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Author Topic: Shitto no Kenri - Chapter 9 [Nogizaka46, multipairing] 25/01/2017  (Read 18636 times)

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Based on Shitto no Kenri pv
Lately i like Nogizaka so much so i try to make one fanfic..
Hope this's good.. :D


-Nishino Nanase-

Today is the first day of my high school life. Because of some problem in my house this morning i missed my bus and so i'm late for the ceremony. Running late and new place.. I'm lost in this big school. Since the ceremony is still going on, everyone must be in the hall so i can't ask anyone where to go.

"Oh god.. Where must i go? I'm sure i have followed this map." I looked around and find no one to asked.

"Looks like you're lost."

"Whaa!" And that's when suddenly a girl stand in front of me.

"Ow i'm sorry i surprised you. Nishino san right?" She looks at my nametag. "You must be a freshman since i never saw you before. Come on i'll lead you to the hall."

"Ah.." Before i can say anything she pulls me along the way.

Since i have no other choice i'm not resisting and just following her. I observe her face from behind. She has quite an ikemen face with her short hair. I'm sure she is the popular type girl. Moreover this is an all girl school.

Suddenly she looks back. I look down immediately. Oh god i get caught. When i look up again she still looking at me smiling. Abruptly i look down again.

"Alright we're almost arrive. You just need to turn right and see that door? That's where you go." Too lost in my own thought i don't realise we has arrived until she talks.

"You're not coming?"

"Ah finally i can hear your voice. You have a nice voice."
Why is she saying that all of a sudden? I can feel my face hot right now. She giggles. Somehow her giggle really is soothing.

"Ah right. You should go now. I don't like it there it's too boring, hearing too many speeches and stuff. That's why i'm running away in the first place."

"Wakatsuki!!" Suddenly someone is intrerupting from behind.

"Oh crap! Why it must be her out of anyone?"

Her name must be Wakatsuki then. I'll keep that in mind.

"Hai sensei. You're not inside?"

"That's what i want to ask you too. You're the vice president you have to be inside. And i find your chair empty."

"I can't bear the boredom sensei. Beside i don't need to do anything. Reika is the one who gives speech."

"But you're still the vice pres. And by the way why are you here?" Finally the teacher realises me here.

"She's lost sensei. Luckily because i skip the ceremony i find her." Wakatsuki senpai explains.

"That's not make you off from your detention for skipping the ceremony. Meet me after school today. You two can go in now."

She cover for me that's why sensei doesn't give me detention for coming late.

"Let's go Nishino san." Once again Wakatsuki senpai pulls me along her way.

"Thank you senpai." She say suddenly.

"What for? You shouldn't get detention on your first day right?"

-Wakatsuki Yumi-

"Ah man why must i attend the ceremony? I'm not a freshman anymore. Poor Reika she must give speech. It must be fun to skip the ceremony together." I walked around the hallway aimlessly. Then i see a girl across the hallway looking around confusedly.

"Ow what is she doing there? She doesn't look like escaping like me. Must be a lost freshman." I walk closer to the girl.

"Looks like you're lost."

"Whaa!" Her surprised reaction is cute. Her name is.. Nishino. She might be late to her class if i don't lead her to the hall now.

"Nishino san right? Come on i'll lead you to the hall." I grab her hand and pull her along the way.

She is surprised when i grabbed her hand but she doesn't say or do anything. She must be the quiet and obedient type.

I take a glance at her. She's looking at me. But she looks down immediately when our eyes meet. Maybe she is shy get caught looking at me. I still can see her face well though. So she is quiet, obedient and shy. She's cute.

Ah we're almost there. Why is it end so fast? I still want to be with her.

"Alright we're almost arrive. You just need to turn right and go in to that door." I don't want to go any further or else i will be caught.

"You're not coming?"

Her voice is really calming.

"Ah finally i can hear your voice. You have a nice voice." She's blushing. Without i realise it i giggled.

"You should go. It's too bored inside. I can't bear it."


Here we go.. Tanaka sensei catch me.

"You're not inside sensei?"

"That's what i want to ask you. You also has to be inside. You're the vice president."

"I can't bear the boredom sensei. Beside i don't need to do anything. Reika is the one who gives speech."

"But you're still the vice pres. And by the way why are you here?" Tanaka sensei ask Nishino san who is waiting quietly. She will get detention on her first day because she is late.

"She's lost sensei. Luckily because i skip the ceremony i find her."

"That's not make you off from your detention for skipping the ceremony. Meet me after school today." Okay distraction success. Tanaka sensei always easy to be distracted.

"You two can go in now."

"Let's go Nishino san." I grab her hand again before Tanaka sensei remember she must also give Nishino san detention for coming late.

"Thank you senpai." She say suddenly.

"What for? You shouldn't get detention on your first day right?"

-Shiraishi Mai-

"It's rare to see you come to my practice place Nanamin." I say after take a bath and see my bestfriend

"We won't meet if i don't come to see you. You practice with Wakatsuki everyday. I feel like i'm losing my bestfriend.." She is pouting.

I chuckled hear her complaining like this. It's rare to see a cool beauty like her complaining right?

"I'm an ace pitcher and she's a clean up hitter. Of course we should practice together. Are you by a chance, jealous? You have cute side too then."

"Oh shut up."

"Alright alright.. How about... I'll skip today practice. Let's go on a date today." I cling to her arm, giving her my puppy eyes.

"Your timing is bad. Sorry.. But i can't go today."

"Eehhh.. Why?"

"Remember when i said i'll be a tutor?"

"Ah.. Right.. For the 3rd year middle schooler right? Who is her name again? Hmm... Saito.. Asuka right?"

"Un.. Today is the first day. That's why i need to go to her house today."

"Our quality time will decrease a lot then."

"You're the first one who makes our time decrease a lot."

"Hahaha.. Gomen.. At least you must be proud to have an ace pitcher as you bestfriend."

I brag which get a smack from her.

"Oh stop that bragging up."

"Ah by the way.. If i heard your story before it seems like that kid is troublesome. She never study right?"

"Yeah that's why her mom worry she won't pass the exam."

"Wah that must be tough. What will you do?"

"Dunno.. But i'll manage it somehow. I don't think she will be that bad."

"Tell me when you can't bear that kid anymore okay?"

"Hahahaha.. Yeah thanks. Let's go the ceremony is about to start."

"You go first."

"You'll skipping this ceremony right?"

I laugh. "You're truly my bestfriend. You can come with me if you want."

"No thanks. I don't want to get in trouble."

"Geez i hate the honor student side of you."

"But you love the other sides of me. I'll go now. Be sure not to get caught."

"Okay okay.. See you at class."

"Alright now where should i go. Hmm.. Maybe i'll just sleep at my secret spot."

There's an empty space under a big tree near the softball field. That place is surrounded by bushes that's why not many students know that place. I accidentally found that place when i took the ball that thrown there. Since then i frequently go there. I don't even tell Nanamin about this place.

"Oh god.. Where must i go? I'm sure i have followed this map." I'm woken up hearing the voice. Doesn't everyone at the hall?

I peek at the source of the voice from between the bushes. I'm stunned by the girl. She looks so calm and her confused face is so funny. Without i know it i'm smiling, looking at her.

"Maybe i should help her." I'm about to get up when i see Waka comes. I see her grab that girl's hand and drag her along the way. The girl must be quite surprised when Waka grab her hand suddenly. Not just her confused face but her surprised face's also funny.

I chuckle. "Seems like she doesn't need my help anymore."

I wait until they've gone then i go back to lay down under the tree. I smile recalling her face somehow it can't get out from my head. I'll make sure to get to know her later.

-Hashimoto Nanami-

Alright 5.15 now i still have 45 minutes.

"Maiyan must be at the field, practicing again."

I go to the field and watch the practice. I see Maiyan at the center of the field on top of the mound. She's so cool standing there. We're bestfriend, we always together ever since we were born. I know i shouldn't ask for more. I'm the closest friend she's ever had. But what can i do if my heart ask for more? I don't know since when but when i realized it i see her more than just my bestfriend. I don't get any chance though. I don't mind it. Maybe?

"Alright i should go now or i won't have some time to buy some food."

I walk away from the field and head out to my tutoring place. Before that i go into the convenience store to buy some coffee and my favorite egg mayo sandwich.

I eat it right away. And when i'm about to drink my coffee...

"Sorry!" Suddenly some girl run and then bump onto me making my coffee spills on my uniform. Without even stopping she's apologize and keep running.

"Hey! Stop right there!"

I shout at her and finally she stops and walks nearing me a bit, just a little bit.

"I'm sorry okay? I'm in hurry now. I'll go first." Before i can say more she already run away again leaving me with messy uniform.

"What is that? She's so rude. Just wait when o see her again." I'm complaining while trying to clean up my uniform. But since it's coffee nothing i can do. The stain won't come off no matter what.

"Because of that kid i'm late on my first day and i'm in my ruined uniform too. What a bad day."


"This must be the house."

As i'm getting near the door i can hear drum's being played. Being drown in hearing the drum's sound i almost forget to ring the bell.

"Ah good evening Saito san. I'm really sorry for coming late. I got some accident on the way here." I apologize as soon as i meet my student's mom.

"Oh my god what happen to your cloth Hashimoto sensei? Let me get you some clean shirt."

"Ah you don't need to ma'am. I'm okay with this."

"No no no.. I'm insist. You won't be comfortable in that cloth."

"Okay.. Thank you very much then."

"Please come in first."

"Hai." I come in and wait for Saito san in the living room.

"Here's your cloth. You can change while i'll come bring Asuka here."

"Ah hai. Thank you once again." I bow and then go change.

After finish changing i quickly go out and wait. Then i can hear some noise, i think Saito san's argueing with her kid. But i can't hear what they're talking about.

"Sorry to keep you waiting sensei. This is your student, Asuka."

Saito san comes with a short and tiny girl behind her who follows her mom halfheartly. Wait a minute..

"Greet you teacher properly, Asuka."

"Saito Asuka desu.." She bows and when our eyes meet finally i can see her face clearly.

"Ah! You!" Instantly i can recognize the damn rude girl who ruined my uniform before.

"Oh crap..." She whispers to herself but i can hear her clearly.

"You two now each other?" Asuka's mom asks confusedly.

"We just met once before accidentally." I answer, not wanting to make a scene so i skip the bumping part.

"Oh is that so. That's good then if you two have met before. You can start your lesson sensei."

"Hai ma'am. I'll teach her properly." I emphasis the last part while making hole on that kid with my eyes.

"Why it must be her?" Asuka complains. "Let's go to my room."

"Won't you apologize properly to me first?"

"I've done it twice. Why do i need to do it so many times?"

"Because you didn't do that properly. You make me late on my first day you know."

"Since i'm your student i don't mind you're coming late. Beside i can help it because i'm in hurry."

"This kid..."

"Ah ah ah.. I'm sorry for bumping into you and ruin your uniform.. Let's start. You're here to teach me."

"Alright. First let me test you a little bit. Here solve this problems."

"Ehhh.. So sudden."

"Stop complaining. Quickly do this."

I think i was expecting too high. She can't even answer all these easy problems.

"Have you ever been studying?"

"I'm a student of course i study. These are just too hard."

"These are so easy you should be able to answer this all." I say in disbelive.

"Not everyone is as smart as you sensei."

"Okay okay.. Let me ask you. What rank are you on your last year exam?"

"Umm.. 283 if i'm not wrong." She answers casually.

"Eh?! From?"

"300? Oh no no 290." She answers casually again. Too casually actually.

"Good. You're way much more stupid than i've expected."

"Excuse me!!"

"It's okay. I've promised your mom to make you pass your exam. Okay you won't stop until you understand these problems."

-Saito Asuka-

"Tadaima!!" I shout as soon as i enter the front door.

"Okaeri Asuka. Get ready now. Your tutor will come in no time." My mom say from the kitchen. Maybe she is preparing the dinner.

"I'll be in my drum room mom." I tell her quickly and run straight to my favorite room.

Stupid me. What have i done. I shouldn't have talked like that. She must hate me now.

"Arghh! Whatever!" Don't want to dwell anymore in regrets i decide to just play my drum to clear my mind. This always become my best runaway whenever i have something in my mind. I finally can forget what had happen. But not long after that my mom comes in.

"Asuka.." My mom calls me from the door. I know it but i pretend to not realise it. I'm just not in the mood to meet that tutor.

"Asuka your tutor has come! Quickly go out meet her now." She comes nearing me.

I stop playing my drum, annoyed by my mom interruption. After i finally forget what happened before. Plus all this tutor things. She never gave me someone who can teach me well. She always gave me weird guys who is annoying.

"I've told you i don't need a tutor anymore mom. How many more times i must tell you? I don't want to be teached by some weird and nerd guys."

"And how many times i've told you to study properly if you don't want any tutor! You leave me no choice! You never study! Look at you grade! She is waiting. No more complaining go see her now!"

"Geez alright alright!" I can't stand her complaining anymore. I should go see my tutor now or she won't stop her complains until tomorrow.

I follow my mom to the living room, looking down, i don't even want to see how is my mom's choice of tutor. Who's to blame that she always chooses tutor that makes me don't want to study more.

"Greet your teacher properly, Asuka."

"Saito Asuka desu.." I bow halfheartly. Curiousity still win over me. I look up at the said tutor and..

"Ah! You!"

"Oh crap.." And she is the high school girl from before.

"You two now each other?" My mom asks. She's the last girl i want to meet now mom!

"We just met once before accidentally."

"Oh is that so. That's good then if you two have met before. You can start your lesson sensei."

"Hai ma'am. I'll teach her properly." Alright now i'm sure she really hate me now.

"Why it must be her? Let's go to my room."

"Finally it's finished." I lay down on my bed, looking up at the ceiling. I can concentrate at her lesson.

Out of everyone why it must be her? I'm sure she's a really good student just by hearing her explaining the problems she gave me. My mom must be assign her to me because of that. But.. After i talked rudely to her like that how can i face her properly now. Although i didn't intend it to turn out like that.

Flashback few hours ago
Ah that's the Nogizaka high nee san. I have to make it this time. I have to think something so i can talk to her today.

I don't know her name nor her grade. I just know she attends the prestigious all girls Nogizaka high and she usually go to the convenience store on my way back home after school. I see her often and she takes my interest for quiet a long time but i never dare to talk to her. She's much older than me. It will be too weird.

"Ah i know what i must do." I run at her without much thinking. And now i know i'm so stupid. I didn't know her bringing coffee because i just saw her back. But she's from the convenience store. Of course she bought something. Aahhh stupid me.

Being a coward i am, i decide to run away instantly. "Sorry."

But of course she won't let me go just like that. "Hey! Stop right there!"

I stop and look back at her.

'I'm sorry. I didn't mean it.'

"I'm sorry okay? I'm in hurry now. I'll go first." What have i said?? She's taken aback by my words. Seeing that i decide to run away again. I'm not ready to hear what she might say next.

Seeing her surprised face she must be shock by how rude i am. She hate me now. Now i don't have any chance to get to know her. Why can't i talk honestly?


Thanks for reading.. :)
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Uwah! There's another N46 fanfic :D It's interesting author-san and I sense a ShiraishixNishino right here haha. I can't wait for the next update.  :twothumbs

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Hi Author-san, thanks for your nogi fic.
I've been waiting for more english nogi fic. (I'm still wondering, about the lot amount of vietnam fic of nogi out there)
I sense some waka x naachan x maiyan pairing here... (-__-)
How dare you to broke the wakarei pair??!! THEY'RE MY NUMBER #1 OTP
Anyway, sorry for my rage and rambling, but I can't help it since it is MY NUMBER #1 OTP and all.
I'm gonna wait for your next update then

PS: I kinda like your nanamin x asuka pair though , but still I'm more into #TeamWakarei... (^_^)
*Senpai Please Notice Me (TakaYui x Atsumina Fic) (on going)

*Kuroishi Jealosy (One Shoot)

*Nogizaka Girls High School Club Love Story (on going)


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more waka x nanase x maiyan, please~ :bow:

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Omg, akbcoupleshipper-san, thanks so much for this!
I'm a naachan oshi, so I love where this wakatsuki x nanase x maiyan fic is going. Keep up the good work :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Oh right, I really hope it's WakaRei and MaiNana. But whatever author-san's decision, I support.  :twothumbs

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Seems promising cant wait until the next chapter

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Seeing some comments make me really excited to update... Thanks everyone for reading and for the comments..  :D
@weirdasspotatoe: thanks for your support :) please continue reading this fic so you'll find out who's with who  :P
@@gee: i know.. And i'm so craving for nogi fic so here i am trying to make one.. I'm sorry for dissapointing you but it's not like Reika is no where to be seen here.. :D Wakarei is just too real to be ignored
@ttwm123: i'll keep that in mind  :thumbsup
@tigers parade: i like these three pairing too.. Although i'm more into Wakarei in the begining but WakaxNana just too cute together in Mukuchi na Lion right?
@XxRoByNxX78: thank you so much.. :)


"I'm going now."

Like usual Nanase went to her school alone.

"Good morning Maeda san." She would greet her neighbors along the way.

"Ah Nanase chan.. Morning. Have a good day at school."

"Thank you.."

"Morning Nanase chan." The other neighbor called her.

"Oh Ichiya san.. I'll come to help you again today."

"It's okay. You've helped me clean the store yesterday. You better have fun with some friends."

"Okay. Just call me when you need my help again."

"Yes i will. Take care at school."

"I'll get going now."

Before heading to the station she always stopped by the convenience store to buy breakfast. She would buy onigiri or sandwich. Anything would do for her. After that she would take a train to school. After 3 stops she went out and continued the walk.

She went straight to her class as soon as she arrived at school and sat on her seat at the back corner near the window. After that she read her novel quietly until the bell ringing. No one came to even greet her and she didn't being bother with that. She chose to be like that. It'd been like this for her every morning.

"Good morning Nishino san." A girl greet her suddenly. Too surprised by that she just nodded and continued her reading. She wasn't really accustomed by that kind of situation.

"What are you doing for Kazumin? She won't greet you back. She never talks." Kazumin or Takayama Kazumi went to her seat and her friends said that right away.

"Just leave her that girl alone. We went to the same middle school as her and she never has any friend and always alone. She just doesn't need any friend." The other friend said.

Nanase heard it but she pretended not hearing it.

"Eh that's impossible. No one doesn't need any friend."

"There's a rumor she acts that quiet and good girl like that at school but actually she's not that good girl. She always goes home really late."

"Oh right i heard that too. She always goes home pass midnight. Don't know what's with her parents."

"Don't you know? Her dad has affairs and so does her mom....."

They continued their gossip making Kazumi uncomfortable. She was sure Nanase could hear those bad talk about her.

Kazumi looked at Nanase who turned out secretly took a glance at her and her friends too. When their eyes met Nanase abruptly looked down at her novel again.

#ringgg... The bell went off indicating the first class would start soon.

Break time..
"Nishino san.. Do you want to join us?" Once again Kazumi tried to be friend with Nanase.

"What are you doing Kazumin. Like i said just leave her alone."

Hearing that Nanase chose not to interrupt them. Beside she didn't mind eating alone. She always ate alone anyway. She left the class holding her bento which she got from her neighbor this morning.

Rushing out from her class Nanase bumped someone and almost feel but the bumped girl caught her.

"Be careful Nishino san." It turned out to be Wakatsuki who was passing by to the canteen with Sakurai Reika, the president of student council also her bestfriend.

"Sorry." Nanase bowed then walked away.

"You know her?" Reika asked.

"We met once when i skip the ceremony i helped her to the hall. She was lost." Waka explained.

"See that? She must be do that purposely." One of Kazumi's friend said that.

"So she can talk with Wakatsuki senpai. Geez.. So cunning."

"Stop it guys. Let's just eat." Kazumi stopped her friends.

Nanase tried to find a quiet place to eat her bento. She tried to the rooftop but it turned out that was a popular place to eat so it was crowded like hell. So she backed off and after some time finally she found a quiet place near softball field. That was a nice place since she could eat her lunch quietly while watching some girls practicing softball on the field.

After finished her lunch Nanase killed some time by drawing. She always loved that. She was drowning really deep into her drawing when suddenly interrupted.

"Oww it's the first time i meet someone here."

Nanase closed her sketchbook abruptly. "So-sorry do i take your place?"

"Ah no no it's not like i own this place. It's just most likely no one know this place so i often go here when i want to be alone."

"Oh.. I should go then." Nanase packed her things.

"It's okay just continue what you're doing. I'm going to sleep here. I'm Shiraishi Mai by the way."

"O-okay." Nanase bowed.

Mai walked closer and then sat beside Nanase leaning to the tree behind her and then closed her eyes.

She observed the sleeping girl for a sec. She was so beautiful, a model look like. She must be popular. Nanase thought so.

Seeing the new girl was sleeping Nanase decided to continue her drawing. Since what she was drawing here she really want to finish it now.

After a while suddenly Mai spoke up.

"You must be a first year right? I saw you lost on your first day here and then Waka came help you."

Once again Nanase surprised and closed her book. "Ye-yes. You know Wakatsuki senpai?"

"Yeah she's my classmate. You're so funny standing there confused. Especially when Waka grabbed your hand your expression was amazing."

"Wh-what's so funny?" Nanase drank to calm herself down.

"You blushed." This sudden statement made Nanase choked.

"Hey hey hey.. Are you okay?" Mai gave her drink.

"I'm not wrong then. You really like her?" Mai smirked.

"Wh-what are you talking about. We just met once and she helped me. That's all."

"Hmm.. But your face says different. It's okay. It's like a tradition for first year to like Waka. She's always popular with girls since she's such a friendly ikemen."

Nanase blushed. "It's not like that."

Mai chuckled. "You really are so cute." Then ruffled Nanase's head.

"Stop it.." Nanase slaped Maiyan's hand.

Nanase started to reach her limit. Usually she always could maintain her emotion but Mai just really annoyed her too much.

"Let me see your drawing." Mai took Nanase's book and saw the content.

"Whoaa you're really are good. Hoo.. Isn't this Waka?"

"Stop it! Please give it back to me." Nanase finally could take back her book. Okay that's it. She really made Nanase over her limit.

"What's wrong with that? Your drawing really are good."

"You're no different than others. I hate you." Nanase shouted angrily and then ran away. Mai could see tears running out from her eyes which made her taken aback.

"I'm so stupid.. Why should i take a look at her drawing? I should have known she wouldn't like anyone to see it." Mai said frustrated.

Being in go-home club Nanase quickly packed her things and headed straight home.


"If you want to do something with your boyfriend do it outside of my house!"

"What?! You dare to say that to me when you're with her!!"

"This is my house so i can do anything i want. I'm the one who pays all the bills......"

Nanase went home after a not so good day at school only to hear another fight of her parents. She just didn't want to hear more so she went out again didn't bother to stop the fight.

It had been like this as far as she remember. It was once a happy family until one day her mother found out about her father affair. Since then it felt like hell for her. Her mom started to do the same thing like what her father did. And it ended up no one cared anymore with anything happened to her.

As usual if this fighting scene happened Nanase would walk around the town just letting her feet brought her anywhere. She wouldn't come home until pass midnight when her parents went out to you knew where.

Tired after walking around aimlessly she leaned at a bridge alone and just enjoyed the scenery there. She liked to go hear when she was feeling down.

"Hey hey isn't that Nishino Nanase? What is she doing there alone still in her uniform."

Nanase surprised when suddenly she heard her name being said. Turned out they were her classmate who usually talked bad about her.

"Ah right it's her. Isn't she not in any club? Impossible she's still outside because of club activities."

"Then is the rumor is true? Maybe she's waiting for some old man."

"Hiii.. Gross.."

Although she could hear that all clearly she pretended to not hear it nor she was willing to do anything about that. That would just make it worse.

"Nishino san.. Sorry for making you wait." Suddenly someone grabbed Nanase's hand.

"Wa-wakatsuki senpai."

"Just go along with me." Wakatsuki whispered.

"Let's go." She pulled Nanase, making sure the bully girls to see the scene. It's always so much fun to see their surprised expression.

After went away from the girls they stopped and sat together at some park.

"Thank you for your help senpai." Nanase bowed. "I'll go now."

"Wait.. Why don't you do anything? I know they always talk bad about you. Today at lunch too." Wakatsuki asked.

"That will just make it worse.."

"But they won't stop if you keep quiet. Beside i'm sure they're not talk the right things."

"It's always been like this. So it's okay. And actually not everything is wrong. They got some points right."

"You're going home late to meet some old man?"

"Of course no-"

"Right? You must have your own reason."

"....You know.. My parents never really at home. And if they are, they will always fighting. When that's happen i just can't stay at home."

"That.. Must be hard on you." Wakatsuki didn't know what to say.

"I've adapted to that kind of situation."

"It can't be. It must be still hard on you."

"...." Nanase looked down.

"You can watch our practice at the field before you come home."

Nanase looked up and saw Wakatsuki smiling at her.

"I.. I don't want to disturb the practice."

"A lot of girls watch the practice too. We can go somewhere together before you go home too."

"Thank you.. Senpai."

"Don't mind it."


I don't update regulary but i'll try to be more active updating..
Thanks for reading..

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Re: [Nogizaka46 fic] Shitto no Kenri (various pairing) Chapter 1
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poor nanamaru...
got bullied in talking way, but wakasama save her :oops:
misunderstanding between nanamaru and maiyan..
kazumin seems like attracted to nanamaru 8)
thanx 4 the update, & make it longer please (if you want, if you cant its ok :) )

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Re: [Nogizaka46 fic] Shitto no Kenri (various pairing) Chapter 1
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WOOOOO another update! so fast lol
Yes WakaxNana was so cute in Mukuchi na Lion :D
Please update soon!

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Re: [Nogizaka46 fic] Shitto no Kenri (various pairing) Chapter 1
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Uwah Waka-sama so cool and a playful maiyan  :twothumbs . Thank you for the update author-san haha. I do agree, WakaNana in Mukuchi na lion is rly cutee. But with Maiyan being around, it sounds like a competition kekekeke.

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Re: [Nogizaka46 fic] Shitto no Kenri (various pairing) Chapter 1
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Finally nogi fic on jphip!
Im waiting the 'jealous' reika and maiyan. I hope maiyan take any action to get close with nanase. I want nanamai!
And please put ikuchan on your fic, hehee
I love her
Thanks for your update,
Update soon!

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Re: [Nogizaka46 fic] Shitto no Kenri (various pairing) Chapter 1
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update please
im waiting for maiyan, wakasama & kazumin(?) to fight over nanamaru

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Re: [Nogizaka46 fic] Shitto no Kenri (various pairing) Chapter 1
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huwaaa... finally nogi fic in jphip.. it's very exciting. i want nanamai.... coz they look so cute when together... i really waiting reika jealous to waka-sama that attract nanase...
please update again author. pleaseee :thumbup :) :cow:

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Re: [Nogizaka46 fic] Shitto no Kenri (various pairing) Chapter 2
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@ttwm123: since i make this on my phone i didn't realise it's this short :D i make the next chapters longer although i don't know if this is long enough.. thanks for the advice :)
@tigers parade: you know it's like new thing excitement..  :lol: I know right.. And knowing Naachan kissed Waka on her 20th birthday makes it more cute..
@weirdasspotatoe: sometimes waka really looks cool especially with short hair and maiyan, behind her god like beauty she quite playful too, i just found this out (from the video when maiyan kissed the sleeping ikoma, that's funny) let's see who's gonna win..  :P
@shanju: i'll think about putting ikuchan in this but i can't promise you :D
@zurukun13: there's gonna be a lot of reika's jealousy...  :P

Thanks for the comments guys!!
Here's the update!! Enjoy!!


Ever since Nanami being a tutor she would fetch Asuka from her school and walked together to her house. If she's not Asuka would run away somewhere.

Although Nanami didn't want to do this but it's her job to make sure her student study right? And this was part of that.

Like usual Nanami would stand at the gate and waited there. Every students who walked home would stared at her wondering what was she a high schooler doing there and of course that always made her uncomfortable.

Today was not an exception. She could feel the stares on her. This already annoyed her plus Asuka made her wait longer than usual.

She looked at her watch. "Where the hell is she?" Nanami looked at the school but still couldn't find her student.

After some time finally Nanami could she her. "Sensei."

"What took you so long? Everyone was looking at me. That's annoying."

"Sorry i got a detention. I couldn't tell you because we're not allowed to use our phones in detention room."

"What did you do?"

"Eehh.. Skipping some classes?" Asuka answered carefully. She knew will coming next.

"What?! With that kind of grade you still dare to skip classes? Oh god."

"My friends who's lower than me also skipping with me. Beside that's not my fault. I can help it since the classes are too boring."

"That's not an excuse. You have to be in class listening. That's your job as a student."

"You can say that easily cause you're the top student. We're different. Just let's go already. I don't want to hear you complaining anymore."

"What was that?? I can't understand you. You won't get to any high school if this's keep going on."

"Hmm.." Asuka walked first which Nanami followed.

"Hey where do you go? Your home is this way." Nanami asked.

"Let's study outside today okay? The detention drain my energy out. Please?" Asuka pleaded.

"No.. You're gonna lose your focus more easily."

"I won't. I promise you. Okay??" Asuka gave her teacher her irresistable puppy eyes.

"Alright.. But remember your promise."

"Okay. Let's go to that cafe. I want a chocolate cake."

#sigh "She really tires me physically and mentally."

"So this is how you solve this kind of problems. Do you understand?" Nanami finished her explaination.

"Wow sensei.. I never thought that problems are easy. You're really good at explaining sensei."

"Sweet talk never works on me." Nanami looked away.

"Ooo are you blushing?" Asuka teased.

"What? No.. Let's just move to another subject." Nanami took another book to hide her happy face.

Asuka shrugged. "Oh before that I need to go to the restroom. Wait a minute."

"Okay. Quickly."

Asuka walked to the restroom.

#ring ring
"Ashu.. Let's meet today."

"I can't Kiichan. My tutor will mad at me if i ask her i wanna skip today lesson."

"Who tell you to ask for permission? Just run away."

"Are you crazy?? What if she catch me?"

"Then don't be caught."

"Tomorrow we'll go okay?"

"No.. Ever since you've got tutor it's been like years since we last go together. Just get out from there. I'll wait for you at our usual place."

"Wait Kiichan.." Kitano Hinako already hung up the phone.

"God. That kid really put me in trouble. But i really want to go too."

In the end Asuka followed what her friend told her. "Trying won't be that bad."

She took a round way and walked out from the cafe. Without looking back at where Nanami was she went straight to the door.

"Look's like someone is going somewhere." Suddenly someone grabbed the back of her collar.

"Ha-hashimoto sensei.."

"Where are you going Asuka chan?"

"What do you mean? Of course i'm not going anywhere. Just looking for fresh air."

"Really? No wonder you ask to study outside today."

"Please let me pass today sensei. We study almost everyday."

"Not a chance.. You need to catch up the lesson."

"But it has been a while since the last time i go out with my friend."

"Then you better catch up quickly so you can go sooner."

"You're too strict."

"Let's go to your home now." Nanami dragged Asuka home.

"I hate you!"

"Yeah tell your mom not me. I'm just doing my job."

"You'll regret this."

"Study and get better score before you say that. You'll study longer tonight."

"I can walk alone." Asuka yanked Nanami's hand.

"Alright.." Nanami handed up. "Just make sure you're not running away again."

"I'm not okay?" Asuka crossed her hands and walked ahead.

"That troublesome kid.." Nanami whispered. "Wait up kid."

"I'm not a kid anymore."

"Yes yes.. Grumpy kid.." Nanami teased.

"Geez.. Stop it already." Nanami just chuckled at how childish her student could be.

Next day..
"Hey Nanamin.. You must eat something.. Don't sleep like a lifeless body." Mai tapped her bestfriend, Hashimoto Nanami who was lying down on the desk beside her. She ate her bento while nudging her friend who still haven't touch her bento.

"I don't need food now Maiyan. I just need sleep."

"You have been sleeping since the first class."

"She makes me dying Mai. How can she doesn't know anything what she's learning at school." Nanami complained still lying on her desk.

"Who? Your student?" Nanami just nodded.

"She can't even do 7 times table." She added frustrated.

"Ehh? That bad? Although my grade is also in the bottom hell i still can do that."

Finally Nanami got up and opened her bento. Thus Mai moved with her bento to the desk in front of her.

"I'm tired not just physically but mostly mentally. Have i told you how bad is her grade?"

"Let me guess. How many students are there?"


"Then 200?"

"It's too good if that's true.. 283.." Nanami answered frustrated.

"What??! Worst 10? Eh but although i'm 179 it's because our grade just have 190 students. Almost worst 10 like her."

"Eh? 179?! Why haven't i heard that? You're that stupid?!"

"Mou Nanamin.. You always just check the left side which where you're belong."

"I never go that far because i never thought you will go that far."

"Geez you're so mean." Mai pouted which got a giggle from Nanami.

"But if she is too hard for you why don't you just quit?"

"I need thi-"

"Watch where you're walking Nishino."

Suddenly a girl fell down in front of Mai and Nanami class. Some girls surrounded her and mocking her. Seems like one of them tripped the girl who was now collecting her stuffs.

"Don't think you can get away from us. Your Waka sama is not here to help you now."

"But why the hell Waka sama must help a loner like you? Why the hell she know you?"

Mai walked outside quickly. "Maiyan stop it. Don't interfere." Nanami called her friend, tried to stop her.

"Oh come on guys. Can't you do this somewhere else? I'm enjoying my lunch there." Mai pointed at her desk.

The girls surprised at the sudden interruption. "We-we're sorry Shiraishi senpai. We don't know you're there."

"Just go already." Mai shooed the girls.

"Excuse us senpai." All the girls walked away more like running actually.

"Are you okay Nanase chan?" Mai gave her hand to help Nanase up.

Nanase didn't bother to take Mai's hand and got up by herself.

"Thanks for your help." She bowed and then quickly left Mai.

"She's still mad at me." Mai went back to her class.

"You're so cool senpai." Nanami teased.

"Oh shut up.." Mai sat back to her seat.

"So.. You know Nishino Nanase?"

"Hmm? Ehm.. We met once and i kind of making her mad." Mai explained.

"No wonder she looked like really surprised when she saw you. What did you do?"

"It's nothing that bad but it must be really bad for her."

"Just how bad is that?"

"Nah you don't need to know.. But how do you know her by the way?" Mai realised.

"I just heard some rumor she's being bullied in her class."

"What! Really? Woo we get a gossip girl here."

"Sorry but as a council member of course i know a lot of things."

"Yeah really amazing miss secretary."

"Do you want to know or not?"


"From what i heard she never talks so she doesn't have any friend. That type of girl's always been an easy target for bully right?"

"I've thought so. No wonder she ate alone the other day. She needs to defend herself or they'll keep bullying her."

"You're right. But you seem really interested in her." Nanami asked suspiciously.

"Really? I.. Ju-just don't like this kind of stuff. You know ganging up against a quiet girl like that."

Nanami looked more deeper that made Mai more pressured.

"It's not like i like her or what okay?" Mai shrugged it off.

"You like her."

"No! It's not like that."

"Oh sure."

"I mean it. She just.. Kind of interesting."

Seeing how Mai reacted Nanami knew she had something for that Nishino Nanase. What she would never know was how this would change their relationship from now on.

"Ju-just drop the topic. Want to hang out after school?" Mai tried to change the subject.

"Sure.. I don't have tutoring schedule today. Don't you have practice today?"

"Just private practice with Waka. I'll just tell her later. It's been forever since we last hang out together."

"That's true. We haven't gone together ever since this semester start." Nanami tried to remember.


After school..
"So ready for our date?" Mai came closer to Nanami's seat.

"So your reason for canceling our practice is a date with your Nanamin?" Wakatsuki who was next to Nanami butted in.

Hearing words 'your Nanamin' made Nanami blushed. That sounded wrong. Wrong when you had a thing with the other girl.

"Of course. It's been so long since our last date." Mai clung her hand on Nanami. She tried hard to calm down now.

"Right Nanamin?" Nanami just smiled back bitterly.

"Waka!" Another girl suddenly called.

"There she is my date." Wakatsuki went out from the class. "Let's go now Reika." And she dragged Reika away.

"Huh? What what? I've just got here."

"Just let's go. Leave the annoying couple there alone."

"Wait Waka.. Bye Maiyan, bye Nanamin." Reika waved at the two while being dragged.

"Poor Reika. That insensitive Waka will never realise Reika's feeling. She's that obvious but Waka  never realise it." Maiyan said looking at the pair.

"That goes the same as you."

"Huh? Did you say something?" Mai heard Nanami said something.

"Nothing. Let's go now." Nanami dragged Mai away.

"Want some ice cream?" Mai asked pointed at a parlour beside them.

"I want Vanilla."

"Still that flavour? Don't you sick of it?"

"Vanilla is the best."

"One vanilla in cone and one chocolate in cone please." Mai ordered.

"You still like chocolate flavour too."

"Not always.. I'm just in the mood."

"Here you go ladies.." The shop keeper gave them the ice creams.

"Thanks." They went out from the parlour.

"So what are we gonna doing now?" Nanami asked Mai then ready to taste her favorite ice cream when..

"Oh my god! My ice cream!!" It was dropped on the paving because someone bumped her. Luckily it didn't get to her uniform.

"I'm sorry. I didn't see my way. Sorry.." A girl who bowed continuedly. "I'll get you another.. One? Sensei?"

"Asuka? Why must we meet when we don't even have lessons?" Nanami surprised to meet her student.

"I don't want to meet you too. Geez." It hurt Asuka a little when she found that Nanami didn't really like meeting her.

"And what with our meeting always end up with you bumping into me?" Nanami complained.

"Like i know."

"Oh right Mai. This is Asuka chan, my student."

Asuka wouldn't realised that Nanami wasn't alone if she didn't introduce her.

"Hey Asuka chan i'm Shiraishi Mai." Mai greet Asuka.

Asuka bowed. "I'm Saito Asuka." She didn't like how beautiful Mai was. It was like she felt intimidated? But why?

"You're alone?" Nanami asked.

"No. I'm searching for mu friend."

"Ashuunn!! I'm sorry to make you wait!" Suddenly a girl butted in.

"Where the hell are you going Kiichan? You're late." Asuka complained.

"Sorry. My mom didn't let me out before i finished my homework."

Finally Hinako realised the other company. "Oh i don't realise you're with someone else." She looked at Nanami and Mai.

"She is my tutor, Hashimoto Nanami sensei and her friend Shiraishi Mai san."

"I'm Kitano Hinako, Ashu's friend."

"You guys are going somewhere?" Mai asked.

"Hmm we're going to the cinema."

"Really? Let's go together!" Mai said excitedly.

"Maiyan i don't think this is a good idea." Nanami whispered.

"No it's okay. We can go together." Asuka said. She didn't know what made her to say so.

"What are we gonna watch Asuka chan?" Mai asked.

"Everything is okay. As long as it's not scary movies." Asuka said.

"You also hate them?" Asuka nodded.

"Me too. But that sadist Nanamin always dragged me to watch them."

"That must be really hard on you Shiraishi san."

"Yeah.. I don't know anything and just end up in there. By the way.. Just call me Maiyan."

"Eh? Umm.. Then Maiyan san?"

"That's better."

Nanami and Hinako didn't say anything ever since they came together. Looked like they're on the same boat. They wished this was a date just for the two of them.

"Alright let's go." Mai said excitedly.

"Why did you agree joining with them? It should be our quality time." Hinako asked.

"The more the merrier?" Asuka didn't know what she must say.

"You don't like to go with them?" Mai asked behind the two middle schoolers.

"It's not like that." Nanami walked ahead and sat in the middle. This made Maiyan have no other choice but to sit on the side which she hated.

In the end the seating order was Mai-Nanami-Asuka-Hinako.

While the movie was on going, Nanami and Mai really enjoying the time together, sharing popcorn and drink, and sometimes talked to each other also laughing at funny scenes too.

Meanwhile Asuka couldn't enjoy it at all. She couldn't focus at the movie. She kept looking at her side.

'Sensei and Shiraishi san look really close. Are they a couple? Just what am i thinking?"

Actually not just Asuka who couldn't enjoying the show. Turned out Hinako also kept staring at Asuka who couldn't stop glancing at her tutor.

"Although i'd waited for this day but what all Ashu does just keep glancing at her tutor. Something is going on with Asuka and her tutor." Hinako observed her friend and pouted.


Thanks for reading and the comments everyone... :D

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Re: [Nogizaka46 fic] Shitto no Kenri (various pairing) Chapter 2
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clueless wakasama & maiyan
nanamin, you ARE clueless too

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Re: [Nogizaka46 fic] Shitto no Kenri (various pairing) Chapter 2
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clueless wakasama & maiyan
nanamin, you ARE clueless too
i want to see more wakasama x nanamaru x maiyan

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Re: [Nogizaka46 fic] Shitto no Kenri (various pairing) Chapter 2
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Two--No, three oblivious girls and their partners haha. Now that's just sad  :lol: . Ahh Nanase still mad at Maiyan, i hope they reconciled. And Nanamin's unrequited feelings  :( . Thank you for the update author-san  :twothumbs

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Re: [Nogizaka46 fic] Shitto no Kenri (various pairing) Chapter 3
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Finally update :D
@ttwm123: everyone is clueless just like in the pv hahahaha
@weirdasspotatoe: they will reconcile soon..

Thank for reading and the comments.. :)


"Aahh i'm so full." Mai strected happily. She walked together with Nanami going back to their class from the cafetaria.

"You ate too much Maiyan. The coach would scold you if he saw that." Nanami shook her head.

"He won't know. Beside i need energy for today practice. I won't let Waka hit my fastball again today."

"You two childish girls. I never imagine how can you two become the best player in team."

"Mou.. So mean.. And fyi i'm the best, Waka's second." Mai complained.

"Who talked bad about me?" Wakatsuki butted in, clung her hands between Mai and Nanami.

"She said we're childish Waka.." Mai complained to her team mate.

"What?! Reika please scold Nanamin.. She's mean to me." Waka looked back, asked for help.

"She just said the truth." Reika said from behind.

"See? Even your partner says that."

"Eee even though you're my partner."

Mai was just laughing at the two girls who claimed to be partner.

"Oh right Mai the coach said he wanted to meet us."

"For the next match?"

"Time for me to retreat." Nanami walked away from the two and walked with Reika behind them.

"I wish i can play softball so i can talk with Waka like Maiyan does." Suddenly Reika said.

"Why do you need that? You two always together and seem really close for me."

"Yeah too close until she will never see me that way."

"Friendzone?" Nanami chuckled.

"We're on the same boat Hashimoto san." Reika patted Nanami's shoulder.

Right away Nanami looked at her side really fast, too fast actually. "How do you know?"

"I'll ask you back. Who doesn't know?"

"Maiyan.." Nanami answered.

"Those two really too dumb to know that kind of things."

"But lately Mai looks like she's interested in a first year girl."

"You better confess to her real soon before she's taken."

"We're the same so you will understand. With people like those two it is possible for us to be more than friend right?" Nanami asked.

"There's always a chance."


"Nanamin, Reika what are you two talking about?" Mai asked.

"Secret." Nanami and Reika answered in unison.

"Geez.." Wakatsuki complained.

"I'll go back to my class now." Reika who was not in the same class as the other three said good bye."

"Let's meet after school Reika." Waka shouted.


"Let's go guys.. We'll be late." Nanami dragged the other two to their class.

Like usual Nanase didn't have any activities after the school ended. But not like before she decided to go see the softball practice like Wakatsuki told her. Beside she didn't want to go home and saw their parents arguing or with someone she didn't even know.

When she got there she was quite surprised by how crowded the field was. Nanase searched for a quieter spot where she could see the practice well.

Like in any other manga Nanase had read bunches of girls screaming crazily at the team members. Of course every team had the most popular members with most fans.

And it turned out to be Wakatsuki Yumi, the third base and clean up hitter. It was Wakatsuki's turn to hit the ball and so the girls scream more wildly than usual.

"Bring it on!" Wakatsuki yelled.

The pitcher threw a really hard ball to hit. But being the clean up hitter of the team, of course this kind of ball was not a problem for her. She hit right to the home run area. Instantly the crowds became much more noisy.

"Waaaa Waka sama!! You're so cool."

"Please let me be your girlfriend!"

Wakatsuki waved at the girls who just screamed.

Nanase smiled at the scene. She loved to find out that the senpai she secretly liked was the most popular member.

This scene made her got an inspiration to make a new portrait. She moved farther from the crowds and then sat down and started drawing Wakatsuki on the field. She really enjoyed this kind of moments when she could draw quietly what she liked.

But this enjoyable moment stopped immediately when the break time started. Wakatsuki and the other team members walked to the bench to get their water and towel. Nanase'd just realised that there's a girl who was absolutely not part of the team nor the manager waiting at the bench and then approached Wakatsuki, giving her towel and water.

"Oww Waka sama and Sakurai san really is the best pair in this school." Nanase heard one of the fans said.

'Oh right that's Sakurai Reika, the council president.' Nanase thought.

"Some say that the two are dating for real."

"Really? I really wish it's really happen."

'So they are a popular pairing of this school.'

The fans continued to gossip. The more Nanase listening, the more her heart hurting. So it was absolutely a one side love for her. Of course a popular girl like Wakatsuki would already has someone.

The practice had started again. This time there was another bunch of girls went wild when a girl got on the mound. Looked like there were two big fansclubs here.

Not long after Nanase realised something. The girl on the mound seemed familiar for her.

"Shiraishi senpai!! You're way cooler than Wakatsuki senpai!" The fans screamed.

"No! Waka sama is cooler. She can hit any ball."

"Yeah! But she stil can't hit Shiraishi san fast ball."

"But she's the clean up hitter!"

"And she's the ace pitcher!"

And there it was the fight of two biggest fansclubs of the softball team.

"She is also part of the softball team? I never thought she is that good too." Nanase looked at Mai couldn't believe what she just saw.

"Don't disturb the practice! If you want to fight do it somewhere else!" The coach scolded, made the girls shut up.

"Calm down guys! Today i'll hit her fast ball for sure!" Wakatsuki shouted at her fans.

"Please hit it Waka sama! Make those girls shut up!"

"We're just saying the truth! She still can't hit Shiraishi san fast ball!"

"I'll ban you all from this field if you can't be quiet!"

"Here's come the fight." Mai looked away from the scene. She waited for the coach to finish the scolding. And there she saw a girl stood far away from the fighting girls.

"Wow.. That's Nanase chan."

Before Mai could call Nanase, Wakatsuki already did so and went to where Nanase was. "Heeyyy! Nishino san!"

This made everyone stopped and now looking at Nanase suspiciously.

"Who is that girl? How can Waka sama know her?"

"Is she a first year?"

"Oh right she's in my class. She's the always quiet girl right?"

The fans started to whisper to each other.

"You really come.." Wakatsuki said when she came near Nanase.

"Ye-yes. I don't have anything to do so i come.. I had no idea you're more popular than i thought." Nanase answered, feeling everyone eyes looking at her. Most of them were hateful glare.

Mai sighed looking at the two girls. "Why am i always one step behind Waka?"

She then saw all the eyes were at the two girls and she knew this was not good.

"Wakatsuki!! Come back here you moron! Get out from this field if you want to chit chat with your friend!" The coach shouted.

"I'm coming!" Waka shouted back.

"I need to go back now. Thanks for coming Nishino san."

"Ye-yeah.. You really should go back now." Nanase still could feel everyone were watching her.


Nanase still could feel all the hatred glares for her. She couldn't take it anymore so she decided to go from there. Before she left Nanase tried to look at the girls just to witness they were still looking at her pissed.

"I shouldn't have come here." She talked to herself.

"Wakatsuki! Don't go around as you wish! Now continue the practice!"

"Okay coach!" Wakatsuki was getting ready to hit the ball when she noticed. "Coach!"

"What now?!" The hot tempered coach asked.

"Maiyan is gone now!" Wakatsuki pointed at the now empty mound.

"Shiraishi!!!" The coach yelled.

Little did they knew Mai already snuck out from the field before Wakatsuki went back to the field. She went after Nanase who was now going to the front gate.

"Nanase chan~" Mai tapped Nanase's shoulder made her surprised and threw the books on her hand.

"Oopss sorry i didn't know you're gonna be so surprised."

Nanase glared at Mai and then took her now scattered books on the ground.

"Let me help you." Mai took some books and found a familiar book.

"Wow you've drawn Waka much more than the last time we met." Mai took a look at Nanase's sketch book.

In instant Nanase snatched the books on Mai's hand. "Stop looking at my book. Why are you always bothering me?"

"Uhm.. Sorry?" Mai just realised she did again what pissed Nanase off on their first meeting.

"Don't need it.. And don't bother me anymore." Nanase walked away but Mai stopped her.

"Wait! I want to apologize. For what i did before and what just happened."

"You want to apologize yet you make the same mistake right before that."

"I know sometimes i don't think before i do something. And that's my bad point i know it. But i really sorry if i piss you off."

"You never think before you do something. And you always piss me off."

"But really it's because i like your drawing. Those are really good. Can you draw me one?" Hearing all the compliment made Nanase blushed a little.

"Geez.. I-it's not that good." Nanase looked aside.

Mai smirked. "Oww Nanase chan is blushing." Mai smiled and watched Nanase's face closer.

"Stop it.." Nanase pushed Mai away.

Mai giggled. "So will you forgive me?"

"Okay.. Just don't open my book without my permission again."

"So can i see it if i ask you first?"

"Un.." Nanase nodded.

"You're so kind.." Mai jumped happily liked a little kid.

'So childish..' Nanase thought.

"Since you said they are good i think you can see some of them."

"Yey! Thank you Nanase chan. Alright then i must go back now. The coach might already ready to kill me now." Mai laughed.

"Oh right! The practice is still going on. How can you talk so lightly although you made him mad?"

"Nah he won't do anything. I'm the captain and ace pitcher you remember?"

"Geez.. What a brag."

Mai just laughed and then ruffled Nanase's hair that made her caught off guard.

"Bye Nanase chan.. See you later."

Nanase touched her hair still looking at Mai's back. Remembering the scene made her smiled unconciously.

"What am i thinking?" Nanase came back to reality.

After lose Mai's back from her sight Nanase walked away and went out from the school yard.

Little did she knew that someone was watching the whole time since the beginning.

After the practice...
Liked usual Wakatsuki and Mai always the last girls who got home.

Mai couldn't forget her worries from before. Looked back at how the girls reacted when thay saw Nanase and Wakatsuki together Mai knew Nanase was in trouble. And knowing she also bullied at her class made Mai more worried.

"Hey Waka you know Nishino san quite well don't you?" Mai asked after the practice ended.

"Hmm not really. We just met a few times by accident and i helped her since she's always in troubles. What's wrong?"

"Hmm? It's nothing. I just wondering since you go see her before."

"Oh yeah.. I didn't expect she really came."

"You asked her to come?"

"Yeah. She has no where to go everyday after school. That's why she always wanders around till really late at night."

"Family problem?" Mai guessed.

"Yeah.. Kind of. She told me a little."

"It's dangerous to wander alone at night."

"Not just that. It makes some girls from her class talk bad about her. They did that too that night. And they also did at lunch when i bumped into her in front of her class the other day."

"So she's really being bullied." Mai said.

"Yeah i think so. But since she never talk back i also can't help her much. But it's so rare for you to ask about someone?" Waka smirked.

"What?" Mai sensed something was coming.

"Why are you so interested in her. Something's going on?"

"No. I'm just asking."

"Okay. But i always ready to help you get your loved one my friend."

"Oh yeah you better fix your insensitive self first before you help me. You're hopeless"

"Huh? What do you mean?"

'There are two girls like you and you don't even realise it.' Mai just could shake her head unbelivably.

"Just forget it."

"Hey what is it?"

"By the way.. It's rare to see Reika come to the practice. You two will go somewhere?"

"Yeah we're gonna study together.. Everyone nag to us for studying. They don't want to have a stupid pres and vice pres. Kind of like that." Wakatsuki said annoyed made Mai laughed.

"Your grade is worse than us so you better not laughing."

Mai stopped laughing. "But it's still a mystery for me, how can you two ended up as the most important people at the council?"

"That's more mystery for us, we don't even remember applying for that. The teacher just suddenly chose Reika. And then because Reika is the pres the girls made a petition to make me the vice."

"Your fanclub really love you two as a couple. There is even a rumor about you two dating for real."

"I don't understand where that came from. We're bestfriend and nothing is gonna change." Wakatsuki finished packing.

"Nah don't say it. Everything can change."

Wakatsuki just shrugged it off. "Maybe.. I'll go first. Reika is waiting."

"Okay.. See you.."


Thanks for reading...

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oh no, wakasama's fans saw wakasama is close to nanamaru
i hope they didn't do anything to her
.... and i hope mai can protect her if there's anything happen ;)

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