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Author Topic: Our Cursed Gift [Chapter 47: Our Final Promise][COMPLETE]  (Read 81064 times)

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Re: Our Cursed Gift [Chapter 47: Our Final Promise][COMPLETE]
« Reply #940 on: May 07, 2007, 09:57:41 AM »
...nice ending. That "true account" of the Susanoo-Orochi legend was pure genius. ^^

The trailer though...why does it sound so much like Fatal Frame 3?  :scared:

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Re: Our Cursed Gift [Chapter 47: Our Final Promise][COMPLETE]
« Reply #941 on: May 08, 2007, 08:16:56 AM »

But damn, excellent chapter. I teared up a little <3. I love you, Yuuyami. This is the first fanfic I've ever properly read, and I will bereading OCGII <33333.

Congratuations on completing it though!
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Re: Our Cursed Gift [Chapter 47: Our Final Promise][COMPLETE]
« Reply #942 on: May 08, 2007, 05:33:54 PM »
Wow, it's finished. It was a hell of ride.
I liked the ending, so touching and sad and hopeful at the same time (though I was a bit sad, no mention of Yuko, she's just out of the picture after her curse lifted)

As for the Trailer: wooohoooooooo that def. sounds like Fatal Frame 3!!!!  :heart: :heart: :heart:
Oh and it reminds me I still gotta finish the game someday, but it's gotten so boring... maybe your story will coax me back to playing  ;D

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Re: Our Cursed Gift [Chapter 47: Our Final Promise][COMPLETE]
« Reply #943 on: May 11, 2007, 02:00:35 AM »
ahhhh :luvluv2:*melts into a puddle*..that was one of the most twisted/awsomest/brain-straining trying to figure out ending fic i've ever read!! ...aww it's over...oo and srry for not commenting on ur fic lately :kneelbow:

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Re: Our Cursed Gift [Chapter 47: Our Final Promise][COMPLETE]
« Reply #944 on: May 11, 2007, 02:10:58 AM »
Ack. The end is here!!! now what will I do with my life?!?!? It was a fantastic story. Just grand. I remember first reading it and thinking "where is THIS going?" but what a wonderful place it was. Now I'll go back, when I'm bored and read it again and enjoy it even more. Thanks for sharing this great idea with us. It really was a pleasure reading it and seeing how the story/characters developed. I'm looking forward to any and all work you do in the future!

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Re: Our Cursed Gift [Chapter 47: Our Final Promise][COMPLETE]
« Reply #945 on: May 12, 2007, 02:54:37 AM »
[Archived Completely]
[Starting on spell check, layout and covering]
Well, I think yours will be the first to be done completely and depending how busy/lazy I am it should be up by Monday. Howzzat?

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Re: Our Cursed Gift [Chapter 47: Our Final Promise][COMPLETE]
« Reply #946 on: May 02, 2008, 03:38:23 PM »
hmm what can I say about this story? Other than YOU LEGEND! YOU DID IT! YOU'RE AWESOME! I LOVED IT ALL! (Ok leaving fanggirl mode-or am I?)

       I really enjoyed the story, it was very interesting. Haha, funny how you say you don't give spoilers but you kind of did. When you kept saying that it is based on real life timeline I knew Yui and Reina and no one else would really die. I also fiigured that eventually the curse would be broken, though not how.

    The second either Miki or Yuko appears you know there is fun to be had. But I feally so sorry for the poor elder yankee because and though no one seems to have noticed it she is in love with Nacchi. But she is the awesome lady that she is, putting others' happiness before her own. I do feel sad for Kaorin and thought that once the curse had been lifted and since Rika was going good at the end, that she had a chance of a reconcilliation with Ruru.....

    Too bad that she didn't end up with her though, then they would have all been happy I guess and Nacchi would be in Yukos shoes. But maybe then she would realise how much she loves her and go out with her instead and they would be together and happy... Either way, it's ok. I guess they can't all have this one happy ending.

 I think after the last few chapters I understand Rika a lot more. It wasn't really her that was doing all those things, she wouldn't really, it was just that god who thought he was all high and mighty and king shIt that thought he totally owned those girls if you really think about it. Maybe Rika is a totally diferent person. Maybe it was just her trying to get friends.

    Though a part of me just thinks it was the spirit trying to hold on to the snakes as he wanted to keep spending eternity with them because he was obviously greedy....... I mean, look at the last bit. He not only got to make friends and have a ball but then when he killed them there were no hard feelings and then he just went home to his new wife and family while they became an object and allowed him not only to desecrate their flesh but to use it and then keep their souls and reincarnate them along with him so his could live out his sick fantasies where he had some sort of power over them even if he wasn't as much in his next life yet they were forced to be his sidekicks and protect him.

This sucks really... And besides even if they did kill him, wouldn't that just mean that they would die to so that he can be reincarnated or maybe he would just be reincarnated right away. Anyway enough about him, onto someone else.
All right let's do this thing. Below is a list of stuff and my opinions on them.

The Orochi

     Yoshizawa Hitomi. Number one and the leader of MM. She is in love with Rika. She also hates snakes that is why she tested the curse and tried to break it in as many ways as she could. She did everything to do this...her snake may have influenced her in some ways as she is acting very snake like throughout the story and the characters think she is insane or something.

     She will need to work hard to regain Reina's trust as she seems to have lost it when she told her everything that time. She is madly in love with Rika and although she is hers (in more ways than one) she had sex with
Shibata Ayumi, Rikas ex best friend, for revenge after she found out about Rika sleeping with Yui. She seems to value Rika a looooooooot and has said herseld that she loves her. I think she is noble I guess... I mean she is loyal to Rika and even though she was unfaithfull she did so to make her jealous out of her own insecurities to find out if she still loved her. Hmm, even though Rika is not human, I wonder if kissing her made Yosi turn into a snale lol ;)

     Nakazawa Yuko. Second head. She is haunted by deep emotional scars and a horrible childhood. When she was born her mother kissed her and she turned into a snake. Ever since her mother has mistreated her and called her names and such. This has caused her much grief and pain and now she is haunted, scared and alone. Her father was able to look past such a thing, but her mother wasn't and it ate away at her as she got older. One day Iida Kaori modified her memory and implanted in her head and all of Yukos family members that have seen her the idea that she is the daughter of one of her fathers friends colleagues and not her own.
     She still contacts her father and stuff sometimes I assume yet her mother has never found out the truth. I really feel sorry for her as this is not the only time she has been hurt and it is pretty obvious, yet not much is revealed about her and very little is known. Yuu forgot to hook her up with someone *shakes fist*! She shouldn't be alone, yet all evidence points to it. She is unmarried at a very 'old' age by now and I am guessing that there have been some rejecting in the past. She was in love with Nacchi, but Yuu did not go too far into that. She left her though so she can pursue the one she loves, and in fact even helped her accomplish that goal. That is why I respect her character so much.
     She is not one of those that says they will do something but she actually doesn't, she actually does, that's what makes her so great! She was able to let nacchi pursue whatever made her happy and even stood up to Rika when she had the chance to, and this was before she went soft so let's all clap for her and admire her guts some more. Plus anyone in HP that participates in groping competitions is fine by me. XD
 Murata megumi. The third head, Meg, is how shall I put this.....Umm....... Well she is soooo Condescending it makes me want to slap her. She is mean and nasty and throughout the story I felt like giving her a cookie to shut her up. In other words I loved her! Lol! I don't see her as expendable but I can't really seem to recall how exactly she made a diference or made the story progress particularly. She didn't even have a super sad story. But that doesn't mean she's redundant!
     Quite the opposite to be exact, for we needed that extra touch of hers that is only hers to spice up the story. Sure she may not have comforted anyone or uncovered some hidden truth but when Miki bashed Maki, lord knows she was the catalyst! And when Reina and Maki were running from park officials, it was her naked hiney on the line as well, hanging onto Maki while Reina was smelling her clothes ( ok maybe not but who can blame her if she was XD) and god knows she cracked us all up when instead of helping out she told the cops where to look for them-exactly- and then left.
     She was definitely funny, and in love. I wonder how long this thing with Masae was. She is very much in love like most of the characters, and I love the way that masae can make her completely diferent by simply being with her, and how she would blindly follow her, like a lamb in a slaughter house, even if she has naughtyness planned ;) Raaawwr! Lol, anyway, like her too, and her relationship, and how she seemed to be giving subtle advice hints, like a backseat driver, except she was more like a boot driver because she was subtle as all hell XD

     Okada Yui the fourth head. Yui doesn't seem to have the standard haunted past air about her. She is however very mysterious. She is in love with Erika and doing the dirty with her in a hospital room as we speak, but the real problem is that she had vowed to be with Rika even though she doesn't love her and is not bound to her by the curse anymore.

     I don't like that but when Rika aproaches you in the way she did then I guess you really can't say no to her. I'm angry at her a little for being so sad looking all the time and running away from Erika that time. But I guess it cantbe helped because she is just soooo nice! Talk about backstabing this girl was literally stabed in the back by a girl she swore to protect and stand by.. Sheeesh it's like passions! Jks, It was very ironic and lovely. I am glad that in the end she was no longer trapped by her and was free to give into herself and enjoy Erika's love.

    The fifth head Miki Fujimoto! What can I say? I'll say nuthin' or I wont stop...... Oh crap too late here we go!
 I love Miki! I loved her attitude and her character and that she loved Aya and how she stood up for Reinal, even thought you made it seem like she kinda liked her liked her bt I knew she couldn't like her like her becuase she has Aya and they have LUV!!!!! Betweeen them adn chemistry and History and Engl-err not English... Anyway where was I? I love her!

     I thought her big bad memory would be darker and more painfull and depressing but I was wrong. But to Miki whose whole world is Aya, being run away from by the one person that mattered to her was heart breaking. To think that she would never want you back, not you, not a monster. To think that she would sleep with someone else at nights, smile for someone else, sigh for someone else, sing for someone else.........when she couldn't live for anyone else :'(

 I need a moment here.....Poor Miki. I know now why she was so sad. She was afraid of losing her. That one day she'll wake up and she'd be gone and not even her friend anymore.Because of Rika her self esteem was so low not only did she think Aya wouldn't want her, she must've thought she did not deserve to be with Aya or that she wasn't good enough. That a monster shouldn't be with a girl like her. That's why when she was apologising she said there was nothing to apologise for, because she thought the same things. I thought she was the biggest romantic..... To the point of giving Aya flowers or something.

     My favourite Miki bit would have to be a simple moment after she had advised Reina to tell Maki her fealings and she had left. When she was still lying on the couch. My favourite part was when Aya jumped on her and kissed her turning her into a snake, picked her and her clothes up and took off for one of their rooms. Sooooo sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet! And cuute! And shmexy~!

     Number 6 sized head would have to be none other than Iida Kaori! Out of all of them it was her wings I wanted to see the most along with Maki's (but mainly cause I couldnt imagine six). She must've had it worse. She had her biggest most beautifull wing ripped off, in the eyes of her love, and was unable to defend her causing her to feel such guilt she was broken. Seeing her like this and her own pain made her broken as well.
     She made Ruru forget her at her own request and she sent her off but forever lived on with the memory of their love. She was sadly also the one who was forced into many a tortured mind to help them get better, erasing memories here and there. She is now in love with Nacchi as symbolised in the end by the fact that she is drawing her portrait.. I pity her as well.

     Goto Maki is the infamous seventh head which was ridiculously obvious especially when I read that post you made about the 7th head being 'DA MAN!'. (Now back from my midpost nap and ready to continue commenting) Nowwww, Maki was very interesting as the tortured main character who loved Reina too much to hurt her yet ended up doing so anyways. Funny how her character is soooo much like Miki yet she doesn't really realise it. So she was lucky because she was like her which is what she wanted right? smaaart. Anyway..

     Maki loved Reina but she was so guilty for (as she thought) letting her dad die that she did not believe she deserved happiness. She also thought she wouldn't be able to protect her like she couldn't protect her dad. Boy she must've had the worst De Ja Vou when she found her on the ground after she fell off that hill which had a landslide yaddayaddayadda.
     I felt really sory for her about what hapened with her dad, and he was such a jerk to say that before he died, and Rika was a huuuge bitch to use it against her... How did she even know? Anyway not important what is important is that in the end she realised she should give in to love and fight for it, she went and confronted Reina and won her over and now they live happilly ever a park! ;) Jks, I am sure they have gone home by now, and are now snuggling in bed......nekkid! Waaat!

     Last but not least, Niigaki Risa the eighth head. Lemme say WOW! She actually dazzled me in this story. She was the first to grow a pair and go after the one she loves. Fave Risa bit is weellll theres just too many, one that sticks out a lot is the bit where she found Ai fighting with Reina near Yuuchans house. DaYUM! It got a hundreed degrees hotter here! Risa was like Woah! SSoooo coool! So smooth and all. She just came up and charmed the pants off of Ai and I was like "someone's getting lucky tonight!">_< But I then realised you woulnd't make it that easy, which you didn't and then Ai left all flustered and stuff. But I knew that it took her a GREAT amount of self control not to melt into a puddle and just give herself to Risa willlingly......Twice....... before noon XD (assuming it was morning -I cant remember- lol).

     I loved her and Ai's relationship and how even though they were the youngest Orochi couple and Ai got seriously messed up by Rika, they were strong enough to overcome it. I loved that. I was like this  :cow: for them the whole time, going "C'mon Risa you can do it, you can make Ai not be afraid anymore!".
     Thought I kinda feel even sorryer for her because she did all that for nothing; hit on Yoshi, get bashed by Rika.. all for nothing.. And to think that she did almost everything in her power to remove that curse and then it just undid itself........doesn't it make you wanna scream? Especially if you yourself have been going crazy reading this for the past however many days non stop untill the weeee hours of the morning and then you got totally stung when you read the ending and pissed off at the lack of pervyness...

     Ok I exagerrated a little.......But I was serious about the pervyness, needs more, much much more, and with all the pairings, there is sooo much room for them. *feeds perv cookie* (hope that works......)

    The Story.... What can I say other than WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW! It was awesome. I loved every bit of it. All the angst and loving and stuff was awesome. And it was soooooooooo funny. I loved the sneezing gags at the start/middle. The first time you did it I thought, hmm I think she's going somewhere with this, probably gonna happen again..... Then the second I was like  :w00t:  :drool:  :rofl:

     I loved the storyline, my fave thing is probably how all the relationships came together at the end, even if you didn't directly say so. So even though you didn't say it I know that Rika and Shibata stopped fighting and I will as bold as saying they even became friends again and how Yoshi and Rika came together while Risa was with Ai, Miki and Aya, Magumi and Masae, Kaori with Nachi and Reina with Maki. I thought that some of them might turn out ok and maybe even some might not have been together to begin with but they seem well and harmonised now.

    I like their chemistry... how Aya is to Miki as a petal to a rose and vice versa. I love Gamalogies! Anyway, I love them two together and glad they came together in the end. I like how you confused us at the start with the YoMIki closeness but then Aya came around and fixed it. In the end they all ended up well and that's all that matters right? I forgot some characters but I am sleepy and tires and it is officially easter for me as I have finally gotten over my nausea a lil bit and now I can eat Mah' tsureki!

     So mwah, great job (had to be said) Yuu did good kid! I love you now. I would say marry me or something equally fangirly but.....Nah, I don wanna (be rejected) so no....... But if you ask I know of a great place where we can get married online! YEY! New reason not to ask, your wotas would kill me of envy if you had said yes..... XD

     I'm gonna read Twooh next..or not......btw is it light or dark? Cause I think I voted the other way.... And that weird list with II through to like VIII or something and the weird titles, what was that? Was that the unoficial names of the next books in the series? I am saying books, because these epic novels of yours, which I saved on word for my incredibly laaaazy friend has taken at least 300 pages! Wow, I cannot believe it. Anyway, I really enjoyed this and glad I took up your recomendation.

     Anyway great story thank you for the oportunity to view it, I hope I didn't annoy anyone with this post, I hear I am annoying (broke my heart you did friend) so yeah, bye mwah and *hugs Yuu*! Thank YUu And good bye. Yuu will see me soon enough in "Our Cursed Gift II" Or if you decide to do so "THingie carnival one" (Not what it's really called but nyeh).
     Edit:I made whatever u called them! Hope you are happy and could read it.....  :( if not  :banghead:  :tama-groan:
 and you will probably >  :trout: :kickass:  :knee: :bangchair: :poke: :whip: :smurf: oh wait that says smurf, I thought it was a wedgie.....oops... actually I was only looking for this smiley :whip: but got a little carried away.... hehe don't kill me please *hides under table again*

 "Oh hi Miki what are you doing under the table again?....... What do you mean you are out of gas and want a place to hide and rest because Aya wont stop having sex with you?????"
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Re: Our Cursed Gift [Chapter 47: Our Final Promise][COMPLETE]
« Reply #947 on: May 04, 2008, 03:48:14 PM »
weeee! i love your story!  XD

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Re: Our Cursed Gift [Chapter 47: Our Final Promise][COMPLETE]
« Reply #948 on: May 04, 2008, 10:23:01 PM »
Congrats at the end of the story Yuu!

I haven't been reading long, but I do know that this was a wonderful story.

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Re: Our Cursed Gift [Chapter 47: Our Final Promise][COMPLETE]
« Reply #949 on: November 15, 2008, 08:38:33 AM »
Okay, I just started reading this fic and I am on ch 20 now.

First things first, why oh why did  think of (Toda) Erika/Yui (Aragaki) when I first started this?!! Damn you Code blue....Damn you!

In other ways, Miki is so fine. I love her. I love her personality and I love how well you portray her in this story.

Actually, she is the reason why I am reading this (Only Miki fics I read, nhe heh!)

Great so far. busted a few ribs already but I think we are going tinto emo territory now...

Time to brace my self!

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Re: Our Cursed Gift [Chapter 47: Our Final Promise][COMPLETE]
« Reply #950 on: February 08, 2009, 12:29:49 AM »
FURUBA!!!!!!!!!! GODDESS! You don't know, how much I Loved that anime!!!

I Really really love it xD

But I figure it out all time =)

Like it a lot (Y)

God!! She knows she's HOT!

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