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Author Topic: The Bond - prologue (KojiYuu) 25/01/2017  (Read 7936 times)

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The Bond - prologue (KojiYuu) 25/01/2017
« on: January 25, 2017, 05:42:54 AM »
The Bond


Nine years, yes it’s been nine years since I last saw that squirrel looking boy. I wonder how he looks now. As I remember he always chase and tried to kiss me I always ended hitting his head or having argument with him. I’m really annoyed on his old man’s behavior but in other hand that was my childhood’s happy memories too. Whenever there are other kids tried to bully me, he was there to protect and kick their ass. Whenever I’m sad he console and make me happy, how I missed those times, he made funny faces just to make me stop from crying…Yuu-chan are you still the same? How I wished he never change…Our family business was affected by economic crisis in Japan but Yuu-chan’s family helped us to survive. In return my family will take care of Yuu-chan when his comeback in Japan…

“Haru-chan stop pouting Yuu might think that you don’t like him to be here…”

“No, mom I’m ju-just nervous…’’

“I know, it’s been nine years since you last saw him.’’

“Un..I nodded my mom caress my back to reduce my tension of waiting him I smiled at my mom.”

Our butler entered the main door that was 20 feet away from living area he remained there standing while opening the door..My father entered the door, waving his hand to make our visitor follow him.

“Come here Yuu, don’t be shy.”

“Good day Oshima-sama” Our butler greeted him. He bowed his head and looked so shy while walking near us..

“Oh Yuu-kun you’re so handsome."My mother praise his looks .Well even though he is short his undeniably handsome, wearing dark blue suit and tie with smile showing his dimples plastered on his face. I feel my heart wanted to escaped from my chest.

"Come join us Yuu."My mother waves her hand."Don’t be shy.”

“Yes, thank you Mrs.Kojima”

“No just call me auntie "I can’t help not to blush hearing that from my mom…

"Ah if that’s what you want Mrs.Kojima I mean auntie.”

“Haru-chan from now on Yuu will be living in our house, take good care of him.

"Yes dad."I answered, his family transferred in Guam as his father has to expand their business that made us apart from each other.

Our father are best friends and when Yuu decide to return in Japan to continue his studies.

But as the conversation with Yuu-chan and my parents prolongs I noticed that his not looking at me as much as I want him to, Maybe he is shy? I smiled, so he changed?  From being so blunt stating his feelings from me when we are kids, now he become introvert type of person?

"Dear I think Yuu-kun is tired from his flight."My mother said.

"Haru-chan, can you accompany Yuu-kun to his room.” my dad commanded.

“Yes dad."Now I will be having the time to talk with him. Actually his room was just right beside mine.

"Tomorrow will be Yuu- chan first day in my school. I wished we could be classmates."He did not answer. Maybe he did not hear what I said. I looked at my back checking if he is not following me. I saw him taking his luggage from our butler and bow his head…He might not hear me..He is pulling his suitcase walking to my direction but he passed me.

"Yuuchan I was saying”

I saw him open the door of his room in our butler already told him his room.

“I heard you Kojima-san, stop it, we are not in front your parents anymore. You should act normally."What is he saying?"Good night Kojima-san” He entered his room.“And I wished we are not in the same class."He shut his door. I don’t feel weight on my knees. My mouth was few inch open, shocked on what I heard from the person I’m missing for years.

"You always call me your Nyan nyan.” I mumble


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Re: The Bond
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