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Author Topic: (Nogizaka46) wafflekyun's short OS  (Read 6427 times)

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(Nogizaka46) wafflekyun's short OS
« on: August 26, 2017, 03:48:13 PM »
1. (nanamai) Early Morning

"Mom, I love you!"

Yoda scooted happily, hugging Nanase from behind with those small arms of hers. Nanase smiled, holding the latter's hand in return, letting the girl rest her face on Nanase's back.

"I know, you're my favorite tiny person ever existed in this world." Nanase commented, laughing. Yoda frowned from behind, didn't want to be called tiny. "I'm not tiny! I'm a big girl, just like big sis Erika and Momo."

"Do you hate it when people call you tiny?" Mai commented from the corner of the room, hands holding a cup of warm coffee to sip. They had been preparing themselves for the day, the usual morning routine of eating breakfast before going to work and school kind of thing.

"Big sis and Momo always call me that, but I can grow little by little by drinking milk." She said again, letting go of her hug and proceed to drink the big glass of milk on the dining table. Mai laughed again, sipping her coffee slowly.

"Yoda-chan, where are you? We're gonna be late!" Erika yelled from behind the door, peeking to the inside of the apartment again. She and Momoko had been ready from minutes ago, only waiting for their slower little sister to finished with her breakfast.

"E-Eh?? Wa-Wait a bit!" Yoda hurried her eating routine, put her books on her bag and straighten her hair before she sprinted towards the front door. Erika and Momoko had been waiting restlessly.

"We're going now!" Momoko waved to both Mai and Nanase, "We love you!"

"We love you too!" Mai and Nanase said, waving back as Momoko shut the door behind them and go.

"I should hurry also." Mai said, putting her coffee behind, only to find herself being held by a certain person behind her.


She found the other girl had been hugging her from behind, much like what Yoda did earlier.

"Seeing Yoda-chan being like that, I couldn't help but to feel like wanted to be spoiled too." She said shyly, resting her head comfortably on Mai's left shoulder.

"Can you stay a bit longer today?"

Mai chuckled, she took Nanase's hand and kissed it softly. "I can't, I'm gonna be late."

Nanase frowned, "Really? Then you should be late if that's the case."

The taller girl turned around, this time only to capture the other girl's soft lips. "I'll go home early, I promise." She kissed her again, softly, passionately. "I love you."





"For gods sake, Momoko!" Mai frowned, leaving the laughing Nanase behind.

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Re: (Nogizaka46) wafflekyun's short OS
« Reply #1 on: August 26, 2017, 07:09:02 PM »
OH MY GOSH! This is so cute!!!! Waiting for the next OS Author-san!

P.S Please consider another OS for Takasemaru (KazuminXNanase) genderbend hehehehe..

P.P.S Keep up the good work :)
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Re: (Nogizaka46) wafflekyun's short OS
« Reply #2 on: August 26, 2017, 10:28:40 PM »
A continuation is needed...hahaha seeing those two (maiyan and naachan) makes me wanna see more of it
...The story is so CUTE!! The children so cute btw...hahahaha and i also love the scenes between nanamai...more interaction Yehey.

Btw thank you for the
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Re: (Nogizaka46) wafflekyun's short OS
« Reply #3 on: August 28, 2017, 02:32:07 AM »
Maiyan keep saying that she doesn't want to be late but she was also annoyed when her moments were interrupted, gee Maiyan just how tsundere can you be  :cathappy:
But it seems like their child didn't accidentally walked into the same room as them, so they don't need to be troubled by their child giving "OMG gross" look  XD XD XD
I'm really happy to see my fave family get their own published fanfiction  :cow: :cow: :cow:
Thanks a lot, hoping for more to come  :deco:

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Re: (Nogizaka46) wafflekyun's short OS
« Reply #4 on: August 29, 2017, 05:44:19 PM »
This seriously made my day, i definitely need more cute Nanamai stories. Toodles!

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Re: (Nogizaka46) wafflekyun's short OS
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2. (wakamai) sudden date

"So, did you like it here?"

Marika leaned towards Yumi casually with a snickering grin. Her hands playfully toying with the pencil she's been holding, clicking it back and forth and so on. Yumi paused for a bit and glanced to her side where she could easily spot Marika. She's been working on her new design for this month's client, didn't really like it when she's disturbed even by a close co-worker too.

"Can you see that I'm working?" She chuckled a bit, pushing Marika's chair away gently. The other girl frowned.

"Eh? Why so serious? Come on, we're almost on lunch break." she said again, moving even closer to Yumi's desk.

"Almost means not yet!" she laughed, eyes fixated on the design she had on screen. She's been working it since morning, trying to make it as perfect as it could be.

"We all know Shiraishi-san will still criticize it no matter what tho, so just take it easy." Another voice came from behind her, it was Yumi's other co-worker, Sayuri.

"Sayunyan was right tho, no matter what we can't please Shiraishi-san. Exactly why I was asking you whether you like it here or not." Mariksa said again, putting her pen back. Yumi stopped for a while and leaned on her chair. I guess she liked it here?

She had been working for the Nogizaka Advertising Agency for several years, but on Shizuoka branch. Few months ago, she got a promotion because of her impressive work and got transferred to the main branch in Tokyo. It made her happy, to be perfectly honest. Her life was pretty much a mess despite all her work achievement, she just left a long-term relationship too and pretty much needed a clean start. This seemed like a perfect opportunity to left her former lover for good, and possibly searched for another happiness in work and life.

"Well, she's obviously very... um.. strict?" Yumi said, unsure.

"..and unfriendly." Sayuri added in which Marika nodded. Both of them had been working for this Agency, particularly on this main office, for years also. They're very familiar with their somewhat scary boss, Mai Shiraishi.

"No one likes Kuroishi-san, except the suck-up another Sayuri."

"Can we please refer to her as Ringo because I would very much like to be excluded from this narrative please." Sayuri added.

"Didn't she literally reject all your idea for last client and forced you re-do it on the last minute?"

Yumi laughed, actually Shiraishi-san did. She was pretty much confident with her design and idea, even got approval when she asked advice from her former boss back in Shizuoka. But well somehow things didn't go well and Shiraishi-san was pretty much hated the whole idea, labeling it as "not creative enough" and "boring". In the end she didn't sleep for almost 3 days re-doing the project only to have Shiraishi-san passed it as "decent enough".

"Yes she did, but doesn't mean she's a really bad person."

"I can't believe you." Marika said, groaning. Her grudge on Shiraishi-san is already over the roof, she even considered to transfer to another branch or sending in her resignation letter sometimes ago.

"Damn, if only the pay is decent on another branch or agency... This position of mine is too good to let go because of Kuroishi-san."


Yumi laughed, "Well I think you guys should just think it more positive."

"Do you actually like her?" Marika said.

"I guess I do, some of her attitude are pretty charming. Did you see people staring at her during our client meetings?" Yumi said again, recalling some of her experience with her boss. It is true that she is charming, smart and beautiful by nature. One does not simply look at Mai Shiraishi without being left in awe with her presence.

"Wow? Are you seriously crushing on her?" Sayuri added.

"No-Not really! I mean, um, she's really pretty tho."

"If she asked you on a date would you accept?" Marika said, eyes dead serious.

"Uum, yes?? I mean..."

"You're just going to be her servant."


"True tho. But not like that ever gonna happen anyway." Sayuri added, sliding back to her desk on her chair. It was only moments later when they spotted the said person from afar, entering their office with that look of hers, holding a tall cup of coffee on her hand. Marika quickly slide back to her desk, so is Yumi who turned to her monitor and continued her designing work.

Mai walked towards their desk slowly, in which made both Sayuri and Marika incredibly nervous.

"Wakatsuki-san, my office. Now." She gestured towards the puzzled Yumi and quickly disappeared behind the door.

"What was that?" Sayuri said, terrified.

"So long, my friend. You'll be missed." Marika added with a dramatic face. "...Seriously tho, what did you do this time?"

"The hell i know!" Yumi said, frustrated. She ain't having her work being rejected like last time again, she would fight for it to the death.

"In case you're fired tho... just... I have a friend who have an udon restaurant, can hook you up with her if you want a job."

"She'll be fine." Sayuri laughed. "Good luck tho!"

Yumi swallowed her saliva for the last time and headed towards Mai's office. She straightened her hair a bit before going in.

"Excuse me, it's Wakatsuki." She said, knocking the door of the said room gently.

"Come in."

With that affirmation in hand, Yumi gently opened the door and stepped in. She bowed a little before walking towards the center of the room, looking nervous as all hell.

"Is there something I can help with?" She asked politely. Mai sighed a bit, hands flipping through series of paper in front of her.

"Regarding your idea for this client..."

Good lord.


"As usual it's mainly following the current trends, huh? Nothing really new."

"U-um... I simply thought it's best to keep in touch with the trends because that's the in thing for the design."

"At this point I expect you to know that I'm in for something extraordinary, not something usual."


"A-Ah yes, I'm sorry Shiraishi-san."

Mai looked at her deeply, putting her paper on her desk. "It's okay, the client really like it so I'll allow it."

"Re-really?" Yumi's eyes widened in disbelief, that basically just means a whole resting weekend for herself. No re-doing things anymore.

"Just get ready to meet with them again and get to work."

"Alright, I will work on it as soon as I can." Yumi said, smiling brightly. She could see her boss smirking in front of her, it left Yumi confused but to hell with that, she got a whole weekend for herself anyway.

"You're really cute when you're smiling, Wakatsuki-san." She mumbled, but loud enough for Yumi to hear. The girl was left flustered.

"E-Excuse me?"

Mai smiled, "Nothing. Anyway, for Saturday noon please have you schedule empty."

Yumi frowned. "Why? I thought you said the design is fine?"

"It is but I'm going to have lunch on Peter Lugers on noon and you're coming with me."


Mai smiled again. "Wear your best clothes, we're going on a date."


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Re: (Nogizaka46) wafflekyun's short OS
« Reply #6 on: August 31, 2017, 01:43:48 PM »
Yes Ringo you'll be excluded from the narrative because this time the main role is for Waka  XD I somewhat got the feeling that Ringo knows about Maiyan wanting to date Waka :cathappy:
WakaMai where both of them being serious yet still couldn't help to not crushing on each other. I'm dying pls send help....  :imdead:
Now I want moreeeeee:tantrum:

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Re: (Nogizaka46) wafflekyun's short OS
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3. (takasemaru - kazuya/naachan) Confession

"Just  do it, Kazuya! Man up!" Ikuo said, slapping Kazuya's hard on his back, which earned him a loud painful scream. Kazuya rubbed his back afterwards, trying to ease up the pain Ikuo had inflicted on him earlier. His hands clenched tightly, and his forehead was sweaty. He was extremely nervous today upon facing his own promised to finally confess to the girl of his dream.

Yes, it's probably the typical shoujo manga-esque scene they all gonna witnessed today.

"W-Wait up, man... I'm not sure I'm ready for this." Kazuya whimpered, pushing Ikuo to the other side to the point he hit the nearest desk slowly.
"Agreed with Ikuo-kun, you promised yourself AND us you finally gonna confess today." Chii-sama added, nodding nonchalantly towards the nervous boy.

"Then me too. You're such a chicken tho." Said Rottikichi, munching his sandwich as he did so.

Kazuya had planned to confess from a long time ago, he's been crushing on this particular girl since literally forever. Nanase Nishino was his childhood friend and his best friend, they had known each other since Kazuya was only six years old. Nanase, or Naachan as he usually called her, was a very pretty and quiet girl. Someone who undoubtly also had many secret admirer, or so Kazuya thought.

"It's almost time they would wrapped up their Naginata practice tho!" Ikuo said again, glancing to his watch. "Now or never Kazuya."

"Ma-Man, wa-wait... maybe it's not a good time... she's probably tired from practice after all!"

Ikuo frowned, not pleased. As the casanova of the group, chickening out during a confession is a straight no-no for him.

"What?! Haven't you seen me confessing to many girls at once tho? That's how you do it!" Ikuo said, taking pride of his speciality. "Be brave like me."

"Don't make me laughed, Ikuo-kun. You're not different from Kazuya-kun here if it comes to Sakurai-san." Chii-sama said, raising his eyebrow to questioned Ikuo's statement. The boy jerked off, looking displeased.

"Really? I thought they're official already by now." Rottikichi said, laughing. "Who's the chicken now? Ikuo chicken!"

"W-what the hell?! Re-Reika is different, okay! She's the clingy type and I don't even like to hang around her!"
"Really? Is this coming from the mouth of someone who went great lengths to send flower stands to her house on her birthday?" Chii-sama said, obviously teasing the latter.

"Ho-How did you even know that?! Damn, I should have told the florist to keep their mouth shut." He mumbled.

"Seriously tho, just made up your mind already. Nakamoto-san or Sakurai-san." Kazuya added, laughing. He felt less nervous now that his friends appeared to be joking around a lot.

"Shut up! You can't even confess to Nishino without being all fidgety like this!" Ikuo snapped, his cheeks all red.

"At least he's not two timing someone." Rottikichi added.

"W-What?? Now we're talking about me?! I thought we're supposed to help Kazuya confessing here!" Ikuo said, directing the conversation back to the said boy.

"Well, I guess you have a point. It's time for show time tho." Chii-sama said, giving Kazuya a light pat on his shoulder. "You can do this."

"Besides who in the world will reject a confession from a member of N4!"

Yes, they were all members of the said "N4" group which consists of Ikuo, Kazuya, Chii-sama and Rottikichi and had been said to be the most handsome high-schoolers on their own school. All of them have two things in common, looks and money, something no school girls can even resist. Each of them had their own respective irresistible charm. Ikuo Ikuta was the womanizer, Chihiro Saito was the prince, Kazuya Takayama was your good boy next door an Mahiro Kawamura was your cool-looking guitarist.

"Actually, the hottest person here is probably Wakatsuki tho." Kazuya added. "WAIT... NAACHAN IS ALSO CLOSE TO HIM..."

Ikuo laughed, "Wakatsuki?? That smug bastard? Hmmph, he's nothing compare to us."

"You're just scared of him because he's also close to Sakurai-san." Chii-sama added.

"AND MAIYAN... he freakin snubbed me on the famous Mai Shiraishi."

Yumio Wakatsuki was also a student on their school, someone who got the looks and the brain but not the money. He came from a small family of farmers back in Shizuoka and made it to Nogizaka Private Academy due to scholarship. He's a charming boy who was also in the student council, just like Reika, and in the Naginata club just like Nanase. Rumor also said he was also dating the school's most famous student who's also a model, Mai Shiraishi.

"Why the hell Maiyan wants to be with that poor bastard anyway... I'm way better than him."

Chii-sama laughs, "What matters is what's inside, my friend."

"Whatever. Kazuya! now! go! steal Nishino away before bastard Wakatsuki snubbed you also." Ikuo said, dragging Kazuya away from the class, Chii-sama and Rottikichi followed suit. Kazuya sweat profusely now, what if Nanase rejected his confession? They had been best friend from the longest time and Kazuya just didn't want it to be ruined.

He admired Nanase's pretty face, the one that glimmers under the ray of sun on a hot summer day. Also that laugh of hers, that sounds really melodic to his ears, something which can only be replied with his awkward smile. He wanted to protect her, wanted to hold her on his arms and be her shoulder to cry on. Tho He knows that the said girl is a very strong person, holding many titles from Naginata championship. As they approached the hall, he could spot Nanase easily. The latter smiled at him briefly. The rest of the N4 gave him the final push and waited near the exit as Kazuya made his way to the center of the hall.

The hall is already almost empty of them, as it seems that most of the club members had already went home. Kazuya was lucky Nanase was still there tending her Naginata.

"E-erm, aren't you supposed to go home by now?" Kazuya said nervously, he almost thought that he could actually hear a faint dummy which Ikuo mumbled.

"I was about to! We can walk together, like usual." Nanase smiled, talking Kazuya's hands lightly. "Or do you want to go home with your friends?" Nanase said again, glancing to the waiting boys near the sport hall exit.

"No-No, it's fine. They're leave soon. Erm, there's something I want to say to you."

Nanase's eyes widened, "Sure. You know you can talk to me about anything." She laughed.

This is it, Kazuya. Don't ruin this
"I... um... I like you, Naachan!"

There was a brief silence between them and Kazuya begin to curse on his head. Probably this was a mistake and he had ruined the friendship they had for literally years with just one sentence. "

"S-Sorry, it was stupid. Just forget that. I'll go home with the boys after all, ha..ha..ha" He tried to made up some excuse and tried to cover it up with his usual laugh. Within minutes he found himself turning around, facing the exit.


She was tugging on his white shirt tightly, as if she didn't want for Kazuya to leave. Her cheeks were red and she tilted her head sideways.

"Na-Naachan?!" He said, surprised.

"I um haven't answered yet." She said again, burying her head on Kazuya's back.

"N-No need to pay attention to a silly question." Kazuya said, stuttering.

"A-Are you sure... because the answer is actually, yes I like you too... since forever."

Kazuya was flustered and he turned around to give the latter a warm hug.

"Are you sure it's fine if it's me?" He asked.

"Because it's you then it is fine." She laughed a bit.

"Oh my god, you look so cute just now." Kazuya mumbled, flustered.

"W-Why you said that!!"

"I want to kiss you so bad."

"Y-You can..."

Kazuya's eyes widened, "R-really??? No-No I was just kidding, ha...ha..ha! besides my mouth is probably reek onion and hmmp--"

She kissed him softly, shutting him off from his own rambling. He kissed back, putting his hands on the latter's waist. When they both pulled away, Nanase looked away in embarrassment.


"Let's just go home, okay?" She said again, still looking away but her hands easily snatched Kazuya and dragged him towards the exit.

"Ain't that a happy ending." Rottikichi said, peeking away from the other exit.

"If Kazuya didn't get one I'll be mad for sure to be honest. He's too nice and too kind." Ikuo nodded. "Now shall we go home, boys?"

"Alright. To the next episode of Ikuo confessing to Sakurai-san then." Chii-sama said, smirking.


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Re: (Nogizaka46) wafflekyun's short OS
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 :luvluv2: :on bleed: :on bleed: :shy2:

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Re: (Nogizaka46) wafflekyun's short OS
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Ok, now I'm curious about IkuRei 😂😂😂

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Re: (Nogizaka46) wafflekyun's short OS
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Wakarei or Wakamai it's alright author - san hehe

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Re: (Nogizaka46) wafflekyun's short OS
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4. (nanamai + ikuyodamomo) bangs

"Hey yodayoda! Have you heard about that junior hair stylist competition?" Momoko said in a loud voice across the room, making Yuki turned her gaze away from the TV in front of her. She groaned a bit, annoyed, because a certain girl interrupted her watching activity on the exact interesting part of the show.

"Haven't." She said shortly, didn't even bother to look at the girl again. But Momoko, as eager as she was, already chimed her way in to the living room and seated herself besides the smaller girl. She shoved her phone to Yuki's face and grinned.

"Look! Most of our friends are taking part in this!"

"Let them be." Yuki said nonchalantly, obviously annoyed. "Besides, you don't have the skill to be a hairstylist."

Momoko frowned, didn't like when her sister looking down on her just like that. "What makes you think that? I do have the skill to do such."

"Really?" Yuki said, snatching Momoko's phone away. She quickly clicked on the link on the screen and it took her to the competition’s website. There, the skill set that you need to have to compete is listed in a big bold font, as a contrast to the pinkish and girlish background of the site.

"Here, look! At least you have to be able to skillfully cut bangs."

"Err... That's different from what's written tho." Momoko said.

"Well but the point is exactly that. Unless you're willing to practice." Yuki said again, giving back the phone to its rightful owner. Momoko let out a big sneaky grin.

"You should be my model then! Let's try trimming your bangs a bit! I thought you said it looks a bit weird some days ago."

"No way in hell!!" Yuki said again, jerking back. There's no effing way she'd let her precious bangs to be cut by her sister anyway, especially Momoko. She's not a testing animal.

"Come on! You made a perfect testing goat, and goat needs to be sheared."

"Why don't you do it to yourself!" Yuki said again pointing to Momoko's straight bangs, "It already feels longer than before."

The latter frowned, "That way I can't be really sure tho!! Aww, please help me at least!"

"Just watch the how to videos on youtube!"

"I don't want, it didn't feel real!"

At this point Yuki already feel bad for the latter, she didn't want her hair to be sacrificed yet she needed another scape-goat or else Momoko wouldn’t stop bothering her until she got what she wants. Or in a worst-case scenario, Momoko would start crying until she got what she wants. Yuki fell into a minute of silence, probably she could suggest another person? But their mom Nanase and their other sister Erika were off to the grocery store and won't return until later. That left her with one and only choice, to suggest Momoko to try it on their other mom, Mai.

"Why don't you try it on mom?" Yuki said.

"I thought she's out with big sis Ikuchan." Momoko said again, confused.

"Not her! I mean the other mom."

"Are you crazy?"

"As crazy as you who thinks entering a junior hairstylist competition is a good idea."

Momoko frowned, she didn't expect Yuki to suggest their other mom anyway. Well, technically speaking she had a quite perfect hair and long bangs, something Momoko could obviously experiment with. But the problem is, the said person is now soundly sleeping and doing it on her basically like poking into the lion's den.

"She's sleeping by now and if you finished before she wakes up you should be fine." Yuki said again, trying to assure the latter.

"How should I do it then?" Momoko asked.

"Hmmm... Maybe you can fake cut it, and play with her hair a bit, y'know, like a real stylish! I can record you doing it and we can review your technique after that. Or you can skip that entirely and just watch the how to videos on youtube."

"No! It's better to do it with real people so I can practice real skill."

Yuki nodded, "Alright, let's grab the tools necessary and do it quickly."

"Aye sir!" Momoko said cheerfully and sprinted to her room to grab the things needed. She roamed her drawer for a blunt scissors, thinking that it wouldn't deal much damage in case something bad happens. The latter also took a comb and some rubber for the styling part.

"Do you think we should bring a small mirror?" Momoko asked, still searching for stuff on her room.

"No need, I can see it because I'm the one recording." Yuki said, hands holding a small camcorder.

Both of the girls now proceed to go to their mom's room. The door was unexpectedly ajar and they could easily spot Mai sleeping soundly on the king-size bed. Momoko grinned gleefully and carefully jumped to the empty side of the bed. Yuki on the other hand, had positioned herself in front of the bed while trying to find a good angle. 

"Mom's hair is so soft..." Momoko mumbled, touching Mai's hair with her hands. It could actually run through smoothly on her fingers, something that the girl found really amusing.

"Ready?" Yuki whispered, didn't want to wake up their mom or anything. "Just make it quick."

Momoko gestured a simple ok with her hands and starts braiding Mai's hair.

"Hairstylist Momoko, take one."

After a while Momoko managed to play around with Mai's hair, making it braids and twin tails without much of a hassle. Yuki took a picture of it and both occasionally laughed on how ridiculous it looked.

"This is so funny." Momoko said, making a small tail with Mai's front and long bangs. "Should we also draw something on her face?"

Yuki chuckled, "Maybe? I don't know."

Feeling something messing with her hair, Mai moved a little. Both girls were instantly scared and let out a small gasp.

"What was that...?" Momoko said softly, scared. "This is why we should finish it quickly..." Yuki said again, withdrawing from the bed. "The last part should be the one of you cutting her bangs. Well, fake cutting."

Momoko nodded, "Don't worry, this is a blunt scissors. We just need to see how well I did it, yeah?"

Yuki nodded, camera is ready.

Momoko bit her lower lip, holding the exact scissor on her right hand. She put Mai's hair aside, separating her bangs from the rest of her brownish hair. Momoko carefully placed the hair between the blade of the scissors and starts making a cutting gesture. The latter pressed it softly, nothing happened.

"See? I told ya."




"What? Just continue taking the video."

"T-The h-hair..."


"It's falling."

Yuki watched in horror as Momoko cut the bangs, looking proudly as if she did nothing. Mai's bangs quickly falling out into pieces, there's nothing one could do to save it from such state.

"AA-------!" Momoko let out an inaudible gasp upon realizing her wrong doing. Hairs were everywhere on the scissors, so was on Mai's face. Surprisingly, Mai still able to sleep quite soundly, and only flinched a bit. Tho that exact move made the hair fell out to the floor instead, as she turned her body around to the side.

"...The bangs..." Yuki shrieked and turned her gaze into Momoko who's obviously in the verge of tears. Well, actually she's already crying. Hard.

"W-What sh-should w-we do...." Momoko said, sobbing. She was shaken on the bed, scared to hell. What if Mai shouted at her upon realizing what had she done.

"C-Calm down... we need help." Yuki said, "But first we need to get out from here."

Momoko nodded while sobbing and walked herself out of the room. Both sat on the dining table face to face, thinking the exact solution to the problem that had a rise.

"W-what should we do..." Momoko said between her sobbing.

"I-I don't know... we might be in a huge trouble..."

"W-we should wait until the others come... hopefully mom is still asleep by that time..."

Momoko nodded.


It was only a few minutes that the bell rang, something that actually felt like forever to both parties.

"We're home!" A familiar voice could be heard from the hallway, near the entrance. Yuki quickly noticed this and sprinted her way to the front door.

"MOM! MOM! MOMOCHAN ACCIDENTALLY CUT SOMEONE'S BANGS!" Yuki said, somehow also crying.

Nanase was confused upon hearing it, so was Erika. She put down her groceries and quickly embraced the crying girl in a big warm hug, trying to calm her down.

"DON'T SAY IT LIKE THAT!!" Momoko said, following Yuki to the front door. Both of them are crying now, making Nanase and Erika utterly confused.

"What? What's wrong? Why are you guys crying?" Nanase said, patting Yuki's back slowly. Momoko had ran to Erika instead, seeking for another shelter.

"W-we accdjdfhjtenllay cjjcut mai mom's bangdhjs." Momoko said.

"I don't know what you're saying, geez." Erika chuckled, "Come on, calm down first."

"Well Yodachan did say that you accidentally cut someone's bangs, is that true?" Nanase asked, looking at the crying girl. Momoko nodded, burying her face on Erika's chest.

"Whose bangs?" Erika said, demanding details.


"Maiyan's?!" Nanase said, surprised.


"Holy shit! These girls are pretty much in trouble." Erika said, followed by a loud sobbing.

"Shhs! Don't make it worser for them." Nanase said again, slightly angry.

"For now, let's just see how bad it is."

All three of them nodded in unison before marching in to Mai's room.


"W-WHH---HMMMPPP---" Erika tried so hard to hold her laughter the moment she saw the exact crime scene with her own eyes. Small hairs were on the side of the bed, some already fell to the floor. The bangs were pretty much ridiculously asymmetrical and when combined with Mai's weird sleeping face made the girl had all the urge to laugh.

"B-be quiet, what if she wakes up!" Yuki said, she had stop sobbing

"Be quiet, Ikuchan!" Nanase said, raising her voice a bit.




"After all these things and she still sleeps like a log."

Nanase picked up the scissors near the bed, "Let's try to fix it a bit."

Snip snip snip

She cut the rest of the bangs, trying to make it at least look a bit acceptable.

Snip snip snip

"H-How is it...?" She said, asking her girls for opinions. "Hurry, I think she'll wake up soon."

"O-Okay I guess? Not as weird as before." Erika said, trying to get closer to the sleeping girl.

"This shape is kinda weird tho, maybe you should trim it a bit more." The curious girl poked the said bangs repeatedly, playing with the tips of it. She blew an air to Mai's face a bit trying to see how she would react.

"I-Ikuchan, stop it! She'll wake up." Nanase said, trying to stop her daughter to do such a stupid thing.

"Relax, mom! We all know she sleeps like a log."

"Who sleeps like a log?"


Four of them screamed in surprised and both Momoko and Yuki started to cry again. Erika looked in horror as the said girl shook her head and yawned a little, blinking her eyes in confusion.
"Err...Why you guys looked at me like I'm a ghost or some sort?" Mai said with a coarsed voice. "And what's with these hair on my mouth...bweh."

"A-A...I-It's nothing! Of course! You're still sleeping and this is a dream!"

"I'm perfectly awake... why Momochan and Yodachan are crying...? Is something wrong, girls?" Mai said again, trying to get closer to Momoko and Yuki, but both spontaneously hide themselves behind Nanase's back.

"What's wrong? Nobody wants a hug? Nanase? Do you want to explain?" Mai said again, confused.

"No, it's fine! Good morning!" She laughed nervously and gently kissed the latter's forehead softly. Mai chuckled a bit. "Good morning to you too, I guess? Well then, I should be getting breakfast."

"Technically it's lunch." Erika commented.

"It's fine! Breakfast is fine!! Ha..ha...ha..." Nanase laughed, dragging Mai away to the kitchen.

"Alright, wait, I'm gonna wash my face a bit first."

"NOO!" Three of the shouted in unison. "You look fine!" Erika said.


The latter then made her way to the bathroom and found herself staring hard at the mirror.


"Not me... them." Erika said in a small voice, she could clearly see her sisters's face turned pale when Mai screamed so. Nanase quickly asked them to run to the kitchen in which Yuki and Momoko did so.

"You too, Ikuchan." She said again after realizing that Erika was still standing there as if nothing had happened. "You should calm you sisters down."

"I'm actually the one who needs to be calmed down!" Mai said in high tone, "Who did this?! Come on Nanase, you can't possibly shield them for this?!"

"I know, I know. But they're just kids!" Nanase said, trying to calm Mai down after Erika had previously also left the room.

"Besides you look younger this way, okay?"

Mai sighed, "Don't lie." She glanced to the mirror again, straightening her now messy and short bangs. "Wakatsuki obviously gonna be laughing at me at work tomorrow."

"Who cares about Waka's opinion, right?" Nanase said again, chuckling nervously. "Listen, I know they're very sorry about this but also they're pretty much scared of you."

"I'm not scary."

"You are, to kids."

"Then I'll just become even scarier." Mai said, taking a deep breath. "NO ALLOWANCE FOR A WEEK FOR THE THREE OF YOU GUYS!" She shouted, earning her a loud sobbing from both Momoko and Yuki. Erika on the other hand was pretty furious and yelled I'm not even part of this mess! back.

"Serves them right." Mai said, smirking.

"Ma-Maiyan!" Nanase said, disagreeing with her wife. "That's too harsh."

"I am. I am the scary big bad wolf Mai Kuroishi."

"Wh-What... I hate you..."

"I hate you too for ruining my bangs. Now I have to really fix it at the hair salon."

Nanase frowned, technically there's no reason for Mai to not be mad of everything. She sighed before giving her a small peck on the latter's lips.

"Just... don't take it too far, okay?"

"Yes, I'll take it as far as banishing my own daughters."


"Just kidding."

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Re: (Nogizaka46) wafflekyun's short OS
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My favorite 乃木坂46 pairing with their three cute kids from the previous story. Love reading their stories...moreover they have their own family which is very cute aand funny at the same time when i try to imagine how fun and happy their family is. 

Maiyan being cruel towards her daughters made me laugh. Ikuchan also...protecting her allowance. Yuki and Momoko being playful. Nanase being the responsible one and also the one who is able to handle Maiyan. Love all their characters.

Looking forward for more Nanamai and family fics . thanks for the fic
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Re: (Nogizaka46) wafflekyun's short OS
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5. (ranzemiria) of all things

"Here." Miria said happily, handing the other girl a small brown envelope. Ranze smiled back at her, feeling a bit confused since she didn't remember asking Miria to help her with fetching something. She stared at the said brown envelope for a good one minute before broke into a small chuckle.

"What is this? Marriage certificate?" She said with a small laughter. Miria was taken a back with such answer since she didn't expect Ranze to be so bold with merely an envelope. Of course, she probably didn't mean it, it's just that it happened to look pretty suspicious and the timing was right for such a joke.

"N-No! Of course not!" Miria said, stuttering as she did so. As much as she saw herself as a calm and composed girl there're indeed times where she couldn't retain her composure at all. Being near the other girl is certainly one of those time.

"I was joking." Ranze said, opening the envelope with her hands. She gave it a good look and mumbled a small oh upon reading the exact content.

"Thanks for taking time to make this for me." She smiled, realizing it was a very detail live performance sheet complete with various important note. Miria nodded happily, she knew Ranze was pretty busy this week so she took extra time to make such thing for her, she even added her own notes for Ranze to remember her position and talk points on their upcoming under live.

"It's fine. I know your habit." Miria smirked, pointing down to her handwritten notes. "Here, I write everything you should remember."

Ranze smiled, "You really are a great leader."

"I'm flattered, you too." She blushed a little, such compliment was indeed bad for her health especially when it came from Ranze herself.

"We'll be side by side a lot on this tour so please take care of me." Ranze bowed a little, and Miria followed suit. It's unthinkable that they're chosen for much of Nogizaka's double centered song, something that's always done by their two strongest members. Tho it was only for under live, it's obviously not an excuse to make the performance less powerful than the original one. To be able to see Ranze besides her, it brought great joy for the smaller girl.

"Same here, I'll be helping as much as I can." Miria said, determined.

"Then that's good." Ranze said, looking happy.

Moments later they could hear staff were calling for them, it diverted Ranze's attention for a bit.

"We should really get going, the rehearsal is going to start soon." Ranze said, walking to the other side of the stage.



Gathering up her courage, Miria said in a small voice. "You know, maybe next time I will really bring a real marriage certificate to you."

"A-Ah... I'll look forward to it then." Ranze smirked, leaving the flustered Miria behind.

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