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Author Topic: Fanfics Review / General Discussion Thread  (Read 153670 times)

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Re: Fanfics Review / General Discussion Thread
« Reply #1680 on: January 13, 2017, 07:39:18 AM »
Well, now that I have a stronger feel for Colorful and Angerme (sorry, J=J and Factories and CG), I think it's a good time to re-visit that Pacific Rim discussion.

Also, have we never done a Hogwartz Houses discussion?

Imma start with some obvious Slytherins:
Gocchin, Charmy, Ayaya
Interestingly, based on some of the translations of Riho's autobiography, she was initially that ambitious. But getting pushed as ace in MM changed her whole outlook, and I can definitely put her in Slytherin for the long run. Chisato is similar, in that she became ambitious, but was not initially.
Kudou Haruka, Ikuta Erina
All three Buono, lol
Murotan, Maro

I'm actually quite torn on Ishida. She's clearly gunning for that front spot. But she's also very much a team player, with nurturing/domestic instincts.
Surprisingly, I don't read Fukumura as Slytherin. Gryffindor, maybe? (I also don't read Nacchi as Slytherin) Nakazawa is definitely Gryffindor.
Maachan is Ravenclaw. Takechan thought she would be Slytherin, but is Gryffindor. Rinapuu is Hufflepuff. Dawa is Ravenclaw. Maimi and Nakasaki are Hufflepuff.

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Re: Fanfics Review / General Discussion Thread
« Reply #1681 on: August 31, 2018, 11:15:45 PM »
Hello! *echoes*hello,hello,hello,helllooo...project lol

Wow, this section is dead. It's very strange coming back here all these years. I've actually been lurking around various forums throughout the year. With the exception of my report on Kikkawa Yuu's appearance in my city of ATL back in '12, I've not really posted anything since then. I guess the 20th anniversary brought me back out of my cave. If they can bring Fukuda Asuka and Ichii Sayaka back, heck I can come back. lol I might make a comeback soon (lol, I sound like I'm important, psh  :roll:), I really do miss everyone (those that are still here from 10+ yrs ago) I'll think of it as a 10 year school reunion for it really has been that long.

Well anyway, I'm here in this particular thread because I've recently started writing again. I guess it's thanks to listening to audiobooks in the past year because I haven't read fiction in a long time. But mainly because there's a fic in here that I started 10 years ago and never finished and I've been haunted by it all these years. Like forreal, everytime I thought about it, it was like the tell-tale heart making me feel guilty. LoL I hate leaving things unfinished. I got stuck on it because the last chapter I wrote contained filler and I hate writing filler. But I came back to it after 10 years with fresh eyes and new inspiration and I'm ready to tackle on it again. I've read or heard that some real books can take 10+ yrs to write so I didn't feel bad, so it got time to marinate all these years. However, the one thing I am going to change is that I will not post it until I'm absolutely finished with it, that was one of the mistakes I did back then, writing as it came to me. At the time I knew what my story was about but I didn't know how it was going to get there, and now I've mostly figured out how to get there.

That being said this will probably be the LAST fanfic I'll ever write. It's also gonna be the longest, most thorough, obsessive, soul consuming fic I've written. LoL Like, I'm writing it as if it's gonna be published into a book (I'm not, but that's how dedicated I am to it) Plus, I think it's a really good story that needed to be told. But I plan to continue writing stories just not of real people anymore, but definitely inspired by them. I plan to finish this fic by the end of the year hopefully, and be rid of it. I want my sanity back.  :panic: LoL But I also want you guys that are still here to keep me accountable and help me stay motivated so I can get this done.

BTW, it's my "April no Aho" (or "The April Fools") fic. I would link it but I don't want you to read back on it, the majority of it is gonna get a total makeover. 

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Re: Fanfics Review / General Discussion Thread
« Reply #1682 on: September 13, 2018, 01:38:14 AM »
Oh goodness, you were one of the first or second gen authors!

20th Anniversary seems to be the magical reunion number eh? Haha

I def remember reading your stuff! I look forward to seeing this... 10+ year growth! Goodness time flies lolll

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Re: Fanfics Review / General Discussion Thread
« Reply #1683 on: September 14, 2018, 05:21:19 PM »
OMG, I saw the 20th Anniversary reunion and I suddenly had the urge to read old fanfiction, and looking around I found this threat, so hi everyone!!

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