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Till then...
« on: July 07, 2006, 03:44:10 PM »

Along the long stretch of canal surrounding Toukyou TV Station building, two teenage girls were strolling, pausing occasionally to enjoy the cool gentle breeze .

“So it’s been decided?”


“Does it have to be this way?”

“Aren’t you happy for me?”

“I am… demo…” one of them stopped and turned away to face at the canal, but seeing rapid water gushing through the canal did not help to calm down her emotions at all…

“It’s always been my dream, you know about it”

“What if I want you to stay?”

“You are against it? Since the day I joined it’s been my dream to do it…and... you know it...”

“but we will be seeing less of each other…”

“oh, come on, I’m still in Helloporo”

“so your dreams is more important... than me” the last two words was spoken so softly that it sounded like a mumble...

"we'll always be the best of friends, so it doesn't matter even when we are each pursuing our dreams, right?"

"mou ii yo..."
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(HELLOMONI filming set)

Kantoku: “CUT! Alright minnasan, gokurosama deshita!”

“otsukaresama deshita!” said the members of M0rning Musume. They had just finished filming a new episode of HELLOMONI.

“tired?” asked Yoshizawa

“nope, lucky everything was smooth and it ended early” said Gotou

“you’re right, it’s still early, why not we go out for dinner later?”

“ii yo… but I already promised Kei-chan to hang out with her later…”

“daijoubu dayo~ we’ll go together, how about it?” asked Yoshizawa.

“Tsuji! Kago! urusai!” Their conversation was interrupted by Yuuko screaming at the top of her voice because just as soon as the director stopped the filming, Tsuji and Kago were back to their mischievous antics, giggling and poking fun at almost everything around them.

“Abe, as a senior, shouldn’t you keep those two in hand rather than to play along?”

“ne.. kasan… can you hear me? Help me, I’m being bullied.” Abe was speaking into her wrist as if there was an invisible transmitter on it, obviously turning a deaf ear to Yuuko’s words.

Tsuji and Kago were so amused by what Abe did that they burst out laughing

“ii na~ Abe-san, kore ga saikou!” exclaimed the two

“it’s good right? Haha, just as I thought” Abe was gleaming at herself, proud of the fact that she was in fact a joker herself.

“what the hec..”

“suimasen, Nakazawa-san, Tusunku-san will like to see you in the office.” a staff walked in and told Yuuko

“Alright, I’ll be there in a moment.” replied Yuuko and then turning to the rest she said “ok, hurry back to the gakuya and pack up, try to be home early and have a good night rest, another busy schedule tomorrow, everyone got it?”


As Yuuko walked hurriedly along the corridor, she could not help thinking what Tusunku would be telling her… masaka… the time had come…


Other fics stored there.
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(GAKUYA )(楽屋)

“ne.. yossi, so where will we be going to later?” quizzed Ishikawa


“I said where will WE be going TO later?”

“ EH !!” Yoshizawa stared big-eyed at Ishikawa

“naniyo!!!” Ishikawa was getting abit pissed with Yoshizawa’s look

“Have you forgotten? Last week we arranged to go out today.”

It dawned on Yoshizawa that she did promise to go out with Ishikawa today, how could she be so careless and had forgotten all about it. Suddenly also remembering her dinner date with Gotou, she took a quick glance at Gotou, only to see her zipping up her bag with great force, swung it over her shoulder and said “Kei-chan, I’m ready, I will wait for you at ground level, be quick ok?” when she finished her sentence she walked right out of the room not even bothering to look at Yoshizawa.

Yoshizawa stay glued to the ground, obviously Gotou had heard what Ishikawa had said and must be fuming inside. Yoshizawa was cursing herself now, why she was so silly to get herself in such a tight spot, if only she had a better memory and remembered she had already promise Ishikawa. Now she did not feel like going anywhere except to get home, take a good shower and plunge to bed right away.

(in a certain restaurant)

“so you liked our new single?”


“It’s been chosen as the theme song for Toukyou TV coverage of the Olympics”


“Gotchan!” Yasuda waved her hands in front of Gotou’s face.

“uh-huh?” Gotou was caught off guard.

“What’s wrong? Something’s been bothering you?”


“Don’t lie to me , even on our way here, you hadn’t been yourself.”

“no, I’m alright, really” Gotou defended.

“You ain’t even touching your food, come on, say it, maybe I can help.”

“ano…” Gotou hesitated…

“come on” Yasuda urged.

“well… just being curious.. but have you ever been in love?”

“ha ha~ yappari!”

“what!” Gotou protested.

“so you are troubled by it ya?”

“No! didn’t I said just now that I am just being curious?” Gotou’s face turning red as she said it.

“Alright… I won’t tease you anymore… Well.. no… I have never been in love but during high school, there is this guy I liked…”

Ring…Ring… Their conversation was interrupted by Gotou’s keitai ringing. Gotou took a look at the keitai’s screen but decided not to answer it.

“not answering?” Yasuda asked

“don’t know this caller, maybe it’s wrong number, leave it…now back to our topic”

Ring … Ring… This time it was Yasuda’s keitai ringing.

“it’s Yossi… moshi moshi.. hai… yossi hai…yes we are together… at the restaurant around the corner… ok…. Ok..bye!” and turning to Gotou “Yossi said she’s coming over to meet us.” There is a sudden glow in Gotou’s eyes. “where were we?” Yasuda continued, however Gotou was not paying attention anymore, her eyes were fixed at the restaurant’s entrance anticipating Yossi’s arrival “you know, Gotchan, I feel it’s better for us to concentrate on our careers now as…”

“she’s here” Gotou could not help keep her excitement. Before Yasuda could turn back to look, she felt a slap on her shoulder.

“Yo! Check it out chou! What your doing Kei-chan?”

“Cut it out! You think you still on Hellomoni?”

Yoshizawa pouted her lips, disappointed that Yasuda did not appreciate her sense of humor, however there was someone else who was totally enjoying it.

“thought you’re supposed to be with Rika-chan?” Gotou asked as Yoshizawa settled herself comfortably into a seat besides her.

“she dumped me!”

“uh?” Yasuda and Gotou looked equally puzzled.

“haha…omoshirokunai? okay, it's not... Her mum called up, something urgent so she need to head back and therefore no time for me~” Yoshizawa grinned.

After Yoshizawa joined them, their conversation liven up as they chatted on being in Putchim0ni, their scheduled trip to Syndey and the occasional gossip on Mayumi-san, their dance choreographer and teacher. Time passed fast and it was getting late, they bid each other farewell and took a cab home respectively.

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Till then...
« Reply #3 on: July 07, 2006, 04:05:30 PM »
Yeah I'm the first person to reply! :)
Your writing's very good. I especially like how you have some Japanese included in it. But could you include the translation in brackets?
Then readers can learn Japanese while enjoying your story.
Oh and I can't wait to read more. I'm assuming Maki likes Yossui?

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Till then...
« Reply #4 on: July 07, 2006, 06:58:10 PM »
yay yay yay~ More delicious stories.
Woah, a Maki and Yossi pairing? :D

☆ひとみちゃんのためなら バイト バイト バイト!☆

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Till then...
« Reply #5 on: July 07, 2006, 08:15:14 PM »
nice story !!! yossie and maki are a very interesting couple:D
Yomiki...Real Love:heart:

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Till then...
« Reply #6 on: July 07, 2006, 10:12:19 PM »
This sounds interesting!!!
Also, I'm curious what Yuko being called into Tsunku's office is about.
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(AISAGA filming set)

The members of M0rning Musume in groups of 2 and 3 were chatting while waiting for the filming of the promotional video of their latest single, a staff went around filming with a handycam in hope of capturing some funny moments which would then be shown on TV as ‘behind the scenes’ screen shots. As usual Tsuji and Kago were creating havoc and bringing laughter and sometimes headaches to their seniors with their ingenious acts of mischief. However, not everyone was having fun, someone in particular was sitting solemnly in a corner as she watched two of her friends flirted in front of a camera…

“watashi otoko da ze”    (I'm a guy)

“watashi otoko da ze” Ishikawa mimicked    

“chigau, anta wa onna deshou?”    (wrong, you're supposed to be a girl)

“watashi otoko da ze” Ishikawa continued speaking into the camera

“kanojo boshuu chuu… please apply here…”    (looking for girlfriends...)

“Then what about me?” Ishikawa protested

“Don’t listen to her.” Yoshizawa looked straight into the camera and said “she’s just a friend.”

“Yossi… I thought we’re always lovelove together?” Ishikawa pulled Yoshizawa’s arm and sulked.

“Oh, mine…” Yoshizawa looked lovingly at Ishikawa and decided to give her a hug, drawing screams of delight from her…

…at one corner, Gotou felt a tight grip in her chest…

After hours in the stuffy studio, the filming finally came to an end.

“So my ‘boyfriend’ want to accompany me after work? Let’s go shopping?” Ishikawa asked.

“Eh…” Yoshizawa looked around the studio, hoping to catch a glimpse of Gotou.

“Come on, you already turned me down yesterday, running off even though we had a date.”

Yoshizawa was hesitating and her eyes scanned through the studio “Where actually is Gotchan?” she wondered.

“I don’t care, let’s go!” Ishikawa pulled Yoshizawa by her hand and dragged her out of the studio. Without any choice, Yoshizawa followed reluctantly.

(somewhere in the city)

“Isn’t this dress nice? Should I buy it?”

Yoshizawa gave a slight nod.

“Wanna get one for yourself too?”

“No way! It’s too pink for me… besides I think no one can look as good as you in pink.” Yoshizawa joked.


Yoshizawa nodded again.

“Oh… that’s so sweet of you.” Ishikawa smiled ‘but on second thoughts, I don’t think I am buying it and I think we should leave this place now…”

“nande? hoshikunai?”  (why? don't want it?)

“no… but you look around us, I think we’re being recognized already.”

Ishikawa was right, a few shoppers had noticed the two celebrities and had been scrutinizing the unsuspecting youngsters.

“kowai… naa~~”

“Let’s go then…” Ishikawa let out a giggle.

Together, holding hands, both girls left the shop briskly. As they stepped into the main street, they consciously pulled their hat down and adjusted their shades, surely they would not want to be recognized again.

“Looks like it’s getting harder for us to walk the streets freely…” Ishikawa complained.

“Well… I think it’s a small price you gotta pay in exchange for fame…”

“But even famous people need their space and freedom…”

“Life’s like that ain’t it? You gain something, you’ll lose something. Heaven’s fair…”

“You think there’ll be a day we will get mobbed by our fans?”

“Haha! Rika-chan, I think you think too far, we’re not Hamasaki Ayumi you know~” Yoshizawa retorted.

“NANI YO!” Ishikawa raised her voice.

Sensing that Ishikawa was unhappy with her blunt remark, Yoshizawa tried to change their chatting topic “by the way, have you packed your luggage for the Sydney trip?”

Ishikawa remained quiet.

“mou… mou…” Yoshizawa softened her stand “If one day, you will get mobbed, you know I’ll always be there to protect and shield you, right?”

“Don’t worry, your service won’t be required, I WON’T get mobbed since I am NOT Hamasaki Ayumi!”

Yoshizawa rolled up her eyes, she hated situations like this. Sometimes Ishikawa was quite sensitive and she read too much into casual comments, and then it would become a chore to talk to her because every words had to be filtered through the mind before it could come out of the mouth. And whenever things turned out this way, Yoshizawa would just stop talking altogether.

Tension built up in the air as both girls proceed aimlessly down the shopping streets. Yoshizawa tried to appear nonchalant with deliberate acts of paying more attention to passer-bys than on Ishikawa, which further pissed Ishikawa.

A few more minutes of silence went by… Yoshizawa could not take it anymore, she knew Ishikawa was very obstinate, whenever they had conflicts; she was always the one who had to give in.

An idea suddenly hit Yoshizawa, she took a few quick steps forward, got in front of Ishikawa and started to imitate the actions of a bodyguard trying to protect her client from an imaginary mobbing crowd.

“Back off, back off~” Yoshizawa shoved her hand in the air.

Ishikawa broke into laughter “Haha, Yossi… hazukashii yo…people are staring.”    (it's embarassing)

“maa ii deshou~ as long as it can make you smile. I can do it again if you want me to…”

“no! haha… I’m sorry, I was being petty just now.” Ishikawa apologized

“daijoubu da yo.” Yoshizawa smiled. (it's alright)


Gotou checked her keitai… for the umpteen times…nope… there were no messages for her… her keitai was as quiet as the street. She had left early just now. When the filming ended, she headed straight for the gakuya, grabbed her stuffs and walked out of the building, she wanted to avoid someone yet now how she longed to hear from that someone, it was ironic.

“Why am I thinking of her?” when Gotou asked herself this, scenes of Yoshizawa and Ishikawa teasing in front of the camera floated up in her mind and she felt the similar gripping pain in her chest again.

“Am I being jealous?” Gotou was confused… “Why do I feel jealous? Have I fallen in love? No… it’s so weird…”

Gotou’s head was throbbing, this question had been bothering her for sometime now. When did it start, how? Gotou could not remember, she only knew that whenever she was with Yoshizawa, she felt happy, she enjoyed talking to Yoshizawa, she enjoyed listening to Yoshizawa and even when they were doing nothing, as long as they were together, she felt blissful.

“Maybe good friends behave like that…” Gotou tried explaining to herself “I cared for her as a friend, not because I like her…”

Gotou stopped in her track, she knew she could not lie to herself anymore… there she was, carrying a bag of bagels… unconsiously, she had routinely walked into a bakery and bought them while she was deep in thoughts…and bagels are Yoshizawa’s favourites …


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Till then...
« Reply #8 on: July 08, 2006, 01:10:20 AM »
Oooooooooooooooooo...actions taken unconsciously. That's a sign! :)

JPH!P :heart:'s Fushigidane, ChrNo, Jab & marimari. Always.

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(GAKUYA )(楽屋)

Yoshizawa pushed open the door of the gakuya. The room was quiet and empty except for the figure of Nakazawa sitting on the couch reading a book.

“Nakazawa-san ohayou.” Yoshizawa greeted.

“Oh… ohayou.” Nakazawa replied without looking up.

Yoshizawa walked towards her dressing table, she never really had anything to talk to her leader besides the usual greetings. Yoshizawa was surprised to see two items on her table and a small note that read ‘enjoy your breakfast’. Yoshizawa smiled, even though it was not the first time Gotou had brought breakfast for her, nevertheless she was touched by Gotou’s kind gestures.

Yoshizawa took out her keitai and messaged Gotou ‘asagohan arigatou, ima doko?’

There was still no signs of Gotou as Yoshizawa took one last sip from the bottled milk, by then the room had liven up as more members had turned up for today’s dance training.

“Yossi, ohayou.” Ishikawa said as she approached her table which was next to Yoshizawa’s.

“Ohayou~ Rika-chan, have you seen Gotchan?”

“Yep! Saw her near the vending machine.” Ishikawa replied.

“Oh good.” Yoshizawa stood up with the intention of going to find Gotou.

“TSUJI ! KAGO! where are you two going?” Nakazawa asked.

“Toilet.” Both girls answered in unison.

“No! Get back here, manager-san will be here any minute.” Nakazawa demanded.


Sure enough, there was a knock on the door and M0rning Musume’s manager walked into the room, followed by Gotou.

“Good Morning everybody.” The manager said.

“Good Morning.” The girls greeted back.

Gotou walked towards her table.

“Thanks for the breakfast.” Yoshizawa gave Gotou a wink.

“Don’t mention it.” Gotou smiled back.

“Quiet please…” Nakazawa reminded the girls as the manager took a step forward to talk.

“Girls, here is the schedule and breakdown of your Sydney trip. We’ll be covering parts of The Olympics and since we will only be there for 3 days, it will be hectic and most importantly, everywhere you go, there will be cameras following you… so please…behave and carry yourself well.”

All members nodded.

“Be informed also that there will be this special segment called ‘neoki dokkiri’. Two hosts will barge into your room while you are supposed to be sleeping…” almost immediately, the manager’s talk was interrupted by the girls’ screeches.

“DAME~” Yaguchi protested.

“Haha… Don’t worry.” The manager laughed. “That’s why I am here to inform you all beforehand, just make sure you are all in proper attire when you get waken up, get my meaning?”

The girls laughed. Of course they knew what their manager meant. Some of the girls had the habit of sleeping naked and surely they would not want to be caught doing that on television.

“Gotou, Ishikawa, Yoshizawa, Nozomi and Kago, this will be your first trip overseas, so please read the guidebook and do check your luggage against the checklist, ok?”

“hai. wakarimashita.” The five girls answered.

“Alright that will be all. Dismissed.” With that, the manager left the room.

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After the door closed, the room transformed into a chaotic mess of chatters.

“yabai ne…” Yaguchi screamed.

“un… hontou ni yabai…” Iida agreed.

“how can they be doing that? Barging into our privacy…” Abe was disgusted.

“woo~ Yuu-chan you will be caught naked~~” Yaguchi teased Nakazawa.

“Ya ya ya … like you never seen me nude before. What’s the big deal and I have seen all of you in NUDE too.” Nakazawa said in deadpan tone.

“iya da, that’s disgusting to say…” Abe blushed.

“URUSAI.” It was Nakazawa trademark response whenever she felt that her authority was challenged.

“You think Tsuji and Kago will be spared? They are only twelve this year… still kids you know…” Yasuda wondered.

“kimochi warui ne…” Ishikawa whispered to Yoshizawa and Gotou as the 3 girls had settled back into their corner at the dressing tables.

Yoshizawa and Gotou shrugged their shoulders and at the same time was amused that they shared the same rapport.

“It doesn’t bother me since I don’t sleep in nude.” Yoshizawa said.

“SO.. you ARE implying that I sleep in nude? Which is why I am worried, right?” Ishikawa asked.

Yoshizawa paused, rolled up her eyes and thought… “She is at it again…”

“Ha… Ha…” Gotou chuckled.

“What is so funny?” Ishikawa demanded to know.

“Ha..haha.. nothing…” Gotou tried to brush it off.

The truth was Gotou happened to see Yoshizawa expression just now and from that look, she knew exactly what Yoshizawa must be thinking. She was somehow delighted to see her two friends at loggerheads… but at the same time she felt a little guilty for thinking this way…

“I’m going to the washroom, Yossi wanna follow?” Gotou said in bid to get away from Ishikawa’s further probing.

“Yes, let’s go.” And both girls hurriedly left the room.

“Thanks, gotchan… getting me out…”

“Nay… I am helping myself too…”


“Sometimes I can’t tolerate her…”

“She’s okay… just abit weird.”

“not to mention being petty and sensitive….”

“can’t really blame her, her mum treat her like a princess at home.”

“do you always have to side her?”

“did I???  I only know I always SIDED you.” Before Yoshizawa finished her sentence, she purposely knocked Gotou on her side, sending Gotou crashing to the walls of the narrow corridor.

“mou~~” Gotou chased after Yoshizawa who had long escaped from the scene…

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« Reply #11 on: July 12, 2006, 03:35:38 PM »
One month had passed since M0rning Musume successful stint in Sydney. Thanks to the wide coverage of The Olympics and the affiliation of their new single with the event, sales of their new single had been good. The group also garnered more fanbase as their fans found the charms of the newly added members irresistible. They had become so popular in Japan that critics tipped them to be the successor of the now-defunct by was once immensely popular girl pop group SPEED, Almost all television music programs in Japan wanted M0rning Musume to appear in their shows as their appearance almost guaranteed good ratings.

But not everything was smooth sailing for the members of the group, some were finding it hard to cope with their new found fame, they found their private life became the interest of paparazzi reporters, to the extent of having pictures of themselves taken while doing the most ordinary thing like walking on the street. Some members even felt that they were stalked by die-hard fans. Abe was the most paranoid of all, she believed that someone was always lingering around dark corners and watching her every actions. However her intuitions were right. Not long later, a photo book and a video of M0rning Musume private life were released. All the members were shocked when their management staff showed them the contents of the video. They shuddered at the thought of them being filmed without even realizing it. However this whole furore did teach them the harsher side of idol worshipping.

Riding on the success of M0rning Musume 10th single, their management rushed to release their 11th single in a short span of two months, hoping to push the group into a higher realm of stardom. It worked. Television stations jumped into the bandwagon, tapping into M0rning Musume profitable market, they produced two weekly shows ‘MUSIX’ and ‘Mo-taihendeshita’, much to the delight of their fans, but all these just add on to the group already overloaded schedules. The poor girls had to juggle their time between their studies and work, not to mention their compulsory dance and voice training four times a week…

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Till then...
« Reply #12 on: July 13, 2006, 05:46:08 AM »
Its nice to be able to read about the girls when they just started out. They are still so clueless :D
Keep up the good work!

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« Reply #13 on: July 13, 2006, 12:32:35 PM »
Yoshizawa sat down exhausted against the wall of the dance studio…

“Tired?” Gotou asked.

“You bet!”

“Yossi !!! You’re drinking from my bottle !!!” Gotou stared wide-eyed as she watched Yoshizawa casually took her drinking bottle from her hand and drank from it.

“AH~~~~ this just saved my life, you know~?” Yoshizawa said as she devoured the last drop of water from Gotou’s bottle.

“Yeah… right… and this will save your senses!” having said that, Gotou wrapped her towel over Yoshizawa’s hair and rubbed it vigorously.

Gotou was somehow surprised that Yoshizawa did not react. Yoshizawa remained still like a puppy, waiting obediently as her owner tried to dry her after a bath.

“AH~~~~ I’m feeling refreshed now, thanks~”

Gotou removed her towel and also immediately she could not help laughing out loud… before her, Yoshizawa was grinning stupidly, plus the state of her messy hair, it was a hilarious sight.

Yoshizawa eyes sparkled as she watched Gotou relished in her funny act. She loved making people happy, especially Gotou.

“What’s wrong with your eye bags, they looked puffy.” Gotou asked after she regained her posture.

“Not enough sleep… (yawn)…”

“Yossi ! Don’t let Mayumi sensei catch you doing that !”

“She will if you keep raising your voice…”

“CHIGAU!” Mayumi’s voice echoed off the walls of the studio. “Why can’t you just get it right? Others are staying back because of you.”

The commotion made everyone looked up. Kago was standing in the middle of studio trying hard to fight back her tears.

“OK! I’m not going to waste any more time on you, I don’t care what method you use but the next time I see you, you better get all the moves right. Dismiss!”

No one dared to talk until they watched their dancing teacher stormed out of the studio.

“Must she be so harsh on Kago, she’s still a kid, you know…” Yoshizawa whispered to Gotou.

“saitei… in my opinion”

Yoshizawa and Gotou walked forward and joined the other members as they tried to cheer up Kago. Yasuda and Abe volunteered to stay back and guide Kago, so Nakazawa sent the other members back to their gakuya as she did not want Kago to feel embarrassed getting watched by many people.

“Sometimes, I find Nakazawa-san quite a nice person.” Yoshizawa said to Gotou as they walked back to the gakuya..

“She is… she just like to put up a front, deep inside I know she really dotes on Tsuji and Kago, speaking of which… Yossi, you go back first, I need to get something…”

Gotou came back to the gakuya with some brown stuff in her hands.

“What’s that you are holding?” Yoshizawa asked curiously.

“Tea leaves… (giggle)… for you.”

“What! Is that how you offer tea to people, badly soaked and strained?”

“Baka! It’s for this…” Gotou pointed at Yoshizawa’s eye bags.

“oh! Haha”

Yoshizawa could not hide her smile, she was touched. Despite Gotou’s yankee appearance, Yoshizawa find Gotou actually quite caring and always paying attention to small details. She wondered if it was Gotou with the swollen eye bags, would she have done the same.

“Arigatou.” Yoshizawa took over the leaves.

“kimochi warui… what’s this stuff you are holding?” Ishikawa suddenly appeared out of nowhere and commented.

“You are being rude, Rika-chan…”

Ishikawa made a funny face at Gotou.

“It’s ok.” Yoshizawa assured. “Gotchan got them for me, say it will ease the swelling…”

“Swelling ?? You are hurt? Where? Where?” Ishikawa looked fanatically up and down at Yoshizawa.

“Here…” Yoshizawa pushed down her eye bags with both fingers.

“Oh… haha, you scared me. Anyway, does it work, my eyes look swollen too?”

Yoshizawa looked at Gotou, she too was wondering if it would work.

“Yep~ read it somewhere…”

“Can I have some too?”

“Ya, sure, why not.”

Yoshizawa handed some to Ishikawa. A slight frown formed on Gotou’s face. “these are meant for you…” she thought. “how could you… without even asking me… and pass to Rika-chan.”

“Thanks~ Yossi and you too Gotchan”

Gotou smiled back awkwardly, she hoped Ishikawa did not notice it.

thanks some of you for giving comments, that's what that keeps me writing.

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Till then...
« Reply #14 on: July 13, 2006, 02:05:02 PM »
yay~ More delicious fics.
Im off to bed now but I had to stay and read yours :D

oh, shit gotta run~! Love it! Do you write these on the spot?

☆ひとみちゃんのためなら バイト バイト バイト!☆

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Till then...
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Nope, I don't write it on the spot, I'm not as good as you :)
I'm amazed that your script just flow out of your mind, I can't, I need to crack my brains, I made drafts, but I roughly know where I'm heading so I just slowly add in the details.
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“Taken your dinner?”

“Not hungry, I’m going back to my room.”

“Hold it Gotou, I have something to ask.”

“ka-san, can we do it tomorrow? I’m really tried now.”

“What’s wrong with you? Can’t you even spare some time for your mother?”

“Ok…ok what is it?”

“It’s about Yuki.”

“He got himself into trouble again, right?”

“Is that how you view your brother?”

“ka-san I’m not really interested in Yuki’s things and if that’s all you wanna say, I’m going back to my room.”

“Don’t you care about your brother’s future? What kind of good sister are you?”


“You are making good now, shouldn’t you help out your brother abit?”

“ka-san, I said before, Helloporo don’t take in GUYS!”

“You never ask Tusunku-san, how you know!”

“Why you want to put me in a tight spot? I’m just a small fry in the company…”

“You’re just being a selfish sister!”

“And you’re an unreasonable mother!!”

Gotou slammed the bedroom door behind her and threw her tired body on the bed. She was already in a foul mood (thanks toYoshizawa’s insensitivity) and her mother, of all time, had to start an argument with her.

She wondered if her mother ever cared for her, everything her mother did, it was always for the good of her beloved son. Since young, Gotou had been vying for her mother’s love. She tried her best to be obedient hoping her mother will spare some of her motherly love, that was also the reason she auditioned for M0rning Musume. It was her mother’s idea and she had endured all the hardships just to make her mother happy, but now, Gotou wondered if her mother then just wanted to make use of her presence in Helloporo as a stepping stone to get her brother into show business.

Why was she always playing second fiddle to everything…at home…and with Yoshizawa…Gotou’s vision blurred as tears swelled up in her eyes…

Her handphone made a slight beep.

“gomen ne… I did not think about your feelings just now.” Read Yoshizawa’s message.

Gotou wiped away the tears in her eyes, she knew that she can never be angry with Yoshizawa.

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Next morning, Gotou left the house early lest she had to face her mother and start arguing again.

Gotou stepped into Putchimoni gakuya, it was empty. Looking into the darkness, a sense of loneliness suddenly engulfed her. She knew that staying in the room would not do her much good so she made her way to the more crowded canteen.

… …

“Mind if I sit down?”

Gotou was surprised to see Yoshizawa standing there, smiling.

“Of course.” Gotou’s mood somehow brightened up. “Why are you so early too?”

“Can’t sleep well… been thinking about yesterday, I know I made you unhappy, I’m really sorry.” Yoshizawa sounded apologetic.

Yoshizawa’s words warmed Gotou’s heart, at least someone still care about her. Gotou looked at the good-looking person in front of her… (if only we can be more than friends…) she thought… (but no… she must not know, she’ll find me weird… maybe even disgusting… anyway why am I thinking of all these now, I should just enjoy her company, at least no one will come between us today…)

“Still angry with me?” Yoshizawa asked since Gotou had been expressionless all the while.

“” Gotou got back her senses.

“mou ~ here I am … so worried and you are sitting there spacing out.”

“haha~ is it that obvious?”

Yoshizawa gave Gotou the similar spaced-out look.

“haha~ ok, I get it.  Ermm.. let me get you some fruits as an apology then…”

“No.. no, my lady, leave this chore to your slave~”

Yoshizawa left and returned with a plate of Gotou’s favourite strawberries.

(oh yossi…) Gotou thought to herself (can you please stop doing things that will just make me love you more…)


(meeting room)

The mood in the room was dense. A while ago, members of M0rning Musume were told the shocking news of Nakazawa’s graduation in April. Some of the older members were quite badly shaken as they still try to come to terms with the news. They had always been close and Nakazawa’s departure would mean an end to their three years of comradeship.

The news also had a great impact on the 4th generation members. Although Nakazawa had always been strict with them but over the months, they came to appreciate her because they knew their leader wanted them to cultivate good manners and respect for seniors, an important aspect in order to survive in entertainment business.

Everyone had questions in their head. ‘can we cope without Yuu-chan’ ‘will Kaorin do a good job taking over?’ ‘who will be the next to graduate?’

Finally, silence was broken when Yaguchi started sobbing and it lead to a chain reaction of the some other members crying out too.


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Im lovin' it~
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Ah, I never really thought about the Maki x Yossi thing before. I dont know, it seems so obvious with them being the same age and all but I never thought about it. Its really cool though I like it...(have I said this all before? or just thought it..)

Ok, now Im gonna nit-pick....Maki's brother is Yuuki. ...Yuki is just a girls name :P

and I still havent figured out what Gakuya is...:D

☆ひとみちゃんのためなら バイト バイト バイト!☆

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Till then...
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Gakuya can be a greenroom or dressing room.

I like the story. The Japanese words all through it are Super Nice!

Read the complete Doki Doki!!

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