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Author Topic: White Lies ( GB Kojiyuu, Atsuyuu, Atsumina) Chapter 40Update/ May 27, 2018  (Read 88933 times)

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White Lies

Chapter 1

A/N: Please do not hate me If my fan fiction disappoints you. I apologize for bad English, grammar and sentence structure if my story does not meet your standards then just ignore it.

She needs me but I don’t love her. Why am I in this position? Despite being one of the richest bachelors in the country I can’t do anything to protect the girl that I love. I want to live with her but I’m sleeping with other girl’s house. I want to tell the world how much I love her but I kept my mouth shut or my family will take her away. I want to take care of her but I’m holding my childhood friends hand instead of hers.

It all started seven months ago when my childhood friend got post traumatic disorder after an accident. Accident that changed our lives. She was driving her car with her sister heading to shopping center owned by their family. When a drunk  truck driver lost control on his wheels and crushed it to their car. She saw her sister past away in her own eyes .The accident left her body injured badly. But injuries she received in that accident was nothing, compared to the pain of losing her sister. She shut herself to other people including her family, never talk or move, unless she needs to use the restroom and its hard make her eat. Atsuko stayed in hospital for two months. Even though her injuries healed, she still have to stay in the hospital because of post traumatic disorder. I wish I could do something to help her. But I remember a saying, be careful what you wish for cause you might just get it.
It’s been two weeks since I last visited her. I hope she is getting well I entered her room seeing her sit while staring at the window,seeing some improvement on her condition makes me happy.

“Acchan” I called her name in sweet tone. She looked at my direction while walking towards her. I saw tears running down from eyes. As I last asked her condition to my best friend she was still not giving any emotion after the accident, then why is she crying now? Maybe I just miss something, maybe she got well this morning. I smile and showing my dimples on her but she cried harder. Oh god! What did I do? I just call her name did she hate it? Do I have to apologies?

“Acchan?” I worriedly called her name I went closer to her bed. But she grabbed my right hand and pulled my body for a hug. I smile and caress her back she just tightens her hug as her sobs getting louder.

“Let it out Acchan!!! Just cry ok…Ami might be in heaven now. But she’s watching you. You don’t want your baby sister getting worried in heaven, right?“I felt a quick nod on my right shoulder. She is responding to me, Thanks god. I caress her arms that were wrapped tightly around my neck.“Just cry until you feel better.” I rest my head on her shoulder and I feel that she buried her face in my neck.

“Don’t be ashamed Acchan. It’s me Yuu-kun. I will always understand you and always be by your side… Remember?” Reminding her that I never leave her whenever she needs me. She nodded again this is good sign. It’s almost 5 minutes since I entered Acchan’s room but we remained on the same position though she still crying but her voice weakens. Suddenly a loud bang from the door made me turned around as I got startled but I cupped Acchan right cheek for support.

“A-Acchan!?” her mom shouted in surprise who's with her dad with the same expression. What’s wrong? Did I do some wrong again? Maybe their thinking I made their daughter cry. Her mom started crying. Atsuko just buried her face on my back while hugging my waist. I continued to caress her arms. I bowed my head to her parents. Her mom started to walk closer, but as her mom getting closer and closer, Acchan’s grip on my waist tightens I look again to her parents. Seeing her daughter’s reaction, her dad stopped her mom from going further, He shook his head and then they both went out.
When her parents left us I help her lay down on her bed and sat beside her. Caressing her head for some time she fell asleep crying. I wiped the tears in her cheeks, she held my hand and I rub her knuckles and rest it on her stomach. When I felt like she sleeping deeply I went out of her room and saw her mom was still crying I told them what happened. What makes me surprised was when they told me that this is the first time Acchan cried after the accident. I’m happy about Acchan’ s progress but the more her parent’s explain her situation the more confusion strikes in my mind.

After an hour……

I just arrived from Japan from business trip from New York. But I’m here in hospital waiting my childhood friend that I treated like real sister. I can’t go home because I’m so worried and being near her does not lessen it. “Acchan?” I release a heavy sigh. Then another loud bang came from the door. Seriously, this people do not know how to open the door carefully? It’s my best friend Kai his panting while his holding the  knob.

“Acchan!!!!!” He shouted.I took the pillow on my back and throw it to him.

“You will wake her up, baka!” I half shouted.

“I’m sorry” he bowed his head.I calm myself and return to my sit.

“Her mom told me that she cried on you?”I answer him with a nod.

“Did she tell you something? Did she feel something hurting? Did she look for me? No…No her name? Is she still remembering who is she?”  He continuously bombarded me with question.

I raised my hand to make him stop. He picked up the pillow on the floor and put it on Acchan’s bed.

“She’s improving, that’s all I can say.”

“What improving? Can you be more specific?”

“She is responding to me but not with her parents and doctor. She still cannot talk.“I look again on my childhood friend.

Kai started to cry. “What are you doing?” now he makes me more confuse. “He kneels down in front of me and bows his head and continued crying.

"Please help her.”  He said it with pleading face.

“Of course I will help she like sister to me, baka.” I tried to make him stand but he refused it and bows his head.“ You don’t understand.”

“What?” I ask him because his making me more confuse.

He took my hand and dragged me to hospital’s rooftop. We were panting with the distance we run from Acchan’s room to the rooftop is tiring because my stupid friend seemed to forget that hospital’s elevator is available. After sometime of resting, he kneel back and bowed his head.

“Dude what’s the meaning of this? I’m tired you know. Stop playing, I’m going home.” I snapped at him. I ‘am completely agitated on everything that happened this day. I started walking back to the door.

“Please take care of Acchan."Kai shouted on my back while crying. I know that his really serious as this is the first time that my best friend acts like this. I stop from walking.

"Acchan.. Acchan only will let you enter her world because… Because Atsuko loves you, she loves you Oshima Yuu. You are the only person who can help her. I’ m begging you. Please help her. Please take care of her”

I faced him. I tried to utter a word but nothing comes out of my mouth. I cannot breath. It feels like all the air was suck out of my lungs. I know that Acchan likes me but I did not entertain it because she never confessed to me. No she did it once but retracted it and said that she was just joking, I’m confused. How about my girlfriend? I can’t break up with her. No I cannot leave without her.

“Nyan nyan” I mumbled..[/size]


Hi, I have posted this somewhere and some of my readers ask me to post it here.... I'm really hesitating if I will continue it...

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Re: White Lies ( GB kojiyuu, atsuyuu, atsumina)
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Now I can press the Thanks button XD

It's not right in the kokoro, it's right in the OSHIRI!

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Re: White Lies ( GB kojiyuu, atsuyuu, atsumina)
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Eh.... Now Yuu is needed to accept Atsuko

Would Yuu entertain the idea?

What about Haruna?

How the story is going to progress?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the new story

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: White Lies ( GB kojiyuu, atsuyuu, atsumina)
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Ahaaa, finally you post on jphip bro  :thumbsup
I will be waiting the next chapter, hehe
Iam curious, will yuu breaking up with haruna? >,<
Thanks ache san  :on GJ:

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Re: White Lies ( GB kojiyuu, atsuyuu, atsumina)
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nice one dude, hehe

hindi ko alam ang sasabihin ko, alam mo na, haha

waiting for the next chapter.... :thumbup

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Re: White Lies ( GB kojiyuu, atsuyuu, atsumina)
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I've read it somewhere, but I forget where it was, hehe ... it turns out you are the author of this fic ...  :mon closeup:
I will wait for the next chap ...  :mon determined:

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Re: White Lies ( GB kojiyuu, atsuyuu, atsumina)
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Wow, I find one more interesting fic here :grin:
Please continue author,,,
Ganbatte ne!!!

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Re: White Lies ( GB kojiyuu, atsuyuu, atsumina) Chapter 2
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Chapter 2

A/N: Please do not hate me If my fan fiction disappoints you. Sorry for bad English, grammar and sentence structure if my fictional story does not meet your standard then just ignore it….

It’s not normal relationship as any people have; I’m in a relationship with the new Japanese top model but we have to hide it and I have to act like I’m not dating anyone. It’s complicated isn’t I’m madly in love with this girl but I don’t have the guts to say it to the world. It is the condition of dating a woman who doesn’t belong to your social status.

“I love you” I don’t know how many times I said that phrase to her and don’t how she still believes in me saying that even though I cannot fight for her. It’s enough for her that I’m saying that three words. But I know that it is not enough for us to make our relationship work. I want walk beside her and tell everybody how lucky Oshima Yuu dating Japan top model Kojima Haruna but if I do my family will do everything to separate us. They did it three years ago When I Introduce Nyan nyan to them in my college graduation. My parents acted like they were fine with it but three months later my mom told Nyan nyan her first condition. She asked my girlfriend to flew to New York and finish her studies there.I was shock on how my mom wanted to end our relationship.  Nyan nyan could not even speak English. Though my girlfriend and I are in the same age she dropped out in college wanting to pursue her dream of being a model. I supported her I know that fashion is her passion so who am I to stop her and I love seeing her living her dream.

Nyan nyan accepted my mom’s condition at first I was against it and tried to convince my mom that I can’t live without my girlfriend. I’m so worried If she can survive life in New York. But they only answered me “You are Oshima Yuu the future of Oshima group how can you manage a company if you cannot even manage your girl.” My mom said in disappointment. My father pat my shoulder and said” Good leader should establish their strength on his own emotion, everything starts fall with one whose lacking it.“

I understand what their trying to tell me, but Why do they have part us? I ask them many times howerver none of my questions are answered. How can I have emotional strength if they would they take away the source of it? I don’t know what to do on that time I asked Nyan nyan to run away but she told me running will never answer anything, If this is the only way that my parents would want to accept her then she will gladly take it.I admired her more as she has this courage to fighting for our love. After I heard her side, who am I to stop her? If she is willing to fight for our relationship, then I will do everything to fight with her.

After her visa was released and finish crush course in English, We both flew to New York. Yes I accompany her for three months and I pleaded to my parents just to let me come with her. She entered to Parson Institute of design taking up Fashion Marketing Program . I helped her pass on the evaluations, especially exam; I invested too much patience on tutoring her it’s like I will also enter fashion industry in the future on the stuff that I learned. She also entered modeling as source of her income. Though her parents send her some money it’s not enough for her living expenses. My parent tried to gave her money but she did not accept it as she does not want my parents to use it to separate us. She really tried her best for our relationship. When I have to come back to Japan and took over as General Manager of our company. I gave her passbook with her name; it was my savings when I’m in college and working in Maeda Corp, she refused it at first  but I told her that It was the only way I can leave her without worrying too much. She still refuses, What’s with this girl’s pride? I tried to persuade her again and tell her that I’m not giving it to her, It is my investment, she have to pay it to me with interest and she needs to be successful to do that then she agreed after endless arguments.

We maintain our long distance relationship with constant emails, calls and video chat. Thanks God for providing technology in our generation or I cannot leave with this set up. I always flew on New York to spent our special days together and I’m glad that I always have business trips in New York, thanks to our business partners. After four years of being apart now she finished her studies in a America, but she cannot come home because of modeling stints, I understand her but I later found out that my parents are not allowing her to come home still part of their stupid condition. She’s became a top model in New York , after years of hard work she now living her dream to be the brand ambassador of famous fashion lines in New York.

Despite of our distance and being busy with our career we managed to keep our relationship strong but one favor change everything. Favor from my best friend Kai that I have to take care of my childhood friend Acchan , she has PTMD or Post Traumatic Mental Disorder after she had an accident with her little sister Ami. She happened to have minor injuries but Ami died on the accident. After the accident she never responded, she just stare on the ceiling of her hospital room all day long and never talked to anybody.

I always visit her in the hospital after work. It became me and my best friend’s routine everyday checking her condition. For two months and ten days we visit and hangout on her room on our spare time, But I left her for my business trip in New York well it also a time for me and Nyan nyan to do some skin ship. Two weeks in New York ended so fast I have to go back to Japan. I arrived in the airport a little early as my supposed arrival time. So before I go home I dropped by in the hospital. What happened that day changed my life?
Acchan never know my eight year relationship with her friend because I and Nyan nyan agreed not let her know our relationship because she can’t hide anything from my mom. Second my parents reprimand us to let anybody about our relationship including Acchan. My best buddies and Nyan nyan’s family were the people who only knew about it. I still don’t know the reason behind it. But if my parent’s conditions are not followed she told Nyan nyan, that she will never accept Nyan nyan to be her future daughter in law.

Back to the situation that stormed my life. I ask Kai to give time to think about, me taking care of Acchan. He agreed on it and gave me three days to discuss this to my girlfriend. I think I’m the luckiest person as Acchan parents had the same idea. They asked the same favor my best friend asked me and live in there mansion until my sick friend gets well, my parents agreed on it. My family and Maeda family had been good friends since college and business partners for long. I can’t think straight knowing that I don’t have choice but to abide by my parents another unconditional favor.
Before I discuss it on my girlfriend my mom already did it for me. I don’t know. What my mom talked about and how she explained things to Nyan nyan. After they talked about it Haruna never responds to my mails and not answering my calls. I’m worried that something bad happened or they reprimands her seeing me. I tried to talk to my parents but she said nothing. In frustration, I call my girlfriend’s agent and asked him about Nyan nyan situation. She told me that Nyan nyan cancelled all her modeling job and she just locks herself in her room. Hearing that news worries me more, I don’t know what to do. I asked my executive assistant to booked me the soonest flight that she can get. I flew to New York not caring about the unfinished works I left in Japan. All I think was what happened to my girlfriend, why is she not answering my calls. When I arrived at New York I rushed to Haruna’s apartment.


I entered her flat repeatedly shouting “Nyan nyan!!” . I opened her room door and found her sitting on the corner of bedside table. She folded her knees and burying her head on her arms.

“Nyan nyan?”  I call her while trying to fight the tears wanted to escape in my eyes, now blaming myself for seeing her in pity situation.

“Yuuchan? Yuuchan? “Lifting her sobbing face with eyes so swelled.

"Yes, I'm here baby.”

I run to her place, hugged,and caress her back while kissing her lips hoping that my gestures would make her calm. She wraps her arm around my neck and rested her forehead on mine.

“I thought I’m just hallucinating that I’m hearing your voice.”

“No baby I’m your Yuuchan."I held her hands and cupped it on my face."See baby I’m real."She wiped the tears that escaped on my eyes.

"I love you Yuuchan” she kissed my lips with hunger I can’t help not to moan as she bite and nibbled my lower lips. I answered it licking hers. I pulled her chin with my thumb a little and started my tongue do its job on her mouth tracing every inches of it. She did the same in mine until our lungs demands for air. I rested my temple on her head.

“I love you more baby.” I kissed her swollen eyes. She started to cry again. I see the fear and anxiety in her eyes.  I felt guilt knowing the fact that I’m the reason of her emotional breakdown. I carried her in bridal style and put her on bed. She buried her face on my neck. Her sobs became louder as I tried to pull my body to fix our position. I let her sit on the edge of the bed I kneeled in front her, she pulled my neck and nuzzled her face on neck again I caressed her head with my right hand while my other hand pulled her thigh so I position myself  in between. I hummed the song rivers flows into you to make her calm.

“Yuuchan, what do I have to do? Even though I already did what they want  they still treat me that I’m not worthy to be part of your life.” she continued to cry.
“What did my mom told you?”

“She explained me the same thing Kai asked you and the only thing I can do was to agree or break up with you. What If they asked you to marry Acchan? What if you fall in love with her ? What if she tries to seduce her? I can’t live without you Yuuchan."I pulled my head so I can see her face and shook my head.
"That will never happened Nyan nyan I will never fall to anybody. I only love you. Even if they force me I will never ever leave you. You still trust me, right?” She nodded while playing with my collar.

“Remember the documents that I gave you on your birthday? I transferred my assets in your name as backup plan, right?  I love you Nyan nyan and I’m willing to leave everything for you, even if I disown by my family. That’s how much I love you."Nyan nyan smiled and kissed my lips.

"But I don’t want that to happened Yuuchan, we worked for 8 years will be nothing."I understand her. She strives just to get my parents approval.

"Do you want me to accept their favor?”

“I don’t know. Now that I know Acchan have feelings for you."She then started to scratch my shoulder with her index fingers. Oh my god Nyan nyan you’re making me crazy with your simple gesture. I cupped her cheeks.

"It’s the only way to make her well?  I don’t know what to do too baby. I can’t make my own decision too.”

“Your mom told me that I can return to Japan.“

What? Are they torturing my girlfriend? They asked me to live with other girl and now they ask my girlfriend to watch how I’m taking care of other girl.

"I want to go home Yuuchan I missed my family though you brought them here on my graduation.”

“I know nyan nyan. I’m just thinking if you can handle seeing me taking care of other girl.”

“ Yuuchan I trust your love for me. Acchan is just like your little sister, right?"She cried again.

"shhh!!! Yes baby she was just a little sister to me. I will never ever break your trust.”

“Then accept it.”

“What are you trying to say?"She sighs and move her fingers on my chest.

"Do it for me Yuuchan, this will hurt but if this is the only way your family will changed their view on me. I will- I will let you take care of her.”

“Wait Nyan nyan are you sure you want me to?”

She shook her head and nod “What do you mean by that?” I copied her. “You’re confusing me”

“I don’t know what I’m thinking too this is not easy for me you know. ” we both giggled.

“Are you sure?”

“I have to set rules.”

“I nodded”

“If you failed to comply, you know what I’m going to do.”

“Peel my skin out of my body.”

“Ok. Oshima Yuu lets fight”

“If that’s what my Nyan nyan wants I will do it for her.”

“I love you Yuuchan.”

“I love you more Nyan nyan” I kissed nyan nyan but when I hugged her I notice that she become thinner.

“God Nyan nyan!! What did you to your body?” I caressed her waist up and felt the bone in her ribs. “Baby when did the last time you eat?” She shook her head. I pity seeing my girl who was always conscious on her looks. I stared on her eyes and saw bumps on her swollen eyes. “Baby you look like alien.“ I chuckled.

"Yuuchan so cruel, you did this to me. You baka.” Wiping her own tear I release a heavy sighs, Nyan nyan is  so cute whenever pouts her lips.

“I love you still Nyan nyan and your beauty is out of this world."She smacks my shoulder and I  can't control myself having the urge of kissing her passionately. Then I remember that she is still do not eat since I don’t know.

"Baby, do you want to eat something?”

“You” She answered shyly

“Nyan nyan I know how tasteful I am. But seriously you need to eat something. Let’s go out and eat something”

“Just order some pizza I do not want to go out.”

“ You don’t want people to see you like that.” I tease her.

“No.. Because also want to eat you and I cannot do that outside."She winked.

"Ok, I get it.” I brush her nose with mine but she pulled my collar for another round of smooches. How can I order pizza? I told myself as she does not want let my lips go.


Before I go back to my hiding place.. :on roll:  I just want to say thanks to everybody who read  White Lies, for those who hit thanks button and for silent reader..  :kneelbow:

@claito/ claito-san- thank you for everything, you know what I'm saying.. :kneelbow:

@cisda83- Hoping some of your question are answered in this chap.

shanju-san- yes finally I have time on posting it here, I'm curious

@Nightsky- I will surely be continuing this..

jhom_09- Di ko rin alam ang sasabihin alam mo :bigdeal:

@korisu29- Ah really?  thank you...

@redyta_Sas- thank you...

...Posting this Chapter I realize that I did not edit this chap before I posted it somewhere....LOL.....  :imdead:

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Re: White Lies ( GB kojiyuu, atsuyuu, atsumina) Chapter 2
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Even i already read this, i will re-read again hehee..

Good job  :mon geek:

Ahahaaa, i hope you post your update everyday.
So we will know what happen next,
Will yuu break up with haruna or not, heheee
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Re: White Lies ( GB kojiyuu, atsuyuu, atsumina) Chapter 2
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Finally! You posted it! :on gay:

Please update soon, oniichan~ :mon inluv:


君を見つけたらどんな言葉を掛ければいい?その姿 見とれて僕はきっと立ち尽くす人混みと喧噪の隙間愛する人と出逢えたことだけでしあわせになる


For more gayness and sweetness, visit the FuuMiru Thread and KojiYuu Thread!

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Re: White Lies ( GB kojiyuu, atsuyuu, atsumina) Chapter 2
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Chapter 2 agad   :glasses:

Hehe so what next? hmm actually i love this part because of Kojiyuu kiligmuch i love the sweet moment,

thank you for this, alam mo na

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Re: White Lies ( GB kojiyuu, atsuyuu, atsumina) Chapter 2
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O M G ! ! ! :drool:

this story is filled with so much love and sad at the same time!
Haaahh,, I love this fic,,,,

I'll wait for your update! :deco:

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Re: White Lies ( GB kojiyuu, atsuyuu, atsumina) Chapter 2
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Ah... Yuu's parents really really want him to break up with Haruna...

Or do they already have a plan of engaging him to Atsuko?

What's going to happen with their relationship?

Would Yuu and Haruna prevail under all those extreme condition and situation?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the update

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: White Lies ( GB kojiyuu, atsuyuu, atsumina) Chapter 3
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Chapter 3

This scene happened five months after the first chapter situation will be explained as the story goes….

Kai’s POV

If I tell you” I love you” will you stay with me?

Or if I don’t was the distance between us change?

Why are you waiting for unrequited love?

I can return the same love but will you accept it?

“HAAA! ! ! What the heck are you thinking Kai?” Aloud frustrated shout from the Hospital rooftop. Staring from the stars questioning myself of question that he can’t answer alone..

“Why Acchan, why did you love him? Of all the people in the world, why did you fall with Yuu? He can never love you back. Why didn’t you notice that he likes your friend? No he doesn’t like her, He loves her so much that he is willing to leave everything for her. Stop daydreaming about him. If only I can do something to help you.. Acchan..”

BAAAM! ! ! !

snapped out from my thought hearing the door behind open with a figure same height, panting while holding his knees supporting his own weight..


“ Oi, sh-she wakes up ..” The boy still catches his breath while walking towards me..

“If she is awake you should stay by her side and not leave her… You baka! !”                     

“You really love her, don’t you?”Asked the guy with squirrel teeth, grinning…

His question made me step aback, I look on the floor avoiding the gazed of my best friend…

“You already know the answer w-why are you asking me the same question over and over its annoying..”

“Cause your too obvious.. baka..  I wonder, why did Acchan never notice your feelings..”

“Well I give you an obvious answer too, Acchan loves you and she will never notice my feelings for her as long as you’re here.. ”This jerk I don’t know if his insensitive or just annoying me..

“Ah I see..”

He watched his squirrel friend stretching his right hand up to the sky with one closed eye and the other is squinting like a sniper eyeing its target..

“ hey Kai?”


“Do you remember doing this stuff back when we are kids?”

“ Uhn” I nod my head..

Those days that I’m can be by her side not aware what the meaning of love. Free from expectations, from judgment and not aware if you’re a boy or girl as long as we are having fun, smiling, never ending chasing. But as the time goes by the distance between us grow far from each other. Frustrating is in it? Because the longer I know you, my feelings for you became clearer and deeper. Frustrating, because our feelings is not mutual, though we happened to be in the same situation but you fall for different person..


“Kai! !”

“Kai! ! !” I hear her shouting my name and I’m not responding on it, I just want her to call it over and over. That voice that was calling me

“Yuuchan” The girl approach our other playmate…

“Why Acchan, do you want me to get you something?The girl shook her head..

“Oi?  Why are you calling me?”  I’m mad at her because she suddenly calls Yuu in the end..

“ I just want you to” The girl stop her sentence  and stretch her hand in the sky with her right hand close and the other squinting.

“What are you doing?”I ask her. She did not respond and left us confused on her action..

“ I’m wishing on my own because there is no shooting star..”

Three of us are playing in the terrace of Atsuko’s mansion; where her parents are the hosts of a business party of elite business people in Japan. Yes, our families are the top economic player in Japan. Oshima Yuu the Prince of Realties his family owns from big buildings to small one, hotels, resorts, condominiums not only in Japan but also abroad, he was the successor and future of Oshima Group. Maeda Atsuko she is from Maeda Corporation who dominates Malls and Fashion Industries. Well me I’m Takahashi Kai not to brag things but my family business Takahashi Constructions was The most trusted Building Contractor in the country thanks to those two Company..We are connected by our parents business and that’s how our friendship starts. 

“Kawaii  Acchan! ! !   So it is Acchan’s way of wishing to the stars..” Yuu giggles..

I know that his not really praising Acchan, He just making fun of her..

“Uhn..” Acchan nods her head..

“What did you wish Acchan..”

“ I wish that Yuuchan  and Kai will be right by my side forever”

“Eh? ! !” Yuu shout with disappointed expression.. “You should not tell us your wish or else it will never happen.” Yuu copied Acchan posture..

“What are you doing yuu?”

“Saving Acchans wish.. hehehe..”Baka he also blurted out his wish… I giggled watching my best friend’s stupid actions..

“Thank you! ! !  Yuuchan for saving my wish! ! !

“Anything for Acchan..” he proudly answered Acchan..

“ Hey ! ! bakamidget do this thing too save Acchan’s  wish…”Yuu commanded me

“ Why would I do that? And stop calling me midget you’re small too.” This baka just want to pissed me, he is not really concern about Acchan wish…

“Kai you’re so mean.” I see Atsuko pout her lips and was about to cry..

“Ok! ! ! I will do it..” I shook my hands as I tried to stop her from crying… I sigh, accepting that I’m defeated whenever I see tears on the corner of her eyes and I know my best friend was enjoying the scene..I’m copying them raising my right hand in the air .I see Yuuchan controlling himself from outburst. Shit you stupid squirrel really know how to make me do silly stuff..

“Kai you should wish too..”  Atsuko commanded me..


End of flashback

“Gen. Manager Takahashi” That was Yuu’s voice, I snap out of reverie and found myself doing the way Acchan wishes to the stars.

“What are you doing? Wishing?  It doesn’t suit you baka…”I saw him put his cellphone on his pocket.  Oh Crap! ! Did he take pictures of me while I’m in this position? He took advantage of me while I’m spacing out.

“ What did you do?”  I run in front of him as trying take his cell phone off on his pocket..

“Hey? What are you doing? This is not skin ship, your harassing me dude?” He complained. He holds my wrist and struggled to take of my hands on the pocket of slacks.“Nyan nyan emailed me ok. She is asking me why am I taking too long on fetching you, are we going now or do you want me to answer her that I’m waiting General Manager Kai to finish his wishing routine? Let’s go before Acchan whined my name again I don’t want Nyan nyan gets mad at me…”

I move back and remove my wrist on his hands. I can breathe now that I know he didn’t get anything to use against me..”Ok I get it. I’m sorry bro.”  I nudge his Shoulder…And we both head back to Acchan hospital room..

Atsuko’s POV

I found myself in hospital room when I wake up. I last remembered that I was watching Yuu- kun playing piano. He looks so cool playing was almost finishing the song kiss in the rain when I felt my body losing it strength. What’s happening to me I suddenly feel the terror runs on my body.


“Acchan are you alright?”

I heard him but I can’t do anything .As I want to call for his name no voice comes out in my mouth..

End of Flashback

I tried to sit properly on my bed but someone help me.


“Good evening Acchan”

“Where Is Yuu-kun?”

She just shrugged her shoulder.

“How long did I slept?”

“You are sleeping for one and a half day.”

“ I see, I’m sorry to make you guys worry.”

few minutes past my room door opened and I smile seeing my knight walk in with my childhood friend Kai.

“How are you feeling Acchan? Did doctor check you? Are you hungry?” Kai asked me worriedly. My knight pulled his shoulder.

“Takaboy, Stop interrogating her you’re making her dizzy..” he smiled showing his cute dimples and sit on my bed “ Acchan I bought you something”  He raise a paper bag in his right hand.

“But I’m the one who paid for it.”

“But I’m the one who ordered and carried it “I’m staring at my knight sheepishly.

“What’s wrong is there a dirt on my face” I shook my head and looked and lowered my face I feel my cheeks are hot.

“Haruna-san thanks you for taking care of Acchan when we are away.“Kai gives her thumbs up.

Haru just smiled on him. I wonder if these two guys have something between them.Yuu bowed his head to Haru, I really liked him being old fashion.

“I held my knights hands and he look at me. “Ne Yuu-kun, what did you brought ?” He slowly removes my hands and takes out the content of paper bag. “It’s some porridge to help you regain your strength.“I smiled at him.

He arranged the retractable table on my bed, open the plastic container and he reach his hand to give me the spoon.

” Yuu-kun feed me.“I teased him.

” Fe-feed you Aa-cchan?“ I think I made him shy because my friends are here but I want to be spoiled by him. Kai kicked his feet.

"Ouch!!! Man what’s wrong with you?”

Then they started a gazing contest.“Kai you should have not kick Yuu-kun, you’re rude." I see from the corner my eyes that my knight stuck out his tongue to mock our friend. Kai just rolled his tongue. Now they’re acting like kids. "It’s ok Yuu-kun if you don’t want to feed me, I will do it by myself."I don’t face him.


“Whats wrong?” I thought he was looking on Haru who has a disappointed face. But Yuu pointed his left index finger on the air conditioner.

“It’s cold.” Kai took the remote control of the air condition and adjust the temperature. “It’s better now, thanks bro.” Yuu raise his and folds his left leg on my bed and took the spoon on my hand. He moves closer to scoop some porridge.

“Acchan ahh."I smiled shyly open my mouth.

"How is it”

“Oishii"I anwsered him

"here, have some more. ”

He feed me until I finish eating.

“Acchan how many times did I tell you too take care of yourself when I’m not around.”

“Why are you worried about me?” I teased him.

“Of course you baka.“ he smack my forehead.

"Promise me Acchan that you will always take care of yourself.”

I lean my face closer and do not care with the two other people in my room. I felt that I’m alone with Yuu-kun.“He smiled brightly and patted my head.

"I promise”

Yuuchan POV

I entered Nyan nyan’s apartment I know that she still mad at me after feeding Acchan and almost hearing acchan’s love confession..I’m smiling like a fool knowing that if I use my tricks this night she will be under my spell  and forgive me.. Come on Yuuchan do It, just be carefully or you will not end up driving your car back home..

I saw her entered her room. Her apartment is big for a woman whose living alone though I’m always here since she went back from New York two months ago. She became different from the tsun tsun girl that I meet and love way back in high school, now she was always dere dere when we are alone. I think that’s was the effect of her jealousy to Acchan. Though she understands and controls herself whenever she sees me taking care of Acchan but I can’t hide the fact that she’s is still hurt. I have the best girlfriend ever..I love her rested my head on the couch and close my eyes.. Do I still have to do this? I didn’t notice that while I’m thinking about our relationship I put my laptop on her coffee table and some documents that I just finish reviewing when I’m in the hospital. I re-arrange the document to put it in my laptop bag. I did not notice Nyan nyan standing beside me with her arms folded on her chest..

“Yuuchan?”She call my name in serious  tone..

“Oh dog! ! What are you doing there Nyan nyan? You startled me”I look at her from legs to head…wow Kojima Haruna you are gorgeous. I want to hug  and kiss her but with the expression from her face I know somebody has to pick me up somewhere if I do that..This is bad.

“Why Nyan Nyan is there something wrong?” I ask her..Maybe she is still mad for what I did in the hospital..

“Why are you like that Yuuchan? Why did you come here?”

“Eh?” now I’m confused “Why is it? You’re the one who ask me to drive you home and sleep here?” I stood up tilted my head still confused… damn what is it? Why is she like this again? She biting her lower lips and tear are running down on her cheeks. This is bad I think I need to go home or else her apartment will be a mess like the other day and I’m too tired to clean..

“Why did you come here if you are just working? Why don’t you just go back to your office and continue working? “She snapped to me..

I see but I’m just arranging my things.”Why are you so emotional these past days Haruna? Can you please..Please just one day could you understand?”I tried to talk to her in calm voice cause I don’t want her angers her more.. I tried to hold her hand but she shoved it and cry louder..

“ Me? Who does not understand you Yuuchan? I, who always sit aside while watching you concern face waiting for other girl to wake up. Me? Who was not saying a word watching my boyfriend feeding another woman who obviously loves him? I never say a word to you because I don’t want to spoil only few minutes we can spend before we sleep. Now I will saw you with your laptop and document working. “She sat on the couch covering her face in her palms while crying hard..” Why am I felling that I’m not part of your life? I understand that you need to work hard because you want to prove something in your family. I don’t feel like I’m part of your priorities? Where am I in your life Yuuchan? Where am I going to put myself with your family, work, and Acchan? Now you’re calling me Haruna? Do you even know that I’m hurting? Where is Yuuchan who always puts her Nyan nyan before everything..”

She's really mad at me that was long but now I fully understand her.. I sit beside her and scooted myself caressing her left shoulder with my hand while removing her hand that was hiding her face. At first she was resisting but I kissed her hand and caress it more, When she removes her hand I cupped her face and look straight to her eyes letting her see with my eyes that I understand her feelings I smile softly showing the dimples that she love the most, I remove the tears on her cheeks and kiss both her eyes as my thumb continue caressing her cheeks. Now I can feel she calms down..” Did I really make you feel that bad?” She nodded” I’m sorry Nyan nyan ..I know half of it but I never thought that I really make you feel that bad.” I rested her head on my left shoulders, hug her waist caressing it and rested my temple on her forehead..”First I very thankful with your patience with me I know I’m stupid boyfriend, I’m thankful that despite the complicated setting of our relationship you never leave me and break up with me…”

“Yuuchan” I hear that she’s worried when look on my eyes, but I avoided it.

“Nyan nyan let me continue or else I can never answer your questions”. Crap I forget.. After some time I remember.. “You know that I’m working hard not just because I want to prove myself on the company  I also want to give back to my family because they allowed our relationship and I know the pressure on your part because my mom always have conditions. I’m really grateful that you are my girlfriend and Nyan nyan you are always in my priorities, no you are my priority, you know how I wanted to run away with you and forget this stupid situation but you said that running away will never solve anything. I know how hurt you are..Do you think I’m having fun taking care of other girl? While all I’m thinking was doing skin ship with you. But I can’t do that in front of Acchan or Takaboy will kill me..Nyan nyan  I know this crazy situation hurts both of us but believe me I love you.. I love you and you are everything to me…” I finish explaining, I got carried away and cry Nyan nyan did the same thing that I do to her she kissed my eyes and cup my faced.

“Yuuchan I love you”

“I love you too Nyan nyan”

She moves her lips on mine and kiss me passionately all the frustration, anger, and exhaustion on my work and with our relationship was erased with her  lips..I hear her moans with my touches, I roamed my hand on her body tracing every inch of it..She drags my body to be on top of her when she is trying lay down on the couch with both her arms on hooked on my neck.. Oh I wanted more baby.. If you only know how much I want to do this all day long.. Wait I think I forget something? She noticed that I’m not engaging on our session as I let her win the dominance of our tongues..

“Yuuchan, What?”She asks with the same expression before our argument. No not again but I have to tell her before I completely forget and mess all of my plan..

“Nyan nyan, I have something to tell you?” I return on my sitting position..

Again I see her disappointed look.”What is It Yuuchan?”

“The thing is I’m not really working here when you saw me flipping pages of my documents. Can you give me a minute?”I lowered my head time to time and show her some puppy eyes for her not to be mad at me because I interrupted our make out .

“mou Yuuchan, ok just make it fast..”

“Promise” I continued flipping the pages..Where did I put it, damn I should have put it in the place where I can see it easily.. “Yatta ! ! ! I found it” I raise it so she can see the two plane tickets in my left hand..

“Nyan nyan will go you out of the country with me next week.”

“But Yuuchan I have Photo shoot in Hawaii next week I don’t think I can come, though I really wanna come with you. You should have told me earlier so I can arranged my schedule..”

“I know Nyan nyan I talked to you manager and she told me that you will be having photo shoot in Hawaii and I also have business trip in Hawaii that’s why I book your trip two days earlier than your schedule because I want us to arrive there together and I ask your manager that you will stay in my hotel room and she agreed on it. I hope that you’re not mad at me If I did not tell you my plans..”

“Yuuchan”.. He calls my name with love..”Yuuchan kiss me”

“Are you mad at me Nyan nyan?”

“Kissed me or I will get mad you”

“But I’m not satisfied with kiss” I whispered seductively with grin plastered on my face..

“Then let me satisfy you” She grabbed my neck tie and head to her room. I’m just watching her sexy way of walking bouncing her hips left to right, She stop and grab my neck tie closer to her, making my face rest on her shoulder and she whisper “Be ready Yuuchan I don’t think you will have energy on your work tomorrow, we will play all night long baby..”  I feel like hypnotize and gulp. Oh holy muffin, I won….


Again Thank you


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Re: White Lies ( GB kojiyuu, atsuyuu, atsumina) Chapter 3
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Ahhh really they will break up?
Iam waiting for that ache  :lol:
Update soon pleaseee  :byebye:

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hahahaha alam mo na dude, kakalabitin lang kita kuha muna, do i need to say something? hmmmm maybe next time,

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Well... so lucky to be Yuu...

Surrounded by two gorgeous girls, Haruna and Atsuko

Poor Haruna and Kai... to keep seeing Atsuko and Yuu close with each other

I think Yuu should just give the credit to Kai... instead of joking around all the time like buying porridge, etc.

Because if Yuu somewhat admit he did something indirectly... Atsuko would just think Yuu was the one that do it... not with Kai

Poor Kai... for having one sided love all these time for Atsuko without being noticed.

Yuu should just be honest all these time about his feeling and his stand with Atsuko.

Oh... would Yuu and Haruna able to go for their trip to Hawaii... without Atsuko interfering.... or his mother?

Can't wait to see more

Thank you for the update

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Chapter 4

Haruna POV

He's gone.  Running my fingers, tracing the sheet of my bed where he always sleeps. His scent still remains on the pillow that he used I grab and hugged it while sniffing his scent.

“Yuuchan I love you.”

I hate him before being a playboy he always walked in our school corridor with different girls clinging on him every day. I cannot blame them he is the ace player of our school's basketball team, top student, best friend of student council president, and surrounded by coolest students in our school. I admit that I have crush on him since first year of junior high. He is the coolest boy in our school and me Kojima Haruna I’m a no body, though a lot of my friends told me to try modeling, I never have the courage.  As having the last year in high school I decided not to do anything about my feelings towards him but one accident changed it all.


Our class music teacher asked me to return the music sheets in the music room. It has folding screen dividing the music instruments and shelves of music sheets the other part was practice area for school choir with baby piano. Dusting off my hands after I returned the music sheets, when I was about to leave I heard the piano being played.
I don’t know song name as do not have much interest in classical music. But this song is playing my emotion, I close my eyes, feel the music and started to humming then it suddenly stopped I panicky run towards the door but I cannot rotate the knob.

“Acchan stop hiding. Why don’t you come here? “I heard him call other girls name. Acchan? That was our school goddess nick name. “Acchan?“Then he stopped calling her name when he noticed that I’m not the girl his expecting.“Who are you? Where is Acchan?”  I turn and face the boy talking behind . Oh my God. O-oshima Yuu? Am I dreaming?

“My name is Kojima Haruna” I bowed my head. “Noro-sensei asked me to return the music sheets she used in our class. But I can’t open the door when I’m about to leave.
He walked on my direction It feels liked I’m hypnotize as I can’t move my body. He is too close his just inches away from me. Then he grabbed the door knob, my heart starts beating faster. I can’t help looking in his serious eyes, his smell so good and though his not smiling I can see his dimples. I can’t help being nervous as I bit my lower lip, I closed my eyes to avoid eye contact then I'm feeling the heat on my cheeks. I felt something soft push on my lips when I open my eyes and saw him ki- kissing me? I do not know but my body react faster than I think I slapped him hard made him step aback..

“Hentai! ! !”

“Are?!!” he screamed but what makes me shock more was the door knob is already in his right hand.

“Oh my god!!!” As he glare at his hand.

“No!!!” What did you do?“ I yell at him and run to the corner of the shelf, crying.

“You told me the knob was broken. I was just trying to help you!“He a panicky answered me, He keep on fixing the door, putting the knob back on its place..

“Then, why did you kiss me? You pervert!!!”

“No I’m not a pervert I don’t even know why I did that.” He gave up fixing the door, he approach to calm me down.

“Don’t come closer or I will kill you.” I warned him and cried louder

“Ok. I’m not. I’m sorry. I- I will not do that again promise.“  I see him raise his right hand, kneel and bowed his head. "Please don’t cry. I’m sorry.” Even though I hear sincerity on his apologies I can’t stop crying thinking that I ’m stuck with the person who took my first kiss…He remained in that position until I stopped crying I sat on the floor folding my knees and cover my face with my hands. He sat about six feet away from me and lean his back on folding screen.

“Did I scare you?” He asked. You stupid you stole a kiss from me do you want me to be happy I did not answer him.

“I’m sorry, I should not do that.” he rubbed the back of his head and comb his hair his fingers.

“I know we are both stuck in here and my action worsen our situation. I’m seriously, seriously sorry for being a jerk."He stopped saying anything for minutes. His still comb his hair, He seem thinking how he can communicate with me.

“Kojima-san, Am I right? Do you have your cell phone with you?” Shit I forget my phone in my bag. I shook my head to answer him. My face was still buried in my arms. But I look at him from time to time as I need to know what his doing and not putting my guard down.

“I see cause mine was useless, its dead batt.” he took his phone from his pocket and raise it. Returning it in his pocket and took out something he crawls to my place.

“I told you too stay away from me.“ I shouted.

"I’m not thinking of doing badly on you, I just want to hand this.”  He reaches his right hand with handkerchief. I took it in his hand so he can comeback in his place.

“I’ m the one who makes you cry so please let my hankies wipe your tears.“

I used it to wipe my tears and blow my nose and hear him chuckle,that makes me glare at him and he bow his head.

“I’m sorry”

Awkward silence fills the room.“ Acchan were are you?” He called the name of the most famous girl in our school. I’m curious about, what are they going to do in music room? He obviously bored as he tried to change his sitting position from time to time. He started to hum the piano piece that he played before.

“Ara!!!” I got startled when he shouts. He stood up and run to the chair used by school choir for practice and took one of it place it about 5 five feet away the piano.

“Kojima-san sit here I want to play something for peace offering.“ he taps the chair as he commands me to sit.

“What peace offering?” I sat on the chair he provided. He started to play the same piano piece few minutes ago. He played it well that you will be move with the emotion of the music. “This piece called as rivers flows into you; do you feel why this one was name by the composer?” He explains while continued playing the song. The music is the peaceful like the rivers flow you can feel harmony between the nature and the emotion of the song. I just nod in response to his question.

“I hear you hummed when I played this awhile ago. You like this, don’t you?”I nod again.

“ My friend likes this piece too she always ask me to teach her this piece but I always end up playing alone while she remains listening.” Maybe that’s Acchan. I know that his doing this to reduce the tension between us and I appreciate it.

“ Kojima- san that was your first kiss, right?” and one wrong question ruin everything I scowl my face showing that I don’t like bringing up the topic.

“I’m sorry. I should have thought before I acted. First kiss is very important for girls and should be done in romantic way like all the girls dream but I did it in asshole way. I’m sorry.” I do not know how to respond on his sincere apology. He stops playing, face me and bow his head.

“Please forget it as your first kiss you deserve having it with the person you love.“

“Why are you apologizing? I never had a kiss with anybody, stop bowing and play the piano.” I half shouted.

He chuckled” You forget things so fast Kojima-san.“ he return playing the piano from the start. Now I know why Acchan just watch him playing piano. He seem like a different person from the energetic boy walking around with girls clinging on him or you usually see him flirting or the aggressive point guard in court. I see him know as calm, gentle and cool I want to add respectful but he kiss me before so I have to think about it.

” Oshima- san will your girlfriend, I mean Maeda-san get mad at you because you suppose to play that song for her. What if she gets jealous?“

” Eh, you know my name?  But I still have to introduce myself properly. I’m Oshima Yuu nice meeting you Kojima-san” The squirrel looking boy bows his head.

“Nice meeting you Oshima- san” He answer me with a sweet smile showing his signature dimples again.

“What is your question again? Ah!  I remember. Girlfriend, do you mean Atsuko? Acchan is not my girlfriend, she is my childhood friend I treat her as little sister that’s all. She never gets mad at me and always helps me whenever I’m in trouble.“

“With girls?“I added

He giggled “Does everyone here knows that Oshima Yuu’s only problem are girls. But yes sometimes she helps me whenever I’m troubled with girls.”

“I’m sorry I don’t mean that.”

“No, you do not have to say sorry. I think it goes with my reputation to, being playboy, right? I do not blame you. Now I’m thinking that you only know my bad side. This is new.” He chuckled while continued playing the piano. I do not answer him because I felt bad about what I said now he thinks that I judged him too fast.

“Those girls knows nothing about me, they just clings and flirts with me because I’m popular. But who cares who Oshima Yuu is? Will they stay if they know the real me or just stay with me because I’m an Oshima."Even though he still plays the song well I can feel that it became sad, despite the smiling face he showing to everybody his really sad. I never see him like this before and even though I can only see his right eye it also reflect the same sadness the song was being played.

” Yuu-kun, Yuu-kun, are you still there?“A voice of a girl with aloud knock can be heard from thru door.

” Acchan. Yes I’m still here”

Maeda-san helped us get out from the music room. Oshima- san told her what really happened. Like we both agreed the kissing incident was never brought up.
We became good friends, as time goes by my feelings for Yuu deepen. I know it because it is not the same as I feel whenever I’ m with my other friends. I’ m really happy when he is around and something feels missing if his not, I do not know. Why am I feeling this?

Time goes by as we became closer; girls that he always flirts became distant to him. Then the day that I’m dreaming comes in reality he confessed his feeling to me but in my stupidity I turn him down. I think I’m not yet ready though I really love him there are still a lot of what ifs.

What if he was just playing and not really serious? What if he hurts me?  What if.. What if. I can’t forget his face with disappointment on that time, clutching the cat stuff toy on his right hand with head down searching answers. But he told me that he will not stop pursuing me, he will do everything for me to love him and he is willing to wait. I’m happy to hear him say that but his wrong I already love him but I’m just scared. 6 months passed by but he still continues to pursue me only 3 weeks left before graduation. But still he always tries to ask if my feeling changes will it does because the more he confessed the thoughtful and romantic way he do makes me love him more.

One time Acchan ask me to have our lunch in cafeteria. Yuu suddenly appeared from nowhere and join us.My friends does not know about Yuu's feelings about me because first I ask him not to as they do not like him being playboy, his happy go lucky attitude and it will be good to as I don’t want to look like fool if he is just playing with my feelings, second his family do not allow him to date someone who does not belong in their social class, the same thing happened with his first love. The main reason I’m hesitating to accept his love. There are only few people who know that he asking me to date him, his best buddies that can hide it. But Acchan is not a person who can hide things on Yuu’s mom. She is the one who slip tongue on Yuu’s his first serious girl. Though we still not in relationship we still can say anything on her.

“Haruchan what are you thinking.” I snap out of my thought hearing Acchan question.

“Are you not feeling well?” Yuu asked me worriedly.

“Nope, I’m fine” I continue eating.

“Yuu-kun” Atsuko nudged Yuu’s arms. He is sat right next to Atsuko.

“What?"He stops eating and look at Acchan.

“Did you know that Haru likes Kai?”

I got shock on the short haired girl's revelation, who’s sitting in front of me. Yuu glares at me but Acchan did not notice his reaction and continued talking.

“So, Kojima-san has interest on my best friend. Need some advice?“ he joke.

"Uhn” Acchan nodded..

What’s wrong with him? Is he not affected by it?

“No!!! Acchan is just kidding. Right, Acchan?"I glared on my friend. Now I can see that Yuu gets confused.

"No, remember Haru-chan yesterday. When we meet at the school gate to go for shopping I was a little late because I have to finish something in our club room. I saw Kai- kun gave you flowers and your face is blushing hard. You also said you like him because his respectful and responsible. ”

“Oh complete opposite of me?” Yuu said sarcastically however Atsuko did not notice his behavior.

No the flowers are really for you stupid, but Kai cannot gave you because he does not have enough courage confessed and he told me to think the flower are from Yuu. Yes I told you I like his traits but I'm never attracted to Kai because that guy obviously loves you. But I cannot open my mouth, come on Haruna say something or Yuu will misunderstand you.

Yuu flipped his phone.

“Sorry girls but I don’t think I can play with you anymore. I have to go to our club meeting.“

Wait Yuu I still have to explain. He stands up and leaves without letting me explain.

I explain to Acchan what happened yesterday without telling the flowers are meant for her and Kai was teasing me on Yuu. Acchan apologies and tell she will clear everything to Yuu. But I’m so disturb, I do not know, why I am feeling that if I do not explain to him. He will change and avoid me.

I went to basketball club's meeting room but he was not there his club manager told me that Yuu is in the gym..

I saw him shooting the ball in free throw range. He still wears his uniform I approach him to explain but before I can utter I word. He seems to notice that I’m standing on the courtside.

"You should have just told me if you like him.” He jumps and shoots the ball, it missed.

“It’s not, what you’re thinking Yuu” I shouted.

“You do not have to think about Me.” he smiled and run to pick up the ball and dribbled it back to free throw spot.“ Is it the reason why you don’t want me to be your boyfriend? Because you like my best friend then go after him.” dribbling the ball for many times then he tried shoot it again, but not successful..

“I told you, your misunderstanding things "I shout again while clutching my chest and bite my lower lips trying not to cry.

He faced me and put his hands on his pocket. "Then what is it?” I’m still collecting all my words. Why am I so bad at talking I can’t say a word even thought if I don’t do somethings everything will end here

” Kojima-san. I promise this will not change our friendship. I will always be here.“ He smiled bitterly and gets the ball under the ring and tries to lay up.

"Yuu-Yuuchan ” I’m asking for his attention. I can stop my tears running down my eyes but his back is facing me.

“Yuu are you there bro?”  A loud voice from the main door of the gym caught our attention.

“Yes” he answered. I run out of the gym from the door I used before. I cover my face with my hands and start crying.

“Even though I do not seeI can hear the two boy’s conversation clearly.

"I knew it, your here. You are always here.Whenever that Kojima girl turns you down.”

“What do you want?" Yuu answers him with annoyed tone.

"Hey I’m here to help you. I will be hosting party this night and all of the boys will be present including Takaboy. And you my friend should be their too. The girls are
missing you Yuuboy I notice that some girls doesn’t come to my party because their squirrel is not around.”

“I’m not in the mood Sai. I don’t think I can come.”

“Come on Yuuboy. Remember Minami?”     

“Why? wh-what’s with Miichan?”

“So you never forget the girl who gives you her first?”

“Shut up!!”

“She’s in Japan and this is her welcome back party .I want this to be surprise. But I have to use my card to convince you. So soldier are you in? Maybe the reason why Kojima- san and you can never be together is because you are meant for other girl.” No that’s not true I love Yuuchan, please don’t say yes, please.

“Ok I’m in”

“9 pm in my place. Everyone will be happy to see you there most especially Miichan. I have to go now dude, I have to meet Jurio. Bye!!!” My fear of losing Yuuchan meets its reality he is moving on, He is not into me. Maybe he still loves Miichan his first love. I sat down folded my knees and buried my face in my arms. I never even tell my true feelings for him.

“Haruna” I hear him call me bu-but I never notice him opens the door.

“Why are you here? Why are you crying” Stupid squirrel. I move my head up a little his face is just few inch away from me he stares worriedly, squatting in front of me.

“Take this if I’m the one who makes you cry but if not I will never bother you again. I promise.” He is handing his hankies again just like when we first met. Without thinking I snatch it out of his hands but I did not use it I just clenching it with my two hands.  He goes nearer and wipes my tears in my cheeks with his thumb.
He grabs my wrist and helps me to get up.

“Come with me.”

“Where are we going?” I ask him

“Are you coming with me or I will go to Sai party” I just nod and followed him. We entered the music room. He sat on the chair of piano and taps the remaining space.

He started playing the same song when we both got trapped here months ago, After a minute of playing.

“Speak I’m listening.”

He continued playing “You told me I’m misunderstanding something right? What is it? Tell me.”

“I don’t like Kai, Yuuchan.”


“Are you asking more explanation?”

“No that’s enough I believe in you” He chuckled “ Why do I have to ask for more If just saying you don’t like him takes a lot of time.”

I lowered my head.“The flowers are meant for Acchan and Kai told me he was just delivering it from you.“He chuckled again.

"So Haruna that makes you blush?” I don’t answer him and avoid his eyes staring at me.

“Forget it”

“Yuuchan?” He answers me with hum.

“Are you going with Sai party?”

“Nope I’m busy. Why do you want me to go?”

“No” I raise my voice

“Haruna-san you can just tell me without raising your voice.”

“How about Mii-Miichan? You will miss to reunite with your first love? “

He stops playing” Do you want me to go after her?“  I shook my head. He held my hand and caresses my knuckles.

"I won’t blame you for accepting an asshole like me easily, being a player makes you doubt my intentions. Having a relationship with an Oshima makes you insecure about our social status, and after you know what my family did to Miichan worsen it right?” I saw sadness in his eyes. He held my hands “Haruna-san maybe this is the last time I’m going to say this to you but if you still reject my feelings I promise not to bother you again. I love you. Kojima Haruna. I really love you will you be my girl friend?” I cried maybe because I thought I will never hear him say that three words again.

“Yes I want to be Oshima Yuu’s girlfriend and I love you so much.”

His face lightens up and hugs me. “Thank you my Nyan nyan . Thank You.. I love you.. I promise I will do everything you want.”

“Nyan nyan?” Who is it?

“ A-About that I really want to give you that nick name, I-I thought it suits you because you look like cat but decided that I will only call you Nyan nyan, when you become my girl but if you don’t like it I will never call you that.”

I shook my head and cup his face “I don’t like it Yuuchan, I love it.”

“Really? ” I nodded. He smiled from ear to ear showing the dimples that I love. “You call me Yuuchan?”

“You don’t like it” He thinks for awhile

“I love you too."We both giggled.

"Yuuchan I’m sorry if I became coward. You are right I’m too scared of accepting because I know how complicated our relationship would be, but” I paused and I now his listening to me.“ but as long as you want me by your side I will stay with you just promise me that I’m the only girl that you love and no flirting with other girl or else I will peel of your skin out of your body."

I saw him gulp and his face turned pale "I think I’m in trouble, but as I said before I will do whatever my Nyan nyan wants.” He held and kisses my hands his different person now he always treated me with respect.

“Ne, Yuuchan can you play that song again.” I spoiled.

“Whatever my Nyan nyan wants, Yuuchan will comply.” we both giggle. He started playing the song again. I really love seeing play the piano. I rest my head on his shoulder I see him smile on the corner of my eyes his so handsome.“I love you ” I whisper on his ear.”I love you more” he mouthed.

He lean his face, try to move back my head a little because I know how this boy thinks. “Nyan nyan close your eyes if you want me to continue this.” I do not know why I do what he said though I tried to avoid it at first my heart goes faster and faster as I feel his breath going closer to me. Then I feel his soft lips pursed on mine. It was quick but sweet ” You can open your eyes now. I love you Nyan nyan.“  I see him smile and cupped my right cheeks with his hand he caress while I remain resting my head on his right shoulder.

“I love you too Yuuchan. Please take good care of me.” I whisper on his ear.

“I will Nyan nyan. I will”


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“I’ m the one who makes you cry so please let my hankies wipe your tears.“

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