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Author Topic: Brave Enough - Sae|Jurina|Rena|Yuki| & Others | Finally... Chapter.13 [16/3/17]  (Read 55385 times)

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Re: Brave Enough - Sae|Jun|Rena|Yuki| & Others |Chapter.10| [16/4/16]
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Chapter 11

It’s been a week from Airi’s confession. Since then, there was an awkward atmosphere between them. Like they weren’t uncomfortable with each other, if not necessary they won’t talk at all. Too bad, those thing didn’t go unnoticed by Jun. It was obvious, for God’s sake. When Jun asked Airi to eat together, the first thing Airi would asked “What about Churi?”. And at the moment Jun answered “Churi comes along.” He’ll find another excuses in order not to join, Vice Versa with Churi.

“Tsk...What’s wrong with them?” He grumbled

He let out a deep sighed as he put one hand to support his chin. Then his eyes found his classmate figure who recently has been hanging out with Airi, a lot. Jun decided to ask her about this matter, because he still didn’t know about confession. He rose up from his chair started to walking toward the particular desk.

“Hey, Rena-chan.” 

Rena didn’t see Jun coming from other side, since Rena has been busy with her phone. She startled almost drop her phone, her eyes slowly meet the figure. She was taken aback with sudden presence of her classmate. Because it was the first time that Miyazawa Jun himself trying to talk to her directly, not hiding like he did before. Happy. That’s what she felt, even her didn’t know why.

“Hey, Miyazawa-kun. What’s wrong?” She took her phone away, as put her attention fully to the younger Miyazawa.

“Ano…“ Jun was scratching behind of his neck, though it wasn’t itchy at all. “Do you happen to know what’s going on between Churi and Airi?”

“Huh? Is there something wrong?” Rena furrowed her eyebrows.

“Yeah.. You know what..” Finally, Jun sat on the chair in front of Rena, so they were facing each other. “I realized that they don’t talk to each other.” Jun continued

Rena now finally got the missing piece about Airi’s behavior “No wonder Airi always asked me to have lunch together nowadays.”
Jun released another sigh “In my case, Churi did that too.” He leaned his right cheek on Rena’s desk.

In a flash, Rena remembered what happened in library on the other day. Rena asked Airi to tell the truth to Akane. “Did he finally talk to Akane?” She talked to herself.

The whispered words didn’t escape from Jun’s ear “Huh? What do you mean?”

Rena started to telling him the whole story. From Airi actually told Rena about his crush toward Akane, the library incident, until the last part when Akane interrupted their time. But Rena didn’t know anything afterwards, since She left early.

“If you said so, there is a huge possibility that Airi actually did.”

“Yes, but from the current situation….” Rena hesitant to continued her line.

“Rejected. Totally.”

They both nodded in agreement. A silent came in sudden, as they were lost in deep thought. Rena somehow a bit feeling guilty about what happened, like she was the one who gave suggestion to Airi. And now what? Airi got rejection. Until Jun suddenly rose up, as if a light bulb appeared beside his head.

“I have an idea, but you have to help me, Rena-chan.”

At cafeteria

“Come on, Churi. Aaahh~”

Jun tried to feed Akane, at the same time she easily evaded his attack.

“Mou~ I told you before, I don’t feel like eating right now.” Akane said grumpily.

“But, you know I don’t like eating by myself. Even Airi is nowhere to be found.” Finally Jun bluntly said what is on his mind, as he busily shoved meals onto his mouth. “Care to tell me, what’s wrong with you two?”

Akane stopped playing her meals. Jun was right. He didn’t deserve to be left out in the dark. But Akane didn’t know how to begin this story. After a long contemplating, she managed to gather all of her courage to start the story.

“Anoo Nee Jun.. Actually.. Me and Ai-”

“Ah! Rena-chan~” Jun excitedly waved at somewhere behind Akane’s back “Here, Here!!”

Akane was taken aback with the excited Jun who waved furiously in front of her right now. Moreover, He mentioned the name of someone that doesn’t belong to their group. To her annoyance, Jun didn’t say that he’d be inviting Rena, not even a bit. When she was about to whispered to talk about this, someone’s voice made her stop.

“Hey, Jun. Since when did you ca-”

Airi stopped his feet a few step before reach the table noticing the familiar figure who sat in front of Jun. He had been trying to avoid her at all cost, because he still not over with the rejection nor he has face to talk to Akane again. Airi’s uneasiness didn’t escape from both Rena and Jun who since earlier put their attention to both Airi and Akane. Unconsciously, Airi was trying to step back and ready to to run away from the scene.

In flash motion, Rena caught the hem of his shirt. This sudden act of Rena made Airi startle. “Where are you going, Airi? Miyazawa-kun is right there.” Rena was pointing at the particular table which is Airi already know. “You aren’t trying to avoid Akane, are you?” Rena look at Airi with suspicious eyes.

“N-No, I’m Not!” Airi was trying hard to maintain his face as calm as he can.

“If not, Come on!” Rena dragged Airi toward the table, that was he knew he could never win this situation. Moreover, if He refused
Rena now. It’ll make obvious that Airi actually avoiding Churi.

Swiftly Rena took the chair beside Jun, so that made only seat beside Akane left. With a heavy step, Airi took the leftover chair for him. After quite long time, None of them was trying to engage conversation.

Airi was really trying hard to look busy as he kept looking at his phone, whilst Akane back again play her meals with fork. Little did they know, Rena and Jun has been talking via eyes-sign.

(a/n. This conversation below use eyes only)

“Look, They’re not talking at all.” Rena slightly use her eyes pointing at the exact object.

“Did Churi really reject him?”

“Maybe…” Rena shrugged her shoulder

“Maybe our guess is right.” Jun eyes widened

“Our?It was mine.” Rena glared

“Yours?” Jun arched an eyebrow

“Yes, why don’t you admit it?” Rena crossed her arms

“But they’re my friend!” Jun crossed his arms

“If they are, now talk to them.” Ren tilted her head toward both Akane and Airi

“No, you talk.”


“YOU.” Jun gritted his teeth

“YOUUUU!!” Rena glared through her glasess

“You. Period!” Jun didn’t want to back down.

(End of Eyes-sign)

Just when Rena about to retort back, someone’s voice stopped Rena for doing so.

“What are you two doing?” It was their friend, Yamamoto Shin.

“Are you playing something? Let me in!!” Girl behind Shin spoke up, raising her right hand.

“Err.. Yeah We ARE playing, right Rena-chan?” Jun emphasized the exact word, gave Rena sign to play along.

“Y-Yeah, Miyazawa-kun is  right.”

“Eh? Why didn’t you ask us too?” Akane pouted, turned her face to right, seeing Airi pretend to be busy.  “Nee, Airi?”

Magically, Akane’s voice brought him back “Hah? Umm Y-Yeah..”He saw that Akane frowned at his phone. Immediately he put his phone away and smile sheepishly.

The four of them didn’t know that, Actually both Shin and Milky has their own problem. But Shin is the type who doesn’t like to talk about his personal problem nor he has guts to talk about it. Although Jun and Shin knew each other long enough, still there were barrier between them not even Milky could reach the bottom of it. Shin scared because the last time they talked, Milky snapped at him, for the first time. Usually she just pouted and sulked, but never yelled at him like literally YELLING. Surprisingly, this afternoon, suddenly Milky asked him to go to cafeteria together, of course He gladly accepted that invitation. Shin pulled a chair awaiting for the exact girl to sit on it.

“Nee Akane, Can I sit beside Airi today?”

All of them were surprised to see Milky’s odd behavior. It’s no question that Milky always sat beside Shin, whether he like it or not. Rena and Jun immediately turned their gaze at Shin, who standing there, motionless. Shocked was written all over his face.

“..S-Sure..” Akane started to leave her previous seat, as her feet brought her to Shin, “Ummm, Shin. Can I sit here?”

Shin startled by Akane’s word “Uh? Oh Y-Yes.. Please sit here.” Shin smiled at Akane weakly as he took the opposite seat.

The rest of lunch time was awkward. As much as Rena and Jun wanted to relieve the atmosphere. It didn’t work. Milky was trying hard to talk with Airi, obviously she was trying to fish him. Jun caught her a couple of time steal glance at Shin, as if waiting for his reaction. Airi who is never good with type of girls like Milky, get flustered by simply touch. It was shown on his face by reddish color on it.  On other side, Rena saw Akane’s displeasure face, moreover after she saw Airi quite enjoying Milky’s seduction. She use this chance to talk to Shin, as if she has the same intention as Milky did. Shin who never doubt about Akane’s intention, he just talked like usual, a bit smile. He loves to listen to other’s story, meanwhile Akane loves to talk. About Milky did, like usual Shin just thought it was the habit of Milky. Believe him, as He saw how much Milky’s victim. He bet Airi will end up the same like previous one. One thing he know, he glad that Milky starting to talk to him again. So, he smiled unconsciously during the conversation with Akane. He didn’t know that someone wasn’t happy with this.

Rena tried to talk to Jun via eyes-sign again, “Now… What’s wrong with them?”

Jun just shrugged his shoulder “I guess, we have another of homeworks.”

After school

Rena was busy to put her books into her bag. Suddenly she felt someone was staring at her, from the corner of her eyes. There was a shadow of someone who walking toward her desk. She lifted her face up, just to see the same person from this morning.

“Nee, Rena-chan. Are you going home now?”

“Hmm? I need to go to flower garden first. Why?”

“Sae-nii asked me to walk you home, did he forget to tell you?” Jun scratching behind her head.

Rena let out a sigh. She didn’t even think that her boyfriend actually did told his brother to walk her home. Ah yes, she started to address Sae as boyfriend now, a smile drew on her face but she immediately change it before Jun realized.

“He did tell you that?” Rena’s face turned into amused one.

“Yes. Frankly speaking, are you two officially now?”

“Ah.. Senpai hasn’t tell Jun yet..”

Rena actually felt a bit sad. But since she was the one who asked Sae to keep quiet about it, She has to push that thought away.

“Na.. Oi Rena-chaaan??” Jun snapped his fingers like magician to brought Rena back.


“I’m asking you, are you going out with Sae-nii?”

Rena just shook her head “mm-mm. We are just friend, Miyazawa-kun.” Beamed a soft smile.

“Really?” Disbelief expression now plastered on his face

“Yeah, Miyazawa-kun. We are just senpai-kouhai relation, thats it.” Rena put a poker face

“I see.. btw, just call me Jun like the others did. It’s weird to heard someone call me by family name, you know Sae-nii also Miyazawa-kun.” Jun pouted


“Call me, Jun. Nee, Rena-chan~.” He use whiney tone, pleaded with those puppy eyes.

Rena giggled at how different both Miyazawas are. Now she knows, why everyone loves hanging out with the younger of Miyazawa. Albeit sometimes he’s a bit childish, somehow Rena enjoy to have him around. Unlike the previous one, when Jun stalked her.

“Okay...Jun..” Rena sighed “Is it okay now?” Rena just look into those black orbs of Jun

“Sound great to me.” Jun gave a wink to Rena.

Rena giggled “Are you ready to go, Jun?”

“Un, Let’s go!” Jun took Rena’s hand unconsciously, like he always did to Churi.
Rena heart skipped a beat, her breath hitched as warmth suddenly came from his palm. Along the way to flower garden, they keep walked hand in hand. We have one guy who was so senseless, while the girl didn’t know what to do. What a pair, don’t you think?

Meanwhile, 1-B Class

It’s been a weird day for Shin. Why? Because Shin caught Milky was staring at him, not just once. The weird thing was, when Shin just waiting for her to look at his direction. She immediately avert her eyes to somewhere else.

“What is wrong with her?”

Shin didn’t know what to do, since he and Milky are in bad term. He tried to ignore her, since this wasn’t the first time Milky sulk over everything that he did. Milky always love to made Shin wonder over her behavior.


“Matte Milky!” Little Shin tried to get a grip of Milky’s wrist

“What is it?” A annoyed tone came from her mouth

“Obaa-san said we’re having birthday party on your place.”

“I’m not going home!” She pouted


“You should know why!” She ran away from Shin.

End of Flashback

For a moment his memories brought him back to the past when he and Milky were just 5 years old. It took him for a long time to find out where Miyuki was. She had been hiding under slide in a park. She said nothing but cried, it made Shin feeling guilty about it. Shin just stay silent and held Milky’s hand tight. The next day, Watanabe obaa-san told Shin that Milky actually mad because of Shin had not say anything about her birthday, not even a birthday wishes. Albeit, He knew already about it, he was about to gave her the present by himself. But Milky was so impatient, and just ran away before Shin said anything. All above what the reasons, MIlky always have a upper hand on him, every single time.

He sighed “I couldn’t understand girls, at all..”

Why do girls love to left something like riddle? Like they always expect guys will decipher it. But the most annoying when guys didn’t able to solve it, they’ll get mad. If we (guys) said it wrong, they’ll get mad too. Why do they always bother to said something like there was a hidden meaning behind their act/words? It would be easier if girls talk what they want, or how we (guys) act toward them. Instead having this mystery-solving battle, like probably guy would never win. That’s why Shin stay calm all of time.
He was about to grab his bag and walking toward Milky. Milky who were talking to one of her friends, jumped scared by sudden touch on her shoulder.

“Want to walk home together?” She turned her head and found her childhood friend, Shin.

Shin prepared his heart for rejection or some yell from her, but nothing.

“Okay, wait a minute Shin.”

“Huh?” Shin couldn’t believe what just happened.


“I thought you are saying okay.”

“Yes, I am.” Milky giggled, after grabbed her bag “What are you waiting for?”

“Y-Yes.” Shin followed her out of their classroom.

Since they came out from the gate of their school, both of them just walked in silent. None of them were trying to engage conversation. Milky looked anxious about something, on the other hand Shin actually wanted to say something but afraid. Until Milky was tugging on hem of his shirt, tried to get Shin’s attention.

“Nee, Shin.”

“Hmm?” Shin didn’t look at her, but keep walking.

“I think….. I’m in love with someone.”

Shin abruptly stopped, with eyes widened “You what?”

Looking at Shin stopped his feet made Milky did the same “I’m in love with someone.” She was 2 feet away from where Shin stands.

“Dare? How come I didn’t know about this?”

A smile drew on her face faintly, “No one knows, not even him.”

In other Place, 3-B Class

“Sae, why don’t you just join us in library?” Yuu asked

“As much as I want to join, you know I can’t.” Sae tried to reason

“That’s good for you have Kashiwagi-san as partner. Look at mine.” Kai threw his eyes at Acchan’s seat.

“Eh? What about her? Is Acchan bad too?” Sae shocked

“Even worse than the squirrel.” Kai sighed

“What did you call me, Midget?” Yuu emphasized the last word as his body rose up from his chair.

“Midget?” This time Kai rose up as well, they were throwing dagger via their eyes.

“Wow Wow Wow.. Stop it you two!” Sae swiftly moved into the gap between his friends, spread his arms tried to separate his best friends.

Little did they know as Sae tried his best to calming down his friends. The partner of Sae was coming closer heading to where they are.

“Sae? What are... you doing?” Yuki furrowed her brows, Sae could heard that she seemed hesitant

“Ah, N-Nothing. Right, guys?” Sae wrapped both Kai and Yuu’s shoulder in each arm, as he pinched them hard secretly.

“Y-Yeah..” They both said in unison, hiding their groan.

“I see, shall we?” Yuki smiled

“Yap, see you later guys.” Sae disentangled himself, grabbed his bag ready to join Yuki’s side.

Before she could left the class completely, she turned her heels in sudden “Oh! Takahashi-kun, Haruna said she and Acchan will wait for you two in library.” Yuki said

“Thanks, Kashiwagi-san.” Kai smiled

“Yo, Yuu. Come on!”

It made Yuu realized that Kai actually was at the front door of the class already.

“Great… Here we go again with sparta’s lady.” Yuu’s flopped into jelly form again. The last time studying memories still burning in his brain; trust him, it wasn’t a good one.

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Re: Brave Enough - Sae|Jun|Rena|Yuki| & Others |Chapter.11| [7/5/16]
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Thank you very much for the update author-san.
Also this chapter like me longer than others, or maybe just did what seemed to me?
Thank you very much !

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Re: Brave Enough - Sae|Jun|Rena|Yuki| & Others |Chapter.11| [7/5/16]
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Thank you very much for the update author-san.
Also this chapter like me longer than others, or maybe just did what seemed to me?
Thank you very much !
No need to thank me, but forgive me it's been 2 months from the last update T^T

Eh? is it?
Honestly sometimes I don't count how many words in each chapter, if I thought i had enough. I'll stop, its just simple as that  XD
I dont have enough time to update BE since last month I'm more motivated to write an OS instead
Stay around, kay~

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Re: Brave Enough - Sae|Jun|Rena|Yuki| & Others |Chapter.11| [7/5/16]
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Chapter 12

After leaving Kai and Yuu inside their class. Both of awkward “friends” started to walking together made their way to the school’s gateway. As usual our Ikemen can’t stand the heavy air every time they were alone. The weird thing is, He was never felt this  uncomfortable around someone, except when he’s with Yuki. Seriously, Yuki is the first one. Sae himself find it hard to describe what it was, as if there’s something between him and Yuki. Before the current silent ate him alive, he decided to shake it off by starting a conversation first.

He took a short breath before asked “Ummm.. Where is your house, Yuki?”

“My house is rather far from here.” simple answer came out from hers.

Indeed, Sae never saw Yuki walked home by her own. “I see.. Should we take bus?”

“Mm-mm..” Yuki shook her head lightly. “I’ve called my chauffeur to pick us up.” her right hand took her phone from pocket skirt, as for now her hand was busy checking phone’s screen.

“W-What? C-Chauffeur?” Sae’s stuttered, stopped his movement completely.

“Un, what’s wrong?” Yuki tilted her head, she refrained herself to move forward because of Sae’s sudden stop.

“N-Nothing..” Sae scratched behind his neck “I forgot she belongs to rich family.” He talked inside his head.

“Okay… Let’s wait over there.” Yuki was pointing at some corner on the gateway.

After that they just waited in silence, Sae confused on what topic he wants to throw next since Yuki didn’t even try to engage conversation with him either. Therefore, Ikemen didn’t want to be a bother, instead letting her to be immersed with that phone of her. What he didn’t know is, Yuki was trying to calm down her own heartbeat, which is right now beating like crazy. She wanted to talk with her crush, but because too nervous her voice didn’t come out. For that issues, there is one person who can help her now. Yuki rummaged in her skirt pocket and found what she’s been looking for; Phone. Her thumbs were moving in fastest speed, she slightly bit her lip because of too focus on what’s her doing.

To : Miyazawa Jun-kun

Doshioooo T^T I’m too nervous to talk to Sae.
Though He’s trying to be nice to me.
But I’m too scared to talk, my heart is beating crazily *dokidoki*
Help meeeeeee :(

Her eyes were fixed on spesific screen, while her lips now moving without a sound like she was saying what she wanted to write on her phone. After she satisfied with her text, her thumb did the final job to press send button.

After waited for a couple of minutes. *BeepBeep*, sound of incoming text. Immediately she opened it, her face brighten up reading a whole conversation.

To : Kashiwagi-Senpai

Senpai !
Breaaaathhhhh~ *inhales exhales emoticon*
That’s okay, Sae-nii isn’t type who easily pissed off by something.
Why don’t you try to ask him something?
He won’t ignore you, trust me.

Before Yuki could type anything as a reply to the younger Miyazawa, a sound of horn from black car made her stop. Both of Sae and Yuki turned their eyes to where the sound came from. The black car has stopped in front of them, the Ikemen doesn’t know what type or brand that car is. But judged from it looks, He knows it isn’t cheap one. It makes him wondering, how rich Kashiwagi Yuki is. A middle-aged man stepping down from it, quickened his steps to where Yuki was standing.

“I’m sorry for being late, Ojou-sama.” He bowed to the point where you could see his nape.

“It’s okay, Let’s go home. Sata-san.” Yuki passed through him toward the car.

“As you wish, please follow me.”

The three of them started to walk to the car, when Sata-san finally discovered unknown person followed them along. He stopped his feet, take a look at the young man with curious face, obviously it did make Sae uncomfortable.

The young ojou-sama saw this and quickly said “Ah, He’s Miyazawa Sae, my classmate, we are going to study together.”

“Miyazawa Sae desu.” Sae bowed his head

He nodded “Sata desu, Forgive my rudeness Sae-sama. It’s just so weird to see Ojou-sama bring friend to home.” He smiled

“Sata-san!” Yuki threw death glare to the chauffeur

“I’m sorry Ojou-sama. Douzo~” His hand grab the door handle behind him, letting Yuki to get in first, then followed by Sae next.

When they were on the way to Kashiwagi’s residence, restlessly the boy kept moving up his legs in anxiety. Even though Sae and Yuki are just merely classmates, still it’s his first time to visit a girl’s house. He hasn’t visit his girlfriend’s yet. Speaking about his girlfriend, He actually worried about how are those two, is Jun still hate Rena? Since every time both Miyazawa’s brothers were talking about Rena, the younger one seemed unhappy with their closeness. What the older can’t understand is why does Jun hate Rena in the first place?

The Ikemen was so in lost in his own thought. Without him knowing, the ojou-sama was staring at him for a while unconsciously. it’s not a secret that Sae is quite handsome in their year, but hey who’s gonna miss this opportunity by seeing him from this close range? Due to her shyness, she never had chance to talk to one of Trio Akiba. Again her orbs will eventually find it’s way to wherever Ikemen is. The first thing when she came into their class is  “to find Sae”

“...Kakkoii…” Unconsciously she spoke her mind out. It was just a whisper, but Sae didn’t fail to catch it.

“Kakkoii? Who?” Sae turned his view to the girl.


Before Yuki said something, the movement has stopped. It looked like they’ve arrived at their destination, Kashiwagi’s Residence. The ojou-sama relieved that she didn’t have to explain anything to her crush now. Soon enough the door opened, she could see her royal chauffeur who now standing outside the car.

“It looks like we’ve arrived, let’s go!” Yuki grabbed Sae’s wrist

Sae can’t do anything but follow her lead to inside. Once they’re outside, Sae can’t believe what he saw. There was a rumor that Yuki is belong to the rich family, but he didn’t know that his classmate indeed RICH. His jaw dropped when he saw the ojou-sama’s house is really HUGE, a traditional-japanese style one. You can see here and there, there were a lot of trees that makes her home has fresh scent also soothing vibe too.

In short, he likes the house already. Except, one thing. His eyes found wide white flag next to the main gate with hand-writing in black color. Calligraphy style.

“” Sae was squinting his brown eyes, as his mouth progressively spelling those words syllables by syllables.

Is it normal to write your family name in front of the gate? Since his family doesn’t have that. The flag itself looked so…. Intimidating. Due to his eyes busy wandering to left and right, he didn’t even notice that Yuki has stopped walking, the abrupt movement made him bump into the young ojou-sama’s back.

“Urghhh… Why did you stop suddenly, Yuki?” Sae grumbled.

“Welcome home, Ojou-sama!”

There were a lot of men who dressed in black. When Sae said Black, as in everything is black. From top to the toe, suit, tie, trousers, shoes, even they wore a black glasses each. The only thing white is their shirt. Yeah, it would be weird if they wore black shirt to be honest. Anyways, the bunch of men were lining up into 2 long straight line, which is on the right and left from Sae and Yuki were standing.

“H-Huh?” The appearance men in black made him puzzled.

Sae took a glance to the girl who was standing in front of him now, as if Yuki emitting her Ojou-sama Aura. This whole greeting session is beyond his imagination. who is Kashiwagi family exactly?

“You guys don’t have to greet me every time, you know.” Yuki sighed, “They’re my dad’s underlings. No need to be scared.” Yuki gave a short explanation. Before they were about to leaving the scene.

“My daughter~”

A voice echoed from the front main door, they body’s flinched as their views immediately shifted toward the source of voices. A well-shaped man was standing and made his way to where Yuki and Sae are. The men in black on the both side, alternately bowing as he walked before them like he is a king or such a VIP. That man wore a black yukata and geta (A/N geta = japanese traditional flip-flop), which is produced particular sounds everytime he walks.

He stopped in front of the girl, “Yuukiii~” smiled before wrapping the ojou-sama in his embrace.

“Mou~ Papa! I’m not a child anymore.” Yuki tried her best to detach herself from her father.

“Hahahahaha… But no matter how old you are, you’re still my one and only daughter you now?” He pinched Yuki’s cheek, clearly showed his love to Yuki.

The first impression that Sae had of Yuki’s father is he’s indeed a caring father. Now the Ikemen finally know where Yuki’s fair-skin, eyes and perhaps the charisma came from. Despite he just stood there in silence, since he didn’t want to stop the father-daughter moment, yet Yuki’s father finally noticed about his presence. Currently, the unknown young man beside her daughter and Crap! Yuki was still holding his hand. Slowly, he released his hand from Yuki’s.

“Who is this, Yuki?” He raised an eyebrows.

“This is my friend, Miyazawa Sae. I told you before that we’re going to study together, right?”

“Ahhh…..” He nodded furiously, like remembered what Yuki’s said before. “I’m Kashiwagi Takeru. I hope my daughter won’t give you trouble, Sae-kun.” He smiled

“N-No, it’s me who need to thank Yuki. Because she’ll have much trouble to be paired with me, Sir.” Sae bowed, showing his respect to Yuki’s father.

“Just call me, Ojii-san/uncle. Sir is really somewhat old-fashioned, don’t you think?” He gave a soft pat to Ikemen’s shoulder.

“G-Gomennasai, I didn’t mean to sound rude, Ojii-san.” Sae bowed 90 degree.

“Mou, Papa! Don’t tease him.” Yuki hit Takeru’s forearm. “Come on Sae, let’s just get inside.” Yuki took a hem of Sae’s shirt, dragged him away from scene.

“Awww~ My daughter take side with another man. You hurt my feeling Yuki!” He yelled from behind soon turned into laugh, Both of them can still hear his laughter after  entered the main house.

When the were walking in the hallway, mostly part of the house made from woods. The floorings of hallways, pillars, that’s when Sae realised that Kashiwagi’s residence use shouji as door and room partitions, also they use tatami flooring on each rooms.

(A/N Shouji = a door, window or room partition. consisting of translucent paper over a frame of wood which holds together a lattice of wood or bamboo.)

From the end of the hallway, a middle-aged woman who wore light-blue yukata walked toward them with smile.

“Ah you’re home early, Ojou-sama.”

Yuki smiled, “Yes, we have something to do. Can you please bring snack and tea to my room later, Asuka-san?”

“Hai, wakarimashita.” The woman bowed slightly.

“Thank you.” Then Yuki turned her eyes to the taller boy “Let’s go.”

Sae just nodded, “Where is her room? I might lost if I wandering alone. This house is way too big for me.”

Before they were out of from Asuka’s sight, she called out the young mistress again.

“Rin Ojou-sama!”

It made their movement stopped, the young ojou-sama turned her head as if waiting the next line.

“Rin? Where have I heard that name?” Sae arched an eyebrow, trying to remember something.

“Is he….?” Asuka-san  didn’t finish her question, as if she wanted to confirm about something.

The ojou-sama’s breath hitched, her eyes turned into double-sized as usual. A shy nod came from ojou-sama instead of answering Asuka-san’s question.

“I see…I’ll bring the snack soon.” Asuka-san finally left them.

Yuki need to thank God because somehow Sae’s mind was occupied by something else. He didn’t even hear or note how strange his classmate behave. Yuki took this chance to once again dragged him to her room. Finally Both of them stopped at certain room, Sae easily guess that is the girl’s room from word on the door


“I can picture her saying that line.”

The ojou-sama grabbed the doorknob, finally opened the door.

“This is it my room, please make yourself comfortable, Sae.” She let the boy in, before she put down her bag on the bed.

“O-Okay..” Sae timidly sat on the mat.

Yuki opened her cabinet and took something from it “Nee Sae, I’m gonna change into something comfortable first. Wait a second, ok?” Yuki left the room without waiting for Ikemen’s answer.

After Yuki closed the door, his eyes can’t help but roaming around the room. Girl’s room surely is really different with boy’s afterall. Back in Miyazawa’s residence his room is dominated by black colour, since it’s Sae’s favorite colour. Yeah, He isn’t as tidy person as the younger of Miyazawa, since you could easily noticed one or two clothes scattered anywhere.

Much to his surprise, Yuki’s room has full with white and light-pink vibe, from her curtain, bed cover, even the paint is white. Since it was too white for Sae’s taste, he’s afraid to leaving any stain because you could easily noticed about it. Meanwhile, there was a couple of plush dolls most of them in pink color, perhaps it’s Yuki’s favorite colour. He was busy too look around, when a certain frame caught his eyes.

He wanted to reach that frame, “AKKKK!!!” Yuki dashed over to her desk, her hands quickly hiding the mysterious frame behind her back.

Sae was surprised to see her bewilderment, “S-Sorry.. I didn’t mean to..”

“No No No!! It’s my childhood photo, it’s embarrassing.” Yuki explained, she turned over the frame on her desk. “Anyways...Let’s start, shall we?”

After that awkward moment, Yuki and Sae started their “study’s time”. Though Ms. Shinoda said it was a pair’s assignment, all Sae did just to see how fast Yuki finished the equation on each questions. Deep inside he knows that Sae and her are in different level in term brain. It’s because… yeah.. Our Ikemen is a bit baka, remember a bit! Back again, at first Yuki was patient enough to teach him, but after once, twice, thrice… Finally She gave up and told Sae just watched her instead.

Sae tried his best watching and refrained himself from throwing question since he didn’t want to disturb the focus mode ojou-sama. Sae was eating the snack from Asuka-san earlier, but after one, two, five minutes he finally feel his eyes were heavy. Did you know? When you are too focus on something, it’ll drain your energy instead. Yuki finished her 3rd question, this kind of problem is really easy for her. Her neck and back are really stiff because she was doing that nonstop.

The ojou-sama shifted her gaze at her crush, “Sae.. just take a lo-” stopped abruptly when she heard faint snore from her right side.

The smart girl found Ikemen has sleep already, with his both hands support the head leaned on the round table. Now she knows why Sae often got bad score in subject has numbers/formulas on it, more likely because formulas isn’t really his forte. Yuki can see his face, as she gathered up courage to tuck a strand of hairs in front of his forehead. She was about to repeat it again for the second time, when her hand stopped in the mid-air.

“Yappari… It’s still there…” Her lips curved into a faint smile.

She leaned down, use her hands to support her like Sae did. The different thing was Yuki did it the opposite way so she was facing the sleeping Ikemen now.

“Why would you grown into such a fine man, nee Sae-chan?” Yuki touch his eyebrows, down to the nose, and ended in left cheeks. brush her thumb at Sae’s left cheek

-Meanwhile at somewhere else-

Churi walked alone in the hallway, she wanted to catch up with Jun and Rena in Garden Flower. Then she heard someone’s voice in distinct, naturally Churi turned her view and found one of her friends is on end of the other hallway.

“Churi!! Wait!!!” That person shouted and running to where she was.

Churi didn’t have to squinted her eyes, since she knew who the owner of the voice is. The only problem she has that she wasn’t prepared to talk with him, not alone and not now. Even though, she was totally fine when they were having lunch together. But now just two of them? It’s probably the first time since the library scene.

“A...Airi? What’s wrong?” Churi tried to be as natural as possible.

Airi who was never good with physical exercise finding hard to catch his breath, “” His hand on the waistline, as the chest moving up and down still grasping for breath.

“You are searching for me?” Churi furrowed her eyebrows.

“Y-Yeah…We need to talk.” Airi finally managed to breath properly.

“A-About what?” Hearing about talking topic, made Churi’s heartbeat rising.

“You already knew, Akane.” Airi dropped the girl’s nickname

Airi sighed, “Okay let me talk, just listen to me, okay?”


“To be honest, I don’t expect you to love me back. Since I know, you like Jun better than me. Perhaps that’s why I used [Luca] as an alter-ego in cyber world. I wanted to be that person, since in real world me definitely can’t do that.”

“A-Airi y-”

Airi raised his hand, halted Churi from talking much further

“I was so selfish because I didn’t even consider your feeling yet still confessed to you. But look at us now? We barely talk. It’s just weird for me if we kept doing this. For me, our friendship is much more precious than my own feelings. So……” Airi look troubled to continue


“So, I want you to forget what happened on that day.”

“You what?

“Yeah, I’ll forget about it too. I love you Akane, but I love our friendship more. So, will you do it?”

Churi was perplexed about this. It wasn’t a secret that their current relationship is the exact what Airi said. Yeah, She missed how 3 of them hanging out, just Jun, Airi and her. She wanted to say yes, yet there was discomfort feeling unpleasant  but she can’t pinpoint of what that is.



“Are we okay now?”

“Un, We are okay.” A smile formed from Churi’s lips.

“Fyuuuuhh.. Yokatta.. Thanks.” Airi was smiling back, “If so… I’m going first. See you tomorrow!” Airi waved and started to running.

When Airi thought he was already leaving Churi in the safe distance he finally stopped. Soon after that, his phone inside the bag was ringing. His face lit up when he saw the called identity.


[Moshi-moshi. Airi, how was it?]

“I think It went well, are you sure this is gonna work?”

[I don’t know, but you don’t want to her avoiding you again right?]

“Yeah, it feels so weird. It’s so obvious that she’s been avoiding me.”

[That’s why, I told you to do that. This is cautious-step plan]

“So what am I going to do now?”

[Just act naturally like before and let fate do the rest, or in this case let me do the rest. Ah! Don’t forget to prepare for tomorrow!]

“Okay Okay.. You really need to stop remind me about that.”

[Hahahaha See you tomorrow, Airi]

“Thank you, Rena-chan. See you tomorrow”

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new chapteeer!
Thanks a lot!

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I like that poster and i can't wait for tomorrow!
What is rena-chan plan for furuyanagi?

-sorry for my bad english, still learning with uncle Sae :hee:

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Finally you update ~~ i'm waiting long time for your FF ~~ nice chapter :) sae have amnesia so he can't remember yuki as his childhoold

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Re: Brave Enough - Sae|Jun|Rena|Yuki| & Others |Chapter.11| [7/5/16]
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I want to thanks to @emprezz48 who kind enough to create a poster for this series. LOVE ya~  :luvluv2: :luvluv2:

Yessss! It is I who created that poster XD You're welcome and thank you for letting me create one ^_^

I like that poster

Thank you~ :)

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I like how Yuki's father teased our poor boy, Sae. I don't know which pairing I want to ship here. I like them all :( I don't want SaexRena to be separated, don't want to see Yuki hurt, and I'm really looking forward for more JunxYuki momment!! :bleed eyes:

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Waiting for more jun and yuki moment
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Im happy for both Airi and Akane.since their friendship is back. I have to thank Rena for this.
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new chapteeer!
Thanks a lot!
Your welcome ^^

I like that poster and i can't wait for tomorrow!
What is rena-chan plan for furuyanagi?
Me like that too XD Since making poster isn't my forte hahaha
Let's just wait and see for "tomorrow" :kekeke:

Finally you update ~~ i'm waiting long time for your FF ~~ nice chapter :) sae have amnesia so he can't remember yuki as his childhoold
You have waited for me? T^T i'm so sorry
Un, I gotta say Yuki is know about Sae. or perhaps know him too much?
But why did sae forget about her?
That's what the current mystery now :on gay:
I want to thanks to @emprezz48 who kind enough to create a poster for this series. LOVE ya~  :luvluv2: :luvluv2:

Yessss! It is I who created that poster XD You're welcome and thank you for letting me create one ^_^

Nah... Thanks again Mai~  :wub: :wub: :wub:

I like how Yuki's father teased our poor boy, Sae. I don't know which pairing I want to ship here. I like them all :( I don't want SaexRena to be separated, don't want to see Yuki hurt, and I'm really looking forward for more JunxYuki momment!! :bleed eyes:
You have no idea how torn I am now  :bleed eyes: :bleed eyes:
I love SaeRena but just merely thought about hurting Yuki made my heart bleeding T^T
But from current situation... I would say it's WMatsui moment ahead instead
or should I make them meet somewhere? ._.

Waiting for more jun and yuki moment
 :bleed eyes:
Ehhh.... Well I'm planning to write about WMatsui for next... you can looking forward.
Since I'm gonna throw the flame over the gasoline  :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

Im happy for both Airi and Akane.since their friendship is back. I have to thank Rena for this.
Yeah, we need to thank "Rena" for this one, and see what's she prepared for tomorrow
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Hello, this is Tama  :kneelbow:

I noticed it's almost a year from the last time update. Is there anyone still waiting for update?  :sweat: :sweat:

I am contemplating whether to continue or not (to be honest), like I said this was my first time writing fanfic.
I never knew writing multiple pairings at once is REALLY HARD  :imdead:
The total pairing in this story are 6.... like I said before i wanted to each pairing have their respective moment. not only as side kick.
but i am afraid it would be really really long (literally), but I want to fulfill my promise to finish this story no matter what (since I am a reader too, it would be suck if writer suddenly gone, right?)

For now, I am currently writing for 'comeback' chapter.... seriously i think my writing is suck nowadays (as if I was good, lol) :on freeze:

However I need your opinion, please vote. I'll try to drop new chapter next week(?) (maybe, lol)
For you who still read mine and ask for update, really it made me happy. Thanks   :whistle:


Just realized I can't edit the voting polls -_-
pls just comment, yoroshiku!
See you soon ^^
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Re: Brave Enough - Sae|Jurina|Rena|Yuki| & Others | Not an update [11/3/17]
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It's been a while Tama-san! I'm still waiting for your update! Please continue to write this wonderful fic. I really enjoy your stories :)
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Re: Brave Enough - Sae|Jurina|Rena|Yuki| & Others | Not an update [11/3/17]
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Your story is interesting author-san. But you make confuse about which pair i should support. I love SaeYuki and Wmatsui,  but in this story i think i can accept it if the pair is SaeRena and JuriYuki. Just please don't abandon this story.  :bow:
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Re: Brave Enough - Sae|Jurina|Rena|Yuki| & Others | Not an update [11/3/17]
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I love your story Author-San, I am a big fan of both Saeyuki as well as Wmatsui  :deco:, I am always looking for more Saeyuki Fanfic, I am also a silent reader  :peace:

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Re: Brave Enough - Sae|Jurina|Rena|Yuki| & Others | Not an update [11/3/17]
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It's been a while Tama-san! I'm still waiting for your update! Please continue to write this wonderful fic. I really enjoy your stories :)
Hey! It's nice to see you around :) and thanks for saying that. I really appreciate it  :cathappy:

Your story is interesting author-san. But you make confuse about which pair i should support. I love SaeYuki and Wmatsui,  but in this story i think i can accept it if the pair is SaeRena and JuriYuki. Just please don't abandon this story.  :bow:
Hahahaha it's not only you! I am as confused as you guys too.
Maa for now, I think i'm gonna write and see how it goes later. and please relax i won't abandon this as long as someone still read hahaha

I love your story Author-San, I am a big fan of both Saeyuki as well as Wmatsui  :deco:, I am always looking for more Saeyuki Fanfic, I am also a silent reader  :peace:
Oh hello there, it's nice to see new reader  :welcome
Don't afraid to comment, i won't bite~ because sometimes the writer also need some love from reader too hahaha

okay, finally! This fic is baaaackkk  :onioncheer:
and this is my first post after changed my username to the new one.

Actually i wanted to put KojiYuu moment a bit here, but again it's longer than i expected ._.
Well, i hope this  quite long chapter will reduce some gaps in almost a year  :on crazygran:

big shoutout to my editor @emprezz48 who kind enough to proofread it for me ><
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Re: Brave Enough - Sae|Jurina|Rena|Yuki| & Others | Not an update [11/3/17]
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Chapter 13

At Miyazawa’s Residence

“Nee Jun, how was Rena?”

The older threw the question casually to his brother who sat in front of him; The Miyazawa brothers were having a dinner together, well it’s their daily routine after all. Even though their parents aren’t with them for the time being, the tradition still needs to carry on. Today’s menu is meatball spaghetti made by chef Sae; Jun’s favourite dish of all time.

“Heha-han?” The younger stopped munching his food, as his hand movement stopped in the mid-air.

“Geez… You shouldn’t speak while your mouth is full!” Sae flicked his lil bro’s forehead.

A grunt escaped from the younger, clearly wasn’t pleased with Sae’s treatment. Quickly he took a sip of water to help him swallow the food, “Rena-chan? Fine I guess?” He shrugged his shoulder, not interested to continue the topic.

“Is that so? That’s good..” Sae smiled, as his hand resumed what he did before; shoving another spoonful into his mouth, he was so relieved that his brother didn’t seem to hate Rena like the last time they talked about the same topic. “Look… She isn’t as bad as you thought before, right?”


Yeah, Sae was right. Maybe like two weeks ago, Jun was really annoyed with this new girl. Despite Rena and Jun sharing the same class right now, he still can’t believe his brother has his eyes for that type of girl. It’s not like Jun didn’t allow Sae to finally go out with a girl. Of course at first he was happy, finally Sae talked about girls for the first time. It was unusual for him to talk about a certain girl with such excitement. That’s perhaps he was curious about this girl named Rena.

One more thing, Sae always said that Rena is pretty and Jun who hadn’t seen her in person believed in his brother’s words. Much to his surprise, Rena is somewhat an ordinary girl; i.e so-so in many ways. Before Sae mentioned her name, he didn’t know Rena existed in his class. Well, Jun isn’t the type to get to know others than his circle. You know what, if Sae isn’t his brother, maybe he will think either Sae is out of his mind or Rena poisoned him with a love potion. Since that day his eyes were always searching for Rena’s presence. Like what she did, what she wore, who are her friends. Because he needs to understand why Sae is interested in that girl.

His brother is famous in Akiba High, without a doubt Sae could get any girl if he wants to. When Jun talked about “girl”, what he meant is like high-popular girl in Akiba, more like Kashiwagi Yuki type. The younger already knew his crush is from high-class family, smart and she is….pretty; different level with Rena of course.

Anyway, that was before he and Rena talked, now they both had befriends. He started to believe that Rena is indeed a good girl, even wanting to take back about “not-pretty” thing. She is somewhat a natural beauty? Anyhow, she is…..pretty.

“She’s not…..bad.” Jun was mumbling when he said the last part; almost in whisper, as his eyes fixed on the plate.

Unfortunately, the room was silent enough for Sae’s ear to catch what the younger said before, “Deshou? Just give her time, I bet you’ll love her if you get to know her better.” Sae ruffled his hair, beamed the his infamous smile.

“L-Love? NO!” Without realizing, Jun hit the dining table with his right palm.

“Hahaha I was joking, Jun. Why are you so serious?” Sae laughed over the silliness of his lil-bro.

“Mou… It’s not funny!” Jun pouted, “Anyway, How was the study? Is Kashiwagi senpai’s house good?” Jun tried to divert the topic, deep inside he was seriously curious about anything related to his crush; Kashiwagi Yuki.

“How did you know Yuki is my partner? I don’t recall telling you about it...” Sae arched an eyebrow.

“Y-You’ve told me before!” Jun crossed his fingers behind his back; Lied.

“I did?” Sae was lost in thought, he might not have the best brain but he knew he could count on his memory. Clearly, he didn’t recall talking much about Yuki to Jun. Before Sae could say anything, Jun countered him with another line.

“You told me that you have group task and paired with a smart girl in your class. As far as I know, Kojima senpai is the smartest among the girls in Senior…. But the other day, Yuu-nii told me that Kojima senpai is his partner...the only option left is… Kashiwagi Yuki senpai, am I right?”

“Wow….” Sae’s mouth turned to O shape “..If you aren’t my brother, I’ll take that as you are indeed one of Yuki’s fans.” which the younger one only replied with an awkward smile.

“Fyuuuh, Safe… Luckily Yuu-nii told me that before.”

Though Sae was still unsure about it, but when Jun mentioned about Yuu, he can’t help but to believe it anyway. Moreover Jun is someone who never lies - well that counts as his first.

“K-Kashiwagi senpai is famous for being a smart student!” Jun pile up another lie in his list. “So, how was the study?”

“To be honest, I didn’t quite remember what we did. You know right, I was never good in studies to begin with. But I never thought I am THAT bad.” Sae laughed, Yuki’s ‘i-am-so-done-with-you’ face came to his mind.

The older one began to talk about how at first, Yuki was kind enough to explain the formula; step by step. But after 5 minutes…. 10 minutes…..30 minutes… Sae was struggling with the same formula, meanwhile the ojou-sama lost her patience. The cycle kept repeating for countless time until Yuki told him to stay aside; clearly giving up on him. The rest of the group study was more like Yuki doing the task by herself, because Sae dozed off halfway. Awoken by something touching his scar on his forehead, his eyes fluttered, wide awake just to find his classmate observing his scar. None of them were moving as they just stood there for the next seconds, until Sae laughed and apologized for falling asleep. It was a strange feeling, a familiar vibe? That can’t be, right?

“Well.. yeah she is a smart fella indeed. Jun, you have no idea how big her house is!” Suddenly Sae got excited talking about his study time with Yuki, to be honest it wasn’t a pleasure to Jun’s ear. “Anoo saa... I never thought Yuki belong to a rich-family. Though I’ve heard a rumor before, I never paid attention to it. Because we can’t trust baseless allegation, can we?” Sae finished his meal, up from his seat to the kitchen.

“You know what Sae-nii, you can depend on rumors sometimes. If there is a rumor going around the school there must be a reason behind it.” Jun responded in cold way, still unhappy about the group study’s chit-chat.

“Like what?”


*Kring Kring*

Sound of Jun’s ringtone interrupted the conversation’s flow, the younger took a look on phone screen ‘Kashiwagi Yuki’ . Jun was so surprised to that extent he almost drop his phone; still in daze because of his crush calling him.

“Aren’t you going to answer that, Jun?” Sae shouted from the kitchen.

“Y-Yeah!” His brother’s voice broke Jun’s trance. Then with one hand covering the phone, “Moshi-moshi?” lowering the volume, because the last thing he want is Sae to know about this.

[Jun-kun? Is it okay to call now?”] The senpai noticed how Jun talk in whisper.

“It’s okay, let me go to a quiet place first.”

Jun told her, as his head peeked at the older one who was still busy washing the plate. He tiptoed out of dining room to his bedroom. After successfully retreating from the scene, he made sure to lock his room; just in case Sae suddenly barge in.

“Done, Fyuuuh.” Jun let out a sigh, relieved.

[Did something happen?]
Yuki seemed so worried about her partner in crime.

“Nothing, I was with Sae-nii just now. Anyway, do you need something from me?” Jun left the door and soon finding himself sitting at the edge of the bed

[Can we meet now?”]

“NOW?” For the 2nd time, Yuki made him standing up because of shock.

[You can’t…..?] Yuki couldn’t hide her disappointed tone

“Is it something important? Can we talk on phone instead?” The kouhai really didn’t want to turn down his crush, but he doesn’t know what to say to Sae.

[No, I just….. I just want to meet you.] a bit stuttered to finish the line.

“E-Eh?” This blunt confession from the older girl made Jun’s heart beating fast all of sudden.

[It’s okay if you don’t want to, we can meet tomorrow in school. Bye] Yuki was ready to end the conversation

“S-Senpai!! Wait! Where do you want to meet?”

[You can?? How about the Konbini near Shin-Yokohama station?] You could tell how different Yuki’s tone after Jun agreed to meet.

“It’s not too far from my house, but is it okay for you to go outside at this hour?” Jun saw the clock showed 7.30 pm already.

[It’s okay, my chauffeur Sata-san will drive me. So, see you then?]

“Okay, See you.” Jun waited for Yuki to end the phone call.

After he heard nothing on the other side, his body flop to the bed. Thinking about meeting his crush, Kashiwagi Yuki for the first time outside school.

“Wait, isn’t it a date?” Jun realized, immediately freaking out.  “What should I wear??” as he ran towards the cupboard but nothing caught his eyes. The younger Miyazawa’s mind was occupied at the moment, not noticing a pair of eyes observing him from the door.

“Are you going somewhere, Jun?”

“Uwaaa!!” Jun dropped a bunch of t-shirts to the floor, “S-Sae-nii? How did you get in??” Sae successfully gave the younger a heart attack, though he didn’t mean to scare Jun.


“Grrr...I know! but I locked the door already!” Jun retorted.

“You were the one who broke the lock yesterday, remember?” Sae shook his head.

“Oh shit! I forgot about that.” Jun facepalmed himself, “Forget about it, how long have you been there?”

“Since you were mumbling to yourself and freaking out then threw your clothes everywhere? What about it?”


“Enough question for me, now you need to answer. Where are you going?” Sae leaned his back against the wall.

“Etooo…...What should I say?.....Ah! I need to go Airi’s house to pick up something.” Now Jun felt guilty because he’s been lying a lot tonight. Gomen Airi…..

“Hmmm.. I see.. But can you buy soy sauce later? We are running out of it.”

“Of course!”

Then he randomly pick the hoodie on the floor, really just wanting to escape from the scene. Sae gave him money, having no doubt that he was deceived by his little brother.

“I’m going!” Jun closed the door behind, rushing to the next destination.

-at Konbini-

There was a young girl sitting inside the konbini, casually take a sip of coffee from a paper cup. Her eyes were roaming out from the large window, then turning to her watch. By that look, people already knew she was expecting someone. When a familiar figure came from the right side, she immediately waved her hand energetically. The other party noticed and waved back, dashing to where she was.

“Did you wait long?” Jun took a seat beside her, still calming his breath.

“Hm-mm, I just ordered my coffee.” Yuki showed her coffee was still hot.

“I see… so what’s wrong?”

“Wait a moment, kay?”

Jun was about to say something when Yuki abruptly left her seat, disappeared somewhere but still inside the konbini. For some reason he was still thinking about why Yuki suddenly want to meet him. About his brother again? But Sae didn't say anything weird about her crush, so… what? Just when he wanted to think deeper, something cold made contact to his left cheek, making him flinched.

“Hahahaha why are you so easily freaked out? Here, I didn't know what to pick so I just choose mineral water and eclair for you. Is that okay?” Yuki handed him a plastic bag stuffed with mineral water and two packs of eclair just like what she said.

“You don’t have to actually, but thanks.” Jun opened up the lid, drank until the half of it; he was really thirsty after sprinting from his house.

“Well…..So how are you? We haven’t meet lately in the music room.”

“Totally fine, what about you senpai? Was the group study fun?” Jun smirked, teasing the older girl.

“It WAS.” She sticked out her tongue, hiding her embarrassment

“Oh, really? Tell me then.”

“No, I won’t. Because we won’t talk about me this time.”

“So, what?” Jun was taken aback, because for the first time his crush isn’t interested talking about his brother.

“About you of course!”

“Huh? Me? Why me?” Jun pointed his finger at him, disbelieved.

“Tell me about your crush! What’s her name again? Hmmmmm….” Yuki eyes furrowed.

“Rena?” such lazy answer came from the younger.

“Sou! Rena, Matsui Rena right?” Her excitement increased when she finally got the name.

“Why do you want to know about her suddenly?”

“It’s not fair, since I am the only one telling you everything meanwhile I never heard anything from you.”

“I don’t really want to talk about it……”

“Eh why???” Yuki suddenly closing their distance until their face just inches away

“N-No reason.” the more Jun leaned his back over, the more Yuki came closer. “Senpai, c-could you please stop coming closer?” His hand halted the crush from making young puppy get a heart attack.

“If only you promise to tell me….” Yuki kept coming closer, and closer.

“Mou, Alright! I will tell you anything.” Jun gave up, his head dizzy.

“Yeaaaay~~~” Yuki raised her fist to the air, humming happily.

“So, what do you want to know?”

“Hmmmm…. Did you manage to talk to her?”

“Yeah… Actually we’ve become friends now.” a soft chuckle escaped from his lips

Jun remembered the first time he and Rena talked. That was probably the dumbest incident ever in his life, where he hid himself behind a tree to observe his classmate.  Rena is indeed cute, her obsession with flowers too. Without him realizing, a smile formed on his lips due to the recollection of memories.

“Ara..? Looks someone is really in love.” Yuki teased.

“H-huh?” the younger saw the smirk and finally grasped the situation “N-no, it's not like that!”

“It’s fine, it's fine!” Yuki patted his shoulder, didn't buy any of his words.

Soft sigh came as result, he didn’t get why everyone tonight asked him about Rena; first his brother, and now Yuki. The pestering from his crush stopped when a middle-aged man in suit stepped in.

“Ojou-sama, we need to go now.”

“Damn…. Time flies so fast when you’re having fun.” Yuki took a glance on her wrist and found it was already late.

“Do you have to go now?” Having this casual talk made him don’t want to end this night-date.

“I am afraid yes, or Papa will deploy his men to find me.”

“Deploy? Is your father in military or something?”

“Hahaha close enough!” The ojou-sama turned to her chauffeur, “Sata-san please go first, I’ll catch up later.”

Sata-san nodded and made his way to the black car outside.

“Jun-kun, tomorrow is perhaps the last day for group study. I’ll do my best to get closer to Sae and please do your best as well, okay?”

Yuki was ready to leave the seat when her foot knocked a chair and stumbled. Before she fell, Yuki grabbed the nearest object which happened to be Jun’s hand. The younger wasn’t ready to catch Yuki so they both ended up falling together like sandwich.

“Ughh….are you ok-?!!”

The younger’s question stopped midway, realizing something warm was pressing his cheek. His jaw left agape when he found out what it was; Bingo, it was his crush’s lips. Jun, as if turned into stone, didn’t move at all. On the other hand, Ojou-sama who hasn’t grasped the situation began to open her eyes.

“Kyaaaaaa!!” A loud shriek came. Without thinking, her hands pushed the younger away.

The voice of Ojou-sama didn’t go unnoticed, as Sata-san with others barged in the konbini in a flash with daggers on their hands. Just 5 seconds was enough to fill the konbini with men in black suits.

“Yuki ojou-sama, are you okay?”

“I-I’m fine.”

The ojou-sama quickly shook the dust off her skirt, she didn’t have time to be shocked since making a big fuss here will be her loss and add another restrictment from her father. Her heart was still beating fast, because it was her first time getting physical contact with someone other than her family and of course, Sae. It was strange.

“OI KID! What did you do to our Ojou-sama?” Sata-san wasn’t letting this off easily.

“Sata-san! I said I’m okay! Do you not trust me?” Yuki glared, the air became heavy instantly.

“F-forgive me, Ojou-sama!”

“Let’s go or Papa will get mad.” Yuki turned her heels leaving the scene, just before the exit, she took a look at her partner in crime “If you dare to tell this to others…..You know the consequences right?” She pointed out to her guard outside the konbini.

Jun’s eyes saw the bunch of men in black theme outfits, It didn’t take a genius to know those guys are…… dangerous. They could beat anyone into pulp in seconds. He gulped a big saliva, not saying anything but nodding furiously.

“Okay then, bye.” Yuki smiled, waving her hand toward her kouhai who lost his soul already.

Jun who didn’t dare say anything back, just waved without any feeling. The waving continued even after his crush’s car was no longer at the konbini’s parking lot. His hand cupped where Yuki’s kiss planted, re-winding the scene on his mind; daydreaming. However, a light tapping on the shoulder broke his trance and familiar voice came soon after.

“How long are you gonna continue waving? She’s gone already.”

His body jolted as a result, soon replaced by a relief expression.

“Mou….. It’s just you, Rena-chan…” Jun rubbed his chest, as if he lost 10 years span of life. “Wait! How long have you been there?”

Jun was scared if Rena was long enough to hear about Yuki talked about his crush on Rena (which is totally untrue right?). No one knew the fake-crush thingy except Airi. It would be awkward if Sae or especially this girl in front of him know.

“Long enough to see the never-ending waving moment.” Rena imitated how Jun was waving without a soul.

“Yokatta…..” Jun didn’t care about the sarcasm as long as Rena didn’t find out anything.

“Heee…..I didn’t know you are dating our senpai?” Rena smirked.

“I’m not! We...we are just friends!” Jun retorted

“Aaaah…. So it’s just one-sided feeling?” Rena hit the bulls-eye.

“Yes, I have crush on her. Satisfied now?” He blurted the fact, because he was so sure Rena was going to tease him again; basically the younger Miyazawa was enough with today. “Anyway, what are you doing here?” Abruptly change the topic.

“Shopping? I think we are in konbini now.” Rena facepalm herself.

“Aisssh…. Youuu….” Jun gritted his teeth, really restraining himself not to strangle his brother’s possible crush.

*Kring Kring*

“Wait a sec.” Rena halted Jun to say anything, “Hm… Sae? We just talked 20 minutes ago.”

“My brother?? Just don’t tell him you and I met.”


“Because I told him I went to Airi’s!” Jun panicked because his life was literally on Rena’s hand.

“Aaah…. I am craving for ice cream…” Rena gave a look to the ice cream’s section.


“Deal~” Rena made an O sign with her fingers.

“Then answer now!”

“Moshi-moshi, Sae? What’s wrong?”

[Nothing, just want to hear your voice.]

“.........” Even though Rena knew Sae was half-joking, the sweet talk out of nowhere successfully made her blush.

[Rena? Are you still there?]

“...Huh? Yes!”

[Where are you now? Because it’s too noisy.]

“I am at the konbini now, my mother told me to buy something.”


Rena turned to her classmate, who clasped his hand as his eyes pleaded not to blow out his lie. Her eyes gave you-owe-me-this-time look to Jun. “Yeah, I am alone now. Why?”

[Nothing, just curious that’s all.]

“Is that all? I need to go home now, bye.” Rena was about to press the red button.

[R-Rena wait!]


[I miss you…..] Sae said it softly, wanting to make sure Rena know his feelings.

For the second time, one of Akiba’s trio made the glasses-girl blush; this time even redder than before. As much as she wanted to reply with the same words, she couldn’t do so. Not in front of the little brother; she could die in embarrassment.

“.....Me too….” Rena managed to said small reply.

[Be careful on your way home, bye] Sae didn’t fail to show his caring side even on phone.

“Bye….” Rena was still stunned, even after Sae ended the line already.

“Hello??? Rena-chan??” Jun waved in front of the glasses-girl.


“Look who's face is getting redder by phone talk only?” This time, Jun had the upper hand. Rena was like deer caught in the headlights.

“S-Stop! Don’t forget I just saved your life, and! You still owe me an ice cream.” Rena shot the boy down by one sentence.

“Damn! Alright… alright.. Just pick whatever you want.” Jun gave up, perhaps tonight wasn’t his night after all.

“Yeaaaayyy~.” Rena skipped towards the ice cream section happily.

“So childish, happy over ice cream.” a faint smile drew over the younger Miyazawa.

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