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Author Topic: Alive among the dead [Mayuki, WMatsui] - Chapter 2 (22/9/2018)  (Read 823 times)

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Author's note:
Hi everyone. I am new in writing here, so please be kind to me. All this time, I've been reading numerous fanfics here and now I am thinking on why not contributing as well. How fast I'll be updating, I am not sure but I'll do my best in keeping a regular update as I am pretty busy for most of the time and at the same time praying that I won't get a writer block on further chapters.
So, I decided to post a prologue and hopefully you guys could comment on it whether I should continue it or not. Of course, constructive criticism is welcome.
One of the most important thing is that:
All of this is a work of fiction and if there's any similarities of characters or story, all of that is unintentional (too many stories that I haven't read here, so a bit of similarity on it are bound to happen)


Somewhere in an unknown isolated island, inside an unknown building.
“Activate the emergency protocol.” The general shouted among the crowd, hoping the news reached the lab at the certain level of the institution before going back to control the situation. One guard directly made a call towards the lab and it's soon picked up by a female.
“Miss Iriyama, we gotta go.” One of the guards told the scientist who was picking up the phone as the news on what’s going on the upper level had been heard.
“Wait a moment.” The girl named Anna said, as she rushed to the project she was doing and pushed the button of the keypad that was located on the glass panel of a huge glass chamber, pressing the password before the ‘enter’ button. The glass chamber opened up and freed the woman inside of it.
“Get out fast. They’ll reach here soon.” The guard shouted in panic to the scientist who was waiting for her project to wake up.
“My priority is you. If she isn’t going to wake up, we should leave.” The guard gave Anna a warning.
When Anna was going to turn around, the woman who was her project, opened her eyes and got out of the chamber.
“It’s been a while…” The woman said, rather cheerfully.
“Talk later, for now we gotta go.” Anna cut off the words that the female going to say and dragged the female out as they made a run towards the emergency purpose elevator with guards following behind them, stalling the incoming.

In another level of the building
“Let’s go Rena.”
“You’re not going to activate her?” The girl named Rena said, looking at the female inside of the glass chamber with the look that no one could comprehend.
“Better be fast, guys.” The guard told the two females as they were shooting towards the incoming.
“We got no time, Rena.” The female pulled Rena’s arm but Rena didn’t budge as she was still looking at the female inside of the glass chamber.
“Please, Oshima.” Rena shook her head as if she had just said the wrong words. “No. Please, Yuko. I don’t want her to die here.”
“But…” Yuko herself also wasn’t quite sure she wanted to leave the female there.
The guards soon pulled the two female out of the laboratory, taking them to safety before they could do anything.

Somewhere in Tokyo
“Mayu, stay at home and lock the door. Make no sound. I’ll be there soon.” The lady over the phone said.
“Okay. Be here fast.” Mayu answered as she went to lock her door, closing the windows and turned off the TV and also other things that can make any sound.
“I promise, I will. Until then, don’t go anywhere.”

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Re: Alive among the dead - Prologue (28/5/2018)
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new stories..interesting  :whistle:
keep going!!  :on gay: :on gay:

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Re: Alive among the dead - Prologue (28/5/2018)
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Hahaha ok.. you are so cruel with that names in every line I swich the image of every girl like Anna (Murashi Anna, Ishida Anna, Ijiri Anna or iriyama anna), and about Rena also I don´t know wich Rena (Nozawa Rena, Matsui Rena, Hasegawa Rena, kawakami rena or Kato rena) I need to create in my imagination.
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Re: Alive among the dead [Mayuki, Multipairing] - Chapter 1 (17/7/2018)
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Author's Note:
Sorry for the extremely long wait for the first chapter which I need to divide into two parts, I guess. I'm a bit busy lately, so yeah. So in this chapter, I would be presenting a few members that you guys had known too well and hopefully you guys will enjoy this chapter as much as I am enjoying writing it. And don't forget that this is a work of fiction. So things might be coincidentally similar to others or at least have the same idea since I might be inspired by some fictions or movies that I've read or watched.

@arfi: hopefully you'll enjoy this new chapter
@haruko: well... For Anna I've mentioned it very clearly. Haha. you just don't pay attention to it very clearly. For Rena, I guess, you should just stay tune. Although it won't be too hard to guess since if you realised the fit I'm commenting, you'll know who she was. Hint: I'll be using famous members for now :)

Chapter 1 – Smoke


Tokyo, Shibuya. 12.30 pm

Just like any other day, Shibuya, the shopping area of Tokyo, always crowded with people. People came there to buy things to follow the newest trend, doing some window shopping or simply to spend time with their friends and family. Nothing was out of ordinary at all. Stores were crowded, cafes were full with people chatting and eating.

Suddenly, the sky turned dark and no one expected anything, thinking that it just might be raining soon or it’s just cloud and it would be gone in a while. However, it wasn’t dark cloud, it’s more like a mist, coming closer to the most crowded shopping district in Japan. How it was formed? Where it came from? No one knew for sure. This thing still hadn’t caught anyone’s attention at that moment, until…

“Mommy, look.” A kid pointed to the mist that was coming closer to them and also people ran around. Instinctively the mother picked her child up and made a run together with the people, looking for a safe place.

As the mist came closer, people started to realize that it was a dark smoke, thinking that buildings were in fire to cause such smoke. People started scrambling around, joining the previous crowd, running to the opposite way of where the smoke coming from till they realized apparently they were surrounded by smoke. People started coughing, entering the nearby building that they could find. They just hoped that they didn’t catch carbon monoxide poisoning and the smoke would be gone soon. It definitely caused a panic in the earlier calm day.


Breaking news
As you could see behind me, dark smoke could be seen covering the area behind me. It is said that the wind will bring the smoke towards Shinjuku and whether it will dissipate or not is still unknown as well as where the smoke is coming from. Authorities starts to work on this. We will report the news after there’s a further update.

People were standing on the hall and also the hallway, crowding around the TV that was showing the hottest news of the day, trying to look at the TV. The news was mentioning about the unusual phenomenon that happened that day, something that was sort of rare to happen in such a peaceful country.

A female cladded in white coat, colourful pens were arranged neatly inside the coat pocket on her chest with a badge clipped on the front part of the pocket, written doctor Watanabe Mayu. The doctor was standing among the crowd, watching the TV with concern written all over her face. She hoped that nothing serious would happen to the people that were trapped in the smoke and that it would be gone really quickly.

People were still standing watching over the news, looking whether there would be a new update about it. People were wondering if this was a type of a natural disaster, an accident or even worst and act of terrorism. People prayed for the good according to their own beliefs as they stood there. Meanwhile, the doctor was the first person to step away among the crowd, however she stopped walking when she heard a new update coming from the TV.

Apparently, this incident doesn’t happen only in Japan but also other major countries, USA, England, Australia and there are still others that are still unknown and waited to be reported. The cause is still being investigated by the authorities behind me as they start to set up to get into the smoke. This incident isn’t only located in Shibuya, Tokyo but also in other part of Japan such as Hokkaido, Fukushima, Nagano, Osaka, Hiroshima, Kagawa and Fukuoka. Number of victims are still unknown but there are indeed some survivors that managed to get out of the smoke and are treated by paramedics. No serious injuries found on the survivors, just some scratches and bruises. We will report the improvement of this incident after we have more updates on it.

People could let out a slight sigh of relief from knowing there were survivors but the unknown numbers of victims or what was going on inside the smoke and also the number of countries and prefectures that were affected by it was indeed had become a huge concern. All of them had this incomprehensible look on their face as they were busy with their own thoughts about it.

The doctor didn’t stay long after she heard a new update from the news. She had the same look like how those people in the hallway was, although soon it turned into worry and concern as she thought about someone. She needed to walk away to contact someone that was dear to her as she knew that person would be jumping head first into incident like this and tend to make her worried. However, the doctor wouldn’t stop the other person as she was the person that understood the latter the most, the young soldier that was already on site as she could see from the news preview earlier. Both of them were basically on the line of job where selfishness should be put at the last place.

Mayu pulled her phone out and unlocked her phone, going through her contact and went to the first name that she last contacted. Kashiwagi Yuki, the name that came up to the screen as she started dialing the number and waited for it to be connected, hoping she could catch up with the soldier before Yuki went into the smoke.

Honestly, prior to this incident, Mayu had just had a huge fight with Yuki and now they sort of in a cold war. All of that was because Yuki made a complain on how Mayu always came so late after surgeries and always busy and so in a split second, evertything that Mayu had kept bottled up, selfishness, insecurities and worries finally burst up and she snapped at Yuki for not coming home for weeks because of Yuki’s missions that were always confidential. Mayu knew she should be more understanding about it but sometimes, she just couldn’t help it when she couldn’t even know where her girlfriend whereabouts was. Until now, Mayu still hoped that Yuki would at least tell her that because she deserved that. However, her concern for Yuki was bigger than her pride now, so she wouldn’t turn off this phone call until the soldier picked up.

After a few beeps coming from the phone that was pressed against her ears, which she thought would end up in her girlfriend’s voicemail, like how mostly did. Surprisingly, this time it didn’t when Mayu heard voices coming from the other line, what was said was undecipherable. She heard instruction, people talking in a slightly panic tone, siren until the voice of her lover came through the phone.

“Mayu? Are you okay?” Yuki asked and from her voice could be heard concern for the doctor.

“I’m okay. I’m more worried of you though.” Mayu spoke out her concern, not even remembered of the cold war they had before all this. “I know I won’t be able to ask you anything about your work, but just be careful, okay?”

“Thanks, Mayu.” Mayu could hear relief and appreciation on Yuki’s voice. Although Yuki didn’t say much about it but Mayu had known Yuki long enough to know about it.

“We’ll talk more later, once we’re done with work. Hopefully things wouldn’t be that bad.”

“Yeah.” Yuki weakly answered as if she was really troubled with it and from what Mayu had sensed from the way Yuki answered her, her girlfriend wanted to tell her more but she couldn’t.

“Gotta go now, Mayu. I’ll call you again once I’m done with work.” Yuki said in hurry as Mayu could also hear someone calling for Yuki among the sound of a lot of people talking.

“Be safe.” Mayu quickly said before the call ended but she knew her message was perfectly delivered to her lover.


Secret facility in an island of the northern sea of Japan. Some time after the smoke incident.

“Yo, Anna.” A petite female on her ponytail and military uniform walked into the laboratory casually before sitting on the bed provided. She had heard about the news on what happened in the main shopping district and some other part in Japan and also the world. Basically she knew all of the news, the matter was just whether the higher authorities were going to dispatch them or not.

“Hey, Takamina.” Iriyama Anna, the scientist who was busy in the laboratory of her robotic answered in a quiet and calm tone. She was one of the best scientists that the facility had, especially when it’s related to biology and robotics. she had been working there for quite some time and enjoying her work experimenting on things that people had never seen before and she had also seen some that beyond one’s imagination in the facility that other scientists were working on or some were like the ones that could only be seen in the science fiction movies or comic books. The slight disadvantage that she had was, she rarely could go outside the island. The only time she could, was when she took vacation. But lucky enough the island was really beautiful as the nature was kept intact so whenever she was bored, she could still go outside and have a little walk.

“How’s everything?” Anna walked closer to Takamina and started her examination on Takamina’s robotic arms and legs.

“Pretty good. Everything is alright. Of course, it’s a lot better now, in comparison to the first ones that I had back in those years. Not to mention, you’ve installed more gadgets into my new arms and legs and all those work just fine although I haven’t tried all of those.” Takamina answered with a soft chuckle, commenting on the new robotic arms and legs that were installed a few weeks ago.

“Try using the techs for combat too since we never know when you are going to be deployed.” Anna jotted a few things in the chart, looking on what she could upgrade or making better after looking at the robotic arms and legs. “We don’t want a malfunction arms or legs when you are fighting.”

“I’ll make sure to check those out later on.” Takamina said before she looked at the glass door as she saw a familiar young general walking towards the door before knocking on it.

“Come in.” Takamina and Anna said at the same time before the door swung open and the young general walked in with a frown on her face. Takamina obviously knew what was bothering the young general.

The young general stood in front of Takamina and saluted. Takamina shook her head and waved her hand, clearly mentioning to the young general not to be bothered by small detail like that as the young general couldn’t dismiss the habit of not being too formal around her. Basically the young general was one with the highest authority in that place that was why she asked the young general to be less formal around her, besides all she had for the seniority was just in term of age.

“Told you not to be formal around me, Yui.” Takamina playfully scolded.

“But…” the moment Takamina heard that she raised one of her eyebrows, clearly didn’t want to argue about this.

“There’s a problem in several prefectures and I don’t really like the look of it.” Yui could be seen having her eyebrows creased from all the stress. Somehow the young general had bad feelings about this.

“I wonder why the government hasn’t sent us.” Yui continued with a frown on her face, she couldn’t wait to go there and see by herself and helped out as much as she could although she knew most probably she would be asked to stay and sent her agents instead, knowing that she was the leader in that place and needed to stay to keep things in order.

“They have their own consideration, Yui. Somehow for this case, I hope that they’ll never need our help though. Cause if they did, it means that it is really the worst case that we could ever imagine.” Takamina answered with a sigh. She wasn’t the type of person who showed her thoughts much. She was more of the person who tried to figure it out by herself and honestly when she saw the news and also footages from the security cameras around the affected areas, it gave her a really terrible feeling, like she was gutted inside. So she pretty much understood what Yui was feeling right now.

“You’re right.” Yui’s voice was solemn and the room turned quiet once again as the three were deep in thoughts. All that could be heard was the sound of machine, whirring and beeping in the room.

The three understood pretty well what it was meant if the agents in the facility got deployed and in worst case scenario would be the emergency protocol which they hoped that they would never need to activate it. Most of the time they got deployed was when things were really serious and the government didn’t know how to handle and would create a lot of chaos. Although during the time of calm, it didn’t mean that they didn’t do anything and just sitting down, idling. Yui and her team always monitor the condition of all Japan, and also connecting with other countries secret defense team. Sometimes the facility also sent their agents to some cases that was out of the jurisdiction of all authorities or if they saw the threat first and no one was handling it. If not, they would also be requested help by the authorities as their facility had the best agents and also equipment, for sure things that others had never seen before.

to be continued.......

PS. I used Takamina in this fic instead of her full name, it's easier for me to type. Hope you guys don't mind. there might be a few mistakes in this chapter since I haven't done the editing but I hope it's not too much.

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Re: Alive among the dead [Mayuki, Multipairing] - Chapter 1 (17/7/2018)
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Woooah.....Yuki is a soldier, and Yui is a general!
And Takamina is a super soldier! LOL
Well, my guess is, because it's Yuko, it must be Matsui Rena. And the female inside the glass chamber must be Matsui Jurina. But of course if you decide to use another pairings (not WMatsui) it's still fine for me too, as long as we have MaYuki. LOL

Thank you.
Update soon.
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Re: Alive among the dead [Mayuki, WMatsui] - Chap 1, Part II (11/9/2018)
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Author's Note: Finally an update after making you guys waiting for a long time. Hopefully you enjoy this chapter. Doing my best to deliver my idea. Constructive criticism is always welcome. Comment your thoughts if possible :) Once again, enjoy~~~

@anzai: Yup, I hope you like the idea of their character. haha. Hmm... I don't know why you can know it's Matsui Rena from Yuko but yeah, you got your answer in this chapter. Haha. For the pairing, I guess it's so so very clearly when you read the first paragraph of this chapter.

Chapter 1 - Smoke


Long hair girl with fair skin was staring at a lady clad in white shirt and pants, the typical wear for patients in the hospital, inside this glass chamber. She was deep in thoughts as she took a spot on a chair that she set in front of the chamber. She missed the other person as they used to be the pair that no one can separate from one another except that now, they are after a decision that was made by her other half who was now in deep slumber in that glass chamber.

‘Rena, I miss you too, you know’

A whisper came to her mind as she stared at the sleeping figure. Things were limited to this, emotional contact. Maybe she should feel satisfied with it, that some other people didn’t even have the privilege of this. She was lacking of physical contact, the cheerful presence that accompanied her as she grew up, being the source of her happiness, her smile which she had forgotten when was the last time she did so. It’s hard to smile without the presence of the person who made that happen.

‘But, this is for everyone’s safety, including yours.’

“I know that you won’t hurt me, ever.” Rena was trying her best so that her voice didn’t break at all the overwhelming emotion she felt. She missed the old time of her and Jurina.

“I see that you’re staring at her, again.” Yuko walked into her lab with a few packets of chips in her hands before dropping everything on the table before she plopped herself down on the chair, making herself comfortable.

Rena remained silent, wanting Yuko to know that she should drop the subject, eyes never parted from Jurina as she always let the beeping of the vitals from Jurina’s machine to tell her that the latter was still alive, especially when Jurina didn’t speak anything in her mind. Although there were times that she felt that all of it was just her imagination, that Jurina didn’t actually talk to her, that it’s her that was missing Jurina too much that her mind started to make things up.

“You might not remember what happened, but it’s for the best.” Yuko sat down straighter on her seat before looking at the files on the table, mainly was about her project which was Rena and Jurina.

Yuko was a biochemist and geneticist and she had been working on this project for a few years and everything that she worked on and paid attention to was Rena, with the request of Jurina. Since basically Rena was taking some traits of Jurina’s DNA, and Jurina was scared that Rena had some of the negative traits which might endangered others, so Jurina made a few list for Yuko to look at before Jurina asked Yuko to let her sleep in the chamber for as long as possible and not to wake her up unless Yuko thought that Jurina needed to.

“Why? Why locking yourself up?” Rena murmured softly, basically asking the female inside the glass chamber for answer, rather than Yuko. Rena didn’t get an answer and it was time for her to think that she must be dreaming of things again before…

‘I’m a time bomb, Rena… If I’m out of this chamber, it’s only a matter of time, I hurt others. It’s not like we can’t talk like this.’

Rena stayed silence while listening to the beeping of the machine, somehow letting the sound hypnotized her while looking at the female in the chamber. Somehow she wished that she wasn’t too cold to Jurina in the past although she knew that Jurina always knew that she did care for Jurina.
Yuko went to do her daily job, writing her chart on things that she needed to pay attention to, coming from Jurina.

Health condition: Good.
Senses: Normal.
Physical condition and appearance: Nothing out of the ordinary. Endurance is getting better. Speed is faster than normal human and today’s test has shown that she has reached Jurina’s speed which was 100m in 3s.
Psychologic condition: As per usual, talking to Jurina by herself, if I ask the reason, high possibility that Rena would say that she is talking telepathically to Jurina. So, that talking, I think it’s getting worse lately as it’s getting harder to ask her to join a conversation if she has taken spot in front of Jurina’s chamber.
Genetic and Cellular: Cellular growth has stopped, causing Rena to stop aging. Cellular regeneration is normal as there isn’t any sign of unhealed wound.
Additional notes: the concern of bloodlust that might surface which is mentioned by Jurina, still hasn’t shown and the parameter in Rena’s gene, doesn’t show anything and still in the same condition like how I last checked. Other than the things I’ve mentioned above, things are pretty normal. As like last note, Rena’s past sickness doesn’t show any sign of relapse, which is good. Maybe the gene treatment really works on Rena as so far no negative sign surface on her. She gets all the good traits from Jurina’s.

Yuko placed the pen down on the table, then looking at Rena in concern. She wanted to help Rena but she didn’t know how. If she woke Jurina up, Jurina would be upset with her, although she knew Rena would easily calm Jurina down, but that’s not her main concern. The main concern of waking Jurina up was, she was scared the incident that happened ten years ago would repeat and she didn’t want Rena to be in that kind of situation again.

“Rena, let’s go and have our lunch.” Yuko tried to ask Rena to stop being on the same spot subtly. She knew how much Rena held Jurina dear, she even saw it with her own eyes. they had grown up together as sisters, protect one another in every possible way. For sure wherever Rena was, there would be Jurina and vice versa.

“I don’t want to leave her. What if something happens when I do so?” Rena answered weakly, speaking out the concern that bothered her, every time she was parted with Jurina. This was one of the rare days Rena spoke out her mind, of how she felt.

“Nothing will happen, okay? Jurina’s chart show that she’s in a healthy and fine condition. The machine is working fine. So you don’t need to worry.” Yuko assured Rena as the shorter girl now had stood next to Rena, looking at Jurina, missing the hyperactive teenager as well. “Besides, you and Jurina has all your time in the world to catch up when she wakes up.”

Rena nodded, wishing that day could come soon, when she could greet Jurina when the latter opened her eyes, being the first person Jurina saw.

“For now, you need to eat. I don’t want Jurina to kill me, when she wakes up, seeing you lost your weight.” Yuko promised herself, to do better and tried to fix Jurina’s bloodlust, so Rena could be together with Jurina again. Despite that it’s not an easy thing to do, which she had been trying to crack for years and failed miserably. It seemed like whenever she found a breakthrough, the next thing happened was she was back to the square one, like she went nowhere. If his teacher was still here, she believed things would be different as they probably had solved this.

“Alright.” Rena got up from her seat, walking to the glass chamber before pressing her palm on the cool surface of the glass, the closest she could feel towards Jurina. It had been her routine whenever she wanted to part from Jurina. After a few moments, she turned to look at Yuko and gave the latter a small weak smile.

Yuko walked with Rena out of the laboratory to have their lunch. Maybe after this she could go and visit Takamina and Anna. Maybe the two could cheer Rena up, even if just a tiny bit, since all of them used to grow up together.


Inside the thick smoke that slowly started to dissipate, following the direction of wind blows, black figures could be seen among the mist, steps silent and careful. The squad was fully equipped, mask and coms on, bulletproof vest, guns and ammos, a few were carrying backpack full of supplies. They didn’t use any flashlight, in case there was threat lurking on them, because it could bring attention that they didn’t want.

“Captain, this…” One of the soldiers whispered through the coms, telling the captain who walked at the front.

“I know… I don’t like the view of this too.” Captain Kashiwagi Yuki answered, voice was trained not to break in this kind of situation. When the number of bodies on the road lay down lifelessly, clearly showing that they failed to get out of the thick mist and suffocate from it. What was even more heartbreaking when she saw children were trapped in this too. Whoever did this was indeed too heartless. She didn’t know how to report this. She knew they would be questioned the moment they stepped out of the place. She felt hopeless that there would be any survivor right now, and somehow she believed her squad thought the same although she didn’t show or voice it.

“What should we say to the people?” One mumbled to himself, clearly the view on their surrounding started to affect the moral of the soldiers. It’s pretty traumatizing to see innocents as the victims.

“We shouldn’t let this stop us or affect us for now. We need to find a survivor. I don’t believe we couldn’t find one.” Yuki tried to bring the moral up. She knew having low moral in unknown situation like this wasn’t really good.

Yuki looked to her surrounding, through the limited visibility, bodies around, on the road, pavement, inside the car. In every way she looked at, there wasn’t empty spot, there would always a body there. Suddenly, she thought of Mayu. If her girlfriend saw this, Mayu would indeed feel heartbroken, totally aware of how emphatic Mayu was. That’s why her girlfriend was always a good doctor.

Yuki could see that the smoke was getting thinner, either the wind brought it to another place or it was dissipating slowly. Besides looking for survivors, she was also searching for the source which couldn’t be found. From the intel of the people who managed to get out of the smoke, they saw it coming from one direction, and some said that it was coming from the ground. Yuki was looking for a device that could spread the smoke in such amount, but the floor of the street was clear from such thing, through every step that she had taken and that she and her squad could see. If they couldn’t find it, maybe they should do another check once the smoke was gone.

Yuki and her squad reached on the intersection which now silent and empty and stopped as the smoke finally cleared out. They could see through the end of each intersection which would be the blockade. Their heart broke even more when they saw how devastating the condition was. This would be a huge catastrophe without any explanation. If what said was true, that it happened throughout the world, somehow Yuki deducted that it was an act of terror and it was indeed a bunch of heartless people that could do this.

Yuki looked at her squad, now clearly sees the terror in their eyes from what they saw but their body and facial expression remained calm as all of them knew that it wasn’t time to break down. One thing all of them knew for sure was they wanted to go back to their love ones now and cherished them like no tomorrow.
Yuki knew, she didn’t need to say anything to her superior or the media as they could see themselves what the smoke had done. There wasn’t anything that they could hide. The bodies were clearly seen as the day. The smoky and misty day had gone now, changed with the clear sky, bright sunlight shining the city, showing everything clearly, with nothing to hide.

Yuki and her squad started to spread out, going to buildings and did the work they were asked to. The clear day had made things a bit easier but they didn’t let their guard down. While their superior sent more teams in and also helped by the police, paramedics and firefighters. Some looked for clues and survivors while others started to move the bodies to the hospitals for further examination.

In the distance, there’s a figure standing, phone on ear, clearly contacting someone about the situation. “I believe it’s NOX. Prepare for the worst while I continue the investigation. General, you should send our people to help out. This isn’t like how it was in the past. We need to mingle around fast, to get more info so we knew how to handle this.” After that, she turned off the phone and slipped the phone into her jacket, disappearing into the sea of people.

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Re: Alive among the dead [Mayuki, WMatsui] - Chapter 1, Part II (11/9/2018)
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I was waiting to read more before commenting, as it was hard to forge myself an opinion with only the first chapters.
It really looks interesting and intriguing.
The plot thickens, and I'm curious to know what will happen with the WMatsui pairing.
Do you already have an idea how long the story is going to be?

Thanks for bringing us a new story.
Deeply appreciated!  :)

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Re: Alive among the dead [Mayuki, WMatsui] - Chapter 1, Part II (11/9/2018)
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Thank you for the update. I've been waiting for this.  :love:
Just like Sophcaro-san said, this is very interesting and intriguing!
And most of my guesses are right!

LOL Do you wanna know why I can guess Matsui Rena from Yuko? Well, it's because no other Rena can have a deeper chemistry with Yuko except Matsui Rena. That, and I absolutely know nothing about the others Rena who are/were also in the group :lol:
Yuko's character here reminds me of her role in Ando Lloyd.  :twothumbs

Also, I like Yuki and Mayu's character here. Kinda reminds me of Descendent of the Sun :lol:  With Yuki being a soldier and Mayu being a doctor, their job is really a complement/contrast to each other. I hope you'll give us more MaYuki moments in the future! A dynamic between a soldier and a doctor is always interesting.

And the mentioning of bloodlust is very intriguing!  :twisted:
I wonder what kind of disease/anomaly it is that Jurina has!
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Re: Alive among the dead [Mayuki, WMatsui] - Chapter 2 (22/9/2018)
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Author's Note:
Fast update, if one week could be counted as fast. Haha. Didn't know why I finish this chapter pretty fast. Hopefully everyone enjoys this as I am very nervous posting this chapter cause this chapter really shows on how I am going to bring this plot later on.

@sophcaro: OMG!!!!! you comment on my fanfic. Now I feel nervous. Hopefully you like the story so far. It's starting for the plot and everything. I don't know how long this fiction was going to be. But I have overall picture on how I want things to be. Too many fiction ideas in mind lately that I feel the need to write it, simply sharing this.

@anzai4648: Your comment and sophcaro-san encourage me to write. So I hope you enjoy all the chapters so far and this upcoming one. I don't know much about other Rena as well. Haha. For Mayuki, I totally didn't realise that their occupation was similar to descendant of the sun until you mentioned it  XD

Chapter 2 – All hell break loose

Normal sunny day in the beginning of autumn with people talking, chatting, laughing at some silly jokes or the jokes that weren’t funny at all, or people doing their own activity had turned into a nightmare where people screamed in horror, shouted in panic for help, ran and fought for their life, police and soldiers did their best to protect the innocents, guns blazing to the threats that they didn’t know whether it’s friends, family or enemies. That line had sort of blurred when the reality was like how a horror movie was. They didn’t even know whether they would live another day to see what’s going to happen next. Not just Japan, the world was in the mess, coming from the news that somehow still managed to be reported through the big screen, radio and TV. The power and water still worked for now but soon, it would be cut off. People knew that deep down, especially the ones that had time to think as they were still safe, hiding or still at home, not knowing one bit of what was happening outside before falling as victim the moment they opened the door, or the ones who knew through the news or a phone call and decided to barricade themselves through possible threat.  For the first time, people felt that nowhere was safe as threat could be lurking anywhere, anytime.

Forces were divided, some to keep the threats at bay, some to move people to safety, to the base camps set up, some to keep the base camps safe and also the important people, to stop a country from going down. Yuki and her squad were assigned to keep the threats at bay as their other comrades moved people to the trucks to bring them somewhere safe.

After about an hour or so they tried to keep the threats at bay, Yuki tried to contact the headquarters but it seemed that they’ve lost the connection or the headquarters had fallen. She just hoped not the second option. It seemed that now what’s left was for her to lead what was left of her squad.

“Guys, if we got separated, meet up on the border of the city, heading to Nagoya since we didn’t hear about an attack or outbreak there. We’ll wait for a day. Then, we’ll figure out something together, either leaving or staying.” Yuki told them, knowing sooner or later they would spread out, when everything had turned so chaotic. They did try to safe as many people as they could throughout the mess. They saved a lot and lost a lot too. Yuki had given everyone a chance to call their friends and family to warn them of what happening, like how she had warned her parents, Mayu and her friends. She just hoped they would be okay. She would find Mayu once things had calmed down by a lot. She needed to do her duty first before anything else.

“Yes, Captain.” They shouted in sync, bringing up the morale of the team at the same time, despite the hopeless situation they had, facing with endless threat which was flesh eating living dead in front of them.

“Alright. Now, focus and make sure not to get bitten.” Yuki managed to say before resuming pressing the trigger of her gun, killing the dead on a perfect headshot, trying not to let it affect her that the dead was still alive a day ago, or some even a few minutes ago, not to mention some were friends and comrades.

Looking back and saw that all the rescue trucks had gone to their own destination, she ordered her comrades to go to the trucks provided for them and headed off to where their family were in team of four. The trucks headed for different direction, trying to look for their friends and family, and helped the survivors along the way.


Today Mayu woke up after her three-hour-sleep from how busy she was in the hospital after the whole heartbreaking incident that was happening. She wasn’t a forensic but still in a huge scale of problem like this, she was asked to help around which she gladly did so. She loved to help in every single way possible.

However, things were different today. The apartment building where she and Yuki stayed in, suddenly was so silent. It’s as if no one was staying in that building other than her. At first, she thought it’s only her feelings, that maybe she was lonely because Yuki wasn’t around, which was understandable with the situation they had at the moment, a more urgent matter than their relationship. When she turned on the TV and saw the news on what was happening. The dead were coming alive and the first outbreaks were on the hospitals where the victims were brought into. The TV showed how people were being moved out to safety, glimpse of soldiers and police, some were being crowded or chased by the dead or had become food for the dead. She was just going to start worrying over Yuki and tried to stay calm on waking up to an apocalypse. Her phone suddenly rang with a familiar ringtone, almost making her jump on her seat. Rushing to the table where her phone was, she quickly pressed the green button to accept the call.

“Mayu, stay at home and lock the door. Make no sound. I’ll be there soon.” Yuki quickly said over the phone, among the chaos. Mayu literally could hear people screaming and guns shooting from her phone.

“Okay. Be here fast.” Mayu answered trying not to sound worrying over Yuki, because she didn’t want to ruin Yuki’s concentration, especially when they knew how to read one another so easily. She pressed her phone to her ear as she went to lock her door, closing the windows and turned off the TV.

“I promise, I will. Until then, don’t go anywhere.” Yuki tried to sound calm although a glimpse of helplessness could be heard through the hint of her voice, swallowing up the bile that was growing to her throat, not liking the idea if she didn’t make it to Mayu. However, she didn’t say it out loud, knowing what Mayu would say. Both of them wanted to make it through the day.

“I’ll wait for you, no matter what. I won’t be opening the door unless it’s you.” Yuki wanted to tell Mayu to just go if she didn’t go there to save her cause most likely she wouldn’t make it but knowing Mayu really well, the latter wouldn’t accept that idea at all, which was hinted with what she had said.
“I know. But just in case…” But before Yuki could continue, Mayu had cut her off.

“No, just in case. The Yuki I know wouldn’t give up that easily and she would come back to me, no matter what. So, I don’t want you to be pessimistic. I need you to be my Yuki who would do her best to bring the mood up. Like you always said to me, morale in the battlefield is what deciding whether we’ll win the fight or not. Stay optimist and I’ll wait for you to come back to me, no matter how long it takes. And I’ll do my best to survive this.” Mayu assured Yuki after she gave Yuki a wake-up call.

“Okay. I’ll turn off the call now. See you soon.” A smile came upon Yuki’s lips. She was always grateful to have Mayu around. Somehow, the younger woman always knew what to say to bring the best in Yuki. Maybe it’s just Mayu’s trait, which always sees the best in a person, something that made her fall in love with Mayu at the first place.

Mayu listened to Yuki turning off the call, until she could hear nothing coming from the line. Mayu sighed softly but deep inside of her heart, she was hopeful. She did what was needed to survive. If her girlfriend was being brave and always thought of serving her country and people first, being the person on the front line to make sure everyone was safe, she would be the backup. She would prepare everything needed, packing up food, drinks, some clothes, medicine and her basic med-kit and placed it near the door so she could carry it directly the moment the time comes.

Meanwhile, she looked out from the balcony, to see the damage done. Smoke came from a few places, sound of gunshots could be heard although it was something clear which meant it happened in a distance, her neighbours were none to be seen. It’s sort of ironic, the view. She still remembered of doing her best to save lives, just a day before. Now, it had turned into doing her best not to die and survive to meet up with her love ones. After a moment of thinking and making sure not to forget the used to beautiful city, she stepped back and locked the sliding door and closed the curtain.

She went to take a baseball bat from the corner of their bedroom, and sat down on the couch while hugging the bat and at the same time staring at the door. The bat was something that Yuki prepared in case if there’s a thief or intruder coming into their apartment. She smiled remembering when she told Yuki that they wouldn’t need them as there was security for their apartment building but Yuki insisted, saying that you never knew and maybe they would need it, one day. It seemed that it’s finally time to use it. She really needed to thank Yuki for this, although somehow she already could picture Yuki’s smiled in a playful and teasing way and said ‘I told you so.’


Annin, that’s how Iriyama Anna was called by the people close to her, was working on her project that was handled down by the previous professor after he was deceased. She was working on the cyborg female who had turned into her friend and sister after all this time. She worked on the circuit on Takamina’s arms as she installed the newest tech, adding some melee weapon, requested by Takamina herself, saying that there should be a backup weapon or sort if she ran out of ammos with the guns that was installed in her robotic arms and legs. Takamina was under sedation as the scientist worked on her arms, main reason was they afraid there might be some side effect like possible electrical shock or some other detrimental issue that might surface if the latter was awake but main reason was for convenient issue, physically or mentally, just like how people didn’t want to be awake when surgeons cut into their body.

Annin raised her head and looked out of the glass wall that separated her lab from outside, taking a short break as her eyes grew a bit tired from looking at the small intricate cables and circuits that were becoming Takamina’s veins and muscles now. When she was just going to go back to work on Takamina’s arms, she noticed slight discomfort from the guards outside her laboratory. It’s like they were restless and that’s something rare to be seen. Maybe it was all because of what happened yesterday.

Annin sighed and went back to focus on Takamina’s arms, connecting the small pieces and soldering the parts before putting back the metallic plate and the part that was imitating the skin tone before she sighed a bit in relief. She needed to ask Takamina to try the new specification when she woke up because new things tend to need a lot of adjustment. Hopefully she broke nothing during the improvement. The last thing she wanted was Takamina couldn’t use her arms and she would end up in tedious work with possibility of no sleeping.

Annin took off the mask covering Takamina’s face and closed the door to Takamina’s glass chamber. All she needed to do now was waiting for Takamina to wake up. She walked to her working table and sat down, jutting down some notes, arranging it to the files before placing them neatly by the corner of her table about her research.


Yui was sitting on the office of her headquarter. Her hand was against her forehead as she stared at the screens, scanning the last footages of every single CCTV camera in the location of yesterday’s incident. Restlessness had been growing, gnawing on her insides at the knowledge of NOX’s part in this. Whenever it was related to the so called company, they had been a sworn enemy, which traced back to even the early days of their organization. Too many unknown histories of their organization and NOX, there were files and documents but a lot were sealed as the one who read it would be the one who wrote it which would be the previous generals before her and another person that no one knew whom. The ones that the next generation had access of were the ones, the previous generals made public, cropping off the essential parts of the discovery or invention. She asked her previous general of the reason why and the answer would be they could trust no one and she should have that mind-set too if one day she sat on the position she had now. Now she had found her own reason for those generals. Knowing too much wasn’t really that great. She would totally appreciate the words of the less you know the better, like how she wished she could erase the images that she saw through the screen and knew it would haunt her and became her nightmare once it ended because this was like her greatest failure. In each repeat of the footages reminded of how she didn’t discover about this plan of NOX, and how she couldn’t have prevented it. She should later make a record of this although she still didn’t need to make any official news.

Every general had their entries, which was recorded every single day whether it’s about improvement of certain project or if there’s incident like this. In the past it’s written but now they used recording system, following the advancement of technology. Lately, Yui often used it as something to tell her thoughts out loud, since some secrets couldn’t be shared with others. She always felt relieved once she did that, counting it as she talked to the other someone, whom she didn’t know. She wondered if the previous general also did what she did, talking to a recording machine while thinking that they talked to the other person. Right now, Yui wished that she knew that other person who knew every secret of this organization to ask her every question she had and maybe through that she could have found something or a way to detect NOX’s agenda.

“General…” One of the guards who was watching the CCTV cameras of the city suddenly called Yui, dread could be heard in his voice.

Yui looked towards the live footage the camera as the guard zoomed it up. Yui gulped as she could feel fear crept up her spine. She had never thought of this, not even once, that NOX would pull up a zombie apocalypse card.

“What the hell is happening…” Yui could hear the low mumble of the guards in the room, definitely knowing that tone of worry so much as they must have thought of their family.

Yui’s phone soon rang, destroying the silence growing in the room. Yamamoto. Yui saw the caller id, knowing it wasn’t something that she could choose not to listen. More thing to know about this, the better. It’s not like she had a plan for this. Bombing, acts of terror, war or the sort, she would have a plan or if not she could form one quickly. Bioweapon and mutation, she didn’t have one to plan for it. All she knew was kill with a shot on the head, thanks to the movies around.

“General, have you seen the latest footage?” A question soon was asked the moment Yui picked the call up.

“Yes. What do you know?” Yui’s voice was stern, didn’t show any weakness at all, although deep inside of her, fear had taken over. Her gaze remained on the screens which showed how things unfold, escalating pretty quickly as people were caught by surprise or having nothing to protect themselves with.

“Nothing much. You see… they go back to life. At least, they’re not rotten… yet. A shot to the head is a great way to kill them, I’ve proven it. They’re attracted to light and voice. It seems that they retain their previous memories, although a small part of it before their need to feed comes back as I saw them slightly slowed down to the people they know before attacking them.” Yamamoto Sayaka, the person on the line, told Yui of what she had known.

“Where are you?” Yui asked, definitely didn’t want to lose a good intel at this moment, knowing Sayaka’s skill would be good to have around. “I’ll send a retraction team for you.”

“you don’t need to worry about me. I’ll survive just fine. Save the others to safe the ones who really need it.” Sayaka answered nonchalantly before turning quiet, as a soft rasping voice could be heard through the call. From that Yui knew Sayaka was probably hiding somewhere.

Yui always amazed at how Sayaka could stay calm even in this kind of situation. She thought that maybe it’s because of Sayaka’s job, gathering intel, even in the most dangerous situation, so Sayaka must have gotten used to it through time. Knowing that Sayaka was in a dangerous situation, she decided to end the call. “Text me the rest of the info that you’ve gathered. Hopefully we’ll meet again.” Yui said before she pressed the disconnect button.

Yui was just going to sit down to think on how to deal with this. It’s a lot to be processed. She knew that the government must have taken action and it was only a matter of time before a phone call from the president. However, it seemed that one problem came after another without stopping. Yui heard people screaming and she turned to look out of the office as all the wall in the facility was made of bulletproof glass and the safest place she thought in the whole country had been breached as one of the guards standing outside had their flesh bitten off from whom used to be their friends. Some of the people in the room had went to the door to run away. Yui was stood frozen at first, not understand how the outbreak could reach the facility, then her mind shouted at herself asking her to move. So she did and went to press the red emergency button on the wall. She would think of the rest later. Surviving and did her duty were coming first to mind.

“Activate the emergency protocol.” Yui shouted among the crowd, hoping her command reached the lab at the certain level of the institution before going back to control the situation, shouting command for evacuation. She knew at least she could rely on three extraordinary people in the facility as they might be the beacon of hope in this whole ordeal. One guard stopped to make a call towards the lab and picked up by a female, relaying the info before escaping, avoiding the dead.

Yui took her gun out of the holster. She aimed at the dead and made the shot as she made her way out towards the emergency exit that bring them to the landing pad. The escape plan that was made so far back in the day in case if the base was attacked in a way.


“Miss Iriyama, we gotta go.” One of the guards told the scientist who was picking up the phone as the news on what’s going on the upper level had been heard. His face was indeed showing terror, despite that he still tried to stay calm and not fleeing and leaving the lady alone.

“Wait a moment.” Anna said, as she rushed to Takamina and pushed the button of the keypad that was located on the glass panel of a huge glass chamber, pressing the password before the ‘enter’ button. The glass chamber opened up and freed the woman inside of it.

“Get out fast. They’ll reach here soon.” The guard shouted in panic to the scientist who was waiting for her project to wake up, still trying not to let the panic affect her.

“My priority is you. If she isn’t going to wake up, we should leave.” The guard gave Anna a warning.

When Anna was going to turn around and gave a retort to the guard, Takamina opened her eyes and got out of the chamber.

“It’s been a while…” Takamina said, rather cheerfully, clearly clueless of what was happening at the moment.

“Talk later, for now we gotta go.” Anna cut off the words that the female going to say and ran towards the table and gather all the files to place it on her backpack before dragging Takamina out as they made a run towards the emergency purpose elevator with guards following behind them, stalling the incoming.

“What’s happening?” Takamina asked as they ran while clenched and unclenched her fingers, familiarizing herself with her ‘new’ hands, to make sure that at least it worked right for now.

“Why don’t you look behind you?” Anna said slightly breathless as both of them stopped in front of the elevator and pressed on the keypad before the door opened and they stepped in. That moment, Takamina saw what happened that the guards were shooting at the zombies.

“Oh… My… God…” Takamina’s jaw was hung opened at surprised, blinking a few times before shaking her head. “Get in quick.” She shouted for the rest of the guards to get to the elevator after her mind sort of registering what was happening.

One of the guards was bitten and that sort of stalled the dead to advance towards the elevator as the dead tried to get a piece of him. That moment the elevator door closed as Anna, Takamina and five more guards escaped to the surface.


Yuko was bobbing her head according to the music she was listening while she did her reading, legs were placed against her wooden table. Across her was Rena sitting on a chair, looking at Jurina. Her look was solemn, as always, ever since Jurina made her decision, asleep for everyone’s good.

The telephone on Yuko’s table had been ringing for quite some time. Rena heard it and thought Yuko would pick it up but apparently the latter didn’t, earning a glare from Rena before she sighed and decided to pick it up for the midget that was too serious on her reading. Yuko almost fell from her seat when she saw Rena stood in front of her table with eyebrows creased, clearly annoyed by the noisy ringing that Yuko didn’t notice.

“Hello.” Rena asked short, not in the mood of talking for too long.

“Oshima-san, you need to get out of the facility now.” The moment Rena heard that, the alarm in the entire facility rang loudly, deafening their ears.

Yuko pulled her headphone off her head when she saw the red siren light throughout the hallway, knowing that it was the emergency protocol that once were taught to her, the first time she was recruited working there.

“What’s wrong?” Yuko directly asked the moment she took the phone away from Rena’s hand. Rena didn’t bother much and walked back towards the glass chamber, watching Jurina again.

“Let’s go Rena.” Yuko said, the moment she placed the phone down, taking every research note that she had on her table and shoved it into her bag that she placed under her table. She then slung it over her shoulder.

“You’re not going to activate her?” Rena said, looking at Jurina who was still inside of the glass chamber with the look that no one could comprehend. The sound of shootings could be heard in between of the blaring siren. The females in the room knew by then, they didn’t have much time.

“Better be fast, guys.” The guard told the two females as they were shooting towards the incoming, another fact confirming their deduction earlier.

“We got no time, Rena.” Yuko pulled Rena’s arm but Rena didn’t budge as she was still looking at Jurina. Yuko also knew that she wouldn’t be strong enough to stop Rena if the latter decided not to move. Rena was basically stronger that everyone. The one who could match up with her strength was laying asleep inside of the glass chamber.

“Please, Oshima-san.” Rena shook her head as if she had just said the wrong words. “No. Please, Yuko. I don’t want her to die here.” Rena’s voice was sad, heartbreaking even. Rena couldn’t imagine what she would do without Jurina around, the female she had known ever since she was a kid, a friend whom her father brought home when she got no one to play with.

“But…” Yuko herself also wasn’t quite sure she wanted to leave Jurina there, knowing that Jurina might be a great help in their situation but it would also be a great danger to the people around if Jurina’s bloodlust came back and the latter couldn’t control it. So far, the one thing that kept Jurina’s alive and in control was Rena’s blood, something that Jurina told her after the whole incident back then. Yuko had been trying to fix Jurina’s bloodlust but Jurina was too hard to understand.

The guards soon pulled the two females out of the laboratory, catching Yuko and Rena by surprised. Rena was going to use all her strength to struggle, to break free and went back to Jurina’s side.

‘I haven’t talked to her yet…’

Rena wanted to shout that out loud to them. However, what she saw stopping her from doing so. She didn’t want to cause unnecessary trouble when the facility was sort of being taken over by the dead. Besides, she was even more certain to stop when she felt Yuko’s hand holding her wrist and when she looked at Yuko, she saw Yuko shaking her head.

“We should trust her.” Yuko referred to Jurina whom they left behind as they were brought into the elevator.

Rena remained quiet as she looked to her feet while the elevator brought them up to the surface. Her heart was heavy as she was getting further away from Jurina. Memories of her and Jurina came back flashing through the back of her mind. Rena then nodded to herself, deciding to trust Yuko on her words. She shouldn’t have doubted Jurina. The younger girl was strong, that was something she knew through experience. Jurina always protects her from anyone and anything. Knowing what their threat was, she decided that she would be the one protecting Yuko and the others, the people she treated as friend and family. She also knew that her decision was something that Jurina wanted.

Blinding light soon came through the elevator door as it opened up. They saw Yui urging people getting into the helicopter. Meanwhile Rena and Yuko saw Takamina and Annin getting into another helicopter provided. The guards escorted them towards the nearest helicopter to them.

Yuko and Rena got into it, strapping the seatbelt before soon enough they were up in the air, leaving the facility. Rena watched Yui getting to the last helicopter before it joined them up in the air. Rena didn’t stop staring at the facility until it was gone from view, the home for everyone she knew.

Yuko held Rena’s hand, giving the latter some comfort, understanding what Rena had decided was extremely hard thing to do, leaving her other half. Rena looked at Yuko for a second, giving a nod to the latter before looking out of the window again.

‘I believe one day we’ll meet up again Jurina...

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