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Author Topic: [WAKAREI OS] WE WERE IN LOVE| ROOMMATES |MUKUCHI NA LION (1 OCT 2017)  (Read 13779 times)

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(A/N: i just can't sleep and write this simple oneshot here.




     I used to live with you, by my side that i become numb when you're gone. I used to laugh a lot with you making a fail joke, because you're there, here with me. I used to be good with other people because you said "We never know when we need them." But the only thing i need is you, but you are not here. Not anymore. So what’s the point being nice? And I close my door, i shut my eyes, I zipped my mouth. I waiting here, patiently, at the place you said 'I will always waiting for you here.' Then, each day i went there, looking for you. But there is only wind greets me, so cold. Like my feelings right now.

     Every night, I did wish, I pray for you before I sleep; that the moment I wakes up you're smiling to me again, like you always did. Every day, I chirps my usual greeting "I’m home.." with the hope you will answer me "welcome home." Yet, the only things I feel is the loneliness in every corner of the house. It felts empty without you. When will you come back? I hug your pink blanket every time i wondering of that question.

     When it is dinner, I’m always cooks your favorite dishes without onion- because you hate them so I don’t eat them too. I cook for two portions - for both of us. Imagining that you will come and sits in front of me and said "Itadakimasu." I think that view is very beautiful, how I longing for that so much. Yet, your portion never changes. You don’t touch them anymore. You weren’t here.

     You loves to sleep, you can sleep anywhere is what you always brag about.. So I set the alarm a little late.. Because I want to wake up together with you, so you can sleep longer. But every time the alarm chime - there is no point of waking up.. You’re not here. Not anymore..

     Since when i become this pathetic? I never knew I can be this pitiful without you. I don’t see any point of keep living, but your vivid smile keeps me from dying even I’m already dead inside. I wish you are here to wake me up, take my hand and we will play in the rain together like you always wanted to. Why did I restrain you when you want to do that? I'm stupid to think that you will always and forever with me. Am I? I guess so, because here at the same place i keep waiting for you. Will you ever wake up from death and say my name?


      I look up as I hear my name being called. I look to her face; she has a very familiar soothing voice. Like her, but i can't see her face, the sun rays burning my eyes. So I just look down again. Not bother to answer her.

        "How are you today?" She asks me softly while sitting on my side. I look away but she touched my right shoulder. I feel warm by the touch. It feels so familiar.

      "Why don't you look at me?" She touched both of my shoulder and hugged me from behind. I feels time was stopped, just for me and her. I want to enjoy this familiar hug a little longer.

        "I miss you a lot. Reika miss you, Wakaa.." I can hear her stutter between her sobs. Is she crying? It is very familiar habit before her crying. I want to look at her, but i scared. I scared of to be turned down. If this is merely my imagination again; if she would vanished before my eyes. But her cry feels so real and familiar.

       I touch her hand and bring it into my grips. I feel warms and real. I turned my body, finally facing her. I can see her; smiling but crying. She looks so happy despite having tears on her eyes. She smiles when I wipe her tears.

        "Don't cry Reika. I'm here.." I saw her nodded. I smiles, she is real.

        "I'm here to take you home. Let’s go home." She smiles but I can she is hurt. I don't know why. I take her hand, and kissed it.

        "I miss our home." I said and she nods again.

        "Me too. And i miss you so much.." She stands up and takes my hand to follow her. I willingly walked from her back. She then seated me on a wheelchair, which I sat on it happily. She pushed me after she kisses me in my cheeks. It feels so warm.

        I looks around, even we are the same here; wearing the same white outfit from head to toe.. I think I’m the happiest person in here. They're happy but I’m the happiest person, I can't wait to go home. I can't wait to cook for our dinner, to set the alarm late, to chirps that "I’m home" and she would return with "okaeri."


         I always watch you from a far. I can see you're spacing out on the same bench you sit for almost 3 years.

         For the first time, I wonder.. How we can end up in this situation? And you, being sent in here with a status 'insane people'. I hate person who gives you that title. How can they say you're crazy when you just sit still on the same place while feeling for warm but cold breeze by yourself.

         I don't know if my feeling still the same, but I feels hurt seeing you like that. Time is moving but you still holding to the past. I know, you still can never forgive yourself. For what had happen to us 3 and half years ago.

        We once to be said as the happiest couple in the world. I love you, and you love me. Too much that I can feel you bath me with all your care, loves and kiss. We never argue with each other, when I dislike one thing you readily accept them. You always lost in me. I want us to have some quarrel like a usual couple always did but then we will come to term without us knowing.

         I wish you will scold me when I almost burn the kitchen in the morning, I want you to wake me up earlier with your nagging, I wanted you grumble at me when I don't cook dinner for us. But you just give in me. I wonder, is this what we always called love?

         Then I said we are over. You just think I’m kidding. You won’t believe my words; you just wanted to hear good things of me. I went furious and keep saying I hate you, I don't love you anymore. I find another man, and sleeps with him. But you still said, "Don't make stories" and just keep driving. It was okay until I show you our picture- me and the man. Sleep together.

         You're shock. Too shock that you hit the break all of the sudden. I can see you burning eyes, I can see you're hurt with all the betrayal I’ve done.

          I said again, clear and smooth. “Let’s break up.!” You went silent, i can see tears on your eyes, wait to flows down. I averted my sight aways from your brown eyes, that time i see a car coming from your back. Crushing us in the middle. The last thing I remember is, you're smiling and mouthed the words of persuasion "It is okay, I’m here." You hold my hand tightly. It is not you who are hurt that time, it is me. I never want it to be ended this way.

          You condition is very bad. You are unconscious for almost five months. But me? I just have a small scratch. It is you who are always protect me from harm, while I’m hurting you the most. Maybe it is better I’m who is gone. You can live better without me; even I can do nothing without you.

          That time, when we were in love.. Deeply in love, you would come to me and kiss me when I’m hurt of not passing my exam. You said, I can do it again. So I keep my strong self, because you are here. I miss your smile and your dimple when you look at me with eyes full of love.

          I guess this is the price I need to pay for my selfishness?

          I watched you when you wake up from your deep long sleep. I'm happy that I’m crying. I want to be there, celebrate this happiness but I think you hate me now.

          I see you emotionless face when the doctor said, "She is dead." I'm dead. I make myself dead. I can't help myself not to hurt you again, not after my stupid acts.
          I can see you still not crying after doctor declared my death. I guess you're happy? Are you mad for what I did to you before? That a little feeling just disappear from your heart.

         I want to cry, tears of regret. I wanted to run to you and said "It is my entire plan. I still love you; I lied to you when I said I sleep with him." But I can't, I hold myself from doing that. Because I’m literally dead to you.

         I wish, you'd at least cry for my lost, yet I’m the one who is wailing badly for loosing you and your sincere love.

         Still, after two months of my death.. I'm watching you from a far. Deep here, I hope I can see your tears so I know... you still love me, you’re sad that I’m gone. But you're not...

Until the doctor said, you lost your insanity. You're literally not alive. You're dead inside when you know I’m dead. Again, I’m crying. I'm crying badly when I saw they sent you to the home of insane people.

         I want to prevent them from taking you away from me, but it is me who take you from yourself. I'm bad girl and I know so I distancing myself from you.

         I’m watching you from a far again. How you always sits on the same bench without doing nothing. I look into your brown eyes. That is the time I realized that, you have this lonely eyes; that you're wishing me to come back as I wish for you to come to your sanity. You have this hope in your eyes, have a little dream in your eyes, your eyes is dry.. Always dry, drier than the last time I saw. You never cry after that incident- is what I suddenly remember.

         "She loves you so much." A doctor said when I intensely watching you. I just smile, I’m never forgetting that.

          "She even calls for your name in her sleeps." I want to cry again. This is too much, what I have done to you?

          "She loves you from the bottom of her heart that she deleted all the bad memories from her head. She just remembers the good things. And she remembers; she still loves you."

          I smiles bitterly upon what the female doctor said. Yes, the last time I remember. You still loves me a second after i hurt you. For the first time, I approach you. I walk close to you, the closest i ever try in these three and half years. I glued my eyes onto your immobile body. You're counting the sand on your feet. They're just infinity for you to count. That is our loves too.

         "Wakatsuki-san" I call for your name, with my usual happy tone. This is the first time I mention your name after years. I see you finally look up. I smile when I see your face; you've got thinner since the last time I remember. Then you look down again.

         "How are you today?" I ask as I sit by your side. I can feel your cold body. I turned to you, but you look away.

         "Why don't you look at me?" I touched your cold hard shoulder and hugged you from behind. You feel so cold, but i miss you so much that I can't endure these tears anymore. I sob on your shoulder. I wish you would say your magic words once again.

         "I miss you a lot. Reika miss you a lot, Waka." I finally confess sincerely. I still hugged her from behind when I feel her cold hard hand reaching for mine. I feel you hold them tightly. You then turned to me. I'm happy when I can finally watch your face at this distant. I miss you so much Waka. And I cry with happiness.

         "Don't cry Reika. I'm here." I nodded. I know. I can feel you. She smiles while wiping for my tears. I'm happy. I'm happy to see your smiles again after years.

         "I'm here to take you home. Let’s go home." I finally said why I’m here. Hope that you would love to follow me home. She reaches for my hand and kisses it. God, don't take this happiness from me again, I promise I won't betray this love again.

         "I miss our home." I heard your words, almost a whisper. I nodded. Yes I know me too.

         "Me too. And I miss you so much.." I stands up and takes her hand, makes her follows me before I seated her on her own wheelchair, I kissed her cold cheeks before pushing her through the people with white clothes.

          "I'm sorry, I take a lot of time to meet you, to take you home." I said. She shakes her head slowly, denying my words.

          God, don't take this love from us again. I promise to take care of her until she become normal again. I will bathe her with my unlimited loves like she did before. Please, I’ll never ask more than this again - Let us to be in love forever

(A/N: So how? I attempt to write a romantic one but, idk if this is counts as one?
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« Reply #1 on: September 08, 2016, 09:18:49 PM »
I was a little bit scared to read this since the title make it sounds like they’re not in love anymore. a way it was  :on speedy:
Reika, you cruel person! What were you thinking??  :angry:  How could you do that to someone who loves you so much. Too much even.
Captain better makes Waka the happiest person after they’re back. What she did is pretty much unforgivable, but she got her second chance because Waka is just that kind and too in love with her (to the point she forgot the bad memories)
I think this is probably counts as angst with a happy ending. But that’s me.
 :mon geek:  Author, why you do this to WakaRei, huh?  :lol:

TakaSemaru  :heart:

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thank you author-san!  :cry: :cry:
that was a good story :cry:
just a simple otaku and silent reader

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Dear author-san, never...i repeat, NEVER write this kind of story without a "danger ahead" warning! You totally killed me halfway through the story.. the pain, oh, the pain... :bleed eyes:

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@C: did you? i just thinking of that idea while humming a song with that title. i'm sorry if I broke everyone's heart by write this kind of story. I'm sorry!  :bow:
yeah why I'm doing to my favorite couple? Idk...  :frustrated:

@ミサキ: Ahahh what's wrong with that emoticon? did i really made you cry? well I'm sorry again. I'll cover them up later, I want to make a good story for WakaRei too.  :nya:

@Kairi65: Olllaaa,, I didn't know that I'm capable of killing you. my mistakes, well that simply because when I'm writing this, I'm emotionless when I reread again so I don't feel what you feel  :mon ko: I guess I need to add the warning? Thanks for giving me that precious suggestions. But a prob is, I don't know what kind of story will make people dying halfway there... :mon sweat: (I'm emotionless most of the time)  :mon suspect:

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It did broke my heart a little.
But, I like how it turned out :)
Well, in the real world, sometimes, being too permissive may make your girl think that you don't love her.
Or, it will bored her out of her mind.
And bored people sometimes do stupid things just to see if life can be more interesting after that
Only to regret them later on...
So, thank you for this fic, Author-san.
Hope you'll write more :)

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If I’d thinking back of our time, to actually find our starting line.. Maybe, it all started when we become roommates. Two people with different personalities, meet in one room where it becomes our starting line.

What do you can expect when a person like south meet someone like north? You can't expect something harmony like egg in hot rice with some soy sauce in it. But, this is how they started. Undefined terms of R.O.O.M.M.A.T.E.S


It is the second time Sakurai Reika makes an application to change room in her college. The first time is when she first enters the college one year ago after two months be a residents of her former room, then she has a problem which she didn't have any choice but to transfer to other room.

Unfortunately, her new roommate is a tomboy or in other simple word is lesbian. Reika named her that because of her appearance and more obvious is, her roommates always bring her girlfriends home. So she decide for the last time, that she gonna used the last chance to change room again. That’s defined how she hates someone who acts so hard to be someone else, not even accepting their nature as a girl or boy.

So here she is, in her new room waiting for her new roommates. The rooms are not really big but not really small. Enough space for two people. They have their own single bed, both at the sides of sliding door at the balcony. There is also a small tv facing her bed and big bathroom near the entrance. She loves the interior as it facing the lake in the college and have small balcony. Her new room also on the third floor which not too high to climb the stairs when the lift is unavailable.

Reika waits for her new roommate while repacking all her belongings to their place. But, a person like her who is very ponkotsu and love to sleep not really care about the arrangements of her things. So when she felt tired, she simply let them lying on the floor and went to sleep. Planning to have short nap to recover her energy, she can continue her works later.

Worry that her roommates would come anytime; she wrote a simple and short message on the mirror using her lipstick before she takes a short nap.

"Nice to meet you. I'm Reika." The message contains all her happy feelings to accept new comer. She actually can't wait to meet her normal roommates - her longtime dream since she enter this college. But you know, world nowadays not that stable, and she hates that kind of unnecessary changings where male become females and otherwise.

10 minutes after Reika falls into her deep sleeps, someone came in with bag pack on her back and a luggage in her hand. But when she saw a person is sleeping on the bed, she tiptoeing into the room. But that is not the only reason she tiptoeing, the room is too messy anyway for her to even find space that enough for her feet to walk normally. She shakes her head to all the messiness on the floor. And the sleeping owner too.

Unlike Reika, this new person is really meticulous. Not that meticulous, but she can't see and live with all those lying things on the floor. So, she rolled up her sleeves and start tidying all the things that not even belong to her. Her face however doesn’t even showing any slightly annoyance, a sincere smile was placed there instead. She is someone who loves cleanliness and tidiness.

The moment she starts cleaning the room is the time she saw the message on the mirror. She cannot help but smiling widely. So her roommate’s name is Reika, she remarks that in her head. She took the lipstick on the table, probably belong to Reika; her new roommates. She replied to the message with grins on her face.

"Nice to meet you too. Wakatsuki. :)" The message ended with a smiley, really showing off her real feelings right now that she doesn’t expect this kind of warm welcome with messy room but cute and funny message. She smiles to herself.

And of course, for a person like her, she didn't need to take hours of cleaning and packing all the things include her belongings. 50 minutes later, she finished everything, Reika’s belonging was arranged neatly in her cupboard and on the table, she makes sure that there are no single dust on the table; so same also with her things. She smiles brightly while dusting off her hand, satisfy with her job today even she feels little tired. She glances to the person who is still sleeping like a log, not even moving or showing any signs of waking up. She sighs wearily while looking to the clock, it reaching 7 pm.

Wakatsuki moves closer to the other sides of bed to look at her new roommate's face. She supports her chin using her hand on the sides of the bed slowly, very cautious not to wake up Reika from her sleeps. She knew that, a person’s mood could be disaster when wake up from sleep, anyone would be monster if their sleeps was distracted.

She leans forward in order to look clearly to Reika’s face. Moreover the room a little bit dimmed since it almost night on the outside. Wakatsuki plays with Reika’s hair that falls on her faces, she smiles deviously when Reika squirming from her action.

"Mou.. don't kiss me." Not only feels ticklish, Reika even talking in her sleeps too. What is she dreaming about only her know that. But that talk make Wakatsuki cannot hold her laugh anymore, she close her mouth using her hand, but still the chuckles can be heard.

Feels distracted with the mysterious laugh, Reika open her eyes a bit. To her shock that when she open her eyes, Wakatsuki's face is so close to hers’ that their nose brushing with each other. The small touch makes her jumping from the bed.

Wakatsuki also get shocked from Reika’s high notch screams and she falls to the floor bumping her head to the walls. "Ahh ittai yoo."

Reika's eyes went wide when she saw the person who is now on the floor, rubbing her head. "Who are you? Are you tomboy?!" She cannot contain her curiosity and go bluntly asking such private question.


But the other person is too confused to even digest the root of the question. Reika's eyes scan all over Wakatsuki's body. From head to toe, she observed with her squinting eyes. Feeling insecure, Wakatsuki stands up and back off two steps.

"Ahhh I see, you're tomboy." Reika give her final judgement based on her observation. Short hair with boy haircut styles, old jeans with some holes on the knee, some chained on her jeans, she had enough of evaluation from her looks.

"Chotto matte.." Wakatsuki was clearly taken aback by the term given to her. Her face shows some dissatisfaction. This is the first time people dared to label her something. Not just that, this is their first meeting and this is all happening. It is not like she cannot accept that but the other girl is too rude. To judge her from her outer appearance, give her some unacceptable title then walk off when she is still talking. Even there is little bit glad in her hearts that this girl being honest with her feeling, too honest to be truth. But well, yeah… she feels hurt.

"Jaa. Let me being honest. I don't like people like you." Reika shows some annoyance on her face. She reached for red tape from her desk then goes to the end of the room. She taped them on the floor, right in the middle of sliding door as a start and she pulled them right over the main door, just giving a little opening for her new roommate to enter the bathroom. She is now setting up a clear boundary between them. While the other girl just watching all of Reika’s action with unbelievable eyes.

"Since I came here first. This is my area and that is yours." Reika pointed to the other side of the boundary which clearly smaller than hers. Wakatsuki stand stills with wide eyes but when Reika give her look ‘you're on my area’ that remind of Wakatsuki that she in wrong side; she is then quickly jumps over from Reika's area into her area.

"Now.. Don’t come in here unless it was needed." Reika concluded all her action with her cold words while turning her back to Wakatsuki.

"Hurmm I'm new here. So what is the regulation here?" Wakatsuki asked cautiously. Careful not to make the other girl become crazy.

"You can do what you want, just don't get caught." Reika answer sluggishly as she continue to lie on her bed, trying to sleep again.

"Can I cook using rice cooker?"

"Urm basically you can’t. But if you don't get caught then it's okay." Reika mumbles in between her words. Have no intention to answer the other girl question properly. She has enough; she can’t think anymore that she actually run from a tomboy just to meet a tomboy. Once again! Now how should she explain to her mom? That her new roommate once again a tomboy, not to mention she is quite handsome, but yeah that doesn’t change the facts. And, her mom is the biggest protester of this gender blend people. She hates that the most. Always saying to her that don’t involve with that kind of people.

"Can I listen to music? Can I sing?”

Reika is trying to sleep again when she heard numerous unimportant questions from her new roommate. She sighs harshly then turns to the other girl once again. Her eye is in fire. Wakatsuki withdraw a step, feeling fear with Reika's eyes.

"I can't tolerate with noise. So please keep the voice and volume low. And please, be quiet." Reika jerks to the other girl and Wakatsuki once again taken aback, bury all her intention to be close with Reika. She nod furiously then keep silent while sitting on her bed and starts humming songs.

Reika rolled her eyes, obviously feeling annoyed with the sounds. It is in low volume but she still can listen to it and cannot accept it either. It disturbing her, not only that… she hates everything about her. But what can she do? She used all the chance to change room, just to meet another weird people. Why her life always miserable? Now, she only needs to lie to her mom that her daughter met a good roomy, a normal and beautiful one. Not the weird, tomboy and handsome girl. She will be killed and will be dragged to home if she said that to her mom. Though she feels sorry, but of course she doesn’t want to waste her another one last year here just to argue with her mom.

Just hold on for one more year. Reika reassure herself.

And that is how they start. With a clear boundary, Reika never gives Wakatsuki any chances to get close to her. Never fails to find mistakes in Wakatsuki, even when she makes a slight noise, Reika will get angry, not to mention that she even limits the girl movements in the room. Just imagine that when Wakatsuki wants to play games on the tv that in Reika's area and Wakatsuki need to sit right beside the line, careful not to step in the other area, she play with headphone her on, being cautious not to make the other girl mad again but Reika still mad because her movements when playing game is distracting her even if Wakatsuki on her back but it is like she has an eye behind her head; watching all the movements of the girl.

However, Wakatsuki never once complained about her fussy roommate. She keep continue her days interestingly. Well, she finds the other girl quite interesting. Reika loves fish, but she loves plants. They’re quite opposite, but she knew deep inside Reika, she is kind person. Like when she is talking to her fish about how hungry she is that night. Well the facts that she loves fish and all kinds of animal that live is amazing enough to tell that Reika is nice girl, moreover she major in fishes courses where she pursue what she loves passionately. To make more clear difference between them, Wakatsuki loves every kind of plants that is why she choosed to study in plant courses.

Cut all the crap, she still has lists of Reika kindness, emm not really kindness but the small things she like about Reika. Like when Reika hold her stomach not to growl badly when she cooks and smells spread all over the space in their room. But of course, Wakatsuki is not a mean person; she shared everything she has with Reika hoping that the girl would leave a little space for her to befriend.

Even they always bickering with each other, err scratch that – even Reika always gone mad to Wakatsuki for no reason, she always cooks for two portions, to Reika and herself. She would always wake up and tidying Reika’s bed if the girl already missing to her class – she only can step into Reika territory only when she is not there and Wakatsuki absolutely can’t stand messiness. Doing that kind of job, Wakatsuki never ever dislike it, yet she loves it. But still, miraculously, Wakatsuki never step into the boundary well at least not when Reika is there, she keeps herself from invade into Reika’s area even she had to tiptoeing to go outside the balcony and bathroom. She didn’t mind it.

Not to forget about how she treat her other two friends, they are the only two Wakatsuki often see together with Reika. Sometimes, she has this strange feeling that doubted why Reika didn’t like her but she still can be friend with Iko-chan; boy who act girlish and enjoy stalking people more than paparazzi but Reika never treat her more than her enemy. Reika hates her too much that she didn’t even let her other two friends enter the room when she is there.

“Nee Reika..” Wakatsuki calls when they incidentally meet in the college. They’re going to opposite way and Reika; as usual act like they don’t know each other.

Reika however, this time cannot hold her policy to not response any attempts Wakatsuki’s made. Well, maybe because this the first time Wakatsuki dared to approach her at the outside. But yeah, response to this doesn’t mean she drop their line.

“Can you show me Fukagawa’s Café?” Wakatsuki timidly asked Reika. She didn’t even expect her to turn back when she calls earlier. “I need to send this plant to her.” She shows the box contained seedlings from her father’s farm back in their hometown.

Reika went silent while scanning the other girl. She has this evil smiles on her lips before she decide to speak. “I can’t I have class.” She answers coldly. Wakatsuki looked down, obviously feels disappointed from the rejection. Reika hide her cunning smiles behind all her cold tone.

“But sure, I could give you direction to the café. It is just at the back of Environmental Faculty.” She creates a bright smile on her lips once she saw the other girl turn brighter upon her words. “You just need to walk straight about 50 meters, and then turn left when you found a small tree at your right. Walk down the garden about 20 meters before you find a street light, then once again, make a left turn. You will find the café once you see a small pond.” Reika gives the direction like she has memorized them in her head. She is still smiling when Wakatsuki makes a faces of trying hard to remember the confusing instruction.

“Walk straight, turn left at the small tree, walk the garden and turn left at the street light. The café are in front the fond.” Wakatsuki repeat the words by herself, not to notice that Reika are trying hard to hold her laugh. “Ahh thank you, Reika. I will inform you once I found them.” Wakatsuki bow as sign of gratitude. She smile widely, still doesn’t believe that Reika willingly help her, not to tell that this is the first time the other girl treat her nicely after one month they become roommates.

They both exchange bow of respect before parting as their path are completely opposite. Once Wakatsuki turn her back, Reika close her mouth tightly, try hard not to be heard laughing by Wakatsuki. While Wakatsuki is try hard to remember the path in her head. She even walks with head look up the blue skies and not to notice Reika’s naughty looks to her.

And of course, Wakatsuki won’t find her way to the café that just at the back of Environmental Faculty since all the direction given by Reika are completely just to fool her. Yet, Wakatsuki still mutters the direction in one breath. “Turn right, and then walk on the bridge when you found a pond with clear water.” But of course, after three hours of wandering all the college, the directions turn into something more indescribable. She confusing herself when she start believing in Reika’s words that not even once are right, she didn’t meet a small tree but she still take a left turn even there are just bushes. She is like walking around the bushes.

Wakatsuki sigh wearily. Feeling tired after walking three hours nonstop just to find café that supposed to be near with big box in her hand. She is now sitting by the lake with little water fountain in the middle since it is the only place that have light even it is quite dim. It already night, almost reaching 8, and Wakatsuki totally lost about her whereabouts. She wants to go back, but she can’t find her way to the hostel, her phone also died an hour before. So she just sits on the box while staring at the dimmed sad half-moon. The moon looks so sad with small reflection of light by the sun. Like her right now.. She sighs for nth times. The most unbelievable thinks occur to her is, how can she believes Reika just like that after one month being roommates and she all received are cold treatment from girl called Sakurai Reika? Now she can accept her old friend’s word that Wakatsuki is just being nice dense girl.

“Cannot find your way to the café?” Reika knows the answer but still asking the obvious question. She appeared from Wakatsuki’s back just to laugh hard at Wakatsuki’s stupidity to believe her words.

Wakatsuki just keep silent. Sulking with all the stupid jokes Reika made. She is not in the mood to be kind. She looks away when Reika jump into her sight, not to give the other girl chance looking at her horrible face. She is tired and hungry.

“Hahaa, are you sulking right now?” Reika still with her dry laughs, celebrating her success in trolling with Wakatsuki. “Jaa.. now, how about I treat you a cake?” She squats in front of Wakatsuki with both hand supported her chin. She fished Wakatsuki with her bright blinking eyes and crystal white teeth. No one ever fail to not fall with her flirting face like right now.

Wakatsuki once taken aback by the offer but she is being careful not to fall into same trap again. She gazed into Reika’s face at the corner of her eyes but all she could see is a beautiful since smile which she never saw before.

“But you must lead me to the café first.” She tries to negotiate, still wanted to go to Fukagawa’s café. She can see Reika is nodding few times before she stands up and get ready to walk - but of course, Wakatsuki still cannot gather all her courage to follow the other girl, they might be ended up somewhere else and Reika would laugh at her once again.

“Oh come one.. believe me this time..” Reika is back after she realized that she walk alone and pulled Wakatsuki’s hand, forcing the other girl to stand and follow her.

Wakatsuki, on the other hand are clearly flustered by the touch on her hand. Reika she knew before are too absurd by her own thinking that people like her (who looks tomboyish) are some kind of disgusting and she won’t or ever touch her. But tonight, not mention that she apologize first; well not as direct I’m sorry but by offering her cake, Wakatsuki knew that the usual cold and tsundere Reika is actually apologize, and she also the first to make moves to her. Is she just dreaming?

They arrived at the café two minutes later, proving Wakatsuki’s thought that she is being trolled by Reika this evening, but she gladly forgets all of that once they step into the café full of cakes. Reika just proving herself that is the kind person by fulfilling her promise to lead their way to the cafe. Wakatsuki now have a clear mindset about how Reika really is, she is trust-able person.

“Gonbawa aunty..” Wakatsuki bow as a respect once her eyes meet with her beautiful tall aunt. Fukagawa Mai is her aunty but she is not as old as an aunty should be. She is still in her twenties, waiting to enter her thirty, but for sure she looks young like a teenager.

“Ahh Waka.. You finally gonna meet me after one month being here?” Mai welcomed Wakatsuki with her warm hug and rubs on her back. Wakatsuki cannot help but to grin as much as she could. “And who is this beautiful girl?” Mai smiles to Reika, notice that her niece come with some beautiful girl. “Is she your girlfriend?” She whispers into Wakatsuki ear but it still can be heard by Reika who is then just clearing her throat with small cough.

“Chigauyoo.. she is just a roommates.” And the claimed was denied by the fact. They’re just roomies. Reika nod with agreement.

They’re roommates.

“Alright, have your seats, today is my treat. You can have your favorite cakes as much as you want Waka.” Without looking at her niece, Mai screams on her way into the kitchen.

Listens to the offer, Wakatsuki lifted her left eyebrows with proud smile pestering on her lips. She didn’t need Reika to treat her but she could use her treats earlier as a chance to get to her one day. Irritated by Wakatsuki's act, Reika jeered at her and Wakatsuki will just laugh.

They were served with cappuccino and slices of cakes three minutes later. As they sit on the balcony, they can see the entire bright star on their head and hearing the sound of water flow into the lake clearly. It is such harmony environment when nobody take charge to talk to each other, they just enjoying their little time together before they was disrupted by Mai’s present.

“Waka, wanna sing together? I have new songs.” Without waiting any answer, Mai gladly gives the medium size of old guitar to her niece. Wakatsuki grinning widely, don’t even reject the offer, she gladly accept the guitar and walk into the stage that was prepared with two stools for them. She starts tuning the guitar before adjusting the microphone to right position.

Reika sat on her place while waiting patiently for Wakatsuki to sing. She always heard Wakatsuki humming a song, it is nice, she can’t deny that but she always react negatively and coldly towards it just because she can’t accept that she was wrong about her roommate. 

Did you ever know? That someone
Has been looking at only you everywhere?
Keeping you as a strength for her heart every day
Doing so for so long

If I could be near you
I’d tell you and let you know
Making eye contact with me, deep down inside
You’d understand the meaning

Do you see the reflection in my eyes? Do you see yourself in there?
Do you understand what I’m feeling?
I’ve been looking at you for so long, do you know?
I’ve never looked at anyone else anywhere else
I only want you to turn and look at me,
Making eye contact just one time is enough

Just tell me with your eyes
Whatever you’re thinking let me know
I don’t wish for us to walk the same path,
Just for you to understand

I want you to know and understand
I want you to remain the strength of my heart
To keep the many good feeling
To keep you alone forever

With Mai as her side guitarist, Wakatsuki sings with all her heart, however never fails to make eye contact with Reika. Her gaze never breaks for even one second, like she sing the song just to her not to other person. She smiles sweetly to Reika and can see that she blushing slightly. How can Reika hide that shy side of her all this time? Maybe they never has proper eyes contact to even realizes that Reika actually a girl with girlish attitude? Wakatsuki at least can say that because each time she tries to talk to her using her eyes, Reika avoid it shyly. Would she ever understand this heart? Feels tired of all the treatments, all she want is to be friend. Since the beginning she feels betrayed by the judgement Reika gave to her, and she work hard to deny all of that. She return all the cold treatment into warms one. She takes everything that Reika’s give to her as her strength. Just like the song she sang just now. But, would it reach Reika?

Reika can feel strong pangs on her heart. She feels ashamed of herself every time Wakatsuki make eye contact with her. And not to mention that; the song explained everything and she starts questioned her own self. Why she treat Wakatsuki differently from her male friend that loves to be a girl? How their case is so different? Or maybe she just avoid from fall too deep into Wakatsuki warm character despite all her cold acts? Wakatsuki never complained, is what she still remember until now. Wakatsuki would always return her mad screams with a smile and warm soup. In the morning, even she didn’t told that she really hungry, Wakatsuki gladly left a big portion of chicken porridge to her. And she can't deny the help Wakatsuki always give to her each morning, she knew that the other girl always tidying her bed but she kept it silent, not even wanted to thank or apologize, because to her Wakatsuki is at fault that she even dared to step into her area when she isn’t there. Is it amazing how a person could do that, even she was treated way to different? Now she knows that.. She cannot judge a person from their cover and her mom opinions about ‘bad people’ are totally wrong. For the first time ever, she return Wakatsuki’s warm smile with sincere apologize gazes. She accepts her lost in proving she is right and Wakatsuki is wrong.

(A/N: Hey guyss! i'm back with new story, I attempt to make one shot but it was dragged longer.. maybe two shots? we'll see..

and if you ever wonder or feel this story sound familiar, I'm adapted this from a Thailand movies entitled Yes or No. it is good story, I recommend that for all of you..

to all thai readers (if i ever have ones) i'm sorry if this is kind of disappointing.. thank you.

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I’ve watched the movie and the sequel.
I’m finding it hard not to laugh at Reika here  XD  Reika, please, you’re like the captain of all things gay especially when it comes to your Wakachuki.
I like that Maimai is the aunt because she can play guitar for real.
I can’t wait to see Reika turning gay for Waka  :lol:

TakaSemaru  :heart:

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   After dinner at Fukagawa’s café, they return to the dorm; walking side by side. No one ever talked since they’ve been alone. Reika looks like in deep thinking, looks so hesitating to talk. Wakatsuki just being usual silent like Reika always wanted her to be.

   “Ne, Waka.” Reika finally decided to talk. She can’t keep herself being so curious after all.
“Hurmm.” Wakatsuki stops and turn to Reika. They’re facing each other with Reika looks down to the ground before looking up and meeting eyes with her roommates and spoke up.
“Are you really a lesbian?” A very straightforward question. Reika still cannot help herself from not thinking about it. She hates that kind of people who trying hard not to be themselves, hates how bad the social nowadays and the ecosystem itself is damaging. She can see the trends just from her surroundings. Like Wakatsuki herself. But who know that she actually wrong? She might be not wrong, but people have their own way and thinking. If Wakatsuki might be one of the kinds she hates, still Wakatsuki is kind and nice which she saw it every day. She acknowledges her kindness.
“Hurmm..So tell me, how tomboy and lesbian are? I don’t know what the term actually for.” Wakatsuki don’t even flinches for the sudden question. Because she know where the root of question is. Reika afraid of that kind of people, for what reason, she doesn’t know.

   Reika have a short thinking about that before open her mouth. “Well, they’re like you.” She pointed to Wakatsuki with her eyes. “Like you’re right now, didn’t feminine at all and have girlfriends.” She stops right there. “Sometimes they’re very gentlemen like they’re real men. They’re manly too.”

   “Yes, I don’t look like girls, but I don’t like girls too.. And I’m not so manly too. So who am I then?” She asked.

   “Do you ever have someone you love?”
    Wakatsuki shakes.

   “Ever likes someone?” Shakes again.

   “Both men and women?”


   Reika silent by the answer and have a short thinking. “So do I.” She can’t give the real answer and continue walking, Wakatsuki followed her by slightly behind.

   “But if I like someone, like to speak with.. Like to play with.. And like to be with. But if she’s a girl.. Does that makes me tomboy and lesbian?” Wakatsuki catches Reika’s step which far forward than her. “Will that change the meaning of being myself, Reika?” She stops Reika’s step and makes the other girl face her. But it only for second. Reika continues to walk again.

   “I still like to play game, like to cook.. That’s the real me..” She stops her words; try to find some missing words. “What about my other elements of mine.. Will anyone see them?” She stops behind Reika again. “Will they view me otherwise? Other than tomboy and lesbian?”

        So do the other girl, the words makes her stops from moving. She looks to Wakatsuki, feels a pang on her chest. Because Wakatsuki words makes her realizes, ‘this is how she view the girl’ when the only person who know Wakatsuki inner self is her. But Reika didn’t have anything to say so she stays silent.

        But the sky didn’t read the environment between two people. It rains soon after that, heavy rain so both of them starts running to the dorms. They laugh without they knowing, Wakatsuki hold Reika’s hand unconsciously and bring the other girl close to her. Without words, Reika tighten the grips and they run side by side.

        They reached the dorms five minutes later and all drenched by rain droplets. Reika smiles the brightest smiles she has to Wakatsuki. The other girl replies with a grin. They might be drenched but they do feel happy.

        It is not only raining, but the thunder also strikes soon after that. Couples of thunders fighting with each other without knowing that Reika is actually afraid of thunder so she hugged the girl besides her tightly and close her ears; not wanting to hear those frightening sounds. Her body trembled.

        Wakatsuki cannot help but to grin even wider. She wraps her arms around Reika’s body; hoping to lessen the afraid insides her. “Are you scared of thunder?” She asks and smiles again when she feels a slight nod from the girl.

        “Yes. And normally the dorm will be blacked out very soon.” Reika adds, not realizes Wakatsuki flinches and her eyes widen; she scared of darkness.

        Like lights can hear the words from Reika, everything turns black. All the lights at the dorm were off. Black out. Wakatsuki cannot hold herself but to scream louder than Reika used to be, she hugs Reika tighter. If before she hugs to calm the girl, now she hugs Reika because of her own trauma.

        Receives the odd strength of hug, Reika realizes one thing. That Wakatsuki is afraid of darkness. She laughs with all her might but still hugging Wakatsuki until the thunder slowing down itself. So they just sit at the corner of the room like that, drenched and sleepy. Thunder is gone seconds ago but the lights still off. Reika stood up but Wakatsuki’s strong grips on her dress holding her up. She turns and pulled Wakatsuki together with her. Reika walks around the room to light tons of candles with Wakatsuki followed her like ducklings following their mother.

        After the room becomes brighter from the candles, they clean themselves and changes into new shirts. Again, they sit at the center of the room. Both at their own sides. Reika looking down to the lines and Wakatsuki looks to Reika, she can’t take her eyes off from the other girl.

        “Come..” Reika stands and stretches her hand to Wakatsuki who just blinked her eyes. “Light will not light up any sooner. Come, you can sleep with me.” She smiles, sincere smiles that compliment her big eyes.

        Listen to the words, Wakatsuki don’t wait any longer, she reaches for Reika’s hand. “But..” She looks to the line. If Reika is really serious, she needs to step into her territory which the things Reika’s hates the most. But Reika right now, only smiling and nodding.

        “It is okay.” She pulls the other girl, forcing Wakatsuki to enter her private space.

        That is the first time Wakatsuki step into Reika’s line with her permission and without being shouted by her. And that is how they befriend each other. With Reika lowering her own curtains and Wakatsuki happy being accepted by her.

        So they’re sleeping while hugging each other. Reika never said this but she feels comfort with the warmth she feels from the hugs. Is this the feeling when you have friends? She is someone who appreciates to be alone, not to be disturbs by other people. Even her two best friend; Manatsu and Ikoma – the weird boy who likes to act like a girl, never step into her boundary. But it is different with Wakatsuki, she feels comfortable and safe with her. Like she can show her every sides to Wakatsuki, like Wakatsuki shows her each different side she has. The Wakatsuki who love to plant small trees outside their balcony, the Wakatsuki who is very meticulous and loves cleanliness like a true girl not like Reika who is much different than her. The Wakatsuki that loves to play games and singing odd songs, not to forget the sides of Wakatsuki that she likes the most. The girl loves to cook and she is really a good cooker.


        The next morning, Reika was woken up by the noise from her phone. Too noisy that it ringing few times, the person who is calling right now must be in pinched or emergency or might be crazy as well. Wakatsuki too was waking up by the ringing. She told Reika to answer the phone.

        “Moshi mosh..” In her sleepy tones, she asked. It is Ikoma-chan. Her eyes widen to the crying sound from the other sides. Even Wakatsuki was shocked by the loud crying sound.

        “Ikoma-chan, who is that? Is that Manatsu?” Reika is concerns to the sound. Worry the states of her friend right now, she run from her bed to the outsides. Manatsu’s room is not far from her room. Wakatsuki also follow Reika, both of them still in their sleeping shirts and running in the hallway to the fuss outsides from Manatsu’s rooms. Lots of students also surround the room. Reika once again was shocked by the fuss Manatsu made from her rooms.

        Everything was a mess, lots of things was throw to the outside, the glass broke when they was smashed to the walls. Manatsu crying like a crazy girl, her dress wetted from her own tears, her mascara ruins by the tears. She is really looks like the girl who lost her lover. No one ever dared to stop the crazy girl right now. Even Ikoma-chan standing there like a statue, have no idea and courage to stop Manatsu from going mad.

        Reika wait for Manatsu to calm to not throw things to her before enter the room, looking at Manatsu state she know that her friend once again was dumped by her lover. Every time she was dumped, her mode of crazy girl will be turned on, like world end for her. Reika sighs at the sight, she always see that drama of Manatsu and cannot help but to hate. 

        But not for Wakatsuki, she can't just stand still and watch. She enter the room as fast as she could so the things not smashed to her body. Once she enter the messy space, she bring Manatsu to her chest; hug the girl tightly, not letting her to move anymore. She shushes Manatsu with light stroke on her back and letting her cry another liters of tears on her shoulder, wetting her already drenched shirt. And they stay like that for how long that no one knows.

        The crowds at the outside already gone long time ago, leaving only Reika and Ikoma both standing like a guard at the side of the door. They waiting patiently for Manatsu to calm, no words ever spokes by any one.

        “Thanks.” Manatsu thank the girl while wiping her tears finally she decides to stop crying and look upon the person who loyally hugging her from three hours ago. She looks to the person with puzzle looks. She never saw the girl before.

        “She is Wakatsuki, my roommate.” Knowing the meaning of the look, Reika introduce Wakatsuki to both of her friends. Manatsu smiles with stains on her cheeks, she reaches for Wakatsuki’s hand and grips onto it tighter.

        “I’m Manatsu.”

        Wakatsuki nods few times with smiles on her lips reveal her dimple.

        “I’m Iko-chan!” Ikoma clings onto Wakatsuki who is just nods. She know both because she always see Reika with them before with jealousy as she hopes that Reika can be like that to her too. She always questioned herself before, why Reika can accept weird guy that love to be girl like Ikoma but can’t accept her who is just true girl to be her friend. But now, they’re good. Wakatsuki smile to Reika, the smiles that only both of them know the meaning, she feels happy to be accepted by the groups. Happy that she not only accepted by Reika but have two other friends in instant.

        “Let’s go.” Reika pulls Wakatsuki’s hand and they walked off from the room, leaving Manatsu with her weird grins that who knows what the meaning behind it.

Looking at both people who now missing from the room, Iko-chan clings to Manatsu, feels giddy by the manly acts of Wakatsuki before. Who is not melting by her unexpected act? Even Manatsu is now ready to forget her stupid senior she calls loves. She ready to forget her ex now and starts planning how to get Wakatsuki’s attention and love to her.

        “She was dumped by her love. Don’t act like that to her.” Reika said once they enter the room. Wakatsuki close the door as she enters the last. “She will fall in love with anyone kind to her.” Reika pissed off. She never like that attitude of Manatsu, easy to fall in love and when she was dumped.. well, everyone  can tell that she was dumped!

        “I’m just pity to her. I can’t see girls being hurt.” Wakatsuki explains the reason for her act before.

        “Yes I know.” Reika answer weakly and lay again on her bed. She stretches her body, feels glad and fresh that today is weekend.

        Looking at the Reika’s action, Wakatsuki grins deviously. Without give any signal, she jumps into Reika’s bed and they snuggle together. They just become friends, but both feels they’ve be friend for a long time already, until it feels so normal to snuggle like that. They tease each other, play the games of pillow fight like small kids, they laugh and feel happy till they decided to modify the room a bit. Well not a bit, the whole room was modified.

        The bed that used to be at the sides of sliding door now at the area that used to be Wakatsuki’s. Both bed was joined together, makes it like a queen size. Two study tables were moved to Reika’s territory and placed side by sides. Reika’s aquarium contained her beloved pet called Popcorn now accompanied by Wakatsuki small trees named Kiddy. Tree and fish might be different kind of creatures but they’re looks like best friend and matches together when they were placed like that.

        Taking hours of modification, Reika and Wakatsuki grinned widely. They both lay on their ‘new’ bed while panting, feels tired of all works they did before and all unstopping laugh. They face each other, looking at each other’s eyes with smile stamp on their lips. Both eyes glitter from unlimited happiness.

        If before Wakatsuki used to wake up and realizes she is alone, but now, after months living together as roommates, she used to wake up with Reika by her sides. If before she used to leave porridge for Reika on their separating line, they now used to have breakfast together on the bed. The only thing that didn’t change is, it always Wakatsuki who prepares their breakfast. Not only that, if before Wakatsuki always feels jealous when she saw Reika walking together with her friends to her class, now she feels glad that she can walk with them. She loves when she now has someone to talk to. But the only person she loves to talk to is always Reika, the one she feels comfortable the most. And the sure thing is they always have lunch together at Fukagawa’s café, sometimes clingy Manatsu and weird Ikoma will join together but most of the time it only Wakatsuki and Reika.

        While for Reika, she never admits this but she love when she wake up and was served by Wakatsuki delicious meal on their bed. She loves when she could walk to class hand by hand with Wakatsuki. She loves when they have same subject to be attended together in the morning, she always loves when they have lunch together without accompanied by her two best friend, they only disturbing their times especially Manatsu; she always thought of that when she saw Manatsu being all clingy to Wakatsuki. Manatsu must fall to Wakatsuki since ever the incident in her room. She didn’t bother by Iko-chan since he is the all weird girl but Manatsu is someone who always falls in love with person who is good to her. The thing she loves the most is every time Wakatsuki leaving notes on various places like on her books, board and desk, asking about having either lunches or dinners in Fukagawa’s Café. Even if they did that almost every day, but Wakatsuki never fail to make her smile with all the notes.

        But that Friday afternoon, they were welcome by a man, waiting in front of hostels main gate. He lean to his big black car with sleeves rolled up to his arm.

        “Ahh is that Eri-kun?” Iko-chan is the first recognize Eri from afar.

        Hearing his name being mention, Eri turns and smile when his eyes found the sight of Reika. He walks closer to them; notice the interlocking hand between Reika and someone who looks tomboyish with her short hair. He can say she is girl looking at the small bulk on her chest which cannot be hidden.

        “Konichiwa Eri-kun.” Three of them bow to the tall man with good body ratios. They look like familiar with the man except for Wakatsuki. She never introduces or told by Reika about the man, so she a little timid to the man she just met.

        “This is Wakatsuki, my roommate.” Reika introduce Wakatsuki to Eri with her usual introduction. They’re roommate. Wakatsuki smiles, not her usual friendly smile this time she dislike being introduce to new people that close to Reika. Not this man. 

        “I’m Ikuta Eri, Reika’s boyfriend.” Eri stretched out his hand and take by Wakatsuki. They shake hand. Iko-chan and Manatsu cheered to Eri as the man introduced himself as Reika’s boyfriend. Reika only could gaze to Wakatsuki, checked her reaction but Wakatsuki only smile.

        “Your mom told me to fetch you for dinner tonight.” Eri told as he reaches out for Reika’s bag.

        “Hai, mom already told me about that.” Reika smiles. “Can we go now?” Reika wants quickly disappear from her friends cheering from Eri’s introduction earlier. They both more excited than her to be honest. She feels uncomfortable with that.

        Eri nod and opens the door to Reika, once again he received loud of cheer from Iko-chan and Manatsu. He smiles before missing to the other side of car and speed up soon after that.

        Wakatsuki sent Reika with her lonely eyes. This is the first time they ever separated.

        “They suit each other right Manatsu?” Iko-chan always loves to ship on the ideal couple between Reika and Eri-kun. “Handsome man with beautiful girl..” He shakes to his own imagination. Manatsu nods; agreed with Iko-chan opinion.

        “Reika’s mom blesses those two too. They’ve been together like forever.” Manatsu add, but to Wakatsuki, she is like adding fuel to the fire inside her.

        “Yeah… how weird is her mom, she calls me bad boy.” Iko-chan pouts. He also knew that how Reika’s mom hates people like him. Boys like to act girlish and girls like to act boyish.

        “It’s okay.. Iko-chan, you’re normal to me.” Manatsu pinches Iko-chan’s cheek. Well that might be true, since Manatsu is weird too, what you can expect from weird girl and weird boy?

        Without both of them notice, Wakatsuki turn back and walk away. This time she is not in the mood to have lunch. Not when Reika is absent. She walks sluggishly with her bag was dragged to the floor.

        “Oii Waka.. What wrong with sour look on your face?” Notice her niece unnatural looks, Mai ask right away after Wakatsuki came into her café that afternoon.

        Not having intention to answer the question, Wakatsuki takes her usual sit in which is the nearest to the counter. She lands her chin on the table and sighs for nth times. She lost all her appetite for today. Even when her aunt came and serves her with warm milk, Wakatsuki looks away. She doesn’t want to meet anyone for today, but she needs someone to talk to.

        “Is something happen, Yumi-chan?” Mai asks softly as she observe the girl with her caring eyes, feels worry with her niece state. “Are you fighting with Reika again?” Mai guesses. She knows that the only thing can make her niece looks like person without souls is Reika, moreover, Reika is not with her today. That makes her guess sensible.

        Wakatsuki looks into Mai eyes when she heard her name turn to Yumi, the girlish nickname that can never be unforgotten whenever she feels bad. “Reika with her family today.” She tells and takes a sip of warm milk. Mai nod, understand by answer. “A man picks her up today.” Wakatsuki told and sigh again. The sight of Reika gone with Eri still fresh in her mind.

        Listen to the answer makes Mai cannot contain her devil smiles. “So that is why you came with sour face?” She laughs but stops when Wakatsuki’s eyes piercing into her. “Are you jealous?” Mai bring her face closer to her niece and whispers. No answer yet Mai were ignored again.



        “What was relationship with Reika?” Now Mai’s tone change into serious one, she able to make Wakatsuki turn to her with wide eyes.

        “Of course friend. We’re roommates after all!” She denies whatever wild thought in her aunt mind. Why her aunt must have that thought too? She should back up her niece!

        “You want me to believe your words? When every time you came and looks like married couple, always stick with each other like husband and wife? In my eyes, both of you look more than friends.” Mai stating the facts and Wakatsuki looks away, can’t deny the reason anymore. “Now, ask you heart once again. Who is Reika to you?” Mai holds to Wakatsuki’s shoulder. 

        “Stop the nonsenses aunty, I’m a girl after all.”

        “Aishh, there a lot of people who look like you but they’re not or they don’t look like this but they’re. This is came from inside, not your characteristic. Don’t let it decides who you are, Waka. Just follow your heart.” She tells with soft voice; try to sooth the girl heart. “Ask yourself, is Reika just a friend? Or more than that? Give your heart a chance Waka, don’t regret it later.” She end it nicely before went to the counter, leaving the other girl deep into her thinking.

        Right, who is Reika to her? Why she feels burning inside when Eri picked her up earlier? And when she was introduced only as roommate? She wants to be more than that title, more than only a roommate. But what??

        That night, Wakatsuki wait for Reika near the parking lot. She might back sooner, Reika never asked to wait for her but she wait anyway. She feels lonely to be alone in the room. And like this afternoon, she is still with her thinking about what her aunt said.

        Five minutes later, a car came into the parking lot. Eri’s car. Wakatsuki watches Reika and Eri talk when they came out from a far with her sad eyes.

        “Reika, lets watch movie after this, I will pick you up.” Eri ask cautiously, he smiles widely hoping that Reika will accept his invitation.

        “Eri-kun, please don’t talks like that again.” Reika finally spokes, she never has chance to talk about this since they were in her home this evening.

        “Talk about what?” Eri lost for what Reika mean.

        “About I’m your girlfriend in front of my friends. You know I never told you that I’m your girlfriend.”

        Listen to her make Eri sigh heavily, he know his mistakes. “I’m sorry; I will never talk like that again.” He holds Reika’s hand gently and looks into her eyes. “I will wait for you to talk about it yourself.” His eyes look sad, but his tone has the hope. He never down his hope with Reika, they’ve befriend for long time already, since they were little, but for him Reika are more than just little sister. But for Reika, he is only big brother that she never has before. Reika is the only child in family so he knew that she want to be cared more since little. That is why he cared for Reika, but his care was mistaken as a brother.

        Reika smiles a little, however feels guilty by the looks insides Eri’s eyes. She didn’t want to disappoint Eri, but Eri never understand her words. Now Eri is sulking and pouting, totally taken aback by her words. “Oh come on! Don’t sulking!” And she goes again with her blinking eyes like diamond and cheerful tone; try to persuade Eri, she don’t like it when people close to her feels bad because of her.

        And since before, Wakatsuki watched everything, she might be can’t heard what they’re talking about but it looks like Eri was sulking by Reika’s words, and not to deny that she feels hurt when she looks at Reika trying hard to coax him like she used to do when they’re at the water fountain before. Wakatsuki can’t look at them anymore and she walks away with sad eyes. All the things that going in her heart right now make her more confused, is she really loves Reika? Love that more a friend should be to her friend? But they both girls.

        Reika enter the room but all she finds is darkness and Wakatsuki body on the bed, wrapped by blanket. Light was all off which is weird since Wakatsuki is afraid of darkness. She walk close to the bed and sits near to her roommate.

        “Are you sleeping? It is still early.” She whisper to Wakatsuki’s ear, try to wake up the other girl. She sighs when she receives no reaction from Wakatsuki. “Why don’t you on the lights?” She asked again, concern. Worry if something was wrong with her friend.

        “I’m having migraine; light only makes me hurts more.” Without opening her eyes, Wakatsuki answer. She is not sleeping because she can’t but she can’t look at Reika too, she feels hurt. Everything is hurt, and her head feels like she just bang to the thick brick wall. All the hard thinking makes her migraine.

        Listen to Wakatsuki’s answer makes Reika empathy to her. She never saw Wakatsuki fragile like this before. “Have you takes your pills?” She asks whilst putting her hand bag on the table, she saw the other girl nod a little with her eyes shut tightly. Somehow she feels bad looking at Wakatsuki state right now. She wasn’t here when her roommate fell sick.

        “Nee, you should know, pills are not enough to lessen the pain.” Reika climb onto the bed and sits beside Wakatsuki with her legs folded below her. “Come, lets me give you massage.” She rolled up her sleeves and holds Wakatsuki’s head softly and starts massaging her head.

        Wakatsuki just let Reika touch her head with her eyes shut off. She can’t ever reject Reika’s words so she’s enjoying every soft touch on her head. Reika stops her movements later and starts observing Wakatsuki’s face, memorizing every inch of them. Realize Reika’s immobile hand on her head, Wakatsuki open her eyes and their gaze met.

        They were so close to each other with Wakatsuki laying on the bed and Reika sits besides her looking down to Wakatsuki. Both hearts flutter so much that they unable talk. Their breaths become one that you can see their chest move in same uncontrolled tone and beat. Wakatsuki gave an assuring smile to Reika as she can see the concern in Reika’s eyes. Her hand moves to Reika’s back and pulls her closer to her. They didn’t talk but their action speaks everything. Reika didn’t even fight the urge to move closer to Wakatsuki’s face until they can feel each other breaths as their nose touching in slow motion.

        TOCK TOCKK..

        The sounds of knocking echoed in their room, waking up two people from their own world. Reika quickly pulled over, shock by her own action, not even that she is not reject or fight her own desire. She quickly run to the door and found Manatsu standing there with her pillows and blanket.

        “The air condition was off. I can’t stand with the heat.” She told Reika but her eyes run to Wakatsuki figure on the bed. “Can I sleep here?” She asked with naughty smile tucks on her wide lips.

        “Where do you want to sleep?” Reika reluctantly ask and open the door for Manatsu to enter.

        “Your bed is okay, but on Waka is better.” She whisper into Reika’s ear, don’t want Wakatsuki to hear her. Both of them know each other more than the others, from Manatsu act that likes to cling to Wakatsuki, Reika knew that her best friend already in love with her roommate.

        “Waka is having migraine right now.” She told Manatsu with her low voice, feels tired so sudden at Manatsu presence.

        “Hontoni?” Manatsu eyes widen and she runs to the bed. She sits beside Wakatsuki and start massaging her head. “Have you takes you pills?” Manatsu asks the same question but with flirting manner, Wakatsuki just nod slightly.

        Reika, however still standing on the main door, she looks away as she saw the scene of Manatsu flirt with her roommate. Seeing all of that, makes her heart aching all of sudden and she can’t stand the views. “Manatsu, that’s enough, Waka’s head is damaging right now. You can sleep on my bed tonight.” She told her best friend and pulls her away from Wakatsuki.

        That night, it is only Reika who unable to sleep. She can’t sleep with Manatsu invade into their room tonight, she feels insecure but she didn’t acknowledge her own feelings. All the things that playing on her mind right now is the scene when they almost kissing with each other. And what was that? Why she didn’t even reject Wakatsuki, and why her heart hurt when she saw Manatsu close to her? That is not so new, she always feels like that whenever Manatsu clinging to Wakatsuki.

        Reika try to sleep but her eyes was full with Wakatsuki face as she facing her roommate. Her lip was shaping a smile without her realizes. ‘Why you always make me happy Waka?’

(A/N: Okay, I admit that, I can’t make it into two parts.. so, let make it as four shot!!! If you already watch the movie by now.. You can guess what is coming next but.. I’ll not totally follow that story line, that’s all from me. Thank you for reading my little piece, your comments are much more welcome and I’m happy for that.)

@C: Woowww, You have watched both movies?? i'm glad.. Haha, so how my attempt in romantic story?  :kekeke:

I’m finding it hard not to laugh at Reika here  XD  Reika, please, you’re like the captain of all things gay especially when it comes to your Wakachuki.

i'm happy i make you laugh, even idk in which part.. hehe, well it is Reika, she never deny that when it comes to Waka..  :nya:

I like that Maimai is the aunt because she can play guitar for real.

well, me too. can only imagine MaiMai become Waka's aunty here..

I can’t wait to see Reika turning gay for Waka  :lol:

you have to wait my dear friend...

thanks for commenting anyway even this is my lame attempt  :panic:

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« Reply #9 on: October 09, 2016, 10:11:56 AM »
Hello.. I'm new here..
I watched that movie a few years ago, when I read a few paragraphs of your fic.. suddenly I reminded that movie and yeah your fic based on that movie XD You know I am so excited :twothumbs can't wait for their gay moment :cow: waiting for next part :thumbsup

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I’m glad Reika and Waka relationship is getting better.
 :rofl:  Ikoma becomes that guy.....and of course, Manatsu is that girl. I suppose that does fit her.
Omg, another Eri-kun to destroy WakaRei. This guy really doesn’t stop  XD
Maimai, you just gotta love her <3 (is there like "uncle" Nanamin somewhere?  :grin:)

Yep, watched both. I like the song too in the first movie and the actress playing Reika’s character is super pretty.
Do carry on with your attempt on romantic story, it’s not lame at all.

TakaSemaru  :heart:

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lol that just a beginning for reika to be gay for waka, you know they born to complete each other  :roll:
it is my feeling or it was true that you prefer ikuchan to be a guy and paired with reika? :?
just a simple otaku and silent reader

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   The next day, as usual Wakatsuki leave a note on Reika’s book, asking her to have lunch at Fukagawa’s café. They missed yesterday’s lunch together as Eri picked Reika up. But that is not all, Wakatsuki consider it her thanks for what Reika did to her last night. Her migraine has gone in the morning she wakes up.

   So they gonna meet at garden at 12, Wakatsuki was there first as her faculty is nearer. She stands instantly as she saw Reika is coming to her. “Are you hungry yet?” She asked her usual question as she grab Reika’s hand bag and hang it on her shoulder. It has become her habit this lately.

   Reika nodded few times and grabs Wakatsuki’s hand. Happy that they will spend time together.

   “Hi you two, we want to have lunch, let’s go together?” Out of nowhere, Manatsu and Iko-chan appear and as usual, Manatsu starts to cling onto Wakatsuki. Seeing all that, Reika quickly pulled her hand away, she is pouting. “Let’s have Okonomiyaki?” She suggests, much more like she is flattering with Wakatsuki.

   “Yada.. I’m on diet right now.” Iko-chan added. “Why not to MaiMai’s café? I heard she has new recipes.” Iko-chan being jumpy as usual.

   “How about we go together?” Wakatsuki voiced out her opinion while looking at Reika, like she asks Reika’s permission but the other girl just showing her grumpy pouting face.
   “Yada, Suddenly I’m full.” She retrieves her hand bag from Wakatsuki and start walked of. She lost all her mood for today. She wishes that they will be able to have lunch together without being disturbed by flirty Manatsu and noisy Iko-chan, but Wakatsuki is too dense to read all that on her face, she is too nice with Manatsu.

   Wakatsuki just watch Reika’s back as her roommates walk away, she didn’t manage to stop Reika, that girl is too unpredictable.

   “Let’s go?” Manatsu quickly pulled Wakatsuki’s hand walk side by side with her all their way to the café.

   They’re might be have fun in the café, as Manatsu always spoon fed Wakatsuki with cakes and Iko-chan never fail to cheer to the handsome band that always singing in the café. The band called NogiDan is his ultimate reason to come to this café. But for Wakatsuki, there are no moments she is not thinking about Reika, her roommates. She has called the other girl many times but all her calls were rejected. She sighs for nth time, not realized that the other girls eyes always on her, there is slight disappointed in Manatsu eyes but being at Waka’s sides made her grateful enough. Manatsu smile as Wakatsuki face her and she ready to spoon fed Wakatsuki again.

   “Manatsu, can you wait here for a moment?” She tells Manatsu as she stands up, without waiting any answer from her friend, Wakatsuki run out from the café. Mai just give her a small smile as she watch her niece run.

   Reika, on the other hand is sitting on the bridge while talking with Eri on the phone. She is sometimes laughing to the Eri’s jokes. She is laughing but deep there she is feeling worse and guilty that she is actually pretending with Eri. She is only return to the man when she is in bad mood.

   Her phone is beeping as she is talking to Eri, without looking at the caller, this time she pick the calls after told the man that she have another incoming call.

   “Where are you?” It is Wakatsuki on the other side, asking right after Reika accept her call. As usual, Wakatsuki’s tone sounded so concern.

   “What do you care about my location?” Reika answers coldly.

   “You haven’t eat, Reika.”

   “What about your girlfriend? Why call me when you’re together with her right now?” Reika still with her cold and sinister tone. “Who am I to you Wakatsuki? You promise to have lunch with me first, but you go with them, is Manatsu your girlfriend? And you a real lesbian?” Reika is back with her old prejudice mind. She is absolutely mad and doesn’t care about anything right now.

   “Manatsu is not my girlfriend, Reika.” Wakatsuki frustatedly explains over again and again. this is not the first time Reika telling her this.

   “Ahah, like I believe that when both of you clinging to each other like twins.” Reika rolled her eyes up, totally annoyed by the view that suddenly played on her mind.

   “Which one you want to hear first?” Wakatsuki asked with calm and low voice. She leans to the same bridge as Reika right now, beside the other girl. She found her when she called the other girl earlier and talk to her on phone while she eyeing Reika from a far. Of course she could see all the pouting face Reika makes.

   “What?” However, Reika didn’t even shocked by the other girl presence. She still with her cold composure resists reacting to whatever moves Wakatsuki made.

   “That Manatsu is not my girlfriend.. And Reika is someone important to me.” Answer to her own question, Wakatsuki slowly reaches for Reika’s hand. She holds them gently. This time Reika can’t resist to the soft touch on her hand, she grab to Wakatsuki’s hand even tighter when she was guided to the benched nearby. They still have phone on their ears, even they just sitting side by side and talking so close.

   “HOW would you define love Reika?” Wakatsuki asks that question one day. She is too tired to think about it herself. She can’t find the answer from her aunty question. Who is Reika? Is Reika someone special to her? But she didn’t know what love actually is.

   “Hurmm.. my mom always said that.. when you’re with that someone, you can feel thousands of butterfly inside your stomach..” Reika answer it lightly as she looking up to the ceiling, to the image of birds that was produce by their own hand’s shadow. They’re now laying lazily on bed while looking to the ceiling playing shadows game.

   “Like when you feels that your stomach and heart weightless?”

   “Maybe..” Reika nodded as she is moving the image of birds on the ceiling towards other bird belong to her roommate. The images are now moving randomly. There are two birds right now the ceiling, one belong to her and the other one to Wakatsuki’s.

   “If someday, I happened to love someone..” Wakatsuki’s bird shadow stop moving as she looks into Reika’s face. The other girl doesn’t even realize the warm gaze from Wakatsuki, yet keep playing with her own shadow.

   “And if that someone I love is a girl.. Would you still be my friend?”

   Listen to the question makes Reika stop from her act. She is silent, not giving any answer. She turns her head to Wakatsuki’s direction, their eyes meet and their nose touching each other. They’re not speaking but their breaths resonate within each other as they keep diving into each other’s eyes.

Wakatsuki not even blink as she lets her eyes being read by Reika. Once a time her eyes would travel around Reika’s face and stop at her lips. It somehow looks so tempting to her. “I’m hungry.” She broke the silent, not wanting her own feeling went too far that she can’t even control. She wake up and run to her desk.

   Seeing Wakatsuki avoiding her, Reika sigh. Why she feels so disappointed by her act? She want to look into her eyes a little more time, it is so beautiful, so deep that she would drowned in it and why she never realize it before? That Wakatsuki has very soothing brown eyes, make her so mesmerized every time their eyes met?

   “Jaa.. I made sandwich!” Wakatsuki came back with a plate of smiling sandwich on her hand. She always like to draw faces on the sandwich, if she is happy she would draw smiling face on it using sauce and other wise when she unhappy. But most of the time, when she is with Reika, smiling faces always appear.

   Reika wake up as Wakatsuki sit beside her. She smiles to the faces on the sandwich. Wakatsuki never failed to make her happy even by simple things. Reika grab a sandiwich and shove it in her mouth.

   “Ahh.” Wakatsuki open her mouth and show it Reika, asking to be fed.

   “Yada..” Reika turn away, doesn’t want to share her sandwich.

   “You have to share, I only make one.” Wakatsuki ignore Reika’s answer, she takes a bite of the sandwich that still in Reika’s mouth. Their lips slightly touching with each other, Wakatsuki beam a smile, her eyes also shaping a smile but more glittering. Flustered by her act; Reika frozen when their eyes met. But Wakatsuki only grins with bright eyes, her dimples showing on her left cheek.

   Reika retreat and make the sandwich split into two, she looks away too shy to even meeting eyes with her roommate. She shushes away the nervousness inside her stomach. Out of sudden she can see a lot of butterflies flying around her, it might be her imagination but it is so beautiful, Reika smiles on her own. ‘When you fall in love, you can feel butterflies in your stomach.’ She remembers her mom’s words. If that is true.. Reika turns to Wakatsuki and their eyes meet again and she can see the butterflies flying around her roommates.

   “I have butterflies since long ago, Reika.” Wakatsuki said, confessing her feeling at the same time. She is being serious, not like playful Wakatsuki a moment ago. “I always has butterfly whenever I’m with you.”

   And Reika is obviously taken aback by the words. ‘So do I, Waka.’ Yet she still didn’t have any courage to say it loud.

   That night, they don’t talk with each other, well it much more like Reika who keep avoiding Wakatsuki while the other girl keep it cool, not even feel rejected when Reika not replying anything.

   “Shall we sleep?” Wakatsuki asks as she lay on the bed, as usual she turn to Reika’s side; always sleeping facing her roommate. She smiles, reassuring Reika that ‘don’t worry; she won’t force her to accept her feelings. And Reika, only blinked her eyes for once.

   Again, that night Reika couldn’t sleep and keep thinking about her own feelings. She never felt like this; not with Eri or any other girls so she can’t accept the fact that she may be like Wakatsuki more than friend. But.. she is a girl.. Reika fighting with herself a lot, she is too scared but at the same time, the feeling inside make her happy.

   So the next day, Reika asked Wakatsuki to have spent some time in Shibuya since today is Sunday. Reika would love if she could sleep some more today but she determines to clear up her own feelings. She wants to make sure it once again, if she really loves Wakatsuki just as a friend or more than that. And of course, the other girl just accepts it happily.

   They walk down the hallway together, hand by hand and laughing at whatever stupid jokes Reika made. Not even realize that Eri is waiting that at one corner with flower in his hand, ready to surprise Reika.


   The simple call by familiar voice is enough to make Reika jump from her position and awkwardly shifting herself away from Wakatsuki. “Eri-kun, what are you doing here?” Reika hesitantly asks, her eyes keep changing the view from Eri and Wakatsuki who both looks uncomfortable with each other.

   “Surprise? I’m always promise to take you to cinema; I guess the day is today?” Eri beam his gentle smile, Reika scratch her own head, feeling confused.

   “But you don’t call me first.”

   “Auchh, you have planned today?” He looks at two people in front him, reading the environment of two people. “So where are you going? I can drive you both?”
   “Reika! Waka! I haven’t see you both since yesterday.. What are you doing?” Manatsu came and land her hand on Wakatsuki shoulder. She much more like a stalker; always show up where ever Wakatsuki are, except in their room, Reika don’t open the door for her anymore nowadays.

   “Ahh are you going out?” Manatsu reads the atmosphere between three people. It is always possible when Eri was there; he is the one who always take Reika for outing. “Can I tag along? Iko-chan with his family anyway.” She beams her flirting smile and winked her eyes to Wakatsuki.

   “I don’t think so Manatsu, even I can’t go with them.” Eri added with his low voice, disappointed not getting answer from Reika.

   “What are you talking about? Let’s go! We’re going to Shibuya.” Reika jump happily, pretending that she don’t feel down at the disruption she has for today. She grabbed Manatsu hand from Wakatsuki’s shoulder and pulled the girl away from her roommate, leaving Wakatsuki with Eri; having glaring competition.

   When the four of them are together, Reika automatically walk with Eri, Eri won’t walk with Manatsu either, he is too obsessed with Reika. And of course, it gives Manatsu chance to cling with Wakatsuki without being stopped by Reika. But the two people keep gazing each other. Wakatsuki would always eye Reika’s hand on Eri’s grip, their hand always interlock with each other since they’ve arrived. While Reika’s eyes unable to left Manatsu that always cling to Wakatsuki’s arm, like a koala. Reika grits her teeth whenever she saw two people spoiled with each other. She is clearly jealous of them. Not wanting to loss to Wakatsuki, she walks even closer onto Eri and flirts with the man just to make Wakatsuki jealous.

   But to Wakatsuki, she still can control her feeling, not to express it out on her face. For sure, she can’t look at two people, especially when they take seat on a famous restaurant there. Reika sits in between her and Eri but she still being so close with Eri.

   Eri, like he can see the sparks in Wakatsuki’s eye, he starts to spoon fed Reika every time he has chance. Reika can’t reject her but to accept the offer yet she still keep an eye to Manatsu who also shoving food into Wakatsuki’s mouth. They both are accepting on whatever being offered to them but their eyes still attached to each other. 

   Manatsu on the other hand, enjoy her free time with Wakatsuki because she is confident that Reika couldn’t stop her anymore, at least for today. Like Eri, Manatsu also spoon fed Wakatsuki while doing all her girlish flirting act to Wakatsuki in front Reika. It is not like she doesn’t realize each glare she receives from her friend but she wants Reika to know that, they’re rival. Who wouldn’t know that Reika like Wakatsuki more than friends? It is too obvious; it is just Reika who is too stupid not to acknowledge her own feelings, too afraid to fall in dangerous love with her roommate. Manatsu smirks as she meeting eye with her friend.

   Can’t bear all the scene in front of her, Reika step onto Wakatsuki’s feet two three times, give her signal. “Ahh, I forget to take receipt from the other store.” Reika quickly find an excuse just to escape from Eri and Manatsu. 

   “Where?? I can get it for you.” Understand the signal from Reika, Wakatsuki quickly play her role.

   “I forget where it is, I will go with you.”

   “Ahh it is okay, I know where it is. Come, let me accompany you.” But Manatsu is faster to read their plan to escape from both of them. Not giving any chance for her, Manatsu quickly stand up and grab Reika’s hand. They then were missing from the crowds of people, leaving two awkward people by themselves.

   “I don’t know what are you actually is. But if Reika’s mom sees you, she wouldn’t let Reika study anymore.” After minutes of silence, Eri spoke up sternly. He never likes Wakatsuki since the first time he met her. To him, Wakatsuki is like her rival even she is a girl. “I didn’t know if Reika ever told you about her mom, but she really dislike this kind of thing.” He added calmly while sipping her tea. 

   “What kind of thing, Eri?” Wakatsuki asks straightforwardly; can’t afford t to run around the bushes with the man anymore.

   “Like.. Girls that look like boys. It is the elder thought.”

   “So that kind of people is disgusting for you?” Wakatsuki are clearly offended by his words, she even pressing her voice deeper. She is too tired by this talk.

   “I don’t point it you.” Eri lands his hand on the table, facing straight with Wakatsuki.

   “Well, why you are being so defending Eri? Feel challenged by me? Afraid that you might lose Reika to me?” Wakatsuki also doing the same thing, she lands her hand on the table and facing Eri, even her tone sound so challenging. She lifted her eyebrow.

   “I can confirm that, Reika is not like that.. She will never go against the nature and her mom’s words.” Eri voice sound so confident. It does trigger the fire inside Wakatsuki. The girl stands up, grab her things and walk away; she didn’t care anymore.

   “I can’t contact her.” Reika repeats the same sentence since before. It has been her hundredth time calling her roommate, wanted to ask her where about but her phone seems off. She furrowed her s eyebrow showing some wrinkles as if she worried about her friend too much. Wakatsuki just went missing like that without informing her anything. “Mou I don’t care anymore!” At last she gives up, if Wakatsuki wanted to be reach, she won’t offed her phone.

   Eri and Manatsu who just waiting for Reika; whom have been engrosses in searching for Wakatsuki finally felt relief. They’re just being bystander since before, not have any courage to disturb the girl when her mood swings because of Wakatsuki.

   They went back to hostel right after that, Reika hasn’t talks even a word in the car. She just sits still beside Eri with arm wrapping her own body, giving signal ‘do not disturb her’. Eri bids his goodbye as he sent two girls back to their hostel but was completely ignored by Reika. He heaves a deep sigh.

   As Reika reach her room, she drops all her things on the floor and sits on her bed; leaning her back on the bed’s head furiously. Her face really expressing her feeling right now, she is mad and angry of Wakatsuki. She is worried because she doesn’t know where Wakatsuki is, she might be sick or lost or being kidnaped. All of the negatives taught keep circling in her head, so she can’t stay silent. If at least Wakatsuki does give her words about leaving, she won’t angry and worry like this. Reika froze in her position for hours, since she back this evening until now, the clock showing 8.

   “Where have you been, Wakatsuki?” Reika asks right away when Wakatsuki enter the room. She doesn’t need to look at who enter the room as she knows who it is by her perfume. She has memorized everything about Wakatsuki, the way she enter the room, the way she clean the room, the way she sleep until how she always clean herself.

   Hearing the question with her cold tone after long time, Wakatsuki choose not to answer Reika. She put her things that she bought from Shibuya earlier in a corner of the room; once again ignoring other girl by throwing her watch on her desk. She is also not in the mood to talk with Reika right now.

   “Mind telling me where are you going Wakatsuki?”  Pissed off that she was ignored by Wakatsuki, Reika raised her voice. It made Wakatsuki flustered a little bit but she stays composed. “Do you think you can do whatever you want, and go where ever you like? I’ve called you thousand times, and why you didn’t pick up?” Reika attacked Wakatsuki straight away with her never ending question. She still sits on the bed while looking at Wakatsuki at the corner of her eyes.

   “Is it good? I’m left but you can be with your boyfriend. Is it what you want?” Wakatsuki keep her voice low, she also angry but she try hard not to lose herself in front Reika.

   Listen to the words, Reika get down the bed and facing her roommates. “How many times I should tell you that Eri is not my boyfriend? We are just childhood friends. And what about you and Manatsu? Walking so close like a twin and laughing happily like you’re so in love!” Reika cannot control her anger anymore, she always said what she want anyway despite she is mad or not. “Don’t act like that, because I don’t like it.” She turns away coldly.

   Wakatsuki glare at Reika for two seconds feeling herself at the verge of her own feeling. “I know, you never like whatever I am. Since the beginning, you never like me, Reika.” Wakatsuki is trying hard not to spill her tears in front of Reika but her words sound so trembled like she is right now. “You always trying to deny my presence, always.”

   “Good that you know. So you understand that since long time ago. Don’t beg for any interest or attention from me, because you will never get it. It is annoying.” Reika ended her words while looking into Wakatsuki’s eyes, like she wanted her to know that she meant all what she said.

   They keep silent for five seconds, each trying hard to contain their own feelings. Wakatsuki looks at the verge of tearing up, she is hurt by Reika’s words but the other girls never looks like she was sorry. As she had enough, Wakatsuki walked away from the room. She can’t cry in front of Reika, not when she was rejected by her.

   The door was slammed so hard that it sounds like earth is break apart, Wakatsuki figure already disappear behind the door. Reika sends the other girl with her apologetic regret eyes. She falls to the floor with tears on her cheeks. Why things always occur vice versa from what she wanted it to be?  Deep there, Reika wants to slap herself for saying all the mean cold words to Wakatsuki, she is too angry to control her own anger; too jealous by Wakatsuki’s act with Manatsu this evening. She brings her knee closer to her chest that is the time she discover Wakatsuki’s thing in the corner of the room. She can’t help herself to not look at the bags, which she found a small glass aquarium with two fish in there. Reika cries even more, Wakatsuki still remember her words that she wants to have two fish at once.
   Like skies can understand their feeling that night, it growl couple of thunders and rain fall down to the earth heavily.

   On a dark street, Wakatsuki hug herself, retaining all the heat she could. Right now, she is waiting for the rain to stop under one of the small bus stop. Her body was shivering badly, her shirts drenched by rain when she running to find place as a shelter, thank god that she found one but still, it is so cold. She looks around, it already dark, light seems off once again every time there was thunder and she was scared as hell. She wants to go back, but she doesn’t have any courage to face Reika at this time, not when the other girl still mad at her. 

   At the end of road, Reika is running with umbrella in her hand. She looks around, searching for her only one roommate. She gathers all her courage to find for Wakatsuki in the middle of rain and thunder. She can’t keep waiting for her in the room, feeling guilty for all her mean words earlier. “Waka.. waka..” She shouts Wakatsuki’s name several times as she looks around. Thank god that she caught Wakatsuki’s figure on a bus stand; hugs her own body while shivering. Reika run to Wakatsuki, she stops in front the bus stop when their eyes met. “What are you doing in the rain?” Reika yelled at Wakatsuki, not because she is mad but because she is worry.

   “I’m not begging for your interest Reika, I did it because I wanted to.” Wakatsuki’s sobs was heard in between her words. She looks down; don’t dare to look into Reika’s eyes. Her trembled hands held a chocolate cake out from her shirt. She is protecting Reika’s favorite cake from the rain instead of herself. She run from their room just to find a cake for Reika, it is the only way to make the other girl calm down; not angry at her anymore. “I know you don’t like me Reika, I know it..”

   Not wanting Wakatsuki to end her words and crying, Reika drops her umbrella and went to Wakatsuki and kiss her on the lips. It is a light kiss, just to shut the other girl mouth. She knows is the one at fault. “I’m sorry for all my words Wakatsuki. I didn’t mean it.” Reika said with teary eyes. She cupped Wakatsuki’s cheek and look into her eyes. “I never said this, but I love you too. I also have butterflies in my stomach since long ago Waka.” With that confession, Reika hug Wakatsuki, sharing all their heat together.

   That night, it becomes special for the two people. They sit on the bed doing nothing but to stare at each other’s eyes. No words ever spoken by the two people with Reika busy drying Wakatsuki’s hair. There was thin awkwardness between them when they only have sleeveless shirts and shorts on them. Coughing two three times as attempt on chasing away the awkwardness, Reika sits up to get a better way in drying her lover’s hair. But the movement only makes the distance between them closer. Wakatsuki follows Reika with her eyes, still can’t look away other than the deep brown orbs of Reika’s, she found it is so mesmerizing.

   The night is dimmed when only the table lamp was on, but as for them it is bright enough to have a better look on each other, to memorize every corner of each other’s faces. And the rain has slowing down than before, making their surroundings more romantic. Rain droplets was heard as they only immersed in themselves, making memories of their love.

   Wakatsuki grab Reika’s waist as the other girl grew closer to her, she bring her face onto Reika’s tummy. There is two seconds interval for Reika to digest what is really happening but she didn’t refrain. To be honest, Reika is enjoying every soft and warm touch on her body. She lowered her body, leveling her eyes with Wakatsuki, the distance between them merely 2cm, leaving the nose touching with each other. They didn’t talk but their eyes, speaking the same language. The only thing they heard was their own breath, it resonating within them, composing beautiful music in between. Wakatsuki grab even tighter but softer grasp on Reika’s waist, bring the other girl closer than it was before. Their noses are crushing and their lips now touching.

   “I love you Reika.” Wakatsuki said for the nth time, she feels more freely to express her love since Reika confess to her in the rain earlier. And with that words too, she is pressing their lips together. It is not a passionate kiss, but a kiss that proving her words. But the only one dominating and leading is Wakatsuki. Reika never ever move from her position. She is still with her expressionless face.

   Wakatsuki retreat as she didn’t receive any responses from Reika. There is slight disappointment in her eyes as she looks down. Reika is still afraid, afraid of their relationship. She brushes Reika’s cheek, calming the other girl from whatever she is thinking right now.

   As Wakatsuki distancing herself even further; not wanting to force the other girl anymore, Reika grab Wakatsuki’s neck. She is unsatisfied only with light kiss and she knows that she become numb earlier which make her lover kind of down. So she leans forward to catch Wakatsuki’s lips. Now, she is dominating with their passionate and deep kiss. She can’t say it by words, but her action speaks louder. She loves Wakatsuki as much as Wakatsuki love her. Maybe more. 

   They retract after some moments of kissing gasping for desperate air. Even the situation didn’t favors them to have a better look, but Reika can see a smile plastered on Wakatsuki’s lips. She knows that, her lover are now satisfied. So does her. There are no words can explain her feelings right now, but she felt relieve, relieve that finally she come into her right decision. She loves Wakatsuki.

   Wakatsuki stands using her knees on the bed, their eyes still glued to each other. She smiles as she pressing the other girl to fall on her back. She pins Reika using her two hands, drops of water fall from her stray short wet hair falls on Reika’s cheek.

   The cold sensation from the water makes her awake and closed her eyes in surprised. Wakatsuki looks so sexy in her eyes. Taking advantage for Reika’s short loss of focus, Wakatsuki leans and land other kiss while pressing their body even harder. Pleasure by the moves made by Wakatsuki, Reika pulled the blanked over their body.

   (A/N: Finally, i can find some time to post this.. This is long… but, what am I doing?????? I feel like I’m tarnished their innocent image by writing this type of story… kyaaaaaaaakk should I go further? Nope! just kidding) and do you watched last night announcement? Nanamin finally be a center.. hoping that won't graduating at this short period.. and WakaReika... finally was separated by management.. poor Reika but congrats for Waka comeback in fukujin! Now, lets praying for a duet song for Waka and Reika, any song will do, but personally i want a song like Migikata.. it is sooooo nice when Acchan sings it with Takamina.. or songs like two roses will do! Basically i want a song that telling their story.. 

@wakasama__: Ahhh welcome  :welcome thanks for reading my fic, well.. seems like the movie is quite popular, i watched them two years ago too but rewatched them again this year.

@C: thanks for always commenting on my fanfic, well i kinda feel sorry for Ikoma to be that boy.. but someone has to be him anyway. yes! Manatsu, because Manatsu always there in between Waka and Reika (except Naachan, i can't make her take those chara right?)
for Nanamin uncle, i want to put her in this story tooo but don't have any idea where to insert her scee.. forgive me!
yaaaayy, the lead artist in the movie was suppperr cute and beautiful.. they suits each other too.
well thanks for your compliment, will try harder next time!  :on woohoo:

@ミサキ: Okaerii ミサキ-san..  :mon innocent: thanks for always commenting too..
yess.. they complete each other, but the last night announcement was kinda disappointing, they not in the same line anymore.. waka finally surpassed her partner  :mon star: but Reika will look at her back this time.. poor Reika...
but i wishing for a duet song for them!
hahaha lolss at your sharp observation.. well sorry for that, i want to replace the character with Misa senpai actually but it doesn't fit with the scene.. i still have clear image of Ikuchan being so tsundere with Reika.. and, personally i've fall with male version of Ikuchan in Shakiism MV. she is soooooo cool (well, that time i still unrealized with Waka presence at the back).

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...*heavy breath* too much sweet (⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)
hope reika's mother will accept waka :mon prayer:

that was a surprising announcement, hope that's not a last single to nanamin
and yeah, welcome back for waka into fukujin :welcome
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new chapter :) thanks for update author-san :twothumbs
that scene made me heart attack!! Oh my poor heart. I mean thanks for gay moment!! :deco: come on reika.. what do you think again? You love her very much, right??? :smhid please keep updated author-san..
about 16th single senbatsu announcement.. really complicated! I am very happy because wakatsuki back to fukujin but WHY reika should come down to 3rd row??!! :banghead: yeah I hope they have a coupling song (special for my otp) :wub:  for nanamin, I'm happy because finally she became center for the next single

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Manatsu, you WakaRei blocker! Where’s Kuroishi when you need them?  XD
Oh Reika, you should be nicer to Waka too if you want her to be as “too nice” like she did with Manatsu.
Huh, bold Waka is bold  :grin:
I feel like I just want to lock Eri and Manatsu away so they don’t disturb WakaRei…  :smhid
Reika, your gay is showing! (like finally! lol)
I don’t really remember but the scene at the end, was it in the movie or the bonus part?

Yep, Naachan won’t fit that chara, Manatsu fits because she’s kinda dramatic.
I’m just kidding about uncle Nanamin, no worries. Although her grad announcement  :on cloudeye:

TakaSemaru  :heart:

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(A/N: This the last part, i'm sorry of it was too long or complicated. enjoy your reading!


      “Papa used to tell me that, only mama was his love. So when mama was gone he can’t use the word of love anymore. Even if he is a big playboy after mama passed away.” Wakatsuki interlock her fingers with Reika’s.

      They was just lie down on the bed, still lazy to wake up even if it is already 10 in the morning. But luckily this week is the study week before final exam approaching.

      “Do you sad that she was gone?”

      “At first yes. But papa needs support from me. She is the most important person to him.” Wakatsuki smiles back as she facing Reika. It almost a week since they were together, but still, something was off and still doesn’t change. But of course, she can’t tell it on Reika’s face.

      “I love you Reika.” As usual, it has become her habits every morning to say that word and kiss Reika’s forehead. But for sure, Reika still can’t utter the word of love, still averting her gaze each time she said that.

      As their eyes met, Reika beam a smile just to make her love feel assured and not thinking too much about her behavior. Of course she felt guilty but how should she said that? That she still afraid and confused at the same time.

      For a second, there was an awkward air between them when nobody takes charge to talk. Wakatsuki just nods, even if Reika didn’t admit anything, she still can cooperate with that, all matter is how long she can do that.

      Ringing from Reika’s phone save their environment. Without further ado, Reika’s grab her phone. Eri’s name on the screen which Wakatsuki also saw it at her first glance. Even if they are now in different relationship, the presences of Eri still make her feel off and uncomfortable. Reika smiles as she telling that she gonna pick up the call. Wakatsuki, however not speaking a word but move from the bed, giving Reika more spaces to talk privately. But as soon as she moves, her hand was grabbed by Reika and shorten their distance. So at the end, she leans besides Reika while listening to their conversation.

      “Your mom said she would be there today. To give support to you before your exam started.”

      “Ah.. sokka, Roger that.” Reika nodded few times, have nothing to said against Eri, she sometimes glance to Wakatsuki at her side, their fingers still entangle with each other. Somehow, that upset expression looks so cute. “So, who will be here first? You or my mom?”

      Loud grumbling sound can be heard out from Wakatsuki’s lips. Reika once again glance at her, beaming an assuring smile and a light kiss on her cheek before ending her call. “Are you jealous?” Reika asked straightforwardly. She cannot help but feeling amused by the upset face of Wakatsuki as she turn away her body.

      Reika sighed as she received no responses from Wakatsuki. “Eri just asked me to do accompany him doing some errands from my mom. She will be there too, can I go?” Knowing things wouldn’t go anywhere, she chooses to be honest.

      “It is okay, you can go.” Wakatsuki answers reluctantly, she is not even looking at Reika. Feeling jealous burning inside her chest, but she can do nothing about it, isn’t she?

      “Haip. Arigatou nee.” Reika grabs Wakatsuki neck and peck a kiss lightly on the cheeks, trying to enlighten the girl back. “I will be back as soon as possible, but you should take care of yourself too. Don’t let Manatsu flirts with you. Because I’m very jealous girl.”

      “I can tell Manatsu right away about us Reika.”

      “Don’t be crazy.” Reika retort and pulled away her hug from Wakatsuki. She sighs again, knowing what actually an issue here. “I don’t know what will happen after this Waka. I don’t know what to answer when someone asked me about us or if someone would know about us.” Reika scratches her own head, brings her knees closer to her body. That is what exactly offed between them, while Wakatsuki ready to be open about their relationship but Reika still afraid about peoples view to them.

      “That has nothing to do with us Reika, we don’t have to be ashamed, and there is nothing to be afraid of.” This time is Wakatsuki’s turn to back hugged Reika, calming the other girl from her overthinking. “I love you Reika.” Once again she whispers the words and again she receives no answer.

      “I’m not ready yet Yumi. I don’t want anyone to know about us. Do you understand me Yumi?” Reika confessed with a low and soft voice, using Yumi make it softer than usual Waka. Well she will always use it against Wakatsuki rare grumpy face and mood. She turns to Wakatsuki, seeking for an understanding but Wakatsuki just simply look away with upset all over her face.

      Right after Reika left, Wakatsuki was left alone in the room, doing her usual chores, cleaning the room. She looked at the brown board, hanging on the wall in front of their study desk. Lots of their daily picture was pinned on the board, starting from their first day together until today, it was exactly a week, and they would take picture of themselves every day. And as for today, she pinned another Polaroid on the Tuesday empty column. The picture was taken as soon as they wake up from sleep, still with their own sleeping shirts. It define everything about their relationship nowadays. Reika will be all lovey dovey with her but it will only last in their private space which is only in this room.

      For Wakatsuki, it is quite disappointing because she can’t show it in public.. well she is not that kind of people who proud of their lover in front of other people, but what should she do when Reika always mad if Manatsu acts girlish with her but she can’t show that she is taken? Wakatsuki sighed for nth time as she looks at those pictures. It is really complicated relationship with Reika.

      Feeling all bored and having enough cramped in her head due to over study, she chooses to stop by her aunt café. It is still early in the morning so, the café still empty. Only her aunty was there, preparing her shop even if it is still early to do that when the café is only open for public in the evening.

      Notice that her niece unusual bad mood, Mai grabs a piece of cake and bring it to Wakatsuki’s table. The girl still spacing out from her thought.

      “Waka Waka..” She calls few times but still no answers, Wakatsuki simply turn away looking to the garden on the outside, emotionless.

      “Nee Waka! Try the cake. It is the new recipe, bet you it will be good.” Mai tries to grab her attention once again but still nothing was ticked on her niece face. Knowing it is the best to left her alone, Mai just walked away and doing her job on the front desk.

      Wakatsuki’s phone rings few times right after Mai left. It is Manatsu. Wakatsuki not taking another small glance at the callers but straightly pushed the red button and off her phone right after that. She is really not in the mood to talk to anybody today, much more to entertain Manatsu flirty conversation.

      It is already late in the evening when Reika finally finished accompany her mom shopping. All the plastic bags was thrown inside the car’s bonnet and back seat, leaving no space for other people to sit. Well, since they were only two. Eri left right after sending her mom at her place.

      “Nee Reika, let’s go something to eat.”


      “In your dorm of course, I never met your new roommates, we can have a meal together.” Sakurai-san suggests with cheerful tone. Maybe excited meeting her daughter and idea of meeting her daughter’s friend also make her all hype. “Call her first, asks her what she want for dinner.”

      “Huhh? My dorm?” And of course, the idea of meeting her mom with Wakatsuki never a good idea, Reika’s eyes widen with shock and her head quickly finding excuse not to make that happen.

      “She might be not there, maybe she went home.” Reika is trying hard not to make her tension looks obvious. Even if it does, her mom would never grab that idea why she would be that restless.

      “Call her first to make sure of that. It will be enjoyable dinner.” After making that fixed decision, Sakurai-san enters the car, leaving Reika outside feeling nervous. Right after her mom left, she dialed Wakatsuki’s number right away. But the one who answer it was the operator, saying that the person she dialed is not in the coverage. Bunches of her attempts was failed for the same reasons. Now she is upset, where would she go that she is out of coverage? Stupid Wakachuki!

      Finally, she betting all her fate to go back without any notice, hoping that miracle would occur and her mom will never meeting with Wakatsuki. It will be totally disaster if it gonna happen. Because only her know how hate her mom towards the ‘Wakatsuki’s kind’ even if she knows that Wakatsuki is not? Well, it is not really true when they are in relationship right now.

      Reika heave a relieve sigh when she realized that the door was lock, indicate that her roommate is not in there. But it is still not safe enough. She opens the door widely to her mom and closes it quickly, not to give her any chance to be alone. “Mom, you said you need to use the toilet. It is here.” Reika stands there like a statue, but actually she is blocking her mom way into her room.

      “Ah alright.”

      Right after the bathroom door was closed, she rushed to the brown board on wall of their study table. She pulled away the board and throws it in the wardrobe. It will be dead if her mom saw this. She will be dragged home and killed right away. The safest way is not to show her this. Or else she would die due to shock. It could happen since she believe her daughter too much.

      In a fast step and movement, she back to the front hallway not giving any hint to her mom that she trying to hide something from her. She cover her relieve with a smile as her mom came out from the bathroom.

      “It is a nice room. Does your roommate know how to decorate rooms?” Sakurai-san commenting as she was amazed by the room design. It is totally different from her daughter previous room. And of course she could tell that the doing is not from her lazy daughter who loves to sleep in her free time.

      “Ahh sort of, she loves to clean and cook to mom.” Reika smiles awkwardly. She loves to clean and cook but I’m in love with her. Reika continue inside her head.

      Having enough satisfaction with the walk inside the small room, they sits on the bed while talking lots of random things.

      On the outside, not knowing and expecting a guess inside her room, Wakatsuki lazy step approaching the room. She abruptly opens the door from the outside and step in. And everything falls into weird silence; Reika and her mom look into each other while Wakatsuki giving her awkward eyes to the two people.

       “Hajimemashite, I’m Wakatsuki Yumi..” Wakatsuki introduce herself in soft girlish voice while giving a 90º bow. “Reika, I’m here to retrieve my book from your roommate.” Without dragging more time, Wakatsuki’s head quickly creating excuse. But Reika sitting there like a statue, shock from Wakatsuki sudden appearance. Luckily Wakatsuki is fast enough to think of an excuse even she is totally flustered.

      “Reika. My book.” Wakatsuki reminds her again, urges Reika to move and she could away from this thick uncomfortable air. She is not too stupid to not realized killer aura from Reika’s mom.

      Back to her sense, Reika quickly grab any book from her desk and give it to Wakatsuki. Not to escape from hinting the other girl to go away as fast as she could. After receive the book and bowing, Wakatsuki get out from the room but of course she is not away. She stand outside of the room, it is not her intention to eavesdrop but the talks can be heard all the way out of the room. And all she could feel is, hurt and pain.

      “If she is not talking, I will never realize that she is a girl. How can your roommate befriend with girl like her Reika?” Reika’s mom confessed her inner thought, her body shivering from all the bad and scary thought of the new girl. Reika cannot help but to smile awkwardly, in this situation she will never able to go against her mom. Keep silent is the best decision.

      “Please stay away from that kind of girl Reika-chan.” As usual, she would remind her daughter of that familiar advises. Reika unwillingly nods and smile.

      It is normal for Wakatsuki to have migraine whenever she over thinking of something. She admits that this is her weakness, easy to fall sick and having severe migraine. And all the talks she heard last night doing nothing good to her but fasten and hurting her more. Luckily, she doesn’t have any paper for today so she can sleep until she can forget everything in her mind. Migraine might be hurt but she accepts that as her way of coping with problems as she would forget all the unnecessary pain things after that. So she believe she can forget everything after long deep sleep.

      “Wakachuki, wake up.. drink your medicines first.” Reika shakes the other girl body and laid the head on her laps. She massages Wakatsuki’s head lightly. “Come on Waka, have your pills and you can continue you sleep after that.”

      Wakatsuki open her eyes lazily, with the help from Reika, she sits and swallows all the pills. She thanks Reika with a small smile.

      “I have paper today, are you sure you can stay alone?”


      “I will back for lunch.” Reika pecks on Wakatsuki’s cheek and brushing it lightly.

      “You don’t have to do that Reika. I’m having migraine, I would not feel hungry. Don’t tired yourself.” With eyes still shut, she answers.

      “What, it is not a problem for me to meet my girlfriend. You know that.” Reika casually answer while fixing Wakatsuki’s head on the pillow, pulled the blanket over her body and put the blindfold on. She kissed her again before walk out from the room. “I will be back soon.”

      In the library, Reika was seen doing some reviews with Manatsu since they are having same paper for this morning. Ikoma was nowhere to be seen which was not odd at all, that boy will always study alone at his private place.

      “Nee Reika, how many subjects do you left?” Manatsu asks as she close her book and get ready for next paper.

      “I have two more, it will finish tomorrow.” Reika also closed her books, have enough of reviewing the subject she will face today.

      “Where is Waka?” Manatsu asks hesitantly, even if she knows that it will be sensitive topic for Reika but it is not a crime to ask about her friend. Right?

      “Ahh Waka? She is having migraine and just sleeping in the room.” Reika looks away while answering the question. Whenever people asked about Wakatsuki, she will feel terror running in her blood vessel, afraid that people will notice what she trying to hide.

      “Sokka..” Manatsu nodded. They walked out the library together when it almost the time for their next paper.

      But Manatsu can’t stay focus on her paper; she can only thought the way that she could get closer to Waka again. It is almost a week she don’t see her face, all her calls was rejected by Waka. She might be said nothing but she is not stupid not to know that something was off. Because whenever she went to Reika’s room, she will never accepted by them. Either they were away or they don’t want anyone to enter their room. She can tell that the least. So Manatsu decide to pay a visit for Wakatsuki after she finished her paper. She can finished it earlier than Reika since she was smarter than her. Well, that is not a wise idea but all she could feel is desperation to meet the girl and this is the only chance she have to grab.

      The door is not locked when Manatsu turns the knob. She steps in stealthily, careful not to wake up the sleeping girl. She sits on her leg on the bed beside Wakatsuki. She rolled her sleeves and starts to give massage to Wakatsuki.  She can’t tell that how much she miss Wakatsuki, that her breaks into thousand pieces whenever Wakatsuki try hard to avoid her. What was wrong with her that everyone hates her?

      Reika whistling as she arrive her dorm and approaching the room. The key was dangling on her fingers; ready to be inserted on the knob hole. But to her surprised; the door not even locked and slightly open. Did she forget to lock the door before? Or did Wakatsuki already wake up? Or someone breaks into her room? Her eyes widen to the last thought across her mind.

      She pushed the door slowly, but to her shock all she could see is the figure of Manatsu kiss Wakatsuki while hugging her and Wakatsuki not even rejecting the touch from Manatsu. Using her left strength, she steps into the room feeling dumbfounded. “Waka..” She calls, her voice almost unheard but Manatsu heard it as the room is not that noisy.

      “Reika..” She pulled away from Wakatsuki when she realized the girl standing there with red face, holding her anger.

      Realized the touch was suddenly pulled away, Wakatsuki open her blindfold. It takes her five seconds to have clear view of Manatsu in front of her and not Reika as she would expect it. And the terror in Manatsu’s eyes sensing her that something was wrong, she looks at the Manatsu eyes directed her. Her mouth fall into a wide gape when she saw Reika standing there with tears on her eyes.

      Reika can’t control her feelings anymore and pushed the small aquarium gift from Wakatsuki the other day, and the glass aquarium crushing into the floors into thousand pieces. The loud sound of breaking glass awakes Wakatsuki from her shock, she runs to Reika but the grab on her arms stopping her from doing that. Manatsu is holding tightly on Wakatsuki’s arm, prevent her from moving.

      “Waka! Explain to me please.” Manatsu begging to Wakatsuki, the grips was tighten as she desperately holding her tears.

      “I am sorry Manatsu, but can we talk later?” All that important to Wakatsuki is Reika, so she pushed the other girl to the bed when there is no sign Manatsu will let her go. She started to chase for Reika.

      On the hallway of the dorm, Wakatsuki runs like a crazy girl, still with her sleeping shirt and short pants. Phone still on her hands and fingers keep dialing Reika’s number but everything was fail. The calls not even connected. So she runs and searching like crazy girl, her shirt drenched in sweats as she never stop from running. She went to the garden, to the café, to the restaurant and the last place she went to is at Mai’s café. She finally able to catch her breath there but Reika was nowhere to be seen.

      “Aunty Mai, do see Reika?” Wakatsuki asked while panting and gasping for air.

      “No, I not see her anywhere.” Mai answer in shocked, shocked with her niece condition. She wants to ask more but the rings from Wakatsuki’s phone stopping from doing so.

      Without looking at the caller, Wakatsuki pushed the green button. The call connected and Manatsu’s sobs was heard loudly on the speaker. Mai once again taken aback, having no idea of what actually going on.

      “Waka, can you explain things to me please? What is the meaning of this?”

      “I’m sorry Manatsu, but you I was blindfolded, I never thought it was you. Don’t misunderstood things please.” She yelled as she no longer can hold her anger and frustration.

      “I never thought you were like this, that you have something with Reika. I.. I will tell everyone about two of you.” In between her sobs, Manatsu threaten Wakatsuki, giving her no other choice but to run again.

      “Are you mad Manatsu? Don’t be crazy!” And she run again all the way to the dorm hoping that she wouldn’t do anything stupid, Reika will never accept that. At least not from other people moreover Manatsu.

      In the room, Manatsu crying tones of tears as all she could think is betrayal and rejection. Even if she expect this, but everything that happen is too shocking to her. Manatsu bring her knees to her chest, again she start sobbing another tones of tears. Call her stupid, call her crazy but yes she is the kind that would desperately cry over breaking heart.

      Wakatsuki take another 10 minutes of detour from her aunt café to her room. She reaches the room while panting and gasping for another air. All the running tiring her but she can’t stop from doing that. Seeing Manatsu on the floor, she heaves a relief breath. She approaches the other girl and sits beside her.

      “Tell me Waka, what is wrong with me? Why you can’t accept me but Reika?” Manatsu begging another chance from Wakatsuki with tears filling in her eyes.

      “You are okay, you are kind and beautiful. But you know, love is not that simple, you can’t hope your love will be replied. If it is happen, world will always in peace.” Wakatsuki answer calmly. “You love me, but the person I love is Reika.”

      In her home, Reika also crying tones of tears. Sobbing without giving any clear reasons to her mom. And her mom, of course feel worry looking at her daughter crying nonstop for over two hours already. And Eri, just standing on the door watching all the drama without speaks up. Reika calls him right after she runs away from her rooms, and Eri of course willingly arrive there any minute, bring the girl away but to her home, the place no one would know including Wakatsuki. He might know nothing but he knows that bring her here is the best decision ever. Watching Reika like that make him hurts more so Eri left with heavy steps.

      “Reika, are you okay? You have crying for hours already.” Sakurai-san hands out a glass of water to her daughter as she sits beside her. She pats her daughter’s back as attempt to soothe her and stop crying.

      Reika reach for the glass and brings it to her lips, it calm her a little but not stopping her from still sobbing.

      “Is there anything I should know? Is something wrong? Or did Eri did something bad to you?” Sakurai-san guessing some random answer while brushing Reika’s hair.

      Reika shakes her head few times before finally have enough strength to speak. “Mom, if I don’t love Eri, will you feel sad?”

      “Of course I will now. I’m not forcing you with Eri, it is just I used to see both of you always together since you were little. So I thought you like him.”

      “And what if.. someone that I like is.. not a man. Will you be angry at me?” Reika carefully asking the question while looking at her mom’s eyes. And everything falls into deep silence, Reika looks down as she could sense her mom’s dissatisfaction.

      Listen to her daughter’s answer make Sakurai-san is taken aback but she try to look composed as she could. She can’t get angry at this time, not when Reika is still unstable.

      The next day is Reika’s last paper, even if she was feeling heart broken, she wouldn’t dare to bet on her future, not when today is the last paper for her. Eri accompany her to the college and waiting for her to finish her exam. Reika however, trying hard to avoid everyone’s eyes onto her, scared that everyone would know the last night fuss. She can never take it lightly when it involved Manatsu. And of course, the person she tries to avoid the most is Manatsu and Wakatsuki.

      While waiting for Reika to finish her paper, Eri walks around the garden. There, he met with Wakatsuki. The girl at first didn’t realized his stared but as soon as she meet with Eri’s gaze, all she could think is Reika seeing him here again make her heart wounded. They didn’t utter any words, Eri is just simply stand there while holding up to his anger, even if Reika is not saying anything, he knows that it must be related to Wakatsuki. And his guess is right when he saw her today. Wakatsuki is not much different than Reika, both looks so pitiful and in mess. Wakatsuki too standing there doing nothing, across the water fountain, both people look at each other with deep meaningful gaze.

      Reika finished her last paper within three hours and go home straight after that. Luckily she didn’t bump into Wakatsuki. Well, the chances of bumping into her itself is low as they don’t have any similar subjects. And Eri, of course he didn’t say anything. He couldn’t afford to see Reika suffer more than this. If Reika is hurt, so do him, what you can expect from person who love her since forever but he still can’t let her go even if everything is so obvious that Reika will never return his love.

      Seeing Eri that day, make Wakatsuki clear of Reika’s where about. Where would she go when the only place Wakatsuki never dared to step is her house and meeting with her mom. Wakatsuki might never have the courage to face Reika’s mom but she need to clear things up. So, after she finished her last paper which exactly a week after that incident, she went Reika’s house. After gather all her courage, there she is, sitting in the middle of living room facing Reika’s mom stern face. The older woman just crosses her arms around her chest.

      “I need to apologize to you first about our meeting before. That I pretended to borrow her book, I’m her roommate.” Wakatsuki carefully arrange her words, careful not tick any sensitive matter that would make the older woman angrier at her. Because even right not she can feel the stare pierce into her face. She looks up, meeting eyes with Sakurai-san to express her honesty in her words.

      “I’m not surprised, people like you will lie anyway. But why did you need to lie to me? Did Reika tell you to?”

      “No! Of course not, I’m doing it at my own consciousness.” Wakatsuki quickly deny and admitting at the same time. “I happen to know that you don’t like people… like”

      “Enough, you don’t have to explain that things. It is good you know that.”

       “I am very close with Reika.. and I want to ask for your permission to be together with her.” Her voice turn down at the end her sentence as the gaze piercing into her more and more.

      “To be with her?”    

      “I love Reika.” She adds.

      “What answer do you want from me? When you already know that I can’t accept this kind of relationship. And you came here to ask my permission to have relationship with my only daughter. What answer do you want? Should I tell you that please be happy and take care of each other? And lead a good life? Let me be honest, I don’t think this kind of relationship will be last long.”

      “But I’m serious.” Wakatsuki quickly cut the sentence and voicing out her seriousness, that she didn’t take thing lightly, that she thinks it very thoroughly.

      “Okay, if you’re that serious.. let asks Reika, is she really serious with this or not.” She challenged Wakatsuki with her low confident voice before called upon Reika who is waiting and listening on the stairs.

      Listen that her name was called; Reika didn’t have any choice but to obey. She steps down and for the first time after a week, she finally face to face with Wakatsuki. She missed her so much but stays composed, knowing that her mom will mad at her if she didn’t hear what she wants to hear. So Reika don’t even looks into Wakatsuki’s eyes when her walk closer to her, giving her signal that don’t come nearer. “I’m sorry mom but..”

      “We can talk about that later. But I want to know what happened.”

      Reika takes a second before answering the question. She takes a deep breath and starts to speak. “No, it is nothing between us.” She looks straight into her mom’s eyes telling her she is not lying. She averts her gaze into Wakatsuki. “Yumi, I’m sorry but I’m just playing with you.”

      “Do you think she is serious?” Sakurai-san once again looks to Wakatsuki who is now approaching her daughter. 

      “Reika, I understand. But the reasons I’m here is to tell you that.. I don’t know it was Manatsu, you know I was blindfolded and you know that I’m waiting for you.” She looks into Reika’s eyes who just look down to the floor, ignoring her explaination. “I didn’t have to explains it right? You don’t even care about it, right?” Wakatsuki at her verges if broken down, tears already filled in her eyes.

      And Reika, don’t even have courage but looks down guiltily as Wakatsuki is now in front of her. Their distant was now a meter away.

      “Reika, I will go now.” Wakatsuki said before leaving. Her voice trembled as she try to stay calm in front of her and not to cry. Without waithing any answer, she walked down the stairs, leaving the two people with different content. Sakurai-san would feel all satisfied because her daughter obeyed her but Reika with her guilty as she once again hurting Wakatsuki.

      As Wakatsuki finally leave, Reika legs simply giving up of supporting her, she falls to the floor and starts to cry again. How she feel sad when she need to lie about her feeling and hurt Wakatsuki even more. The other girl just coming here with pure intentions to clear things up but she can’t simply said yes, I forgive you. The frustration inside is killing her. Seeing her daughter like that, Sakurai-san sits beside her and give little pat on her back. It was the least she could do when she is still angry at her own daughter but everything that happen just now has solve the complication inside her heart.

      Wakatsuki meet with Eri at the front door, the man has been standing there since she arrived before. She stops in front of the tall man. Her tears start to fall onto her cheeks. “Please take care of her.”

      With that words, Wakatsuki walk away with tears on her cheeks. She don’t even turn back and bringing her wounded heart away.

      “Eri, I’m sorry.”

      To Eri, Reika just can say sorry, sorry for keeping him waiting for a long time but at the end she can’t return his love. Sorry for keep searching for the man every time she needs him. Sorry because she always turns down him whenever he came to her. Sorry that once again she can’t promise him anything. Because the person she loves all this time is Wakatsuki, and when that person is not around, she can’t love anymore, she miss that capability to be in love.

      How can she only realize it now? That she can only be herself when Wakatsuki was there, that she finally now can accept the fact that she is in love with a girl. That she can only say the word of love to Wakatsuki and wanted to say it to her. That she only can see butterflies when Wakatsuki was there, now she wants to see those beautiful butterflies. Why love is so mean to her? Walked away when she want her to be by her side even if the world go against her, saying the word of love then leaving her alone in cruel world full of act.

      Wakatsuki is still crying when she waiting for her uncle, Hashimoto Naoki to pick her up at the college garden. The older man is not saying anything when he picks her up with all the swollen face in mess. He can ask her wife later when they met. Going back without knowing anything is like booking his own death with his brother.

      Reika is back in her room after a month of mourning. And everything was normal. The bed already at their normal place like the first time they met. The red line was still there, keeping the boundary like before, the only different is that person is now wasaway, nowhere to be seen. And her first greeting with lipstick was still on the mirror. How she now longing to see her but guess that is now happening. Not when she hurt her that much.

      Why she never have the courage to love her like Wakatsuki would? Why she was so afraid to love her before when losing Wakatsuki right now are more
painful than everything? Why she can’t even say she love her when right now the words she want to say the most is ‘I miss you’ and ‘I love you’? Why can’t she walk together with her under the blue sky when right now she only can stare at the dark cloud waiting for blue sky to appear again? She wishes that someday, someday when she got her Wakatsuki back, she would never looks down to the ground waiting for people to keep her eyes away from her and she would raise her head to look into her eyes. It is never Wakatsuki fault that she can’t love her publicly. Because the inferior always come inside her.

      Now, the only thing she could do is drawing the sad face on her sandwich and eats them alone. That now she can only playing with shadows alone, even the bird reflection looks so lonely with only her hand moving them. Now, the only thing she saw and on brown board on the walls was her picture with only Yes or No without any question. Well, the question lies inside herself, did she have any courage to love her? How long she would endure the loss? How long she can endure the missing inside without fighting for her rights to be in love? It was hard, it is so hard. And she needs to fight the pain alone.

      “If one day you have courage, we will fly together.”

      That is one day she finally have courage to open the letter in butterfly shapes that she found in her book and the letter still asking for her, still waiting for her to fly together. Reika can’t help but to cry again.  Yes or No? It only depends to her, how long she should endure the loss without fighting for it? It is enough, when she is the one who hurt her, she is the only one who should treat the wound.

      So, that week, Reika is makes her decision to follow for Wakatsuki all the way to her hometown in Shizuoka. She at least need to say sorry and try again, as much as Wakatsuki would try to fix their relationship, as much as Wakatsuki ever tried to this relationship possible.

      “Hashimoto-san!” She calls when she saw the tall man in the farm. Well she still remember all the story Wakatsuki told her before, where her farm is,
what the name of her beloved uncle and how funny her papa is. Thanks to Aunty Mai, she finally reaches this place. “Do you still remember me?” She asks with smile plastered on her face complimenting her big round eyes.

      Hashimoto-san only can smile awkwardly, confused on how to treat the girl who hurt his niece that much. But he still bring her inside, meeting with his brother. Luckily that Wakatsuki-san is not as stern as her mom would be. Her presence was accepted happily by the old man. 

      “I was here to ask your permission to meet with Yumi.” Reika straightforwardly declare her intentions after introduce herself.

      “Oh sure you can, you can found her near the river down there. Naoki-kun, show her the way.”

      And here she is, Reika can saw Wakatsuki’s back from here. Even her back looks so sad right now. Even the sound of flowing river so frustrated at her. “Yumi.” She calls softly, making the other girl stand abruptly and facing her. ahh, how she miss that beautiful face. She looks more sunken than before, the bones on her cheeks even obvious. How she can see that Wakatsuki is suffer as much as she is because of her own doing.

      Seeing Reika standin there, she walks to other girl. Emotionless. She is not uttering any words but waiting for her to speak.

      “How dare you left your girlfriend picture inside the room.” Reika pinned her photo that she brought together onto Wakatsuki’s chest. She is with her usual cheerful tone, but still there is no any respons or emotion being displayed on her face.

      “I’m hurt Reika.” It is a statement.

      Listen to the confession makes Reika looks down. She try not tearing up once again, not when she need the courage the most right now. “Why? It is just a small matter.” She tried to tease but nothing was success.

      Wakatsuki stare straight into Reika’s eyes telling her she is really hurt.

      “Waka.. I’m sorry.” Reika tries to find the right words. “I’m sorry. That I was afraid, I was confused.. and I was afraid of everything. That my mom would mad at me, that my friends would tease me, I was afraid with people eyes.” She stops and starts sobbing a little. “But now I know, that if I was still afraid, I will lose you. And I don’t want to lose you again, it is too painful.” Her voice trembled as she try hard not to cry. There is still no answer from Wakatsuki.

      “Am I too late? It is okay, I came too late” Reika smiles bitterly, calming down herself before she can walk away with tears in her eyes.

      “Reika.” The soft calls stop Reika from her steps.

      “It is okay, I’m okay.” Without being asked, she answers. Much more like her own persuasions to her own heart. Before all she could feel is Wakatsuki warm hug from her back.

      “Thank you that you finally have courage to love me.”

      Reika turn her body and return the hug. Now she can hug as much as she can without thinking about people’s eyes.

      To her mom, she knows her mom would be furious over her decisions but she can only say sorry. Saying that she only feel and see butterflies when she was with Wakatsuki. Even if asking her mom permission would be much but still she asks for that opportunity to know more about love, she loves Eri but she never feel the butterflies inside her whenever they was together. And if this is true, she wants to feel the fall, the breaks when she was in love. And she never wants to keep curious about this love forever, so she want to try this out with Wakatsuki.

      To Eri, she can only said that she was sorry. He is like her brother that she never thinks as love as much when she was with Wakatsuki.

      Now she wonders that, why the sky has turned blue all of sudden? And why the butterflies are suddenly flying all over the place?

      They will never know how future would be, will it be tough and intricate? But as long as she have Wakatsuki, she thinks she has more than enough to face it. She have the courage now.

(A/N: LOLSS finally I have time to finish this story. I take more than 12 hours to write this story since last evening, now it already 5.14 in my country. Well, here you go. I’m sorry if the story was poorly develops. THANKS FOR READING  :bow: :bow:)

I don’t really remember but the scene at the end, was it in the movie or the bonus part?
Yeah, sort of.. i just expanding it little bit. is it okay?  :panic:

@wakasama__: Yes i'm updating the last part. i'm sorry if i'm late. stucked in the lab with all the samples. Varsity life is tiresome! (Just kidding)  :cow:
yes it is disappointing not to have them in the same row. but it more disappointing when i'm hopping to much on their duet together but instead got ASUKAXMIONA duet even though it was good but the MV is complicating~!

...*heavy breath* too much sweet (⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)
hope reika's mother will accept waka :mon prayer:

that was a surprising announcement, hope that's not a last single to nanamin
and yeah, welcome back for waka into fukujin :welcome

thank you! i'm happy you like it and here is the last part of roommates.
unfortunately it is the LAST SINGLE for Nanamin.
yayyyy Waka is back into Fukujin!!  :luvluv1:

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« Reply #17 on: October 28, 2016, 06:00:14 AM » finished? :shocked
then what about reika's mother? you will write in omake? the ending... still hanging... i'm confused... :? :? :?

but, thanks for your effort to finished it for 12 hours!! :thumbsup

yeah.. it's so sad you know.. right after make a hope, there is a bad news in day after :cry: :cry:
let's continue to support her for 4 month left!! :)

yeah! not just waka, Zu get the 1st row beside Naachan!! :cow: :cow:
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Well actually i don't know too what happen with Reika mom.
In the movie, it was ended that way and they have sequel for it.
We'll see if i can make the sequel as well.. but the probability i'm not doing it is high since i was really busy nowadays..
But if the request is high to do the omake, i can work on it (it takes time).
And why you are so confused? Tell me where??? Maybe i make some mistakes there since i haven't sleep for days.  :cow: thanks for saying your opinion.. its pricelesss  :hip smile:

Yeah Zu... i'm happy for her to, maybe she got there because of her pb sale.. other member should have chance to have their own pb too.. lollsss.. but Zuu is not my top favorite..

Thank you for commenting as always. You know i love that!!!  :wub:

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last part :roll:
thank you for hardworking author-san :twothumbs your fic really made my day happily. i'm really happy if you make a sequel. but it depend from you :)
will you make another fic again? i mean not now. if you have a free time XD (you know i really love your fic) :thumbsup

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