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Author Topic: Morning Battle: Everyone Dies. Even Miki [COMPLETE]  (Read 9147 times)

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Morning Battle: Everyone Dies. Even Miki [COMPLETE]
« Reply #20 on: July 01, 2005, 07:21:34 AM »
Haha, don't I at least get points for not killing her off in the first five minutes? I waited until CHAPTER TEN, MAN! Do you know how hard that was? I planned for her to be the one to accidentally off Yossi from the very beginning so the only reason she survived so long was to be a plot device. XD

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Morning Battle: Everyone Dies. Even Miki [COMPLETE]
« Reply #21 on: July 01, 2005, 08:45:21 AM »
I just read what you got so far and that is some good writing. It's a little sad but it's mostly funny, I found myself laughing as I was reading it, but I really expected Tsuji to be more of a survivor, and Yoshizawa one of the lasts to go.

What movie is this based on? Is it Foreign? just wondering.

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Morning Battle: Everyone Dies. Even Miki [COMPLETE]
« Reply #22 on: July 01, 2005, 08:47:58 AM »
It's based on the movie Battle Royale. XD It's a Japanese movie about this class of schoolkids who end up on a deserted island and forced to kill each other off until one is left.

There's a sequel as well, but it's not as good.

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Morning Battle: Everyone Dies. Even Miki [COMPLETE]
« Reply #23 on: July 01, 2005, 09:03:32 AM »
thanks for the fic, kdlite!
H!P and battle royale make quite a click.

ogawa as a killer is so.... :?
takahashi is horrid!!!  why makes you takahashi has to being so much horrrrrid?! lol!
I thought Rika would survive for longer... after all, she's probably the biggest Battle Royale fangirl in H!P.....  but there went Yossi


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Morning Battle: Everyone Dies. Even Miki [COMPLETE]
« Reply #24 on: July 01, 2005, 09:27:10 AM »
Haha bot, it was hard trying to decide who turned evil really quickly and who tried to resist as long as they could. Miki obviously was in from the beginning. Makoto lost it and turned paranoid after she thought Rika killed Yossi - she panicked and  shot Rika before she even realized she'd been telling the truth. She's definitely turning into a darker character... hopefully things will start to look up for her.  :cry:

As for Yossi and Rika, I wanted them to die fairly close together to emphasise the fact that they've been with each other from the start, and even though Yossi promised to protect her, in the end it wasn't enough and they both got killed. It'll all make sense soon enough, don't worry. XD

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Morning Battle: Everyone Dies. Even Miki [COMPLETE]
« Reply #25 on: July 01, 2005, 06:48:03 PM »
I never would have guessed it unless I had seen it. I was thinking maybe "Lord of the Flies" or "Runningman". Anyway this movie looks like it might be good I hope they have it on DVD with english subs.

Damn I just looked it up on my DVD stores and they don't have it.

Okay Tower Records has it! Not a pretty price, but it will do. It's not the first time I paid that much for a movie, I bought "The Paradine Case" for $45.00 but it was worth it.

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Morning Battle: Everyone Dies. Even Miki [COMPLETE]
« Reply #26 on: July 01, 2005, 07:01:33 PM »
Haha yeah there's a UK release of it with subs but it has yet to be distributed in the US. You can sometimes find it on torrent as well.

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Morning Battle: Everyone Dies. Even Miki [COMPLETE]
« Reply #27 on: July 02, 2005, 12:33:28 AM »
---Chapter 12---

Eri, Sayumi and Maki trudged slowly along another winding road, the sun blazing down on them. Sayu was struggling to carry her heavy supply bag, but Maki pointed out that if she left it behind, someone would find it and know they had been there. The only option was to keep moving, as hard as it was.

They had left the safety of their shelter earlier that morning, after a restless night. They had alternated keeping watch over the road, but nobody had passed. When dawn broke, Eri suggested they keep moving. Time was running out.

"Hey, Sayu..." Eri said, taking her friend's arm and pointing just ahead of them at a low outcrop of rock. Something was blowing in the breeze, and as the two girls and Maki crept closer, they realized it was smoke.

Sayumi wanted to investigate, but Eri and Maki held her back.

"We don't know who's down there," Maki whispered. "For all we know they're already gone."

Eri disagreed with the older girl, watching the smoke drift into the air thoughtfully. "They wouldn't exactly be covering their tracks if that were true." She slipped her hand into her pocket, checking to make sure her gun was still there. "Look, I'm armed. I'll go ahead and see who it is. They won't see me coming."

"Eri, no!" whimpered Sayumi, but Eri had already slipped past them and was silently creeping toward the edge of the rocky hill. Sayumi and Maki exchanged glances before following her.

Kamei dropped down onto the ground and began to crawl closer to the edge. The smell of smoke grew stronger, and she clicked the safety off of her gun before peering over the edge.

Beneath her sat Ayaya and Miki, both asleep. Miki's shoulder was wrapped up in a bloody rag, and her head was in Aya's lap. Her weapon was nowhere in sight. Eri backed silently away from the edge and turned to the girls behind her.

"It's Fujimoto and Matsuura-san. Miki's injured," she explained quietly. "They're asleep, but there's no way to get down there without making noise. I think we should just go for it and ambush them."

When neither Maki nor Sayu could think of an argument against that, Eri stood up and the three of them started moving down the hill. Rocks slipped from under their feet and slid down the slop, but they didn't stop. Eri was in the lead, keeping her gun training on the sleeping girls as they moved closer.

When they stepped onto solid ground again, they saw Miki stir in her sleep. Eri swallowed nervously but kept her gun level as she walked over to where Fujimoto was laying. With Maki and Sayu safely behind her, she kicked Miki swiftly in the leg to wake her up.

Miki groaned painfully as she sat up, her eyes widening slightly in surprise as she saw that she and Aya weren't alone, and that someone was pointing a gun right at her head.

"Kamei? What the hell are you doing?" she snapped, shaking Aya awake with one hand. "How'd you find us?"

Maki pushed past Eri and pointed at the dying fire. "Your fire gave you away.

Miki craned her neck to look back at the fire, swearing loudly as the movement tore at the wound on her shoulder. "Oh, fuck!" She turned back to face the three younger girls. "So what're you gonna do? Kill us?" Miki smirked triumphantly. "You don't have the guts to kill me, Kamei."

Without thinking, Eri straightened up and stodd, facing Fujimoto and Aya, who was still rubbing the sleep out of her eyes. "Maybe not, but this'll have to do." She swung the gun around to face Matsuura, closed her eyes and fired. The gun kicked in her hand and she almost dropped it. She heard Miki's enraged howl and her eyes flew open.

Someone slammed into her, and when her head stopped spinning she looked around and saw that Goto had pushed her out of the way to protect her. Miki was trying unsuccessfully to stand up, but the weight of Aya's body on top of her and the searing pain in her shoulder was making it impossible.

Eri caught Sayu's eye and looked down at the gun in her hand before handing it to Maki.

"I'm sorry, Matsuura-san," she whispered, as Maki and Sayumi rushed forward to restrain Fujimoto.

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Morning Battle: Everyone Dies. Even Miki [COMPLETE]
« Reply #28 on: July 02, 2005, 01:18:12 AM »
I just finished watching the movie, I took your advice and found a torrent, but now I really want to buy it.

It's uncanny the resemblance from the movie to how I imagine it in my mind as I was reading the story, almost scary how accurate my imagination is. Makes me appreciated my brain more since I imagine most of the girls naked all the time.

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Morning Battle: Everyone Dies. Even Miki [COMPLETE]
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---Chapter 13---

After waiting another hour for Ogawa and Takahashi to return, Konno and Risa decided that they had to go and find them. Risa was nervous about leaving the safety of their hiding spot, but Konno reminded her that they had work to do anyway.

They walked along in silence, all their senses on alert for signs of life that might lead them to their lost friends. They didn't find either girl among the bushes, but they did find someone else.

"Oh my God, Iida-san!" cried Risa, running over to her fallen senpai. "Who did this to you?" The smaller girl began to cry softly as she hugged the still body against her. "Kaori, please don't go..."

She felt Konno's hand on her shoulder as the other girl kneeled down beside her. "She's already dead," she said sadly, pointing to the arrows portruding from Kaorin's back. "Look." She carefully pushed Kaori's long hair out of the way and pointed to her collar, which was flashing green.

"What does that mean?" Niigaki sniffled.

Konno moved around behind Iida and examined the back of her collar for a moment. "The locking mechanism's come undone." There was a click and the two edges of the collar came apart in her hands, and she was able to pull it free of Kaori's neck. "I had a feeling it would."

Risa listened, confused. "I don't understand, Konkon..." Konno tucked the collar into her bag before holding up her own wrist, with the thick band around it.

"This thing monitors our heartrate, Tsunku told us yesterday. So if someone dies, that's how they know. So once the collar's exploded, it like... deactivates or something. I think that's what the green light means, because it let me take it off of her. I knew they were connected because when Tsunku-san... killed Reina..." Her voice caught and she took a deep breath before continuing. "After her collar exploded, the light turned green."

Risa still wasn't following Konno's line of logic as they sat there beside Kaori. "So... the only way we can take these things off is if... we're already dead."

Konno nodded, but in her eyes there was a glint of determination. "Yeah. But I'm working on something... we just have to wait until the next announcement to figure out who's left in the game." She looked sadly at Kaori one last time before getting up and slinging her bag over her shoulder again. "Come on, let's keep looking."

They didn't get far before they saw a familiar figure trudging along. Both of them hurried over to her. Makoto almost screamed when Konno grabbed her arm, but she managed to stifle it when she saw it was them.

"Makochan, where the hell have you been?" demanded Konno. "We've been worried sick!" Noticing Makoto's eyes red from crying and the blood smudged on her hands, Konno paled and took a step back. "What happened?!"

Makoto shook her head and pulled out the gun she'd taken from Rika - Takahashi's gun - and showed it to them. Her voice shook as she tried to explain why she had it. "Aichan shot Yossi. She was aiming for Rika but... Yoshizawa-san pushed Rika out of the way and took the bullet. Now they're all dead."

Risa and Konno both gaped at her in shock. Konno was the first one to regain control of her voice.

"Who... killed Aichan and Ishikawa-san, then?" she whispered.

Makoto took a deep breath, her voice wavering nervously. "I... I saw Rika with a gun. Then I saw Yossi... on the ground. Rika told me it was Aichan who did it - she tried to warn me - but I didn't believe her. I... I shot Ishikawa-san!" she confessed, ashamed. She couldn't bare to look up at them as she continued. "And then Aichan came back... she was looking for her gun... and I knew Rika had been telling the truth."

Risa's voice was frightened, her eyes wide in horror as she clung to Konno's hand. "So you killed her?"

Makoto nodded numbly. "I didn't know what to think!" Her voice rose, her eyes beginning to glaze over with unshed tears. "She killed Yossi!"

"But that was an accident!" Konno replied, her eyes narrowing in suspicion mixed with fear.

Ogawa began to cry as Konno and Risa simply stood there in disbelief. "I'm sorry! I didn't want to! But she killed my best friend! I couldn't just... stand there and let her get away with it! You have to believe me!"

When they didn't reply, she wiped her eyes and looked up to see their retreating backs as they ran away from her. A few seconds later they vanished behind the trees and she was alone again.

"I'm sorry!" she screamed to nobody in particular. "I'm sorry..." She sat down on the cold ground and hugged her knees to herself, rocking back and forth as she cried for her fallen friends, for herself and for those who had fallen by her own hand.

She didn't hear her killers until they were standing right in front of her. And then it was too late.

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Morning Battle: Everyone Dies. Even Miki [COMPLETE]
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This chapter is turning out to be so long that I'm splitting it into two chapters.

---Chapter 14---

"Make sure they're tight," Eri said to Sayu as the girl secured a length of rope around Miki's ankles. When she'd first opened her bag to find that her weapon was a length of strong rope, she hadn't been comforted in the slightest about her safety. She'd mostly relied on Eri to keep her safe with her gun. Now she was relieved that it had come in handy as she knotted it tightly.

"You're not gonna make it out of this alive," Miki snarled, kicking at Sayu in an attempt to scare her off. But Michishige simply doublechecked the knots before getting up and walking over to where Eri was pawing through Aya's supply bag. Maki was back with Miki, keeping a lookout for anyone who passed by.

"Find anything?" she asked as Eri lined up the three bottles of water beside the bag, followed by the folded up map and a loaf of bread.

Eri shook her head and upended the bag, shaking it. A small object fell out of it and onto the floor. Quickly looking over her shoulder to check that Miki hadn't noticed, Sayumi bent down and picked it up before showing it to Eri, their backs to Miki. It was a small glass vial about the size of Sayumi's thumb, and the liquid inside was perfectly clear.

"What is it?" whispered Sayumi, as she rolled it across her palm to read the label on the front of it. "I can't read it, it's too small."

Eri took it from her and held it up closer to one eye, squinting. Both eyes widened as she realized what it was.

"It's poison," she breathed. "I wonder if Miki even knew Aya had it..." She carefully slipped it into her pocket, not saying a word as she and Sayumi loaded the supplies back into Aya's bag.

There was a gunshot, and both of them whirled around. Erika and Yui were running down the road towards them. Erika had a gun, but Maki, who was right in their path, was unarmed.

"Here!" Eri shouted, tossing her gun at Maki, who grabbed it, cocked it and fired two shots at the approaching girls. One caught Erika in the leg, and she collapsed. The other hit Yui in the chest, and she went crashing down seconds later.

With a sigh of relief, Maki handed the gun back to Eri, who simply stared at her in shock.

"Why're you staring?" Maki asked. "Gotta survive somehow, y'know."

"I know," Eri replied, still thinking about how she'd shot Aya earlier. She turned to Sayumi. "I'll go get their stuff and see if there's anything usable. You stay here." Before Sayu could protest, she quickly jogged down the path to where Yui and Erika lay. Erika was still alive, but her knee was shattered and she appeared to be unconscious - Eri assumed the pain had caused her to pass out.

Both bags were surprising light, and a quick look in them revealed that the bottles of water were empty. There were however some scraps of bread left as well as an unopened carton of yogurt. She hoped it hadn't gone bad in the heat and quickly stowed them in her own bag, along with Erika's gun and the knife she found in Yui's hand. It was wet with fresh blood, and she fought back nausea as she wiped it off on Erika's shirt before taking it as well.

She headed back to rock overhang where Sayu was waiting, but no sooner had she stepped out of the trees that she heard Maki's voice calling to her.

"Kamei, behind you!"

"No, wait! It's us!" Kamei recognized Nacchi's voice and turned around to see Nacchi and Kei hurrying over toward her along with Koharu, who was on Kei's back. The smaller girl didn't look alive, the blood drained from her face. But as Kei and Nacchi grew nearer, she saw that her eyes were open and unfocused.

Kei was breathing heavily as she caught up with Eri, who looked warily at them for a moment. "It's okay, we're not looking for trouble. We just found Ogawa in the woods. Yui stabbed her, I'm almost positive because she got a blow in at Koharu earlier this morning. We've been running from her and Erika all morning."

Nacchi carefully helped Koharu off of Kei's back and picked her up in her arms. Eri could see the vicious stab wound on the small girl's side, and she bit her lip worriedly.

"Well, Maki shot both Erika and Yui earlier. We've got Miki with us but she's tied up and she's got a bad shoulder anyway so it's relatively safe... I'm not sure how much time we have left but we're all going over our game plan right now."

Nacchi and Kei both nodded and followed Eri down the path with Eri again, carefully handing Koharu down to Maki before climbing down the hill themselves.

"She's lost a lot of blood," Nacchi said as Maki lay Koharu down on the ground. "I'm not sure if she even knows what's going on anymore."

Kei shot a nervous look over at where Miki was tied up. "How'd you manage to get her under control?"

Miki scowled, overhearing her question. "They shot Aya, that's how. They're murderers, and they're no better than I am."

Everyone ignored her, and Kei sat down by the fire with Nacchi and Maki. Sayumi stayed with Koharu, covering the girl with her own sweatshirt to keep her warm. Eri gathered up all of the bottles of water and took them over to the group by the fire. Everyone gratefully took one and for a few minutes there was only silence.

Then a familiar bell began to ring.

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Morning Battle: Everyone Dies. Even Miki [COMPLETE]
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---Chapter 15---

" that means there are only eleven of you left. Oh, wait, make that ten - Erika Miyoshi finally left us. You have less then a day left to finish, so  do your best!"

While Maki, Nacchi, Kei and Koharu huddled by the fire to stay warm, Eri and Sayumi were putting the first stage of their plan into action. Using the bread and yogurt they'd accumulated from everyone's supplies, they split everything up into equal portions. Except for the yogurt. That would be for Miki, with the excuse that it would at least shut her up for five minutes.

With everyone's attention focused elsewhere, Eri pulled the top off of the container and emptied the contents of the vial of poison into it. Neither were sure how much was needed to kill, so Sayumi suggested they use everything just to be sure. Eri carefully sealed the carton of yogurt again before carrying it and the spoon along with the loaf of bread over to the fire.

Once everyone had started munching on the slightly-stale bread, Eri reached down beside her to where she'd set the carton of yogurt. To her horror, she saw it had gone missing. A quick scan of everyone's hands revealed that it had made its way over to where Maki was sitting.

Frantically, Eri caught Sayumi's eye and tried to signal her silently to the yogurt. But Sayu was chomping away hungrily at her bread and didn't notice. Kei picked up the yogurt and made a disgusted face.

"Ew, I hate yogurt. Who wants it?"

Unsurprisingly, Maki's eyes lit up. "I'll have it, Kei-chan!"

Sayu finally realized what was going on, and her eyes went wide as she watched Maki pull off the lid and attack the yogurt with her spoon.

She took a great big spoonful and swallowed. Eri and Sayu watched in horror. Nothing happened. Maybe there wasn't enough to effect someone, Eri thought hopefully, as Maki took another spoonful, wrinkling her nose slightly.

"This tastes kind of funky. I hope it didn't go bad," she said, but her hunger got the best of her and she continued to eat the tainted yogurt.

Panicked, Eri spoke up. "Gottsan, can I have some?" Maki nodded and leaned forward to hand Eri the half-empty carton, but at the last second she dropped it onto the ground and clutched at her throat.

Kei and Nacchi gasped and went to her side to help her.

"Maki, are you okay? What happened?"

Maki's eyes rolled back in her head as she started choking, her hands wrapped around her throat.

"She's choking!" Sayumi shouted, and everyone went into panic mode.

Maki's body began to convulse, and everyone watched fearfully as her expression changed from one of surprise to one of agony as her throat continued to close up.

"What the hell is happening?" Nacchi shrieked. "She was fine a minute ago!"

"It was the yogurt!" Kei cried, picking it up off of the ground. "It must have been bad!"

Nacchi shook her head as she shook Maki's shoulders. "Come on, damnit! Breathe!" Maki continued to gasp for air, her fingers digging into her neck and drawing blood.

"She's not gonna make it!" Sayumi screamed as Naccbi pounded on Maki's back in a vain attempt to help. Maki's entire body twitched and she pitched forward onto the ground, a deluge of blood pouring out of her mouth.

Nobody spoke as Nacchi checked Maki's pulse and then shook her head.

"She's dead."

Everyone began arguing again, their voices overlapping in confusion and fear.

"How could she just drop dead like that?"

"It was the yogurt!"

"Yogurt doesn't do that!"

"She was poisoned!" Kei declared. "That's the only explanation. Someone here poisoned it!" Everyone turned to look at Sayu and Eri. "You guys were in charge of the food!"

"It was an accident!" Sayumi defended herself before Eri could say anything. No sooner had the words come out of her mouth that everyone's weapons were drawn. Nacchi, who was closest to Sayumi, pointed her gun at her.

"Who were you trying to kill then, Michishige?" she demanded. "Me? Kei? Kamei?" When Sayu didn't answer, Nacchi fired and Sayu went down. Eri let out a scream of despair and began firing back. Her eyes were blurry with tears and her shots missed their mark time after time. There was another thunderous crack of a gun, and Nacchi fell to the ground beside Sayumi.

Kei rushed forward to check on Nacchi, while Eri turned slowly around in confusion. The gunshot had come from someone else. She turned around and saw that it was Asami, a deadly-looking gun in her hand still smoking slightly from the shot. Eri levelled her gun at her, but Asami turned her own gun on herself and pulled the trigger before Eri could get close enough.

"No!" she shouted as Asami went tumbling down the hill. Kei heard the shout and came running, but Eri's paranoia went skyhigh and she fired at Kei once, twice, a third time.

The number of bodies strewn over the camp was sickening. Aya, Maki, Nacchi, Kei, Sayu, Asami... The only sign of life was Miki glowering from her spot by the fire, and little Koharu wheezing faintly close by her. Eri sat down on the ground and sobbed quietly, taking Sayumi's hand in her own and squeezing it, desperately wishing she could bring her friend back so she wouldn't be alone.

On the other side of camp, Koharu Kusumi's eyes fluttered open. Someone had covered her with a jacket, but she was still freezing cold. She attempted to sit up but the pain was too great. She managed to raise herself up onto her elbows and got a better look. There were fallen members everywhere. She could make out Eri sitting amongst them, her loud sobs audible from even where Koharu lay.

Koharu noticed the gun next to her - someone had dropped it during the shootout, she guessed - and managed to pull it towards her without Eri or Miki noticing. She'd never used a gun before, but she had a good idea of how it was used. Aiming at Eri as best as she could, she squeezed the trigger and watched emotionlessly has the older girl slumped forward. Koharu lay back, exhausted, the pain in her side making breathing difficult. She knew she was going to die out in the wilderness before long.

"Koharu!" Miki whispered from her spot a few feet away. "Miracle girl! Are you awake?"

Koharu nodded weakly and tried to answer her, but no sound came out.

"Get over here and untie me," Fujimoto hissed. "Come on, you're my only way out of here." Koharu didn't answer, but made another attempt to sit up. She whimpered in pain and clutched at the gaping wound on her side, her own blood warming her fingers. It was getting harder to breathe. She shook her head at Fujimoto, looking helplessly at the older girl with frightened eyes.

Miki cursed under her breath as her only means of escape finally took her last breath of air and died.

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Morning Battle: Everyone Dies. Even Miki [COMPLETE]
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This is the last chapter before the epilogue. ;)

---Chapter 16---

Risa and Konno raced through the woods as fast as they could as soon as they heard the gunfire. They had to reach them before everyone was killed, or Konno's plan wouldn't work. As the shots rang out, they dodged through the thick bushes, tripping every so often over their own feet.

"Hurry up, we have to move faster!" Konno shouted, and Risa struggled to run faster. "Come on, Risa!" She put on a burst of speed and the two of them sprinted towards the entrance of the woods.

They arrived at the rock overhang in time to hear one last gunshot, and then silence. Afraid of what they'd find, they hesitated slightly before looking over edge. Konno gasped as she took in the gruesome scene, and beside her Risa let out her own cry of sadness.

"They're all dead..." Konno whispered, crushed. Her plan would fail. They'd have to kill each other, or wait until someone else came along. And the odds of that happening were slim, seeing as how everyone who had been alive for Tsunku's morning announcement was lying before them, dead. Except for Risa and Konno.

Konno scrambled down the face of the rock overhang, and heard Risa following her. "This happened just now... so many people dead... in just a few minutes," Risa said softly, and Konno put her arm around her. "I don't want to die, Konkon!"

Konno hugged Risa tightly, holding her protectively as they stood in the center of the slaughter. "Everyone's dead, Niinii. It's just us." Risa buried her head in Konno's shoulder and started to cry. Konno patted her back awkwardly for a moment before they were interrupted.

"Not quite," Miki drawled from over where she sat beside Koharu's body. "So it's just us girls now, huh?"

Konno and Risa jumped, startled, and pulled away from each other.

"Miki? You're... alive?" whispered Risa, aghast.

Fujimoto snorted and rolled her eyes. "Don't sound so disappointed, Niigaki. I'm screwed, just like the both of you."

While Risa started interrogating Miki about her past murders, Konno started going through her bag and pulling out the length of twisted wire that she'd been working on. Risa's voice grew faint as she slowly became absorbed in her work. Their discovery of Miki, still alive, could very well mean their rescue if her idea worked. She'd spent all of their free time - when they weren't running away from their gun-wielding friends - carefully extracting wires from the deactivated collars and wristbands, studying the connection between them closely. It was a long shot, but it was worth a try.

She gathered up the finished pieces and joined Risa and Miki again. Risa was pulling at the bandage on Miki's shoulder, and Fujimoto was grimacing in pain and trying to push her away with her bound hands.

"Risa, let go of her. We have to do this quickly..." Konno said quietly in Risa's ear. Niigaki obediently let go of Miki and sat down as close to Miki as she could.

Konno used one length of wire to attach the device on Risa's wrist to the locking mechanism on Miki's collar. She then did the same to her own device, wiring it to the band around Miki's neck.

"What exactly are you trying to pull?" Miki demanded, a touch of fear in her voice.

As Konno doublechecked the connections, she explained it as simply as she could. "The only way these collars will come off is if the heart monitors show that we're dead." She picked up one of the fallen guns and checked that it had bullets before sitting down on the other side of Miki, holding the gun in one hand and Risa's hand in the other, their hands connected across Miki's lap.

"Ready?" she asked Risa. She could feel Risa's hand shaking in her own, but Niigaki nodded bravely.

Konno aimed, shut her eyes tightly, and squeezed the trigger.

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Morning Battle: Everyone Dies. Even Miki [COMPLETE]
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If you want a mysterious ending, don't read the epilogue and make your own conclusions for what happened to Risa and Konno after they escaped the island. But for those of you who want a bit of closure, keep reading. ;)


When Risa opened her eyes, she was looking up at an unfamiliar cieling. As her eyes adjusted to the semidarkness and the rest of the room slid into focus, she found herself in a hospital room. Everything was white, and the sterile feeling of it made her feel uneasy.

She was wearing light blue flannel pajamas that didn't feel too different from her own back home, and there was an intraveneous needle taped to the back of her right hand. She was thankful she hadn't been awake for that part of her admittance into the hospital, due to her fear of needles. She looked around for a clock to check the time, but there was none in the room.

On the other side of the room was another bed, and Risa could make out Konno's sleeping form in it. She was in a similiar position as Risa with various tubes running to and from her arm. Risa called out her name softly, but there was no reply.

The door slid quietly open, and Risa closed her eyes again, pretending to be asleep as she heard footsteps enter the room and the door was shut softly behind them.

"Have they woken up yet?" It was Tsunku's voice, and Risa forced her expression to remain impassive so as not to give herself away.

"Not yet. They've been asleep since we brought them in." The other voice was female, but her tone was clipped and businesslike. Risa guessed from her voice that she was somehow involved with the military crew that had taken them off of the island.

She heard Tsunku sigh heavily. "This isn't good. We have two problems now instead of just one."

"You think they'll talk?"

"I have no doubt they will," Tsunku replied. "They've gone through hell in the last two days. They'll want answers."

"The press will get involved, Tsunku-san... I really don't think it's a good idea to let them leave the facility. And you'll have to think of an explanation to why Morning Musume suddenly vanished overnight."

"I know. I'll come up with something... another audition." The footsteps moved toward the other side of the room where Konno's bed was, and Risa opened one eye slightly long enough to see Tsunku and a woman in a sharp business suit standing beside Konno's bed.

"It's too bad they'd never go along with it," Tsunku said sadly. "They would have made a success as a duo. Now that W's gone..." He pulled something out of his pocket and unhooked the tube attached to Konno's arm. Risa watched in growing fear as he handed the woman a syringe, which she attached to the clamp on Konno's arm. "How long will it take?"

The woman slowly began to empty the syringe into the vein on Konno's arm. "Only about a minute. She won't feel a thing."

In her bed, Risa began to panic. Tsunku and the woman had their backs to her as they watched Konno, and for a moment she considered making a run for it. But she was still hooked up to the IV, and her legs felt like rubber from laying down all day long.

Across the room, Konno began to gasp for air. Tsunku and his female friend were instantly at her side again as the woman grabbed an oxygen mask from off of the steel counter on the wall.

"Something's wrong!" he hissed as Konno began to thrash in her bed. "You said it was supposed to be painless!"

The woman looked troubled as she covered Konno's mouth and nose with the mask. "It's supposed to be... but she's waking up. It's trying to shut her body down but she's fighting it!" She pulled the mask away and Konno continued to wheeze. The woman went to replace the mask, but Tsunku caught her wrist and stopped her.

Konno's breathing grew even more faint as her struggling slowly stopped. Unable to stand it anymore, Risa sat up in her bed and screamed for help.

"They're killing her! They're killing her!"

In seconds, they were trying to hold her down and restrain her as she continued to scream. She saw the woman pull out another syringe and her screaming got louder. Tsunku's grip was surprisingly strong as he pinned her arms down.

"I'm sorry, Risa-chan," he said as the needle slid into the vein and the deadly liquid began to course through her body. In seconds she could feel it beginning to take effect, weighing every inch of her down. It was like a big white pillow was pushing down on her face, covering her nose and her mouth as she helplessly gasped for air.

Her lungs started to burn, and spots danced behind her eyelids, but she still tried to fight it, her willpower eventually spiralling into submission as everything went black.

"Time of death, 11:06 PM," Tsunku said, letting go of the small girls limp arms. "Make sure it's recorded that it was because of natural causes."

The woman nodded and started toward the door. "Yes, of course. Shall I call their parents?"

Tsunku shook his head. "I'll do that later. They'll want a plausible explanation."

"And you think you can really give them one?" she asked him skeptically.

Tsunku smirked slightly, holding the door open for her. "I'm sure I'll think of something." The two of them left the room, the door quietly closing behind them.

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Morning Battle: Everyone Dies. Even Miki [COMPLETE]
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 :w00t: (just thought that a little more praise can't hurt =D )
Sweet dreams, Jab.  Love you forever.

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Morning Battle: Everyone Dies. Even Miki [COMPLETE]
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BRAVO!!! Well done! I like the fact that you had balls and spared NO ONE!! Slightly depressing though.... :cry:  Which just proves that it was well done.  :thumbsup  :thumbsup  :thumbsup

*I also notice the slight nod to Evangelion, nice touch!

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Morning Battle: Everyone Dies. Even Miki [COMPLETE]
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Damn~...that's all I can say...>_<

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Morning Battle: Everyone Dies. Even Miki [COMPLETE]
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:shock:  :shock:  :shock: holy fuck...... :shock:  :shock:  :shock:


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Morning Battle: Everyone Dies. Even Miki [COMPLETE]
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Morning Battle: Everyone Dies. Even Miki [COMPLETE]
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That is one of the best short-fiction stories I have read, it kept me glued to the screen for several minutes.

Thank you for sharing.


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