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Title: Someone Dressed Like A Hockey Goalie Robbed A Beer Store In Manitoba
Post by: daigong on August 27, 2016, 07:36:26 PM
Police in Manitoba are looking for two people who robbed a beer store earlier this month. One of them was dressed as a hockey goalie… for some reason.

The Manitoba RCMP released security footage of the robbery, which took place early in the morning on Aug. 15 in the community of Russell, near the Saskatchewan border.

The men broke the glass on the door, grabbed some cases of beer from the cooler, then made their getaway. Police say the first man was wearing a jacket, ball cap, and had his face covered.  The second man wore a hockey jersey, a blocker, trapper, and was carrying a goalie stick.
“However, he may have been a defenceman or forward in disguise as he was wearing jersey #17 – a non-traditional number for goalies,” the RCMP helpfully added.

Police say that anyone who knows anything or who has “played against a goalie matching this description” should talk to the Russell RCMP. (

The one with the goalie stick is holding two cases while his buddy only one. SO UNBRO!!