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Author Topic: Future Void Chapter 2 5/5/18  (Read 294 times)

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Future Void Chapter 2 5/5/18
« on: April 18, 2018, 09:06:00 AM »
Chapter 1

“The usual again?”

“You know it… Yuihan.”

“Sayaka… you have to stop coming here every night.” Yuihan replied.

“I know… I can’t stop to have talks with you.” The woman answered when she grabbed the microphone. “Whatever seems good. Something a bit soft.”

Yokoyama Yui knew too much about her customers. However, Sayaka wasn’t her only one. She was the one of the handful who would come to see the woman in her peach-colored kimono and propped hair with the golden clip reminding her of her hometown. She had left there years ago, taking odd jobs to fulfill her dreams as a singer but the gigs would never come with her deadpan attitude sometimes.

She was reserved most of the time however it didn’t stop her from making friends along the way. Yui felt different until meeting a group of comedians one day. She felt confident over many things but being from the Kansai, she lacked the power to commit to the jokes. Yui understood them but never caught the timing when the lone woman had extended her hand and smiled back.

It had been the first time to know the sense of a mentor although the friends she made were also helping her in being well-rounded, opening the shell she had created for herself. Yui knew with practice she would be better as a person and further the womanly aspect of her life. She failed numerous times to catch people’s attention and with the attention it was easier to get jobs to commit to. However, Yui also found that the place she had been working was in the midst of a change.

The owners had her as their lone worker in the tail end and threw their support behind her. She had learned everything from running the bar to prepping food. The chef was stone-faced but his figure was of a father than an intimidating being. He had a midsection that protruded over but with his knife skills, any dish was made quick and handed to the customer. However, Sayaka was only soybeans and offered a large bowl before taking on her first song.

“Yui… there is some food for your meal.” He exhaled.

“Thanks Ku-san.” She bowed.

“You look quite lovely. My daughter… she is rather outlandish.” He spoke softly. “Never thought of seeing a person like you in a long time.”

She bowed shallowly with the music starting and Ku walking back to the kitchen. Yui liked Sayaka’s voice. The melody was peaceful to her ears and sometimes had hummed the tune with her. Yui felt at ease however it wasn’t like many to be concerned about customers and sipped her water.

Yui knew the story. Sayaka had been engaged and a decent job. The job offered her to work wherever she needed to be however it was the timing that made it hard upon her. She slipped a few rungs when she decided to work in Tokyo as her main source however the woman she was about to marry was whisked away by a male. The arrangement forced her to eat the words she had committed to earlier and the depth of the hole seemed endless.

She waited until the end to get Sayaka’s glass filled up when she heard the chimes from afar and saw the shadow approaching the bar.

“Welcome! This is Snack Minato. Please have a seat.” Yui greeted. “What do you want to order?”

“A… a glass of sake. Make it a bottle.” The stranger ordered. “Cold is fine.”

“You seem out of place.” Sayaka commented with glass in hand.

“It is none of your business. At least men would like you.” The person growled as Sayaka turned away.

“Never imagined such an attitude!” Sayaka growled.

“Nee… here’s everything… would you mind not taking it out on the other patrons?” Yui requested when the eyes met. “Maybe a name?”

“Haruka… I go by that. You can call me that.” She answered as the woman poured the drink into the glass. “Sometimes it does bother me.”

“Don’t worry. It is always a secret here. Tell me what’s wrong.” Yui smiled.

“Everything! You’re just an ear that will listen but never resolve items.” The woman roared as she walked to the table with Sayaka moving forward.

“What’s got into her…!? Maybe a little love would be helpful.” Sayaka suggested softly. “Whiskey, please.”

“Ku… get me a hundred. Medium.” Yui requested. “Anyways… you wouldn’t be the only one to have no one to care for.”

“True… although I have other things the woman left behind.” Sayaka mentioned with the struggle to get over her. “It was a lot but I think it was better for her to be with that guy with the money.”

“Sayaka… don’t look down upon yourself. There will be others to catch you… Also leave me with that woman.”

Yui inhaled the steak Ku made. He always made it to order with his choice seasonings and offered it with grated radish and a bowl of rice for the customer. However, he was a klutz when it came to anything else although adorable to his wife that had been close by with the progress of the establishment.

“Enjoy.” Yui bowed, giving the food to Haruka before scooting back. “Sayaka, take the next song.”

The voice shrill out into the room. She got to pound out song after song with the next set of regulars coming in for a drink. Yui kept her eye upon the other woman as the steak was the distraction from looking at the phone. Yui knew tough nuts were hard to crack however they will with enough pressure.
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Re: Future Void Chapter 2 5/5/18
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Chapter 2

The time never was dull for either Yui or Sayaka although both mingled around the though between them about life. Yui had glanced back to the kitchen with the male leaning back onto the boxes with his phone in hand. Nights were always the same though even with Haruka lowering her eyes upon the phone. Yui scooted over with the new bottle of sake for the woman, breaking her concentration upon the item.

“Let me get another cup for you.” Yui spoke softly when the other woman nodded.

“She got rather quiet.” Sayaka commented loudly with a light slap upon the shoulder.

“Not like you when you’re in bed.” Yui snarled to counter the woman.

She returned to the table with the cup as the hand touched hers. Yui felt a warmth coming throughout her body as Haruka smiled back. The dimples were noted swiftly by the owner as she sat and poured the cup for Haruka.

“Does it matter now? I’ve been happy before this came over in my life. I want to ask you something.” Haruka breathed.

“What is it?” She responded.

“I want to have someone help me with something. My parents just gave me some money. It seems rather odd before I found them on the floor with foam escaping from their mouths. I wanted to get out of the house after I got interviewed and walked into here. Is it possible to stay with you for the night?” Haruka elaborated upon the thought as Yui nodded slowly to the inquiry.

“Are you trying to hit on her?” Sayaka called out.

“No!” Yui snapped.

“I’m tired and just wanting a bed for the night.” Haruka yawned. “It is okay if you don’t want to…”

“It takes a while to close up so hang tight.”

Sayaka smiled upon the glare Yui presented. She slid off the stool and waved to the woman as she staggered out of the room. After a few mutterings, the place was quiet with Haruka placing her head on the table. Ku saw Yui with the customer and the slight head movement gave him the cue to be relieved for the night. Yui took out the phone to note the time, an hour earlier than expected when she shut the front door to the establishment. It was different to not have Sayaka until the end however it was finally quiet when she shut down the TV before pulling Haruka up to her feet.

Her weight took her by surprise, pressing onto the kimono as she dragged the customer to the back where the storage was held before stocked onto the shelves to check upon the room for anything else before pulling Haruka to the elevator where she had her access to the apartment.

Upon the agreement, she had to pay the rent for the restaurant while the living space was bunched in as the official owner. Yui pulled her to the couch where she had left her clothing upon starting for the night. Haruka rolled in the mound before escaping back to the bar to do the thorough cleaning. The nights were always long regardless of the occasion as she stared upon the room and gathered the items upon the tables before seeing the piece of paper on the top with something scribbled upon it.

“Paru… we are sorry for everything. There is an inheritance to your name although it is protected upon our deaths regardless of how we will die. The debt has been payed off so please not worry for us anymore. There are two things that you must do… please find a partner and two find a place to live.”

Yui stared at the note and pondered over the writing. Paru was Haruka. Yui delved into the letter as she folded it and placed it into the pocket. Wiping up the tables with the cloth, she felt the chill running down her spine upon thoughts filling her mind when she threw the cloth into the sink and took the elevator back up as she disrobed towards the bedroom. Lying upon the bed, she found the note disturbing to the psyche before closing her eyes.

Yui felt something weighing down the blanket. She felt like in the spider’s web right at the moment before she could see the final light of her life when she pushed up and saw the darkness around her. Yui rolled out of bed with the light shirt and shorts on before opening the light into the living room. Haruka was pulled round the discarded clothing when the eyes stared back at her before lowering her head into the pile.

“The smell… it’s strong.” Haruka muttered. “You wear a lot of perfume?”

“It comes with the job. I can’t be without it.” Yui explained as Haruka faced to the ceiling. “Paru~”

“You must have read the letter… I was searching for it when you brought me up here. I figured you would read it. I should scold you but now you know a bit of my life.” Haruka hummed. “Let me sleep it through. I have no job and I think I should relax.”

“One thing… do you drink a lot?” Yui asked.

“Rarely.” She snickered. “Only when I’m stressed.”

Yui closed the light before plugging the phone into the charger when the item lit up. The message caught her by surprise as she ran into the room to grab another shirt and jeans from the closet. Changing swiftly in the dark, she stumbled out of the room to the door when the sight of the figure at the end of hallway.

“Flifting?” The figure asked.

“Rie… I only do so to bring up their confidence. Also, partially when they are drunk.” Yui answered when she turned. “It isn’t like you would do the same.”

“True… just a bit rusty as of late. However, I passed the audition.” Rie smiled. “I wanted to drop in but that woman is quite clingy.”

“Sayaka?” Yui muttered with the other woman moving her head. “She’s been through a rough patch.”

“I see. I will wish you good luck and if she comes around again… tell her to call me as usual.” Rie lowered her head.

Rie was never one to admit where she was at in her life. She had gone through many roles and even reached commercials however it never seemed enough for her to settle upon the success. Yui had seen her friend, Rino, get to the point of no return but found that with both they had developed a relationship that could settle many battles. Yui had catered to them once in a while when both are in town and found many things about both that she could grab as friends should become.

She returned upon saying the parting words for the moment. Yui lingered upon the letter and rested her head onto the pillow. The day seemed early for once however she knew the night would be long again and closed her eyes for the moment to stew upon the woman in the next room.
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