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Author Topic: Another day at H!P  (Read 52696 times)

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Another day at H!P
« on: July 07, 2006, 03:09:12 AM »
Miki rolled out of bed. She streched her legs, neck, and arms in an attempt shake off the drowsiness she was feeling. A quick glance around the room found it in much the state it was the day before. The dirty dishes in the sink, the balled up Gatas jersy thrown on the chair, and the magazines scattered here and there, were just as she left them. Miki turned on her heel to take a look at the bed again. Well, there was certainly something that wasn't here before last night. Underneath the covers the person did not stir from there sleep. Just as Miki started to contemplate the events of last night there was a knock on the door.

"Yoooo!!" shouted Mari Yaguchi as she gave a salute. Her greeting was followed by a loud, high pitched call of " Morning Mikiiiii!" from Tsuji. Never one to hide her true feelings Miki grimanced and imediately gave a death glare to the two pint sized disturbances.

"What do you want?" Miki asked rather flatly. She had no idea what they were up to, but experince taught her that it was best to keep your gaurd up when they were together.

"We were just abo" Mari was cut off by Tsuji who grabbed her arm and started pointing vigurously to the unidentified lump in Miki's bed.  Miki quickly moved so that her body and the door blocked most of their veiw into her room, but it was too late. The damage was done.

Imediately the two grabbed each other's shoulders and hopped up and down  yelling out comments like " No way!" and "Oh my god!!". The reaction was fitting for the fomer Mini Moni members considering Miki herself always figured that the particular line up was based more on maturity level than actual height.
"Hey!" Miki hissed at the two.
They stopped shaking and stared back at Miki with devious smiles plastered on their faces.
" I always thought her and Aya were more than just friends.. " Yaguchi ventured.
"She's my best friend!" Miki yelled in disgust. She glanced over at Tsuji and guickly added " And it's not like I'm you."
Miki knew that last comment might have been to much. But Miki thought it would be in her benefit to strike first. Altough mentioning Kago, even indirectly, might have been to much of a low blow since her suspension. Miki felt a little relived when she saw Tsuji's smile fade for only an instant.
"Just becasue half of you swing that way doesn't atomatically mean I do."
"Oh, so Miki's got a boyfriend!" Mari gleefully proclaimed.
"Hey! Hey! Didn't you sing a song about that? You know, when you were a solo artist!"
Miki picked up on the emphiasis she threw in on the solo artist comment. Of course brining that up ment Miki would probably bring herself down to their level, which is what they wanted anyway.
"How did that go?! What was it?" Mari pondered.
As soon as Mari said that she shot a questioning glance at Tsuji, who took that as her cue. And then they were off.
Tsuji started mimicking Miki's singing and dance routine right there in the hallway as Mari encouraged her.
"Hey, hey, Miki, do you have confidence in loving him?"
Tsuji immediately grabbed Mari's shoulder and lowered her voice conspiritoraly."Hey, I bet she can do IT well."
Mari laughed and looked back at the person in Miki's bed, "Hey Miki, was this so you could confirm it all?"
Miki took notice of the fact that they were continually getting louder.
"I wouldn't ruin my career over a stupid guy!" Miki said in whispered yell.
Like Tsuji before her, Mari's smile vanished for only a second.
"So she won't tell us if it's a girl or a guy." Mari said to Tsuji.
The Idiot girl's face imediately went blank as she looked off to the side. If there were a light bulb above here head, it just would have switched on.
"I know who it is" Tsuji seemed to be absolutely certain. You could just tell from her tone of voice.
"Don't even. You have no idea. Just leave me the alone guys."
Mari and Tsuji exchanged shocked glances.
"No way. Not them." Mari said in an exagerated tone.
"It'd have to be.."
Miki had it. Just get them out of here. That was her mission.
"Fine! Then just who the hell do you think it is?"
"Ishikawa!" Both announced.
"what?" came a voice behind Miki.
Miki looked straight at the wall beyond the heads of Mari and Tsuji.
"Just kill me now" she grumbled.
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Another day at H!P
« Reply #1 on: July 07, 2006, 07:05:20 AM »

I jumped a table and knocked a projector with my knee to read this story! but it was hell worth it!

LOoOoOvE the bitchy stabs they make at each other. I could totally imagine this kinda hostility between them :P

Raise your hand if you wanna see more?
*raises hand*

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Another day at H!P
« Reply #2 on: July 07, 2006, 02:59:46 PM »
nice one, I like stories with lots of witty dialogue.

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Another day at H!P
« Reply #3 on: July 07, 2006, 03:35:51 PM »
Wow, this is such a great story!!!

Yay for the pairings mentioned so far and you really write in character, the way they really would react.

Loved the way you mentioned Aibon's suspension and Yaguchi's boyfriend-drama, and Tsuji's impersonation of Miki made me laugh!!!

I'm really looking forward to the next chapter!

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Another day at H!P
« Reply #4 on: July 08, 2006, 01:38:07 AM »
I just had all of this typed out, but then acidently deleted it. Unfortunately I don't remember all of it excactly(particularly the better diagoluges), so I might be editing it a few times if I do.


 The resturant on the first floor was already full of girls. All were in various stages of awareness and undress, with some not even bothering to change out of there pajamas. Towards the back of the room, at a long table Nakazawa Yuuko, Abe Natsumi, and Iida Kaori sat disscussing the most recent developments.

"I can't say I'm suprised." Said Yuuko not looking up from her coffee as she added some sugar." When you're that age or younger, you experiment some" she continued. "Right, Nono?"
Tsuji didn't even bother turning around, looked up at the ceiling, and with a mouth full of pastery yelled "It was ONE time!" She put anouther handfull into her mouth " Second time today.What is this?"
"It wouldn't have happened if I was still leader, I'll tell you that much. There for seven, gone for one and it's already falling apart." added Kaori.
"Fujimoto and Ishikawa. I didn't see that one coming."
"You know, maybe it's my fault." Kaori said as she shifted in her seat, resting her head on her hand and looking off into the distance. "I just paid so much attention to Yossie....maybe I never even noticed."
"Everyone paid attention to Yossie after Mr.Moonlight!" Yuuko said, laughing.

 Just then the girl everyone was talking about entered the room. Murata looked up from the newspaper she was reading, while Asami and Satoda breifly paused in their conversation to smile and exchange mischevious grins with the other girls. Miki stoped in the center of the cafeteria and crossed her arms. She glared at no one in particualr, but it was apparent she wasn't to happy with any of them. Tsuji and Mari moved over to the long table to get a better seat for the show.

"Morning Sunshine! Wow, Miki, you've been awake for an hour and you already hate the world?" Yuuko decided to get this entire thing started.
"Five minutes. You left five minutes ago and everyone already knows!" Miki was giving her best glare at Tsuji and Mari who smiled back at her.
"There is no such thing as privacy in Hello Pro. Not everyone knows, just a large majority." As one of the founding members, Nacchi knew that is one girl knew, by lunchtime every girl would know.
"Listen, I just slept with her!"
Mari gasped.
"Miki! Thats awful! Poor Rika probably thinks you want to get married with her and live in a pink house with furry woodland creatures."
"One night stands aren't bad, but to have one with a fellow Morning gal." said Yuuko shaking her head.
Murata adjusted her glasses and then called out "Even if you are like that Fujimoto, it's okay. We'll still like you."
"Great, even the Melon girls are making fun of me now. Listen, I'm not like THAT."

Kaori went from laughing with the other girls to looking concerned. She switched into her best mothering voice.
"Miki, if you are, it's okay. It's just important that you keep work and play separate. I know it must be hard because you spend so much time with theese people, but it might" Kaori was cut off by Miki rolling her eyes and again protesting
"We just slept together!" Miki yelled that louder than necassary just to make sure all the girls heard it. She threw her arms up in the air for good measure too.

All the girls attention shifted to Goto. Goto woke up late this morning and went to the cafeteria soley to get some yogurt, not to get involved with other girls problems. There she stood behind Miki, yogurt in one hand, a spoon  held in front of her mouth in the other, and her eyes the size of Kaori's and Yossie's.  The look was priceless. Goto, despite her intentions today figured that one out of two tasks accomplished wasn't so bad. She didn't want to get involved, but she couldn't pass this one up. Why hear everything second hand, and she knew she would be hearing it, when she could stay and hear all the members witty, hurtful, and hilarious remarks first hand? Of course whether or not the comments where witty, hurtful, or hilarious depended on if you were the one being criticized. Seeing as she didn't recall sleeping with Miki she thought it was safe to stick around for this one.

 The other girls present laughed at the expression Maki had on, and her inability to move after walking in on the conversation. Some of the girls, particularly Maeda Yuki, who was liked by everyone for her caring manner, were trying desperately to stifle their laughter.

"Now everyone knows" proclaimed Nacchi.
Miki glared at Tsuji and Mari. She put great force behind her next words,
"I'll kill both of you. They'll never find your bodies. You know they won't"
"Fujimoto" Yuuko interjected, but was cut off by Miki.
"Listen! I slept with her, but I didn't sleep with her!"
"Is that even possible?" questioned Tsuji to no one in particular.
"Of course you didn't sleep with her, you were too busy doing something else with her!" Miki may have been considered rough by the others, but Nakazawa had years of experience on her.
"Playstaion? Probably Xbox360, kids these days staying up all night playing that one"
Nacchi smiled. "That was a good one!"
"Really? I was worried about it.." Kaori looked estatic about her successful joke.
In Hello Pro, wording was everything.
"I slept with her, but I didn't have sex with her!"
"Oh come on!" the yell came from Saito. "the last thing I want to picture is you and Ishikawa going at it while I'm eating my scrambled eggs!"
"Scramble?" Tsuji asked, again to no one in particular. "Man, I like that song.." Considering there was food involved Tsuji's ADHD-like behavior was expected. Her attention shifted back to her breakfast, which was large enough to feed a small village.
"What'd you do? Stay up all night and talk about your feelings?" Mari's qustion was dripping in sarcasm.
"Yeah." Fujimoto replied flatly and crossed her arms again.

 The first to respond was Yuuko who, after her brain processed that last exchange, promptly spit out her coffee. Tsuji roared with laughter at this. Most of the other girls were in complete shock, but little by little more joined in on the amusement.

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Another day at H!P
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Miki paced back and forth on the balcony.
"And you know, I'm not like THAT"
Aya nodded. She was seated on a chair eating her breakfast listening to Miki. Admitidely she wasn't paying that much attention. She just nodded and gave one word answers to Miki. She couldn't understand why she was so upset. They girls would probably forget by tomorrow when someone topped today's excitement. Hell, with theese girls, they might have moved on by lunchtime.
"because I'm not"
"I didn't say you were."
"Good. Don't."
"I wasn't going to."
Miki picked up more speed.
"I had to say that, you know?"
Aya nodded again.
"I'd rather they think that I'm a just a wuss, not a lesbian."
Miki continued her pacing.
"Honestly, I don't have to explain to them. What I do is my own business, but I didn't do that."
She stopped and rested both her hands on the railing. She looked out over Tokyo glancing side to side.
" All of them. Acting like that. Ridiculous. Absolutely ridiculous."
Aya looked up from her breakfast. Something just came to her, suddenly she was intrigued by this.
"What?" Miki continued looking at the city.
"You said you were just talking to her. It's not a big secret that you two aren't close." Aya paused her and tried to choose her words carefully."So I was just wondering, what were you talking to her about? Why couldn't you talk to me about it?"
 Miki took her arms off the railing. She crossed them and started to tap her right foot rapidly. With her back still facing Aya she said "Don't even worry about it" She turned on her heel to face her. She avoided eye contact with Aya and insted looked at the sliding glass door behind her that lead into her room. "I'm not close to her. Which was why I need to talk to her about it. I.. I needed an outsider's opion on it. You know, get a different perspective."
Aya still looked doubtful. "Miki, you know that you can tell me anything right."
Miki tried her best to put on a confident smile, but the end result looked like an uneasy one, which was excatly what it was. Aya didn't pick on on it, she was still holding her fork looking down at the floor. Miki reached over and rested her arm on Aya's slender sholder.
"I know. I know. I'm closer to you that anyone else. Closer than I probably ever will be" Miki was cut off. It seemed to be a recuring theme today.
"God you sure move fast!"
Miki kept her hand on Aya's sholder as they both looked over to the voice. Leaning over the railing, to see over the balcony divider, was Mari, Tsuji, Takahashi, and Niigaki(it was her room).
"The apartment must be like one of those rotating sushi bars for her!" Mari continued. "She finnishes with one and then moves right on to the other!"
Niigaki and Takahashi looked confused more than anything, but Tsuji was laughing hard. Very hard. Miki let out a scream. Mari and Tsuji continued laughing and a minute later a yell came from the other side of Miki's balcony.
"Oi! Fujimoto! What the hell are you screaming about!" The angry yell came from Yossie, who was leaning over the railing in her pajamas, a tight grey t-shirt and short lime green shorts. Miki was surrounded. She looked up at the sky in disbelief.
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Another day at H!P
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The door opened to calls of "Coming in!" and "Hope you're decent!"
Mari and Tsuji walked right in to Niigaki's room as if it was their own. Not like it bothered Niigaki. She was just curious as to what they wanted. Inside Niigaki and Takahashi were sitting on the floor of her well kept room watching t.v. They decided to eat left overs instead of joining some of the other girls for breakfast.
"Good morning" said Niigaki, followed by Takahashi.
"You really think she's there?" asked Tsuji. Obviously the question was directed towards Mari, because Niigaki and Takahashi sure as hell didn't know if she was.
"She had to be headed to her room after she left the cafeteria."
"Guys, what's up?" asked Takahashi with a blank look on her face. Recently all the girls noticed that Takahashi's blank expression was starting to rival Kaori's.
"Nothing, you'll hear about it soon enough." Mari answered.
The pair walked out to the balcony, Takahashi and Niigaki trailing behind them. Mari and Tsuji leaned up against the wall spying on the conversation taking place next door.
"And you know I'm not like THAT"
Mari and Tsuji exchanged glances at each other and smiled like a kids at a candy store. Which is pretty much saying that they smiled as if they were at a candy store. Niigaki and Takahashi figured that the two were up to no good. But they couldn't help but over hear Miki and Aya right next door. Once Aya started talking the two decided to get a better veiw, and Takahashi and Niigaki followed suit.

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Another day at H!P
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 Yoshizawa awoke to a scream. She quickly threw off her covers and rolled out of bed in one quick movement. She stayed crouched down and started yelling herself
"Ah God! What!? Ah AH AHA" Slowly she looked around the room. Realizing she wasn't in any imediate danger she stood up, making sure that no one saw her react like that, she sarted to straighen out her hair with her right hand and rested the other one on her hip.
"I'm not in danger, but whoever the hell woke me up sure is" she said outloud for no apparent reason.  She swaggered out to the balcony to see what was going on.
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Another day at H!P
« Reply #8 on: July 10, 2006, 05:33:05 PM »
Wow this was really good, i love all your witty diolog it fits in perfectly with the story and you have good... everything else too.
he he love it! :D

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Another day at H!P
« Reply #9 on: July 10, 2006, 09:08:46 PM »
Yeah I enjoy your fic too, the dialogues are hilarious. I can picture everything, especially the Goto scene. This one really made me laugh :P

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Another day at H!P
« Reply #10 on: July 11, 2006, 01:33:18 AM »
*rofl* at the balcony scene!!! This is just so good ^_^

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Another day at H!P
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 After managing to escape the balcony Miki returned to her room. Aya left to take care of somethings leaving Miki alone to think. Thinking, more specifically think about today and last night, was the last thing Miki wanted to do.  She looked around her room. Her soccer ball caught her attention. Nothing better than some soccer to vent her frustration. Miki quickly slipped on a pair of track pants and a Gatas jacket. She grabed the ball and stepped out into the hall way.

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Another day at H!P
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 Rika was making her way down the hall. She went along doing a werid combination of signing and humming. It was a jazz tune she heard on television a few nights ago. Talk Talk Talk? She couldn't remember the exact name. But that was not going to stop her from yelling it loudly as she continued on her way. It was a nice day out, and Rika wondered what she should do. Just as she mulled this over in her head, and reached the drum solo in the song, an object came hurling down the hall and hit her directly in the back of the head.

side note- the actually name of the song is Sing Sing Sing, it's rather famous. Seeing as it was used in the movie Swing Girls, and is frequently used on other programs I didn't think it be much of a strech to use it.

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Another day at H!P
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 As Miki went out into the hall, a rather oblivous, and happy Rika walked by. Miki stood there watching her continue on her path. She didn't know what Rika was doing. Rika was flailing her arms about in what Miki guessed was her pretending to play an insturment. But Miki had no idea. She couldn't even tell what the song was. Maybe it was because Miki had never heard it, but she felt it was probably because musically (and possible mentally) Rika was very off. Miki felt her anger resurface. It never really went away durring the course of the morning, but now it was stronger than ever. Miki was astonished to see Rika acting like this. Carrying on as if everything was a-okay. Miki didn't really think about what happened next. Her right arm wound up and sent her soccer ball soaring down the hall towards Rika's head.
Bulls eye.

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Another day at H!P
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Rika imediately put both arms on her head. She felt a very dull, yet very painful, sensation. The soccerball that had nearly K.O'ed her was now boucning off the walls rather loudly.
Rika was busy grimacing in pain, but she managed to turn around.
" head"
Miki waited as Ishikawa took time trying to focus in on her. She continued to clutch her head while Miki savored her small but rewarding act of violence. Miki stomped down the hall closing the distance between them rather quickly.
"What the hell is your problem?"
"My problem? You're the one that just tried to kill me!"
"You deserved it!"
"What? Is this about your sweater? Nono told me it was Yossie's."
"No this isn't about my sweater! Wait, that was you? Forget about the sweater. This was about you leaving me to fend for myself this morning! You didn't even come and try and explain it with me! If we were in war, Ishikawa, what you did was the equvilent of throwning me on a land mine!"
" Because I didn't go for breakfast?"
"Yes becasue you didn't go for breakfast!"
"Well, I really wasn't hungry, so I didn't see the point in going down there..."
"It doesn't matter if you weren't hungry! That has nothing to do with it!"
"But why would I go to the cafeteria if I wasn't hungry?"
Sometimes talking to Ishikawa felt like talking to a wall. A very pretty and happy wall, but a wall none the less.
"To explain to everyone what happened!"
" What did I have to explain to them?"
"Do you even remember anything !? Is your attention span really that short, that you can not even remember something that happened less than 3 hours ago?! Can you not peice together certain events that happened to understand why I am so angry!?"
"You know, when you kicked me out this morning ranting on and on , I thought, 'Man, Miki's really grumpy when she wakes up' but now I think that is gets progressivly worse throughout the day."
Miki was thrown off for a beat at the fact Rika just used the word progressivly. Even more so at the fact she used it correctly.
Rika started again.
"this this because....Mari and Nono...."
Watching Ishikawa durring this, you could see that the gears were turning. Like she was pluging all the extension cords together to turn the lightbulb on.
Ding! Ding! Ding! We have a winner! Show her what she's won Jonny! A smile slowly made its way on Rika's face as she finally got it. Miki was angry, but maybe from the sheer force of the emotions she felt she realized that she had closed her eyes, and started to smile, then laugh. Ishikawa continued to smile, happy that Miki had stopped yellling and even happier that there wasn't another soccer ball in sight.

"Oh, life is grand!"

Miki imediately stopped laughing.
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Another day at H!P
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After laughing on the balcony for the better part of 5 minutes Mari and Tsuji departed.
"Well, catch you guys later!"
The two exited the room.
"Hey, you got any of that ice cream left?"
Mari gave Tsuji a questioning look. It had been awhile, so Mari had forgotten just how amazing Tsuji's appetite really was.
"Yeah. Jeez, you're gonna eat us out of house and home one day."
Tsuji just smiled as they went on down the hall. When the reached Mari's room, and more importantly to Tsuji, Mari's refrigerator, the girl sat down and talked about the morning thus far. Tsuji didn't even bother to dirty a dish and ate straight from the carton.
"This completely rocked."
"eah eft as!"
After spending time with her, Mari became quite able to understand Tsuji when she was talking with her mouth full. Which was in reality, most of the time she was with her. She also became quite skilled at understanding Tsuji's sometimes fragmented and down right ridiculous ideas. More importantly how she got them and what she ment by them.
"I doubt it could get better than this."
Tsuji nodded and continued to scrape at the icecream container.
"aht e ou ing o" she swallowed and continued "do today?"
"nothing much. Wanna go shopping? Maybe just stay out and catch and movie and some dinner?"
"Could we catch lunch and a snack inbetween?"
"Yeah" Mari assured her with a smile on her face.
"Score, lets go. I just need to stop by my room a sec."
Mari walked out of the door first, and ran into a soccerball.
"What? I thought they told Korenaga not to play inside anymore."
"What day is today?"
"It's Monday, why?"
"It's not Korenaga, she has classes."
Mari picked up the ball. She shruged." Whatever, we're headed that way anyway."
The two rounded the corner to see Miki and Rika in the hall laughing and smiling.
"Oh, life is grand!"

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Another day at H!P
« Reply #16 on: July 11, 2006, 10:19:30 AM »
Ow ow ow ow, my sides hurt. That was hilarious! Ah, its too good to mention everything that I like about it so far. Can you forgive me for being dull and saying I love it?

☆ひとみちゃんのためなら バイト バイト バイト!☆

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Another day at H!P
« Reply #17 on: July 13, 2006, 07:38:58 PM »
Uah, I'm so curious which direction your story will take!!! This is just sooo good!!!

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Another day at H!P
« Reply #18 on: July 16, 2006, 07:45:04 AM »
Funny!! This is a good day for me - I have been re-reading all these stories and I know finally get to reply. This is one of my favourite fictions. What inspires you?

Read the complete Doki Doki!!

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Another day at H!P
« Reply #19 on: July 16, 2006, 09:02:11 PM »
Quote from: Mikan
What inspires you?

 Glad to hear some of you guys like it. I'm not sure what inspires me. Sometimes I just feel like writting and other times I don't. To be honest I'm not one for fanfiction, but I just got the urge to write something. H!P itself is pretty much a goldmine. There are so many different girls with different traits and such that it is pretty easy to get something going.

Just to let you know, the story pretty much follows the time frame of a normal day. Thats why "Morning" has been written at the start of each peice. You guys are quick so I just figured you'd know that. Then at the end of the day, the next  title will be something like "Tuesday Morning" and so on and so forth.

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