "ok...I know you're angry but seriously this is not the point." Ren then show him another video which Kai widen his eyes on the waves of the oceans. "I didn't even do it...."

"We are just wondering whether is your old man angry that cause all this, we know that you never do this since you never like to wear swimming trunks."

"Oshima Yuu i'm going to kill you!"

"Acchan what are you thinking?"

"I had suddenly thought why those three suddenly transfer in our school and class, and how familiar they are to me."

"Hmmm.....But let's eat first."

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Re: The bonds we created (Atsumina, WMatsui, Mayuki, Kojiyuu)
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God story...


Can't wait to see the next

Thank you

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: The bonds we created (Atsumina, WMatsui, Mayuki, Kojiyuu)
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Chapter 4


"Ren!" Kai and Yuu shiver when both of them gave each other a hug. "Haven't seen guys hugging each other?" Both of them nodded but they decided to ignore them. "So how is it Yuuki?" Yuuki took out his phone and the documents as prove. "Just as what you say Ren, Although it is not a normal circumstances but seems that the ground had been crack but it is just a small crack but somehow it mysteriously got glue back by seaweed."

"What are both of you talking about?"

"The big waves!"

"Oh? I see so that means this issue have been resolve? Since when both of you have being doing this silently?" Yuu was curious about their doings. "Since the first day we know each other, we depend on each other by the way Yuuki, is that girl that came with you part of the student council?" Yuuki nodded and he said he had a headache which Ren accompany him to rest. "So that means both of us are going for lessons only." Kai shrugged which they walk back to their class.

"Something is wrong with you Yuuki, is that going to do with that girl?"

"You noticed don't you? She's a wow! I can understand an anime otaku since you're one afterall but she is unbelievable! Not only she didn't bring her money out to buy that freaking manga about what France-onii chan but she kept pestering me on how cool is he, how she wants to be his wife! from the way back to school she kept talking about different anime which I think I'm going to puke."

"Wow! This is the only time I see you talking with such high tine about something or someone, do you like her?" Yuuki had raised his fist ready to punch Ren which the latter apologized on his antics which he lowered his fist. "What did you gathered about this school then?" Yuuki went to find his notebook and find the page where he wrote down the findings. "Apparently there is a system in this school."

"Jurina told me about it, it's one of the student council member by the way."

"Student council are the first rank or VIP which they get whatever they want, they will pick up people who deserved to be on the same level with them. So other than them, other students like us is trash."

"Other then we being trash do you have any other findings?"

"Just like other school so nothing special."

"So how do you feel about this school then?" Ren had glanced at Yuuki which he sighed knowing what Ren wanted to know. "It feels funny to be honest, I feel that this school is so foreign to me but when I see the student council members feels like this isn't the first time I see them." Ren nodded at his understanding. "I can feel that someone knows about it but she won't tell us since she is the only one knows about it in her group."

"So what do want to do?"

"Sleep." Which then both of them slept not caring about missing lesson.

"How boring without Ren or Yuuki our fun is cut by half right Kai?"

"I know right? What do you want to do when we have our rest day?" Yuu pondered on that question. "I got nothing but this week got comic comex so I think let's go there, Ren kept talking how much fun it is for him." Kai nodded and agreed to go also. "Where is the comex held at!" Kai got shock by the sudden voice shouting at him. "Y-Yuu..." Yuu gave her the pamphlet which her eyes were sparkling when she saw the details.

"Mayuyu don't take other peoples' stuff." Atsuko had pulled the pamphlet away from Mayu's reach and gave back to Yuu. "Sorry for disturbing you, you can have this back." They saw how Mayu shooting daggers at them. "We can go there if you stop acting this way Mayuyu." Mayu immediately become a good girl which then the bell rings and they both left as soon as possible fear that she might bite them this time.

"Ren! Yuuki!"


"Both of you are sleeping? Whatever this weekend let's go to the comic comex!"

"So suddenly?"

"We can get your birthday gift also so is one stone kill two birds." Ren nodded and look at Yuuki. "I'm not going that girl called Mayu I think would definitely be there right?" Yuu and Kai were wondering how he knows her name. "She wants to go but she never say what time though." Ren explained to him that they would early so they can avoid congestion. "Fine we'll go if I can avoid that girl in school."


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Re: The bonds we created (Atsumina, WMatsui, Mayuki, Kojiyuu)
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Chapter 5

"Sugoi! Meccha sugoi!" Yuuki simply ruffled Ren's head which Yuu and Kai were thinking are they gay. "Yuuki gomen if I asked something wrong but are you guys gay?"

"Huh? What are you talking?"

"Ren is clinging onto you but you don't seem to mind if Yuu were to cling onto you I think it would get a kick." Kai explain what he was trying to ask. "You won't understand anything." Ren simply answer vaguely. "I don't think I would want to know but whatever let's go in Ren before the congestion gets worse." Kai could see that the volume of people increases every second and decided that they have to enter the comex first or they would need to queue again to get in.

'Ren first thing first, you will get to choose three things here which we would pay for it as your birthday present but after that three whatever you pick you will pay for it." Kai explained seeing Ren so hyper and unable to stay still. "Shouldn't the present is chosen by us why would you asked Ren to choose?" Whatever Yuuki say had made them think that he is making some sense. "Why don't I go with Ren and the two of you choose the present yourself and meet at the entrance around two hours?"

"2 hours? Do you intend to buy all the goods back?"

"Then 3 hours?"

"Yah! You intend to fight with me right?"

"Yuu relaxed first, Yuuki explained why do you need such long hours to complete your shopping?"

"Is because Ren takes a long time to pick what he wants to buy or rather he chooses what he wants to bring it home but he sees one item would choose which is better until he finds one that he wants, the last time we came here he took 6 hours to finish buying whatever he wants." Yuuki explained which makes Yuu and Kai shut up. " When you guys are done, we would be at the café near the entrance waiting for you." After that Yuu and Kai walked off leaving the both of them there. "So where do you want to go first?"


"Ok then we'll go there see whether do they sell the limited edition of the giant figurine you wanted the last time." Ren simply nodded which Yuuki guided him to their first place. Although it's just two guys holding hands but none of two of them are annoyed that as guys holding hands is wrong but they feel comfortable holding hands since they know each other. "Gomen just now there were two guys bought away the two figurines you two wanted."

"Ren how? We asked everywhere and whatever you wanted has sold out."

"Melon pan!"

"Ok since I didn't get you anything for two hour, I'll will buy you melon pan and you can choose any amount you like."

"Yeah! Yuuki you're the best!"

"You finally have come back to earth? "

"What's that for? That was also me ok?"

"Ok...but acting so childish?"

"Come on...that is also me ok?"

"I know but I find it fun to tease you every time."

"Whatever don't we have to find Yuu and Kai?" Both of them then knew that they were an hour late and ran to find them. Which they saw a small group of girls were with them. "Kai!" Both of them turned around which them they saw the girls surrounding them were the student council girls. "Just nice Ren just no-"

"Gundam! Yuuki! Gundam!" Ren was pouting in front of Yuuki which he ruffled his head and made him silent but on the other hand the girls find it cute which Jurina find it annoying that Ren was acting cute to others. "Ren! This is not the time and these two figurines are your gifts by the way." Ren then shoved this way to protect his presents. "You can't have them! They are mine!"

"Hpmm! How hateful...aren't you that guy.....kinda save me that day?"

"You're blushing!"

"I'm not get your hands away from me!"

"That's right Mayuyu can't you just stay still?"


"That's right you can't touch him!" Ren came to Yuuki's rescue which he unconsciously held Ren's hand and the latter noticed it and held it firmer. "Yuuki let's go....Kai Yuu, we're going back first the figurines I'll bring it back." They both nodded which Ren had single handle the heavy figurines and on the other side he had to carry half the weight of Yuuki's body. "Kai do you think it got something got to do with his past?"

"You mean that mean girl? That causes the both of them to fell apart? That girl?"

"Yup that girl."

"Of course I remember her! That girl I would never forgive her! But because of her they became relying onto each other."

"What are you both talking about?"

"AH? I forgot you girls are still here."

"Did something happen to both of them before?"

"Maeda-san there is, they had a fight before with each other just for a girl."

"Stop calling me Maeda-san! Call me Acchan." Both of them nodded which as they sat down they can't help but to feel creepy thinking back about the fight they had. "So how did it happen?" Yuu and Kai look at each other and thought that maybe if they tell them they would help but still it is their matters so they decided to kept quiet about it.

"Sorry but we can't tell you so bye."

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Re: The bonds we created (Atsumina, WMatsui, Mayuki, Kojiyuu)
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Chapter 6

"Yuuki why do you think that we rely on each other so much?"

"Ren I think it got to do our biggest fight years ago, that causes it but I think we really need to stop this or Yuu and Kai are going to tease us more."

"So what are you suggesting then?"

"You and I need a girlfriend"

"You don't have to say it so bluntly right? But I do have one, she is girl and a friend which she is call Jurina." Ren sat up looking at Yuuki for saying such things like nothing. "That's just a friend and not a girlfriend but first thing you need a proper haircut, you look like a mushroom more with this hair." Yuuki was making his hair more messy. "Then stop messing with me, I'll go now ok?"

"I'll go with you since you always got some weird hair cut, and I have an idea what haircut suits you."

"Huh? Wait a minute!"

"Where the hell is the both of them?" Yuu and Kai couldn't find them anywhere. "Both of them are always missing together, do they go eat nice food together?" Kai was thinking too serious that Yuu had to beat him up. "Yah! Both of them aren't like you, they must be doing something." Both of them walk past a few students which they heard their conversation.

"The four new students are handsome right?"

"Of course but the student council girls are always aiming for them giving them trouble, they should be punished."

"Yeah let's find more people then."

"Kai hear that they are seriously going too far and I am going to make Ren to make a webpage which he can scold them or make them suffer."

"If that's your reason then the webpage just face them and curse them if you like."

"Anyone that scolds Haruna, I'll make them pay!" Kai look at Yuu which he is burning with fumes of rage. "Why don't you wait for them to return to see what would they say." Yuu nodded which he decided to not make Haruna cry again. "Kai do you think those two over there is..."

"The thing is what are both of you doing here?"


"I should say woah, you finally have a better haircut Ren, you look almost unrecognized already!" Yuu was touching his hair. "Stop it! I don't even like this haircut but that isn't the problem, look what I have here." They look at the pamphlet of recruiting male student council members. "So we will enter student council so we can help them against those evil girls."

"Here we come! Saving the girls!"

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Re: The bonds we created (Atsumina, WMatsui, Mayuki, Kojiyuu)
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Chapter 7

"We decided to only accept Ren-kun and the rest of you have failed the interview."

"What! Why? How?"

"First Oshima-kun you're too pervert, Kashiwagi-kun you're too black, Takahashi-kun you're too short." Atsuko had bluntly tell them what she thinks which when they heard the reason why Kai fail the interview they were laughing their butts off. "It's not funny! Then why did you accept Ren then?" Atsuko look at Ren which he show them a webpage he designed for the school which they think it was so cool and decided the his intelligence help him. "Fine! Ren better do a good job or they might bite you."

"Stop being bitter Kai and I still need to tell all of you something, there is only one chat group here and you can create an anonymous nickname here which you can chat here and it is a secret between us so the student council would have two accounts so make sure when you want to announce something don't use the other one." Ren explained how the webpage works and then he send to all the students on how to use it. "Can we go now?"

"Yes you can."

"Wait first! Jurina you're in Kendo club right?"

"Huh? So what I am?"

"Yokatta....I was planning to join so how can I join the club?"

"Ren are you serious? Didn't you heard how is the president of the club right? He's a mad dog he challenged everyone knowing their skills and beat them in his game." Ren was confused at what they are saying. "Jurina I think you have to explain to him yourself." Jurina sighed at the fact that he actually hurts her to think back about how hurtful. "Joining the club is a piece of cake you just need to sign the form but to be recognize as a member you need to beat the president's own game which until now no one can do it so everyone is always keeping a lookout at the president to find a place which he won't bully all the members or boast about himself."

"I just have to play his game right? Then it would be nice isn't it?"

"Ren are you nuts? Ok you're nuts but he won against everyone so you still want to fight him?"

"Sure...I want to kick his butt right now." Ren had grabbed onto Jurina and left the room which everyone looked at each other and they taught that something might happened and followed them. "Ren if you lose you can't join get it!" Ren stopped and thought about it. "What if I win? I know you be my girlfriend!" Jurina had blush at those words since no guy would be at their right mind to ask her be his girlfriend. "That's if you win." Ren had fist bump the air and got even more confident now.

"How daring of Ren to say this right Yuuki?"

"Good job Ren." Evryone look at him like a coach looking at his student praising him like a kid and decided to ignore and continue to follow them.

"Who's the president!"

"Ren! Don't shout!"

"Who's looking for me? Jurina I see you brought a friend today why? Want to pay back what I have done?" The president was making Jurina pissed off which Ren sees it and decided to challenged him now. "I'm Matsui Ren and I want to challenge you right now!" The president had sweat dropped when he heard Ren's name. "Is just me or the guy looks more afraid now?" Everyone nodded but they didn't understand why. "O-Ok bring the wooden swords now!" Jurina had heard the president stutter but didn't understand why Ren was so confident and the president seems to know he had lost the game already.

"Before I start I have things to say, if you lose you lose your place as an ace and president which you would be lower then the rest of the members and they would practice their Kendo which you would clean the dojo instead how?"

"That's if you can win me!" The president rushed towards Ren which he pushed Jurina away and block all of the president's attacks which everyone who is n the clubroom or the one hiding was awe at Ren but the president was getting angrier for not able to end the game right away. "Wait! I had enough fun already it's time to end you right now." Ren had switched to one hand and Jurina knew that is a high end skill which when the president rush forward to Ren, he managed to hit his abdomen and latter his legs and head all in one shot and win the game.

"You lose to your fear and your pride. You knew who was I right from the start when I introduce myself right?" The president nodded. "I did what I need to do so Jurina you're official my girlfriend and I can be in Kendo with you right?"


"He's crazy!" What everyone think after the match which includes Jurina.

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Re: The bonds we created (Atsumina, WMatsui, Mayuki, Kojiyuu)
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i can't wait for the next chapter

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Re: The bonds we created (Atsumina, WMatsui, Mayuki, Kojiyuu)
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update pleaaassseeee!!! :gmon tears: :gmon tears:

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Re: The bonds we created (Atsumina, WMatsui, Mayuki, Kojiyuu)
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i think i never will have all this creativity!!!
Of course i will still try.:3
Sorry for answering now xd
I just registered a day ago,but i wanted to comment the fics i have read.

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Re: The bonds we created (Atsumina, WMatsui, Mayuki, Kojiyuu)
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Chapter 8

"So what do you think?"

"What do you mean what do I think?"

"About getting back against the president." Ren was staring at Jurina which the felt uncomfortable about his gaze. "Nothing comes to mind." Jurina had turned her back away from Ren and felt her heartbeat beating faster when Ren was staring at her. "Not even a thank you?"

"T-thank you....."

"You're welcome! I think your club activities are over for now why don't we leave first or perhaps you want to stay here instead?"

"W-wait....about what you say earlier was it for real?"

"Hehhhhhh? It could be if you want it but for real it might not be the best time for me to ask you right now, give me your answer after giving some thought." Ren left the dojo leaving Jurina in awe. "Yah! That was awsome in many ways in your skills!"

"Which areas might you be talking about Oshima-san?"

"You know what I meant don't you?"

"Perhaps some spicy lunch would be sufficient to stuff your mouth or plus the dinner would need too?"

"N-No! Matsui-sama I must have said something wrong, my apologies sir." The rest of them were laughing at Yuu who was being threatened by Ren immediately shut his mouth. "What's so funny?" Jurina came out of the dojo seeing everyone was giggling. "Jurina you're out!"

"Great that means we can have our meeting finally."

"Meeting? How long would that be?"

"Things don't go as planned Takahashi-san, let's go Ren."

"O-ok...." Ren followed the girls to the student council room without a chance to look back at his friends.

"That Maeda is starting to piss me off."

"Woah....No point getting angry at a girl right Kai, and the best way to get back at her is to make her fall in love with you." Yuu's advice had made Kai think about whether is it a good plan to work on such a girl like Atsuko.

"Ok for our daily reports, as usual our Mr popularity is right here with us getting attention from the girls in our school."

"Wait me?! I thought I had made an enemy that's why my locker is always full of threatening letters, wait that's why my table has full of letters also not only that also have my favourite bread of all times?"

"How dense are you?"

"Well I don't get such things like that often and i used to have someone I thought as my girlfriend but now she's just a devil."

"I know.....and for the record she's here in this school."

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Re: The bonds we created (Atsumina, WMatsui, Mayuki, Kojiyuu)
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Finally an update. Thanks for continuing this story. Hope to see it being updated more frequently.

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Re: The bonds we created (Atsumina, WMatsui, Mayuki, Kojiyuu)
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Nice story
I can’t wait to read more and know what happens next
I’ll wait for your next update patiently

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Re: The bonds we created (Atsumina, WMatsui, Mayuki, Kojiyuu)
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Wow.Really good history.I wish I had so much creative to write a history like this.Hope for the next upgrade😆😋🙌love ur history

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Re: The bonds we created (Atsumina, WMatsui, Mayuki, Kojiyuu)
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welcomeback Dinojino-san  :welcome
ohh kai go and get your Atsuko!!   :mon blowhorn:
i curious how they'll become couples  :dunno:
keep going! waiting more  :hee:

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Re: The bonds we created (Atsumina, WMatsui, Mayuki, Kojiyuu)
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Really I loove this fanficcc.I think i have read this fanfic like at least 10 times and i never get tireddd.Furthermore i love greek gods and all that stuff.Perfect fanficcc

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