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Author Topic: Heartbeat (20/20) + Partners (23/23) + Destiny (41/41 END) [WMatsui] - REPLIES  (Read 274367 times)

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Re: Heartbeat [wmatsui] Chapter 10
« Reply #80 on: October 04, 2014, 10:15:47 PM »
Whyyou have to make it so dramtic, when they finally got the good plant

Update soon

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Re: Heartbeat [wmatsui] Chapter 10
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Re: Heartbeat [wmatsui] Chapter 10
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update soooon~~
you know, your fanfic is the reason why i make an account here, i used to be a silent reader and only a guest
i really really love this fanfic, the drama omygod  :heart: :heart: :heart:

author-san, i love you  :love: :love:

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Re: Heartbeat [wmatsui] Chapter 11
« Reply #83 on: October 11, 2014, 05:31:47 PM »
Thank you @Kairi65, @gek geki, @River1721, @RenshuChan, @Kirozoro, @xerone914 for your comments.
I always love to know what people think.
And of course I want to thank all the silent readers out there!
Here's chapter 11. Hope you like it  :)


It's already been three months since the release of the new SKE single, and it's still a big hit. One thing is for sure: people love it, and tonight is no exception. Jurina's face brightens up as she listens to the audience's cheers and clapping. It's the end of the concert and she tries to catch her breath, her eyes wandering around the SKE theater in joy, before bowing to the public.

Girls are chatting excitedly on their way to the dressing room but the younger Matsui barely listens, exhausted. She slumps into the first chair she finds, wiping the sweat off her forehead and trying to calm her beating heart. She may love her new duet with Rena as much as the audience, it's still a very energetic song and right now, she has no fuel left. The room is now filled with laughter and chatting and Jurina closes her eyes to relax, a satisfied smile on her lips. Soon the place becomes quieter as the girls start to change and the younger Matsui feels her body relaxing, her eyelids becoming heavier and heavier until her breathing progressively slows down.

It's the pulling that wakes her up. At first, she feels a small push on her arm and hears a distant worried voice. Then the shaking becomes more energetic and the voice clearer. That's when she sleepily opens her eyelids, only to see an angry Rena hovering over her.

"Don't you dare do that to me again!" The older Matsui is now almost screaming and Jurina widens her eyes at the girl who's slightly trembling.

"What's going on?" she asks in a small frightened voice, before noticing how everyone is staring at her.

"You weren't responding, Jurina. I thought you fainted again!" Rena hisses in panic, and Jurina straightens up in her seat, progressively gaining her senses back.

"No, I guess I just fell asleep," the younger Matsui murmurs pensively, having no memory of drifting off.

All eyes are still set on her and she quickly turns around to wave a reassuring hand at the other members.

"Don't worry, I'm fine. Just took a small nap," she smiles, seeing a few girls rolling their eyes at her, and the chatting resumes like nothing happened. Yawning a little, she turns to the mirror again, only to see the older Matsui sitting down and staring at her in disbelief.

"You were... sleeping?"

"Yes, I'm sorry if I worried you," Jurina answers carefully, and Rena turns around, hiding her embarrassed face in her hands.

"I'm so sorry," the older Matsui stutters sheepishly and Jurina reaches over to grab her arm.

"It's okay. And I needed to wake up anyway," she tries to reassure the poor girl, only receiving a weak nod in return. "I don't know how you can be so energetic after such a day though. You were shaking me so hard, I wouldn't have been able to sleep even if I was on sleeping pills."

At those words, Rena progressively lowers her hands and turns at Jurina's playful tone.

"You scared me, idiot," the older Matsui scolds her immediately, before stretching her arm to grab the girl's hand that's laying on the table and rubbing it gently. When she hears Jurina's soft chuckle, her mouth tugs into a smile.

"You're incorrigible, you know that?" she exclaims, tucking a strand of hair behind the younger girl's ear, Jurina's eyes softening at the tender gesture.

When the door to the dressing room opens, Rena notices Churi in the mirror and swiftly backs away from Jurina, avoiding her eyes nervously.

"I'm leaving now. See you tomorrow," she stammers, putting her coat on and getting up from her chair.

Jurina nods silently in confusion, observing the girl who's now turning on her heels in a hurry and heading out of the room, her eyes lowered to the ground. When Jurina finally spots Churi she smiles eagerly, only receiving a confused look in return.

"What's happening with Rena? She's been ignoring me for days now," Churi exclaims.

"Really?" Jurina raises a curious eyebrow at her friend.

"Don't tell me you haven't noticed," Churi continues, occupying Rena's previous spot.

Jurina simply shakes her head and both girls get change in silence, both lost in their own thoughts, before the younger Matsui turns seriously to Churi, Rena's odd behavior all forgotten.

"So tonight, my place or yours?"

Churi immediately stiffens at the girl's words, before shaking her head.

"I can't tonight. I have plans."

"Really?" Jurina frowns, carefully watching the girl who simply nods in returns, emotionless. "That's strange. You said the same thing yesterday and the day before."

Churi doesn't say a thing and Jurina moves forward to grab her arm, skeptic.

"Are you avoiding me?"

"Of course not."


This time Churi turns around in surprise, immediately noticing Jurina's pained eyes.

"Is this about what happened the other night? I told you it was all forgotten."

"Well, maybe I haven't," Churi replies, avoiding Jurina's stare.

When she feels the girl gripping her arm tightly she softly yanks it away before getting up and turning to the girl with pleading eyes.

"Please leave it alone, Jurina."

"Absolutely not," the younger Matsui stubbornly answers, swiftly embracing the other girl who flinches.

"Jurina..." Churi winces, trying to disentangle herself the best she can.

"I know you're still feeling guilty about it, but you have to get over it," Jurina stresses, tightening her grip when Churi tries to push her away more fiercely.

When her second attempt fails Churi exhales deeply, wrapping her hands around the younger girl's waist.

"You won't take no for an answer, will you?" she states, receiving a small nod in reply.

"Fine. You won," she finally admits defeated, leaning her head on the girl's shoulder, her body relaxing when Jurina's digits softly caress her hair.

At the sound of the door opening she slowly raises her eyes and notices Rena watching them from afar, before approaching when her presence has been acknowledged.

"I'm sorry. I forgot my bag," she says nervously, motioning to the object hidden under the table opposite Churi's chair.

Both girls step aside, Churi staring curiously at Rena's who's now kneeling to grab it, before swiftly heading out of the room again.

"What did I tell you? No eye contact," Churi turns to Jurina in surprise, only receiving a small shrug in return.

"You're over thinking," Jurina rolls her eyes, before grabbing her hand and looking at her expectantly.

"So, my place?" the younger Matsui asks with hopeful eyes, getting back to the point.

"Yes, fine," Churi relents, stifling a laugh at Jurina's victorious smile. She could never say no to such a face anyway.

The hallway is quiet when Jurina steps out of the elevator and stretches her arm to softly knock on the door. Faint sounds can be heard from inside and she waits patiently, before noticing Churi's odd behavior who's nervously fiddling with her bag beside her.

"Why are you fidgeting?"

The older girl lets out a sigh, her digits halting their frantic movements and gripping the strap tightly.

"I've never been to Mayu's apartment before," she murmurs, averting her eyes to look at the welcome mat at her feet.

"And why are you whispering?" Jurina now asks clearly amused, receiving a scolding look in return.

"Don't make fun of me. It's intimidating to be here," her voice trails off, raising again her eyes at the closed door.

"Everything's going to be fine. I know she may seem a bit cold at first, but she's a nice girl," Jurina reassures her, squeezing her hand a little.

The door suddenly opens on Mayu who smiles at Churi before raising an eyebrow at Jurina.

"Who's cold?"

Churi flinches at her dangerous stare, while Jurina simply waves her hand in amusement.

"Hi Mayu!" the younger Matsui moves forward to kiss her cheek, getting an annoyed groan in return.

A cheerful Yuki appears a few seconds later behind Mayu, quickly hugging both guests before inviting them to come in.

The apartment is buzzing with chatter and light music, and the newcomers wave at Aika Ota and Haruka Shimazaki who are decorating a small Christmas tree in the living room.

While Jurina and Churi have their backs turned and are busy hanging their coats in the hall, Mayu's eyes notice Jurina's bag that's laying near the door and she scoots closer, trying to take a discreet peek inside. However her little act is quickly discovered, and Jurina swiftly takes it away from the wandering hands.

"What is in the large box?" Mayu asks with pleading eyes, trying to get her hands on it, receiving a disapproving look in return at her second attempt.

"It's your Christmas present," Jurina answers, pulling away the bag that Mayu is now gripping tightly.

"I can't have a clue?" Mayu pushes in a small hopeful voice that's clearly not working on Jurina who shakes her head in amusement.
Before Mayu can continue her questioning any further, an embarrassed Yuki quickly approaches and grips her arm firmly.

"Stop bothering Jurina and come and help me in the kitchen," she pulls her girlfriend away, before Mayu finally relents and follows her reluctantly.

"I never saw her so childish," Churi exclaims once they are out of reach, and Jurina chuckles at the girl's surprise.

"Yes, she always behaves like a little kid around Christmas."

"It's quite a relief actually. I think I prefer this side of her."

They both share a laugh, before joining the girls who are chatting around the Christmas tree.

Jurina carefully takes the small yellow bauble out of the box and hangs it near a purple star. The decorating is going quite smoothly and there is now almost no space left on the tree, despite Churi's best efforts to find a spot for a huge green bauble. A soft humming can be heard in the small apartment, and the younger Matsui smiles at Yuki who's hanging lightning decorations in the living room, steadying herself on a chair, while moving her body in rhythm with the song. Meanwhile, Mayu is setting the presents at the bottom of the tree, her fingers touching a bit too much the biggest ones, clearly trying to guess what's inside. Jurina can't help but shake her head at the younger girl's behavior, before letting out a happy sigh. That's why she loves spending this time of the year with them. They are full of Christmas spirit.

Jurina is kneeling down to hang a white bear figure when someone rings at the door, and she sees from the corner of her eye Yuki carefully climbing down from her chair and going to open. Just as she's about to hang a last item on the tree, she halts her movement in surprise at the familiar voices coming from the hallway, and tilts her head when Churi tugs on her sleeve. The distraught expression on the girl's face is all she needs to know she heard correctly.

"Did you know they would be here?" she stutters and Jurina now turns around to watch Rena and Airi who are taking their coats off while chatting with Yuki.

"No, I didn't," she muses, before eying Mayu skeptically who's waving at the two guests cheerfully.

Jurina can sense a shift in the air as Churi's face progressively decomposes and she squeezes her hand in a comforting gesture.

"I'm sorry. Mayu didn't tell me she invited them. Are you alright?" she asks worriedly the girl who's now shaking her head.

"I'm not, but I will be. And it's not like I can do anything about it," Churi chuckles nervously, before turning to the two girls who are now making their way to the living room.

Jurina greets the two newcomers with a smile, while Churi simply waves at them ill at ease, moving next to the sofa and burying her head in a suddenly very interesting magazine. Silence engulfs the three girls as none of them say anything, before Airin excuses herself and moves to speak to Haruka, after a lingering look at Churi's back.

"Hi Jurina," Rena smiles, moving forward to the younger girl. "Mayu didn't tell me you both would be there", she grimaces, before noticing Jurina's surprise. "Airin told me yesterday what happened at the restaurant. If only I had known what it was all about..."
Rena's voice trails off, glancing back and forth between Akane and Airi.

"I know. Mayu took me by surprise as well."

Both girls stay silent for a while, before Jurina kneels down to the box previously full of baubles to handle one small red one to the older Matsui.

"Here. It's the last one. See if you can find a spot somewhere," she motions to the Christmas tree.

Rena takes it carefully between her fingers and turns to the tree, frowning at how over decorated it is.

"Yes, sorry. I think we got overboard," Jurina chuckles and Rena shakes her head in disbelief, before placing the object between the yellow bauble and the purple star.

Mayu is taking some snacks out of the fridge when she notices the younger Matsui entering the kitchen and leaning against the counter, her arms crossed over her chest. She doesn't need to look at the girl to know she's staring at her but she chooses to ignore her, instead carefully setting food on a plate, and taking a few glasses out of a cupboard a few minutes later. The silent treatment she receives doesn't last however, as Jurina speaks up in barely contained frustration.

"Why did you invite them?"

"Who?" Mayu asks nonchalantly, and Jurina's voice rises up in annoyance.

"You know very well who. Rena and Airi. You told me it was a friendly gathering."

"I did. And that's why they are here. I invited Rena, and she asked if Airi could come as well," Mayu continues, still ignoring purposely her best friend's stare.

"Rena is not your friend!" the younger Matsui stresses, and Mayu turns to her in surprise.

"What makes you say that?" she asks innocently, and Jurina raises an irritated eyebrow at her.

"Oh come on, Mayu. Don't play dumb with me. I specifically told you not to do anything about it and you went against my wishes. Why?"

"What's bothering you anyway? I thought you were over her," Mayu shoots her an amused smile and Jurina shakes her head in disbelief.

"I am over her, but it's not always about me," she sighs in frustration, before noticing her best friend's curious gaze on her.
"Who is it about then?"

The words almost slip from her lips but she refrains herself at the last minute, remembering the promise she made to Churi a while ago. She was not going to spill the beans about her feelings for Airi, despite how persistent Mayu could be.

When Yuki suddenly comes in the kitchen, Jurina lets out a resigned sigh, before turning on her heels and moving to the living room. Mayu follows her retreating form before noticing her girlfriend's scolding look.

"Mayu, why did you invite them?" she gasps out once Jurina is far enough not to catch their conversation.

"Not a good idea?" the younger girl cringes, sheepishly averting her eyes.

"I'm not so sure. Jurina and Akane didn't look so happy about it," Yuki sighs in frustration, before noticing the confused look on her girlfriend's face. "Let's hope this evening doesn't turn into a complete disaster," she adds painfully, before grabbing the plate of food and slowly heading into the living room again.

Rena opens her small eyelids, her body stiffening when she notices she's not sleeping in her own bed. Confused, her eyes begin to adjust to the darkness surrounding her, and she progressively relaxes at the view of the girls sleeping in the living room, now remembering where she is. She tilts her head to Airi who's laying on the futon beside her, before her eyes slowly scan the room. There's an empty space next to Akane and Rena frowns, until a small noise catches her attention and she turns to the kitchen. Sitting up, she faintly distinguishes a silhouette moving near the sink and she gets up, the curiosity getting the best of her.

Jurina drinks the glass in one swift movement, her eyes staring pensively out of the window. So lost in thoughts she doesn't hear the girl's footsteps, and she jumps at Rena's voice.

"Can't sleep?"


Jurina turns to the girl in surprise and tries to calm her beating heart, before noticing how sleepy she looks.

"Did I wake you up?"

"No. You know I'm a light sleeper."

The older Matsui pulls a chair and slowly sits down, watching Jurina who's pouring water in her glass for the second time and drinking it swiftly.

"You know you're going to spend the rest of the night going to the toilet."

"I don't care. I'm thirsty."

Rena sighs at Jurina's stubbornness, and rolls her eyes when she sees her filling another glass. She follows her movements as she finally places the glass in the sink and sits down her back to the wall, facing the small white window. Her eyelids progressively start to close and Rena breaks the silence.

"You should go back to bed. You're tired."

Jurina, not moving an inch, nods absently, before hearing a small yelp beside her. Opening her eyes again, she watches Rena staring outside, agape, before getting up to move closer to the window.

"It's snowing," her voice pitches up in barely contained excitation, and Jurina's mouth tugs into a smile at the view of the girl who's sticking her face to the window glass, watching in awe the snow coming down in large flakes.

"Between Mayu and you, I don't know who loves Christmas the most."

"I love snow. It's so calm and beautiful."

"Yes. A bit like you."

Rena turns in surprise at the girl's musing, before feeling her cheeks coloring at the younger girl's sincere smile. Thankfully, the dark is doing a good job at hiding her flustered face.

The whole room watches in silence Mayu who unwraps her present frenetically, her eyes lightening up immediately at the view of the 7 inches anime figure.

"Mikasa Ackerman! Thank you Jurina!"

The younger Matsui smiles when Mayu kisses her on the cheek swiftly, before getting back to the object, looking at it from every angle.

"Jurina, you shouldn't have. You know we don't have any place left," Yuki speaks up in embarrassment.

"I'll find one," Mayu says cheerfully, waving her hand nonchalantly.

"I have no doubt about it," Yuki cringes, before shooting a disapproving look at Jurina who suppresses a chuckle.

Mayu suddenly gets up and her eyes scan the room, alarming Yuki immediately.

"Where should I put it?" she muses, before moving forward when she spots a place.

"Wait, Mayu!" Yuki quickly says, watching in horror the girl trying to fit the object on a shelf, moving a few books away in the process.

All eyes are now set on them as the pair moves to the bedroom and the discussion heats up, and Churi nudges Jurina's elbow playfully.

"You're looking for trouble."

"I know. Yuki is going to hate me."

All girls share a small laugh and continue to exchange gifts, before Airi turns shyly to the older Matsui, a present in her left hand.

"Here. It's for you."

Rena carefully unwraps the paper, before smiling at the view of a beautiful red scarf. Her fingers caress the soft fabric, before realization hits her and she turns in surprise to the girl.

"That's the scarf I saw in Shibuya."


"You went back to buy it while I was waiting at the café!"

Rena quickly moves forward to embrace the girl, a broad smile on her lips.

"Thank you so much. I can't believe I didn't notice anything."

"Well, you were pretty much engrossed in your cooking book."

Rena rolls her eyes at Airi's playful tone, before everyone raises their eyes when Mayu and Yuki enter the living room again, and the latter cheerfully claps into her hands.

"Who wants to go outside?"

The streets are abundantly covered in snow, and Jurina kneels in the white grass in front of the building, gathering as much snow as she can, trying to form a circular uniform base. She releases a defeated sigh when the result doesn't please her enough, before hearing a small chuckle behind her back.

"Are you really going to build a snowman?"

"Of course. And you're going to help me."

Churi smiles at the girl's wink and shakes her head in disbelief. Just as she's about to relent, she stiffens when she hears an hesitant voice calling her.

"Churi, can I talk to you?"

Jurina tilts her head to Airi and Rena who are slowly approaching, before noticing Churi's mortified look. When the girl chooses to ignore Airi's question, the younger Matsui grabs her arm.

"Go on, Churi."

"Jurina..." she winces, shaking her head in discomfort when the girl inches closer.

"Come on."

Churi sighs defeated when the girl softly pushes her away and finally turns around to Airi who's looking at her expectantly. They stare at each other for a while, Churi pondering her options before quietly following the girl.

Jurina is watching the girls who are now sitting on a bench not far away, before noticing Rena who's standing near the door, gazing at them curiously.

"Will you give me a hand?"

Rena turns in surprise to the younger Matsui who's gathering snow in her hands again, and smiles.


Jurina stands up and rubs her hands, a satisfied grin on her face, admiring the beautiful tall snowman in front of her. Her eyes scan the floor for small branches and she moves forward when she spots a few ones near a tree, only frowning when she comes back and notices three big buttons on the snowman's face. Tilting her head to Rena's side, she spots her watching the two girls who are still talking on the bench, a worried look on her face.

"Rena, why does my snowman looks like an alien?"

The older Matsui quickly turns in confusion, before widening her eyes when she realizes what she just did.

"I'm sorry," she stutters, quickly retrieving the useless third button and sliding it in her pocket.

"Stop eavesdropping. It's not like we can hear anything from here anyway."

"I know," Rena swiftly answers, before groaning and pushing the girl's arm when Jurina starts to chuckle.

The gesture takes Jurina by surprise who loses her balance and falls on the snowy slippery grass, staring in disbelief at Rena.

"I'm sorry. Are you alright?"

The older Matsui quickly moves forward in shock, stretching her hand to help the other girl get up. Jurina looks at the offered hand curiously, before a playful smile moves to her face and she starts to gather snow in her hands.

"Jurina, what are you doing?" Rena asks hesitantly, taking a cautious step back when a snowball starts to form in her left palm.

"You're going to pay for that," the younger girl points out, slowly getting up.

"Don't do that, Jurina. I'm serious."

Just as she's about to protest again, Jurina stretches her arm and the snowball hits Rena's shoulder. The girl stares in shock at Jurina's unapologetic smile, before swiftly rubbing the ice off her coat.

"You deserved it," Jurina shrugs nonchalantly, before turning and sticking the small branches at each side of the snowman, satisfied with the result. When she suddenly feels a snowball hitting her back she turns in surprise, only to see Rena forming another one in her hand.

"What? You really thought I would let it go?"

"You want to play that game? You know you're going to lose," Jurina raises an eyebrow, taking a few steps back and kneeling to gather some snow.

"Don't be so sure of yourself. You don't know what I'm capable of."

"Okay. Bring it on."

Jurina who's sitting on the grass turns her head to the poor breathless Rena.

"Told you I would win."

Rena simply waves her hand at her, too exhausted to say anything.

"You should exercise more."

"Shut up."

Jurina chuckles at the older girl's erratic voice, before noticing Churi and Airi getting up from the bench and moving towards them.

"Looks like you two had a lot of fun," Churi smiles, stretching her hand to help Jurina getting up, while Airin offers hers to Rena.

"Well, you know me. I never refuse a good challenge," Jurina smiles broadly, before glancing seriously back and forth between Airi and Churi.

"We're fine," Churi answers her unvoiced question, turning slightly to Airi who nods in approval.

The door to the building suddenly opens, and the four girls turn to Yuki who's smiling at them.

"Anyone interested in a hot chocolate?"

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Re: Heartbeat [wmatsui] Chapter 11
« Reply #84 on: October 11, 2014, 07:02:36 PM »
Furuyanagi is okay now~ :twothumbs
Yuki was wrong, the evening wasn't a complete disaster after all :mon determined:
Mayu suddenly gets up and her eyes scan the room, alarming Yuki immediately.
Christmas sure is a time of joy :mon fyeah:. Mayu acting like a little kid, cute  :shy1:
Just as she's about to protest again, Jurina stretches her arm and the snowball hits Rena's shoulder.
Wmatsui snowball fight! In the end Jurina wins when it comes to things like these :mon lol:
I wonder what will happen next :mon huh:
Can't wait for next chapter :hee:

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Re: Heartbeat [wmatsui] Chapter 11
« Reply #85 on: October 12, 2014, 04:01:39 AM »
Hmm did jurina already over for rena? That was fast
But rena just start hehe
Airin and churi now be friends again yeah
Did rena already reject airin or not?

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Re: Heartbeat [wmatsui] Chapter 11
« Reply #86 on: October 12, 2014, 07:13:32 AM »
Whoa time skip! @.@

Churi, you dork. There's no need to feel guilty after it's all been forgiven (I'm glad that Jurina and Churi aren't incredibly affected by all that hullabaloo and still seem pretty close)... -.-

It looks like Jurina's over Rena (or at least she's able to look past the pain in order to protect Churi)... o.o

AND JUST WHEN RENA UNKNOWINGLY STARTS LOOKING AT HER AS MORE TOO! >_< I say unknowingly cause it would explain:
1. the small pain she felt seeing ChuriJuri kissing in front of the bakery
2. her avoiding Churi (I highly doubt it's because of Airin and Churi's falling out; even before they still spoke on occasion)
3. the reaction to Jurina's compliment during their moment alone watching the first snow fall

Mayu, why did you invite Rena? Trying to play matchmaker even though Jurina said she was giving up...? Stubborn girl (but well-meaning)...

I'm with gek geki though, what was Rena's answer to Airin's confession?! Are they still close friends? Did the confession make it a bit awkward?

Till next update!

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Re: Heartbeat [wmatsui] Chapter 11
« Reply #87 on: October 12, 2014, 10:27:00 AM »
It was a really good chapter I really enjoyed it. I also like how it progressing. :twothumbs :heart:

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Re: Heartbeat [wmatsui] Chapter 11
« Reply #88 on: October 12, 2014, 02:04:37 PM »
Whoa time skip! @.@

Just a ten days skip since the last chapter. Airi's birthday is on the 13th December, and chapter 11 happens during Christmas.

Did rena already reject airin or not?

I'm with gek geki though, what was Rena's answer to Airin's confession?!

Don't forget that Airin agreed to give Rena time to think about it... This question will be answered next chapter.

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Re: Heartbeat [wmatsui] Chapter 11
« Reply #89 on: October 12, 2014, 04:02:57 PM »

too much fluffiness~!! :wub: :deco:

i wonder what did airin & churi talked about..? :roll:

mayu's reaction is...and then yuki's response :rofl:

cant wait for the next one! update soon!!! :fap :hip smile: :twothumbs

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Re: Heartbeat [wmatsui] Chapter 11
« Reply #90 on: October 12, 2014, 04:06:15 PM »
aahh author-san, you made my imagination gone WILD!!! hahhaa

aahh how i wish this would be a dorama  :twothumbs
nice chapter and now, waiting for another one  :thumbup :thumbup :thumbup

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Re: Heartbeat [wmatsui] Chapter 11
« Reply #91 on: October 12, 2014, 06:58:55 PM »
Woah durr

 :inlove: :inlove: :inlove:

 :heart: :heart: :heart:

 :cow: :cow: WMATSUI SNOWBALL FIGHTO  :cow: :cow:

Has Jurina really moved on? I doubt it  :smhid
" Your first love still has some special place in your heart "
They say..
Right? :cathappy:

My Wmatsui must live  :deco:
....Airin... You...  :angry:
Can you please disappear even just for one chapter!!  :doh:

 :lol: :P XD

Love you Airin. :hip smile:

Please let Rena realize that Jurina is the one she loves, not you.
Cause if it was you, then she'd probably be agreeing in no time.. Right?
All the efforts, time that you we're together.. But she still thought about it.
Then its probably refusal, dont you think?

Hahaha. :peace:
HAVE THE BEST DAY! :yep: :love:

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Re: Heartbeat [wmatsui] Chapter 11
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Airin.... confess to Rena and then tell to Rena that Churi declared her....

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Re: Heartbeat [wmatsui] Chapter 12
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Thank you @River1721, @gek geki, @peaceandlove27, @Kairi65, @yuuyu, @xerone914, @andurooo, @Minami-chan for your comments. I never get tired of reading them!
I'm glad you enjoyed this unusually fluffy chapter. I think the Christmas spirit got to me too when I wrote it   :P

Anyway, here's chapter 12!


The dressing room is empty when Mayu comes in and the girl sighs in relief, sitting down in the first chair next to her and letting her bag slide at her feet. She isn't in the mood to talk to anyone right now. Her eyes notice clothes on coat-hangers and she stops at the view of a black dress, knowing that's what's she's going to wear for her AKB photoshoot. Turning her attention to her bag at her feet, she quickly grabs her phone and sighs defeated when her last message hasn't received a reply yet. The door suddenly opens but she doesn't pay attention to it, instead typing energetically on the device. She's halfway through her text when she suddenly hears a cheerful voice behind her and feels two hands pulling at her hair.

"You're so cute. I missed your bunches."

The shorter girl raises her eyes in surprise before spotting Jurina's broad grin.

"Don't touch them. It took me hours to do them."

Jurina who's playing with the girl's hair stops her movement when she perceives an hint of annoyance in her voice, and tilts her head to get a look at what she's doing. When she notices that she's sending a message to Yuki she backs away - not willing to pry - and moves forward to the coat-hanger to grab the red jacket and the blue jeans she's going to wear for her photoshoot with the older girl. She's starting to get change when Mayu - who's still looking at her phone - suddenly breaks the silence.

"I hate this new photographer. Just when it took me years to get rid of my bunches, he asks me to have them again. Now fans are going to ask me to keep them," Mayu mutters in frustration.

Jurina nods absently, before noticing how the girl is sighing loudly and gripping her phone tightly.

"You're awfully grumpy today. What is it?"

"Yuki has been giving me the cold shoulder since Christmas," Mayu murmurs in a small pained voice, and Jurina raises a surprised eyebrow.

"Really? Why?"

"She's angry at me for inviting Rena behind her back."

"I'm sorry to hear that."

Both girls then stay quiet for a while, before Mayu leaves her phone aside, and turns seriously to Jurina.

"I'm really sorry for inviting Rena. I shouldn't have done that. Are you still angry at me?"

Jurina quickly shakes her head, a small smile on her lips.

"At first I was, but not anymore. It ended better than I expected."

"Really? Did something happen between Rena and you?"

Jurina rolls her eyes when Mayu's voice pitches up in excitation.

"No, it's not about that."

Mayu furrows her eyebrows expectantly, before sighing when Jurina doesn't elaborate.

"You're annoying when you're cryptic."

Jurina chuckles when the girl sends her a cold stare.

"Well, I have to be. Look what happened the last time I confided in you."


Mayu sighs deeply and gets up to grab the black dress, before starting to get change. Both girls put on their new clothes in silence, before the young Matsui turns to the mirror to take a better look at her clothes when she's done, quite pleased with what she's wearing. Her fingers graze the soft red leather, and a small smile forms on her lips. For once, it's actually something she could wear in real life.

"Anyway, Rena and Airi are together now," Jurina says nonchalantly, while now adjusting her hair in the mirror.

This revelation catches Mayu by surprise who halts her movements and turns dumbfounded to Jurina.

"What? How do you know?"

"I saw them kissing a while ago."

Mayu stares agape at her friend, before shooting her an embarrassed look.

"I'm sorry. I didn't know."

"Don't be. I don't know her much, but Airi seems like a nice girl."

Jurina pauses and Mayu watches her patiently, sensing the girl has more to say about it.

"You know I used to dream about Rena almost every night?" the younger Matsui chuckles nervously, and Mayu notices how the girl is averting her eyes. "Since I saw them kissing, I don't anymore. It's almost like it triggered something in me," the younger Matsui continues and Mayu moves forward, grabbing softly her hand and looking at her seriously.

"You really don't love Rena anymore?"

Jurina smiles at her friend's question, and nods.

"Of course I do. As a friend."

Mayu slowly drops her hand and goes back to dressing, before murmuring.

"You know, you're being awfully mature about this whole situation."

Jurina chuckles at her friend's surprise, before shaking her head.

"I don't think so, but thank you. I'm trying, though."

When the younger Matsui notices Mayu who's struggling with the zipper of her dress she moves forward to help her, before speaking up again when it's done and they're facing each other.

"I'll go and talk to Yuki if you like."

Mayu watches Jurina in surprise before her mouth tugs into a smile, moved by her best friend's suggestion.

"You don't have to."

"I know, but I want to."

When a staff member suddenly knocks and warns them the photoshoot is about to start, both girl move to the door before Jurina turns to Mayu, a huge grin on her face.

"Do you want some advice? You should keep your bunches when you go home tonight. I'm sure she'll love them."

Mayu rolls her eyes at the girl's playful wink, before opening the door in one swift movement.

Rena's gloved fingers grip firmly the collar of her black trench-coat, shuddering a little at the cold breeze. She's thankful her red scarf is keeping her warm enough, as she doesn't want to get sick just before New Year's Eve. If only her best friend didn't insist so much on going to the cinema tonight, she would be enjoying a nice book in her cozy bed. She almost had refused the girl's invitation, before finally relenting to her pleading eyes. What can she say? Somehow, her determination always falters when it comes to Airi.

Her feet now move a bit faster when she spots the cinema, eager to get rid of the cold. She waves her hand when she eyes Airi and swiftly crosses the street to join her, before sighing in relief when they step in the cinema.

Now the whole thing doesn't seem such a bad idea anymore as she inhales deeply, enjoying the warmth and taking her scarf off before sliding in her pocket. Airi's stare on her scarf doesn't go unnoticed, and Rena smiles when her best friend's mouth curves into a pleased expression at the view of her Christmas present.

"I hope this movie is good," Rena teases, while rubbing her hands to shake the cold off.

"Don't worry. You'll love it."

Rena nods at the girl's enthusiasm and moves to the counter to take her ticket, when she suddenly feels Airi grabbing her arm.

"Wait. We still have to wait for the others."

The older Matsui turns to her in confusion, and Airi shoots her a surprised look.

"You didn't receive my text?"

"No. Which one?"

"I was telling you I invited Churi and Jurina as well. You didn't reply, so I thought you were okay with it," Airi's voice trails off, and Rena lowers her head to her bag and rummages through it before finding and grabbing her phone.

Silence engulfs them as Rena goes through her messages, before Airi speaks up again hesitantly.



"I'm sorry. I should have called to check with you."

Rena puts the device back in her bag, before raising her eyes at the girl again, a small smile on her lips.

"Don't apologize. I don't mind."

Both girls then wait patiently in a corner of the cinema, Airi laying her back to the wall and reading a magazine, while Rena absently watches outside through the transparent big doors of the cinema, before turning back to the girl.

"I'm glad Akane and you are back to being friends."

Airi raises her eyes at the girl's words, a small smile on her lips.

"I wouldn't say we're friends yet. It's still a bit awkward from time to time, but we're getting there."

"I was surprised when you stepped it on Christmas to talk to her."

"Well, I knew I had to do something. I wanted to give Churi some space, but I couldn't let the distance grow between us. Once it starts, there's no turning back. I wasn't about to let that happen," Airi states, before burying her head in the magazine again and flipping a page.

Rena nods and turns to the door again to watch absently people walking in the streets, before her mouth tugs into a smile.

"I'm sure Jurina will mend her broken heart."

Airi raises her eyes in surprise.

"They are not together."

At those words, Rena swiftly turns to the girl in confusion.


"I thought you knew."

"What are you talking about? We saw them kissing the other day."

"I know, and I asked Churi about it. It was a misunderstanding. They are not a couple."

Rena's eyes widen at the girl's revelation, before Airi starts to chuckle.

"And you want to know the funny thing? They also believed we were an item."


Rena watches curiously the girl who's now averting her eyes nervously, until all of a sudden what happened that evening submerges her memory and she nods in embarrassment.

"Oh. They saw us."

There's a slight tension in the air as both girls avoid each other's eyes, before Rena gets distracted by a pounding on the door, and she tilts her head to see Jurina and Akane smiling at them.

"Sorry for keeping you waiting," Jurina exclaims while pushing the door and trying to catch her breath, kissing Rena and Airi on the cheek, before noticing how Rena is staring at her.

"Is something wrong?" she frowns, only seeing the girl shaking her head and smiling awkwardly, before following Airi who's moving to the counter.

When Rena discovers they're going to watch a Japanese animated movie, she can't help but wonder why Jurina has accepted to come. It's no news that the girl is not really into that kind of things and she tilts her head to the girl who's sitting next to her, playing a game on her phone, while waiting for Akane and Airi to come back with the popcorn.

"What did Akane tell you to convince you to come?" she asks in a teasing voice, and Jurina's mouth tugs into a smile.

"I know I'm not an otaku like you three, but it doesn't prevent me from enjoying an animated movie now and then," she answers on the same tone, raising her eyes to the older Matsui.

"Right. The last time we watched one together, you fell asleep half through it."

"When was that? Three years ago?" Jurina rolls her eyes, before lowering her eyes to her phone again. "Don't worry, it won't happen tonight. I didn't pay 1500 yens to take a nap."

Rena chuckles at the girl who's shaking her head in amusement, before turning her attention to the advertisement now on the screen and absently watching people filling progressively the room.

Airi's previous words flow her mind and she turns to the girl again, watching her as she's typing a message. She doesn't know why it's bothering her so much, but she feels the need to set things straight.

"I don't know if Akane told you, but Airi and I aren't together."

Jurina who's reading thoroughly the message she's about to send to Yuki suddenly raises her eyes in surprise.

"What? No, she didn't tell me."

"Apparently, there was a misunderstanding that evening. We saw each other kissing, and draw the wrong conclusions."

"Okay," Jurina simply says before lowering her eyes to her phone again.

Rena watches her as she continues to type on the device, feeling a bit disappointed by her lack of reaction. She then turns to the screen in confusion, wondering why Jurina's attitude is bothering her so much. What kind of reaction was she expecting anyway?

Rena watches from the side Airi and Akane finishing their radio show, quite pleased to notice the two girls seem to be getting along again. A small smile forms onto her lips when she hears Airi telling a joke and both girls start to laugh profusely. In the end, they didn't need anyone's help to reconcile. They managed it quite well on their own.

Rena glances at the time and her smile fades away when she knows the show is about to end. In a few minutes, she's going to have dinner with Airi, and she dreads the confrontation. Tonight she's going to answer Airi's question, and she feels a knot in her stomach just thinking about it. Airi has been patiently waiting for it since her birthday, not once trying to broach the subject, and Rena knew she couldn't drag it any longer. It wasn't fair to the girl.

When the show goes off the air, she sees both girls exchanging last words before Airi turns to wave at her. Rena quickly replicates the gesture, a nervous smile on her lips, before the girl approaches her.

"I'll go and grab my things and then we can go."

Rena nods at the girl who swiftly disappears, before reflecting upon her relationship with Airi.

They knew each other for years now, and Rena couldn't wish for a better friend. They were very alike in many ways, and had a lot in common. Rena was thankful she managed to find such a person in the group. Even if she was surrounded by hundreds of girls, not one understood the real Rena like her. There was only one Airi.

When Airi is back she follows her quietly out of the building, listening to the girl's excited narration of her day. She nods now and then when Airi turns to her, too stressed out to say anything. When the girl stops in front of a restaurant and asks for Rena's opinion, the older Matsui nods in agreement and the two friends settle in a quiet corner.

Rena is quite grateful when the menu arrives, as she can use it to hide her nervousness behind it. Despite looking at the menu, her mind keeps drifting to what she's about to say, and she sighs internally. This is going to be harder than she thought.

After reading the menu for the third time and still having no idea of what she's going to choose, she raises her eyes defeated to Airi, only seeing her watching her curiously.

"Rena, are you alright?"

The older Matsui swiftly nods before burying her head in the menu again, immediately cursing herself for the small lie. She was not fine. Her stomach was hurting her so much right now she wasn't sure she could eat anything tonight anyway.
When the waiter comes to take their order she chooses the same as Airi without thinking, getting a surprised look in return. Once the young man is gone, Rena locks eyes with the girl in front of her, trying to ignore her now racing heart.

"Airin, I have something to tell you."

Her voice sounds weaker than she planned, and her hands move under the table to wipe the sweat on her pants, trying hard not to look away from Airi's worried eyes.

When she starts to open her mouth again, words surprisingly don't come out. She feels them on her lips and tries to push them out, but they just won't leave her lips. Frustration finally hits her and she frowns at her own attitude. It's not like she doesn't know what to say. She made up her mind a few days ago now. Quite frankly, the answer had been here from the start. She just refused to see it. She just looked away from the truth, despite how obvious it was.

"You know I love you deeply, right?" Rena finally manages to say after gathering her courage.

"Of course, I do," Airi answers in a small confused voice, not grasping what's going on with the girl whose left hand is now playing nervously with the napkin.

"I know you've been very patient with me these last two weeks, and I thank you for that."

Airi's eyes suddenly widen at the girl's words, now understanding where this conversation is leading to. Anticipation builds at the bottom of her stomach and she watches carefully the girl who's now slightly averting her eyes, silence engulfing them anew. When Rena stays silent a little too long, Airi stretches her hand to grab the one that's now shredding apart the white paper napkin.

"Whatever you answer is, just say it. I can take it," she tries to comfort the other girl despite her own uneasiness.

"I'm sorry Airin, but I can't return your feelings."

Airi slowly nods and retracts her hand, now averting the older Matsui's gaze whose eyes start to redden. The conversation gets interrupted when the waiter comes back with two plates, and Airi stares at the takoyaki in front of her.


She grabs her chopsticks in her half trembling hands and starts to eat, while Rena tries to restrain her budding tears from falling.

"I'm so sorry, Airin."

"It's fine. I kind of expected this answer anyway," the other girl smiles painfully, tasting the food in her mouth before raising her eyes at Rena's sudden distraught voice.

"Please don't hate me."

"I could never hate you," Airi answers in surprise, now noticing a few silent tears flowing on the other girl's face.

"I don't want to lose you. You're my best friend, and I would be lost without you," the older Matsui admits in a small choking voice.

Airi slowly gets up and moves forward to stand at Rena's side, softly pulling her to wrap her hands around her neck.

"Stop crying. You're not going to lose me. Ever," Airi murmurs to the girl who's now crying in her chest, gripping firmly Airi's waist. "I'm not saying it's not going to be a bit awkward at first between us, but I won't distance myself from you. I value your friendship more than anything else in the world."

Rena shuts her eyes at the girl's caring words, not really sure she's deserving them right now. They stay quiet while Airi strokes her hair to soothe her and Rena feels her crying progressively subsiding, disentangling herself when it finally stops a while later.

She knows she must look awful right now and she wipes off the last remnant tears on her face, watching from the corner of her eye Airi retreating back to her seat. Rena then looks down at her own takoyaki, wondering why on earth she ordered that, before reluctantly starting to eat the small meatballs. The food tastes a bit salty and she curses her previous tears, stealing a glance now and then at Airi who's quietly eating. The pain is still written all over her face, and Rena can't help but feel terribly guilty. How could she hurt her best friend like that?

For a second, she selfishly wishes she would never have confessed to her. She didn't want their relationship to change, and despite Airi's comforting words, she feared it would after her rejection. She wouldn't bear seeing the girl distancing herself from her. Her heart wouldn't handle it.

"I know what you're thinking, Rena. Stop it," Airi suddenly speaks up in a slight frustrated voice, and the older Matsui's eyes widen. "I told you before. It won't change anything between us," Airi continues slowly, and Rena nods, still a bit unsure. "I just need time to process this."

Rena nods weakly, staring at her food again.

"Of course."

Airi then notices Rena's chopsticks playing absently with her meatballs and a small smile forms on her lips.

"You don't have to eat them if you don't want to. I know you don't like takoyaki."

"You can have them."

Rena stretches her plate to Airi who grabs it, caressing softly the older Matsui's knuckles in the process. A shy smile forms on Rena's lips at the girl's comforting gesture and she hesitantly intertwines their fingers together, squeezing them to try and stop the slight tremble of their hands.

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Re: Heartbeat [wmatsui] Chapter 12
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I can't say that I feel good with Airin , that's not true. But I'm glad that Rena hasn't accepted her feelings. There is still an opportunity to Rena and Jurina. Although I think that Jurina isn't interested now in Rena ...

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Re: Heartbeat [wmatsui] Chapter 12
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yeayy ch 12~~
hhmm Jurina seems lost interest in Rena, the way she react to Rena's words. yayaya its getting more and more interesting


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Re: Heartbeat [wmatsui] Chapter 12
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is it too late for rena??

but i'm sure is not if  if rena show jurina some hint that she has interest on her

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Re: Heartbeat [wmatsui] Chapter 12
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woooooow so many questions? does jurina not really care or is she just playing it cool? is it to late? can't wait for the next update :panic: :twothumbs :heart:

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Re: Heartbeat [wmatsui] Chapter 12
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My actual emotions right now

 :huhuh :twothumbs :cry: :shocked

What happened to you?  :(

Were you hurt so much you've been numb? :cry: :cry:

Could it be that you're just trying to accept everything in a more mature way?  :?

Whatever it is...

 :bow:  Please dont simply give up! :bow:

But wait!

 :hand: :hand: :hand:

Rena! Why were you disappointed with Jurina's lack of reaction, huh?  :yossi:

She's probably just hiding it at the back of her mind. I bet she's already throwing a party at her head
  :cow: :cow: :cow:

Kidding aside!

ThankYou  Sophcaro-san for this. Have the best day!

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Re: Heartbeat [wmatsui] Chapter 12
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I know time has been passing slowly in this fic, but to me every chapter is just months of tragedy. XD

Mayu should have thought out more... no matter what it would still be weird for her to invite Rena (in fact it would have made more sense for Yuki to have invited her than Mayu, but Yuki respects Jurina's choice)... now she's in trouble with Yuki... XD

I'm really happy that Airin and Churi were able to mend their friendship themselves (and that we got a hint as to what they talked about on Christmas, cause honestly I felt like Rena trying to eavesdrop on FuruYanagi). Just like Jurina said, Airin really is a nice girl...

I'm also glad that the whole misunderstanding was cleared up (that was easier than expected). o.o

"You know I used to dream about Rena almost every night?", the younger Matsui chuckles nervously, and Mayu notices how the girl is averting her eyes. "Since I saw them kissing, I don't anymore. It's almost like it triggered something in me", the younger Matsui continues and Mayu moves forward, grabbing softly her hand and looking at her seriously.
"You really don't love Rena anymore?"'t tell me...
"What? No, she didn't tell me."
"Apparently, there was a misunderstanding that evening. We saw each other kissing, and draw the wrong conclusions."
"Okay", Jurina simply says before lowering her eyes to her phone again.
Oh god.
...Jurina...doesn't love Rena anymore...
Rena watches her as she continues to type on the device, feeling a bit disappointed at her lack of reaction. She then turns to the screen in confusion, wondering why Jurina's attitude is bothering her so much. What kind of reaction was she expecting anyway?
I wonder what kind of reaction she was expecting... relief?
... but Jurina isn't in love with Rena anymore...
Rena's slowly starting to realize her feelings...
... but Jurina isn't in love with Rena anymore...
...Jurina isn't in love with Rena anymore...
Jurina isn't in love with Rena anymore. ; A ;

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