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Author Topic: its akb48 da! (akb48 x Keyakizaka46 Drabbles )  (Read 3833 times)

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its akb48 da! (akb48 x Keyakizaka46 Drabbles )
« on: March 16, 2018, 01:16:36 PM »
I... kinda already post this fanfic everyday on akb48 thread for a week before I notice there's a sakamichi thread

sorry I'm not around much so I don't know  :nervous

------ -------------- ----------------------

its AKB46 da !

cast : Sakamichi AKB senbatsu members

tag : akb48 , keyakizaka46, Yuri, parody, drabbles

Plot :

One day aki-p is bored and decide to switch Keyakizaka46 and akb48 group concept

--------------------------          -------------------------------

1# The news has spread

Techi : *barging into the room* girls!! Have you heard the news-

Sugai : Techiko  chuan! Where have you been?

Techi : Techiko..chuan?? huh???- more importantly what is that pink frilly stuff you wear??

Akanen : aww Techi chan our precious cute center. Its our new single uniform of course. Oh, and this is yours! *handed a prism colors mini dress*

Techi : W-what no I-

Neru : c’mon baby

Techi : N-no.. this must be a dream.. no.. this cant be- NO!!!!!!!!

---------Somewhere in akibahara ---------------

Sashi : *barging into the room* Everyone have you heard the news-

Sakura : Hara you are late

Sashi : Hara??

Sakura : Sashihara just too cute so im calling you hara from now on

Sashi: huh?? Also sakura why are u in crows blood Maki mode ??

Jurina : im gonna climb the stairs

Sashi: Jurina?? What stairs??

Jurina : *put finger on sashi lips* ssshhh… Hara, called me Center

Sashi : ???? AKI P we NEED TO TALK

2# ofcourse, the SSK

Manaka : just in, we gonna have a general election this Year

Techi : you kid me not

Akanen : I need 1 million.. no I need 2 million more *burn in fire*

Sugai : *looking at akanen* … if you mean money.. I.. totally can spare a bit of my  pocket money for you 1 or 2 million *blush*

Manaka  : Yuuka, how much is your pocket money again?

Neru : … maybe I should do more gravure near the SSK

Oda :  Im done,no one gonna vote me.  im graduating tomorrow, id propose yuipon and-

Techi : guys… chill (-_- “)

--------In akibahara------------


Yukirin : *fall on her knee* *cries* Oh god thank you, Im graduating! Im so gonna graduating tomorrow with peace!!! *on her

phone* hello! Mayu?? Lets get married

Jurina : *looks pale* eh… but…that’s kinda like… my sole  life purpose. My… my whole life is a lie *depressed*

Sakura : But… But my rivalry with Jurina san?? W-we still can be rival right? I mean

Jurina :what? You mumbling something sakura

Sakura : n-nope! *blush*

 Dasu : no SSK…. So are you saying... I can finally became fat?

Yuihan : guys.. we still an idol group thou without ssk

3#  the single title

Sugai : our next single title is “kyun kyun cloudy gold melon”

Yone : what… is that supposed to mean?

Manaka : just don’t think too deep about it

Techi : wait… I am center for this kyun kyun melon thingy ???

Yuipon : what are you talking about, like we ever have other center

Techi : but I mean- err…cant we just give this one to Pee chan

*Everyones look at Peechan

Peechan : *talking to a plushie* aoko kun~ today you are cute too~ muach

TEchi : Right…?

Yuipon : and she supposed to be the oldest member

---------------In AKibahara ------------

Yuihan : guys, our next single title is “shut up old man”

Sakura : hm? Is that like… a sexual song aim for Masochist fans?

Yuihan : no, it’s about rebellious youth

Jurina : uh-huh okay, so where is the sexy part?

Yuihan : what sexy part?

Okada : the usual sexy part?

Yuihan : errr we once have songs like UZA and Bokutachi wa tatakai too and those are fighting songs  so-

Yukirin : ooh you talk about those days when Aki-p still pour all his inspiration to us alone and not like 20 different group, aww that’s nostalgic

Yuihan : …

4# the center

Sugai : as been told, Techi is this single center

Techi : cant we make it  wcenter instead-

Akanen : and ofcourse, she will became the cutest center ever exist

Techi : that’s why im saying-

Imaizumi : yeah! So cute! No one ever gonna  remember how Emo she is all these 7 single we have!

Techi : you guys aren’t listening aren’t you-

Neru : *put hands on Techi shoulder* You can do it! I believe In You! I love You!

Techi : HEAR ME OUT!!

Yone : huh? Is Neru just confess to Techi?

---- In akibahara ------

Yuihan : so the center for this single-

Sakura : ehh?? You just gonna announce it here??

Dasu : not like in a stage or Hs event, so fans can witness all the  drama

Jurina : and vote us more hehehe- oh wait there is no more SSK … *suddenly depressed*

Sashi : we can tottaly make some money with this center announcement thou! Wait ill call some people to prepare a special stage, live show and-

Yuihan : its Jurisaku wcenter

Everyone : yuihan… listen to us

5# The uniform

Risa : guys our new uniform is here finally

Techi : wait, so its not that crap- I mean cute dress before?

Neru : sorry honey we just play around with you

Techi : ahaha I almost tough-

Sugai : this is the new uniform? What a lovely dress *pull out something that looks like a marriage between frills and every neon colors ever existed*

Techi : … never mind

----- Akibahara Squad-----

Sayanee   : everyone, the uniform is here

Sashi : looks… hot. Like literally itll be hot to wear it in summer

Dasu : eh?? Same design for everyone??

Okada : people will mistaken me as ikemen wearing that

Mion : yeah, coz they are not already are

Sakura : I cant show everyone my sexy legs with that

Yuihan : sakura stop. you cant cut the pants short

Yukirin : is my chest even fit in there ? *looking at her E cup bewbs*

Yuihan : Yukirin no. you cant make a hole there

Jurina : I like to show my amazing abs!

Yuihan : Jurina put that scissor away- OKAY EVERYONE STOP TRY PERSONALIZE YOU UNIFORM

6# dance practice

Dance teacher (DT) : stop! stop!! you all too stiff!!

Naako : but-

Dance Teacher : I don’t wanna see ya’ll dance the same thing

Oda : but you give us the exact same choreo??

Dance Teacher : : I wanna see y’all personality while you dance, I want y’all dance differently

Risa : dance differently? I think Ive heard those words before. Long… long time ago

DT : center! This is a song about how fluffy is kyun kyun melon. Smile more!

Techi : smile? .. yeah.. I remember that word… long .. long time ago

DT : gurls…

-----------In akibahara ---------------

DT : Yukirin stop wink every two seconds!!

DT : Jurina you are burning too much. Also stop try slips a random pro wrestling references
DT : Sashi I knew You are super busy these days, but stop try make  easier version of the dance !

DT : Sakura! Stop flipping your hair !! Sayanee! I know you have big boobs but-

Dance Teacher : why none of you dance like the choreo????

Everyone : because I wanna be a center of this song even thou Im not but I still need to stand out that’s why I gonna “improve” the dance  with my own style

Sakura : btw Jurina san… I .. I think itll be cute to personalize the choreo further and… kiss in this part… you know just as wcenter.. j-just fans service

Jurina : eh???

Yuihan : how many times should I told you. This song is about Rebellious Youth!! NO FAN SERVICE NEEDED

7# Dance practice collaboration 

DT : you guys are hopeless, From now on y’all gonna practice together

Techi : Ju… Jurina san! *runs towards Jurina*

Jurina : Techi!! *open her arms wide* *capturing techi with a big hug*

Techi : I miss you! Jurina san! *a tear falls from her cheeck *

Sakura : … whats up with them

Manaka : something about mentally  connected by being super young center and super fast raising idol

Dasu : enjoy yourself.. it took 8 years before SKE48 change our center from Jurina

Yuipon : you jinxed us

Manaka : ah btw hi Im manaka

Sakura : I know, im a fan! Im sakura

*sakura and Manaka talks cheerfully*

Jurina : why don’t I like this view

8# collaboration goes on

Akanen : *dance* uuh.. Im bad with this cutie type dance

Okada : me too

AKanen : eh?? But you dance beautifully

Okada : yeah its all bout understanding the concept, see if you-

*akanen and okada nana talks cheerfully *

sugai : grwwwrrrrr grrrrrrwwrrrr

Neru : Y-yuuka you okay ?

Akanen : *dance* Finally I can do it, thank you Naachan senpai! Ah- I accidently call you by your lil name *blush*

Okada nana : its totally okay A-ka-nen chan~ *wink*

SUgai : grrrrrrr BARK!!! BARKK!!! BARK

Neru : Y-Yukaa??? Why are you barking??? Even thou horse is your thing
Yuipon : that’s not the problem here Neru

Meanwhile on AKB48 stand


*jealousy fire*

9# resting day

Yuihan : its Sunday so the DT give us a rest day

SUgai : but we are not such lazy bunch of girls aren’t we?

Yuihan : that’s why we gonna do this independent training together ! right girls!! Give me your spirit !!!!

Yukirin, sashi and Naako : *playing PSP in the corner*

Yukirin : woah keyaki gurl, you are pretty good!

Jurina : sssh, Techi is sleeping here *techi Sleeping on Jurina’s lap*

Neru : aww s-she is too cute *glup * um are u tired Jurina san? I can totally replace you *pant pant pant*

Jurina : err… Neru chan, you are drolling

Sakura : so.. can I sleep on your lap instead then

Jurina : what?

Sakura : NOPE

Rika and Yuiyui : playing with plushie on other corner

Sakura and Manaka : talks about painting their hair blue

Imaizumi and Mion : playing hide and seek

Yuihan and Sugai : Girls….

Yuihan : Sugai sama, im so sorry for all of this, even thou you have kindly let us use your house

Sugai : e-eh its okay

Yuihan : I heard the rumor, but as expected your house is really beautiful

Moriya : its not Yuuka house thou

Yuihan : eh??

Neru : her Oji sama  just built this one near our dorm so she can resting here after practice

Moriya : more like, just a place she come to sit around after practice before go home

Yuihan : but… this place is way bigger than my family house- and what with all those expensive looking furniture-

Neru and Moriya : *grabbing yuihan hands* we know… we know *cries*

10# Sugai sama house- I mean resting house(?)

Jurina : what is that ?

Sugai : oh that’s my helipad

Sakura : are those…  life size gold horse statue?

Sugai : g-guys stop looking around its embarrassing. How about we have some snacks instead?

Yukirin : … Like Caviar kinda snacks?

SUgai : what? Of course not. Is everybody fine with some Mc D?

Sashi : you eat MC D? lol I just tought- coz you kinda like---

Sugai : like?

 Sashi : n-nope, never mind! sure! Are we gonna order some?

Akanen : not really

Oda : over here guys *open some big door*

Mc D staffs: welcome~ what can we help you ?

Neru : Yuuka have her own Mc D branch in her house

Sashi : these damn filthy 1% people…

11# triggered

Yuihan : *pant pant pant* finally! We nail the dance girls!

Sugai : good work everyone

Akanen : good I don’t have to drill  anyone to death  this time-

Sugai : huh what?


Sugai : say… its late already, why don’t we all stay over here tonight

Little  does sugai sama knows,  a dangerous fire have lighten up within members soul due to the  invitation

#12 the stay over

Sugai : what a tiresome day, Im sorry you have to share room with me Akanen. Everyone says they wanna sleep in pair somehow, even thou we have so many rooms- um akanen u okay?

AKanen : huehueue nope- I mean Yess! im fine! im so fine share a room with u! hehe not nervous at all!

Sugai : akanen, you wear your sleepwear outside out

Akanen : e-eh?? Really ! haha i-ill change now

Sugai : let me help u

AKanen : E-eh??

Sugai : its okay… I.. Ive been waiting for tonight  *smirk*

Akanen : ???!!!!!

Jurina : sakura are you sure you wanna share room with me

Sakura : well.. I mean.. since we are Wcenter this time… n-not that I wanna sleep with you or anything!

Jurina : well.. okay if you said so. I just… tough you hate me

Sakura : HUH ?? HOW???

Jurina : err… you never met my eyes. you always fleeting and fidgeting whenever I touch you

Sakura : …

Jurina : right… you… hate me right *sad puppy face*

Sakura …. Jurina you stupid! *pull the bed sheet over her*

Jurina : e-eh?? Sakura?? You angry??

Techi : neru..

Neru : yes techi

Techi : you are too close, this is a queen size bed

Neru : don’t mind me

Techi : also… you are drooling

Neru : seriously don’t mind me… just sleep techi. Sleep

Techi : I really want to, but what with those ropes and weird stuff you are holding

Neru : sshhhhh… sleeppp

Yukirin : *on phone* yes mayu sweetie, Sugai house is so impressive, but not as impressive as you hehe <3

Sashi : yow Yukirin cut it out already I wanna sleep

Yukirin : what mayu? Oh don’t worry it just Sashi. She is just jealous to us like always

Sashi : you know that I can totally hear you right?

Yukirin : yeah that poor girl, she win SSK three times in a row but never experience the love like we do. Yes mayu I love You- LOVE YOU

Sashi : arghhhhh SHUT UP BAKA COUPLE!

#13 morning

sashi : uhh.. I cant sleep at all

Techi, akanen, Jurina : morning

Sashi : uwah what with those dark rims under your eyes?? u all cant sleep too??

Jurina : kind of *yawn*

Techi : for lots of reason *tired*

AKanen : yup! It was awesome

Sashi, Techi, Jurina : somehow I feel akanen don’t fall into a same category with us at all

14# photo shot

Photographer (PT) : for this single we want you all be to be dark! Be edge lord dark!

PT : *click click* yes Sakura! That’s right! Like that ! so dark! Your eyes..Its like a murderer eyes!

Yuihan : *sshh* no one spill anything about that one time sakura almost kill a person okay!

PT : Jurina! Sayanee!  yes! Like that! Oh gosh so hot!! *PT finally realize she is actually gay*

Dasu : and there goes another victim

PT : okay everyone good job- wait.. what is this sudden dark aura
Yukirin : is it my turn yet? *suddenly it got dark outside**lighting strikes* *rain pouring hard*

Sashi : the evil Black Queen has descend

--- in Keyakizaka46 side—

PT : I want you all imagine a pyun pyun melon, and how sweet it is

Yone : that’s why ive been asking, what in the world is  pyun pyun melon???

Manaka : Poor Yone.. must be hard to be smart

Techi : i-is it like this? *smile*

*the sun suddenly got brighter by 1000x times* *birds singing in the air* *every couple in love decide to get married and having 5 child* *the moon fall in love and decide to come closer to earth*

Akanen : everyone!! Quick!! Seal Techi cuteness back!! Its too dangerous the world gonna end!!!

15# Costume fitting

Jurina : how do I look?

Sakura : …perfect.. I mean- its okay *looks away*

Jurina : sakura, why are u taking pictures

Sakura : don’t mind me, just for my blogs! Totally not for personal use

Yukirin : how do I look?

Sashi : your boobs are too big its like itll be burst the costume

Yukirin : shut up washing board

Odaka Nana : how do I look?

Members, staffs and everyone around : *fainted* *severe nose bleeds* *donate 10000 yen to orphanage and so thankful to be alive *

---- at Keyaki place ----

Techi : NO!!!!!

Sugai : Techi you need to wear it eventually
Techi : No !! no No! BOKU WA IYADA!

Manaka : now now you shouldnt harassed our single like that Techiko

Neru : let me help you change *pant pant pant*

Techi : NO!!!!!!!

-   After some “no no no” later

Sugai : now, techi .. you look really cute

Neru : y-yeah

Yone : Neru, your eyes looks dangerous
Akanen : but really Techi, you look very cute

TEchi : R-really *teary eyes*

Members, staffs and everyone on earth : *deceased due to Techi cuteness* *the world ended*

But the story goes on

----- tbc ------------

next is last chapter

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Re: its akb48 da! (akb48 x Keyakizaka46 Drabbles )
« Reply #1 on: March 23, 2018, 06:06:27 AM »

kinda... forgot *run away*

#the final day

Sugai : dance??

Neru  : check!

Yuihan : costume??

Sakura : check!

AKanen : personality swap??

Yuichanzu : check! check!

Sashi : finally guys! We all ready for the single!!

Akanen : lets go!!

Sakura : wait, look!

*black Mercedes suddenly appear, a not so cute Oji san get out from it*

everyone : AKI P???

aki p : seems like you all ready

Akanen : yes Sir!

Sugai : wait why you salute him

Yuihan : we never been more ready sir!

Sayanee : wait why you salute him too ?? is this a new code??

Aki P : good good but the thing is, the project is canceled

Yuihan : that’s right sir we are very ready- um wait what

Aki P : the project is canceled

Sugai : ahahha that’s funny, coz I think I heard he say the project is canceled

Aki P : yeah the project is canceled

Sashi : you kidding right

Aki P : nope, this morning I eat some chocolate parfait then I tough … switching concept? Its so yesterday so yeah I cancelled it hahahha

Yuihan : *psst psst* can we kill him?

Aki P : um Yui.. I hear you

Neru : yeah I have this rope here that I always bring with me- don’t ask why

Aki P : err girls

Akanen : we can put his body in the locker

Manaka : like Tokuyama sensei- no one will notice

Jurina : he is fat it wont fit. thou we can mutilate him first

Sakura : oh nice I happen to have this giant knife in my bag

Oda : ill take his legs

Yuihan : come on girls

Aki P : g-girls??

Due to his wise consideration (totally not driven by his survival instinct and afraid of death). The project is canceled, but Aki P acknowledge the girls effort, thus a new sub unit is born.

This is a tale how a subunit known today as  SakamichiAKB  was formed

Or so ~ ;p

---- the end ------

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